Titfight Academy: Chapter 8 by Augur

“One pair of boobs to rule them all”

The much talked-about and eagerly anticipated school titfighting championship tournament was finally at hand. My girlfriend had spent much of the week leading up the event jogging, meditating and working out, and though I’d kept her company through most of that time, Fleur hadn’t allowed me to come to any of the one-on-one sparring sessions she’d been having with some mystery girl. She’d refused to tell me who she was training with, but considering the short time-frame, I knew they couldn’t be actually going tit-to-tit. There was no way my girlfriend could afford to risk damaging her tits so close to the fights.

During one of those occasions, as I’d wandered around the school grounds deep in thought, I’d run across one of my classmates. Gareth, a tall and muscular third-year had been out on a run, and had spotted me from afar. While we weren’t exactly friends, tending to have fairly few interactions outside of lessons, he’d decided to approach me for a chat. That’s because, strangely enough, we’d both found ourselves in a very similar situation. Gareth was Angelina’s boyfriend (and had been for good three to four months, an unusually long relationship for someone with his reputation) so he’d known exactly what’d had me so preoccupied. We’d spent probably closer to an hour talking, going through all the weird shit that dating a top-ranked titfighter entailed and laughing together about our ‘bad’ fortune. It was a hard life, all right.

We’d also discussed the upcoming tournament itself, being careful to focus mostly on the two first-years that our girfriends would be facing on Saturday. It wasn’t lost on Gareth that neither Ginny nor Lavender seemed to be with a guy at the moment, and he’d flat-out asked me if I thought they might be more interested in girls than boys. I’d reassured him that at least Lavender was very much into dicks, the muscle-bound jock’s poorly concealed excitement confirming that his notoriety as a near pathological player and lady-killer was well deserved. The new girls had clearly caught his eye, and I suspected that should either manage to prove their boobs superior to his current fling’s big rack, Gareth would be more than tempted to see if the rest of the grass was greener on the other side as well. Angelina’s boobs were exremely nice, true, but as we’d both seen, so were Ginny’s and Lavender’s.

It was somewhat rare – though definitely not unheard of – for a firsty to make it to top ten during the Autumn semester. I knew Angelina had done that, as had Cho just last year. Seeing a rookie beat the reigning champ, however, was extremely unusual. And to have not one but TWO first-years grab the highest spots before Christmas had to my knowledge never happened before. I’d have to check with Hermione to be sure of course, the brunette being famously well-read on the school’s (and its extracurricular tradition’s) history. And on pretty much everything else for that matter.

This past week, Hermione had been spending less time with my girlfriend and I in the library than she usually did. Both of the brunette’s closest friends would be taking part in today’s competition, and Hermione was quite understandably doing her best not to take sides. While she would support them both as best she could, she’d also made it clear that neither girl could expect any tactical advice or insight on their opponent. The brainy second-year was staying firmly neutral, and wouldn’t be choosing between her BFFs.

As I walked towards the school gym, I realized it was already close to noon. Fleur had left our head students’ dorm about half an hour before me, choosing to see if she could clear her mind with a quick jog by the lake before joining the tournament’s other participants inside. The normally composed and confident French girl had seemed a little jittery all morning, and I could certainly understand her anxiety. This was a big day for Fleur. The result of today’s contest would likely make or break her final year at the Academy; my gorgeous girlfriend would either succeed in reclaiming her lost throne, thereby restoring her legendary tits’ recently tarnished reputation, or, if the worst came to pass, become just another footnote in the annals of history. Fleur’s perfect win-loss record, which she’d maintained for well over a year, would of course never be the same regardless of what happened today, but by defeating her rivals in the tournament the blonde could at least re-establish her status as the school’s alpha female.

It was small consolation that the girl who’d stolen Fleur’s title from her hadn’t been able to hold on to it, losing the crown after just two weeks. There’d been even more short-lived champions before Lavender of course, but not in recent memory. In any case, I was now starting to run dangerously late, and decided to speed up my pace. My girlfriend would be facing the new top dog Ginny first, and their fight would be followed by a bout between the current and previous number two girls, Lavender and Angelina. A third and final match would then take place between the winners of the two preceding fights, with the victor of that contest being crowned the school champion. The tension was palpable as I entered the packed gym, a buzz of loud, excited murmurs echoing around the room.

While passing by the mat, I spotted three large posters that weren’t usually there. Of course. Even though the girls’ rankings changed constantly with each battle, they were rarely displayed as an actual, physical list. Certainly not one that was hanged on a wall. The exception to that rule were each semester’s first and last events. Like today. I looked at the leftmost sheet of paper first.


1. Fleur
2. Angelina
3. Padma
4. Alicia
5. Cho
6. Megan
7. Daphne
8. Katie
9. Pansy

That’d been the situation back in September, when my girlfriend was still undefeated. Because she’d transferred to the Academy as a second-year, at the start of previous school year, Fleur had been given the chance to skip the firsties’ initiation tournament by providing ‘proof of ability’. She’d done that and more, soundly thrashing her first few opponents and eventually going on to dethrone the old queen Penelope in a tough, closely contested match that’d been later referred to as the ‘Clash of the Titans’. All that had taken just a few months, and Fleur’s subsequent domination of last year’s titfighting scene had been so complete as to make the French girl seem almost invincible. A lot had changed since.

Taking a deep, calming breath, I moved my gaze to look at the second poster.


1. Ginny
2. Lavender
3. Fleur
4. Angelina
5. Padma
6. Alicia
7. Megan
8. Susan
9. Cho

Besides the obvious changes at the very top of the list, one could spot Susan and the volleyball girl Megan climbing above the Chinese beauty Cho. Megan’s victory over the Asian in mid-September hadn’t come as a huge shock to me; the (now-graduated) girl from whom Cho had earned her spot at the end of last school year had only very narrowly bested the hot volleyball player’s thick, round boobs with her own hangers in an earlier fight. Bertha, the girl in question, was still keenly remembered by the older students for her heavy udders which, despite their significant sag and wobbliness, had been able to flatten a number of skilled fighters with much firmer tits. What’d made Bertha’s achievement even more impressive was the fact that her Double D rack wasn’t all that big. Bigger than her victims’, sure, but not nearly as massive as the old champ Penelope’s teats were. Maybe around half way between Fleur and Daphne’s racks in size, and much softer than either.

But in spite of their obvious droopiness, Bertha’s knockers had put the fear into many hearts, and had famously succeeded in stealing one cute, preppy girl’s boyfriend after their fight. I could still recall how devastated the poor girl had looked as her beau fondled Bertha’s big jugs, lustfully suckling on those pendulous but undeniably powerful teats right in front of her.

Anyway, then-firsty Cho’s perky set had ultimately succeeded in grinding them out in one of the last matches of the term, the sporty Asian showing her knack for humiliation by telling Bertha not to wear a bra to her graduation. Karma’s a bitch, alright. The sight of those soft, heavy udders flopping all around the place had stayed with me for the whole summer, and I wasn’t ashamed to admit that it’d served as the inspiration for quite a few, ahem, ‘solo lovemaking’ sessions. That is, when I wasn’t thinking about my gorgeous girlfriend of course. As nice as Bertha’s ample, fleshy curves were, they couldn’t really hope to compete with Fleur’s incredible body.

Her big hangers certainly hadn’t been able to. The girls had faced each other pretty late in the previous Autumn semester, and even though the fight had been brutal, it’d also been short. Looking back, it was easy to see why Bertha’s strategy of simply bashing the opposing set flat with powerful boob-slams hadn’t worked quite as intended. Her main advantage – greater size and mass – had been rather minor against Fleur’s big jugs, while the difference in breast density went very firmly against the robustly-built girl. They’d traded blows for a few minutes before the larger, much softer rack began to wilt, the French blonde’s pert tits sinking deeper and deeper into Bertha’s loose, quickly weakening flesh. That’d been my girlfriend’s fourth or fifth win at the Academy, and the one immediately preceding her match against Penelope.

As my overstimulated mind rushed to picture the old champ’s huge, round mammaries, their imposing heft permanently imprinted into my memory, I could feel my already half-erect penis twitch in my pants. Struggling to concentrate on something else, I glanced at the ranking posters again. The third sheet of paper on the wall, titled “Autumn Semester Final Results”, was empty. Today’s event was the last gathering before the Christmas holidays, and I knew the list would be filled out upon its conclusion.

Looking around the room, I saw that most students had already taken their seats, everyone chatting excitedly and making predictions on the outcome of today’s championship tournament. There were even rumours about some third-year boys taking wagers on the results, and knowing my classmates, I didn’t find that at all difficult to believe. Betting was pretty much the national sport here after all. To be perfectly honest, I might’ve been tempted to put some money on Fleur myself, had I heard about the possibility in time.

There weren’t too many seats left, but I was lucky enough to find a single empty spot in the second row. The girls sitting right in front of me were also short enough not to interfere with my view of the mat and, as I tried to listen in on their hushed, moderately giggly conversation, didn’t seem to be rooting for anyone in particular today. One of the firsties – and the girls had to be those, since I didn’t know any of them by name – was busy entertaining her friends with a rather detailed account of the argument Ginny and Lavender had gotten into during their history class excursion. From what I could make out there seemed to have been a cute, doe-eyed Italian boy involved, but the girls’ high-pitched squeals were very effective in drowning out all the juicy parts.

“Hey, you’ve fought her once, Romilda,” the thin, somewhat mousy first-year said after her story’s apparent conclusion. “Before all those older girls lost to her. Is she really that good?”

Her friend, a prettier-looking girl with dark brown, curly hair and a fairly nice bust shrugged. “I dunno… Lav’s boobs are bigger than mine, and I guess a bit firmer too, but they didn’t really feel all that special,” she replied slowly, scrunching her mouth slightly as she thought. “I mean, when I went against Susan, her rack pretty much knocked me flat from the get-go. Never even had a chance. With Lavender the match was way longer, and I thought I could hold my own. For a while, anyway. In the end her boobs just kinda outlasted mine.”

The other firsties looked at the brunette with interest, nodding slowly. It was obvious that they weren’t titfighters themselves, having probably only taken part in one initiation match before deciding to settle for a spectator status. I knew that little more than half of the female students here frequented the mat with any kind of regularity, the remainder being either too shy to bare their tits in front of everyone, or, more often, not really having been ‘blessed by the boob fairy’ in the first place. A girl would need to have a pretty damn nice set if she wanted to beat the competition, after all.

Glancing around for some familiar ‘faces’, I quickly spotted Hermione’s cute, shapely figure. She’d come here together with Ginny’s friend Luna, the girls sitting right behind the sporty redhead. Today’s four contestants had been provided with separate chairs closer to the mat, a VIP stand of sorts, and were currently chatting with Padma. The Indian girl herself had simply knelt down as she spoke to the other girls. On my right, Susan and Hannah had chosen to pick their seats next to a group of fellow first-years.

After a minute or two, the Indian second-year Padma stepped onto the mat. I took a moment to admire her lean and nimble figure, which was clad in a comfortable-looking tank top and matching yoga pants. Though she wasn’t as curvacious as many other girls at the Academy, the girl’s slender frame and delicate facial features complemented each other well. Or, as one of my less eloquent classmates had put it, she was plenty hot for a skinny chick.

“Okay everyone, welcome to this year’s last fight event,” Padma called out loudly, causing the sound levels to drop noticeably as the crowd realized that the tournament was about to begin. Because she was the highest-ranking girl not to take part in today’s competition, the second-year had been asked to ‘referee’ the matches. Which in practise mostly meant that she’d be acting as the announcer. “I know you’re all eager to see some boobs,” she continued with a smile, “And to be honest, with a roster like this, so am I!” Loud cheers greeted the Indian girl’s words, a few guys even going as far as to start chanting their favourite’s name. While at least two of them seemed to be rooting for Fleur, I did hear Ginny and Angelina get just as much attention. Maybe Lavender too, it was hard to tell with all the yelling. Padma’s grin widened as she took in the students’ obvious excitement.

“Hear that, girls? Your fan base is already getting restless!”, she hollered, working the crowd as she turned to look at the competitors. “Come on, get down here before they tear the whole place down! Let’s get this thing rolling!”

The four competitors stepped forward, waving at the audience as they joined Padma on the mat. I saw Angelina lean in to say something to Ginny, and the redhead grinned at the dark-skinned beauty, obviously amused. There was no hope of making out what it’d been about, but my girlfriend’s body language seemed to indicate that the quip had been aimed at her. The gorgeous French blonde crossed her arms under her large bust, not looking impressed. I noticed her exchange a few hostile glares with Lavender as well while the crowd’s last, scattered yells abated.

“Since we have a pretty unusual match-up today, I should probably go through some basics,” Padma intoned, her voice clear and measured. “First, the current boob queen Ginny will be facing her predecessor and last year’s champion, Fleur!” the Indian second-year paused for a moment, waiting for the commotion to die down again before continuing. “After they’ve settled their differences, we will watch the old and new number two fighters, Angelina and Lavender, match tits for the right to face the winner,” she announced. “Only one girl will be leaving this room with her boobs intact, others have to nurse their poor, defeated udders back to health over the holidays!” Everyone cheered as Padma worked the crowd, and even the competitors themselves seemed to smile a bit. Or at least they flashed sly, suggestive smirks at each other in an effort to get under their rivals’ skin.

The Indian student finally asked Lavender and Angelina to return to their seats, and the two girls nodded, strutting off the mat to make room for the first competition of the day. I noticed that both were wearing similarly smug expressions on their faces, apparently feeling quite confident about their own chances later on.


Meanwhile, Ginny and Fleur had started to lose some excess clothing, the girls peeling off their shirts and grinning at the approving catcalls that followed. The redheaded firsty was wearing a mint green sport bra and a pair of very form-fitting orange workout pants, while my girlfriend had opted for turquoise lingerie and some pretty tight jeans.

I couldn’t help but stare at Fleur’s incredible figure, admiring how slender yet shapely it was. Like always, the French blonde looked nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous. From her svelte, delicate shoulders, pronounced bust and narrow waist, down to that delicious, flawlessly rounded bum and lean thighs and legs, Fleur was a veritable goddess among women. She truly was every guy’s dream.

With a wide, familiar smile, my girlfriend started removing her top, Ginny being quick to follow her example. I watched the French beauty’s full, dense jugs bounce once and then wiggle a bit as she tossed the bra away, a deafening roar of cheers greeting the gesture. Fleur didn’t seem at all surprised by the crowd’s bolsterous reaction, welcoming their oohs, aahs and whistles with a confident smirk. Baring a spectacular pair of pert DD boobs tended to garner that kind of response. My girlfriend’s amazing breasts sat high on her chest and had an almost imperceptibly small amount of sag, the bare minimum required to maintain a natural look. They were large, firm and enviably round, and I didn’t think I’d ever get tired of ogling at them. Fleur’s gorgeous orbs were quite simply perfect.

