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Sara and the Timberyard by Johannesdk

Sara and the Timberyard by Johannesdk Story

Demonstrating great skill and caution, Sara steered her little tugboat into one of the tributaries of the great Mississippi river. It was late in the afternoon and the heat and humidity was suffocating, a fact that seemed not to bother the birds hidden among the trees growing all the way down to the bank. The feathered creatures screamed and whistled so loud that it could be heard inside the wheelhouse.

The heat had been palpable already as she passed New Orleans northbound, so all sidescuttles and the door had been kept open, but it didn’t make much difference. Sara was out of her usual waters, but business had been too slow for too long, so when her agent called and offered a job as breaking-tugboat when a large barge, loaded with expensive mahogany timber, had to be hauled down into the Mississippi, she had somewhat reluctantly accepted the offer. That is why she now was steering upstream into the tributary and her entire body was covered in sweat due to the unfamiliar heat.

Nonetheless was Sara an impressive sight, as she stood by the steering wheel, only dressed in cut-off denim shorts and a thin checkered shirt with sleeves cut-off, showing her muscular upper arms as well as her armpits. The muscular brown thighs and legs was visible from right where her protruding buttocks ended and right down to her naked feet, solidly placed on the deck. Her curly blonde hair had been cut totally short for this trip, but was anyhow drenched with sweat and plastered to her head. The shirt had large wet spots under her armpits and around her breasts was large protruding wet spots.

Her agent had told that the timberyard “Ireland and Clark” had encountered engine problems with their smaller tugboat, but had a major customer needing an urgent delivery, so they had decided to call in outside help.

When Saras GPS indicated that the timberyard should be just around the curve showing up ahead, she lowered the speed further, then noticed that the forrest opened up on her starboard side, giving free sight, over wooden stumps and scrubs, to a rather large cabin a few hundred yards away. She immediately put her gear into neutral, stopped the propeller, grabbed her binoculars and checked out the area. Satisfied she observed a large sign on the of top of the cabin reading “Ireland and Clark”. Turning her binoculars a little to the left she noticed two people who seemed to perform a sort of dance.

Surprised, she fine-adjusted the focus and could see that the two persons had each other in a bear-hug and looked like they were engaged in a wrestling match. Due to the distance, it wasn’t possible to decide whether it was men or women, only that they were dressed in cut-off jeans, had short hair and naked muscular upper bodies.

Sara was bi-sexual, although she, since her encounter in a bar, with an equally oriented and strong female tugboat captain, had mainly been engaged with women, yet she felt a certain arousal by the sight of two half-naked persons engaged in a close wrestling match. As she put down her binoculars and put the gear into forward, she felt again a lust for satisfying her own needs for physical challenge and body-to-body confrontation.

As the tugboat approached the curve, the forest again closed any free sight. As required by regulations for traveling on the river, Sara used her foghorn, while she carefully maneuvered through the relatively sharp riverbend. Out of the bend, the river straightened out and slowly the timber cabin came into sight again. At the riverside, maybe 50 yards form the cabin, was a large wooden quay, and moored to that was a large barge filled with hundreds of large logs.

The wrestlers were nowhere to be seen, but a person dressed in a sleeveless checkered shirt and short cut-off jeans waved at her. Kristiana used the binoculars once again and noticed it was a woman, a stocky build suntanned woman with very short black hair. As the captain realised it probably was one of the wrestlers, a wave of excitement swept through her body, her nipples stiffened and a bit of moisture formed around her labia.

Then stocky built woman ran down to the quay, as she shouted: “Ahoy there!” and signalled with her arm where she wanted the tugboat to dock. Sarah executed the maneuver concentrated, docked gently alongside the quay, switched off the engine, ran out of the steering house and to the railing, where she throwed two strong ropes down to the woman standing on the quay. She grabbed the ropes skilfully and attached them to two pulling rods.

Sara had in the meanwhile time to watch the woman and what she saw, made her heart beat faster because the shirt was buttoned awry, like being done in a hurry. But that was not all, the shirt was cut off at the shoulders and revealed a set of powerful shoulders and muscular arms. Her jeans was cut so short that the suntanned, powerful legs were exposed from right under the buttocks. Her feets were hidden i short robust working boots. The face was pretty but partly covered by a mixture of dirt and sweat. Actually there were dirt and sweat on her arms and legs. Where her breasts made bumps on the shirt, large wet spots glued it to her skin.

