He’s My Sugar Daddy by Susanoom

It had been several months since Kyle had entered the world of sugar daddies. It was a rumor that hovered in the air, all of his friends had become one after their wives decided to abandon them for the various yoga or zumba instructors. Every Saturday night, Kyle met up with the people he had grown up with since childhood, and who would never stab him in the back. And when they started talking about the topic of sugar daddies, Kyle was blown away. The pictures on everyone’s cell phones were unbelievable, those uninhibited girls were incredibly sexy. All that was needed was money, but that was definitely not a problem for Kyle.

Before long he joined the circle of his friends, becoming a sugar daddy in his own right. Under the astute guidance of his new colleagues, he worked his way through the various sugar babies until he found the one that suited him best, finding her in Esmeralda. A sexy streamer who was looking for all the attention her fans couldn’t give her. When she met Kyle, the girl was surprised to find a man a little older than her, attractive and above all single. Normally, a sugar baby knows how to behave and is ready to use her sugar daddy as a wallet to satisfy her desires, but the fees she was giving Kyle almost became her desires. She desired to satisfy this man, and soon money didn’t even become her priority, she just wanted him. Kyle on the other hand had never been able to really get attached to a person of the opposite sex. He had grown up alone, relying almost always on himself to get by. From the beginning, Esmeralda’s presence by his side stirred a new emotion in her, one she had never felt before. Maybe he had fallen in love with her, but he knew the rules were ironclad, and Kyle couldn’t break the bond he had with his sugar baby.

The situation precipitated with the arrival of Sofia. She had been a sugar baby long enough to know how to deal with the sex maniacs she was around, plus she was a pretty famous streamer. She was damn good enough that she could fill the sugar baby position with multiple sugar daddies, filling all her empty time. Her life was as perfect as it was empty, and none of those decrepit old men could indulge her fantasies. She needed something out of the ordinary, young and beautiful, who could give her everything she wanted and didn’t know she wanted yet. She saw Kyle for the first time when her sugar daddy met up with him at the bar for drinks. As a “Bring Your Daughter to Work” type of day, they had all decided to bring their sugar babies to see who could find the hottest one. Since there were an even number of them, the voting ended in a tie, putting Esmeralda and Sofia on equal footing.

Esmeralda was a little disappointed with the outcome, but she didn’t mind so much. She just wanted to stay by Kyle’s side, so lending herself to this kind of thing was fine. Sofia on the other hand had a different idea, the fact that she had lost was something impossible to conceive. She was the best, no one could compare to her. But the vote was clear, she had not been the best, or at least not the only one. That Esmeralda had managed to cloud the eyes of those maniacs by showing a bit of cleavage. But what bothered her the most was that this girl was by Kyle’s side. That man was what she was looking for, the perfect sugar daddy for the perfect sugar baby, the perfect couple… but if Sofia got in the way it would become a threesome, so one person was one too many.

“What can I do?” thought Sofia as she scrolled through the other sugar baby’s Instagram profile, “How do I get her out of the way?”

She lingered on one photo in particular, Esmeralda lifting her generous breasts toward the camera, smiling mockingly. The caption was an innocent joke about eye position, but Sofia saw behind those little lines. She understood what made Esmeralda so confident and looking down at her chest she understood how she could remove her from Kyle’s life.

Borrowing Kyle’s number from her former sugar daddy, she contacted him giving him a chance to see what a real sugar baby could do. Sofia looked mischievously at the message before sending it, but realized it wasn’t enough. So, she sent a picture of Esmeralda taken from social media and one of her own, of how sexy she looked under her clothes, inviting Kyle to compare the two. It didn’t matter what others voted, what mattered was what he thought.

The sexy sugar baby didn’t even want to wait for a response and headed straight to the multinational corporation where Kyle worked. Why wait to win the comparison when she could be there when Kyle chose her and fired Esmeralda? In twenty minutes, she was in front of Kyle’s secretary, who didn’t even have time to raise her head before Sofia entered the office of the man she wanted. Sofia was electrocuted when she found not Kyle behind his desk, but instead the girl she thought she had eliminated.

“Excuse me, ma’am. I didn’t have time to…” the secretary began to say reaching Sofia from behind.

“No, it’s no problem Amanda. Just leave us alone,” Esmeralda ordered the secretary.