But as much as I wanted to claim otherwise, they weren’t the firmest pair in the room. Ginny’s smaller, more conically-shaped breasts looked absolutely rock-hard, completely ignoring the laws of physics and pointing straight out of her chest as if they were made of marble. The skin covering those exceedingly perky boobs was also smooth and flawless, the ivory tone almost glowing in the bright light. The sporty redhead grinned widely as she presented her rack to the crowd, even arching her toned back slightly to give everyone a better look. I swallowed, trying not to let my anxiety show. I could see my girlfriend observing the show with a stony expression, the blonde’s gaze locked onto her opponent’s insanely tight tits, and clearly making rapid mental calculations. While the difference in shape and apparent density wasn’t too big, especially considering my girlfriend’s significant lead in mass and size, it was there. Fleur had finally encountered someone with a firmer pair of breasts.

The rest of Ginny’s lean, toned body looked just about as hard as her tits did. It was compact and tight all over, and though the redhead’s curves were of course more modest than Fleur’s, her ass and legs looked absolutely incredible. Their sculpted shape actually reminded me of some, uh, fitness models I may or may not have come across on the internet. Whereas my girlfriend had a nice, flat stomach, Ginny raised the stakes with some visible muscle definition, her abs appearing to be just shy of a full-blown six pack. The sporty first-year wasn’t as buff or sinewy as Angelina, but you could tell she hit the gym pretty often. Come to think of it, besides the black girl, I couldn’t think of anyone with a more ripped body than Ginny’s. While Megan, Katie and Alicia were all highly athletic, they also had some padding on top of their muscles (not that I was complaining, mind you!), and even Cho’s sleek, lean figure seemed to fall slightly short of the redhead’s more pronounced definition. Ginny wasn’t anything resembling a bodybuilder to be sure, being lithe rather than brawny.

She also appeared to be slightly shorter than my girlfriend, but the redhead’s small, perky tits stood so high on her chest that their racks met at pretty much the same level. Well, in all fairness the firsty didn’t really have anything to be ashamed of in terms of size either, her boobs looking like large C cups to me. She probably had Cho outgunned, and wasn’t far behind Padma. It was only because the French blonde’s big jugs had roughly one and a half cup sizes on them that Ginny’s set appeared somewhat modest in comparison. Further contrast between the girls was provided by Ginny’s exceedingly pale complexion, Fleur’s lightly tanned skin tone looking positively dark next to the ginger-haired girl.

I was so intent on studying the two fighters that I almost missed the first breast-to-breast contact, Fleur bringing her right boob to Ginny’s left. The sporty redhead inhaled softly as she felt the French girl’s firm orb lightly brush her perky teat, and neither could prevent the low moan that escaped their mouths as their sensitive peaks made contact. My girlfriend’s boobs were considerably larger and somewhat rounder than Ginny’s more conical teats, but while their shape made them look softer than the redhead’s, direct contact seemed to indicate that the difference wasn’t too significant. Neither set gave much ground, and Ginny’s face tightened visibly as she felt the gorgeous blonde’s large orbs resisting her own breasts.

“Wow, those are pretty awesome,” Fleur murmured, licking her lips as she gazed at the sporty redhead. “I knew they’d feel nice and firm, but damn, your boobs are almost as good as mine. Almost, but not quite.”

“Don’t make me laugh, Frenchy” the redhead sneered back, shoving her rack forward more forcefully. “These firm tits are way better than your big, flabby pillows. Just watch as I spear them.”

I heard my girlfriend grunt, Ginny’s perky, compact breasts pushing into hers with greater pressure. Both women forced their dense flesh against the other, but this time, only one pair remained almost entirely unyielding. I watched in growing alarm as Fleur’s perfect breasts began to push inward, compressing slightly at the center while the redhead’s smaller tits held their shape. Fuck, they really were every bit as firm as they looked. Despite having no doubt mentally prepared for it, my girlfriend still looked surprised to see Ginny’s pert boobs slowly burrow into her own set.

But even though the French girl’s large, round jugs did give more, the movement came to a sudden stop when Ginny’s tits met the thick flesh beneath the surface, Fleur’s inner tissue successfully resisting the invasion attempt. I let out an audible sigh of relief as I watched my girlfriend’s boobs reach a point where they held the rest of their shape, refusing to yield any more real estate to the redhead’s insanely firm pair. I’d of course witnessed a similar scene many times before – compact, pert breasts denting a bigger rack slightly – but never had I seen my gorgeous girlfriend at the receiving end.

My girlfriend grunted and groaned as she felt for the first time in her life an even firmer pair of breasts pushing against her own jugs. Ginny’s smirk was clearly visible on her pretty, freckled face, and the redhead watched hungrily how her pert boobs tried to dig into the more plentiful flesh. I noticed that the entire room had gone deathly silent while everyone drank in the sight.

“Yeahhh,” the sporty redhead breathed, flashing her dismayed opponent a grin and looking rather satisfied with herself. While the modelesque blonde’s big tits were nowhere near speared, compressing only a bit despite the exceedingly dense orbs they were struggling against, Ginny had definitely proved her point. Fleur let out an involuntary gasp as she felt the toned redhead continue to taunt her rack with her superior firmness, and it was easy to tell she’d never been in this position before.

“There we go, Fleur. Whose boobs did you say were better again?” Ginny asked smugly, meeting the French girl’s annoyed scowl with a sneer.

“Fuck you, Ginger,” the blonde hissed. “Those pointy little tits may be just a tiny bit harder, but that’s it. Mine are better in every other way.”

Fleur didn’t wait for her opponent’s reply, lifting her large, thick jugs up for a moment before setting them down on top of Ginny’s. The redhead grunted as she felt the weight of her opponent’s powerful breasts on hers. While neither pair of tits budged much, Ginny’s set did yield slightly to the considerable mass of dense titlesh above. I looked on as the girls kept their tits pressed together, rolling their torsos from side to side and grinding those two impressively firm pairs left and right. My girlfriend kept moving her bigger, heavier boobs over and around the sporty girl’s perky boobs, and I could see how the tops of Ginny’s firm, pale tits flattened a bit while Fleur’s larger jugs dented slightly more noticeably from below. Both chests seemed to shift and mold a bit, but kept most of their original shape even as the contact increased. I noticed that the redhead’s smug grin had all but disappeared, the first-year having to divert her attention to the task at hand.

Fleur thrust forward a bit, landing a solid blow on Ginny’s right breast and causing it to wiggle enticingly. Still, it looked like the redhead’s insanely hard orb didn’t move as much as my girl’s more ample flesh did. The modelesque French girl glanced down, almost as if she was checking her tits’ resistance. Apparently satisfied that her legendary chest was indeed holding its own, Fleur shoved forward again.

I could hear Ginny’s muffled grunts as my gorgeous girlfriend unleashed a volley of blows, my girlfriend trying to pull the redhead into them by wrapping her arms around the girl’s waist. Ginny seemed to have been caught by surprise by the move, letting out a sharp hiss when Fleur’s boobs met hers dead on during one of the blows. The impacts at last succeeded in making the first-year’s exceedingly dense tits compress visibly, and the girl’s pretty, freckled face was starting to show more and more discomfort as the tide turned. The French blonde apparently felt it too, and immediately set out to pulverizing Ginny’s pert set.

Unfortunately for my girlfriend, this wasn’t the redhead’s first titfight. I watched as Ginny quickly wrapped her lean arms around Fleur’s back and pulled hard. It was now Fleur’s turn to look perturbed, the French girl’s eyes widening as she felt the impossibly dense tits of the redhead push into her rounder boobs, their racks meeting tip-to-tip once again. Ginny immediately began grinding her well-toned torso against Fleur’s, forcing the busty blonde backwards with her body and planting those pert tits into Fleur’s larger set with carefully engineered twists of her shoulders. My girlfriend’s big, firm tits shook and shifted, while almost no noticeable movement occurred in Ginny’s – save for some nice, enticing jiggling in both pairs of thick breasts.

“Not many sets can do this, huh?” the young redhead asked, grinning. Fleur grunted in affirmative, looking almost fascinated as she watched Ginny’s pert breasts trying to penetrate her own orbs. “Why don’t we show everyone just how firm my champion boobs are? Let’s grind them into those big, floppy jugs a bit,” the increasingly cocky first-year suggested.

My girlfriend opened her mouth, but Ginny cut off her comeback by leaning back and then quickly pushing her pert chest into Fleur’s. The gorgeous French girl groaned as her big, round globes yielded again, the redhead’s boobs invading their space once more. Ginny immediately began a small, circular grinding motion, seemingly avoiding any nipple to nipple contact and pushing my girl’s thick tits around. “Merde,” Fleur groaned in obvious discomfort. I saw my girlfriend try to move her hands up to Ginny’s shoulders, but as she released the latter’s forearms, Ginny made the move first and laid her palms on Fleur’s shoulders. When my girlfriend tried to pull Ginny closer, the red-haired girl’s hands halted Fleur’s efforts. I realized quickly that Ginny’s strategy allowed her to grind her tits over and around the French blonde’s boobs while she shook her chest. I was impressed by the thought, but worried for my girlfriend as she winced and grunted.

“You know, I was expecting more from you, Frenchy” the sporty redhead sneered, her smile strained but unmistakably smug. “All those other girls seem to think your boobs are some mythical creatures or something. Turns out they’re really just nice, soft pillows for my better boobs.”

“We’ll see about that, tiny tits,” Fleur spat back, practically growling at the lean, toned firsty. “You’re going to learn the same lesson they did. Tomorrow, when you’re nursing those little boobs back to health, you’ll understand exactly why my jugs are considered the best in the school.”

Having evidently gotten tired of her younger opponent’s constant taunting, the modelesque blonde rammed her rack into Ginny’s with considerable force, slamming her large, firm globes against the redhead’s smaller tits. For the briefest moment I saw the firsty’s perky pair begin to dig into Fleur’s more generous bust, before their chests disappeared into one big mass of molding titflesh. Ginny tried to set her feet, but my girlfriend pulled back, thrusting forward again. The blow rocked Ginny’s tight tits, which jiggled with the force of the blow, the redhead’s incredibly dense flesh curling and waving deliciously. They regained their original, pert shape very quickly though, the ripples dying down as Ginny’s set assumed its unmoving form again. The toned first-year also sent a retaliatory jab at my girlfriend, denting the blonde’s big, perfect jugs with a sudden blow.

Fleur looked determined to crush the redhead’s perky rack, driving both of her firm boobs into the smaller pair again, hard. Ginny’s pretty face scrunched as she fought the pain, her brown eyes squeezing shut for a short moment. The French blonde appeared to have no intention of letting up, and I watched her pull back a short way. Before Ginny could recover, the modelesque blonde struck again, bashing the smaller set with one violent thrust after another. The sporty first-year seemed staggered by the blows, and she took several backward steps during the assault. It did look like Fleur’s large, firm orbs bounced and jiggled more than Ginny’s, but that was only natural considering their sizes. As the redhead tried to regroup, my girlfriend took a moment to repay Ginny for her earlier verbal attacks.

“What’s the matter, missy? Did my big, firm jugs prove too much for you already?” Fleur asked in a silky voice, her tone dripping with honeyed venom. “I’m not done yet. Bring your cute boobs over here, they look like they could use some extra tutoring.”

“From a saggy old bitch like you? Give me a break,” the toned first-year snapped, rubbing her reddened tits discreetly as she glared at my girlfriend. I saw Fleur’s normally gorgeous lips curl into a rather nasty smirk. “A break? I don’t think so. My boobs are going to put your those little titties in detention. Nothing teaches humility like a good ol’ beating, and I’m more than happy to give them one.”

Ginny stalked closer slowly, her nostrils flaring. “Prepare to eat your words, granny. Along with your floppy, loose tits.”

Both pairs of breasts met in the middle, jockeying for position between the two young women. Once again my girl’s big, firm orbs jiggled and pushed in slightly, while the redhead’s perky boobs seemed to hold their shape better. Ginny leaned back just for a moment, and struck, sending her pert tits against Fleur’s. The French girl moaned as she felt the redhead’s incredibly firm sets slam into her mammaries, and Ginny repeated the motion. I watched Fleur’s perfect jugs balloon from the impact, though they regained their shape as soon as the smaller pair withdrew. They were still shaking when Ginny landed another blow, sending her left tit into Fleur’s left breast by swinging her chest. Fleur’s left breast slapped into her right, causing both to ripple. “Fuck yeah,” the sporty redhead smirked with unfeigned glee. “Look at that, your jiggly set is already applauding my victory!”

Another solid blow shook my girlfriend’s tits, bouncing her firm flesh momentarily. The redhead stabbed forward again, and her left breast thumped against Fleur’s right, while her right breast just glanced the French girl’s left orb. Fleur didn’t make a sound, instead slamming back. Both women groaned as their flesh met straight on, sending ripples through both pairs. I shifted in my seat, trying to get comfortable. Fleur’s next shot sent Ginny’s boobs up and back again, her pale flesh obviously beginning to feel the fight as they’d turned an angry red. Despite the discoloration, the redhead’s smaller breasts still didn’t shake much, even when being pushed up by my girlfriend’s amazing globes, and Ginny quickly responded by slamming forward so that her pert breasts burrowed into the French blonde’s full, beautiful tits.

“Oh fuck,” Fleur gurgled. Her tits folded around the redhead’s invading pair, but slowly shifted back, and almost seemed to push against Ginny’s perky boobs. Sweat was starting to show on both women’s chests. Fleur cursed loudly, but slammed her arms around Ginny’s biceps. Soon their breasts were mashed against each other, and I wondered with some concern, given the incredible firmness of the redhead’s pert tits, how my girl’s rounder pair would hold up. The crowd stared in silence as Ginny and Fleur tried to push the other pair of tits off their rival’s chest. The French blonde pushed up when she felt her tits slip under Ginny’s, while holding Ginny so the redhead couldn’t lean back. The first-year’s tits looked distorted, pushed up, when Fleur was able to gain the advantage. When Ginny was able to slip her tits down, she simply pushed forward, using her tits as spears. I watched in major concern as Fleur’s full breasts seemed to mold around Ginny’s firm, pert tits. They shifted and struggled for some time, my eyes never leaving the scene. Ginny was staring at their straining chests as well, and with a hungry look. She had an almost predatory smile on her cute, attractive face.

“I hope you’ve got insurance, Fleur” Ginny drawled with an unfiendly smirk, “‘Cause these big jugs are gonna need some serious remodeling after this. You might even want to look into getting entirely new ones, I hear boob jobs are pretty cheap these days.” Several girls laughed at the quip, and Fleur winced a bit as the redhead ground her set deeper into her large, firm boobs. My girlfriend looked uncomfortable, but kept meeting her rival’s shoves, forcing her thick rack against the opposing pair. The French girl’s legendary orbs were still holding their shape for the most part, but were obviously under considerable strain as they fought to keep Ginny’s perky tits at bay.

