Pick-ups and Deliveries by Mr. Cage

The ubiquitous brown vans move from street to street, building to building. Those friendly men are greeted by secretaries and receiving clerks and ignored by everyone else. They park on the street, in alleys, in mall lots, by churches, by schools, in shopping centers and no one ever thinks twice about it. That’s why when Cindy Stein left her hair dresser she didn’t worry about the van blocking the view of her brand new convertible, a trophy wife’s toy, from the window of the expensive salon. The smiling young stud behind the rear got her attention. She didn’t notice that the view from the street was blocked by an old truck.

“Pardon me miss, could you tell me if I’m on the right street?” asked the young man spreading a map on the open back ledge of his truck.

She normally didn’t hear requests for help from the little people, but he had muscles and a smiling handsome face. She smiled and shifted her arms so her firm round 38DD boobs threatened to climb out of her low plunging pink one piece workout leotard, her only modesty provided by a short green tennis dress. Her calves were perfectly flexed by three inch fuck me pumps. As she bent lower she noticed that the back of the truck seemed to be full of packages stacked one on top of another. Her mind registered that arrangement as being inefficient for delivery. Well that was his problem.

She leaned over to look at the map, black big wave shag hair swinging into her bed-tanned, made-up face. Her elegant gold chains, especially the gaudy golden Star of David she wore to prove she was more Jewish than her husband’s fat ex-wife, dropped from between her ample boobs. She took a deep breath increasing the bulge of her breasts. She loved the smell of the working class and imagined his hands on her breasts. It would be the second hard cock she had since leaving home that morning.

She was imagining a hard Viagra-free working class cock pumping her 23 year old trophy pussy, while her 50 year-old fat bellied husband sat in his office. She felt her pussy getting wet soaking her silk thong. Then there was a whiff of something new in the air. Something white passed over her eyes and suddenly covered her nose and mouth. Arms lifted her quickly and pushed her toward the solid wall of packages which seemed to fold upward like a false wall. How strange she thought as her mind shut down.

Cindy Stein woke up lying on a bench. She sat up and covered herself since she was wearing a see-through white tank top that barely covered her shaved, tight, plastic surgery thin pussy lips. Her dark nipples were engorged like always when she awoke. She was riding inside a van. The sides were covered with solid thick plastic backed by what looked like foam. The insulation made the ride silent almost silent. There was very little light. Her things were gone. She screamed.

A voice slurred, “Shut the fuck up, nobody is going to hear I was yelling for hours before he put me out again and added you. I don’t know how long we’ve both been out.”

“What does he want?” Cindy asked in terror.

“Why would I know?” asked the heavily southern accented voice. “I was walking to my car out back of the Honey Milk Club last night; I think it was last night. My feet were hurting and I just wanted to go home and sleep. I woke up here. Don’t know how long I slept. There is a jar if you need to piss, a water bottle and some energy bars.”

“We got to get out!”

“Lady, we are in fucking cages. Stop shouting until he opens the door and someone can hear us.”

Cindy peered across the truck bed. She vaguely made out a shadow behind a second linked chain cage. The longer she looked the clearer she saw another woman wearing a white tank top like hers. The other woman’s hair was either blonde or red, she couldn’t tell. The smell of very cheap perfume filled her nostrils. Her mind formed a mental picture and named it “White Trash Stripper.”

“What’s your name?”

“Billie June Hardy. I came to LA to be an actress. Got asked to pose for Playboy but it turned out to be porno. I did a couple of music videos and a car commercial. But, mainly I hang on the pole to pay my rent and hook when I need some money. Recently I found a new gig. What are you some kind of high class hooker?”

“No! I’m the Cindy Stein, wife a prominent investment advisor, Head Fund Raiser for World Children’s Relief.”

The southern voice chuckled, “Well times are tough. I guess it’s hard to find honest work.”

“What does that mean?” Cindy huffed to show her distain.