While Sara was hungrily ogling the other woman, she suddenly got a strange feeling that she was on board another ship, an old kind, with rowers on benches. After a second, the strange feeling disappeared. Confused she focused again on the woman at the quay, who now had completed fastening the ropes. The woman straightened up and shouted: “Hi, I’m Kathy, one of the owners of this timberyard. You’ve no idea of how happy we are to see you, come ashore!”.

Sara pulled herself together, let the gang bridge slide down upon the quayside, and with lithe strides she walked down against Kathy, who became openly surprised when she could see that the tugboat captain was a woman. An obviously strong and solid built woman. With a smirk Sara reached out her hand and gave Kathy a solid handshake.

The women kept the handshake longer than required by common politeness and both were pleasantly surprised by the power of the the other woman and soon the handshake turned into a squeezing match, while the locked each other eyes. Sara felt how her nipples started to stiffen and her labia moistened by the feeling of the strength in Kathy’s grip. As she let her eyes roam over Kathy’s upper body, she noticed how the bumps grew over Kathy’s full breasts.

As somebody approaching from behind the cabin, both women leg go of each others hands. Kathy smiled, turned and shouted: “Come here Terry, come and greet our captain!” Sara turned also and was surprised once more, because the person walking towards them, was a woman. A woman a bit younger than Kathy but also stocky build and dressed in a similar way, short-short cut-off jeans showing off long tanned muscular legs. On the upper body, she was wearing a suspiciously clean black tank-top, which was in contrast to her short and bright but sweaty messed hair. Face, arms and legs were sweaty and dirty like someone who has worked hard physically.

“My goodness, yet another alfa-female, but they are my customers, so I’ve to avoid messing myself into something!” thought Sara while she offered her hand to Terry, who with a light smirk, took it and squeezed hard, while she hardly bothered to hide the way she ogled the captains sweaty brown body.

After the welcome greetings were over, Sara noticed the smirks exchanged between Kathy and Terry, but the general mood soon became more business-oriented, when Kath explained: “Our second tugboat has an engine problem, but we have an urgent delivery to and important customer, so please join us a the cabin, where we’ll show you our destination on the map!”

Sara had managed the get her heartbeat a bit down, but the moisture in her cunt wouldn’t go away, so while she followed the to muscular woman up to the cabin, she worried silently: “I certainly don’t hope a wet spot will show on the front of my shorts!” They entered through a small hallway and into a larger room with a huge table in the center, where a map over the Mississippi lay folded out.

At the rear of the room was a door and Sara noticed a corner of a bed: “this must be the bedroom, I’m darn sure they have only one bed!” she thought.

“Come and look, let’s show you the route down the river we need to take the next day!” said Kathy, as she together with Terry went to the table and waved to Sara to join. The latter had to stand close, very close, to Kathy, to be able to bend over the table and study the map. Sara could feel the heat radiating from Kathy’s body, causing Sara’s nipples to harden and a small stream of cunt juice to loosen and slide out and be sucked up by the shorts. “Oh boy, I really hope they can’t smell how horny I am!” she thought. But her nipples just stiffed even more, when Terry moved around her and stood so close against her at the other side, that their naked, and muscular upper arms touched.

That was almost too much for the captain, who could feel how another small stream of cunt juice leaked out of her wet pussy, and she could have sworn that both Kathy and Terry pushed themselves against her, but then, not more than was natural when they all bended over the table and the map and discussed current conditions and difficult passages on the route

As it became clear that the conditions on the river would make maneuvering difficult, the captain was forced to not to become too distracted be the two sexy alpha females, who was squeezing her from both sides. The fact that she was certain, that besides a nice sweaty odor from everybody, she could smell a weak musky odor of her own cunt juices, and even worse: she became increasingly aware that the two other women were emitting a similar musky odor. “It’s too goddamn much, if these two bitches stands squeezed against me, while their pussies are wet!” she thought in a moment’s pause from the planning.

After a while however, Sara managed to concentrate fully on the task, and after a couple of hours the entire route had been worked over and plans set for all complicated passages. Kathy looked glad on the captain: “I feel very confident now, and I’ve to tell you, we both are happy for that you are so obviously skilled and experienced!”.

As they folded the map together, she continued: “Why don’t you dinner with us tonight, we’ve plenty of time, since the tides makes it impossible to take of the next 24 hours?”

“Oh yes, thank you very much, of course I’ll love to!” replied Kristiana although she couldn’t help consider if anything was going to happen during the evening. Still she was reluctant to mess around with customers.

