Oil Fight by JB57

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Part I

“And our next contestant – let’s give a big hand for Kristina!”

The announcer could not hide the excitement in his voice as the buxom blonde goddess strode onto the stage. The bar room erupted in applause, wolf whistles and other expressions of appreciation as Kristina sauntered down the makeshift catwalk, her womanly hips swaying, her incredible breasts jiggling enticingly as she raised her hands over her head to display her incredible assets to her fans. The curly haired blonde smiled. Her powerful bare legs balanced on three inch spike heels which showed off her gorgeous calves and beautifully muscled thighs to full effect. She was wearing a bikini thong which accented her perfect, round bare ass. This was a wet t-shirt contest, so she was wearing a tight, wet, white half t-shirt emblazoned with the emblem of Tucker’s bar. The shirt fit over the top curves of her bouncing tits like a second skin, before draping down to hang down from her dark brown nipples, revealing a bit of underboob over her taut belly.

Kristina walked to the edge of the stage, raised her hands over her head, and shook her torso, letting her beautiful tits bounce from side to side. As the crowd went wild, she posed seductively, her hand on her jutting, rounded hip, then pivoted on her heels and swayed back down the catwalk, her hips moving like an erotic see-saw, her bare ass rippling. Kristina returned to her place in the line of 20 girls who were competing for the title of “Tucker’s Bar Ms. Wet T-Shirt.” The winner would get a prize of $300. It was not a lot, but Kristina’s tug business had fallen on hard times and she needed the extra cash to help pay for some necessary repairs to her little boat.

Kristina occasionally competed in wet t-shirt and bikini contests when she needed fast cash. She had never been beaten yet, though she had tied once in a bikini contest where the judges had been unable to decide between Kristina and a gorgeous brunette. Tonight, however, Kristina did not think she would have any problem winning. Kristina was not a vain woman but she was well aware of her assets, how to use them, and how she compared to other women. All of the other women on the stage tonight were gorgeous in the usual “bar girl” kind of way, but none of them had tits that could match Kristina’s rack. A few had boobs as big as the curly-haired blonde, but the fact that Kristina’s boobs were big, firm and perfectly shaped was evident from their heft and how they jiggled. Kristina knew she would win the $300. After the last girl had done her turn on the catwalk, Kristina was not surprised when the judges wasted no time in naming her the new “Miss Wet T-Shirt” for Tucker’s Bar.

Kristina went out to shake her boobs at the crowd a few more times and collect her prize, a tiny trophy. As she was being congratulated by the judges – three men and two women chosen from the crowd – she was surprised when one of the judges, a handsome, bearded man in his 40s, leaned in a bit closer to speak to her privately.

“If you don’t mind talking to me, Kristina,” the man said, “I have a business proposition for you that pays a lot more than this. If you’re interested, I’ll be sitting in the back for the next 30 minutes.”

Kristina gave the man a look. She did not get a creepy vibe from him, but she had no doubt that his “business proposition” had something to do with sex. Even so, she needed money and she was not a prude. While she would not prostitute herself, she might be open to something more in line with the bikini and wet t-shirt contests she had already mastered. She figured that she owed it to herself to hear the man out.

Kristina went to the back of the bar to change with the other girls. Some of the other young women congratulated her on her victory. Most greeted her with a sullen silence. She did not let this bother her. She knew that these women had a lot riding on their looks and it always hurt to put those looks on the line and then be rejected. The fact that this rarely happened to her did not mean that it had not happened in the past. She knew that, eventually, her days of winning wet t-shirt contests would be behind her. She hoped by then she would be in a place where relying on her looks to get ahead would no longer be necessary.

Kristina put on a tight, crop-top t-shirt that did nothing to hide her considerable bust and left her tanned belly exposed. She shimmied into a pair of tight jeans, pulling them over her bikini thong, and slipped on some comfortable, inch-heel boots. She brushed out her hair and touched up her makeup. One of the other girls, a pretty brunette with a good rack, was standing beside her as she freshened up. The woman’s name was Vicky and she was one of those who had congratulated Kris. The blonde decided to strike up a conversation about the bearded man.

“Hey Vicky, I have a question for you,” Kristina began.

“Yeah, baby?” Vicky replied. “What about?”

“Well, you’ve been here quite a bit longer than I have, so you may be able to help me on something. After the show, one of the judges asked me to meet him at a table in the back. I missed his name when he was introduced at the beginning, but he’s the guy with the beard. Do you know anything about him?”

Vicky frowned for a moment, running through the judges in her mind. Then it clicked. “Oh, him! Yeah, his name is Jack Dorn. I don’t know a lot about him. He captains one of the big yachts that come through in the summer. I haven’t heard anything bad about him, if that’s what you mean. But that could just mean he keeps things really quiet.”

“Hm,” Kristina frowned. At least it was something that Vicky did not think the man had a bad reputation. That probably meant he was harmless. By the time someone was well-known enough to be recognizable to the bar girls that person usually had an established reputation.

“As for what he wants with you, well, I think that’s obvious,” Vicky smiled. “He’s spent the whole night staring at your tits and ass. He probably wants a private show.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Kris smiled. “If that’s what he wants, he’s got a long wait ahead of him.” She did not say anything more, but she did not think that was what the bearded man wanted.

Kristina retrieved her purse, shoved her spike heels into the voluminous bag, said goodnight to Vicky, and walked out into the bar. She stopped by the main office to pick up her winner’s cheque to go along with her little trophy, then made her way through the crowd to the back of the bar, looking for the bearded man. Along the way, she had to stop a number of times to get her picture taken with patrons and twice had to shove away a drunken man who decided to test out the firmness of her spectacular tits with his hands.

She scanned the booths along the back wall of the bar and located Jack, who was sitting by himself nursing a beer. She made her way over to his table. The man saw her coming and smiled, gesturing for her to take the benchseat across from him.

Kristina slid into place, then leaned forward, her forearms resting on the table, cradling her impressive tits. Her hard brown nipples pointed directly at the man in front of her.

“I guess introductions are in order,” the man said. “I’m Jack Dorn.” He offered his hand across the table. Kristina shook his hand firmly.

“I’m Kristina,” the blonde replied. She stopped there. There was no need to volunteer a last name right now.

Jack smiled, noting the omission, but he did not say anything about it. “I’ve got a business offer for you, Kristina,” he continued. “If you accept, it can pay as much as $2000 for one night’s work.”

Kristina’s eyes narrowed. She could make $2000 go quite a distance. But there were limits as to how far she would go to make money and the $300 in her purse would get her through the next two weeks, though it would be tight. She did not feel the need to be hasty or to make compromises that made her uncomfortable.

“Well, don’t keep me in suspense, Jack,” Kris smiled warily. “Tell me what I need to do to earn that kind of paycheque and why you think I’d be good for it.”

“The job is oil wrestling. I want to hire you to fight another woman in an oil ring. You’ll both start out in bikinis but, by the time it’s done, you’ll probably both be naked. The ring is a big rubber swimming pool with a layer of baby oil. This whole thing is in the back of a club near here and it’s a private affair, so there are maybe twenty guys sitting around taking bets.”

“That’s it?” Kristina said, a bit surprised it was something so tame. “You just want me to wrestle some other naked chick covered in oil? Hell, that’s not bad. What’s the catch? And why me? Why not one of the other girls here?”

Jack smiled. “Well, you’ve got the body for it. You’ve got an incredible rack, if you don’t mind my saying, but you’re also really well curved everywhere else and really well-muscled at the same time. You’ve clearly got a lot of strength to go with your curves. That’s exactly the body type we need for this kind of fighting. The woman you’ll be going up against is practically your twin in the body department. She’s a blonde, too. We need someone who can match her. In fact, that’s one of the conditions for the fight. The guys who are involved in this want to see two women going at it who are as close to identical as possible.”

“What’s the catch?” Kris asked again, sure this was too good to be true.

Jack smiled again, a little bit of embarrassment finding its way into his grin. “The way that the fight is decided can be through a pin, where one fighter overpowers the other. But the preferred way to finish this kind of fight is by…well, it’s by one woman getting the other off first.”

Kris took this in, then smiled lazily. “You’re saying this is a sexfight.”

“Yeah,” Jack nodded. “I don’t know if you’re into that kind of thing or if you’re willing to do it in public, but that’s the way it is. If you win, you get $2000. If you lose, you get $1000.Either way, you finish ahead.”

Kris thought it over. Like many beautiful women, she was more than a bit of an exhibitionist. She enjoyed putting what she had on display to be admired, as her past participation in the bikini and wet t-shirt contests proved. In the past, she had had sex in public, though with men and not really as part of a show; she had just enjoyed the cheap thrill of having sex while others watched or with the risk of getting caught. But the idea of meeting another woman who was her physical twin and subjugating that woman – forcing that woman to cum, proving her sexual superiority – that idea set Kris’ blood boiling. She thought back to her battle with Anja the previous year. That had been an incredible sexfight and also the best, most delicious sex she had ever had in her life. Kris’ pussy became incredibly wet and she felt her juices soaking through the crotch of her tight thong. Slowly, Kris smiled.

“I’ll tell you what, baby,” Kris purred. “As long as it’s not recorded and it’s just the guys in the room, I’ll take you up on the offer. I’d love to meet this other woman.”

Jack smiled, his white grin parting his handsome beard. “Then we’ve got a deal, Kristina. No recording. We confiscate phones before people go in. Part of what makes this a big deal for the guys who are there is that they know what they see can only be seen in that one place. We can leave right now. It won’t take long to get there and the fight should start in about an hour.”

Kris and Jack left together. They climbed into his Jeep Cherokee and drove quickly through the busy streets towards the other side of the small city. Kris was relaxed but still cautious. She had a switchblade in her purse, just in case. She was not really worried about Jack. He seemed like a smart guy and he would have assumed she would ask around about him. People knew that he had taken her and would send the police right to him if anything happened to her. Still, she was not about to let anything happen to her.

After 15 minutes of driving, the Jeep pulled up in front of a private men’s club, a high-end strip joint. Kris and Jack got out and walked through the door, passing through security with a nod. Inside, gorgeous, buxom women abounded. The waitresses were topless and the strippers were either naked or well on their way to becoming nude. Kris stopped to take in the scene. She quickly compared her body to those of the other women she could see. They were all remarkably beautiful but she could see that none of them had the right combination of height, musculature and voluptuousness to be her body twin. Jack’s story seemed a bit more plausible.

Jack touched her on the shoulder and directed her towards the back of the club. Jack and Kris walked away from the red lights and blaring music and into a darkened hallway. Jack knocked on a door at the end of the hall. It was opened a moment later by a bulky man in a suit, clearly security. Jack waved Kris in, following behind her.

Kris looked around. The room was brightly lit. About 20 to 25 men and about 5 women sat around on couches and chairs that were set up on two slightly elevated platforms, one fixed higher than the other. The platforms gave everyone sitting a clear view of a large, inflated vinyl backyard pool. The pool was about 10 by 10 and, in the sharp light, Kris could see that its bottom was coated in about a half inch of glistening oil. She glanced up at the audience. The people in the crowd had been involved in various conversations, but many people had stopped talking when she walked in and now were examining her with barely contained lust and excitement. Kris felt the group’s eyes linger over every inch of her sumptuous body, especially her bulging tits. After a silent moment, one of the men began clapping and the rest of the audience joined in. Soon, they were whooping and cheering wildly. Clearly, they liked what they saw.

Kris looked around for her opponent, but she did not see anyone who could fit that bill. Jack took her elbow and steered her towards a door in the back of the room.

“You can change in here,” Jack explained to her as he shepherded her through the door and into a small hall.. “There’s a bikini that we’d like you to wear. And if you’d like to freshen up your makeup, that would be great. We’ve still got about almost 40 minutes before we need to start.”

Jack opened another door off the hall and turned on the light. Kris saw a well-appointed change room, fully equipped with a bathroom with a shower. Against the far wall, in a nook, was a sturdy looking single bed. Her eyes lit up.

“Where’s my opponent?” Kris asked.

“Your opponent’s name is Valerie, Val for short. Apparently, she hasn’t arrived yet. But she’ll be sharing this changing room with you, so you’ll meet her before you come out to meet the crowd. I don’t know her well, but she seems pleasant.”

Kris was not so sure. She would be getting violent and sexually intimate with the other woman very soon and they were competing for a difference of a thousand dollars. Women could be very bitchy under such circumstances. She would have preferred to meet her opponent when they were both introduced to the audience, but she did not have any control over the situation.

“Since we’ve got some time, I’m going to take a shower,” Kris said.

“That’s fine,” Jack replied, “just be ready for when I come. I’ll be back in about 30 minutes to take you out.”

Jack motioned to the dressing table. “The bikini you should wear is in the top drawer, on the right. It’s black. There are some spike heels in the closet, if you don’t want to wear yours. There are towels in the bath. I think that’s all you’ll need.”

“OK, “Kris replied. She put down her purse and turned to Jack. “See you soon.” She smiled. He returned her grin, then pulled the door shut. Kris was going to lock the door, then remembered that Valerie would arrive soon. She left it unlocked. Kris stripped down. She threw her t-shirt on the bed and enjoyed the bounce of her liberated tits. She kicked off her boots then wiggled her tight jeans down her hips and her powerful thighs. She folded the jeans and put them on the bed, then slipped off her thong and placed it on the jeans. She stood naked. She paused to admire her nude beauty in the full length mirror beside the bathroom door. She cupped her firm, round tits and pointed them at her reflection. She smiled. She loved what she saw.

