Roll in the Hay by Catharsis

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They walked across the newly mown farm field — together, but some distance apart. The mid-autumn sun was low in the sky, and it cast long shadows of the two girls’ figures on the ground. Neither spoke, and the pair didn’t even glance at each other. Seemingly content to gaze at where their feet were treading, they continued their quiet trek towards the old, decaying barn. Slung over their shoulders were their backpacks, still filled with the heavy weight of senior year textbooks. After getting off of the school bus twenty minutes before, both had taken a detour away from their usual paths home. The full journey to where the two were now, however, had its starting point much earlier than the bus stop.

Jane set her mouth in a tight line as she thought about it. She ran her free hand through her straight, dark brown hair, which cascaded well past her shoulders, as if to comb out her worries about what lay ahead. Her stride exuded self-confidence, and pride flashed like cold lightning in her hazel eyes. Those two facets of her personality were strong, and she never backed down from anything. Still, she wasn’t quite sure what she was about to get into, and a considerable apprehension began creeping into her mind.

Laura was lost in reverie, too. She stood a few centimeters taller than Jane, and her long legs carried her a few paces ahead. The look on her face was as firm as her generously hair-sprayed blond mane was. She hadn’t noticed the houses that she had passed, nor the woods she had just wended her way through, nor the tan stubble that jutted from the field she was now in. Her entire concentration was devoted to the choice she had made, and its impending consequence. As reckless as acting on her momentary impulse had been, her instincts told her that she had made the right decision.

There was a time when the two had been best friends. By their classmates’ reckoning, they still were. The only difference their school buddies could tell was that the pair weren’t as inseparable as they once had been. Their birthdays were mere days apart, and the celebration of the two of them turning eighteen back in July had been a joint one. Growing up together so near in age and good looks for so long, though, had bred tiny envies, and little jealousies. Over time, the occasional sharp remarks and imagined slights had built up into a distaste that both had nurtured like a grudge, but never admitted overtly. Neither considered her feelings to be that of outright dislike, however. Both stood out in school by virtue of their beauty and the two valued the companionship that they shared as members of that exalted and exclusive social group. Instead, the seed of superiority had germinated in their hearts, and had come into full flower as a belief by each of them that the other was beneath her in various ways.

The mutual disdain that the girls harbored would have remained hidden if it hadn’t been for the irresistible availability of Ken, the quarterback of the school’s football team and all-around hunk. His previous girlfriend, the plain but popular Mary Beth, had moved away to college at the end of the last school year. When summer started, the rumor mill chattered with the news that Ken publicly still held Mary Beth close to his heart, but privately admitted that he was itching to play the field. The most apparent targets of his attention were Laura and Jane.

This caused a wide rift to open between the two girls. Each felt she was the better candidate, and also knew that the other was interested in returning Ken’s advances. Neither wanted to be the one to get blamed by the other high school girls for splitting their long friendship apart, which the two knew was a good possibility if either one went out with him. Jane eventually broached the subject on the phone one evening, and the two came to an agreement. They would both keep their hands off of Ken out of respect for the other’s feelings. Although the gossip about this that spread around painted the deal as a promise between friends, each girl secretly began viewing the other more and more as a roadblock to her happiness.

The bitter feelings finally rose to the surface after Laura’s brother, Phillip, remarked to her at lunchtime that he had seen Ken and Jane pawing at each other and kissing heavily out behind the gas station where Phillip had gone to refill a propane tank the previous evening. Unable to contain herself, Laura called Jane into the girls bathroom and demanded to know the truth. At first, Jane downplayed the incident. Further prompting got her to admit that Ken had made a move on her. She maintained that she and him weren’t an item, and that she hadn’t broken her promise by having a relationship with him. The bell rang, and the pair went to their separate classes.

News of Phillip’s revelation had spread fast, however. By the final class period of the day, word had reached another boy, whose father owned the gas station. He had told a different, and much more detailed story. Not only had Ken and Jane been kissing, but they had gone much further. Also, last night was far from the first time that they had used that spot for a rendezvous.

Needless to say, by the time the busses had arrived to take all of the students home, Laura had heard more than she could stand. When she and Jane took their usual seats at the back of the long yellow bus, the mood between the two of them was cordial at best. An icy silence hung over the rear seats for most of the trip. Only when the majority of the riders had left, and any eavesdropping ears were a good distance away did either of them say anything.

Laura spoke first, and got right to the point. “I’ve heard quite a bit more about last night from some other sources. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about what’s been going on between you and Ken?”

Jane scowled. She had hoped to keep things quiet, but had overheard the same talk Laura had, and had no choice now but to try and calm her down.

“Laura, don’t believe a thing you hear about me and him. Talk gets wilder every time a story’s repeated, and people love to stir up trouble. You’re getting upset about nothing more than a bunch of lies and exaggerations.”

“Oh, so you never begged him to feel you up? And Thursday nights when I had swim team practice weren’t your regular date nights? And…” Laura continued listing out every detail that she had been told.

“Laura, you trust me, don’t you? Are you saying that I lied to you? Huh?”

“You know, Jane. I’m not sure right now.”

Jane’s haughty attitude got the best of her. “Oh, that’s a real slap in the face,” she spat.

