Fantastic Four Fight: Sue Storm vs. Crystal by Luffy316

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It had been a busy time for the Fantastic Four. So much so, that there were technically more than four of them. They’d had their occasional substitutes, like She-Hulk when Ben was short on power, but this time, Reed and Susan Richards just needed some more time alone. To that end, they’d recruited Crystal from the Inhumans to the team to cover their absence. After spending more time with their work and families, Sue started to press for them to return to the team. While Reed felt like they had time to spare, Sue didn’t like what she was seeing on the team.

Crystal had been getting awfully close with Sue’s brother Johnny. She saw more than just teamwork going on between them when they laughed and talked together, spending time outside of the missions with eachother. Johnny was a married man, for heaven’s sake!

In the end, Sue promised Reed they’d stay off the team another week, so long as he built a special room for them to speak in. By the next morning, Sue had the room just to her specifications. A simply furnished living room, though with special generators in the walls that would disable any powers from anyone inside, be they mutant, alien, or full of radiation (cosmic, gamma or otherwise). Mr. Fantastic indeed!

So when Susan invited Crystal over, she wasn’t terribly shocked. She’d seen the dirty looks she got from Sue when she checked in on them. The best thing about it was that she had no intention of making any moves on Johnny. But the expression on the presumptuous old blond made her have to resist bursting out laughing every time. She wasn’t about to pull a superhero away from his wife, but she made a point to always be a bit more affectionate and pay more attention to the Human Torch if she thought Sue was watching.

The women sat down civilly in the special waiting room, both in their official outfits; Sue in her blue bodysuit, and Crystal in her bright yellow one. Neither woman needed any elemental powers to feel the intensely cold glares snuck towards eachother between their tensely civil tones.

“Crystal, I’ve been talking with the rest of the team, and we appreciate the help you’ve been giving us the last few months. But Reed and I are ready to come back to The Four, and we won’t be needing you around anymore.”

Crystal sat back in the comfortable chair across from Sue, grinning like a cat at the Invisible Woman trying so hard to stay overly reasonable about this despite how she was boiling. “You really think so?” she asked coyly. “I thought I was fitting in quite nicely. Ben makes me laugh, and Johnny and I have been getting along great, if you haven’t noticed.”

“More than I’d like,” Sue growled more sharply. She wasn’t up for playing Crystal’s games. “Johnny’s a married man. It’s not decent for him to be seen spending so much time with a girl like you.” Sue’s smiled cattily at her rival heroine.

“How dare you!?” Crystal snapped back. “Maybe a ‘girl like me’ is just what the team needs. Better than an old woman who can do nothing but hide from problems and can’t even fight.”

“You want to test that, little girl?” Sue asked, a glare in her eyes and an aggressive posture, with her chest out and muscles taut.

Crystal gauged the situation a bit. Sue was clearly trying to pick a fight when she wasn’t able to chase her away with a few words. She had hated every judging looks and backhanded comments she heard from Sue, and only put up with it for how amusing it was when she figured out why and used it to watch Susan fume when she pushed her buttons with it.

“You’ve got my attention,” Crystal said, crossing her spandex-covered legs. “What are you suggesting?”

“We fight this out. Just settle it between us women. I win, and you take your trashy alien ass out of the Four Freedoms Plaza and quit the team.”

Crystal barely had to think about the offer, and about as long for her counter-offer. “Fine. But if I win, you quit the team and I get a permanent position in your place.”

“Deal,” Sue quickly agreed. The women stood up to ready themselves, eying each other menacingly. Each seemed to expect the other to attack them while they got ready, but they maintained the cold-blooded patience to keep back. “It’ll be good to air the place out and get the smell of whore out of the base.”

Crystal smiled wickedly back, circling with the older blond. “You should already know by now that you can only make yourself useful by disappearing, hag. I’ll feel like a real hero to the team for forcing you into retirement.”

Susan finally broke first and dove on top of Crystal, clawing right for the Inhuman’s face. Crystal fell backward with Sue on top, Sue getting a single angry red scratch over her cheek. She didn’t feel any blood drawn, but the three slashes stung over her face all the same. She held off the pushing and snarling Sue Richards before pushing back hard enough to lift her body off of her a bit, just to sneak a knee in between them to spike into her stomach.

