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Pain and Promotion #2 Sammie Saturn vs Bedlam by Luffy316

‘This is it… your big chance. Don’t blow it.’

Sammie gave herself a little pep talk as she paced back and forth, waiting keenly behind the entrance ramp for her cue to enter the arena. This was going to be the biggest match of the young wrestler’s career, her debut showing in the EVL. She knew that first impressions mattered, and that what happened tonight would help set her on the road to stellar success… or possibly abject failure, but she tried not to think about that too much.

Her heart skipped a beat as she heard the announcer begin her lead-in:

“Facing her tonight… a fresh-faced talent making her first-ever showing here… we bring you… Sammie Saturn!!”

She took a deep breath and marched out into the arena. There were more fans then she had ever faced before, and behind her upbeat pop intro was a roar of noise and applause. Ever the professional, Sammie quickly overcame her initial apprehension, flashing a warm smile and heading confidently towards the ring.

There were a lot of cheers and whistles, which was no surprise. Sammie was a tanned, athletic nineteen-year-old, her cute, youthful features framed by long brown hair. Her fit body was blessed with beautifully sculpted curves, and the short pleated skirt and matching top of her cheerleader-style wrestling outfit left little to the imagination. By the time she reached the apron, nimbly vaulting the ropes and waving to the fans, the rookie was already starting to feel at home.

Sammie’s opponent was waiting in the opposite corner, perched atop the turnbuckle, impishly swinging her heels back and forth as she watched the newcomer enter the ring. The girl was “Bedlam” Beth Adler, a slim blonde in her mid 20s, who was known as something of a wild card in the EVL for her anarchic, unpredictable (and some would say, downright unhinged) fighting style. Bedlam loved to play the joker, and often pulled nasty tricks on her opponents. She was dressed in a burlesque fetishwear look, with a short black skirt, stockings, and vivid pink corset, along with black leather boots, wrist bands and collar. Her platinum blonde hair fell straight to her shoulders, and her cute looks were accompanied by a lot of dark mascara, and a lot of piercing -studs above and below the eye, her lip, her tongue… Bedlam didn’t look like a girl to be taken lightly, or one afraid of a little pain.

Bedlam’s blue-eyed gaze was piercing, too; dark and difficult to read. She stayed focused on Sammie as she hopped down from the turnbuckle, approaching the other fighter with an amused smirk. Though Bedlam nearly always looked like she was smiling at some private joke.

“Hey, it’s Sammie! The wonder-kid! Looking forward to your first match?”

“Uh, I’ll try my best…” the brunette smiled back.

“Ohh, I’ll bet. Hope you don’t embarrass yourself in front of all these people…no-one wants that, do they?” Bedlam grinned wryly. “Ahh, just kidding, seriously, let me welcome you to the league…”

The blonde held out her hand in friendship. Sammie stepped forwards and raised her own hand, on her toes in case Beth tried to pull an unexpected grapple or throw. But the handshake’s true nature took her completely by surprise, as jolting pain shot through Sammie’s hand and arm. She’d been electrocuted!

“Nyahh!!” she yelped, jumping up and staggering backwards. The pain had been short-lived, but intense, and Sammie was left flustered. Meanwhile Bedlam was cackling viciously.

“Heh, can’t believe you fell for that one! Gotta love the joy buzzer!” Bedlam held up her hand to show off the electrocuting ring she’d hidden in her fingers. “Yeah, ref, I’ll take it off for the fight…” Bedlam pre-empted the official’s complaint, slipping the ring off her finger and turning to drop it off in her corner.

Sammie stood, biting her lip, hoping her face wasn’t going too red from that opening embarrassment. Her first match hadn’t even started yet and already she’d been made to look a fool.

Sammie and Bedlam got into position as the bell sounded, though Bedlam much more casually. Sammie thought she just had to focus, to overcome the clownish girl’s distractions and use her better training and style to beat her.

Then another bell went off. Sammie’s face lost its composure when she looked over at the source. There was a ringing from Bedlam’s corner, and… buzzing? She saw a cell phone shaking and flashing outside the ring in Bedlam’s corner, set on a timer to go off…

…and providing a fine distraction. Bedlam reached out into her line of sight, jabbing her in the eye with her finger with a cutesy “Boop!” noise, like she was hitting a button on an imaginary computer rather than one of her opponent’s tender regions.