Laura’s ire was now approaching a boil. Visualizing the various pieces of the story that she had just recited aloud was making her rapidly lose her cool. She fired back, “Just like Ken enjoyed slapping your ass when you two did it doggy style?”

Laura’s intention had been to trap Jane and get her to admit the truth. The trouble was, the only time Ken had done that particular move with Jane was in the privacy of his room. Jane knew that there was no way Laura could know about that from gossip, and wondered how else she could know. Then, Jane remembered a time during the summer when Laura had missed a planned trip to the mall. Nobody else Jane had called had known where she was, and that had always struck Jane as odd. Not only that, but when she had talked with Ken about life after Mary Beth, he had mentioned something about a summer fling that had meant nothing to him. Putting two and two together, Jane accused Laura of sleeping with Ken as far back as August.

Surprised at being put on the defensive, and equally surprised at being found out, Laura stammered a denial that the brunette immediately saw through. Jane launched on an all-out tirade. “You have no right to lecture me about not breaking promises when you were the first to do so, you hypocrite!”

“Look, what I did with Ken was a one time thing. You’ve been going on regular dates for the past month, and that’s far worse and you know it!”

Jane’s temper exploded. “You know why he’s still going with me for so long, but he broke it off with you after just a few days? Huh? He told me why,” she lied. “It’s because you’re clueless and inept at sex.”

Laura’s face turned bright red. “You’re a fucking liar.”

“Bullshit. It’s the truth.”

Unable to control herself any longer, Laura said, “Follow me after we get off the bus if you dare, and I’ll prove to you that’s a lie.”

Jane didn’t hesitate. “You’re on,” she said, and that had stopped the argument short.

No further words were exchanged between the two girls. The bus reached their stop, and they disembarked.

The disused barn leaned at a slight angle, but was still sturdy enough to withstand the winds and thunderstorms that raced through the surrounding farmland. The two girls had played here as kids, even before the old couple who owned it had ceased to maintain it.

Laura opened the creaking door and inhaled the musty smell of decaying wood and fresh hay. A shaft of light lit one wall where the sun streamed through a perpetually open window. Laura held the large door open and turned to face Jane.

“Last chance to chicken out,” she said.

Her brunette rival said nothing and strode past without a glance. Jane continued to the center of the barn, dropped her backpack onto a large pile of hay next to a support post, and spun around. She put her hands on her hips and cocked her body in a bold, challenging pose. Golden light illuminated the curves of her body, which gave an attractive shape to the standard school uniform she wore: a white, short-sleeved, collared blouse and a plaid knee-length skirt.

Laura entered, and closed the door behind her. She tossed her backpack to one side and mimicked Jane’s stance. Her outfit was an identical twin to Jane’s, right down to the white socks and brown shoes. The pair stood like that for a moment to rest after their long trek, eying each other warily.

Jane broke the silence. “OK, we’re here. So where’s this proof you were going to show me?”

“It’s right here,” said Laura, taking a step forward. Jane looked around, but saw nothing obvious.

“What’s here?”

“Me. It’s me,” Laura explained, sliding out of her shoes. “I’m going to prove to you that I know more than enough about how to please someone.”

“With what? A strip-tease? C’mon. You couldn’t please a horny goat.”

“How about I seduce you, then?” Jane, taken aback, raised an eyebrow. Laura saw her chance, and upped the ante. “I bet I could do it so well that you’ll beg for more.”

A nervous laugh escaped Jane’s throat, and she tried to make it sound mocking. The brunette suddenly remembered every envious stare she had made at Laura’s statuesque figure at the pool, in the locker room, and in the gym showers. She scattered those thoughts from her brain and boasted, “That’ll never happen.”

“Why? Because you’re such so much better than I am?”

Jane glowered. Every fiber of her being wanted to have it out with the impudent blond right then and there. Before she could stop herself, she stated flatly, “I certainly am.”

“Well then,” Laura cooed, taking more steps in Jane’s direction, “prepare to be proven wrong.” Her voice was smooth, but her insides were fluttering out of control. Part of her had hoped that Jane would have backed down, conceded to her, and confirmed aloud that Laura was the better of the two. Another part of her knew that the brunette’s arrogance would likely prevent that. The look in Jane’s eyes told Laura that she was more than up for a duel, and Laura knew what she had to do put her snooty rival in her place.

“You’re the one who’s gonna get schooled here,” Jane taunted, and kicked her shoes into the straw near her backpack. The brunette’s hands dropped unconsciously to her sides as she watched Laura approach. She had heard about other girls matching their bodies and sensual prowess against one another. It was less dangerous than using nails and fists, and avoided having to explain the presence of scratches and bruises to friends and parents. Still, Jane had never been in such a contest herself, and she thought she would have found out if Laura had. Doubt crept into her mind, despite her best attempts to quash it, but her outward demeanor bore no sign of her inner turmoil. She reassured herself that Laura was most likely going to wimp out and wasn’t going to make good on her threats. Jane felt she was more than capable of handling anything Laura could do, if she did. In fact, she mused, this war of wills was the perfect way to make the blond finally admit that she was inferior to her.