The meal was delicious, fried alligator meat and plenty of the local wine, made the atmosphere relaxed, so much that Sara facing her customers across the table, had to watch how Kathy and Terry ever so often caressed he others shoulder or muscular arm or pushed each other with the shoulders or body, while they hardly hided how they giggled while looking at the captain, who also had become a bit intoxicated, but she was sure there wasn’t given any invitation to carry the situation into something real physical. So in the end Sara just smiled back.

As the evening turned into night, Sara felt a bit of disappointment over just having to watch her customers giggling and pushing each other, so she got up from the table, thanked for the meal and the wine, and prepared to leave. Kathy and Terry was sitting close, each with an arm around the others shoulder, also got up, so they walking close together could escort their guest to the door.

Outside a bright moon shine and it was steaming hot and humid as it’s common around the Mississippi river late at night. Sara only had to walk about 40 yards from the cabin and down to her boat. She opened the door to the ship’s cabin, but as humid heat from the inside hit her in the face like a wet cloth, she just entered quickly, pulled the mattress out from the bunk and placed it on the deck.

Outside she pulled her tank top off and her shorts down, then also her drenched panties, standing totally nude. As she let her hands slide down over her sweaty body, the strong moonlight shined sensually upon it. Slowly she lay down on the mattress, which soon became wet on the surface and glued to her body. Looking up on the full moon, she considered: “I’ve really no idea what these two bitches were up to, they clearly made passes at each other and a bit at me, but then I still felt some distance, but still, I’m damned sure they were attracted to me!”. while she gently caressed her breasts, and played with her somewhat swollen nipples, before she let her hands slide down her muscular belly and slowly approached her wet labia. But then a scream stopped her movement, a scream that clearly came from the cabin.

Then another scream hit, followed by a banging sound, then more screams, synchronized with more banging sounds and moaning sounds. A wave of arousal flushed through Sara’s body as she realized it could only be Kathy and Terry engaged in violent sex with their bedroom window open. The next second Sara felt how her cunt gushed some cunt-juice that oozed out of her already swollen labia and down the inside of her thighs.

Sara could not resist any more and slided one finger inside her cunt and began stroking her clitoris while she followed the rhythm of the screams and what probably was the bed head banging against the solid wooden wall. While her arousal climbed, she imagined and wondered if maybe it was the younger woman, Terry, who lay between the Kathy’s wide spread legs, banging, grinding and sliding her wet cunt against the other woman’s cunt or if it was Kathy on top of the equally muscular Terry.

After many minutes, the screams and banging from the cabin, very suddenly increased in intensity and before Sara could reach a similar level of arousal, if became clear that Terry or Kathy or maybe both, exploded in a screaming and drawn-out orgasm.

Sara had focused so intensely on the sounds, that she had lost a little of her own level of arousal and somewhat frustrated, she stopped grinding her own clit as it became silent at the cabin. She did not, however, pull her finger out of her wet cunt, but chose to lay still and enjoy the the feeling of the warm and wet finger, while she considered simply to continue the fingering and give herself a good orgasm. “Right now I feel that playing with myself to be a bit tame!” she thought when a shape suddenly cast a moonlight shadow upon her body.

Startled she looked up and saw a dark figure, who must have been walking up the gangway without a sound, and now stood by her feet and looked down on Sara.

“Well, you seems to be having a good time too!” Terry said, because her it was, and then Sara noticed that Terry was stark naked. But that was not all, she was covered in sweat from head to toes and droplets of sweat ran down her face, her swollen breasts with clearly erect nipples and body.

“It looks like you are ready for me!” continued Terry, as Sara obviously still was too startled to answer. “We have been wrestling and fucked over who should come down to the boat and fuck you all over, as we clearly could see you wanted us badly!” she proceeded merciless while she ogled Sara, who now had found enough presence of mind to pull out the finger from her cunt..

“Bring it on, bitch!” moaned Sara, “You two horny bitches has been teasing me since I arrived, so come here and let’s wrestle and fuck woman to woman!”. While talking, she slowly spread her muscular thighs, showing off her wet and swollen labia to Terry, who fascinated stared at Saras thick, fleshy cunt, noticed how it had full round outer labia and thick, wrinkled inner ones that thrust out and spread the wet outer folds. The skin was dark and looked though.

