Rekindled Rivalry by Caporegime18

Author’s Note:

This is part one of a story I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s set in the universe created by the great author DG and uses two of his iconic characters(used with his permission and blessing). This is more of an introduction chapter so I ask that you bear that in mind as you’re reading this. I would love any and all feedback that you folks would be willing to offer.

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The snow and the wind battered a lone car as it attempted to navigate up the road, pushing it side to side and blowing up sheets of white snow to obscure the driver’s vision. The driver has spent the last two hours fearfully searching for landmarks to ascertain her current location, though it is not fear of the weather and her life that causes her heart to beat like a drum within her chest. It is fear that a missed turn would take from her forever the opportunity that has brought her to this snow-covered mountain, the opportunity to once again take control of her life and restore her and her sister the comfort that only self-sufficiency can bestow.

Kerstin Gerst felt her vehicle once again begin a awkward slide to the left, the wind and the ice pushing her vehicle about and laughing at her attempts to correct her path. Turning into the spin and taking her foot off the gas as part of a well-practiced move, Kerstin felt her car once again come under her control and slip back into the proper lane and away from potential death. The woman knew that it was next to suicide to attempt such a journey in such a light car, but given her fortunes the last few months it was all she could afford. Hospital bills for both herself and her sister drained her savings, leaving her with severe debt and no real means of alleviating it, employment opportunities being few and far between for someone like her.

Kerstin had once been a woman of substantial means, her skills allowing her a lifestyle that few people with her background could scarcely dare to dream about. While her job was dangerous and left more then a few women broken and pushed to the wayside, Kerstin’s toughness and savvy allowed her to climbed to the very top of the mountain, no pun intended, and reign over her rivals as a queen would reign over her subjects. Kerstin is…was a wrestler in the UWWL, the Underground Women’s Wrestling League, and her skills, savvy, and strength made her a fighter and champion nearly without equal.

“Nearly” being the operative word.

It is said that every climb to the top forces the climber to make enemies and Kerstin is no exception. Even before her reign as UWWL champion Kerstin had made a extremely dangerous enemy, a enemy possessing fierce hatred and love of delivering pain. Her name was Erica Larson and she would be the ruin of the life that Kerstin had built.

Kerstin and Erica had created a rivalry that was nearly biblical in it’s enmity and ridiculous in it’s extent , a hatred that went far beyond anything rational and transformed the two women into wild animals every time they went near each other. These two fought each other in matches that would have broken lesser women, pushed each other to the very limit of human endurance and would always come back for more no matter how badly they were injured. These two were driven by a extreme need to hurt each other that overrode all other thought, a instinctual desire to taste their enemy’s blood on their tongues and to feel their bones snap beneath their hands.
However, despite the deepness of her hate and the strength of her desire, Kerstin would not be the one declared the ultimate victor of the rivalry. Her title would be taken from her and her body would be broken underneath Erica’s conquering feet, the depths of Erica’s hatred pushing her to a height of depravity that even Kerstin balked at.

In a match that would close the book on this rivalry in the UWWL, Erica and Kerstin faced each other in a match that once again placed the UWWL title in contention, a title taken from Kerstin some time before and who was eager to regain it. The two women took each to the very boundary of what a body can endure, further then what they have driven each other to before. No matter who won this match, it was clear that neither woman would ever be the same again. In what has become a memory seared into the minds of all who saw it, Erica performed a move that by all rights should have killed Kerstin as well as Erica herself, a power bomb from nearly twenty-five feet up onto a table. These two must have been delivered some sort of divine protection however, because what should have been a life-taking move merely fractured a few bones that was healed fully within a month.

If it had merely been this match that Kerstin would have been forced to recuperate from she would have been left unemployed but comfortable financially for quite some time. It was what came after, however, that broke not only her body but her bank as well.

After her defeat Kerstin was forced to endure tortures that had not been seen since the Dark Ages, two weeks of pain that took what was left of her after the match and shattered her completely. A fortnight of Erica and her friends taking Kerstin apart bit by bit, forcing from her cries and tears of pain as reward for their efforts, pushing the beaten former champion to the very brink of sanity. Kerstin could have taken all the pain and suffering inflected on her with ease, however, if it would have spared her kid sister the pain she received right beside her.

It had never been enough for Erica to just hurt Kerstin, Erica could have never bestowed on the young German beauty all the pain she thought Kerstin deserved. Erica had made it a point of honor that Kerstin’s beloved kid sister, Robyn, would receive all same treatment big sister would get. As far as Erica was concerned, the moment Robyn entered the UWWL ring made her a legitimate target in which Kerstin could be hurt even further, something the Princess of Darkness tried to do at every possible occasion.

Robyn would regularly be targeted by Erica and her friends for beatings and torture sessions, all at strategic times in which it would harm Kerstin the most. Kerstin would always come running to save her sister and would always become ensnared within Erica’s trap, from which point Kerstin would be helpless to help her sister and would receive a pain session of her own.

At the time of Kerstin and Erica’s final match in the ring, Robyn was kidnapped by Erica’s friends and forced to watch her sister’s destruction at the hands of her hated rival, tears flowing down her cheeks at the thought of what pain Kerstin must be going through and the uncertainty of Kerstin’s recovery. It was only when Robyn was dragged out into the arena and into the ring that her fear for Kerstin abated and was replaced by fear for her own self. Robyn was forced to endure all the same treatment and horrific pain that her big sister was given in that dungeon and her psyche would never be the same.