I stared at their quivering chests in wonder, not daring to touch my throbbing erection. While it did look like the redhead’s pair was burrowing further into opposing flesh, I also wondered if the weight of Fleur’s larger boobs was causing Ginny just as much discomfort. My gorgeous girlfriend grunted as she pushed back against the redhead’s tight tits, and Ginny groaned with the new pressure on her chest. Each girl seemed to take turns doling out punishment; as the redhead thrust forward her pert boobs seemed to dent Fleur’s more ample breasts, but when the French girl shoved back, lifting her heavy jugs above Ginny’s, the smaller set seemed to compress quite a bit as well. The redhead’s hiss confirmed that she didn’t find the sensation particularly pleasant.

“Something wrong, pointy tits?” Fleur growled, tightening her hold around the younger girl. “Looks like you’re the one who should be thinking about an upgrade. Maybe start with decent size so you can finally stop wearing training bras?”

“Funny,” Ginny sneered, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “You just keep pulling my tits into your soft, malleable jugs, Frenchy,” she replied. “Show everyone how much firmer mine are.”

As much as I wanted to deny it, the pretty, lean redhead did seem to have a point. Fleur’s larger and rounder boobs were definitely yielding a lot of real estate to the first-year’s incredibly dense pair. Ginny grunted softly as she pulled at the blonde even harder, and I saw my girlfriend’s boobs balloon visibly. Fleur let out a low groan, grimacing at the sensation. The redhead pulled her opponent in again, and this time Fleur’s tits were shoved from the center out. “Merde,” Fleur gasped, starting to look worried.

“Fuck yes, watch them fold around my better boobs,” the redhead whispered. “Feels amazing, doesn’t it? Your big, fat udders just melting away, slowly surrending to a dominant pair. It’s almost poetic really, like-“

Ginny’s little monologue was cut short as Fleur growled in anger and jumped upwards, managing to land a crushing blow on top of the redhead’s smaller tits. It happened fast enough that both young women stumbled, but my girlfriend was able to hold on to Ginny, stabilizing both her opponent and herself. The redhead thrust forward as soon as both girl were steady, but Fleur’s hands on her shoulders slowed the attack, and Ginny’s flesh only grazed against the French blonde’s jugs. Fleur, realizing she had an opening, thrust forward as hard as she could. It was Ginny’s turn to groan as she felt the dense tits of her opponent envelop her pert, compact pair. I noticed that Fleur winced as well, but her arms immediately went around the waist of her toned opponent.

Fleur began twisting her torso violently, doing her best to grind away the redhead’s more pointy set. Since meeting them straight-on seemed to favour Ginny, my girl appeared to have moved on to ‘horizontal mashing’, dragging their boobs across each other from left to right and back again. I wasn’t sure how effective her method would’ve been at the very beginning of the fight, but now that Ginny’s tits had loosened up a bit from their initial, almost entirely unyielding state, it was definitely getting a reaction. The new approach was causing the redhead’s firm, perky breasts to move with Fleur’s larger jugs, the more conically shaped pair bending slightly to whichever direction the blonde wanted. Ginny grunted and shifted in the hug, trying to pull away from the French beauty, but my girlfriend held on to her rival stubbornly.

I watched Fleur’s arms tighten around the waist of the sporty redhead, her muscles becoming more defined as she increased the pressure. While my girlfriend wasn’t anywhere near as visibly ripped as Ginny, she took good care of herself and was in excellent shape. In terms of upper body strength Fleur might actually be able to match the slightly shorter and lighter redhead, and though the first-year’s sculpted legs did appear to hold the edge in the lower body department, I knew that my girl’s regular jogs had given her thighs lots of hidden power. Feeling her wrap them tightly around me was a huge turn-on every time Fleur and I tussled in bed. She’d even made me tap out a few times by crushing my torso, teaching me to be wary of her squeezes.

Ginny gasped when a particularly violent twist seemed to send shockwaves through her pert right orb, and she gritted her teeth as she redoubled her efforts. I watched with some trepidation as the redhead’s toned arms tightened, her small but clearly visible muscles becoming more and more pronounced as Ginny tried to push Fleur out of the bearhug. Fleur grunted in frustration, and for the time being, Ginny’s defense seemed to work. The shapely French blonde was forced to stop the breast assault and to concentrate on keeping her big boobs in contact with the redhead’s perkier pair.

“Going somewhere, Ginny?” Fleur groaned as her impressive breasts were brought to a standstill. “Did you finally realize that those little boobs can’t compete with mine? Just admit it, my perfect jugs are way too big and firm for you.”

“Screw you, snail-eating slut” Ginny grunted back. “I’m going to grind your floppy sacks into dust.”

I saw both girls’ arms start to tremble, but the redhead suddenly gave up her attempts to push the French girl away. Instead, Ginny wrapped her toned limbs around her opponent, matching Fleur’s hold. Both fighters tightened their grip, and I watched them wince in pain and frustration as the girls positioned their sets to put as much pressure on the other’s firm breasts as possible.

“Gotta admit, Ginny, you’ve got some serious tits,” Fleur panted in a strained voice, exertion clearly taking its toll on the modelesque blonde. “It’s no wonder you managed to spear Lavender’s jiggly udders with them. But they’re not going to be enough against me.”

The shapely French girl squeezed hard, and I again marveled how her smooth arms swelled with sudden muscle defition for a second or two before returning to their normal state. My girlfriend’s big, perfect breast were bulging quite a bit to the sides, but clearly still holding their shape much better than Ginny would’ve liked. The lean redhead tried to force her hard, perky boobs deeper into her opponent’s thick rack, denting the more ample flesh visibly. Fleur winced, but flexed her shoulders in return and earned a groan from Ginny as the girl felt her tight tits compress more as well, the exceedingly firm flesh pushing out slightly.

“We both know it’s just a matter of time, Gin,” the gorgeous French girl grunted as she poured on the pressure. “I can feel those perky little boobs starting to open up.” The redhead groaned as Fleur thrust her shapely hips and torso forward, putting all of her weight behind the attack. “You’re insanely firm, I’ll grant you that. Firmer than anyone I’ve fought before. But my big, perfect tits are still going to flatten you,” Fleur hissed. Ginny reached up, putting her hands on her opponents’s lowest ribs and tried to gain purchase.

“Really?” The French blonde snorted. “You honestly think you can save those puppies by running away?” My girlfriend rolled her beautiful eyes, flexing her arms as she hugged the redhead closer.

Ginny groaned, but tried to move her right leg, apparently hoping to gain a bit of leverage by trapping Fleur’s left leg. The older girl seemed to notice it too, glancing down. But she was too late. With a sudden burst of strength, Ginny thrust forward, sending her entire body onto Fleur’s.

Caught completely by surprise, the French blonde lost her footing, falling backwards with a cute yelp. Fleur landed on her back, the mat making a loud thwack that echoed around the room. True to her quick and lithe appearance, Ginny’s hands immediately made their way to Fleur’s shoulders. I was amazed at the sudden turn. The French girl looked disoriented, only slowly realizing the peril she was now in.

Ginny on the other hand had a maniacal grin on her face, admiring the perfectly proportioned female body trapped underneath her. Though the first-year was extremely attractive herself, and many guys with a thing for red hair or sportiness might well prefer her looks over the French girl’s, the common consensus was that Fleur was the hottest babe around. The glint in Ginny’s eye indicated that she too felt my girlfriend’s allure, but right now, the redhead seemed to take even greater pleasure in the fact that she had the gorgeous Frenchwoman completely at her mercy. Smirking while she held Fleur in place by the shoulders, the redhead lowered her firm breasts onto the older girl’s prodigious chest. I heard several loud gasps come from the audience as we watched their racks meet. Fleur’s larger bust, already less pronounced because of the gravity, pushed out to the sides further as Ginny allowed her perky breasts to nestle in the flesh of her modelesque opponent. “Oh god, that feels so fucking awesome. I could get used to this. My superior tits sinking into your soft udders.”

“Well, that’s just too bad,” Fleur hissed, obviously in significant discomfort. “Because in a few minutes, your empty sacks won’t be able to displace a bowl of pudding, much less my firm boobs!”

Ginny’s only response was a short, dry laugh, and she shook her head mockingly, smiling at the blonde’s denial with badly faked pity. It certainly didn’t look good for Fleur, I thought, swallowing thickly as I watched the redhead slide her sculpted legs between my girlfriend’s to provide herself with some more purchase to hold the struggling third-year down.

Ginny lowered her pert breasts back onto the larger rack, Fleur letting out a low groan as she felt the hard, focused pressure on her prized globes. I could only look on as the sporty first-year ground their breasts together, slowly moving back and forth, while my girlfriend grunted at the painful sensation. The gorgeous blonde began to struggle more forcefully, knowing perfectly well what would happen if she didn’t escape the pin.

The toned redhead atop her gave my girlfriend an evil smile. She pushed up, using her arms, and after a short pause let her insanely firm tits slam into Fleur’s now defenseless mammaries. I noticed a small wince on Ginny’s face, but it was nothing compared to the moan that the French girl let out. Ginny stopped her assault for a moment, waiting for Fleur’s eyes to slowly open before pushing up and dropping down again. The brutal blow from her dense boobs drew a gasp from the blonde’s prostrate form – as well as from the audience. The redhead leaned back and looked down at her handiwork.

“You’re gonna pay for that, bitch,” The French girl growled suddenly. I saw my girlfriend’s long, lean legs snap up, catching the redhead around the waist. Ginny had obviously not been expecting that kind of move, and her pretty eyes widened almost comically as she moved her hands immediately to her waist, trying to pry the blonde’s thighs open. Having been in the exact same position before, I could sympathize with the redhead’s panic. Fleur wasn’t going to wait around to see if she’d be able to get out, however, twisting her hips violently. Once again startled by the sudden motion, Ginny fell with a muffled ‘oof’, landing on her side. She looked completely bewildered at having been womanhandled by the beauty queen, and I could hear both disappointed murmurs and excited cheers from the audience.

Keeping her legs still wrapped around the redhead, Fleur twisted her own torso and rolled them around, with herself on top of the redhead. As Ginny continued to pry at my girlfriend’s deceptively strong legs, the latter grabbed the pinned girl’s wrists, and, after a brief struggle, used her leverage to pin the redhead, soon mirroring the position that Ginny had trapped her in. She did make sure to have the redhead’s toned thighs between her own though, not eager to be caught in a bodyscissors herself. Ginny’s legs looked very dangerous, and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to test their power.

“I guess it’s my turn now, Ginger,” Fleur hissed menacingly. She slammed down with no further ceremony, dropping her large, perfect breasts against the redhead’s trapped pair. Despite their considerable firmness, Ginny smaller tits compressed impressively, the dense breastmeat jiggling on her chest as the first-year let out a pained moan. Fleur let her big, heavy jugs rest atop the more compact pair for a moment, clearly enjoying Ginny’s strained grunts and groans. The second shot seemed to send the redhead’s tight tits spreading outward visibly, and while Fleur’s thick jugs flattened as well, their position ensured that they didn’t seem to suffer as much. She was letting gravity do the work for her now.

“You could’ve let me flatten those little boobs slowly and gently,” Fleur murmured, gazing into her opponent’s teary eyes. The painful slams had actually made the redhead’s eyes water, and she was blinking furiously to clear her vision. “But no, you just had to make this personal.”

Another boob slam from my girlfriend’s rack blasted into Ginny’s firm, quivering teats. Both pairs of breasts were beginning to morph around the other, and I heard a vocal reaction from each girl as their boobs melded together. The French blonde’s anger apparently helped her ignore some of the pain, however, and she kept up the attack. Fleur bashed the smaller rack with her own again, and I could hear Ginny curse loudly as she felt the force of the blow. Both sets of firm tits splashed out, waves of flesh moving toward the respective side of her breasts. The redhead’s struggles seemed to stop, and her eyes closed as she felt the pain course through her.

Fleur let out a long, wounded hiss, pausing for a moment to rest. “Ready to give up, Ginny?” she asked, sounding slightly winded. “Just say the words, and I’ll stop. It’d be a shame to have to ruin tits as nice as yours.”

“Fuck you, bitch!”

With a quick jerk, the redhead’s hands grasped Fleur’s wrists and pulled them outwards, forcing the shapely French girl to lose her purchase astride Ginny’s more sinewy frame. As my girlfriend had already pressed her body against Ginny’s, the former did not fall, though she did gasp in surprise as the redhead tried to roll away. I saw Fleur reach out to grab Ginny’s left arm, but she was too late. The first-year muscled her way through, pushing my girlfriend off her toned frame and quickly rolling away.

Both girls stood up carefully, their firm but badly buised breasts heaving as they caught their breath. Fleur’s big rack had reddened violently and seemed to be hanging lower than usual. As I studied those round, for their size and weight almost pert boobs more closely, I could see they’d lost much of their perfect shape, drooping slightly. Ginny’s tight little tits had suffered serious damage as well, their flesh having gone to an even deeper red tone and jiggling noticeably as the redhead cupped her sore boobs. At the beginning of the fight they’d stayed almost completely still even when Ginny moved about, the girl’s remarkably dense breastmeat showing only minute ripples and having precious little bounce. Compared to that unyielding early reference point, they looked almost wobbly.

Even so, what really caught my attention was the dark look on my girlfriend’s gorgeous, sweaty face. I’d seen it only a few times before, mercifully, but I knew what it meant. Someone was in serious trouble.

“Okay, you orange-haired skank. End of the road. I’m going to destroy your miserable little tits,” the French girl said in a low, dangerous voice, her eyes blazing.

“With what, you saggy whore?” Ginny spat back. “Those soft, bouncy boobs are done. My firmer tits have ground them out.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it,” Fleur hissed, looking angrier than I’d ever seen her.

Ginny didn’t disappoint. She made a sudden charge, giving her opponent barely enough time to brace herself. Fleur seemed to be counting on her breasts’ significantly greater mass and volume to ward off the attack, but she’d underestimated the redhead. Ginny twisted her torso, using the momentum to plow her hard right tit straight into Fleur’s waiting right mammary.

“Oh, fucckkk!” the French girl wailed as her large, round boob caved in, Fleur’s legendarily firm flesh splashing out and shimmying violently as it took the blow from Ginny’s even harder boob. My girlfriend was quick to recover though, something I could only attribute to her enraged mental state, and I watched her lean forward to thrust back. Fleur landed two good hits as her breasts slammed into Ginny’s, the latter still trying to recoup from her lunge. Both women winced at the blow, and Fleur grabbed Ginny’s shoulders, with the redhead mirroring her move.

The two fighters were once more locked into a bearhug, and both seemed perfectly happy to start thrashing their opponent’s rack. The tips of Ginny’s perky tits met Fleur’s time and again as both alternated between grinding their tits together and then bashing them lightly. Each breast met the other and morphed in its own way. Ginny’s normally immovable boobs seemed to shift more and more as they pushed against Fleur’s dense orbs. Her right breast shifted up a few times as Fleur landed blows on the underside of her cute, compact titty, and I saw both girls look down more than once to gauge the other. Neither looked as confident as before.

