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Before the start of their shift, all the part time nurses in training gathered around their usual table in the cafeteria at the Rockwell Hospital. Of course Stacey, being her usual self, is bragging about how many men are after her. She certainly enjoys working around the hospital with all the rich doctors. Being the beautiful blonde that she is gives her good reason to brag. The 5′ 6″ blue eyed babe could attract any mans attention. She had all her standard nurses uniforms tailored to fit her body perfectly in order to show off her amazing body. The one piece polyester and cotton outfits hug her body nice and tight to show off her generous curves and emphasizes on a set of 36 inch D-cup breasts. Around the Hospital she is known for having the best looking legs. Long slender and lethal. She even went as far as shortening the length of her uniforms to show off more of her gorgeous legs.

It was one particular day that a new nurse in training became employed at the hospital. She shows up in the cafeteria and joins the group of nurses sitting at the table. All the nurses are amazed at this women’s beauty. This produces a slightly uncomfortable atmosphere while having two gorgeous looking blondes sitting together at their table. The new girl introduces herself as Kelly and immediately locks eyes with Stacey. There seemed to be some immediate comparison going on between the two women. Jealousy quickly takes charge of Stacey as she starts in bragging to everyone about how she is practically seducing the most sought after doctor in the hospital. She looks over to Kelly who doesn’t at all seem impressed. In fact she seems to be quite irritated as she shifts back and forth in her chair; making an obvious attempt to attract attention to her 36 inch D-cup breasts by thrusting out her chest.

It just so happens that the doctor Stacey was so freely talking about came walking by the nurses table. He is suddenly distracted by seeing the new blonde sitting there and he starts to fumble with his clip board He ends up dropping it on the floor next to Kelly. Just as he is about to pick it up Kelly jumps up from her chair. “Here, let me get that for you.” She says in a flirtatious voice. She purposely bends over in front of him and gives him a flash of her perfectly shaped ass. Her nurses uniform, being cut so short, exposes the lace tops of her white nylon stockings and garter straps. The doctors eyes practically popped out of his head as well as the other nurses sitting at the table. Stacey becomes furious as she looks on to see herself possibly being beaten in the legs department by this gorgeous pair of limbs that Kelly had on display. Her 36 inch hips swivel slightly below a 24 inch waist as she stands up and turns to the doctor. “Here you go.” She says with the same flirtatious voice. They lock eyes for a brief moment. Every one could tell the doctor was admiring her beauty. “Thank you.” He says with the sweetest voice possible. Stacey face was red with anger and jealousy. The doctor turns and walks away, looking back several times.

Now this really created an uncomfortable atmosphere around the table. Stacey and Kelly were so busy glaring at one another that the other women sat in an awkward moment of silence. Finally two other nurses tried striking up a conversation. Weak as it might have been, it relieved a little bit of the uncomfortable feelings the other nurses were having. But not Kelly and Stacey. They were still giving each other their best bitchy glare. They were quickly distracted by all the other nurses standing up from the table getting ready to head off to work. The blondes stood up and their eyes roamed across each others bodies. Both taking an extra long examination of each others legs. Stacey came around the table to stand face-to-face with Kelly. The two were at perfect eye level with each other. It appeared to Stacey that Kelly’s legs were longer but after close examination it was obvious that Kelly also had her nursing uniforms tailored. Kelly had shortened her uniform two or three inches shorter than her own and this really pissed Stacey off. “Listen you bitch! Stay away from my doctor friend or you’ll be sorry!” She whispered with threat. For a brief second they glared hatefully into each others eyes. Stacey turned and walked away, her 24 inch waist swaying a perfect set of 36 inch hips.

While making her rounds Stacey kept thinking about Kelly and how she’d like to rip on her hair. “The nerve of that bitch thinking she can pick up on my doctor friend, and how dare she try and out do me by wearing a shorter uniform!” Stacey thought to herself. As she continued with her duties she noticed the elevator door open at the other end of the hall. Inside she spotted Kelly and her doctor friend just before the door closed. Even though they weren’t physically doing anything with each other, Stacey was furious with the fact that the two were together. Actually this rivalry had more to it than just the Doctor. The two women took an immediate disliking for one another the second Kelly sat at the table in the cafeteria. It was a question that both needed to know the answer to. A question that is usual answered quickly between women. But when two women are so closely matched, the rivalry sets in and the competition can become fierce. The more attractive the women, the more fierce the competition.

Stacey finished up the day but couldn’t keep from thinking about Kelly as she sat around her apartment that night. She decided to fight fire with fire so she got out her scissors and plugged in her sowing machine. She proceeded to cut the length of her nurses uniform so short that the lace tops of her white nylon stockings were barely hidden. Any bending over was sure to expose her garter straps and thigh highs. Stacey stood in front of her mirror examining her shortened uniform. “Two can play at this game!” she said to herself.