A part of Kerstin died in that time in the dungeon, a sacrifice made to the Powers-That-Be in tribute so that Kerstin’s mind would be preserved during her time in Perdition. Stripped from her would be the last of her innocence, her heart, much of her dignity and pride, nearly everything that a fighter needs to go into a ring and win. All that was left was a broken shell of a woman that had no will left to fight on.

Kerstin and Robyn would eventually be released from their captivity in Erica’s dungeon and immediately rushed to the hospital. The two of them had no injuries that was considered life-threatening or crippling, but it was the shear volume of injuries that led to a very lengthy stay in the infirmary. Burns, bruises, fractured bones, dislocated joints, injuries that defied modern medical reasoning and could only point to medieval torture, all these required treatment to heal properly and all these treatments required money. Money which unfortunately dwindled down to nothing rapidly.

While UWWL is hardly the only game in town when it comes to underground women’s wrestling, it was by far the largest and most popular. After her release from the hospital, Kerstin fought in a few matches in a few of the smaller leagues, easily steamrolling over opponents who simply weren’t up to UWWL standards. However, without the financial backing of Monica Millions or a large audience, none of these leagues could afford to give out any real sort of cash to the wrestlers, certainly not enough for a woman to support herself full time.

When all seemed lost, when it started to look like Kerstin was going to have to find employment in one of the fields where women are rewarded for their bodies rather then their skills, Kerstin received a letter from ‘her number one fan’ and an invitation to fan’s home in Colorado. This was hardly the first invitation from an admirer claiming to be her greatest fan, in fact Kerstin received on a nearly daily basis invitations of all kinds from fans; for dinner, private matches, for sex, and even a marriage proposal or two. However, none of the correspondence had ever contained five thousand dollars and a plane ticket before, with an offer for an additional ten just to come to his home and listen to his employment proposal.

Kerstin didn’t even have to think about the offer before packing her bags for her trip, dignity and pride forgotten as she rushed around gathering what she would need for the trip. This was Kerstin’s chance, as far as she was concerned, to get back on her feet and nothing was going to stand in the way of her goal.

Just a few miles behind Kerstin‘s rental car, a big, black beast of a truck barreled down the road heedless of the ice covering it, the snow and wind howling impotently against something as powerful as it. Within this monster sat the woman who had nearly single-handedly caused Kerstin’s downward spiral in life, a woman in which beauty and darkness blended together seamlessly and whose heart was as cold as the land around her, Erica Larson.

Relishing the feeling of adrenaline in her veins, Erica once against stomped on the gas and listened to her engine roar, laughing as the wind attempted to push her truck about. Erica lived for the feeling of dominance, be it over other people or the elements like that which faced her now. Erica loved the feeling of having another person or thing in her control, to do with as she would. It was one of the reasons that Erica loved wrestling and fighting so much, the feeling of power that standing over a rival after beating them to a pulp brought her.

Until very recently, Erica reigned over the UWWL as the most dominant and vicious world champion the league had ever seen. A heel of unimaginable cruelty, few women had the nerve necessary to meet the Princess of Darkness in the ring and face the possibility of being subject to unimaginable torture should they lose. After Kerstin was banished, no baby face fighter had the guts or the ability to be able to fight Erica on even ground and possibly win.

The key words being, no baby face fighter.

Right then Erica’s truck went through a thick bank of drifting snow, causing the vehicle to rock a little on it’s shocks. However with the truck rocking caused it’s driver to rock as well, eliciting a painful hiss from Erica and causing her to reach over and grip her side. Erica’s ribs had gone through some recent trauma and was still very much tender and still in the process of healing. The pain brought forth the memories of how they were damaged and how she lost her championship.

At the Wrestlemania of pay-per-views that the UWWL presents, Painfest, Erica was challenged for the title in a hell-in-a-cell match by perhaps the one woman in the entire league that could rival the Dark Princess in terms of sheer cruelty, Amy Manikas. A woman of Mediterranean heritage and rattlesnake temperament, Amy is fighter whose beauty is only rivaled by her sheer meanness. Like Erica, Amy is widely feared for her fighting ability and her creativity to give out pain, though the black-haired beauty prefers a more hands-on approach to Erica’s proclivity for implements of torture like the dreaded Pear or any of the tools of pain that reside in her dungeon.

Erica and Amy inside that massive steel structure of the cell is a spectacle that no one in attendance will ever forget. Both women used everything in their arsenals to inflict pain and injury on each other, beating each other absolutely bloody. A little after what was the middle of the match, the league owner actually tried to halt the match to get her two top wrestlers, and money-makers, medical attention, but neither fighter would have it. After somehow crawling up the chain link walls of the cage, both women were nearly unconscious on their feet as they stumbled around on the ceiling of the cage, resembling drunks more then honed fighters. Going punch for punch, both women were beyond the realm of pain as they desperately tried to finish off the other heel.

Finally, after each women had been pummeled almost unrecognizable, Amy finally managed to knock Erica off her feet. Sensing her chance, Amy, using the very last of her strength, managed to pick Erica off the ground and power bomb the blonde through the top of the cage, making her fall almost twenty feet to the ring below! As medics desperately tried to storm the cage to make sure the champ was alive, Amy measure up her rival and jumped from the top of the cage and delivered the most devastating flying splash that the league, and perhaps the world, has ever seen.

After the splash all doubt of Erica’s presence of among the living vanished as she desperately screamed in pain. Caught between hard mat beneath her and the near terminal velocity of Amy’s falling body, Erica’s body was pancaked and at least two of her ribs broke on contact. Amy while far from one-hundred percent, was still in much better condition then Erica and was able to plant her ass on the Blonde’s face and call for the ref to perform the absolutely slowest three count in history.