Terry’s nipples were still hard after the tough sexfight, she just had been through, but the sight of Saras spread legs, exposing her fleshy cunt, made Terry’s nipples swell to rock-like hardness, and her cunt to gush a small amount of hot fluid which trickled down her muscular thigh. Sara ogled back and felt how her eyes locked in on Terrys labia mounds, which had just as outspread and thick outer folds as her own.

“Oh my, her folds are swollen and red and covered in thick fluids, they must have had a brutal grinding sexfight, no wonder the head of the bed was banging so loudly against the wall!” Sara thought, but was interrupted by Terry who whispered in a hoarse voice: “Kathy had become so horny by ogling you and secretly teasing you the entire evening, that it was rather easy for me to smother her flat on her back and fuck and grind her to orgasm first!”

While whispering, she took one step forward, kneeled down and lay over Sara, looked into her blue eyes, grabbed her wrists, forced her arms up over the head and flat down on the mat, while she slowly lowered herself flat down on the captain, mashing breasts flat against each other. The sweaty contact between their stiff nipples and swollen breast meat, forced loud moans from both women. Terry let go of Saras wrists, just to wrap her arms around her upper body. Sara responded immediately with wrapping her arms hard around Terry’s equally muscular body, while she quickly wrapped her strong legs around the back of Terry’s thighs, locking their bodies close together.

Both powerful women were obviously mature in their techniques. Terry rubbed slowly and sensually, making both feel the thrilling sensations at the fleshy mingling of their, fleshy cunts. At first they stared at each other, seeking any signs of apprehension or weakness. But each amazon saw only desire and determination in her rival’s gleaming eyes. So Terry patiently continued to rub her wet cunt against Sara’s, in long, deft strokes. Instinctively Sara lifted her hips upwards, making their drenched outer folds being squeezed flat against each other.

After several good and deep grinds, Terry suddenly stopped with her hips pressed firmly down against Sara’s, while she bend her head down, so they lay cheek to cheek and whispered into Sara’s ear: “When we shaked hands, the sight of you made me a bit wet, and what we do now, is exactly what I’ve been dreaming about the entire day: to wrestle with you, woman to woman, cunt grinded against cunt, swollen breasts and nipples mashed flat!”

Terry’s cunt pressure against Sara’s formed a wonderful wave of arousal through Sara’s body, but she managed to whisper back: “I became already a bit aroused, when I in my binoculars could see the two of you wrestling topless, you were both so beautiful and sexy, but when I moored and realised it was you two sexy women, who had been bear hugging, I became wet, ohhh, uhhh!”. While Sara whispered, Terry gave a few more thrusts, then stopped and moaned hoarsely: “I was glad you used your horn, because else Kathy and I had forgot the time and not stopped by just wrestling, ohhh!” In response Sara thrusted her hips upward, forcing more moans from Terry, who managed to continue: “ohh, uhh, but now I just fucked Kathy while we talked and competed about who should come down to the boat and fight and fuck with you, and suddenly Kathy came like an eruption, but I didn’t, but ohhh, ohhhh, now I’m close!”

Suddenly Terry’s thrusts became faster and almost brutal and after several minutes without more words, but a lot of groans and screams, her body stiffened, then shaked violently, while she hugged Sara intensely.

Sara could feel how Terry’s movements brought her close to a orgasm, several times, while Terry almost went into spasm, smothered flat upon on top of her, she was close, very close, to go over the edge. But then suddenly Terry’s body relaxed completely and she lay still on top of Sara, moaning by a pleasant feeling of satisfied lust. Sara just lay still and enjoyed how her own arousal seemed to play it’s own game, as it kept vibrating through her body, but without the release of an orgasm.

After some minutes, Terry lifted her head and while sweat dropped down from her face, she looked down on Sara and said in a quiet, satisfied voice: “Kathy asked me to tell you, that she’s waiting for you at the cabin bedroom, and that you could consider what just happened as a mere foreplay!” After these words, Terry rolled over on her back, causing their drenched outer lips to separate with a wet sound.

Terry’s words sent a new wave of arousal through Sara’s body, as she slowly rose from the mattress, the drenched sheet clung to her thighs, but fell off as she stood upright, gave Terry, who had also risen, a prolonged sweaty hug, then turned to the gangway and with swollen breasts, nipples, a body covered in sweat and with juices trickling down both inner thighs, she slowly walked the short path to the cabin.

The main door, was open, so Sara walked right in, and as the moonlight shine through the windows, she could clearly see that the bedroom door was wide open. With a beating heart she strode bravely through the door and into the bedroom, where a large bed with crumpled sheets, “Oh my!” she thought, “that bed must be 3 meters wide”, then stopped astonished: the bed was empty.

