The Pirate Adventures of Catalina Sacriste: Prologue and Chapter 1 by Ahna Brown

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The salty sea mist sprayed lightly over her cocoa colored cleavage as stood behind the rosewood colored helm of the Brig of War, the Sainte Maria Adventure. The rebuilt and renamed Brig was formerly known as the Adventure Gallery, Captain William Kidd’s ship, thought to be lost in Madagascar. 

One of Kidd’s crew, William Travers, saved the Gallery by killing most of the crew who wished to burn her for her iron. He sailed if back from the eastern coast of Africa to the Caribbean. Black Boot Bill, as he was called raided French, Dutch, Spanish and English ships alike, amassing a considerable fortune in the process. He kept his crew well paid. His First Mate was an English pirate, Samuel Bellamy, also known as Black Sam. When Bill fell in battle fighting the Spanish, Black Sam, at the age of 24, took command of the Adventure and sunk the Spanish warships. 

As she adjusted course, the crew worked on the deck and rigs, singing a sea shanty about loose women and wild ports of call. She smiled listening to the singing, knowing her crew was content with their ship. Her life had changed so much in a year. She had gone from a slave working on a small plantation on the Louisiana coast to a pirate’s wench to the Captain’s only lover to pirate and now Captain of brig, with a loyal crew of her own. Her mass of curly black hair was matted down under the red sash of silk she had tied over it. The long sleeved white blouse she wore showed the swell of her large breasts, darkened even more from the Caribbean sun. The brown leather pant hugged her shapely legs and rounded hips, with the posterior pushing out. On her hip, a leather band held two flint lock pistols with a light but lethal cutlass dangling from her left hip. 

“Captain?” Came of the voice of her Quartermaster, Duncan Turner. A tall, fair haired man with a deep scar going from his right eye to the bottom of his jaw. He was the most loyal of all her crew and an occasional lover of the woman. 

“Yes, Duncan?” She asked, her voice thick with Creole accent. 

“We are two days out from Nassau,” he said as he stepped next to the Captain. “Captains Hornigold and Teach will want to know of our latest adventures. We can sell the tobacco and excess rum we confiscated from the galleons we raided. With luck, we can find information about new ones.”

She smiled, remembering her first time going to Nassau. 

Back over a year prior…..

“I don’t like it, Captain Sam,” First Mate Mullroy Barrett said as Black Sam Bellamy walked down into the hold of the ship. “She is touched in the head and a wild woman. Look what she did to my arm!” He stuck is clawed and bitten left arm in front of the Captain’s face. 

“Well, Mr. Barrett,” Black Sam laughed, “Do not attempt to have your way with her as I know you tried to. Her beauty alone will fetch a high price in Nassau. Knowing she in unbroken will only add to our profit.”

“Captain,” Mullroy pleaded, “Throw her overboard. Let the sea have her. She has the marks of being a slave already. Those whip marks look fresh enough. It is bad luck to have her onboard. Davy Jones will have us if we are not careful. Let this Black Devil of a woman walk the plank!”

“Cease this now!” The Captain ordered. He stopped at the small prisoner area in the hold. His gaze lingered on the beautiful young woman sleeping. Her hair was wild with tangles and the cotton dress she still wore from when he had her grabbed by his men and brought onboard looked worn and dirty. But she had a beauty he could not keep his eyes off of. He rapped his knuckles on the metal bars and she sprang from her sleeping position and would have gotten Black Sam if he wouldn’t have jumped back at the last moment. He laughed out loud again as she growled and hissed. “My my, you are a hellcat. Do you speak English?” He asked. 

She cursed at him in a mix of French, which he understood and something else he couldn’t. She pulled on the bars to try and shake them loose but it proved futile. Resigned, she sat down and looked at Black Sam Bellamy. “Yes,” she said in a thick accent. 

“What is your name?” Black Sam asked. She looked at him for a moment. He pointed to his chest and said, “I am Samuel, captain of this ship.”

“I am Catalina,” the young woman said as calmed down. “Catalina Sacriste.”

“Catalina,” Sam said smiling, “It is a pleasure to meet you. Would you like to bathe? Eat?”

“Yes,” Catalina answered quietly. 

“Good,” Captain Black Sam said, “I will have some of my crew take you to my cabin to bathe and dress in something very pretty. Then you may join me for dinner. If you cause a ruckus, I will not hesitate to have you thrown overboard. Do you understand?” 

