The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 20 by JustLooking9000

Twenty five percent of the workforce involved in a catfight or a duel. 10 catfights and 7 duels. Ten girls gone. A broken trail of dead relationships and new slew OF romantic arrangements. A tense atmosphere around the office while the remaining 75% of the workforce waited anxiously for the results of a rolling series of duels with bated breath. Sometimes the unbearably oppressive sexual tension was too much, causing two romantic rivals to spontaneously start pulling hair for the voyeuristic benefit of the crowd.

The news of Sophie’s victory over Amy Lin was received with apprehension all over the office. The foreign girls celebrated the fact: Not only had they won their duels, but they knew they would keep their jobs. They had come on top. Yet soon the wave of relief gave way to an anxious atmosphere: With 15% of the workforce now gone or soon to be, it was clear that a new slate of girls would be hired. 

New girls were always seen with wary eyes. They represented potential sexual rivals that might decide to make plays for their men. Shiny new things that would attract the attention their lovers’ wandering eyes. Destabilizing forces in the always fragile relationship chart of each company. A new girl was never a welcome addition, but potentially 15 new recruits might prove even more disruptive than whatever Amy Lin had started.

Fumiko Hayashi (Chapter 4 and 13) had put her application through HR and was assured informally that she would get the job that Naomi Yang had once occupied. It was a non-brainer for the company: The Japanese girl wasn’t going to rock the boat because she already had a boyfriend inside the company. Yet, Fumiko knew she was about to enter a messy and chaotic office environment. With the coming of a new slew of recruits, the Japanese girlfriend might soon find herself having to fight for her relationship again…

Melissa Cadmen (Chapter 6 and 15) came back fresh from her victory and with lawyer Larry Wilson as her exclusive boyfriend. Still recovering from her wounds, the pretty American paralegal was flooded with a slew of paperwork she had postponed due to the chaos that followed that fateful day of mayhem, with more reams of paper coming her way. She could not help but to wonder that it would have been someone else filling out the paperwork had she lost her lost her duel against Allison Xu.

Speaking of Allison Xu, her role in the sale department was hastily filled by Ha Eun Park (Chapter 11). The Korean beauty had a rough start in the mostly Chinese department, with some subordinates expressing their barely concealed disdain for the woman who had caused Claire Huang’s transfer out of Hong Kong. Yet news of Sophie Jansen had done a lot to bring her Chinese subordinates to heel.

As for Samantha Woods and Katie Zhu (Chapter 10 and 18), the two women who had fought long and hard over Hermann Mueller, things stayed cool…for the moment. Katie received the news with trepidation. She has just fought Samantha to a standstill. Even if she and Samantha had just agreed to share Hermann again, she couldn’t just wash away the fact she had tried to oust the Aussie temptress from the relationship.

Samantha had no small share of friends telling her to do just that: Katie would clearly be targeted by the victorious Sophie in a purge, which would give Samantha an advantage in the romantic triangle. While she couldn’t just challenge Katie to a duel after just agreeing to share Hermann again, the regulated limit would expire in 6 months. Plenty of time to slowly nudge her Chinese rival out of the equation and if need be, land the killer blow six months later. Yet Samantha still treated Katie with respect and some amount of friendliness. It was too early to make any decisions on what to do with Katie. But in 6 months…

The Chinese faction met the news of the defeat of their de facto leader with despair. The had just come out of vicious catfights only to be fired and potentially lose their men. There was no doubt in everyone’s mind that Sophie Jansen would take their revenge on them one way or the other. The Dutch bitch would find every excuse in the book to slowly get rid of them.

Already the knives were coming out for them: Despite their agreement to share Peter, Chelsea Zhou (Chapter 7) noticed Laura Jung was already looking for a chance to take her out of the picture. The Chinese beauty was infuriated when peter told her that the Teutonic siren had told him that he should break up with her because the Chinese woman was now “damaged goods.” Chelsea ended arguing with the haughty Laura, only for the whole thing to devolve in an spontaneous catfight that was broken up after 10 minutes. As Laura was being pulled away by security, the German goddess couldn’t help but to gloat that Chelsea’s time was “over.” (As noted at the end of chapter 7, eventually the girls would settle things in the duel room, but that’s a story for another day)

Lily Chen and Li Song (Chapter 5 and 14) were left in peace. The Chinese tigress had proven her mettle after battling Valentina Martinez non-stop in a vicious “pleito sin tregua” and still find enough willpower drag her half-broken body to the duel room, where she then faced the equally battered Latina in a sordid claiming duel, from which she had just emerged victorious. Having proved how savage Chinese girls could get if their man was at stake, the sexy Lily had earned everyone’s respect. What would happen if she got fired though, was everyone’s guess.

Sarah Zhang (Chapter 8 and 17) could already see the vultures closing in as a steady stream of attractive co-workers made several work excuses to get themselves known to her boyfriend. Sarah was chagrined to see a sudden spike of projects requests that required Steve’s personal participation. She made a point of denying each request, but she knew from the rejected women’s knowing smiles that this wasn’t going to be the end of the matter.

Eva Liu (Chapter 3) for her part had much to think about as she saw a slew of Chinese and foreign co-workers made a point of telling Vlamidir Durov that they were interested in learning Russian. Was it worth it to fight off these shameless attempts to poach her recently won boyfriend, especially since she was about to be fired one way or the other?   

Karen Xing (Chapter 9) had no such questions. She would fight! She tackled some Chinese colleague who just decided to ride Albert’s cock the moment she heard that Karen was on her way out. The two Asian ladies shoved and rolled around the carpet until security came in and separated the girls.

The Monday after the news of Sophie’s victory had broken, the parking lot was filled with a thick air of tension. No one knew what to expect the moment they started the working week. Would Sophie make a point of coming today despite her obvious injuries? Would there be a new slew of fights as the vultures started to zero in the soon to be single men? Would the Chinese girls fight back despite the impeding firing?

It was then, to the Chinese faction’s relief that they were greeted with the news of Cho Minho’s transfer out. The details were at first confusing, but it soon apparent that the young heir’s antics had gotten too much even for his father. The last stun under his watch, perpetrated by the ex-secretary Amy Lin was the last straw for the old man.

Minseo Park, the head of HR had laid a very convincing argument and had persuaded the senior Cho to finally pull the plug. Miss Park now found herself at the new manager of a tumultuous office. She started by making clear her intention that there would be no revenge firings.

However, that had been the easy part. Now the Korean woman had to find a way out of the morass months of lax discipline and poisonous office politics had left. The first landmine she’d have to dodge is the hiring of 15 or so new girls to replace the outgoing staff. Girls that would no doubt start looking for cock the moment they were set loose in a new and exciting environment.

Then there was the damage in office relations the whole ordeal had brewed. Minseo knew it wouldn’t be easy to mend fences, the months of progressively worsening relations and lingering bad feelings. The foreign girls couldn’t just forget the stab in the back the Chinese faction had dealt them and might decide to test Minseo’s leadership by staging a revenge counterattack. Amy Lin had shown it was possible, and there was little the company could do if enough women were involved in the fracas. After all, weren’t all the victorious combatants still working in the company, in direct violation if company policy, and with new boyfriends in tow?

On the side of the victorious Asian girls, the murmurs of soon to come battles and catfights to preserve their recently won conquests died down…for the moment. However, could the Chinese girls really just pretend that some of their co-workers were just about to make a go at their recently won men as early as yesterday? They had enemies inside the office building that would think of nothing but to jump at the chance to get them out of the picture and take their boyfriends’ cocks for themselves.

However, that was a topic for the future.

The End

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