Titfight Academy: Chapter 10 by Augur

Christmas whizzed by quickly. Being the only child, I’d prepared for a somewhat dull celebration with my parents and a bunch of elderly relatives. Same old, same old. But this year, we’d also ended up getting a surprise visit from my cousins, two guys fairly close to me in age. I could tell they’d been hoping to see my girlfriend Fleur, and each had struggled to hide their disappointment upon hearing that she was spending the holidays with her family. I’d introduced my cousins to the drop-dead gorgeous French girl this past summer, and predictably, Fleur had made quite an impression. She always did.

They’d done their best to chat her up then, utilising every last sleazy compliment in their vocabulary and amusing both myself and Fleur with their transparent gawking. My girlfriend, who was more than used to the male attention, had deliberately egged them on with a few well-placed looks of interest, toying with the poor boys and giving them false hope. Apparently my cousins still hadn’t caught on to the ruse, and seemed to have arrived to my parents’ house expecting to complete their seduction of the gorgeous blonde.

Were it not my girlfriend they were trying to bag, I might’ve felt sorry for them.

Anyway, once the two love-struck casanovas had recovered from that unfortunate setback, we’d managed to have a rather good time, leaving the old folks to reminiscence about their lost youth in order to make the most out of our own. While Reading wasn’t exactly London, it DID have a university. That meant a nice selection of pubs, bars and clubs to choose from, and even more importantly (as my dear cousins were keen to point out) an ample supply of young, hot student girls.

Hanging out in the nightlife had been tons of fun, but to be honest, I hadn’t really felt much of a temptation to go after other women. Many of them would’ve been perfectly ready and willing to have a one-off (don’t ask how I know), and some had even looked rather fetching. But not one could compare with Fleur. Not in terms of face, not in the bust, and sure as hell not when it came to overall body. Why risk everything for a quick spin in a Lexus when you’ve got a friggin’ Bugatti waiting for you?

The year was now nearing its end, as was I my destination. I’d first taken a flight to one of the more popular Caribbean islands, before continuing on to Saint-Barthélemy. Because of the limited size of the island’s sole airport, I’d had to make the last leg of my journey on a small, rickety prop-plane, which certainly did add an exotic taste to the trip. According to Fleur, the island had been affected by a hurricane earlier in the autumn, but little visible damage remained today, torn-up roofs having been repaired and windows changed into new ones. One of the upsides of being a playground for the rich was that service tended to be impeccable. And St Barts was definitely such a place.

Moments after stepping out into the bright sunlight, a familiar flash of blonde hair caught my attention. I quickly turned towards a parked car to the right, and as my eyes began to adapt to the brightness, I spotted Fleur’s younger sister making her way towards me. The family resemblance really was impossible to miss. Gabrielle’s strikingly beautiful face was framed by long, stylish waves of golden hair, her curls swaying in the gentle sea breeze while the young blonde grinned at me. I replied with a wide smile of my own and took a moment to admire her smooth, lightly tanned legs, the girl’s airy summer dress doing little to hide her appealing figure.

Gabrielle wasn’t quite as curvy as my girlfriend was, but considering her slightly shorter, more petite build, the proportions weren’t far off. Also, because of the age difference – Fleur being almost three years older than her sister – the French blonde in front of me looked almost distractingly cute, Gabrielle’s face still bearing all the hallmarks of youth and innocence even as the rest of her body screamed of fertility. A very dangerous combination if you asked me. Just like her sister, Gabrielle was the very picture of feminine perfection.

Swallowing, I watched her tuck a stray curl back to its usual position, the girl’s light, almost azure blue eyes twinkling with amusement and… something else?

“You look good too, Cedric,” she smiled slyly, having apparently noticed the effect she had on me. “Have you been working out?” I could feel my face turning a bright shade of red, and Gabrielle giggled prettily, giving me a gentle shove. “Oh, don’t be like that, Ced! I’m flattered. Really. A handsome older guy, and dating my big sister to boot! What better admirer could a girl ask for?” the petite blonde grinned. She seemed to be enjoying my squirming a little too much. We’d gotten to know each other rather well over the Summer, and I’d quickly learned that Gabrielle had a more bubbly, cheerful personality than her sibling did. And that she loved to flirt.

“Umm, thanks, I guess…” I mumbled, making a face. “But please do me a favour and don’t tell that to Fleur.”

“Ha, you really think she hasn’t noticed you looking?” Gabrielle chortled, tilting her head slightly as she beamed at me. “Relaaax, already! Of course you’re attracted to me, it’d be weird if you weren’t! I’m hot.”

I flinched at the girl’s volume levels, quickly glancing around to make sure no one had heard her. Thankfully, there was still no sight of my girlfriend. Phew.

“Fleur went to look for you inside,” the blonde-haired temptress informed me helpfully. “But clearly you missed each other. Good thing I stayed with the car.”

“Yeah, really good…” I grumbled under my breath, causing the young girl to snicker. Gabrielle could be a real pain in the ass when she wanted to.

Mercifully, it didn’t take too much longer for her older sister to arrive. Fleur practically jumped into my arms, capturing my lips in a deep, enthusiastic kiss and very nearly toppling us both over into the pavement. As I loaded my bags into the car, I could hear the blonde bombshells discuss something in rapid French. While I’d studied the language myself, and had even gotten some, uh, ‘private tutoring’ from my girlfriend (actual study time being fairly limited), I still had some difficulty following informal exhanges between native speakers. A common problem, I’d been assured.

“Gabs will drive us to the villa,” Fleur murmured softly, pressing her ample bust against me and taking my hand. “Which means I can keep you company in the back seat.” As the modelesque girl pulled me inside the car after her, I caught a brief glimpse of Gabrielle’s annoyed face.

The trip felt relatively short, but considering how preoccupied I’d been snogging my very handsy, gorgeous girlfriend like a horny teenager, it was impossible to be sure. Gabrielle had of course done her best to drown out our groans and moans with her own, loud retching sounds, reminding Fleur and I that we weren’t alone. That was probably the only thing that’d kept us from going all they way.

The family’s ‘winter hideout’ was a fairly modern-looking house, and, being located on top of a hill, featured expansive views of the turquoise sea below. I’ll admit I paused for a moment to gawp at the bright colour, before picking up my bags and following the girls to the house.

“Où est papa et la salope?” I heard Fleur ask her sister just as I stepped inside. Where’s dad and the slut? Really? Is that the way my girlfriend talked about her mother? I’d thought they got along reasonably well.

“Aucune idée. Maman allait à la plage,” the younger blonde replied with a shrug. I watched her walk over to the fridge and pour herself a glass of cold juice. “T’as regardé dehors, déjà? Peut-être ils baisent dans la piscine?” she called over her shoulder. Okay, now I was officially confused. Their mother had gone to the beach, but Fleur should check if they were having sex in the pool? My French was apparently even worse than I’d thought.

“Uhh, what are you-” I started to voice my bafflement. Fleur whirled around at the veranda door, having evidently made sure that the back was clear as well. “Oh, nothing, looks like we’re alone in the house for now. Which happens to suit me just fine.” My girlfriend’s tone had become husky and seductive towards the end, and I felt my lips curl into a hungry grin as I watched the blonde beauty stalk closer, swaying her hips and giving me a look that left no room for interpretation.

“Which one would you like to try out first? The bed… or the pool?” Fleur purred, pressing her palms my chest and flashing me a smirk as she noticed the rapid heartbeat.

“Stay away from the pool!” I heard Gabrielle call out from the kitchen. “I don’t want to swim in your pussy juices!” My girlfriend snorted, rolling her eyes. “But Ced’s gooey spunk is fine, right?” she yelled back.


My face must’ve closely matched the tone of a ripe tomato as Fleur dragged me to her bedroom. She quickly erased all traces of embarrassment from my brain, however, yanking off her flimsy little sun dress and tackling me onto the mattress. We’d been separated by thousands of miles for over a week, and were both eager to make up for the lost time.

“God, I’ve missed you so fucking much,” I moaned as the blonde began to tear my clothes away.


Several hours later, as we’d lain cuddled together in a sweaty but well-sated heap, Fleur had filled me in on their somewhat unusual living arrangements. As it turned out, my girlfriend’s parents had an open relationship which allowed both to see other people on the side. Fleur’s mother Apolline had a steady lover back in London, who she banged on an almost day-to-day basis, while her father Philippe was more fond of variety. Because of his job, Philippe traveled around Europe and the world regularly, and apparently had at least one girl in every port.

His current favourite was an executive assistant who’d started out at the office less than a month ago, and who, according to Fleur, had the most infuriatingly high opinion of herself. To my girlfriend’s great annoyance, her father had even brought the secretary along for Christmas. Ostensibly for business reasons of course, as a man of his stature and importance was always on call, but everyone knew what the primary motivation really was.

We took a long shower to get rid of the distinct smell of sex, and quite predictably indulged ourselves in one more passionate shag in the process. It was impossible to soap up a body as insanely hot as Fleur’s without getting an erection, no matter how many times you’d just come. Quod erat demonstrandum.

When we finally emerged from the bedroom, the day was well into the afternoon. My stomach grumbled, a reminder of the fact that I’d last eaten a proper meal early in the morning, and I followed Fleur into the kitchen to grab some snacks. The fridge was thankfully well stocked with stuffed baguettes. As we sat down to eat, my eyes landed on a note laying on the table.

I watched Fleur pick it up, and then make a face as she read the message. She handed it to me.