She nodded, “I understand.” The Captain left and a short while later, two crew members appeared and led Catalina to the captain’s quarters. Inside the head, she found a claw foot tub with billowing steam rising from the hot water. She undressed and immersed herself. She noticed a dress hanging in the room. The red dress of satin with lace trim was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. In all her years, she had never worn something so beautiful. Even though she was a prisoner of this man, she had never been treated so well. She washed and dried herself, examining the dress up close. She slipped it on. Even with no corset, her heavy breasts pushed out at the top of the dress. She exited the head and walked into the main cabin. Black Sam smiled at Catalina. There was a small table with two chairs facing the other. On the table was a hearty meal of meat and potatoes. She heard her belly growl in hunger as she smelled the food. 

“Please join me, Catalina,” Samuel said as he held the chair out for her to sit. 

She sat and then so did the captain. She dug into the food like a starving animal, which she was. Sam sat back and smiled, admiring the appetite of the woman. He moved his plate and shoveled some of his food onto her plate. He poured some wine and placed a glass in front of her. Catalina ate and drank her fill. 

“Tell me, Catalina,” Samuel questioned, “How did you come across us on the coast of Louisiana? Tell me about your life.”

Catalina sat back, satiated. She told him she was born to a slave mother, Calista. Her father was the French nobleman who owned Calista. She became the playmate and companion for the nobleman’s daughter, Idelle Sacriste. She was Idelle’s friend until the young woman married and Catalina was sold to Madame Sophie Dumood. Sophie Dumood was a widow in her early 30’s who held a great position in the hierarchy of the French in Louisiana. She was also a sadist, who took personal pleasure in not only watching her slaves punished but taking part as well. Catalina had been a maid in the household, on a plantation east of the new settlement of New Orleans. After one very humiliating and painful whipping, the young Creole woman sought to escape. Her mistress discovered it and chased Catalina down, the whip cracking. But Catalina found a discarded whip and returned every blow. Eventually the two women fought without whips, nails digging into the wounds created by the whips. Rolling and fighting like two whores in one of the plantation fields. Large naked breasts ravaged in this fight to almost death. In the end Catalina caused the evil French woman to curl up in pain and the former slave escaped. 

“You have lived a very eventful life for one so young,” Sam said as he leaned back in his chair. “You intrigue me. My first thought when we brought you onboard was to sell you at the auction at Nassau.”

At that moment he said sell, Catalina’s eyes went wide and her hand grabbed the knife used to cut the meat for dinner. She rose quickly and came at the captain. She stabbed at him but he grabbed her wrist as he jumped from his chair. Catalina’s left hand formed into claws as she went at him with all she had. Black Sam continued to smile as he and the young black woman careened around the cabin. He threw her easily onto the bed and mounted her, she could feel how hard he was as he pressed down. She bucked up and tried to roll them over. The captain held his position. 

“I love the fight you have, Catalina,” Samuel said from on top. 

Catalina craned her neck and tried to bite him, but Sam brought his head back at the last moment. “I would rather die than be a slave again!” She screamed up at him. Cursing him in French. 

“I said was, Catalina,” Samuel said as he pressed his hips harder into her. “You have too much fire to sell away. I want you and that fire at my side.”

She spit up at him and he returned it and spit down on her face. “If you want to see fire, try and take me.” Her voice was husky and thick.

Samuel Bellamy knocked the knife away as he released her wrist from his grip. His shirt was pulled open as the wildcat bit his chest. He pulled the dress hard until it tore down to her waist. The pair struggled and wrestled on the bed, tear the clothing of the other. They pawed at the other with aggressive lust. Catalina was being toyed with by the stronger captain. He picked her up and threw her back to the bed, flipping her over onto her stomach. The back of her dress was pulled the rest of the way down, exposing her naked body to him. His rigid cock came out from his pants, thrusting hard into her delicate flower from behind. His rough hands gripped her hips tightly as he continued to thrust into her. Catalina moaned as she was taken. She twisted her upper body and threw a right elbow that smacked into his face, knocking him back and onto the floor of the cabin. She whirled around and pounced, quick as a cat onto his prone form. She grabbed his hard dick and impaled herself with it. 

“If you want me,” Catalina growled, “Then we fuck face to face.”