“Relax rich bitch. Right now your name and money don’t mean shit. Got a feeling we’re both fucked, so get used to it.”

The surprising quiet ride continued for awhile. Cindy ate and drank, then used the jar much to her disgust. Finally the forward motion slowed, the truck took a sharp turn and the wheels bumped over a little edge. The truck continued on for a short distance and then stopped. Cindy yelled. Then unaccountably she felt drowsy.

When she awoke she was sitting on her ass. Her tank top was gone. She was totally nude. She tried to move her arms but they were strapped to a metal bar above her head. She grunted and struggled then yelled. The white trash stripper’s voice mumbled for her to shut up.

The bright overhead light came on. They were sitting on the floor of the truck less than three feet apart. Their arms were indeed strapped to a metal bar that was suspended from separate wheels above them. They were hooked at the wrists and under the arm. Their feet had been spread wide and their ankles were hooked to the floor by what looked to be metal cuffs, split in the middle. Cindy’s head went swiveling trying to understand what was happening.

Then she settled down and looked at the white trash stripper. She had been right. The pale skin slut was a red head. Her right nipple had been pierced but the stud was gone. A butterfly tattoo covered her sweaty firm lower belly above her shaved tight slit pussy. Her tits were fat and round, too firm to be real, just like Cindy’s. Cindy guessed the bitch matched her 5’7’’ inch height and firm athletic 135 pounds. She guessed she might be a 40E with her big puffy fat red nipples set in conical red aureole, rough and bumpy about the size of golf balls.

Suddenly the man’s altered voice sounded from hidden speakers, “Ladies, let me make this clear. Only one of you will leave this venue alive. Which one goes home is entirely dependent on you. One of you is a savage, brutal murderer who is willing to do unthinkable things to survive and the other is a victim. During our time together we will find out who is who. Oh, a record of this will be kept, edited to show only the best parts of your passion play. The winner will remain quiet about where she has been for there will be ample evidence that she committed a murder. I will disappear with the victim and the winner goes back to her life, perhaps with less than she started, but definitely more than the loser.”

Both women cursed and yelled for a few moments. Then the metal bars began to rise up lifted their round asses about two inches of the ground. Still anchored by their feet they wobbled slightly in air their weight extended by their now uncomfortable arms almost crucified. Both protested a bit.

Then he spoke, “Now for the next ten minutes you will literally try to kick the shit out of each other. When I release the floor clamps you may do anything you wish with your feet to the other or you can hang there like a slab of beef and take a tit, belly, cunt and ass kicking. At the end of ten minutes you’ll go back to sleep.”

Cindy shouted, “She’s a stripper. I’ve got money. I’ll pay you. My husband Benjamin Stein of the International Bank and Trust Stein Family will pay you.”

The voice replied, “You took twelve years of ballet and modern dance. You work out two hours a day four days a week. You’re in fine shape. I’m not interested in money I’m not interested in anything but finding out which one of you is a survivor.”

Cindy looked at the white trash stripper. Billie’s face was hard and her eyes were focused. Cindy’s fear transmuted into fury. Shaking her body was pointless. She stopped and started back at the stripper disgust showing on her face.

The stripper drawled, “Jew cunt. I’d pay money to do this, twice if you were a nigger.”

“Filthy racist whore, I’ll pop those cheap plastic bags.”
The man’s voice counted down. At four the floor cuffs began to retract from their ankles. At zero they were free!

Billie propped her left foot on the floor and tried to get her right foot into Cindy’s cunt before the rich wife closed her legs. With Cindy twisting and kicking out wildly with both feet, Billie merely kicked the inside of Cindy’s left thigh and sent the howling rich girl twisting to the left. When Cindy spun back, Billie was ready with her left heel up and down crushing the bitch’s fat right boob down onto her rib cage. Cindy howled.