After being awarded the match and having the gold strapped around her waist, Amy was extremely eager to partake in the post-match beat down contractually guaranteed to her by the match stipulations. Monica, however, pulled rank and ordered that particular contract obligation void, out of fear for Erica’s health. In a move that surprised everyone, Amy defied her close friend and actually grabbed Erica’s pear to use on the former champ. Had it not been for the timely intervention by Erica’s close friends and sometimes tag team partners, the Stingers, the Blonde’s signature weapon would have been used against it’s mistress.

After the match, both Amy and Erica required quite a bit of time in the hospital, though Amy left much sooner. Erica, having gotten the worse of the beating, would have to spend another month in the hospital and be forced to endure as the new champion rose in prominence uncontested. With each resounding victory the stature of Amy grew as Erica was steadily pushed to the wayside, forgotten in the wake of the new top heel in the league.

Erica chomped at the bit to be allowed back into the ring, but the regulations of the UWWL strictly stated that without league doctor’s approval a fighter wasn’t even allowed onto the premises. No matter what the former champ would bribe, threaten, or blackmail, the good doctor refused to budge on the matter and would over and over again tell Erica that it would be a minimum of another month, maybe two, before she would enter the ring again.

It was during this time that Erica received a strange invitation from a fan for a meeting at his home in Colorado. Like Kerstin, Erica received on a nearly daily basis invitations of all kinds from fans. However, none of the correspondence had ever contained five thousand dollars, a plane ticket, and a promise to get her doctor’s approval for her reentry into the ring. All Erica had to do was come to the fan’s home and listen to his business proposal.

So that’s how Erica found herself driving down a snowy road in the mountains during a snowstorm. Her all-consuming hunger to return to the ring and take back her title from that fucking bitch Amy making her brave elements that even the most adventurous of people would think twice about. Erica didn’t care about the blowing snow and ice and the potential for death should one wrong move be made.

All Erica cared about was getting back into the ring.

Kerstin pulled her rental vehicle slowly up the drive-way, a long and winding path that had not yet been plowed. The German beauty could hear her poor rental letting out a pathetic rattle underneath the hood, a sure sign that this deep snow was using up what little life the engine had left in it. Her fears went unrealized, however, as her destination came into view and took her breath away.

What the letter described as a simple country home was a far cry from what the log cabin that Kerstin was expecting. A massive building dominated the view from Kerstin’s windshield, capturing her gaze and causing her to completely miss everything else that went on around her. Built in the style of a ski lodge, the building was the largest of its sort Kerstin had ever seen, easily five stories high and across an area that would easily encompass a city block. Kerstin had not seen such a building since leaving Europe, where such manor-like buildings still periodically dot the landscape, though not nearly as grand as this.

Kerstin slowly brought her rental to what looked like the entrance, a fairly large snow-covered sidewalk leading up a set of large double doors. Half expecting to see someone hop out the front door and demand that she take her rattletrap car and leave the property, Kerstin gingerly stopped her car and opened the door. Immediately the cold wind assaulted her and caused her breath to hitch in her chest, the temperature around her easily being several degrees below zero. Shivering and cautiously exiting the vehicle, Kerstin did her best to be mindful of the ice that covered everything and scanned the windows for any indication of habitation.

Trudging through the drifting snow, Kerstin shivered violently as she walked up to the double doors and searched for some sort of door bell. Seeing an intercom like the ones found outside of apartment buildings, Kerstin saw a strip of tape stuck next to a button with ‘office‘ written across it. Pressing the button, Kerstin only had to wait a few seconds before a scratchy reply was heard through the speaker.

“Whatever y-you’re selling I’m not i-interested.”

Kerstin would have chuckled at the abruptness of the reply, but it was just too damn cold.

“I’m n-not s-selling anyth-thing. My n-name is Kerstin and I g-got a l-letter a w-week ago about a j-job?” Kerstin said into the machine, her shivering making her speech almost incomprehensible.

For what seemed like an eternity the intercom remained silent, until the machine let a voice that almost seemed to be whispering;

“Kerstin Gerst? From the U-UWWL?”


“I’ll be right down.” and with that reply the machine went silent.

A few minutes later, Kerstin was almost startled by the sounds of the double door’s many locks coming undone and one of them swinging open to reveal a smallish man that was almost twitching with excitement. Kerstin recognized the man almost immediately as Bill Smith, the founder of Orange, a massive technology company and one of the richest men on the planet. The man was known to be the quintessential computer geek, actually the origin of the stereotype, and was the innovator of most of the must-have gadgets from the last two decades.

However, Smith was also known as perhaps one of the quietest and most private individuals of any of the fortune 500 members. Barely ever seen in public, the man spent millions maintaining his privacy and did everything within his power to keep himself out of the media, suing any magazine or newspaper that published his picture and almost always demanding his image be pixilated when appearing on TV. If not for his contradictory prominence when it comes to donating to charity, no one would even know what he looks like.

And this is the man who summoned Kerstin to his home in the middle of the snowy mountains. Interesting.

“Hello Miss Gerst, I c-can’t even b-begin to say how ex-exciting this is for me! My n-name is Smith and I’m you’re b-biggest fan!” Smith opened the door wide and beckoned Kerstin enter, which the German beauty hesitated to do considering how strange the little man was. Weighing her options, Kerstin decided that at least it would probably be warm inside and walked in.

Smith took Kerstin’s coat and quickly ushered her to his office, a considerable journey that led them through most of the beautiful house and to the top floor. Stepping into Smith’s office, Kerstin was first struck by the size of the room, easily being at least five times as big as Monica Millions, the owner of the UWWL. Stocked with computers, televisions and various other technologies, it looked to the busty Blonde that Smith ran his entire worldwide technology empire from this room.