The smile on Black Sam’s face was from ear to ear as his hands filled with her heavy breasts, kneading them roughly. 

“Captain?” Duncan’s voice came and broke her memory, “Are you alright?”

Catalina found herself breathing harder thinking about the first time with Black Sam. “I am alright Duncan. Is our course true onto Nassau?”

“It is,” Duncan said. “I can take the wheel for a while if you want to inspect the ship.” 

“Very good, Mr. Turner has the helm,” she called out, letting the blonde man take the wheel from her. She walked forward and down the stairs to the main deck, inspecting lines and rigging. Black Sam taught her first to be a sailor and then to be a pirate. Like he did, Catalina kept her crew happy. She was slowly becoming not only one of the most feared pirates in the Caribbean but also one of the richest. She had only been the captain of the Sainte Maria Adventure for 2 months, but in that time her crew of 150 men had been well paid with treasure and loot from Spanish galleons. She stood on the outside of the starboard side rigging and leaned out over the water, basking in the late day setting sun and spray from the sea. 

Chapter 1 

The Sainte Maria Adventure anchored in the Nassau harbor. The crew was excited to get some much needed time on shore. 

“Alright boys,” Catalina called out as she could see the small boats coming in from the shore. “Let’s get the cargo offloaded first. Mr. Johnson will have your shares by the end of today. Remember to come and relieve the deck watches daily so your shipmates can get a bit of rough too!” That earned a hardy chorus of laughter from the crew. “Anyone not back onboard by noon a week from now will be left here.”

Captain Catalina Sacriste, her Quartermaster Duncan Turner and Second Mate Josiah Johnson went ashore on the first small boat. Turner and Johnson stayed on the beach to watch as the cargo came ashore to be sold. Catalina walked through the dirt streets of Nassau, eyes taking in the buildings and their inhabitants. She came up to the Crow’s Nest, one of the watering holes frequented by the captains of the Republic of Pirates. While she was the only member of the contingent who was black, she was not the only woman. Both Anne Bonny and Mary Read served onboard The Ranger under Captain Charles Vane and his right hand man, Calico Jack Rackham. 

“I see you came in with quite a haul, Captain,” came the voice of Ben Hornigold, the leader of the republic. “I see Black Sam taught you well.”

“Merci, Captain,” Catalina smiled as Ben handed her a bottle of rum. She took a long pull. 

“We are sitting down to discuss something important,” Ben said quieter, “I would appreciate your support in the matter.” Catalina nodded. 

The group of captains from the most important ships in the republic sat at the long table, bottles of rum and food in between them. Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, Charles Vane as well as his Quartermaster Jack Rackham, Stede Bonnet, and Charles Yeats. Ben Hornigold sat at the head of the table. Both Anne Bonny and Mary Read stood near to the table, leaning against a wall. Both women shot looks of contempt towards Catalina. 

“Captains,” Ben started, “We have received word that Woods Rodgers and his fleet have arrived in waters of the Caribbean. This is potentially dangerous for all of us. He comes at the behest of the English governors who are not pleased with our exploits.”

“Fuck King George!” Blackbeard said loudly. 

Ben shot him a look, “That being said, I propose that we halt all attacks on British flagged ships and coastal towns.” That brought loud shouts and grumbles from the seated group.

“Fucking shite, Ben!” Charles Vane shouted, “I am not about to stop being a pirate just for the sake of His Majesty!”

“No one is saying that, Vane,” Ben replied, “Go after the Spanish or the Dutch or even the French. “Just leave the British alone.”

“The damned British carry good cargo, Ben,” Teach spoke up. “We have the outbreak of sickness here. The medicines can be procured from the English ships and brought here.”

“No!” Ben shouted. “If we anger the British, we risk this republic. Woods Rodgers decimated Madagascar and the pirates there. Do you want the same thing to happen here? Captain Sacriste, you are quiet, what say you?” 

“If the sickness is as bad as Blackbeard says it is, we need the medicines,” Catalina said. “If we travel north and along the coast, maybe a raid on one of the towns could get us what we need.”

“Like you fucking know,” Anne Bonny said with venom in her voice. “Why is the mongrel even sitting at your table and not serving you the food?”

“Because I am a captain and you are the whore of the quartermaster of a ship,” Catalina smiled as she threw it back at the redhead. 