Sammie shrieked and hopped up a bit, holding her eye as it watered and Bedlam giggled eagerly. “Caught you lookin’ at my fun bags,” she teased musically, waving her attacking finger at Sammie. “Eyes are up here, sweety.”

Sammie did look up at her, just for a full-fledged Three Stooges eye poke from Bedlam. Sammie screamed out and hopped in place, crying out as Bedlam posed and paraded for the crowd a bit, her laughter sharp and loud enough to drown out the boos and occasional cheers.
Sammie was just blinking the pain and tears from her eyes when Bedlam grabbed her by the hair, leading her along with it like a leash as she waved proudly to the crowd like the performer she was. “You’re a great audience! Love ya! Now come on, time to open up those eyes, sleepy head!!”

Bedlam pulled on Sammie hair as she turned, whipping her around by it as she started to spin in place, forcing Sammie to stagger clumsily after her grip, trying to keep her footing. She fared surprisingly well for a several dizzying laps before she finally lost her balance and tumbled over her own legs, leaving Bedlam looking in mock befuddlement at her handful of loose strands of hair. She scratched her head in exaggerated confusion, looked around, and beamed again when she “found” Sammie again.

“Ooh! There’s my toy!” Bedlam genuinely skipped after Sammie as she rolled on the ground to her hands and knees, dizzy and her eyes in pain even with her eyesight back. Bedlam pranced after her, giving a dainty kick to her chest to flip her onto her back. “And looks like I just decided what kind of toy you are! My whoopee cushion!”

Sammie saw Bedlam wiggling her hips over her in a dance, blinking into full realization before she kicked her feet into the mat and slid herself forward, pulling aside before Bedlam’s ass came crashing down, thankfully on the mat instead of her face.

“Yowww,” Bedlam moaned out, rubbing her butt. “THAT’S not a fart noise!” The pain in her tailbone was genuine, but her reaction distracting enough to get Sammie to pause, but only a moment. She hurled herself at Bedlam, landing her first real hit as she did a short-range clothesline to the sitting girl, slamming her onto her back. Beth sat up part way, holding her skull as it wobbled around like a bobblehead.

“Somebody get the license to that truck fulla hookers that just hit me?” she said woozily, Sammie getting up to her feet and sending a stomp into Bedlam’s exposed back, not wanting to wind up on the receiving end of her painful, shameful attacks again, or she wasn’t sure she could get back on top again if she did.

Beth finally stopped commenting as she hissed and held her back, Sammie taking advantage by grabbing both of her wrists, pulling them backward as Bedlam let out a quick shriek of surprised pain, thrashing and squirming in an attempt to wriggle free, but Sammie put her knee into her back and pulled back as a variation of the surfboard. Bedlam let out a long, childish squeal, kicking her feet on the mat in a tantrum-like response to the pain.

“Knock it off, already!” she shrieked, almost whined as Sammie put the pressure on her arms and back. Sammie just gave another sharp pull, the crowd starting to cheer and get behind her. Bedlam was shuffling towards the ropes, but not quickly. She could use this time to work over her muscles, slow her down and take over the fight.

But Beth was getting close to the corner, and Sammie was ready to break it, but Bedlam didn’t touch the ropes. She actually shuffled closer to the corner, spreading her legs out and wrapping them under the ropes and around the turnbuckle. With her groin up near the ringpost, she suddenly leaned forward, pulling her arms with her so that Sammie’s head slammed into the turnbuckle, Bedlam’s own head going past it as she’d planned.

Sammie let out a loud surprised cry, falling back holding her face. The ref checked on her as Bedlam grabbed a small pouch from her corner, like a condom wrapper or a ramen flavor packet. Sammie was shaking out the cobwebs as Bedlam got back up, stretching her back and limbs a bit herself. When Sammie wound up not getting up as quickly as entertained her, she slapped her palms together and went after her, grabbing her skirt from behind and lifting up, getting Sammie to cry out as a sudden and visible atomic wedgie took place, shoving up into her ass and pussy as the hem of her underwear reached near her shoulder blades. She hopped and tried prying it back out, moaning and groaning as she pulled the panties from her privates. Bedlam appeared to leave her alone during this, giggling and pointing childishly.

