Supermarket Clash by Luffy316

Vanessa was a bit overdressed for the supermarket, but it was a time of her life when she wanted to take care of herself. She was an English Oxford woman in her thirties, with brown hair, hoop earrings, and glasses. She was a busty woman in a conservative red blouse that still did little to conceal her big and tender bosom and a matching brown skirt. She had just had her first son a few month ago, and with all the breastfeeding she’d been doing, she’d gone up a few sizes from when she’d first gotten pregnant. Of course, a few things had changed since then. She’d lost almost all of her pregnancy weight to get back to a slim figure, and she’d also lost contact with the father of her baby. But she was well off in her office job, having enough to spare to not only take care of the child but leave him with a nanny when she had to work. She was on her way back to pick up her son when she’d stopped to go food shopping, so she was in a hurry when she turned into the next isle.

It was there she crashed into another similarly hurried mother. Their shopping carts rattled to a stop against eachother, Vanessa stopping suddenly and glaring up at the other woman. Sonam was of similar age, dress and figure, and also wearing glasses, but with a clearly Indian heritage judging by her darker hair and skin than Vanessa. Instead of earrings, she wore a gold necklace, and her top was a dark blue in contract of the white woman’s attire, and a black skirt beneath it. She had a full chest, for obvious reasons given that she had a newly born baby cradled in one arm at the time of the crash.

“Watch where you’re going, you paki slag!” Vanessa snapped furiously, already in a rush herself to go see her son without this bitch in her way. The fact that she’d been working hard and no partner to help her relax back at home (emotionally or sexually) only added onto everything that made her a volatile force to be reckoned with.

“Fuck off, you bloody cow! Try looking past those ugly tits for once!” Sonam shot back. Her accent was every bit as English as Vanessa’s, born native to the country.

“You’re one to talk!” Vanessa scoffed back, pulling her cart back to veer around Sonam’s, though keeping her dirty looks focused on her. “Are you feeding that little bastard of yours, or are you just always been that fat?”

Sonam kicked the side of Vanessa’s cart as she passed by. “Go to hell, you old cunt!” she hissed back before the two finally parted in a huff.

A few more minutes passed before chance brought them back together again, and once again it was at high speed with a metallic clattering. “What is wrong with you!?” Sonam shouted at her angrily, holding her baby protectively to her jiggling bosom. “Are you so fucking incompetent you haven’t figured how to walk yet!?”

“Me!? I’m surprised you haven’t dropped that junior terrorist while I wasn’t looking, you clumsy cunt!” Vanessa readily shot back, even more riled up than before. She stepped from behind her cart to get into the face of the other woman, staring eachother down.

“You dirty white twat! I’d pop you one if my boy weren’t here and show you some fucking manners.”

“Ha! I’d love to see you try, you stinking sand nigger! I’d show you your place at a white woman’s feet, begging for mercy once I kicked the shit out of you.” At this point Vanessa’s nipples were hard from all the excitement, sticking out uncomfortably against her bra.

“I’d smash your face to a pulp, you great white cow. You wouldn’t last five seconds before I tore you to ugly, slutty pieces.

The women fumed at eachother, a few passerby watching the scene in quiet shock to see what would come of it. Vanessa stepped forward, close enough that she could feel and smell the other woman’s breath, and their heavy breasts pushed into eachother just enough that she could feel that Sonam’s nipples had grown erect as well. “We can dump your bastard at my nanny’s home, then go back to my home, and I’ll teach you a lesson.”

The darker woman’s eyes met hers, furious and steady. “Deal,” she said stiffly. Both of them turned their carts aside and quickly checked out, staying close to eachother to ensure that they left together. They followed the simple plan and left Sonam’s son with Vanessa’s nanny and daughter. From there, they both got into Vanessa’s car and drove to her farmhouse.

They were quiet for a short time before Sonam spoke. “You’re making a huge mistake, white meat,” she growled at her. “You’re looking to get some red on your floors by inviting me over.”

“I expect you to bleed brown, you dirty little shit,” Vanessa insulted back at her. “Are you used to going into strangers’ homes, you little whore?”

