Ros – Part 6 by REDACTED

A Comment on Age

All characters in this story are 18 years or older, despite their ages in the original fiction.

            It was a week before Ros was strong enough to leave her bed. Her body was strengthening again but her heart and her mind only seemed to continue in a downward spiral as the images of Lady Dustin’s victory over her played over and over in her mind.

She took half of my nipple…

That was the thing that kept coming back to her. How the bitch’s teeth snapped down and pulled, tearing her pink nub off of her chest. She had managed to get plenty of chunks of the cunt’s flesh herself, but for some reason she had been unable to chalk it up to what Lady Dustin had done to her.

Humiliated her in front of Baelish…that’s what she had done. All of her hard work…all of her sucking up and all the times she had kept her nose clean when dealing with Allyria…all of it was for nothing. She would be out of bed soon and then her life would go back to the way it was before she had gotten her hold on Baelish.

You’re deluding yourself. You never had anything in him. He played you like a fucking fiddle.

With this cursed knowledge, she let herself heal up for another few days and then rejoined the rest of her sisters. When they saw her, their lips vanished behind their hands and the ears of their neighbors. The halls were filled with whispers and giggles.

She had expected that. But what she hadn’t expected was the louder sound that engulfed them.


Perhaps that wasn’t quite right. Yes there were the familiar sounds of the old lords getting their daily milking, but no music…no orgies paid for by young lords. The heart of the brothel was almost still.

And Ros knew why.

“The young wolf,” Ettie said, studying her cleavage before she went down to the main hall for selection. “He’s got the King on edge. All of the young lords are off to war.”

“War.” Ros said. She wasn’t questioning it nor was she really sure what was happening. The entire world seemed to have been turned upside down. Once the war was over, she would be the property of her most hated rival and that was all she could really think about.

Allyria walked by, stopped, and looked at her.

Well, maybe that title is tied…

Allyria looked her up and down with a vicious smile. Ros knew what it was the woman was thinking and was not in the mood for it.

“Fuck off, Dornish, whore.” Ros said. Ettie giggled and walked on down to the main hall, leaving the two alone.

“You look rough,” Allyria said. “I’m surprised you haven’t been tossed out with the trash.”

“I am not in the mood, bitch.” Ros said. She tried to side step the brown skinned beauty but she stepped in the way. The fire that would have normally boiled Ros’s blood was small and apathetic. She was lost in her mind and Allyria was going to have to try harder if she wanted to pick a fight with Ros today.

But for Allyria, that wasn’t really a problem.

“I heard you got mauled,” she whispered, pressing her full, perky breasts against Ros’s. Ros hissed as Allyria’s sharp nipple pressed against her ruined one. Then she slammed her chest back, feeling that flame strengthen.

The fucking bitch…just for once, couldn’t she let it go? Was she incapable of letting her be for just one fucking day?

“Come on, you fucking northern cunt…think you can still beat me after having Lady Dustin spoil your good looks?”

Ros’s eyes flared and she shot a hand out, grabbing hold of Allyria’s throat. The Dornish whore smiled in spite of the surprise attack. She didn’t fight back. She simply grabbed Ros’s wrist and pulled at it.

“Oh thank the seven…” she hissed. “I was worried the Lady had taken the fight out of you.”

“How did you know?” Ros asked. “Tell me how.”

“I snuck into your room, bitch…I could hear you moaning…crying out…you begged her to stop…over and over again. Just like you’re going to fucking beg me—”

Ros pulled her away form the wall and shoved her down the hall. The fire that Lady Dustin had staunched was now burning hotter than ever before. Ros looked down at the Dornish bitch with hate in her eyes and a pang of desperation in her heart.

If she wasn’t careful, she would mar her. If she did that, she would have to kill her. And the cunt wouldn’t go down without taking her with her. She needed to breathe. She needed to get herself under control before she got herself killed.

“Meet me in the fucking cellar tonight, slut.” Ros said. “I’ll fucking show you who will beg.”

