The Perfect Ingredient by KingofDaPirates1

The kitchen was smelting hot as it always was on a Sunday night. Orders were coming in and head chef Teagan was working up and down the line at a fast pace. A busy night always kept her mind working as she handled the stove and oven with grace; literally playing with fire. She glanced up at the clock and noticed that the restaurant closed in about 30 minutes. A light sigh escapade her lips about the night that was coming up. She turned back to the few desserts she had to finish; desperately trying to focus on the task at hand.

Teagan was 25 years old and had quickly risen to the top of the restaurant which employed her. The position came from her natural cooking skills that were beyond her years, though it wasn’t the only thing she was known for. The men of the kitchen and wait staff had the nickname ‘Hot Tea’ for her and it was well earned. She had an exotic look; her mother was Hawaiian, and her father English and the combination gave her the best of both worlds.

She had long straight black hair with slight pacific island features. It worked well with her darker skin color, making it seem like she always had a deep tan. Those were just some of the highlights of her face that made her a natural beauty. The other feature was her body, and it was a sight. She was average height with slightly long toned legs and an hourglass feature to kill for. It all started with her torso being home to massive breasts.

They were a full hot cone shape allowing her to fill out any bikini and bra that she bought while also showing off deep tanned cleavage. Working in a kitchen for so long had also taught her the benefit of eating healthy and working out. She was at the gym daily to remove the stress of cooking and giving her ass and legs the power and size they needed. In fact, her incredible booty was a full testament to her commitment and couldn’t be hidden by her cooking gear. She didn’t mind showing it off in some circumstances, but she was happy her work clothes kept it at least somewhat contained. She believed her skill in the kitchen should be the most important thing to move up in her career and not her body. This was a principal she would stand by.

Unfortunately for her, she found herself the only one with the mentality for hard work in the management of The Mezzi. This was even more apparent for Teagan when working with Paige.

Paige was something else and the biggest thorn in Teagan’s life. The girl was also the (unqualified in her Teagan’s eyes) manager and lead hostess at the restaurant and technically her boss. The only way Teagan could describe Paige was a spoiled princess. She cut corners everywhere she could to fund a more lavish lifestyle for herself that included nicer clothes and concert tickets and god knows what else. She clearly saw herself as the queen of their workplace and what she said goes. She didn’t seem to care much for the restaurant (yet it also annoyed Teagan that the business kept getting more popular under her watch). The honey brown haired girl gave everyone what they wanted unless of course if Teagan herself requested it.

For some reason too she specifically targeted things that were most important to Teagan than anyone else on the staff. It seemed Paige had disliked her from day one and it only had gotten worse as the time when on. She had tried to be friends with the hostess at first or at least be civil, but it was not something her boss seemed interested in. A lot of guys joked and thought that Paige didn’t like the other woman because their bodies could be easily compared which was a rarity for the manager and chef.

Paige had the goods to unbelievable proportions and she happily flaunted and used them to get further in life. She wore these mid-thigh business skirts along with stockings and button blouses that she kept open at the top to flaunt her massive tits during work. Her outfits always showed off her own hourglass figure that began with her strong toned butt held up by her sexy legs. She had long, wavy, light brown hair that almost bounced around her pretty face. She had creamy pink skin that also could hold a tan, and to sleep with her was the dream of many of the waiters, chefs, and customers who met her.

During the interview process, Teagan got 4 Yeses and one big No from management. She had learned this once she had been on the job. The no, had of course come from Paige and per the long term staff, it was one of the first times they had seen the hostess been overruled. This came as much to the shock of the workers as it was to Paige herself. The brunette hated not getting her way and Teagan was a consistent reminder of that. This led Paige to target Teagan more and more even though the chef was unaware of the reason. Longer shifts were the first part and it slowly led to Teagan doing harder and harder jobs all around the restaurant. The chef’s attempts at friendship were ignored again and again till eventually, she gave up.

After that decision, much to the surprise of Teagan, the attacks got worse. Almost as though Paige was punishing her for deciding it wasn’t worth attempting to be her friend. After almost 2 months of getting pushed, Teagan finally snapped and pushed back. After a tough night in which the manager ordered her to clean more than her fair share, the exotic woman made her way into Paige’s office once the brunette had left. It didn’t take much effort to find an email made to a ticket voucher for a very expensive concert. It was also easy to see with the files in front of her that Paige had used the company’s credit card to buy the tickets. The hostess had been very good at hiding her tracks so far, but Teagan was going to change that.

She changed the response email to the owner and when they called back to check the order the head boss was not pleased. Paige got an extreme scolding and had all her expenses tracked for a few months after. Teagan was furious Paige didn’t get fired straight out, and Paige was in a fury that her lavish life was threatened. Since Teagan was the only one who also had a key to the office, she assumed correctly that it was the cook who made the change. She upped her attacks on Teagan’s work life and tried harder to push the Hawaiian chick out of a job. The chef ignored the hints because firstly, she loved her work, and secondly, she had begun to despise Paige as much as Paige despised her.

Today was a Sunday night; also known as delivery day at The Mezzi. Teagan had been looking forward to this all week. She had made a special request for this fancy olive oil that would be perfect for a new dish she was creating. Paige had been gone for the last three which made her ordering easier, and the time without the hostess had given Teagan a good break. She was confident that it would be delivered and glad she would not have to deal with all the bullshit of the white girl.

“Hey Hot Tea!” Someone called out. Teagan looked up seeing one of the younger waiters who looked as though he used all his courage just to say her nickname.

He did an obvious look up and down which was not surprising. Teagan had changed out of her work clothes and was in a good-looking outfit now that the night was almost over.

“Hey Rob”, she responded ignoring his look. “What’s up?”

“Umm the delivery is here…and I am heading out, you good to sign and close up?” He asked already starting to leave.

Teagan had been dressing up to go tonight and had planned the idea of her new ingredient arriving was enough to entice her to stay a bit late. She was wearing blue jean short shorts that showed off her ass a bit more than normal and a cute tight green t-shirt that may have emphasised her rack. What could she say? She was on a slight rebound.

“Thanks. Yeah, I will take care of it”, She replied, smiling at the young man who grinned back.

“Ok cook, Bye”, he said heading out the front door after taking one last look at the woman.

Not waiting an extra second, she made her way down to the storage garage. A slightly large room with selves of stored food and other materials. The whole floor was covered in temporary large rubber mats after some cracks in the concrete had been discovered. They weren’t the best for the floor as the soft rubber made it harder to find footing, but they were cheap. ‘Another cost cut’, she thought. Her anger with Paige had grown beyond what she imagined possible after the pool party fiasco.

She entered the room, her feet sinking slightly into the soft pad. She saw the delivery man unloading from his truck and made her way over but as she got closer something was wrong. Those were not the jugs she had expected and quickly turned to the man who was just finishing bringing out the last couple.

“Excuse me what is this?” She asked as she inspected the side of the jugs the man was unloading.

“It’s a type of canola oil mam.” The man responded not looking up from his sheet.

Teagan was confused instantly, “I’m sorry, we ordered olive oil this must be wrong.”

The man sighed clearly having dealt with many people who questioned their orders once he arrived. “I’m sorry miss but please look here.” He stated, looking up now at the woman and holding his notepad up to her. His eyes widened a bit looking at Teagan clearly not expecting someone so attractive in front of him, but he kept it professional.

She took the notepad and read it quickly up and down. The order had been changed last Friday, one day after she had put it in. She didn’t do it, but someone had…and she was pretty sure who it was.

“Oh, I remember now.” The man suddenly said, “Yeah we got a call saying we had to update the order. The woman asked for the cheapest oil we got and well this is definitely it.” He explained as he picked up one of the remaining jugs in the truck. He continued, “Honestly, this oil is more suited for tanning rather than eating, and watch out, the tops of these plastic jugs pop off super easy and it’s a mess to clean up.”

Teagan was no longer listening as she was seeing red at the moment. She had heard the first part, ‘better for tanning rather than eating?’, The bitch knows we work at a fucking restaurant’ she growled internally knowing it must have been Paige.

“Excuse me?” The man snapped taking Teagan out of her thought. “Sorry again miss. I can see this stuff isn’t what you expected but I’m going to have to have you sign”, now offering her a pen. She didn’t see any other option. She picked it up and quickly signed the sheet. As she handed it back, she asked, “Can I ask you who called to change the order?”

The man clearly trying to make her feel better said sure and he flipped his notes. “Umm, a Miss Gordon.” He gave a small nod and quickly made his way to the driver seat and drove off with nothing else. Teagan stood there angrier now than ever. The driver had confirmed it had been Paige who clearly made this switch to save more money and of course, attack her. This was the last straw. That olive oil was exactly what Teagan liked to use in her dishes and Paige was screwing her and now her cooking. After all that had happened between them, it was more the principle than anything that drove her to turn and walk back towards the hallway.

The restaurant was completely empty besides herself and Paige she knew as she made her way back to the kitchen. She was going to go talk to Paige right now about everything. It was weird to her that this little olive oil change was what finally pushed her to confront the other woman but in truth, it had been a multitude of things. All the snarky remarks, the many attacks on her work life…and of the biggest of all; what happened 3 weeks ago right before Paige had gone on holiday…the pool party.

(Three weeks earlier)

(3 weeks earlier)

The restaurant was having a party to celebrate its 5 years of opening and the owner rented a Hotel Pool to celebrate. The fancy invitations gave all the little details including the dress code which of course was pool appropriate. He also made it mandatory to attended and asked the staff to bring significant others or dates if possible. “The more the merrier!” he pronounced loudly the night before the party. The man did know how to celebrate and spared no expense for the event. Teagan had tried to think of any way out of the situation, but alas without an excuse the night before; she prepared for the event unenthusiastically.

She looked through her selection of clothes and had to remind herself that it was a work event, and she should dress modestly to ensure she didn’t turn any heads or gather unwanted attention from any of her co-workers. Between a skimpy white two-piece she and an unrevealing 2-piece yellow bikini, she picked the yellow. Her breasts which could not be normally contained were at least decently well covered. It also stopped her nipples from poking out as long as she didn’t get too excited. ‘Well, that should be fine’ she thought as she adjusted the bottoms that covered her butt mostly. She added a silk wrap to cover a bit more skin. One last look in the mirror gave her the satisfaction she needed. ‘Hot, but contained’, a phrase she had taught herself when working and dealing with horny men.

Her phone buzzed and a single message popped up. Teagan knew who it was before looking; she had invited Michael who was a few years older and well-off man. She had been seeing him for a few weeks and it was going well, even though they hadn’t had sex yet. The message read ‘Here, you ready?’. She quickly responded with an ‘Omw’ and grabbed her purse. She hadn’t been sure she should bring him at first but thought it would at least keep some of the bolder co-workers to not make a move on her. Also, last week they had begun to share dirty texts messages that focused on her body mainly. ‘I want to suck your nipples into my mouth.’ ‘I want to rub my dick all over your huge ass.’ She had read them more than once when thinking of sex. It had been a while since she had gotten laid due to her life being so focused on her work and as she made her way out, she thought, ‘Yeah, I am going fuck him tonight.”

When the couple arrived, the party was already in full swing and most of the 28 workers and their dates were by the pool. Most just made small chit chat waiting for the owner to announce that the open bar would actually begin to serve. Time seemed to slow down as Teagan went from person to person greeting, introducing and being polite. She got a few comments on her body looking amazing but keeping close to Michael worked as she had planned. About 30 minutes had passed and Teagan felt good so far about the gathering. She hadn’t been sure at first, but now she was getting to know her cooks and workers on a more personal level.

Everyone seemed to be getting along; even people who were at each other’s throats in the kitchen. This gave her the idea that maybe, just maybe she and Paige might be able to talk thru their differences today. ‘It was worth a shot, right? I mean we are both adults?’ she thought. But even as the thought passed her mind two things caught her attention simultaneously. The owner yelled out “THE BAR IS OPEN!” which was met with a cheer from the crowd. Weirdly, there was a second was a commotion near the entrance that caused Teagan to turn her neck away from the group she had been in discussion with.

She should have guessed but that was the moment Paige had arrived. Teagan, her date, and pretty much every person in the party’s jaw dropped at the sight of the manager. The brunette had not cared in the slightest that it was a work event. She had chosen a red bikini thong that ironically Teagan had seen in a workout magazine just a few days prior and had considered purchasing. It showed plenty of cheek before disappearing down her co-worker’s bubbled ass. The matching red top was strapless that went her around nipples and showed a lot of under boob that made up for the lack of cleavage it presented. It was surprising a girl that busty would wear something like that. The chef also noticed the red rose tattoo on Paige’s slightly tanned front right thigh which surprised her; she wouldn’t have guessed the girl would be tatted.

The color of the rose matched her bikini and stood out well on the creamy muscular thigh. Paige’s hazel eyes scanned the room and for some reason, Teagan could swear that when they found her; the manager grinned. She wasn’t sure why, but she assumed it was because of what she was wearing. They had never openly compared bodies, but Teagan knew that Paige talked behind her back, saying comments about how much fitter she was. She of course also heard the rest of the staff’s whispers about who was ‘hotter’. This was a conversation that got brought up every time the women were in close proximity to each other. Now she could only think of the cocky smile that Paige had just given her.

‘Not tonight’ Teagan told herself even though it was already eating her up inside. If Paige was not in the mood for civility, she would just ignore the brunette the best she could.

Paige clearly didn’t have a date as she arrived quite alone, but that didn’t faze her, and she began to make her rounds. She was quite friendly with most of the staff and hugged each man and woman tightly with a lot of chest. Everyone had begun to drink with the bar now serving everyone quickly. The music was blasting around the pool and time passed slowly for Teagan. She was horny and couldn’t believe this party was supposed to go on for another 3 hours. She knew that the sex could wait but it was starting to become an unbearable itch that she wanted to scratch with Michael.

She did her best to ignore that Paige had saved her and Michael for last in the greeting line. She was now trying to decide if she even wanted to try and be friends or at least civil with this woman. ‘Everything she does is to annoy me, she was thinking just as Paige had finally come up to the two of them. Now up close, the chef got the best look at Paige’s revealed body than she ever had before.

“Hello, Teagan!” Paige said overly cheerfully coming up to her and her date. She did not attempt to hug the girl; the first person she hadn’t in the whole party, another thing Teagan noticed. But before she could respond, Paige’s eyes fell on Michael. “And who is this?”

The manager turned her body to face Michael who was shirtless and sporting a well-defined body of his own. Paige flashed a big smile and adjusted her form so that she was more in front of Michael than his date was. He seemed to keep his cool even with this busty toned woman in such a tiny bikini in front of him. He glanced slightly at Teagan and noticed how stiff she had become. They had talked a bit about her work though he didn’t know everything; he could guess the ‘bitch’ Teagan had mentioned she worked with was now in front of him. Though he wasn’t one to judge before meeting a person.

“Hi, I’m Michael. Teagan’s date.” He said politely extending a hand to Paige who eyed it surprisingly.

“Well hello Michael, I am Paige. Teagan’s boss if she hadn’t mentioned.” Teagan huffed at the last part which Paige shot her a small glance of annoyance. She took his hand and gave it a small shake, keeping her eye’s locked on him longer than appropriate. As he started to pull away, Paige held on for an extra second which was noticed by both Michael and Teagan. It had been less than a minute but any chance for diplomacy between the girls was nearing its end. A short awkward silence followed with Paige’s eyes still on Michael and him trying to look away and around the party the best he could. Though she seemed very friendly and that was very appealing to the young man.

Paige seemed to consider her options about something and gave a slight sigh, “Well hopefully we can talk much more Michael, and Teagan…let’s catch up too”.

“Sure Paige, looking forward to it,” Teagan responded with her own fake cheer. She knew that the other woman had added that last bit in with no intention of meaning it.

Paige finally turned away from the couple and while departing, Teagan got a great view of the big and firm ass of her co-worker. For once she was not in a business skirt and the red thong didn’t leave much to the imagination. Unfortunately, she stared a second too long as Paige stopped and turned around to catch her in the act of ogling. “

Not bad, huh? ‘Hot Tea,’” The hostess quipped at Teagan; sarcastically using the nickname. “You know what they say if you got it; flaunt it.” She laughed as she then made her way back towards the bar leaving the couple alone.

Teagan’s face had already gone slightly red for getting caught staring and comparing, but Paige’s double-edged comment raised the hue to another level. The manager was clearly saying that she had ‘it’ and Teagan did not. She felt the smallest bit of envy that she too wasn’t wearing a more daring bikini.

Michael had watched the whole ordeal and could tell Teagan was more than just irritated. He immediately couldn’t help but think that the two bodies of the girls are what made them dislike each other. He was half right.

“Hey, you ok?” He asked with care in his voice and Teagan realized that she had to relax to get through this party. She couldn’t’ help steal another glance at Paige who was now in another group, her ass even yards away looked amazing. Again, a tiny, tiny bit of her wished she had worn something riskier…or even better if she had ordered the same red bikini as her co-worker. She had ‘it’ and she wanted to show Paige and everyone that she had, even more, it than her.

“Yeah, I’m fine but I think I am going to have to get a drink. In fact, I think I need a lot of them”. Teagan said looking at the open bar that was open. Michael smiled, “Well, I think I will join you and just so you know, your ass looks better than hers.”. Teagan smiled at him but knew that he was slightly lying at least in the circumstance of tonight. If she had worn her white tiny bikini thong, her own big strong ass could go head-to-head with Paige’s in terms of size and muscle.

Michael would have a real tough time comparing who’s was better in that scenario. She begrudgingly knew that her own yellow bikini covered her ass more than she expected and Paige’s ass did look somewhat okay. ‘It doesn’t matter she told herself again pushing Paige out of her mind for the time meaning. Leaving Michael, she made her way to the bar ordering a double vodka cranberry to start a long night of drinking and hopefully speed up time.

People talked, drank, and laughed as the night went on and within 15 minutes, Teagan was back at the bar looking to order another drink after downing her first one fast. Michael had wandered into a group of chefs and was now laughing among them separating themselves for the first time in the night. She was just about to order went she felt the presence of another person come up next to her.

“Hello again, Teagan”, Paige said in the same fake voice that had greeted her previously in the night. ‘Damn’, she thought, she was not yet drunk enough for this. When she had come to the party, she thought maybe she and Paige could just maybe get past their issues. They could drink a bit and laugh off what they had been doing but so far it was clear, this what not going to happen. Now that they stood side to side it was clear how similarly proportioned their bodies were. Their large breasts, thin smooth stomachs, and perky big asses made them the hottest girls at the hotel tonight. It was obvious to everyone that they could switch bikinis, thongs, or pretty much any item of clothes and fit them well.

“Hey, Paige. Enjoying yourself?” She asked the brunette while eyeing her from the side. Paige’s skin looked almost porcelain and was well toned even up this close.

“Yeah, sorta.” The manager huffed standing next to the cook now side by side at the bar. “There are not as many cute guys here than I prefer, except maybe one.” She said almost more to herself than to Teagan. The cook almost responded but the bartender had just walked back to them, interrupting her chance to ask who.