Walking behind his desk, Smith sat down in a rather large, overstuffed chair and motioned for Kerstin to sit down in one of the chairs facing him, which Kerstin of course did. Smith reached for one of the folders scattered about his desk and pulled it in front of him, opening it up and peering at it’s contents.

“This is your employee file from y-your time in the UWWL. K-Kerstin Gerst. B-born in Leipzig, Germany in the early e-eighties, your f-family emigrated to the United States when the w-wall came down. G-Graduated near the top of your c-class in High School, you w-went to college but was forced to drop out when your parents died, citing the need to take c-care of your sister. Joined the UWWL when you w-were 23 and became c-champion when you were 25, h-holding the title for over a y-year. Very impressive, Miss Gerst.” Smith said as he placed the file back on his desk. Kerstin was a little unnerved by the fact that this man knew so much about her, but she did her best to conceal her unease.

“N-now I’m sure you’re wondering w-why I’ve asked you h-here today. I’ve b-been an investor in the U-UWWL since it’s e-early beginnings and…w-well I’ve also been one of y-your biggest fans e-ever since you started. I’ve seen all of your m-matches and besides your b-beauty, you’re one of t-the best wrestlers I-I’ve ever seen.” Smith said haltingly, his awe of the beauty before him making him stutter even worse.

“Thank you, Mr. Smith, that really means a lot coming from someone like you.” Kerstin said, a smile on her face but her unease still strong.

“P-please, drop the m-mister, M-Miss Gerst, just c-call me S-Smith. Anyway, as y-you can g-guess, as your g-greatest fan I was absolutely d-distraught by you being forced to l-leave and I just-” Smith was interrupted by his phone ringing and with a look of disgust he answered it.

“Whatever you’re selling I-I don’t-” Smith was cut off by the voice on the phone. Smith shot a very nervous glance over at Kerstin, who was suddenly very confused. That was the same answer he gave when Kerstin rang the doorbell, but who else would come out to the middle of nowhere like this?

“Yes, y-yes, I apologize. P-please, give me a m-moment and I’ll be right d-down.” Smith said as he lowered the phone back into the hook. He gave Kerstin another nervous look as he sat up from his seat. Kerstin made to get up from her own when Smith stopped her.

“N-no, don’t get u-up. I’m afraid m-my other guest h-has arrived sooner then I thought and is n-now at the door. P-please give m-me a moment and I’ll be r-right back.” Smith said as he quickly left the office, leaving a very confused Kerstin sitting alone in the massive room.

Other guest? What’s going on here?

In what seemed to be a vastly shorter time then what it took to bring her up, Kerstin heard voices coming from the hallway, one being Smith and the other one being familiar.

Very familiar.

Before she could register what she was doing, Kerstin was on her feet as the office door opened and in walked Smith.

And HER!

Screaming like a banshee, Kerstin ran across the room and tackled her mortal enemy Erica to the ground, punching her viciously in the face. Erica was startled but quickly replied with her own punches and soon both women were rolling around on the ground trading punches, scratches, kicks, bites and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Just as Erica was trying to force her fingers beneath the waistband of Kerstin’s pants to get at her pussy, a noxious and freezing gas enveloped them both. Both women were racked with coughs as they rolled away from each other and tried to force oxygen into their lungs. Looking up, the women saw Smith standing a few feet away with a fire extinguisher that was still gasping out puffs of carbon dioxide.

“O-OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE R-ROOM NOW!” Smith yelled out as he held up the extinguisher threateningly, ready to give them both another dose if they didn’t comply right away. Both women watched each other cautiously as they both stood up and walked slowly to the opposite sides, never taking their eyes off each other with Smith standing between them.

With a sigh, Smith turned around and walked back to his desk, sitting down but keeping the extinguisher in plain view just in case. Setting his elbows on the desk, Smith stapled his fingers and looked at the two women, the tension in the room so thick that it would take only a single wrong word to ignite the room.

“I s-suppose you can g-guess now why I’ve brought y-you both here today. I w-want to see another match between you two, a knock-down, d-drag out fight-” Smith was interrupted by Erica’s huff of disbelief.

“Just hold on a minute. You brought me into this snow covered hell hole for this bitch? Are you out of your mind? Do you know what Monica would do to me if she found out I was here? If I was fighting outside of the league?” Erica said as cautiously took her eyes off of Kerstin to look at Smith.

“I-I wouldn’t worry a-about Monica, she w-won’t care that you c-competed outside of the league o-once she hears-” Smith was angrily cut off by Erica.

“That’s another thing, what do you think she would do if she heard I broke the contract she made me sign before my last match with this bitch? I would fired and sued before I even made it out of this fucking Podunk state, I would wind up on the street right beside her!” Erica screamed at Smith, pointing a finger right at Kerstin, who just starred at Erica with barely restrained rage.

“No-now se-see here E-Erica, I can as-assure you t-that we three are th-the o-only ones t-that will k-know.” Smith managed to stutter out, his already nervous demeanor worsening at the sight of Erica’s anger.

Erica walked over from her place next to the wall and placed both hands on Smith’s desk and leaned forward. “And just how are you going to do that? Do you know the kind of reach Monica has in this industry, just how much pull she has? There’s a reason the UWWL doesn’t have any major competitors in most of North America, there’s a reason no one dares to even think about starting up another women’s wrestling company. If Monica even gets a hint of competition or someone violating an agreement with her, she buries them.”

To his credit, Smith did not degenerate much further in the face of Erica’s anger. In fact, the small man actually seemed to find a little steel in his backbone and stood up out his chair abruptly, causing Erica to take a few surprised steps back.