Allyria thrust a leg forward and spat at Ros. Her foot just missed Ros’s knee.

“I’ll fucking mash my cunt into your face so hard you will wish you were dead, you fucking cow…”

“Bring it. I’ve survived worse than you. I’ll wear your fucking pussy out, you ugly, pig.”

Ros turned and stomped down the hall and up the stairs to her room. A simple glance over the balcony and into the main room let her know that the other girls didn’t need to compete with her  over the small population of men lingering in the doorway. Instead, she retreated to her room and rested through the day, all the while preparing herself for another night of battles of attrition. It was the last thing she wanted to do, but there was just no helping it. She would have to get the bitch off of her back if she wanted to figure out a way to make Baelish change his mind. Perhaps she could try seducing him again.

Maybe I’ll have to kill him.

That idea was sure to get her killed. If she approached him with even the slightest thought of that in her mind he would toss her into the pit or worse. He would know…Baelish always knew. No, the only way to keep herself out of Lady Dustin’s clutches would be to convince Baelish he needed her more than anyone else in his little game. That she was the most important piece.

She woke to the light of the setting sun and made her way down to the cellar. On her way there, she passed others of her sisterhood. They looked at her with giddy venom in their eyes. Clearly Allyria had gotten to them already.

“What?” Ros shouted, making a few of them jump. “ What the fuck are you looking at?”

They didn’t respond. They simply kept walking as she made her way to the cellar stairs. She brought a torch with her and slowly made her way down the stairs into the main cellar.

They wouldn’t fight here. This cellar was too public…too easy to be discovered. No, they would go in to the sub cellars and fight there. It was darker in there and hardly anyone went back there. It was where they kept the spare beds and old sheets and blankets and most of those were ruined anyway as it was the room with direct access to the sewers. The smell that wafted out of the slough was foul, and while that meant they would have no interruption, it also meant that they would be covered in that foul sell of dumped shit and cum for a few days.

Allyria would be used to that smell, Ros thought, simply looking for a way to be spiteful to the cow. In truth, now that she had rested more, she was back to worrying about the state of her future and that was why when she entered the sub cellar, she didn’t notice Allyria standing in the dark corner, watching like a cobra waiting to strike.

Ros put her torch in the sconce on the wall and began to pace around the room. The smell in the sewers was more ripe today than usual and she half hoped the stupid bich had forgotten about their match.

But then as she began to walk toward a pile of bed curtains, something plowed into her from behind and slammed her down face first into fabric.

“Fucking got you, bitch,” Allyria said as she pressed Ros’s head down into the material and began to toss the bottom of her silk finery over her ass, exposing it to the cold air. She pulled back a hand and slapped Ros’s rear hard and then began to force two fingers up her ass. “Fucking beg me to stop you red headed cunt. Fucking beg!”

Ros felt the fingers enter her ass and began to buck, trying to get the fucking whore off of her. She managed to deliver a kick to her stomach and knocked her backward. Her fingers popped out of Ros’s ass and Ros heard her stumble and trip over a sack of pillow down. Ros turned and lept on top of her, burying her fingers in her long black hair. The two began to roll around on the ground, pulling hair and cursing, holding back the urge to rake each other across the face. Ros had managed to avoid being rendered useless by Lady Dustin’s nails—probably on request of Baelish, now that it came to her—and was still useful to those who wanted her. But if either of them became clumsy now…

“You missed me, didn’t you you fucking cunt?” Ros asked as she took hold of Allyria’s right breast in her hand and squeezed. She began to nibble her earlobe as Allyria answered, her response broken by moaning sounds.

“I’ve wanted to…oooooh….fuck you into submission fo–for a long time, bitch…It looks like you just never fucking learn your lesson.”

“You think you can fucking teach me anything, bitch? Try me.”

“You red headed fuck…”

“You Dornish cunt.”

Ros realized, as they slammed into a wall and began to finger one another, just how much her body needed to beat Allyria.After being deprived of this for a week, she felt that there was no better feeling than making this fucking whore…the bane of her existence…suffer a defeat at her hands.