The barkeep was used to hot chicks at the hotel but even he had trouble keeping his eye’s up with Paige and Teagan’s huge bikini covered tits at his bar. Even in her less modest yellow top, Teagan’s cleavage was a match for Paige’s due to the red top covering more on front of her tits.

“Ladies! What will it be?” The barkeep asked regaining his composure and grabbing two glasses.

Teagan spoke up first. “I’ll take a single vodka cranberry.” The bartender nodded and turned his head to look at Paige. She did a sideways glance at Teagan before saying, “I’ll take the same, but make mine a double.” Giving a big smile at the man while giving Teagan another slight glance that was noticed this time.

“You got it”. He said as he turned but stopped midway as Teagan’s voice reached him. “Make mine a double too.” She added was not sure exactly why she said it, but the way Paige had looked at her; it felt like a challenge. The bartender looked somewhat surprised, and his next comments would lead to something he would not have ever been able to guess.

“Sure! You two are both going hard tonight huh? Guess we will see who drinks the most!” He laughed and started making the drinks leaving the girls at the bar alone for the first time.

Teagan wanted to attempt diplomacy, but the barkeep’s last sentence rang in her mind even as she spoke. ‘Who could drink more?’ Something about that line gave Teagan a slight shiver especially when the: who was her and a woman who she disliked. Paige seemed to have noticed the comment as well as she was now looking at Teagan with a slight competitive twinkle in her eye. This could be an opportunity she thought; a way to get Teagan completely smashed and embarrassed. Hell, maybe even fired as a bonus.

The bartender returned before Teagan had the chance to say anything. He handed both girl’s their drinks who thanked him in turn. Paige then turned her amazing body to directly face the other woman while Teagan moved hers as well noticing the change of stance. The hostess gave a slight smile with her red lips looking directly into Teagan’s dark brown eyes who did not smile back.

“To the woman who can drink most.” She said in a sarcastic tone, but Teagan felt the real challenge that was now in front of them. She raised her glass and Paige clinked it with hers. A small moment of shared peace that quickly vanished as they took the first sip still locked hazel to brown. The first sip of many.

Now the challenge was in full swing. Anytime one of them went to the bar, the other appeared in seconds to order the same thing. Every stops a little drunker and their rivalry was becoming more apparent, doing and saying things that they wouldn’t normally have ever done without alcohol.

They would openly glare at each other for a few seconds, and the catty remarks soon followed. “Did you get that bikini at Wal-Mart?” “Was the gym closed the last few weeks?”, Different alcohols, different amounts, but always the same drink between them and within two hours both girls were completely smashed beyond any hope. The main party was also starting to end except for the stragglers and a few people from the hotel who had started to join trying to keep the bash going.

The bar had officially closed leading to a tie of drinks consumed but at their current state, neither girl could fully remember. Paige had jumped in the pool up to her waist and walked around loudly giggling and not hiding her drunkenness. She would hug like she did in the beginning but now would push harder into the people she met as a bonus.

Teagan eyed her nervously as the only other two people in the pool now were Michael, who was now quite drunk himself and a hot hotel guy she didn’t know. The drunkenness had caused Teagan’s sex itch to explode and she was looking for any excuse to get Michael out of the pool and into a cab. She wanted him and now she was going to get it. She looked away for only a second to call a cab but when she looked back the scene had changed. Paige had somehow climbed atop Michael’s shoulders and was happily declaring herself queen of the pool. Her toned legs around Michael’s neck tightly, her thighs and ass close to his face. She jiggled her tits like a ram showing its horns in its territory. Her honey brown hair swayed as Michael turned her around and around laughing as well.

Teagan was already red in the face because of the alcohol but this was ridiculous. A new feeling caused a flush of red to her cheeks. This was anger, furious anger that was now solely targeted at Paige. She told herself not to go over for a millisecond but her drunk self won over reason and a second later in an instant she started to walk/stumble towards the pool. Coming to the edge she drunkenly announced her presence, “Michael! I think it’s time for us to leave!”

It was loud enough to get Michael’s attention over the music. Even in his drunken state, he suddenly seemed to realize what situation he was in. He turned to face Teagan but before he could speak, he felt the powerful leg muscles on his shoulders tighten.

“You guys can’t leavvvveee”. Paige whined putting her hands on Michael’s face in a clear motion that she was mainly talking about him. The girl’s locked their eyes and Michael had no idea what to do. He was having a lot of fun and was very attracted to Paige, but also didn’t want to blow his chance with Teagan. Luckily the choice was made for him.

“I’m queen of the pool and what I say goes!” Paige yelled happily, showing how much she enjoyed being on top of her world…and literally anything else. “If you want to leave, come get him!” She suddenly challenged directly at Teagan.

The Hawaiian girl was not normally one for confrontation and definitely would not at a work event. The alcohol though made everything different and she was not about to let Paige ride her date and her fuck boy tonight. She took a look around and in a slight shock realized it was just her, Paige, and Michael left from the party. Everyone else was new or no longer part of the original group, meaning no one knew the situation between them.

The other attractive man was just leaving the pool when Teagan got his attention. “Hey, mind giving me a ride?” She asked slightly seductively. He needed no other reason quickly re-entering the pool and moving towards where Teagan was standing on the edge. Paige had turned her attention to other people and had not noticed what was happening across the pool.

Teagan jumped into the shallow end of the pool keeping her top and hair dry. The man she had mentioned had come over grinning before he dunked his head and went between her sexy legs. She gave a small yelp as she was lifted easily and came to rest on his shoulders matching Paige a couple of meters away.

The brunette looked over at the sound and her mouth opened slightly seeing the yellow bikinied girl in the same position as her. She watched the strong, tanned legs dripping with water as they clinched on the shoulders on the other man. This pissed her off, once again the Hawaiian chick was entering her territory and she had never thought the other woman would accept her challenge even drunk. The pool and more importantly the restaurant was hers and hers alone, she drunkenly thought. She forced Michael to turn his head and face Teagan and the other man.

The four people were now facing each other and on cue someone yelled from the side, “CHICKEN FIGHT!” and the two men began to move towards each other bringing the drunk girls closer and closer. The girl’s eyes were focused on each other as they got close enough to lock their hands and instantly were going at it. Their forearms flexed as they pushed and pulled, fingers interlocked.

The music had turned up as they tried to push and pull each other by the hands. Their tits bounced up and down in their bikini tops as they huffed and puffed but were still a respectable distance. The water splashed around, and the spectators began to cheer on the two women as they attempted to force the other off their man’s shoulders and into the water. They were pulled apart as the men moved away even as the girls tried to keep their fingers interlaced. The pair’s circled while the men began splashing the other guy’s woman trying to soak the upper bodies and give them a hot wet that only increased the number of people watching. They both let out the girl’s screams as they quickly became soaked; people could follow the droplets down the perfect bodies of the women.

Now, the men moved closer, but this time went side to side allowing the girls to get right into each other’s faces. Their arms met again as they flexed on their shoulders in a hard push; this also allowed them to bring their right tits close to smashing. Their strength seemed about even as neither could get enough power behind them to win and once again they found broke apart in a stalemate unable to topple the other girl. Michael on the other hand started to find himself in a bad spot. He was getting further into the deep end and Paige noticed as well as Teagan suddenly looked way taller than her. As they met again, Teagan began to use the height advantage, and Paige tried to find any way out of getting pushed into the water, but it was getting near the end and she felt Michael giving way.

“No!” She howled slapping Teagan’s hands away and in a display of desperation lunged forward. She wrapped her arms around the cook crushing their hard bodies together. “Get off!” was all Teagan could yell as the hotel man could not hold the weight of both girls. She tried to push off Paige and win the chicken fight, but Paige had other ideas. Her red nails took hold of the yellow bikini, so if she fell in without Teagan; the chef’s top was going with her.

“AHH!” Paige screamed as she began to fall to the side and Teagan realizing she was about to be stripped went with her.

They crashed into the water, too close to tell who wet first as the men high fived. Under the water, the girls continued to hold each chest to chest other almost as if they were trying to squeeze the air out of their opponent’s lungs. Their legs now free lashed out and around each other as they sank in the hold. It only lasted a few seconds though as Michael pulled them both out of the water and they separated as they came up for air. Somehow both bikinis had managed to stay on containing their breasts to the disappointment of the men.

“Good fight girls!” Some people yelled as Michael held both their hands in the air in a victory pose to cheers. But this was not how Paige and Teagan felt. They had both ended up in the water and now there was no clear winner. Now a new challenge had appeared; could Teagan get Michael to leave or if Paige could get him to stay?

The girls were given towels and now sat on facing sun chairs. No words were said but the anger could almost be felt flowing between them. Teagan wanted to call a cab as soon as possible. The night had gotten away from her and she wanted nothing more than to get away from Paige and get Michael alone. Her co-worker was having identical thoughts, including getting Michael away from Teagan. Riding on his shoulders got her sex engine running full speed and a bonus was knowing if she got him, Teagan didn’t. Her original plan to get Teagan fired was no longer possible, but she could still embarrass the other woman. Michael returned along with a well-dressed man who ran the front of the hotel.

“Come on. Let’s go to the lobby.” He said, taking a second to compare the two contrasting colors of deep cleavage. The girls were clearly leaning forward trying to get more attention on their own mammeries. “Teagan! Paige! Let’s go”. This firmer sound got them up in their drunk state and they followed them into the lobby lost in their thoughts. As Michael reached the front; the worker spoke but at Paige.

“Miss Gordon, your room is ready”. Teagan’s eye’s widened at the sentence. ‘She got a room here!?’ Her confidence in getting Michael in a 30 min cab ride back to her place suddenly looked less likely, with the other option being a 20 second elevator ride.

“Why don’t you stay with me, Michael?” Paige grinned finally confirming Teagan’s fear, “I have a room upstairs, so you don’t have to get a cab?” She ran a hand up his arm to emphasize what she meant.

“No, he is coming home with me. He is my date!” Teagan hissed back latching on to the other arm tightly.

“He was my ride in the pool and we hung out all night!” Paige responded quickly using clear drunken logic but to both women it was a valid point.

“Yeah, but he wanted me up there!”

“No, he didn’t!” They argued slowly gathering attention from others in the lobby. They were all still in their bathing suits and already stood out amongst the nicer dressed guests.

The situation felt tense and Michael’s mind was spinning. He was suddenly worried they might actually start physically fighting if he picked either one. At that second, he felt both sets of nails dig into his arm. He could also feel four big soft tits which were hard to ignore as each girl pulled him towards her. He wasn’t as drunk as the woman and honestly, he just wanted to lay down. He had hoped to sleep with Teagan or even Paige tonight but now he felt that it was best to pass on the evening and try again next time. In a gambit to appease both of them and avoid any sort of scene in the lobby, he motioned to the elevator.

“Ok fine, let’s all go up to Paige’s room. You two can share the bed, and I will take the couch.” He said happily with his idea; he would be the responsible one and once everyone was sober it would be easier to get them to see reason. Paige and Teagan’s faces immediately went into a scowl as the idea failed to give either of them a decisive win, but it did stop the arguing for the time. He knew a second later that his choice was not popular with the girls as their claws dug in tighter to the skin of his arm. Their minds raced trying to give a reason to why that wouldn’t work; any reason to get the other woman away, but in their mental state nothing came.

They looked at each other, hazel to brown slightly blurry. The words spoken between them at the pool did not make this an easy decision, but neither was backing down. They didn’t want to disagree with Michael as it could then give the other woman a chance to strike and seem more willing to compromise.

“Fine”. “Ok”, the girls said breaking eye contact and looking doe eyed at Michael. Their idea was that at least the other couldn’t do anything while they shared the room. The hotel front desks eyes widened as Paige took the key, not letting Michael’s arm go and began to move towards the elevator with him and Teagan in tow. Ding. The elevator opened and they hustled in the small space that had mirrors are the way around. From other people’s view, this was an interesting sight as the door closed and they began to ride up.

The ride felt long in the overcrowded elevator. The bikinied girls were aware of every movement and motion of the other. They kept glancing quickly past Michael, secretly comparing tits and asses in the confined space; the mirrors showing angles they could not normally see in one look. The elevator finally stopped, and the doors opened 45 seconds later. The room was right next to the elevator and Paige quickly used the key to enter. She let Michael in giving him a goofy smile as he walked straight in. Her smile faded as Teagan now entered but Paige wouldn’t let her in easy. She shifted her body to stand diagonally in the doorway, blocking most of it with her womanly body. It was a clear sign. Teagan was not welcome, but she didn’t care. The Asian woman walked forward slamming shoulders together roughly as she passed. They grunted at the impact as the chef entered the room and angrily heard the loud slam as the door closed behind her, locking all 3 people together. It was not large. Just a bed, couch, and a small restroom.

The bed looked even smaller up close and it was clear space would be tight. Michael didn’t say anything as he laid down on the couch instantly after walking into the room; looking to have passed out. The girls were now standing side to side in front of the bed; both still in their bikinis and showing a lot of skin. Unless they laid side by side completely like a pencil; there would be some skin contact between their luscious bodies. It was going to be a long night. The light went off and they crawled in next to each other. In the dark they glared face to face, some of their legs touching but it didn’t last. They rolled away and attempted to pencil falling into a restless sleep.

Less than an hour later she felt Paige leave the bed and assumed she was off to the toilet. But no light from the bathroom came and she pondered where the woman had gone. Then from the darkness, she heard a slurping sound that she knew was made only way. Her eye’s shot open and she sat up in the dark.

Paige was on her knees by the couch in front of Michael’s spread legs. The sound was of Paige’s head bobbing up and down; her red lips sliding on the shaft as she blew the man a few feet away from the bed. “What the fuck?!” Teagan whispered under her breath. She sat up quickly and quietly; her eyes adjusted into the darkness and she could see the whole picture. ‘NO!’ She thought. That was her dick and her date. She jumped up and suddenly felt slightly dizzy. ‘Fuck’, she realized she was sober enough to understand what was happening, but still very drunk.

This meant Paige was definitely just as drunk too, so it was even ground. She began to move towards the other two in near silence. Paige didn’t notice as her head continued to go up and down, completely engrossed in her task kissing the head quietly. Teagan could tell Michael’s dick was soaked with spit just by the sound that was coming from the blowjob. Michael’s eyes were closed too and his head leaned back, he was clearly trying to hold in moans from Paige’s superb technique.

As she got close enough, she could see that both the red bikini thong and bikini top was still on the woman. Paige noticed the presence but wasn’t able to act in time to stop it. She was pushed out of the way aggressively on the shoulder. “Hey!” She yelled as she fell to the side; her hand slipping from the wet dick. Teagan took her place in front of Michael. The man’s eyes shot open but didn’t say or do anything; he was just going to see what happens.

Teagan didn’t hesitate and gave the penis in front of her a hard slow lick up the shaft. She tasted Paige’s spit every millimeter mixed with the taste of dick. She reached the head and gave it a slight suck before going back down. She followed with another lick, but this time left her own spit trail up the skin, replacing the wet substance from the other woman. Paige on the other hand was still on her side now looking up at the girl who had taken her place. The sudden change of position caused her to feel dizzy. At first, she thought it was the sickness, but the urge was lower than her stomach. She looked up and watched as Teagan began to lower her head further and began to administer her own skillful blowjob.

The push. It made Paige feel a surge of competitiveness and slight arousal. It was another challenge, but this was more than just who could drink more or who could throw the other in the pool. This felt like a challenge to her sexual skills and that was something she knew she could win. It had always been an unsaid thing between them, and Teagan had just proved it.

Paige sat up and tried to push back but Teagan was more prepared and held her ground keeping her lips wrapped around the head; wetly going up and down. She used her free hand to try to keep the other horny woman at bay as they began to touch more and more.

“Get off.” Paige slurred as there was no point in trying to be sneaky anymore. Finally, after two tries she got a hand on Teagan’s cheek and successfully caused a small pop from the chef’s mouth letting go.

“Stop! Get away!” The Hawaiian girl hissed while she slapped the hand away and went back down. They pushed each other slightly but were more focused on getting her own lips on the meat as Paige pushed up right up next to Teagan. Their cheeks met in front of the manhood and both began to lick.

They each ended up working half the dick with their tongues. They struggled to focus on the licking however as Paige’s right hand and Teagan’s left continued to push until they met palm to palm and locked fingers in a flashback to the pool. Their arms flexed, but the strength contest only lasted for a second thanks to the man. Michael decided to assist them slobbering on his dick, so he moved off the couch and laid on the floor. This way the girls pushed each other and took a side to stare eye to eye while they worked their own part of the dick; keeping away from the other’s slippery tongue. Paige was frustrated that she could not use her full skills now having another woman get in her way. The two-way sharing looked hot she had to admit, but she wanted it to finish him herself and even better; make Teagan watch her finish him.

She ran her tongue up to the head and spit right on the tip. Some of it ‘missed’ the dick however and hit Teagan in the face causing her brown eyes to snap open and back off with a look of annoyance and disgust. With the chef off, Paige swallowed the whole dick, taking both hers and Teagan’s side while moaning as she went. Instead of looking up at Michael who groaned at the sensation; she stared right at Teagan with the dick in her mouth in a clear taunt with how deep she could take it. She held it deep throated for a few seconds before going up with a gasp and releasing it with a loud pop. She then began to rub with her hand and whispered to Teagan over the wet sound. “What’s the matter? Can’t keep up?” She grinned and went back down now sucking quickly and enthusiastically.

Teagan was at her limit dealing with the red bikini girl and decided to raise the stakes. If Paige wanted to play dirty, so could she and she would use her tanned big ones to scare off the other woman. She leaned back up on her knees and ran her hands up her smooth belly and to her large firm tits. The brunette had moved down and slightly to the side to suck Michael’s balls and was no longer paying attention to the other woman. The cook reached behind herself and undid the strings that held her yellow bikini top on. The clothe fell to the side and her now hard brown nipples became free. Her girls showed their firmness and size as she lifted them in her hands feeling them out as if preparing them. Seeing Paige totally engrossed in her work, Teagan lowered herself back into the battle.

She leaned forward and aimed her orbs directly into Paige’s pretty face. The manager had just started to deep throat Michael again with her eyes closed. She went so deep that she nearly swallowed the whole shaft, when suddenly two nude large tits pushed into her. She immediately pulled back instead of being motorboated by the womanly fat. A sharp nipple had nearly poked her in the eye. By backing off, it allowed the wet dick to easily slide into Teagan’s large tit flesh. Michael immediately reacted as his dick was engulfed and a bit of pre-cum released from the tip. Teagan leaned her face down to lick up the small amount and then looked up at Paige with a sarcastic smile, “You can’t compete”, she said softly as she began to squeeze and used her tits to run up and down the meat while continuing to stare at Paige.

