Palutena vs Rosalina by N2-9

The sun shone down on Palutena’s temple located at the very centre of the mystical realm called sky world. A statue of the goddess of light stood proudly on top of the temple. Its magical wings expanded behind it. Standing on the round courtyard area outside the temple was the real flesh and blood goddess, Palutena. She was wearing her usual revealing white dress with the red trim. Her Golden jewellery reflected the sun’s rays. A parting in her dress revealed her long smooth legs. Curiously one leg was wrapped up in a high stocking whilst the other was left bare. Her green emerald hair flowed down her back ending just above where her white skirt did. Palutena had her gauntlet clad arms folded under her ample breasts, her pretty face had a frown on it as she looked off into the distance apparently, she was waiting for someone.

Suddenly something resembling a shooting star appeared in the sky and began making its way towards the temple. It hit the ground in an explosion of beautiful light. Crouching at the heart of the spectacle was Rosalina. As she rose the light faded. The tall blonde woman was wearing her signature light blue dress which did little to hide her curvy figure. A little golden star sat right above her large breasts. She wore a small silver crown on the top of her head. A large strand of her light blonde hair concealed one of her eyes. The other stared daggers at Palutena.

“I was starting to think you weren’t going to turn up,” Palutena said.

“Well I’m here now so what do you want,” said Rosalina.

Well, it’s come to my attention that you are spreading false rumours” Palutena accused. “You have been saying that you’re sexier than me”

Rosalina laughed. “Oh, that’s not a rumour that’s a fact.”

Palutena laughed right back. “You really think you’re hotter than me, your boobs are at least 3 sizes smaller than mine and you aren’t showing nearly enough skin in that shapeless ballroom gown.”

“Oh well you’d know all about that wouldn’t you, going around with your legs on full display like that, I’ve seen that taunt where you twirl on the pole, you dress and act like a slut,” Rosalina said. “Want to know why I’m sexier than you, it’s because I have class something you lack”.

“I am a goddess I have plenty of class, I just know how to have some fun as well, and that’s why the boys give me all the attention, you’re obviously just jealous so you started to say that you’re hotter than me, copying my style,” Palutena said stepping closer.

Rosalina laughed. “Seriously, you think I’m copying you, I was here before you, I’m fighter number 48 whilst your 54, I was being super-hot in this game before you ever turned up. she stepped forward as well.

The two women were now so close that their breasts were pressing into each others. Palutena’s rack was slightly bigger than Rosalina’s but not by the three sizes that she claimed.

“I debuted in 1987 on the NES decades before you did, and I managed to look good in 8-bit. So, who’s copying who, Bitch” Palutena spat.

“Well, at least I’ve been in other games recently”. Rosalina taunted. “When’s that Kid Icarus sequel coming out or do you have to wait another 25 years”


That last comment finally pushed Palutena over the edge. Faster than Rosalina could react she raised her hand and slapped her across the face. Rosalina let out a yelp of pain as her head whipped aside from the impact. Palutena smirked as Rosalina brought her hand up to her stinging cheek. Her surprise quickly replaced with fury Rosalina delivered her own slap to Palutena’s face. Now it was Palutena’s turn to gasp in pain as Rosalina’s palm made contact.

“You Bitch!” Palutena shouted throwing a slap for Rosalina’s other cheek.

Rosalina took the hit but recovered quickly and returned the favour by slapping Palutena again. “Slut!”

The two furious women took turns slapping each other across the face. Each hit accompanied by an insult.

Slap! “Whore” Slap! “Skank” Slap! “Cow” Slap! “Tramp” Slap! “Slag”

After this furious exchange Palutena’s and Rosalina’s cheeks were a stinging red from all the punishment they had taken but this was only the beginning. Rosalina reached up grabbing a fistful of Palutena’s green hair and pulled. Palutena cried out but retaliated by burying her own fingers into Rosalina’s blonde hair. They staggered around moaning and squirming in pain as they tried to rip each other’s hair out. They both pulled as hard as they could whilst trying to resist the pain in their own scalps. Both of them were determined to outlast the other. The Pulling match lasted for a full minute with neither Palutena or Rosalina giving an inch. Frustrated by the stalemate Rosalina gave an extra hard pull and was surprised but pleased to find her hand coming away clutching some strands of emerald hair. Palutena shrieked in pain and outrage. Her carefully styled hairdo was now all messy and with a bit missing which gave it a slightly uneven look.