“M-Monica has the kind of reach she has because of me!” Smith said, his eyes nearly alight with anger. Smith stood over the desk huffing like a bull as he starred into Erica’s eyes, unblinking and strong. The shock felt by both women about the sudden change in the small, nerdy man was palpable, they could now see the man that was able to build a business empire using only his brains and guts.

After a few moments Smith sat back down and put his face in his hands, his shoulders sagging as he released his anger and tension with every exhale of breath. Looking back up at his guests, Kerstin and Erica saw a sheepish look on Smith’s face as embarrassment over his outburst reddened his face.

“Sorry, I’ve always had a l-little problem with m-my temper. What I meant to say was I’ve b-been an investor in the U-UWWL since the beginning, the only o-one who stuck by Monica when s-she wanted to up the ante on what matches the league featured. Ruthless and b-bloodthirsty Monica may be, b-but she doesn’t forget the people that s-stick by her. She may be f-furious IF she learns a-about the match, but when I say t-that Monica won’t do anything w-when she hears my name, you can certainly b-believe it. Now, do y-you want to hear my p-proposal or not?” Smith asked both women, who nodded their acceptance.

“Good. Now, it should be obvious why I brought the two of you here. What I want is another match between you two; a hardcore match with no rules outside of not killing, disfiguring, or crippling each other. No pins, submissions, disqualifications, none of that crap. What I want is for the two of you to bash each other brains out until one of you can’t get back up again. It’ll go on for as long as it needs to, whether it takes ten minutes or a month.” Smith said, sitting back down and somehow managing to not utter a single stutter. “The entire house, within reason, will be available for the fight, though I made a nice little space in the gym that I hope you can re-restrain yourselves to. It’s actually quite nice, it has a couple mats that are actually thicker then what-”

“Getting sidetracked, moneybags.” Erica interrupted.

“Right, sorry. Anyway, a couple of the st-staples of wrestling will be laying about; steel chairs, tables, a ladder, trash cans, a couple kendo sticks, all the oldies plus a couple others that I thought would be p-perfect for this ma-match. However, up ag-against the wall I set up a t-trunk with s-something s-special for yo-your match, s-something that ne-neither of you have ev-ever u-used against each ot-ther before.” Smith said, his excitement making him stutter even more then usual.

“What’s in it?” Kerstin said, the German cautiously approaching the side of the desk, keeping one eye cautiously on her mortal enemy.

“A sur-surprise! Something I always wa-wanted to see you two use on each other but never could quite con-convince Monica to in-include. A little bonus will be given to whoever ma-manages to unlock the trunk and use it.”

“What sort of bonus?” Erica said, ever ready to make a little extra money.

“Around five grand in cash, p-plus a little s-something extra s-specially tailored for e-either of you.” Smith said. Both women nodded, but were curious what they would have to do to earn it.

“Now, w-while we’re on the subject, m-might as well g-get down t-to the b-brass t-tacks. The winner of the fight will r-receive twice what the w-winner’s purse was during your l-last match, while the l-loser will get a t-tenth of that. A-any medical a-attention that‘s g-going to be needed will b-be provided f-free of c-charge.” Smith said. The women’s eyes widened at that, the amount that was offered to the winner of their last match was easily more then the last five title matches combined, and to be offered twice that…

Holy Crap!

“However, any w-winnings will be i-instantly forfeited should t-there be ANY contact b-between you two before the m-match, ANY contact at a-all.” Smith said very seriously. Both women nodded at that, though Erica had a slight grin on her face.

Smith nodded at their acceptance and sat up from his chair, walking around his desk and once against standing between the two women.

“T-the match will be tomorrow at sundown, around s-six or so. Until then, t-there is g-going to be no contact between the t-two of you. Your meals will be b-brought to you and you shouldn’t h-have any need t-to leave your rooms.” Smith said, again both women just nodding.

“I-I’m going to be showing you to your r-rooms now, separately. Miss L-Larson, if you w-would be so kind as to w-wait here while I show M-Miss Gerst to her room.” Smith said, who received only a glare in reply. Kerstin and Erica once again locked eyes and the tension in the room increased five-fold, almost becoming tangible in it’s intensity. Kerstin broke her contact with her enemy with the utmost reluctance and felt Erica’s gaze stabbing into her back the entire way out of the office.

Smith didn’t even bother to try and make chit-chat as he led the busty Blonde to her room at the end of a very long hallway. Finally arriving, Smith opened and held open the door to Kerstin’s quarters for the duration of her time here. Stepping into the room, Kerstin was quietly impressed by the subtle beauty of her quarters, but the attractiveness of her surroundings were lost on the Blonde as the realization of her situation sunk in.

She was going to be fighting Erica again.

Kerstin hardly heard Smith promise to bring her luggage to her room as he closed the door behind him, the Blonde too lost in her thoughts. Walking over to the window, Kerstin starred outside as the cloud-masked sun slowly set and made the world grow darker and darker.

Finally, after a little time had gone by, a knock at her door preceded Smith entering in and carrying her bags to the bed. Smith didn’t say anything to Kerstin when he dropped her luggage off and made to walk away, the stance of the Blonde screaming out the need for privacy as she organized her thoughts. However, Kerstin did turn to Smith and pinned him in place with her gaze, the Blonde obviously wanting to say something but couldn’t make her mouth form the words.

Smith smiled in sympathy at the floundering Kerstin and nodded his head towards a door at the side of the room.