Cindy’s two feet exploded outward and slammed into Billie’s already sweaty belly sending her swinging backwards. Billie tried to get her left foot planted but it slipped and Cindy kicked hard screaming in triumph. Her right foot went splat right along the stripper’s slit. Billie’s eyes went wide and she closed her legs cursing. Cindy laughed and then whipped her right foot up, toe kicking Billie’s 40E left tit and sending it flopping up and then down.

Cindy shouted, “Yes, you whore!”

The rich woman suddenly was enjoying the contest. As Billie sought to regain a footing another pedicure perfect foot smashed upward toward her face. Billie took about half the force on her mouth thinking, “Jew cunt has a high kick!”

Billie gave up on strategy and positioning. Both her feet went up and her knees drew back to her chest. She swung forward toward Cindy kicking bicycle style. Cindy did the same. Feet hit feet, glanced off thighs and got pushed totally off target. However, both women had their tits flattened again and again, heels dug into sweaty heaving bellies and hammered cunts.

The furious kicking went on and on since hung up like they were no one could get an advantage unless the other stopped kicking. Even after they were drenched in sweat, their hair limp and plastered to their faces shoulders they kept kicking. Billie got some revenge. When her left heel buried deep in Cindy’s lower belly she used the rich bitch’s mound to walk up her body and drive her right foot into Cindy’s pouting lips, busting them open. The bitch screamed and drove the toes of her dangling left foot up into Billie’s elevated pussy from below.

They swung apart gasping and moaning. Both started kicking again pounding away mindlessly right up until they went to sleep bodies wracked by pain and exhaustion.

Cindy woke-up she was sitting on the floor. A stiff collar was around her neck hanging down from the ceiling on a chain. Her arms were similarly strapped to chains, this time without the bar. Her hands were inside fingerless, thumb-less hard white rubber gloves, solid fists with ridged knuckles. She examined the gloves as well as she could. The knuckles were raised and rough as was the back and the fingers. The longer she looked the more convinced she was wearing hard rubber with a sandpaper-like surface. Her feet were flat on the floor with a strap around her instep and her heel. Both her feet were strapped down. She looked across at the stripper. The woman’s lip was swollen, but the real marks were on her pale body. Her fat tits were covered in bruises as was her belly, upper and lower. Her thighs were particular black and blue. Cindy looked down at herself. She was much the same.

The voice said, “Welcome back ladies. You’ll feel a slight upward pull in a few minutes. I suggest you use your arms to keep the pressure off your neck. The leather collar shouldn’t choke you, but you never know. When you are standing you’re hands will be free. This is a ten minute fist fight. Should you be knocked out you’ll find you fall only about a foot from your standing height. You’ll dangle by your collar while your opponent beats you. This contest might well determine which one of you wishes to survive.”

Billie’s southern drawl promised, “I’ll kill you this time bitch. I’ll pop your tits and crack your eggs.”

“Red neck cunt, I’ll turn your face to raw meat!”

The chains began to draw upward. They rose from the sitting position and ended up standing about a foot apart, literally toe to toe and face to face. They glared at each other, breathing hard with anticipation, nostrils flaring, and facial muscles twitching. Sweat popped out on their faces and bodies, running down between their tits along their heaving hard bellies and across their puffy slits to drop on the floor between their trapped feet.

Suddenly the hand bracelets released. Billie’s right fist hit Cindy on her ear. Billie’s right fist smashed Cindy in the eye and sent her wobbling to the left almost losing her balance. Her right hand hooked over Billie’s shoulder and kept her from dangling from the neck. Her left fist curled up and smashed the redhead on her clit hood. The stripper howled and lost her legs for a moment. Her knees gave way and she swung by her neck.

Cindy straightened her knees and hammered both fat tits neglecting the girl’s wide open face. Without being able to shift her feet getting full power into her punches was impossible. The stripper pushed up taking a right to her mouth. The hard gloves busted both her lips on her teeth and rocked her backwards. Cindy savaged the fat tits again not wanting to miss a chance to hurt those big boobs.