The next morning Stacey made an extra effort to look her best. Her long wavy blonde hair slightly curled and looking thick and lustrous. She spent some extra time applying her makeup and applied a thick coat of ruby red lipstick that accented her puffy lips. She put on a white lacy bra and panty set along with a white lace garter belt and nylon stockings. Slipping into her modified nursing uniform she headed out the door. When she arrived at the hospital cafeteria she immediately ran into Kelly. The two Nurses were looking as beautiful as ever as they walked side by side across the cafeteria floor. They traveled in constant comparison, thoroughly checking each other out while making obvious attempts to fully advertise their womanly bodies and gorgeous legs to one another. Upon reaching their destination the two took their seats across from one another at the table. They immediately locked eyes. Kelly puckered her full lipstick covered lips as if to signal a kiss. An obvious sarcastic gesture. Stacey returned the kiss along with a little tongue moistening of her lips. The other nurses were all involved in their own conversations while Stacey and Kelly continued to give each other the evil eye. It wasn’t long before all the nurse stood and started to make their way off to work.

Kelly and Stacey sat glaring across the table at one another. Stacey stood and made her way around to the other side. Kelly had already stood up by the time she arrived. Standing about three feet apart they stood with their hands on their hips, thoroughly checking each other out. Their eyes roamed up and down each others bodies with a look of disgust on their faces. Stacey was certain she had cut the length of her uniform shorter than Kelly’s, but now as she stood face to face with her, the hem of their uniforms lined up equally. Her legs now appeared just as long and beautiful as Kelly’s yet she knew to take precautions with such a dangerous pair. Some serious leg comparison was going on and this started to fuel a little jealousy in both women. “I guess I must have been a little too intimidating for you yesterday and that’s why you had to shortened the length of your nurses uniform.” Said Kelly as she stepped forward. “I figured I’d give the men around here something better to look at than your ugly legs.” Shot out Stacey, stepping forward until their breasts were just an inch from touching. Both looked down to see each others breasts bulging out from their nurse uniforms. The two stood there with hands on their hips doing some heavily comparison. Eventually their eyes came back up and locked together. “Listen you bitch! Just stay the fuck out of my way and there won’t be a problem.” Stacey said while leaning forward pressing her breasts firmly against Kelly’s. “What makes you think I’ll ever listen to a Cunt like you?” Stated Kelly as she pressed back. At this time the two were positioned nose to nose glaring angrily into each others eyes. Stacey turned her head suddenly remembering they were still in the cafeteria. Rather than risk losing her job she back off. “You just wait Bitch!” Stacey growled as she pulled away and walked off to start her work for the day.

Stacey completed restocking one of the rooms with medical supplies when she walked out into the hallway and almost ran straight into the head nurse. Stacey was practically blown away when she noticed Kelly standing behind her boss. “Stacey I would like you to meet Kelly.” The head nurse said. “We’ve already met.” Shot out Kelly with a smirk on her face. “Good! Kelly is going to help you out today so maybe you could show her around.” Said the head nurse. Stacey stood there trying to think of some excuse to keep herself from having to work with Kelly but being caught off guard like this, caused her to draw a complete blank. By now the head nurse had already turned and walked away leaving the two beautiful blondes alone. They locked eyes with a real bitchy look on their faces. Stacey stepped up and pressed up against her, tit-to-tit. They stood nurse to nurse for a long moment. Hands on their hips just glaring evilly into each others eyes. “Follow me so we can get this done and over with.” Stacey finally broke the silence as she turned and walked down the hall to the next unoccupied room. She knew this was the perfect opportunity to have it out face-to-face with Kelly.

Once inside Stacey allowed Kelly to enter the room before she close the door. Kelly strutted her way to the other side of the room before turning around to face Stacey. The two regained their bitchy glare. “Listen you Bitch! I could tell right away what a stuck up little cunt you are.” Growled out Kelly. “I think its about time I put you in your place.” She said. Stacey eye’s widened with anger from the clear challenge Kelly had just issued. “I think I know where my place is around here.” Stacey said. “My place is on top. On top of you, ya Bitch!!!. She yelled out and made a mad dash across the room with claws extended. Kelly charged forward to intercept and the two women came together. Immediately their hands latched onto one anothers long blonde hair as they tumbled about the room yanking and ripping at each others tresses. They held their faces close together grunting and gasping as their blue eyes locked. Stacey started to use her body to as a weapon, slamming herself against Kelly. “So you want to fight with your body do ya!” Yelled out Kelly and she started slamming back against Stacey. While the two women gripped each others hair tight they bashed their full bodies together. Repeatedly they slammed together, tit into tit, belly to belly, hips into hips, and thighs against thighs. Each one trying to smash the other one back. Each time they separated their leg would flail wildly at one another yet the two seemed a little reluctant to bring them into full battle while still being unsure of each others strength. A leg lock could quite possibly put them in permanent close combat, something neither woman was sure she was ready for.