“BLACK BITCH!” Anne cried as she stepped forward, hand on the hilt of her sword. 

“ENGLISH CUNT!” Catalina yelled as she stood, the cutlass clearing the sheath. 

“PEACE! Ladies, peace!” Ben yelled as he stood with his arms out. “We do not need division, but unity here.” 

“Oh let them fight, I want to see this,” a very drunk Jack Rackham slurred. “But….” He paused, “I want to see them naked!”

“Shut up, Jack,” Blackbeard glared. “Sit down, Catalina.” He turned to Ben, “I will go north in the Queen Anne’s Revenge. If Captain Sacriste wants to go with me, we can secure medicine without a great loss of life or ships, than that is what we will do. Does that meet with your approval?” The last question was said sarcastically. 

“No sinking British ships,” Ben Hornigold said again. “That is final.” The meeting broke up and the captains went their separate ways. 

Edward Teach pulled Catalina aside, “I know that Charles Town on the Carolina coast is stocked with medicine. Meet me there in 3 weeks and we will take the town and medicine. We don’t have to let old Ben know about what we take from the town.” 

Catalina smiled widely, “I like your plan, Blackbeard. But why did you stop me from running that redheaded cunt through?”

The long dark beard could not hide his smile, “Because dear sweet Catalina, the ringing of swords is a rush but seeing you and Anne naked fight each other is something other worldly.”

“Well then,” Catalina whispered into his ear, “The next time we are all together, you may get your wish.”

Catalina walked into Poseidon’s Sound, a tavern and brothel on the island. It was run by one of the more beautiful and charismatic women in Nassau, Lauretta White. The black haired woman had a body sailors dreamed about. Her breasts were large and rounded with dark colored nipples. Her hips and backside were pronounced enough that even the drunkest sailor would be at full mast around her. She commanded respect and earned it both in the bedroom and occasionally on the floor of Poseidon’s Sound against a disrespectful woman. Music played as Catalina’s eyes scanned the establishment. She spotted Josiah Johnson drinking at a table with one of the bar wenches. He stood as Catalina came over. The young wench looked angrily at the pirate captain. 

“Do not fret,” Catalina said to the young woman, “I am only here to ask a question, you will still earn your silver tonight.” She turned to Josiah, “Have you seen Duncan? I need to discuss something with him.”

Second Mate Johnson’s eyes went to the back rooms. “He is back there with Lauretta.”

“Is he now?” Catalina responded. While she and Lauretta were on friendly terms, she had hoped to bed Mr. Turner after she shared the information about Charles Town. “I guess I should interrupt them.” Catalina walked swiftly to the back rooms where young men spent much of their hard earned money. She knew the far room was the largest and the one where Lauretta would be using. Catalina adjusted her breasts in her top and turned the knob, entering and closing the door behind her. 

On the bed, riding the young Duncan Turner like a horse, Lauretta turned her head and glowered at the entering interruption. The raven haired beauty did not stop bouncing up and down over the quartermaster. 

“Get out!” Lauretta commanded but Catalina didn’t budge. 

“I think he has had enough of your diseased cunt!” Catalina spat back. She untied the sash across her hip, putting the cutlass and two pistols on a wooden chair. Next came off the silk scarf covering her hair, shaking out the mass of dark curls. She pulled the white shirt she was wearing over her head, the large chocolate colors breasts bounced free. Her boots were kicked off as she pulled the leather pants down her shapely hips and thighs. 

Lauretta hissed in annoyance at the beautiful black woman naked next to the bed, but she did not get off Duncan. Catalina lunged and tackled the brothel owner off the cock. There heavy breasts impacted with each grunting as hands went to hair, pulling and pushing heads left and right. Duncan Turner rolled out of the way and off the bed as thick bodies began to brawl. The two women bared teeth as they went forehead to forehead, glaring into the other’s eyes. Legs locked and unlocked as the lower half of their bodies tried to out muscle the other. The bed creaked with the mass catfight on top. First Catalina would roll on top, then a hip buck and she was roll to her back with Lauretta on top. The two women fought to their knees with the pirate captain releasing a hand from hair, balling up her fist and punching the brothel owner in her left breast. Lauretta howled but met fire with fire as her own fist thudded into Catalina’s heavy left breast. The black woman cried out as the tit was knocked up towards her face. 