We all watched as Ginny shifted to the side, scraping her tits against Fleur’s. Both pairs shifted noticeably, with the smaller set moving up and over Fleur’s larger rack. The French beauty winced as she felt her big teats yield a substantial amount of ground, Ginny pulling her pert chest over her opponent’s. As soon as the young redhead’s boobs slid back into shape, she swung. Fleur grunted loudly as Ginny’s hard breasts dented her larger orbs, and the French girl couldn’t prevent an expletive from leaving her mouth in a hiss. Encouraged by the reaction, Ginny stayed on the offensive, choosing to try to pull her impressive pair right through the thick, heavy jugs of her opponent. Both women stared, mesmerized, as Ginny’s left breast slid over and around Fleur’s left globe, making its way across the bigger girl’s cleavage before reaching the other boob and handing over the first part of the mission to Ginny’s right tit.

Fleur’s legendary mammaries yielded a bit as the first-year’s pert, pretty boobs completed their first pass, but the French beauty managed to shake herself awake, pushing against Ginny. My girlfriend’s more substantial rack forced the toned redhead back even as Ginny’s boobs completed another sweep. Both girls grunted as Fleur’s jugs barreled forward, causing the firsty’s steadily softening flesh to spill out. They brought their prodigious sets together more gently this time, almost lovingly, and Fleur gasped as she felt Ginny’s tits trying to burrow their way into her globes once again. The smaller pair seemed to find some purchase in Fleur’s big jugs, bending and pushing her dense flesh outward for a moment before the more chesty girl shoved back harder, bringing their thick breasts back into equality.

“Fuck, they really are that good,” Ginny groaned, sliding her glistening orbs across Fleur’s ample chest and staring how their sweaty, youthful breasts shifted and jiggled in unison. “Crushing your super boobs is going to be so worth it. I can’t wait to feel them finally surrender to mine,” the redhead continued, her face flushed and breathing heavy as she looked my girlfriend in the eye. “I will break you, Fleur. Starting with those big, gorgeous tits.” Their mouths were just inches from one another, and the girls could probably taste each other’s hot breaths. I stifled a moan as I imagined what would happen if either leaned any closer, sruggling not to come in my pants at the thought of Fleur and her incredibly hot rival running their tongues together.

With every passing moment more ripples of titflesh appeared, both pairs jiggling enticingly as the redhead tried to push her tits into Fleur’s. I noticed my girlfriend’s firm orbs distort noticeably, and could only stare how Ginny’s pointier breasts slowly dug in. The redhead also glanced down, watching her opponent’s heavy mammaries move more fluidly, and smirked at the French girl. Fleur sneered back in reply, bashing her mammaries forward and quickly wiping Ginny’s smile off her face. The redhead wasn’t backing down however, and immediately went to sunk her pert set back in.

The two very attractive young women were grinding their thick breasts together with growing desperation. With labored grunts, Ginny sent another thrust into Fleur’s chest, pushing the French blonde’s heavy orbs up and out. As she pulled back, Fleur prepared for her own blow, and this time both girls slammed their dense racks forward in unison.

I heard their sore, sweaty tits slam together with a wet smack, and both young women groaned as their flesh exploded outward. Through their sheer mass and volume, Fleur’s jugs seemed to be taking over the space between them, but her tits yielded a great deal of real estate as they collided into Ginny’s pert boobs. As the girls withdrew slightly, their glistening orbs regained some shape, slowly spilling away from the opposing pair. Fleur wrapped her arms around the lean redhead, and Ginny reciprocated without missing a beat. Both girls’ sore breasts were directly lined up when they began to push, and the French girl moaned as she felt Ginny’s tits try to burrow into her bigger boobs just like before. She ground back, shifting from side to side and shoving her large, thick orbs into the opposing flesh. This time the redhead’s grunt was more pronounced. Finally, as their teats mashed together once more, I heard a deep, guttural groan.

Ginny’s pert set seemed to have almost disappeared into Fleur’s more ample flesh, and both women wore a look of surprise on their faces. For one terrifying moment, I was sure that Ginny’s insanely hard boobs had finally managed to penetrate my girlfriend’s perfect jugs, spearing their dense flesh while the French girl’s rack molded around the redhead’s smaller, firmer pair. But as I looked up at their faces, I realized that wasn’t the case.

Ever so slowly Ginny’s wide eyes drifted down, her mouth opening into a silent gasp. Opposite her, Fleur took a deep breath, gently rubbing her chest against the redhead’s, and lowered her head on the younger girl’s toned shoulder. I couldn’t tell whether Fleur did it to whisper something into Ginny’s ear, but if she did, I couldn’t make out anything. Either way, the redhead let out a long, shaky moan as she felt their boobs mash even tighter together. She struggled against my girlfriend’s embrace for a few seconds, grunting and gasping, before I saw her shoulders relax.

“I crushed your perky tits, Ginny,” Fleur whispered softly, surprising both myself and the redhead with her tenderness. But as gentle the French beauty’s tone was, I could see the fire in her blue eyes. It was a small miracle that Fleur’s smoldering gaze hadn’t burned a hole into the sporty first-year trapped in her arms, though that seemed to be just a matter of time. I took in Ginny’s astonished face as she watched her tightly-packed boobs finally lose their struggle against my girlfriend’s larger chest, the young girl’s breasts slowly beginning to wilt and withdraw, quivering wildly. The redhead looked up slowly, her brown eyes meeting those of the French blonde whose pair had just bested her own. I don’t know what I’d been expecting, but the only emotions Ginny’s freckle-covered face seemed to be betraying were anger, disappointment and… defiance? As tough as her rock-hard boobs were, Ginny’s will was apparently even more difficult to break. Still, the plucky redhead realized that the match was over. She gave a small, almost imperceptible nod, and I watched my girlfriend return it. Both fighters shared a look of mutual respect and appreciation, clearly impressed by their opponent’s skill and determination – not to mention their incredibly powerful tits of course.

Once their little moment was over, I saw Fleur begin to gently press her large boobs against Ginny’s pair again, and heard the redhead let out a reluctant sigh as her smaller bust yielded, pushing in. The French blonde’s gorgeous lips curled into a smile. “Who turned those cute, insanely firm boobs into mush with her perfect jugs?” she asked with a winning grin. There was no immediate reply from the younger girl, and Fleur proceeded to pour on the pressure, shoving her rack further forward. I couldn’t hold back a grunt as Ginny’s boobs seemed to melt away at contact, spreading across the sporty girl’s chest and shaking much more than anyone could’ve thought possible before the fight. Ginny’s pained gurgle earned a smirk from the modelesque blonde. “Who’s got the superior rack, Gin? Whose tits are the greatest of them all?”

“Yours are, Fleur,” Ginny murmured, wincing as the gorgeous French girl continued to push her overwhelmed little tits around. I enjoyed Fleur’s triumphant grin as she rammed forward, flattening the redhead’s pair against her ribcage once and for all, completely wiped out. My girlfriend’s own, visibly weakened jugs had lost most of their rounded shape in the process as well, but Ginny’s loud, guttural groan ensured that her smile never faltered. “Ahh fuck, okay, okay!” the sporty first-year moaned. “You’ve made your point. Sheesh. Those big, perfect boobs pounded my puny chest flat, Fleur. I gave you everything I had, and it turns out that wasn’t enough. You have the best tits.”

For the first time I could detect some sadness in the redhead’s voice, and the French beauty slowly, almost reluctantly, pulled away a bit. Their busts still remained in contact, but the lessened pressure allowed their tenderized jugs to fill back out. As Fleur rolled her shoulders, gently sloshing Ginny’s boobs around, it was easy to see that both pairs had suffered severe damage. My girlfriend’s big boobs weren’t jiggling any more than the redhead’s rather compact set was, but the pronounced shaking and numerous ripples making their way across her titflesh were a clear indication of just how close to defeat the French beauty’s prized assets had been. My girlfriend did’t appear to be thinking about that just then, however. She cupped Ginny’s youthful titty into her palm, giving it a small bounce as she admired the sore, reddened orb. I heard the redhead grunt at the sensation.

“Mmm, aren’t you a sexy little thing,” Fleur murmured, leaning in to brush her lips around the nipple and then giving it a soft kiss. Ginny’s sharp intake of breath was clearly audible, as were those of several girls in the audience. The French blonde looked up, smiling. “Credit where credit is due, Ginny. You’ve got the prettiest pair of breasts I’ve ever seen,” she whispered softly, sounding sincere. “And perhaps even more impressively, they’re very nearly as powerful as my own. It was an honour to tame them,” Fleur breathed out. Before the flushed redhead could formulate something resembling a reply, Fleur had captured the girl’s other teat in her mouth, suckling on it tenderly. The French beauty’s unexpected sultriness earned a collective gasp – as well as more than a few catcalls – from the crowd. Ginny, for her part, was clearly enjoying the attention, and it didn’t take long for the sporty girl to begin to pant and moan.

My girlfriend took the redhead’s loud, shaky whimpers as her cue to pull away, her lips detaching from the compact breast with a delicious, wet plop. Ginny’s flushed face was displaying a strange combination of embarrassment and arousal as she tried to gather herself, the girl’s cute, pert tits wobbling slightly. “Wow,” I heard a shocked whisper from the audience, and saw Susan and Hannah leaning forward for a better look, providing me with an unobstructed view into their fleshy cleavages. Fleur gave the first-years a wide, knowing smile, before turning back to Ginny and cupping her own jugs gently. The crowd let out a loud cheer, everyone well aware of what she meant with that gesture. Having gotten her defeated rival all hot and bothered, the gorgeous French girl was clearly expecting to collect her dues.

Ginny, though understandably miffed and somewhat out of breath, didn’t wait around. As Fleur lowered her left breast to Ginny’s mouth, I saw the redhead’s eyes close. She took the offered nipple and sucked gently, gradually adding more power and flicking her tongue around. Fleur shruddered, cupping her other teat and letting out a deep, satisfied sigh as Ginny began to pay her debt. The modelesque French girl didn’t seem too interested in making a show of humiliating her beaten rival, instead choosing to simply enjoy the redhead’s talented mouth. A few of the girls whispered something, but no one said anything. Ginny appeared to pay a little bit more attention to the crowd around her, slowly pulling at Fleur’s sore left breast with her mouth and stretching the hefty teat out from the tip. She carefully moved her lips to the exterior of my girlfriend’s big boob, forcing a low grunt from the gorgeous blonde. I heard Fleur actually moan when the redhead finally released the gland, my girlfriend’s ample flesh slapping against her chest wetly.

Ginny moved to the other breast and repeated the treatment with considerable gusto, practically inhaling my girlfriend’s gorgeous but undoubtedly sore boob. When she finally let the heavy jug drop, we could admire how Fleur’s tenderized chest jiggled while the French girl drew a few shaky breaths. My girlfriend’s sexy, svelte thighs were trembling visibly, and though those less familiar with the blonde beauty’s body probably didn’t realize it, it was obvious to me that she had just experienced a fairly powerful silent orgasm. I watched the redhead switch nipples several times before Fleur finally indicated her to stop. My now heavily panting girlfriend was looking at the sporty girl through hooded eyes, and reached down to brush a stray strand of hair away from the redhead’s cheek. I saw her tuck it back behind Ginny’s ear gently, pausing for a moment to caress the girl’s slender neck before offering her hand. Ginny didn’t take it straight away, instead glaring at the modelesque blonde defiantly for a minute, almost as if to issue a challenge. Yes, she’d lost the titfight, but it’d take a lot more to gain a similar dominance over the rest of her body. Let alone mind. Anyone hoping to turn the redhead into their plaything had better prepare for a long, grueling struggle – and to not be surprised if they themselves ended up on the bottom, worshipping Ginny’s lean, sinewy figure. Fleur appeared to have understood the girl’s silent message, and I watched the corners of her mouth curl into a thin smile. Ginny was a red, hot fireball of a ginger alright.

As much as I knew I’d enjoy seeing my girlfriend tame the sporty hottie, mounting her younger rival’s utterly spent body after one last earth-shattering climax, another part of me was busy conjuring images of Fleur lapping up the redhead’s juices, her beautiful, pussy-soaked face trapped between Ginny’s toned thighs as the plucky first-year completed her sexual conquest of the blonde goddess, breaking my girl’s body and will before the whole school. It was close to impossible to decide which scenario I liked better, and unfortunately for me, it seemed that neither was on the cards just then. The two young women were eyeing each other with a mix of caution, arousal and grudging appreciation, and were clearly not planning on resuming any hostilities for the time being. Besides, one of them had a second match coming up in less than an hour.

The redhead eventually accepted Fleur’s offered hand, only to get instantly pulled into the blonde’s embrace once more. The Frenchwoman’s large, full breasts forced Ginny’s set back just like before, but my girlfriend held the embrace only briefly. As they separated, Fleur whispered something into Ginny’s ear, and the first-year nodded slowly, appearing to accept the busty blonde’s words. To my girlfriend’s apparent surprise, however, the redhead also gave her flawlessly rounded bum a quick squeeze just as she began to turn away, slapping it hard. This time Ginny’s brash, assertive look of challenge was impossible to miss.

“Don’t think I’ll take it easy on you when we meet again, Fleur,” she smirked. “Even if you manage to win back the crown tonight, you won’t be keeping it until graduation. Your boobs are mine.”


The blonde beauty stood still for a moment, glaring at Ginny’s receding back as the redhead strolled back to her seat, the firsty’s toned ass bouncing ever so slightly. Although her posture did express a degree of disappointment, the sporty first-year met Angelina’s and Lavender’s eyes without any discernible shame or hesitation, keeping her head high and daring them to say something. I could see Lavender’s round face morphing into a malicious sneer as she regarded the redhead, obviously gratified by her rival’s failure, but the blonde seemed too focused on her upcoming match to start gloating just yet. No doubt that’d change later on, especially if she ended up winning the tournament herself. Back on the mat, my girlfriend appeared to be still a bit winded, and I watched her ample, sweaty bust rise and fall dramatically with every breath. I decided to use the opportunity to assess the damages.

Fleur’s large breasts looked red and swollen, sagging visibly, and there was a concerned frown on her face as she began to carefully knead the tender flesh. Instead of facing the winner of the next fight with her usual flawlessly round orbs, she’d now have to defeat Lavender or Angelina with a significantly softened set. Not something any girl looked forward to. Silently, I thought that my girlfriend’s only hope of reclaiming the throne was for her upcoming opponent’s breasts to suffer a similar beating to even up the score. As things stood, the French blonde would’ve had trouble flattening a bustier-than-average housewife, let alone a firm pair of young, powerful breasts.

Padma’s voice brought my attention back to the present.

“Whew, awesome match girls,” the Indian student whistled loudly, making her way to the mat. “You sure gave everyone their money’s worth. Which reminds me: I’ll be collecting my winnings right after the tournament, Jordan. Make sure you have them ready.” I watched my girlfriend’s eyebrows disappear into her hair at Padma’s little quip, and realized that the Indian girl must’ve bet against Ginny. She shared a quick grin with the French blonde, before turning back to the audience.

