The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 3 by JustLooking9000

1:20 PM…just as Amy Lin and Sophie Jansen were about to fight in the manager’s office.

-“Hello handsome”-cooed the stunning Liu DuoEr (English name Eva Liu) as she ambushed her office lover, Vladimir Durov from sales, in the men’s bathroom. She paused, letting the surprised Russian man take a good long look at her tight nubile figure, dressed in a brief qipao sporting a motif closely resembling Ming dynasty ceramics and a pair of strapped stilettos. Yet Eve knew the rugged Russian expat loved to see her emphasizing her culture. “It was so exotic” were his words, and it helped the brief ethnic dress flaunted her tight physique, smooth skin and magnificent legs. She had teased Vladimir all morning by walking a little too carelessly around him, the brief hemline of the qipao threatening to expose her white thong underneath.

It was a bold choice no doubt, the daring dress raising a few eyebrows in the office not because of its ambitious sizing, but for it wasn’t common to wear qipaos in business settings. Eva had explained it away as being proud of her Chinese heritage, but in reality she wanted to look good for what was about to happen. Always look good for your man, especially if you’re about to go into a knockdown, drag out catfight over him. Eva undid her hair bun, letting let her lush black hair gracefully fall down her back as her nipples strained under the thin fabric of the qipao. An attractive girl with a well-proportioned slim frame, Eva like many girls in her generation was sexually aggressive and enjoyed flaunting her body in tight dresses and revealing attires.

Before her co-worker could say anything, she sauntered over, impertinently invading his personal space and gave him a long, deep French kiss as her hard nipples graced his chest. Vladimir mmmed and hmmmed, Eva’s pleasant feminine fragrance invading his nostrils as he aggressively tongued his office mistress.

-“I need your cock”-whispered Asian seductress, her exotic Chinese accent seeping through her English.

-“We can’t”-heaved Vladimir, meekly stopping Eva from going down on her knees -“My girlfriend is coming soon and she’s going to wonder where am I”

Eva inwardly hissed at the mention of her romantic rival. Natasha Veselova was some Russian skank who believed that she was somehow destined to be Vlamidir’s woman because they were both Russian. It irked Eva hearing them speak in Russian when the blonde whore was in the office. It filled her with frustration to know she was unable to do anything as the Russian skank fucked Vlamidir on this very same toilet because otherwise she’d get fired on the spot. Yet it had all changed ever since Jessica Chambers and Cindy Wang had come to blows in a nasty catfight in front of their co-workers and Cindy had managed to get away without consequences. (5. The Duel Room: East vs West).

It was one thing to see Lee Jimin and Amy Lin catfight (2. The Duel Room: Executive Assistant vs Secretary). They were protected by the office manager, and everyone knew HR wouldn’t touch the boss’ lover. Cindy Wang, however, was a low-level employee, and the fact that HR didn’t fire her spoke volumes. Despite HR loud protestations, it was clear to everyone that catfighting a co-worker and challenging her to a duel (which was way out of line before the Cindy Wang incident) wouldn’t nowadays lead to automatic termination if you played your cards right. Eva was willing to wager that the rules about starting a quarrel with a visiting woman or client had been similarly relaxed. Amy Lin had hinted as much.

Miss Lin had told Eva that Natasha was off limits in any surprise attack. Unlike Eva’s co-workers, the Russian goddess didn’t work in the organization, so Ms Lin wouldn’t be able to use her position to just paper over any ambush against Ms Veselev. HOWEVER, Ms Lin had slyly pointed out, if the Russian wench herself threw the first slap and Eva fought back in self-defence, that would be another matter all- together. Amy Lin would be willing to back Eva up in front of HR.

It was fine with Eva. It helped that Natasha’s scheduled lunch visit to her boyfriend coincided with the time of the ambush. It would be a golden opportunity to start a catfight since security would be too busy dealing with other matters. A helpful assistant would discreetly tell the curious girlfriend that Vladimir was waiting for her in the men’s toilet in a semi deserted area of the building. Eva knew Natasha would take the bait.