Paige had now been pushed off of Michael’s dick a second time this night and she was fucking done dealing with the other woman. ‘She wants to push tits?’ She huffed in her mind. She went to her own knees and undid the small knot holding her the strapless red bikini top in place. It fell off easily and she rubbed her own free titflesh with her palms. She groaned with how sharp and ready they were to help. Eyes looked at Teagan who was now staring at Michael as she took him as deep as Paige had, swallowing his whole dick. The chef lifted her head and turned to Paige just in time to see what she had planned. The hostess gave her new blowjob rival a challenging look as she lowered her body once more and slapped her tits directly into the other pair.
Teagan gave a slight jump and hiss at the impact as the wet dick slipped out of hers and into Paige’s creamy deep cleavage. Michael moaned again as he felt his penis switch between the duelling breasts in an amazing sensation. This was the first time the girls had seen each other’s nude tits and it was much closer inspection than they had ever expected. They had both been slightly worried the other girl was bigger than herself and how firm they looked in the bikinis. But they couldn’t worry about it now.

As Paige began pushing her tits together to begin the titfuck, Teagan pushed back quickly using her own hands to bring them into breast slippery contact. They both tried to get the shaft into their orbs, but it became near impossible with the other always there. Teagan was getting hornier and hornier feeling her nipples flick and push into Paige’s; she wanted to keep fighting like this. Their boobs were squishing into each other and it brought their faces close enough to feel the hot breath. She never expected how hot it felt to compete against Paige, and her co-worker was secretly thinking the same.

The drinking contest that had started by the pool had climaxed into a near blackout drunk double titfuck competition. They molded against each other with their large girly fat while their hard nipples flicked alternatively up and down again and again. Their bikinis bottoms both had wet spots now that was not water, hidden in the dark. A secret they would not find out yet. Any time one girl tried to get her mouth onto the head the other used her forehead to keep her at bay with a growl. The dick was completely covered in spit covered fat and only after a minute Michael began to moan louder from the unbelievable feelings. The sounds only made them increase their pace as they whispered threats face to face.

“You can’t even titfuck.” Paige growled at her chef

“Bitch, get back in bed, you can’t handle this” Teagan hissed to the manager.

“Your tits are nothing to my perfect girls, everyone at the restaurant wants me and not you.” Paige shot back no longer whispering as the end neared.

“You don’t fucking know what you’re talking about. Put us next to each other and no one would look at you over me!” Teagan responded louder now as they went faster and faster. Michael was now in an extended moan and they could no longer hear as the dick was trapped perfectly between the two pairs.

An explosion occurred as strings of cum began pumping out of the dick and onto their tits. There was little celebration as the dick seemed to alternate shooting Teagan’s and Paige’s large orbs with white goo, again leaving no winner between them. While Michael was cumming, they used their boobs to squeeze out all they could. Quickly some of the cum rolled down their chests in and they could feel the stickiness connecting their skin. Even as jizz dripped; they kept their eyes locked in a dangerous stare. If they had still been as drunk as they had been at the pool, they would have leapt at each other to fight it out right there, using their big cum covered breasts as weapons if necessary.

It wasn’t to be though as after 20 seconds of glaring and breathing in each other’s faces, Paige simply huffed with the situation becoming more apparent and sober. She got up still topless and snapping the cum lines without a word and went back to the bed. Teagan waited for another second ensuring that Michael was completely passed out on the floor. She then huffed herself unsatisfied and got up still drunk. The white substance was covering her tits but she didn’t care; if Paige wasn’t going to shower, neither would she. She went back into the bed and laid down next to Paige. In hindsight it was amazing they didn’t start going at it in one way while lying next the rest of the night. In the end, it was quiet, even if both women didn’t get much sleep, their minds replaying the events.

Teagan woke up as light shone through the window in the hotel room. Her head spun as she took in her surroundings with a nasty hangover. She felt the heat of the other person next to her. For a millisecond she thought it was Michael, until her eyes fell on him still passed out on the couch. She now realized that Paige was the person next to her and both their bikini tops were off.

‘What the fuck did I do’, she asked herself. She looked down and felt the dry cum on her tits in an instant it all came flashing back. “No way.” She said aloud but was quickly confirmed as her eyes darted to Paige’s huge tits with dried cum on them as well. ‘Oh fuck’ she thought while she jumped out of bed accidentally starting to wake up the other woman.

She moved quickly grabbing her bikini top and a robe. She headed for the door looking back at two other people only for an instant. Paige was just starting to move and now so was Michael. She wasn’t ready for this. She called an Uber as she left the room, not sure how she was going to deal with this night going forward.

The ride was long and thankfully the cap driver didn’t talk much, though Teagan was sure he was tempted. After 30 minutes Teagan finally got to her apartment building. She walked through the front door and made a beeline for the shower, her goal to wash off the memory and filth of the night. She was also in a simple term pissed off. She was not disgusted that she had done a double blowjob, but the problem was doing it with a woman she hated. She was annoyed at Michael a bit, but Paige was the main focus of her rage. Why had she gone along with it? And even worse…why the hell did she enjoy it? The pushing, shoving, and competitiveness with Paige; all of it made her so wet. She couldn’t help but wonder if the other girl felt it too. Even now her overly sexed body wanted more. Her mind ran with images of her and Paige alone in the hotel room. What would they do to each other? What if there was another dick that they had to fight for? What if there wasn’t?

She stripped nude and entered the small shower. It got hot and steamy which helped Teagan relax a bit, but she knew should not stay in forever and would have to deal with it eventually. But as she washed the dried cum wash off, she thought of her and Paige in this very shower, pulling wet hair and trying to slam each other into the glass. Slowly, she began to lightly touch herself but stopped a second later. ‘No, that is not what I want’. She got out quickly after that thought and wrapped herself in a clean white towel. As she returned to her bedroom, she noticed two new voicemails on her phone. She put the phone up to her ear and began to listen.

Michael’s voice began first, “Hey Teagan. I’m really sorry about last night. Can we talk? Please call me back.” The message ended and Teagan sighed. She knew she would have to talk to Michael eventually but not now. The second message started and a sweet nice voice she did not know started speaking.

“Hello Miss Akina, this is Miss Reynolds over at Roja’s School library. You currently have a book out with us that is two weeks overdue. The book is called…Chef’s Master Recipe Edition 2. I just wanted to inform you that we will have to charge you a late fee starting tomorrow. Please return the book at your first opportunity and we might be able to waive the fee. Thank you so much!” BEEB. ‘Fuck’ Teagan thought, she had totally forgotten about the book, but she was not in the mood to deal with it. The library was a bit of a drive away, so she would just have to talk to this Miss Reynolds woman later and get it resolved.

Now she sat on her couch alone glaring at the wall. The thoughts of last night running in her mind again and again. The look of anger and competitiveness on Paige’s face when they were forehead to forehead. Their fingers and breasts soaked with spit, interlocked around the throbbing dick.

“Oh god,” she moaned as she put a single finger on her cunt. Feeling how wet she was, she thought ‘fuck it’ and began to work her pussy. She gripped her own tit with her free hand and began to flick the rubbery nipple. The images continued to flash of the previous night. She kept trying to focus on Michael, but it wasn’t to happen. Every time she closed her eyes the red bikini and monster tits she had faced became more and more prevalent as she played with herself. The idea of a threesome with Paige disgusted her in all the right ways. She didn’t last long and came in a light orgasm less than a minute later as the questions filled her head. Who would win the cum, who would the man choose, or what would happen when the man was finished, and they still had to find out who was better? ‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’, was all she could think. For the next three weeks, Teagan didn’t see the manager, but every night she came home alone, and played with herself thinking of her work rival.

Back at the hotel, Paige had awoken to the sound of the door closing. Her eye’s opened slowly and she knew Teagan had left with the full bed. She sat up and hissed at the headache and thought of what had occurred with Teagan. Michael tried to talk to her, but Paige was not in the mood to deal with him. She had a flight to catch and before Michael could say or do much, she left the room. She grabbed a cab and made her way home for only a minute to pick up her stuff and make a quick call to the food delivery company to check the orders.

She had arrived at the other hotel after the short plane ride and got to the lavish room. It looked very similar to the one she had been in the night before but more expensive. She told herself to get down to the pool and start to tan and explore, but another more powerful urge forced her to strip and get on the bed. As she looked at the room, Teagan came to mind and she touched her suddenly soaked pussy. “Fuck….”, she said feeling the dampness. She had been avoiding the thoughts all day with travel but now it came back in a torrent.

She wanted another night like that, a night against Teagan. The other girl’s tits and ass filled her mind. She wanted to battle the Hawaiian chick; the double blowjob awoke an unknown desire in her. She came quickly as she played with her clit and knew this might be a tough vacation to get past. No matter how much she tried, she ended up alone each night playing with herself, not bringing men back to her room like usual. Each time at the peak of her rubbing, Teagan frustratingly came to her mind, their big tits crushed in a final desperate push. The three weeks flew by and she ended up back in the restaurant in what seemed like an instant. Her first day back was a Sunday and she finally walked into the restaurant nice and early that morning.

Now it was Sunday night and Paige was in her office happy the work day was over. It had not gone exactly how she had imagined after three weeks off, and she was ready for a night out to find a man and forget about Teagan and the fight. But she couldn’t help thinking of the two conversations she had overheard during the day that once again brought her mind to the cook in a weird way.

Her first day back had been a whirlwind when one of her hostesses had called in sick and she had to fill in. This did allow her to meet interesting people who could advance her career, so she did her best to not complain too much.

In the Mezzi there is one table that the workers called the gossip table. The reason was that the break chair near the hostesses’ station was next to it behind a thin wall. If you sat in the chair during your break and listened carefully, you could hear some or most of the conversation that occurred at that table.

After a slow morning, Paige took her first break at lunch right after a blonde woman wearing a sorority sweater came in and asked for a table for two. Paige did think it was slightly weird when the girl arrived alone. The restaurant was a bit too pricy for most of the young kids and students, but the girl didn’t seem to mind. She showed the girl to the gossip table and headed for the rest station. Right before sat down, she saw another sorority girl with near silver hair in the same sorority sweater.

“Olivia! Over here!” The yellowed haired girl yelled from the table then she began to gush. “Oh my god! Your hair is silver! When did you do that? I love it!” The girl entering smiled and moved towards the table. The other stood and Paige noted how similar they looked both in their facial features and their incredible bodies. The women exchanged a friendly hug and quickly sat down on the same side of the bench closer than she would expect two friends to sit. Paige had brought her phone trying to zone out, which she did for a few minutes but was brought out of her quick trance by the sound of the girl’s conversation.

“…have a picture of her?” One of them asked that sounded like the first girl to Paige’s ears, but it was too hard to tell without seeing them.

“Yeah, I do. It’s a group photo, but she is hard to miss. I’m surprised you haven’t seen her at any of the officer events.” There was a moment of silence as Paige assumed the phone was passed.

“Ahh, the one with cowboy boots.”


“Wow, I see what you mean…she is…well endowed, I’m assuming Hina wanted her just for that honestly.”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. She is going to be at the games, I bet.”

There was a long silence then one of them spoke up again.
“Well, her being that hot, and you two already having some issues makes this all the more interesting, huh?”

“I knew you would say that.”

“You knew? Or you wanted me to say that? I mean, you know all about Hina and I’s history. With you and this Jackie back from abroad, things are going to blow up with the Greek games coming up…or at the games themselves. It feels like an all or nothing moment and you and I are the leaders…””

“I want to Lucy, but we can’t! Those games are viewed by the whole school and the eyes are already on us and them because of our looks!”

“Well, then we have the games, and then we have some private games with them, I know that Hina would never back down from a challenge like that from me…in fact, I expect one from her soon.”

The other girl was quiet, and Paige wondered what the hell, ‘Private games’ meant between these girls, it sounded dirty in her ears for some reason. The next part of the conversation she couldn’t hear over the other guests and Paige huffed. She knew she was missing out on some of the juicy details, and this was the best she had overheard in a while. When she could hear again, annoyingly it seemed the topic had moved on.

“But what about the Library Gala…it’s just two months before the games. From what you have told me, Thushara and that Sarah girl have been at each other’s throats, and if Hina and Jackie are there…things might get out of hand…we have other girl’s too who would want to compete if given the chance.”

“They can’t, yet. We aren’t going to get disqualified from the games, and I’m sure Hina is thinking the same thing…the money is worth it alone. So we need to compete on both sides…though I think we know the more important one.”

There was a long quiet and Paige was now listening very intently, this was very juicy gossip.

“You really want to fight Hina and settle it with so much on the line?”

A short silence, “Yes, and I know she wants to fight me that way too. But don’t lie and say Jackie isn’t in the same for you.”

“PAIGE! Can you cover the front?” A waiter’s voice yelled, causing Paige to jump slightly at her name and now the woman seemed to be whispering once again. ‘What the hell were they talking about?’ She wondered, but it sounded like their problems with those other girls was similar to her problem with Teagan, but she really didn’t get what Private games meant.

She quickly responded to the older waitress and left her chair to the front. Her mind back on the cook in the back. They hadn’t seen each other yet, and she wasn’t sure what would happen when they did. During her vacation, she had cancelled the chef’s special order once again. ‘The bitch doesn’t understand money”, another thing she couldn’t stand about the girl. Paige liked to live lavishly, but she kept the money of the resturant in order, even when she used some on herself. It was her own personal bonus for making the restaurant run so smoothly she told herself.

Finally, after a long day, there was only one more table to be seated. It was an important one however as the local college was doing having a Gala event in roughly a month. A guest was coming to sample the food so they could cater it and the owner himself was going to be helping close the deal. It would be a big boost for the restaurant, and the name recognition was big enough just to get their name out there. Paige herself had worked hard to establish the Mezi into getting selected for this tasting, and now it was up to the owner and Teagan to close it with the food.

She expected an older gentleman like the owner or an older woman she imagined working at a library, so she was extra surprised when in walked a redheaded girl and blonde right around her own age. The redhead had a nerdy sexy look that Paige did not see a lot of women pull off successfully, yet this one did. Her round glasses highlighted a pale face full of freckles. The other woman had her blonde hair in a one side ponytail and wild silver lipstick. Her face was very pretty and had a quirky sort of feel that Paige didn’t see outside of social media much. The other thing that stood out was both of these two women had bodies that made Paige do a double glance. She wondered if under their clothes these two were built like her. Before she could do her triple check, they were already at the host desk in front of her

“Hi, my name is Maggie Reynolds, and this is Marissa Keeling. We are here to sample the food for the Library Gala.”

Paige’s face lit up for two reasons. One, she had put a name to a face, and two it meant her shift was almost over. “Ahh Miss Reynolds! We spoke on the phone, I’m Paige, manager and head hostess of this restaurant. I’m so glad we good work this out because we are very excited to host this event.”

“Nice to meet you as well. We are just as excited.” The redhead responded as the blonde was looking around the venue with a bored look.

“Here, please follow me,” Paige said with another smile, desperate to make a good impression. This Gala was huge, and they had to nail this…she suddenly hoped Teagan was on her game.

She led the two women to the same table that the sorority girls had occupied a few hours ago. This way, she could listen to the conversation and selection choice of the owner from her hidden seat. “And what’s the chef’s name again?” The blonde student asked as she took her seat.

“Ahh, her name would be Teagan,” Paige replied through gritted teeth. She had to keep her personal feelings out of any of the conversations, as the images and memories of Teagan came flooding back. She knew in a few hours she was sure they would have to have some sort of conversation about what had happened with the oil and how or if they could continue to work together.

“Well, this food is excellent and you seem a wonderful host. The Gala will be happy to have you both with the service. Do you have a team big enough?

“We are actually hiring two new people, who start next week. Our new pastry chef and a new waitress hostess who has experience running these types of events. We also have a local bartender who works at a few big-time bars around the city. He works part time here and at a local bar.”

“Oh excellent, can we get their names?”

Paige blanked, “I’m sorry, I know their first names are Whitney and April, and I can email you the full info and CC them in.”

“That would be perfect thank you.” The redhead smiled, and Paige felt genuine kindness from her. It was a nice change.”
“Alrighty, the owner will be out and in a second and I’ll be in the back. If you need anything though, ask for Paige and I’ll get it.”

“Will do thanks.”
“Thanks.” The two sitting women responded.

Paige took her leave and went back to her hidden seat. This time she sat down and didn’t even take out her phone needing to hear every word. It only took a few minutes, but it seemed everything was going well, and the two women were speaking highly of the food. That is when the owner took a short leave to get the contract and Paige heard the blonde speak up.

“So, you will come to the gaming convention in a few months!? It would mean a lot! I never have anyone to go with cause like a lot of people don’t like the stuff I like.” The blonde was asking the redhead.

There was a pause when the redhead replied, “I’ll think about it, but it does sound fun.”

“It is! There is a cosplay contest this time! We could get one room to bring down the price. Izzy, would just laugh if she found out though so I don’t want to tell her.”

“You too just don’t get along, do you? Why?”

“Uhh, you and Bianca don’t either, but who knows maybe one day I’ll tell you.”

The conversation ended however as the owner of the restaurant came and discussed the final details with the redhead. She was very complimentary of the chef, they both were, and Paige cursed under her breath. She hated that Teagan was good at her job, it would make somehow getting rid of her much harder. With no other comments the two women left, and the owner thanked Paige profusely for the work she and Teagan had done to get this.

“Best two hires I have ever made.” He repeated over and over before taking his leave.

As she helped settle the final tab of the night, she thought about the four women she had seen today. They all had bodies that could compete with hers which was not something she saw or admitted much. It just felt weird on the day she knew her, and Teagan were potentially going to talk some stuff out.

The only thing she had to deal with now was Teagan. The last time they had been together; they had been arguing and competing to suck a dick. Somehow, they had gone the whole day without even getting a glance at each other, somehow raising the already tense situation. ‘She must not want to mess with me.’ Paige thought, slightly disappointed at her co-worker’s cowardice but pleased that the girl may have finally learned her place. Back in her office, she had just finished dressing up with her super tight blue jeans and a cute purple blouse for a night on the town. She was going to go clubbing and finally get the hotel night and the chef out of her mind from a good hard fuck from one if now two people if she really went for it.

Her mind was snapped back to the current moment when she heard the knob of the door turn just as she finished getting her outfit ready. Teagan hadn’t even knocked, letting herself into the small office of the manager with a crash that shook every wall of the small office. The door swung open and Paige gave a slight jump at the sound and impact. She had been standing near the back, in front of a full body mirror that had been installed by her request. It was faster getting ready here than going all the way back to her house before a city night. Using the mirror, her hazel eyes found Teagan’s, and both sets of pairs narrowed instantly. This was the first time they had seen each other in three weeks, though at least this time they were fully clothed. She used the mirror to run her eyes up Teagan’s body in the incredibly short jean shorts and tight green t-shirt the cook must have been wearing under her work clothes. It was drool worthy, and the competitive urge twitched in Paige’s body again from what had happened at the hotel. It seemed they both were on the hunt tonight for a good fuck tonight if the outfits were any indication.

“What do you want?” Paige asked turning around to face Teagan, her tone somehow stayed civil but leaning towards aggressive.

“Why the fuck did you cancel my olive oil order?” Teagan said surprising herself cussing at her “boss”, but there were no more niceties to be shared between them. It was Paige’s fault for making her act this way and she felt it was warranted after everything that had happened. There was so much more she could have said but the olive oil was what had brought her here, so it seemed fitting to start there.