Kris pulled her makeup kit out of her purse then went into the bathroom. Setting the kit on the bathroom counter beside the sink, she selected a towel from the towel rack. She threw it over the edge of the large, glassed in shower stall, then turned on the water. She adjusted the temperature until it was pleasantly hot, then got in under the steaming water. She considered whether or not to get her hair wet, then realized that she would soon be completely slicked in oil. Her hair was going to get wet and oily one way or the other. She stood under the water, letting it wash over her beautiful face, and used her hands to smooth out her soaking wet braid of blonde hair.

Smiling, her eyes closed, Kris enjoyed the hot, steaming water running down over her luscious curves. She caressed her body, squeezing her breasts together, playing with her nipples. Her right hand slid down her smooth belly to caress and cup her hairless cunt. She pressed her middle finger into the top of her pulsing vaginal lips and smiled a lazy smile as her clit swelled and pulsed against her digit. Her nipples were hard. Her body was getting primed and ready for the sexual encounter to come. Luxuriating in the warmth and erotic sensation, Kris relaxed into the heat.

Suddenly, the glass shower stall door opened. Kris started, her eyes popping open, her arm instinctively crossing over her chest as her free hand covered her pussy.

A beautiful blonde woman stood holding the shower door open. The woman was completely, absolutely nude. Her body was perfect, voluptuous and tanned, round, bulging tits with thick brown nipples, a firm, toned abdomen with a deep, narrow navel, a completely clean shaven cunt, with a thick pink cleft and powerful looking vaginal lips. Her wide hips flared out then narrowed into long, powerful legs and ended in perfect feet. Kris realized that it was almost like looking into a mirror.

The woman had an amused expression on her gorgeous face. Her blue eyes shone with vindictiveness.

Kris let her arms fall to her sides, revealing herself, then placed her hands on her hips. She arched her back a little, presenting her luscious tits to her rival in challenge.

The two women said nothing, but their eyes roamed freely over every inch of the other woman. They examined each other’s luscious tits, staring without reservation. Their eyes wandered down firm, defined abs to linger on juicy, succulent looking cunts. Kris flexed her pussy lips. The other woman immediately responded. Their eyes carefully examined and compared the other woman’s thick, beautifully sculpted thighs and calves, and even compared their gorgeous feet.

Finally, the women’s eyes moved to their faces. Kris and the other woman stared insolently into each other’s beautiful face, looking for flaws, for some sign that the other woman was somehow inferior. Their blue eyes blazed as each woman realized that the bitch facing her really was her equal, her rival, in every conceivable way.

The blonde woman finally spoke. “So, you’re my competition for tonight, hm? You don’t look like much.”

Kris’ eyes narrowed dangerously. This bitch was clearly into mindgames. “Fuck you, cunt,” she replied.

“Oh, you’re going to try, but I guarantee I’m more than you can handle, baby,” the blonde responded. The woman stepped into the glass shower stall and closed the door firmly. Kris’ body blocked most of the stream of water, but she moved aside and let the water hit the intruder, cascading over the other woman’s lush body, sending rivulets of water coursing between her massive tits and down her taut belly, over her naked cunt and between her succulent thighs. The other blonde smiled, then pushed forward into Kris’ space. Kris did not back down an inch.

The women’s wet, hard brown nipples came together, rock-hard shaft crushing into rock hard shaft. Neither fleshy column gave a millimeter and, instead, crushed each other back into hot, throbbing titflesh. Rough areola met and eclipsed, creating an overpoweringly erotic sensation of erogenous flesh melting and fusing into one heat-soaked mass of pleasure. Both women shuddered as their sexual organs, their sexual power, came into direct conflict.

“I’m Valerie,” the other woman whispered into Kris’ face. They were face to face, nose to nose, their blue eyes locked on each other. Val’s arms slipped down and around Kris’ smooth waist. The women’s naked thighs pressed tight.

“I’m Kris,” Kris replied. Her body was quivering with sexual arousal and power. Her desire to destroy this other woman was flaring inside of her like an explosion of molten lava.

“Well, Kris,” Valerie continued, “Why waste time? Let’s sort out which of us is top cunt right now, before we go out there and face our audience. We’ve got about 20 minutes before Jack comes for us. I’m pretty sure I can have you singing Soprano by then.”

“You’re more than welcome to try, baby,” Kris breathed. “But I don’t think it will take me half that time to turn you into a puddle on the ground.”

Val shifted against Kris’ luscious body, pushing flesh to flesh even harder. The women’s bulging, throbbing tits rubbed and pulsed into each other furiously; their aching, sopping cunts dribbled juices to the floor of the shower, lost in the torrent of hot water beating down on the two beautiful, enraged vixens. Their smooth, slick bellies rested against each other. A twist of their torsos caused their narrow navels to suck and seal, the suction increased by the coursing water.

“I’ve outfucked every stripper in this place, baby,” the enemy blonde whispered at Kris, her sweet breath washing over the tug captain’s face, her lips gently playing against Kris’ lips. “Why do you think Jack is trawling in crappy little clubs, looking for fresh meat? My pussy is going to suck your cunt out like a juicy orange. I’m going to squeeze your tiny little clit until it shrivels like a raisin, bitch.”

“Enough talk, you slut,” Kris snarled. “If you’ve got it, bring it on. Stand up fuck. Right here, right now. Let’s see who is standing when it’s over.”

“You’re on, bitch,” Val growled.

The two blondes pulled each other in tighter, both women’s hands sliding down the other’s waist and hips to grip and knead the other woman’s taut round ass. The women both spread their legs and tilted their pelvises forward. At the same time, they locked their mouths together in a passionate, savage kiss, hot tongues tangling and twining and wrestling, slick spit sucking and flowing between their inosculated mouths.

Kris shuddered and moaned uncontrollably as she felt her engorged clit slide against Val’s equally engorged, thick, thumb-sized clit. Val quivered in Kris’ arms and the women shared mutual moans and screams of incredible pleasure as their throbbing, burning clits mated. Kris could tell that she was crying from the sheer intensity of the erotic contact. Her entire cunt area was burning as all the nerves of her clitoral ring fired and pulsed with pleasure. Kris could not believe the sensations that this beautiful blonde bitch was already forcing from her. But Kris soon realized that Val was every bit as aroused as she was. The women’s bellies rippled against each other, their muscles quivered with erotic power. Val screamed inside of their locked mouths and her tongue thrashed about uncontrollably, even as Kris tried to twist it into a knot with her own tongue.

Both women cried silently, tears coursing down their faces as their bodies trembled with sheer intensity of the sensation pulsing from their clits. Their hands gripped each other’s pumping ass in a death grip. Strong fingers sank into hard, firm flesh. The women concentrated on keeping their tongues locked, on keeping their incredible clits grinding, rubbing. Lubrication flowed from their burning pussies and down their hot inner thighs, lost in the water from the shower. The women’s massive tits crushed and rolled against each other, meaty masses grinding and pulsating with heat. Both women felt like their tits had blown up to three times their normal size. Still, they kept grinding and rubbing, trying to force the other to a submissive orgasm.

For long minutes, Kris and Val swayed back and forth in the shower stall, their identical, voluptuous bodies completely at war, sex organ locked to sex organ, tits sealed to tits, nipples locked to nipples, flesh rippling and burning against flesh. The women’s swollen clits remained locked together, two fleshy swords, the most sensitive organs of ecstasy in their bodies, jousting relentlessly.

The women’s stifled moans and screams grew ever more urgent. Their perfect bodies quaked with suppressed sexual power and erotic pleasure. Slowly, slowly, both women felt the strength leave their legs as their sex-whipped bodies became slowly overcome with erotic pleasure. Slowly, they slid to their knees on the shower floor, still pressed together thigh to thigh. Their mouths remained locked, their hands remained gripped to each other’s rippling asses as the clitfight raged on. The rushing water struck the women directly on their heads and, in a few moments, both women realized that they had to break their kissfight to get air. Gasping, their mouths broke apart in a spray of spit.

“Fuck you, fuck you, dirty whore…,” Kris gasped, burying her face in Val’s wet hair, snarling into the other woman’s ear as they pressed cheek to cheek.

“Cunt licking fucker,” Val moaned back. The women pulled at each other’s hair, viciously yanking their heads back, so they could both shriek at the ceiling, at the pounding shower spray, in rage and pleasure.

Suddenly, Val pushed Kris hard, shoving her over so that she fell back against the shower stall wall under the nozzle. Kris grunted, suddenly disoriented as her oversexed body separated from Val’s, as her heavy tits and burning clit suddenly stopped being stimulated by their constant, grinding contact with their counterparts on Val. Kris wondered if the other blonde was giving up or retreating. She wondered if Val was going to try to mount her and fuck her into submission.

Instead, Val threw herself onto her ass and spread her legs wide, offering her gaping, angry pink fuckhole to Kris in challenge.

“Cunt to cunt, fucker,” Val snarled. “Your hole to mine, all the way in, right now! We’re going to lock up and settle this the only way real women can!”

“Oh, you bitch, you bitch, you fucking bitch,” Kris chanted. Her body was exploding with sheer, overwhelming lust. She spread her legs and aimed her twat at the hot, hungry orifice confronting her own aching, ravenous twat. Kris braced her back against the shower wall, she pushed with her hands and she launched her cunt across the small space, intent on driving her fuckmeat as deep and hard into Val’s succulent flesh as it was humanly possible to do. Val threw herself at Kris, pussy first, determined to lock up completely with her new found rival.

The two women shrieked in concert as their juicy, thick fuckmeat crushed hot and hard in the initial impact. An explosion of pure ecstasy radiated through their luscious bodies. Neither woman pulled away to pound cunts. Instead, they braced their arms and shoved with all the power of their round, thick asses, working their hips, grinding and thrusting with all of their power. The women struggled to violate each other completely. Their cunts spread and flattened against each other, hissing with heat and suction as they sealed. Their sensitive pink labia meshed and intermingled, fusing with ecstasy. A powerful suction developed between their vaginal canals. With a mutual groan, Kris and Val closed their vaginas on each other. Their inosculated cunts trembled with strain as each woman tested her vaginal strength against her enemy, struggling to wrestle the other twat into submission, struggling to crush and devour the other woman’s ravenous sex. Groaning, Kris concentrated on using her vaginal muscles to suck Val into her vagina, but the other blonde countered with an equally powerful contraction that held Kris in a quivering stalemate.

The water beat down on the intersection of their bodies, where their vulvas locked together in a deep, mutually destructive fight to the death. As the women wrestled cunt to cunt, they continued to buck and thrust with their hips and asses. Their jousting, grinding clits struggled head to head within the locked arena of their sealed cunts. Their clits swelled and looped around each other, locking in an erotic death grip. Waves of unbearable pleasure coursed through Kris and Val and they screamed and shrieked in sexual ecstasy. Their sobs and screams of rage and hate filled the small space.

“Give, you fucking bitch, give!” Val cried, her teeth gritted as she struggled to keep from exploding in pleasure.

“You cum for me, whore, cum now!” Kris screamed, her words demanding, pleading.

The women continued to buck and grind, their grunts and snarls growing more desperate and animalistic by the second. Kris and Val shuddered as the erotic power built inside of them. Their massive tits bounced and shuddered furiously as their hips and asses bucked and twisted.

Suddenly, the shower door opened again. Jack looked down on the floor of the shower, his facial expression a mix of disbelief and incredible arousal.

“Kris! Val! What are you doing?!”he shouted, though he realized immediately what a stupid question it was. What they were doing was blindingly obvious. “Stop this now! You have to go to your match in the ring! You can’t have it here!”

“Fuck off, Jack!” Val screamed. “I’m settling this with this cunt right now!”

“Yeah, fuck off, Jack!” Kris agreed. “I’m not letting this bitch go until I’ve sucked her twat out her ass!”

The man looked down at the incredible erotic spectacle of the two bucking, thrashing goddesses, locked together and writhing in hatred and sheer ecstasy on the shower stall floor. He wanted it to go on but he also knew he had to stop it. Even so, this was good. If the women started their fight in here, they would be twice as willing to finish it off out in the arena. If they hated each other so passionately here, what they would do to each in the arena should be spectacular.

Without another word, Jack moved the shower setting from hot to cold. In an instant, the water beating down on the bucking women became bone-chillingly unbearable.

With a shriek, Val and Kris kicked away from each other, separating with some difficulty as their cunts released each other and their swollen clits untangled enough for them to pull apart. Jack turned off the water as the two women sat on the shower stall floor, glaring at each with a mix of raw hatred and pure erotic desire.

“Ladies,” Jack said, “As much as I would love to let you two settle this right here and now, I’m only asking that you hold off for a few more minutes. Just keep it together for another ten minutes and you can go at each other as long as hard as you’d like. In fact, I encourage it. Please, just a little longer.”

Slowly, trembling with rage and lust, Kris and Val got to their feet. Jack handed each a towel as they stepped out of the shower. The women walked into the dressing room and toweled off. The women avoided staring at each other, both feeling that any eye contact might drive them into a frenzy of rage.