The woman bowed her head and closed the door behind her. Sofia remained motionless, standing as she looked at the smiling girl behind the desk. Esmeralda slowly stood up, and as she walked around the desk, she showed Kyle’s phone in her hands.

“You know, I knew you were a whore from the first moment” Esmeralda said, leaning back against the desk “But to come to this? Only a crazy person could do that.”

“Call me crazy, but Kyle needs me. You’re not woman enough for him” Sofia replied, showing great confidence.

“I’m not…what?” asked Esmeralda annoyed “You filthy bitch, how dare you?” she got up from her desk and approached the sugar baby menacingly.

Sofia gave a sly grin, moving closer to meet the other girl.

“Kyle’s level is too high for someone like you, cxnt. He should have a real woman by his side, and not a little girl,” Sofia hissed.

The two girls stopped inches apart, they were so close that they could vividly feel the hatred they harbored for each other. Esmeralda opened her mouth, surprised that this girl had the courage to say such things to her.

“Bitch, Kyle is mine. He chose me and I chose him. He can’t find another girl better than me,” Esmeralda hissed back, trying to restrain herself from punching the person in front of her.

“Wrong, sugar. There is someone… and it’s me,” Sofia replied, raising her chin in a sign of superiority.

Esmeralda’s only response was a muffled growl, anger boiling in her veins. She already knew what that sugar baby’s thoughts were, but she wanted to be sure. Sofia was aiming for her place beside Kyle, and she couldn’t let that happen. She had recently convinced herself that she loved this man and would stand by him, even if he didn’t want to reciprocate her feelings.

“Uh oh, that was funny! I didn’t think you knew how to make jokes” Esmeralda’s tone was sour, which made Sofia irritated.

The girl couldn’t understand. She was the best sugar baby on the market, she was the best of the best, and if she wanted Kyle…she was going to get him.

“You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to get you out of the way” Sofia began to say, circling the other sugar baby menacingly “In our line of work, looks are everything. I certainly couldn’t come up with a solution that involved ruining my entire gorgeous body. So, what to do, I thought…” she paused again in front of Esmeralda pretending to think “Then I saw your pictures, and I understood.” She concluded smiling as she pointed at the sugar baby’s chest.

“What? My breast?” asked Esmeralda without understanding.

“Exactly. In every picture of you, you’ve been looking for the best angle to show them off, hiding behind bullshit philosophical phrases. That’s how the epiphany came to me. Remember what I wrote to Kyle, sugar?”

Esmeralda searched her mind for the conversation she had secretly participated in. Sofia flirted a lot with her, even though the sugar baby thought she was talking to the man. Then she asked to compare two photos, where their bodies were clearly visible. Those words hit like a bolt from the blue. Esmeralda focused too much on the photos, not paying too much attention to the words Sofia wrote next.

“Tell me Kyle, who do you like better? Who’s the sexiest? Who has the best breasts?”

Sofia could tell the sugar baby understood, seeing her expression. She smiled as she pressed a finger on Esmeralda’s right breast.

“A fight, you and me. Tits against tits. Only one winner,” Sofia declared, looking down at the girl.

Esmeralda stared at her hatefully, pushing the girl’s hand away. She didn’t know what to do, but she understood that if she ran away from that out of the ordinary challenge Sofia would continue to pursue Kyle. She could only think of scenarios where Kyle would abandon her, and she would be left alone. The only solution was to win.

“Bitch, what makes you think you can come here and” Esmeralda started to say angrily but was immediately interrupted by a push from Sofia.

The sugar baby had just hit her with her breasts, pushing her back a step. Esmeralda looked at her opponent shocked, while she smiled mischievously. She knew she had her in the palm of her hand, words would no longer help. Esmeralda approached threateningly, but Sofia stopped her with her hand.

“Before we start, we’d better take off our clothes. I wouldn’t want to ruin this wonderful little coat.”

“But you’ve already started!” growled Esmeralda.

“If you really think that’s starting, then Kyle is already mine” replied Sofia, starting to undress.

It took a few seconds before Esmeralda did the same, and a few seconds later the two sugar babies remained topless, gorgeous and fierce. One girl realized right away that she was at a disadvantage, her rival’s breasts were bigger after the bras were removed. It was a hard blow for Esmeralda to see that Sofia was already starting with a size advantage, and it created some concern for her.

“If you already want to give up, just say so,” Sofia taunted her, lifting her breasts with her arms.