“This is my restaurant; I can order what I want and save money where I need to,” Paige responded dismissively turning back to the mirror and adjusting her top to show more of her cleavage.

The cook let out some heated air from her nose. After almost 3 weeks of thinking about the pool party and what had happened, Teagan was not going to accept that answer. “Okay. We need to figure this out between us right now.” She continued putting her hands folded on her body directly under her big orbs while continuing to stare at the back of Paige. The brown-haired brunette didn’t turn around and kept adjusting her clothes which only frustrated the cook more.

The manager made eye contact again through the mirror, “Figure what out? You seemed to be scared to talk to me today so where is this coming from?” Paige shot back, the tone coming off annoyed even if she knew what the other woman was referring to. With a flick back of her wavy hair, she finally turned around to look at Teagan. Their eyes directly and waves of frustration passed between them.

“I’m not scared of you, and you know exactly what I’m talking about,” Teagan responded with an equally annoyed tone. Paige didn’t reply and kept staring at Teagan clearly waiting for the cook to say it and everything else on her mind.

She waited a few seconds until it dawned on her that Paige was going to play the silent game for as long as she needed.

“Ok fine, you want to hear everything Paige? You have been targeting me every day since I started here. From the long hours, to canceling my orders, and getting in my way at that pool. What is your problem with me?” She didn’t bring up the hotel room itself as she was nervous. Nervous that she would let slip that the last 3 weeks she had been masturbating to the thoughts of the other woman if they ended up alone and now, they were alone.

Paige continued to keep her eyes on her but when she finally accepted that Teagan was done, she started to let out her own frustrations. “My problem is you don’t know your place and I knew from your attitude the moment you walked in here for the first time. You think the fucking world of yourself. You waste money on buying expensive ingredients and always try to one up my authority. If I let you walk over me, everyone would.” Paige started now ready to lay into the other girl in every way. “You pretend to care about the food, but you only really care about your career and don’t think of anything or anyone else.”

Teagan interrupted the rant, “That is what you fucking do, hypocrite! Do not compare us because we are nothing alike! You waste money on your ugly outfits and trips and act like you are the fucking queen of this place! I’m not questioning your authority; I just want a fair say in what happens here because I know I’m the best cook you could ever hope to hire.”

Paige got a cocky look, “What? You don’t like to be compared to me? That is exactly what you were asking for when we went up to the room together. You were just as aggressive as I was and just as competitive. Get off your fucking high horse.”

Now that the hotel room was mentioned Teagan looked furious and a whole new can of worms was opened. “You can’t shift this on to me. You went after my date because you couldn’t get your own and at least my ingredients are for the good for everyone here.” She paused to take a breath but continued. “There is no comparison. I am a hard worker; you are a pathetic leach. Everything I have is better, and I mean everything” She stuck out her tits in the green t-shirt slightly which Paige picked up on was a direct reference to their little contest back on that heated night.

Now that was out of line, and Paige looked pissed. She was worried about what might happen if they started fighting in her office and judging by the tone, they were each using, it really could happen. She had to calm down and get away from Teagan, this conversation had not gone exactly how she had imagined it would, but to be honest it made sense. It seemed they had both been holding in a lot more than just a few complaints. It also didn’t help she found herself horny at the thought of tackling Teagan and kicking her ass right here to prove she was better. She couldn’t know that Teagan was thinking that exact same thought.

After the cook had walked into the office, she had been stunned by how big and tight the manager’s ass looked in the jeans and heels. She couldn’t help but wonder whose ass would look better in a thong side by side if they stripped right now. It seemed her comment had hit home as Paige’s voice had gone a little higher.

“You have absolutely nothing that I don’t have, and mine is, and always will be better.” The manager argued back as she ran her hands from her ass to her tits giving them a small push together in the purple top, a clear sexual challenge that didn’t go unnoticed. “Now I have to go. Get out of my way.” She finished moving to leave and she couldn’t help herself from slamming her shoulder into Teagan as she passed thru the door like the cook had done to her at the hotel.

“We are not done,” Teagan demanded after watching Paige and her blatant sexual challenge. Not even flinching from the impact, she quickly followed the other woman’s heels with her own clicks towards the garage. The front door was broken and couldn’t be locked from the outside, so the last to leave would always go through the back. The entire walk, Teagan was forced to watch Paige’s ass sway in the jeans as they neared the exit, both were fuming after their conversation and should have needed to get away from each other to cool down. But Teagan knew more had to be said before they left, or this ‘tiny issue’ would never get resolved.

Paige entered the storage room hitting the bright lights as she went towards the leaving door on the opposite side. Teagan caught up to her midway in the space, and the manager was turned right around as Teagan gripped her shoulder.

“I said we are not done.” Teagan hissed now face to face and closer than they had been today or ever before the hotel room. The gripping had just crossed a line they both sucked in a breath.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” Paige hissed quietly right in Teagan’s face.

“I’ll fucking touch you anyway I want.” Was the sharp reply that screamed sexual undertones that both girls picked up on once again.

With a growl, Paige got right in front of Teagan’s face, their bodies and noses touching. The chef sucked in her breath again smelling Paige’s and her own mixing perfume.

“Last warning bitch. Stay out of my business and out of my way. Remember that I can have your job…” Paige paused for a second and then continued with a grin, “or Michael anytime I want.”

Teagan didn’t give her ‘boss’ the satisfaction of shock and said calmly, “Fuck off Paige…you are nothing but trash.” With that, she put her hands up and pushed Paige by the shoulders as they had done during the chicken fight in the pool.

But to both their surprises, the push was slightly harder than Teagan expected. The other woman gave a small shriek as she fell back because her heels could not land properly in the soft rubber. She stumbled back a foot before her back hit the shelves, the very shelves that the disputed oil had been delivered and set on. One jug fell to its side and the top broke off; a massive flow of liquid came pouring down from above. Paige didn’t have time to react before a good stream of oil splashed on her chest from above, instantly soaking the front of her clothes in surprise.

A second of stunned silence and then a cry. “What the fuck!? My outfit!”, Paige screamed jumping quickly out of the way of the continuing stream, but it was clear the damage had been done. Teagan looked shocked as well; she hadn’t meant the girl to stumble or fall back that far; she had just wanted to get the manager out of her face. But the shock faded seeing the look on Paige’s face which could only be described as horror seeing her outfit ruined. This made Teagan happy to see and she couldn’t help a smile come to her face.

“You bitch…” Paige growled noticing the little grin, “Do you know how much this fucking cost?” She looked up at Teagan, rage filling her eyes. She seemed to visibly be shaking with anger focused on Teagan, for the outfit, for the hotel, and for everything the last year that had gone unsaid.

“Probably the amount you saved buying those cheap ass oil jugs. Serves you right for all the bullshit.” Teagan taunted unable to stop herself from smiling wider. She turned to leave not planning on helping the other girl up or out, but only made it a step when SPLASH! Paige had grabbed a jug off of the shelf and removed the top. She swung it forward letting a stream shoot out and onto Teagan’s back causing the cook to shriek in surprise. Her own outfit that she had planned to go out in was hit with the disgusting oil. It created a blotchy streak on the back of the green shirt and some down to her jean blue booty shorts to her tanned legs. She slowly turned around looking at Paige with daggers who was holding the now nearly empty jug in her hand and staring daggers right back.

“You wanna talk bitch? Let’s fucking talk.” The manager said dropping the jug causing more to flow up onto the rubber as she found her footing; she began to slowly advance on Teagan with her heels step by step. The look on Paige’s face was a sadistic smile and Teagan was hit with the sudden urge of flight or fight. Like a flash of lightning, all the talk and actions of Paige came rushing to her head and she knew exactly what she needed to do.

“Fine with me. Let’s talk it out”. She found herself saying before she could really think, and her body moved forward to meet Paige step for step in her own heels in the rubber. Months of anger and frustration now ready to be ‘talked out’ between the two sexy women.

It only took 3 seconds for the girls to meet and with screams of fury, they gripped each other’s clothes and began to pull each other to the left and right inside the small garage.

“FUCK YOU SPOILED BITCH!” Teagan screamed unleashing months of pent-up anger. Her fingers like claws digging into Paige’s purple fancy top. The oil seemed to make the cloth weaker somehow and her black nails tore easy into the clothes leaving shred marks.

“NO FUCK YOU!!!” Paige yelled back as her own hands went straight to Teagan’s own shirt and started to pull. They slipped around as they gripped each other’s tops around the big jiggling tits that were still covered by the thin clothes. By instinct, they knew they both would be in fancy underwear considering how they were dressed, and it was a priority to force the other down to that.

More and more small tears began to appear across both tops where their hands attacked and shred; the jerk motions caused Paige’s heels to get stuck in the rubber again as she tried to plant her foot harder. Using the sudden advantage, Teagan pushed forward into Paige, and they went back into the very wall that held the other jugs of oil. The slam was hard enough for more oil to leak and spill out everywhere above them as Tegan tried to hold Paige to the wall. Seconds later waterfalls of gold thick liquid came pouring down in a downpour as some of the jugs fell off the top shelf and exploded spilling even more on the floor.

The girls didn’t stop even as they were hit with further oil splashes that soaked their clothes and began to spread onto their slowly becoming revealed skin. A second later and a large jug fell right next to the battling woman with a crash making Teagan jump in surprise and gave Paige the chance to spin them. She slammed the chef onto the shelf where she had just been pinned while a full jug right above them started gushing out and landed right into Teagan’s black hair. “SHIT!” The tanned girl cried feeling it on her scalp ooze down her back and face. Paige could not taunt or laugh as she tried to hold her rival to the wall by the shoulders even as oil dripped onto her hands. With a grunt, the trapped girl focused on making the hostess hands slip and were successful a second later.

Sliding down and under, she twisted them back and pushed Paige onto the wall again. But this time to avoid her own hands from getting oily, she instead used her massive tits to perform the same action. Her girls slammed forward against the matching pair in an awkward but sexy breastpin from the tattered clothes. Though they were still covered, but they could feel the huge amounts of womanly fat that their opponent possessed hiding behind their bras. The oil was now everywhere on the floor, and plenty more was still leaking from the endless jugs.

Teagan’s tanned leg and ass muscles flexed as they strained holding Paige to the wall body on body. It sent pleasurable but confusing messages to both girl’s heads as they held this pose, shifting their warring breasts. Even as she held her ‘boss’, she couldn’t help but wish their tops were off because that way she could really show Paige who was firmer. She imagined it would feel much more pleasurable to crush Paige skin on skin, along with a lot of bragging rights. Meanwhile, the trapped girl groaned in frustration at the pin. She could feel the oil soak thru her clothes that touched the metal shelves and begin spreading on her back and ass. She could also feel Teagan’s breasts on hers and was determined to force the other girl off with her own tits. She would not be beaten like this, not at all. After another second, she lifted her left leg in an extraordinary show of balance on one heel and attempted to knee Teagan’s stomach with as much power as she could.

Her leg contacted the tense stomach, but it didn’t do much with her limited flexibility in jeans. Teagan took the hit but didn’t release the breast hold and began pushing her rival harder and Paige had to lower her leg to stop herself from getting even more flattened on the wall. But with a yelp, Teagan jumped back and off her rival. She had seen what Paige was wearing on her feet and knew that the heels could have stabbed into her foot. The first separation of them was not enough to calm down but did give them a moment to regroup as Paige realized what had happened.

She quickly pushed herself off the wall, and then reached down to unsnap her sharp heels as Teagan watched her. She picked them up and threw them far into the other side of the room happy she would not have to deal with balancing anymore. She could have used them as weapons, but then this fight could get dangerous, and she had no intention of that. She wanted to beat Teagan with her body alone and humiliate her while doing it. It seemed her co-worker wanted the same as she looked up just in time to see the cook throw her own high heeled sandals to the side of the room bringing them back to the same height. The oil felt slick on their toes and even a bit sticky as it mixed with other substances contents on the floor.

Paige pushed off the wall and Teagan met her tit to tit as they slammed together while somehow staying on their feet with the floor nearly all covered in gold oil. They aimed solely for the other’s clothes as they began to rip them off piece by piece. The oil had done its job and more and more skin was revealed in large strips, making them look almost like wild jungle women. It wasn’t as wild as the first clothes ripping, and they pulled each other close using each other as leverage to stay up.

“I’m going to fuck you up.” Paige hissed directly into the ear of Teagan.

“I’m going to kick your pathetic ass”, Her rival responded, and the next thing Paige heard was the final string of thread snap as her purple shirt fully torn off her. Teagan’s own shirt was only a second behind and they pushed apart with pieces of shirts between them on the floor. They got to see what color bras the other wore like the bikinis from the party. It was easy to judge that they had both intended to get laid tonight by how fancy each of theirs was and how they emphasized their already perfect breasts.

Teagan’s was bright pink and Paige’s white, both with flowery lace designs. Their chests moved up and down as they breathed heavily from the exertion of their brief fight. Then, both pushed their chests forward to dare the other girl to compare.

“See this white bra? This was your bonus you fucking slut.” Paige pointed to her gorgeous jugs. “And these jeans are the next one that you will never see.”

Teagan screamed in anger and ran best she could at Paige who crouched ready for the violent attack, but the tanned girl slipped right before getting there going to her knees in the oil goo and stopping right at the manager’s knees. Paige used her hands to grab the wet silky black hair to pull her back up to get slapped. But the cook recovered from her slip and hissed at the tugging of her hair. She instinctively wrapped her arms around Paige’s jean covered legs and squeezed them together easily making Paige’s bare feet slide together.

“Ahh!” Paige yelled as she now had no stance or clutch to hold or stay up. She fell hard straight down backwards hitting her head and dazing her for a second as her well-defined back landed in oil. She also felt made her light brown hair get soaked matching what had happened to Teagan on the shelf.

Teagan was still on her knees with Paige’s now straightened legs in front of her. She scooted up and reached for the brunette’s hips onto the tight denim.

“Looks like you wasted my next bonus bitch!” She sneered as she pulled hard trying to remove the other woman’s pants. It didn’t take much force for the button to pop off and the jeans to slide off Paige’s legs in an easy motion considering how tight they had been. The oil helped, and it left her boss in only the white bra and now a small black lace thong. One more pull, and Teagan fully removed the pants and tossed them to the side as Paige shrieked and threw a kick at her sudden near nudeness. It missed, as Teagan still had control of her rival’s feet slightly, while her dark brown eyes widened at the sight of Paige half covered in oil in a sexy white bra and black thong. A piece of her wanted to mount and fuck the bitch as she had thought about doing the last three weeks. Paige looked just like Teagan had imagined when she played with herself all those long nights in her bed alone, and it drove her crazy. The other piece of her still wanted to kick the girl’s ass, and she decided she would do that first.

Paige had recovered and lashed out again with her legs this time hitting Teagan in the big right tit. “UGH!”, the chef groaned twisting a way before getting kicked in the back to her face. She fell down face down in the oil with her bra only softening the hit slightly and quickly felt Paige’s hands go to her shorts. “You want to fight in our underwear bitch?! Fine with me!” The manager hissed.

The booty shorts slipped down easy in the oil and Teagan’s hot muscular ass was finally revealed a second later. Paige was also surprised to see that Teagan was wearing a nearly identical triangle black lace thong that she had picked for this night. She also felt incredibly horny seeing the ass that had taunted her for three weeks in her dreams. She was amazed at how tan, big and muscular Teagan’s booty looked and unlike at the pool she was now in a sexy thong. Teagan turned her head and tried to kick Paige away, but the paler girl removed the shorts just in time and threw them as far as she could as she slid away. Teagan sat up and turned to face Paige once again dressed equally. All that remained was a white and pink bra, two black thongs, and a whole lot of oil between them. Nothing having yet been figured out who would rule the kitchen and restaurant.

The two-woman eyed each other in a new light with how far they had gone so far. Their pants were stripped off each other’s hot bodies and the circumstance had each of them were wearing tiny black thongs that screamed ‘fuck me’. That had been the plan they had both set to achieve that night; to forget the other with some dick, to get laid by some guy to release the stress. Now they found themselves in near-matching thongs wrestling on the ground releasing a similar type of stress, but from a new source. They already had a good amount of oil on them, but the thongs had other substances secretly mixing in. They looked at each other eyeing the sexy curves that ran up and down their bodies highlighted more than even at the pool.

They sat there a few feet away in their bras and thongs continuing to roam up and down the other woman’s bodies for a minute. Oil now covered the entire floor like a thin sheet sitting on the rubber mats all around them. Paige could feel the slickness on her nearly bare ass and toned strong legs. For an instant she felt that she was back in the resort oiling her body to lay in the sun…it was a weirdly similar sensation. It even dripped off in long strings of her sexy skin in almost a gooey fashion.

She looked over at her clothes spread around the room completely drenched and ruined; she knew her plans for a night out were off even if she did win. She looked over at Teagan who was similarly assessing her own situation no longer staring at her. This was not the nudest she had seen the cook, but this was the most sexual by far, and that including their little titfuck contest. The woman she had been thinking about and dreamed of competing with was now in front of her nearly nude. She had also shown a clear willingness to physically fight to settle their differences so far. The light gleamed of Teagan’s dark tan body, and Paige realized that besides in her own reflection, she had never seen such a body like Teagan’s in this state.

There was no running or escaping this time like the pool, no person to separate them or interrupt whatever happened next. They were going to settle this here and now. She wasn’t sure how it would end but she knew in her heart that Teagan wasn’t going anywhere, and neither was she. She glanced to her right and saw two of the half empty bottles of oil near enough for her to reach. Slowly she extended for them and felt Teagan’s eyes follow her movement.

The chef honestly could not believe how fuckable Paige looked covered in the slickness. It was a nightmare, and desire all mixed in one as she watched the girl reach for the jugs, the brown-haired own girl’s tits hanging down like small melons. She annoyingly accepted that they both had amazing bodies and could understand why men were desperate to stick their dick in the annoying manager. It also made sense that why she had and would always use her body to get ahead…it was that good. Her thick muscular ass jiggled and moved as she flexed, and the deep oily pale cleavage seemed to be enhanced by the soaked bra. And of course, that rose tattoo on her thigh, more than anything Teagan wanted to scratch it off and make Paige scream while doing it. They were going to keep fighting now, and this oil was perfectly suited for them to get it on. Paige was having similar thoughts held one of the bottles up and poured some oil onto her nearly nude body letting it gush over her in a sexy display. She gave a slight sexy gasp as the oil splashed onto her and began to ooze down her body. Her bra and thong quickly absorbing as much as they could while the rest dripped onto her skin down the muscles and nicely tanned skin. She emptied the whole amount in waves on her and some pooled underneath where her body sunk into the soft rubber.

She then reached for the second jug and with a decent amount of strength tossed it towards Teagan. It landed with a soft thud with some spilling out leaving more on the ground in front of the cook before she picked it up staring at it. She knew exactly what Paige was suggesting. She could get up and walk away or she could pour the oil on her body confirming that she and the bitch were going to fight covered in the substance as they had been. It would be the way they would find out tonight who was the better employee and who ran this restaurant once and for all. Paige was watching her intensely seemly waiting for Teagan to make her choice and only looked away once Teagan had lifted the bottle and poured it on herself licking her lips at the brown-haired girl as she did it.

