Tanya’s First Titfight by Ragnar0k

Author’s Note by Ragnar0k

From what I am given to understand, quite a few people like to fantasise about titfights, even though few have even seen them take place in real life let alone participated in one. I’ve even written a few stories myself that deal with this undoubtedly painful but somewhat erotic form of female combat. But I’ve never had the opportunity to discuss what it feels like for a woman to fight breast to breast in real life before…that is until I met Tanya G recently on a forum.

Twenty-nine year old Tanya informed me that since the age of nineteen she had participated in no fewer than 12 titfights, with different women each time. Although I have no means of verifying the authenticity of the account I am about to relate, I do hope that the tale of Tanya’s First Titfight will entertain at least.

The first part of Tanya’s account is reproduced verbatim from the original conversation that took place on Chatzy…

Ragnar0k: Hi Tanya, it’s so great to meet you and have this opportunity to hear about your titfighting experiences at first hand.

Tanya: Hi Ragnar0k. likewise I’m really looking forward to this.

Ragnar0k: What I write is imagined fantasy pretty much, but I like to ground it with real-life observation when I can.

Tanya: Well mine are real titfighting experiences!

Ragnar0k: That’s fantastic! I’m very interested in anything first hand that you can share: it will also help me to improve the stories I write.

Tanya: The Boarding School Queen series? I loved that.

Ragnar0k: Shall we get started? You said you have been titfighting since you were 19. What prompted the first one?

Tanya: Well, the first one was in my first year of college. It was a classmate of mine called Amber. Her boyfriend got interested in me.

Ragnar0k: How did the challenge take place, and why decide on a TF to settle it?

Tanya: Her boyfriend was a breastman. The only reason he contacted me was because I was a large D cup and so was his girlfriend. She got jealous & asked me to stay away from him. When I refused, she tried to have a catfight by pulling my hair but I scratched her face before we broke it off. Then a few days later she challenged me to a titfight.

Ragnar0k: So, you were both D cups at the time – sounds like a good match up. Were you similar in height as well?

Tanya: No, she was 2 inches smaller.

Ragnar0k: Can you briefly describe both of you, in terms of hair colour, skin tone etc

Tanya: Well, I have long, black hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Curvy but fit body. She had long, brown hair, straight like mine. As for the rest, she was pretty much similar to me, but shorter, as I said. Oh, and my lips were a little fuller.

Ragnar0k: Ok, so how did you feel when the breastman’s girlfriend challenged you to a titfight?

Tanya: Well I knew that she was jealous & I told you that we had a confrontation before she challenged me. But still I was not expecting a titfight.

Ragnar0k: Was it her idea?

Tanya: Yes.

Ragnar0k: You had never had a titfight before, so why did you accept?

Tanya: Out of anger I guess. I didn’t want to back off & give her the satisfaction of being better

Ragnar0k: Do you think she had prior experience of titfights?

Tanya: Yes, she did but I didn’t think of that when I accepted the challenge. I thought that she said that just because we both had big boobs.

Ragnar0k: She was shorter than you: did that feel like an advantage to you when the fight started?

Tanya: Yeah it did, but it certainly wasn’t. I was attacking her upper boobs while she was harming from below. Look, having your boobs pressed from above is quite tolerable whereas someone squeezing them from below is pretty hard to bear.

Ragnar0k: Interesting: as the fight started did you realise her greater experience gave her an advantage?

Tanya: It just filled her with confidence & surety that she could win. And she told me so over and over… in no uncertain terms.

Ragnar0k: Did you feel like backing out ever?

Tanya: No, I never reached that stage. You see when we were about to fight I realized that she was experienced but I still didn’t want to. My anger & frustration were too much.

Ragnar0k: Well, that’s been great background. Now let’s pick the story up as you set off to meet your rival after college…

As I drove to the downtown address Amber W had given me two hours before, I almost pulled over and turned the car right around, wondering if I was doing the right thing. Still just 19 and in my first year of college, I was on my way to my first ever titfight, challenged by a jealous brunette who happened to share one vital statistic in common with me: we were both generous D cups. Amber’s boyfriend Greg, an avowed breastman, had been giving me far more attention lately than his jealous bitch of a girlfriend could tolerate, and she had tried to settle it by catfighting me once already. I put paid to that attempt with a scratch to her face however. I was a determined young woman and being a good two inches taller, we both knew I could pretty much take her in a catfight.

