Titfight Academy: Chapter 1 by Augur

Somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, nested between a deep-blue lake and a large forest, was a school. And a rather unusual school at that. Formally labelled an ‘Academy’, it was a private, co-educational boarding school, the students of which were accepted by invite only. The building itself had started out its life as a castle keep, but little of that austerity remained today, the structure looking more like a sprawling manor house than a defensive fortification. In addition to its location, the very existance of the educational institution was, if not outright secret, only known to certain influential circles of society. And those circles tended to put a rather high value on privacy and discretion, preferring the school to stick with its age-old tradition of not advertising itself to any outsiders. Not that it needed to branch out, either – while the student population consisting only of students aged 18 to 21 was rather small, the Academy’s eye-wateringly high tuition fees made sure that the financial ledgers stayed firmly in the black.

Or so I’d been told. My father was a member of the school’s Board of Governors, among many other things, and liked to keep his only son and heir well informed. At 20, I was a third year student, and would graduate in less than a year’s time. After that, it’d be either Oxford or Cambridge – I hadn’t decided on which just yet. My gorgeous, blonde girlfriend Fleur was in the same year as I was, and would probably have a say on the final choice too, at least assuming we’d still be together at the end of the year. And I seriously hoped that we would. She was by far the most beautiful girl – no, woman – I’d ever set my eyes on, a true French hottie with the face and the body of a goddess. As a final insult to the rest of the female student population, Fleur was quite intelligent as well, often competing with me for the best grades and sometimes even coming out on top!

Having gotten used to being the smartest kid on the block by a considerable margin in my previous school, I was inclined to believe that keeping up with me in class was a major achievement. Of course, I might’ve also had a rather high opinion of myself. Many students here certainly did, usually either because of their family’s great wealth, excellent connections or political influence. Or sometimes all of the above. In any case, the school had more than its fair share of arrogant ponces strutting around the corridors.

With all that said, you’d think you finally understood what made the school so unusual. But no, there was more. Just one tiny little detail that really set it apart from pretty much every other educational establishment in the country. It wasn’t even really part of the official curriculum, which was certainly very academically challenging even if not unique. No, the true eccentricity of the place was a certain extracurricular tradition, one dating back at least several decades, possibly even a century or two. Back in the day it’d been a much bigger secret, having been kept hidden even from the teachers.

It was getting close to noon, and like every Saturday, I made my way to the school’s large gym. I could see a few of the more athletically-inclined students jogging across the frost-covered grass towards the hall, no doubt finishing their morning run around the lake. Normally my girlfriend might have joined them, but today was a special occasion.

The gym was already packed with students, all of whom looking eager to witness their weekly dose of intense, closely fought action. While the fights themselves were for girls only (for obvious reasons), we boys were more than welcome to watch. I knew we were half the reason these competitions took place anyway, as my beautiful girlfriend had been kind enough to provide some insider information on the females’ motivations during one of our more… intimate encounters in the prefect’s spa room. She was currently the school’s reigning champion, and had been since last Christmas. 

Fleur had transferred a year ago from her native France, and quickly climbed through the ranks to take on the previous number one fighter, Penelope, in a match that’d be talked about for some time. Penelope, a tall and aggressive brunette with a bad attitude, had been a year above us then, and was absolutely stacked. But her jugs’ massive size hadn’t been enough to save them that day, nor when she’d challenged my girlfriend’s set to a rematch later in the Spring. I suspected Penelope had wanted to graduate while on top, wearing the coveted – but entirely imaginary – championship crown, but to her great consternation Fleur’s firm, perfect boobs had again proved to be simply too much for her. And for all the other challengers that followed her, for that matter. I’d personally never seen boobs as… well, perfect as my girl’s, and doubted I ever would.

