Clash of the Titans: Starfire vs. Raven by The Blood Count

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MATCH #1: Clash of the Titans

The meatdolls for tonight are…

Starfire, (Teen Titans), bronze-skinned alien goddess, and passionate redhead; a younger competitor in her late teens, blessed with unnatural strength, durability, and, of course, healthy cantaloupe-sized titties, soft and pliable, almost pudding-like in texture, with prominent, chocolate-toned nipples emerging from her jugs like the pointed tips on a pair of rockets.


Raven, (Teen Titans), stoic young enchantress with demon’s venom running through her veins, and a pair of stuffed, fleshy ass-cheeks a model would be proud of. Ashen-gray skin and violet-blueish hair give away her monsterous pedigree—daughter of a devil—instantly, and her penchant for quick moves and cold-hearted brutality make her formidable. Breasts similarly-sized with her foe’s, though considerably firmer and more lifted, stand out from her otherwise scrawny chest.

THE VENUE: Nicknamed “The Torture Chamber” by fans, the ring is simple, but effective. It consists of an enormous concrete slab serving as the ‘mat’—though it is anything but! The rough, pea-gravel texture renders it painful simply to step on, much less fall on.

In the four corners of the square, five-foot cast-iron poles are topped with brightly-smoldering torches, coated with a special gasoline-based solution that ensures the flames burn hot and merciless through blood, sweat, tears, vaginal juice, and copious amounts of creamy cunt-cum.

Connecting these four fire-posts are three thick links of chain that form the ‘ropes’ of the ring… However! Interlaced over and through these chains are high-voltage wires, ingeniously rigged to administer a non-lethal, though delightfully agonizing electrical shock to the broad foolish enough to come into contact with it.

Just outside the ring itself, an eight-foot chasm was carved into the concrete, connecting to the rows of spectators’ seats only by a rusty iron bridge about ten feet across. Should a slut be dropped over the side, the fall alone would prove brutal—but they would most likely survive, and where’s the erotic entertainment in that? This particular chasm was fitted with thick spires of high-grade lead sunk into drill-bored holes in the flooring; each was painstakingly sharpened into a cruel, spear-like point—if the fall didn’t kill her, the spike would. If the whore was audacious enough to survive both the fall and the subsequent impalement, fast-acting lead-poisoning would provide an additional half-hour or so of jacking-worthy entertainment, as the screams and moans echoed well from the hard gray walls.

The house went silent as the first bell—an enormous brass one, mounted on the catwalk high above the arena and rung by means of mechanics—tolled loudly and in its deep, grating voice.

Starfire was the first to enter the ring. She strode gracefully out across the walkway, through throngs of cushioned seats from which came a cacophony of whistles and catcalls. Her thick, generous bust bounced freely like a pair of enormous hot-water balloons, barely contained by the flexible bright-purple top—encrusted with glinting emeralds just where her fleshy nipples where underneath—that passed as clothing. Her midriff, left completely exposed was nicely oiled to render her dark, bronze-like flesh shimmering in the light as though wet, especially moist in her curves and the crevices of her shapely body.

She took one graceful leap that took her over the wired chain-link strands and landed elegantly on her feet, causing her titties to strain against the top once again, and also giving her wide ass an alluring jiggle through her ‘skirt’—which consisted of a form-fitting, skintight material that was bright pink in color and held up via a tightly-sinched green belt; it came just low enough to conceal, barely, her greasy pussy-lips… her legs were left exposed down to the ankles, where she wore short-topped purple boots with pink laces.

As she rose up, crimson hair cascaded down her resplendent back and right down over her lusciously meaty behind. She smiled serenely, but with a simple, fierce confidence burning in her glowing green eyes.

The bell tolled again, the exact same tone as before!

This time, from the opposite side, out hovered Raven, the sorceress, clad in only black-lace bra and panties that didn’t even bother to cover the pale silvery skin underneath properly—one could make out her jet-black nipples and camel-toe girlhood. Her cloak, dark blue, swirled around her, but didn’t nothing to conceal her, except for her hood which rendered most of her face invisible, save for a cold, expressionless smirk and a pair of hollow blue eyes that seemed to radiate bloodlust—and other lusts, for that matter. She coolly floated over the links via some form of magic or telekinesis, and landed in her corner; with one fluid motion, she tore off her blue cloak and tossed it into the crowd with a thin, wiry arm that seemed all muscle—it was immediately caught by an eager fan who grabbed it, yanked it down, and began using its silky texture to stroke his swollen ‘equipment’—which was perfectly permitted in this particular facility; most already had their flies undone and boxers slackened in anticipation.

An electric buzzer sounded from above, and suddenly, everything leapt into motion.

As cheers erupted from the crowd, the pair of busty, barely-legal superheroines charged each other—Starfire, eyes burning like viridian flames and Raven, the crimson jewel on her forehead crackling with sinister black magic.