“You couldn’t handle me if I were,” Sonam shot back. “But I’ve have fought in ages. Not since I was a kid. Not that I’d need the experience to deal with a fat slut like you.” She looked over Vanessa for a moment. “Do you do this often? Invite strangers over to kick your ass?”

The white woman shook her head. “Nope, never. I haven’t had a reason to throw a punch since grade school. But I must be bi-sexual or something, because I’ve always fantasized about doing this to a slut brown bitch like you. Whenever one of your brown slut sisters pisses me off, I dream about teaching her a lesson, like you’re going to get.”

“You dream big for a washed up white cow,” Sonam sneered back at her. “Maybe you just need a milking of those fat tits to help teach you your place.”

“Fuck off,” Vanessa spat back, just as she started to pull into the driveway. She pulled into a large farm house, isolated and in a wooded area in the outskirts of Oxford. No one would be bothering them here.

“Leave it to a cow to live in a barn,” Sonam taunted as she got out of the car, clearly ready for their maternal battle.

“I knew I was going to enjoy kicking your loudmouthed ass,” Vanessa growled, shutting the car door behind her and opening up the house. It was well-furnished and plenty big for herself and a small family, so roomy for her and her baby alone.

“So where do you want this?” Sonam demanded, looking the place over tactically.

“Anywhere’s fine,” Vanessa permitted as they stepped into her living room. “I just need to get something.” The white mother went upstairs to her bedroom, returning with a two-headed dildo in hand. One head was around an inch thick and six inches long, while the other was an extra half as wide and nearly twice as long. ”I’m going to fuck your pussy with the big end and your ass with the other end when I’m done beating you.”

Sonam gave a disgusted snort at her, looking from the sex toy back to her. “Is that all you needed then?” she asked.

“That’s it,” Vanessa said, tossing it lightly aside onto one of the tables.

“Good.” Sonam suddenly started off the fight, throwing a hard slap with all her might across Vanessa’s face. The inexperienced swing was still a hard one, enough to knock the other mother’s glasses clean off of her face and skidding across the floor. Vanessa gaped at her as she brought her head back into place, then swung her own slap into Sonam’s cheek. The darker-skinned staggered in surprise from the counter attack, her glasses knocked askew rather than fully taken off. She wasn’t able to recover before Vanessa grabbed the collar of her shirt, pulling it down and forcing Sonam to double over with her stretched out blouse.

The fine fabric quickly started giving off ripping noises as Vanessa pulled down on it relentlessly, swinging her fist like she was wielding an invisible hammer on Sonam’s back and head. Sonam screamed in response, grabbing Vanessa around her hips and barreling into her. The two women crashed into the ground together, rolling a bit in a clumsy, noisy ball of furious shouts and dull thuds. Sonam’s glasses bounced off her face at last as she landed on her back, Vanessa tumbling awkwardly past her. The white amateur got to all fours slowly, something Sonam didn’t bother with since her target was right in front of her.

Sonam twisted to get on her side and shoved her hand up Vanessa’s skirt, gouging and raking her nails wildly at her pussy. The brown-haired Brit gave a shrill cry as her privates were scratched and pinched through her panties, and long streaks of red skin showing under her skirt. She shoved and kicked at Sonam’s hands, the Indian-blooded woman turning her head to avoid any hits to her face but she couldn’t maintain her grip. Sonam’s hand finally slipped from Vanessa’s pale and tender flesh, making one more desperate grab for her. While her hand fell short of her thigh, it did catch on Vanessa’s skirt and tore it from her hips, Sonam taking a moment to realize what she was holding before throwing it aside like a piece of trash.

“You dirty paki dyke!” Vanessa screeched at her furiously, scrambling back up to her feet wearing nothing but her black panties below her waist. Her one hand rubbed over her crotch, checking the damage done by Sonam’s clawing.

“Where’s all that big talk now, white meat?” Sonam hissed back at her. As she went to stand back up, Vanessa shot forward and kicked her squarely in the chest, sending her breast bouncing out of control. Sonam stopped on one knee to hold her tit, wincing and using her arm to block Vanessa’s second attempt to drive her foot into it. She knocked the leg aside, releasing her throbbing tit to grab Vanessa’s leg and twist it sharply. Vanessa landed hard on her hip, just for Sonam to twist her by the foot and wrench her ankle.