“Next up, Angelina and Lavender will compete for the right to face Fleur’s jugs in the final. Come on up, girls,” Padma intoned, gesturing for the fighters to step forward. “The winner will get a longer break after this match, so to save time, we’re doing these two back-to-back.” The blonde firsty and the black third-year stood up eagerly, greeting the crowd with matching smirks. Both girls looked supremely confident as they stepped on the mat to join Fleur and Padma.

“Damn, Frenchy, your tits don’t look too good,” Lavender snickered, glancing down at my girlfriend’s red and tender chest with poorly acted concern. “Are you sure they’re okay to continue?” Angelina chortled at the blonde first-year’s dig, and I watched her make a show of lining up her similarly sized but now much perkier-looking boobs with Fleur’s. The ebony beauty’s grin was wide and feral as she compared their racks up close. “Yeah, looks like Ginny’s little buds really put those jugs through the wringer. Gotta remember to thank her for softening ’em up for me,” Angelina cooed, pursing her plump lips in obvious glee.

The French blonde leveled a cold, well-practised glare at the two women, her expression calm and passive. While I knew she had to be at least a bit nervous, Fleur’s poker face was impressive. “Correct me if I’m wrong,” she replied in an icy, almost imperious tone, appearing to address Lavender first “But didn’t your weak, bouncy sacks get mauled by Ginny’s better set just recently? My boobs, by contrast, didn’t.” The first-year narrowed her eyes in anger, but Fleur had already shifted her attention to the black girl. “And as for you, Angie, you might recall that your udders have never once managed to beat mine. Don’t think today’s going to be any different.” Exchanging one last dirty look with each girl, the French beauty walked away, appearing strangely graceful for someone with her tits out in the open. As much as I wanted Lavender to be wrong, they did seem to be in a pretty bad way; Fleur’s firm, once pert rack was badly bruised, drooping quite a bit, and each step she took caused pronounced ripples throughout her wobbling flesh.


As Padma too stepped to the side, Angelina and Lavender were left on the mat alone. The new pair of contestants appeared to have chosen to spend a moment eyeing each other up, so I decided to give them a quick once over of my own. Both fighters had already removed their shirts, each meeting their opponent in just a bra and gym shorts. Lavender’s blonde hair was in a ponytail, while Angelina’s dark curls fell around her shoulders in a rather glamorous cascade. Though both young women could be described as ‘pretty’, I had to admit that the term didn’t really do full justice to the ebony third-year’s physical characteristics. Angelina was one of few girls here who could offer my gorgeous girlfriend serious competition in the looks department, the others being Megan and Cho. And now probably Ginny as well. That’s not to say that none of the remaining female students were attractive, of course. They just weren’t in the same league as Fleur.

Lavender had some extra meat on her bones, but she carried it well, and the girl’s figure was more curvy than anything else. Next to Susan or Hannah she would’ve looked reasonably fit. But the blonde firsty wasn’t being compared to them right now. The tall, dark-skinned woman facing her on the mat was about as far from pleasantly plump as you could imagine, Angelina’s sculpted physique radiating strength and confidence. Countless male students were drooling after the athletic black third-year, and as I drank in her muscular limbs, pronounced bust, washboard stomach and surprisingly full hips and booty, I could definitely see the appeal. Angelina was thick in all the right places and toned everywhere else, a fairly rare combination that couldn’t be achieved without the aid of some seriously good genes.

As Lavender and the ebony beauty stared each other down, I used the opportunity to compare their respective bodies up close, drinking in every little detail. And true enough, even though the blonde did have a very nice, curvacious figure, it didn’t put Angelina’s to shame in the least. If anything, it seemed like the black girl had her less athletic rival slightly outgunned both up top and down around her thighs and bum, all the while having much better muscle definition and a relatively narrow waist. I noticed a frown appear on Lavender’s cute, round face as the blonde appeared to come to the same conclusion. She wasn’t going to beat the Nubian goddess in a hotness contest.

Luckily for her, however, we weren’t here to choose Miss Bikini Body – the winner of this fight would be decided by tits only. With a cocky grin Lavender reached back to unclasp her her bra, flinging it towards the audience. Several male students whistled at the busty blonde’s best assets, and I could even hear a few grunts from the back row as the girl’s round, quivering jugs plopped down with a soft thud. Lavender’s skin was smooth and creamy, and while her boobs were neither the biggest nor the firmest-looking pair in the school, there was no point claiming that I didn’t find them highly attractive. Letting my eyes wash over the blonde firsty’s ample titflesh, I licked my lips in approval. Lavender had some pretty nice tits.

As I turned my gaze towards Angelina, I noticed that the ebony girl had followed her opponent’s example. Angelina’s coffee-coloured jugs were slightly larger than the blonde’s, and to me it looked as if their shape might’ve been a bit rounder, perkier. The black beauty also appeared to hold a small, barely perceptible edge in how high her tits sat on her chest, the first-year’s creamy rack seeming to have just a hint more visible sag and bounce than Angelina’s set did. Had I not seen Lavender’s supple boobs in action before, I would almost certainly have given the firmness edge to the black girl. But as things stood, it was probably wiser not to jump into any conclusions just yet. A far more obvious contrast existed between Lavender’s lightly tanned, pleasant curves and Angelina’s dark, toned and beautifully muscular frame.

“Damn…” one of the firsties sitting the row ahead of me murmured to her friends. “Say what you will, but that black girl looks bloody scary to me. I would NOT want to go up against her.” The other first-years seemed to nod in agreement, eyeing the tall and sinewy third-year student carefully. “Yeah, me neither. With boobs like that, she could probably flatten all of us in a row, even Romilda,” the thin, mousy-looking girl from earlier said in a quiet voice. “Or beat us to a pulp using her fists even if she lost the titfight. You think Lavender has an actual chance against her?” Apparently the question was directed at the curly-haired brunette, since she was the one who answered. “I guess… I mean, Lav DID beat that French girl, and Angelina’s boobs look pretty much exactly like those. So I’d say it’s at least possible. Ain’t gonna be easy, though.”

The brunette’s friends glanced at each other, looking thoughtful. Having gotten numerous chances to ogle at Angelina’s and my girlfriend’s jugs side-by-side, I wasn’t sure if the darker orbs could quite match Fleur’s perfect, nearly spherical breasts in terms of visual appearances. But they certainly weren’t far off. In terms of size the ebony beauty’s globes were every bit as large and heavy as Fleur’s, and while I personally liked to think that my girl held a tiny edge in perkiness, the difference was barely perceptible.

I’d watched Fleur and Angelina bump tits on several occasions last year, and was all too aware of how evenly matched the two women were. My girlfriend’s gorgeous jugs had managed to squeak out a win in each of their brutal bouts, but only after taking heavy damage from the black beauty’s similarly sized and shaped set. Their most recent match, back in the beginning of September, had been especially close, and for much of its duration it’d looked like Angelina was finally going to get the better of her arch enemy. But Fleur had stubbornly fought on, slinging her black and blue tits against the ebony girl’s chest until one fighter finally felt her breasts melt and ooze around the opposing pair. My girlfriend won that day, but only by the breadth of a hair. I could still recall Fleur’s look of horrified awe as she’d held her pained, quivering boobs in her hands, trying to massage some life back into them. Had Lavender – and later Ginny – not barged her way into this year’s championship race, I’m sure that today’s event would’ve pitted the French hottie and the ebony beauty against each other in yet another rematch. Not that it still couldn’t, mind you. The black girl had every chance of continuing on to the final.

But while Angelina’s physique was by far the more intimidating of the two, Lavender looking more like a cute and fluffy school girl next to her, the blonde first-year had already provided plenty of proof on how dangerous her boobs were. Their full, round and pleasantly bouncy appearance might easily lull an opponent into ill-founded complacency, carefully masking the thick breastmeat that hid inside. Angelina’s friend Alicia had learned that lesson the hard way, and had in all likelihood warned the black girl not to repeat her mistake.

As I reluctantly dragged my eyes away from Lavender’s meaty rack, pausing to admire an enticing jiggle, I could see the self-assured smirk adorning the blonde’s face. Unlike her fellow firsties, Lavender looked as smug and confident as ever, meeting the statuesque ebony girl’s intense stare without any sign of hesitation or worry.

“Any last words, Angie?” the curvacious blonde asked sweetly. “Before my tits knock those big, brown udders flat?” A chorus of sharp gasps met her taunt, the crowd not apparently having expected Lavender to act quite so cocky. I watched Angelina’s full, plump lips slowly curl into a malicious sneer.

“God, I love fresh meat,” she grinned in a long, seductive drawl. “It’s so fucking tender. I bet you’ll actually cry when I’m done with your pathetic set. Pounding those soft little boobs to mush is gonna be even more fun than I thought.”

“Bring it then, bitch,” Lavender shot back, taking a step towards the black girl. “Talk is cheap. Just like you.” Her dark-skinned opponent replied with an angry hiss, and I stared as each contestant began to circle the other.

Surprising me, both lunged forward at the same time, and a dull smack of their breasts crashing together thudded against the walls. Angelina’s big, firm jugs shook and quivered from the impact, but so did Lavender’s smaller boobs. Both women groaned and rammed toward each other again, with similar results. The black girl’s thick breasts bounced against her younger opponent’s dense set, and then both pairs of breasts compressed at the point of impact. This time, the fighters didn’t pull back for another slam, choosing to keep their chest pushing into the opposing bust instead. Looking closely, it seemed to me as if Angelina’s large boobs had displaced slightly less than the blonde’s tits. I took in the scene hungrily, admiring how Lavender’s full, round pair flattened, the compression appearing to continue just a hint further into her lighter flesh. As the sporty black girl’s bigger jugs gained some ground, I noticed Angelina’s lips curling into a familiar smirk.

Based on their previous matches I knew that the ebony beauty was very nearly as firm as Fleur was, and it certainly seemed that just like my girlfriend’s pert pair, her rack also held a perceptible lead over Lavender’s ample teats in density. Then again, in their (in)famous championship fight the busty blonde first-year had slowly overcome my girlfriend’s initial advantage, pounding and grinding their boobs into equality and ultimately managing to wear Fleur’s perfect tits out with her seemingly softer pair. It was way too early to tell who was going to win here.

I looked on as both young women began slowly twisting their hips, keeping their big, powerful breasts in constant contact as each pair slid over the other. Angelina’s more plentiful flesh had a dark caramel tone, making the lighter skin on Lavender’s round boobs look exceedingly pale. I could feel a familiar twitch in my pants as I watched both girls’ breasts undulate against the other pair. Angelina’s large, jugs tits would sometimes cause the blonde’s full pair to compress deliciously, their greater mass displacing some of the creamy flesh.

But the first-year tenaciously shoved back, making Angelina grunt as her own chocolate orbs pushed out, briefly making way for Lavender’s solid boobs as they gained purchase against the more plentiful jugs. In short, each set seemed to be holding its ground quite well, and as I glanced at the audience, I could see both the boys’ lustful stares and the girls’ envious faces. Very few women could hope to compete with either rack this evenly. The ebony beauty’s large teats jiggled and shook a bit as they rolled over Lavender’s, but the firsty’s ample pair seemed to be wobbling at least as much, pushing in a bit before forcing Angelina’s dense jugs up and to the side as they rolled against each other.

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy crushing you, black bitch,” Lavender hissed, “I can see it already. You, on your knees before me. Those big jugs drooping down, loose and soft, after they’ve surrendered to my better pair.” Angelina growled at the taunt, narrowing her eyes and pushing back. With an angry scowl, she began sliding her dark globes to the left and right, almost as if she was trying to rub and shove Lavender’s smaller pair flat. The breastmeat on both sets bounced and quivered while the athletic black girl sped up her assault, suddenly sliding her hefty rack above the blonde’s teats and forcing them down. I heard Lavender’s frustrated groan as her flesh yielded to Angelina’s dark jugs, compressing under the strain. Though it awas entirely understandable given their tits’ position, the busty blonde looked dismayed to see her thick boobs mold under Angelina’s larger set. Lavender quickly reached out to grab the black girl’s shoulders and pushed her away.

Angelina grinned, having obviously relished the feeling of her rival’s firm rack yielding to her own tits. She made a lunge forward, but Lavender had been anticipating such a move. I watched the younger girl step back quickly, dodging the blow and quickly striking back. Angelina let out a quiet grunt as her tits shook violently from the impact, and while Lavender’s tits bounced quite a bit as well, they for once seemed to retain more of their original shape. Eager not to allow her toned opponent any time to regroup, the firsty struck again, this time pulling further back and slinging her round orbs from the right. Both sets of boobs moved, shaking violently, but the black girl’s slightly larger pair seemed to actually roll across her chest from the impact.

Angelina’s jugs were still wobbling when Lavender started gliding her tits over and by them. Keeping her pace up, the curvy blonde rotated her shoulders to the left, smacking her pair back into Angelina’s waiting boobs. Lavender’s moves didn’t slow down even as her own tits shook from the impacts. The statuesque ebony girl was fully turned to her left when lavender flung her sizable tits back to the right, but Angelina had deliberately waited for her swing to meet Lavender’s flying boobs in the middle of her swing. The well timed blow caused the loudest-sounding smack so far, and all four fleshy boobs caved from the impact, bouncing wildly. This time I thought it looked like the blonde’s sizable boobs had flattened more, but the brevity of the contact made it hard to be sure.

In any case, the blow didn’t keep Lavender stunned for long, and she soon retaliated by slamming forward. Hard. Both girls’ boobs almost seemed to explode on their chests, spreading out and up before molding back to their original shape. Both women obviously felt the violent impact, but Angelina, apparently unprepared for the blonde’s quick retort, seemed to stumble. Lavender pounced, slamming forward again. I could hear the black girl’s annoyed grunt, and watched her stumble backward as her big, firm tits wobbled all over her chest. The blonde firsty kept up her assault, slamming forward so that her thick breasts became battering rams, and Angelina groaned as her dark, meaty jugs were pushed back and flattened out for a moment. Lavender’s orbs had obviously been hurt as well, since both young women pulled away, cupping their heavy boobs.

Angelina eyed the blonde for a few seconds before her lips curled into a smirk. “I’d heard that some firsties saw you practising with Cho earlier this week,” the black third-year said loudly, giving her friends in the audience a quick glance. “Seems like they weren’t lying. She’s definitely been giving you pointers,” Angelina added, her smirk turning into a predatory grin as she noticed the Chinese girl’s wince at having been caught. Well, well, well… I knew that any interest Cho might have in the tournament would almost certainly be about getting back at Ginny, who’d apparently bruised the Asian’s ego almost as badly as she did her tits. But Angelina wasn’t likely to be aware of that. Instead of settling the score with one enemy, Cho’s little plot might actually end up making an entirely new one.

“Relax, I’m not mad that you’ve coached her a bit. Nothing wrong with giving the newbies a fighting chance,” the ebony beauty chuckled, breaking the tension before shifting her gaze back to the first-year. “With soft, floppy tits like those, Lav-Lav needs all the help she can get.”