They met in the center of the ring and locked hands, arms outstretched, and immediately began to strain against one-another, testing strength. Raven’s wiry muscles flexed visibly, swelling and throbbing in her skinny arms and mustering a shocking amount of strength! And yet, it wasn’t enough to push back the Alien, Starfire—her slightly plump limbs tensed with a hint of effort, and immediately, Raven stumbled backwards, gray boobs flopping comically—however, she did not lose her footing and returned the shove equally; Starfire didn’t react, save for a bestial warrior-snarl and suddenly pulled a fast one:

She removed all tension and spun out of Raven’s way, allowing Raven to stumble forward unimpeded. Sadly, she didn’t quite make the electrified wires, instead tumbling face first into the concrete and snapping her nose in the same instant. She barely had time to let out a gravelly yelp before she felt the space Princess’s fierce nails tear into her scalp like screws, and her body—including sensitive breasts—flatted against the hard, cold ground by Starfire’s own ravishing body.

Star yanked Raven’s head up, but just as she tried to gasp in a bit of air, Star applied an epic bitch-slap to her cheek that sent slightly-bloodied spittle spraying outwards and hissing against the live wires. Then, instantaneously, she smashed Raven’s face into the gravel-coated concrete a dozen times in rapid, brutal succession, each blow connecting with a sickening splat and the sound of an agonized struggling for breath. Finally, she stopped and grabbed the teen sorceress by her short hair… then, yanked her over onto her back.

Raven’s already discoloured face was now covered in bruises, rendering it mostly bluish with splotches of faint, light purple and a few swollen spots. Her nose, crooked and dribbling black demon’s blood that sizzled upon the ground like hot grease, was broken at a cringe-inducing angle.

Starfire smiled mischievously as she eyed her foe’s heaving boobs—Raven struggled to get air into her lungs, flattened by Star for what had seemed an eternity. With one movement, she snatched off the black lace bra, as well as the panties, and left Raven totally in the buff.

She would have protested and fought back, but at the moment, her dark, purplish-toned tongue was lolling from her mouth, a faint trail of moronic drool going down her left cheek to the jawline. She managed only a feeble moan.

Making sure her opponent was good and immobilized by inching up further and pinning down Raven’s gut—once again partially cutting off her air supply—with her marvelous ass, she decided a bit of wanton torture was in order.

She began to toss light, careless punches—though still powerful by human standards—to Raven’s firm breasts, causing them to flail to and fro like miniature, gelatin punching-bags. Bam! A left hook connecting with her right tit, and then, boom! A right jab to her left tit! This went on for about five minutes, during which time Raven, now shrieking hoarsely in pain, attempted to squirm out from under Starfire, with no success.

Finally, Star stopped to admire her handiwork—Raven’s gothic breasts had become swollen to the point of being nearly basket-ball sized, covered in bruises and sore lumps; her nipples were no longer round, but misshapen black lumps with red, raw tips. Even when not under assault, Raven’s gasps and moans made her mauled mummeries quiver like jello.

Suddenly, with a ferocious surge of anger, Raven bucked her hips upwards—and thus, sent Starfire flying over her and straight into the wired-chains. As the flash and crack of electricity filled the house, delighted cheers, reveling in the entertainment echoed from one wall to another.

Starfire shrieked like a banshee, her body flickering rapidly from bronze goddess to a black silhouette with a visible bone-structure; arcs of fierce electricity leapt between her nipples and her mass of groomed, silken hair stood on end. She writhed this way, sparking and twitching erratically as smoke gushed forth from her quivering cunt and gaping asshole.

Raven stood up and quickly recovered herself. She strode over and grabbed the tip of Starfire’s hair, bracing herself for the momentary shock—then yanked her electrified opponent from her savage bonds, and hurled her into the center of the ring again.

Steam still issued wispily from her pussy and ass, and she yelped aloud, green eyes flickering in agony and magnificent body—now dripping with oily sweat—twitching at erratic angles. But before she had the chance to recover, Raven was upon her.

The alien warrioress found herself stripped of her clothing—all of it—in seconds, and screamed in indignant suffering as she suddenly felt Raven’s smooth fist impact with her dripping crotch, pounding into place with a splat. However, it didn’t stop there. She punched three more times, drawing a weaker, more hoarse scream with each blow. Finally, Raven stood up and held Starfire’s shapely legs apart. Then… she hurled herself downwards, cranium-first, and delivered a punishing headbutt into Starfire’s already-pulverized pussy.

She wouldn’t stand for this, however—almost instantly she’d grabbed Raven’s head and was forcing her face into her crotch with as much strength as she could muster, effectively suffocating the sorceress in cunt.

Starfire, now heavily aroused, gave a powerful heave and reversed their positions in a roll: now, she sat on top of Raven’s face, pinning her nose and mouth underneath her juicy crotch.

As if to command respect, she began grinding her dripping vagina on Raven’s thrashing head… but her struggles were no use. Eventually, Star managed to position herself just right, and began to get off on Raven’s crooked, broken nose. It slid into her pussy while she reached down and rubbed her own clit… ignoring Raven’s gasps for air from her mouth and the pale, sickened look on Raven’s bruised face.

This went on for nearly five minutes straight.