However, when Sammie went to pull out her skirt and remove the undies from her pussy, Beth reached around to drop the packet into her skirt and panties. Sammie was puzzled a moment before Bedlam suddenly kicked her in the groin, making Sammi howl again and fall over.

This not only sent a shock into Sammie’s tender pussy, but she felt an intense irritation down there. It drove her mad, and while she was rubbing at her sore groin, she found herself scratching at it as well. It wasn’t long of considering her opponent that she realized what must have gone inside of her. Itching powder! Bedlam had dumped itching powder into her pussy!!

“Yeesh, can’t you wait until after the show for that?” Bedlam grinned as she pointed out Sammie was rubbing and scratching at her privates. “Or is it the crabs acting up again, sugar slut? Not so pure after all, huh?”

Sammie let out a loud, frustrated growl, unable to seem to get her crotch under control as the scratching seemed to irritate it more. Beth was not only laughing, but holding her stomach as she cackled hard at her, prancing about the ring merrily as she watched the scene.

“How you plan on beating me, Samwise? You can’t even beat your own pussy!” Beth jeered as she poked at Sammie’s ribs with her toe. Sammie swung desperately to smack her leg away, Beth stumbling back from her. Sammie clutched her groin tightly, gritting her teeth and diving for Beth. She managed to tackle her around the waist, Beth losing her footing and landing on her ass with a yelp. Surprised to see Sammie able to put up this much of a fight after all her torment, the good girl managed to trap Beth in her corner, sending a knife edge chop across her breasts. Beth made another startled cry, jolting from the shock and Sammie lunging in after her.

Sammie’s left hand stayed stuck against her crotch, holding it and resisting the urge to scratch at it to try and bring it to more bearable levels. She had to use the rest of her body to compensate, pressing her chest into Beth’s to hold her back and swinging her arm around, grabbing the trickster in a headlock. “Not going anywhere now, funny girl,” Sammie grunted, twisting the half-baked hold around her foe and squeezing her slim but effective bicep around her neck.

Beth squeaked and thrashed violently in her grip, rapidly growing more desperate and, consequently, vicious in her escape attempts. When wriggling failed, she began clawing away at her captor’s arms and chest. Sammie winced painfully from the scratches that were painted across her precious tits and slender arms, but she held onto her advantage of technique and strength to keep the vicious joker down.

Beth was a blur of action. Fortunately for Sammie, this meant not a lot of force to her blows. Stinging socks to Sammie’s head and claws and slaps to her chest, but only distractions, she told herself. Nothing that would win her the fight. It also meant that in the melee, the ref tried to keep a close eye on things, but it was a flurry of blows and thrashing girls. Beth suddenly threw herself backward, tugging Sammie down with her. She kept the hold, but landed almost flat on her back, with Sammie grabbing a large, black cloth bag nearby and tugging on it. It was all she needed to loop it over Sammie’s head, blinding her quite suddenly. Sammie had trapped Beth in a corner, alright, but it had been her corner. The one with all her tricks stashed away.

Sammie gasped and reached for her head to get it off, Beth quickly yanking on the string to keep it on tight for a bit more, Sammie writhing on the ground grabbing for the chord blindly. The ref tried making sense of this when Beth interceded to aid the cause of confusion.

“Ref, she’s in my stash!” Bedlam whined in a babyish voice. “I don’t want her findin’ my really nasty stuff and using it to cheat or nothin’. ”The ref gave her a hesitant look, enough for Beth to get up to one knee and then SLAM her foot down on the bag. It wasn’t a direct hit to Sammie by any means, so barely stung. But then came a hissing sound, and Sammie’s eyes watered immensely and her nostrils felt on fire. Something else was in the bag, she noticed, clacking around like little billiard balls and leaking a repulsive stench inside the bag
Stink bombs! She had filled the bag with stink bombs and just set them off. The bag was just to hide it from any fussier officials, and to trap the disgusting fumes around her so she felt like she was stuck up close and personal with the nastiest nethers of a skunk.