“Y-you know, there’s a very n-nice j-jacuzzi tub in the b-bathroom, maybe a l-little bath will h-help warm y-you up and c-clear your head.” Smith said as he turned and walked out of the room. Kerstin turned to the door that Smith had indicated and walked over to it, Smith’s idea about a bath not sounding half-bad as the emotional toil threatened to overtake her.

Stepping through the door Kerstin marveled at the size of the washroom, which was easily bigger then some people’s apartments. Spotting the aforementioned tub, Kerstin immediately walked over and started playing with the knobs, causing hot water to begin to fill up fancy bathtub and steam to fill the room. Stepping back, Kerstin quickly stripped off her wet clothes and threw them through the door by the bed before going back to the Jacuzzi and sinking into it’s rising water, sighing in pleasure at the heat.

Had Kerstin been more attentive and cautious she could have avoided what came next.

Erica slowly crept out of the darkness of the hallway and into the room of her enemy as the other blonde took advantage of the amenities of her bathroom. The mere sight of Kerstin caused a stirring within Erica that she could barely contain, a dark and sadistic desire to once again feel the flesh of her mortal enemy beneath her fingers. Despite her words about breaking her agreement with Monica, Erica felt a raging desire to fight Kerstin again and the sight of the Busty Blonde caused Erica to nearly became overwhelmed with her desire to hurt Kerstin, to satisfy her addiction.

The addiction Erica had was to hurting Kerstin, an overwhelming desire to cause her enemy agony. This addiction was stronger then any addict‘s love of the needle or the bottle and is one of the main reasons Erica is the woman she is today. Erica couldn’t simply reside within close proximity to the German beauty and not do something to harm her.

Reaching out to the dimmer switch and lowering the lights a few levels, Erica left just enough light on in the room so that Erica could see where she was going in the waning light but also made dark enough to conceal a black-wearing Erica’s presence in the shadows. Carrying a small gym bag in her hands, Erica slowly began her trek across the room.

Erica made almost no noise as she slowly crept across the room, having taken off her shoes before entering the room and the carpet muffling every step that she took. Nevertheless Erica paid close attention to the sounds coming from the bathroom, stopping and listening for any indication that her prey may have heard her. After a few moments of hearing nothing but the water running, Erica continued her path across the room and her to her objective, a dark corner of the room that was only a few paces away from the bathroom door. Erica reached into her bag and pulled out something long out before gently setting the bag next to her and started waiting for Kerstin to emerge.

Unaware of the peril that she was in, Kerstin sank deeper in to the warm water of the bath, letting the wonderful heat chase away the cold that had sunk into her bones. Steamed filled the room and coated everything with a layer of moisture, although Kerstin didn‘t seem to care too much. It seemed to have been a lifetime since the German Blonde had been able to enjoy such a luxury as a long soak in a large tub, but even now the joy escaped her.

Kerstin felt a heat that had little to do with the pleasant warmth of the water around her. No, Kerstin felt something akin to fire spread throughout her body with every beat of her heart, a searing loathing that caused her blood to boil within her veins. Only one thing, one person, one woman ever ignited such raw anger within Kerstin. Her enemy. Her rival. Her…conqueror.


A woman that Kerstin never thought to see again outside of her nightmares now resided under the same roof that she has now found herself. The burning desire to go and hunt down the bitch that had caused her and sister so much agony was nearly overwhelming. The physical yearning to hurt Erica caused her very body to actually ache with unreleased aggression.

This woman had gone far beyond just a rival or an enemy, Erica was her mortal nemesis, someone that her very soul would not allow her to even exist within a mile of her without fighting. Erica was The Enemy, the person that caused Kerstin to lose everything she worked so hard for; her way-of-life, her dignity, her pride and perhaps the most dear thing, her sister’s innocence.

Robyn was nothing but a naïve innocent girl before Erica set her sights on her, a young woman who only wanted to be like her big sister. Robyn used to light up whatever room she walked into and make everyone feel better just by being around her. No matter how dark the situation or dour the person, Robyn could somehow bring a smile to one’s face. To know Robyn was to love her, simple as that.

Until Erica got a hold of her. For the first time, Robyn would know what it was like to be hated, to have someone desire whatever pain they could wring out of you. Her ordeal under Erica twisted Robyn and broke her spirit, transformed her from a joyous light to a thing terrified of her own shadow. Erica ruined Robyn’s life.

That alone made Kerstin almost blind with rage and emotional agony, made her want to do whatever she could to find and hurt Erica. However, it was the thought of her sister and her well-being that calmed her. More then her pride or her dignity, Kerstin NEEDED the money that came with winning this fight, needed to give her sister and herself a chance at life again. To be simple, if she didn’t win this fight, Kerstin had no idea what she was going to do.

Leaning forward and lifting herself out of the tub, Kerstin grabbed a towel off a nearby hook and began wiping away the excess water and drying her hair. Wrapping the towel around her chest, Kerstin walked towards the door and exited the bathroom and was struck by how dark it had become. Surely she wasn’t in the tub that long?

Sudden, blinding pain erupted without warning from Kerstin’s cunt, causing the Blonde to clutch her privates and drop to her knees. Kerstin’s towel slipped and fell around her legs, leaving the German Blonde nude. Just as suddenly, unknown fingers parted her lips and forced a gag into her mouth, the straps reaching around her head and becoming painfully tight as her assailant made certain that Kerstin would not be able to scream for help.

Looking up through tearing eyes, Kerstin saw the unholy gaze of her tormenter nearly glow in the dim light of her room, a sight that the agonized woman was unfortunately well-acquainted with. Erica spun a croquet mallet between her fingers, a dark smile gracing her beautiful features as she stared down at her long time rival.