“You’re going to pay for that bitch” Palutena snarled.

“I always thought the amount of hair you have was stupid” Rosalina teased. She opened her hand and let the strands of emerald hair fall to the ground. Too caught up watching her trophy Rosalina was blindsided by Palutena’s next attack. The goddess of light through a punch which smashed into Rosalina’s right tit. Rosalina gave a husky grunt as Palutena’s fist sank into her large orb. Pressing her advantage Palutena started to throw a barrage of punches into Rosalina’s tits. Rosalina was too stunned by the pain to do anything as her breasts were mercilessly pummelled. Her boobs jiggled around under her blue dress with every impact. To finish her combo Palutena smashed both her fists into Rosalina’s tits at the same time causing Rosalina to let out a gasp of air. She staggered away cupping her throbbing breasts with her hands and trying to catch her breath.

“Am I to rough for you to handle?” Palutena said. Rosalina was bent over massaging her breasts in an effort to ease the pain. Palutena stalked up behind her and grabbed her by her hair. Rosalina squealed as Palutena pulled turning her around to face her tormentor. “I think it’s time I pay you back for what you did to my hair,” Palutena said smiling wickedly. “I think I’ll start with ripping out that strand of hair that covers your eye.” She grabbed a good hold of the strand in question and then started to pull.

“Oh no you don’t you fucking bitch” Rosalina screamed. She brought her leg up in an arc which flew between Palutena’s long legs and collided hard with her pussy. Palutena’s eyes widened and her mouth hung open at the unexpected pain in her most sensitive area. She gave out something in between a scream and a grunt. Her hands immediately released Rosalina’s hair and flew to her pussy as she sank to her knees. Rosalina ran a hand through her hair to make sure it was all still there, then she turned to face her rival. Palutena was still kneeling clutching her aching vagina, her eyes were closed.

Clearly, she was too preoccupied with her pain to pay attention to the fight right now. Rosalina looked her up and down noting with satisfaction Palutena’s red cheeks and missing hair. She took a second to consider what next move could cause even more damage. Deciding on something Rosalina slowly walked up to the kneeling Palutena. Palutena opened her green eyes just in time to see a piece of light blue fabric flying towards her. Rosalina rocketed her knee right into Palutena’s face.


Palutena yelled in pain as she fell backwards from the impact landing on her back, she lay there on the floor too stunned to get up one hand clutching her face the other still on her pussy.

“Now look what you’ve done you dumb slut,” Rosalina said half sarcastically looking down at the small red stain on her dress. “My dress is ruined.”

Palutena brought her hand away from her face revealing a small trickle of blood coming from her nose. It was not flowing freely but it still angered Palutena to see her own blood, even though it was only a small bit. “Bitch, I’m going to” Palutena started to say groggily. Before she could sit up Rosalina jumped on top of her. Rosalina heavily sat down on Palutena’s stomach. “AAARRGG” Palutena grunted as the air in her lungs was displaced by Rosalina’s heavy ass. Rosalina managed to trap Palutena’s arms by her side with her legs, leaving the bloody goddess helpless in Rosalina’s classic schoolgirl pin.

“Do you know how hard it is to get blood stains out of this fabric,” Rosalina said. In reality she was not too bothered about her dress but it was a good excuse to keep on punishing Palutena. Palutena didn’t reply she squirmed and bucked trying to get Rosalina off her but the blonde kept her balance easily. “You ruined my dress, so I think I will ruine yours.” Rosalina reached down and grabbed the top of Palutena’s white dress.

“No wait,” Palutena said.

Rosalina violently pulled on the fabric.


As the top of Palutena’s dress was torn away her large naked breasts spilled out into the open. Palutena squealed at the humiliation but there was nothing she could do about it. “What’s the matter I thought a slut like you would be used to flashing her tits,” Rosalina said.