Suddenly, Starfire began to whimper… soft, feeble… then it grew, became more insistent… then, rapid and high-pitched; whimpers became squeals of ecstasy. She felt her self-control dwindling as the pleasure inside her tenderized cunt built up like water behind a dam—and eventually, let loose.

Immediately, there was a sickened gargle from Raven as a mixture of thin, glaze-like pussy juices and creamy girl cum flooded her beaten visage, giving her what might be best described as a lesbo-facial.

Still quivering, face red from both exertion and arousal, Starfire managed to lift herself off Raven’s face, giving the eager crowd a good look.

Abruptly, Raven kicked upwards with both legs. Her feet connected with Star’s ass and sent her toppling over onto her side, titties jiggling. Raven scrambled over, demonic fury written on every inch of her now-swollen face. She began to take revenge for her ruined breasts, slamming her fists down on Star’s boobs like hammers and beating them black-and-blue. Each strike sent them jiggling once again like flabby mounds of jello, the bouncing only getting more prominent as they swelled up to the size of watermelons, sagging and dripping with sweat. Starfire screamed helplessly…

Raven wasn’t quite done, however. Pleased with the tenderization of her enemy’s boobs, she sank her nails into the tender flesh just below the breasts… and raked her womanly claws down Star’s exposed belly, rending her flesh and drawing blood in ragged streaks.

Starfire managed to overcome the pain and yank herself up from her side. She flattened her hand into a ‘handshake’ pose, and thrust it into Raven’s pussy like a blade. Raven stared at her wide-eyed and mouthed silently for a moment, then collapsed with an indignant scream, her face reddening involuntarily with sexual arousal.

Starfire shoved her hand in deeper, down to the wrist and clawed mercilessly at the vunerable innards of Raven’s crotch. Then, yanking her hand out—covered as it now was with vaginal fluids—she whipped Raven onto her back, letting her prized ass bounce nicely.

… Pinning Raven down, she used her hands to pry apart Raven’s shapely, plump ass cheeks, revealing the tender, vunerable opening. The space warrioress smiled viciously and balled her long hand into a fist—then, thrust down with all her inhuman might.

The shrill cry of suffering this brought from Raven shook the metal rafters.

Mercilessly, Starfire jackhammered her fist into Raven’s ass, anally fist-fucking her… and with no subtlety: she buried herself to mid-forearm with each thrust. Raven foamed at the mouth, nose now stained with dark blood, and her eyes rolled wildly. Her face scarlet from involuntary arousal, she shrieked aloud.

Faster, faster, faster, Stafire pumped in and out of Raven’s butt—then, with a throaty squeal, Raven came, her pussy ejecting creamy ladyjizz onto the hard concrete.

Starfire yanked her foe to her feet, and stood up as well. She delivered an elbow-blow to Raven’s gut. With a gargling grunt, Raven doubled over clutching at her stomach. She stumbled over to the side of the ring, near the wires, and crumpled to her knees, spraying out the contents of her stomach in an uncontrollable vomit into the pit of lead spikes; her belly stood no match against Starfire’s fist.

Just as she regained control of her digestive functions, Starfire reached around her in a bear-hug motion, yanked her to her feet, and lifted her off the ground…

… Then, with a vicious thrust, impaled her by her cunt onto one of the flaming torches. Once again, Raven screamed aloud and, this time, began to piss herself involuntarily. Fortunately, this did nothing to subside her torment as the flames only rose up farther within her, as if in mocking, and scorched her insides—it was clear at this point that, if she survived, she was most likely not going to have children…

Starfire yanked her off and slammed her in a split-position onto the gravel, her legs splayed in opposite directions. Raven tottered drunkenly, drooling from her vomit-glazed mouth, her noose dripping jet-black blood, her tongue dangling from the side of her mouth, her breasts misshapen and bloated, her cunt scorched-black and still squirting little tufts of clear piss onto the concrete.

Starfire turned herself partially, then let fly with a spinning round-house kick that snapped Raven’s head to the side and fractured her neck, though not quite killing her. She collapsed silently onto the mat… she was now dying, though slowly.

Starfire, clearly victorious, still smirked playfully and lifted her with mock-caution off the ground… then, she flew into the air… held her defeated and humiliated opponent over the pit…

… And let go.

It was over in seconds. Raven’s limbs flailed limply as her ruined, broken body gyrated in midair, hair flying everywhere. She screamed the scream of eminent doom, felt the icy claw of death grip her sobbing heart.

And with a sickening, wet, fleshy snap, she was impaled to the very BASE of one of the spikes, literally looking up with glazed-over eyes upon the projection of toxic metal rending her gut in twine.

… With her last ounces of agonized life, she reached upwards shakily towards the light…

… Only to have thick streams of gooey white jizz from the several of the very satisfied spectators above spray downwards and coat her face, her hands, her breasts, her pussy, and splatter over her bloodied, body; a particularly robust splurt of cum splatted in her eyes like pudding, blinding her in her last moment—that last glimpse of light rendered void and black.

With that, she went limp and stopped breathing. Boiling black blood began to gush forcibly upwards from the edges of her impalement-wound and trickle from her mouth, ears, pussy, and asshole.

…… Starfire was the victor!

The End

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