“OOF!” Sue let out a big burst of hot air over Crystal’s face as the wind was knocked out of her, losing the strength in her arms. Crystal shoved her to one side, banging the blond’s head against one of the chairs and making her fall limply with a quick, feminine grunt.

“You’re too used to hiding behind your barriers, you bitch,” Crystal hissed at her, wiping a spandex-clad arm across her cheek to check the scrape before she grabbed Sue by the hair, pulling her head under her arm in a quick but tight headlock. Storm’s face started to go red from the pressure while Crystal took her by the scalp, twisting and pulling a fistful of hair as if she was trying to uproot a carrot.

“That was fast,” huffed Crystal as she steadied herself on her knees, squeezing Sue so she was left bent over on all fours and her bright blue ass sticking up in the air. “You ready to give already, bitch, or do I have to pop that head like a zit?”

Sue let her go on with the trash talk as she pawed at her thighs clumsily for balance. Crystal rose up a bit more to bend her neck and put more pressure on the choke, but Sue just let her get caught up in the hold while she reached behind her and grabbed tightly on on the cameltoe of Crystal’s costume.

Crystal shrieked as even with her suit and Sue’s gloves in the way, it was still just scientifically advanced tights, and her fingers dug deep into her tender groin. Crystal was frozen in pain as her pussy was crushed, Sue clawing and squeezing the flesh like Play-do. “You don’t survive beating armies of supervillains by fighting clean,” Sue huffed as she escaped the headlock, getting behind Crystal and shoving her forward. She landed on all fours with her pretty face twisted from the pain in her delicates, finally giving a relieved gasp as Susan let it go. This was all just so that she could stand up and with a harsh cry, smash her booted foot down onto the small of Crystal’s back and slam her to the ground.

Crystal’s arms roamed sluggishly over her body, one arm trying to rub the sore spot on her back while the other was holding her crotch protectively. “None of your puddles and fireworks to save you now, you pathetic little cunt,” Sue growled down at her, kicking Crystal in the side to roll her into the middle of the room. Crystal ended up flat on her back, knees crossed to try and protect her crotch further. Sue ignored her and straddled her on her knees, mounting Crystal’s belly and grabbing the collar of her bright yellow costume.

“I’m going to send you to your farewell ceremony with matching black eyes,” Sue threatened, smashing her fist across Crystal’s face. The inhuman redhead grunted from the hit and whipped to one side, but struck back with a quicker slap to Sue’s face. Her own lovely pale face snapped from the hit, Crystal unleashing several more to beat her face back and forth with the stinging smacks that put Sue back on the defensive, even with Crystal stuck underneath her. When she seemed suitably tenderized by the slaps, Crystal grabbed the collar of Sue’s costume, but didn’t hold on long before she pulled down and apart with both hands.

Sue still had her head spinning from the slaps before she could realize that the move had torn her top wide open down to her navel. The blond was still registering what happened when Crystal reached up and raked her nails down the Sue’s chest, taking special care to scrape them in jagged lines around the curves of her breasts. Sue howled in pain as scrapes and shallow gashes tore across her front. She fell back cradling her chest in her arm, hissing as the cuts burned to the touch. Crystal’s claws had pierced the flesh on several spots, and her right areola was already leaking blood.

“Ugh! You little psycho bitch!” she grunted, shuffling herself away from Crystal to lick her wounds (figuratively, of course, since only Reed was that flexible). Crystal grabbed her by one ankle, dragging her back as she started to rise unsteadily to her feet.
“Not running from me, you old cunt,” Crystal breathed heavily, grinning maliciously as Sue tumbled along the floor after her. She threw some kicks with her remaining booted foot, but they bounced harmlessly off Crystal’s hips or wrists. At last Sue pulled back sharply, her foot sliding out of the boot Crystal was holding. It hit the ground a moment, leaving Crystal stumbling and confused for Sue to shoot her heel up and thump into Crystal’s belly.

The redhead grunted deeply from the kick to the gut, but she grabbed onto the foot again. Sue gasped a moment before Crystal pulled her leg aside, forcing her to spread her thighs before she stomped her own foot down hard onto Susan’s crotch.

“OUGHH!” Sue gurgled out as the nauseating pain shot up her midsection as Crystal used her groin like a gas pedal. “Surprised you can even feel that, you old slut!” Crystal hissed, grinding the toe of her boot into her lower lips. The costume pressed invasively deep from the stomp, forming a camel toe through Sue’s already form-fitting outfit. “Let’s see how your husband likes you when you go back to him with a broken cunt!”