Rocked by the tit beating, the stripper finally managed to stand up. As the hard glove of the rich bitch sank deep into the stripper’s left tit, Billie responded with a right to the mouth. Cindy’s wicked smile dissolved in a howl. Her lips burst and she rocked backwards almost loosing her footing. Now the stripper made the mistake of pounding away at the trophy wife’s tits. Cindy moaned as her mounds were flattened and driven up to her shoulders, but she got her balance and leveled a right that smashed Billie’s left eye and caused the stripper to bring up her hands and paw at her eye.

Cindy went below the tits pounding rights and lefts into the strippers heaving belly. The sounds of the thud followed by the whore’s groan got Cindy snarling with pleasure. Billie dropped her hands and blocked the punches on her arms. Then she managed to tie up the arms in a four way jam. Cindy jerked her arms free, but Billie was ready with a forearm across the rich wife’s bruised breasts. Cindy fell backwards, her feet still in place stretching out held up by the neck chain. Billie took aim and drove her hard gloved right hand down on the thick clit hood peaking out between the tight upper lips of the bitch’s cunt. The brutal glove crashed into the bud perfectly.

Cindy howled and swung forward from her neck now her knees collapsing. The redhead took aim and smashed the rich wife’s face with rights and lefts getting blood from the nose and mouth. She went for the kill, but the surprisingly tough wife fired an upper cut even though she still hadn’t gotten her legs straight. Billie’s cunt exploded. She dropped her hands to rub at it uselessly allowing Cindy to finally stand again.

Cindy’s face was throbbing and she could feel her beautiful cheeks swelling like balloons. Now she forgot the swollen bags on the stripper’s chest and went for the facial revenge. Billie’s head snapped right and left and then she started punching back to the face. They rocked each other back and forth. Billie’s nose started to bleed. Cindy’s right cheek split open. Billie’s left eyebrow tore. The rough glove surfaces turned both faces raw. Eyes swelled. Noses swelled. Cheeks and lips puffed up. Blood covered the lower half of their faces and their tits. Then when they were at the limit of exhaustion, both slumped swinging by their neck changes as the ten minutes expired.

Cindy moaned as she woke. Sitting up was agony. Her belly and tits were black and blue. She could barely see through the slits of her eyes. Her face throbbed. She found the water bottle and dribbled water from her split lips drinking about half of what she poured. Then she pressed the bottle to her eyes trying to ease the swelling. As she did she looked across into the opposing cage. Billie looked like a wreck. Cindy thought she surely must be winning.

Billie snarled through swollen split lips, “I fucked you up bitch. You look like a movie monster.”

Cindy snarled, “I busted your face up bitch and look at your right tit. That sag is a busted balloon.”

They snarled at each other for quite awhile. Then they grew tired and just glared. Cindy looked around. A bucket had been suspended from the roof high enough that you would have to reach over head to feel the rim.

The voice spoke, “Time for our final meeting. Both of you seem to want to live. Now we will see who wants it most. This fight will be over when one of you is dead. Before I let the winner go she must put the loser’s nipples in the bucket. Of course, you can put them in before she’s dead just to make a point. Remember, when you walk free I’ll have a close-up in digital glory of you biting off the other woman’s nipples. I wouldn’t want to explain that to the police or the neighbors. The doors will open in thirty seconds; after that it’s up to you. Who survives and whose nipples get added to trophies?”

Billie whispered, “We don’t have to do this.”

Cindy nodded uncertainly.

The voice said, “No one leaves until my trophies are in the bucket. I don’t care if you starve to death. I will have my trophies, either one set or two.”

Billie shouted, “You’re a sick mother fucker.”

The voice chuckled, “So many have said, so perhaps you’ve got a point. Doors open in three, two, and one.”

The doors clicked and slid open. The women looked at each other across the five feet of empty space. Cindy gauged the distance and moved first. She didn’t want to get caught in the door. Billie snarled as soon as Cindy moved and leapt forward. As soon as they left the cages the doors slid shut with a clang. The two bloody, ruined bitches met in a tangle of arms, legs, fists, feet, knees, elbows, claws and teeth. The screaming tangle crashed from side to side bouncing of the cages, the front wall and the back wall.