Vanessa gave a howl of frenzied pain as her ankle bent dangerously, clawing at the ground and kicking at Sonam’s leg to try to take her down as well. She gave a sharp horizontal swipe that caught one of her knees, bringing Sonam down to the floor where she still managed to maintain her grip on Vanessa’s foot. She sank her teeth into the brunette’s foot as payback, grabbing the squirming woman by the ankle as her teeth crushed down on her white flesh.

“AGHH! You savage fuck! Get off!” Vanessa raved at her, raising her other foot to ram its heel into one of Sonam’s coffee-colored breasts. She winced from the pain but just tightened her grip on the foot with both her teeth and nails. Vanessa screamed louder still, finally raising her leg up and slamming it down. The motion crushed her heel down on top of Sonam’s breast, this time sandwiched between her foot and the floor itself. Sonam had to scream from that, her breast pancaked underfoot and trying to scramble back. Vanessa grinded her heel there a moment before letting her go to recover herself. She thought she saw the Indian woman bleeding, but realized the color was off. She was seeing her leaking milk.

“You springing a leak there, you brown cow? Or your tits already crying for mercy?” Vanessa hissed. Sonam touched at her chest curiously, not taking her eyes off her foe but frowning at what she felt soaking through her top.

“You white bitch! That was for my baby,” she growled. She tugged at the loosely hanging on blouse a moment before she pulled it off completely, tossing it aside to leave herself in just her bra, skirt and necklace.

“Good! Then I have a chance to starve the little bastard out while I’m still beating your ass,” Vanessa sneered back, fixing her tugged and damaged top as if to quietly brag about it staying on, even if she was in just her panties from the waist down. The women circled briefly before Sonam grabbed hold of Vanessa’s long brown hair, shaking her head violently side to side. The white woman wailed from the pain, but shot wild slaps and scratches into Sonam’s breasts, randomly smacking into the bra and bare flesh.

Sonam winced as her jiggling, milky jugs bounced in her bra, but suddenly cut off Vanessa’s struggles when she smashed her knee into her pussy. The white fighter went to her knees, mouth hanging open as she was overwhelmed by the pain. Sonam grabbed her top and pulled it up over her head, taking care to catch her snow-white bra in the process. It was a bit of a struggle, but she finally threw both of the garments off, leaving Vanessa topless with her milky white jugs hanging out and one hand glued to her pained pussy.

From her position, Vanessa scowled up at her hated opponent with her features twisted by pain. “Got you now, cracker cunt!” Sonam hissed down at her, throwing a kick into one of Vanessa’s breasts and connected square in the nipple. The white set of tits wobbled as Vanessa grunted hard, falling to all fours for a moment. She coughed for air as her hand went to her breast, a soft tapping sound coming from beneath her as her sweat and milk started to leak over the floor.

She managed to see Sonam wind up her leg for another kick, desperately shoving her hand out and catching Sonam by her womanhood. The driving palm caught her off guard, stunning Sonam enough for Vanessa to dig in her nails and twist, ripping at her mound viciously. Sonam couldn’t stay on her feet for long, screaming in agony as she fell to her side. Vanessa was quick to pounce on top of her, tearing at her damp, dark blue bra and slapping her across her tits.

“How’s that for payback, you stinking sand nigger?!” she shouted down at her, slapping her across the face as Sonam continued to wail from the crushing and pinching of her vagina. Sonam managed to reach up and grab Vanessa by the waistband of her panties, trying to pull herself up but only really succeeding in pulling them back down. Vanessa refused to pull away just from that, pressing her attack by digging both hands down the top of Sonam’s skirt, grabbing and pulling at her pubic hair and pussy with both sets of claws. Sonam screamed louder along with a great tearing noise, splitting her panties and skirt right down the front as Vanessa gave one especially horrific pull of her nethers.

Sonam had managed to pull down Vanessa’s panties the to near her knees, even if she was stuck flat on her back. She raised one foot and bashed it into Vanessa’s cunt, winding her and giving her a moment to roll away. Vanessa rubbed her bruising crotch, wincing in pain as she tugged her torn and stretched panties off, more a problem than protection by this time.

“I am going to empty those ugly paki tits off of you,” Vanessa snarled bitterly as she stared daggers back at Sonam.