Val stood in front of the dressing table and began brushing out her long blonde hair, brushing it straight. It was too wet to do much more and there was no time to dry it. Kris fished her brush out of her bag and stood beside Val and began to do the same. The naked women examined each other’s bodies in the reflection. They both seethed with jealously and hatred. They really were almost identical, perfect rivals. Their mutual desire to humble and humiliate the other grew even more intense. Kris walked away from the mirror and back into the bathroom, where she retrieved her makeup bag. The bathroom was still too steamy to use. She returned to the dressing table and began applying her makeup, something that Val was already doing.

“Ladies, only about another five minutes,” Jack said quietly from the corner. He was sporting an enormous boner that he was trying to get under control. It would not do to introduce the two combatants for the night while distracting the crowd by pitching a tent.

Kris put her makeup kit into her purse and opened the right drawer on the dressing table. Inside were two scraps of black cloth. At the same time, Val opened the left drawer and pulled out two scraps of crimson cloth. Facing away from each other, the two voluptuous vixens tied on their bikinis. Kris pulled on the thong first, then pulled the bra taut against her massive tits. The tiny triangles covered her nipples and areola and not a lot more. Her magnificent tits bulged out around the micro-bikini top. Kris knew these tiny bits of cloth would tear away easily, exactly what they were designed to do. She turned around to see Val. The other woman remained her mirror image, except in a red thong and barely-there bra. The women glared at each other, but their eyes roamed hungrily over the other woman’s delicious body. Kris and Val shared a hungry glare. Soon, they would be locked together again, cunt to cunt, clit to clit and tit to tit. Then, they would settle which of them was the superior woman.

The women pulled three inch high heels out of the closet, put them on, then stood side by side, hands on their curving hips, as Jack inspected them. Jack had gotten his boner under control, but he felt it flaring again as he examined the two sensual goddesses in front of him. He tried not to think about what he had caught them doing to each other. Soon, they would be doing it again and he would be able to sit back and enjoy it. For now, he had a show to put on.

“You both look absolutely fantastic, ladies,” Jack said appreciatively, his eyes sweeping over the luscious bodies in front of him. “Un-fucking-believable. You girls are going to be real hit. I can tell.”

“Let’s get out there and get this started, Jack,” Val drawled. “Another five minutes and I would have had this bitch spraying all over that shower. I think I can finish her off just as fast once we get going.”

“Fuck you, whore,” Kris snapped. “I could feel you trembling like an earthquake. Another two minutes and my pussy would have been sucking up your cream for supper.”

The women turned to each other. Jack could tell that hands would soon be in hair and the two hellcats would be pulling each other around the dressing room in a rage.

“Ladies, ladies,” Jack said, holding up his hands in a mollifying gesture. “Please, just keep it together for five more minutes and I promise you, no one will stop you again. Just five minutes.”

Kris and Val subsided. They exchanged dirty looks, but they followed Jack quietly out into the hall and into the arena beyond. The crowd went wild when it saw the two combatants. The show was about to begin.

Part II

Kris and Val followed Jack into the sexual arena in which they would fight, both gorgeous women enjoying the applause, wolf whistles and cat calls from the rapt audience. The women put an extra wiggle into their walks, they swayed their torsos a bit more, letting their majestic tits rock from side to side. They walked out to stand in front of the vinyl pool, both women thrusting out their chests and smiling seductively at the eager crowd. Jack stood between the sex warriors and raised his hands. The small crowd gradually quieted down, but the excitement and erotic tension in the room was palpable.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Jack began, grinning widely, “We’re really pleased to offer to you tonight what I’m sure is going to be a really spectacular battle!” The crowd cheered.

“In this corner, we have the gorgeous and incredibly sexy Valerie! Undefeated in more than 20 oil fights, right here in this room!”

Valerie smiled wider and stepped out, raising her hands and shaking her tits at the crowd as her fans cheered wildly. Her crimson bikini served only to emphasize her massive boobs. She spun on her heel, wiggling her bare, thonged ass at her admirers, before returning to stand by Jack.

“And her challenger – the beautiful, unbelievably hot Kristina!” The crowd cheered again, clearly taken with the gorgeous new challenger.

Kris sashayed out, her hands on her hips, twisting her torso so that her boobs bounced deliciously. She spun around, shaking her bare ass at the crowd. Her bikini concealed only enough to be enticing. She returned to stand by Jack, her smile even broader.

“This is Kristina’s first fight with us, but I guarantee that she will give Val a run for her money! “ The crowd cheered again, its excitement growing by the moment.

“And of course,” Jack continued, indicating a large glass jar set up by a table near the front of the room, “tips are certainly welcome! If you like what you see, show your appreciation.”

Jack put his hands on the shoulders of the two women and pulled them into a little huddle. “These are the rules ladies: you’re not here to hurt each other. You can use open-handed slaps and you can pull hair and kick, but no punching. You win by pinning the other woman and immobilizing her to make her surrender. You really win by making your opponent cum first.”

“Don’t worry, Jack baby,” Val cooed. “I’ll have this cunt spilling her twat out in about 10 minutes.”

Kris smiled and nodded at Jack. “I’m ready any time you are, bitch,” she said to Val.

“You enter at opposite ends of the pool. Meet in the middle. After that, it’s game time, ladies,” Jack explained.

The women walked around to stand at the opposite ends of the pool. They pulled off their 3-inch spike heels. Barefoot, they stepped into the pool carefully. Kris dropped to her knees right away, not wanting to risk slipping in the slick, warm oil. She leaned forward, running her hands around the clear liquid. She filled her hands with the viscous fluid, then sat back on her haunches and ran her oil-covered hands over her round, nearly naked tits and down her bare, taut,muscular belly all the way to her crotch. Her magnificent body gleamed in the bright lights. She rubbed off the excess oil on her thighs. Most of the front of her body was now slick and shiny.

At the other end of the pool, Val smiled at her viciously. The other blonde also ran her oil covered hands all over her luscious body. The two women’s eyes locked. They smirked at each other and began crawling on their hands and knees across the distance separating them. Their tits swung from their chests and their bare asses wiggled enticingly as they moved. The women approached the center. They pushed their faces towards each other, until they were nose to nose, forehead to forehead, blue eyes staring into each other with heat and lust and the desire to dominate.

“Do you really think you can take me on, whore?” Val breathed at Kris, her voice low so only Kris could hear. “I’ve matched my cunt against 20 of the best bitches here and I’ve fucked every one of them until they were spraying like a hose. Do you think you’ll be any different?”

“I’ve already felt your cunt, you fucker,” Kris snarled back. “I know what you’ve got and I’m not impressed. When we lock up again, I’ll fuck you flat.”

“Let’s find out, you fucking slut,” Val whispered.

Slowly, carefully, Val extended her tongue and ran it across Kris’ lips. Kris licked back, hungrily. The women’s tongues played, caressed, spit sliding between the thick pink probes. But they did not kiss, not yet. They teased each other, doing what they could to stoke the fire in the other woman’s sex. The winner of this sexual contest would be the woman who could arouse her enemy the most while resisting arousal most successfully. After a few moments, Val reached up and grabbed Kris’ thick, curly hair in one hand. She yanked, causing Kris to shout out, and twisted her blonde enemy’s head. Val showed her greater experience at oil fighting, using the oil to slide her body to Kris’ side even as she pulled on Kris’ hair. The tug captain lost her balance. She tried to stop her fall, but her hand slipped and her body could find no traction on the slippery surface of the pool. In a moment, Kris fell on her side, Val pushing her down and controlling her with a two-handed grip on Kris’ curly blonde hair.

The blonde stripper pulled viciously, deliberately inflicting what pain she could on her opponent. She intended to mount the other blonde, strip the whore of her bikini, then fuck the bitch into oblivion. Val had fought many gorgeous, voluptuous women in this arena, but none of them rivaled her physical perfection quite the way that Kris did. Val hated the other blonde for her body, hated her for how much they looked alike, hated her snotty attitude, and hated that their confrontation in the shower had proven to be both inconclusive and excruciatingly pleasurable. Val felt truly threatened and challenged in her womanhood in a way she had never felt before and she intended to wipe the floor with Kris, to prove to both of them that no matter how evenly matched they were in appearance, no matter how equal they were in what lay between their legs, Val was the queen in this arena.

The crowd whooped and shouted in excitement, the mostly male audience losing its mind as the incredibly voluptuous women fighting in the ring came together, their spectacular bodies glistening with oil and perfectly matched.

Val shoved Kris back, still controlling her with her hands in the tug captain’s hair. Val did not try to stay up; she knew from experience that the slick pool surface made such an effort a losing battle. Instead, as she forced Kris onto her back, she also let her body slide forward, intending to use her weight to drive Kris down and pin the blonde vixen to the pool floor. Kris reacted quickly; she raised her hands and, ignoring the pain in her scalp, filled her hands with Val’s massive tits. Kris squeezed ferociously, even as she landed flat on her back, Val on top. Val screeched and Kris used her leverage to shove up against Val’s chest, easily rolling the other blonde onto her back, moving with her before Val’s grip on her hair could become too painful. Kris kept squeezing even as the other woman kept yanking at her hair. Val changed tactics, keeping her right hand in Kris’ hair but using her left to retaliate by attacking Kris’ nearly naked tits.

Shrieking and snarling, the two blondes thrashed around the pool, falling and sliding, shoving and slipping, every inch of their lush flesh getting covered in oil. Val released Kris’ hair and sank both of her hands into Kris’ succulent tits, matching Kris’ attack on her. The two women mauled each other’s tits, squeezing and twisting; but unable to gain strong grips, their mutual tit-attacks amounted more to deep, violent massages of their beautiful golden orbs. The crowd roared its approval. Finally, Kris and Val shoved each other, and fell apart. Both women held onto the other’s bikini top as they fell, ripping the tiny scraps of cloth from their bulging chests. The sex warriors got back on their knees, both topless. The crowd shouted out its excitement. The combatants’ oil-coated breasts gleamed in the bright lights of the arena; their nipples jutted from their quivering tits like oily spears. Val shoved her chest out in challenge, her massive boobs wobbling enticingly. Kris responded, shaking her mammoth mammary glands at her opponent. The women’s eyes locked.

“No more fucking around, cunt,” Kris hissed. “If you want me, then come and get me.”

Val smiled and threw herself at Kris, who opened her arms eagerly and caught the blonde stripper on her chest. Both women cried out in pleasure as their oiled up tits clapped together. On their knees, Kris and Val wrapped their arms around each other and began to slide their massive meaty boobs around and around, up and down, side to side, both enjoying the delicious sensations as they mashed and rubbed their breasts furiously. Their nipples radiated pleasure as the hard brown nubs clashed then slid away, sliding erotically on the smooth, golden titflesh. Despite their efforts to grind each other down, the women found their breast on breast battle felt more like intensely sensuous caresses than attack. The two women pulled back and seized each other by the upper arms, trapping their tits within the prison of their forearms. They mashed their oiled-up orbs with all their strength, driving nipples and succulent titmeat into each other with all their strength. Kris and Val groaned in sensuous agony, the pleasure from their crushed, slicked tits almost unbearable. The tit to tit, nipple to nipple battle continued for a time, until Kris released Val’s arms, knocked them aside and threw herself onto Val. The women’s arms wrapped around the other’s back, the women’s hands moved over their voluptuous, slippery bodies, trying to grip and hold, but slipping off of the perfect, sculpted flesh. Kris slid her hands down Val’s oiled back and grabbed the straps of the blonde stripper’s thong, grateful to have something on which she could get a solid grip. Kris pulled hard, yanking the tiny garment up so that it pulled tight, knifing into Val’s thick pussy lips and penetrating her vaginal slit, even as it bisected her ass cheeks and cut into her asshole. Val shrieked at the sudden attack and immediately retaliated, pulling Kris’ thong tight. Kris screamed.

Grunting and gasping, the two blondes pulled on each other’s thongs, torturing each other’s pussies, as they leaned into each other, chest to chest. The mutual thong attack hurt both sexy vixens, but the intense pressure on their swollen clits was maddeningly stimulating. Combined with the sensuous pleasure rolling off their battling chests, Kris’ and Val’s grunts and gasps reflected much more pleasure than pain as they continued to try to cut each other in half with their thongs. The women went down in a heap of writhing, undulating flesh, their perfect bodies glistening in the light. They released each other’s thongs and wrapped their arms around each other’s slick, hot bodies once more. The women moaned in indescribable pleasure as their oiled tits crushed, sliding all around each other, sending spasms of lubricated delight rippling through their flesh. Hard nipples glanced off each other but left electric charges of sexual pleasure. Kris twined her legs through Val’s legs, to lock their bodies in place.

Every inch of skin on the two blondes slid together with an electric shock. The sensations were incredibly erotic. The women rolled back and forth in the oil, their hot, slippery bodies rubbing and sliding constantly, their taut flesh rippling, bare bellies pounding, deep navels sucking. Their powerful legs strained, wet thighs sliding on thighs, bare feet running along powerful, oily calves. The oil added delicious slickness and smoothness to their flesh on flesh grinding, feeding their erotic need. Bare tits crushed hard, the oil resisting the pressure to keep them in place as their massive boobs pulsed and throbbed into each other. Their thong-covered cunts ground into each other, both women wild with lust as they humped furiously, their hands finding the other’s gleaming, rippling ass and holding on as tightly as they could. Frustrated by her inability to get a good grip on her opponent’s luscious flesh, Kris began slapping Val’s glistening ass. Val cried out. She returned the blows the next time that Kris succeeded in rolling her on her back.