Duncan was in awe of the contrast between the dark skin and the pale flesh fighting on bed. His cock remained at attention which both women noticed. Lauretta slapped Catalina hard across the face, pushing the black woman away. She turned and grabbed Duncan by the ass towards her as her mouth engulfed the stiff dick. The man groaned out loudly as his cock was encompassed by Lauretta’s satin lips and tongue. But as quickly as her mouth fell over the member, it was quickly pulled away. Catalina recovered from the slap and reached to grasp the long black hair, yanking Lauretta off the swollen cock and back down to the bed. Catalina’s eyes met Duncan’s as she moved her mouth to the pulsating rod. Pre-cum oozed from the purple head as the captain pulled her shipmate towards her, deep throating the cock and tasting Lauretta’s saliva as well as the pre-cum. 

Lauretta bounced up from the bed and pressed her body into Catalina’s back, arms wrapping around with hands gripping the pirate’s heavy tits. The brothel madam’s mouth went to Catalina’s ear. “Devious cunt!” She hissed. “You are not going to rob me of the pleasure and silver I am due!” She constricted her hands as dark flesh oozed between her fingers. 

Catalina screamed over Duncan Turner’s cock as her tits were being ravaged. Turner hips began to thrust forward as his body started to tremble. Lauretta noticed this and released the black woman’s breasts, grabbing the mass of curls on the top of Catalina’s head, pulled her back as Duncan Turner’s cock erupted. The spray of cum showered both dark and pale faces and huge breasts. The two women grabbed sweaty hair as Duncan fell back onto his ass. They pressed cum covered tits together as they clashed on their knees. Each released a hand from hair, smearing fingers over cum and pushing the fingers into mouths. Each woman moaned out as they sucked the fingers they shoved into the other’s mouths. Their bodies began more of a grind as wet tits slid over the others.

“Oh how I missed you, Catalina!” Lauretta moaned out. 

“Mon Cheri!” Catalina cooed, “I am just glad Mr. Turner could find some rough, even if it is yours.” A smile covered her face. 

They looked at the man who still lay on the floor of the room. “His cock is something worth fighting over. Too bad he has only had you for the past month.” Her smile matched Catalina’s. 

“Did you two plan this?” Duncan asked, not looking up. 

“No, love,” Lauretta said, “But your captain and I would do this over Black Sam as well.”

“Now, Mr. Turner, get back in here,” Catalina commanded, “Your captain and this lovely woman need satisfaction!” 

The next few hours had all three changing positions, each woman was penetrated by Duncan’s cock, Lauretta’s tongue found Catalina’s sweet flower and the black woman’s tongue found the white woman’s dark star. 

Duncan snored loudly as Catalina and Lauretta dressed. They walked out to the bar, stepping over passed out pirates and wenches alike. The captain sat at the bar as Lauretta pour them each a glass of rum.  

“I am going to tell you this free of charge,” Lauretta said as she poured another glass. “Bonny and Read have been trying to get the location of the Spanish Treasure fleet that sunk. They have been stealing ship logs. No one has found it yet. But they seem to want it more than anyone else. They are leading Vane and Rackham around by their cocks. They may not have command of the Ranger, but they run that ship.” 

“Cunts! Both of them,” Catalina mused as she downed the glass of rum. Anne Bonney and I are two storms destined to clash. Read will follow Bonny’s fat ass, where ever she goes.” Catalina told Lauretta about the plan for bringing medicines to Nassau. 

“It has been bad here,” Lauretta said, “I have had two girls come down with fever and die in the last month. Do whatever you can.”

“I will be back as soon as I can,” Catalina promised. 

Over the next week, The Sainte Maria Adventure, refit for a voyage up north. On the day they planned to set sail, 145 men were mustered. 21 of them new to the ship. This change was expected as some left to spend their own fortunes. The ship set sail and pointed north for the rendezvous with Blackbeard. 

The weather changed from the sun and warmth of the Caribbean to a storm off the Carolina coast. The storm and the night gave both the two ships cover from anyone on shore looking out. Both sets of crews sent men ashore in small boats with Blackbeard and Catalina leading the men. 

“Keep your powder dry, boys,” Blackbeard commanded as he led the contingent closer to the town. The lookouts for the town had not been alerted to their presence. Ahead of the group were two soldiers in guard towers. Blackbeard turned to Catalina. “Can you and your boys silence them, permanently?” 