So, Amber had tried a different tack a few days later: coming right up to me after class and angrily challenging me to a titfight. I was also furious, given her wild accusations that I had been trying to steal her boyfriend, and wasn’t about to back down. Amber looked absolutely thrilled when I accepted the challenge, and quickly thrust a piece of paper into my hand. It was the address of an apartment of her friend and she told me to be there after school in less than two hours, so that I wouldn’t have time to change my mind she said.

I only had a general idea what a titfight might entail, but I wasn’t surprised that she had challenged me in this way as we were far and away the best-endowed girls in our class. In fact, we had still not satisfactorily settled which pair of boobs was bigger, firmer, and shapelier (for which read ‘better’ in Greg’s eyes). Although I had once let Greg stroke my chest, he claimed he couldn’t really tell without making a closer inspection (something which I wasn’t going to let happen while he was still making out seriously with Amber). Having already made a direct comparison between the two of us fully clothed however, I’d concluded that my own breasts were slightly fuller than my rivals. And, tonight it seemed, I would find out for real in the flesh…

I sometimes wonder how different my life might have been if I had simply turned the car around instead of continuing to the apartment where Amber lay in wait for me; but I knew I couldn’t live easily with the thought that I had backed down to a rival female who I considered was not as good as me. Plus, I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of being able to go around telling people that I’d yielded without a fight, especially as I was proud of my big breasts and figured that I could take her on whatever happened. I felt slightly nervous as I rang the doorbell of the apartment but excited at the thought of teaching my rival such a good lesson that she would not think to cross me again.

Amber answered the door real quick, and I could see from the excitement in her eyes that she couldn’t wait to fight me. Like me, she was wearing a tight tank top and jeans, and her impressive jugs seemed to stand out even more than usual; our boobs almost touching as she stepped aside to let me squeeze past into the hallway.

“I didn’t think you’d show,” Amber laughed, folding her arms under her chest which had the effect of pushing her big tits up, accentuating them still further.

“Think I’d pass up such a good chance to put you in your place?” I teased, mirroring her by also crossing my arms unconsciously. The put down was virtually ignored by my rival. “But, now you’re here, I’m gonna teach you a lesson you won’t forget for trying to steal my man.”

“Huh?” I feigned surprise at the accusation. “I wasn’t trying anything of the sort. I can hardly help it if your stud likes the look of my tits better than yours, can I?

Amber threw her head back and laughed theatrically at this. “Well, believe me, Greg won’t want to go anywhere near your tits when I’ve finished with them.”

“I don’t think so,” I said, my anger rising as her sure-fire confidence started to make me feel a little intimidated. “My tits are better than yours.”

“Well, we’ll see about that in a minute honey. But first I want you to promise that if you lose to me today, you’ll stay away from Greg in future – even in the unlikely event that he still shows some interest in you.”

Although I was angry at her condescending tone I agreed: after all, why were we here if not to settle the outstanding grievance between us.

Looking smugly satisfied, Amber turned and led me to her friend’s bedroom down the hall where the fight would take place. We said nothing more for a moment as we entered the room, which was sparsely decorated and furnished but contained a good-sized bed. As I said before, it was my first titfight and I don’t mind admitting that I was a little nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. My rival seemed to have a better idea however and, as she was now in a rush to strip her clothes off, I began to copy her and do the same.

Facing each other the whole time we undressed down to our thongs and it was clear by the look on the brunette’s face that she was as amazed as I was as we revealed our near naked bodies to each other for the first time. We were both in pretty good shape for sure, slim but curvy, and I think that Amber was surprised to see the size and firmness of my breasts. But my surprise was greater still: comparing the two of us in class, I had always assumed I was bigger. But, now we were both hanging free, it was clear that Amber’s breasts were slightly larger than my own, if not by much. Even the shape of her breasts was rather awesome and they looked firm, with hardly any sag at all. What was more disconcerting however was the way in which Amber was now staring at my own breasts like a hungry cat about to devour an exceptionally large bowl of cream.

“Well, I have to admit they’re pretty big Tanya honey, but not really a match for mine. And that’s a shame for you, because now my bigger, firmer titties are gonna have some real fun crushing yours into submission.

“Amber! There’s no way you’re gonna win today!” Although I raised my voice defiantly I was already starting to feel threatened by her unshakable confidence.