The nearly naked women were covered head to toe in the oil. Their hair was sticking up at wild angles, stiff with oil yet still the most reliable way for the two women to hold to each other. Kris and Val slapped their bodies together, struggling to gain an advantage, gain a position from which to force the other down. The constant delicious sensation of oiled flesh on flesh made their bodies burn with growing passion. Pulling hair, Kris and Val dragged each other back to a kneeling position, grunting and moaning as they fought to control each other. Their massive tits jostled and bounced, succulent flesh to flesh, nipples stabbing.

Val released Kris hair, placed her hands on Kris’ massive, naked tits, and pushed hard. The blonde sailor cried out as she fell over on her back. Val lost her balance, the force of her push causing her knees to slip out from under her. Val immediately got to her hands and knees. She leaped at Kris and grabbed the other blonde’s right leg. She placed Kris’ leg on her shoulder, spreading the other blonde, and slipped her own right leg over Kris’ hip, scissoring the other woman. Kris gasped as Val powered her thong-covered cunt down onto Kris’ waiting twat, but the tug captain recovered quickly. She thrust up to meet Val’s downward thrusts and moved her hips and ass, keeping her pussy glued to Kris’ attacking cunt. The women bucked and heaved as they moved in rhythm. Kris reached up with oily hands and began kneading and caressing Val’s bouncing tits. Val kept Kris’ leg in place with her left hand, but with her right hand she reached down and squeezed Kris’ beautiful tits.

The women groaned in sexual agony. They bucked, their thongs already soaked with the lubrication from their angry cunts and the abundant oil in which they struggled. Through the meager barrier of their thin, wet thongs, both women could feel the other woman’s thick clit stabbing and slashing at her own. Kris and Val pounded their cunts together, beating meat on meat, then grinding hard, working their throbbing cunts into each other. They panted and moaned. The heat continued to grow between their thrashing bodies, driving them crazy with lust. As their pussies fought, the constant movement and grinding pushed the thin cloth of their thongs into the women’s slits, causing their slick vaginal lips to bulge up on either side of the material. Fat, juicy cunt lips crushed hard and hot into each other, slippery with juice and oil. The delicious slickness caused Kris and Val to groan in unison, both women shuddering with erotic delight. But the thongs protected their swelling clits from direct contact, feeding and frustrating the women’s overwhelming sexual desire.

The crowd whooped as the combatants fought thong to thong. Val’s supporters cheered her on, sure that their favorite was on the verge of another spectacular erotic victory.

The women’s asses moved in tight rhythm, pumping up and down as the erotic warriors synchronized their thrusts. The sex goddesses panted and groaned as their clits fought, their sexual pleasure grew slowly, inexorably. Val leaned forward, pushing Kris’ leg all the way back to her body, until the blonde beauty’s leg was almost parallel to her body and Kris’ cunt was stretched wide and tight. Val pushed her heavy tits down on Kris’ oiled tits, her beautiful face panting angrily into that of her rival. Kris reached up and grabbed the back of Val’s head and pulled her opponent down into a passionate, tongue-twisting kiss. Val returned the kiss with equal passion. Kris moved her leg, slipping it from over Val’s shoulder, looping it down the other blonde’s body and over Val’s hip. Kris seized Val’s pumping, oiled-up ass and pulled her attacker even deeper and harder into her throbbing, thong-covered cunt. Val groaned deep into Kris’ throat, the women exchanging moans and gasps within their inosculated mouths. Val’s ass pumped harder, but Kris moved with her, grinding and thrusting back just as hard. Kris wrapped her legs around Val’s waist, locking their slippery bodies together, making it easier for her to keep her hips moving with Val’s driving thrusts.

The sexual tension in their locked, writhing bodies grew quickly, subjecting the women to rapturous pleasure. But, despite the delicious sensations, both women soon realized that their thong-covered clits were too well-protected to bring the other to orgasm. The women grew more and more frustrated as their bodies struggled, feeding the building erotic power in their clits, but still not quite enough to bring their sexual battle to its satisfying climax.

“Enough,” Kris gasped at Val, breaking their sucking, spit-filled kiss. “Naked cunt to cunt, whore. That’s the only way to settle this.”

Val glared down at Kris hatefully. She spat in Kris’ face, on her lips; Kris immediately spat back. Licking up each other’s spit, glaring viciously at each other, Val and Kris pulled apart. Val lifted herself off of her beautiful blonde enemy and retreated a short distance. Val rolled onto her back, raised her hips, and slid her thong over and down her hips. She lay flat on her back, pointed her legs up at the ceiling, and pulled her thong up her legs and off her feet, throwing it out of the pool. Kris stripped off her black thong and threw it out of the pool, too. The two women glared at each other, both admiring the other woman’s gleaming, perfect body, both women consumed with a combination of pure lust and jealous hatred.

The audience was wild with lust and excitement. The spectators knew that the two sex goddesses were about to go at each other cunt to cunt and that the battle would be decided. This was what the crowd had paid to see.

Kris and Val spread their legs wide to each other. Both women looked deep into the other bare, beautiful cunt and smiled with desire. Their blue eyes locked and the women exchanged fevered, vicious grins. They did not need to say anything. Each gorgeous Amazon understood that the other woman intended to eat her alive with the thick-lipped, hungry cunt facing her own. Kris smeared her hot, pink slit with oil; Val did the same. Both women used their fingers to spread and open their fuckholes, freeing their clits, pushing back their juicy pussy lips to open their pink nether regions, to expose their dripping labia and the muscular cavity of their flexing vaginas.

“Now we’re going to see what you’ve really got, fucker,” Val breathed. Kris could barely hear her above the shouts of the crowd.

“You’re going to be sorry you ever matched twats with me, whore,” Kris shot back.

The women slid across the pool, their legs spread, their juiced-up twats aimed directly at each other. Kris and Val came together, bare cunt to bare cunt. Their twats slapped together, hot, slick meat to meat. “Oh fuck,” Kris moaned. Val gasped as their slick naked cunts caressed. The women looped their right legs over the other’s left hip and pulled each other in, trying to secure a grip in the slick arena. Their heavy, oiled tits crushed deliciously. Their mouths closed hungrily on each other. Both women reached down and around and seized the other’s hard, round ass. Val gasped as she felt Kris’ finger go up her tight, wet asshole. Val immediately retaliated and shuddered in pleasure as she closed her anus around the invading digit and felt Kris squeeze her invading fingers in reply. The women jerked with their hips and pulled on each other’s ass with their hand, pulling the other in, helping to flatten their thick, juiced-up cunts against each other. The women moaned in ecstasy in their mouths as their bare, slick cunts slid on each other deliciously, the frictionless smoothness of twat caressing and sucking to twat sending spasms of delight through their bodies. Their twats flattened against each other, thick lips spreading and opening, hot, hard clits crushing directly into each other. Val and Kris closed their powerful vaginal lips around their struggling clits. They contracted their deep vaginal muscles and pulled on each other’s clams, sucking each other in with an unbreakable suction, their pink labia mashing and fusing, their vaginal holes pulling and sealing.

The women shrieked in unison within their inosculated mouths as their vaginal lips locked to each other and waves of pure, raw pleasure radiated out from their throbbing, jousting clits. They contracted their vaginas again and again, each woman struggling to eat the other one alive with her cunt. Tears of pleasure poured down their faces, their moaning grew higher and louder as they struggled, cunt to cunt, tit to tit. They bucked with their powerful asses, driving at each other, their hands pulling and pulling on round, taut buttocks. Their erotic struggle raged.

Gasping, Val and Kris broke their kiss. They began to lean back from each other, their shift in position allowing their pussies to sink even deeper into each other, intensifying the mutual cunt grip. Their sizzling cunt meat trembled as their vaginas pressed even deeper and harder into each other, as their powerful vaginal muscles shuddered with effort as they tried to suck and break the other. Their massive tits slowly separated, jiggling as their trembling bodies pulled apart. The women gripped each other by their upper arms, trying to hold on despite the oil. But their truest, strongest grip was in the suctioned, quivering meat between their legs.

Slowly, agonizingly, Val and Kris fell onto their sides. Their hips and asses continued to move slowly as they fucked, their beautiful faces were masks of sexual ecstasy and agony. They gripped the other women’s slippery thigh and tried to use it as leverage with which to buck and strain against each other. However, they soon fell flat onto their backs, their massive, swollen tits bouncing, their incredibly voluptuous bodies trapped and trembling, caught between the other’s powerful thighs. Their cunts were fused into one, vaginal slits slotted and sealed, pussies flat and thick against each other, fuckmeat one hot, wet mass of erotic muscle, glistening with oil and lubrication, trembling as the women’s deep muscles fought like wild animals.

The women arched their backs, bucking with their hips. Their moans and cries grew deeper and louder as they fought each other with the very core of their womanhood. The spectators were rapt as they watched Kris and Val’s perfect bodies devour each other in front of their eyes, the women’s genitals fused into an impossibly erotic mass of muscle and sensuality. The audience could see what was going on inside the women’s bodies, they could see how the women’s deep vaginal muscles were struggling to overpower each other, as they women’s perfect bellies rippled with effort, as the women’s arched backs drove them even deeper and harder. Kris and Val were lost in waves of pleasure as they fought. Their bodies quivered with sexual tension and, dimly, they were both aware they were on the edge of devastating orgasms. They held back the power of their release, each woman still determined to outlast her opponent. Even so, neither woman could resist squeezing her own tits and nipples as the exquisite pleasure grew.

Hips bucking, asses flexing, powerful bodies writhing and undulating like one long, sensuous snake, the two beautiful women fucked each other relentlessly. Their moans and cries grew more frantic as the end approached. All around the pool, the excited audience shouted encouragement to both women. All of the spectators agreed that this was the best sexfight they had ever witnessed in this sensual arena!

For 10, 15, 20 minutes, Kris and Val fucked and fucked, holding back the unbearable orgasms burning in their cores. Finally, however, the end had to come. With a scream of pure, unadulterated ecstasy, Val came hard, her hips and ass bucking high into their air, her back arching as she exploded in an unbelievably powerful orgasm. Her belly rippled as she pumped hot, creamy cum out of her cunt like a fire hose. The hot ejaculate coated the intersection of the women’s bodies, streaming down the thighs of both women, flooding Kris’ cunt. Val’s supporters in the audience let out cries of disappointment.

Kris felt the other woman cum, she felt hot flow of ejaculate streaming over her thighs and belly. She felt the shot of cum flowing up into her trembling cunt. She imagined the other woman’s delicious juices flowing up her vagina, into her womb, into her womanhood, mixing with her body in unbelievably intimate ways. Kris could not hold out an instant longer. As Val writhed and moaned in ecstasy, Kris shrieked in bliss and happily, eagerly shot her load into her rival.

The crowd erupted in applause, even Val’s fans clapping loudly. The women had climaxed only moments apart, but it was obvious to all which blonde had cum first. As the crowd cheered, Val and Kris continued to spasm and scream, their bodies shuddering through multiple orgasms.

It was almost five minutes before the women stopped moaning and bucking, their bodies convulsing in ecstasy. They lay flat on their back in the oil pool, joined at the cunt, their gasps and moans of pleasure fading into hot pants as they struggled to regain their senses.

The battle was over. Kris had won.

Part III

After nearly 10 minutes, Kris finally stirred. She groaned and twisted her hips, breaking the muscular seal between the women’s cunt-locked bodies. Both women gasped as their well-muscled twats pulled apart, their enraged genitals releasing each other with a thick popping sound as the suction between their pussies broke. Hot, creamy cum trickled out of their leaking twats. Kris staggered to her feet, her body still vibrating with sexual power. Val remained prone, her arm tossed over her eyes, as though trying to avoid Kris’ gaze. Kris gingerly walked to the side of the pool, her lush, oil-slicked body dripping with oil and sweat, a hot trickle of cunt juice meandering down her inner thighs. Jack helped her out of the arena. The room was quiet. The spectators had streamed out a few minutes before, dropping tips into the glass jar at the door as they left, their excited babble following them out.

“Great show, baby,” he said to her. “I’ll bring in an envelope with your winnings and the tips in a few minutes. For now, just go and shower off and get dressed.”

“Sure,” Kris mumbled. She felt tired, but something else was bothering her, something else felt … incomplete. She staggered a little as she walked away from the pool of oil, across the room, and into the hallway. She almost slipped a couple of times from the oil on the soles of her bare feet. Kris entered the change room and headed immediately for the shower. She turned on the water then climbed into the shower stall gingerly, being careful not to slip on her oily bare feet again. She held onto the door frame and let the water run over the soles of her feet before she stepped under the shower and began to wash herself off. Thankfully, the baby oil was water soluble, so it started coming off her skin easily as the water beat down. She ran it through her slick hair and smiled as she felt the oil practically evaporating off of her.

Kris was not under the shower long. When she stepped out of the stall, she felt rejuvenated. She felt triumphant. She had won her confrontation with the toughest bitch she had ever taken on – maybe the sexiest too. Val could certainly give Anja a run for her money.

