Perfect Pair by Catharsis

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Part 1 – Mirror Images

The doorknob to room 214 rattled loosely as Holly Criswell unlocked it and tried to tiptoe quietly back into her dorm room. She shot a glance at Rachel, her roommate at college, to see if she had woken up. The redhead was still curled up in a lump on her bed, and showed no sign of having been disturbed. Holly smiled sweetly. She paused at the mirror above the sink and checked her hair. Enough morning sunlight was creeping around the edges of the curtain on the window for her to see that, like always, everything was perfect. Her bright blond hair cascaded down past her shoulders in neat, straight lines. Her round, cheery face was unblemished and accented with exactly the right amount of makeup. Her pink jogging suit was still clean after the half hour walk she’d been on and the quick stop for breakfast she had made. Even her white athletic shoes were spotless. She started to smile at the reflection of her 5’3″ frame in the mirror, but stopped halfway, as if something she saw there bothered her.

“You can turn on the light if you wanna,” mumbled the lump on the bed.

“Oh, Rachel, I’m sorry! Did I wake you? I tried to be quiet,” said Holly in a concerned voice.

“Nah, I’ve been awake for a while,” Rachel replied. “I just didn’t feel like getting up. What time is it?”

“It’s nine-thirty.”

“Aw, crap! The dining hall is closed.” Rachel sat up and stretched her arms above her head. “Well, who needs breakfast anyway.”?

“Everyone does,” Holly chided gently. “I can get you something from the store if you’d like.”

“No no no, don’t bother just for me.”

“I’ve got an apple you can have.”

Rachel looked up at Holly and let out one of the throaty laughs that she was renowned for. “Alright, you convinced me.” The redhead stood up and took the apple Holly had retrieved from the gift basket her parents had sent. “You’re such a nice person, you know that?” Holly blushed.

“Thank you.”

“Oh, and that reminds me, how’d you like the party last night? I didn’t really get a chance to ask you.”

“It was fun, but a bit crowded.”

“Yeah, you left at what, quarter to eleven? I don’t even remember when I got back here.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know either.”

“But, you got to meet Gina’s roommate, Michelle, right?”


“And…?” Rachel leaned her face towards Holly’s.

“She’s very nice,” the blond replied nonchalantly. She turned towards her desk and idly leafed through some notes from Psychology class that were on it. “I can see why you and Gina were friends in high school,” she continued, “You both…”

“Wait,” Rachel cut her off. “That’s it?”

“What’s it?” Holly acted puzzled, but she knew full well what her roommate was after.

Rachel let out an exasperated sigh. “I guess I just don’t get it. You and Michelle are so alike. I mean, when Gina and I got to comparing notes about our roommates, we were amazed at how similar you two sounded. Since neither of you really did that much partying, and were always so busy with studying and service work, we thought we’d never manage to get you two together. Last night was the first good chance to introduce you, and I was afraid you’d back out at the last minute and I’d have to drag you bodily over to Gina’s dorm.”

“Well, Michelle and I chatted for a while, but not for very long. We do seem to have quite a few things in common. It was very kind of you to take me out to meet new people.”

“Really? You’re not mad at all?” Holly shook her head. “Of course not,” Rachel chuckled. “You never get irritated at anything. You’re the most even-keeled person I know.”

Holly blushed cutely.

“Well, I’m gonna get washed up and head out the library,” the redhead said. “Got that fuckin’ research paper to start on.” Rachel caught herself. “Oops, sorry about that,” she said apologetically, remembering Holly’s dislike of swearing.

“It’s OK,” said Holly. She could forgive her roommate the fault of foul language. Until last night, Holly had believed that all of her own faults were minor ones like that. But at the party last night, upon meeting Michelle Godwin, she found that she harbored something quite unexpected. Something that made her not as perfect as she had thought.

Rachel gathered some clothes and left to go down the hall to the showers. Holly sat down at her desk, folded her arms beneath her large, heavy breasts, and thought.

All throughout her nineteen years of life, Holly had been told that she was a wonderful person. It wasn’t because she was the most attractive or popular girl around. Her short, slightly pudgy figure wasn’t the shape that boys always went after, and her light, airy voice lent her a shy aura. Instead, her empathy with other people and her drive to help those in need had made her the most well-liked girl in high school. Outwardly, she adopted a humble demeanor, and as a result, nobody ever accused her of being a glory hog or a goody two shoes. She was just the sweetest, most pleasant person that anyone knew, and was somebody everyone loved being around. Inwardly, however, Holly had grown quite accustomed to the constant stream of accolades, and had come to believe that she was a truly special individual, unique and precious in the world.

That illusion had been shattered last night when she met Gina’s roommate. Suddenly, there in front of her was a girl her age who might as well have been her twin. Michelle’s blond hair was parted to one side, her eyes were aquamarine instead of blue, and her face was a tad thinner, but otherwise, she looked and acted like she was made from the same mold Holly came from. Michelle stood at the same height, wore a similar style of soft, comfortable clothes, and was self-deprecatingly kind and helpful to everyone around her.

This last quality is what threw Holly for a loop. She wasn’t used to sharing the spotlight with anyone else. She felt irked that people had walked up to the cooler that she and Michelle were standing at, and Michelle would be the one to get them a drink instead of her. She knew that she shouldn’t feel hurt by someone else getting attention; that was a childish thing to do. Still, a strong resentment began building up deep inside of Holly. As they continued talking with each other about their interests and the community service work each had done, Holly politely offered to help out with the drinks, and began stepping in to refill someone’s cup with soda or hand them a beer even when that person had asked Michelle to do it.

As their conversation went on, Holly started to notice a slight edge creep into Michelle’s manner of speaking. Though she never came out and said anything the least bit rude or confrontational, it seemed to Holly that Michelle was beginning to feel as irritated at her presence as much as Holly was of hers. Michelle would use certain words that seemed kind and innocuous on the surface, but which also carried a second meaning which had an altogether different intent.

Holly had played this game before when people took advantage of her generosity. Her voice would be quiet and her words sweet-sounding, but she actually meant something quite the opposite of what her targets understood her to be saying. After one too many false compliments, Holly showed Michelle just how adept she was at the same ploy. Michelle smiled calmly in reply, but Holly knew exactly how she felt. She recognized that look from her own use of it. Michelle carried the sin of pride in her heart as strongly as Holly did. She was wearing at the same time both the most outwardly pleasant, and the most witheringly condescending smile she knew how to. Holly bristled at the insult, delivered so well-concealed that it was likely only she could see it for what it was. Holly responded with an identical grin, and saw an icy shadow pass through Michelle’s eyes.

Both young women had reached the point where they could no longer stand to be near each other. The idea that Michelle could be her equal in any way was grating on Holly’s nerves. But, however hard she searched, she failed to find any obvious faults with which to reassure herself that she was still unique and special, and that Michelle was nothing more than a flawed copy of herself. Michelle had been probing Holly the same way, and had come to a similar conclusion. The two coeds looked around for their roommates, or for some other excuse to part company, but found none. Itching to go, Holly made up an excuse about taking a drink to Rachel.

Michelle easily recognized the fib. “Well, it was so nice getting to meet you finally. Too bad it had to be cut short,” she said. The hidden dig at Holly’s lie was plain as day to her. “We should continue this some time.”

“Yeah,” replied Holly. “Sorry, but I don’t have anything to write my phone number down on. I’d give it to you if I could.” The other meaning of “give it to you” wasn’t lost on Michelle.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I can find your number quite easily.”

Holly thought, “She thinks she can get under my skin with no problem, hmm? She thinks she’s that much better than me? Fat chance.” Aloud, Holly said, “If you’re sure it’s not too much trouble…?”

“It’s not,” Michelle said. Her eyes narrowed just enough for Holly to notice. They sent a clear message that the other girl wasn’t through with her.

“Good,” chirped Holly. “The last thing I’d want to be is a burden on you.”

Michelle inaudibly ground her molars together. To herself, she thought, “I can take whatever you dish out, honey.” Outwardly, she smiled and said, “Thanks. I’ll have to repay the favor sometime, if you wouldn’t mind me doing so.”

Holly smiled. She didn’t want the other blond to get the last word in. “Of course not,” she said as she turned and walked away. “But there’s no need for you to knock yourself out on my account.” She heard a chuckle from behind her.

“There’s no danger of that.”

Holly left the party, seething. Michelle went back to her room soon afterwards. Both were tormented that night by a fitful sleep.

Holly sat and stared at the wall for a long time. She saw no simple way out of the dilemma she was in. Despite the veiled threats she had made at Michelle, she wasn’t exactly eager to have any sort of real confrontation with her. She sensed that Michelle felt the same way, and the bluster each had displayed at the party was somewhat defensive in nature.

At the same time, she saw no way of avoiding the other girl. Their roommates were best friends, and were likely to drag them into situations together whether they liked it or not. Holly knew that if she told Rachel that she didn’t like Michelle, then that information would eventually make its way to Michelle by way of Gina. Such an admission would be tantamount to throwing in the towel and admitting defeat. Holly adamantly refused to give the other girl victory that easily. The question was, how long could she avoid doing that, and could Michelle keep her feelings hidden for a longer time than she could? It would be torture just sitting and waiting for the other to break.

“So, then,” Holly mused, “the better course of action would be to provoke her, to ramp up the pressure until she can’t take it any more.” She congratulated herself, despite the evil her plan entailed.

She was just starting to brainstorm ways of making Michelle’s life irritating when the phone rang. Weeks of living with Rachel told her who was calling without her having to look at the caller ID. She did anyway, and, sure enough, it was Gina. She cleared her head and picked up the receiver.

“Hello!” she said cheerfully.

“Good morning, Holly” came an unexpected voice.

“Michelle,” said Holly, careful not to change her happy tone. “How are you today?”

“Fine, thanks. Are you tired out from the party last night?”

Holly could feel her hackles rise. “I’m just fine. What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if you’d be interested in continuing our conversation?”

“That’s such a kind offer. What exactly did you have in mind?”

“Lunch today at the dining hall, around noon. Does that sound OK?”

“Not a problem for me. Is Gina going to be there?”

“No one else. Just a friendly one-on-one chat.”

Holly’s heart began beating faster. “That sounds delightful to me. Just lunch, then?”

“We’ll see where the discussion leads us.”

“I’m certainly looking forward to it.”

Michelle measured her words slowly into the mouthpiece: “As am I.”

Holly hung up, and exhaled all of the emotion that she had pent up during the call. She stood by her phone, her mind racing with adrenaline. It took her a full minute before she noticed that she was panting quickly, like a boxer that had just finished the second round of a bout.

“She wants a confrontation, does she?” Holly thought. “That’s good, ’cause I am so ready to have it out with her.”

Getting dressed took the rest of the morning. After her shower, Holly took her time picking out her outfit. She wanted to make sure she looked better than Michelle did, both in beauty and sensuality, but not so overtly that she looked like a common sleaze. She finally decided to wear something that made her feel sexy on the inside, but was conservatively pretty on the outside. After slipping into some underwear, hose, and a creamy satin slip, she zipped up a light rose skirt that hugged her waist flatteringly and covered her knees. Then, she pulled on her favorite pink fuzzy sweater and smoothed it out over her torso. The sweater was tight, and drew attention to how her round, full-figured boobs jutted impressively from her chest. After that, she spent nearly half an hour brushing, teasing and spraying her golden blond hair to perfection.

She didn’t hold back in the least in the makeup department, either. Foundation, blush, highlighter, and eyelash mascara were all applied with the greatest care and attention to detail as if she was about to attend a photo shoot for Revlon. Her neck was dotted with perfume and encircled with pearls. Matching pearl earrings shone from her earlobes. A pair of gold bracelets were added to her wrists, then removed, and then added again.

When all was said and done, Holly saw herself in the mirror and felt slightly embarrassed. She was glad Rachel was at the library and couldn’t see how done up she was. The peppy redhead would have needled her relentlessly until she spilled the beans about why she was dressed like that. She didn’t want to have to lie to her roommate. Rachel was nice, and so was her friend Gina. She always wanted to treat them with the utmost kindness and respect.

The same could not be said for Michelle, though. Holly had been a good girl all her life, and the sudden rush of ill intent towards another human being, although disturbing, excited her. It was as if all of the mean things that she had locked up inside of her had found an outlet. Holly reveled in the strong, thrilling emotion that she was about to be horribly naughty, and that she didn’t care one bit about what the consequences would be.