But as their fight went on and they began to climax multiple times in a row, a strange thing began to happen. Normally their grips on one another grew weaker. This time however, they grew tighter. Ros had stripped Allyria of her shift easy enough, but was using the torn collar to strangle her into submission. And as for Allyria, she was refusing to let go of Ros’s hair. She would pull Ros back against her with every attack and climax. Soon, they were simply rolling in a ball, no longer fucking each other but hate fucking beyond their regular bouts.

Something was very different.

“I’ll fuck you to death you ugly bitch,” Allyria threatened. “I’ll make you cum so hard you fucking burn out like a light.”She was slamming her pussy against Ros’s so hard that Ros half thought she might actually be able to do it. Never before had she been scissored so hard. So she slammed back, her hand twisted in the brown cow’s hair, her other hand supporting her on the ground. In order to gain the advantage, Ros decided to pry at Allyria’s ming and ego.

“I fucked him, you know.”
            “Bullshit,” Allyria spat, “He would never take a northern pig like you.”

“You’re wrong, bitch…” Ros cooed as she felt her climax mounting again. She could tell just by looking at Allyria that hers was on the way as well. “He loves redheads. I know so…he fucking told me just before he ate me out.”

“Shut up!” Allyria shouted.

“He moaned my name as I rode his fucking cock. I fought Dustin for him and fucking won…she may have taken my nipple, but I took her man!”

“Fuck you! You fucking liar!” Allyria shouted, slamming her cunt into Ros harder and harder. “Shut up and fuck me!”

“HE FUCKING LOVED IT AND HE WANTS ME TO BE HIS NUMBER ONE!” Ros shouted, feeling her hand wanting to rake out Allyria’s eyes…pull out her tongue…the smell in the sub cellar was getting to her and now her urge to kill was getting—

Allyria slapped her.

Her nail caught on Ros’s lip.

And split it from point to cheek.

It wasn’t a terrible wound. It might not even scar. But it bled. And as both women looked at Ros’s blood in the dying light of the torch, understanding dawned on them and when they looked into each other’s eyes they knew the game had changed.

In fact,the game was over.

Now it was war.

 “You…fucking…bitch…” Ros hissed.

“Come on…” Allyria whispered. “Come on, cunt.”

Ros roared and drove a fist into Allyria’s face. The feeling of her fist connecting with her rival’s cheek was such a sweet release that she came right after the explosive connection. Allyria’s eyes watered and it looked as if her entire world had been shaken.

Not once had they been allowed to punch, kick, claw, or bite each other with any real force.But the war has opened the floodgates and now it seemed there was no going back.

Allyria roared back, grabbed Ros by the hair, and slammed a fist into her face, causing them to roll backward into the boxes and sacks. One sack split open and millions of goose feathers exploded around them, clinging to their sweaty bodies.

Allyria began to throttle Ros, looking down at her in the dying light of the torch with eyes of fury and her teeth barred. Spit bubbled between her teeth as all of her rage and hatred finally came to a head.

Ros plunged her hands upward and grabbed Allyria’s breasts, sinking her nails into them for the first time, biting into the perfect copper skin. Allyria howled in pain but continued to choke Ros, fully intent on either killing her or making her pass out.

Ros twisted the breasts back and forth and knew that it wouldn’t save her. She released the breasts and grabbed hold of Allyria’s ears. She jerked downward with all of her might and felt a nasty, sickening give in the left ear.

Allyria howled and released Ros, cupping her hand to her ear. Ros scrambled up to her feet and looked at her opponent.

“Stay the fuck away, bitch…It’s done. Fucking leave and don’t come back.”

“Eat shit, you fucking Northern whore.” Allyria moaned as she pressed her left ear to her head. “You’re fucking dead. Fucking dead!”