Laura took a few more steps, and then stopped. The two young women stood face to face so close that their pleated skirts brushed together. Their hearts pounded in anticipation, and their chests rose and fell in time with their quickened breathing. Both were hesitant to make the first move. Laura knew she was at the point of no return, and Jane didn’t want to declare her foe a coward for fear that it would give the blond the impetus she needed to commit herself to battle.

To Jane’s surprise, the moment of pause didn’t last long. Laura leaned closer and placed her hands softly on Jane’s shoulders, sending an unexpected jolt through her spine. Laura’s fingers then moved lightly down the brunette’s arms to her elbows. Coyly, the blond lowered her gaze and watched her fingertips trace around her rival’s arms and snake between them and onto her hips.

Jane said nothing as she felt Laura’s hands clasp on either side of her stomach and begin a slow caress. The tingling feelings brought on by Laura’s touch made her want to react, but she resolved not to show any sign that it had any effect. Laura’s head tilted back up, and the two schoolgirls’ eyes locked in a mutual stare. Their noses flared as their excited breathing began to speed up. Each could smell the sweet scent of the other’s perfume, and inhaled it deeply.

Without a word, Laura tugged gently with her hands, drawing the other girl to her. She angled her head to one side and wrapped her lips around Jane’s. The sensation was warm and inviting, but Jane remained stock still. Undeterred, Laura continued, wetting both of their lips with long, sensual kisses. Her eyes were closed now, as she concentrated fully on what she was doing to the brunette. When she felt the other girl remain rigid despite her ministrations, she reached one hand up and slithered it into Jane’s long hair. Cradling the shorter girl’s head, she renewed her pleasurable assault upon her friend’s mouth. Leaning further over as she did so, the front of her shirt soon came in contact with its twin. Both pairs of breasts brushed together briefly, sending a shock through Laura’s body. She let out a short chirp involuntarily, but kept her lips firmly attached. Jane grinned slightly. Laura noticed this, and broke off the embrace to take a deep breath.

Jane’s smirk widened. “That’s it? Can’t take it, can you?”

“Heh. Don’t act so cool. I could feel you quivering like jelly underneath that calm exterior. You’re the one who can’t take it.”

Jane gave Laura an insolent, self-assured glare. “Yeah, sure. That’s why you’re already breathing hard, huh? And I haven’t even done anything yet.”

“As if you could,” Laura retorted.

“Watch me,” Jane said. She closed the gap that separated the two with a single, purposeful stride. Then, casting one arm around to Laura’s back and the other behind her neck, she tilted the blond’s head and planted a torrid kiss upon her mouth. Instinctively, Laura’s hands wrapped around the other girl’s body, and the two engaged in a fervent lip lock. Their chests and stomachs pressed against each other as their bodies came together.

Initially, Laura tried to act as stoic as Jane had, but the sudden rush of feelings made her giddy. She began countering the brunette’s passionate kisses with her own, and soon the two young women began making out in a heated fashion. Moistened lips sucked and teased. Wandering hands began a sensual massage through the fabric of the cotton blouses they wore. Minute after minute went by, with neither wanting to be the first to break away from the kissing duel. As hard as they tried not to, each was starting to surrender just a bit to the pleasure that the other was giving her. Fingers arced into clinging claws, pulling at the thin material that covered their torsos, and squeezing the two even tighter together. Time seemed to stand still. The rest of the world vanished from their perceptions, leaving only the two of them and the wild emotions building inside their minds. Their tongues licked at each other’s lips, and then began a wrestling match of their own. They breathed hotly into each other’s mouths with their eyes shut, and commenced a playful sucking of each other’s tongues. This soon turned into a full-on battle where each alternated sucking the other’s lips into her own mouth, and torturing it pleasurably with her teeth. Still, neither one showed any signs of weakening, and gave the other as good as she got. Sweat began to bead on their foreheads, and appear on their skin where their bodies touched, causing their shirts to stick wetly.

On and on they continued unabated, their mouths deliriously assaulting each other again and again. As the battle wore on, their breathing became forceful and rapid, sending their bosoms heaving in time with their inhaling and exhaling. Still joined tightly together, their breasts began sliding against one another. At first, neither took notice of this development. Soon, however, the unconscious movements that their bodies were making caused unmistakable twinges of pleasure. Up and down their tits rubbed together, and then around in circles as the pair gyrated. So lost were they in the throes of their duel, that it didn’t dawn on them what they were doing until Jane felt one of her boobs get pushed upwards uncomfortably. With Laura’s lower lip still in her mouth, she let out a grunt, which had the side effect of making her bite down a little harder than she had been.

Laura yelped, and drew her head backwards. Jane took her arms off of her and pushed away. They stood for a second, taking in the sight of each other. Their faces were rosy red and they were breathing heavily. Their hair was somewhat mussed, and both had a wild look in their eyes. Their shirts were sticky with sweat, and had been untucked from their skirts in places. Though it had only seemed a short time to them, over fifteen minutes had elapsed since they had begun.

“What the hell are you trying to pull?” Laura said, touching her mildly injured lip with an index finger.

When Jane replied, her voice had a husky tone to it. “I could ask you that same question, you slut.”

Laura managed a small smile. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were getting hot and bothered. Ready to admit you were wrong about me?”

“Never!” the brunette thundered. “I’m just pissed off that you think you’re so much better than me. Listen up good: you’re not! That weak-assed attempt at kissing and all that grinding you were doing was pitiful.”