The dining hall was only a third full, as was usual on the weekends. Freed from the onslaught of students that lived off-campus, Holly was able to take her time picking out her food, getting her silverware, and wandering around to see if Michelle had arrived before her. She had, and was seated at a table by herself. Holly’s heart caught in her throat when she saw her. Michelle was wearing a tight, white fuzzy sweater and a dark blue knee-length skirt in a similar style to what she had chosen. Her blond hair was perfectly parted and lightly curled at the ends, and eye-catching earrings dangled and shone in the midday sun that flooded the open eating area. Holly approached, and pretended that she wasn’t affected by her rival’s similar choice of clothing.

Michelle grinned invitingly when she saw Holly arrive. “So glad you decided to come. You didn’t have any difficulty finding me, did you?”

“You know what they say, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’.” Michelle ran her tongue roughly over the back of her teeth, stifling a reaction.

“Why don’t you sit down over here?” she offered, motioning to the chair across the table from her.

“Don’t mind if I do. I haven’t kept you waiting, have I?” Holly cooed.

“Not at all. I must say, meeting you at the party last night was quite a surprise.”

“I assure you, the feeling is mutual.”

The two ate their meals in silence. When she was done, Holly flung her arms out to the sides and stretched. This caused her ample breasts to bulge out at Michelle, and caused longing stares from a group of guys seated a few tables away. Michelle acted like she didn’t notice. When she had swallowed the last of her milk, she arched her shoulders back and let out an audible sigh as she put her glass back down. Out of the corner of her eye, Holly watched the other girl’s generous tits rise and fall. She was curious just what size they were, but asking Michelle was, of course, out of the question.

Michelle swung her legs idly to stretch them out, and accidentally brushed her hose-covered calf against Holly’s. The unanticipated touch shot like electricity through Holly’s body, and through Michelle’s. She hadn’t planned on kicking the other blond, but the pleasant feeling that followed it kept her from regretting it.

Michelle stammered, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Holly refused to let the other girl take the initiative so easily. She reached out with her right leg and ran it teasingly against Michelle’s left leg. The faint sound of nylon rubbing against nylon whispered beneath the table as Holly replied, “That’s OK.” Michelle lifted her leg a bit, holding Holly’s leg where it was for a moment before letting it go. Both girls could feel their pulses quicken.

As if nothing had just happened, Michelle said, “You mentioned last night that you were taking some psychology courses, right?”

“Childhood development, yes. Why do you ask?”

“I’ve been thinking recently — about twins. About how they grow up doing the same things and sharing so many of the same experiences. Has your professor talked about them much?”

“Not really,” Holly said. “Although I must admit the subject fascinates me, too.”

“I’ve been wondering how they could stand being around each other day after day. It would be like being forced to look into a mirror. Constantly.”

“An intriguing question. I’m sure I could help you find out the answer if you’d like.”

“Tell me what you think, then: wouldn’t one twin, knowing herself as well as she does, easily be able to notice the differences, and see the faults in the other twin? Ya’ know, like when you look in a mirror that’s got dirt on it. You know what you’re supposed to look like in it, and that makes the mirror’s imperfections stand out that much more.”

Holly could see where this was going, and she wasn’t about to let Michelle insinuate that Holly was inferior. “But, the first time someone looks in the mirror, how do they know whether the defect is in the mirror, or in what the mirror is reflecting?” Holly countered.

“It’s simple. You check the original by another means.”

“And, how do you know which image is the reflection, and which one is the original that the reflection is incapable to matching?”

Michelle caught the hidden challenge in Holly’s question. She was pleased that the other blond was equally into their little rivalry as she was. “How very philosophical of you. The answer to THAT is easy enough to find out.”

Holly’s interest was piqued. Michelle did have a plan in mind. “Really? Enlighten me.”

“Force the two seemingly identical copies together. The one that shatters is the imitation.”

“And how would one go about carrying out such an experiment?”

“I know of a suitable place,” Michelle purred, “if you’re not afraid of the results…”

“Certainly not. I’m confident, no matter what the test may be.”

“Good. Shall we go?”

To the rest of the dining hall, the exchange had looked like a nice, cordial chat between friends. Nobody else had any idea of what the two smiling freshmen had really talked about, and they certainly could never have guessed what they were heading out to do.

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Part 2 – Symmetrical Figures

Holly held the dining hall door for Michelle, and then strode beside her along the sidewalk that led to the dorms. On the way, Michelle casually mentioned how she admired her roommate’s virtually boundless energy, and how it allowed Gina to attend classes, party in the evenings, and still be able to work as a waitress part time on the weekends from ten o’clock to two thirty. Michelle let this nugget of information float into the air to see if Holly would be able to catch what it meant. She did catch the meaning, and anticipated and matched the left turn that Michelle made towards the residence hall that housed her and Gina’s room. Michelle held the door open when they got there, and they shared a quiet trip up the stairs to the second floor. Michelle waved and smiled at her neighbors as if nothing out of the ordinary was about to happen. They commented on how cute Michelle and Holly looked together. Holly blushed shyly, thinking all the while how oblivious they were to what her true feelings were about being near Michelle.

Michelle unlocked the door to her room, and motioned Holly inside. She then followed Holly in, and locked the door behind her. Holly nonchalantly checked out the room, trying to calm her nerves. Here they were, alone and with no one to interrupt them for the next hour and a half. All of the tension, and all of the animosity churning inside of her was bubbling to the surface. She willed herself to be calm, and turned to face the girl whose room she was now in.

Michelle wasn’t looking at her. She casually dropped her keys into her purse, and began a slow, sassy walk towards the center of the room where Holly was. As she did so, she watched her index finger trace along the edge of the dresser her purse was on top of and spoke, as if addressing nobody in particular.

“Ever have a problem suddenly appear, unavoidably, right in front of you?” she wondered aloud.

Holly played along. “Not often. But I know that I can push it out of my way without too much difficulty.”

“Gotta be careful, of course. It’s easy to underestimate problems, and dangerous, too.” Michelle raised her head and gazed challengingly into Holly’s eyes. “Sometimes, they push back.” Michelle continued her lazy steps towards Holly, swaying her hips as she did.

“That’s why it pays to be firm, and outlast them,” Holly responded. At this, Holly put her hands on her sides, and took a single stride forward. The two young women were now tantalizingly close, almost touching.

“Still, the pressure can get to be too much to bear,” Michelle said, in a mockingly condescending tone. She stood up straight, and placed her hands on her hips. The two were face to face, staring defiantly into each other’s eyes. Their full, rounded breasts expanded as both drew in deep breaths.

“That’s why the best tactic is always to meet them head-on,” said Holly, and leaned forward.

She let the front of her fuzzy sweater touch Michelle’s sweater, and then gently pushed her chest down onto Michelle’s. She expected the other girl to reel back in shock, and was preparing a snide comment for that exact occasion. Michelle didn’t, however. A slight blush bloomed on her cheeks and she pushed back, rocking Holly back onto her heels and driving the pair apart. Michelle casually tossed a lock of hair back over one ear.

“Head on, you say?” she said in a fake inquisitive voice. “Oh, you mean like this?” Michelle stepped forward directly into Holly, mashing her boobs lightly into her rival’s. Their twin bosoms swelled as they pressed together. Quiet gasps leaped from the girls’ mouths at the feel of each other’s supple breasts touching through the soft fabric of their sweaters. Their heads swam with emotion, and they struggled to maintain control, even as their primal instincts urged them drop all decorum and set at each other. Neither wanted to be the one to lose control first, however, and thus appear less civilized. Again and again, the two took turns rocking forward on their toes and gently pushing each other with the front of their chests.

After the first few collisions, the coeds settled into a contest where each applied pressure to the other’s chest gradually using only her own upper body and held it for as long as they could. Their sweaters bulged outwards from the boobs that were mushrooming beneath them. Their conflict was a silent one. Only the nearly imperceptible sound of their ever more labored breathing exhaling through their noses could be heard in the room. Neither girl gave any ground, and continued matching her opponent bump for bump and push for push with her gorgeous breasts. Two minutes passed, then five. Without a break, the battle went on and on. Tit mashing evolved into tit rubbing, as the two began sliding the front of their sweaters slowly but firmly across each other. Up and down, and then side to side they bashed each other for what seemed like forever. They never sped the pace of their attacks up. Instead, they focused on gradually bearing down with the most force they could, trying to break the other’s will to continue through a painful flattening of her boobs.

Holly could scarcely believe what was happening. Here she was, grinding her boobs against another girl. It was filthy. It was dirty. But Michelle was giving as good as she got, and refused to back down. Holly knew she would never tell anyone about this. The battle they were involved in would remain private, a secret kept from everyone else. The thought dawned on her that she could be as nasty as she dared. Whatever it took to make the blond copycat in front of her break down in defeat was all right; nothing was forbidden. A feeling of wide-open freedom rushed through her blood, and spurred her on.

Fifteen minutes went by without either one moving her feet. Both had opened their mouths and were breathing heavily. Their cheeks were flush from the exertion and from the twinges of excitement caused by the sensual treatment their nipples were getting. Each was frustrated at the other’s lack of capitulation, and they redoubled their efforts to push the other backwards. The fronts of their sweaters met roughly as the pair leaned hard into each other’s body. Their foreheads came together, and their noses almost touched. Gritting their teeth, they waged a strenuous war, each beginning to feel more and more stressed from the weight being applied to her bosom. Higher and higher pitched whimpers escaped their lips from the combination of force and pleasantly erotic shivers each were feeling.

With a sudden exhale, Holly and Michelle pushed off from each other. Grim determination set on their faces, and the two nineteen year olds went back at it immediately. The shock of contact elicited groans from the duo, but soon they pursed their lips and concentrated on their heated skirmish. Each girl had made up her mind to keep going until she emerged victorious, even as a quiet astonishment crept into her thoughts at how long and strenuous the battle had become and how unyielding her opponent was.

Their hands met at their waists, and their fingers intertwined and squeezed. Both lowered their heads and tilted them to one side. Their noses caressed each other’s shoulder and their rosy cheeks touched as the panting females fought and strained. They could smell each other’s sweet, flowery perfume, which mingled in the air around their tightly united bodies. Moaning despite themselves, both girls traded soft tit blows again and again. They pounded their chests together until neither felt she could stand straight. Both were getting uncomfortably warm and slightly aroused from being in such close proximity. All in all, their slow, strenuous duel lasted nearly thirty minutes without a pause. Michelle was preparing to slam herself into Holly with a loud grunt when she heard a familiar voice outside the door.

“Oh, dear,” she exclaimed, and stopped herself. Holly, figuring out what was about to happen, brought herself back to reality. The two girls separated, and quickly began primping themselves as a key could be heard slipping into the lock on the door. When Gina, who was running one hand idly through her short, boyishly-cut brown hair, walked in, she was pleasantly surprised to find Holly visiting her roommate. The two girls were blushing adorably, and they greeted her warmly.

“Jeez, you two look so alike. Did you call each other and plan out what you were wearing?” Gina asked, chuckling. This bothered the two, but their expressions didn’t show it. They smiled shyly instead.

“Michelle and I had lunch, and she was just showing me what she’s got in her room,” Holly said. Gina was oblivious to the double meaning of ‘showing me what she’s got’, but Michelle wasn’t.

“Uh huh,” said Michelle, “and then she’ll show me her stuff.”

“That sounds cool,” Gina remarked.

“You’re back a little earlier than usual,” Michelle said without a hint of irritation.

“Yeah, once the lunch rush died down, the manager said I could go. I was only in today to cover for Carla, who caught a cold.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” said Michelle, her heart pounding fast from how close she and Holly had been to being discovered.

“I hope she gets better,” offered Holly.

“Me, too,” said Gina. “This is the second ‘cold’ in a month she’s come down with on a Saturday morning.”

Holly and Michelle just grinned. Gina flopped down in her desk chair. Pointing at the room, she asked Holly, “So, how do you like it?”

“It’s very nice. Michelle’s been quite a generous hostess.”

“I bet she has,” chuckled Gina. “And I’m sure you’re going to return the favor.”

“Of course,” Holly said, stifling a mischievous smirk.

“Shall we go, then?” prodded Michelle politely.

Holly nodded, and then waved at Gina. “Nice meeting you again.”

“Enjoy yourselves.” Gina waved back, and turned to the laptop that sat on her desk, unaware that the other meaning of her words had just sent a thrill through both girls.