With a low, angry growl the curvy blonde stepped closer, no doubt intending to make her opponent regret that last remark. Lavender’s advance came to sudden stop, however, as Angelina quickly jumped forward and grabbed the younger girl by the shoulders. A collective intake of breath traveled through the room, and I watched the black beauty wrap her toned arms around the pretty blonde, trapping her. The first-year let out a groan of surprised discomfort as their chests met, the large, firm tits of her rival forcing Lavender’s boobs to push out visibly. The look of apprehension was clearly visible on the blonde’s face while she struggled to escape, and I thought I heard Alicia and Katie yell something. Their gang leader seemed to have registered the encouragement as well, a strained smile appearing on the ebony beauty’s lips as she tightened her hold on the trapped firsty. Angelina’s dark eyes were glued to Lavender’s greenish counterparts as she began to taunt her younger rival.

“Struggle all you want, little blondie,” the sporty black girl grunted, her voice sounding somewhat constrained from the effort of maintaining her grip. “I’ve got you all wrapped up. Feel those soft, pillowy boobs making way for my firmer set? You’re even weaker than I thought,” she hissed in a menacing tone, obviously enjoying Lavender’s squirming. While it did look like the blonde’s slightly smaller rack had lost quite a bit of real estate, Angelina’s jugs weren’t quite flattening them just yet. I watched the coffee-coloured orbs strain against Lavender’s lighter boobs, molding and compressing impressively as they sought to push through the opposing breastmeat.

The busty blonde grunted and groaned at the sensation of Angelina’s dense, hard jugs trying to invade her own, thrashing around as she struggled to escape the hug. I saw the ebony beauty’s toned shoulders tighten, successfully securing the embrace. It was fairly obvious to me that the blonde firsty wouldn’t be able overpower the bigger, much more muscular black girl, and I wondered if the match was already coming to a close. Lavender’s boobs were losing their round shape and ballooning out from the center, and I could see Angelina’s bigger bust start to take over the space between them. The progress was admittedly slow, and the black girl had to work hard for every millimetre she gained against her rival’s surprisingly solid pair, but I didn’t see how Lavender could turn things around. The dark fitness babe had her victim exactly where she wanted her, crushing the cute and curvavious first-year like a python did its prey.

Strangely enough, what saved the blonde from certain destruction was something snakes don’t have. Perspiration. The girls’ intense tit-to-tit action, which must’ve lasted for good five minutes, maybe more, had gotten both fighters rather sweaty. And for all her athleticism and strength, the ebony beauty was still very much human. Busy admiring the way Angelina’s dark brown skin glistened in the bright light, I almost missed the first signs.

As the curvacious blonde continued to shift and turn as much as she could, her soft, feminine form yielded slightly beneath Angelina’s toned arms, forcing the black girl to pour more and more power into maintaining her hold. Slowly but surely, Lavender began to slide lower. It took a moment for Angelina to notice the change, and once she did, I could see her arms starting to tremble with exertion, their slippery bodies making it inceasingly difficult for the black girl keep her opponent in place. Each young woman let out soft grunts as they struggled against the other, and I took a moment to stare at the two pairs of large, supple tits continuing to mold together even as their owners had to divert their attention elsewhere.

After a while, and despite Angelina’s best efforts, the blonde managed to squirm and slide her way out of the embrace. She quickly stepped back, retreating away from the toned ebony beauty and doing her best to regroup. Lavender’s face seemed to betray both relief and concern in equal measure, the firsty having clearly been rattled by the ebony beauty’s powerful tits and body. Angelina, too, kept her distance for the moment, using the opportunity to catch her breath. She’d expended a lot of energy in her attempt to squeeze the life out her busty rival, and the third-year looked exceedingly annoyed that it hadn’t paid off.

“Don’t think I’m done with you, Barbie,” Angelina hissed after a while, cupping her large, coffee-coloured orbs and lifting them up, showcasing their impressive heft and firmness for everyone. “Take a good look at the beauties that’ll crush your puny set in just moment. Those flabby things are on their last legs.” Personally, I couldn’t see a major change in either set, though the blonde’s lighter boobs had of course reddened more obviously in the bearhug.

“Fuck you, muscle bitch,” Lavender spat, looking up at the older girl and taking a step towards her. “I’m going to beat those ugly, brown sacks flat. You’ll be eating them off a plate tomorrow.”

“Hah, I’d like to see you try, firsty,” the ebony beauty laughed confidently. “Your saggy udders don’t stand a chance against me,” she added, shaking her head. “I could feel them oozing around my firmer tits. Your set is just as weak and cushy as the rest of you.”

Angelina looked on with barely disguised glee as Lavender’s face grew hot, her eyes flashing with anger. The younger girl was staring daggers at her opponent, clearly incensed by Angelina’s superior tone and mocking. Not that I could blame her, really. “You think your precious boobs are too much for me, huh?” Lavender growled, her earlier concern now fully replaced by a more powerful emotion. “Well think again!”

Faster than I would’ve thought she could move, the cute first-year leapt at her opponent. Evidently just as surprised by the sudden lunge, the black girl took Lavender’s boob slam straight on. I saw Angelina’s substantial rack splash out violently, and her deep groan almost completely drowned out Lavender’s less pronounced grunt. While the blonde’s teats also lost most of their round shape, the bigger jugs had displaced much more severely. Lavender seemed to allow herself a spiteful smile as she took in Angelina’s stunned look. The athletic black beauty, who had just moments earlier dismissed the firsty’s smaller boobs, appeared shocked to feel Lavender’s rack flattening her proud orbs. The young blonde, for her part, didn’t wait for Angelina to regain her senses, instead choosing to exploit her opponent’s momentary stillness to follow through with half a dozen powerful tit-slaps.

The younger girl seemed to be drawing on every bit of experience she’d gained from battling Fleur, Padma and Alicia’s firm racks, and while Angelina’s jugs were bigger than the first-year’s, the difference was relatively minor. The black beauty had at most half a cup size on Lavender, probably not even that. But unlike more top-heavy girls like Daphne or Pansy, she was also impressively firm.

The curvy blonde appeared to be determined to fix that state of affairs, and I watched Lavender set her jaw as she launched several quick jabs into the opposing pair. The firsty began peppering Angelina’s famously powerful boobs with a flurry of blows, making the coffee-coloured flesh ripple and wave violently, and causing the athletic third-year to grunt and groan while her jugs absorbed the vicious assault.

I watched Angelina try to grab the blonde into another tight embrace, but to her clear irritation, Lavender managed to fall back just in time, dancing away from the bigger-chested girl. Most likely because of her weariness from that exerting bearhug, it seemed that Angelina was slower than usual, reacting just a fraction of a second too late to trap her smaller rival. The curvacious blonde had never struck me as the sporty type, but looking at her now, I reckoned she must’ve at least taken some dance classes before. Lavender’s movements were quick and measured, and one definitely couldn’t describe her as appearing clumsy. I guess I could picture her doing zumba or something.

With a loud roar, the full-figured firsty charged her opponent, forcing the black girl back a few steps. Angelina winced mightily as her dense titflesh compressed against the opposing flesh, and Lavender pressed her advantage, sending yet another salvo of fast jabs into the ebony beauty’s shaking rack. This time the first-year didn’t attempt to withdraw between her assaults, instead opting to grab Angelina’s upper arms and pulling them to the sides. For a moment, it was unclear if the third-year even realized she’d been caught in a hold. Lavender was slamming her boobs into the older girl’s ample rack with impressive frequency, alternating with rapid lefts and rights, and causing Angelina’s tits to quiver on her chest. The black girl’s breath was coming out as a giant moan.

Just when it was starting to look like Lavender’s violent but undeniably effective approach might actually get the best of her bewildered opponent, Angelina began to struggle against the embrace. Though Lavender tried to stall her, the toned black girl simply forced her arms between them, her dark, visibly muscled limbs bulging with power. With a angry grunt, Angelina shoved Lavender away, and I swallowed as I saw the murderous look she was giving to the young blonde. Angelina quickly brought her hands to her jugs, starting to rub the sore, tenderized flesh.

“Aww, I hope I didn’t hurt your poor, mushy udders, Angie?” Lavender smirked, bouncing her own pair gently as she watched the black girl’s fuming gaze return to her face. “Normally I might’ve accepted your surrender right now, but an arrogant has-been like yourself would probably prefer to do this the hard way. And, to be honest, it’ll be my pleasure to crush your overrated tits in front of everyone.”

Angelina let go of her large boobs, letting them bounce down with a thud and thrusting them out while she stared at the blonde evenly. While her skin-tone did show some discolouration, splotches of dark brown having appeared on the girl’s usual coffee-coloured tone, there was little change in shape, and the ebony girl’s heavy orbs continued to sit high on her chest. “Big mistake, Blondie,” she hissed. “Your saggy little boobs are as good as gone. I’m going to turn them into jello, and then feed ’em to you.” Angelina spat, moving her hands to her hips and taking a step forward. Lavender met her challenge, craning her neck mockingly.

“Oh, bitch please. We both know how this is going to end. With you on your knees, licking my better boobs while I make out with your boyfriend,” the first-year taunted, stretching her back to give the beefy, handsome guy in question a better look of her ample assets. “Or should I say EX-boyfriend, this stud looks like he might be interested in upgrading,” Lavender seemed to have gained even more bravado with her latest assault, and Angelina approached the blonde bombshell warily. I doubted the black girl would make the mistake of underestimating her opponent again.

At almost exactly the same time, both women slammed forward. Angelina grunted as the shot from Lavender sent her big jugs quivering over her chest, but the impact also sent shockwaves over the younger girl’s round tits, and Lavender’s face tightened noticeably. The toned ebony girl seemed to pick up on it, and quickly shoved her jugs forward again, mashing her big globes against Lavender’s full teats. The first-year groaned as Angelina’s firm breasts displaced much of her slightly smaller boobs, sending a splash of wobbling titflesh out. Lavender’s round mammaries regained their form when Angelina pulled away, but the feeling of her opponent’s rack yielding to her own jugs seemed to have brought a smile back to the athletic black girl’s face.

Before Angelina had time to think of a suitable taunt, however, Lavender struck back. The crowd stared in rapt attention as the busty blonde bimbo slammed her rack forward, hitting the ebony beauty head-on. As the firsty’s supple tits smacked into Angelina’s larger orbs, waves of flesh rolled across each set. Angelina grunted and withdrew a step, which apparently was exactly what Lavender wanted. The younger girl slid forward, this time bringing her full tits into Angelina’s heavy mammaries from below. Both girls’ boobs flattened impressively, but it was the underside of the sporty black girl’s globes that took the brunt of the damage.

Angelina’s face was a mask of discomfort and frustration, but she swung her own thick boobs at Lavender. The less chesty girl darted down, pulling her tits out of the way and causing Angelina’s heavy jugs to miss. The ebony girl’s big, heavy jugs elongated impressively before smacking down against her ribs, and Angelina let out an angry hiss. Just as she opened her mouth to voice her opinion on Lavender’s sneaky tactics, the curvacious blonde’s tits seemed to appear from nowhere, crashing into Angelina’s boobs from the left.

Lavender dragged her tits over Angelina’s, their combined titflesh compressing and condensing between the two young women. The amount of displaced breastmeat seemed to once again confirm that Angelina was the slightly firmer of the two, even as Lavender’s round boobs slid up and over, but the look on both women’s faces indicated that the move was just as uncomfortable for the third-year. Angelina thrust forward, attempting to push her tits into her opponent’s set, but Lavender scooted back and managed to avoid the brunt of the impact.

Soon, she was once again peppering Angelina’s large, dense jugs with slaps and jabs, then moving away before Angelina could strike back. The more muscular fighter tried to launch a slam of her own, but Lavender stepped to the side as the black girl lunged forward. I watched Lavender twist her nicely rounded hips, adding more torque to a direct hit on Angelina’s right tit. The busty blonde managed to land another blow, seemingly slapping her opponent’s larger tits around at will. It did look look like the younger woman might be getting out of breath, however. While Lavender was in reasonably good shape – quite a lot better than I’d anticipated, in fact – and had clearly been training intensely with Cho for this tournament, her stamina still had its limits.

“Fuck yeah, I think I’ll just pound these floppy bags away,” Lavender panted, smirking despite the exertion. “We can both feel it, can’t we, Saggy Tits? My younger breasts are turning your old, wrinkly sacks into mush.” Angelina groaned as another blow rocked her jugs, reeling at the painful sensation that had to be emanating from her sore flesh. “I can’t wait to flatten your big, bad tits, Angie,” the first-year continued, licking her lips as she admired the way her rival’s meaty breasts jiggled from the blow. I watched her take a small step back, presumably to make sure Angelina couldn’t interrupt her gloating with a well-placed return jab. “You’re not the first black girl whose pride and joy I’ve tamed, but definitely hotter than the last one. I bet you’ll be better in the sack, too,” Lavender winked, grinning cockily.

“Hah, as if a fat little blondie like you could take me in bed any more than you can here on the mat,” Angelina shot back dismissively, clearly enjoying the way Lavender’s eyes hardened at the dig about her weight. While the first-year wasn’t at all too meaty for my tastes, the contrast between her soft, curvacious figure and Angelina’s sinewy body was difficult not to notice. The statuesque ebony girl grinned, running her hands lazily across her tight, toned stomach and thick thighs while she sneered at her less-than-athletic opponent.

“You want this, don’t you, Barbie? Can’t say I’m surprised,” she murmured seductively. “Everyone does. It’s just too bad that after my big, perfect chocolate orbs have crushed your pitiful set, I’ll have a lot better-looking blonde to pleasure me tonight.” I saw Angelina’s dark eyes find Fleur’s blue ones, and watched my girlfriend meet her old rival’s gaze evenly. The French beauty kept her face impassive, but I could tell from her quickened breathing that she was more than a little aroused. Fleur’s quick release after her fight with Ginny hadn’t been nearly enough to satisfy the modelesque blonde.

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen the way you look at me, Fleurie dear,” the black girl called out, bouncing her big, round jugs and licking her plump lips teasingly. “You’ve been lusting after this hard, black body for months, staring at my perfect ass in the showers and hoping for a taste. Don’t worry, you’ll get to suckle on all of this soon enough. I might even let you and Ced eat me out together,” she added with a smirk, causing my throbbing cock to jump at the strangely arousing mental image. My girlfriend didn’t bother with a reply, instead concentrating on glaring back at the ebony beauty as she struggled to keep her cool. Everyone knew that the French blonde swung both ways, and would therefore almost certainly have fantasized about bedding the dark-skinned babe. Angelina grinned.

“Flattening Lav-Lav’s weak little sacks shouldn’t take much longer, and anyone can see that your precious tits are just about ready to pancake. That spunky little redhead really did a number on ’em,” Angelina continued, smirking in Ginny’s general direction. I couldn’t see the sporty redhead’s response, but Angelina quickly turned back towards Fleur. As the French girl was still topless, her sore, bruised boobs were on full display. They hung appreciably lower on her chest than usual, the normally firm flesh visibly softened by the beating they’d taken from Ginny’s rock-hard tits.