Now, almost 11 months after gaining the top rank for the first time, my girlfriend would be taking on some new faces (or more accurately tits) for a change. In a somewhat rare, though by no means unheard-of turn, several first year students had made their way up the food chain quite rapidly, beating some older girls and grabbing their spots in the rankings. I knew that most of the time, the more experienced second and third year girls were able hold the newbies off at least for the first term, only starting to lose in larger numbers as the firsties slowly built up their own skill sets. But this time, it seemed that the first years’ other, naturally grown sets had turned out to be good enough to overcome the odds from the get-go, and a few girls had even done well enough to earn the right to compete against the reigning Boob Queen. My girl.


I’d only just had time to take my seat when I saw Susan slowly make her way to the center of the room. She began to stretch, her pleasantly thick body and fleshy limbs straining against the fabric of her gym shorts and top. The redhead was wearing a snug t-shirt, and I felt my mouth go dry as I stared at the big, heavy breasts that the overworked piece of clothing was struggling to contain. Glancing at my beautiful girlfriend, I noticed Fleur lick her lips in appreciation of the redhead’s voluptuous body and very impressive chest. But even as the French beauty ran her eyes across her opponent’s ample curves, I couldn’t detect any nervousness in her. Susan’s massive jugs were quite possibly the biggest pair in the school now, dwarfing even my girlfriend’s big, firm tits, and I’d already seen the redhead crush several older girls’ best assets with them. While the cute, slightly plump first year student might not have looked dangerous, her huge rack was exactly that.

”Congrats on your win against Cho, I enjoyed watching you flatten her tight little tits with those monsters,” Fleur grinned at her opponent, giving the redhead a small wink as she stared at Susan’s expansive chest. The girl she was referring to was an athletic second-year hottie of Chinese origin, and one of the better titfighters in our school. I recalled Cho having made it into top five last year, though she’d never been quite brave enough to challenge Fleur. Not that I blamed her, seeing all previous attempts end in failure wasn’t exactly encouraging.

”Now, little Susie, are you ready to finally test those heavy jugs against mine?” my girlfriend cooed, the corners of her mouth twitching as she regarded her top-heavy opponent. The curvacious redhead smiled back carefully, taking a deep breath and putting her hands on her full hips. Susan’s big, full globes seemed to sit reasonably high on her chest, and though their shape didn’t match Fleur’s perfect, perky boobs in visible firmness, they did have a noticeable edge in sheer size. Susan, like my girl, was also so far undefeated, though she naturally had far fewer fights under her belt than Fleur did.

My gorgeous girlfriend’s face was a mask of confidence as she continued to smirk at the chesty redhead. ”You think you can handle these?” Fleur asked, cupping her breasts and jostling them slightly. I could definitely see why the modelesque blonde was so sure of herself. Fleur’s lean but curvy frame reminded me of a Greek goddess, and I, along with everyone else, took my time in admiring her figure. From the blonde’s long, smooth legs and supple bum to her narrow waist and flawless, pert breasts, my girlfriend looked absolutely incredible. Even her face was distractingly beautiful. If I wasn’t already dating her, I would’ve asked her out on the spot.

”Don’t get too cocky, Fleur,” Susan huffed, obviously unfazed, shaking her head slightly at the confident French beauty. ”I saw how much trouble Daphne’s heavy jugs gave your set, and I know mine are better than hers. So yeah, I think I can take you,” the younger girl finished in an even tone, glancing towards Fleur’s previous opponent. I could see my girlfriend raise an eyebrow, but she gave an approving nod at the busty redhead. Daphne was an attractive but somewhat snooty second year, and had matched tits with Fleur a couple of weeks ago. She’d put up a pretty good fight, but like all before her, ultimately lost against my girl’s epic rack.

”OK, let’s see what you’ve got then,” Fleur replied lightly, unclasping her bra and sliding it off. Susan followed her example, peeling her own shirt away.