Kris stepped into the change room, using a towel to fluff out her hair, and stopped abruptly. Val was standing in the center of the room, her incredible body still slick with oil. The other blonde was in the process of wiping her body down with another towel. She straightened when Kris came in. The beautiful women exchanged looks of pure hatred and raw sexual rage. Kris felt her pussy get tight and hot. But Val did not wait. Without a word, she walked past Kris, her naked body glistening, her hips swaying, and into the bathroom. She shut the door. A moment later, Kris heard the shower start.

Kris threw her towel on the couch against the wall and walked over to the dresser mirror. She examined herself with an appraising eye. Her incredible body remained as gorgeous as ever. There were no marks on her body from the hard fight, a benefit of the oil. But she suddenly realized what was missing, what was wrong. She was still aroused. It was so obvious it was incredible she had missed it. Kris had assumed that after an orgasm as powerful as the one she had just experienced, her sexual ardor had to abate. But, to her amazement, she realized this was not the case. The evidence was obvious. Her breasts were slightly swollen as blood and hormones washed through the dense flesh. Her large brown areola were stiff and hard, her nipples were thick and aching. The evidence was most apparent in her pussy. Her vaginal lips were swollen. Her clit was not fully engorged and tumescent, but it was thick and pulsing, throbbing gently. It just needed a little bit of stroking to harden into a fleshy erotic sword. Kris smiled. She knew that the winner of a sexfight was entitled to a victory fuck from the loser. She considered going into the bathroom and ravaging Val in the shower, just as the arrogant blonde had done to her. Indeed, she wondered if Val expected her to do that.

Kris had other plans. She brushed out her hair. As she was doing this, there was a knock at the door. She quickly opened it. Jack was standing there, a bright grin on his face. He looked over her spectacular nude body with a smile.

“Kris, you are one hell of a woman.” Before she could respond, he handed her an envelope. “Here are your winnings, baby. $2000, as promised.” He handed her a second envelope. “And here are your tips – another $3000!”

“What!,” Kris exclaimed.“That much?!”

“Yes,” Jack smiled. “The patrons really, really enjoyed themselves. Most of them have already asked for a rematch. But we can talk about that later, when you and Val have both had time to rest.”

Kris did not say anything. Her head was still spinning from the $5000 payday. “How did you split the tips”? she asked.

“Right down the middle. Most of the people who gave tips said they were for both of you and I thought that was fair.”

Kris nodded.“Fine by me.”

“Val is in the shower?” Jack asked. He could hear the shower going. He hesitated. “Look, I need to head back to my ship right away. I can give you a lift back to the marina, if you’d like. I know you have a tug down there. We can leave Val’s winnings for her here and just lock the door. If you’d like to get dressed, I’ll wait for you.”

Kris hesitated for just a moment. “No,thanks. I don’t plan to leave just yet. Val and I have some …. unfinished business. “ She smiled.

Jack looked at Kris more closely and smiled a knowing grin. “Alright, baby,” the bearded man said. He hesitated, then handed Kris the envelopes for Val. “Give these to Val, OK? I think I can trust you to not cheat her.” What was unsaid, Kris knew, was that Jack would check with Val later.

“Of course,” Kris replied. She reached out and grabbed Jack by his shirt collar, then pulled him in to peck him on the cheek. Jack grunted, then smiled, enjoying the weight of Kris’ naked tits on his chest, the woman’s firm, bare thigh pressing into his crotch. The bulge in his pants was immediate.

“If you ever have another job like this for me, I’d be interested. I’m usually at the marina. Keep in touch,” Kris purred.

“You bet I will baby,” Jack smiled. He saluted her, turned on his heel and walked down the corridor. Kris closed the change room door and locked it. For the first time, she noticed that the door also had a chain. She chained the door, too.

Kris put Val’s winnings on the dressing table. She realized that the shower was silent. Val would be out here soon. Kris slipped her own envelopes into her purse. She walked to the single bed fit into the alcove against the wall. Her clothing was on the bed. She bundled it all up and tossed it in the corner, next to her boots. Kris climbed onto the bed and then lay down, flat on her back, her legs bent at the knee with her feet flat on the rough blanket covering the bed. She interlaced her fingers behind her head. Her naked tits jiggled deliciously, the lush, thick masses of meat holding firm even as they slid a bit to either side of her chest. Kris looked down at her massive tits and smiled. She checked her entire body. Tension was building in her stomach, flowing down to her pussy and up to her swelling tits. Her nipples were thick and hard and gently pulsing. Her crotch was hot and wet and throbbing. Her clit had grown stiff and now radiated an erotic heat that was difficult to define but seemed to fill her lower torso and send an unbearable kind of sexual itch rippling through her body, an itch that could only be scratched by vigorous and prolonged stimulation of the clit – preferably, by another woman’s clit. She smiled again, enjoying the rush of lust that burned through her perfect, voluptuous flesh.

The bathroom door opened and Val stepped out. The naked blonde started when she saw Kris lying on the bed. Her beautiful face then took on a grim expression. She tossed aside the towel she was using to dry her hair and put her hands on her hips, her legs slightly spread, her back arched as she defiantly shoved her tits out at her enemy.

“What are you still doing here?” Val asked, her voice a low growl. Obviously, she had expected Kris to leave while she showered.

“I’m waiting for you,” Kris replied. She could tell from Val’s stance that the blonde expected her to claim her victory fuck. Idly, Kris wondered what would happen if she did make such a demand. Before Val could continue, Kris quickly added “Jack left your winnings for you. They’re on the dressing table. The tips came to $3000 for each of us.”

Val blinked, then smiled, glancing at the envelopes. She had not expected such a windfall from the tips either. She returned her gaze to Kris’ naked body on the bed. Val slowly began to walk across the room, her massive jugs jiggling as she moved, her hips swaying from side to side.

“You still haven’t explained why you’re waiting for me, baby,” Val purred. Her body language promised sexual violence.

Kris smiled as she watched the other woman approach the bed. Her eyes ran over Val’s perfect curves, her bulging, jiggling tits. Kris enjoyed the spike of desire that raced through her flesh and lighted in her cunt, causing her to lubricate hard.

“I think we have unfinished business, Val,” Kris purred back. She smiled with satisfaction when she saw the look of humiliation and rage that crossed Val’s gorgeous face. The other blonde clearly believed that Kris intended to extract her victory fuck. Val’s expression told Kris that the other beautiful woman would submit if she was forced to do so, but she would hate it passionately. Kris was almost tempted to make the demand, but that was not what she really wanted.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Kris cooed. “I’m not going to make you lie back and let me fuck you or make you eat my pussy. “ She noted the look of relief that flitted across Val’s face. “I could if I wanted to,” Kris hastened to add, “but I don’t really think that I beat you back there.”

“Oh?” Val said, a bemused look on her faced. “And why is that? The patrons certainly think so. Jack thinks so.”

“Because, in my book, the first cum doesn’t really matter. When you’re figuring out which woman is top cunt, it’s the last one to cum that matters the most.”

Val smiled mockingly. “I agree, baby. I don’t think you beat me either. And I do think that it’s the woman who can walk away from an all-out fuckwar who is the real top cunt.” Val stopped beside the bed, her hands still on her hips, her naked body looming over Kris.

Kris smiled up at her enemy. Slowly, seductively, she spread her legs, exposing her wet, hot fuck slit. Kris lowered her right hand from behind her head down to between her thighs. She rubbed her vaginal lips smartly, then raised her hand to her mouth and licked the juice off. All the while, her eyes remained locked with Val’s blue eyes.

“Then come and take it, bitch,” Kris whispered. “Rub your tits into my tits. Put your clit on my clit. Let’s see who is really harder down there. Let’s find out which of us is really the better, stronger woman.”

Val kept smiling, but her smile was now one of pure, hot lust. The blonde stripper’s nipples were full and distended. Kris enjoyed her view from below as she watched Val’s breast tissue swell and her nipples become thick, fleshy spikes. Kris watched the trickle of juice that moved down Val’s luscious inner thighs.

Val stepped to the foot of the bed, then climbed onto the bed on her knees. She crawled up between Kris’ legs. Val placed her hands on either side of Kris’ head. Her heavy, round tits hung down, swinging like twin cannonballs over Kris’s amazing rack. Holding herself up with one hand, Val spread her legs and reached down to pull open her pussy lips, freeing the thick, hot nub of her rapidly swelling clit. Kris smiled and reached down between her legs. She used her index and middle fingers to pull her vaginal lips even further apart and then to tease out her pulsing, thumb-sized clit.

Both women spread their legs, their vaginas open to each other, both forming a perfect “v.” Val positioned herself directly over Kris. The women’s thighs touched, Val’s spread thighs bracing and pushing Kris’ widespread legs even further apart. Kris helped by spreading herself even wider and tilting her pelvis further so that her open, succulent gash was fully exposed and vulnerable. Other than their thighs, the women’s bodies still did not touch, but their excitement built exponentially. The women were panting, their tits quivering as their bodies trembled with desire. Carefully, Kris reached up and fondled Val’s hanging tits, kneading and squeezing the thick, powerful glands together. Val closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure, a smile of pure delight and raw lust lighting her face. Smiling, Kris squeezed the other woman’s massive tits even harder, then raised her head and licked at Val’s engorged nipples, before taking the stiff shafts between her teeth and biting and sucking hard. Val gasped, but she continued to hold herself up, her arms fully extended. Her wide open pussy was suspended directly over Kris’ aching gash. Hot vaginal juices dripped from Val’s cunt to Kris’ matching cunt, anointing the other woman’s twat.

Kris released Val’s tits and settled back on the bed, her head on the pillow. Kris slipped her hands onto Val’s hips, then around to seize the other woman’s hard, round ass. She spread her hands on the delicious flesh and pulled Val’s buttocks apart, exposing the woman’s asshole. Kris fingered Val’s puckered asshole, drawing a gasp from the other woman, but she did not penetrate the hot, tight hole – not yet. Kris grinned; Val returned the grin as both women locked eyes and licked their lips in anticipation of what they would soon do to each other.

Kris pulled a bit on Val’s ass, prepared to pull Val as deep and hard into her as she could come. The two women glared at each other through half-open eyes, the pure lust radiating through their bodies making it hard for them to keep their eyes open. Val and Kris smiled at each other as they prepared to resume their fuckwar.

“This time, we don’t stop,” Val whispered, her voice hoarse. “We keep going until we suck every drop of cum out of each other. The loser is the one drained dry, the one who can’t go on.”

“Perfect,” Kris murmured, her eyes glowing with desire. “We’re going to just keep fucking until we both know who has the stronger clit and the hotter body.”

“Oh baby,” Val moaned, “That’s going to be me.”

The gorgeous stripper finally lowered her hungry, aching pussy directly onto Kris’ open, welcoming twat. The women screamed and thrashed in unison as the exquisitely sensitive sex organs fit over each other like gloves. Heat poured from Kris’ cunt into Val’s ascendant twat. Kris pushed up with her ass, even as Val shoved down. The women moaned in concert as their hungry wet cunts sank into each other, succulent fuckmeat mating to succulent fuckmeat. Their swollen pussy lips crushed and pressed, then slowly eased apart, opening and flattening against each other, exposing and freeing the luscious pink labia within to sizzle with heat and wet as they merged. Their cunts unleashed a hot torrent of cunt juice as they lubricated powerfully. The women’s bodies shuddered as they gripped each other with their vaginas and squeezed tight, pulling with their deep vaginal muscles to suck each other in, to grip each other in an unbreakable bond, to seal their hot, wet cunts into one. Their aching, swollen clits pressed hard and tight, sending raw sensations of sexual pleasure rocketing through their perfect bodies. With an agonized groan, Val shoved hard and began to work her ass and hips, driving herself deep, deep into Kris’ delicious twat. Kris thrust up to meet her, moving with Val, keeping their cunts glued together, their bodies moving in an undulating wave. Kris slipped her bare legs through Val’s legs, locking them in place, powerful muscle straining against muscle. She pulled harder on Val’s ass, her fingers sinking into the taut flesh. Val gasped and lowered her upper body onto Kris’ upper body. The women’s aching tits came together nipple to nipple. Incredible sensations of raw pleasure burned through the women as their massive, meaty tits fused into one throbbing mass of pleasure. Their naked bellies settled flat on each other, their navels aligning perfectly and sucking together as the women’s bodies slowly, deliciously, writhed in shared pleasure.

Val and Kris were nose to nose, eye to eye, panting and gasping in each other’s gorgeous faces as the long, hard fuck began.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” Kris moaned at her sexual rival. “Give it to me hard…”

“Oh baby,” Val gasped in reply. “Every part of me is going to fuck every part of you…” She could not finish her thought as raw ecstasy burned through her entire body as her clit grated on Kris’ engorged clit.

Kris moaned in uncontrollable ecstasy. She smiled at Val, rejoicing in the incredible erotic pleasure wracking her body. Kris whispered at Val: “Our clits. Knot them together, before they become too hard. Let’s do it now.”

