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The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 12 by JustLooking9000

The incessant sounds of battle and strife throughout the office building finally died down at around 2:30 pm, when the last of the 10 or so catfights happening around the same time finally reached its inevitable conclusion, leaving a German Laura Jung naked and defeated on the parking lot. Her antagonist, Chelsea Zhou, not caring of the inclement weather, paraded the remains of Laura’s thong for everyone to see.

The sparse security personnel would work overtime that day, as a throng of defeated women vowed revenge while the winners decided to go home early and celebrate their victories with their men. The day of mayhem in the office had finally ended yet the consequences stretched for weeks.

Minseo Park, the head of human resources slept poorly over the following days as she tried desperately to put down all the fires started on that infamous day. The 40 something Korean woman rued the day she accepted the transfer to the Hong Kong branch in exchange for a handsome compensation package. Everyone knew the post was a poisoned chalice ever since the CEO’s son, Cho Minho, had been put in charge as regional manager. Young and handsome, the coveted bachelor proved fond to drink and women, letting the women he slept with to poison the workplace.

From what Minseo understood, at least for the first three years the vicious quarrels were limited to the women vying over the young manager’s cock, with a rotating roster of secretaries and girlfriends causing scandal after scandal in the office building. THAT was normal thoroughfare in the current business world. There were always bound to be a few catfights and duels here and there when everyone knew that there was a 5 to 1 women to men ratio.

However, those cases were usually dealt by firing the offenders. Heck, Minseo’s predecessor as HR head had gotten fired after duelling a co-worker. Both the HR head at the time (Who in fact won the duel and the man), the man in question and the loser all got fired. Cho Minho changed the whole calculous by allowing Sophie Jansen and Amy Lin to persuade him not to fire Jessica Chambers and Cindy Wang after their very public catfight on the office. (5. The Duel Room: East vs West)

Minseo argued strongly for firing everyone involved, but since she wasn’t giving regular blowjobs to the manager, her advice was disregarded. Her dire warnings ignored. She even pleaded with the CEO directly, imploring him to discharge his son from such position of responsibility before it was too late. Yet even then the CEO hesitated. Now chickens had come home to roost.

Immense monetary loses. A huge increase in security personnel. Massive repairs to the ruined offices and equipment. Significant settlements to prevent some girls from suing the company and others from duelling. Minseo would have loved to fire everyone involved, but that was impossible when at least 25% of the workforce had taken part in the fights. Minseo had to thread carefully, since that series of catfights had led to a total breakdown of trust, 50% of the workforce not on speaking terms with the other, Chinese vs foreigners. Yet the show had to go on. The business world cared nothing of personal vendettas, sexual rivalries, hurt feelings or romantic relationships.

It was an exhausting balancing act, each new day bringing a new drama. Minseo slumped on the chair and mentally reviewed the situation as it was:

From chapter 2: Sophie Jansen and Amy Lin had finally gotten their way and got the duel they so long desired. It was clear the winner of that duel would try to get everyone supporting her personal rival fired, which just added to the tension around the office. While duels were never a sure thing, wives enjoyed certain legal advantages over girlfriends and mistresses which put the odds-on Sophie’s favour. Still, there were enough cases of mistresses managing to banish the wife to give hope to the Chinese side in Amy’s victory.

From chapter 3: Minseo had managed to convince Natasha Veselova from suing the company, just take the compensation money and go away. Eva Liu for her part couldn’t be prouder to have fought tooth and nail for Vlamidir Durov’s cock and have him see her defeat his Russian girlfriend. The triumphant Chinese goddess sauntered around the office, haughty, confident, just as Cindy Wang had done after defeating Jessica Chambers.

From chapter 4: Fumiko Hayashi proved unwilling to take any of the money in exchange for accepting her loss. The sexy Japanese beauty was still coming to the office in short dresses, unashamed, unrepentant, unbowed. Minseo knew that because Euji Oue and Yang Ying were both from HR and she could see from her office how the Japanese and Chinese vixens glared at each other whenever Fumiko came to see her boyfriend. From time to time they had to be separated by security. Minseo still hoped to persuade the Japanese girlfriend to desist, but otherwise Fumiko and Yingying would fight it out in the duel room in a week’s time.