Both busty girls stood still for a moment, taking in their competition. My girlfriend’s more slender body didn’t look as voluptuous as the redhead’s pleasantly plump frame, but her skin was light and flawless, with no visible blemishes. My eyes wandered over her firm, dense titflesh, admiring their pert shape and large size. While Fleur’s full orbs were visibly smaller than Susan’s jugs, they stood high and proud, jiggling just noticeably as my girl stretched her back. The blonde’s creamy boobs quickly settled in their natural state in the center of her chest, and I could see her opponent stare at them warily. While Susan didn’t look intimidated, it was clear she had plenty of respect for Fleur’s big, perfect boobs.

The French beauty stepped forward, her wavy, blonde hair in a pony tail and her impressive bust thrust before her. As the girls took their positions opposite one another, I looked closely to see how they stacked up visually. Susan’s large, heavy teats were pale, while Fleur’s skin tone looked a bit more tanned in comparison. Though both competitors had obviously been blessed with large, round tits, Susan’s set looked both bigger and softer. The redhead wasn’t saggy by any means, but next to my girlfriend’s pert, perfect orbs her own set did seem to droop a bit. Susan’s mammaries also seemed to shake more than Fleur’s exceedingly dense flesh, but that too could be easily blamed on the larger mass.

”Hmm, your boyfriend looks a bit distracted, Fleur.” Susan teased, cupping her heavy breasts as she grinned in my direction, clearly having caught on to my blatant ogling. Oops. Even if I did say so myself, I was pretty popular with the girls, and consequently subject to regular flirting and suggestive looks – as well as ‘accidental’ boob-rubs – from the female students. Not that I minded one bit, of course. ”Well, can you really blame him? With tits like those, I’d stare too,” Fleur replied with a laugh. I looked to my left and saw Hermione, a studious second year, whispering something to Susan’s friend Hannah. She was pointing at my pants, and I glanced down to see what it was about. Fuck. My face reddened and I did my best to cover up the visible bulge, only making the two girls giggle more loudly. They seemed to be getting along pretty well, Hermione’s convincing win over the younger girl evidently not having affected their relationship too much. Still, at least one of the firsties had hit a brick wall, I thought to myself, before bringing my attention back to the mat.

We all watched as Fleur and Susan started to circle each other. Susan’s movements were slightly slower, stemming from her sturdy frame, while Fleur moved more gracefully, bending and shifting where the redhead would stride. When the girls finally met, they surprised me by bringing their tits into contact rather gently. Both pairs of breasts pushed the other back a bit, but it did look like my girlfriend’s boobs gained somewhat more ground than the redhead’s, Fleur’s dense orbs holding their shape enviably well. They pushed forward again, and started to slowly twist their torsos together, alternating the direction so that each dense, round breast pulled and pushed over the other.

Each meaty jug shifted and sprung over and under, around the other, falling and shaking as gravity and the their twists dictated. Each of their big, heavy tits slammed and slipped over each other as the girls turned up the contest’s intensity. I couldn’t really see either pair gaining much of an advantage, and felt my eyebrows furrow in uneasiness. I was pretty sure Susan’s set was the biggest my girlfriend had ever faced, at least matching even Penelope’s jugs, and I’d been counting on it to be quite soft and malleable. Clearly, that wasn’t the case, and Fleur had a real fight in her hands. Susan, apparently thinking along the same lines, was starting to look more and more confident as she watched her meaty tits spar with the blonde’s pride and joy quite evenly.

Suddenly, the French beauty wrapped her arms around the chesty redhead’s back and squeezed, deciding to put her impressive firmness on full display. Susan groaned as she felt the blonde apply more pressure on her big, heavy tits, the move displacing a significant amount of pale flesh. She replied in kind, though, and I stared intently as she wrapped her own fleshy arms around Fleur’s back, pulling hard. Soon both women were groaning as their tits shifted, shook, and molded around one another. The redhead’s full mammaries were again yielding more than my girl’s firm, pert boobs, but seemed to hold their round shape for the most part. The grinding was becoming rather aggressive, I noted, but so to was their grip on each others arms. Neither could move with the same fluid motions anymore.