Out in the brisk October wind, the two quickly cooled off and composed their demeanors. Each felt a slight trepidation about what lay ahead as they watched the large residence hall that Holly and Rachel lived in come into view. Their minds still reeled from the intense sensations of the weight of the other’s breasts on her own. Something powerful and unspoken was building between the two of them, and they knew it. In spite of their initial misgivings about wanting to crush the other’s pride and see her humiliated, they both felt more and more certain that that was exactly what they most desired to do. They glanced at each other as they went inside the building and headed to Holly’s room. Their looks told them clear as day how strong their wills were to see this contest through to the end.

Michelle entered the cramped dorm room first, and scanned her eyes around it. Holly shut the door, and turned the bolt. Warily examining her foe, the corner of her vision caught sight of a bundle of keys next to Rachel’s laptop. “She’s so forgetful,” Holly thought. She soon figured out that her roommate’s carelessness was actually a blessing. I meant that she couldn’t barge in and disturb her and Michelle. As a devilish grin curled Holly’s lips, Michelle began checking out the assortment of makeup paraphernalia on Holly’s dresser.

“Flavored lipstick?” Michelle remarked. “What a coincidence. I use it myself. Cherry, of course.”

“Cherry’s nice, but strawberry’s much sweeter.”

Michelle’s pulse quickened. She relished the bitchy repartee that the two were engaged in. “Strawberry IS such a great flavor. Kids love it.” She let the comment hang in the air for a moment. “Cherry is a more mature flavor, don’t you think?”

“It has a slightly bitter taste, doesn’t it?”

“Well, perhaps if you tried what I’ve got, you’d change your mind,” Michelle said, moistening her pouting lips.

“How kind of you,” said Holly. “Although you might find that strawberry is just as strong and succulent.”

“Are you offering to share?” Michelle asked, her voice slightly lowered. She took a step towards Holly.

“Certainly,” replied Holly, quieting herself as well. She opened her arms with her palms facing up. “Take as much as you want. I’ve got plenty.”

“Too much generosity can be dangerous,” warned Michelle, slowly narrowing the distance between her and the other blond.

Holly brought her lips together and drew them into her mouth as she inhaled a deep breath. She stepped forward, bringing her and Michelle’s faces so close they almost touched.

In a delicate whisper, she exhaled, “Prove it.”

For a few seconds, neither girl moved. Each breathed in the other’s sweet scent, and gazed deep into each other’s eyes. The room fell silent and still, as if time itself had paused, waiting in anticipation for the girls to begin. Michelle felt slightly dizzy. She had hardly ever kissed a guy, and even then it was on the cheek as a sign of friendship. The idea of bringing her lips together with another girl’s was slutty. And sleazy. And oh, so deliciously naughty. Her challenging words had revealed the naked truth that dwelled within her. She wanted to let go of all of her inhibitions, and direct all of the wickedness she had pent up inside of herself at Holly. The other girl’s expression told Michelle that she wasn’t alone in that, either.

Michelle leaned forward, but just barely. She felt their two sweaters touch. The fuzzy material caught and meshed. Holly tilted her head slightly to one side, and brought her nose close to Michelle’s cheek. The two girls’ warm and soft chests came into contact, and their hands reached out for each other’s hips.

Their lips brushed tantalizingly, and then separated. A delirious sensation danced where they had touched, inviting their owners to continue. Again, they gently came together, lingering a bit longer before disengaging. Holly swallowed. Her heart beat loudly in her chest. Michelle, her eyes half-closed now, tugged on Holly’s sweater and pressed her mouth onto the other blonde’s. Their cherry and strawberry lipsticks mingled, swirling the two succulent flavors together. Michelle parted her lips, and caressed Holly’s mouth with light, teasing pecks. Holly soon responded in kind. Saliva moistened their lips as the two girls slowly kissed. Their fingers arched, grasping more and more firmly as the emotions that coursed through them increased in intensity.

Eyes fully closed now, the pair continued their slow, sensuous assault upon each other’s mouths. Both were beginning to feel an embarrassing desire building inside of them. Each fought to control it, hoping that the other would be the one to break away first, unable to take any more. Moans purred in their throats despite their best efforts to stifle them. Their lips sucked and tugged on each other more and more fervently. After nearly ten minutes, the two were near their limit. Simultaneously, they halted their languid but passionate battle, and opened their eyes.

Their faces were flush with heat, and their mouths were smeared with what remained of their lipstick. They each burned with a strong will to conquer the other, but each was becoming frustrated with her foe’s lack of weakness. Not wanting to show any dent in their resolve, they joined their lips together again. A barely audible whimper rose from both of them. The pause had made the powerful feelings generated by their sensual duel all that more noticeable once they resumed it.

Tongues wrestled erotically, bringing new sensations into the fray. Their hands sought out each other’s backs, and their arms drew them tighter together. On and on the two coeds made out, each striving to overwhelm the other. The room echoed with the wet sounds of the girls kissing, sucking, licking and moaning ceaselessly. As the afternoon went on, their bodies became more and more uncomfortable underneath the sweaters that they wore. The soft, thick clothing was making their torsos hotter than they could bear. The two took more frequent breaks, where they panted heavily face to face. These rests never lasted long, as their mutual animosity drove them together again and again, with greater force each subsequent time.

For the better part of an hour, the two teens remained locked in a battle of lips and tongues. Their arms wrapped around each other’s bodies, and their hands began to knead and massage each other through their fluffy sweaters. As they did this, Michelle’s fingers eventually discovered the satin slip beneath Holly’s sweater. Her fingertips rubbed the fabric, and she felt how thin a barrier it was between them and Holly’s bare skin. Unconsciously, Holly lifted the back of Michelle’s sweater, and ran her hands across the satin camisole she found below it.

“So,” Michelle said during another pause, “you’re a fan of silky unmentionables, as well.”

“Only the best.”

“You don’t say. Care to show me?”

“Be my guest. As long as you don’t mind me asking the same of you.”

“Of course not.”

The two girls were more than eager to cool off by removing their sweaters and have at each other with less clothing between their struggling bodies. They separated, and began lifting the fuzzy material over their heads.

Suddenly, the doorknob rattled. One second later someone pounded on the door.

Rachel’s voice called out from the hallway, “Ho–lly! You in there?”

It took Holly a little bit to compose herself. “Yes.”

“Open the door, I forgot my keys. Stupid me.”

Holly and Michelle raced to fix their clothing. “Just a minute.” The two grabbed tissues and wiped their mouths as spotless as they could. Michelle turned her back to the door and pretended to look at the stuff on Holly’s dresser when Holly let Rachel in.

“Hey, look who’s here,” the redhead announced upon seeing Michelle. “Gina said you two might be together.”

“Hi, Rachel,” Michelle said pleasantly. Rachel stopped in her tracks and looked back and forth between the two girls. For a moment, the two blonds thought that she had seen through their hasty job of cleaning up. A sense of dread welled up in them.

“Gawd,” Rachel said at last, “aren’t you two the perfect pair.”

Holly giggled, hiding her nervousness. “Thanks.”

“Is that eye shadow you’re wearing?” Rachel squinted at Holly’s face. “You two going out somewhere?”

Holly opened her mouth, not quite sure what to say. Michelle answered for her.

“No, nothing like that. We’ve just been putting makeup on each other.”

Holly stifled a hiccup. Rachel looked over at her, and Holly fought to keep a calm expression on her face. “Uh huh, and talking about things,” she added, acting like she hadn’t just recalled the feel of Michelle’s body and lips against her own.

“Like what?” Rachel asked, feigning interest. She put her satchel down next to her desk and picked up her keys.

“Sort of a continuation of getting to know each other,” Holly said, smiling at Michelle. “You know, just chewing the fat.” Michelle’s blood boiled at that last line. The urge to continue her duel with the other blond rose uncontrollably inside of her.

“Oh.” Rachel yawned. “Well, don’t mind me. You all can keep going. I’m going to take a nap for a bit. Gina’s going to be here at five after her bike ride and we’re going to play volleyball. You’re invited, too, if you want.”

“That’s very kind.”

Rachel plopped herself down on her bed and curled up, facing the wall. Holly glared at Michelle. Her roommate’s interruption had irked her. She wanted nothing more than to stride over to Michelle and get back into it with her. She wasn’t quite sure what she would do, however, and she searched for a way to turn the unexpected suspension of their battle to her favor.

“Michelle, do you want to rest now, too?” she asked with mock concern.

“Oh, I’m perfectly fine,” the blond replied. “But don’t let me stop you if you’d like to take a break.”

“I’m OK.”

“Well, then, how about I give you that blush we were talking about?”

Holly inhaled sharply. “Let’s go.”

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Part 3 – Identical Match

The two practically flew back to Michelle’s dorm. In the common room, three girls were loudly gossiping. One of them called out, “Hey, Michelle. What’s up?”

“I gotta go grab something in my room,” she replied. A thrilling shiver ran up Holly’s spine.

“And I’m going to help you get it,” murmured Holly, just loud enough for Michelle to hear it. Michelle’s hands tensed and she shot a look back at Holly.

When they got to the room, they found that Gina had left a note on the door about being gone for a while. Michelle paused, and a small smirk crept across her lips as she read it. She calculated that the pair had the next hour or so to themselves.

Holly noticed the same thing, and it thrilled her. Defeating this copycat shouldn’t take that much longer, she thought, and it was going to be sinfully rewarding indeed. Michelle had pushed her into unfamiliar territory, but Holly had done just as much to ramp up the intensity of their contest. The urge she felt to dominate the other blond was stronger than ever, and she was ready to outdo Michelle in anything the other girl could come up with.

“Well,” Holly chirped politely, “aren’t you going to show me in?”

Michelle glared at her, with a cheery smile still on her face. She unlocked the door and motioned Holly inside. “I’d be perfectly happy to.” The door closed behind them. Out in the hallway, the sound of the lock clicking firmly shut rang with a hint of finality.

Once inside, the two girls were immediately in each other’s faces. All pretense of civility was gone from their expressions. They huffed at each other, driven by anger, adrenaline, and the excitement of the coming conflict.

Holly pulled her pink fuzzy sweater over her head and shook her hair back into place. Her bosom heaved beneath her creamy slip that was embroidered with delicate lace. The sleek satin shone in the afternoon light coming through the window. “Is this what you needed to grab?”

“No,” muttered Michelle, a slight growl creeping into her voice. “Something more impressive, like this.” She, too, removed her sweater, unashamedly revealing the expensive, silky camisole she wore. It had thin shoulder straps, and was decorated with an intricate pattern of lace at the top.

Each girl glanced furtively at the sizable cleavage adorning the other’s curvy figure. Envy filled them both, and fueled the hatred each was nurturing toward the other. They knew that their duel was about to reach a new level, and they braced themselves for an all-out war.

“I hate to break it to you, Michelle, but your eyesight must be off.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, Holly.”

“You don’t? Somehow that doesn’t surprise me.”

Michelle said through clenched teeth, “I guess there’s only one way to find out for sure.”

At that, the two collided together. Their tits ballooned beneath the thin undergarments they wore, threatening to send them erupting out of their bras. Both moaned from the abrupt contact their bodies had made. Instead of backing off, they wrapped their arms around each other and gazed into each other’s eyes.

“I promise to stop when you get tired,” Holly said. “Wouldn’t want to overstay my welcome.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got more than enough energy left. But, I promise to be a good hostess and let you recuperate when you get exhausted.”

“I seriously doubt I’ll need to impose on you like that.”

“Then please allow me to show you the full extent of my hospitality.” Michelle tightened her grip on Holly’s midsection. She raised herself up onto her toes, causing the two girls’ bosoms to slide against each other. A flush ran to both of their cheeks. They held their breaths for a moment, savoring the sensations emanating from their chests. Michelle dropped back down onto her heels, her quiet exhale harmonizing with the delicate sound of satin rubbing against satin.

Not to be outdone, Holly retaliated by gyrating her torso, forcing her supple breasts in a circular motion around her rival’s pair. The girls felt their nipples grow and harden underneath the fabric of their lingerie, yearning for ever greater stimulation. Michelle reciprocated Holly’s maneuver, squeezing the other blond closer whenever their boobs stopped touching. Their stomachs met, and ripples of pleasure shot through them both. Panting and letting out high-pitched whimpers, the two dueled this way for some time. Though neither wanted to admit it, each was becoming more and more aroused as the test of wills went on. They scattered those thoughts from their minds, vowing to use the pleasant feelings they knew they were generating in each other as a means of making the other give up.