[Got tired of listening to you two fuck. Went to the beach. -G]

“We should probably join her,” the blonde beauty muttered, sipping her ice tea and taking another bite from the baguette. “Gabrielle and her on/off boyfriend had a pretty messy break-up right before the holidays, and I guess I could’ve been more supportive…”


“She spent the first few days moping around the house, trying to ruin everyone else’s mood and acting like a downright bitch,” Fleur looked up with a small shrug. “After a while, I kinda snapped. Told her to go find a new dick to suck before she drove us all mad. I may have also suggested that since she clearly can’t satisfy a man, she should try her luck at licking pussy,” Fleur grimaced. “We yelled, there was some hair-pulling involved, and I think Gabby was just about ready to start bumping chests. Mom had to break us up. As you can imagine, Gabrielle’s birthday party the next day wasn’t a huge success.”

I gave her a sympathetic look, taking Fleur’s hand into mine and giving it a small squeeze. “She was born on Christmas eve, you see,” my girlfriend continued. “Which in our family means that not only does Gabby get fewer presents, but that her friends can’t really come over, either. We always spend the holidays here.”

“Anyway, we made up eventually. I apologized, and Gabby joked that she might take my advice and start banging a chick this time,” Fleur said with a wry smile. “She knows I used to go out with a girl, so I couldn’t really object, could I?

I chuckled, returning her grin. “I suppose not. Any regrets about changing sides?”

“But I haven’t really,” Fleur smirked. “I still shag girls too, remember?” Oh, I certainly remembered. The recent threesome we had with voluptuous firstie Susan was still firmly on my mind, and there was no way I’d ever forget about Hermione. That girl was a complete monster in bed.

“Gabby seems to have gotten over her ex now, but watching us act all lovey-dovey can’t be pleasant for her,” Fleur’s voice brought me back to the present. “So maybe we could tone it down a bit when she’s around? We’ll still fuck like rabbits in private, though, I’m not giving that up!”

“Well that’s a relief!” I exclaimed, earning a chortle from the blonde. “Okay, I’m game. We can go make amends for your past bitchiness together. Show me the way.”

Fleur awarded my cheek with a punch to the shoulder, but her smile was wide. “Let’s go.”


I guess I should’ve expected it, seeing how we WERE in France. As we descended onto the beach, my eyes were greeted with the sight of countless bare breasts – old, young, big and small, from perky cones to heavy hangers, there were at least two dozen topless females basking in the sun. The dress code wasn’t uniform, however, as I could see just as many women in bikinis and bathing suits, but compared to prim and reserved Britain, the culture shock was palpable. Luckily, my time at the Academy had done a lot to soften the blow.

But maybe not quite enough for Fleur to miss her boyfriend’s rubbernecking.

“Just so you know, this is still pretty tame. Some other beaches here are clothing-optional,” she told me with a snigger.

“You mean…?” I gulped.

“Yes, Cedric. I do.”

Shaking my head slightly to clear the mental image, I followed a few steps behind the blonde, trying to be discreet with my ogling. Good thing I’d brought my aviators along.

A fairly young-looking, tanned brunette jogged past us, two sizable tits bouncing up and down on her otherwise lanky frame. They were probably just a hint smaller than Fleur’s, but looked reasonably firm and round. And decidedly oversized for such a tall and skinny woman. Apparently all the fat had gone to her bust, I thought, craning my neck to peer at the brunette’s much slimmer ass. It quivered only slightly with each step, obviously tight and compact.

Ahead, Fleur had untied her own bikini top and flung it over her shoulder. I quickly caught it from the air, storing the garment into my shorts’ right pocket while I admired my girlfriend’s far fuller and nicer bum. Quite a few other beachgoers followed her with their gaze as well, the French blonde’s shapely figure never failing to attract attention. Now that her pert, flawless DD orbs were out in the open, there was no way a straight male wouldn’t stare. So they did.

Just then, a terrifying thought hit me. “Uuh, Fleur?”

“Yes?” the blonde replied pleasantly.

“Please tell me Gabrielle isn’t…”

I could see my girlfriend’s shoulders shake with a guffaw. She turned around to look at me with an amused expression. “Of course she is. But it’s okay, she’s 18 now. You can look.”

“Besides, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Gabby’s pretty boobies in the Spring. She starts at the Academy next week.”

With that, the blonde resumed her trek, leaving me to open and close my mouth in shock for a moment. Once I’d recovered a bit and managed to catch up with her again, Fleur continued. “She would’ve liked to begin already in September of course, but the rules are the rules. Well, at least to some extent,” Fleur smirked over her shoulder. “Gabby did manage to convince papa that he should donate a new wing to the school. And surprise surprise, the application for my little sister’s late admission was approved. Money talks.”

There wasn’t much time to let that unexpected piece of news sink in. We’d finally reached the far end of the beach, and stopped next to a buxom, blonde-haired woman who was sunbathing on top of a towel. Fleur’s mother glanced up, a smile appearing on her lips as she got up to greet us. I got an enthusiastic kiss on both cheeks, struggling not to groan aloud as two full, sweaty breasts slid against my equally naked torso.

Apolline was certainly a striking woman. While I knew she had to be in her mid 40s, you wouldn’t have guessed it by just looking at her face. Let alone body. I had half a mind not to whistle aloud as I ran my eyes up and down the mature Frenchwoman’ ample curves, halting for a moment to admire her large, round breasts and a matching pair of tanned thighs. Everything about Fleur’s mom looked ripe and succulent, and despite my usual preference for young, hot girls, it would’ve been a blatant lie to claim I wasn’t attracted to this blonde-haired MILF. Apolline’s figure wasn’t as slender, toned or… well, ‘perfect’ as her daughters’ were, true, but would’ve provided stiff competition for most girls their age. And just about eclipsed her fellow forty-somethings. Come to think of it, the mature blonde’s rack actually seemed pretty similar to Lavender’s or Alicia’s in shape, despite being at least half a cup size bigger and well over two decades older. Apolline’s thick, meaty jugs, which I estimated to be a mid-to-large Double D, were perceptibly ampler than even my girlfriend’s impressive pair, and didn’t fall far behind in apparent firmness either. They did have more visible sag, but still maintained a very appealing, natural shape. Not bad for an old broad. Not bad at all.

Finally realizing that competition wasn’t the only thing getting stiff around here, I averted my gaze and quickly proceeded to pretend to admire the ocean. It wouldn’t do to get caught perving on your girlfriend’s mom, even if she was pretty hot. Okay, fine, pretty DAMN hot. Looking around the beach from the relative safety of my sunglasses, I spotted a group of teen girls, most of whose bodies struggled to match the much-older Frenchwoman in attractiveness, and not one of whom had breasts as nice as the cougar’s. For a split second I contemplated asking Fleur if she’d ever gone tit-to-tit against her mother, but immediately thought better of it. There were far less unpleasant ways to embarrass myself.

“‘Ow are you liking our leettle paradise, Cedric?” Apolline asked me in a throaty, unmistakably French tone. She had a much more pronounced accent than her daughters, and I found it distractingly arousing. Bad boy, Cedric, bad boy!

“It’s magnificent, Mrs… I mean Apolline,” I quickly corrected myself. Fleur’s mother had insisted that I call her by her given name ever since we first met, claiming that she wasn’t nearly old enough to be a ‘missus’. And esthetically speaking she was of course entirely correct.

“Ahh yes, much like my dozzers – and myself, wouldn’t you say?” the buxom, mature blonde grinned, seeming to enjoy Fleur’s surprised look.

“Maman!” my girlfriend hissed indignantly, “Sois sage! Don’t tease my boyfriend.”

Fleur’s mother waved her complaint off with an amused smile. “Oh chérie, ‘aven’t I taught you that false modesty ees not attractive? We all know I have a great body,” she said, regarding me with an appreciative eye. “My lover back ‘ome isn’t much older than ‘e is, and can’t seem to get enough of it. Keeps waking me up at night for more.”

Fleur huffed, rolling her eyes at the mental image. “Well good for you. But please keep your hands off Cedric, he’s mine.”

“Eh bien, eef you insist,” Apolline sighed, grinning playfully. “Clearly I didn’t teach my dozzer to share, either.”

My girlfriend closed her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath and shaking her head in exasperation. “Arrrgh, I give up! This family is completely hopeless. No manners or sense of decency whatsoever.”

“Well, what deed you expect?” her mother smirked. “We’re French, not some shy, frigid puritains. Which reminds me: your seester seems to ‘ave found a new friend. I watched ‘er play freesbee with anuzzer girl earlier, and they were clearly… ‘ow do you say it? ‘Checking each ozzer out, yes?'” she asked, craning her neck to see if she could spot Gabrielle and her companion again. “Maybe you saw ‘er? A red’ead, with ivoire skin and a nice, athletic figure? Tremendous breasts on that one. Nearly as impressive as my own.”

Apolline gave me a conspiratorial wink at the last bit. Having ensured that her daughter was busy scanning the beach, the mature beauty cupped her naked jugs discreetly, jostling them. I watched the two full, ample globes wobble softly, and was once again struck by their obvious density and weight. Fleur’s mom had every reason to be proud of her assets.

“I saw that,” my girlfriend called out, still appearing to look for signs of her younger sibling. “Quit trying to get into Ced’s pants.”

I could feel my cheeks grow hot, and the curvaceous blonde cougar laughed heartily. “No promises, ma chérie. He’s quite a catch, and those pecs look good enough to eat. Or lick, anyway.”