“Absolimon? She answered in Creole. She and her men crept forward. Catalina, knife in her teeth, silently climbed the wooden ladder up to the guard tower on the right while Peter Shift climbed the other. The soldiers were grabbed from behind as knives entered into their ribs, deflating lungs and silencing them. 

The pirates silently entered Charles Town moving from shadow to shadow as they searched for warehouses and the supplies of medicines. Catalina and her crew were on one side of the street as Blackbeard and his men were on the other side. Suddenly there was a shout of alarm and Blackbeard fired one of the 8 flint lock pistols he carried. Catalina cringed and knew their chances of getting out of the town unseen was now gone. Bells rang, people and soldiers shouted as the town awoke. 

“Modi!” Catalina swore as she looked ahead to a group of soldiers lining up in formation. She let out a scream and ran forward, pausing her run to pull one of her pistols and firing. The lead ball impacting the young Lieutenants forehead. She rushed forward, cutlass out as she and her men engaged the soldiers of the town. The clangs of crossing swords and shots from rifles and pistols filled the air. Smoke and the acrid stench of gunpowder caused confusion for the town soldiers, but the pirates were right at home. Catalina looked up and noticed the largest house set on the hill. The governor’s house. Secure the governor, secure the town. She gathered her men and rushed towards the large house. The home was heavily guarded and fought the pirates with rifles and swords. Catalina and Peter fought their way into the house and went looking for the governor. With the sounds of fighting going on outside, they went room to room, finally coming to a locked set of doors. They pushed on it, but it would not budge. Catalina pulled out her pistol, pointed it at the lock and fired. Splinters exploded as Peter kicked the door in. The noise from the shot confused the governor who looked wide eyed at the two pirates entering his bedroom. 

“Good evening, Governor,” Catalina said with a fresh pistol pointed at the scared man. “Surrender the town and you live….AAAAAAGGGH” Her demands were stopped as candlestick crashed over her pistol and hand. She whirled to see a blonde woman only dressed in a sleeping gown holding the candlestick. The frightened governor yelled out “Sorry Elisabeth” and ran towards a side room. “Go after him, I will deal with her!” Catalina yelled at Peter with her cutlass drawn from its scabbard. 

Elisabeth brought the silver candlestick up and brought it down again at Catalina, the wily pirate batted the item aside with her cutlass but it brought the two crashing together. Both stick and sword clattered to the ground as the women decided to change the aggression to a catfight. Hands latched onto black and blonde hair respectively as the momentum had them slam into the desk with Catalina being pressed, back first on top. The governor’s wife pressed her body down as two sets of large breasts compressed in clothing. The black woman twisted her hip and rolled the two women off the desk and down to the wood planked floor. The broke apart only briefly as the blonde darted to the bed chambers. Catalina pursued and grasped the back of the white dressing gown. The garment tore away from Elisabeth’s body, sending her sprawling naked in to the large four poster bed. The pirate captain took a moment to admire the beautiful naked body in front of her. 

Elisabeth turned fast and knelt on the bed. “Come any closer and I will scratch your eyes out!” Her heavy breasts moving up and down with her breathing. 

Catalina removed her white low cut shirt and tossed it on the floor of the bedroom, “By all mean, Cheri! Scratch away!” The topless black woman launched herself at the naked white woman. 

Bodies slammed together as the two women went down to the feather bed. Hands sought out pair to pull and skin to scratch as they tumbled wildly back and forth. The blonde reached in and sunk her claws into the dark colored tits. Catalina let out a howl of pain and pulled on the thick nipples of the white woman. They moved from being side by side to on their knees as the breasts took on horrible shapes. Elisabeth had tears streaming down her face as her breasts were pulled out to their limits. She dropped her right hand and squeezed the leather covered crotch!

“OH YOU CUNT!” Catalina hissed out. She moved her own hand down and started to tug on the patch of blonde pubic hair. 