Sue howled in pain as the toe dug deeper inside her, feeling the tip of it actually penetrating inside her pussy. Her breathing raspy and desperate, she let Crystal hold her leg while the other swung up and connected with her ribs. Crystal grunted and lost her balance, letting Sue intertwine her legs around Crystal’s middle.

Sue twisted her body with a vicious grunt, her scissoring legs swinging Crystal to one side and slamming her into the floor. She landed with a glassy and panicked expression, Sue gritting her teeth and sitting up partly. Her thighs squeezed harder around her stomach as she grabbed Crystal by the hair, pulling up and bending her back further. Crystal breathed heavily as her chest thrust out, stretching her suit to its limits as she strained to breathe. The inhuman’s face twisted in fear and hate as she threw two quick punches into Susan’s face, but she kept her leg lock on and swung the handful of hair down to smash Crystals’ face back into the ground. Sue breathed heavy like a wild animal, some blood coming from her split lip courtesy of Crystal’s knuckles.

“That all you got, you alien whore!? You think that can stop me!?” she seethed through grit teeth and a bloody lip, sweat visibly running down her hair and bared chest.
“Uou fucking bitch! Let go!” Crystal panted, pounding her fists on Sue’s legs and clawing at her knees, but unable to right herself into any practical position. She was caught in Sue’s mousetrap-like thighs, who decided to use her trapped victim as an easy target. Sue reached past Crystal’s flailing arms, grabbing both of her tits and digging her fingernails into them with a tight grip.

“AUWWWW!” Crystal let out a pained howl as her breasts were crushed and gouged by the vicegrip, but Sue took it a step further as she twisted them both like doorknobs. Her nails quickly ripped right through the costume, tearing a large chunk of it loose from Crystal’s breast as her fingers still clung to a few scraps as they crushed and stabbed into the inhuman’s tender chest. Crystal thrashed and stomped wildly, screaming at the top of her lungs as Sue rearranged her tits with malicious glee. she wouldn’t have to worry about her flaunting her body around Johnny when she’d completely ruined it.

Sue had torn up Crystal’s chest (both the costume and her actual breasts) with deep scratches and tears, squeezing and rolling them out of shape in her grip when Crystal lashed out with her own set of claws. She dug her fingers into either side of Sue’s blond locks and jammed her thumbs into her eyes. Sue closed them tightly in time to avoid any serious damage, but her ruthless attack still had both women screaming in agony, dishing it out as badly as they took it.

“Let go, bitch, or I blind you!” Crystal threatened as her nails raked at Sue’s scalp and face.

“I’m going to rip those tits off and feed them to you, whore!” Sue spat right back, her saliva spraying over Crystal’s arms. But at last, Sue relented her grip first, not willing to risk Crystal ruining her sight for the fight. As a parting gift though, she threw an uppercut into Crystal’s jaw before they both fell back, sweating and breathing heavy as they leaned against their chairs, clutching their various body parts. Sue’s eyes watered terribly, wiping an arm at them while her other hand gingerly touched her scratched up breast. Crystal rubbed her aching jaw, her tits swollen and red as she hugged them tenderly to her chest. Both women were sweaty and bloody, and showing several visible bruises as their suits started to tear from their bodies, both heaving sets of tits out on display.

“You’re getting old, Sue!” Crystal huffed out of breath, glaring across the carpet at her hated rival, sweating and all but sobbing in her heavy breathing. “You had your good years, but time has taken its toll! And the FF has always run fine without you!”

“You’re not taking MY place!” Sue seethed back at her, fire in her eyes and blood on her lips and chest. “You won’t fuck with my team or my family any more!”

Sue charged first, but both women were beginning to slowing down as the fight went on. Crystal was still braced against the chair, and used a long leg to sweep into Susan’s ankles, suddenly dropping her to her face on the floor. Crystal, for her younger age, was just as sore and exhausted, but that just made both women fight crueler and more ruthless. She quickly grabbed Susan’s hair from behind, banging her face into the floor repeatedly. Sue bounced off with a few husky grunts, but braced herself up on one arm to cut off another drop and threw her elbow back. It cracked into Crystal’s face, sending her crumbling to one side holding her bloodied nose. “OWW! Fucking hate you, whore!” Crystal vented in blind rage as she held her aching face.