Even after all the fights I’d seen, I found myself mesmerized by the slapping tits in front of me. Fleur’s dense jugs fell over and around Susan’s larger boobs, while the redhead kept her passes straight left and right, meaning her boobs bent and ground into either Fleur’s left tit or right tit depending on her twisting torso. Each breast folded just enough to make way on her chest, but then reclaimed its position.

Neither woman seemed to be making much headway. My girlfriend’s big, gorgeous boobs still stood firm and high on her chest, and while Susan’s heavy jugs moved somewhat more fluidly, they were also considerably bigger. They didn’t seem to sag any more than in the beginning either, though the constant contact had reddened her pale flesh more obviously. Susan looked down to her chest for just a moment, then back at Fleur’s face, and grinned. The blonde grinned back, but obviously had a different idea of what was going on. To my surprise, Susan pulled back and threw a heavy blow into Fleur, who obviously hadn’t seen it coming either. Even with my girl’s firmness, the shock of the impact threw her tits back, flattening the firm flesh for a moment. I stared, mesmerized, as Fleur’s meaty orbs slowly regained their perfect shape, jiggling on her chest enticingly. They didn’t get a chance to stop the shaking before Susan’s second blow pushed Fleur back. The blonde groaned as she felt her flesh distort and shake.

The redhead prepared to send her massive boobs forward once more, but Fleur quickly jumped to the side, sending her pert tits from the left into Susan’s larger boobs. Susan’s flesh rippled from the impact, but Fleur was not waiting to watch her jugs settle back down. She swung back, gripping Susan’s waist to hold the redhead in place. The cute, busty girl groaned as her breasts swelled from the impact, shimmying over her chest while they returned to their original shape. Susan cursed, another quick blow slamming into her big jugs.

As Fleur swung again, Susan made it clear she wasn’t going down quietly. I watched as the curvy redhead shoved her tits forward, hitting Fleur’s tits from the top and quelling the momentum from the blonde’s firm orbs and landing a nice hit. I realized that neither competitor had really missed a blow when Susan pulled back and slammed forward again, this time with more power. She did so quickly, and I realized that this was probably not going to be a grind it out affair. Fleur’s big tits compressed at the point of impact as Susan tried to overwhelm them with her even bigger set.

Susan reared back for another strike, and this time both girls slammed forward, sending a thundering clap through the room. Both girls groaned, cursing loudly. I could see Fleur’s pert tits get pushed inward from the point of contact, but also saw that they were forcing the opposing set to spill out to the sides, allowing some access. The French beauty ground in for just a second before pulling away, and Susan moved her hands to Fleur’s shoulders. Fleur made the move this time, lifting her torso up and slamming her tits forward. Susan reacted a fraction of a second too slowly and Fleur’s boobs landed on top, driving downward. The redhead groaned as she felt the pressure from the blonde’s blow.

Susan dipped her hips and escaped the pressure, but also brought her big jugs up fast, slinging them so hard that they moved independently of her torso. Fleur, still caught in the momentum from her most recent strike, grunted as she felt Susan’s diagonal uppercut land on the underside of her tits, pushing the flesh toward her face. Even then, Fleur’s firm flesh didn’t yield much, jiggling far less than her opponent’s and earning several jealous looks from the audience. Fleur retaliated, sliding her chest away from Susan’s but bringing it back with a quick twitch of her hips and sending a wild blow at Susan. The redhead was able to dodge some of it, but both tits met at the tips as they passed by each other.

The glancing blow made both women wince, and pulled away from each other to rub their already sore breasts.

”You’re going down, Frenchy,” Susan grumbled, looking determined.

”Hah, Ced and I will be eating your overgrown jugs off a plate when I’m finished with them,” Fleur countered with a laugh, blowing me a quick kiss. Susan narrowed her eyes and jumped forward, but Fleur was waiting, timing her blow perfectly. Another massive blow from beneath caught Susan’s boobs, and they shook violently as Fleur kept her tits in place and shook. Susan groaned as she felt Fleur’s firm jugs trying to penetrate her own.