Beth backed away with her hands up innocently, leaving Sammie unharmed any further as far as anyone could tell. But Sammie was retching and thrashing, clawing at the bag madly for fresh air as the chemicals stung her lungs and orifices. It took both hands to get the bag off, and the itching powder had hardly started losing its influence at all, so her groin immediately cried for attention after she coughed in a few choked breathes of fresh air. It was a blessing , she felt, but not enough to clean out her lungs. Beth stalked after her with a mocking model-like strut, exaggerated and showy as she bobbed her hips out to their full extent with each step. She knew she’d won as she walked right past the agonized, gagging Sammie, looking ready to heave right in the ring from the odor that clung to her face, hair, and clothes now.

“Time for the ol’ secret weapon,” Beth said with a sinister grin, licking her lips showily for the crowd as she went to her corner. The ref started to intervene, but she leaned over the ring apron and picked up from her bag… a plastic tub, and inside of it a rather ornate cream pie.

No one outside the ring could notice the care put into it, especially the lettering of “Welcome to the league, Sammie” written on in decorative icing. The ref made no action to stop her, again, as this seemed about the most harmless thing she’d seen in any match in league history. Beth was just an odd duckling, and best to let her do her own thing. Let her have her pies, so she wouldn’t think a shiv was a better idea.

Beth proved rather dexterous, as her clownish nature implied, balancing the pie on a ringpost in another corner. Sammie was on her stomach now, holding her teary eyes and STILL burning pussy, and mouth open wide in disgust, sucking up breaths rapidly and drooling over the mats severely. One who hadn’t had their eyes glued to this fight (an impossible enough feat for those in the arena) could have mistaken her for being fucked into a stupor rather than on the receiving end of a Beth beat down. Beth waltzed over, genuinely dancing as if with an imaginary partner (complete with pirouettes and dips of the partner) to her victim. She took Sammy by the hair, ripping her hand from her face to see the sobbing Sammie.

“I hope you had a lot of fun today,” Beth grinned widely, as if entirely genuine. “You sure grabbed your cxnt a lot, so you must have, right? But folks!” she raised her voice to the crowd boisterously. “Time to show the bitch her place here, and that place is out cold on the mats. Drum roll, please, for the Antoinette Express! Choo choo… CHEW!” Bedlam had her claws in deep in Sammie’s scalp, enough to scratch her head skin as she barrelled towards the corner at top speed, throwing her entire body into whipping Sammie’s head into the pie, connecting right as the let out the final pun of “chew.” The “welcome to the league, Sammie” was the last thing poor Sammie saw before cream and crust exploded around her head, making way for her to slam into the turnbuckle at high velocity.

Sammie’s head whipped back, freshly painted in whipped cream and crashing to the mat on her back, the mats thundering with the impact as she was out cold. Bedlam skipped back over to her. “Can’t be the first time you’ve woken up covered in cream, can it?” Beth cackled, leaning over Sammie as if to make sure her unconscious form enjoyed the joke. She kicked up a leg and dropped her butt informally onto her face, Sammie unresponsive beyond a natural flop of her body. She waved to the ref politely, as if merely greeting him, but he took the cue to come over and count off to 3, the bell sounding off.

Beth grinned and stretched out as she stood back up, leaning over to pat Sammie’s unconscious cheek. “Let’s play again, some time, sugartits,” she giggled, grabbing her bag of tricks. She slid out a small airplane pillow, tucked it under her head, and gave the unconscious Sammy a long, wet kiss, lewdly molesting her mouth with her tongue with a final loud pop before parting from the ring.

“I just love my toys… especially when they fight back like that.”

Hapless Sammie had hoped to start her first league match on a positive note, but whilst her wrestling skills were strong she had looked unprepared for Bedlam’s nasty tricks. The rookie had been subjected to shocks, itching powder, stink bombs, and to top it all off a gooey cream pie right in her pretty face. As the devastated beauty lay sprawled in the ring, the fans could only wonder if she would bounce back from this opening humiliation, or if it was a sign of things to come.

The End

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