Suddenly she felt two strong arms embracing her from behind and then two strong hands grabbed each one of her breasts. She felt two wet solid breasts with stiff nipples mashing into her back, while a voice whispered into her ear: “Did you really believe that I just would lay on the bed with spread legs and open wet cunt, waiting for you to come and fuck me? Oh, no, I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

With these words, Kathy pushed the surprised Sara towards the bed. But at the very second Sara was going to topple forward, she managed to reach behind and get the right arm around Kathy’s neck. A second after, the nude Kathy was on her back on the bed with Sara on top of her: “You are not going to get me that easy, now you’ll experience what kind of woman, I am!” shouted Sara, while she wrapped her arms around Kathy’s back and mashed her breasts hard down on her opponent’s.

For a while both women lay still, just enjoying the feeling of the other hot and sweaty woman’s body. Then Kathy moans into Sara’s ear: “You are such a wonderful surprise, stronger and a more dirty bitch, than I ever dared to dream about, when I saw you moore your tugboat!”, while she also wrapped her arms around her opponent and squeezed hard, so their breasts ballooned a bit out the the sides: “but, I’m no easy lay either”! she just had time to say, because with a hard push with her left muscular leg, turned the positions around, so Sara ended at the bottom position.

The two sweaty muscular women continued wrestling close entwined and rolled around, shifting positions, while they moaned and shouted and called each other names,

After many minutes of intense fighting, as the women began to get tired, their movements became slow, and finally Sara managed to keep Kathy down, and stay in the top position while their solid tits were crushed tightly against each other. With the utmost effort, she succeeded to use her shaking thighs to force spread Kathy’s thighs apart, thus exposing and opening fully the wet, swollen labia mounds, so she then next second, could force her own equally wet and swollen labia hard against her opponent’s.

The wet contact send violent waves of arousal up through the bodies of both women as Sara began to brutally grind her cunt down against her foe’s, who in return pressed her cunt upwards to meet the thrusts. Sara continued to fuck Kathy with more powerful thrusts and with higher speed, so the head of the bed banging the wooden wall and horny screams from two women, again echoed throughout the cabin, almost blocking out the wet splashing sounds of wet labia being hammered and grinded against another wet labia.

While Sara fiercely was clinging to her opponent, she fought hard to make Kathy orgasm, so she almost shouted to her: “Come now, you horny bitch, feel how my wet labia lips are grinding and folding your labia back, I can feel how close you are!”. Kathy didn’t reply, but suddenly spasms travelled through her body and it suddenly stiffened, and then she screamed out her joy and pleasure while her body bucked while she was clawing with both hands at Sara’s solid round ass.

As Sara rode Kathy’s bucking sweaty body, it was impossible for her to keep her own orgasm back, so as she felt how Kathy ejected her cum up into Sara’s wide open cunt, she also ejected cum all over Kathy’s cunt and inner thighs and both women continued the scream, moan and shake and Sara continued her grinding for a while, until she felt how Kathy finally relaxed and lay still.

After a while, Sara lifted her head from it’s position, cheek to cheek with Kathy and kissed her foe on the mouth. Kathy kissed back and whispered: “My god, this was good, but it’s not over. Far from!”, then she smiled up to Sara and continued: “I’ll talk to Terry about selling the tugboat we use for breaking, then there will be no excuse for you to not to come back to us!”

Sara kissed Kathy again and whispered back: “I’ll love that, both giving you a rematch as well as working for you two lovely bitches again!” After a bit more kissing and soft hugging, Sara could feel how the long day and two wonderful sexfights had tired her, so she rolled off Kathy, who also was close to falling asleep, and closed her eyes. Just before falling into a deep sleep, she sensed that somebody was climbing in through the window and a nude muscular body, climbed onto the bed, and lay close to her. The last she heard was Terry whispering into her ear: “You really rode her good, I came twice just by watching you through the window!”, then she heard a giggle, and then she fell into a deep sleep.

A dream came to sleeping Sara: There were sounds of waves and creaking wood and she was aboard an ancient galley and she was a rower and only dressed in a tatty loincloth made of sheepskin. To her right side was a with a equally clad rower. Slowly the rower turned her suntanned head and looked at Sara, who startled recognized it was Kathy! Then the dream ended. zzzz …….

The End.

Thank you for reading! For more stories: Click Here!

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