Allyria pounced and knocked Ros into the rusted iron gate leading down to the sewer. Allyria pinned Ros’s face against it, leaned in and bit into her cheek. Ros screamed and managed to get the cow off of her by kneeing her in the cunt. Ros wrapped an arm around Allyria and began choking her. All the while Allyria, her back against Ros’s breasts, pulled and tugged at her red hair and drove her heels into Ros’s toes.

Ros slammed her into the wall face first once, twice, three times, but still the wild Dornish whore continued to struggle.and gnash her teeth like a wild animal. Ros pressed herself against the bitch, her breasts flattening across her wet, feather covered back, her mouth pressed against her ear.

“Last fucking chance… Fucking leave now or I swear I will—”

“EAT SHIT!” Allyria shouted. She slammed the back of her head into Ros’ face and ros felt a fire light up behind her eyes. She couldn’t see anything but bright lights behind her eyes and that meant she was in real fucking danger.

She heard the sound of wood on metal. Then the swoosh of a lit torch. She pulled back at the last second as the dying torch only just grazed her skin. But when she pulled back, her foot found a dip in the floor and suddenly she was sliding downward.

The sewer slough!

She reached out and grabbed where Allyira might be. Her hands grabbed hold of the woman’s breasts and pulled her down with her. The torch fell to the floor and the two began to slide down the dark, cramped tunnel.

The slough was filled with the remains of old excrement, piss, and cum that had been dumped down there over the years. The gate where they had just been was so badly rusted that it hadn’t opened in over ten years. All of this was pushed to the back of Ros’s mind as she and Allyria’s once perfect bodies slowly rolled and jammed up in the slough.

“You cock sucking piece of shit!” Ros shouted. “I’ll fuck your corpse. I’ll rip every fucking piece of skin off of your body.”

“Useless pig! I’ll rip your fucking eyes out and shove them up your cunt. I’ll fucking tear your red hair out of your skull and make you eat it!”

By the time their bodies reached the bottom of the slough, they were covered in the most foul filth they could imagine. But when they fell out into the main sewer, the stench that wafted over them filled them with the urge to vomit.

But their hatred was far stronger than their disgust.

Hands covered in the filth of Kings Landing, they grabbed each others faces and tore at their bodies as they rolled along the over flowed walkway in the pitch dark of the sewer.

Ros knew that no matter how badly she wanted to pull away form the Dornish bitch, she risked losing track of her. Down here in the sewer, they were blind and no matter how painful it was for the Dornish cunt to bite into her breast with her filth covered teeth, if she let her go now, there was a good chance she would find her in the dark and throw her into the sewage trench where she would drown in the fucking city.

Allyria had released her breast and was now actually shoving her disgusting fingers inside of Ros’s cunt. Ros held back the urge to retch and hooked two fingers inside of her mouth and began to pull. Allyria bit at her fingers, tearing the skin from them a bit more as she chomped down.

Ros used her other hand to pull Allyria’s head back by her hair. She wanted to rip the cunt’s cheek in half…she wanted to fucking gut her with her nails and feed her to the fucking creatures that lived in the thick, churning waters.

“Fucking like that, you ugly whore?” Allyria shouted as she fingered Ros even deeper, her other hand tearing at Ros’s already mutilated breast. Her mouth was full of Ros’s fingers, blood, and the filth of the brothel, but she acted almost like they were still pounding cunt upstairs. The bitch might have lost her fucking mind down here.

How much longer till I go that way?
They fought on and on, never letting the other out of their grasp. For all Ros knew they could have rolled across half of the city. But it was hard to tell as at some point in their fight they had taken to bashing each other’s heads against the flagstones under the shallow sewage.

She had dashed Allyria’s head so hard that for a few moment’s part of Ros was sure that she was dead. But Ros’s body didn’t seem to want to follow her brains commands. She began to grind her pussy in the swollen, filth covered face of her rival, getting herself off as if they were back on the rooftop of the brothel. She could feel the cold breeze…see the stars in the sky…feel Allyria’s tongue work her to climax.