“Now isn’t this a familiar position for you to be in.” Erica chuckled as she continued to twirl her hammer in her hand. Rage imbued Kerstin with desperate strength at Erica’s words, strength enough to try and make it to her feet. Erica, however, decided that such a move would not be tolerated and launched a kick between the good Blonde’s knees that would have done any soccer player proud. Lifted almost off her knees by the strike, Kerstin could only gurgle a moan around the gag in her mouth and fall to her side, clutching her privates tightly in agony.

Erica chuckled darkly as she dropped her mallet and moved her hands to her waist, undoing her belt and pulling it out. Bending over, the Princess of Darkness quickly took tight hold of Kerstin’s hands and ripped them away from her agonized region, wrapping the long piece of leather around Kerstin’s wrists and binding her hands tightly behind her back.

“As much as I would love to leave you crying like a little bitch,” Erica said as she bent over and gripped Kerstin’s cheeks tightly and forced her to look into her eyes, “the prize for beating you where the nerd can watch us is just too good. I can’t leave any cuts or bruises on you so I’ll just have to settle for hurting you where he won’t be able to see right away.”

Letting go of Kerstin’s face, Erica took a moment to enjoy the sight of Kerstin being trussed up like a hog on it’s way to slaughter. Erica then walked around and kicked apart Kerstin’s legs, unleashing another attack on Kerstin’s nether regions in a series of vicious kicks. Kerstin’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as she felt the toes of Erica’s foot repeatedly smash into her pussy, each time causing terrible pain. Kerstin tried to cross her legs to protect her womanhood only for Erica to bend over and take hold of each leg, gripping them and keeping them spread apart nice and wide.

Switching from kicks to stomps, the Princess of Darkness slammed the heel of her foot hard into Kerstin’s cunt, grinding and crushing the other Blonde’s pussy. Kerstin could only moan in pain at the abuse, the belt around her wrists refusing to loosen even a little. Erica must have spent nearly five minutes stomping Kerstin’s pussy into mush, relishing every tear that would fall from Kerstin’s eyes in agony. Erica had always loved torturing Kerstin’s pussy in imaginative ways and while stomping may not have been one of Erica’s most creative moments, it still pleasured the bad girl immeasurable to see Kerstin in pain. While Erica would have been more then happy just to continue crushing Kerstin’s nethers underneath her heel all night, the Dark Princess nevertheless had a schedule to keep.

Dropping Kerstin’s legs, Erica allowed the woman to curl up in the fetal position as she stepped away from her enemy. Erica walked over to where she saw Kerstin’s clothes strewn on the floor and picked up a soaked pair of pants, the belt still dangling from the loops. Pulling free the belt, Erica walked over to Kerstin’s shaking body and wrapped the purloined garment around the good girl’s neck, tightening it just short of strangling. This action shot through the pain-induced haze that had settled in Kerstin’s head and caused the good girl to gasp out breathlessly as the belt restricted the air flow to her lungs.

Grinning like a child with a new toy, Erica pulled Kerstin to her feet by the belt and began dragging the other blonde across the room, Kerstin coughing and gasping for air the entire way. Stopping and planting her feet at the door to the bathroom, Erica pulled with all her strength and threw Kerstin across the slippery floor and into the Jacuzzi, her stomach making a painful thud when it came into contact with the porcelain.

Walking in and making sure to close the door behind her, Erica walked over to the dazed Kerstin and pulled her up by her damp hair and looked into her glassy eyes.

“I’m going to beat you so bad tomorrow that you’ll have to spend the next YEAR in a hospital bed! You better be thankful that I couldn’t think of a way to get the pear through airport security otherwise I would stretching your fucking cunt wide enough for a person to walk through!” Erica then spun Kerstin around and bent her over at her waist so she was leaning over the rim of the tub.

Kicking apart the German beauty’s legs a bit, Erica lined her knee up between the pair of legs and began ramming her knee into Kerstin’s pussy. Kerstin let out a scream that was muffled by the gag in her mouth as her pussy burst out in agony, agony that brought unholy joy to her tormentor. Erica drove her knee into Kerstin’s pussy over and over again till the blows were almost lifting Kerstin off her feet.

Her leg growing tired, Erica dropped her hands down around Kerstin’s pussy and stabbed her nails into the other blonde’s pussy, causing Kerstin’s eyes to open wide as new tears flowed down her cheeks and a scream was muffled by the gag in her mouth. Erica smiled evilly as she scratched Kerstin’s pussy, every scream from her causing Erica to feel an obscene amount of pleasure.

Good God, had she missed this!

Still stabbing Kerstin’s pussy with one hand, Erica gripped the back of the sobbing woman’s head and forcefully dunked Kerstin’s face into the still mostly full tub, causing bubbles to erupt on the surface as the German Beauty screamed beneath the water. Kerstin tried to pull her head back above, flailing her free limbs around and trying to break Erica’s grip on her head, but her weakened body and Erica’s strength made it impossible as her air dwindled.

Finally, as the bubbles begin to slow and stop, Erica pulled Kerstin’s head back and allowed the woman some air…only to shove her face back in after only a few breaths. At this time Erica ceased her stabbing of Kerstin’s pussy and instead pinched the sensitive flesh between her nails, causing Kerstin to flail even more if that was possible.

The bubbles ones again slowing, Erica pulled Kerstin’s face from the water and forced the oxygen deprived woman to turn her head and look her in the eyes. Releasing her grip on her pussy, Erica pulled her free hand up to Kerstin’s face and pinched her nostrils shut, forcing the agonized Blonde to once again suffocate as the gag in her mouth made breathing impossible.