Clamped together, Cindy’s right hand dragged long nails up and down the stripper’s back leaving red trails. Billie howled and cursed twisting in agony. Cindy’s left hand was twisted deep in the matted tangled red mop. Billie had two handfuls of dark hair twisting the rich wife’s head to the side, trying to put her on the ground. A collision against the chain link cage to put her mouth next to Cindy’s left ear. The same collision had driven Cindy’s nails deep into the underside of Billie’s left ass cheek. As a result, the stripper opened her mouth and then bit into the upper ridge of the wife’s ear. Now both women knew excruciating pain.

Cindy pushed off the cage screaming and jerking out handfuls of red hair trying to save her ear. They hit hard into the other cage and tripped. They landed on the hard floor on their sides still entangled. The impact winded both of them, but did not stop the action.

Billie came away with a piece of Cindy’s ear, a triangle out of the top. Blood dribbled into Cindy’s dark hair matting it further. She screamed in agony and fury. Her head was still being twisted and now on the ground her neck was hurting. Her right hand moved from Billie’s bloody ass cheek up and over her hip. Desperate to free her head and get away from the biting bitch, Cindy rotated her hand and hooked three fingers into Billie’s surprisingly tight slit.

The red head screamed and let go of Cindy’s hair and pushed away trying to get the hand out of her cunt. The manicured nails dug in and the stripper grabbed the wrist screaming trying to wrestle the claw out of her cunt. Cindy shifted to get her left hand into the action and fastened her nails around the red fat puffy nipple that was almost pressed into the floor. Now Billie had a second reason to scream in terror; the stripper was being cunt clawed and tit mauled at the same time.

The stripper couldn’t get the claws out of her cunt, but she bent forward in the struggle, still on her side. Seeing her nipple bleeding she lunged forward her mouth finding a fat 38dd tit just above the nipple. Billie bit hard, impelled by her own agony, and was rewarded by an insane scream of pain. Suddenly the claws came away from the stripper’s cunt and nipple. Billie’s swollen cheeks were ripped as fingers tried to get into her eye slits. She held onto the bite long enough to get a burst of hot blood into her throat.

The stripper twisted away free of the tangle. Cindy rolled to the back of the van screaming, holding a hand over the deep gash in her right tit. Blood dribbled in between her fingers. The rich wife gasped for air and leaned on the back wall desperate and trapped. Billie tried to rub the blood out of her swollen eye slits. For a fearful second she was blind. Then she could see Cindy holding her tit and trembling against the back wall. After five minutes both were breathing almost normally and still standing there afraid to move for fear of starting the fight again.

The voice said, “I’ve got all night. In truth, I have all night, all day and the rest of the week. There is only one way to survive. Fill the bucket!”

Billie looked up at the bucket. Cindy saw her, screamed and charged. The two met under the bucket: punching, clawing, kicking and grabbing. Billie’s ruined face suffered a terrible crossing right that literally split both her eyebrows open sending a new wave of blood into her eyes. Billie turned her head to the side blinking. Cindy grabbed the matted red hair and rammed the stripper face first into one of the cages. Cindy was screaming like a mad woman banging Billie’s face against the flexible metal. Billie fell to her knees and Cindy stood behind her using both hands to scrub he stripper’s face back and forth across the metal links turning her swollen face into a mask of blood.

Cindy then jerked the helpless woman back and threw her on the floor. The wife lifted her right foot and crushed the misshapen left tit and then shoved the mass under the stripper’s left arm. There was no question that the implant was ruptured and displaced. Cindy shouted in triumph as Billie cried in agony. The rich woman stepped over the red head and prepared to do the same thing to the right tit. Billie rose up arms encircling Cindy’s hard thighs and pulled her mouth to Cindy’s mound.

