Network Rivalry: Part 2 by Celeb Fight Lover

A.J. Cook kisses her husband goodbye as he heads out the door to take their kids to the zoo for the next few hours, and A.J. heads back upstairs, to her bathroom, and she strips out of her Pajamas until she stands naked, and then she turns on the tub to fill for a bath to prepare for the coming day, the tub fills after a few minutes, 

As A.J. slips her naked body into the warm water, and she relaxes into the water, and she allows her mind to drift, and her heart begins racing, her nipples harden in the warm water, and her pussy begins to tingle, and she caresses her thigh under the water, as she remembers the events of the previous day, of her clash with fellow, and rival tv actress, Stana Katic, the two fought for the better part of 2 hours, to a draw, and

Now, they’re meeting at A.J.’s house to fight again for the next couple of hours, A.J. Is amped to fight Stana, as the two women didn’t leave their fight in the motel room, they brought it home with them, they spent all of the previous night texting insults to one another, and sending pictures of their breasts and pussy, telling one another that they had the better breasts and pussy, they argued through text for almost an hour about who has the better sex, until finally, when A.J.’s husband was asleep, she snuck down to their basement, and called Stana, and the two women proceeded to argue verbally for almost 2 and a half hours, and an hour into this argument, both women began to furiously masturbate while they insulted one another until they came in an explosion of lust and violent threats, and then both of the sexually charged actresses went to bed.

“I can’t wait to fight that slut again” A.J. thinks as she caresses her thighs

A.J. lifts herself out of the tub, and she grabs a towel from the nook right beside the tub, and she dries herself off, and she then walks out of the bathroom.

“Fuck it, I’m not going to bother getting dressed, I’m going to greet that slut naked, show her my superior body” A.J. thinks, with a smirk on her face.

A.J. walks downstairs, and she sits on the leather sofa, feeling her naked body melding into the stiff material, and maybe 10 minutes later, A.J. hears a knock on the door and her pussy tingles.

“Must be Stana, about time that whore showed up.” A.J. thinks.

A.J. gets up, and she opens the front door, and Stana is standing there, in a trenchcoat, and she looks A.J. up and down.

“Well, hello there whore, you must be surprised to see a superior body,” A.J. says with a smirk on her face.

Stana returns her smirk and unstraps the trenchcoat belt, and she lets it slip off of her shoulders, to reveal that underneath the coat, she is completely naked.

“Yes, my body is superior, glad you can admit it, you blond bimbo,” Stana replies arrogantly.

A.J. snarls at Stana in rage.

“You must be joking you fucking hussy, you’re body is nothing compared to mine, pull your head out of your ass.” A.J. snaps.

Stana snarls back and she shoves A.J. back, and A.J. hits the side of the door frame.

“Fuck you whore, shut your god damn cock sucking mouth.” Stana snaps back, now glaring at A.J. in total hatred.

“Make me you fucking slut!” A.J. Snaps

Stana snarls, and she rushes forward, at the same time as A.J., and Stana’s foot kicks her trench coat into the house as the two enraged naked women slam together, squashing their breasts together, and both women squeal as they feel their equally erect nipples stabbing together, and the two actresses begin to thrash together and violently fight, and they hurl one another into the house, and A.J. Kicks the side of the door as the women fly to the ground, and the door clicks closed.

“Fucking slut!” A.J. hisses into Stana’s ear.

“Eat shit you dumb blond skank!” Stana hisses back.

Stana and A.J. roll on the entry floor in A.J.’s house, and they roll into a side table, knocking it, and various junk mail and brochures over onto the floor.

“You dirty little whore, you like the feel of my naked body dominating you?” Stana gasps out in a moan

“Oh, fuck you, my body is dominating yours, you love it, don’t you slut?” A.J. Moans out.

A.J. And Stana continue their rolling fight, rolling down the stairs into the living room, knocking into a table, and knocking the table, and a bunch of Knick knacks and a photo to the floor, and they grab onto each others hair, and they begin to yank each other’s long hair, and both women, scream in pain, but there’s also a hint of lust in their cries, and A.J. Lets out a gasp as her pussy rubs into Stana’s thigh, just as Stana also lets out a gasp as the same happens to her, and they stop mid hair pull, and stare into each other’s eyes, and they see hatred mixed with lust.

“Come on slut, Lets’s see if you can out fuck me, you’ll fucking cum before I do you horny little slut bag” Stana gasps and moans into A.J.’s face.

“Fuck you, you’re the one who’s horny for my body you fucking bitch, you’re gonna cum way before me you fucking lesbian dyke.” A.J. Gasps back, into Stana’s sweaty face.

Both women begin to move their pussies up and down one another’s thighs, beginning to moan as their pussies become very aroused.

“Come on you dirty whore, try and get me off! You know you can’t, I’m better than you, you dirty whore! A.J. Cries into Stana’s face, spittle hitting Stana in the nose and cheek, and this drives Stana’s lust into overdrive.

“Fuck you whore, you’re gonna cum you dirty sexy little bitch!” Stana cries back, and she violently spits saliva into A.J.’s face, causing A.J. To cry out in lust, and both women begin to move this pussies faster, now fucking one another’s thighs, their pussy juices beginning to run down their thighs as they now begin to moan and gasp in pleasure, but they also begin to violently yank each other’s hair, while at the same time, slugging each other in the ribs with their free fist, and with each hit to their opponent, both women started to let out squeals of pain and pleasure, glaring into one another’s eyes.