After one too many overzealous hugs from Michelle, Holly grew frustrated and drew her arms tight. Michelle groaned, crushed by the sudden, strong embrace.

“Oh, excuse me,” Holly said. “I forgot how fragile cheap imitations can sometimes be.”

Michelle squeezed back, eliciting a rough grunt from Holly. “You just realized that about yourself?”

Holly grimaced. “Hmm, how should I break this to you kindly?”

“Give it your best shot,” Michelle said, in between gasps.

Holly answered by locking her fingers around her wrists and wrenching her arms tighter than ever. A tortured moan came from Michelle’s mouth. The blond felt her breasts being crushed, but she knew that Holly’s were taking just as much punishment. Her muscles tensed, increasing the pressure on Holly’s rib cage.

A long, loud groan emanated from the entwined pair. Neither was particularly strong, but the bear hug they found themselves in was more intense than they could have imagined. The feel of their sensitive boobs being driven together with nothing more than a few layers of thin material between them sent thrills up and down their spines. Those emotions were now tempered, though, with the pain their fierce embrace was generating. The powerful mixture was unlike anything either had experienced before. They welcomed it, casting aside all of their apprehensions.

Again and again the two young women gripped each other with all of their might, let out agonizing moans, and then relaxed. Their breathing became more and more labored. Their bodies were warm, and the heat from their close contact was getting uncomfortable. Even so, they carried on in their fearsome struggle, squeezing and crushing each other, for quite some time. Their palms began to get sweaty, and perspiration formed on their skin beneath the silky tops they wore. As their restraint melted away, their groans turned into frustrated growls. Their fingers clawed at each other’s backs, sending sharp nails poking at soft flesh.

On and on, the battle raged higher and ever more wildly. Each girl could scarcely believe how out of control things had gotten, but was determined to come out the winner. Grunting like animals, they smashed their bodies into each other without pause. Their hands slid about their upper bodies, searching for purchase. Breasts pounded breasts in a rough tit fight.

Each slithered a knee between her rival’s legs, slowly lifting her hem up onto her thighs. Michelle noticed this, and grabbed a big handful of Holly’s behind through her skirt. Her knee worked its way further upwards than before, sending a shock through Holly’s system. The muscles in the two coeds’ nylon-covered legs flexed, holding them in position for a brief second. Holly exhaled, and clasped both of her hands on Michelle’s round ass. With a growl, she drove her knee up at Michelle’s crotch, parting the other blonde’s thighs and causing their hose to make a distinct noise as it rubbed swiftly. Michelle made a noise that was half angry grunt and half erotic shriek. Not to be outdone, she responded by massaging her fingers up and down the rear of Holly’s skirt, causing her to gasp in arousal.

Heads on each other’s shoulders, the girls continued grinding their tits as they pulled and tugged at the back of each other’s skirt. For several minutes, the torrid duel went on. Each strove to pour on more sensation than her opponent could handle. Breathing heavily, they grasped each other firmly and rubbed their bodies lewdly together.

Eventually, Michelle’s hands hiked Holly’s skirt all the way up to where she could feel the bottom of her foe’s slip. She stroked it with one finger, forcing Holly to inhale sharply.

“Looking for something?” Holly asked.

“I think I found it, thanks.” Michelle teased at Holly’s thigh through the satin, and Holly’s panting increased in pitch. “Oh, I’m sorry. Is that too much for you?”

Holly swallowed, determined not to be intimidated. “Of course not. Here, let me make it easier for you.” She moved one hand towards her own skirt, but Michelle stopped her.

“That’s all right. I’ll do it myself. You sound like you’re getting winded.” Michelle found the zipper on Holly’s skirt, and began undoing it.

“Not at all,” snapped Holly. The tone in her voice told Michelle that the blonde’s temper was near its limit. Michelle took some solace in it. She wasn’t sure how much more of Holly’s assault she could take before she begged her to stop. She knew that she only had to last longer than Holly did, and prayed that the blond would blow her top soon.

Holly, for her part, was fighting two urges at once. One wanted to push Michelle away and call an end to their conflict. The other wanted to let Michelle touch her, please her, and satisfy her in a most intimate way. The former, she knew, wouldn’t solve the problem between the two of them, and the latter was something she’d rather not think about. Through sheer force of will, she focused on doing everything she could to make Michelle break down in defeat. She tugged on the zipper on Michelle’s skirt, and loosened it to the point where she could remove it.

The two girls soon stood face to face only half dressed. Holly’s full-length slip contrasted with Michelle’s camisole and half-slip combo. Despite themselves, they scanned each other’s bodies, taking in every curve, and marveling at how similar they were.

“Like what you see?” taunted Holly.

“It’s no better than what I see in the mirror each morning.” Michelle returned the hate-filled stare that Holly was giving her.

Holly frowned. “Come over here and I’ll show you what you overlooked.”

At that, the two females collided with a loud yell. Their arms wrapped completely around each other. Their tits mushroomed upward, deepening their cleavage. Their hands slid about their partially-clothed bodies, bunching up the silky fabric that covered their bodies. Fingers caressed their backs and rear ends, firmly drawing lines with their manicured nails. Tighter and tighter they squeezed, forcing the air from each other’s lungs. Grunting and groaning, the pair danced about the room, locked in a writhing mass of satin and skin, perfume and sweat.

All at once, they heard girls’ voices on the other side of the door. They broke apart, fearful of being discovered.

“What do you suppose is going on in there?” one voice mumbled.

“I dunno. You think we should check it out?” said another.

Holly and Michelle quickly gathered up their sweaters and skirts as a knock came at the door. Michelle’s heart leaped into her throat at the thought of Gina or the hall’s Resident Adviser unlocking the door and seeing her and Holly. She quickly motioned Holly toward the small closet on one wall where she kept her clothes. The knob rattled, and the two darted into the tiny space and shut the narrow door behind them. There, in the dark, they listened as the girls outside knocked again. They were both breathing heavily from exertion and excitement, and trying hard to quiet themselves down.

For a couple minutes, Holly and Michelle kept an ear out for trouble. They couldn’t tell if the girls had gone away or not. Holly’s eyes adjusted to the dim light leaking in around the door frame, and she examined the various dresses that hung around her. She took particular note of a beautiful silk nightgown that was hanging on a hook by itself on the wall just behind her.

“Enjoying this part of the tour?” Michelle said at last in a low whisper.

Holly whispered back, “It’s no better than what I see every morning.”

The two girls stood there clutching their clothes for a moment, their blood beginning to boil again. They wanted nothing more than to drop what they had and tear into each other, but, as the recent interruption proved, they had to be careful if they wanted to keep their fight a secret. Holly felt a little claustrophobic in the cramped space, and took a step toward the door. Michelle reached out her hand and blocked the way. Her face was barely an inch from Holly’s.

“Going so soon?” she said softly.

Holly looked right into Michelle’s eyes. “Is there anything worth staying here for?” she asked snidely.

“Stick around and you might be surprised.” Michelle’s voice contained an overtly challenging tone. “But, if you really think you’ve had enough…”

A silent tension filled the air. Holly’s breathing sped up. Michelle chuckled lightly, thinking that Holly was hesitating because she didn’t want to continue. She was wrong. Michelle’s laughter was cut short as Holly let her clothes fall to the floor.

“I could keep going all day,” Holly snapped. She drew one arm around Michelle’s head, and planted a deep, probing kiss upon her lips. Michelle let out a muffled moan, and brought her hands up in a feeble defense. Her fingers ran up the front of Holly’s slip, stopping only when they reached the underside of the girl’s boobs. Now it was Holly’s turn to emit a high-pitched, but gentle whimper. Michelle’s hands kept rising, pushing the pliant flesh of Holly’s breasts upwards and curling around them. Holly retaliated, taking her free hand and cupping one of Michelle’s tits. Her lips parted suddenly with an erotic gasp, and the two girls panted into each other’s mouths.

“Remember, we need to be quiet now,” Holly whispered.

“Best take heed of your own advice.” Michelle grinned devilishly, and gave Holly’s boobs a solid squeeze. A growl grew in Holly’s throat, and she stifled it by pressing her body into the other blonde’s, flattening her against the closet wall, and resuming her attack upon her rival’s mouth. Her tongue flicked and darted, dueling with Michelle’s. Her hand explored Michelle’s feminine flesh, rubbing Michelle’s camisole against the lacy brassiere underneath of it. She felt Michelle squirm as she did so, and that fueled her assault.

Holly’s confidence fled in the next instant, however, as Michelle’s grasping fingers found her nipples. Her thin slip hid a simple, satin bra, and the combination wasn’t enough to protect her sensitive nubs. Holly grunted softly, her mouth still locked with her foe’s. Michelle purred, and her fingertips circled Holly’s aureoles. Holly redoubled her efforts, and soon the pair was heatedly making out and groping each other in the small, darkened closet, growing more and more aroused as time went on.

Holly discovered that, although Michelle was reacting well to her ministrations, her own body was rapidly losing control over itself. Michelle’s tender caresses of her boobs were sending shock waves of pleasure straight to her most private area. Eager to prevent Michelle from overwhelming her, Holly pushed herself further into Michelle, pinning her against one wall of the closet.

“Mind your manners,” Michelle chided.

“You mind yours,” Holly retorted. She removed her hand from behind Michelle’s head and let her nails trace down her back. The blond arched her back and moaned in response.

Michelle freed her trapped hands and grabbed Holly’s ass. She wrapped one leg around Holly, mounting the blonde’s thigh. Holly felt the other girl’s satin slip slide up her leg, and felt the heat from Michelle’s burning crotch. She understood what it meant, and wasn’t blind to the erotic twinges coming from her own intimate region. This fight was getting filthier and nastier by the minute, but she knew she couldn’t show any sign of weakness, or she’d never be able to face Michelle again without shame. Still, her suppression of the urge to break off the battle in disgust was allowing entirely opposite emotions to build inside her. Holly had never experienced such powerful feelings, and found it more and more difficult to stop.

With only the sound of their rapid breathing marring the stillness, the coeds fought on towards exhaustion, sliding their satin-covered tits against one another and grinding their nylon-clad thighs together. After quite some time had passed, Michelle closed her eyes in anguish. A fervent desire had arisen in her, and cried out to be fulfilled. Desperate to maintain control, she whispered a mild curse.

Holly slowed down, thinking that Michelle had finally reached her limit. Not wanting the pleasure to stop, Michelle yanked on Holly’s slip and drove her knee upward into Holly’s groin. Holly inhaled suddenly, and then whispered a curse of her own and resumed the undulating battle their bodies were engaged in. As the minutes ticked by, they continued writhing together and cussing at each other in soft whispers. Neither had ever spoken these foul words aloud before, and the thrill of being able to speak such awful language brought their contest to a new level. Each took turns mouthing ruder and more disgusting phrases into each other’s ears, tickling their lobes with the soft force of their breath.

It was getting hot inside the enclosed closet, and the closeness of their bodies had made sweat form beneath their satin undergarments, causing them to stick uncomfortably. Despite this, the two girls continued grappling and bashing their boobs with complete disregard for everything except outlasting her opponent.

Having lost all track of time, they were quite surprised when the lock to the dorm room clicked and the door swung open. The two froze in place, embracing each other and feeling the other’s heart pound heavily in her chest. They heard the door shut.

Gina’s voice rang through the closet door. “Well, they’re not here either.”

“Odd. I wonder what they’re up to,” the entwined coeds heard Rachel say.

“I dunno. Let me refill my water bottle, and we’ll head out.”

Holly and Michelle remained as still as statues for the next few minutes, listening to Gina and Rachel gather stuff in preparation for going to the gym. The passion that had built up inside of them dissipated as they waited. All that was left behind was a strong animosity. Holly was ticked off that Michelle had made her experience such sexual feelings. Michelle was, too, and she resolved to crush Holly and humiliate her as soon as the chance presented itself.

“OK,” said Gina at last, “you ready?”

“Almost. I need one more thing.”


In the closet, Holly and Michelle heard someone take a few steps towards them. The footsteps stopped, and then they could hear nothing. Both were imagining the door to the closet opening suddenly, and prayed that that would not happen. Instead, silence reigned for a few seconds. Then, they heard Gina speak, her voice gently chuckling.