But when Allyria bit into her clit hard enough to nearly sever it, Ros awoke from that dream and forced her thumbs down onto the whore’s eyes. Ros tried to scream but it seemed that her throat no longer worked. She had known that a while ago but had forgotten. In fact, it seemed that she and Allyria had both agreed that instead of yelling in the dark with their ruined throats they would simply bite one another.

Ros pulled away from the violating mouth, flipped around, and sank her own teeth into the Dornish pussy, ripping at hair, flesh and filth. She had started to think less of herself as a human being and more of an animal. He stomach was growling. Her body was tired, hungry, and thirsty and part of her animal mind wondered, as Allyria’s already had it seemed, if she could devour her foe and take her energy for sustenance.

Allyria tried to split Ros’s ass apart with her fingers. Ros poised her fingers before Allyria’s cunt and used her other hand to drive it in like a wedge with a hammer. Allyria bit a hole in Ros’s right ass cheek. Ros partially scalped Allyria’s cunt. All of this and more was what they imagined doing, unable to see or hear or speak, their minds raced with the violent images of mutilation and carnage.

At some point, Ros had wrapped Allyria’s head between her legs and was squeezing hard enough to shatter a rock. But the Dornish cunt’s head wasn’t giving. She reached back to use the wall for leverage and found that her hand landed on a stair.

Allyria’s fingers must had raked her legs down to the muscle or even the bone by the time she decided to start pulling herself up the stairs, Allyria’s head still caught in the ruined scissors that were her legs.

Climb…climb…fucking climb.

Allyria freed herself from Ros’ legs and began to climb up her body as she backed up the stairs, She buried her face in her breasts and began to bite them, tear at them, rip at them. Ros drove her elbow down into Allyria’s face and skull, guttural sounds coming out of her throat. She refused to stop climbing. She might fucking die with the bitch on top of her, but she refused to stop climbing.

Allyria continued to climb up her body and every time she did, Ros would bash her back down. But once, when she beat her down, Allyria managed to pull her all the way back down to the sewer again. That was when the black before Ros’s eyes went red. She roared, filling her ruined throat with blood and agony, bent down, and bit into something hard and gristly. She heard hoarse cries from Allyria and felt the burning pain of claws across her eyes and toes in her cunt, but she bit down harder and harder until she was able to pull away and spit something out of her mouth.

Then she drove fist after fist into the pulp of the wound she had created and rubbed filth in it until her opponent stopped attacking her.

For the first time in the gods knew how long, the fight had stopped.

Ros mechanically felt her way back to the stairs in the dark and pulled herself up. She could smell something cleaner…something so pure it made her retch and vomit. But when she reached the top and wrapped her arms around rusted iron bars, she felt her mind begin to break.

She would have gone mad right then and there had Allyria not lept on her back and started to grind her ass with her cunt as she banged her head into the bars. Ros reached behind, grabbed what felt like matted, greasy hair, and pulled it backward as she rolled over, her forehead bleeding into her eyes.

Bitch…fucking bitch…

She mouthed the words as she rolled on top of the Dornish cow. Her breasts were being pulled to either side of her and mashed down onto the stairs. She growled and began pounding her ass onto Allyria’s cunt while she slammed her head down onto the edge of the stone step.

After the third time, Allyria stopped tearing at her breasts.

Ros flipped herself over and began to kiss her, forcing her tongue into the hole that was her mouth and pressing her breasts against hers. She slid her pussy against hers and felt a climax begin to build inside of her. Allyria’s mouth was wet and her fingers seemed to be trying to caress Ros’s face. Ros nipped at them with her teeth and pinned the wrists down.

Both of them were convulsing, teeth chattering, and hands trembling as Ros slammed down one final time and brought herself to climax. And once that happened, the darkness took her and the fire inside of her went dark.

            Somewhere, the sound of sucking.

            Somewhere, the taste of fresh air.

            Somewhere, the feeling of wet on her face.

            Ros opened her eyes and saw a familiar face above her.


            The cocky blonde who had been brained and reduced to a sucking, slobbering idiot was pulling her along the sub cellar floor.