-“Just tell her you were in the bathroom. She’ll never find out”-purred Eva before wrapping Vladimir’s thick dick around her lips. She inwardly smiled when she saw Vladimir closing his eyes and slumping against the wall, surrendering himself to his base carnal desires. Too bad that what Eva had just told Vladimir was a lie. His Russian girlfriend would find them out in the bathroom…Eva was going to make sure of it.

She heard a personalized notification sound coming out of her mobile phone: The signal that her Russian rival was on her way to the bathroom. She varied the pace of the blowjob to keep Vladimir at the edge of cumming, yet kept staving off his climax. She needed to time his orgasm perfectly for maximum effect. Soon she heard a woman in high heels coming closer and closer to the men toilet.

Natasha Veselova was already wet with anticipation at the impromptu fucking session she was about to enjoy at the hands of Vlamidir. The Russian doll had gone out with men of all races, but Vlamidir was special. In Asian Hong Kong, Vlamidir was a taste of her homeland. She had fallen in love -or lust- since the first time she heard Vlamidir speak in their native Russian in a thick and rough accent. He just got it. He knew how to treat her with the proper balance of etiquette and roughness (She found Americans too whimsy, Asians too delicate). Vlamidir was one of her few links to mother Russia and she’d do anything not to lose him.

The whole Cindy Wang affair had left Natasha a bad taste in the mouth. For Vlamidir it was interesting office gossip; but for Natasha it was an ominous omen. She found it incredible the slant eyed whore hadn’t been punished for it, like she would have been in any other office in Hong Kong. Instead, the Chinese skank was receiving private kudos for facing down her foreign rival in battle and winning the man in a duel. There had always been some lingering tension when Natasha visited the office but after it became apparent Cindy Wang was going to be let off scot free, there was an edgier tone in her interactions between Vlamidir’s female co-workers.

There was a new an undercurrent of contempt and outright hostility that Natasha returned in spades. Although unhappy about the new atmosphere in her boyfriend’s office, the Russian doll knew how to play this game from her days in harsh Russia, where power made right and shows of force were necessary to gain respect. She already had a spate of hairpulling scraps that got interrupted by security, a show of force she rarely had to resort to before Cindy Wang and Jessica Chambers fought. Natasha had a particular grudge against Eva Liu, whom she believed was trying to steal her boyfriend from under her nose. They had already pulled hair several times after the blonde goddess found Eva getting too touchy feely with Vlamidir.

Natasha opened the door to the men’s toilet, the very same one where Vlamidir had fucked her so many times. She was wearing tight red top that exposed her shoulders, arms and flat midriff, a matching miniskirt and matching high heels. A slightly whorish dress even for the lax standards of this office but Natasha didn’t care: She didn’t work there, and she wanted to send a message to those slant eyed harpies circling around her boyfriend. It was something all girlfriends did to make potential sexual rivals think twice of starting a little office romance at their expense.

The Slavic beauty heard a loud sighing sound, and a second later, the image of her man dumping his semen on Eva’ eager mouth greeted the shocked the beautiful blonde.

-“What do think you you’re doing with my man you slut”-shouted the outraged Natasha in her thick Russian accent as she latched her fingers around Eva’s lush tresses and pulling her up, slapping the Chinese whore on the cheeks-“Get off my man!”

Careful not to swallow Vladimir’s cum, Eva took the slaps in stride, staring at her sexual rival eye to eye and spitting semen right into Natasha’s eyes! Natasha wailed, feeling her eyes burning, taking several steps back as she tried to get the cum out of her eyes.