Sue was quick to strike back, taking Crystal by the head and hugging it into her chest. Sue’s sweaty, angrily heaving breasts puffed against her hated rival’s face, crushing it with one arm while the other started slamming furious fists onto her side, neck and shoulders. Crystal gave outraged cries, but they were muffled by the faceful of sour-tasting flesh that filled her face.

“Give up, you little cunt,” she growled down at her opponent. “I’ve got the experience. I’M the stronger here! I’ve got you beat!” She didn’t seem to especially care if Crystal had anything to say back, keeping her bearhug around her neck and her tits shoved and smearing into her face to cut off any actual words.

Crystal seemed to realize this and settled for actions over words. She shook her head like she was trying to wriggle free, but instead just positioned so that her face was up against Susan’s hard, bared nipple. There she opened up her mouth as wide as she could and bit down hard on the juicy tit, getting an almost feral howl of agony out of Sue. She released Crystal’s head to beat it with her fists, but the redhead leaned in close and rotated her head, twisting and gnawing at the excited nipple and tit flesh like a hungry she-wolf.

The whole process left Sue in tears, and even as she savagely punched and kicked at her rival they ran down her cheeks as her already tenderized breast was devoured. Sue was desperate for any chance of release, tears and drool running down Sue’s face as Crystal started tasting blood on her opponent’s chest.

Sue reached over Crystal’s arched back to bury her hand inside her spandex, the torn garment hanging on just below her waist after all of Susan’s savage scratching. It was fitting more loosely, allowing Sue’s hand to vanish inside the suit and between Crystal’s legs. Crystal wore no underwear under the costume, allowing Sue’s trim nails to stab right into her pussy lips.

Crystal’s bite finally broke so she could let out a low, husky groan of pain, her lovely face twisting in sickening agony as her genitals were mauled. Sue grit her teeth and twisted her grip, stretching and clawing her bush and labia in her sharp nails. The spandex slid and stretched trying to fit Crystal’s ass and Susan’s invasive hands inside, audibly tearing and falling off to leave Crystal in nothing a few yellow tatters clinging to her boots.

She finally seemed to overcome the nausea from the pain in time, Sue confident in her cunt-crushing grip to keep it locked on tight. Crystal carefully wound up and slammed her fist into Susan’ lower belly, knocking the Invisible Woman’s spit and air from her lips and washing over her back. The pain shocked Sue to a standstill, just for Crystal to wind up again and deliver another power blow into her belly. Sue gave another sickly gasp, but managed to get to her feet and stagger back to get her distance again and regroup.
Crystal didn’t seem willing to let her get away, grabbing onto Sue’s own hanging blue suit and pulling. The blond staggered and nearly fell, but licked out as she stepped right out of the last of her boots, landing on one of the chairs wearing nothing but her blue gloves.

Crystal landed on her ass with the battered blue garb in her hands, scowling up at Susan before ripping it in half in front of her, all but pouting as she vengefully wrecked her would-be teammate’s uniform. Sue wheezed and sweat in her chair a moment, catching her breath but not willing to let herself truly rest. Her whole body ached too badly, and the rage still boiled in her. Some ugly bruising was forming on the blond’s abs, and as Crystal tried to climb into a chair herself, she almost tripped over the yellow shreds of her outfit, stepping out of them and kicking them aside before she peeled off her own sweaty gloves. Sue leered back and did the same. With their clothing gone, the women were both more interested in using their nails on eachother than the negligible protection they offered.

The gloves literally off both were left naked across from each other. It mirrored their original meeting in the room, apart from the visible blood, scratches, and tears staining both of the lovely womens’ naked flesh.

“I am going to break your legs off,” Crystal panted, flopped back into her chair in an unflatteringly exhausted position. Her legs spread out lazily, her trim but sweaty red bush on display. The marks from Sue’s nails were displayed prominently by their own fleshy shade of red. “So I can make sure you don’t even walk out of this building. Just crawl out like a pathetic, beaten dog you are.”

Sue rubbed one of her bruised tits as she scowled back, unfaltering besides her own forced breathing. “Last chance to back out, you little shit. Leave my brother and my team alone. Otherwise, I’m ready to kick your fat ass so hard that you won’t even need a spaceship to go back to the moon.”

