Sibling Rivalry: Bathroom Encounter by Celeb Fight Lover

Sandy walks into the bathroom, just as her sister Emma is stepping out of the shower, naked, her entire body wet, Emma notices her sister standing there.

“What do you want Sandy?” Emma asks, grabbing for a towel to cover her nakedness.
Sandy removes her top, dropping it on the floor, then she slides out of her pants and panties.

” I want that rematch Emma.” Sandy says, thrusting out her chest.
Emma grins, and she steps back into the shower.

“Get in here bitch, and we’ll do this.” Emma says, turning the shower on and turning up the warm water.
Sandy steps into the shower under the warm spray, her hair immediately getting soaked.  She wipes her hair out of her eyes, and she sees Emma just in front of her.  The two sister step into eachother, and they wrap their naked arms around eachother and they bring their large tits together.

“It’s gonna be different this time you fucking slut.” Sandy says.

“Not fucking likely whore.” Emma spits back.
The two young women glare into eachothers eyes as the water cascades over their naked bodies, they pull their chests back, and they slam their tits together as hard as they can, they gasp as their tits slam together.  They feel their nipples harden.  Once again, they pull their chests back and slam their tits together once again.

“You fucking slut.” Emma groans out.

“You’re such a filthy whore Emma.” Sandy groans back.

The sisters continue violently slamming their tits together, groaning and gasping in pain, the water on their tits making their tits slam together with more force then their first time fighting.  Their tits are bruised and in pain from the fighting, the pain is more intense than the first fight and also more intense than anything either of them has ever felt before, but they also feel pride at how well they are dominating their each other, the both of them are grunting in pain and also in satisfaction for the pain they’re causing to the other.  Sandy hauls back and bashes her huge tits into Emma’s, and Emma begins sobbing.

I give up, please stop!” Emma cries out, beginning to sob in pain and humiliation.
Sandy backs away, and she shuts off the water flow and the cascade of water over the naked sisters stop, they stiffly exit the shower and carefully dry off aware of the bruises on their sensitive tits.  Emma glares at Sandy.

“I want a fucking rematch you dumb fucking slut!”  Emma screams at Sandy.
Sandy shoves Emma and Emma goes flying into the door.

You’ve fucking got it dyke slut!” Sandy screams back.

Emma shoves back, and Sandy goes stumbling into the medicine counter, and a couple bottle of makeup and pills fall into the sink with a clatter.

“Next week, in the backyard cxnt!” Emma hisses out in rage.

“I wouldn’t fucking miss it whore!” Sandy hisses back, glaring.
Emma wrenches the door open, and she storms to her room, still naked.  Sandy storms back to her room, and she slms the door, and a few seconds later, she hears Emma’s door slam as well.  Emma feels a tingling between her legs as she thinks of fighting Emma again.

The End

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