“Hah!” Laura snorted. “You were the one doing the slutty grinding. I was merely showing you how it’s supposed to be done.”

“Bull shit.”

“Looks like it was effective, too.”

Jane’s face snarled in rage. “I’m through playing around with you. I’m better than you’ll ever be in beauty and in sex, and I’ll make you say it out loud. If you think you’re so hot, step on over here.” Jane paused, and shot the blond a sassy look. “Unless, of course, you’re too scared to continue, that is.”

“I’m just getting started, you hussy,” Laura said. The way her shirt was bunched up around the top of her skirt was irritating, and she yanked the rest of it out from her waistband.

Jane felt the same way, and began peeling her blouse away from her damp skin. It still clung wetly to her stomach when she let go of it, and that fueled her ire. “Fuck this,” she spat, and swiftly undid some of the buttons.

“That’s not the way you do it, hon,” teased Laura, who began lazily unhitching her own shirt, all the while keeping her eyes glued to her rival.

“Oh, you think you’re funny, huh?” replied the brunette. She let one shoulder droop down, and continued unfastening buttons all the way down her front, taking slow steps forward as she did so. When she finished sidling up to Laura, she fixed her rival with a smoky, alluring stare. A shiver ran down Laura’s spine, and goose pimples rose on her arms and legs. Her face maintained a casual look, though, and she took her time completing her task. Seconds ticked by. The two young women stood and gazed into each other’s eyes, with their white, short-sleeved shirts hanging open. Both had started to wonder just how far the other was willing to go. Each, in their own way, felt too committed not to forge ahead however far it took them.

Laura acted first, reaching her hands up to grasp Jane’s blouse just below the collar. With a smooth, but unhurried move, she slid it over her rival’s shoulders and let it slip off of her arms. Jane responded in kind, running her fingers up Laura’s stomach, past her bulging breasts, and disrobing the blond in a tantalizingly seductive motion. Both were wearing simple, white satin bras, which encased their firm, jutting boobs. Neither pair was particularly large, but each was in good proportion to their owner’s figure.

“Let’s see if you can stand still as a statue through this,” Laura said.

“I can take anything you can dish out.”

The air felt charged with electricity as Laura brought her hands up and placed them on either side of Jane’s neck. Jane’s face remained placid, even when the blond’s fingers began a soothing massage of her neck and shoulders. Laura continued to stroke the brunette’s bare skin, moving on to her upper arms. As she did so, her wrists bumped against the sides of Jane’s bra. After a few moments of this, Jane’s mind became dizzy from fighting to keep control of herself. To force her thoughts elsewhere, she put her palms on Laura’s stomach and began making circles with her thumbs. Laura’s midsection shook at first touch, but the blond managed to calm it down, and renewed the gradual, plying motion of her hands.

More and more, Jane felt Laura’s hands coming in contact with the sleek, shiny satin of her brassiere. Frustrated with the other girl’s progress in making her want that touch to continue, she worked her hands upward towards Laura’s silky undergarment. Laura inhaled deeply as a strong rush sizzled through her body. Blood raced to her cheeks as Jane’s fingers drew closer and closer to her sensitive mammaries. Not wanting to let such a move go unanswered, Laura brought her own hands inward from Jane’s arms.

The two teens grabbed hold of each other’s boobs at the same time. Unable to contain their emotions any longer, both moaned through pursed lips. Fighting back the urge to break apart, they kept their hands where they were. Their fingers started making yearning, teasing movements, bunching and creasing the shiny fabric of their bras. The two caressed one other’s supple orbs hesitantly at first, but quickly became bolder and started groping with increasing intensity. Their lips parted, and they exhaled harshly as their arousal grew. Through the thin material that covered their breasts, they could feel each other’s nipples grow and harden. They ran their palms over top of them, feeling them bend and watching the other girl stifle an excited cry. This test of wills escalated as each one spent more effort massaging the stiff nubs and pinching them lightly with their fingers.

Laura had never had so much attention lavished on her tits, and it was getting more and more difficult to keep herself from backing up with each stroke that Jane made. The brunette noticed the blond’s weakening, and taunted her, hoping to bring a halt to the attack upon her own boobs.

“Not as immune to my superior skill as you thought, huh?” Jane said in between labored breaths. “I’m better than you, Laura. Admit it. Say it.”

“You just think so because…” Laura started, but the waves of stimulation coursing through her caught her words in her throat. She desperately tried to think of way out of her predicament. In a flash, she had it. “…because I haven’t even begun with you yet.” At this, she grabbed the front of Jane’s bra. Unhooking the clasp, she flung it wide open, exposing her rival’s naked breasts. Laura’s fingers lashed out, and gave Jane’s bare tits a good squeeze.

Furious at the turn the battle had taken, Jane howled, “You filthy skank!” Laura had hoped this would be the move that was too much for her foe to take. When Jane knocked Laura’s arms away from her chest, the blond thought that she had indeed pushed her over the line. Instead, Jane retaliated, tearing at Laura’s satin bra. The blond’s tits popped out of the top of it as Jane pulled it downward, but there was no clasp in the front for the brunette to pull apart. In a full rage, Jane yanked on it to bring Laura close to her. She reached around the other girl’s body and fumbled for the hook that held it on. As she did so, their bare breasts collided, sending their rock-hard nipples poking deep into the sensitive flesh. Laura groaned audibly, feeling a thrilling sensation she couldn’t contain. She grabbed Jane’s waist, and flung her back a few steps.