Staring into each other’s blazing blue eyes, the women carefully moved their clits against each other, using their deep muscles to fit the swelling shafts together, hooking them. Waves of exquisite pleasure flowed through the women as they performed this maneuver, but the effect brought even more unbelievable ecstasy to both of them as their clits hardened into rock hard, thumb sized nerves locked together in an unbreakable bond. As the women’s hips and asses moved, their clits pulled against each other constantly, feeding their lust with spasms of orgasmic sensations.  The women’s clitoral rings surrounding their vaginas burned with heat and pulsed with electricity that infused every inch of their luscious bodies.

Kris and Val sobbed desperately as they fucked, ravaging each other with an intensity neither had imagined. Their moans and cries of joy spiraled higher. Kris released one of Val’s pumping buttocks to pull the other woman’s head down to her face, to lock Val in a deep, tongue twisting kiss. The women’s tongues wrapped around each other like their clits. The women screamed and moaned into each other. Soon, spit began to overflow from their locked mouths, but neither woman broke the kiss. Instead, they sucked back and swallowed all they could, their tongues struggling intently in each other’s mouths.

Val leaned forward hard, letting Kris’ tits take the full weight of her body, and slipped her hands down to grip Kris’ rippling ass. Kris and Val found each other’s assholes and inserted two, three fingers into each other at the same time, using the other woman’s asshole to give them both a solid grip on the other. They broke their spit soaked kiss to gasp and moan and then smile at each other in shared delight at their mutual violation. Then, their tongues and mouths locked again, their erotic moaning and screaming spiraled higher and higher, and the women resumed their all out, full-body fuckwar.

Val and Kris fucked and fucked. Their bodies moved as one, in undulating waves, their interlocked flesh never separating, their vaginal grips on each other getting tighter and deeper as they rode each other harder and longer. They moved slowly, their bodies writhing and grinding, but flowing with a long, slow bucking and grinding motion. Their bodies were soon soaked with sweat, a delicious natural lubricant that made their flesh slide against each other erotically, especially their bulging, pulsing tits and rock-hard nipples. Their hips and asses moved in rhythm, one woman shoving and thrusting, the other returning the thrust, their bodies perfectly aligned.

For a half hour, then an hour, then even longer, Val and Kris remained locked together in pure erotic bliss. Their bodies formed one fleshy wonderland of sexual pleasure, flesh flowing into flesh, friction on friction, lust and ecstasy feeding each other. Hot spit and hot juices mixed and matched within the gorgeous women’s rippling bodies. They moved slow and hard, fucking and fucking, slowing down when they felt too close to the verge, keeping the fuck going and going, neither wanting it to end. Their bodies trembled with erotic delight and sexual tension.

For more than an hour, the women’s hungry mouths never separated. The women’s tongues remained twisted together, flicking and rubbing, the women occasionally taking turns sucking on each other’s tongues, but never letting their mouths pull apart. They swallowed their shared spit. Their groans, moans and screams of pleasure went on continuously, but always muffled within the women’s inosculated mouths.

Kris and Val closed their eyes and concentrated to the utmost on devouring each other completely. Their mutual hunger grew uncontrollably.

Suddenly, Val moaned deeper, harder. With a gasp, she broke their endless kiss, panting furiously as she felt her body enter a new stage of profound arousal. The sexual tension, the raw power she and Kris had built in each other had suddenly reached its peak. Both women trembled, shuddered, as their bodies reached the point of no return.

“Here it comes, baby, here it comes…,” Val gasped at Kris, who was biting her neck hungrily. Val bit back as Kris moaned a reply.

“Yes, yes, I can feel it, I can feel it,” she grunted. “Oh god!” Kris cried out, her eyes suddenly going wide. “Oh fucking god, it’s coming, it’s coming…”

Kris and Val gripped each other’s asses but their undulating bodies slowed as they ground their clits into each other with even greater force. Their swollen, agitated clits seemed to swell to ten times their normal size. Their tits exploded with heat and pleasure, their nipples hyperextended and penetrated each other, scoring their dense, throbbing titflesh. The women’s locked cunts contracted around each other harder than ever, clamping on each other, squeezing and squeezing their intertwined clits.

Kris and Val shrieked in concert as their bodies went stiff as the most intense orgasm of their lives took them. The women stopped screaming almost immediately. The ecstasy wracking their bodies was too intense and stole their voices. They could only stare deep into each other’s eyes in astonishment, tears flowing down their cheeks, gasping and sobbing, as their bodies convulsed with wave after wave of pure erotic power. Orgasm after orgasm roared through the women, each more intense and devastating than the one before. Their bodies wanted to thrash about uncontrollably, but their powerful muscles were locked and straining against each other, holding the women together in a trembling stalemate. Kris and Val buried their faces in the other women’s hair and shoulder, biting at each other, sobbing and gasping as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through them, driving them insane with pleasure. The women’s pussies exploded time and again, pumping steaming hot cum back and forth, mixing the creamy cum within their locked vaginal canals.

For almost fifteen minutes, Val and Kris held each other and gasped, sobbed, moaned and shuddered in orgasmic bliss. Their pussies kept contracting regularly, pumping hot, creamy cum. Finally, the orgasms began to fade, though the women’s bodies continued to vibrate with the sexual pleasure they had endured. Val sprawled across Kris, their bodies soaked in sweat, the intersection of their pussies and their lower torsos and thighs drenched in sticky cum.

For another fifteen minutes, the women lay sprawled together, their limbs twined, their tits and cunts pressed tight. Their clits continued to pulse into each other. Neither woman had the energy to move. Finally, Val rolled off of Kris, moaning in exhaustion, her body still ringing with the aftermath of perfect sexual bliss. She rolled toward the wall, so that her body was wedged between Kris and the wall. She stretched out the length of her rival, pressed tight into Kris’ side, and relished the cool air on her torso, now that she was no longer riding Kris’ body.

“Oh god,” Val finally managed, “Oh god, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had. That was incredible.”

“Nnnnnh, yes,” Kris groaned in agreement.

The women turned their heads to look at each other. They made eye contact and both smiled as they felt the heat coming back into their erogenous zones. Kris slipped her right hand down Val’s body to cup the other woman’s wet pussy. Val slid her hand down to cover and squeeze Kris’ wet, hot fuckmeat. Both women smiled at each other as they slipped fingers into the other’s hot twat. They pushed their faces closer together and kissed lightly, tongues touching, as they began to play with each other. Their warm, massive tits rested side to side against each other.

After a few minutes of mutual masturbation and gentle, tongue to tongue kisses, sharing hot breath and growing gasps of pleasure, both women felt their sexual pumps primed for more. They turned towards each other on the bed, lying on their sides, facing each other. Their massive tits squashed firmly into each other and Kris slipped her left leg over Val’s right and hooked it. She pressed Val back, but the other blonde surged in reply, pushing back. The women’s nipples hardened against each other and the meaty orbs on their chests rolled hard. Val arched her back and pressed her belly into Kris, who eagerly rubbed her bare belly around and around its taut counterpart. The women were soon panting with excitement and their pussies started to ache with need once more. Val pushed hard and succeeded in rolling Kris onto her back. Kris kept the roll going and ended up on top, the women’s bodies now on the other side of the bed, close to the edge. They wriggled in each other’s arms, their kisses growing more passionate with each moment, their heavy tits mashing and grinding, their hard nipples scoring and stabbing dense titflesh, their naked torsos sliding, their legs twining and caressing. The women rubbed their naked bodies together in delight, enjoying the feel of lush flesh to flesh.

Kris kissed Val passionately, and writhed the entire length of the other woman’s body. She pushed herself off of Val and sat back, pushing all the way to the foot of the bed and bracing her back against the alcove wall. She smiled lasciviously.

“Time for round two, baby,” Kris smiled. She spread her thighs wide and reached down to open her pussy lips. Val smiled in excitement and sat up. Facing Kris from across the bed, she spread her thighs and pulled her pussy lips a bit wider, freeing her engorged clit.

The women slid along the bed on their asses, eager to scissor each other. Their mutual hunger to lock up, to invade each other’s cunts and go clit to clit, filled them with excitement and the raw desire for the pleasure of what they were about to do to each other. They came together in the middle of the bed. Leaning back, bracing their powerful bodies with their arms, Kris and Val smashed their wet, hot cunts together. Juice sprayed at the impact and the women pulled back and thrust together a few more times, pounding their cunts viciously, enjoying the sensation of pussy punching each other. But this lasted only for a few seconds. The women stopped pounding and started grinding. They locked up and fit their hot, juicy slits together. Their cunts interlocked like hungry mouths and their burning clits began grinding and thrusting together within the tight confines of a fleshy arena that was too small for both of them. The women’s hips and asses worked powerfully, twisting and bucking, as the women wrestled twat to twat. With each powerful mutual thrust, Kris and Val groaned and moaned together in concert, in shared ecstasy. The women lifted their asses off the bed as they fought, their bodies supported by their powerful arms. As the clitfight wore on, however, the women dropped their asses to the bed and  rearranged themselves. Each woman gripped the thigh of the other and, using the limb as leverage, they ground into each other harder and deeper, their asses and hips jerking and bucking furiously. Their tits bounced, sending sweat flying.

“God, this is so fucking good…” Kris growled as she focused all her strength on driving her cunt as deep into Val as she could. The pleasure of what she was doing was excruciating and there already promised to be so much more before the night was done.

“Yes, yes, fuck yessss…,” Val moaned. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, her right hand was gripping Kris’ left thigh for support as she worked her hips and ass powerfully, as she enjoyed the delicious sensations burning up from her jousting clit.

The women had been at it for some time, almost twenty minutes of all-out clitfucking, when the key turned in the door. Kris and Val were too wrapped up in each other to hear the key, but they were brought back from their shared erotic nirvana when the opening door was abruptly stopped by the chain and a surprised voice called out.

“Hello? Is there someone here?” the voice said.

Panting, Kris and Val stopped fucking. “Yes?” Val called out in reply, her voice a gasping pant. “Who is it?”

“Miss Valerie? Is that you?” the voice asked.

“Yes, it is. Is that Roger?”

“Yes, ma’am, it is. I was specifically told to clean up this room tonight.”

“Roger, I’m using the room right now,” Val replied, panting hard. “Could you come back in about an hour? I’ll be done by then.”

“OK, ma;am. I’ll come back then.” Roger closed the door.  The women, still cunt deep in each other, heard the sound of a custodial cart rolling away.

“Do you really think you can finish me off in an hour?” Kris smirked, thrusting hard, picking up the force and pace of her cunt attack.

“Not at all,” Val responded, panting hard as she matched Kris thrust for thrust. “But I know that we can make each other cream in that time, then go find another place to continue this.”

“Ah, good,” Kris gasped. “Let me fuck your brains out and then we can go.” 

“You let ME fuck YOUR brains out, then we can go,” Val replied, her hips and ass moving in a hard rhythm, matching Kris blow for blow.

Grunting and groaning, the two voluptuous vixens resumed their pumping, thrusting, clit to clit battle. Their vaginas tightened their powerful grips on each other and the two women continued fucking each other viciously, each beauty determined to ride the other into submission. Val reached out and gripped one of Kris’ bouncing, jiggling tits. She squeezed the delicious dense flesh and twisted the nipple between her fingers. Kris moaned, throwing back her head to cry out then smile with pleasure. She returned the grip, marveling in the size and thickness of Val’s massive tit, enjoying the feel of the thick orb as her fingers sank into the dense flesh.

For the next 30 minutes, the dueling women fucked each other up the pleasure curve. Their bodies were dripping with sweat, their erotic moaning had reached a fever pitch when, finally, Kris could not hold back the tremendous orgasm building inside of her an instant longer. Screaming, falling on her back, she pounded the mattress with her closed fists and arched her back as her cunt convulsed, sending a long, hot stream of cum into Val’s conquering sex. Val screamed, running her hands through her wet hair, and then bucked hard as she came with excruciating force. Her hips jerked and she rejoiced in the feel of her body releasing its juices into the cunt of her blonde foe. She fell flat on her back. The two women jerked in shared pleasure as their enemy pussies tried to devour each other.  Writhing and screaming, the women twisted on the bed as their bodies fought to the bitter, erotic end.

For some time, they lay together, their bodies trapped between each other’s thighs, their vulvas sealed and sucked into one hot mass of wet, cum-saturated meat.  Kris and Val’s magnificent tits heaved as they panted. Their bodies dripped with sweat, the hot flesh between their thighs dripped with cum.

Finally, Val pushed herself up on her elbows, to stare down their locked bodies with a triumphant grin.

“Get used to that, fucker,” the blonde stripper smiled. “I’m going to ride that little twat of yours until it breaks, just like that.” She smiled wider, enjoying her analogy. “I’m going to ride you until I break you in, baby.”

“Fuck you, whore,” Kris shot back, pushing herself up to lock eyes with the other woman. “We’re just getting started. It’s going to take a lot more than that to stop me.”

Val squeezed Kris with her twat; Kris squeezed back and, for a moment, the women’s interlocked genitals quivered and strained, the slotted clefts of their pussies shuddering with erotic power. The busty blondes kept their eyes locked as they wrestled twat to twat, each feeling out the other for weakness. Finally, smiling at each other viciously, the women released their grips on each other and slowly, agonizingly pulled apart. Their cunts disengaged with a pop and squelching sound; slick cum poured onto the bed, which was already soaked with the women’s shared sweat and vaginal juices.

The battle would continue, just not here.