I watched Susan’s tits get another huge blow from Fleur’s rack, and the redhead staggered slightly, but suddenly sprang forward. Fleur seemed surprised, moving just enough to avoid the direct blow from Susan’s swinging boobs. Fleur winced and backed away, but Susan stayed on the offensive. This time, it seemed as though Fleur was not playing possum, just reacting, and Susan’s next strike, a thrust forward with her powerful boobs was a much more straightforward blow. Fleur’s tits jiggled, flattening slightly before springing back as Fleur was pushed backward again. While the redhead’s jugs were’t as firm as my girlfriend’s, I realized, their considerable size and mass were causing Fleur to stagger, the blonde struggling to maintain her balance. I silently wondered just how much those things actually weighed. All in all, the young firstie had one hell of a rack.

Susan yelled, swinging up, and Fleur grunted, stunned as her proud tits shook all over her chest. Susan’s own jugs looked red, but the girl didn’t seem to mind as she flung her boobs around again, this time a swinging blow from the left. Fleur still seemed dazed as Susan’s wrecking ball swing slammed into her from the left.

”Shit,” I whispered as I saw Fleur stagger again. She groaned as she felt her tits getting pulverized, and Susan swung again. This time, Fleur moved with her, just enough to avoid the blow. When Susan passed by, Fleur grabbed her upper arms and slammed forward. Susan’s boobs had not returned to their original position, and Fleur’s blow seemed to have landed right at the abase of her tits. Fleur pulled tight, and Susan’s massive teats remained trapped to the side.

”Oh fuck,” the fleshy redhead moaned. Her tits distorted severely as Fleur pushed forward, slowly and deliberately. The French beauty’s grin was tired and strained, but it was there. Susan grunted, but muscled her arms between the two and gave a violent shove. Fleur tried to hold, but finally had to pull away, leaving both girls panting on the mat.

”Didn’t like that, I take it?” Fleur asked, a satisfied grin across her face.

”About as much as you’re going to,” Susan snapped, and she tried to make good on her promise. Her hands tried to reach around and up, aiming for Fleur’s shoulders. Fleur twisted away, and Susan shifted her strategy in mid-grab, swinging her tits upward. Fleur’s tits rocked, pushed up by the blow. With a smirk, the younger girl pulled away to let my girlfriend’s ample flesh drop back to her chest, Fleur’s big boobs falling down with a wet slap. ”Wow, look at those soft udders flop.”

”Why don’t you watch them crush your weak, saggy jugs, instead?” Fleur growled, her nostrils flaring. My girlfriend was used to pretty much dominating her opponents with her firm boobs, I knew, and obviously didn’t like to be on the receiving end of a taunt for a change. The young firstie was proving to be a serious opponent. Susan answered the angry insult with a different tactic, actually jumping and slamming her jugs down on top of Fleur’s. Susan’s plentiful flesh bent at the bottom visibly, but Fleur fell to one knee, gasping loudly and letting out a low moan. ”Oh really, Fleur? Looks like the only set doing any crushing here is mine,” the redhead smirked.

Susan, seemingly confident that her rival wasn’t getting up anytime soon, raised her arms in the air and took a moment to show off her substantial goods to the audience. I could hear Hannah reply with encouraging yells and catcalls. ”Wow, you’ve got her, Susie! Now crush that blondie and her firm little tits! They’re nothing special anyw- oh, look out!”

The redhead turned around just in time to see Fleur’s big set flying straight towards her. A loud, wet clap reverberated across the room. Their meaty flesh wobbled and waved across their chests, and both women’s faces were masks of pain and discomfort. Fleur thrust slightly again, and Susan met her, neither woman backing down. They both pulled away at the same time, and I took a shaky breath as the women cradled their sore jugs. After just a few seconds, they went at it again, this time slamming their boobs into the other’s pair. Another smack, not as loud, but the women kept their breasts together, grinding into the other’s softening flesh. Susan pushed more than twisted now, her back rolling with the effort of keeping her weighty tits in contact with Fleur’s. The French beauty tried to counter by shifting her torso side to side, and did her best to force her thick jugs into the redhead’s boobs.