Esmeralda growled in response, charging forward. Esmeralda’s breasts smashed directly against Sofia’s, compressing the girl’s tits before they bounced back to their original shape. A series of head-on collisions began, and when Esmeralda stepped back for another blow, Sofia set off on the attack by pushing forward. Their tits didn’t hit each other evenly, but the slap that resulted from the collision filled the room.

Esmeralda recovered quickly enough and slammed her tits forward against Sofia’s. Both sugar baby’s breasts were compressed again, reddening. The girl grabbed her rival’s shoulders, but Sofia pushed them away, making the girl vulnerable. The sugar baby pounced on her rival, swinging her breasts quickly, the impact was so strong that Esmeralda stumbled backwards. Sofia continued to stay ahead, following a rapid succession of blows, ending with grabbing Esmeralda’s shoulders to swing her melons like wrecking balls against her opponent’s breasts. From the very first blow, Esmeralda felt her tits being pushed against her chest, slowly bending before returning to their usual round shape. The girl grunted as she felt her rival begin to grind her tits against hers, feeling herself being grabbed by the waist. With her new grip, Sofia pushed herself even further forward, thrusting her breasts upward as if to pierce Esmeralda’s tits, who moaned in discomfort.

Sofia repeated the move and then snapped forward, she wanted to hear the girl scream that she had not stepped aside. Esmeralda’s breasts flattened at the moment of impact, so much so that the girl yelped. Sofia was caught off guard by her rival’s wild move. Although her breasts failed at that moment, Esmeralda found the strength to swing her tits, thus avoiding the next blow, also hitting Sofia’s flesh with her nipple, scraping the girl’s areola. Sofia moaned in surprise, but quickly recovered and slammed her tits forward. Esmeralda met the thrust, forcing their tits to slide over each other. Both girls began to rotate their breasts, making their flesh tremble with each contact with their rival tits. Esmeralda’s tits seemed to sag and yield more compared to Sofia’s, but the girl still felt the firmness in the sugar baby’s breasts.

Suddenly, Sofia pulled back, trying to block her rival with her arms without success. Esmeralda pushed forward, landing a hard blow to her rival’s tits, but both girls grimaced in pain. Sofia quickly grabbed her rival’s back and began to squeeze, while Esmeralda’s eyes went wide as she felt the sugar baby’s heavy tits push against her own. The girl began to squeeze rhythmically, with each impact Esmeralda’s tits seemed to give way more and more. The girl moaned into the rival squeeze as Sofia continued to pump her big tits against the rival ones.

Esmeralda knew she had to do something, thinking of ways to free herself as her tits took the blows from Sofia’s breasts. At one point, Esmeralda bent her knees, catching her rival off guard who only realized too late what was going on. The girl quickly stood up, sending her tits directly into the underside of Sofia’s, who groaned as she took a step back. The sugar baby took another hit when Esmeralda threw her tits against her rival breasts.

Sofia moaned again as the girl’s breasts smashed against her chest, slamming her tits up and down. Esmeralda braced herself for another blow and when she thrust forward, Sofia’s tits collapsed under the weight. Nevertheless, after the dull thud of the impact between breasts, both girls moaned painfully as they backed away. Now Sofia’s breasts were heavily reddened, contrasting with the girl’s white skin. The sugar baby growled angrily at seeing how battered her breasts were and slammed her breasts down on top of Esmeralda’s pair, her flesh expanding outward.

“Bitch!” moaned the girl backing away.

Sofia smiled, starting to push down, trying to bend the girl over. But Esmeralda hadn’t given up yet and slammed her breasts forward. The sugar baby staggered backwards, as her tits bounced off her chest, defenseless. Esmeralda pushed forward again, and the pairs of tits crashed perfectly together, flattening each other. The girl maintained the pressure and grabbed her rival’s shoulders before starting to thrust again.

Both breasts flattened out of proportion, each time returning to their shape. Sofia’s tits were moved more easily as Esmeralda dictated the movement, but both pairs slipped and shifted as the girl pushed her breasts against her rival. Soon Sofia began to respond more frequently, welcoming the contact between their tits and pushing her rival back, though the fight seemed to be in Esmeralda’s favor.

“Don’t you…swagger anymore…huh, bitch” grunted Esmeralda, pushing forward.

“Shut up… cxnt” replied Sofia tensely.