The two women released the hair ripping hold they had on one another only to latch onto the backs of each others uniforms. They yanked and ripped furiously until the zippers busted open. The two pulled the front of each others uniforms down exposing their white lace bra’s. Immediately they dug their claws into each others tits. Their legs thrashed out wildly at one another as they stumbled around the room and almost lost control but managed to separate before falling. The two stood apart, the front of their uniforms hanging down around their waists. Heavy breathing now becoming apparent as their lacey bra covered tits expanded fully with each breath. “I’m going to show you what a real woman-to-woman fight is all about!” Yelled out Stacey as she pulled off her nurses uniform. “Your the one that’s about to get a lessen in woman-to-woman combat you Slut!” Growled Kelly as she removed her uniform. Now standing in bras, panties, garters, stockings, and heels the two women faced off giving each other a wicked glare. Their brief struggle excited both of them causing a wet spot to appear on the crotch of their white panties. The women shot forward and locked hands in a test of strength. Their interlaced fingers gripping and interlocking tight. They tried to dig in against each other but their high heel shoes slipped easily across the tile floor. After a few minutes of pushing and heaving against one another the two remained completely equal. Their arms started to weaken and spread out to the sides. Face-to-face they came together with breasts pressing firmly against each other. Nose-to-nose their eyes locked in a hateful glare. “You think your body’s so hot, lets see how it holds up against mine you fucking Bitch!” shouted Kelly as she spit the words into Stacey’s mouth. “Bring it on ya Slut. My body against your body.” Stacey spat back. With their arms spread all the way out to their sides the two women brought more of their firm bodies into contact. Breast-to-breast, belly-to-belly, and thigh to thigh. They pushed and rubbed together, each one trying to overpower the other.

They moved around the room looking like they were almost dancing with one another. Their legs started to spread and their hips started thrusting. Wet silky panties rubbed off on each other as their pubic regions ground together. Nurse to Nurse they pressed on for what seemed like several minutes with neither one gaining any advantage. Bulging breasts so perfectly matched that neither pair gave an inch to their counterparts. Their hands came up above their heads and they stumbling around the room in their white high heel shoes. Nylon thigh to nylon thigh. They became very aggressive with one another as each one tried her best to control the movements of the other, all while their bodies remained tightly pressed together. Neither one breaking the evil look they were giving each other while they continued to dance around the room. After several minutes their arms came down and wrapped around each other in a tight dueling bear hug, squeezing their womanly bodies together. “Come on! Is this as best your body can do?” Yelled out Stacey as she tightened her squeeze. “My body is going to crush your body you bitch!” Shouted out Kelly while tightening her embrace. Their hips thrust forward and panty covered pubic bones crushed together. The two women stumbled around continuing to squeeze the shit out of each other while shouting out lewd remarks. Their faces so close that spittle flew from their mouths and sprayed each others lips as they bitched back and forth at one another. Foreheads pressed together and eyes never parting from their hateful glare. Their panties became soaking wet and started to mesh together between their hard grinding pubic bones. They started to sweat causing their slick bellies to suck together.

After several minutes of smashing their bodies against each other their efforts slowed. “All right lets see what your nipples can do against mine.” Shouted Kelly as she unfastened Stacey’s bra. “My nipples are going to bend yours.” Yelled Stacey as she unfastened Kelly’s bra. Their bras were stripped away and the two women lean back taking in full view of each others full D-cup breasts. Nipples were stiff and anger as they pointed at one another. They eased forward until nipple contact was made. Slowly they shifted back and forth flicking them together. Both women became frustrated as they watched two sets of nipples bend equally against each other. They started stabbing them direct into each other until finally throwing themselves back into a dueling bear hug. Their nipples continued to fight each other between their smashing tits. They could feel their nipples knotting together and this created even more of a desire to win. “Bitch I’m going to flatten your tits with my tits.” Growled Stacey as she heaved her might chest forward while pulling Kelly into herself at the same time. “My tits are going to bust your tits, you slut!” Grunted out Stacey while heaving and pulling. Their breasts mushroomed together as each women desperately tried to overwhelm the others tits with her own. An equal amount of flesh squished together in their desperate struggle. The crushing and squeezing went on for several minutes as they glared directly into each others eyes while foreheads and nose pressed together.