“I don’t think you’ve got the guts, you scared little cracker!” Sonam emphasized her comment with a hard smack delivered right into the side of Vanessa’s tit. The one fat orb bounced into the other, jiggling both as Vanessa winced, but she threw her own punch into one of Sonam’s nipples. The hard nub bent and released another trickle of milk, all the attention to the women’s chests getting them to instinctively start lactating more readily.

Sonam replied by latching both of her hands around Vanessa’s swollen breasts, squeezing and twisting them as she gouged her thumbnails into her pale pink areolas. The white woman howled as the uncomfortable groping left claw marks over her pale skin and left a practical river of milk flowing down her chest. She grabbed one of Sonam’s breasts by its meaty middle, squeezing until the nipples bulged and the pressure made it squirt out violently over Vanessa’s chest like a small organic fountain.

“AUGHHH! STOP IT, YOU SICK CRACKER CUNT!” Sonam howled in pain, pulling her tits like she was aggressively milking a cow rather than fighting a woman.

“You started it, you cow-titted pig!” Vanessa shouted back, her eyes watering from all the pain in her sensitive and swollen chest. She send a few low punches and grinded her knuckles into Sonam’s milk glands, resulting in more gushes of milk and bruising of her dark breasts. “I think I can hear your little shithead baby crying for your dirty tit-juice!”

“Fuck you! I’ll leave your little slut hungry with those empty jugs!” Sonam half-shouted, half-sobbed back as her eyes and breasts leaked heavily. Both women were sporting a slightly deflated look to their tits from all the milk they forced from eachother, making them that much easier to squeeze and smack to work them empty. Sonam pulled back, letting Vanessa’s claws rake over her own chest in exchange for escaping her painful grip. Sonam moved her own grip higher up on Vanessa’s chest, grabbing for their firmer base and pulling downward as she shoved her foot up between them, into her breastbone.

Vanessa yowled in pain as her tits were forcefully milked, starting to leak steady, thin streams onto the floor. “Who’s leaking now, cunt!?” she shouted at her, digging her foot into her ribs as she pulled.

Vanessa cried out as her tits were stretched out, eyes dripping tears onto her tormentor. With a quick jerk, she managed to slam herself to one side, escaping Sonams’ grip for a moment. She twisted her body too wrap her long white legs around the Indian woman’s belly, squeezing them together and making her grunt as the breath was pressed out of her.

“Got you now, bitch!” Vanessa snarled, but Sonam reached up to grab for her chest. Her hands fell short, but gave Vanessa fair chance to grab hold of her hands and pin them down over her head. Sonam growled and writhed in her grip, but was unable to break out as the women reached what seemed to be a stalemate. However, Vanessa maintained the body scissors, and with the leverage she leaned in under Sonam’s cursing and biting mouth. She wrapped her lips around Sonam’s nearest nipples, loudly and wetly sucking on the leaky nipple.

“AUGGGH! NO! What are you doing, you sick fucking cow?!” Sonam howled in anguish. Her body reacted against her will, arching as the suckling forced the milk out of her mammary. Rather than genuinely reply to Sonam’s outrage, Vanessa took the mouthful of her foe’s milk and spat it up at her. Sonam shouted in outrage as her own milk was wastefully splashed over her dark breasts and face, just for Vanessa to keep on her body scissor and lean in for the other breast. She repeated the process a few times, spitting Sonam’s milk over her body or the floor, drooling some of it onto herself while she greedily stole it from the Indian mother’s tits.

Sonam screamed and thrashed the whole way, but Vanessa stuck to her work until her tits appeared to have shrunk a cup size or two. Vanessa seemed to have drank them dry, moving her hand down to squeeze them both and force the last few drops out of them.
“Knew you had the weaker tits, paki!” Vanessa snarled. She was so caught up in her destruction of her foe’s rack that she didn’t realize she was only holding Sonam’s wrists with one hand. The darker woman broke her hands free, and quickly reached for the most vulnerable targets she could see; hanging right in front of her were Vanessa’s earrings, the only things she was left wearing. They weren’t on for long, as Sonam grabbed and pulled down on them both. One was loose enough that the spike gave way and slid from her ear, but the other tore through her skin on the way out and left a bloody gash through her piercing.