Teagan slowly began to rub into her skin gliding it easily up and down her arms on her own naturally tanned skin, rubbing up and down slowly in an almost seductively motion. Paige was working on her muscular legs, focusing especially on her strong thighs which she planned to crush Teagan with like a can. Teagan had moved and started focusing on her shoulders but switched when she looked up at Paige. She then started to match Paige by quickly switching to her own amazing legs in similar long strokes. It felt right to rub the same parts simultaneously as they watched themselves oil up for their confrontation. It let them compare far easier as the two perfect bodies got wetter and wetter planning to meet and break each other in a full on wrestling match.

Paige turned around putting her back towards Teagan and began rubbing the slick into her big ass around the edges of the tiny black thong. The triangle was already soaked, and Teagan watched excess drip into between the ass crack of her rival. Her wet hair flicked back as she looked back at Teagan with a daring grin, the weirdly sexual tension increasing with the pose. Teagan rolled her eyes in an aggravated way but again matched Paige’s pose spreading her own glutes showing Paige the whole thin string that ran down the crack and up to her cunt. They also began to taunt with their behinds still facing each other with Paige starting first, “I’ve never fucking liked you bitch and I’m going to make you quit after tonight.” She noticed that Teagan was now looking at her as she continued, “I should have kicked your pathetic ass out of here after the interview but better late than never.” She finished giving her ass a nice squeeze which Teagan watched spitefully.

“I have taken your bullshit for too long. I’m going to make you regret every little thing you tried to pull here. You will be taking my orders after tonight.” Teagan said in a not chalet way as if it was already decided who had won this.

Paige laughed at the other woman’s words. “Me taking your orders? I am going to make you regret even thinking that could happen.” She hissed, as they faced each other again getting closer to being fully covered in oil.

“An Asian bitch with huge tits. Fucking miracle.” Paige snarked.

“A White whore with a big ass. You must think you’re fucking special.” Teagan shot back with equal snark. The racial attacks fueled their anger to a boiling point as they continued to oil up their own bodies; preparing to continue a more aggressive and somehow sensual wrestling confrontation.

When it was clear they were running out of places to rub; Teagan raised the stakes. Making sure she had Paige’s attention; she reached behind and unlatched her fancy lace pink bra in a flawless motion. It peeled off slowly and then tossed it to the side leaving her large, tanned tits and dark nipples in full view. She gave them a squeeze and began to rub more oil onto them than was necessary, kneading them up and down rubbing her now free melons. Paige raised an eyebrow at the action of the other girl clearly surprised the cook had taken the initiative. The memories of masturbating to those very tits came flashing back and she felt a surge of pleasure seeing them again in front of her. Paige’s hesitation cost her as Teagan began to taunt again, “Don’t you think we should be dressed the way we were in the hotel room? Or did feeling my girls back then scare you?”

Paige was not about to take that comment about her being frightened of Teagan’s rack in any way, “If we should be dressed like we were at the hotel, shouldn’t you be dressed in some ugly granny panties bikini? I recall you were too scared to wear a thong at the party.”

“Just because I don’t like to dress like a slut at a work event!” Teagan jeered, “You are lucky; because if I had been in a thong too, there would have been no one looking at you!”

“Anyone can talk after the fact, but I proved I was better and more confident in my body right then and there, just like I am going to do again now.” Paige hissed back while her eyes had not left the rival pair of jiggling breasts in front of her.

Teagan just shrugged, “The past is the past. We are both in thongs now and you can see my ass pulls them off so much better than yours does.” She also shook her bare tits at Paige who gave an evil smile back happy that Teagan was taking the bait and turning it far more sexual.
Not to be outdone, Paige reached back and undid her own white flowery bra with a light click. She could feel how ruined it was but could not give a fuck at this moment. She un-clipped it and threw it in the same direction that the pink one now lay disregarded in the oil Seeing Teagan openly stare at her babies gave her a thrill; she gave them a good shake showing their size and firmness. Her pink nipples pointed sharply at the other pair just a few feet away.

“Just like at the pool. You can’t stop staring at me, can you? I understand you can’t help look at what you clearly don’t have it.”

“Fuck you. I’m about to show you how much more of it I have than you.”

“Prove it.”

“I will”.

That was it, the final point made. There were no more places to rub oil and they both began to slowly crawl towards each other ready to find out exactly who had more. They began to move forward on their knees like two cats slowed slightly by the oil, ass covered thongs trailing and their breasts hanging like meaty cannonballs off their chest. They paused a few feet away just for a second as they got a last look before they yelled in fury while they launched themselves into the other in a pounce.

For the first time in the night, the two giant pairs of oily boobs slapped together nude in a small thud. They slipped and pressed into the other’s tanned skin, sliding around sexily chest to chest on their knees. They moaned in unison at the contact while the orbs jiggled, meshed, and molded, their nipples finding each other quickly in the oily fleshy mounds. They groaned louder as their arms wrapped around the back of the other and they both pulled their hardest into a bear hug they could. Their faces went back as their stomachs touched as their bodies lined up to compete for all the way down to their navels while they pulled in tighter.

“UGHH, I’M GOING TO POP YOUR TITS BITCH!” Paige screamed as her huge girls molded into Teagan’s equal sized pair. Their lower bodies squirming slightly at each movement looking for any sort of advantage.

“NO, YOU WILL BE FLAT WHEN I’M DONE WITH YOU!!!” Teagan growled back as Paige’s pink nipples found and dug into Teagan’s brown sending small shocks of pleasure. Their huge oily tits mushroomed each other while they slipped around. The no friction made holding them in place and trying to push back extremely difficult, but they could still squeeze and increased the pressure on their breasts. After a long minute of hugging their grips loosened and they backed off slightly but kept their nipples in contact. Teagan gave a small bump to Paige’s tits with her, and Paige responded with a harder hit. They looked up after the two hits and hissed at each other like animals.

“You wanna box bitch?” Paige growled.

“Bring it you weak fuck”. Teagan snarled back. It went unsaid but their hands moved up to their opponent’s shoulders as the girls began boxing boobs swinging them around into each other harder and harder each blow with slaps. Hard nipples flicked that gave away their attraction as they hit with small slaps of flesh from the side to side and up and down hits trying to bruise the other pair more than her own. The impacts were both soft and hard as the firmness of their bags were tested in a way they never had before. Every hit was an impact, and the girl’s fought both the fat pair and sexual drives. The Hawaiian girl felt like she was winning though, and her constant swinging left and right was starting to drain her opponent.

“You always thought you could show these off! They feel so pathetic on mine.” Teagan said right into Paige’s face as she got a good hit with her left tit onto Paige’s. “Bitch”, The manager growled as she fell back an inch before she pushed forward both of her tits and smacked her own head-to-head into Teagan’s boobs mushrooming them again in direct contact. Paige’s hands did not go behind Teagan’s back again but down to the womanly hips where they found the small strings of Teagan’s black thong.

It was clear to Paige that the blank thongs were now the easiest things to grab in the room and Teagan, feeling her thong gripped, shot her hands instantly down to Paige’s hips copying the clutch. They gripped the thin black strings still on their knees once again chest to chest and forehead to forehead. They had stopped boob boxing with their tits now compressed lightly each inhales they took pushed themselves into each other an extra inch followed by the exhale relieving the pressure. Paige couldn’t help wince, so far, Teagan’s tits showed no sign of slowing, and the boob bashing was taking its toll. Now in this new standoff, they each tightly gripped the strings with a dangerous look in their eyes on what could happen next.

“Let go of my thong.” Paige fumed pushing her forehead harder into Teagan’s adding a new level of pressure contact between them. “You let go of mine.” Teagan provoked back and increased the pressure on their heads pushing forward herself and bringing their lips dangerously close.

“Fuck you, I’ll split you in half.” Paige threatened back her body feeling hotter than ever comparing and touching Teagan like this.

“Do it and I will make your splitting twice as bad,” Teagan responded her arm muscles twitching, ready to increase the fight to a dirty painful level. Their knees had sunk into the rubber where small pools of oil had formed, and their hair was matted onto their backs. It was weirdly quiet as they waited with the standoff lasting for almost ten seconds; both waiting for the other to make a move and take this to the extreme.

Then it happened with Teagan striking first using her arm muscles to pull Paige’s thong straight up into her opponent’s slit and was rewarded with Paige doing the same a millisecond later. The already tight thongs went further up the rival’s cracks and vulvas as they aggressively wedged each other up into their assholes and cunts. Their pussy lips became more exposed as the cloth disappeared and seemed to shrink being stretched up.

For a second neither girl reacted, and continued to stare at each other eye to eye trying to hold in the pain; biting their own lips the only sign of the discomfort they faced. They both wanted the other to scream first and admit her weakness from the growing pain and mutual dirty violation.

Then they broke simultaneously, “AHHHH!” They screamed at a new pitch, and Teagan groaned feeling her thong pulled up her asshole hard string as she and Paige were trying to control each other with the small pieces of fabric. Somehow the black clothes held together as they began to try to use the pain and discomfort to twist the other and get her rival on her back. They moved around the room on their knees, screaming into each other’s ears with curse words and moans of pain. Paige could feel her vulva separated by the black, and her pussy was aching from the continued struggle. Their boobs still bounced around each other, but for now had been forgotten as their arms loosed on the thongs for a second to renew their grips, before pulling up again even harder. The painful attack lasted for almost 30 seconds and was a near stalemate the entire time until the chef began to win out again, almost pulling Paige’s hips backs by the string.

Teagan twisted and pulled even harder, and she felt Paige’s grip loosen. “Ugghhhh” The manager groaned as she tried to shift herself away from the pain starting to lift herself up to elevate the pain. The movement cost her though as this gave Teagan a chance to twist them in the way Paige had lent to relieve some of the aches. With Paige’s core holding them in place they fell from their knees and onto the ground with Paige’s sexy back hitting the soaked mat and Teagan landing directly on top of her. They both still had grips on the black stings and Teagan now on top had indirectly given Paige an advantage to pull the cook’s thong harder than Teagan could return in this new position. “FUCK LET GO!” Teagan cried as her own pussy felt like it was being sawed by the material. She lifted her brown chest off of Paige’s and then using gravity crushed right back down on them in a large thud like before.

The slap of flesh was resonating, and the impact sent small waves on their tit flesh jiggling. Paige squealed and released Teagan’s thong from her hands as she was pressed down into the rubber by the chest. The strings had been stretched and no longer had that tight look that hung on each of their tan hips. Before anything else, Paige wrapped her arms around Teagan’s back as well to ensure the girl couldn’t breast slam her again. The chef struggled and now in the gooey oil, they began to turn each other over once again erotically rolling in the mess.

They rolled around the room only in their loose black thongs that had begun to slide down their leg’s mid-rolls. Teagan’s black hair and Paige’s brown mixed as each girl got on top for a second, both girls’ huge asses giving a slight bounce when they mounted the other taking the top position. The rest of their bodies were sliding on each other, with their navels lined up nearly perfectly and their legs twisted together. When they rolled into a thick section of oil, it almost looked like it strung off them as if to hold them in the place before snapping. The same was happening all over their bodies, and any time they moved even an inch apart from their legs to their heads, long strings of oil kept them touching.

“BITCH, NO ONE FINDS YOU ATTRACTIVE!” Teagan said as they spun.

“YOUR PATHETIC BODY IS DISGUSTING!” Paige responded with a growl. Trying to say anything got hurt the other girl best she could.

They stopped the roll and were on their sides as their muscles burned in a last attempt to put the other on her back for good. Their oily fingers locked as tight as possible as it became a battle of strength with their legs tangled smoothly going up and down unable to use them effectively. So far, their thighs had only slightly rubbed the other’s exposed vulva, but anytime they got a little extra pressure there, it started changing the fight. Paige’s ass flexed against the meaty behind of Teagan as she began to win the side role when they pushed their hips together which caused another deeper moan from the women that more and more sounded sexual instead of aggressive for the first time. Teagan growled as she gave centimeter by centimeter as her ass got pressed closer to the oily ground. It was desperately slow, but Paige pressed Teagan’s well defined back and ass inch by inch until it hit the soft rubber and oil and she claimed the top spot.

“Bitch.” Teagan groaned as gravity allowed Paige to push their slippery orbs deep into each other, with Paige’s tanned girl’s gaining a few extra centimeters. “Weak slut.” Paige growled back as she used the top position to lock their oil meaty tits together again, then did a massive slam. They both were exhausted from the power battle and the impact knocked some wind out of Teagan’s as the big breasts slapped once again. Teagan groaned, and Paige used the distraction to push herself up into a sitting position on the chef’s hips, then slid forward to put her knee’s down onto the cook’s arms and brought her dishevelled black thong near the chin. Teagan gave a light struggle but was clearly still resting and building strength to fight back as Paige continued to shift their sexy bodies and placed her ass on the Hawaiian’s girl’s tits.

The rolling had taken more out of Teagan than she thought, and she struggled to resist as Paige leaned back and hooked the tanned legs of her rival. She brought them up locking them in place and solidified the pin she had been going for. Her half thong covered pussy lips brought within an inch of Teagan’s mouth. The chef groaned trying to shift or break away using her oily legs to slip out, but it was no good.

“Eat my pussy you bitch” Paige demanded as she closed the distance of the final inch and began to aggressively rub her wet cloth on Teagan’s mouth. Paige had planned to humiliate Teagan in every way, and this was the start; first by kicking her ass and then rubbing her pussy into the cook’s face.

“GET OFFFUGH!” Teagan tried to yell as she got a taste of oil and another flavor she recognized on her lips. Her eyes went wide turned her head to avoid more contact. She could now feel the somewhat clothed cunt on her cheek as Paige continued to hump the bottom girl’s face. The manager gave a slight moan at the feeling of power she had in this position and wanted Teagan’s lips on her again. She shifted her hips still sitting on Teagan’s massive tits bringing the Hawaiian girl’s lips to face forward and onto her pussy again. The bottom girl continued to resist trying to keep her head turned and thrashing her legs as much as possible. Even with the oil, Paige held the pin as hard as possible and decided to make it worse as Teagan struggled less running out of energy. She released one leg and brought her hand cloth down to the cloth and pulled it aside fully exposing her cunt. Now she brought her fully open pussy lips down onto Teagan’s cheek with a light bump.

Teagan wasn’t sure what Paige had done letting one of her legs go, but as she turned at the new feeling and immediately her eyes went wide as Paige’s pussy came in straight contact with her mouth. Paige moaned loudly as her wet lower lips rubbed up and down the front of Teagan’s face, lip to lip. Teagan screamed and tried again to break away but was only successful in getting Paige’s pussy pushed harder on down to her face. She began to get desperate as Paige was able to hold the position without using much energy and could keep her for a while under the increasing wet cunt…that seemed a little thicker than oil.

She saw only one way out and it was something she had thought about doing for the last month. She never actually thought she would do this…but for both continuing this fight, and her own desire…she would do it. This time as Paige brought down her oily nude pussy Teagan met it with her wet pink tongue.

She gave a hard lick up Paige’s slit in an extremely sexual attack that caused the top girl to scream in surprise and pleasure. It felt so good that she lost her grip on Teagan’s other leg and tried to push away from the tongue, scared from the hot touch. Teagan didn’t give up though seeing the impact and secretly enjoying the taste of the oil mixed with Paige’s sexual juices. She dove her tongue into Paige fully and shivered knowing what she was doing. It had an impact on the manager who gave a second girlish scream and threw herself off Teagan and went facedown into the oil to the left. She let out a heavy breath amazed at how hot her body felt and how intense the tongue had been. ‘What the fuck’, She thought trying to calm the sexual vibrations from flowing and not paying attention to the cook who had recovered and was making her move.

Teagan jumped onto the oily behind of Paige who groaned feeling the chef’s naturally tanned rack and hard brown nipples dig into her back. The brunette thrashed but Teagan used her babies and powerful ass to push down on the sun-kissed girl from behind keeping her locked below her. Their slightly different skin tone clashed beautifully as they squirmed around each other with Teagan on top. She had the advantage but couldn’t stop her still thong covered pussy from getting rubbed by the muscular ass of Paige. On the third pass, she let out a sexy grunt as the top of her exposed slit pushed hard into the muscle. They held this pose with their bodies in near full contact for nearly 20 seconds, until Teagan put one arm around Paige’s neck and ran the other hand down the woman’s side down to Paige’s glutes. Teagan was fucking horny and it felt right as she lightly clawed the perfectly toned ass under her while Paige stopped for a second to rest.

“I’m gonna scratch up your flat ass!” Teagan threatened as she dug in deeper with her claws. Paige hissed at the threat and rolled aggressively in the oil with a sudden burst. Teagan was surprised, but able to remain on top as she pushed up while Paige turned to face her; their skin sliding easily across each other. Before Paige could go further though, her own breasts were crushed by the pair roughly, sending her own body down hard.

This time however, instead of locking their big chests, Teagan slid up Paige’s erotic body. “I’m going to drown you in my tits!” She shouted while her hands went into Paige’s oil-soaked light brown hair and pulled her struggling face into her tanned breasts. Paige closed her eyes as her face was covered in the soft sexy flesh. Her whole body struggled under Teagan, and she couldn’t breathe nearly at all as the tit meat that rolled like melons on her face with the oiled filling her mouth and nostrils.

This was the second time that month that Teagan had forced Paige into getting motor-boated, and the manager was desperate to make the bitch regret it this time. She tried to pull the woman back by her black hair silky hair, but Teagan didn’t give an inch and Paige screamed into the melons in frustration as she began to burn through energy quickly. As her mouth was open, she felt a nipple rub her lips and giving her an idea.

As a second hard brown nipple went by Paige’s open mouth, she locked her lips around the nub. She began to suck it like a bottle bringing in as much of the meat in her mouth as she could in one big slurp. Her hands left Teagan’s black hair and rubbed down her muscular back, past the loose black strings reaching the heart-shaped ass. She tenderly rubbed the muscle as she continued to suck the nipple sexually striking two places on Teagan’s body in a dual moment. The chef felt both at once and screamed in pleasure feeling her nipple sucked hard and her ass massaged by the woman underneath her. Not many guys sucked hard enough on her tits, but that was not a problem with Paige. She released the wavy brown hair, and her hands went to her own ass trying to stop the massaging palms of her rival. She tried to bring them back out to their sides but struggled to get any grip with the gooey oil. Unsuccessful there, she slid down Paige’s oily body allowing her nipple to be released in a loud pop.

Their wet boobs lined up again now with some spit mixed with the oil. Teagan and Paige went face to face in another spread eagle with their legs, but their hands were still flailing for control. Paige’s hand avoided Teagan’s again and again until she put them between their oily bodies and slid them down their silky navels. Her hand found the edge of Teagan’s thong and with zero hesitation slipped into it and placed put an oily finger into Teagan’s cunt.