“Oh, I’m staying, bitch,” Crystal sneered back. With the idle threats already being thrown around, she felt no remorse in her next declaration to her hated rival. “In fact, once I’m done with Johnny, maybe I’ll go see if Reed’s looking to have a real woman for a change.”

Sue got up at that, charging at Crystal in a furious rage. Crystal expected as much, rising up suddenly out of her chair and landing a well-timed uppercut into the rushing superheroine’s jaw. Susan gave a loud grunt as her legs went weak, her charge turning into a stagger as the blow disoriented her. Crystal grabbed her by the back and hurled Sue at the chair she’d just been sitting in face-first. Sue tumbled into it, weakly trying to hold herself up as she landed on her knees in front of it.

Crystal slammed her hip on top of her, sitting on Susan’s back facing her feet to pin her in the position against the chair. “Real temper on you! Well, if you’re going to behave like some bratty little girl, that’s just how I’ll treat you!” Crystal slapped her hand painfully hard onto Sue’s upthrust ass that left her jiggling and shrieking, only to pelt it with several more smacks from each hand that soon marked most of her ass a stinging, sunburnt-looking bright red. Sue screamed in protest and kicked her legs frantically, but unable to brute force her way out of the compromising position.

“Well I take it back! You’re not some bratty little girl!” Crystal gloated. “You look more like a two-dollar whore bent over like that!”

Sue finally managed to hook her feet around Crystal’s, pulling on them to send the redhead falling flat on her face and chest on the carpet. Sue got up while rubbing her round ass, standing up behind the winded Crystal and stomping in between her shoulder blades with her bare heel.

“That’s for Alicia!” Susan shouted down at her. BAM! She stomped her back again, squashing Crystal’s breasts between her ribs and the carpet.

Sue followed up with a kick into Crystal’s belly, giving off a meaty slapping sound. “And that’s for Reed! And Johnny! And Ben!” Sue rained stomps and kicks over Crystal, alternately screaming and grunting as she tried to ward off her attacks. The redhead suddenly twisted out of the way of a stomp, letting Sue’s leg hit the floor spread away from her body. Crystal balanced on her shoulders a moment to slam her hard heel up into Susan’s twat, rewarded with a pained, guttural grunt from the superheroine. Sue’s legs crossed comically and she fell to her knees, feeling nauseous from all the pain as she cupped her crotch with both hands. Even a trained fighter like Sue couldn’t hold back tears from running from her eyes after all the collected pain.

Crystal shoved her over, forcing Sue onto her back still all but paralyzed from the last low blow. Crystal crawled onto her opponent’s body, not quite having the strength to fully stand on her own. She sat on Sue’s breasts, facing her feet before she reached her own legs back, wrapping them around Sue’s neck and leaning on her thighs for balance. Crystal flexed her legs, suddenly closing her thick thighs tighter around the blonde’s neck and forcing her tighter against her and pressing her face into her ass. Sue gasped and then coughed as she was smothered in Crystal’s legs and ass.

“Come on. Hurry up and black out already, blondie. I’m gonna use your stupid Barbie-doll face as my fuck toy once you’re out,” Crystal threatened. She could feel the Invisible Woman’s heavy, raspy breath against her crotch, exciting her to have the weaker woman at her mercy. Sue’s drool and coughed up spittle tickled her thighs and hips, squeezing in and out to keep the pressure on her throat. “Give up yet, you old cunt!?”

Sue shook her head in between her legs, as best she could with the tight scissors around her. “Fuck you, whore,” she defied, digging her nails into Crystal’s thighs, but the muscles clenched hard and not providing her much soft flesh to hold onto.

“Says the bitch buried in my asshole!” Crystal laughed derisively back at her. “In face, even with that fat, useless body of yours, think I’ll have a taste myself.”

Sue shivered under her, beating her fists on her back and hips furiously. “No! No, don’t you fucking dare!” she raged, but her legs were held down by Crystal’s leaning palms. She felt the Inhuman’s breath on her crotch, shuddering in a mix of arousal and disgust at the idea of her violating her. However, she received a somehow less pleasant surprise, as Crystal never placed her lips or tongue on her, but instead bit into one of her pussy lips and twisted her head.

Sue screamed bloody murder as her snatch was mauled and crushed, thrashing and flailing under Crystal as the moon-dweller bit until she tasted blood coming from Sue’s womanhood. Acting largely on primal instincts, Sue thrust her hips up into Crystal’s face, lifting her head up enough that she could knock her knees together on either side of her head.