At this point they knew there was going to be only one way to find out who the better woman was and that was to lock their nylon stocking clad legs together and fight body to body. They began to battle for position. Legs started twisting and untwisting around one another. White nylons stockings rubbing and scrapping against white nylons stockings. Eventually the two women tied their legs into a tightly entwined pretzel. Their stockings continued to rub together as they shifted their weight back and forth to keep from falling over. Their tight leg lock created an anger hissing sound as their nylon stockings slithered together. “Do you think your woman enough to completely bare yourself against me. Bitch!” Growled Kelly as she humped her hips against Stacey’s. “I’ll bare myself against you and fight you every way possible.” Grunted Stacey with a thrust of her own. “Good then lets fully expose ourselves to each other and fight it out now. I want our naked cunts to fuck fight.” Yelled out Kelly as she reached down and ripped the waist band of Stacey panties. “Alright you bitch lets fuck fight.” Shouted Stacey as she ripped the waist band of Kelly’s panties. Their panties clung wetly together and fell to the floor. The two neatly trimmed blonde cunts faced each other and swelled with anger. Each could feel the sexfight heat radiating from each others hot wet pussies. “Get ready to feel my cunt destroy your cunt.” Growled Kelly. “Bring it on Bitch! My cunt is going to give your cunt a lessen in fuck fighting!” Grunted out Stacey. The two women had their hands tightly gripping the waist band of each others garter belts. With a hard thrust and a pull their wet swollen pussy lips clashed together. Their blonde pubic hair started making a gritty grinding noise as it rubbed harshly together. Hairs twisting, entwining, and ripping each other out. Their arms went around one another, one arm high around each others backs, one arm low around each others waists. Hunched in an ackward position the two women pussy fought each other.

Legs still tightly locked together in their nylon embrace. Tits were violently being crushed together while eyes remained locked in a fierce glare. The two women seemed to be wrenching themselves tighter and tighter together with each passing second. While their small noses pressed together, Kelly’s tongue shot out and wiped saliva across Stacey’s clinching teeth and lips. Stacey retaliated with her wet tongue of her own and the two ended up in a sloppy tongue fight. Their eyes remained opened glaring directly into one another. Eye brows twisted inward with the look of hate and determination on their faces while spit started to drip from their battling tongues. Each one angled their heads and brought their open mouths together. Their lipstick covered lips sealed together and their tongues jammed deep into each others mouths. Amazingly their deadly embrace tightened even more. These two women remained locked in this sexual stance for several minutes. Every muscle in the two women’s bodies flexed and strained in a joint effort to crush their bodies together. Stocking covered legs coiled tightly together yet continued to slip back and forth causing white nylon stockings to grind harshly against white nylon stockings. Just as their clits started to tangle a powerful orgasm struck both women simultaneously, making them wobble in their tight embrace. They stumbled and fell halfway onto the bed. After some difficult maneuvering they managed to position themselves side by side on the bed.

While struggling for top position they continued their tongue kissing battle and continued to squeeze one another tight. Nylon stocking covered legs tangling back and forth, looking for leverage. Stacey finally managed to hook one leg around Kelly’s and pulled herself into the top position. Again the two women wrenched themselves into a tight crushing embrace. Tits pressing each other flat. Legs entwined, moving and hissing like two pairs of fighting snakes. Cunts wetly connected. An occasional separation of their lips revealed two red tongues twisting together, battling in each others mixed spit. Kelly started to bridge up underneath Stacey until her hips came completely up off the bed. Stacey pushed her pelvis down into Kelly attempting to break the bridge. She struggled to find the leverage as she slumped over Kelly’s body. Breaking the kiss fight the two women locked eyes. Lipstick smeared across each others faces and mouths dripping with saliva. “You really think your cunt can take mine you bitch.” Shouted out Stacey. “Well I’m bridged up so why don’t you force your cunt into mine and try to take me down ya slut.” Yelled Kelly. Stacey tightened her legs around Kelly’s and started using them as leverage to lift her upper body. Kelly bridged up even further to gladly accept this added pressure between their cunts. Stacey’s upper body rose until she too was arching her back. The two clasped hands with interlocking finger while their nylon stocking legs entwined tighter than they had ever been. Kelly exploded in a powerful upwards thrusts that left nothing but her head, shoulders, and feet planted on the bed. Stacey tried arching back even more in an attempt to break Kelly’s bridge. Their cunts were receiving all the pressure between the two and they started to open up to each other. Pussy lips sealed together and juices were exchanged as their clits found one another and once again started to tangle.