The sugar baby’s face showed a grimace of discomfort as her rival’s breasts hit hard. Esmeralda smiled as she pulled back to push her tits against her opponent’s again. Both pairs of tits molded to the point of impact, the trembling flesh twisting under the pressure. Esmeralda’s tits slid upward as their nipples stabbed into each other’s flesh. Sofia squirmed, moving her breasts to the side and letting the girl’s tits descend. As Esmeralda followed the movement of her breasts, Sofia pushed from the other side so that it was her tits on top.

The result was that both girls had one boob on top of the other, while the remaining breasts remained underneath their counterparts. They spent the next few minutes relentlessly grinding their tits together, in between them the set of flesh being meticulously mixed mercilessly, making it possible to tell the difference just by the slight difference in skin color. Both girls grunted with each passing second, hoping that the fight would finally come to an end, self-convincing themselves to endure the pain in order to win the fight. With each passing second, Esmeralda’s breasts gained ground until Sofia pushed them in, flipping the control of the space between them. Each girl placed her hands on the other’s shoulders as they continued to push their tits against each other.

After a handful of minutes of the girls grinding their breasts, Sofia changed tactics. She pulled her rival close to her, and Esmeralda couldn’t stop the strong impact of her rival’s tits slamming into hers. The girl’s breasts molded around Sofia’s breasts, only returning to their original shape when the sugar baby pulled back her tits for another thrust, relishing the feeling of her tits bending her rival’s flesh.

Esmeralda yelped in pain, and as Sofia raised her breasts to attack, she quickly swung her tits upward. Her tits hit her rival’s, but the blow was not as effective as she thought given the already elevated position of her opponent’s breasts. Sofia grunted as she felt the blow, taking a step back, and Esmeralda used that moment to swing her tits again, trying to do more damage. Sofia smiled as she avoided the blow by moving to the right, and when Esmeralda’s movement ended, she was met with a frontal blow.

Sofia’s breasts crashed directly into her rival’s, which flattened at the point of impact. The desperate moan that escaped Esmeralda’s lips indicated who got the better of that blow, her flesh being torn apart as the sugar baby dragged her tits against her counterpart. When she felt her opponent stop from her assault, Esmeralda tried to catch her breath, but her eyes went wide when she saw under her chin. Trapped in the middle of Sofia’s sweaty cleavage was her left breast, while her right breast was resting against her rival’s flesh. Quickly looking up, she saw her rival’s sly smile and without giving Esmeralda time to move, she began to move her chest in all directions. Esmeralda’s right boob was slammed outward with each blow, while her right tit was squashed in the middle of Sofia’s cleavage. The girl quickly tried to move her chest in the same directions as her rival, in order to respond to the attacks, causing their flesh to totally make contact, sliding and slapping each other.

Suddenly, Sofia slammed her breasts into the underside of her rival’s sweaty tits, causing them to lift uncontrollably upward. Esmeralda found herself bewildered, and the sugar baby certainly didn’t wait for the girl to regain control. While the girl’s breasts were still moving, Sofia pushed forward quickly, slamming her breasts forward pushing her rival tits away. Esmeralda moaned as the rival flesh invaded her space mercilessly.

“I can feel you…giving in…bitch” whispered Sofia under stress, but smiling.

“You won’t win…cxnt… My tits… will flatten… your… urgh!” grunted Esmeralda suddenly as Sofia’s tits poured against her breasts one more time.

The sugar baby pulled back, letting their tits breathe a little. Both pairs of breasts were hugely flushed, falling slightly downward before being pushed and slammed into the rival pair. Both girls lifted their wonders with their hands, Esmeralda tried to strike by pointing at the opposing breast, making the sugar baby grunt at the sudden contact. The girl used her opponent’s surprise to push herself forward again, trying to do more damage to her rival’s breasts. Both girls groaned as Esmeralda’s breasts crushed against their counterparts, where each girl’s flesh seemed to make its way through the space only to come back a second later, pushed by the rival’s breast. The two sugar babes hurled themselves at each other as the room filled with the meaty slaps of their tits slamming into each other and the moans of the combatants as they felt their opponent’s nipples pierce their flesh.

To her rival’s surprise, Esmeralda broke the stalemate by forcing her tits forward, pushing back the flesh of Sofia’s breasts. The sugar baby’s tits bounced wildly as the girl continued to strike, pushing her tits into the bottom of the rival pair. Esmeralda maliciously slammed her breasts from above into her opponent, getting a guttural moan from the sugar baby as she felt her tits pushed down.