Both women screamed out and did not notice the shooting had stopped. They were in their own little world. The two women let go of the other’s pussy and slapped big tits back together with arms wrapping around the other. Back onto the bed they went as long legs locked up, with each rolling from one end of the poster bed to the other. Catalina rolled herself on top with her leather pants covered legs locking around Elisabeth’s left leg. Her hands gouged into the alabaster breasts as she pushed up, causing the excess flesh to ooze out. The white woman screamed out and clawed at the hands and wrists holding her down. Catalina locked her arms straight, pouring her upper body into the destruction of the woman’s tits. It only took a little while for Elisabeth to cry out her surrender. As Catalina looked up from the bed, she saw the smiling faces of 10 pirates including Blackbeard who was holding her shirt. 

“That was an impressive showing, my dear,” Edward Teach said as he handed over the shirt. “While you were having fun, the town is now under our control and the medicines have been discovered. I will have them in your hold by the end of the day. Now, where can we find some rum?”

A few hours later, Blackbeard and Catalina sat on the shore in front of a fire, drinking the last of the rum they confiscated. Their ships had moved closer to shore with small boats going back and forth between ships and shore with the cargo they procured. 

“You do know that the republic I helped found on Nassau will soon be no more,” Edward Teach said as he looked out over the water. “Woods Rodgers is here to cow and corral us all.”

“We can fight, we call can if we ban together,” Catalina said as she looked at Blackbeard but his eyes averted her gaze. 

“Hornigold has had enough of fighting,” Blackbeard said, “If a pardon is offered, he will take it. So will many of the captains. Vane will not, not because he is brave or stalwart but because his mind is sun soaked. He will die fighting. As will I. You should think about taking the pardon, Catalina. It will mean you do the King’s bidding but you will live.”

The young black woman finished the rum and threw the bottle into the fire. “I will not take it. I will not be a servant or slave to any King or any man.”

“After we reach Nassau, go southeast along the islands,” Blackbeard said, “You will come across Great Inagua. Currently is it occupied by a French arms smuggler named Julien du Casse. The cove where he operates his small fleet is very defensible. A frontal assault like I would do, would not work. But you and that crafty mind of yours could take it. There is a jungle entrance on the southern part of the island. Go there and take it. You could run a fleet out of the cove and with some coin and hard work, make it a pirate haven.”

“Why don’t you join me,” Catalina asked quietly. 

“My home is the sea, love,” Edward Teach smiled. “She is my mistress and my death. I will continue to be what I am. But you young dear have a life to live. I do hope we are able to sail together again, in this world or the next.”

Blackbeard and Catalina sailed back to Nassau to deliver the medicines as well as sugar and supplies to sell. 

In Havana, the group of military leaders and governors from the British, French, Dutch, and Spanish met in secret. Woods Rodgers called the meeting to order. 

“Gentlemen,” he said in a deep baritone, “I want to thank you again for meeting with me. We all share the same epidemic. That of piracy. For two long our ships and port towns have been attacked by these lawless ingrates. As many of you have heard, I was able to wipe out piracy in Madagascar, at one time deemed to be lost, but now whole again and in His Majesty’s loving arms. It will not be an easy task, but I offer you my very best. While I go and secure the vile home of these retched creatures, I will offer you my very best bounty hunters, to track down and eradicate our enemies.”

“What will this cost us?” Came a question from a French Admiral. 

“Admiral,” Woods Rodgers said, “I only ask that your ports refit the ships when they come into dock. This is a small price to pay for your shipping lanes to be open and unmolested again, wouldn’t you agree?”

The French Admiral nodded as did the former governor of Havana, Laureano de Torres y Ayala. The Dutch contingent seemed less impressed. 

“So far your words have done less to persuade me, Mr. Rodgers,” the Dutch naval officer said. 

“Commodore,” Woods smiled, “Your waters and ships have been raided by Jacquotte Delahaye? Thought to have been killed but now seemingly back from the dead.”

“Yes,” the Dutch man said quietly. 

“KEELHAUL!” Woods yelled out, startling the room. 

The door to the room was kicked open with an object thrown on the table. The head of a redheaded woman rolled down to where the Dutch Commodore sat, stopping with the white eyes and open mouth of the severed head seeming to stare at the man. He fell backwards out of his chair. 

“WHAT IS THIS?” He exclaimed. 

The one who threw the head into the room stepped into view. Black boots with black leather pants tucked in. A belt holding a cutlass filled scabbard on shapely hips. The blood red top was tight on her body, showing off the woman’s tapered waist and large alabaster breasts. Her hair was white, but she was not old. Her face was beautiful with the exception of the scar running down from the right side of her forehead to her cheek, a black eye patch covering the right eye. She used her right hand to remove her black leather tricorne hat to bow slightly to the assembled group. 