“No? Well it’s great that you’re still feeling confident, but let’s just get on with the fight so

we can find out who’s tits really are stronger and get this over with.”

I wasn’t even sure at that stage how we would start to fight. So I waited until my rival (who always seemed to know better than I what to do) climbed on the bed and turned to face me, her chest thrust all the way out. At that moment, I noticed Amber’s nipples and areolae were slightly smaller than mine, and a pinker shade to my light brownish ones. But that would be less of an issue in the coming fight than our relative firmness, size and shape. Then, looking up at her face again, I noticed that her lips were slightly parted in anticipation while her eyes blazed at me provocatively.

As I hesitated, unsure what to do, I was concerned that Amber could sense by now that it was my first fight. I didn’t want her to start thinking she had the advantage so I knelt on the bed in front of her and moved in with my chest thrust out, trying to look more confident than I felt.

As we got close, Amber just pushed her boobs into mine. There was no warning, nothing. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was, and my rival took advantage of this, pressing forward so that her tits crushed against mine even as I tried to recover my balance and start pushing back. There was not much pain in the beginning. In fact, I shivered at the first warm skin contact and felt unnaturally excited, elated even, as I began to retaliate; here I was titfighting another girl for the first time and it felt dangerous, also slightly erotic. For those who may not know this, squeezing boobs against another pair is always a turn on and this applies to every girl in the world. All I had to do was to hang in there and, who knows, in the end I might even beat the bitch.

At this stage, Amber’s hands were behind her back and I kept my hands on my hips so that our boobs were the only part of our bodies making contact so far. As we both really began pushing hard our tits rolled around and over each other, squeezing and compressing until we both began to gasp under the unabated sensual pressure.

Just when I was getting used to the rhythm, Amber suddenly changed her line of attack, pulling back slightly before slamming her big chest into mine again with a loud slap. I grunted softly at the impact but didn’t cry out as my tits absorbed the unexpectedly painful blow despite my skin smarting, the hyper-sensitive nerve endings tingling with the aftershock. Then looking me straight in the eye, her lips twisted into a condescending grin, the brunette ducked lower and brought her heavy tits slamming up into mine again, only harder this time.

“Owwww!” This time, my boobs really quivered from the impact and I began to appreciate for the first time the amount of damage that two sets of heavy tits wielded in anger potentially could cause to each other. I was also starting to realise that having the sensitive undersides of your boobs attacked is more painful and debilitating than from the top, something that my opponent already seemed to recognise as she began to concentrate her attack in this way.

Amber managed to get in several more good whacks, sending my tits flying upwards and sideways before I reached out and grasped her shoulders to steady myself, gasping at the growing sensation of erotic pain.

“What’s the matter bitch,” my rival chortled. “Had enough already?”

“No way!” I shouted as I swung my own tits back at hers, trying to mirror the moves she had been using on me. My initial breast swings felt more ungainly than hers, but at least they connected with a nice meaty slap. But before I could really develop a good rhythm of my own Amber countered, sending her tits flying into mine so that our opposing sets of mighty jugs met half way with a sound resembling a minor thunderclap! This time we both groaned sensuously as Amber grabbed my shoulders for the first time and began grinding her boobs into mine.

It was a hot day and as we were fully warmed up we were both sweating a little by now. I could smell Amber’s fresh and quite pleasing body scent under her light perfume and I guessed she could detect mine too. Our breasts were also covered with a fine sheen of sweat which was probably a good thing as it helped reduce the friction as we ground into each other more and more energetically.

I realised that, so far, I had just been copying Amber’s moves and this was probably apparent to her as well. I could tell that she was considerably more experienced than me and I started to fret that I would never be able to get off the back foot and go on the offense with my opponent so far dictating the course, as well as the pace, of the titfighting action.

Meanwhile, the irritating brunette kept looking me in the eye and smiling like she knew she was going to win and it was only a matter of time. She placed her hands on my shoulders as she kept grinding and pushing forward. As both sets of breasts kept compressing and expanding outwards, our erect nipples remained trapped inside the firmness of each other’s taut skin.

In spite of the lubricating sweat on our boobs, the friction from the rhythmic contact quickly became uncomfortable as our mutual hold tightened and I felt my skin starting to burn hot. Worse still, my tits had been forced up slightly, allowing Amber’s firm jugs to bore deeper into my softer underflesh with every thrust. I finally realised my apparent height advantage was an unexpected disadvantage in this titfight: it just made it easier for Amber to attack my sensitive undersides, something that my opponent seemed to be using deliberately to her advantage.