With Stacey practically leaning over backwards, she started thrusting her full weight down into Kelly. Another powerful orgasm shook through Stacey as she felt her clit sliding against Kelly’s. A flow of her creamy juices squirted into Kelly’s cunt. With an amazing maneuver, Kelly pushed Stacey back practically putting both of them in a standing position. Stacey, in the middle of an orgasm, was caught off guard. She fell over backwards with Kelly mounting her. Now it was Kelly on top and Stacey on the bottom. This was a superb move by an experienced Sexfighter. Stacey quickly bridged up in a defensive move. Kelly held her upper body up glaring down at Stacey. Their legs still tightly entwined. “Now its my turn to pump your cunt full of my juices, you slut.” Shouted Kelly. “Go ahead bitch. You’ll never break me.” Yelled Stacey. Kelly started thrusting her cunt down into Stacey’s cunt. The two women locked eyes in a heated glare. Stacey held her bridge high proving she take it as well as dish it out. “Do it Bitch! Lets see if you can fill me up.” Shouted Stacey. “All right Bitch, Get ready to have your cunt douched with my juices.” replied Kelly. Within a few minutes Kelly had blasted her orgasm into Stacey’s steaming cunt. Stacey decided she tried to pull off the same sexfight maneuver Kelly had done earlier. She pushed Kelly back using their tightly locked hands. She was successful in getting herself into a standing position but there was no way Kelly was going to fall for this maneuver. In this position the two women could barely hold themselves up. With their legs entwined and spread wide, their high heel shoes dug deep into the mattress of the bed making them very unstable. They held their upper bodies apart while pushing and pulling each other with their locked hands. They glared into each others eyes. “This isn’t over yet Bitch!” Kelly yelled. With another amazing manuever she quickly unwrapped her legs and scissors them in-between Stacey’s legs, only momentarily breaking their cunt-to-cunt contact.

Like an interlocking pair of scissors the two women broke their hands apart and fell back on them. Their asses came up off the bed in a crab walk position and they pushed forward crushing the wet folds of their pussies together. Their cunts opened fully creating an open passage that allowed the exchange and mixture of cunt juices while two clits twisted tightly together. “Can you feel my cunt swallowing your cunt!” Shouted Stacey. “I can feel my cunt eating your cunt!” Yelled out Kelly. Both women continued trade insults and make victory claims as the battle wore on. Their cunts had actually become stuck together like two plungers sucking on one another. “Can your tongue fight as good as your clit?” Growled Stacey. “You bet! I show you what being tongue tied is all about.” Grunted Kelly. “Good! Then lets see what you’ve got Bitch!” Shouted Stacey. Their asses dropped to the bed and the two women swung their upper bodies together. Their tits smashed together while their arms wrapped tightly around each other. Nose to nose they stared evilly into each others eyes. After a several seconds Kelly flicked her tongue out and wiped it across Stacey’s mouth. Stacey quickly retaliated with her own and the two women engaged in a tongue twirling battle. Their noses and foreheads came together locking them in a wicked glare fight. Eye brows twisted inward and eyes were deeply piercing one another with sexual hate while tongues wildly flicked back and forth smearing saliva across each others faces. Kelly made another sexfight move on Stacey that enable her to increase the pressure of her crushing hold. Using the interlocking scissor hold they had on one another she was able to wrap her legs around Stacey’s back. Now with arms and legs tightly wound around Stacey’s torso she started squeezing with all her might. Stacey could have easily used this to her advantage by pushing Kelly back and mounting her with ease, but her inexperienced thinking caused her to go for the mutual hold. Her legs quickly wrapped around the Kelly’s back and she started to return the crushing squeeze. The two fuck fighting women angled their heads and sealed their lips together in a deep penetrating open mouth kiss.

As the two women blasted into another ripping orgasm their tongues wetly twisted and slithered together while their clits entwined in a sea of their mixed juices. Bodies shook and convulsed violently as their cunts puckered and sucked. The two women remained in this tight crushing position while trading orgasm after orgasm. Their spit and juices blending thoroughly as the fuckfight wore on and on. Stacey started to lose steam and eventually was pushed onto her back by the more experienced sexfighter. Once mounted by Kelly, she was finally fucked into submission. Stacey tried breaking away from the assault Kelly’s tongue was giving her mouth but Kelly’s jaw was locked onto hers. She was choking and gagging. Kelly finally broke off after expressing her win. “What’s the matter, I thought your place was on top Bitch!” growled Kelly. “That’s it, I can’t go on.” Whimpered Stacey. “I guess we know who the better woman is now.” Stated Kelly.

The End.

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