“What’s the matter, bitch? Huh?” Jane asked angrily. “Can’t take a little of your own medicine?”

“I’m not afraid of you and never have been,” said Laura.

Jane removed the white undergarment that was hanging loosely about her chest and cast it aside. “Then c’mon. Show me what you got.” She jammed her hands onto her hips and proudly thrust out her naked boobs. They wobbled for a second, and came to rest without the slightest bit of sag.

Undeterred by the display, Laura slid the straps off her own shoulder, and undid her bra. She dangled it for a moment in front of Jane, taunting her to try to take it, and then threw it onto her backpack when it was obvious that Jane wasn’t going to go for it. Laura tossed her head back, and shook the tresses that had come loose from her blond hair out of the way, causing her tits to swing from side to side. She cracked her knuckles and shot Jane a wanton look. Now topless, the two girls’ healthy bodies glowed in the late afternoon sunlight that illuminated the interior of the old barn. They stood motionless, each sizing up her opponent, and scanning each other’s half-naked form for a sign of movement.

“Are you ready?” asked Laura.

“Whenever YOU are,” retorted Jane.
That was the last straw for Laura. She had taken far too much of Jane’s attitude for one day, and her temper finally got the best of her. She mimicked the brunette’s voice as she spoke. “Oh, I’m always ready for YOU. After all, I’m so superior.” Jane twisted her face into a nasty scowl. “Why don’t you just give it up now, little girl,” Laura continued, punctuating her speech with Jane’s trademark ending to a question. “Huh?”

That sent Jane over the edge. She growled, “Shut up, you fucking cunt!” and charged with her arms fully extended in front of her.

Laura failed to catch the brunette’s fast moving hands, and she screamed sharply as they latched onto her exposed boobs and began groping for her nipples. Acting quickly, she grabbed Jane’s wrists, and pulled her off. This didn’t deter Jane, who redoubled her attempt to attack the sensitive orbs that were right in front of her. The two battled wildly. Their arms jerked this way and that, and their sock-covered feet shuffled in the scattered hay on the floor. Their bodies danced drunkenly around the musty barn, sending their pleated skirts swirling about their legs. Each strained to control the other, but after a half a minute of struggling, Jane found her arms being stretched to either side and saw no way of breaking free. She backed up and pulled, trying to slip out of Laura’s strong grip. It was no use, and she stopped her squirming and stood up.

At that same moment, Laura increased her effort at spreading the brunette’s hands as far apart as they would go. As a result, the two young women slammed their upper bodies together, crushing their bare breasts between them. Both let out a loud “Uhnf!” at the impact. The initial shock of pain passed quickly, and was replaced by an altogether different feeling. Laura felt somewhat uncomfortable at having her boobs in such intimate contact with another female’s, even though it didn’t feel that unpleasant. Jane saw the blond’s discomfort on her face, and saw an opening.

“I knew it,” she said. “You’re just a tease, all attractive and eager, but it’s just a front. When it comes down to actually doing it, you get all doe eyed and afraid. That’s why Ken didn’t want you, and why no guy will.”

“Liar!” shouted Laura. Her determination to win flared red hot. She tried to wrangle Jane’s arms above her head, but only succeeded in pushing the both of them a few steps to one side.

Jane responded by bumping her tits softly into Laura’s once, then twice. The third time, Laura countered with her own thrust. Tender skin tingled as the two girls mashed their breasts together and held them like that. Laura bit her lower lip, trying to ignore the warm sensations growing in her. Jane leaned back, disengaging her feminine orbs from Laura’s. Instead of breaking off completely, she drew her nipples in an arc across Laura’s naked tits, touching ever so lightly. The blond whimpered quietly, giving Jane the incitement she needed to keep going, even as she fought to keep a similar noise from escaping her throat.

Laura reciprocated Jane’s motion, and soon the sound of supple flesh slapping and sliding echoed off the barn walls. Nipples stabbed and prodded again and again. Their feminine orbs bulged out to the sides from the pressure they brought to bear. The pleasure that shot like lightning through them at each impact was something that neither had experienced quite so powerfully. Again and again they rubbed their breasts against one another back and forth, and sometimes in slow circles. Guttural moans mixed with the audible panting each were making. While their tits continued fighting, they relaxed their grips on each others arms and dropped them to their sides. Seeking to increase her rival’s arousal, each girl began stroking the others body with her hands. The two teens really got into what they were doing, and soon their cheeks started to brush against each other tenderly as they nuzzled their faces into their opponent’s shoulder and neck. The erotic sounds each were making got louder and louder as their breast battle went on for several minutes.

Lost in the moment, the two young women closed their eyes and reveled in the sweet stimulation each was giving and receiving. Laura’s lips pecked gently at Jane’s neck, and then moved to the brunette’s cheek. Their mouths sought their opponent’s out and kissed hungrily. No longer content to use just their torso to drive their sweaty mammaries against each other, both began undulating their entire bodies, working them up and down and from side to side. Their slippery, round boobs collided and slid with ever increasing force. In order to keep their balance, they tightened their grips around each other’s backs, settling into a firm hug.