“Fuck you!” Palutena shouted back.

Rosalina smiled down at Palutena’s exposed bust and decided to make use of these new targets. She grabbed Palutena’s breasts digging her nails into her soft flesh. Then she raked her nails down leaving red marks as she did. Palutena screamed in a high-pitched voice. Rosalina continued to viciously scratch Palutena’s tits until they were a web of harsh red scratch lines. Palutena cried out tears coming to her eyes. Rosalina then pinched both of Palutena’s nipples, then she pulled in opposite directions stretching the scratched breasts as far as she could. Palutena continued to scream at the titty torture. Rosalina eventually let Palutena’s breasts return to their normal shape but she didn’t let go of them. She leaned forward putting her face closer to her victims. “If you give up now, I’ll stop,” Rosalina said in a soft voice. “All you have to do is admit that I’m sexier than you.” Palutena didn’t reply she just stared defiantly back at Rosalina. Rosalina gave another harsh squeeze of Palutena’s breasts. “Go on say I submit.” She leaned in even closer.

“Never Bitch” Taking advantage of Rosalina’s head being in close proximity to her own Palutena smashed her forehead into Rosalina’s. Both women grunted in pain as their skulls crack together but Rosalina came off worse. She stumbled backwards in a daze a small cut on her forehead leaking a trickle of blood. Palutena got up off the floor her naked scratched bosom jiggling as she did so. Rosalina wiped the blood out of her face and with a shout of rage through a wild punch for Palutena. Palutena quickly ducked out of the way Rosalina’s fist sailing over her head. From her crouched position Palutena shot two quick jabs into Rosalina’s crotch.

“AGGGFFFF” Rosalina gasped. She immediately bent over her hands covering her saw pussy. Palutena rose quickly sending an uppercut to Rosalina’s jaw as she did. Rosalina’s teeth were crunched together by the impact. Before Rosalina could recover Palutena landed another punch, a straight jab right into her face. Rosalina went limp from the hit and began to fall backwards. Palutena grabbed the front of Rosalina’s dress as she fell. For the moment she hung in the air held up by Palutena’s grip on her dress but then the fabric reached its limit.


Rosalina fell heavily to the ground her light blue dress torn all the way down her front revealing her a large breasts and most of her smooth stomach. Rosalina flushed bright red and tried to cover up her exposed breasts. Palutena laughed still holding a large torn piece of Rosalina’s dress. The damage to her own outfit was not as significant as Rosalina’s. Her dress was torn just showing off her tits, but Rosalina’s was torn all the way down the front. Palutena even thought she could see a small piece of Rosalina’s panties poking out from the bottom of the rip.

Palutena laid down on top of Rosalina their stomachs touching. Palutena pulled Rosalina’s hands away from her breasts and pinned them by the wrists above her head. “You were so desperate to see my tits you tore my dress open”. Palutena said. “So I’m going to give you a real close look at them.” Then Palutena lowered her dangling tits until they were right on top of Rosalina’s face. Rosalina squirmed and turned her face away but there was nothing she could do to stop Palutena’s rack from descending over her. Rosalina’s vision went dark. She could see nothing. Conveniently for Palutena, her breasts were just big enough to completely surround the front of Rosalina’s head. The smell also wasn’t very pleasant for Rosalina, through exerting herself in their fight Palutena’s body had become hot and sweaty. Rosalina could feel some of this sweat dripping onto her face. She was also finding it hard to breathe in her cramped fleshy prison. After a good 30 seconds of this humiliating smothering Palutena finally lifted her chest off Rosalina’s face. Rosalina gasped drawing in air to her lungs. There was still some of Palutena’s sweat smeared across her face.