-“You boyfriend told me he’s bored with you. You’re nothing but a lousy lay”-wooed the Chinese temptress, some of Vladimir’s cum still dripping from her lips. She walked towards the blinded Russian girl, her two hands grabbing the fabric covering Natasha’s tits and ripped the upper part of Natasha’s dress apart-“He’s decided to get an upgrade”

Using the washing basin behind her as support, the Russian girlfriend surprised her Chinese tormentor with a knee to her belly before kicking her with her heel. Eva reeled backwards, going into one of the stalls and slipping ass down the toilet, making a huge splash of water all around her and wetting her miniskirt. She quickly tried to get back on her feet while the topless Natasha turned on the water tap to wipe off the remains of cum off her face.

-“Why upgrade when he already the best he’s ever had”-jeered the blonde siren, getting inside the bathroom stall and tugging Eva’s black hair -“You’re only a toy she uses when I’m not around”

-“He must be lying to spare your feelings”-retorted the Chinese sex kitten, reciprocating the hair pull-“You have to see him around the office…he can’t keep his hands off me!”

Vladimir was thrilled to see his lovers come to blows over him, stroking his cock as he watched the two angry girls pulling and tugging hair. Their violent, if limited contortions inside the bathroom stall kept constantly triggering the flushing sensor as they manoeuvred around the wet floor.

-“Really? I never suspected you were in the picture because he’s just insatiable when he’s around me”

-“That’s because he’s thinking of the next morning…when he comes back to work and fucks my brains out!”

-“He’s told me sex with Asian girls is like eating fries. Empty, meaningless, forgettable”-squealed Natasha, her exposed tits boobing and bouncing as she tore chunks of hair from Eva’s scalp. -“When’s he home, he has a fine steak that sates his cock every night”

-“I guess I’ll try some of that steak then”-shrieked Eva, digging her sharp nails into Natasha’s melons, twisting and pinching like they were putty.

-“Let go my tits you slant eyed wench”-wailed Natasha tearing into Eva’s qipao and frantically slapping her tormentor.

-“What’s…the matter? Is the steak…too tender?”-taunted Eva, her cheeks reddening as she weathered the slaps.

-“Fuck you bitch…argh!”-yelped Natasha when her heel slipped against the wet floor, ripping Eva’ top in one go as she fell down her ass.

Her liberated tits bouncing forward, the Chinese beauty let go the tit hold to keep her balance only for Natasha to kick her leg, making her fall on the opposite side of the toilet bowl. Crouching on their knees, the feisty sex kittens hovered over toilet as each latched onto the other woman’s scalp with one hand and used her free hands to claw her foe’s dangling mammaries.

-“No wonder…you’re obsessed with…my tits…yours are so tiny”-grunted Natasha, twisting Eva’s left nipple, sending a shockwave of pain all over Eva’s anatomy.

-‘You must be…blind…there’s no way…Vladimir will pick your…saggy tits over mine”-said Eva, retaliating by sinking all the five nails of her free hand deep into her opponent’s left tit.

-“You’re the blind one whore…my tits are obviously superior…”
-“Moot point…because you’ll have no tits after I’m done with you!”-grunted Eva, tears rolling down her cheeks as she sank all 10 nails into Natasha’s tits. Natasha immediately abandoned her tit mauling, sinking her nails into Eva’s wrists to no avail. Thinking fast, the fading Russian girlfriend put her hand inside the toilet bowl and splashed her sexual rival with toilet water.

The Chinese minx squealed, pulling backwards and giving up her advantageous grip on Natasha’s jugs due to an instinctual aversion to toilet water. Natasha backed against the stall divider for support as she extended her two long, shapely legs, nailing her sexual rival against the opposite wall.

-“My tits will be pleasing my man tonight. You on the other hand…will need to buy a new pair of tits”-gloated Natasha as she kept bending and stretching her toned legs; targeting Eva’s face and tits as she stomped her sexual rival against the opposite wall. The Russian tigress gritted her teeth, feeling her beleaguered sexual rival raking her sharp nails across her legs, yet she kept the pressure, knowing that she was winning this battle of attrition.