“That can wait until later, OK?”

“OK,” said Rachel.

The two blonds heard their roommates pick up their gear, and then leave the room, locking the door behind them. There was a long pause in the small dorm room, during which everything was silent and still.

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Part 4 – Close Equals

With a sudden crash, the two half-dressed girls burst out of the closet. They pushed one another away, as if disgusted by the other’s presence. Holly picked up the clothes from the closet floor, checking to make sure she matched the right sweater to its skirt. She turned to throw Michelle’s clothes at her, only to stop when she noticed what the other blond was doing. Michelle had grabbed a desk chair and was jamming it underneath the door knob in an effort to prevent any more interruptions. She turned around when she was done, and confronted Holly, breathing hard and heavy.

Seeing the clothing in Holly’s hands, she snorted, “Leaving, are we? Well, don’t let me keep from taking a nap. You look exhausted.”

In truth, the girls did look like they’d both been manhandled by an overly horny but sexually inexperienced frat pledge that’d passed out drunk before he’d gotten very far. Their hair was mussed, their pantyhose had developed runs on their thighs, and their slips were twisted at odd angles and clung wetly to their skin.

Holly sneered at Michelle’s taunt. Right now, her conflict with the blond was the only thing she could think about. There was no way she was going to stop until she made Michelle break down in defeat. “Oh, just a little winded. You look much worse. I hope I didn’t overdo things.”

“I’m perfectly fine, thank you.”

“I’m so happy to hear that,” said Holly.

“Then you wouldn’t mind if I suggested something to finish things off?”

Holly felt a shiver run up her spine. “Of course not.”

“I just realized that we never completed our initial experiment. We got sidetracked by so many other things.” At this, Michelle began removing her satin camisole. Holly watched, entranced as the other blond revealed more and more of her bare skin. “You see,” Michelle continued after she’d lifted the silky lingerie over her head, “there were factors that were blocking us from conducting the experiment properly. If you’re up to it, let’s bring our research to its conclusion.”

Holly was more than eager. She pulled her slip over her head, showing off the matching satin underwear she wore beneath it. She brushed a few stray strands of hair out of her face, and glanced over at Michelle. The other blond had begun to slip her arms out of the straps that held her lace bra on her shoulders. She glanced at Holly, who was standing motionless.

“Anything wrong?” Michelle asked. Secretly, a part of Michelle hoped that baring her boobs would be too far for Holly to go. Michelle had already allowed herself to go far beyond every limit she knew of, and was a little frightened of the unknown territory she was now in. Few things would have made her happier than to have Holly capitulate right now.

Holly pretended not to be disturbed in the slightest. She, too, began the process of undoing her bra, unwilling to appear scared. With their eyes staring right at each other, the two young women slowly undid the hooks that kept their bras on and discarded them nearby. Their soft, full-figured breasts hung naked on their chests, glowing in the fading afternoon light. Both gazed at the other’s exposed boobs, quietly appreciative of the well-formed nipples that tipped each gorgeous orb. They knew exactly what the next stage of the battle was, but hesitated never the less. Doubt crept into their minds as to whether they could withstand such an intimate touch.

Their eyes locked once more. Nervousness and excitement quickened their heartbeats, and sped their breathing. Their heaving tits jiggled as they squared off in the middle of the dorm room. Neither dared to speak or move, despite the adrenaline urging them forward to clash with everything they had.

Gradually, snarls curled up their lips, and their faces changed into masks of anger. Without a sound, they strode toward one another and slammed their chests together. The shock of the impact sent twin gasps echoing off the walls. They remained face to face, flattening their boobs by pushing with their legs for a few seconds before wobbling out of balance. Seeking to steady themselves, they grabbed a hold of each other’s blond mane. Twisting and yanking, they bent at the waist and engaged in a fierce hair pulling fight.

Drawing upright again, Holly felt her tits collide with Michelle’s and each of her nipples rub against its opposing one on the other blonde’s boobs. The pleasant stimulus aroused her fleshy prods, and they stiffened. She saw Michelle bite her lip to keep from crying out at the enjoyable sensation, and that spurred Holly on. Moving from side to side, Holly slowly swung her breasts against Michelle’s. Their feminine globes slapped and pounded again and again, sending erotically charged jolts through their naked skin. Hardened nipples poked and stabbed roughly as the two girls attacked each other’s tits with ever greater intensity.

Michelle increased the force of her grasp on Holly’s long tresses, and began working the other blonde’s head around in a circle. Holly temporarily forgot about the titfight, and let out a muffled cry. She, too, redoubled her attacks on Michelle’s hair. Both girls held their breaths, trying to cause as much pain as they could. When neither could take it anymore, they exhaled sharply. Immediately setting back at their grim task, they sucked a quick breath and held it. Their busts bumped once more, launching undeniably sexual shivers down to their inner thighs. Exhaling again, the warring coeds looked directly into each other’s faces and saw the incredible mixture of agony, desire, and determination that neither could hide any longer.

On and on the two half-nude young women continued their heated battle. Powerful emotions of pain and arousal swirled and mingled in their minds like a strong cocktail. Tits smacked again and again, bobbling about the two girls’ chests. Their scalps ached from the constant torture their hands meted out, and the excited groans they expelled spiraled higher and higher in pitch. Intoxicated with both lust and hatred, the nearly naked pair kept at it, weaving chaotically around the room. Lost in the struggle, the rest of the world vanished from their minds. Panting and gasping, they fought for what seemed like forever, yanking hair, bashing breasts, and locking arms and legs together.

Careening out of control, the battling beauties crashed at full speed into Michelle’s dresser. Thrown apart, Holly fell down onto the floor, and Michelle landed in a heap on her bed. Both were tired and sucking air like fish out of water. Their sweaty bosoms heaved up and down, and their mouths made noises that were a cross between whimpers of pain and moans of arousal. They gazed at each other in near disbelief at how far their duel had taken them. Neither felt she could carry on, but neither wanted to call a halt to the hostilities and thus admit that she was the lesser of the two. And so they sat there, not taking their eyes off of each other, for several minutes.

The phone rang, shocking them back to reality. In a daze, Michelle leaned over to pick up the receiver. She stopped when she realized that she hadn’t the breath to talk normally to whoever was on the other end of the line. For a few more seconds, the phone continued to ring, and then the answering machine picked up.

Through its speaker, the two worn out girls heard, “Hi, Michelle. It’s Gina. I hope you get this message in time. Rachel and I are playing volleyball here at the gym for a little bit, and wanted to get together with you and Holly for dinner this evening, say, about five-thirty-ish at the dining hall. Hope you two can make it. I’m curious what you’ve been up to this afternoon. See you then. Bye.”

No one said a word for some time. Finally, Holly got up off of the floor and stood up, leaning against the wall for support. Michelle just stared at her, watching Holly’s pendulous tits sway in the waning sunlight.

“Well,” Holly said at last, “you up to it?”

Michelle swallowed. “Dinner, or beating you?” She wasn’t exactly sure what Holly was talking about, but she wasn’t about to say “no” to any challenge the other blond threw at her.

Holly grinned weakly. “Our roommates will be waiting for us. We can’t let them down, now, can we?” Michelle moved her head in agreement. “Besides, you don’t have the energy to keep going, do you?”

Michelle paused, and then stood up. Shaking her tousled hair defiantly, she said, “Step on over here and find out. If you’re able.”

Holly removed her hand from the wall and turned to face Michelle. The coeds, topless and dressed in nothing but pantyhose and underwear, stood still for several seconds, glowering at each other as they felt a tension building back up between them. Their bodies yearned to be reunited in unbridled sensual combat.

“Gina and Rachel will be coming here to drop off their gym clothes before going to dinner, right?” Holly suddenly spurted.

“You’re right.” Michelle spun her head this way and that, taking in the mess that lay about the room. “We need to clean up.”

As if a magic spell had been cast, both girls immediately went to work picking up discarded clothing and anything else out of place. The pair’s shared habit of cleanliness kicked in, driving out all thoughts of aggression. In a flash, the dorm room was spotless, and the two had gotten dressed in their skirts and sweaters again.

All that was left was for them to fix their makeup. Given that there was only one decent-sized mirror in the room for them to use, the hasty truce both had made became in imminent danger of collapsing. Jostling each other with their hips and shoulders, they strained to get a good view of what they were applying to their faces. Pressing harder and harder into each other’s bodies, the two found their concentration torn between hurriedly getting presentable for their roommates and holding back a strong desire drop everything and wrap their arms around each other in a fierce, crushing embrace.

They both finished powdering up just as Gina and Rachel arrived, laden down with gym bags. As if nothing had happened, Holly and Michelle greeted them warmly and asked how the volleyball game had gone. Chatting and smiling, the four wandered out into the hallway, picked up a few neighbors, and set out for supper.

Back in her normal social element, Holly reverted to her usual kind and quiet demeanor. Michelle did, too, and kept her eyes away from Holly’s for fear that the powerful emotions the other blond stirred in her would erupt from their hiding place deep inside of her.

The gaggle of girls picked up their food and found a big, empty table to eat at. Everyone insisted that Holly and Michelle sit next to each other, and the two didn’t dare show their true colors and object. Rachel peppered them with questions as soon as they got situated.

“So, who made the first move?” she asked excitedly. Holly’s heart jumped into her throat. She calmed it back down; reminding herself that there was no way Rachel could know what had transpired while the two blonds had been by themselves.

“I guess I did,” admitted Michelle, “with some prompting from Gina.”

“Hey, I just made a suggestion,” blurted Gina, in between bites. “You’re the one who picked up the phone.”

Michelle smiled. Internally, she sighed in relief that her roommate showed no sign of knowing what she’d been up to all afternoon.

“And now you two are getting along great. That’s so cool.” Rachel said. “I knew you two would hit it off once we got you together.”

Holly nodded. “I just needed a push to get me to come out of my shell. I think Michelle did, too.” Michelle shot a glance over at Holly at this. “Once she did, though, she made quite a good impression on me. I must have made a pretty good one on her as well.”

Michelle bristled as she caught the double meaning behind Holly’s words, but her body language gave no sign of her annoyance. “The nerve of her!” she thought. “If she wants to play like that, I’ll give her more than she can handle.”

Rachel interrupted her internal dialog. “What’d you two end up talking about all afternoon?”

“Psychology, mainly.” Michelle said. “Holly gave me a sneak peek of one of the courses I’ll be taking next semester.”

“Which one is that?”

“Childhood development,” Holly and Michelle said in unison.

“Interesting,” Rachel said. “So, stuff like how kids learn new activities and how they build relationships?”

“Well, she’s only given me a little taste of what she knows so far,” said Michelle, knowing Holly would notice the hidden slight in her choice of words.

She did, and added, “I’m not an expert, of course, but I think I got a firm grasp on the material.”

Rachel looked slightly puzzled, and Holly worried that she was catching on to the hidden repartee inside her and Michelle’s manner of speaking. Thankfully, she seemed oblivious to it. The conversation turned to other topics, and the two shy blonds ate in silence, studiously ignoring each other.

When it was time to go, Rachel accidentally left her purse at the table. Gina chided Rachel about her always forgetting things. She teasingly wondered aloud how Rachel could have ever gotten into college with such a habit.

“Maybe we should ask someone who’s got a firm grasp on things,” Michelle spoke, just loud enough for only Holly to hear.

Holly remained calm and smiled at Michelle. With a pleasant look on her face, she responded barely above a whisper, “I’m glad that sneak peek I gave you was enough for you to figure out where you stand.”

Holly turned to leave, and Michelle retorted to the back of her head, “I’m not intimately familiar with the subject yet, but I’m confident I’ll master it when the time comes.”

Both girls fumed all the way back to their dorm rooms.

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The evening wore on as dull as the overcast October sky. Holly sat at her desk, leafing through her notes, but not reading a single word. Rachel had gone across the hall to talk with a group of their neighbors in the dorm, leaving Holly to her pantomime of studying. In actuality, Holly could focus on nothing but Michelle. Her mind played an incessant film loop of the blond-haired girl: her bright, shining eyes; her full, pouting lips; her smooth, perfect, bare skin; her round, swelling breasts tipped by two tempting…

Holly shook her head, desperate to clear those thoughts and images from her brain. A sudden yearning grew between her legs, and she felt her pussy begin to moisten. Gritting her teeth, she willed her body to be calm. “That girl is the Devil,” Holly thought to herself. She opened one of her books for Literature class and forced her eyes to read it.