“Ohhh fuck!!!”, Teagan screamed as Paige’s oily finger went in and out of her in the small, confined space of their hips. With renewed focus, Teagan’s hand followed Paige’s into the space, but this time not to stop or catch. Paige created enough space to slid easily into the other woman’s thong and touch Paige’s pink wet cunt. The bottom had the chance to stop her rivals’ exploring fingers but instead continued her own wet finger fuck even as Teagan’s long pointy finger slid easily into her open slit.

“Mhhhhmmm”, Paige couldn’t moan as Teagan entered her for the first time. Their mouths were both open and their eye’s wide as they looked at each other brown to hazel. For a second, they looked as though they were about to kiss but the stare quickly turned to glare as they increased the speed as they masturbated each other in the oil with growls. This was still a race, and they knew what was at stake if one of them backed off. The pleasure was building at an insane pace, as the dreams and nightmares of the past three weeks turned into a disgusting but sexy reality. Annoyingly the small space they had trapped each other in didn’t allow for many other attacks besides the one finger that was soaked with cum curling in and out. They whimpered lightly in the heat of battle as they had now both opening assaulted each other in a new way as the fight evolved. Their arousal made them sense every inch of the other woman’s bodies; including their sore tits that they were now rubbing into each other in small strokes to match the fingering. For the next 2 minutes, they continued to finger fuck as their faces got closer and closer even as they glared, daring the other to kiss, to lock their soft lips and tough their hungry maws.


A jug that had been leaning rolled from the top and hit the floor causing an explosive sound. It also separated the girls as Teagan jumped away in shock at the commotion and let their fingers leave each other’s cunts. Paige couldn’t help groaning at the loss of contact between herself and her sexy rival. The fight felt even more confusing now, because firstly, they were still pissed off and wanted nothing more than to humiliate each other. But secondly, there was no more denying that something had changed in the fight, and both looked to be wanting to escalate that.

The girls breathed with a deep huff of anger and arousal as they rested a few feet away from each other in the oil. Their fingers were now coated with the sweetness of their enemy, and they had to resist the urge to suck them into their mouths. The loud slam of the jug had stopped them, and the room was again quiet besides the two oily warriors breathes for just a second longer.

“What the fuck are you playing at?” Teagan snapped sitting up onto her knees a few feet away from Paige and staring at the manager’s body which was red in places they had slapped and pressed. Her own tanned body had small scratches and was slightly more fatigued after the last hour, but she remained determined to finish Paige off tonight.

“The same game you started first you fucking dyke! You used your tongue first!” Paige retorted as she remembered the sensation of the pussy lick.

“You used your bare disgusting pussy first you hypocrite!” Tegan hissed back. “I could literally feel how turned on you are during this fight!” She finished bringing her hand up to her face. A clear sheen of something other than oil could be seen now dripping off her finger.

“You’re soaking wet too! Way more turned on than me!” Paige seethed bring her own hand up and finger up with the wet cum coating. They glared at each other having now acknowledged they had both used lesbian techniques during the fight and now the question was…would they use more?

“No. You are way more turned on than me.” Teagan said deadpan even as her pussy leaked in her askew soaked thong.

“Not even close,” Paige replied simply. “And if we get back at it, I will prove it.” As she laid out the unspoken challenge between them.

The wrestling had proven they were a strong match in the physical aspect of their bodies, and sure they could have kept going like that till the end, but would that have fully solved everything? They now eyed each other in a more erotic light and with a smile, Teagan realized, she was more than willing to see how it would play out.

“If you really think that, how about we lose our little thongs and continue this…nude?” She offered and motioned to the both of them using her still cum covered finger. The word nude hung in the air as Paige did not respond and Teagan did not continue. Their garments left little to the imagination already, but they still provided a final barrier to being fully exposed. The last line between a wrestling match and something much dirtier that was begging to be started. A few more seconds inched by as Paige ran a hand around her waist feeling the small string until she reached the triangle front while Teagan waited for confirmation from her rival.

“Nude, then.” She finally said in a statement like fact as if it had already been decided long before Teagan had suggested it. Her eyes went now down to Teagan’s thong, and she gave a dark smile with a lick of her red lips, “I think nude is how you and I need to settle this. It is the best way for me to humiliate you in the best way…but I’m not about to take my thong off for you.” She finished as she sat up again to her knees holding the loose strings on her hips. “Come take it off me if you think you’re strong enough and I will rip yours off your body.”

Teagan gave her an evil grin and began to move forward toward Paige on her knees, “That was the plan. I’m going to tear it down your legs and then force you to take some really good humiliation till you give up.” She finished as she came closer and closer to Paige.

“Or maybe you will be the one humiliated under me…begging for mercy”. Paige responded not moving forward but lightly shaking her tits at Teagan slightly showing their firmness and size even after the crushing.

It was clear, the better woman would win by forcing the other to give up by ‘humiliation’. The better woman would be able to give more humiliation than she took in the oil arena they found themselves in.

Close enough now, Teagan leapt with a catty cry at Paige who went to her knees to meet her. They slammed their tits together and they immediately melted into each other pushing with their glands. Their hands went for their opponent’s black strings on the hips again looking to bring the fight nude as they could quickly. The thongs had held on but now with their hands slapping nothing could hold them up. Both strings on each girl had already been stretched and easily slid down their bodies to their knees resting half on the ground and restricting their leg movements. The thongs could go no lower unless they forced each other down or into a different position as they pushed into each other. Their navels touched as their slightly toned stomachs met and Teagan prepared her ass muscles for another contest with Paige’s perfect glutes as their hips had aligned. This time however the pressure never came from Paige’s flexing booty and instead in her chest.

Teagan looked up just in time after feeling her tits pushed into harder and didn’t even have time to gasp as Paige’s lips connected to hers in their first kiss. Teagan’s eyes shot open in shock as Paige’s tongue wasted no time splitting her lips and sliding wetly into her mouth to force the other tongue down.

Paige felt Teagan go tense as she was orally assaulted, her own tongue gaining a lot of distance. The Hawaiian girl lost focus as she tried to kiss back allowing herself to get pushed back by the tits. The thong on her knees didn’t help her balance and she had to way to stop Paige’s frontal assault who awkwardly pushed them back bending Teagan down.

The chef ended up onto her back into the oil with their thongs still at both their knees and their lips moving against each other with increased tempo. Their lower lips still avoided each other with their legs unable to open, but the brushing of skin on the soft flesh made them hiss into the other’s throat. Paige ensured that their large mummeries stayed touching as she used them like weights pushing hard but her focus had to shift back to their faces as her tongue had found its counterpart and a spitty contest had started between them there. Teagan was now aggressively kissing back, and their tongues found themselves in a pushing contest much like the oily boobs half a foot away. Spit dripped out from their enclosed mouths more in an attempt to overflow each other, and the dueling of the tongues shifted back and forth from each cave.

Meanwhile, their legs thrashed as best they could, still restrained by the thongs as they made out on the floor. Both were trying to keep their own thong on but get the others off making the other nude first, using their knees to push it down as they fought on the ground. They slipped down inch by inch from their toned calves until they came to each girl’s feet.

The first thong finally came off after Teagan hooked Paige’s with her toes and she kicked it away with a cry. Teagan had no time to celebrate as Paige’s now free legs easily hooked the other thong and slipped it right off the other pair of feet. The two discarded small pieces of cloth lay at their side as the now completely nude woman continued swapping spit on the oily floor but now, they could spread their legs, inadvertently opening their pussies for attack. Paige was still on top and used the position to bring her left hand to Teagan’s tits while the other went her rival’s smooth dark slit. The cook had other plans though, other than just letting Paige get away with this. She slapped Paige’s ass like firm jello and rolled their bodies to put Paige on the bottom before her rival could finger her.

She then slipped away from Paige who raised an eyebrow at her thinking maybe she was giving up for the briefest of seconds. But instead of surrendering, Teagan went to her ass and spread her legs showing off her now smooth perfect dark pussy. She didn’t say a word but simply did an air hump at Paige who got the message.

Paige sat up and matched the pose rubbing her legs with her hands and drawing attention to the rose tattoo on her thigh. Her own pink pussy looked more than inviting and the two soaked sexes eyed each other a few feet away until they moved their legs across and without a word between them touched their nether regions in the long-awaited meeting. The trib began in earnest and they scowled at each other as their folds meshed with the wet sound of labia melded with no further foreplay needed. Their asses fueled the duel as they bounced along with the huge girls on their chests as they began to grind.

“OH GOD!” Teagan moaned as they fully fucked each other in the garage in an attempt to force each other off. It felt incredible, but she was desperate to force her rival off first. She hated this bitch, and hated it even more now that it was apparent, they were both very attracted to each other.

“SHIT” Paige yelled equally in passion as they moved up and down in a sync of beauty and grace but with violent slaps of their sexes breaking the calmness. The oil already made it easy to rub on each other but the cum that had started to leak out gave a sticker feel when mixed in the oil. Their chests moved like sandbags up and down taunting the other pair and turning them on more. It wasn’t long before the sounds of grunts and wet pussy slaps got higher and louder as they wrestled sex to sex.

Teagan clit was the most sensitive part of her body, and it had appeared from the hood standing out and looking for contact. She groaned louder when it would be pushed into the warmth of the layers of Paige. Every few thrusts she swore she felt her clit flick Paige’s own sexhorn sending deep shock waves up her loins as she tried to control the pleasure. She was sure Paige felt it too as the brunette body gave a more pronounced shake at the same time as her.

“Touch your clit to mine if you are brave enough!” Paige hissed confirming Teagan’s thoughts as they flicked again. “I KNOW I feel better than you down there, so why don’t you just take the humiliation!”

“BITCH! I KNOW my pussy is the best thing you have ever felt, but if you want! Fine! Clit to clit! And I’ll humiliate you like the slut you are!” Teagan yelled back. They began to focus on their two nerve endings and touching them over and over in a delicate sword fight. The two knubs giving fast but light flicks as they passed in the lasting sexual war. This lasted about 30 seconds until Teagan’s knew she had to change position to get this over the line. She pushed her loins forward instead of up and down so their clits were now in full direct contact squishing tightly head to head.

“SLUT!” Paige cried as her pussy joined with Teagan’s like a fused trigger. She had to squeeze her internal sex muscles tightly holding onto the pleasure as she could while also ensuring the oil wouldn’t let them slip away. They began pulling into each other only increased the intensity of the duel in the near crab walk fuck. Their clits finally slipped past each other giving a small movement of relief even as they rubbed as deep as they could making sure not a second was wasted.

“FUCK YOU!” Teagan cried pushing up from the trib and tackling Paige directly chest to chest working to mount the other women.

“BITCH!” Paige growled caught off guard at the new position but adapted quickly as they oil wrestled for control. They slapped their big tits into each other sending their nipples digging into the meaty flesh for what felt like the hundredth time. They bent, on each other, and this only sent more shocks down to their loins.

Wanting to get back, to humiliating, Paige spread her legs allowing Teagan access to her cunt with her own ensuring the war there would not stop. Teagan’s body was shaking in pre-orgasmic bliss, but she kept humping the girl underneath in a missionary trib position to finish her cunt to cunt and then fuck her senseless till Paige quit her job. Their faces dripped oil and sweat as they sexually battled face to face looking at each other with deadly stares. Teagan used her ass to pound Paige down, but the brunette met every thrust with her own flicking their clits again. They continued this for only a few seconds when the pleasure built too high for Paige as her clit was flicked just one too many times.

“NOOO!” Paige cried to the feeling of Teagan’s tits and pussy gravity empowered thrusts over and over hitting hers began to break her wall. After a month of thinking about Teagan, Paige was now getting forced off by her nightmare fuck girl in this oil fuck wrestling. Her cunt and clit began to twitch, and her pussy felt like a dam that held too much water as the pressure was too much.

Sensing Paige’s orgasm Teagan tried to pull back and separate their dueling cunts and relieve the pressure on her sex organs that were nearing their end. She wanted to force Paige off her high horse by making her cum against her will without cumming herself; the ultimate form of humiliation they had promised, but it was far more difficult to do than say.

With a cry, Paige knew her orgasm was inevitable but still had the sense to feel Teagan was just as close as she had been in this fuck war. The Hawaiian was attempting to slip away leaving her to cum alone on the dirty floor alone, but that would not happen. She had to stop the escape and keep them touching in every way possible even if it meant going off with her. Her arms that had been held into Teagan’s hair released quickly as she teetered on the verge of cumming, her body shaking…it had been forever since she had gone off not in control.

Desperate, her fingers slid down the smooth back and quickly gripped Teagan’s oily powerful ass clawing it and forcing it back down with all the power she could. Their cunts hit again wetly and she didn’t let go pulling Teagan’s pussy harder down into her cunt putting them in as much contact as she could. Teagan breathed in sharply at the feeling of their vulva’s kissing and even their sex layers toughing. She body couldn’t’ move back with the claws in her flesh, and it was almost too much. The feeling of Paige’s cunt and clit twitching on hers was the breaking point Teagan did not want but could no longer control. She was going over the edge with Paige in a dirty mutual orgasm and they both knew it.

She moved forward instead of trying to escape and sloppily kissed Paige as the first small wave hit them and their toes began to curl. They continued to kiss for only a second until the second larger wave started causing their muscles to spasm and they needed to breathe and moan loudly to release any sort of tension. Their spit covered tongues were forced to separate but they continued to lick their rival’s faces as they came moaning into each other’s open mouths in the extra shocks.

They whined in high pitch unison as they came together and released the pleasure that had been building the entire fight, and even the entire month. Paige could feel every nerve mesh with Teagan’s as they sexual finished each other in the oil. Their bodies shook and small bits of cum dripped down their wet slits onto each other’s causing even more stickiness between their slick skins. Neither girl dared separate their sexes for the pleasure was too great as they rode each other down. Even in the middle of their orgasm, the will to fight in them continued to drive the interaction to see who could get the other to cum more. Their hands had gone right to their tits feeling them up in the oil and squeezing them hard. Each trying to draw out and make her opponents orgasm last longer than her own by playing and rubbing the big blossoms. They desperately were trying to tire each other out as they pulled an extra 5 seconds of pure pleasure from the mummeries that had sent longer shocks down to the middle of their sex core.

As the final wave slowly died out neither moved for a few seconds taking in how powerful and intense the pain and pleasure they had shared. Teagan’s black hair had flown forward covering their faces now making them seem to be in their own personal arena seeing only each other. Paige looked at Teagan angrily and suddenly spit onto the Asian women’s face. Teagan made no other move except to spit back landing near Paige’s nose and dripping down to her mouth. They need a minute to recover and didn’t start fighting just yet, holding this pose for another couple of seconds while feeling the wetness in-between their legs drip like the spit on their faces.

After a few seconds, Paige had watched the spit drip off Teagan’s chin and onto her for long enough. “Get off bitch.” She growled pushing aggressively on Teagan’s shoulders. She was still under her rival after they had just shared an improbable orgasm, but also very unsatisfying because they went off at the same time. Their oil fight had quickly become a half an oil fuck, but the drive to beat the other in sex warfare was almost more intense than their wrestling. The trib contest had been slick and sexy in a way the manager or chef had not expected from someone they hated. An extra piece of annoyance for Paige, was she felt she had gone off a second before her rival and had to drag Teagan with her into the orgasm. In a way, she felt down in the fight and would not have that when it came to her employee.

After a month of thinking only of her co-worker in dirty ways, the satisfaction and anger she felt during this fight was even more extreme. She never expected their wrestling to turn into sex and be so fiery at the same time. She assumed that their desire to humiliate each other pushed them in a way they never expected, but maybe secretly hoped. More so, Teagan seemed more than willing to continue and even was driving them further down this new path of competition. She begrudgingly admitted the chef was even better at sex than she could have imagined, plus their combative nature together added a spice she had never felt. Her pussy was still dripping, and she didn’t have to look down to see that Teagan was just as wet as she was. In fact, she could feel the chef’s cunt literally dripping onto her. The black-haired woman held her ground from the push and gripped tighter on her rival, in fact, she even added more weight onto Paige, mainly in the chest region.

“You want me off? Fine, once you say you will back off messing with me for good…and admit you are nothing but a little whore.” Tegan added as she pushed down more, the fat tits of the manager getting flattened and yet making the chef’s boobs have the same result, though she was clearly winning. Feeling the sensation of a near-perfect symmetrical docking brought a cocky look to Paige’s face, she loved the idea that Teagan thought this was over, it would only make it better in the end when she won. Every inch of their bodies was sliding in small movements that caused electrical charges to fire from the nerves of their touching skin that started to warm up their sex drive again.

“In your dreams, I’m in charge here and I’m in charge of you, and it’s going to get worse after this when I fire you.” Paige jeered, and instead of pushing Teagan away this time, she wrapped her arms around the chef and pulled her in tighter earning a growl from her rival. The pressure started making it tougher to expand their ribs and they felt their lightly toned stomachs brush again and again.

“No way, your little reign of terror is over. I just showed you that you were more turned on by me than I am of you when you came on my pussy.” Teagan taunted with a growl. “You lost, spoiled slut.”

“Bullshit, I got you off at the exact same time, so we’re even and there is no way this is over!” Paige lied slightly, but she would never admit that had just happened. She just blamed the craving she had been feeling her entire holiday thinking about fucking her co-worker, that was the only reason she had been so turned on. With their breasts still compressed, their legs became like snakes, and they began to slither them up and down the other’s smooth slippery limbs in small motions while they had their tense talk.

“Even?! You fucking liar!” Teagan gasped, and though they glared for a second, a little grin came to her red lips. “You know what, that’s fine. I’m happy to humiliate you again, for as long as it takes, so you can have your little ‘even; if it makes you feel better.”

Paige’s hazel eyes sparkled with fire. “Well, now that we are nude and little whores, I guess we should just humiliate each other until one gets her way.”

The challenge was out in the open now and for the sexy women, it was all they needed to hear. “That sounds like the perfect game for us to play…I can hurt you and fuck you at the same time.” Teagan’s eyes flashed back as their womanly bodies prepared for another round of this new type of combat. Their bodies were showing signs of renewed sexual hunger, their nipples hardening again into the other’s fat pair uncontrollably while their breath devolved to little pants.

“I should have guessed you always wanted to fuck me. The way you were looking at my ass at the pool party and how hot and bothered you always get around me. I bet you have been thinking of getting me oiled like this since we met during your interview.” Paige gave a little cocky grin as Teagan’s eye’s narrowed at the implication. Then the Hawaiian girl got a little twisted smile of her own.

“I have always wanted to fuck that little attitude off yours I’ll admit, but don’t think I haven’t seen you checking me out too. Every time I came in sweaty from the kitchen, you eyed my tits like a tasty dessert. I think you were the most disappointed person at the pool party that I didn’t wear my own thong bikini. I bet you were that desperate to get a closer look at my body.” This time Paige’s eyes narrowed, it seemed they couldn’t deny the knowledge of their sexual attraction and maybe now they didn’t want to.

“You are just lucky we didn’t start this at the hotel, I would have had you there in that fucking bed, left you drained and humiliated before I took Michael back to my place.” Paige hissed as her body felt fully ready for another round, she wanted to fight, she wanted to fuck, and she wanted Teagan. It was already becoming too hot coiled up together to not sex wrestling again.