“What was the matter, you couldn’t breathe in their” Palutena taunted. Rosalina didn’t reply she was still trying to catch her breath. “Do you want to give up bitch?” Palutena said. Rosalina shook her head her blonde hair stuck to her forehead by Palutena’s sweat. Palutena smiled “Oh well back in you go then,” She started to lower her bountiful chest towards Rosalina’s face again deliberately taking time to drag out Rosalina’s humiliation. But Rosalina had different ideas. She waited just before Palutena’s sweaty tits made contact then she opened her mouth and bit down. Palutena screamed at the top of her voice as Rosalina’s teeth dug into her titty flesh. Rosalina relinquished her mouth full and instinctively Palutena drew back cradling her bitten breast. Now along with the scratches that Rosalina had dealt earlier Palutena’s right breast had a small bite mark on it. “You psycho bitch, you bit me” Palutena shouted still examining her damaged breast.

“Well you try to suffocate me” Rosalina accused still pinned under Palutena.

“I’ll do more than that in a minute” Palutena threatened. She reached down and took a handful of Rosalina’s blonde hair. Palutena pulled up on her hair and then pushed down cracking the back of her head off the floor. Rosalina grunted in pain but retaliated by reaching up and grabbing some of Palutena’s emerald locks. She wrenched Palutena’s head to one side causing her to squeal. Palutena slammed her head into the ground again but this didn’t break Rosalina’s hold on her hair. Rosalina pulled Palutena’s head the other way and Palutena lost her balance and fell. Rosalina rolled with her until she was the one sitting on top of Palutena. She used her new position of dominance to slap Palutena’s face and breasts. Palutena moaned at the pain but then using Rosalina’s hair as a handle managed to pull the blonde off her. The two bruised and sweaty women began to roll. Round and round. Their cat ball rolled one way then the other with both of them scratching, slapping, pulling and clawing at any part of the other one they could reach. When Palutena found herself on top she scratched and pulled at Rosalina’s exposed breasts. And then Rosalina was on top, she pulled Palutena’s hair with one hand and tore away at her dress with the other.

After rolling all over the courtyard they finally separated. Both Palutena and Rosalina lay on the ground a few feet from each other breathing heavily there breasts rising and falling as they did so. Both of them had suffered some more injuries during their cat ball. Rosalina’s breasts were now scratched and bruised looking similar to Palutena’s. Her hair was a mess and stuck out at odd angles. The strand of hair covering one of her eyes was plastered to her face with sweat. Palutena’s long hair now had bits of dirt in it. Her white dress now was torn all the way down to the split showing her legs. And she had lost some of her jewellery. For about a minute all they did was lie on the ground trying to catch their breath and nursing their multiple injuries. Finally, Palutena sat up, she looked at her all but destroyed dress and decided to hell with it. She grabbed the white rags and pulled it off her. Now she was wearing nothing but her white panties and her one stocking which was torn in several places. Her panties also had a red trim like her dress. Rosalina saw what Palutena did and decided to follow suit. She removed the scraps of fabric which once had been her dress so now she was naked also but for her panties which were dark blue and had stars plastered all over them. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat. It was clear to both women that neither of them could keep going for much longer. “Are you ready to give up?” Palutena asked.

“No way, you?” Rosalina replied.

“In your dreams bitch” Palutena spat back.

“Well then slut, let’s finish this” Rosalina said.

Palutena smiled. “My thoughts exactly”

They both charged at each other screaming a battle cry. There tits bouncing up and down with every step. When they finally met it was their breasts which slammed into each other first. Rosalina and Palutena both grunted huskily as their breasts were mashed together. Not wanting to back down Palutena wrapped her arms around Rosalina and pulled her into a bear hug. Rosalina cried out as her body was crushed by Palutena’s grip. Rosalina retaliated by grabbing Palutena around the waist and giving her a squeeze as well. Palutena gasped in pain but continue to squeeze her opponent. Their sweaty bodies intertwined both women squeezed as hard as they could as if they were trying to pop the other. Their breasts were rubbing against each other and because of all the abuse they have suffered during their savage battle their tits were throbbing like hell, causing them just as much pain as their mutual bear hug. But despite this neither Rosalina or Palutena were going to back down now, because they knew if they did, they probably weren’t gonna get up again. It had become a test of endurance to see who could last the longest. Palutena felt her stamina draining away. She realised that she couldn’t last much longer but Rosalina wasn’t showing any signs of weakening she was squeezing Palutena as hard as ever. She had to do something or she would slip into unconsciousness, and there was only one thing she could think of. Palutena leaned in and kissed Rosalina. As their lips met Rosalina’s eyes widened. This was the last thing on earth she was expecting to happen. It was a pleasant sensation but coming from the woman she had spent the last five minutes trying to tear to shreds. Rosalina was left completely stunned. She released her bear hug on Palutena without even realising it. Palutena had no conflicting emotions to work through. She ducked behind Rosalina wrapped her arms around her waist and with a grunt of effort lifted her off the ground. Rosalina came to her senses and was surprised to find that she was up in the air. “What the?”