Skirt-covered legs bumped and pressed against one another as their sexy combat grew more feverish. Unconsciously, the two began a gradual process of inserting one of their legs in between the other’s pair. This brought the girls even closer together, and their feet soon touched. Both were concentrating so intently on inflaming the other’s desire that neither noticed that they were wobbling chaotically. Their socks rubbed roughly as the teetering duo tried to keep their balance. After a particularly passionate exchange, which saw their four stiffened nipples meet and bend against the opposing nub, the two classmates let out twin roars of excitement and felt themselves in danger of toppling over.

To keep from falling, each grabbed a hold of each other’s rear end. Drawing upright, they felt their thighs straddle the other’s leg, all the way up to their crotch. An aching urge burned there, growing more and more unquenchable by the second. Their eyes met, and each saw the bonfire of lust and determination to dominate raging inside of the other. Both understood wordlessly how committed to the contest they had become. Neither had any intention of stopping until her rival gave up in humiliating sensual surrender.

They kissed, and their heaving bosoms renewed their slow, erotic battle. Their attention soon turned away from that, however, as their fingers explored the curves of their firm ass cheeks. Jane lifted Laura’s plaid skirt and ran her hands over the blond’s panties. It was satin like her bra was, and felt luxuriously sinful as Jane stroked it. Laura moaned, and sought out her rival’s bottom beneath her pleated skirt. She kneaded and squeezed the other girl’s rear through her lacy underwear, and felt the brunette’s thighs tighten in response.

Eager to escalate things beyond what Laura could handle, Jane kept at it, sneaking her fingers underneath the elastic band that held the blond’s silky lingerie against her smooth ass. Laura groaned, and involuntarily slid up Jane’s leg. The pair lost their balance, and veered wildly out of control, still stuck together in a close embrace. Laura fell backwards. Jane, on top of her, was unable to free her hands quickly enough from inside the blond’s panties and got carried down with her.

The two schoolgirls shrieked, and landed into the pile of hay next to Jane’s backpack. The brunette pulled her hands out from under Laura’s behind and propped herself up. Her tits bobbled as they hung down from her chest. They felt odd now that they were no longer in contact with Laura’s pair. It was as if they ached to be reunited with the blond’s orbs, which rose and fell rapidly just centimeters away, and with nipples that pointed defiantly skyward.

Laura looked up at the girl that had been ravishing her mercilessly for over half an hour. Sunlight lit her body from above, glinting off of her sweat-soaked skin. Jane’s long, straight hair cascaded down on either side of her face, framing her attractive face, her piercing gaze, her reddened cheeks, and her open, inviting mouth. Laura lifted her hands and ran them through those dark brown locks until they rested at the back of her head. She coaxed Jane downward, and the two teens shared a languid French kiss.

After several seconds, Jane raised her head. “You’re crazy if you think this is over. Because it’s not.”

“Of course it’s not,” replied Laura. “You haven’t yet agreed that I’m making you hotter than you’re making me.”

“Bull. You’re the one who’s more turned on. I bet you couldn’t even stand up straight right now.”

“We’ll see if you can even bring yourself to move after I’m finished with you.”

“Prove it, bitch.”

“Gladly, slut.”

With that, the two attacked each other’s mouths and lips anew. Jane curled her hands into Laura’s blond hair, and their bodies flattened out as one. They rocked back and forth, seeking the best angle to drive their tongues deep into the other’s mouth. Their legs became entwined and their bodies began a slow tumble. First in one direction and then another, the rolling war of kisses and caresses continued. A couple minutes passed as the two kept at it, growing more passionate as they went. Their legs slithered like snakes, coiling around each other. As they did so, their skirts hiked further and further up their creamy thighs. Fingers darted along their naked skin, and traced lines up and down the lace and satin of their exposed panties.

Rolling one final time, they came to rest on their sides. Mashing their breasts together, the two gripped each other in a strong embrace. With her free hand, Jane ran her fingers across Laura’s satin underwear, creasing the shiny fabric and tugging it off her waist a little. As Laura responded in kind, Jane’s fingertips continued their journey until they tickled the blond’s inner thigh.

“Ungh, you dirty whore,” Laura groaned. Jane tried to calm her rapid breathing in order to reply, but the other girl’s next move cut that short. Laura’s hand dived straight to Jane’s pussy and poked at it through her thin lacy undergarment. Jane exhaled hard and heavy. Her cunt was wet, and she knew Laura could feel that through her panties. She tried to reach the other woman’s snatch, but found her arm too short. Moving it out from behind her opponent, she pushed the blond’s legs apart and renewed her stroking, this time right against her foe’s satin-bound cleft. It, too, was moist with the juices of arousal. Laura’s head swam from the brunette’s intimate assault. She brought her hand around, too, and used her knuckles to rub the length of Jane’s mound, slowly at first, then with increasing speed.

On and on the two masturbated each other furiously, spouting curses frequently. All pretense of acting unmoved by what they were experiencing was gone. Erotic moans erupted from their throats as their bodies writhed in the throes of desire. Both grew frustrated with teasing the other’s labia through the material protecting it, and pulled the swaths of clothing aside. Fingers probed hot, wet folds, eliciting higher and higher pitched cries from the two half-naked combatants.