A slight sheen of sweat was sliding between both women as they continued their struggle. Both women kept grinding for a while, before Fleur finally bent down just slightly and slammed her tits upward. Susan didn’t move quickly enough, confused if the look on her face was any indication, and felt the full impact of my girl’s firm tits slam into her own. Susan groaned loudly as Fleur next slammed her breasts into Susan’s from the side. The cute young redhead’s heavy tits shook and actually slapped against each other from the impact. Fleur’s big, pert orbs came in again, but Susan slung her own jugs towards them. Another audible slap echoed in the room as their chests met, and both women winced. Susan’s recovery was quicker this time, and she sent two quick blows, her left breast swinging wildly as she slammed it into Fleur’s right, watching both tits push back where they met, only to spring back into their original position.

”How are your soft, saggy tits feeling now, little girl?” Fleur asked, seemingly to soothe some of the pain of the blow. Susan growled and rammed Fleur without warning. The blow was so fiercely delivered that the French girl took a step back, falling down. Susan was atop her in moments and began dropping her heavy tits onto Fleur’s, whose moaning grew more and more intense with each passing moment. I was stunned by the ferocity of the attack, and so too was Fleur, it seemed. My girlfriend tried to roll to one side, but Susan’s fleshy arms pinned her down for another blow. Fleur groaned, but grabbed Susan’s wrist with her hand and pulled. Susan fell, her boobs flattening against Fleur’s once more, and the latter rolled away. As soon as the blonde was standing, she shot a wild blow that caused Susan’s breasts to wobble mightily on her chest.

Fleur’s tits also shook from the impact, and her face was telling more of the story about her discomfort. The redhead renewed her battering ram attack, and Fleur reached up to grab at her shoulders. Susan managed to seize her wrists however, and held the blonde for a particularly brutal blow. Fleur winced as Susan’s breasts slammed into hers, the force of the strike actually sending Fleur’s meaty tits ballooning out, her flesh displaced by Susan’s bigger mammaries. I was getting worried now, and wondered how much longer my girlfriend could continue. The redhead’s huge, heavy set was proving to be even more imposing and powerful than I’d feared.

Fleur bit her lip, but thrust forward, pushing Susan’s set back as far as she could. Susan pulled away almost immediately, however, and reared back for another strike. Fleur didn’t waste time in pursuit, and because of the mistimed blow both women missed their targets. Fleur’s left breast found its way between Susan’s pair, and due to the position Susan’s left tit was squished between Fleur’s rack. Both women groaned this time, their respective breasts splashing against their opponent’s breast bone.

”Shit!” Both women yelled simultaneously. Fleur acted first, seemingly inspired by the vicious contact. Her left breast shifted from between Susan’s jugs and pushed into Susan’s right breast even as Fleur’s right orb slowly slid into Susan’s left. Susan groaned and shifted in the opposite direction, the four breasts fighting for position in the center of their chest. I was amazed at the resiliency of the four glands, and fought the urge to open my pants. As aroused as I was, I didn’t feel like getting caught wanking in public.

Susan’s apparent move to end the stalemate was sudden and fast. Fleur was trying for a two-boob uppercut, letting the force of her big, firm jugs breasts carry her forward. Susan stepped back quickly, and as Fleur tried to recover, the redhead swung her massive rack from the side, slamming her heavy left jug into Fleur’s left boob. The wobbling titflesh didn’t deter Susan from grabbing Fleur’s shoulders and swinging her own tits from side to side, keeping distance between them so that each blow gained momentum. Fleur’s boobs began shaking all over her chest, and I found my hand at my crotch again.