Whatever else Fleur might’ve said to her mother next was lost on me. I had just spotted the family’s youngest female member emerging from the waves, Gabrielle’s wet, shapely body glistening in the Caribbean sun as she waded towards us. The girl looked like some sort of siren or mermaid, water dripping from her hair and running down that glorious, slender figure. Definitely not a mermaid, I thought. Mermaids didn’t have legs like that. Well, to be fair, humans didn’t really have either. She was almost too hot to be real. Both lithe and curvy in equal measure, a younger, cuter version of her already flawless sibling.

Gabrielle’s gorgeous breasts weren’t as conically shaped as Ginny’s perky tits, but not quite as round as Fleur’s almost perfectly spherical orbs either. In terms of volume, too, I estimated her pair to be about half way between those two, probably a mid-sized D cup. Big, but not so large as to look disproportional on the girl’s svelte, moderately curvaceous physique. What was immediately clear was that Gabrielle’s boobs were exceedingly firm, having so little sag that an untrained eye might’ve thought them to be fake. They bounced just perceptibly with every step she took, pert yet feminine, and I could only stare in wonder at the tiny ripples of titflesh swimming across the blonde’s smooth, lightly tanned skin. Gabrielle’s breasts looked absolutely delicious, seeming to strike a perfect balance between unyielding, springy youth and more womanly fullness and abundance. It took every inch of my willpower not to reach out to touch them, and had my girlfriend (and her mother) not been standing right behind me, I well might’ve. Holy shit. Great tits really did run in the family.

While Gabrielle’s breasts seemed to be completely flipping off the laws of physics, a quick glance confirmed that they were actually very much in line with the rest of her body. Completely, utterly flawless. This was what winning the genetic lottery looked like.

“Fancy a swim, Ced?” the dangerously alluring 18-year-old asked, glancing down at the visible tent in my shorts and flashing me a winning grin. Oh, crap.

I groaned silently, but nodded, realizing that I really didn’t want to risk Fleur and their mother seeing my condition. Following Gabrielle into the sea, I fought a losing battle not to stare at the girl’s supple, beautifully rounded bum. It was heart-shaped like Fleur’s but slightly smaller, and yet somehow seemed a tiny bit fuller, higher. More baby fat, maybe? It almost reminded me of volleyball hottie Megan’s epic ass… or a miniature version of it. Ohh, I was so fucked. There was no way I was going to get rid of my erection now.

I quickly dived into the water, desperate for some visual cover. I’d been careful to keep my back to Fleur and Apolline, but didn’t really fancy other beachgoers catching a glimpse of my full wood either. This little blondie was nothing but trouble!


It hadn’t taken long for my girlfriend to jump in after us, and we’d all fooled around in the sea for about an hour or two. Both young women had proved to be rather accomplished swimmers, gliding through the waves with deceptive ease and grace while I worked hard to race after them. In the end I did manage to keep up, but only just, and the intense work-out left a distinct soreness in my muscles. Clearly I needed to work more on my technique.

As the sun began to lower itself into the waves, Fleur, Gabrielle and I finally swam to shore and began to head back to the family villa. By some miracle Fleur’s bikini top had stayed in my pocket through all the splashing, and I passed it on to her with a sneaky grin.

“You seem to have dropped something, miss. Any chance of a finder’s fee?”

The blonde beauty returned my smile, leaning closer. She quickly glanced over her shoulder in Gabrielle’s direction. The younger girl had gone to collect her own belongings, and was currently facing away from us.

“Oh, my hero!” Fleur cooed in an exaggerated swoon, fluttering her eyelashes playfully. “So gallantly rescuing a fair maiden’s honour. Of course you shall be rewarded for your troubles!” With one last smirk, my girlfriend closed the distance and pushed her lips against mine. The kiss was brief but sweet, and I could detect traces of seawater on Fleur’s skin.

“Mmm, tasty,” I whispered into her ear. “We should swim more often.” Fleur responded by rubbing her large, naked jugs against me, and giggled at the grunt that escaped my mouth.

“Oi, get a room you two!” Gabrielle’s clear voice broke the mood, causing us both to look up. The cute blonde looked more amused than anything else, walking towards us with a grin on her face and a clear spring in her step.

“Not a bad idea, sis,” my girlfriend shot back, licking her lips seductively as she took hold of my hand. “I think we’ll do exactly that.”

Gabrielle pretended to gag, but didn’t stop smiling. Fleur seemed to have noticed the change as well.

“Maman says you met someone today?” she asked her younger sibling slyly. “A hot, sporty beach-babe with great tits? Ring any bells?”

Gabrielle bit her lip, suddenly looking a bit guarded. “Maaaybe… You’re the one who told me to try out girls for a change, remember?”

“Oh, I’m not criticizing, believe me!” Fleur assured, smiling at her sister. “What’s she like? And does she have a name?”

The younger blonde rolled her eyes. “Of course she has a name.” My girlfriend raised an eyebrow, tapping her foot impatiently, and Gabrielle sighed in resignation.

“Fine. I’ll tell you on the way. Come on.”

As we slowly climbed up the hill, Gabrielle recounted her story. While Fleur and I had been busy shagging each other’s brains out at the villa, the younger French girl had bumped into a group of fellow teens on the beach. Almost literally. They’d seemed to be around her age, and had been playing some weird combination of frisbee and rugby, which involved passing the disc before anyone could tackle you onto the sand. Though the sport didn’t make much sense to Gabrielle, it’d looked fun, so she’d stopped to watch. One busty, topless redhead in particular had immediately caught her attention. The teens, upon noticing that they had a seriously good-looking audience, had invited the blonde to join in, and although Gabrielle’s svelte figure wasn’t really built for contact sports, she was more than agile enough to compensate.

They’d spent around half an hour dodging and throwing, enough to work up a good sweat, before the group dispersed to get some food. The girl that Gabrielle had her eye on, and who apparently returned the interest wholeheartedly, had introduced herself as Rebecca (Becky for short) and turned out to be Dutch. She was 19, and had just started to study psychology. What’s more, as the teens sat down to eat lunch together, the redhead had revealed that she also worked as a part-time lingerie model, posing for clothing ads and catalogues to earn some extra income.

“She looks like one, too,” Gabrielle murmured, sounding almost dreamy. “I’d definitely buy whatever she was selling.”

Fleur snorted, bumping her shoulder into the younger blonde. “I bet the feeling’s mutual, Gabs. You could easily go into modeling if you wanted. Not that there’s any need for the money,” my girlfriend smirked. Given their family’s wealth, neither Fleur nor Gabrielle would ever have to work a day in their lives.

“Yeah, that’s what Becky told me as well,” the cute girl beamed. “That I should model, I mean. She thinks my body would be perfect for mainstream brands,” she clarified, pinching her lean thigh gently and looking up with a smile. “Becky tends to be a little too top-heavy for them herself, so she mostly does random gigs for companies like Curvy Kate and Freya.”

“Oh? Just how big is she, then?” my girlfriend asked, looking genuinely curious. I watched Fleur cup her now bikini-clad orbs through the fabric and give them a quick shake. “Bigger than me?”

“Hmm, yeah I’d say so,” Gabrielle confirmed, pursing her cute mouth slightly. “But not by much. Maybe around the same size as maman? It’s not that she can’t find bras in normal shops, they just prefer to use models that aren’t too busty.”

The older blonde nodded slowly, appearing to consider her sister’s explanation. “I take it she’s pretty firm as well?”

“Oh yeah,” Gabrielle grinned, licking her lips with a hungry, somewhat distant look in her eyes. “Becky’s got an awesome rack, alright.”


We reached the villa a few minutes later. Through the closed front door, I could hear someone’s loud, high-pitched laugh. Or wait, was it screeching? It was hard to tell. Whatever the sound was, it wasn’t pleasant. I saw Fleur and Gabrielle exhange a look.

“Time to meet the vamp,” my girlfriend muttered with a grimace. Her sister smirked at me.

“Fleur and papa’s new secretary don’t exactly get along,” she said in a mock whisper, ensuring that my girlfriend heard her. “Like, at all. I’ve had to put up with their constant snipes and passive-aggressive bickering all week.”

“As if you liked her any more than I do,” Fleur huffed, crossing her arms and glaring at the younger girl. “I can’t understand what he sees in that pute.

“Tits, legs and ass?” Gabrielle offered helpfully, winking at me. “I agree that she’s somewhat annoying, but she seems to have really gotten under your skin. Or into your head. Did she flatten your boobs or something?”

My girlfriend snorted. “Ha ha, very funny. Her ugly sacks are nowhere near my league. Or yours, for that matter.”

“Oh, I agree.” the cuter blonde smiled sweetly. “I’ve got you both out-boobed pretty comfortably.”

I watched Fleur roll her eyes, pausing to regard her sibling with a shrewd look. “Careful now, Gabs. You might have to put your money where your mouth is when we get back to school.”

Gabrielle replied with a wolfish grin of her own. “Looking forward to it.”

Fleur gave the younger girl one last smirk before finally grabbing the door handle. With a practised sigh she swung open the door and stepped in.

As I followed her inside, my eyes immediately landed on a tall, well-dressed man with light brown hair. Fleur and Gabrielle’s father Philippe was in his early 50s, and looked both distinguished and roguish at the same time. I’d met him several times before, and knew that in this case, appearances were not at all deceiving. Immediately behind him, I spotted a mass of dark, curly hair. Its owner was lounging on a large sofa, their back turned towards us.

Once he’d greeted me with a firm handshake and a brief but reassuringly friendly smile, Philippe turned to the woman, beckoning her to come over. I watched the brunette get up slowly, smoothing the sides of her tight-fitting, black cocktail dress before starting to walk towards us. She had a nice figure, I had to admit. The dark-haired twenty- or thirty-something was sporting a sizable rack, long legs and rather generous hips, but didn’t appear to be particularly fit or toned. The woman’s olive skin tone, smoky dark eyes and sharp facial features brought my thoughts to a Middle-Eastern seductress. And so did everything else about her.