“You fucking whore” A.J. Groans out as the two women punch each other’s sides and fuck each other, then A.J. Spits a wad of saliva into Stana’s face, and Stana gasps in pleasure,

“Ooooh, you dirty slut.” Stana groans out and she spits back into A.J.’s face and begins to wildly hump A.J.’s thigh as A.J. Wildly humps Stana’s thigh.

“Cum you cock sucking whore, cum and lose to the superior woman and actress you dirty little slut” Stana pants into A.J.’s face as she feels her orgasm approaching rapidly.

“Fuck you, you’ll cum for me you fucking lesbian slut, cum for me you two-bit whore, I’m superior in every fucking way” A.J. Pants back into Stana’s face, and she also feels her orgasm approaching.

The two warring actresses continue their wild humping and trash talking, until all of a sudden, both women scream as their orgasm rips through them both at the exact same time, and they feel their thighs become wet from their opponents pussy juices, but they feel both satisfied, but also enraged that again, they ended up drawing, and, as both women come down from their intense orgasm, they shove each other away and lay panting on their backs, their firm sweaty tits heaving as they try and catch their breath from their non stop fighting and fuck session, and aftter a few minutes of rest, both women roll onto their stomachs, and they stumble up to their shaking legs, they’re still coming down from their orgasms, and the two just glare at one another, while surveying the damage, A.J.’s hair is a mess, tangles and just messy from all of the hair pulling, while Stana’s isn;t any better, both women have tiny bruises on their their breasts, from their rock hard nipples dragging, and stabbing as they fought, both women have light bruising on their sides near their ribs from all the punching,both women have drying spit on their faces, and some still running down their faces a bit, and both women are slick, and covered in sweat, most noticeable on their tits as their tits have been compressed together the entire fight.

“Well, guess we drew again you fucking brunette whore.” A.J. Snarls out.

“When is your husband supposed to be home, you blond bimbo?” Stana barks out.

A.J. grabs her phone from the table, and she checks the time, and she sees about 2 hours have passed, and her husband should be home in half an hour to 45 minutes.

“We have about 30 to 45 minutes slut” A.J. Says, looking up from her phone.

“Then we had better make the most of our time bitch” Stana replies holding her hands out, and curling her fingers.

“Guess we should make the best of it, whore.” A.J. Says, as she tosses her phone to the side onto the couch, mimicking Stana’s stance.

Both women stand in their stance for a few moments, then they cry out, and charge together, grunting as their bodies slam together once again into a fighting embrace, their breasts once again squashed together, their nipples stabbing and poking into flesh, and flicking together, causing the two actresses to squeal in pain and pleasure.

“Fucking whore.” A.J. Grunts out.

Fuck you slut.” Stana grunts back.

A.J. And Stana grab onto one another’s long hair and begin to yank furiously, and they begin to furiously fight around the room, and they stumble out the open door, into the backyard, and they trip over a child’s toy and both women fall to the ground, and continue to struggle on the ground, rolling around pulling hair on the grass in the warm sun.

“I’m glad we decided to fight yesterday you dirty slut, I love fighting your slutty ass naked like this you dirty little slut” A.J. Groans out

“I am too you dirty bitch, I love fighting you.” Stana groans back.

Both women continue to thrash about, fighting in the sun, when all of a sudden, A.J. Hears her phone ringing.

“Shit” A.J. Pants out.

A.J. Pushes away from Stana, and she stumbles up, and she runs back into the house, and checks her phone, and sees her husband calling., and she taps the answer button and posts the device to her ear, noticing Stana walking into the house, sweaty and covered with some grass blades, knowing she must have some over her body as well.

“Hello?” A.J. Says

“Hey honey, I’m on my way home, and was wondering if you wanted to take off tonight and have a girls night out or something while I take care of the kids?” Nathan says.

A.J. Stares at Stana, an evil smile creeping across her face, and Stana notices and gives A.J. The finger.

“Yeah, that would be great honey, would love to take off tonight and have a girls night with someone, have someone in mind, a fellow actress, we’ve been meaning to get together to talk and maybe run some lines.

Stana also gets an evil grin, as she realizes that they could have longer to fight.

“Great, and if you have any drinks and get drunk, could you stay with her, just so you don’t drive.” Nathan asks

A.J. Feels a burst of lust as images of herself and Stana fighting naked all night begin to pop into her head.

“I’m sure she won’t mind putting me up for the night if we drink” A.J. Says while shooting Stana a glare, tinged with lust, and Stana returns her look.

“Great, see you in about 15 minutes, bye.” Nathan says.

“See you then honey.” A.J. Says in reply.

A.J. And Nathan hang up, and A.J. And Stana step towards one another.

“Well, we’re at a stalemate again whore” A.J. Says with a sneer on her pretty face.

“We are, but, we will try to rectify that tonight, at my place” Stana replies with a sneer as well on her face.

“Meet in an hour or two, bitch” A.J. Asks

“Sounds good to me whore” Stana replies, stepping into A.J.’s naked body, their breasts touching.

“See you soon cock sucking whore” A.J. Gasps out, then backs away and flicks one of Stana’s erect nipples, causing Stana to squeal.

“I look forward to it slut bag.” Stana groans out with a glare.

The actresses step back, and Stana steps away from A.J. Towards the foyer of the house, grabbing her trench coat, and she puts it on and opens the door, and she exits the house, and closes the door behind her, while A.J. Runs upstairs, throws some clothes on, sweats, t-shirt, skipping a bra due to sensitive nipples, and she prepares for the battle to come.

The End

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