”I’ve got you now, champ. It’s time to say good-bye to your precious queen bee tits,” Susan taunted, and rammed forward connecting dead on with a sudden, strong blow from her chest. Fleur gasped as she felt the redhead’s breasts ram into hers, forcing her pert set to balloon visibly. ”You had a good run, I’ll admit. Those pretty little things aren’t considered some of the best for nothing. But they’ve finally met their match.” Susan hissed, thrusting again, and I saw another blow connect solidly. ”And now, I’m going to flatten your set in front of the whole school.”

”Merde!” Fleur groaned, her head tossing back and forth. Susan repeated the maneuver, and a wet smack of four battling breasts reverberated through the living room. The only accompanying noise were the grunts that my girl made when she felt the redhead’s enormous tits pushing into hers. Despite Fleur’s predicament, I found myself marveling the density and fullness of Susan’s ample, pale globes. They really were quite gorgeous. Another blow landed, and Fleur’s head lolled to the side.

Hannah, Hermione and I were silently taking in the thrashing the redhead was giving to my beautiful girlfriend, watching the four breasts smash and shake after each crashing blow. When Susan reared back, Fleur desperately twisted her back, hoping to at least shake Susan’s rhythm. Her hands shot to the redhead’s shoulders, and Fleur managed to land a quick shot, forcing the voluptuous redhead to take a step back to steady herself. Fleur, to my relief, had a look of pure determination. She still wasn’t ready to quit.

Susan noticed the change in Fleur’s face and approached warily. The French girl smiled and immediately lunged forward, her breasts smashing into Susan’s and causing the two sets to lose their round shape for a moment. Susan groaned as Fleur brought her breasts forward like a battering ram, and again, both tits flattened about the same. As Fleur slowly pulled away, Susan lunged forward, her arms extended. I saw the redhead’s meaty arms circle around my girl’s back again, and Susan’s heavy orbs crashed into Fleur’s with a dull thud.

Fleur groaned as Susan’s arms circled around her back, but the gorgeous blonde grabbed her opponent with equal ferocity. ”I’m going to crush you, Susan,” Fleur whispered, ”I’m going to flatten those huge udders with my firmer, better tits.” Susan grunted as Fleur pulled the redhead deeper into her chest, apparently welcoming the added pressure. Their breasts met again and again, Fleur focusing her attacks on grinding the younger girl’s heavy mammaries while Susan tried to batter and ram my girlfriend’s round boobs.

Both women were breathing heavily as they shoved their breasts together, pulling each other into their chests. Fleur continued to grind her dense orbs into the bigger set from every direction, forcing the redhead’s cute, soft face to wince.

My girlfriend licked her lips as she rammed her boobs against Susan’s, shifting violently to maximize the impact of her dense breasts against Susan’s pale pair. Fleur sighed as her foe’s heavy teats began to wobble, the flesh pushing in as my girl tried to penetrate Susan’s orbs. Susan met each blow in turn, apparently hoping that Fleur would tire, or that her sore tits would finally begin to yield to the redhead’s own rack. But the modelesque blonde showed no signs of slowing the assault, her hard orbs beginning to pepper Susan’s bigger tits with rapid blows.

I noticed that Susan’s face was registering more and more discomfort, and wondered if something had changed. My question was answered as Fleur suddenly shifted, lining her tits up with Susan’s. The French beauty shoved forward mightily, and her opponent groaned. I saw the visible difference in Susan’s breasts as they ballooned out, Fleur’s firm jugs claiming more space between their chests.

”Ahhh, finally,” Fleur sighed, the exhaustion evident in her face. ”Fuck yes. I’ve broken your mammoth tits, Susan. I tamed them with my better pair. God this feels amazing.”