“Cedric, I’d like you to meet my assistant Yasmine,” Fleur’s father did the introductions. “Yasmine, this is the bastard that’s trying to steal my eldest daughter away.” Had his tone not been so light, I might’ve gotten worried. As it was, I flashed both a wide smile, before leaning in to exchange kisses with the brunette. When in Rome…

The woman’s parfume had a strong, almost intoxicating scent, and made me feel light-headed for a moment. “It’s nice to meet you, Cedric,” she purred, resting her hand on my left arm. Having just gotten back from the beach, I was still shirtless, and Yasmine’s warm touch sent tingles across my bare skin. “Fleur appears to have much better taste than I’d thought.” The brunette was running her eyes up and down, admiring my body shamelessly.

“It’s a wonder she’s managed to snag a hunk as handsome as yourself,” Yasmine continued seductively, throwing a sly, catty smirk at my girlfriend. “Though I guess you’ve never tasted what a real woman can do, have you?”

I don’t know if the dark-haired temptress was genuinely interested in bedding me, or if she was just aiming to get a rise out of Fleur, but as I met her dusky, smoldering gaze, I found myself suddenly wishing it was the former. Yasmine had some seriously sexy eyes.

“Yes, yes, come along now, dear,” Philippe quickly steered his ‘assistant’ away, smirking playfully. “We have a dinner party to get to. Besides, I didn’t mean that you should try to rescue my daughter by taking her place,” he joked, giving me a shrewd wink. “Finding a good secretary is so difficult these days. Daughters, I at least have two.”

As the pair headed for the door, I glanced at Fleur. My girlfriend was scowling at the brunette’s receding back, her eyes narrow. If she’d disliked Yasmine before, the sentiment had now progressed to outright resentment.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!” her father called over his shoulder as he closed the door, snickering at Gabrielle’s loud snort.

“For the record,” I started, meeting Fleur’s gaze nervously. “I think your mom’s way hotter than she is.”


The following few days passed fairly uneventfully, with me and Fleur spending most of our time at the beach or the pool while Gabrielle hung out with her new friend Becky. Well, they’d probably moved from friends to lovers a good while ago. The Dutch girl was apparently a full-on lesbian (as opposed to bisexual like my girlfriend), and had made her move the very next day, asking Fleur’s little sister out on a proper date and ending the night with a kiss by the door. Gabrielle was clearly smitten with the red-haired part university student, part lingerie model, and paid no heed to Fleur’s attempts to tease her about the constant messaging that took place whenever the two lovebirds were physically apart.

In stark contrast to the syrupy happiness of the brand new couple, my girlfriend and her father’s mistress had stayed firmly on the warpath. There were no open hostilities – that I could see – at the moment, but each proud, young woman made sure to snub and slight her rival whenever an opportunity presented itself. Usually Fleur and Yasmine did it in a relatively underhanded way, remaining outwardly civil while nothing but venom and loathing brewed under the surface. The tension between the two was palpable, and their interactions seemed to be only growing more antagonistic with each passing day.

It was now New Year’s Eve. Well, late morning, to be exact. Philippe and Apolline had just left to join some old friends on their private yacht, and wouldn’t be returning from that mini-cruise until the evening. Fleur and I had originally planned to catch some sun by the pool before heading out to town for a bit of last-minute shopping, but Yasmine’s presence in one of the poolside loungers made me hesitate. Spending any period of time in the brunette’s vicinity was sure to make my girlfriend irritable.

While considering other options, I gazed at Yasmine’s oily, bikini-clad body from the doorway, making special note of how her dusky skin glistened in the sun. She appeared to be roughly as well-endowed as Fleur, but because of her position, laying on her back, it was hard to make a more precise assessment. I could see that the brunette’s breasts still maintained a fairly pert shape inside the flimsy, dark brown top, which meant that she clearly wasn’t soft. According to Gabrielle, her father’s current sugar baby had North African ancestry, being half-Arab and half-European, and was supposedly in her late 20s. She looked plenty hot enough to turn heads, having luxurious, tanned legs and a meaty ass in addition to the nicely-sized bust, but didn’t seem to be quite as taut or toned as Fleur and her sister. Shapely and seductive rather than sporty.

My, ahem, ‘observations’ were interrupted by the doorbell. I whirled around to see the younger of the two blonde-haired sisters rushing to the front entrance, my amused girlfriend following after Gabrielle at a slower pace. Fleur was shaking her head slightly, but also had a wide grin on her face.

Gabrielle yanked the door open, revealing a strikingly glamorous-looking redhead. I watched her step inside and embrace the blonde teen. The two girls were whispering something to each other excitedly, even leaning in for a kiss after a moment. This had to be the famous Becky. She certainly did have the body of a model – and not one of those stick-thin catwalk types, either. The redhead had a proper bikini babe -look about her, the girl’s figure looking fit, curvy and full of promise. Her face was beautiful as well, though I’ll confess I paid somewhat less attention to that area.

“Hey, hands where I can see them,” my girlfriend called out as she traipsed closer, smirking at the tight grip the redhead seemed to have on Gabrielle’s butt. “That’s my baby sis you’re groping!”

The pair separated slowly, laughing at Fleur’s mock sternness. The cute blonde quickly introduced her new girlfriend to us – even to Yasmine, who’d strutted inside to see what the ruckus was all about. The dark-haired woman was regarding Becky coolly, though I did notice her eyes drift down to the redhead’s cleavage every now and then. Rebecca was wearing a snug little summer dress, similar to Fleur’s and Gabrielle’s, which did little to hide her substantial bosom. To me, it did indeed look about the same size as Apolline’s, and therefore larger than Yasmine’s own rack. Or Fleur’s and Gabrielle’s, for that matter. The exact shape was more difficult to gauge through the clothing, but the pronounced lack of any wobbles spoke of considerable density.

“Wow, I see Gabby wasn’t kidding when she said she’d hit the jackpot,” my girlfriend complimented the redhead playfully. “You really do have a great body!”

“Look who’s talking!” Becky shot back, laughing. “You and Gabby are probably the hottest girls I’ve ever seen. Just what kind of vitamins have they been feeding you?” she grinned, making a show of ogling at the older French blonde’s ample assets. “Holy shit. Are those even real?”

Fleur guffawed, her own gaze likewise glued to the redhead’s rack. I could tell she was genuinely impressed. “Funny, I was about to ask you the same question!”

“If you’re done flirting with my girlfriend…” Gabrielle butted in with a smirk, pulling the redhead into her arms. “I’d like to remind everyone that this fine piece of meat is already reserved. Get your own hottie.”

We all laughed at the young blonde’s half-serious protectiveness, before starting to head into the living room. I noticed Becky glance at her lover meaningfully, raising an eyebrow.

“You okay with an audience?”

Gabrielle nodded, smiling at the redhead cockily. “Of course, why wouldn’t I be? And you? Worried about losing to me in front of everyone?” Rebecca chortled, and I watched her lush, red lips curl into a grin.

“Keep dreaming, babe. You’re cute, almost too cute, but there’s no way you’ll be able to match me up top. Even the other models I’ve met are jealous of these,” the redhead cooed, cupping her big, solid jugs through the clothing and bouncing them a bit.

I suddenly felt Fleur lean in, her nose nuzzling my neck softly. “Gabby says the topic of boob wrestling came up during one of their shags,” she whispered into my ear, causing a small shiver. “And I bet your dirty little mind can picture exactly how.” Images of two, sweaty young women rolling around the bed and pushing their tits together immediately assaulted my brain, and I fought to stifle a moan. My girlfriend giggled.

“Anyway, Becky apparently thought it sounded incredibly hot. She’s never a had proper titfight before, but being the good girlfriend she is…” Fleur trailed off, wrapping an arm around me as she regarded the two girls. “…Gabby of course offered to show how it’s done. I coaxed her into doing it here,” she smiled slyly, sticking out her tongue. “Gotta look after my tit-obsessed guy!”

“Now all we need to do is hope that my parents don’t somehow get back early,” my girlfriend added in a louder voice, pausing to glance at Gabrielle and exchanging an amused look with her sister. “They have a bad habit of turning up at the worst possible moment, as Gabby well knows. Care to tell Ced how-“

“Oh shut up!” the younger blonde groaned, shaking her head and making a face. “I’m still bearing the mental scars from that little incident. And so is Mathieu, I bet. He looked ready to shit his pants when papa waltzed in on us.”

My girlfriend sniggered, bumping her shoulder into Gabrielle’s playfully and grinning widely. “Lucky he wasn’t wearing any, then.”

Gabrielle flipped her big sister off, glaring at the smirking blonde and muttering something about ‘severe emotional trauma’ and ‘insensitive assholes’.

After a few further quips and witty comebacks, we began to clear an open area in the middle of the room. The French girls went over the rules, with Rebecca listening to them intently and asking the odd question here and there. I also watched Fleur give some last-minute tips to the curvy redhead, and was surprised to hear Yasmine interject with some additional advice of her own.

It turned out that Yasmine already knew all the ropes, and had previous experience of her own. The mediterranean beauty claimed to have fought at least a dozen women before, mostly during her time as a university student, and had supposedly won each and every time. Yasmine’s self-assured, almost cocky behaviour certainly seemed to support that notion.