Cindy screamed and bent backwards as her hands ripped at Billie’s unreachable eyes. The stripper’s teeth were biting into Cindy’s mound from above the clit and below. Cindy’s fingers turned the gashes in Billie’s face into open wounds, but the teeth kept biting. The wife howled and fell backwards against the cage, falling down on her ass.

Billie was bent over between Cindy’s legs still trying to de-clit her enemy. Cindy was sitting with her legs spread with the red head between them biting. Unable to get to Cindy’s closed eyes she pulled up on the matted red hair raising Billie’s ruined face. To her horror she could see the teeth buried in her mound.

Cindy drew her legs back and rammed her heels into Billie’s hips and pushed. The stripper’s teeth came out of Cindy’s bloody mound and she was pushed to the other side of the tiny arena. Cindy was screaming in disbelief and grabbing at her sex. Her clit was still there. There were bloody teeth bites above the point of her mound and she knew her cunt lips had been sawed open, but she still had her sex.

Practically blind behind hot, ruptured swollen skin and pooling blood, Billie’s hands felt along Cindy’s legs and found her ankles. The stripper jerked the feet off her hips and then pulled. Cindy squealed as her ass slid forward and she leaned backwards on the cage wall. She sat up immediately, but it was too late to stop the brutal straight kick into her crotch. The stripper’s legs were powerful and she ground her heel and sole into Cindy’s tight slit. It felt like the stripper was trying to ram her entire foot inside Cindy’s cunt!

Cindy grabbed the stripper’s toes, twisted and jerked them until the first toe seemed to snap. The pressure on her cunt was removed. Cindy started to pull herself forward to finish off the stripper, when the heel of the foot with the broken toe crushed her right implant and drove her entire tit up under her chin. The wife was knocked backwards her shoulders and head propped up by the cage wall.

Billie rolled over slipping her legs underneath her ass and then using her hands to walk up Cindy’s legs. Cindy started to jerk her legs. Billie blindly lunged forward driving her head into Cindy’s rising chin and hammering the wife back against the cage wall. The stripper felt blindly at the meat near her face, found the sagging right tit. She grabbed it around its base and squeezed making the nipple pop up into her mouth. Cindy’s bloody fist struck the stripper’s ears and head, but nothing could stop the determined white trash stripper from taking the brown nipple from its already cracked and clawed aureole.

Cindy howled and grabbed the hole in her tit. Incredibly Billie rolled off drunkenly and climbed blindly up the wall with her prize still between her teeth. She held onto the cage with one hand and blindly flailed about finding the hanging bucket. The stripper let go of the cage and staggered under the bucket still held by her other hand. She put the stolen tit flesh in her free hand and reached up fumbling for the unseen brim, found it and pushed the nipple and tit meat over. Billie stood there hanging from the bucket breathing hard. She turned slowly rubbing her left eye, getting back some blurred vision.

Spying Cindy still on her ass the stripper slowly twisted around using the bucket as support. Cindy stopped screaming and cursed. She rotated on her ass and kicked with both feet taking Billie in the side of the knee. The stripper fell hard and rolled on her side. Despite all her other pains she held her rapidly swelling knee. In fact it looked like a huge knob was sticking out to the outside of the knee threatening to come through.

“You bitch!” Cindy howled and crawled to the stripper.

Billie tried to roll away but moving her leg caused her to scream out and flop on her back. Cindy yelled like an animal and flopped across Billie’s big swollen tit bags. She went for the right one with her teeth. Billie screamed as the rich bitch chewed on her nipple. The stripper clawed at the bitch’s face. Cindy rolled away with half a nipple in her mouth. She started to stand up. The stripper’s good foot snaked out and slammed into the wife’s lower belly. Cindy folded over and then fell back on her ass. The wife rolled into the fetal position. Part of Billie’s nipple hit the bloody floor and bounced once.