Rachel returned to the room, and immediately sat down at her computer to do some instant messaging and school work. Eight o’clock arrived, followed frighteningly fast by nine o’clock and then nine thirty. Holly had flipped through sixty pages of the novel she held in her hands, but if anyone had asked her what it was about, she wouldn’t have been able to answer correctly.

A knock on the door broke the two roommates out of their solitary reverie. Gina stood in the doorway holding a plastic grocery bag.

“Hey,” Rachel said.

“Hey,” Gina replied, lifting the bag up to where the redhead could see. Through the thin, white plastic, the outline of a six-pack of beer was easily visible.

“Hey hey!” said Rachel, grinning.

“You up for a party?” the short-haired brunette asked.

“You know it. Where at?”

“Off campus. Heather’s apartment.”

“Cool.” Rachel turned around in her chair to face Holly.

“It’s gonna be just a small group. Probably an all-nighter,” said Gina, looking at Rachel. Rachel thought better of the question she was about to ask, and closed her mouth.

Holly smiled weakly. “I’m going to have to beg off on this one, Rachel. I’m probably going to go to sleep pretty soon anyway so I can get up early tomorrow to exercise.” She stretched her arms out, as if to emphasize that point.

“Okay, then,” her roommate chirped. She made a few clicks with her mouse, shut off her computer monitor, and stood to grab her jacket. “Good night. I’ll see you around lunchtime.”

“Good night. Have fun.” Gina and Rachel merely laughed as they zipped up their coats and headed out the door.

“We will.”

Time ticked by. The book Holly had been pretending to read sat unopened on her desk. She could have blamed her difficulty studying on the loud music coming from her next door neighbor’s speakers, but that wouldn’t have been the whole truth. Visions of Gina’s irksome roommate appeared and tormented the young blond. The demonic bitch had wormed her way into her brain, and wouldn’t let go. She remembered the call that had begun the day’s descent into crazed conflict. Michelle’s voice had sounded sweet and sugary in her ear. Several minutes passed, and Holly found that she was staring at the phone.

Frustrated, she got up, intending to get dressed for bed. Opening her dresser drawer, she rummaged through the stack of warm, flannel nightshirts, trying to decide which one to wear. Her fingers stopped abruptly. They felt something that Holly had forgotten was there. Her breathing slowly started to speed up, and her head swiveled around to look once more at the phone. She stood motionless as a statue, attempting to justify to her conscience why she should follow the impulsive plan that had leaped into her mind.

Leaving the drawer open, Holly walked over to the phone. She picked up the receiver, silently mouthing the words, “I must defeat my demons. I must defeat my demons.” over and over again.

Michelle answered on the second ring. “Hello?” she said, wondering why Rachel would be calling for Gina, who had left to go over to the redhead’s dorm an hour ago.

“Hi, Michelle.” said Holly softly, quieter than her usual airy tone. Michelle’s body shivered at the sound of her rival’s voice.

Willing herself to remain calm, she said, “What can I do for you, Holly?”

“I have a problem. I think you know what it is, because you have a very similar one.”

Michelle felt her heart begin to pound harder. She matched the slow cadence of Holly’s voice as she replied. “You’re thinking that we can find a solution together?”

“Yes. Come on over, so we can discuss it face to face.”

“Is there anything I should bring? You know that you only have to ask, and I’ll let you have it.”

The hidden meaning in Michelle’s words didn’t affect Holly at all. “Just come…” she said, then paused for a moment, thinking of the best way to phrase her idea.”…as delicately as you can. This is a private matter.”

Michelle was silent for a minute. Only the faint breeze of her excited breathing could be heard. At last, she spoke. “Of course. I’ll be sensitive to your needs.”

Holly took a long, deep breath, and exhaled. “And I promise to return the favor with equal kindness.”

“See you soon.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

The two hung up simultaneously. Giddiness like they had never felt before filled them with energy, and they set to their preparations with total concentration. The nervousness and trepidation both of them would normally feel was completely absent. Their bottled-up pride and egotism had been uncorked, and was now bubbling out as a nasty, catty desire to prove their superiority over each other. Whatever it took. Whatever the consequences.

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Part 5 – Complete Duplicates

Thirty minutes later, a firm knock rang at the door to room 214, cutting through the noise from the stereo system blaring throughout the hall. Holly opened it a crack, and peered out. Michelle stood out in the hallway wearing an ankle-length winter overcoat buttoned up all the way to her chin and a fuzzy, fake fur hat and matching boots. Without a word, Holly backed away from the door and let her in. Michelle closed and locked the door behind her, muffling the thumping music somewhat, and then turned to face her hated foe.

What she saw took her breath away. Holly was standing next to her bed, illuminated by a pair of candles. Draped on her body was a gorgeous white ensemble made up of a silken camisole and matching panties covered by gauze-like gown hitched with embroidered clasps. Her blond hair was shiny and radiant, and cascaded down to her shoulders in a golden stream.

“Take off your coat,” she said, smiling at the reaction that showed on Michelle’s face, “and stay a while.” In her mind, she thought, “And don’t be afraid to admit that I’ve got the better body.”

Michelle exhaled, and then took two steps towards Holly. Undoing the buttons one by one, she cooed, “Don’t mind if I do.” When she reached the final button, she paused, then flung the overcoat wide open and gingerly slipped her arms out of it. Holly was frozen, speechless, as she watched Michelle hang the bulky jacket up and pull off her fur-lined winter boots. Michelle wore the same nightgown that Holly had seen earlier in the other blonde’s closet, and she filled out every curve of it devastatingly well. It rose up her legs much higher than Holly had guessed it would, and her eyes traced the edges of its scalloped hem. Wrapped around Michelle’s body was a see-through nightie held closed in the front by a trio of small ribbons tied into bows. Her face glowed in the flickering light, and her eyes twinkled.

In silence, the two sexy coeds walked slowly towards each other with their hands at their sides and met in the center of the room. Locked in a smoky stare, they stopped only when the fronts of their negligees were about to touch. For a few seconds, the sole movement in the room was the accelerating rising and falling of their nearly identical chests. The sweet scent of their perfumes mingled in the still air.

The two girls leaned forward and pressed their busts firmly into one another. The sheer fabric of their lingerie couldn’t hide the fact that both sets of nipples were already stiffened and ready for action. After hours apart, it felt so satisfying to the pair to have their boobs once again forced together.

“I don’t mean to intrude,” teased Michelle. She began to grind one of her tits further into Holly’s opposing one.

“Not at all,” countered Holly, giving her a shove with both breasts. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you like.”

“That’s very kind. Please don’t think ill of me if I accidentally outlast your hospitality. It isn’t my intention to take advantage of someone, however easy that may be.” She set her supple mammaries onto Holly’s, and held them there.

“I assure you, you’ll have a very difficult time doing that.” Holly’s blood was beginning to boil, and her patience wearing thin. “But, enough chit chat. How about we get right to the heart of the matter?”

“Yes,” said Michelle, placing her hands lightly onto Holly’s waist. “Let’s.”

With one swift motion, Holly brought her hands up around Michelle’s back and dove her fingers into her hair. Tilting Michelle’s head, she planted an ardent kiss upon the other girl’s mouth. The taste of cherry was strong on Michelle’s lips, and Holly knew that the blond was getting a good bit of strawberry flavor in return. Michelle responded immediately, moaning and echoing every bit of passion back. Her fingers began wandering up and down Holly’s body, massaging her gently through the transparent material of her gown. Holly slid one hand out from Michelle’s hair and ran it tantalizingly down her arm. Sensuously, the pair twisted and swayed back and forth like willow branches caught in a spring breeze. They rubbed their torsos together, feeling each other’s boobs deform and wiggle beneath their clothes, unconstrained as they were by any restrictive bra. Their nails languidly explored every curve and caressed their sensitive sides, hips, and rear ends.

On and on for many minutes, the pair made out, sucking each other’s lips and probing with their warm, wet tongues. Both fought to control the powerful emotions welling up within them as they did their best to work the other girl up into a frenzy of desire. Holly soon found Michelle’s gown to be an annoying hindrance to her efforts. She broke off her kiss, but only got out, “How about…” before Michelle hungrily attacked her mouth and cut her sentence off.

“Hmm?” Michelle moaned, when she had finished.

Tugging on Michelle’s outer layer, she said, “Mind if I take that for you? It’s getting a little warm in here, don’t you think?”

“How sweet of you to notice. Allow me to help you with yours.” Deftly and seductively, the duo wormed their fingers in between their bodies. One by one, Holly untied the ribbons holding Michelle’s gown closed, and Michelle undid the clasps on Holly’s. “You look like you’re getting uncomfortable yourself,” Michelle added.

As she pulled the front of Michelle’s nightie open, Holly taunted, “It’s nothing I can’t handle. I only offered because it seems like the heat is getting to you.”

“Worry about yourself,” retorted Michelle with mock kindness. She raised her hands up slowly to slide Holly’s gauze-like covering off her shoulders. When they passed Holly’s bulging tits, Michelle’s knuckles lifted the feminine globes upward before rubbing roughly across the twin nipples poking like tent poles underneath her silk camisole.

“Unh,” Holly panted. Her fingers crawled like spider legs up Michelle’s stomach and around the sides of the girl’s heaving boobs. Holly’s hands remained there, tenderly cupping the soft flesh while her thumbs lazily circled Michelle’s aureoles. A high-pitched noise rose in Michelle’s throat as she struggled not to pull herself away from the other girl’s ministrations. Pushing Holly’s outer wrap downwards onto her arms, Michelle forced her rival to let go in order to allow the slinky fabric to fall to the floor. Undeterred, Holly pulled on Michelle’s gown, drawing it off her torso inch by inch. Michelle felt it creep across her skin, and dropped her shoulders to ease its journey off her body.

Both girls’ eyes then followed the thin straps holding the other’s lingerie on from where they hung near their necks down to the deep crevasse of their cleavage. Their shiny nighties seemed to pour over the tops of their breasts like waterfalls of silk, reflecting the candle flames as they shifted in the night air. Holly caught herself, realizing with embarrassment how much lust was coursing through her veins. She scattered those thoughts away. “It’s Michelle who’s going to succumb to those impulses first,” she reminded herself, “and I’m going to make her.”

Michelle had her own ideas in that regard. Licking her lips, she grabbed hold of Holly’s breasts with both hands and began a stimulating massage with her fingers. Holly groaned, swept away by an exquisite wave of sensations. Steadying herself, she sought out Michelle’s creamy tits and started plying them with her hands. Lost in pleasure, the two girls ratcheted up their efforts to drive each other out of their minds. They toyed with each other’s nipples, running their palms across them and tweaking them between their thumbs and fore fingers. A deep, rosy color bloomed on their cheeks as the temperature in the room seemed to skyrocket higher and higher.

Unable to elicit anything stronger than a groan from her opponent, Michelle drew her fingertips down to Holly’s sides. A slight tickle made Holly shiver like shaken jelly. Happy with the effect she had had, Michelle bent her knees and lowered herself down, continuing to make a furrow in the satiny material of Holly’s camisole until her fingers reached the other girl’s legs. Holly, unable to keep holding on to Michelle’s breasts, stuck her hands on either side of her rival’s face and began caressing the back of her neck. Michelle’s head tilted forward and her hair brushed against the front of Holly’s chest. With a low moan, Holly drove her fingers into Michelle’s hair and pulled her face deeper into her bosom.

Michelle backed her head up, breaking Holly’s embrace. Very slowly, she stood up, letting her fingertips sneak onto Holly’s ass and her breasts slide up Holly’s stomach. Both girls held their breaths, electrified by the luxurious feel of their silk-covered flesh slipping against one another. The tops of Michelle’s tits met the underside of Holly’s, and then lifted them upwards. A pause in the music made the room so quiet that they could hear the faint whisper of their lingerie slithering and rubbing. With a sudden release, Michelle’s boobs shot past Holly’s, her hardened nipples scraping twin lines across the blonde’s tender feminine globes. Both girls exhaled gasps of undeniable eroticism as the next song began its pounding drum beat. Their minds swam with dizzying emotion, threatening their balance.