“I bet I could take you down without even breaking a sweat, Blondie,” the brunette sneered at my annoyed girlfriend, giving Fleur’s rack a dismissive look. “If you’re up to the challenge, that is. I’ve seen how much you love showing those bouncy udders off to everyone, but from the looks of things, they’re not really anything special. My jugs have flattened nicer sets.”

As I compared them up close, the two women appeared to be right on par with each other in terms of breast size. And now that the brunette was standing up, it was easy to tell that her (still bikini-clad) boobs sat pretty high on her chest as well. Their shape even looked a bit pointy, both pert breasts straining against the cups and further enhancing the impression of firmness.

“You’re on,” Fleur hissed, clearly keen on seizing the opportunity to humiliate the characteristically arrogant and snooty Arabian beauty. “I’ll show you which one of us has real reason to be proud, skank.”

“That’s the spirit, Barbie Bitch. I’m going to have so much fun putting your fat, puffed-up sacks back in their place. Just try not to run crying to daddy after I’ve done them in,” the smoky-eyed brunette smirked, looking confident as ever. “Nobody likes a snitch.”

Something about these two just seemed to rub the other the wrong way, I thought, shifting my eyes between the busty girls and contrasting their looks. Dark and light, Yin and Yang. Apparently the static tension that’d been building up between them had finally received the needed spark.


While my girlfriend and Yasmine taunted each other, Rebecca and Gabrielle had already started to shed off their excess clothing. I watched the redhead toss her sun dress onto the sofa, reaching behind to open the clasp of her light grey bra. She was wearing a matching pair of knickers, I noted, tracing the curvature of the girl’s toned posterior. Compared to the upstairs, her ass looked compact, but there was nothing wrong with its shape. Becky’s overworked bra came off with a soft snap, and two meaty, round orbs bounced out into the open air. The redhead’s large jugs shook a bit as they slapped against her chest, quivering visibly, but I didn’t really detect much sag. Each orb was full and round. I struggled not to groan aloud as I studied the ivory-skinned teenager’s best assets intently.

They looked very similar to my girlfriend’s amazing breasts. Maybe just a hint less pert, but also slightly bigger and heavier. I leaned forward, greedily drinking in the young, nubile boobs on display. Their shape was enviably spherical, and the amount of visible hang minimal. Rebecca’s impressive breasts stood high on her chests, the flesh rippling and curling enticingly as she rolled her shoulders, presumably to work out a kink in her upper back. They seemed to be in the region of a mid-size DD cup, and had a very pleasing, almost photogenic appearance. Easily one of the sexiest racks I’d ever seen, and no doubt perfect for modeling.

But while the girl definitely had a solid pair, the small bounces seemed to suggest that her inner tissue wasn’t quite as dense as her opponent’s. Then again, I wasn’t sure Fleur’s was, either. The only girl that might – and I stress MIGHT – be able to beat Gabrielle in firmness was Ginny, and that firsty was giving up roughly half a cup size. Rebecca’s rack, to the redhead’s credit, was of course one full bra size larger than Gabby’s – a significant if not insurmountable lead.

Continuing my inspection further down the 19-year-old model’s generous curves, I made special note of her smooth, toned torso, long legs and pale skin. She wasn’t overly athletic, but clearly took good care of herself, and had a definite Jessica Rabbit -vibe about her. In terms of overall physical attractiveness, there was no denying that Becky’s body closely matched those of the two blondes. If Fleur and Gabrielle were perfect tens, the redhead had to be at least a nine, fully rivaling the French girls up top and only losing a few points from her comparatively narrow hips and ass. Those too were pretty nice, but not exceptional like the rest of her. Becky was definitely more top-heavy than the others.

I briefly glanced over at Yasmine. While the brunette was plenty good-looking in her own right, she was probably closer to an eight, and appeared to fall just short of the three younger women in every area. Well, maybe save for those thick, juicy killer thighs. Yasmine’s tits also looked like they might be capable of causing some damage, but I doubted they’d be a match for Fleur’s. The dusky brunette seemed to be trying to conceal a fair bit of envy as she analysed the lingerie model’s tantalizing body, doing her best not to look as impressed as she really was. I didn’t blame her. Becky was seriously hot, and her rack was nothing short of phenomenal. Likely every bit as nice as my girlfriend’s, in fact.

Fleur seemed to agree, and let out a long whistle. “You sure know how to pick ’em, Gabs,” she muttered, licking her lips in approval. “Those jugs look fucking amesome. I might need to have my own go at them at some point.”

“Assuming I let you, that is,” Gabrielle smirked at her big sister. “Right now I’m inclined to keep this minx all to myself.”

“Ooh, but are you sure you can handle me?” the gorgeous redhead asked sweetly, slowly running her hands across her figure. “These epic boobs in particular could prove too much for you. They’ve won me more than a few wet t-shirt contests.”

“Don’t you worry, Becky. Your big, beautiful pillows do look amazing, but they’re going fold under my superior tits. I’ve got both appearances and substance,” Gabrielle breathed huskily, slinking out of her own sun dress and revealing two braless D-cup breasts. They practically sprang out as the fabric covering the orbs was pulled away, the blonde’s dense set seeming to quiver only for a fraction of a second before it settled down, sitting exceedingly high on her chest. I’d gotten a good ogle at Gabby’s naked, pert boobs some days ago, but still couldn’t stop marveling at their sheer perfection. They looked almost divine. If Rebecca had a rack you’d love to suck, fuck or ‘motorboat’, the blonde’s pair was one to worship and cherish. Truly a thing of beauty.

I watched Gabrielle’s smooth, flawless orbs mold ever-so-slightly under the girl’s fingers while she kneaded them, demonstrating to everyone just how thick and firm the titmeat beneath the surface really was. Not that there’d been any doubt, of course. The blonde’s 18-year-old breasts had what I considered to be the ideal shape, appearing to pretty much ignore the effects of gravity and jutting out proudly like they’d been put there by some master sculptor. The almost complete lack of visible sag might’ve made them look surgically enhanced if it wasn’t for the fact that no doctor was quite THAT good. They were perky, round and, like everything about Gabrielle, incredibly cute. This girl really was too pretty for her own good.

Taking a moment to appreciate the rest of her body, I couldn’t help but think how much Gabrielle reminded me of Fleur. Both were lean yet shapely, having a rare combination of slender limbs, ample curves and a narrow waistline. Everything was perfectly formed and proportioned. But as similar as the two sisters’ figures were, Gabrielle’s more petite size and small reserves of baby fat, which were oddly enough only found in the precisely right places, made her look both hot and adorable at the same time. I thanked my lucky stars that she was of age now, as I could at least claim some moral justification for my gawking. I mean, I still felt like a total perv for lusting after my girlfriend’s little sister, but at least I wasn’t drooling over a minor!

“Don’t forget to breathe, Ced,” I felt Fleur’s warm whisper on my neck. “Wouldn’t want to pass out and miss all the fun, would we now?” She rested her head against my shoulder, leading me towards the sofa by the arm. “Let’s sit down and watch the show. This should be good.”


We watched the teens step closer towards one another, both taking turns to look down to their bared chests and flashing smug, knowing smirks. Gabrielle cupped her pert breasts gently and lifted them a bit, with Rebecca quickly mirroring her move. The effect was, unsurprisingly, more pronounced on the ampler set, and I couldn’t help but admire how Becky’s pale mass of titflesh shook and jiggled in her palms.

Taking a moment to ogle at the two teens’ general physiques, one thing was clear – Gabrielle’s bum was definitely nicer than her opponent’s. The girls’ asses were about the same size, even though the blonde was otherwise slightly shorter and less buxom, which meant that Gabby’s behind looked bigger in comparison to the rest of her body. It also had a mouth-wateringly delicious shape: pert, round and cute. Perfect, just like her boobs.

While I did feel guilty for even thinking it, Gabrielle’s bum might actually be even better than her big sister’s. I made a mental note to never let Fleur hear me say that. She’d probably skin me alive – and with good reason.

With one last smirk, Rebecca and Gabrielle began to approach one another. Neither seemed eager to start out aggressively, instead closing the distance with a few measured steps and slowly bringing their tips together. As the girls’ hard nipples rubbed against each other, I heard the redhead suck in a breath, while the blonde swallowed hard. They weren’t pushing hard enough to cause any misshape of their firm orbs, and it looked like the contestants were savouring the feel of their sensitive nubs meeting softly.

“You’re so fucking hot,” I heard Rebecca whisper to the blonde. “I can’t wait to watch you get on your knees, licking my bigger, better breasts after they’ve conquered those pretty boobs. I’m going to own you, babe.”

“Not gonna happen,” Gabrielle murmured back, bumping her chest into the redhead’s globes. The lingerie model’s large, firm jugs contorted a bit around the perkier set, and Becky gasped, clearly unused to the sensation. I saw a grin appear on the French girl’s face. Gabrielle pulled back a step, her azure eyes burning with desire, before repeating the move. Again, Becky’s big, round boobs warped into a slightly different shape as Gabrielle’s smaller orbs seemed to maintain their shape for the most part.

The redhead quickly began to mirror her opponent, and I watched hungrily as each girl pushed forward, rubbing their firm jugs against the rivaling pair. Gabrielle seemed to whisper something to her opponent, but Rebecca dismissed it with a snort and then rolled her shoulder from one side to the next, scraping her thick, full boob over the blonde’s pert tit. I could only imagine what their hardened peaks had to feel like, dragging across smooth, sentitive flesh. Gabrielle immediately responded to the move with the same tactic. Both pairs of breasts molded and twisted only slightly as they sought purchase over the space between the women. This slow, almost tender contest went on for a while, and the girls grinned through the contact as though they were enjoying it. I certainly was.