Billie rolled to her good hip and pulled herself to the sobbing wife. Cindy tried to straighten her legs, but whatever had ruptured inside her hurt too much. Billie reached for the left tit, but Cindy rolled onto her other side protectively. Billie grabbed the back of Cindy’s hair and pulled her head backwards. The one legged stripper fastened her right arm around Cindy’s long neck and then released the hair to go for a total choke.

Cindy struggled. Enduring the terrible agony of her ruptured belly she rolled onto her hands and knees with the stripper hanging on. Billie’s bad leg was jarred around and the stripper screamed, but she held onto the choke. Cindy crawled trying to escape, but her head reached the back wall and the stripper was still hanging on. Like a tired horse Cindy rolled over with a grunt. Billie hung on choking and choking. Cindy clawed at the arms to no avail. She elbowed back squashing hot balloons of pain, but the stripper held on. Cindy kicked and bucked but no longer had the strength to throw the determined stripper off. Cindy writhed fiercely one last time and then went still.

Sobbing Billie rolled the un-moving woman onto her back and yelled, “She’s dead you fucker. It’s over.”

The man’s voice mockingly said in a lifeless voice, “It takes the nipple and puts it in the bucket.”

Billie wailed and cursed, but eventually she dropped her mouth to the lifeless body and started chewing. Without the fury of the fight it was a labor. Eventually she took the nipple and rolled off the dead woman.

She held up the nipple.

The voice said, “It takes the nipple and puts it in the bucket.”

“Goddamn you to hell!”

She tried to stand, but the leg would not bare the weight. She struggled to get to one foot and hop, but she no longer had the strength.


The voice repeated its reframe.

She screamed and threw the nipple. Then crawled and picked it up and threw it again. She didn’t know how many times she threw and missed, but finally the nipple hit the brim of the bucket and amazingly flopped over the edge. The sound it made hitting the bottom was slight, but it sounded like cannon shot to Billie. She shouted in triumph and rolled onto her back. Then she went to sleep.

She was found, cleaned and bandaged sitting in an untraceable old rental wheel chair on a dark corner in an abandoned part of town. She said she couldn’t remember anything after someone beat her in the parking lot and threw her into an old pick-up.

The next day a brown van pulled up to the front of a downtown office building. A fifty year old man walked up to the driver’s side with a package under his arm.

The driver handed the man a DVD and said, “She was tougher than you said, Mr. Stein. I suggest you watch this once and destroy it, but you won’t so put it in the safest place you have and for your legacy’s sake have it destroyed unseen at your death.”

Benjamin Stein handed the driver a package, “Two hundred thousand dollars in untraceable twenties as we agreed. It would have been simpler if you had just killed her.”

The driver said, “I told you I’m not a killer. I am a scientific researcher studying survival instincts.”


The driver nodded and said, “It would have been far simpler to divorce her.”

“Perhaps, but it would have been far more expensive. Besides I wanted the pampered little cock-sucking, cheating cunt to learn a lesson. What about the stripper bitch that caused my mistress to miscarriage? What kind of bitch kicks a pregnant woman in the belly?”

“She’s already been found. She lied to the police.”

“What about my wife’s jewelry? When can I get back the family ring?”

I’ve scattered your wife’s things around downtown. The police will have a ton of leads as they begin to show up in pawn shops. You’ll get them all back eventually, but first you’ll have to file the missing persons report and list what she was wearing.”

“What of the body?”

“Oh, that’s gone up in smoke, for the most part. I keep small proofs of my experiments.”

“So seven years from now she’s declared legally dead and I get off Scot free. Well, once I’ve reported her missing I’ll have to have one of those tearful news conferences where I ask for the return of my loved one,” he laughed.

“I’ll be sure to watch.”

Benjamin Stein shrugged his shoulders, put the DVD inside his suit and asked, “So what do you do now?”

“I’ll be moving around, place to place, making my pick-ups, conducting my experiments.”

The van drove off, perhaps headed for a neighborhood near you.

The End.

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