“This time you are the one dreaming. I would have taken your body in that small bed, and then made you watch me fuck Michael after I beat your ass down to a puddle of your sweat and cum.” Then she smiled wider, “Then maybe I would have fucked the puddle again once Michael was tired and taken that little red bikini for myself.”

Paige and Teagan glared at each other so tightly knotted up. The words and admissions of desire fueling both their lust and their rage back to their initial levels. When Paige gave suddenly a second big smile at the other woman and miraculously pulled her tighter. She could feel Teagan’s pulse through her tits and was sure that the chef could feel hers. They were beating fast. So far, they had literally gone further than they had ever imagined, but now it was all they wanted. It was all out of the bag.

“You ready to be humiliated right here, right now, you fucking bitch? This time, you are going off alone.” Paige challenged, her legs starting to speed up onto Teagan’s body, the chef’s clit was already poking out and being pressed by the very rose tattoo she still wanted to claw off.

“No way bitch, I’m going to humiliate you long before you humiliate me. Then I’m going to discard you on this nasty floor and get back to simply enjoying my job.” Teagan shot back, the threats helping their pussies shake in anticipation, their clits ready for more dirty oil fucking.

“This is exactly how we should have settled this from day one.”

“I agree. Or we could have done it in the hotel, but I’m glad I get to oil you up back here. It will feel better when I grind you down. Alone.” Paige whispered like it was a dirty secret.

“Alone is great, because I promise you, Paige, you will be the one ground under me.”

They were breathing heavier, and a little lick from Teagan to Paige’s lips made the manager moan.

“I fucking hate you.” She whispered.
“Not as much as I fucking hate you.” The chef whispered back. Their thighs were up in-between the other’s limps, pressing up and hard to the pussies, moving their rival’s sex lips around.

“Feels like you shaved for me, how sweet.” Teagan sarcastically commented from the smoothest of her rival’s groin and the completely shaven pussy lips. Their thighs were picking up the pace, the rubbing getting harder and hotter.

“So did you, and it looks like you ended up with the hottest lay you could ever have hoped to land.” Paige mockingly shot back.

“I can say the exact same to you bitch.”

“How about we kiss a little then, bitch? And you can try and prove it.”

“If it will shut you up.”

Like two shy snakes, their tongues slowly slid out from their red lips and touched with a little spit. They pulled back in both disgust and desire a second later with a hiss. Then, Paige and Teagan touched again longer and harder until they fully enclosed on each other’s lips once again. With Teagan still on top, they made out on the rubbery floor before Paige suddenly slapped Teagan’s sexy muscular ass with a loud spank causing her to hiss and end the short lip lock. “How long have you wanted to kiss me like this bitch?” Teagan growled, as she brought her hand to Paige’s left tit, claws extended and beginning to dig into the oiled soft flesh.

“I have wanted to shut you up since the fucking interview!” Paige growled back as they locked lips again, while sliding around the rubber mats. They dug their claws into their rivals’ toned muscles and forced one oily thigh each up onto the other’s sweet sex as Paige rolled them onto their sides, making it more of an even battle.

Their lips moved up and down, tongues knotted up in Teagan’s mouth, then switching to Paige’s cave, tasting the spit of the newly appointed sex rival for the second time.

“Your spit tastes just like it did during our blowjob contest. Gross” Paige commented between the smacks with a little hint of sarcasm.

“Contest? Don’t flatter yourself bitch, we aren’t in the same league for giving blowjobs.” Teagan laughed as she pulled back an inch, “I had Michael moaning way before you did.”

“You think so? Ok, well, how about I choke you now with my tongue? Because I can use my mouth all night and know it is better than yours.” Paige threatened.

“Well so can I, and if you dare want to play that game with a chef, bring it on!” Teagan growled back.

There was no response, and they sealed back into a smouch, their tongues twisting, then going deep full-lengths touching. It looked like an awkward kiss, as they tilted their heads to get deeper towards their rival’s throats, both girls’ quickly starting to hold back their gagging. They could deep throat a dick easy, but a wiggling of an enemy tongue was a different beast to deal with.

Mid kiss duel, they began to lightly slap their legs up, again and again, their pussies being willing and getting wetter from the force and impacts. The two restaurant workers were still struggling mouth to mouth, looking as if they wanted to swallow the other’s lips. Each was close to licking her rival’s tonsils and were manoeuvring to gain that final inch first. Their white teeth clicked harshly, but it didn’t stop them as they struggled to prove the other was the weaker of the two. It was close, but Paige got there first, her tongue and head twisting faster than Teagan could keep up with. She got a little deeper and thrashed her pink snake in her rival’s throat to the point Teagan gagged slightly and broke the kiss with a cough.

The break, and distraction allowed Paige to roll Teagan down to press the chef’s perky ass into the rubber allowing the oil to pool around her. Teagan growled trying to kiss her rival again, her cheeks slightly red after getting choked like a bitch, and not being able to return the favor drove her forward.

But a hard grind from Paige’s strong legs, caused Teagan to stop trying to bite and moan. Her exposed clit pressed harder into the roses tattoo now on the bottom of their locked bodies.

“You bitch…” The chef hissed, moving her leg to press back, but was now falling behind in this second round.

“Hmph! Told you I would gag you, and now you are going to cum on my tattoo!” Paige taunted, but then, stopped as her own pleasure was again growing, and she had to focus. The chef’s hands were kneading her ass like dough and the bottom girl’s strong fingers seemed to dig into every knot.

Their legs were impossibly wrapped, with a thigh inserted between the two legs in what was turning into an oily rub off, each right thigh, making the smallest of movements to drag her oily skin onto the warm fully exposed sex of her rival. They were lost in each other’s sex frenzy, and as the minutes passed, they found themselves humping lightly into each other’s forms as if they couldn’t control it. They were kissing wetly all the while, chewing each other’s lips, hands lost in the soaked oily hair, ripping and tearing at the roots. Before slithering down and groping a feel of the other girl’s perfect ass, then going back into the hair.

Again, they pulled each other tighter, their bodies blending on the nasty rubbery floor. Almost five straight minutes of kissing and sucking, rubbing, and humping seemed to push Teagan and Paige into a fury. It seemed as they got closer, they got more aggressive, slapping, and drawing long scratch marks down the other’s back and asses to force the other to let go. Their big asses were almost shaking in pre-orgasmic pleasure, as they spanked and bit each other’s necks, the second orgasm already nearing its welcome. They kept the continued pace, no rhythm, no defense as the oil proved no friction for them to stop. The heat between was too much and Teagan groaned as her pussy spasmed on the thigh. It had been almost two straight minutes of having her love nub massaged out of its hood and touching Paige’s smooth oily skin.

“Look at me bitch.” Paige demanded as she felt her rival freeze for the briefest of seconds. The manager knew it didn’t matter; she was too close and had no way of pulling off.

“You look.” Teagan hissed back and shot her tongue into Paige’s mouth but kept her brown eyes open so they could watch her enemies’ pupils dilate. Their tongues slashed and cleaned their rival’s white teeth and gums, before retreating back.

They teetered on their sides for a brief second on the limbo of their epic struggle. “Fuck!” Teagan suddenly hissed, breaking off the short kiss as she pushed the manager’s shoulder’s lightly, creating some space from Paige’s big globes hanging just above Tegan’s tanned pair.

Teagan began to go off as her pussy was ground to the point of release, and a second later Paige followed suit, she didn’t even try to pull away, she knew that they were far too interlocked to escape this second round, but the satisfaction of knowing Teagan when first by seconds was worth it. The impossibly strong grips of their leg muscles somehow tightened more as they broke their kiss and moaned. They felt their oily orgasm spread down their conjoined limps as they tried to roll the other down to her back and take a stronger position.

They didn’t speak but could feel their hated rival cumming on their leg, sharing an intimate oil fuck that was almost painful for how hard they ground each other with their slick bodies. Before they could taunt, they slammed their mouths tighter to swallow each other’s screams and for the second time that night the two women went off in each other’s arms, this time by the powerful legs that they had so often been squeezed by in this sex battle. The fight didn’t change, and they rolled around the black rubber as they came hard, spinning faster and faster neither able to control the other for long and claim a more dominant position.

The two oiled fighters screamed as they came together in a messy ball to ride out the peak of satisfaction. It went on for a few good seconds, until their clits and pussies relaxed, and the pressure they had built in their loins released. Besides the oil, each girl had left a good drop of creamy cum onto the other’s leg, the substance far thicker than the oil that coated their skin. They rolled twice more until Teagan released her slick grip and Paige let her go as they rolled two feet apart and came to rest, almost dizzy from the pleasure and spinning. For a long minute, they laid there catching their breath, another intense orgasm so quickly this night, making up for how poor the masturbation and sex had been for both of them the last few weeks.

“Fucking chef slut.” Paige hissed looking at the ceiling. Her anger over Teagan getting her off again wanted to make her scream.

“You bitch, don’t even start. This is all your fault.” Teagan said back with a hiss of her own.

The oiled-up manager sat up, her newly sun-kissed skin and eyes ablaze, “Just fucking QUIT YOUR JOB!”

“I’m not quitting, YOU ARE!” Teagan screamed back, but before she could sit up. Paige screamed and jumped on her. But Teagan gladly and willingly accepted the body-on-body action. Thighs went right back into cunts, and they began to roll again, this time slower, slamming each other into the rubber as hard as they could when they got on top. It was more of a catfight, and the aggression from the earlier encounters came roaring back.

“Quit!” Paige screamed again as she landed a good slap to Teagan’s face, but the adrenaline had returned and it was like the cook didn’t even feel it.

“You quit!” Tegan screamed back and returned the favor, as they took turns jumping on each other and slapping each other’s tits and faces with a bit of extra force. The constant jumping and kicking caused them to move quite a bit around the garage till they moved a good distance from the oiled pool and shelves. On the last jump, Teagan had embraced Paige once again and they started a fast roll towards the far wall.

They rolled near the new area, slapping at each other’s oily faces and tits with a snarl. Reaching back for anything to whack Paige with Teagan was able to take hold of something cold. It was a canister and without looking; the chef knew what was inside it. She swung it forward not to hit her rival with it, but to shoot what was internal. As the head chef, she knew the bottom row of shelves was always the dessert area, and this row was where they kept the whipped cream bottles.

She squeezed the top and shot a sticky sugary goo right at Paige’s face with a zzzz sound. Nearly all of the new slop hit the manager’s chin, but some made it up to the top of her hazel eyes.

“What the fuck!?” She yelled in surprise from the cold cream touching her heated oily skin. She released her rival and pushed up and off Teagan, the oil strings snapping. The Hawaiian girl tried to follow and push her body into Paige, but the manager kicked out with her legs to block that attempt.

Crawling away quickly, Paige reached up and felt what the hell substance was now on her body thanks to this bitch. She felt the smoothness and the stickiness of the cream and then with a little lick, knew it was cheap, but a delicious vanilla cream mix. Paige enjoyed many types of sex, and food play was something she always thought about, but it seemed, now she wouldn’t have a choice.

“Oh, so the oil wasn’t enough, now you want to play with cream.” Paige coyly teased as she flicked the white goo away from her hand.

Teagan sat up and gave a little stretch, “What can I say? I’m a chef, I like to mix ingredients and keep things fresh, unlike you. Scared to try this? Don’t worry, this is that fake, sugar-free whipped cream you bought on a discount.” Then she smiled wider, “Don’t worry though if you don’t, I think I can get you to make plenty of your personal cream.”

For some reason, Paige felt a new thrill, and her pussy clearly was very happy with that idea. “Oh, don’t worry about me, I knew things could get messy working at a restaurant. I like the idea of making some cream from you. Maybe we can make it a special? Slut Teagan’s cream.”

“Doesn’t Slut Paige’s cream sound better? I’m sure you can make a lot, or at least; I can make you produce a lot.”

“It’s a cream fight then.” Paige laughed feeling her confidence increase as the fight only got filthier. It was a sick pleasure, enjoying the sex with the very woman she wanted to humiliate and now getting to do it in the messiest of ways. She felt the nastier the fight got, the better her chance was to leave Teagan in nothing but her own cum and now cream.

“Let’s finish this.” Teagan giggled as she took the canister and in a sexy way added two dollops to her nipples. She knew she had to turn Paige on more, she had to get her off and not go off at the same time. Quickly, the cool touch only made her rock-hard nipples tingle as she and Paige’s breathing picked up in desire. Just watching her rival do this felt like some sick porn film, but she was living it, and now she had to dominate it.

Like Paige had done to her, she then rolled the canister at her rival. She was offering her a choice, just like in the oil. Do we continue and make this even messier or are you going to back off now? Paige didn’t even hesitate, she picked up and applied an equal amount to her own nipples, then shot some of the thick substance into her mouth with a moan.

“Tasty, but I bet as good as your cream.” She commented, cleaning her lips with her finger’s then sucking each one slowly as Teagan watched with a lick of her own red lips.

“Yeah, I think the best cream needs to be forced out of the cow.”
“True, and I see a nice fat cow in front of me.”

There was a silence, then Paige smiled and gave a little shake to the can.

“You know, since we are playing nice for a few minutes why don’t you come over here and we can empty that little canister together?”

Teagan gave her a humph but didn’t decline the invitation and even slowly began to slide forward on her knees towards the other woman. Paige’s hazel eyes watched the oily queen come towards her, drifting down to the massive, tanned breasts that had the whipped cream already starting to melt off the chef’s hot natural body. She got on her knees and went as tall as possible waiting for her rival to approach, her own whipped nipples dripping cream, and she didn’t have to look down to know her pussy was oozing at the sight and expectation of what was to come in just moments.

Once the Hawaiian was a foot away from the sun-kissed girl, she went to her own full height on her knees, bringing her nose to nose and nipple to nipple with Paige. A few drips of whip cream fell off their bodies while their oily skin shinned in the dim light. Two sex goddesses about to embark on a nasty messy sexfight that just this morning they thought was impossible.

Thirty minutes ago, they had been arguing in the office, fifteen ago they were oil wrestling. Then they started fucking WHILE oil wrestling and now they were about to apply some stickiness to keep them even closer. It was wild for both Paige and Teagan, but it felt so so right. Yet, one had to win, one had to finish the other before herself, or it would all be worthless…the fight was still on.

Here they waited, Teagan’s long black hair was matted and covered in oil, just like Paige’s wavy brown look, soaked and damp. They glowered eye to eye, the image they had been imagining since that night in the hotel…no, Teagan thought. This had been from the moment had been building since the first time they had met.

With no further delay, Teagan pushed her whipped cream covered nipples into Paige’s and the manager smiled at the increased sensation of the very white goo squishing between them. It even made a sound as they mushroomed each other, the cream slipping out from the top, sides, and underboob. Behind the white substance, nipples found each other and exploded with a tingling sensation from the material and each other. It instantly was sticky from the fake sugar, and Teagan knew that after all the oil, it would be far harder to separate now. Paige smiled back at her rival’s reaction and now the sensations shooting down her form. Then Teagan brought up the canister as Paige watched with a raised eyebrow, she hated how hot this was, she hated that Teagan turned her on, and that this messy fight was awakening something in her. They were still fighting and she had to fuck this bitch into submission…or be fucked down in turn.

The chef turned the squeeze on and did a zig zag up and down the top of their conjoined tits. A beautiful soft canvas of womanly flesh, needing to be painted on. The white goo held its shape for the most part as Teagan added some to both of their shoulders. When she paused, Paige reached for the cold canister; more than ready for an aggressive struggle when her fingers found it, but surprisingly Teagan let go with a taunting, be my guest kind of smile.

As Paige pulled it away, Teagan moved her face forward slightly and licked her rival’s lips with a grin that made Paige hiss in desire. This chef was playing the game well, and it was very frustrating for Paige all the way down to her sexual core. But she could play this sick messy turn on game just as well.

“Give me your hand.” She ordered and though Teagan wanted to tell her to fuck off, she also wanted to see what her co-worker had in mind. She opened her palm and Paige squeezed a big dollop into her rival’s hand with a little twirl for showmen ship. She then put some on her own and dropped the can to the right. There was a short pause, both having their big tits now covered and both their hands full. Paige waited a second, then smiled, she lifted her palm and slapped Teagan’s strong ass with an explosion of white cream and a sexy slap that filled the room. The naturally tanned girl gave a little gasp from the strength and feel as the manger’s hand began to spread the sticky white substance over her firm buns, spreading it up and down like some boy who had just cum on her. Paige had felt Teagan’s ass many times now this night, but this was the most thorough she had been allowed to explore. Every inch she covered was matched by her rival as they were covered in whipped cream when Teagan spanked her a second later.

“We are going to get stuck together doing this,” Paige commented, as she felt up Teagan’s ass, and lower back, ensuring that she properly covered the girl so that every bit of her sex rival was sticky and messy. Even now, she could feel her tits hardening to Paige’s, and she knew it was all as planned.

“That’s the idea, I’m tired of you slipping around me and getting away,” Teagan replied simply, getting some extra cream down Paige’s ass and under her hamstrings.

“Oh, don’t lie. We both want the other to have no escape. The idea of being stuck to you while I get to humiliate you is amazing. I want to feel you get humiliated right in a puddle. I want to feel every nasty second” Paige giggled, as she layered it on Teagan’s thighs before adding more to the back of her rival’s neck.

“You know if you weren’t so full of yourself, we might have been able to be friends.”

“I think the exact same thing, if not friends at least really nasty fuck buddies.”

“Yeah, that does sound more like us. Shame, you’re such a bitch.”

“The feelings mutual.” They ceased talking as the can was picked up and discarded several times as they layered the thick whipped cream on until it was nearing empty.

Paige filled her own hands with some of the final bits of substance and ran it down the tanned skin of Teagan, relishing in the goo going between the curves. She went everywhere on the body had taunted her, then she went in places that she may have missed, her rival’s armpits, behind her ears, anywhere and everywhere she could reach so that the chef would always be in her sticky grasp. She slapped the tanned ass once more just to see the extra cream splatter off the Asian girl’s booty once more to see how thick it was now layered.

A slight gasp escaped the chef’s mouth, but not wasting the chance, she used it to lock Paige into another smooth kiss even as continued spreading the cream into each other’s skin more so and more so, making them stickier and dirtier in their hot embrace. After a few seconds, they broke apart with a small spit string between them when they were sure there was no space unmissed. At this point, even their hair was covered, and it was starting to get hard to tell who was who from a distance was.

“This cream looks like Michael’s cum that we shared.” Teagan mused as she replaced some of the white sticky substance onto her own nipples knowing the little truce was almost over. The earlier dollops were starting to melt away from their heated skin.

“It does, but this way makes it much more personal,” Paige commented, taking the can and adding a new layer to her own nips just as the can spluttered and was almost empty.
“Agreed.” Teagan finished as the sound of the can was nearly finished was the sign they had been waiting for.

A second later, their hands left each other’s bodies for the first time in almost 5 minutes.

“I think you’re covered enough,” Paige noted, barely able to tell it was her rival by the look of her now. She just looked filthy, and it was clear that the loser being left like this was all the humiliation they would need to settle who was queen of this restaurant.