“I promise I’ll be gentle,” Angelina cooed gleefully as she drank in the French blonde’s now somewhat droopy set. “When grinding your proud udders flat, that is. I won’t make any promises about what I’ll do to you afterwards,” the black girl added with a menacing grin, earning several hoots and whistles from the audience. “Get ready to spend the night as the champion’s slave, Frenchy. We’re gonna have so much fun.”

Fleur regarded the dark-skinned third-year coolly, carefully masking any apprehension she might’ve felt. Because I certainly did feel some. Angelina was an undeniably intimidating young woman, her muscle-packed body looking just as powerful as her big, firm tits did. She’d tamed quite a few girls with them over the years, both on the mat and between the sheets. Her most recent ‘double victim’ was the volleyball hottie Megan who’d thought she could handle the ebony goddess, only to end up paying a heavy price for her overconfidence. If the rumours about the stakes later that night were true, I doubted Angelina would be getting another challenge from her classmate anytime soon.

Lavender, however, seemed unfazed as she interrupted the older girl’s taunts with an indignant snort.

“Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? Last I checked, your saggy mammaries were getting knocked around by my better jugs,” the blonde called out, dragging Angelina’s attention back to herself. “And lets not forget that unlike you, I’ve actually held the crown before. After taking it from Fleur’s fluffy, overconfident pillows. You know, the same ones that have beat yours time and time again,” Lavender pointed out mockingly, smirking at the giggles that followed her very public put-down. “Maybe I should just crush your tits right here and now, so I can humiliate the Frenchy some more.”

“Would you like that, Fleur?” the pretty, full-figured blonde asked loudly, apparently unable to resist the temptation to have her own go at riling up the modelesque French girl. “I bet you’d love to see those big jugs making way for mine again. Remember how good it felt? My awesome boobs slowly pushing their way into to your overwhelmed, slowly softening udders?” Lavender said in a husky tone, touching her nipples and staring into my girlfriend’s eyes intently. “It’s going to be so fucking hot, Fleur. My body taking over yours, conquering your lesser pair and making it mine, for the second time in a row. I’m gonna break you for good tonight,” she breathed out confidently, flashing my seething girlfriend one last smirk before turning back towards the mat.

“Right after I’ve thrashed Angie and her sad, old udders, of course.”

“Yeah right, Blondie.” Angelina spat angrily. “Those bouncy boobs will melt against my firmer set like the marshmallows they are. No firsty has ever beaten me, and you sure as hell aren’t going to change that.”

Though it did sound like a pretty bold claim, the athletic black girl wasn’t just boasting. Even back when she and I were still innocent little first-years, Angelina had only ever lost to girls older and more experienced than herself. By her first Spring just a handful of skilled fighters had been able to hold the ebony beauty off, and she’d been broadly viewed as a champion-in-waiting, having to only wait for her predecessors to graduate in order to receive the crown. Not that she really would’ve, I knew Angelina to be far too impatient – and proud – to just bide her time onto the throne. In any case, that’d all been before Fleur. The French blonde’s sudden arrival at the start of our second year shook up the entire scene, much to both Angelina and Penelope’s consternation. To be fair, the rest of the girls hadn’t too happy either, though for a slightly different reason; the drop-dead gorgeous newcomer with a sexy foreign accent stole practically all male attention, something that hadn’t really changed even after Fleur and I got together.

Shaking my head as I tried to return to Earth, I noticed that Lavender and Angelina had begun to circle each other once again, their break slash verbal exchange apparently over. While my mind slowly cleared, I took the opportunity to cauge their racks. Lavender’s tits had gone from pink to angry red, while Angelina’s slightly larger mammaries looked equally blotchy and sore. Both sets had lost some of their visible firmness, and there was no doubt they’d have some pretty spectacular bruising in the morning.

Angelina and Lavender soon resumed their earlier slug-fest, continuing to throw powerful blows into their opponent’s ample chests. At times, the girls pushed into each other, knocking themselves back a step and taunting their rival with smug sneers. After a minute or two of equally painful exchanges, the girls turned things up a notch, backing several steps to gain momentum. Their next blow was an explosive one. Both pairs of breasts bounced away at the point of impact with a loud smack. They staggered back, groaning, but kept bashing their tits into the opposing rack, forcing their breasts to meet head on. With the added momentum, both sets flattened significantly.

“That’s more like it, you dumb fucking slut,” Angelina hissed after recovering from the last blow, lunging forward again.

I saw Lavender begin to move a second too late, and as the girls met once more, heard her let out a pained moan as their meaty mammaries spread against the other pair. The curvy first-year closed her eyes tightly, trying to back up for another slam, but was stopped in her tracks. I noticed Angelina’s toned arms close around the blonde’s back, and watched as Lavender quickly mirrored the move.

The fight continued as the girls began dragging their tits over the other pair. Lavender’s lighter jugs flowed up and down, and Angelina’s larger boobs rolled over and under hers. Their nipples pushed in the opposing titflesh, scraping and stabbing as they continued the slow swipes. One breast would seem to begin to yield, but then spring back into shape as the opposing breast fell victim to the pressure. Slowly but surely, the force both busty women were using began to increase, and after a few moments, their breasts were slamming into each other.

“How’d you like that, Big Tits?” Lavender asked with a grunt, slamming her sizable pair into Angelina’s firm, proud orbs.

“You’re going down, Bimbo,” Angelina growled back at the young firsty, unleashing an attack at Lavender’s round teats. The blow knocked the girl’s somewhat less expansive boobs across her chest, causing Lavender to groan. She retaliated quickly enough though, throwing her boobs against the dark-skinned girl’s heavy set. I watched as Lavender took a moment to grind them into the tops of her rival’s slightly larger teats, causing Angelina’s ample flesh to spill down and out as it welcomed the blonde’s pair. Neither girl seemed to bother with protecting their own breasts, instead focusing on dishing out pain. They had another back and forth salvo, tits knocking into tits with loud crashes that reverberated through the room. Because of the nature of their contact, it was impossible to tell whose set gave more, but based on their faces, both were feeling the attacks equally.

With simultaneous grunts, the girls moved to a squeezing battle, their arms clenching and relaxing in rhythm. At times, Angelina and Lavender didn’t meet tit-to-tit, but rather had one boob trapped in the other’s cleavage, doing their best to squeeze the opposing teat into mush. They continued applying more and more pressure, their glistening, sweaty globes gliding across the opposing chest, each set trying to push their rival’s flesh away and wobbling from the sheer force of the contest.

“Can you feel me crushing your pride and joy, bitch?” Lavender hissed, an unfriendly sneer on her pretty, round face. “Those overrated balloons are going to burst any moment now.”

“Keep dreaming, little girl,” her dark-skinned opponent grunted. “Your plump titties are no match for mine. You should quit before I grind them to paste.”

Lavender and Angelina began leaning back and forth, their continued pressure forcing grunts of discomfort and pain from each girl’s mouth. Both fighters were sweating profusedly, making it close to impossible to keep their rival’s tit trapped for any prolonged period of time. I saw Lavender’s boob plop out of Angelina’s deep cleavage, and watched as the blonde started to shift around, twisting her torso from left to right and shoving her set into the opposing mammaries from the sides. I couldn’t be entirely sure if the younger girl was trying to escape the embrace or to just find a better position from which to attack her opponent’s big boobs, but judging by the way Lavender’s maneuver seemed to be causing Angelina’s thick, heavy jugs to wave and ripple, I suspected it was the latter.

The toned black girl struggled against Lavender’s grip, trying to slide out, before opting to slam forward. I couldn’t prevent a small wince at the first-year’s loud groan as she felt Angelina’s massive breasts invade her space, and I saw both girls’ eyes slide down to watch the busty blonde’s tits make way for the larger pair. Lavender fought back gamely, shoving her young boobs against Angelina’s. This time, both sets seemed to be spreading out rather equally, and Angelina’s jaw tightened visibly.

It was obvious to everyone that the black girl had at some point lost the small edge she’d held in apparent firmness, Lavender’s dense inner tissue once again showing its resilience. The blonde’s supple teats had taken the fight to Fleur’s large, pert set – as well as Padma’s solid tits before them – in a very similar manner, and it looked like Angelina’s jugs might be next in line to succumb to their deceptive strength.

Glancing at the audience, I could see several girls observing the action with impressed admiration. Very few pairs had given Angelina’s set this much trouble, and the older students in particular were used to seeing the statuesque black girl dominate most of her opponents. After all, they tended to be either smaller, softer or less experienced than the third-year was. The blonde firsty facing her now was supposed to be all three, and yet refused to go down.

Lavender flashed the toned ebony beaty a quick smirk before positioning her slightly more compact set below Angelina’s. The young blonde kept her eyes on her opponent’s as she began to drag her boobs upward, lifting the heavier rack with them. I heard Angelina’s surprised gasp at the sensation, and watched as Lavender kept their two sets of breasts pushed up for a moment before pulling away and letting the black girl’s big tits fall back to her chest with a dull thud. Angelina grunted as her tits came crashing down, and the girl’s dark, smokey eyes narrowed.

“Fine, I guess you’re not as flabby as you look,” she admitted grudgingly. “But don’t think that’ll be enough here. My jugs are both bigger and better than yours.”

With that, Angelina slammed forward. As the girls were still holding each other, Lavender had no way to evade the blow, gasping in both surprise and pain. The two full, firm pairs of breasts splashed outward, and while Lavender’s receiving set gave more, the move also caused Angelina’s thick jugs to push out noticeably, their tissue worn down by the cute blonde’s precision attacks. It seemed that the first-year could feel Angelina’s huge mammaries slowly loosing their resistance, and went on the offensive again, throwing two more punches that sent her opponent’s heavy jugs flopping over her chest. While she was clearly getting winded, the young blonde was doing far too well to even think about taking a rest right now.

“Come on, Miss Titty,” Lavender panted, pushing her smaller boobs into Angelina’s and giving the beefy black girl a quick chest bump. “Don’t tell me that’s all you’ve got?” The sudden attack obviously stung, and the third-year grabbed Lavender’s shoulders and pushed her away with a grunt. The blonde grinned, taking Angelina’s reaction as a sign of weakness. The older girl’s large jugs were moving quite a bit more freely than before, and although Lavender’s own boobs didn’t weren’t doing any better, bouncing and wobbling around her chest, the change from their normal state didn’t appear to be quite as marked. Angelina, in spite of her sporty looks and visible definition, almost seemed to be running out of steam. Then again, I knew that the girl’s body was built for explosive strength rather than endurance, and had to burn energy and oxygen like crazy.

But even if she did appear to be tiring, the black goddess was far from spent. I watched Angelina’s toned arms glisten in the bright lighting as she gripped Lavender’s hands with her own, ensuring that their fingers locked. She raised both arms over their heads and then rolled her shoulders, slamming her powerful tits into Lavender’s boobs straight on. I could see both racks splay outwards, the tenderized flesh flattening across their ribcages.

“Oh, fuck!” Lavender wailed, cursing her own carelessness. I watched her ample tits quiver, their flesh parting for a moment and regaining their shape only after the opposing pair of thick, coffee-brown jugs withdrew. To me, the blonde looked every bit as drained as her rival, maybe even more so, panting noticeably as she tried to shield her rack from further abuse. Lavender’s evasion attempt was only partially successful, and I saw her left boob receive a painful slap from the black girl’s right mammary. Lavender let out a hiss at the contact, retreating back a step.

“Yeah, that’s it Barbie, run to mommy,” Angelina laughed between breaths, the violent blows having taken their toll on the third-year as well. “The big, mean black girl is about to beat those weak little boobs right off your chest.”

“Keep telling that to yourself, you saggy bitch,” Lavender shot back, kneading her reddened tits carefully. Angelina, likewise, took the opportunity to cup her own rack and nurse the sore flesh. And to be fair, the cute first-year had managed to give her older and more seasoned opponent a serious beating, using her smaller, seemingly more pliable bust to very good effect and forcing the athletic black girl on the defensive time and time again. While Lavender’s comfy, feminine boobs might not look quite as dense or dangerous as some others, there was no denying that they could deal out a lot of punishment.

For the next few minutes, the girls continued to swing tits. Each pair seemed to flatten at the point of impact, but regained its round, full form quickly enough. In terms of shape the two racks were very similar, especially now that they’d loosened up from their normal state, and although Angelina’s globes were certainly a bit larger than Lavender’s set, the difference wasn’t all that significant.

Watching the cute first-year’s best assets spar with their coffee-coloured opponents, I let my mind wander back to the night I’d spent together with Lavender, right after her win over my girlfriend. The blonde’s nice, round boobs were definitely bigger than average, and looked very, very attractive. Delectable even. But so did Angelina’s slightly perkier and even more expansive jugs. All in all, Lavender’s soft, girly looks contrasted well with the black girl’s firm and toned physique.

The entire audience stared as the athletic ebony babe and the curvy blonde used their meaty breasts to hammer the other pair with violent blows, taking turns to taunt their opponent after a particularly painful hit. The protracted battle was steadily taking its toll, but neither girl seemed to have gained any discernible advantage.

The steady smacking of titflesh echoed throughout the room, and the two young women, no doubt frustrated with the lack of effectiveness of their attacks, began some alteration to their strategy. One of the girls would push her chest forward into the opposing pair of boobs, forcing them to spead out for a moment before the other would respond in kind. Both sets of softening breasts compressed at the point of impact, yielding some ground, but no significant progress was being made. Still, for Lavender their current stalemate was an improvement over the inital situation, where Angelina’s firm, hefty jugs had been holding their shape a bit better than the blonde’s smaller boobs did. Now, her youthful tits were meeting the third-year’s thick chocolate orbs evenly.

Angelina, who seemed to be well aware of that less-than-encouraging fact, shook her arms loose from Lavender’s grasp and immediately wrapped them around the center of the busty blonde’s back. I saw Lavender respond in kind, and looked on as the fighters pulled each other into a tight bearhug. The girls’ big jugs pushed into each other, molding and compressing. Lavender’s smaller tits pushed against Angelina’s, and the line between their battling breasts fluctuated just noticeably, moving back and forth between the powerful boobs between them. Neither well-endowed young woman seemed to have the lead in their close boob-grind, and I noticed Angelina glance up at Lavender’s face. If she was hoping to see the tell-tale signs of a woman about to feel her breasts fail, she was sorely disappointed.

“What’s the matter, muscle bitch?” Lavender sneered, offering the sporty third-year a strained smile as she began to taunt her. “Are those big, arrogant tits getting tired already? It’s about time you and Fleur’s elderly udders made way for fresh talent,” she added, glancing towards the crowd briefly. “Ooh, your guy Gareth looks like he’s almost ready to pop. Nice package, gotta admit. Would you like to watch me drain him after we’re done here? Or maybe I should make him blow his load on your jiggly, loose sacks instead?”