“Agh!” Crystal grunted and forced her teeth to let go of her rival, holding her head delicately as it throbbed from the sudden improvised boxing of her ears. Sue sent her knee up again, this one rocketing into Crystal’s nose with a brutal crushing sound. She felt the spray of blood over her legs and thighs as Crystal gave a sputtering shriek, holding her busted nose. She fell off of Sue at last, rolling to one side and Susan was able to see that her pretty face was spoiled by the bruised and bleeding nose in the center. “You bidth!” Crystal shouted, words distorted by her injury and frantic breathing.

“You tried to EAT ME!” she snarled back, charging in and grabbing Crystal by her tits, squeezing and digging her nails into it. Crystal wailed and grabbed for her wrists, leaving her wide open for Sue to use her rack as a set of handles for a brutal headbutt. Crystal went down, sliding from her grip as the Invisible Woman’s nails left more scratches down her chest on the way down, Crystal landing in a pathetic heap at her feet. Sue panted and rubbed her crotch, seeing blood and other fluids on her fingertips.

“You dirty little dyke,” Susan growled, crawling weakly after Crystal, but she didn’t seem to be going anywhere soon in her condition. Sue straddled her face, shameless and even consciously squishing her pussy into her face. Crystal could only moan and wince as it pressed against her bruised and bloody face, Sue snarling through her own bloodied lips as she raised her fists to start punching into Crystal’s lower belly. It was as much her venting her rage and pain as it was to torment the challenging little bitch, so it was just two birds with one stone for her.

“You like it when I hurt you, you little shit? Because that’s the only reason you’d mess with one of the Fantastic Fucking Four!” Sue shouted down at her, even if she barely followed what she was saying in her daze.

“G-get off…” Crystal pleaded between the punching to her tender belly, legs twitching with each fist digging deeper into her.

“You want me off?” Sue snapped at her. Then you better GET me off, you hear me?” She ran her nails menacingly through Crystal’s thin red bush, scratching softly at the skin just below and dangerously near her pussy. “Faster you work the sooner I end you.”
Crystal noticeably hesitated, but when Sue gave an aggressive gyration of her hips, Crystal winced from the pain with her face and started to lick softly but steadily.

“That’s it, you pathetic little mongrel,” Sue moaned menacingly, riding the redhead’s face more enthusiastically as her body visible bounced up and down on her face. “Get in there deep. Act like the little cum-eating slut you are!” She suddenly stuck two fingers into Crystal’s slit, pumping them roughly with no real care for the other woman’s comfort. This was an act of dominance, not pleasure. Crystal panted in response, shivering and licking her faster and deeper, pleasently reminding Sue of an actual dog between her licking and whimpering. It excited her as much as her shapeshifting husband, in some ways, and her humping became a bit more fluid as her natural lubrication came into play, smearing over Crystal’s face as a final degradation. Crystal’s body seemed to betray her muffled protests and mewls, as her pussy leaked its own bit of honey at Sue’s rough fingering.

Sue’s breathing grew heavier and faster along with her grinding, and after a few minutes of her dominant punishment she gave a short cry, arching her back to thrust out her chest, nipples stiff as she orgasmed on Crystal’s bashed-in face. She gave a few last instinctive thrusts to ride her orgasm out before she popped her fingers out of Crystal, despite feeling her hard clit on the way out. Sue stood up shakily, a bit invigorated by the orgasm but knowing it wouldn’t last her long once the fatigue and pain kicked back in after the afterglow.

She leaned on the arm of the chair, then slowly but firmly pressed her sole onto Crystal’s cunt. “Who owns you, bitch?” she panted, Crystal shuddering and spasming in mixed pain and lust as Sue’s foot both crushed and teased her pussy.

“You do! It’s you, Susan!”

“Damn right!” she hissed, spitting onto Crystal’s scratched and bloody tits, grinding her foot in firm back and forth motions before the alien teammate squirted messily from underfoot, the clear fluid sticking to Susan’s foot and the carpet below.

“I’ll go tell the team you’ll be leaving tomorrow,” Sue told her with a confident but strained smirk, leaving with a confident wiggle in her hips. She left her costume behind in tatters as Crystal could only lay among the stained and trashed room gawk stupidly up at the ceiling.

The End

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