“This, Commodore,” the woman said in a thick Irish accent. “Is the famed Jacquotte Delahaye. The red is dead. Her body is tied to the hull of my ship, The Marauder. If you do not want her head, I will add it to my collection on my forward mast.”

“This, gentlemen, is Keel Haul Kelly McDougal,” Woods Rodgers said. “Her skills are second to none and she will track down and kill any pirate who doesn’t take the pardon. My recommendation is to stay out of her way.”

At the Pirate Republic of Nassau, Captain Catalina Sacriste met with Captain’s Ben Hornigold and Charles Vane. 

“I intend to take Inagua Island and make it another pirate haven,” Catalina said to the men. 

Vane smiled but Hornigold kept a straight face as he sat back in his chair. 

“Ben,” Catalina went on, “There is not a British presence there. It is a French man and the Spanish. I will not be upsetting the peace with the Crown that you desire.” 

“I am not concerned with that, Captain,” Hornigold replied, “There is rumor of a Spanish Galleon there, 80-100 cannons onboard. Some of those cannons could be used to defend Nassau.”

“That is the first sensible thing you have said recently, Ben,” Vane added. “If Woods Rodgers and his ilk want to take Nassau, they will have to fight.” That earned him a look of contempt from Ben Hornigold. 

“If you take the island,” Ben said, “Bring the galleon back to Nassau. We will put her to good use.” 

The Sainte Maria Adventure set sail the following day and trekked south east, arriving at the southern part of Inagua Island a few days later. Catalina had picked a good night for infiltration. She and her men dressed all in black. It was a new moon and none of the 10 men she took with her were carrying lanterns. Their eyes would adjust to the darkness much better than any guard. Duncan was left in command with orders to bombard the inlet once Catalina sets one of the sloops on fire. 

The quiet trek through the thick jungle had Catalina and her men kill the patrolling guards. They came to edge of where the jungle met the secure inlet. There were only a few small building near the 4 docks and a large plantation like mansion set high on a cliff overlooking the water. The group stayed in the shadows and made their way to the mansion. Catalina scoured up the side of the home to the balcony on the second floor. Lights were out and she slowly crept inside. She pulled a flint lock pistol out and moved silently into the mansion. She checked rooms but found no one. She slowly went down the large staircase, going from step to step, not making any noise. Though she sensed movement but didn’t see anything. Then, a whip crack sounded and her wrist felt like it had been touched by fire. The pistol clattered to the floor as soldiers with lanterns came out from rooms. Catalina tried to pull her cutlass out but she was slammed in the face by the butt of a rifle. Everything went dark.  

Catalina gasped and came too quickly as a bucket of cold water was poured over her. She found herself tied tightly to a chair in a large, well lit cavern. Her eyes adjusted towards the light as she blinked the grogginess away. 

“Ah, good, you are awake, Mademoiselle,” a man’s voice came with French accent. “I was afraid that bump on the head had you unconscious for a while. Ah, were are my manners.” He came into view. A man of medium height with a short dark cropped beard that was pointed at the chin. “My name is Julien du Casse, and you are my guest.”

“You knew I was coming,” Catalina stated as her head still pounded from getting hit with the rifle. 

“Pidgins, Mon Cheri,” Julien stated. “There are some in your inner circle who do not want you around.” 

“Was it Anne Bonny or Mary Read?” Catalina asked. 

“Tsk, tsk,” Julien teased, “I never reveal my sources. I did noticed you do not have a pirate brand. It means you have not been captured before. Since you are now, I suppose we will have to change that. Madame, if you please.”

The back of a blonde woman in an elegant dress came into view as she walked towards hot coals from a fire. She grasped the branding iron and turned. Catalina’s eyes went wide as she was once again looking at the face of the woman who once owned her, the sadist, Madame Sophie Dumood. 

“The fates have once again allowed us to meet,” Sophie said as she walked forward with the glowing branding iron. “You left me with many scars and now I plan to give you many more before you die.” Julien Du Casse came over and twisted Catalina’s bound right wrist to expose the inner arm. Sophie pressed the branding iron to the skin and it sizzled. Catalina’s screams echoed off the cavern walls. 

To Be Continued in Chapter 2. Click Here to Go There!

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