Taylor’s First Taste by Chupa

Art by Arosolius 


Taylor Swift, international sensation and idol to many, had a passion that few knew about. Taylor had always loved wrestling, pro wrestling, catfights, even erotic wrestling. The superstar often watched it on the road between shows and even pleasured herself to daydreams of it in her hotel room late at night. So it was no surprise once her tours were over and she had some time to herself that Taylor looked up a chance to finally get into the ring once and for all. While no top tier athlete Taylor kept in good shape and had fantastic cardio, after all running and singing for hours every night will have that effect. But these girls she’s seen are tough! And for some reason that just excited Taylor even more. So she found a company that would indulge her curiosity and booked a match.

Taylor didn’t divulge this love of wrestling with just anyone, she had a reputation to uphold after all. But there were a few close friends, and those chosen few got a cute little selfie with the note 

“Off to my first match, wish me luck! XOXO” 

——  ——  ——  ——  ——  ——  ——  

The venue was exactly what Taylor was told, a large room with a wrestling ring and no fans. So after she got changed the blonde star made her way to stretch in the ring, wearing a very tight black one piece. She warmed up, realizing there were not only no fans…but no referee. In a few moments her opponent arrived wearing a tiny bikini, Ariana. This brunette had an incredible body, strong legs, toned arms, an eye-catching bust, and…was that a 6 pack of abs? Ari wasn’t bulky like some of the other girls, but rather lean and with the right curves. Taylor rose up from stretching, she couldn’t help herself from feeling a warmth all over as she admired the gorgeous woman, briefly thinking about getting physical with her. Once Ariana approached, Taylor extended her hand with a smile. “Hi, I’m Taylor. I’m so excited, this is my first match. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got. I had a question though, what are the rules, and when is the referee showing up?” Taylor spoke softly with a  warm smile across those red lips

Ariana eyed Taylor up and down, impressed with the size of Taylor’s thighs, long legs and her overall height. But also smiling softly…for a more malicious reason. Ariana nodded and shook Taylor’s hand only to suddenly squeeze it tight and force a little yelp from Taylor. “The rules are…there are no rules. Match is over when you’re broken. And the ref? You silly bitch, there is no ref.” With that she shot a knee up right into Taylor’s gut! The blonde backed up and held her belly with her one free hand as she let out a long moan, Ariana still squeezing the other. Ari pulled hard to force Taylor up close again and pulled her into a headlock. Releasing the blonde’s hand she wrenched tight and squeezed Taylor’s head as she whined in pain before hooking her arm and flipping the pop star up and over for a hard vertical suplex onto the mat. Taylor’s back arched off the mat with a long moan, never before had she felt something so intense! As she lay there Ariana grinned devilishly as she stalked her prey. Taylor began to get to all fours as Ariana hooked fingers in her long blonde hair, forcing her to gasp as she was pulled to kneeling. 

“You think you’re gonna be a wrestler? Let’s see how tough you are.” With that Ariana used Taylor’s hair to hold her in place as she began sending hard knees into the woman’s belly and breasts, hard knees that would’ve each knocked the girl down if not for the grip in her hair. Finally Taylor was released as the last knee hit her chest, forcing her to fall back coughing from the abuse. Surprisingly the blonde already was trying to get up though, which had Ariana smiling…Taylor seemed to have guts. Time to test her for real. Using Taylor’s hair like a leash Ariana dragged the woman to the ropes only to drape her throat over the bottom rope. A foot pushed against her back, forcing Taylor’s windpipe to be pushed against the rope, choking her. Taylor thrashed and squirmed as she struggled for air. Ariana promptly pulled away, toying with the rookie and leaving Taylor to cough. Ariana did it again, knee pushed against Taylor’s back as she gripped and tugged at the blonde’s hair. Growing bored of this shortly after Ariana used her grip of Taylor’s hair to pull her up to her feet. But her vertical state didn’t last long as Ariana grabbed Taylor by the crotch, lifting her up and slamming her down to the mat.

“UUUUUNNNGH!” Taylor groaned loudly as she felt her ribs crushed. Ariana had slid beside her, and wrapped her legs around Taylor’s body for a tight scissor hold. Taylor struggled but it was fruitless, as a simple yank of her hair would pause her struggle every time. But Ariana wasn’t satisfied with that alone, no she wanted to abuse her toy. Fingers traced over Taylor’s body until she found her breasts, and Ariana gave a tight squeeze. “Oooowww….” Taylor whined to get a devilish grin from Ariana. This was what she wanted, right? Taylor had been craving a real rough wrestling match but this pain, this degradation, it was…exciting in ways she hadn’t anticipated. Perhaps it was how Ari mixed the tight squeeze of her thighs, crushing Taylor’s midsection, and the lewd fondling of her breasts that really had the blonde flustered. In fact Ari circled her fingers over Taylor’s hard nipples, a clear sign of her arousal. Ari smiled and relaxed a little, but kept her legs squeezing. 