Kris and Val climbed off of the soaking wet sheets and made their ways to different part of the small dressing room. Val walked to the dresser and opened one of the drawers. She pulled out some scraps of cloth that turned out to be a black crop-topped t-shirt and a mini-skirt. She pulled the shirt down her chest, her bulging tits stretching the fabric to the breaking point, and smoothed her hands down her bare belly. She did not put on the thong that she had extracted from the drawer. Instead, she snapped the skirt low on her hips and paused to admire her incredibly sexy image in the dresser mirror. She began to brush out her hair, smoothing out the tangled, sweaty mess her long blonde locks had become after almost two hours of relentless sexual combat.

Kris retrieved her clothes from the corner where she had thrown them. She pulled her crop-top t-shirt down over her massive tits, smiling as her nipples tented the fabric. She sat on the bed as she pulled on her skintight jeans. She, too, did not bother with her thong. She knew that she and Val would soon be naked somewhere else. She joined Val at the dresser and began to brush out her hair. Both women glowed with sexual fire. Their skin shone with drying sweat; their bodies stank of sex and cum. Neither woman cared. Indeed, they enjoyed it. Soon, they would be locked together once more, covering each other in their juices, sharing secretions and sweat and spit. They smiled at each other in the mirror, even as their eyes swept hungrily over the other woman. Kris and Val both felt the primitive need to consume and destroy the other gorgeous woman combined with their raw sexual desire for the incredible pleasure that their bodies promised to each other.

Kris pulled on her boots; Val slipped on some open-toed pumps. Both women retrieved their purses and prepared to leave the change room.

“Where are we going?” Kris asked, as they stepped into the corridor. Rather than walking down the hall towards the door leading to the arena, Val turned the other way. For the first time, Kris noticed a door at the other end of the corridor. Val pushed the door open and led Kris into the alleyway behind the strip club.

“There’s a motel just down the street,” Val explained. “A lot of the girls use it when they want a quickie or are taking a customer for a ride. It’s cheap and relatively clean. We can get a room there and we won’t be disturbed.”

Side by side, the two voluptuous beauties walked down the alley and onto the main street. They crossed over and walked another block to the motel. Kris waited in the parking lot as Val booked the room.

“Come on,” Val said, swinging the room key as she walked out of the motel office. “I got us a room on the far end of the building. I’ve booked it for the next two nights. After I drain you dry, I’m going to fuck your pussy up so bad you won’t be able to fuck for a month.”

“God, you’re a fucking cunt,” Kris snarled back. “I’m going to enjoy making you eat me, slut. After I finish you off, I’m going to take my time wrecking your dirty little twat.”

The women exchanged poisonous glares as they threatened each other. The tension and anger built between the two vicious vixens as they clopped their way down the asphalt in their boots and high heels, each beauty planning what she would do to the other woman once they were alone together.

Val opened the door to the motel room and walked in, turning on the light as she entered. She walked straight to the bedside table and turned on the bedside lamp. Kris entered after the other blonde. She took the “do not disturb” sign hanging inside the door and hung it on the outside doorknob before closing the door. She put the chain in place then turned off the overhead room light, plunging the room into semi-darkness, only the light from the table lamp casting a dim, twilight glow. Kris looked around. It was a seedy motel room, but it would do for what they needed.

Val went into the bathroom and ran the water. She came out a minute later carrying a pitcher of water and two glasses, extras provided by the room. She placed them all on the bedside table. She turned to face Kris. The two beautiful Amazons stared at each other, the viciousness and mutual hatred palpable between them. Val leaned down and pulled off her high heels; Kris slipped off her boots. In bare feet, the women continued to stare at each other, their eyes alight.

The two women placed their hands on their hips and walked up to each other, their hips swaying, their nipples pushing hard into the fabric of their half-shirts, their bare bellies challenging each other. They stopped a few feet apart. Slowly, both women reached up and pulled their crop tops over their heads. Their massive tits caught on the cloth, then bounced as the shirts pulled free, releasing the women’s golden orbs. Val and Kris stared at each other’s tits, their beautiful faces twisting into savage smirks. Val reached behind her and unhooked her mini-skirt. She pulled the skirt from her hips and threw it aside. She stood naked, her incredible body outlined by the light of the lamp behind her. Kris unhooked her jeans and slid them down her hips and thighs and stepped out of them. She kicked the pants into the corner of the room, then put her hands back on her hips. Nude, she stood in front of Val, her bulging chest thrust out.

Gently, Kris reached up and took both of Val’s luscious tits in her hands; Val grunted deep in her throat. Kris kneaded and fondled the thick, heavy titmeat, marveling at how dense and firm the beautiful glands felt in her hands. Her fingers sank into the taut flesh, before she began playing with Val’s brown, stiff nipples. The blonde stripper closed her eyes and smiled lasciviously, not retaliating, just enjoying the pleasure of being fondled and stimulated by her rival. Her eyes half closed, Val reached up and placed her hands over Kris’ massive melons. She squeezed and massaged the delicious flesh, before swirling her fingers around Kris’ sensitive areola and twisting the blonde sailor’s hard brown nipples like dials.

The women’s moans and gasps of pleasure grew louder and more intense as they massaged and handled each other’s beautiful golden orbs. Kris suddenly leaned forward and licked Val’s pulsing left nipple. The lick turned to a hard, hot suck as her lips wrapped around the stiff shaft, as her tongue coated the fleshy brown cylinder in spit. She sucked hard, biting gently.

“Mmmm, oh fuck, that’s good,” Val moaned, throwing her head back in passion, her blonde hair flashing in the dim light. Kris sucked her harder, biting more insistently, slowly taking more and more of Val’s tit into her mouth and chewing gently but firmly at the lush, hot flesh. She chewed and nipped at the other woman’s stiff nipple, enjoying the salty taste, the rough feel of the pebbled areola on her tongue. Val groaned. She continued to squeeze Kris’ massive tits in reply, but she suddenly released Kris’ right breast and moved her hand to the back of Kris’ head. She seized the other woman’s curly blonde hair and pushed Kris’ face more deeply into her throbbing tit before, finally, yanking on Kris’ hair, pulling the blonde’s head away from her massive chest. Kris released her rival’s juicy tit, a line of spit trailing from the engorged nipple to her mouth, until she licked it up.

“You fucker,” Val gasped, her eyes half closed as she rode out the pleasure radiating from her tit. “Now it’s my turn to suck you off.”

“Do it, cunt,” Kris replied, her voice throaty.

Val lowered her head to Kris’ left tit and teased the hard, thick nipple with her tongue. She traced Kris’ sensitive areola. Kris bit her lip, trying to keep from moaning. Val took the nipple into her mouth and sucked hard, covering the fleshy cylinder in spit. She tongued it and then began to nibble then bite at the deliciously sensitive flesh. Kris cried out, groaning in an agony of sexual desire. Val took as much of Kris’ tit into her mouth as she could and began sucking, biting, gnawing gently on the luscious meat. With her free hand, she continued kneading Kris’ right tit. Kris replied, sinking her fingers into Val’s titmeat. Kris clenched her teeth and moaned as she felt pussy juice trickle down her bare thighs.

After a few more minutes of titsucking, Kris pushed the other blonde away from her. Both women were panting, gasping for breath. Kris reached out, grabbed Val by the shoulders, and pulled the other blonde to her. Val did not resist, but shoved out her chest. The women’s massive, stimulated tits came together, nipple to nipple, and the women moaned uncontrollably as their shared pleasure soared. Both women used their hands to seize their own tits and push them into those of their enemy. They rubbed their massive mounds of meat into each other, around and around, keeping up the delicious pressure until both pairs of breasts were hot with the slick, sweaty friction. Val wrapped her arms around Kris’ waist and pulled the other blonde into a bearhug. Kris returned the grip. The women moved their tits around and around, up and down, side to side, all the while grinding meat to meat. Their heaving, panting grunts grew harder, their tits slid in their shared sweat, mashing and sliding in and out and around each other. Their taut, rippling bellies rubbed and slid against each other, navels sucking and releasing. The women’s erotic moaning grew higher and higher as their titfuck dragged on.

Juice dribbled down both women’s thighs, the women’s tits seemed hotter and harder than ever, primed for sex. The delicious sensations built and built, radiating from their throbbing tits through their bellies into their aching vaginas. Just as the tension was growing unbearable, Kris and Val pushed each other away. The women stood glaring at each other, both inhaling deeply, taking in the sexual scent of the other. The heady aroma of aroused womanhood wafted in the air. Val reached down and grabbed the bed spread. She pulled it down and threw it on the floor of the dingy room. She climbed onto the bed.

The beautiful blonde stretched herself out on the mattress, resting on her side, her head propped up by her left hand, her right hip curving up, her heavy tits lolling towards the bed.

“You like to suck, you little fucker?” Val grinned viciously. “Then come here and suck me.” She raised her right leg, offering her wet, hot pussy to Kris’ hungry eyes.

Kris smiled. Moving languidly, she climbed onto the bed and stretched herself out beside Val’s voluptuous body, but facing in the opposite direction, her face lined up with the other gorgeous blonde’s dripping twat. Kris raised her right leg, opening herself to Val.

“Let’s eat, baby,” Kris purred.

Both women slid their hands over the other’s smooth hips, looping their arms around the other woman’s hips, pulling each other in, eagerly burying their beautiful faces in the other woman’s wet, juicy cunt. They nestled into each other, the undersides of their heavy tits crushing tight. They spread their hands on the other woman’s delicious ass. Their thick pink tongues probed and licked at slick, bare cuntlips, tasting and kissing the other woman’s delicious vulva. Kris drove her tongue deep into Val’s gaping, inviting, succulent fuckhole, lapping up the cum, sucking back the other woman’s vaginal juice, running her tongue over Val’s hot pink labia. Kris shuddered with desire and pleasure, enjoying the taste, the feel of the woman on her lips and tongue.

Val ate Kris with equal passion and desire. Her tongue worked into Kris’ hot, dripping snatch; her lips and tongue wrapped around the curly-haired blonde’s thick, juicy, throbbing clit and sucked. Kris trembled in ecstasy as Val worked the blonde’s clit. Val gently scraped Kris’ tumescent clit with her teeth, smiling inside as Kris gushed into her face, shaken by a small orgasm. Moments later, Val found herself screaming into Kris’cunt as the other blonde slipped two fingers up her pussy and stroked her engorged clit, even as she sucked and licked at the unimaginably sensitive nerve. Kris teased and caressed Val’s tight, hot anus, licking and sucking at the puckered orifice, before penetrating it with her fingers. Val reciprocated, sending her own fingers deep into Kris’ asshole.

The women rolled from their sides, where they could devour each other equally, onto Kris’ back, Val on top. The sexual duelists sucked and probed each other eagerly, their ravenous desire for each other growing greater and hotter with every passing minute. Kris rolled their bodies, taking the top position. Kris fisted Val, working her right hand into the stripper’s tight, wet fuckhole, stretching the muscular vaginal ring and delighting as Val screamed and quaked beneath the erotic attack. Moments later, Kris was shaking with screams, crying out in delight, as Val’s fist stretched Kris’ tight cunt to the utmost. Both women took their free hand and worked it into the other woman’s asshole. Locked together this way, fists buried and twisting in each other’s asses and cunts, their lips and teeth sucking engorged clits and licking and lapping at slick labia and swollen pussy lips, Kris and Val ravaged each other, rolling around the bed, tears of erotic joy streaming down their faces. Their bodies grew soaking wet with sweat, their hair grew matted and tangled with sweat and cum as the women ejaculated into each other’s beautiful faces over and over. The struggling vixen’s erotic moaning and screaming ebbed and flowed as they pulled orgasm after orgasm out of each other.

For more than two hours, Val and Kris ravaged and ate each other, each making good on her promise to drain her enemy dry, to suck every drop of cum out of the other. Finally, after a series of trembling, multi-orgasmic explosions, the exhausted women fell away from each other. Sprawled side by side, their bodies facing opposite directions, Kris and Val lay panting, their bodies glistening with moisture in the dim light of the bedside lamp, their hands damp with bodily juices.

The women’s luscious bodies quivered with sexual tension and physical tiredness. They had been fighting and fucking for hours, but neither was willing to surrender. Kris sat up and reached for one of the glasses of water on the bed side table. Without being asked, she gave the other glass to Val, who accepted it gratefully and sat up to drink. Both women gulped down the precious liquid, replenishing their bodies for the battle to come.

Val put her glass on the table. She smiled lazily at Kris, who placed her glass on the floor under the bed. The two women stared at each other, their blue eyes growing bright with shared desire. They both knew what they needed to do.

Val braced her back against the headboard and slowly spread her lush thighs.

“It’s time to finish this, cunt,” Val said, her voice a throaty growl. “Enough fucking around. We do this right. We do this cunt to cunt until one of us is sucked dry.”

Kris smiled, her nude body burning with lust. She sat back on her round, perfect ass and spread her legs. The two women grinned at each other, their mutual excitement growing uncontrollably. Kris and Val reached between their legs and used their fingers to spread their succulent pussy lips, teasing their swelling clits free. Val began to stroke her pussy, slipping her middle and index fingers into her tight, hot cunt. She caressed her clit and shuddered with pleasure as erotic electricity arced through her body.