Despite the increasing pain I was suffering as Amber’s heavy tits threatened to dominate my own, the stimulation I felt building from the continual breast contact manifested itself in the lengthening and hardening of my nipples, while my breasts grew larger and more turgid as they became engorged with blood. I realised thankfully that this aroused state also had the effect of increasing my pain threshold and found myself wondering if my opponent was feeling as turned on by the action as I was.

I soon found out when Amber disengaged for a moment before swinging her tits back into mine, initiating a further round of aggressive boob-slamming action. From the first painful impact, it was clear that her tits had also grown heavier and more bloated as the contest carried on, enough it seemed to maintain their original size and weight advantage over my own.

Groaning as she hit me again with a powerful right-left sideways combination that sent our sweat spraying, I pulled back and gathered my wits, then retaliated by slamming both breasts into Amber’s head on. Both sets of meaty boobs compressed on impact and we held it there for a moment, grunting, while spearing each other’s titflesh simultaneously with our engorged nipples. Amber’s head went back, gasping, as my longer nipples found her sensitive areola first and I thought I had her on the run for a moment, but she bit her lip and expertly adjusted her position so that my light brown nub squashed sideways and was no longer a threat.

“Is that the best you can do Tanya? I mean so far you haven’t really damaged my tits at all!”

In fact, my opponent had tried to needle me with demotivating stuff like this constantly during the match, while I was too focused on defending myself and trying to inflict pain on her to say much in retaliation. If anything, my silence seemed to make her even more vocal in putting me down, and my confidence certainly suffered as I began to suspect there was little I could do to avoid losing my first ever titfight to her superior technique and heavier tits.

From this point on I lost all track of time. There was more grinding, pressing, swinging but even now I pretty much just copied all her moves. I was not experienced in this at all. All I know is that the pain kept getting worse with every contact. She was getting more and more confident, taunting me more loudly to surrender; proclaiming already that her tits were so much better than mine. But I’m a stubborn lady at the best and worst of times, and although I wasn’t counting time, I must have held out for almost 40 minutes of contest all told.

The end came quite suddenly, and for me unexpectedly. After another, painfully intense, grinding session had set me up, Amber grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed her swollen boobs straight into mine with full force. This time it was different to anything I had felt before. The pain was simply too immense and I almost began sobbing as her breasts crushed mine flat against my ribcage and held them there with such unforgiving force that I had no option but to yield immediately.

“I- I give up…” I stammered, but it was clear the bitch still wanted to make me suffer for longer.

“What’s that you said? I couldn’t hear it properly.”

“Fuck’s sake – I GIVE!” I wailed.

“That’s enough – you just lost you sorry bitch!” Amber laughed jubilantly, and I could tell how ecstatic she was at finally beating me. “I told you my bigger, firmer titties would crush yours into submission, didn’t I?”

As Amber released me I sagged forward slightly, feeling angry and humiliated but also deeply relieved the ordeal was over. Then the bitch demanded that I keep my word and make a clean break with her boyfriend. I had no choice but to accept her conditions: I wasn’t in any position to continue fighting, and I didn’t much like the thought of taking Amber on again, given how thoroughly she had dominated me tit to tit. The damage to my boobs was readily apparent but I could tell that my opponent had not got off lightly either: both of our racks had turned red and swollen beyond their natural size and mine were burning hot because of all the friction.

I didn’t want to hang around after losing so I got dressed and drove off, still feeling shocked and disorientated after what for me had been such a strange and surreal experience. Getting home, I reassured myself that Amber’s victory rested purely on the fact that her boobs were slightly bigger than mine and, while she had experience, I had been a rookie.

After such a heavy defeat I was in no hurry to titfight again, but nor, once I’d recovered my pride, was I put off entirely by the experience. In fact, I was back in action titfighting again within the year and, as my confidence grew, I realised that I would dearly like to fight Amber again to get even. But I never got my chance since our paths had separated by then.

I’m 28 now, stronger and far more experienced than I was back then. Plus, I take a DD/E cup nowadays, sometimes EE even. So, better watch out if I ever see you again, Amber W: I’ll go all out next time to crush you so hard you’ll beg for mercy and gain my sweet revenge!

The End

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