Rebecca leaned in this time, brushing her lips against Gabrielle’s ear and murmuring something in a low voice. That seemed to spark some action, as both girls began their rotations more energetically. I could hear their tits begin thudding and slapping as Gabby and Becky worked themselves into a more aggressive pace, but still didn’t detect much visible shifting or change in the shape of the girls’ perfect, exceedingly firm breasts as they strained against each other. Both fighters did let out occasional grunts, their faces becoming more flushed with every passing minute.

I finally noticed that the girls themselves weren’t looking down at their battling busts; each was staring intently into the other’s eyes. They seemed to be having some sort of staring contest, and were fighting both a mental and a physical war simultaneously. I briefly wondered how the result of this match would affect their budding relationship.

The red-haired lingerie model, who until this point had been resting her hands on Gabrielle’s hips, reached around the girl’s lower back and pulled her closer. Gabrielle returned the gesture, wrapping her arms around the redhead. Rather than sliding their tits over and across the other’s set like before, the new strategy seemed to be to forcibly shove their boobs together. I watched the position of the two tightly-packed racks ebb and flow slightly, and Gabby made a cute growl as the girls increased the pressure, leaning their heads together. Initially I thought Rebecca and Gabrielle did it so they could whisper in each other’s ears again, but as I kept observing the fighters closely, it seemed that they were simply breathing heavily on one another’s neck and ears. Both to conserve their strength, and to tease and distract their opponent, no doubt.

Rebecca smirked slightly as she dragged her big jugs slowly and deliberately back and forth over the blonde’s pert boobs. Gabrielle on the other hand stood still, her firm flesh apparently refusing to yield to the Dutch girl’s heavier tits. I heard a bored sigh from my left, and looked over to see Yasmine pretend to yawn. My girlfriend gave her a dirty look, daring the dark-haired woman to complain aloud. She didn’t, instead leaning back and continuing to observe the slow, affectionate struggle with an imperiously disinterested expression.

Back in the middle of the room Rebecca and Gabrielle were still locked in a bearhug. The girls were making soft grunts and groans as they forced their chests tighter together, and I watched both pairs of boobs begin to compress more obviously. The muscles in each girl’s lean arms were also bulging as the pressure increased. No-one missed the fact that the redhead’s bigger boobs were reshaping appreciably more than Gabrielle’s pert orbs did, denting at the center and slowly pushing out. Becky’s pretty face had started to show signs of discomfort, and as I looked to her rival, I could see Gabrielle regarding the glamorous and curvy redhead with a rather greedy smile.

“Ready to call it, Becks?” she asked her lover sweetly. “Just admit that my boobs are better, and I’ll let you go.

“Oh, please,” Rebecca hissed back. “These jugs are going to squish your baby-boobs flat in a minute.”

The girls continued like that for a good while. I could see that the Dutch girl’s wince was growing more pronounced by the minute as she fought to match the blonde’s thrusts and to force their racks back into equality. But despite her best efforts, Rebecca’s gorgeous, round jugs were, bit by bit, ballooning further out to the sides, beginning to make way for Gabrielle’s denser pair. I watched the blonde cutie stare straight into Rebecca’s wide eyes with a confident if not strained smile, and the harder she pulled, the further her firm tits appeared sink into the redhead’s ample, round pair. Fleur’s little sister was slowly but surely impaling the lingerie model’s epic set onto her smaller boobs.

“Oh, fuck,” the redhead groaned, letting go of her opponent’s back and attempting to push her away by the shoulders.

“Something wrong, Big Tits?” Gabrielle grunted, smirking despite the obvious exertion. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

Becky’s gorgeous rack, which had appeared to be just as imposing and powerful as my girlfriend’s, was still stubbornly resisting the invasion attempt. But by the looks of things, it was fighting a losing battle. Gabrielle’s even thicker breast-tissue continued its irresistible advance, penetrating deeper and deeper into the pale flesh. Briefly glancing towards Fleur, I noticed that she was observing the scene with a small frown, looking thoughtful.

“Gawwwd, those things feel like rocks,” Rebecca panted, squirming in the blonde’s embrace as she struggled to give her sore, pained tits some respite from Gabrielle’s dense pair. “How fucking hard are they!?! I thought I was firm!”

Both Gabrielle and her older sister chortled. I knew Fleur had been asked that same question many times before.

“Oh you are, babe,” the younger French girl told the redhead, struggling to keep her trapped in her arms. “Way firmer than most girls I’ve come across. And really, really good for a Double D,” Gabrielle grunted with a sincere-looking smile. “You also get full points for looks and grope feel.”

The blonde’s grin got only wider as she saw her opponent glance down and start to bite her lip, the lingerie model observing Gabrielle’s progress in stunned silence. “Give up Becky, and I won’t have to completely wreck your big boobs,” the younger girl threatened, pulling hard and admiring how her pert boobs burrowed a little bit further in.

“It’d be a real shame to make them all droopy and soft, you know. If you surrender now, you’ll still be able to show these beauties off at the beach. How’s that sound?”

I watched the two teenage hotties gaze into each other’s eyes, the redhead’s expression a mix of discomfort and concern while the blonde looked almost smug. “You’ll still need to tell all your friends who has the better set, though.” Gabrielle smirked. “I can’t wait to see their faces tomorrow.”

Rebecca’s reaction caught me by surprise. And evidently the gorgeous blonde as well. The Dutch girl crouched down for a second before ramming her big, firm jugs into Gabrielle’s set from below. Gabby’s impressively dense flesh pushed in for a moment, bouncing towards her face and quivering slightly before settling down into its usual pert, unyielding form on the blonde’s chest. Gabrielle’s gasp of pain and shock was clearly audible even through the slapping of wet titflesh, and Becky used the opportunity to wrench herself free from the hug-

“Ahh, finally!” Yasmine exclaimed, straightening her posture on the sofa and craning her head towards me and Fleur. “Took ’em long enough. I hope you fight better than these two,” she sneered at my girlfriend, observing her cleavage with a disdainful expression. “Otherwise those sacks won’t last a minute against me.”

Fleur narrowed her eyes, but didn’t bother with a reply. It’d been the dusky, dark-haired woman who’d coached Becky to use uppercuts to escape tight spots, so apparently Yasmine’s earlier boasting wasn’t just talk. It seemed she really did know her way around a titfight.

Before the Dutch girl was able to make much use of her newfound freedom, I saw Gabrielle jab her firm, pert set into Rebecca’s larger boobs. The redhead grunted, feeling her round orbs mold briefly as the rival pair invaded their space. I watched Gabrielle follow with another attack, ramming her tightly-packed tits into her lover’s more plentiful breasts. The redhead’s jugs once again yielded some ground, compressing and ballooning out from the center to make way for the firmer pair. Becky’s face fell. It looked like Gabrielle’s pert D cups might hold the edge in boob-boxing as well, their incredible density forcing back the dismayed lingerie model’s big, gorgeous globes.

Not for the first time, I found myself wondering how they’d fare against Fleur’s legendary pair. Both blondes’ sets were perfect in their own way, with one appearing to have a slight lead in firmness and the other in size. Becky’s own rack looked much like a third piece of that gradual evolution; maybe a tiny bit softer than my girlfriend’s, but also larger. If Gabrielle’s tits were able to spear and pound the busty redhead’s pride and joy like this, could they also overpower her sister’s proud boobs?

In any case, it seemed the Dutch girl wasn’t prepared to go down without a fight. She launched a flurry of jabs and swings, forcing the young blonde to pedal backwards and to turn with her. Gabrielle did succeed in avoiding most of the blows, and peppered the redhead’s softening mammaries with a few rapid strikes of her own. Every once in a while one of Rebecca’s powerful slams connected, causing the less buxom fighter to yelp as the impact sent her cute, pert boob into shockwaves. I admired the way Gabrielle’s firm flesh briefly pushed in, displaced by the model’s large, thick jug. While the ripples died down quickly enough, I could tell Gabby’s tightly-packed set moved more fluidly than before.

Encouraged by the sounds her opponent was making, the hot, leggy redhead increased her tempo. She attacked more furiously, creating dents in both young sets. Gabrielle didn’t take long to adapt, however, and soon began dodging and countering again. They continued like that for a while, the redhead appearing to hold the upper hand in per-shot damage while the blonde simply landed more hits. Eventually, Becky appeared to get frustrated with her increasingly regular near misses and tried to trip the blonde. But Gabrielle was too agile for the move, shifting her feet quickly and jumping out of the way. The red-haired girl’s big mistake was leaving her boobs open to the blonde’s counterstrike, and I could feel myself brace instinctively as Gabrielle slammed her part, firm orbs into Becky’s stationary globes with considerable force. All four breasts compressed severely, but it was the lingerie model’s amazing rack that actually flattened out for a moment, its plentiful titmeat molding around Gabrielle’s tits and starting to shake uncontrollably.

Several more strikes found their target and Rebecca cursed loudly, withdrawing away from the French blonde’s undeniably dangerous set. I could see that the light skin on Becky’s large, sexy rack had turned a violent shade of red, and the meat beneath it seemed to bounce much more than it had at the beginning. Her jugs still maintained a nice, round shape though, suggesting that the Dutch girl wasn’t beaten just yet.

Gabrielle apparently had similar thoughts and decided to change tactics, lunging forward to grab the redhead. Rebecca met her half way, ramming her big, powerful boobs into the blonde’s. Just like before, the larger pair of mammaries caved in more, but Gabrielle’s pert boobs compressed under the pressure as well, molding visibly as the redhead’s rack sought to steamroll them with its considerable mass. Both girls’ faces were tight as they pushed forward harder. I admired the show as Gabrielle and Rebecca shoved their firm racks against each other, forcing the mass of young, supple flesh back and forth in gentle waves that slowly progressed.