Unwilling to let Michelle have any advantage, Holly counterattacked, forcing her entire body onto Michelle’s and aiming to stab the coed’s nipples with her own. Wrapping their arms tightly about each other, they united in a crushing embrace. Michelle sought out Holly’s mouth with her own, kissing the other blonde’s lips and licking at her tongue. Eyes closed now, the pair danced a drunken tango about the room, lost in a fevered attempt to conquer the other with pure sensuality. The collided with furniture and bumped into the walls, but remained locked in a tight tangle of flesh and silk, impervious to everything else in the universe. The room seemed to spin around them as their ceaseless battle went on and on.

With an unexpected lurch, their world tilted sideways. Their legs had encountered the side of Rachel’s bed and the momentum of their duel carried them off balance and onto the blanket-covered mattress. Michelle landed on top of Holly and quickly drew her arms out from underneath the other girl. Holly, not wanting to be trapped, pushed on Michelle’s sides in an attempt to roll her off. Michelle resisted, and placed both of her hands on Holly’s shoulders to pin her down. Holly strained to free herself, but found she wasn’t strong enough to dislodge Michelle, whose full body weight was bearing down on her.

After a minute, Holly paused her struggling. The two blonds looked at each other. Their faces were flush, and their hair a disheveled mess. Both were panting, half from exertion and half from arousal. Michelle’s dangling tits rested lightly on Holly’s, making their stiffened nipples throb. The burning heat emanating from their crotches seared each other’s thighs.

Holly idly ran her fingernails up Michelle’s legs, lifting the hem of her nightie and tracing lines across her silken panties. Michelle inhaled deeply, trying to remain under control. She let out a sigh and began kneading Holly’s shoulders with her fingers.

“What’s the matter?” Holly asked.

“Nothing,” came the hasty reply. It was followed by a muffled gasp as Holly’s hands reached to top of her underwear and began caressing bare skin.

Holly giggled, and an evil look flashed in her eyes. “You sure?”


“Oh,” purred Holly, massaging higher and higher up her back. “It looks to me like you need to get something off your chest.” She brought her hands to Michelle’s sides, tickling her and raising the blonde’s nightgown further up her torso.

“Unnh,” Michelle moaned. “You slut.” Holly’s nails gently moved to the small of Michelle’s back. Michelle arched her body in response, rearing her head up and driving her pelvis into Holly’s. The increased pressure on her groin made Holly let out a low groan.

Michelle sat up, straddling Holly’s hips, and let her hands work their way down on to the other girl’s swelling breasts. They teased her supple flesh through the fabric of her silk negligee and pleasurably tortured her aching nubs. It was now Holly’s turn to inhale a sharp gasp.

“You’re a slut.” Saying such a dirty word out loud gave Holly a thrilling charge.

Michelle grinned. “I guess that makes us even.”

Holly copied her grin. “Oh, I don’t think so. We may be equally matched physically, but one of us is definitely sluttier, and that person is going to be the one who gives in to the other’s superior sexuality first.”

“I’m glad you understand what’s about to happen to you.”

“I hate to say this to you, Michelle, but you’ve got it backwards.” At this, Holly darted her hands around Michelle’s soft stomach and drove them upwards. Her fingers snaked beneath Michelle’s nightie and grabbed a firm hold of the naked flesh of the blonde’s boobs. Michelle gave an ecstatic cry. She realized that she couldn’t escape backwards without ripping her favorite silk lingerie and instead lurched forward, lying down upon Holly and causing her hair to cascade into the other girl’s face. Holly pinched her thumbs and index fingers together and twirled Michelle’s nipples between them. Michelle groaned from the powerful mixture of pleasure and pain. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to take much more if she let Holly continue.

Sitting back up, she reached for the hem of her gown and pulled it up over her head. Climbing off of Holly, she moved herself down to the end of the bed. Holly propped herself up on her elbows, wearing a smirk she could no longer hide. It vanished in the next instant as Michelle grabbed her arms and yanked her to a sitting position.

“Now who’s the one who needs to get something off her chest?” cooed Michelle. Holly shot her an exasperated look. She was sure that she had finally sent her rival over the edge, but Michelle was proving more resilient than she had imagined.

Seeing Holly’s hesitation, Michelle continued, “Allow me.” Slowly and seductively, Michelle lifted Holly’s camisole upwards, exposing more and more of the blonde’s flawless skin as she went. Holly, unwilling to sit still while Michelle took the initiative, resumed her tender caress of Michelle’s bosom. She had to stop when Michelle’s disrobing of her reached her arms. She raised them up and the two girls glared smokily into each other’s eyes as Michelle removed the last bit of clothing covering Holly’s torso.

The nearly naked coeds sat there, gazing at each other. Desire to be touched, to experience erotic pleasure, and to satisfy the aching tingling between their legs built in every fiber of their beings. At the same time, the urge to punish the other girl, to drive her to defeat and to see her weep in humiliation boiled in their veins. The two seemingly opposing feelings confused them, and made them frustrated and furious. Nothing mattered more at that moment to either of them than to unite their bodies in a fearsome war of primal sensuality.

With a simultaneous growl, the pair met at the center of the bed. Michelle tried to clamp onto Holly’s shoulders again and push her back down. Holly knocked Michelle’s hands away and reached out for her foe’s blond mane. The sexy young women collided together and wrapped their arms around each other. Their nipples stabbed into each other’s breast flesh, and their legs embraced like coiling vines. Holly twisted her body to one side, attempting to throw Michelle sideways onto the mattress. Michelle fought back, and the battling duo tumbled as one off of the bed.

Locked in a tight mass of writhing female flesh, the two nineteen year olds rolled over and over on the carpet, wearing nothing but their shiny silk panties. Their buxom bodies wrestled chaotically for a few minutes, having gained the understanding that whoever obtained the top position would be better able to dominate the other. Animal-like growls erupted from the pile of flailing arms and limbs, as their frustration at each other’s endurance mingled with their frustration at their own urges to consummate their wanton desires.

Still jumbled together, the girls finally came to a stop in the center of the floor. Lying on their sides, they stared daggers right into each other’s eyes. Holly had one arm trapped beneath Michelle’s body, and the other was gripping her rival’s underwear. Michelle had one arm around Holly’s neck, and the other at the small of her opponent’s back. Michelle’s free hand drifted lower until it met the elastic waistband of Holly’s panties. Her fingers slid lazily underneath and crawled onto the bare flesh of Holly’s ass. Holly responded by grinding her hips further into Michelle’s. One of her thighs parted Michelle’s legs and came to a halt when it reached the girl’s crotch.

Holly knew what she was feeling there. Michelle’s panties were damp, soaked with the juices of feminine arousal. A slight tickle told her that her pussy was equally moist. She looked at Michelle’s face. She eyes were almost closed, and she was working her silk-clad mound against Holly’s intrusive leg. Sensing that some sort of victory was near, Holly began stroking Michelle’s inner thighs with her own. Michelle moaned twice, her pitch rising higher each time, and then opened her eyes wide.

“Where are my manners?” she said, breathing heavily. The hand Michelle had wormed into Holly’s panties glided its way smoothly around the other female’s hips and dove into the tangled forest of her pubic hair. Holly shut her eyes and began exhaling in a labored fashion, fighting to control her erotic yearnings. Refusing to be outdone, Holly let go of Michelle’s underwear with her free hand and forced it into the crevasse between her rival’s legs.

Nearly simultaneously, the young women’s fingers touched the outer folds of each other’s labia. No words were spoken as the two sped head-long into a wild battle of mutual stimulation. Gasping and panting, Holly and Michelle amplified their assaults on their intimate regions, slithering their fingers deeper and deeper into their hot, wet cunts. Their arms drew their bodies tighter together in a strong hug, and they rested their blushing cheeks against one another. Whimpering into Michelle’s ear, Holly strove to hold back the tide of inevitable ecstasy as she penetrated deeper and deeper into the other girl’s pussy. She heard Michelle start to emit a desperate whine, and the coed masturbated her faster and faster, driving her insane with desire.

All at once, Holly and Michelle let out twin shrieks and buried their heads into each other’s shoulders. On and on they kept at it, finger fucking with complete abandon and letting out muffled screams until the intense pleasure they felt finally subsided. They opened their eyes in unison and gazed at each other with expressions of both shock and joy plastered across their faces.

Holly, as if suddenly embarrassed at where her hand was, drew it out of Michelle’s soaked panties. The scent of her rival’s feminine juices coated her fingers and drifted unmistakably through the air. Michelle freed her arms and pushed herself away from Holly with an agonizing groan. Holly rolled onto her back and stared, still quite stunned, at the ceiling. Michelle crawled over to Holly’s bed and leaned against it, the full impact of what had just transpired only now registering in her brain. The pair remained that way for a couple minutes, awash in soothing afterglow and bewildered disbelief.

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Part 6 – Perfect Pair

Michelle surveyed the figure of her prone rival. Holly hadn’t moved for some time, and it seemed like she had experienced more than she could take. Her chest rose and fell in great waves, seemingly in unison with the body of her foe who lay catching her breath just a few steps away. The edge of Holly’s bed dug uncomfortably into Michelle’s back, and she lifted herself up to sit on its soft mattress. Her knees wobbled and threatened to give way. Not wanting to appear weakened by the intimate assault her vagina had just withstood, she steadied herself and slowly settled her bottom down onto the fluffy comforter that covered the bed. Her silken underwear stuck wetly to her skin, and Michelle peeled it off and cast it to the floor in disgust.

Holly sighed, and turned her head to see where Michelle had gone. She found the blond sitting naked on her bed staring at her with a slight grin on her face. A pounding bass drum from next door kept time with her rapid heartbeat.

“It seems to me that my hostess has become tired, and the party is over,” Michelle said in a coy voice. Holly rolled onto her side and started to prop herself up on one elbow. “No, no need to get up on my account. I can see myself out on my own.” Michelle smiled, watching Holly sit up with obvious difficulty.

“You can leave if you want to,” said Holly quietly. A challenging look flashed in her eyes. “But the music’s still playing, and I’m not through dancing quite yet.” Unhurriedly, Holly got to her feet and struck a sassy pose. Her breasts wobbled a bit before coming to rest, and her fully erect nipples pointed defiantly at Michelle.

The seated girl felt a rush of adrenaline flood her system and her pulse quickened. Anger made her grimace. She cursed silently that Holly hadn’t given up their duel after the last, intense and erotic struggle the two had been through. She steeled herself for another round, feeling the same powerful mixture of hatred and lust that was becoming more and more enjoyable to her as their battle went on.

“Dancing, you say? Are you sure you even know the moves?” Michelle said cattily, leaning slightly backwards and parting her legs a little.

Holly began breathing faster and heavier. Half of her wanted to yank Michelle off the bed and slap the shit out of her, and the other half wanted Michelle to get up, unite their nude bodies firmly together, and bring her to another massive orgasm.

“Step on over here and I’ll show you.”

“Aw, but I’m comfortable right here, Holly.”

“Suit yourself, then.” At that, Holly pulled her panties down in one slinky motion, and strode over to the bed, swaying her hips licentiously. Michelle rose up, readying herself to grab Holly, swing her down onto the mattress and climb on top of her.

When she was a good meter away, though, Holly tensed, bent at the knees, and leaped at Michelle, tackling her down onto the soft comforter. Holly’s momentum drove the startled blond backwards, partially pinning her with the full force of her weight. Michelle yelped in surprise, but soon fought back, wrapping her legs around Holly’s midsection and attempting to roll the pair to the side.

The two nude young women fell into a crazed tussle, rocking back and forth among the blankets. Sweat formed on their naked skin as their bodies writhed in a heated contest for control for quite some time. Michelle’s grip with her legs slipped, and Holly’s hips forced them further apart. Holly began pounding at her opponent with her pelvis and, after several strong thrusts, succeeded in mashing her and Michelle’s cunts together.

“See? I know the moves,” Holly panted.

“Question is, can you keep up with the tempo?”

Growling in both fury and desire, Michelle began grinding her pussy into Holly’s. Their blond pubic hair roughly brushed their sensitive labia, adding sharp notes of pain to the growing pleasure each felt emanating from their most intimate areas. For several minutes, the fearsome vixens engaged in a lewd war, banging their wet snatches together. Neither seemed to be able to tip the other over into ecstasy, however. Frustrated, they drew their breasts and then their lips into the fray, working every inch of each other’s body into an aroused frenzy.

Their pelvic muscles weren’t used to being flexed in this manner, though, and they eventually began to ache. Holly stopped to catch her breath, and broke off the deep French kiss she had planted on Michelle’s mouth. Michelle gasped for air, and tried to ignore the uncomfortable weight of the other girl’s chest bearing down on her own. The two nude coeds glared into each other’s eyes.