“Fuck…no,” moaned Sofia.

Esmeralda lifted her tits again and struck again, the sugar baby cursed as her tits shook from the impact. Another blow and Sofia moaned again, her tears began to line her face. She could feel it, the break inside her. That feeling, that horrible empty feeling. Her tits were giving way to her opponent’s. Esmeralda grabbed and squeezed her rival from the waist, her tits overwhelmingly crushing the rival pair. Sofia’s breasts leaked outward as she made contact with the girl’s pair, pressing herself enormously. The sugar baby responded to the attacks but couldn’t find any momentum to break the rhythm of her rival’s thrusts as she began to rotate her chest left and right. The pale flesh began to distort and deform, her tits trembling more and more as Esmeralda rotated her breasts against her rival.

When Esmeralda tightened her grip, crushing her rival tits even more, Sofia threw her head back moaning loudly. The sugar baby rested her head on the girl’s shoulder, starting to cry as she moaned each time her flesh was demolished by the rival tits. Esmeralda finally allowed herself a victorious smile as she felt the sugar baby’s tits flatten more, compressing at the point of contact to slide outward without resistance. Sofia tried once again to push her tits forward, but her flesh instantly gave way against her counterpart. Sofia’s arms fell along her sides, a sign of forced surrender after even her very existence turned against her.

Without mercy, Esmeralda put one leg behind her opponent’s and pushed forward harder than ever. Sofia’s eyes widened as she felt herself falling backwards, especially seeing her rival follow her to the ground. After the heavy thud, Sofia’s chilling scream filled the room as Esmeralda’s tits landed perfectly on top of hers, crushing them completely. Esmeralda stood up just enough to put some distance between their breasts and let herself fall, again and again. Each blow was a mortal wound to Sofia, who moaned each time as she looked down to see her rival tits invading her breasts.

“I guess now we know who’s more of a woman,” Esmeralda whispered mischievously, bringing her lips close to Sofia’s ear, her breasts continuing to flatten the losing pair.

Sofia yelped helplessly as her tits were crushed again, the knowledge of being defeated where she was sure to win burning intensely within her. The sugar baby closed her eyes as the tears continued to flow down her cheeks. Esmeralda continued to force her tits against her rival’s defeated and battered breasts, smiling smugly. Sofia’s flesh reshaped itself around the winning pair again and again, each movement of Esmeralda’s breasts were the equivalent of punches against her breasts.

“Now say it, bitch, who’s the best sugar baby. Say who has the best tits!” ordered Esmeralda, growling at her enemy’s face “Which one of us is the best!”

Sofia closed her eyes and clenched her mouth shut. Despite losing the fight, despite the stabbing pain in her chest, she would not lose the dignity of admitting that she was second to someone. Esmeralda began to strike in anger, and the sugar baby sobbed with each blow, but never gave the answer the winner wanted to hear.

Unsatisfied with the lack of response, Esmeralda decided to humiliate her opponent in another way. Deftly, she pinned Sofia’s wrists to the floor, and as the sugar baby looked around to see what was going on, the girl raised her body and brought her sweaty tits over her rival’s face. Sofia’s eyes widened, and she began to shake her head as Esmeralda’s breasts moved closer to her face. The girl waited several seconds after Sofia’s body had stopped moving before she moved her wonderful tits away from her rival’s unconscious face. Getting up, she spat on Sofia’s destroyed tits with contempt.

“Don’t touch what’s mine, bitch,” hissed Esmeralda, after composing herself.

She had an unnatural turn to fuck, and she even knew with whom: her, and only her, sugar daddy.

Kyle closed the camera connected to his office, panting. He barely held his erection in his hand and had come at least three times in the course of the splendid viewing. He had returned home a few hours earlier when his secretary called him urgently. When he realized what was going on at work, and heard the names of the two girls, he rushed to pull his laptop out of his bag and connect to the security camera in his office. When he connected, he found his friend’s sugar baby circling his own, his words were something he had never heard before. He unzipped his pants seconds later, sensing that what he was going to see was truly worth it. Kyle was able to relax only after the fight was over, when Esmeralda left the room and Sofia curled up on the floor, defeated and sobbing. He took a few minutes to make sure what he was having wasn’t a heart attack, then took a shower to make sure it hadn’t been a dream. But as the man stepped out of the shower, a girl with a winning air sounded at his door.

The End

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