All at once, Jane let out a long, tortured moan and Laura threw her head back and squealed several times. They felt warm liquid dribble onto their fingers, and knew exactly what they had just done to each other. The hot rush of orgasm rippled through them, and they lay there for a moment, lost in its sensation. Drawing their hands back from each other’s thighs, they sat up a slight distance apart. It was some time before either could speak.

“Gotcha,” Laura said at last, panting.

“Nuh uh,” Jane lied.

“Oh, you’re such a fucking…,” Laura shot back, consumed with rage. “You came like the whore that you are.”

“As if you would know what an orgasm was. That back there,” she huffed, “was just you finally doing something right while you were fumbling around. What I gave YOU was an orgasm. And you sounded just like a fat pig, too. Squee, squee!”

Laura set her mouth in a grim scowl. “Bring that ugly pussy over here, and I’ll make you squeal even louder.”

“Yeah, right.”

“I mean it. You lied about Ken, and you lied about me making you cum. You want something stronger, well I’ll give you something stronger than you can handle.”

Jane stared at Laura’s face. She had seldom seen her friend so serious. Her expression looked somewhat ridiculous to her. Here was Laura the bright, happy blond trying to act so tough. Jane felt in her gut that she was tougher. Laura’s resilience was annoying, and she wanted to shut the blond up for good.

“All right, then,” Jane said. “You think you can match my pussy, you go ahead and try.” Jane unzipped her skirt, and removed it along with her soaked panties. Now practically nude, she sat there, legs folded, waiting to see whether Laura would dare to copy her latest move.

She did. Her mind was set on knocking the brunette off of her high pedestal, no matter what it took. Undoing the zipper on her skirt, she slipped the last of her clothes off. Naked except for a pair of white cotton socks, she tossed her hair out of her eyes and gave her rival a challenging look. She could only guess what was to come next, and wasn’t sure if she felt scared, or thrilled.

Jane parted her knees and began scooting towards the blond. Laura put one of her legs over one of Jane’s, and the other one underneath Jane’s other leg. Their eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to the sight of each other’s bush. They watched as the two well-trimmed, furry triangles moved closer and closer together. The scent of female arousal wafted unmistakably through the air.

Raising their bare bottoms up off of the straw, the two young women pushed their wet crotches together. Sliding their labia back and forth, they strained to maintain their posture, but soon found they couldn’t. They settled their rear ends back onto the straw and commenced a fierce duel between their pussies. Smacking and grinding them again and again, they searched for the position that would give them the best advantage. Harder and harder their aroused cunts slammed as the arduous battle continued. Both of them knew what intercourse felt like, and as a result, the constant thrusting awakened a desire for being penetrated in both of them, spurring the two on to greater heights of lasciviousness. They lay prone upon their backs with their legs scissored, humping and gyrating their pelvises. Their breasts bounced and shook with the rhythm of their battle. Their eyes were closed, and their heads lolled from side to side as they each felt a second, inevitable orgasm building up. The barn resounded with the grunts and groans of females in intimate combat, and a heady odor, a mixture of sweat and sex, hung above the two schoolgirls.

Laura felt every nerve in her entire body come alive, and she teetered on the brink of ecstasy. She fought every instinct to give in, and raised herself up onto her elbows. Looking down, she saw Jane’s beautiful, glistening body fucking her with all its might. She felt their cunts work around in circles, sticky with feminine juices. Laura propped herself further and used the increased leverage to press on harder. After a few strong thrusts, Jane arched her back, and her mouth opened wide. For a second, nothing happened, and Laura kept banging away at the brunette’s slick pussy. Then, Jane gave a loud shout, and her body arched even further. Laura kept going, and Jane let out a series of exultant cries. During the last one, Jane’s body twisted suddenly, rotating her vulva briskly against Laura’s. That motion set off a crashing wave of pleasure in Laura’s body. The blond dropped back into the hay, and screamed uncontrollably as an orgasm took hold of her. When it was over, Laura felt Jane disentangle her legs. She rolled to one side, and sat up.

Jane was sitting about a meter away, her hands stuffed between her legs. She said nothing, and her breathing had a growling tone to it. Her eyes glowered at Laura, and burned with hatred. They took in everything about the blond — her disheveled hair with pieces of straw sticking in it, her flush face, her round, stiff-peaked breasts, her long, sleek legs, and, hidden in shadow now, the pussy that had pounded hers insatiably.

Laura regained her voice first. “So, Jane,” she asked, “is THAT enough proof?”

Jane’s breathing slowed, but became more forceful. “You cunt. You miserable cunt.” She got up on her knees facing the target of her anger. Laura rose up on her knees in the crackling hay, and leaned forward at her waist.

“I said, is that enough p-“. That was all Laura got out when Jane’s open hand smacked her across the face. Her head rocked to the side and stayed there for a few seconds before righting itself. The two naked schoolgirls squared off, each defiantly glaring at the other one. Laura swung her hand up and caught Jane solidly across the cheek. The slap rung in the still air, and knocked Jane’s head sideways. The brunette returned to her previous pose, not bothering to fix the strands of hair that clung to the sweat on her face. After a short pause, she lifted her hand and hit Laura back. Again and again, the two hellcats took turns trading vicious slaps in a slow, measured barrage. Pain arced through their faces, and their cheeks bloomed bright red from the force of the impacts. Tears welled at the corners of their eyes, and both knew that they wouldn’t be able to stand much more of this. Each blow echoed off the empty walls as palms collided with bare skin.