“Those cute little boobs are pancaking, babe,” Rebecca breathed, glaring at the beautiful young blonde with a scowl. “Can you feel me just squeezing them flat with my big, firm jugs? We’re going to look great at the beach tomorrow: your small and loose udders drooping down on your chest while to my larger, rounder orbs stand proud and firm by their side. Everyone will know that my breasts don’t only LOOK better, but that they ARE better.”

“One tiny problem, Miss Tits”, Gabrielle growled, working hard to shove her bust more tightly against her opponent. “My firm boobs are piercing your mushy, overinflated sacks like the waterballoons they are!”

I watched Fleur’s little sister pump her pert boobs into the redhead’s bust, causing the round, thick orbs to billow out, then snap back into shape as the blonde pulled back to give another thrust. Becky let out a groan, but shoved back, refusing to back down.

“You’re a tough bitch, Gabby,” she hissed. “Just like those baby-size bumps of yours. But I’m gonna iron them out now. My big, strong jugs have you simply outgunned.”

“Fuck you, Becky,” the alluring blonde snapped, panting audibly as she fought against the pressure of Rebecca’s large, firm orbs. “My boobs aren’t small – they’re just not obese like yours, either!” she huffed, shooting the red hot lingerie model a dirty look and straining to push forward even harder. I admired the blonde’s sleek, taut legs and delectable bum for a second, her lightly tanned skin bulging visibly with the effort.

Gabrielle poured on the pressure, slowly rotating her torso as she ground her dense orbs against Rebecca’s chest. The curvy redhead gritted her teeth, grunting and groaning at the obviously uncomfortable sensation. I could see the smaller pair sink further and further into the opposing flesh, burrowing impressively deep as the lingerie model’s more ample flesh parted slowly. It was clear to everyone that Gabrielle’s tits were beginning to take over the space between them, and the Dutch girl let out a gasp as her breasts were pushed back further than before. She stared in horrified fascination how her meaty globes continued to spread from the center out, the blonde’s firmer pair of boobs nestling into them.

“No,” the gorgeous model whispered, her eyes widening as she took in the scene. She looked absolutely stunned. Unlike before, the dense inner tissue at the core of Rebecca’s jugs no longer appeared to be holding up. We all watched how her formerly perfect boobs started to lose their shape and resistance, rapidly yielding ground to Gabrielle’s pert tits and billowing around them.

“Oh yes,” the gorgeous young blonde countered, glancing up at her lover with a wide, hungry grin. “I’ve worn you out, Becks. My firmer, better breasts have penetrated these cushy sacks, taming them and making them mine. I own you now, Red. Your body’s mine.” Despite her distractingly adorable, soft face, for a moment, Gabrielle’s smile looked rather scary and menacing. Her azure eyes were burning with unadultarated desire, however, and I could feel my throbbing cock lurch at the thought of what she’d do to the lingerie model after their fight. If only she’d be willing to let me watch…

Gabrielle relaxed her grip slightly, and I saw Rebecca let her head fall to the blonde’s shoulder. Becky’s eyes looked almost groggy to me, and she blinked slowly. The younger girl lined up her pair with the redhead’s carefully, positioning their big, powerful racks tip-to-tip. She planted a small kiss on her opponent’s parted lips, before thrusting hard. I joined Rebecca in her shock as the redhead’s big, gorgeous breasts were completely overwhelmed, the model’s once dense and firm flesh suddenly giving up the fight. The larger pair of tits simply folded around Gabrielle’s dominant pair, molding freely and oozing out to the sides like half-melted butter. Gabrielle let out a satisfied sigh, but continued pushing. I could only stare in amazement as her pert orbs sunk even deeper, and soon they were almost completely surrounded by Becky’s loose, liquefied udders. The blonde hottie flashed everyone a happy, triumphant grin as she speared the lingerie model’s awe-inspiring rack with her own, obviously even more powerful boobs.

“Oh wow, this feels so fucking good,” Gabrielle murmured, looking down at their chests as she licked her lips. “Your soft, warm boobmeat wrapping around my firmer tits. Submissively welcoming a better pair home. Damn, these jello-boobs are way nicer than any waterbed I’ve been on!”

Rebecca was staring at her ruined, quivering teats in dismay, their plentiful flesh morphing around the other girl’s perkier pair. But to my surprise, the redhead seemed to be shaking her head.

“You’ll have to say it aloud, Becks,” Gabrielle smirked. “Who has the best tits?”

Rebecca ignored the question, instead starting to struggle in the blonde’s arms. Fleur’s little sister raised a curious eyebrow at the redhead, but pumped her arms, forcing more and more pressure into Becky’s tenderized mammaries until the part-time model stopped squirming.

“Don’t be stupid, Red,” Gabrielle warned. “You’re beat. I’ve crushed your epic tits. There’s only one way out.”

Becky exhaled a bit as Gabrielle pulled her boobs away from the larger bust. The Dutch girl’s relief was short lived, though, and we watched in rapt attention as Gabrielle impaled the redhead’s orbs again, spearing them with her tightly-packed set. Rebecca wailed as her pride and joy was pulverized, and before she had time to collect herself, the blonde pulled out to strike again. Gabrielle repeated the maneuver until she found a rhythm, altering lefts and rights, and it looked almost like the blonde was using her pert, firm boobs to fuck Becky’s beaten udders, reshaping the loose, yielding flesh at will as her firmer breasts sunk inside.

“Oh fuck, stop,” the redhead wailed, appearing to finally accept her fate. Not that she had any choice, mind you. “You win, Gabby. Your perfect breasts have turned my big, bouncy jugs into mush,” Rebecca sniffed quietly.

“Well spotted, babe. Now, whose tits are better?” Gabrielle asked, her voice having a somewhat harder edge than before.

“Yours are! You have have the best rack on the whole fucking planet,” Becky groaned weakly. “No one can out-boob you, Gabby. Please stop stabbing my tits. I give.” I could see the redhead’s long legs tremble a bit as she pleaded for mercy.

Gabrielle’s beamed at her lover, and immediately released her. The cute blonde was grinning happily as she turned towards Fleur, Yasmine and I, raising her arms towards the ceiling and celebrating her victory by showing off a pair of red but still pert-looking boobs. Becky stood next to Gabrielle, breathing heavily and cupping her beaten, visibly droopy jugs carefully in her palms. I watched Gabrielle lean in to hug the other girl, making sure not to touch her sore rack with her own. She kissed Becky on the cheek, whispering something, and reached out to caress the redhead’s butt gently. Rebecca let out a deep sigh, but nodded, and as the two gorgeous teens finally separated, I noticed a small hint of a smile tugging at the lingerie model’s lips. Gabrielle for her part was grinning brightly, and even gave her most recent conquest a cheeky pat on the ass. Becky whined a bit, earning a cute chuckle from the blonde.


As the teens started to gather their scattered clothing from the floor, I saw Yasmine jump up up from her seat. She was eyeing my girlfriend with a sly, unfriendly smirk.

“We still on, Barbie? Or did you finally realize how hopelessly outmatched your sacks are against me?” the dusky brunette drawled, making a show of cupping her large, teardrop-shaped jugs through the bikini top’s thin fabric and giving them a quick but clearly well-practised jostle.

“Don’t make me laugh,” Fleur replied, snorting at the mediterranean woman derisively as she got up to face her. “Why anyone would be proud of having floppy bags like those is beyond me. But I’ll gladly knock them back to Earth.”

“Hey, wait up hot-heads!” Gabrielle interjected loudly. I watched the blonde pull her white, airy sun dress over her head as she stepped between the two older girls. “You can claw each other’s eyes out in a sec, but first, Becky and I need a small break to grab some water. And probably use the loo as well. Please don’t murder anyone before we get back.”

Yasmine huffed impatiently, scrunching her mouth as she regarded the blonde, but nodded all the same. “Fine. I’ll try to hold off flattening your saggy whore of a sister a while longer. You’ve got five minutes.”

My girlfriend rolled her eyes, shaking her head at the dark-haired woman’s unoriginal taunt. I heard Gabrielle and Becky whisper something as they made their way to the kitchen, chortling loudly and wrapping their arms around each other’s shoulders.

Feeling a tad parched myself, I decided to follow their example and go grab some refreshments. Though the fridge was full of various kinds of soft drinks, I settled for a bottle of regular, uncarbonated spring water. I leaned against the counter and took a good swig, enjoying the feeling of cold, fresh liquid running down my throat. It didn’t take long for Becky and Gabby to quelch their thirst, and as the teens stalked off towards the bathroom, hand-in-hand, I took a moment to reflect on the conflict between the two alpha females in the adjacent room. This villa had been getting too small to fit both Fleur and Yasmine for some time now, my girlfriend and her father’s mistress seeming to have an odd talent of constantly finding new things to dislike about each other. Were they simply too different – or too similar – to get along?

Though I brought bottles for Fleur and Yasmine with me, neither woman accepted one, instead preferring to glare at one another from the opposite ends of the room. Even a relatively oblivious guy like myself couldn’t ignore the incredibly tense atmosphere. After a short while, apparently getting bored with the impromptu staring competition, the Arab hottie strutted off to the table closest to the poolside windows. She grabbed her phone, checking it for messages. Since Yasmine’s back was turned to me, one couldn’t really expect me to resist the temptation of leering at the dusky woman’s shapely figure. This was one of her best angles, after all.