Kris replied, fingerfucking herself vigorously, reveling in the feeling of her sexual power and arousal growing with every moment. The women smiled at each other even wider, their eyes feverish with desire, their nipples hard, their breasts swollen with arousal. Their pussy lips grew thicker, hotter, wetter with every passing moment. The women’s breathing deepened, their tits began to heave with their excited pants, their eyes grew heavy with lust. For long minutes, they watched each other masturbate, priming their magnificent bodies for the sexual showdown to come.

“Let’s do this, fucker,” Kris whispered. Her pussy was leaking, juices trickling down into her ass and on to the sheet on the bed. She was hot and horny and ready to fuck. Val smiled. The women pushed towards each other, legs wide. They scissored each other, right legs over lefts, and brought their hot, wet twats together, fuckmeat almost touching, heat pouring off their genitals like a fire.

Kris braced her body, her arms behind her. Val mirrored her position. Their eyes locked, the women knew it was time. Drawing back, they thrust their succulent, engorged cunts together. Bare cunt slammed into bare cunt, vaginal lips crushed and sealed, spreading to allow pink labia to fuse. The women’s fuckholes locked, sucking tight as the women contracted their vaginas, pulling each other in, sealing their bodies into one. Their electrified clits rammed together, throbbing nerves grating on each other head to head, locked within the tight confines of the women’s inosculated cunts. As the women contracted their locked cunts, the pressure increased deliciously on their grinding clits.

“God, oh god,” Kris moaned; “Fuck oh fuck,” Val cried out. The ecstasy filled the women’s bodies, radiating in waves. Each woman grabbed the other’s thigh for leverage and began grinding, their hips thrusting, their asses rocking, their breasts bouncing as they drove into each other. Their muscled abdomens rippled as they fucked with all their strength.

The women fought furiously, their cries and moans of pleasure grew more frantic. They spread their legs wider and drew each other even closer, both women reaching around to seize each other’s round, pumping ass. Their tits compressed, nipple to nipple. Kris and Val pressed forehead to forehead, nose to nose, lip to lip.

“God, oh god, you fantastic fuck…” Kris moaned.

“Give it to me, give it to me, baby…”Val gasped.

The women’s tongues lapped at each other for just a moment before their overwhelming shared lust made them drive their tongues deep into the other woman’s mouth, lapping and sucking and licking at each other. Kris and Val fucked and fucked, their hips jerking, their asses rippling as they humped each other mercilessly. On and on they rode each other, grinding clit on clit, sucking and squeezing vagina to vagina, their locked, throbbing cunts trembling with effort as the sexual organs wrestled, as the women struggled to overwhelm each other with sexual power and raw, unbridled pleasure. Every 15 to 20 minutes, the sexual warriors went stiff in each other’s arms, their bodies thrashing and bucking in ecstasy, as they shared powerful, devastating orgasms. Hot, steaming, milky cum ejaculated powerfully from each woman into the other’s vagina, the discharge mixing within their locked fuckholes, dripping down to moisten the bed, slicking the women’s lower torsos and thighs in pussy juice. Val and Kris screamed and sobbed and moaned in ecstasy as they drove their clits into each other with all the power and passion their incredible bodies could muster.

The fuckfight went on and on, the women forcing one electrifying orgasm after another out of each other. Lost in a haze of sexual ecstasy and pure, unrelenting lust , the women’s universe was reduced to the throbbing pleasure filling their sweat-soaked bodies, the burning in their tits and cunts, their tangled tongues and the hot breath they shared and exchanged as their bodies strained against each other. They convulsed in pleasure and moaned in delight whenever their struggling cunts exchanged hot, steaming cum. When Kris and Val were not kissing they were whispering obscenities at each other or biting into the other woman’s neck and shoulders, clawing at each other’s backs and asses, driving probing fingers into hot assholes and dripping pussies. Voluptuous flesh fused with flesh and the women felt their bodies becoming one. Kris and Val shared pure pleasure and bodily fluids as their fuckwar raged.

The end came suddenly. Three, four delicious, excruciating orgasms wracked the women’s bodies. Kris and Val clung to each other as they shuddered in multi-orgasmic bliss, kissing deeply, sobbing uncontrollably as their bodies forced incredible pleasure on each other. Val broke her deep kiss with Kris and moaned in ecstasy, tears of pleasure streaking her face. The women panted frantically into each other’s gorgeous faces.

“Yes, oh yes, oh yes, baby,” the blonde stripper gasped. “Fuck me, baby, fuck the cum out of me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Lost in the delirium of her ecstasy, completely forgetting the reason for their erotic duel, the blonde stripper gave herself over to pure lust. She leaned back, pulling Kris with her, her hands filled with Kris’ rippling ass, encouraging Kris to mount her. Lost in her own world of pleasure, Kris only vaguely understood that her sexual rival had lost her way. Eagerly, she mounted Val, who spread her legs wide in sexual surrender, offering herself to Kris’ ravenous sex. The women screamed and sobbed in unison as Kris drove her clit deep into Val’s tight, wet fuck trough. The women’s clits resumed their grinding, twisting shared pursuit of ecstasy. Val closed her legs tight around Kris’ waist, locking the other woman in place as their asses humped, their hips bucked. Their merged, driving bodies moved in an undulating wave that kept them plastered together, flesh moving with flesh. The women locked into a deep, probing, spit-sucking kiss as they fucked each other to the end. Val twined her legs with Kris’ long, powerful legs, straining to become one body. Their bellies rippled against each other as their bodies convulsed in the final fuck-down. They writhed and moaned against each other, their tits sliding in their shared sweat, meaty masses rubbing and slipping around and around each other.

“You’re mine, you’re mine,” Kris whispered to her sexual rival, moaning in pleasure and triumph as she took her victory.

Val did not seem to hear her. “Fuck me, fuck the cum out of me, fuck me…” she chanted.

Val screamed in sexual bliss as she arched her back high and hard, her cunt emptying, spraying hot ejaculate, as she convulsed in orgasmic nirvana. Kris reared up, lifting herself slightly off of Val’s chest, and seized both of Val’s thick, juicy tits. Squeezing hard, Kris drove herself into Val’s cunt, rejoicing in the delectable feeling of penetrating and dominating the delicious bitch writhing beneath her. With a shriek of pleasure, Kris came with excruciating force, injecting her cum deep into the fuckhole of her enemy, drowning their locked quims in pussy juice.

Sobbing and moaning, the women wrapped their arms and legs around each other and collapsed in sexual exhaustion, their naked bodies sprawled together, their lower bodies slicked with their mixed cum. Their limbs twined, their throbbing genitals pressed tight, their tits hard and hot against each other, Kris and Val slowly writhed, grinding their bodies in pleasure, as they gradually fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Hours later, Kris woke to find the sun filling the dingy room. She remained sprawled on top of Val’s amazing body. The other blonde was unconscious. Kris rolled off of the woman beneath her. She groaned. Her throat was parched, her body felt leaden. Her massive tits rocked. Even her boobs felt tired. Kris turned her head to look at her beautiful rival. Val was stirring, disturbed by the weight of Kris’ body leaving her own. Kris reached down and ran her finger over Val’s thick, hot pussy slit, teasing the sensitive flesh. Val gasped then came awake. She turned her head to stare at Kris, who smiled back. Val did not smile; she ran her hand down to Kris’ twat and began to masturbate her nemesis in response to Kris’ sexual assault on her. For a minute or so, the two women masturbated each other, until their pussies were wet and hot, until the women’s lips were parted and they were breathing hard, as they glared at each other through half-closed eyes. Kris suddenly broke off, pulling Val’s hand off her genitals at the same time.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Kris gloated at the other woman. “I think it’s time for you to get some breakfast. What do you think?”

“Fuck you, you slimy twat,” Val shot back, her gorgeous face reddening with humiliation.

“No, you’re going to eat my slimy twat,” Kris replied, grabbing Val by her long, blonde hair and pulling. Val did not resist as Kris guided her down to Kris’ crotch. “Suck it out nice and clean, baby,” Kris cooed, spreading her legs wide. “Make me really feel just how much you love to suck the clit of the better woman.”

“Bitch,” Val breathed. But she buried her face between Kris’ muscular legs and began to feast on the blonde hungrily. She sucked at Kris’ pussy, eagerly driving her tongue deep into the woman’s pink labia, to spread and suck at Kris’ vaginal core like sucking back a milkshake with a straw. Val threw herself into the task of pleasing her mistress with all the passion she had used to try to fuck Kris into submission.

Kris was soon bucking and writhing on the bed, her moans and screams of pleasure filling the room. She squeezed her own tits hard, adding to the delicious pleasure Val was giving her between her legs. Val reached up and seized Kris’ tits and kneaded them mercilessly, twisting Kris’ nipples savagely. Kris rubbed her burning ass into the bed, she jerked with her hips. Even as Val filled her hands with Kris’ tits, Kris filled her hands with Val’s hair and used her grip to hold the woman’s face in place as she rubbed her succulent genitals into Val’s face over and over again. As her passion and pleasure grew, Kris suddenly locked Val’s head between her thighs and spun her body around, rolling Val under her. Kris sat up. Her thighs to either side of Val’s head, Kris continued to jerk her hips, grinding her wet, hot twat into Val’s face. Kris pulled Val’s hair even harder, using the blonde’s locks as a handle to keep her mouth and nose buried deep in Kris’ cunt. Kris snarled and moaned as the pleasure built. Val kept sucking and licking, biting and feasting on Kris’ juicy, hot pussy. Val’s arms and shoulders were free, as Kris was only sitting on her face. She reached up, her arms reaching up and around Kris’ torso, and filled her hands with Kris’ massive, meaty melons. Val sank her fingers deep into the taut flesh, squeezing and squeezing.

“Yes, yes, oh fuck, yesssssssss,” Kris moaned. She covered Val’s hands with her own, pushing the other woman’s fingers even more deeply into her own titmeat. Kris threw her head back in passion and ran her hands through her curly blonde hair as her body convulsed, her belly rippled, and she ejaculated hard into Val’s sucking, hungry mouth. Val eagerly drank back the hot cum flooding her throat, even as she tightened her grip on Kris’ meaty tits and squeezed the blonde’s nipples mercilessly. Kris’ hips jerked twice more as she shot more cum into the woman below her. Kris fell forward, grabbing the headboard to hold herself up. She panted furiously, smiling in triumph. Beneath her, Val released Kris’ tits and, using her arms to lift Kris’s body slightly, she slipped out from under Kris’ dripping cunt.

Kris threw herself onto her back on the bed, panting and smiling with pleasure. She wriggled, enjoying the aftermath of her delicious orgasm. Her swollen tits jiggled delightfully. Val lay down beside her, on her side, her head propped up as she watched Kris with wary eyes. She used the back of her hand and arm to wipe some of her rival’s ejaculate off her face.

Both women understood the rules of this kind of combat. Val had lost their sexfight. She had proven unable to control herself when her body was subjected to too much pleasure. Now, she had to pay the price. She would be Kris’ fucktoy for as long as the other blonde wanted, at least until they had another fight. Val’s eyes burned with humiliation. She was an Alpha bitch and Alphas despised being dominated by another woman.

Kris grinned smugly at her rival. She glanced at the clock beside the bed. It said 8:00 AM.

“You have this room for two nights, don’t you Val?” Kris asked pleasantly.

“Yeah,” Val replied sullenly. “We’ve got two nights here.”

“Good,” Kris said, rolling onto her side to face Val. “I spent a lot of time putting you in your place, fucker, and now we both know which of us is top cunt. Now I’m going to enjoy it.”

Val glared at her viciously, her blue eyes blazing with rage and humiliation. But she did not say anything. Kris smiled smugly, enjoying the feeling of sexual superiority.

Slowly, languidly, Kris rolled her body onto Val’s voluptuous form. Val did not resist as Kris pushed her onto her back and mounted her. Instead, Val reluctantly spread her legs and tilted her pelvis up, opening and exposing her naked, burning twat to her enemy. The women’s bellies flattened against each other, their massive tits met and mashed, their nipples swelling and hardening into each other. Kris slowly pushed her open, aching cunt down onto Val’s wet, yielding fuckmeat. The women shuddered in concert as their smooth, hot genitals slowly caressed, slick, naked cuntlips sliding on each other. Steaming, wet twats kissed and taunted each other. Both women lubricated as they stared deeply into each other’s eyes, nose to nose. Their breath came in hot, excited pants.

“You’re going to be sorry for this, bitch,” Val breathed at her enemy. The women touched tongues and exchanged spit. “I’m going to make you pay for this.”

“I don’t think so,” Kris murmured. “I think I’m going to fuck your brains out.” She ran her hands on Val’s hard, round ass, before seizing and kneading the tight flesh, then pulling apart Val’s butt cheeks so she could stroke the blond stripper’s slick asshole. Val shuddered with the stimulation. “Come on, baby,” Kris challenged. “Let’s go for a ride.” She smiled wider. “If you’re really good, I might consider giving you a rematch.”

Val’s eyes burned. Slowly, she shoved her tongue into Kris’ mouth. The women’s tongues twisted and tied; their bodies began to move together in a slow, hard, full body fuck. Their limbs twined, their muscles knotted and strained against each other, their moans of pleasure spiraled higher as their throbbing clits found each other once again. The two busty blondes unleashed their hunger on each other. Kris and Val set about ravaging each other in every way they could imagine.

The End

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