Vanessa screamed and grabbed at her bloody ear lobe as if she expected it to not be attached anymore. Sonam took the opening to thrash her way out of the body scissor and grab one of the white mother’s tits, jabbing the needle of one earring into the softened flesh and getting more pained wails from her.

“You looking for another nipple ring, bitch!?” Sonam shouted into her face, spraying her with furious spittle as she raked and jabbed ugly red lines over Vanessa’s tits. The white woman shoved her hard in her flattened chest, Sonam wincing and grabbing at her own bosom as she dropped the earring to bounce harmlessly out of reach. She saw it jingle and roll away, trying to crawl after it to recover the improvised weapon, but Vanessa dug her nails into the Indian’s asscheeks to hold her in place, throwing herself onto her back to pin her down and keep her away. Her scratched and bloodied breasts pushed into Sonam’s back as she reached around her neck, fingers snaking under her hair to shake her by the head and bounce it off the floor a few times.

“You dirty, pig-fucking terrorist whore!” she howled at her, her own sweat stinging her wounds. Sonam grunted as her face hit the floor, leaving a bloody print as her nose started to bleed from the third impact. She braced herself up on one elbow to keep her head up, throwing her elbow back hard to spike into Vanessa’s kidney.

“Payback, you spoiled white cunt!” she shot back as a wave of nausea ran up Vanessa’s belly. The white fighter froze with the sickening pain, holding her stomach as Sonam twisted her body. Still stuck under Vanessa’s body, she was still able to latch her mouth onto the fat, pink and red breast and sink her teeth into her areola.

“OOOHHHH!” The white woman gave another pained howl, Sonam latching on like a bulldog and sucking loudly. The blood from her wounded tits pumped into Sonam’s mouth as well as her milk. “Payback, you cocky white whore!” Sonam shouted at her, spitting the milk and blood out as she spoke so it splashed over Vanessa’s belly and stained her pubic hair.

“Get off my tits, you ugly paki fuck! That’s my baby’s!” Vanessa shouted in outrage, beating her fists wildly on Sonam’s back.

“That weak milk’s mine now, shit tits!” Sonam snapped back, quickly going to her other breast to suck rapidly, drooling it over the white woman’s reddened skin to waste it and drain her beaten teat over herself.

When Sonam rose for air again, the white woman suddenly took her nails to her attacker’s face, twisting and dragging them over her skin. The Indian-blooded fighter howled in almost feral pain, a gash opening just above her eyes and running down her face down the same path as her tears.

“I’ll fuck the fucking life out of you, paki bitch!” Vanessa snarled wildly, staying mounted on her foe and grabbing hold of her golden necklace. She pulled up on it until the soft metal chain dug into Sonam’s throat, causing the Indian woman to gag and drool over the floor. “First time I’ve seen a brown bitch turn blue,” Vanessa huffed, her untrained and motherly arms pulling up on the necklace as hard as she could and the exhaustion showing in her voice. She jerked on the necklace like a set of reigns on a horse, only for the other sweaty, weary and bleeding mother’s weight to pull down enough to snap the chain.

“Cheap piece of paki shit,” Vanessa huffed, climbing off of Vanessa as she threw the necklace aside. She rolled the coughing and curling up Sonam onto her side, giving her sagging and milky tits a slap. “You give up? You done, your broken piece of terrorist shit?”

Sonam’s bloodied face turned furious as she spat into Vanessa’s eyes, getting a scream from her as she recoiled from the blinding sensation of blood and saliva in her vision. She rose up and pushed into Vanessa’s chest, knocking her over backward. The Indian mother pounced on top of her, pinning her down and laying facing her pussy so she could dig her nails into her thighs. “This is for my baby, you fat-titted cow!” she shouted as she bit into Vanessa’s pussy, teeth grinding to crush her labia and grind against her pelvis. Vanessa screamed like she was being eaten alive (which was not entirely untrue), the Indian tearing and clawing between her thighs as her ass jiggled in the air.