And to be perfectly honest, the brunette did have seriously nice legs and ass. At least on par with Rebecca’s, and maybe even in the same league as my girlfriend’s prized gems. They did fall just short of Gabrielle’s smaller (but absolutely phenomenal-looking) rear though, I thought, sneaking a quick glance at the cute blonde who’d just made her way back to the living room. Aside from Megan, the 18-year-old had the nicest bum I’d ever seen.

Noticing some movement to my left, I turned to see Fleur begin to make her way to the middle of the room. She’d already peeled off her dress, revealing the matching pair of light pink lingerie underneath, and was currently reaching behind her back. A delicate snap indicated the clasp’s release, and we all watched the French girl’s bra slide down slowly. Fleur flashed me a quick grin before slinging the garment to the side. Her firm, thick tits jiggled slightly, resting noticeably high on her chest.

“Damn, girl,” Rebecca whistled, leaning against the kitchen doorway as she stared at my girlfriend’s perfect DD rack. “Those are even nicer than I thought! Please tell me you and Gabs like to borrow each other’s toys?” she murmured with a suggestive wink, earning a chortle from Fleur and causing the younger French blonde to sputter. I saw Gabrielle narrow her eyes at the smirking lingerie model.

“Careful now, Becky,” Fleur grinned at the teens. “It’s never a good idea to piss off the girl who owns your ass. Or boobs. Gabby can be a mean bitch if you get on her bad side.”

The redhead laughed, turning towards her lover and pouting adorably. “Aww, I’m sorry for teasing you, pumpkin. It was just a joke, I swear! Please don’t be mad at me?” Rebecca cooed, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Babe, the only joke around here are your soft, mushy udders,” the blonde replied sweetly, regarding the Dutch girl with a devious expression. “You’ll be sucking a lot of pussy to make up for that. Good thing we have the whole afternoon to ourselves.”

Fleur snickered loudly, drawing my attention back to her again.

As I drank in my girlfriend’s naked Double D jugs, I couldn’t help but note that they weren’t quite as pert as Gabrielle’s dense, compact orbs were. That was only to be expected of course, as Fleur’s rack was also both larger and heavier than her sister’s. My girlfriend’s boobs did look absolutely gorgeous in their own right of course, and had a remarkably round and full shape for their size. Well, for pretty much any size, really. I’d seen only a handful of pairs that were able to match (let alone surpass) Fleur’s big boobs in firmness, and none of those could hope to compete with the blonde when it came to volume. I really was one lucky bastard.

Fleur stood still while Yasmine strode to her, smirking confidently as she whipped her own top off. I watched the dark brown bikini land on a side table and almost knock some glasses down onto the floor. Both beautiful, shapely women cupped their breasts at almost the exactly same time, keeping their gaze firmly locked onto their rival’s. The age difference was more pronounced than in the previous fight, Yasmine being almost a decade older than my 20-year-old girlfriend, but otherwise the fighters seemed to match up rather well. And while Fleur’s figure did show slightly more muscle tone, her dark-haired opponent was far from soft or flabby.

Once the two buxom contestants finally lined up their tits, it looked like the brunette’s pair might’ve been just a tiny bit smaller than my girlfriend’s. But if that really was the case, the difference was barely perceptible, and any potentially resulting size advantage too minor to count on. More worryingly, it wasn’t easy to tell which set was the firmer, either, though I did think Fleur’s boobs sat slightly higher on her chest, appearing to have a hint less sag and visible hang. Which meant almost none at all.

At the same time, Yasmine’s olive-toned boobs had an undeniably appealing, almost artistic ‘swooping’ shape: full and rounded at the base, but becoming more and more pointy towards the tip. As a matter of fact, the unusual form actually made her nipples appear to point slightly upwards. While conical would probably be too strong a word to describe them, the brunette’s tits did seem somewhat perkier than Fleur’s more spherical globes, and I found myself wondering if those svelte, sharpened peaks would be as good at digging into opposing flesh as they looked. All in all, the Arab beauty appeared to possess a surprisingly powerful – not to mention attractive – pair of knockers.

Sexy eyes, great ass, and an awesome rack to boot. I could definitely see why Fleur’s dad loved shagging her.

As the two shapely young women faced off, still glaring at each other, both pairs bounced and shook just noticeably. I watched Fleur stretch her back, bending forward a bit and letting her heavy boobs fall away, while Yasmine stretched up, curving her back and forcing her sizable tits out and towards us. My girlfriend’s big, round jugs swung enticingly, and I was impressed to notice that Yasmine’s breasts didn’t lose much of their perky shape, even as her breasts spread just slightly at the base against her ribs. This wasn’t going to be an easy fight after all, I realized, starting to feel a bit anxious. Yasmine’s claim of a clean win-loss record was getting more believable by the minute.

Once they were done stretching (and perhaps more importantly, showing off), both women took a few quick steps toward each other. Their large breasts bounced on their chests for a moment, the dense, ample titmeat rippling enticingly before it settled down.

“I’m going to enjoy burying those weak, ugly udders under my pair, you little slut,” Yasmine sneered. “That should teach you to turn your nose up at me.”

“Watch who you call ugly, skank,” my girlfriend shot back. “You’ve got nothing on me. An average body, a soft, wobbly ass and a glammed-up horse face. Not to mention those fat, pointy sacks,” she hissed. I studied Fleur for a second, noting my girlfriend’s unusually venomous expression as she stared the olive-skinned woman down. Yasmine glared right back, the brunette’s dark, smoldering eyes full of anger.

“I’m way hotter than you are. And we both know just how much you hate that fact,” my girlfriend continued spitefully.

“My god, you really are delusional,” Yasmine replied, her voice cruel and mocking, though I did see the brunette’s jaw tense a bit. “Rich girls like you always think they’ve got it all: The prettiest barbie slut in town, with a perfect pair of big, round titties to shove in everyone’s faces,” she drawled lazily, shaking her head at my girlfriend. “But in reality, you’re nothing. My better, firmer jugs will grind your precious boobs to paste.”

“And after I’ve tamed those, Blondie, I’m going to dismantle the rest of your stuck-up body. One part at a time. Breaking prissy little bitches is my speciality,” the smoky-eyed Arab breathed out confidently, running her gaze up and down my girlfriend’s figure and giving it a contemptuous sneer. “Too bad they never last long against a real woman. You won’t be any different. I bet you’ll actually cry when your weak, quivering pussy surrenders to mine.”

“Oh, we’ll see just who breaks who, you dirty pute,” my girlfriend snarled, narrowing her eyes at the brunette and her dismissive tone. “Your sobs of despair and defeat are going to be music to my ears. Good luck seducing a new sugar daddy with loose, droopy tits – that’s all you’ll ever have once I’m done remodeling them. Making you come under me like the cheap whore you are will be just a nice bonus.”

A brief but tense silence followed Fleur’s words, being eventually broken by Rebecca’s whispered “wow” as the flustered-looking redhead sat down next to her lover. The Dutch girl’s eyes were flickering between the two, and it seemed she was both shocked and aroused in equal measure. Personally, I was leaning more towards the latter.

We could practically feel Fleur’s anger coming off her in waves, while Yasmine seemed more controlled, her fury apparently of a colder variant. I realized that Gabrielle, Becky and I were little more than window dressing for this particular clash of wills and bodies. It was as if some deep, hidden power was urging Fleur and Yasmine to dominate the other, intensely proud young woman. To force their rival to submit and to acknowledge their superiority, both physically and mentally.

There was little time to digest that thought further, however. The unmistakable rumble of an engine could be heard from outside, causing all five of us to glance up towards the source. Given the hot and sunny Caribbean climate, most windows were kept open all day round to let the refreshing sea breeze in. And as a consequence, it was relatively easy to tell whenever a car was pulling up in the driveway. Actually, make that two cars.


Finding myself suddenly frozen in place, I watched Gabrielle rush to the front of the villa. She proceeded to take a quick peek outside to see who it was.

“Oh putain,” the young blonde groaned in her native language, Gabby’s delicate, beautiful face paling visibly. “It’s mom and dad – along with a bunch of some other oldies!”

That exclamation was definitely effective in snapping the rest of us into action. Both Fleur and Yasmine immediately scrambled to find their abandoned tops, while Rebecca and I started moving the furniture back into their normal places. Shit, shit, shit! My girlfriend was still in the process of re-clasping her bra – her sun dress laying in a pile on the floor – when we heard the door creak open. That sudden sound made Yasmine jump, causing the topless woman to drop her newly-found bikini with a yelp. With a mutual look of apprehension, Fleur and I slowly turned towards the entrance. This would require some explaining.

To my immense relief, however, we saw Gabrielle step outside and close the door behind her, no doubt planning to stall her parents and their guests for some crucial time. I made a mental note to thank the quick-thinking girl afterwards.

As Becky and I were lifting the last table to its original spot, I noticed Yasmine strut out to the pool area, struggling to tie the straps of her bikini together behind her back. The olive-skinned hottie’s thick, nicely rounded ass cheeks bounced and jiggled deliciously as she made her way to a sunlounger, and I caught a glimpse of the woman’s annoyed face as she plopped down on the chair, looking sullen to say the least. Glancing over at Fleur, I could see my girlfriend sporting a similarly disappointed expression. The blonde beauty had managed to pull her summer dress back on, and seemed to be busy smoothing out some creases.

Our gazes met again for a short moment, and I watched Fleur’s lips curl into a wry, resigned grimace of a smile.

“Told you. My parents really do have terrible timing.”

I could only snort at the understatement.

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