It was Jane who exploded first. Laura paused a little longer than usual before delivering her next slap, trying to get her classmate to flinch. Incensed, Jane hit immediately after Laura did, but aimed at the blond’s unprotected boobs. Laura yelped in surprise, and raced to cover her tender globes. Jane tore Laura’s arms away and roughly grabbed two handfuls of the girl’s supple feminine flesh. Groaning in agony, Laura tried to remove the brunette’s fingers, but to no avail. Seizing the most obvious opportunity, she reached under Jane’s arms and latched onto the other girl’s tits. She pinched and twisted Jane’s nipples, making her howl like a wounded animal. The two girls pushed apart and rocked back onto the balls of their feet.

Blinded with rage, the two females immediately slammed together in a ferocious bear hug. Their nude bodies froze in place for a moment as they both tried their best to squeeze the other into submission. Then, their footing slipped and they fell into the straw once again. Remaining welded together, their bodies began a wild tumbling that ranged from one end of the barn to the other. Each girl pounced on her foe, but was soon wrestled off. Neither could retain the upper position for long, and both became more and more frustrated as the rolling battle went on. Struggling face-to-face, breast-to-breast, and hip-to-hip with their legs grapevined, the two hurled curse after curse as their bodies grappled and writhed. Every bad thought that had built up over their many years of growing up together came rushing out. They screamed in each other’s ears, remembering every time one had been chosen over the other, or one received praise and attention but the other none.

The coiled mass of the two sexy, nude eighteen year-olds finally stopped its chaotic motion when it bumped into one of the walls of the barn. Laura ended up on her back, and Jane took the opportunity to climb atop her. Laura wrapped her legs around Jane’s midsection and tried to roll her off. Jane resisted, and incidentally pressed her pubic mound right into the blond’s. Laura inhaled sharply, and the pair gave each other desirous stares through half-open eyelids. Jane thrust her womanhood onto Laura’s again, and Laura grabbed Jane’s head with both hands and drew her down for a longing kiss. Their hips began to buck, forcing their intimate regions into sensual contact. A minute went by, and then two. The moans and cries grew in size and intensity as the two schoolmates knocked their pussies together again and again.

Suddenly, Jane stopped, and so did Laura. Their lungs were on fire, and their pulse was out of control. Exhaustion was beginning to set in for both of them, and each one had come to a startling revelation. Laura tenderly put one hand on Jane’s swaying tits. She saw in Jane’s eyes a pleading look. Pushing the brunette onto her back, she straddled her friend and gave her a deep, powerful kiss. It lasted nearly a minute, and Jane put up no resistance to it at all. When Laura was done, Jane rolled her over and planted a strong, loving kiss on her lips in return. Slowly now, the two alternated laying the other down and delivering smoldering lip locks to her. These kisses weren’t like the ones they had shared earlier. The desire to seduce had been replaced by the desire to be seduced. Each one now told the other woman how well she had driven her rival crazy through the unmistakable honesty of their kisses.

Laura, on top after the last passionate smooch, paused to catch her breath. She lay her naked, sweaty body down upon Jane’s, and embraced her, cheek to cheek. She sighed and gave Jane’s neck a nuzzle.

“You’re not going to stop now, are you?” Jane asked.

Laura exhaled sweetly. “I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to.”

She reared her torso up with her arms, and wiggled her hips gently from side to side. Jane parted her legs, inviting Laura into her most intimate region, and delicately cupped the blond’s pendulous breasts. Their pelvic mounds rubbed together in a circular motion, and the two closed their eyes in order to better enjoy the warm sensation emanating from their groins. Their labia opened up, exposing the fleshy hoods that guarded their clits. The two girls resumed moaning as they felt their sex prods stiffen erect and brush against the walls of the other’s pussy. All at once, their clitorises touched, sending lightning bolts of pleasure shooting through their spines. Panting faster, they held themselves in that position, working their sensitive rods up and down against each other. It wasn’t long before both were out of their minds from the intense feelings speeding through the two of them. On and on they fucked each other, feeling their feminine juices lubricating their feverishly hot cunts. At the point where neither could hold themselves back, they opened their eyes simultaneously. Each young woman gazed at the person who had given her more pleasure than she ever thought possible. Suddenly, powerful orgasms shook them both with wild abandon. Each cummed again and again, shuddering and shrieking with primal ecstasy.

They lay there, bathed in the fading light of the afternoon sun, and aglow with sweat and pleasant emotions. Several minutes passed before either could bear to untangle her naked body from the other’s. Laura finally did so, and collapsed next to her classmate. They drifted in private thought for a minute, staring at the ceiling. Then, Jane spoke.

“Y’know,” she said. “I don’t want Ken. I want you.”

Laura laughed, and then sighed. “Who needs him?”

When the two retraced their path across the open field and headed for home, they walked together — no longer any distance apart.

The End

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