-“You bitch!”-yelled Eva, ducking Natasha’s incoming high heel and lunging forward. A panicked Natasha trapped Eva’s waist in a leg lock, but it was too late as Eva, now towering over Natasha, started hammering the exhausted Natasha with slaps. The two beautiful women were locked in a struggle to the bitter end, their miniskirts straining under the rigours of the catfight, trading slaps at a frenetic pace in a personal quest to destroy her love rival.

Natasha twisted and contorted her legs trying to get the rabid Chinese slut off her to no avail, as Eva plunged her hand into Natasha’s miniskirt and quickly found her way into her moist cunt. The Russian vixen gasped when she felt a foreign object invading her pussy. Realizing the danger, Natasha tried to break free but the constricting walls didn’t give get room to escape. The Asian sex kitten curved her wet finger like a hook inside her pussy and pulled her arm up! Natasha stopped fighting as pain reverberated throughout her body, but Eva was relentless, sneaking her fingers back into her pussy and repeating the heinous attack!

Now feeling Natasha’s leg lock relax around her waist, the Chinese siren leaped forward like a hyena and pinned the beleaguered Russian girlfriend against the wet floor.

-“Your man is mine now! MINE! MINE! MINE!”-taunted the black-haired goddess, her battered tits bouncing up and down as she punched Natasha over and over again until the stubborn Russian wench stopped fighting back.

-“Time to flush you down the toilet”-taunted Eva, pulling the semi-conscious Natasha by the hair and submerging Natasha’s head down the toilet, then raising her back up to let her breathe.

-“Listen to me bitch”-said Eva, plunging Natasha into the toilet between phrases.

-“I’m going to Vladimir’s apartment and spend the night there”

-“You know why? Because I’m his woman now”

-“If you want a duel…I’ll gladly accept your challenge”

-“but if you know what’s good for you”

-“be a little good bitch and stay away from my man!”-said Eva, tossing the barely conscious Slavic woman aside like rubbish.

Vladimir was incredulous. In his mind there was no way one of the delicate Asian women could ever match up against the tough, vicious Russian women. Yet, as he struggled to believe his lying eyes, the victorious Eva wobbled as she stood on her heels. The topless Chinese beauty, a few remains of her qipao still clinging onto her skin, strutted like a conquering goddess even though her hair was a dishevelled mess, her treasured tits were covered in scratches and her sexy body was drenched in toilet water.

-“Let’s take the day off”-cooed the Chinese victress, resting her tits on Vlamidir’s chest-“I’m craving cock right now and I intend to stay awake the whole night eating dick”


It wasn’t the end of Eva’s and Natasha’s feud. An almost naked Natasha was woken up an hour later by the overworked security staff. The fiery blonde called her boyfriend, only for her calls to be ignored. Fuming, she called a friend, who took the mauled, scratched Russia siren back to Vlamidir’s apartment. There Natasha opened the door and barged into the bedroom, where Vlamidir and Eva were making love for the third time already. The moment the two sex kittens saw each other, claws instantly came out, Eva and Natasha grabbing huge chunks of black and blonde hair and making a mess of Vlamidir’s apartment as they fought tooth and nail over his cock.

Eva was finally in Vlamidir’s bed and was not going to give her hard fought spot willingly. But neither would the proud Natasha, resulting a messy catfight that went for 30 minutes until it was “stopped” by Vlamidir. What really happened is that the girls were exhausted, and Vladimir gently separated the two wildcats, allowing them to save face in front of the other. A spent Natasha issued a challenged to fight it out, woman to woman in the duel room, a challenge Eva accepted on the spot.

Natasha fucked her man hard, knowing she was now in direct competition with the slant eyed skank. She loved Vlamidir. She would do everything for him…that’s until a lawyer representing the company where Vlamidir worked came to her and offered a nice settlement in lieu of her not suing them. There was another string attached too, which was not to fight the duel, since the company feared Eva would lose, losing them a valuable employee. Natasha mulled the offer, noting that the money would be enough for a deposit for a house for herself and her parents in Russia.