            “Seven above…” another voice said in the dimly lit room. “What did she do to her?”

            “Her face…” another voice said. “Oh holy mother…her face. She’s a red headed devil to do something like that.”

            “They both were…” the other voice said. “Gods…her nose.. And her cunny…”

            Ros’s head lulled to one side and in the light of the torch she could see two of her sisters looking over the body of Allyria. She could see Allyria’s toe twitching and her breasts—or what was left of them—rising and falling.

            “Terra found them behind the gate…” the first voice said. “Missing for four days and this is what they did to each other… this war will kill us all.”

            Four days…

            Ros couldn’t believe it. She and Allyria had fought for four days straight.

            It had seemed so much longer and so much faster all at once.

            She knew this would spell her doom. She knew that this fight had been her last and that no matter how high she had climbed before, her journey would end in this sub cellar. I had been worth it though…it had been worth ruining the Dornish cunt…

            Terra was still dragging her, making sucking sounds with her mouth, her one lazy eye drifting to the side.

            “Careful with her,” one of the other girls said. “Baelish wants her taken care of. See that she gets to bed and has some milk of the poppy.”

            Oh my, Ros thought. Maybe I will live through this after all.

            After healing for half a month, she was pulled from her bed by Terra.

            “Stop it…what the hell do you think you are doing you—”

            “ Spider.” Terra said. “Spider…”

            Ros was shocked that the woman was still capable of speech. And even more surprised at the way her eyes seemed to warn her to remain silent and not to draw attention.

            Ros began to walk with her allowing her feet to begin to work again. Feeling that something very important was going to happen. Her time at the brothel, under Baelish was very likely going to come to an end. But this strange occurance seemed like a very interesting opportunity.

            But when Terra brought her back down into the cellars, she began to panic. The dark room was still filled with the stench of blood and shit. The scent of the Dornish whore…

             Terra persisted.


             “ What the hell are you talking about. What damn spider? You want me to kill a spider?”

              “I certainly hope not.” Came a sugary voice from the corner of the sub cellar. Ros jumped and Terra let her go.

               In the corner stood a man wearing lilac robes and a hood over a plump, bald head.

               “The Spider?”

               “My little bird speaks the truth. And I think that is the best name to call me at this stage, my dear. Are you recovering from your…altercation?”

               “ I am.” Ros said.

               “Very good. But the question is will you keep climbing the ladder or will you fall in line like the others in your…profession?

               Ros didn’t speak. She simply stared at the man. She didn’t feel the need to speak. She knew this man could read her just fine.

                He shrugged.

               “ For some, it is not so obvious,” The Spider sighed. “But I think you stand a good chance at living. And before I ask you to be my mouth in this brothel, I need to know you want to survive.”

                “You need a mouth?”

                “ I have eyes,” he said, indicating Terra. She smiled, some drool falling from her lips. “ But, I need a slightly more articulate mouth. Someone to influence the way thing work around here.”

                 “You think I could do anything to influence Baelish? I’ve marred a companion…he will have me on the street on less than–”

                 “ He is going to make you his right hand.” The Spider said. Ros didn’t believe him, and he must have seen it because he smiled at her. “ He would be a fool to throw such a brilliant and strong woman away…and Littlefinger is no fool. And you are no fool. If you want to survive, my dear, I entreat you to help me keep an eye on the affairs of this place. In exchange, I can insure that you will not be given into the service of Lady Dustin.  Lord Baelish is a crafty man with many fingers in many pies, but—”

                 “I’ll do it.” Ros said. It didn’t take another word from the man to convince her. She was born to climb, and this man was offering her the next, big step.

                  “ This is a very dangerous game, child. It would be foolish to accept believing anything else…”

                  “ I’ll do it.” She said again. And this time The Spider looked impressed. “What do I need to do?”

                  “When I need you, you will know. Until then, keep your eyes open, and wait for me.”

                  And with that, he stepped into the shadows and was gone.

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