“This is what you get when you mess with a goddess,” Palutena said.

Rosalina realised what was going to happen moments before it did. “Nooooo!”


Palutena dropped Rosalina in a perfectly executed atomic drop. Rosalina’s pussy slammed into Palutena’s raised knee. A shockwave of pain travelled through the whole of Rosalina’s naked body. Her eyes went wide and her mouth became a round o. She fell to the ground clutching her crotch and started to moan in agony. Her eyes were scrunched close but tears leaked out and fell down her face.

Palutena looked down at her opponent. It looked like the gamble she made with the kiss had paid off. She knelt down and grabbed some of Rosalina’s hair and pulled her head up. The pain this caused Rosalina was nothing compared to the pain in her pussy so she didn’t seem to notice. “Hey bitch,” Palutena said. Rosalina slowly opened one eye. “It’s over, submit” Palutena commanded. Rosalina stared defiantly back at her but that’s all she could do in her current state. Palutena raised her hand ready to slap Rosalina across the cheek.

“No, wait don’t,” Rosalina pleaded. “I can’t take any more,” she hesitated. “you win, I submit”.

Palutena sighed in relief. Their hard-fought struggle was over and she had come out the victor. But she was damned if she was going to let Rosalina off that lightly after what she had put her through. “So, who is the sexiest woman in smash bros?” She asked.

Rosalina mumbled something

“I’m sorry what was that?” Palutena asked.

“You are,” Rosalina said.

“I am what?”

“You are the sexiest woman in smash bros,” Rosalina said not making eye contact.

“You got that right” Palutena said. “And what are you”

“I am, a bitch and a slut,” Rosalina said hoping that this is what Palutena wanted to hear.

It was. Palutena let go of Rosalina’s hair and stood up. “Don’t you ever compare yourself to me again, got that?”

Rosalina nodded quickly.

“Good” Palutena was about to walk away and then she thought of something. She knelt back down and grabbed at Rosalina’s panties.

“What are you doing, you already won” Rosalina squealed in protest.

“I just want a souvenir” Palutena yanked at Rosalina’s only remaining item of clothing until.


Rosalina’s star-spangled panties snapped leaving her completely naked. Rosalina blushed a deep red, she moved her hands to cover her exposed pussy which was still throbbing painfully.

Thinking that Rosalina’s humiliation was complete, Palutena turned her back and walked away still holding Rosalina’s torn panties. As she walked she gave her hips a sexy wiggle. Rosalina just lay on the floor sobbing pathetically.

As soon as Palutena left the courtyard and entered the temple she sagged against one wall. She was completely exhausted. Her body was covered in sweat. Her green hair was a mess and still had a bit missing where Rosalina had torn it out. Red handprints were forming on both of her cheeks. Her breasts were bright red with all the scratches they had suffered and one of them still had teeth marks. Her own pussy still ached from where Rosalina had kicked it. The remains of her white dress still lay in the courtyard beyond repair. However, despite all of this Palutena felt great because she knew that Rosalina had come out of their fight far worse off. Palutena decided that she deserved a treat. A good long soak in one of those hot spring should do the trick.

As Palutena slowly made her way through the temple she realised something, her panties were slightly wet. All that struggling with another naked woman must have turned her on, she just hadn’t really realised at the time because of the intense battle. Palutena decided that she wasn’t only just going to relax in the hot spring she was also going to play, with herself after all she had earned it.

The End

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