With a low growl, Angelina responded by tightening her hold, pulling the two ample sets even tighter together and forcing an impressive amount of yielding titflesh to billow out. Both girls groaned at the sensation, feeling their dense breasts get shoved further and further out to the sides, molding much more freely than at the beginning. Still, neither seemed willing to give up the fight.

“Who’s getting flattened now, Lav-Lav?” Angelina hissed, clenching her toned limbs. “My stronger, firmer boobs are squashing your puny set.”

“The fuck they are,” Lavender panted between her own grunts, doing her best to increase the pressure. The girls began alternately pumping their arms, adding pressure to the hug. Each pump resulted in a corresponding moan from the other girl as the pressure burrowed one pair of tits into the other. The hold lasted for some time, pushing Lavender’s big boobs against Angelina’s even larger mammaries.

Taking a deep breath, the first-year pulled her boobs up, sliding them on on top of Angelina’s larger jugs and forcing the firm, round orbs to compress as they struggled to support both meaty pairs. “Get your pathetic little boobs off my rack before I-” Angelina started to grunt as Lavender brought her tits up and over, trying to shove them into the bigger orbs from above. The older student’s threat was cut off when Lavender twisted her hips, rubbing her dense boobs into the set below. Angelina could apparently feel her opponent’s grinding move push more and more of her firm flesh away, the first-year scraping her round tits across Angelina’s more substantial chest. The toned black girl groaned, but returned the favor, shoving her rack up and into Lavender’s boobs and lifting them towards the frustrated blonde’s face. Lavender cursed at the unpleasant sensation, but redoubled her own efforts and pushed her tits down, trying to force Angelina’s round teats to move downward.

Both young women grunted and groaned in unison, their flesh distending and shifting as each pair continued their battle for supremacy. I heard Lavender groan as her smaller teats strained against Angelina’s, their proud orbs shifting and molding. Both women were wincing with each pass, their tits now slapping and stretching across one another. Angelina’s left breast pushed down and out, slightly toward her hip as Lavender’s stacked up, dropping with a bounce. Each girl pushed and shoved, pulling her own meaty jugs on top before the other reclaimed the top position.

“Gonna have to grind harder than that if you want to beat me, Blondie,” Angelina sneered, though her face betrayed a great deal of discomfort. “If your floppy jugs can even handle any more pressure, that is. They seem to be fading quickly.”

“Oh, I’d be more worried about your own soft, brown udders if I were you,” Lavender snapped back, looking tired but all the same determined. “Let’s see how much longer ’til they flatten completely.”

I’d seen the busty young blonde match her sizable tits with several other top-tier girls before, managing to defeat both Padma and Alicia’s proud boobs after some long and closely contested matches. Even my girlfriend’s perfect, then-untamed orbs had ultimately lost to Lavender’s set. Although I wanted to think that particular shock result had a lot to do with the beating Fleur had taken from Susan’s monster mammaries just a week earlier, watching the blonde firsty spar with my girlfriend’s long-time nemesis now, it was clear that Lavender’s big boobs were plenty dangerous enough on their own. The curvy bimbo was currently giving a very powerful pair of breasts a run for its money, meeting Angelina’s rack blow-for-blow and forcing the intensely proud ebony woman to fight back with everything she had. The match must’ve lasted for close to half an hour, and I wondered how much longer they could go on. Despite her impressive musculature Angelina wasn’t really an endurance athlete, and Lavender, while obviously in much better shape than you’d have guessed, was starting to get visibly out of breath.

Clearly fatigued, Angelina and Lavender grabbed each other by the waist, pushing, shifting and slowly grinding away, each no doubt hoping to feel the other’s pair give way to their own. I watched Angelina wrap her toned arms around the small of Lavender’s back and thrust forward, slamming her ample tits into Lavender’s pair and causing both racks to billow out severely. Lavender’s pushed back, returning the favor with a quick succession of blows, and sending both pairs into wild ripples, their young, supple flesh waving around.

Each fighter groaned as their mammaries compressed impressively, the normally firm breastmeat yielding and losing its rounded shape. Angelina’s attractive face was now showing clear signs of pain, and I noticed her stealing quick, worried glances at their straining chests. Was the toned ebony goddess, widely feared and respected by her peers, feeling her famous rack start to give way to Lavender’s full, solid mounds? Fleur had described the unsettling sensation to me rather vividly, not sparing even the smallest of details while she’d recounted her own experience. As her perfect pair had slowly surrendered to the blonde bimbo’s best assets, the foremost emotion, according to my girlfriend, had been intense, all-consuming shock. Embarrassment and shame had followed only later.

I saw Angelina stop thrusting for a moment, only to have the blonde firsty push her boobs into the older girl’s large set with all her strength. I had to fight the urge to start rubbing my engorged member, knowing it was ready to go off at the slightest touch, and held my breath as the ebony student moaned, the mass of Lavender’s full tits rolling against her own bosom. Angelina’s big, powerful jugs were displaced noticeably, pushing both inward and to the sides, and the girl was clearly in serious discomfort. But Lavender’s grimace revealed that she, too, felt her own pair flattening, the blonde’s ample boobs spreading across her chest as they began to buckle under the immense pressure. The crowd simply stared, transfixed, as each contestant tightened their back and forced more of their quickly softening flesh together, thrusting forward in a frantic effort to flatten the opposing pair. My rock-hard erection practically pulsating against the fabric of my trousers, I watched two women stare into one another’s eyes. Angelina and Lavender’s faces were indentical masks of pain and exhaustion, but in their eyes one could also see the fiery resolve that prevented them from backing down. There was way too much on the line.

“Nnnh,” I heard Lavender’s panting, muffled grunt as the curvy blonde leaned her forehead against Angelina’s. Each young woman was completely drenched in sweat, and their heavy breathing came out in slow gasps. Angelina’s dark, smokey eyes, which I only then realized had been closed for a moment, fluttered open, blinking lazily for a moment while she struggled to regain her bearings. As the black girl looked down, her face fell.

“No fucking way,” she breathed.

The grueling battle of bosoms had at long last reached its conclusion, and low murmurs travelled across the room as the crowd took in the sight. Angelina’s famous boobs were now molding around the blonde’s slightly smaller set, losing more and more of their spherical shape as they flattened against the competing chest. It’s just that they weren’t the only ones doing that. Lavender’s breasts, too, were pancaking, yielding to the coffee-coloured flesh of her rival. Both pairs of big, firm breasts seemed to be quite simply melting against each other, and the two fighters’ shocked expressions mirrored each other perfectly. Lavender let out a loud gasp as she watched her tits fail her, the once sturdy flesh caving in, waving and swimming across her chest. I could also hear Angelina’s soft moan as she felt her rack surrender to the firsty’s smaller set, the ebony beauty’s prodigious chest flattening and spreading out like a puddle of half-melted butter.

The entire student population sat in stunned silence, eyes wide with disbelief as we watched Angelina’s jugs mold against Lavender’s equally soft boobs, tender, loosened flesh flowing out lazily in every direction. Even Fleur appeared to be dumbstruck, totally taken aback by the outcome. They’d completely flattened each other! The fighters themselves, if anything, looked even more astonished, staring at their ruined tits with incredulous dismay. In the end, neither set had been able to best the other.

But as rare as a draw might be, there was nothing uncertain about the result. Both pairs of firm, round breasts had met their match and surrendered at the same time, the dense breast tissue in each bust reaching its breaking point simultaneously. As I looked over to Padma, the tournament’s designated referee, I saw the Indian girl standing still, trying to digest the scene in front of her.

How long the moment really lasted, I have no idea. One by one the students seemed to snap out of their stupor, and a buzz of whispers slowly took over the temporarily hushed room. Lavender and Angelina remained locked in their embrace, holding each other’s unmoving torso close while they struggled to come to grips with what had just happened. It was a lot to take in, to be sure. Padma cleared her throat carefully.

“It appears we have a tie,” the girl called out, her voice soft but clearly audible. “Angelina and Lavender have fought each other to a stalemate, and their breasts have proven themselves to be equals to each other.” Murmurs of agreement met her formal announcement, but it was obvious that most were unsure about what this draw would actually mean. I was no exception.

The third-year ebony girl and the blonde firsty slowly extricated themselves from the hug, looking weary as they stumbled back. Lavender, who was still panting heavily, swayed slightly and had to take a small step to regain her balance. Angelina, her breathing now mostly under control, reached out to steady the blonde, and each woman eyed the other cautiously. I had no doubt they’d both gained a newfound respect for their busty rival.

Taking a moment to scrutinize the girls, I could see just how much abuse the two pairs of thick boobs had suffered. Angelina’s big, gorgeous rack was now hanging low on her chest, looking soft, swollen and badly bruised. Pronounced ripples swam across the dark brown titflesh with every intake of breath, and the ebony girl cradled her once powerful jugs in her hands to cauge their condition. Her grimace seemed to confirm my own estimate; utterly wrecked. Lavender’s slightly smaller set wasn’t doing any better, her pretty, cream-coloured boobs having turned bright red and splotchy, drooping considerably almost as if they’d been completely emptied of their youthful firmness. As I looked on, the blonde first-year touched her mammaries gingerly, wincing as even that small movement caused the loose breastmeat to jiggle freely. It was obvious to anyone that both pairs were far too badly hurt to continue.

“Umm… what happens now?” Susan voiced the question that had to be on many people’s minds. I followed the voluptuous redhead’s gaze to my girlfriend, who’d just gotten up from her seat and was starting to make her way towards the mat.

“I would’ve thought that was obvious,” one of the third-year girls responded from the crowd. I saw Megan turn to look at Tracey and Daphne for support before she continued. “Fleur has defeated the previous champion, and Angie and Lavender are now tied just below Ginny. Besides, the rules of the tournament were ‘last tits standing’, no?” the auburn-haired volleyball player asked, getting a small nod of affirmation from Hermione. Both Angelina and Lavender were quick to express their objection, arguing that the final would still need to be fought at a later date, but Padma’s raised hand succeeded in silencing their protests.

“No, Megan’s right,” the Indian said firmly. “Fleur beat the highest-ranking girl, which makes her the new queen. And also overrides her earlier loss against Lavender, since Lav’s the one Ginny took the crown from. You two stand at shared third place,” Padma finished, her tone authoritative and the decision evidently final. I could see several girls nodding their heads in approval, and while Lavender and Angelina didn’t look too happy, they had little choice but to accept the ruling. Neither girl’s tits were in any condition to face Fleur right now, looking visibly worse off than my girlfriend’s own battle-worn set.

“Okay then, I guess congratulations are in order,” Padma offered as she turned towards the French blonde. “The throne is yours once again, Fleur.” The gorgeous French girl smiled, conveying her thanks to the Indian student and letting out a breath she’d been holding, her lean shoulders relaxing. My eyes met Fleur’s for a moment, and the blonde blew me a kiss, laughing at the whistles that followed her gesture.

“Better not get too comfy up there, Frenchy,” Ginny interjected with characteristic pluckiness. “Because the title won’t be yours for long.” She shared a look with the other girls, and I saw Angelina flash the redhead a toothy grin before she turned to my girlfriend.

“Damn right. If Ginger doesn’t get you with her perky little tits, my big jugs will. Heck, even Barbie here could take you down,” the ebony girl added, sneering at the curvacious blonde first-year next to her. Lavender rolled her eyes at the black beauty, giving her a dirty look. “Seriously?” she replied with a huff. “I’m the only one here who HAS flattened her. But sure, I look forward to doing it again next semester. Almost as much as I do to destroying your big, brown sacks in a rematch. You’re going down, muscle bitch. On me.”

Padma’s amused snort seemed to defuse some of the tension, and I saw Fleur crack a grin as Angelina glared at the busty first-year. Being forced to accept a fluffy, blonde bimbo like Lav as her match in the boob department had to be a major blow for the ebony woman’s ego, and I could only imagine how badly Angelina wanted to wipe that sweet, confident smile off Lavender’s face. While she’d avoided my girlfriend’s fate, the statuesque third-year was obviously far from satisfied. Tracey appeared to take the lack of any further verbal jibes as her cue and went to fill in the empty ranking poster hanging on the wall, using a pink marker pen with practiced ease. She paused after the second name, however, craning her neck to glance at Padma.

“Alphabetical order,” the slender Indian girl instructed her fellow second-year. “Previous position doesn’t matter since they had a draw. Their tits are equals now.” Tracey nodded, turning back to the list and resuming her work. As Angelina’s name appeared right under Ginny’s, I noticed the black girl flash Lavender a quick, unfriendly smirk. The pretty blonde narrowed her eyes dangerously but didn’t say anything, both girls choosing to observe the formalities in silence. Once Tracey had stepped away, we all took a moment to study the large sheet of paper.


1. Fleur
2. Ginny
3. Angelina
3. Lavender
5. Padma
6. Alicia
7. Megan
8. Susan
9. Cho

Several girls came down to congratulate the new (and, incidentally, also the old) champion, hugging Fleur carefully so as not to touch her tender rack. I saw Hermione exchange a few words with the French girl before she moved to join Ginny and Luna, wrapping a consoling arm around her friend. To me the sporty redhead looked more annoyed than gloomy, shaking her head wistfully while her eyes shot daggers in my girlfriend’s direction. Susan and Hannah also made their way to the mat, their massive busts wobbling enticingly as they celebrated Fleur’s victory with a small dance. I could feel a goofy grin appear on my face as I watched the display, and the firsties sitting in front of me giggled openly at their more voluptuous classmates. Even the curly-haired girl that’d apparently had her tits thrashed by Susan in the first-year initiation tournament, Romilda I thought her name was, seemed amused. Back on the mat I saw Daphne embrace my girl from behind, the tall, usually haughty blonde grinning widely.

Exactly five weeks after her first-ever titfight loss, my girlfriend once again occupied the top spot. Still, I couldn’t help but feel that Fleur’s position was now far more precarious than before, with three very dangerous adversaries – four, if you counted Susan – itching for a chance to knock the French blonde down from her throne. She’d had two serious rivals last year, Penelope and Angelina, and started this term with really only one challenger to lose sleep over. Keeping the crown until graduation would be anything but easy, but I knew that if anyone could do it, it’d be my gorgeous girlfriend. Fleur’s eleven months of continuous reign were almost unprecedented, and the fact that she’d been only a second-year for most of it made the achievement even more impressive.

“Ready to head back?” my girlfriend’s familiar, distractingly seductive voice brought me back from my thoughts. As I looked up I noticed that she had finally put on a top, shielding her sore but victorious jugs from view. The damage was discernible even through the fabric, though, Fleur’s shirt-covered rack sitting lower than I was used to and having quite a bit more jiggle. Of course, being intimately familiar with the French girl’s perfect tits, the difference was far easier for me to notice. Her face, by contrast, looked just as lovely and alluring as always, and her beautiful blue eyes were burning with desire.

Getting up from my seat – and doing my best to hide the massive hard-on bulging against the front of my trousers – I accepted Fleur’s outstretched hand, giving my girl a winning smile. “Of course, your majesty. The carriage awaits.”

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