Erica relished the look of fear and pain in Kerstin’s eyes, the blue orbs showing her agony better then any scream ever could. Erica held her grip on Kerstin’s breathing passages until she saw the other Blonde’s eyelids began to flutter close, a sure sign that unconsciousness was close. Not willing to give up feeding her addiction yet, Erica removed her hand and allowed Kerstin to breath once again.

Erica took the belt in her hand once again and pulled the half-unconscious woman behind her before throwing her up against the wall, Kerstin’s back making a fleshy slap. The pain slowly becoming too much and her body weakening terribly, Kerstin sank down the wall onto her ass, her legs strewn out before her. Erica saw the position she was in and smiled, an idea popping into her head.

Straddling Kerstin’s legs, Erica sat down on the other Blonde’s lap and pushed her up against the wall by her shoulders. Cupping Kerstin’s chin, Erica forced her to look into her eyes as she said,

“I know I said I couldn’t leave any bruises on you tomorrow, but I somehow doubt poindexter is going to notice a few marks on your tits are older then the others.” and with that, Erica wrapped her fingers around Kerstin’s nipples and started twisting them like she was searching for a radio station. Kerstin could barely manage a moan by this point, her pussy radiating such pain that she barely even registered Erica twisting her tits, though the Princess of Darkness looked like she could barely even begin to care. Erica’s maniacal glee at causing any sort of harm to Kerstin made her eyes wide with sadistic joy, the feel of Kerstin’s bruised skin beneath her fingers erupting almost sexual pleasure.

Twisting left sharply before suddenly twisting right, Erica began to lose control of herself as she tortured Kerstin‘s tits. Dropping her hands suddenly, Erica unleashed a punch that sank her fist deep into Kerstin’s boob and made to do the same to the other one before she suddenly stopped, her breathing growing heavy. Scrambling off of Kerstin’s lap, Erica took a few steps away as she struggled to control her breathing. Looking very much like a person on the edge of ecstasy who must suddenly stop and crawl back from satisfaction, and if the damp spot on her pants was any indication she very much was that person, Erica struggled to slow her breathing and calm her racing heart.

‘Can’t go too far, can’t leave any bruises, but Goddammit I’ve missed hurting her!’ Erica thought as she slowly calmed down. Her breathing finally under control, Erica thought it best to end this before she went too far and walked over to Kerstin and took hold of the belt around her neck. Dragging Kerstin across the floor by the belt, Erica forced Kerstin onto her back before picking up Kerstin’s legs and sitting across them, rolling the busty Blonde up in a pin like the Russian wrestler Ninotchka pinned her opponents in G.L.O.W. and starring down at Kerstin’s face.

“Remember when I pinned you like this? When I beat you in the cage and took the title away from you? I do, I remember every little detail about that moment; how slack your body was, the little flutter of movement behind your closed eyes, the scent of your perfume and your sweat flowing together, the slight movement of your head as the ref pounded the ground for the third time. I watch the replay of that match all the time, always freezing on that one spot. Not many people get the chance to see the best moments of their lives over and over again, but I get to any time I want.” Erica continued to stare down at Kerstin as the memory played once again in her mind.

“I remember the look on your face when you realized that you had lost, the absolute devastation in you eyes, ohh…” Erica shuddered with pleasure for a moment before regaining control, “your eyes when you saw the belt around my waist, the way you just started sobbing like a little bitch…I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed that.”

Erica licked her lips and closed her eyes for a moment before she opened them again to look at Kerstin. Erica continued, “In my basement, after I took your career away from you and you and your fucking runt sister were mine. How much pain you were in as your sister screamed every time I cranked the pear wider, when you saw the video of me fucking my new boyfriend, when you were given back to me for another week, I…” Erica took a moment to breath before continuing, “Tomorrow, bitch, tomorrow I’ll beat you worse then I ever have.”

Deciding that was enough reminiscing, Erica sat up from Kerstin’s legs and allowed her to unfurl. Looking the woman up and down, Erica allowed herself a extra moment to enjoy the sight of Kerstin twitching in pain. Suddenly, an especially cruel thought popped into her head that almost made Erica laugh out loud.

Erica unzipped her pants and kicked them off, leaving her lower body clad only in a black thong, which was damp from her excitement. Erica stepped around Kerstin so that she was direct above her head and shoulders and waited for the German Blonde to look up into her eyes.

“Remember the match where you tried to break my neck? Remember how you pinned me?” Erica asked Kerstin, who looked confused for a moment before she remembered, her eyes opening wide in horror. Erica then dropped down and pinned Kerstin’s shoulders down with her knees before dropping her ass over Kerstin’s face, cutting off all her air.

Kerstin thrashed and tried to knock Erica off her face any way she could, but her body was just in too much pain and far too weak. The smell of sweat and the wetness of Erica’s pussy became the entirety of Kerstin’s world as the Princess of Darkness’s shapely ass kept air from reaching her lungs. Erica for her part felt like a queen sitting on her throne, her total domination of Kerstin in this brief time they’ve been reunited filling her with a sense of power that she has sorely missed.

Finally, after an entirely too short amount of time in Erica’s opinion, the little movement that Kerstin was making ceased. Lifting herself off of Kerstin, Erica turned around and looked down at the smothered out German beauty. Face flushed and breathing very shallowly, Kerstin’s chest rose and fell only slightly as unconsciousness gripped the good girl.

Unable to resist, Erica put on of her feet in between Kerstin’s legendary breasts and raised her hands in victory. Tomorrow, Erica would fight this pathetic creature once again and tomorrow would be the day that she finally broke Kerstin’s spirit beyond repair.


The End

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