The money made Natasha question her love for Vlamidir, making her realize she was just attached to him because he was a fellow Russian. At least that’s how she rationalized it to herself. The settlement allowed her to leave decadent Hong Kong and go back to her beloved Russia. She took the settlement.

The Russian siren stopped picking up Vlamidir’s calls and blocked his social media, keen to leave her life in Hong Kong behind. She then started rekindled several old friendships in mother Russia over social media, especially with one Sergei, an old boyfriend of hers. Sergei had always been good to her. Good in bed, more attuned to her feelings, and back in the day, loyal to her. The distance had doomed the relationship, but Natasha was keen to resume where they had left off as soon as she was back in Moscow.

She didn’t know it yet, but Sergei had gotten attached to another girl back in Moscow…a woman who didn’t look kindly on returning ex-girlfriends trying to rekindle old relationships.

For her part, to Eva it seemed as if the Russian hussy had dropped from the face of the earth. She smiled: The Russia bitch had chickened out and now Vlamidir was all hers.

Continued in Chapter 4.

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3 thoughts on “The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 3 by JustLooking9000

  1. drewpowell says:

    As par for the course, it’s a tantalizing and titillating story, worthy of inclusion 😉 just one small nitpick, or rather, a peeve of mine, feel free to ignore it… like many languages, Slavic languages are patronymic, meaning only the man can leave behind a name, and to assign women as property to their fathers and later husbands, the suffix -a is given in the Eastern and Southern Slavic cultures, and -ova in Western Slavic ones.

    If Eva really wants to piss her off, just call her Natulhka, usually reserved for toddlers.

  2. justlooking9002 says:

    Hey Drewpowell! Thank you so much for pointing out the error. I was able to correct the mistake and now the surname of Natasha to Veselova. About Eva calling Natulka, I guess we can chalk it up to her not knowing enough Russian to insult Natasha in her native language. Of course, the real reason is that I don’t know Russian insults.

    Also, this is actually chapter 3 of a long saga. Due to several mistakes on my part, RR thought this was chapter 1 instead of 3. He/She has been very patient with my horrible numbering system and gracefully renumbered the chapter.

  3. drewpowell says:

    I am a sucker for puntastic titles, which is why the reasons my series is called Disstopia stands both, obviously for dystopia, but also for dissing, cussing, degrading.

    At least in real life, certain countries technically carry the title of a nation, but isn’t one in the sense, when it comes not just to unique character (like “American as apple pie”) but also to recognizing the right of neighbors to exist not as a subjugated of them, but as a separate entity.

    I know this because I grew up being raised in a culture that longed for its once of an empire, that dreads her neighbors, and actively encourages her citizens to belittle them, and fear not, so do the neighbors as well.

    You don’t have to or need to know that, but it makes understanding characters from Southeast and Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans much, much easier. Russia has traditional rivals, like China, Japan, Poland and the Baltic states, as does China, who treats Vietnam et al like its own backyard.

    I don’t mean simply a few decades of communism, rather a longer period, which is depicted in books, paintings, movies and personal family stories. Imagine like a city in the GTA universe, where you belong to a faction, it’s very hard not just to break away from that cycle, but even to treat others as equal.

    For my own work, I use several urban dictionaries and blogs describing neologisms to track how languages change organically so that curse words also feel natural on the off chance a native speaker might or will read it. Like I said, this is just additional info, it’s only important to me, because people like me, we fight a two front war.

    Since, on the other hand, if I stick to my GTA example, specifically the fourth installment, they did a really good job in depicting not just how generally we see ourselves (and yes, the further you go east, the more we drink) but also how locals perceive us, and man, that’s not flattering. I think Spanish speakers in America get this, when they know how different they are if they’re from Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominicans, Mexico, Guatemala or El Salvador, yet non-speakers see or want to see little of it that doesn’t match a stereotype already laid out.

    Thus, I don’t force my ways onto others, but I do say, being not just represented, but being so accurately (to the limits of a fetish story) in an English language story that reaches the most is a nice nudge.


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