“I would say so, I can’t even see your slutty tattoo under all this cream I put on you. Whatever’s left in there put it around us.” Teagan commanded.

Paige didn’t mind, and spraying the can till it was fully empty, created an almost full ring of the white substance around the two fighters. Then she threw it far and away to the other side of the room. The creamy girls faced off on their knees, planning that this was it covered in their whip cream.

“Let’s settle this bitch.” Paige smiled at her sexy cook.
“You got it bitch.” Teagan grinned at her fuckable manager. The fake smiles hiding the rage and desire to finally put the other girl into her place.

On cue, the two creamy girls lunged on their knees at each other, and the two buttery balls of women spattered together, and began to wrestle aggressively. Paige won as the four fat balls of tits sent whipped cream everywhere as she got on top of Teagan and began to kiss her, the one place that was yet to be covered in goo, their mouths. Finger’s interlaced, and the cream squished out from the conjoined skins as they rolled back and forth a few times, their sexy womanly humps still visible under the mess. Their hair was now splattered, and if not for the few gaps of black and brown, it was nearly impossible to tell which girl was on top and winning. The top girl kept trying to lift the bottom girl’s legs and put her in some sort of pin, but the thickness of the cream slowed their movements. The two figures continued to grunt and groan as they traded the top position but lifting and pinning the other woman’s legs was proving to be unsuccessful. They simply squeezed, gripped, and rubbed every little inch of creamy rival they could. Turning each other on, just by the wrestling and the willingness to fight this messy. After a minute of having her ass and tits squeezed over and over, one of them, that maybe was Teagan pushed away. The other gooey girl pushed herself up and lunged at the sexy rival once again, but the now somewhat visible chef was ready.

Teagan got her arm under Paige’s pussy, hooking it at the elbow and squishing the goo up harder. She lifted with some force and was able to elevate the bitch slightly thanks to Paige’s own momentum. Teagan spun them and was able to slam Paige into the ground with a splat, the manager’s cream covered big tits jiggled aggressively as she was forced down to her back. The cook didn’t jump on her thrown down rival however and tried a new tactic. Aiming for one of the thickest areas of cream, Teagan dove her mouth down towards the hidden pink nipples hidden behind the substance. She latched on and began to suck her rival’s big breasts, as cream-filled her mouth that she swallowed back. Her tongue found the rubbery nipple and lapped it back and forth as Paige groaned and tried to pull the Asian woman off by the gooey black hair.

“Get off! Paige groaned as her big jugs were getting milked by the sexy mouth and her babies were daring to create an even more liquid cream with this pleasure. She twisted her body on the ground, not able to dislodge her rival’s deep sucking, but able to get half turned for her hand to reach down her rival’s cream covered back. Her fingers slipped between the gooey white covered buns to finger Teagan’s asshole and she got an instant reaction from the chef who howled as Paige inserted the pointy finger a half inch into the puckered hole. The chef let the tit free from her mouth and spit some of the cream still in her mouth onto Teagan’s face.

“BITCH!” She growled and Paige’s eyes closed as the spit and cream hit her in the face. Instead of trying to resist the asshole teasing, she reached up to start fingering Paige’s tight pussy and puckered ass with her own three fingers.

“UGH!” Paige moaned from the violation. Their position turned into a cross with Teagan on top and them junctioning at their stomachs as they fingered each other for a few seconds. But the access was not enough, and they twisted at the same time, losing their ability to finger but ending up in a messy scissor position with their legs crossed. Teagan was on her front, Paige on her back as they began to grind sex to sex closing the distance. The two creamy cunts touched and squished more goo into every crevice as their labia crushed with plenty of whipped cream to spare. The warm cum began to be mixed with the other substances as their vagina’s seemed drawn together.

“You like this bitch? Is this what you imagined? Fucking me in that kitchen covered in this mess, right?” Teagan moaned, as her body moved in rhythm. Their open slits already were sending intense sexual shots to their heads, but their hate and rivalry couldn’t be tamed anymore.

“Yeah, I do, but you like it just as much, as filthy as two sluts can be!” Paige hissed back, humping, loving and hating every second.
“You whore, you are going to get humiliated in this cream.” The chef moaned.

“No, you will be humiliated!” Paige squealed back.
“Shut the fuck up!” Teagan shouted.
“You shut the fuck up!” Paige replied with a snarl.

“How about we shut each other up this time in a better way, you tasteless slut!”
“If that is how you want to lose, you spoiled bitch!”

They both knew what the other had in mind. Teagan broke off their pussy trib and flipped around, but Paige was already up and on top of her, their bodies in reverse. Seconds later, Teagan was looking up at Paige’s succulent pussy though it was fully covered in whipped cream. Even with the goo, her rival was already dripping warm cum onto Teagan’s face and the cook licked her lips ready to taste her hated coworker. She imagined it would be everything she had imagined the last few weeks. She knew that Paige was looking at her own and wondered if her enemy of sex was thinking the same. The thoughts were confirmed as Paige ran her tongue down her thigh just to stop right before reaching her groin. Teagan did the same, and they rubbed and probed until they just couldn’t take it anymore.

The ball of womanly flesh got tighter as they pulled each other in, the messy sexfight devolved into a messy 69 ball where they attempted to finish each other’s cream covered pussies with their tongues. The best way to shut each other up was simple, by tongue fucking her rival into oblivion. It looked like a white ball of goo, and it was impossible to tell where they were separated, becoming a single unit of moaning and sucking flesh. Tongues slipped in and they began to clean each other out, sucking up some of the extra whipped cream and then spitting it away to replace it with her wet spit. Their labia was becoming the only clean part of their bodies, only for them to have an easier time to eat.

They worked the outer folds first, and then would cover the slit with their entire mouths, their skills eating each other eerily similar as if they knew what their rival enjoyed. Asses were spanked, and messy goo went flying every few seconds as they worked each other’s bodies.

Paige massaged Teagan’s covered hamstrings keeping them loose as she located the cook’s sexy little clit once she had cleaned the pussy up nice and completely. It appeared out of its hood and to make sure Teagan knew it, Paige pressed her tongue right into it. A loud squeal escaped Teagan’s lips as her clit was pressed in, but she wasn’t the only one. Paige’s clit had appeared, but Teagan had only been teasing around it to slowly build the pleasure, but no more. With a snarl, she placed her lips around the love nub and sucked hard to the shock of her manager. Paige froze then screamed, her tongue losing contact with Teagan’s slit for an extra second.

Both wanted to talk, to taunt, but wasting even a second was not worth it in this messy race.
So instead, they kept going, sucking cunts, tasting, fighting with their sexual actions, when Paige had to lift her head to moan. She needed to do something more elaborate, something Teagan really would enjoy. She pulled her pussy away from Teagan’s mouth who screamed in anger as the bottom girl felt Paige was running away.

“Fuck you! What are you doing?” Teagan growled, leaning up to lick the still tight sex as whipped cream dripped down from her rival’s hot ass onto her face.

“This bitch!” Paige screamed as she jumped forward just a bit and pressed her big fat tit down to cover Teagan’s full pussy, her nipple inserting into the white sticky sex folds. Of course, this brought her own pussy right in line for the same treatment and a second later, Paige felt her clit flicked by her rival’s sexy rods as Teagan began to titfuck her back.

They both used their left hands to help aim the battle of breasts, “Cum, like your boyfriend! Right on my perfect tits!” Paige screamed into the air as she aimed her nipple again and again.
“Fuck you! You are going to cum right on MY perfect tits!” Teagan shrieked back, her nipple getting dipped into the warm cum in contrast to the cream everywhere else on her body.

It was a titfuck race, and the two women used their big jugs to stab and inset into the other’s cunt. Once and a while they would stop and lick each other a bit more down there, cleaning up the groins to ensure their swelling clits could be targeted without mercy. After two minutes, Paige lowered herself and sunk her tongue into Teagan’s warmth as deep as she could, tasting the soft sex flesh that just felt right on her tongue.

This of course brought her own pussy directly in front of Teagan’s mouth who retaliated with a deep thrusting into her rival, the pink wet snakes explored the pussy folds where their nipples couldn’t reach, driving them up a wall that they could not control. The tongue they had dueled over a dick now inside them, wiggling and making them squirm on the messy floor more than any dick ever had.

They screamed and rolled in the whipped cream, spinning with their tongues in each other, the cusp of a powerful orgasm just about to break the two rivals in half. Teagan began working Paige’s clit with her lips and Paige did the same, the suck off going to the last seconds of pleasure. They were gasping, screaming, holding on, but as Paige rolled back on top after another minute, she was so close, almost in tears. The only thing that kept her going was she could feel it…her perfect rival breaking with her, and for the first time Teagan didn’t attempt to get back on top.

The chef had to stop rolling, her body overheated, stuck to Paige, the creamy rival pressed into her form and now so sticky that she could barely push her rival without going with her in the same direction. The mix of oil and whip cream made her slick and sticky all at once, her body, the one she took so much pride in was cracking as it molded into Paige, a woman she had been wanting to fuck and was now in the nastiest fight and fuck of her life with.

She lifted her mouth off Paige and let out a low moan and this time, she couldn’t help it. “No! Paige, you fucking bitch!” She cried, but it had the opposite effect as the manager only increased her pace knowing there was a chance, knowing her perfect rival could be beaten…she hadn’t been sure seconds prior.

The manager felt the now bottom girl moan and shake as they once again became a tasty ball of goo. The chef felt like she was about to make her own cream, her groin pressure twitching like an overflowing bottle. Paige herself was desperate and in a similar position close to releasing all of her own pressure. But she would not cum yet, she could win, and she could feel Teagan inner core…something told her the bitch was closer than her. It felt like her rival was only reacting and not taking the initiative as she had been before.

“I’m going to make you cream on my tits you bitch! Just like Michael did!” She growled and was more surprised when the chef didn’t reply, too focused on trying to make up ground.

Paige unstuck herself just enough to slide up again and slam her left tit deep into Teagan’s wide open sticky cunt. A decent amount of her oily tit was able to slip right into her rival’s sex deeper than before. Her own pussy was surprisingly not touched for a few seconds as Teagan was trying to push her desire down deep into her core. She was holding on by the smallest line of threads.

“Fuck you!” She cried, her ass shaking in pre-orgasmic pleasure, her legs already spasming as she fought to hold onto the last string of her pleasure. She desperately forced her own cream covered tit into Paige to match, deep at first, and then at Paige’s clit with a stab. She heard and felt the manager scream in a way she hadn’t thus far in the night, but somehow Paige kept it under control even as the chef’s sticky nipple seemed to stick like glue to her own clit. The pacific islander girl was about to vibrate her breast, but Paige did it first with Teagan’s sexy clit already become glued to the pink whipped cream nipple.

The manager was vibrating her and pulling Teagan’s clits like the best toy. This fight, this fuck, against this bitch, it was hitting a spot of her desire that she never knew she had. For some reason, she couldn’t stop thinking of that red thong bikini and Paige’s ass in it, fuck she hated this, this messy nasty fuck just as much as she loved it. Paige ground her tit harder, desperate to end this fuck off before she went off again in this nasty sexfight.

“FUCK, no Paige! You fucking bitch!” Teagan screamed under her as the final tether broke and she started to cum, her pussy exploding with its own cream and beginning to cover Paige’s left tit. She started thrusting involuntarily into the woman meat, the whipped cream beginning to spread more and more as Paige pulled her pussy free from Teagan’s fat girls who was no longer attacking her back.

“Yes! Cover me you bitch! Cum on me, give me your fucking cream!”

Teagan screamed in frustration as her pussy exploded and she did indeed cover Paige’s tit with some extra cream, unable to pull an equal amount of substance from her rival and feeling herself getting drained on the disgusting rubber. Her hands dug into Paige’s perfect ass, the one that had taunted her in that thong, now she was holding onto it while she was pushed over the edge. She couldn’t stop anything as Paige willingly rolled herself to the bottom and pulled her tit free while her own tether was nearing the edge of her own orgasm. Not stopping, she stuck her tongue into the whipped cream covered groin and began to suck Tegan’s clit hard, making Teagan cum harder as her gooey thighs squeezed the manager’s head in a last tiny line of defense.

It took a long time, a solid 20 seconds, longer than Paige had ever seen anyone besides herself cum, until she felt Teagan go limp and collapsed on top of her. Paige caught her breath for an extra second, her own clit literally one good tit thrust away from exploding similarly to the chef, but for now she had it. Teagan had gone off, and she had held it in, she had beaten her sex rival in the nastiest night she had ever lived. She pushed her cream opponent off her and sat up, with a moan “Ugh,” as her skin peeled inch by inch away from her rivals. The last nearly ten minutes of eating and titfucking each other had left them like glue and their bodies looked desperate to not separate. She looked down at the chef’s eyes that seemed distant, and her fire seemed out at least for now.

The sexy pacific islander rolled off and onto her back, twitching in post orgasmic shaking and hating that she knew she had not been able to fuck her rival off first.

Paige couldn’t help it; she gave a stretch and a big smile as she sat up and flipped some goo off her covered body. “That was delicious, sorry you weren’t good enough to get enough of my cream Hot Tea.” She taunted as Teagan didn’t respond.

“I think I want a bit more.” Paige continued, and she watched the black-haired girl’s eyes find hers, so she lifted her own cream and cum covered left tit to her mouth and began to suck her own nipple. She swallowed the delicious cum off her own tit and then flicked her now clean nipple with a little extra taunt.

Teagan’s eyes were starting to come into focus, so Paige decided to make sure the bitch knew what just happened. She leaned down and licked her rival’s covered cheek up to her ear. “I win bitch. I made you cum and you didn’t get me off. You fucking lose.” She whispered and then licked the black-haired girl’s lobe.

Teagan let out a low growl, but she was now too out of it, her pussy had cum harder than ever in her life. She was done and the frustration of what this meant for her job dawned on her. Surprisingly, she wasn’t sad or willing to beg, she was just pissed. Angier than she had ever been at both Paige and herself, as she lay there in the creamy defeat.

When Teagan didn’t respond, Paige’s smile twisted cruelly. “That’s what I thought. I’m in fucking charge here and you will be in my office at 10 AM to discuss your future employment.” She laughed, already more than excited to write up the resignation letter her rival would sign now that it was settled. She stood slowly; her sticky body still covered in whipped cream as she stood above her defeated equally filthy co-worker. She enjoyed the moment for an extra second before heading towards the door. She planned on using the dishwasher spray to at least get most of this cream off herself before she drove home. At the exit, she couldn’t help looking back at Teagan who was now glaring but still on her back. She gave her a big smile and posed in the door with both hands on the sides of the frame, her sexy rose tattoo, showing off as the cream oozed off her hot body.

“You’re a good fuck, but not as good as me…’Hot Tea.” Paige laughed as she turned and slapped her own cream covered ass in one last sexy taunt. She then left the enraged out sexed cook covered in oil and whipped cream in the garage, claiming her title, Queen of the restaurant.

The next day.

Teagan walked right into Paige’s office without knocking once again. She was wearing a plaid sexy short skirt and t-shirt that showed off her body more than usual. Her face was passive, her island pacific features pronounced, and looking more tempting to the manager’s hazel eyes as Paige watched her approach. After taking a long look, the hazel eyes glanced at the clock, 10 AM on the dot, right on schedule.

The chef had spent the night screaming into her pillow, replaying the fight in her head, and thinking how she could have come out on top. But, for now, there was nothing and she planned to face the music. She would quit this job and find another, and then one day come back and fuck Paige till the bitch cried.

“Hey Teagan, please take a seat, as you can see, I have your resignation paper all ready.” Paige smiled as she spoke. She had also worn a very tight blouse with more than enough buttons undone, making sure her big tits were out in display for her inferior sex rival.

Teagan sat down in the chair, the two rivals looking at each other nice and clean after just a few hours ago when they had been the filthiest, they had ever been.

“Well, I would say it’s been a pleasure, but it hasn’t, please sign below,” Paige ordered, somewhat annoyed Teagan didn’t seem as bothered or willing to beg as she had hoped.

The hazel and brown eyes locked for a long time before Teagan picked up the pen and Paige’s smile widened to its full length, her pink-coloured lips wide. Right before the pen hit the paper, the office door swung open, and the owner walked in unannounced. “Paige, Teagan there you two are! I have big…what is that?” He said, as he noticed the paper in front of his chef.

“It’s uhhh…” Paige panicked, and Teagan didn’t know what to say. This was very unexpected.

“Are you leaving Teagan?” He asked his chef, and instead of answering, Teagan simply looked at Paige and a little grin came to her lips. “I’m not sure, am I Paige?”

The brown-haired girl looked stunned, and before she could say another word. The owner’s face turned furious.

“Paige. Outside now.” He demanded and left the office.

“Ok.” She said, not making any further eye contact with her soon to be ex-chef.

Teagan watched them go, a tiny little grin on her face…now she was the one with a new idea.

A few minutes later Paige walked back in, her face one of shock and anger. ‘If she leaves, you are out. She is the best cook in the city and only Teagan can run the event for the Library Gala…it better go well or you’re out of a job.’ The owner had just told her, and she had a feeling Teagan knew what had just happened. The chef watched her sit back down and they simply stared at each other, waiting for this new development to be discussed.

“So, am I leaving?” Teagan sarcastically said to get it across in an almost playful way.

Paige let out a huff of hot air from her nostrils as she sat back down. “No. I can’t fire you because I need you for the Gala.” Paige said through gritted teeth. “But you lost last night, by cumming first. So, you are taking my orders from now on till then…and then YOU are going to resign on your own accord after the event.” She hissed from across the desk and stood up to emphasize her point.

“From what it sounds like, I could quit now, say it is your fault, and you get fired too. So, I guess we must figure something out, or I can fuck us both over fully.” Teagan said, the power dynamic shifting, and they both knew it. But then Teagan gave Paige another sexy grin and lick of her lips because she wanted something else.

“You won last night in that filthy fuck, I won’t deny it, you can have Michael’s number, and I will agree to follow your orders till the Gala. BUT for me to not get us both fired, you must agree right now, after the Gala…a rematch. You and me. Sex versus sex… Loser leaves…on her own accord.”

Paige was almost shaking, she had won, this wasn’t fair…but now it seemed the only option.

“Well, I’m sure you are happy with yourself aren’t you bitch? I already beat you, but you know what? You are on. I would love to fuck you down again. We can get even messier next time.”

“That sounds perfect…boss. Now, I know your game, and next time it will be different.”

Paige let out a snarl. “The night of the Gala once we are done. You and me, and I will fucking kick and fuck your ass till you cry. Then you will quit.”

“Whatever you say.” The hard-working chef laughed. “Well, if we are done ‘boss’, I better go get ready for the lunch. Let me know if you need anything.”

“If I need an easy fuck slut, I’ll tell you…just remember how it felt getting left in that goo, outfucked by my body.” Paige taunted and for a second, she saw Teagan’s eyes narrow, but the chef didn’t respond and left a second later. The manager sat in her office, she had won, but now it seemed she would need to do it again and hard for this bitch to surrender permanently. A month away was a long time, and the smallest part of her…couldn’t wait to get messy again.

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