From chapter 5: Neither Lily Chen nor Valentina Martinez accepted any of the offers Minseo dangled in front of them to just give up on the man they were both fighting for. If anything, the Chinese and the Venezuelan harpies dug their heels ever deeper, both cohabitating in Li Song’s apartment and battling over his bed every night. The brutal and incessant quarrels caused havoc in their feminine bodies: The normally pretty girls were coming to work wearing heavier and heavier make up, yet that couldn’t hide the fact that the constant fighting in Li’s apartment was taking a heavy toll on them. Their duel was also scheduled one week from then.

From chapter 6: Allison Xu’s loss didn’t deter her from trying again, making another go at Larry Wilson. She entered his office and proceeded to raw fuck him, moaning loudly just as Melissa was working in the general area. Everyone in the legal department could hear the moans and looked expectantly at Melissa. It was a direct challenge to her! A call to fight over a sexual mate! Melissa’s cheeks flushed deep red with fury and she answered Allison’s provocation! The two girls started pulling hair right in front of Larry but were quickly separated by the beefed-up security. Melissa challenged Allison to a formal duel, and the American siren accepted on the spot.

From chapter 7: Laura Jung and Chelsea Zhou managed to come to terms after much pleading and begging from Minseo. Yet the head of HR felt unsure if the agreement to share Peter Liu would hold. The meeting had been incredibly hostile, with neither girl wanting to cede any ground. The feisty sex kittens having had to be separated at several times, and the whole shaking of hands looked incredibly contrived. Neither seemed like the type of woman who had just agreed in her heart to share her man. No…the whole farce seemed to Minseo like a temporary truce before a final, vicious battle over that Peter’s cock.

From chapter 8: Sarah Zhang and Emily Evans kept staring daggers all day long in the accounting department, all while Steve Washington looked pleased. Neither wanted to appear civil to the other, especially not after the catfight and especially since the man they were about to duel for could see them from his office. That had the deleterious effect of splitting the accounting in two, each faction cheering for one or another girl. It showed in the constantly delayed reports and postponed deadlines coming from Accounting. Steve didn’t care anymore, being too busy in setting his two lovers against each other and enjoying the sheer sexual competition over his cock.

From chapter 9: Chiyo Nakamura reluctantly accepted Minseo’s offer for a transfer out of the HK branch, higher pay and a better position. Minseo saw it in Chiyo’s eyes: The Japanese vixen wanted to fight! She wanted to rip Karen Xing’s tits apart like she had promised her then boyfriend and win him back! She would have certainly challenged Karen to a catfight in the duel room over him had Sophie Jansen decided to back her up in front of HR. As it was, Minseo was glad the Dutch wife didn’t. Minseo nervously twitched her thumbs, hoping Chiyo wouldn’t change her mind before she could arrange the transfer.

From chapter 10: Of all the catfights that day, Minseo felt the sorriest about Samantha Woods and Katie Zhu. Not long ago these two girls were friends. Had the whole Cindy Wang/Jessica Chambers thing never happened, they would have probably continued to share Hermann without problems. But then again, the Cindy/ Jessica catfight DID happen, bringing with it a pall of ill will and jealousy all over the office. Now aware that catfights were go, the two former friends were swept away in the wave of malice and sexual competition. “Confront her or she’ll take your man” was probably the kind of phrases that finally convinced the two women to finally make a play for exclusive ownership of Hermann’s cock. They were schedule to duel soon over Hermann.

From chapter 11: Once she lost, Claire Huang accepted her defeat. It was as if the spell of the handsome and exciting Gustavo had put on her had been broken. She was probably the woman who proved most satisfied with taking some compensation and a transfer to another branch. The story would normally end then…but then Minseo was seeing a stream of Chinese and foreign women flirting with the Latino Romeo. They wanted to know what was so special about the guy who had managed to get two women fighting tooth and nail like street whores not even one month after arriving to the office branch. She had even seen Gustavo fucking another of the office girls two weeks after Ha Eun had officially become his girlfriend. Minseo knew deep in her bones the Latin boy was trouble.

Minseo sighed as she rubbed her eyes. It was going to be a very very long month ahead.

To Be Continued in Chapter 13.

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This marks what I consider “phase 1” of this massive story. As all the intro extras have hinted at, the plan from now is to move on to formal duels instead of informal catfights. Many of the defeated women will have their day in the duel room, where they’ll might be able to win their men and womanly pride back. Some will achieve their objectives, other will suffer another humiliating defeat. Four of duels will be similar to the fight in the Duel Room: Wedding proposal, in which the women have to claim the man before defeating her rival in the duel room. I’m particularly excited for chapter 14, which I consider the best catfight in Office Mayhem.

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

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