“I will exhaust you,” Holly stated, panting heavily.

“Never.” Michelle reached up and cupped Holly’s boobs. She arched her fingers into claws and dug her nails into the other blonde’s supple tit meat.

Holly cried out in alarm, and reared back. Before she could retaliate, Michelle pushed hard, sending Holly toppling into the headrest. Michelle hauled one leg out from underneath of Holly, but the other girl grabbed it and prevented her from escaping completely. As they looked at each other, their gaze wandered unavoidably to the sight of their curly blond bushes, now poised and ready to clash again.

“OK,” said Holly after a short pause, “if that’s the way you want to dance.”

As one, they scooted towards each other and rammed their fur-covered mounds into firm contact. Twisting their nude bodies form side to side, the dueling teens slid their moistened cunts harder and harder together. Sensations unlike anything either had ever encountered shot through their nerve endings. On and on they continued their erotic war, each seeking to reduce the other to a quivering wreck of shattered willpower. They whined and whimpered, futilely trying to stifle the onrushing climax that was about to run them both over.

All at once, the fleshy hoods that protected their most tender erogenous organs opened up. Now exposed, their stiffened clitorises flicked and lanced at each other. Holly began a high-pitched, muffled scream, but kept attacking Michelle’s clit again and again despite the overpowering emotions shooting through her. Michelle felt like her brain was going to explode, but nothing could have possibly stopped her from throwing every last ounce of strength into the tribadism battle she was locked in with Holly.

With one final, horrendous slam of their pussies, they bent each other’s sex rods, sending a feeling too strong for either of them to withstand cascading through them like a fast-moving storm. Twin shouts echoed off the walls, and the girls collapsed onto their backs, still stuck together and gyrating their hips, as wave after wave of orgasm had its way with them. Neither had ever dreamed that such unbelievable sexual intensity existed, let alone that it had been hidden away inside their bodies.

Holly disengaged herself and drew her knees up to her chin. She watched Michelle’s stomach and chest rise and fall in time with her breathing. The other blonde’s eyes were closed, and her mouth open. Holly swallowed, and noticed a dryness that meant she was getting dehydrated.

She climbed out of bed and walked on wobbly legs towards the sink. Propping herself up with one hand, she picked up a plastic cup and filled it with water to soothe her parched throat. As she closed her eyes and took the first sip, she felt something brush against both of her sides. She swallowed quickly and felt Michelle’s hands slide around her waist and then search upwards to cup her breasts. Michelle’s body pressed into Holly’s. Her soft boobs expanded like pillows on Holly’s bare back. Her exposed and still stiffened nipples poked like twin darts into her skin, and her thighs felt warm and sticky against Holly’s naked ass.

“Aren’t you going to offer your guest a drink?” Michelle cooed. Holly began to wiggle, but that just made Michelle’s fingers tighten their grip on her tender orbs. The trapped girl felt a sudden twinge of arousal. She knew that if this went on much longer, she’d be at her captor’s mercy.

“How impolite of me. You can have mine.” Holly dumped the nearly full cup over her shoulder and onto Michelle’s upper chest. Michelle leaped back as the cool water came like a shock to her warm skin. Holly spun around and watched in fascination as the liquid ran in tiny rivulets down Michelle’s heaving breasts and into the cleavage between them. It dribbled down her stomach and dripped from her round tits.

“Thank you so much. I appreciate that.” Michelle said. It was a lie.

“You’re quite welcome.” Holly replied. So was that.

Holly dropped the cup onto the rug as Michelle raised her arms and reached out with fingers ready to grab. Holly brought her hands up defensively and her foe latched onto them. With but a light grip, Michelle forced Holly’s hands out of the way and soon both girls’ arms were completely stretched out to either side. The girls stared unflinchingly into each others eyes as their bodies came together yet again. Michelle’s face had a look of both determination and desire on it. Holly let out a sigh as Michelle’s wet flesh sank onto hers. The water made their skin somewhat slippery, and their boobs began rubbing against one another freely. The two danced from side-to-side, lost in an erotic contest of seduction. They dragged their nipples softly at first, but Michelle soon started pressing her full feminine globes against her opponent. Holly’s motions were beginning to make her delirious, and Michelle knew she had to do something to keep from losing control.

Michelle let go of Holly’s hands and brought her arms around the girl’s back. Drawing the two as close as possible, she squeezed, causing Holly to let out a single, quick moan. Burying her sensitive mammaries in Holly’s hadn’t quelled the strong emotions streaking through her, though. She loosened her hug and drove Holly backwards with her body. The pair collided with the closed closet door, and Michelle penned Holly in with her arms. They stood like that for a few moments, each taking in the sight of the other’s flush appearance in the flickering candlelight.

“Still think you can outlast me?” asked Michelle.

Holly’s ire was in full bloom. “I can outlast you, and out fight you, and out fuck you, too.”

“Such language,” Michelle teased. “But can you back up those words?” Michelle paused, basking in the mean expression her challenge had caused on Holly’s face. “I didn’t th-“

That was all Michelle got out when Holly’s hand dove into her crotch and gave her labia a rough stroke. Instinctively, Michelle backed up, breaking off the contact. She kept her eyes trained on Holly’s and chuckled. “You…”

Holly smiled sweetly. “Shall we dance?” she offered.

“Yes,” Michelle panted, her pulse speeding up once again. “Let’s.”

With a noise midway between a howl and an aroused groan, the two naked girls reached out and began fingering each other’s pussy. Wobbling this way and that, they leaned on each other’s shoulders for balance and masturbated their way to one side of the room and then back again. They kissed each other’s arms and shoulders and breasts, seeking to ramp up the pleasure each was doling out. Their naked bodies staggered, and each girl felt her knees begin to buckle. Out of control, the pair tumbled to the carpet and commenced a wild wrestling match, each fighting to keep the other away from her sensitive thighs. Locked together, they rolled and grappled about the floor, more and more aware of the soreness building in their tired and aching muscles.

The tangled mass of nude female flesh slowed to a halt, and Holly and Michelle strained to their limits to crush the other with a painful bear hug. With a grunt and a sigh, they relaxed the tight embrace, unable to keep it going for long.

Frustrated, they rested for a moment. As they did so, a feeling of desire began welling up unbidden in their entwined bodies. Their faces were mere inches apart, and they stared, somewhat amazed, into the eyes of the girl that had taken them beyond every barrier of inhibition they could imagine. Lust and hatred, passion and disgust, sex and dominance: all were combined in an overwhelming emotion that neither could ignore, and neither could hold back any longer.

“Too bad one of us has to lose,” said Holly.

“Too bad it’s going to be you,” retorted Michelle.

Their lips met in a torrid kiss, and their bodies began swaying and rocking, eager to join in a most intimate coupling. Michelle’s hands drifted to Holly’s tits, where they caressed and massaged in time with Holly’s hands moving up and down her back. Amorous feelings raced through them both, speeding their yearning and grasping fingers.

The will to win temporarily rose above the urge for satisfaction in Michelle, and she roughly pinched Holly’s nipples in an attempt to force her down beneath her. Holly cried out, and raked her nails across Michelle’s back. When that didn’t stop Michelle’s torture, Holly began kicking and slapping wildly, eventually dislodging the blonde’s body from hers.

Cupping her tender, damaged breasts, Holly retreated to her bed. Sensing victory, Michelle got up and crawled towards her.

“What’s the matter, can’t take any more?”

“You bitch!”

“Admit it, you’ve lost.”


“Then, why are you backing away from me?”

Michelle lunged, but Holly pulled her leg away in time and stuck it beneath the thick comforter that their earlier battle had untucked from the foot of the bed. Michelle reared up on her hands and feet and jumped at Holly. Emitting a frightened shriek, Holly pulled the comforter in between her and Michelle, blocking the other girl’s attack.

Michelle found herself atop a constantly shifting bed cover. Holly was completely under it, kicking and elbowing her foe above. After one too many jabs, Michelle got knocked off and landed at one end of the mattress. Holly kept fighting, as if against an unseen, phantom enemy. Michelle was more than willing to give her a real one. She lifted one corner of the comforter and dove into the dark space beneath it.

Chaos erupted amid the blankets as the two enraged hellcats scrambled and fought a tight skirmish underneath the fluffy bedspread. Incapable of seeing anything, they used their hands and bare skin to sense where their opponent’s naked body was. Muffled grunts and moans punctuated the struggle, as the lump under the comforter jostled and twisted.

Finally, after a few minutes, Michelle flung back the covers and sat up, grinning and drenched with sweat. Her hips were astride Holly’s and she was grinding her pussy strenuously into the other blonde’s. For her part, Holly’s face wore a mask of defiance and she thrust her cunt into Michelle’s with everything she had. Wet smacking sounds filled the room as the two coeds bucked and humped each other without pause for a long time. Both raced toward the brink of climax, but each strove to contain the lust that drove their sex fight on and on.

Michelle was giving it everything she had, fucking Holly with her stiff clit as much as she was being fucked back. Holly strained to make each thrust of her hips count as she felt her self-control begin to fade. Without warning, stars exploded in the two girls’ visions. They felt their bodies erupt in successive orgasms. Warm juices flowed from their pussies and mingled as they came again and again in unison. Despite this, they kept grinding their hot, slippery cunts together, desperate not to surrender to the other’s intense sexual assault. Their wide open mouths let out exultant shouts, and the long, exhausting battle reached its peak. After a particularly strong jolt of ecstatic pleasure, Michelle’s eyes closed and her body went limp. The blond had pushed herself to the limits of her endurance, and her stamina had finally run dry. She passed out on top of Holly, and her nude form rolled off to one side. There she lay; unaware of the fact that Holly had gone unconscious just a second before.

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Sometime during the night, Holly awoke, feeling uncomfortable. Trapping her pelvis and legs was a heavy weight. She shoved it, causing it to groan. With a start, Holly’s eyes snapped open. Michelle’s naked body lay partially atop of her own, and it moved slightly as the other girl’s slumber abruptly ended.

The room was dark. The candles had used up the last of their wicks long ago. The music from the party next door was silent. The rest of the world continued to sleep as two suddenly horny young women shook the drowsiness from their heads and coiled their nude bodies together once more. No words were exchanged, just sensuous caresses, arousing kisses, and erotic, intimate grinding. Their brains became fully intoxicated with a mixture of desire and hatred, a drug that both had now become addicted to. Each drove themselves to out pleasure the other and send her into ecstasy before she gave in to the raw, powerful emotions coursing through her. Heat from their bodies mixed with a sweaty, feminine, sexual odor in the air around them. Faster and faster their sexfight churned about the madly tossed blankets as their pussies moistened and their clits hardened and fought once again. Then, the dueling girls embraced each other tightly, buried their faces into each other’s shoulders to quiet their simultaneous orgasmic screams, and fell back asleep.

A few more times before dawn, the process repeated itself, as the tired but still willful coeds wrestled their naked bodies together on the sheets and pitted their aching but hungry cunts against one another again and again in the inky blackness.

When the sun finally rose, the weary girls awoke at the sound of Holly’s alarm clock. Out of their minds with exhaustion, they lay in each other’s arms for quite a while. Gradually, smiles broke out on their faces, and they shared a gentle, amorous kiss.

They realized that, in their attempt to discover which of the two perfectly equal young women would win, they had both come out victorious in the end.

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At that same moment far away in the quiet, off campus apartment that Heather had asked Gina to take care of while she was away for the weekend, Rachel clicked a computer mouse, replaying the set of images that the web cam situated on top of her dorm room computer had captured.

“See,” she said, “I told you they were a perfect pair!”

On the bed behind her, Gina chuckled. “Okay, okay. I admit that your hunch was right. Now, come back to bed,” she said. As she did so, she lifted the blanket that lay atop her and threw it aside, revealing her slim, athletic, and fully naked body reclining against a pile of pillows. Her brown pubic hair glinted wetly in the glow of the computer monitor, and the warm breeze from the apartment’s central heating carried the pungent smell of sex around the room.

Rachel’s nude figure, silhouetted by the same monitor, turned around in the desk chair. She caught sight of her brunette lover lounging seductively on the soft mattress and noticed Gina ogle her perky breasts with a saucy, lascivious leer. It was all the prompting the redhead needed.

The End

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