Vanessa saw the big bottom wiggling above her, grabbing it with a vengeance as she pulled her hips down and sank her own lips and teeth into Sonam’s vagina. The dark-skinned woman let out a pained cry that vibrated straight into Vanessa’s pussy before she continued her attack. The women were locked in a violent 69 position, gnashing and crying and cursing into eachother to test the other’s womanhood. Sonam clamped her dark legs around Vanessa’s head to try and smother her out in her sweaty, unkempt bush, but Vanessa’s paler thighs squashed around her cheeks as well. Pussy flesh and pubic hair was stretched and torn by both women in their barbaric showdown, and it was still more sexual activity than they had since they had their babies.

Finally one gave as Sonam, even in her top position, arched her back and cried out like a passionate lover, if not for the look of agony on her face that ran with tears and blood. Her hips didn’t move, only because Vanessa held them in place in her fangs and hands on her thighs, punishing her defiance by taking it out on her twat.

“I give! Stop! I can’t! No more… please, I can’t anymore!” Sonam pleaded. Vanessa finally released her nails from her ass, shoving her off and onto the floor. Sonam collapsed there as Vanessa rose and spit on her bitterly.

“Told you, weak bitch. Don’t mess with the better race!” Vanessa hissed, clearly hurt and exhausted herself. Her hand rubbed over pussy, staying on her knees as Sonam just shivered and laid on the ground. The white victor looked around the room, spotting where she’d left the double-headed dildo and limping after it. “Thought I forgot about this?” she panted, shaking it at her menacingly. Sonam shook her head pathetically, but didn’t have the energy left to resist.

Vanessa forced her legs apart and shoved the Indian loser onto her belly, hardly letting her get into position before she roughly shoved the smaller of the two ends into Sonam’s asshole. Sonam screamed and clawed at the floor at the sudden violation, the pressure on her ass pumping in and out, forcing her to remain arched from the shocking sensation. “That get you hot, paki bitch?” Vanessa hissed rapidly pounding her raised brown ass. She grabbed one of the darker mother’s cheeks to spread her wider open, thumping it in deeper as she wailed miserably, fucked like an animal by the rubbery toy.

She lost track of how long it was in the hellish position, sweating, bleeding and crying on her rival’s floor and thinking it couldn’t be worse. Then Vanessa popped it out of her anus, turning the toy a bit to ram the larger cock up Sonam’s clawed and bruised pussy. Sonam howled in pain as her wounded privates were fucked roughly, Vanessa rhythmically stabbing it into her and violating her holes with casual cruelty.

“Oh come on. You must be used to getting double-teamed by now, aren’t you, you paki whore? Did you actually even get a husband, or did you let a dog knock you up in an alley?” Vanessa hissed at her victim. Sonam’s face twisted in pain, but she could feel the heat radiating off of the loser’s swollen vagina. “You fucking love it. I knew it!” she growled, smacking the brown ass raised in front of her. “God you look hot when you’re put in your place. Busted up and bowing to a white woman and fucked like a back alley whore.”

Even with the scratches, bites and bruises around her lower belly and womanhood, Vanessa felt herself getting hot from the humiliation of her bloodied opponent. Vanessa kept her grip on the handle of the dildo as she turned Sonam around, kneeling before her and spreading her legs to force the beaten Indian’s face into her pussy.

“Now eat it. Lick the better pussy if you know what’s good for you, you sand-nigger cunt!” Sonam moaned pathetically in displeasure, but did as she was told. She kept her ass and pussy presented for Vanessa to violate with her rough pushing into her snatch, which shoved her face deeper into the white woman’s folds. Vanessa breathed heavily and rapidly as the miserable woman licked clumsily at her crotch. Sonam ate her out with thick, wet licking noises until she shivered, the beaten Indian woman cumming onto the floor while she was fucked from behind. The sounds of her leaking submissively were enough to trigger Vanessa herself, shouting in a high pitch as she squirted over Sonam’s face.

Sonam sputtered on the musky spray, not daring to pull her head away or risk further punishment from the white Brit. She shoved Sonam down roughly, mashing her bloody face into the floor and leaving the toy still stuck inside her pussy.

“Now clean up your fucking mess and leave, you walking stain,” she sneered down at her, giving one more hateful kick into her stomach. Vanessa finally walked upstairs to shower while she left the weary Sonam to clean up the remains of their fight, forcing her to finish before she would drive her back to her child with empty tits and broken spirits.

The End

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