”The fuck you did,” Susan growled, trying to reposition her boobs to ease the pressure. The blonde’s lips formed a tight grin as she grabbed her opponent’s arms and drew the younger girl in. Susan tried to wiggle, but Fleur began grinding the opposing pair with vengeance. It quickly became clear that Susan’s powerful breasts were yielding to the other set, and the girl’s eyes grew wide. Susan groaned as her tits were shoved out violently, the tenderized flesh molding around Fleur’s full, round pair. The blonde leaned forward to whisper something, her globes burrowing further in. Susan moaned quietly, and I noticed her legs had started to tremble. Quickly, Fleur’s grip Susan’s arms tightened and her forearms tensed as she slammed her thick pair forward, forcing Susan’s sore udders to flatten. Susan was slowly fading, her head leaning on the blonde’s shoulder. Fleur was keeping their chests together, pushing her boobs deeper and deeper into the jiggling sacks they’d just beaten. Susan tried once to push away, but gave up, and I saw her shoulders sag.

”I just pancaked your saggy tits, girl,” Fleur whispered smugly. ”Just watch.” Susan’s eyes drifted down, and looked on as the blonde pushed her large, heavy tit against her own chest, slowly flattening the pale flesh completely. My erection was raging while I witnessed Fleur’s boobs conquer yet another pair of powerful breasts, and a very large one at that. Come to think of it, I couldn’t recall anyone bigger than the redhead. She’d put up a very tough fight, too, coming shockingly close to beating my girl’s perfect boobs with her own set.

Fleur slowed her strikes, showing her dominance by pushing her tits, which admittedly flattened much more than they had ever before, into Susan’s shivering teats. Fleur’s jugs pushed the redhead’s beaten flesh around, shifting the loose flesh up, then down, and to the sides at whatever direction she wanted. The beautiful blonde even made a show of pushing her own breasts underneath Susan’s, just to watch them jiggle when they fell back onto her chest. Fleur grinned as her opponent’s flesh spilled over her sore but still reasonably firm tits, enjoying her victory even as Susan’s face dropped. I watched the tops of Susan’s jugs spill over Fleur’s powerful set, trying to steady my breathing without much success.

”Who’s got firmer, stronger tits?” Fleur asked. She pulled her breasts away from Susan’s beaten rack, watching with satisfaction as they drooped, having lost their usual rounded shape and hanging much lower than they had prior to the beating. My girlfriend’s own, normally perfect boobs looked red and tender as well, but sagged far less than her opponent’s thrashed set did. ”Whose boobs are the best in the entire school, Susie?” The cute, curvy redhead looked up from her tits and swallowed, glancing at my gorgeous girlfriend sadly.

”Yours are, Fleur. You have strong, firm, sexy boobs. My soft jugs were just punching bags for your amazing set. Your tits are the best. You are the best.” Susan then bent over to fill her mouth with my girlfriend’s winning nipple, and Fleur sighed as she enjoyed the attention, allowing the redhead to take her time. I could hear her humming quietly, and watched my girl’s tender but ultimately victorious teats get their hard-earned reward. Fleur reached down, gently massaging the beaten udders of her foe. They were hanging and swinging loosely beneath Susan’s submissive pose. After some time, the fleshy redhead stood up, her face flushed. She wiped her mouth and the two embraced, Fleur’s firmer tits still pushing Susan’s beaten sacks outward.

”Gotta say, you definitely surprised me Susan. I knew you had a nice set, but I didn’t expect them to be quite THAT good. I mean, you almost beat me!” Fleur murmured, looking impressed. ”If you ever want a rematch, just say the word. Those huge, heavy tits are quite possibly the best I’ve ever faced,” my girlfriend continued sincerely, giving the redhead a small smile as the girls separated. ”Which makes it all the nicer to know that my own set is even better.”

Susan eyed the beautiful blonde for a moment, then sighed and nodded. ”Yeah. It seems those big, perky boobs are just as perfect as the rest of you. I fucking hate you,” the redhead muttered, giving my girlfriend a wry grin and eliciting some laughs from the crowd. I knew quite a few girls in the room shared her sentiment.

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