…and that’s when it hit her.

Or rather, that’s when Taylor’s fist hit Ari right between the eyes! A swift, and surprisingly sharp jab from the blonde caught Ariana by surprise and the fitness babe let go instinctively as she grabbed her face with an audible yelp. She had relaxed so much that Taylor, being brand new at all this, was able to get a clear shot at her. Ari lay on her back but wasn’t left alone, Taylor in a blind fury leapt upon the woman. Fingers gripped hair, nails raked against Ari’s scalp as Taylor was upon her like a wild animal. Snarling, the blonde yanked at her foe’s hair, slamming her head into the mat again and again as she straddled the fit woman.Ari cried out and squirmed even as Taylor knelt atop of her, tits right in the woman’s face. Perhaps it was on purpose, perhaps not, but Taylor was smothering Ari in this fit of rage! If Taylor was paying attention she’d feel how Ariana’s fighting was growing weaker, air becoming harder and harder to come by. But she was too lost in her fury to notice it, a sign of her inexperience. 

“Not so tough now, are you bitch.” Taylor snarled as she smothered Ari, not realizing her foe was almost limp now. In a moment of inexperience, Taylor got up to her knees and soon to her feet. She yanked at Ari’s hair roughly, forcing sad little noises from the more experienced wrestler and pulling the dark haired girl up to a kneeling position. “That’s right! Now that you’re kneeling it’s time for you to give up, I think you’ve learned your lesson. Right? Or do I have to kick your ass mo–” Taylor was forced to stop talking as she suddenly let out a sharp scream.  “FUUUUCK!!” The shriek came as Ariana’s fist collided with Taylor’s unguarded and admittedly damp pussy lips. The impact was so hard in fact that Taylor nearly went cross eyed. The impact didn’t make her fall, instead Taylor stumbled back holding her aching crotch and fell into the corner with her mouth agape, gasping as her senses were overloaded.

Taylor didn’t have much time to recover as Ari was in her face at a moment’s notice. Ari snarled, hand gripping Taylor’s throat and squeezing. The tight grip made the blonde’s face flush as air was quickly difficult to come by. Then, as Taylor tried to pry Ari’s hand away, a knee slammed hard into Taylor’s pussy, punishing her once more. Another knee collided mere seconds after the last one, this time grinding into Taylor’s crotch and forcing out gurgled cries as she was blatantly choked. But Ari didn’t just want to punish this girl, she had to be humiliated. Using Taylor’s shocked state as she gasped for air, Ari let her go and sat the rookie on the middle turnbuckle, spreading her legs to sit on the ropes, helpless. Taylor squirmed uncomfortably as Ari’s snarl soon returned to that sadistic smile. She leaned in, lips pushed up against Taylor’s to kiss the girl, as a hand slid down to Taylor’s pussy, two fingers gently rubbing the sore lips over her leotard. 

“You’re soaked, a little pain slut eh? Fucking jobber whore.” Ari taunted before taking a step back. Taylor only realized what was coming when her whole body felt like she was hit with a cattle prod…right in the cunt, as Ariana hit the hardest punt kick she could muster. The impact forced Taylor up and nearly had her falling from her seated position. No scream came from the blonde’s lips, however, only silence as her face was twisted in silent agony. Utter shock overwhelmed her as pain wracked her nethers, and a newfound sensual enjoyment followed in spite of her discomfort. 

It didn’t take much else to have Taylor flop free from the corner onto the mat, both hands clutching and trying to sooth her aching pussy. But every time she touched it there was a wave of this newfound feeling that washed over her, just making it even harder to focus. In spite of the pain, pleasure, and other confusing feelings running through her, Taylor had managed to get onto all fours once more. Her legs trembled from the abuse between her thighs and her arms could barely keep her up, but soon she felt Ariana take a seat on her back, forcing the blonde down onto her belly once more. Ari pulled back Taylor’s arms until they were lifted back and draped over the brunette’s knees. Hands slid under Taylor’s chin and as Ari grinned, she leaned back. Taylor let out a loud moan, louder than any so far as her body was pulled back in a brutal camel clutch! Her spine in agony Taylor cried out in pain, that voice usually used for song was now belting out a howl of misery. 

“OOOOHHHHHGAAAWWD….” Taylor nearly sobbed, in pain like she had never experienced before. But this was far from over. Ari’s hands relaxed a bit, and slid a finger into either side of the blonde’s mouth, fish-hooking her pretty lips and yanking up once more. Taylor screamed as she was tormented, spit dribbling down her chin as she kicked and sobbed pathetically.  Ari kept this up a while, tugging on Taylor’s lips, pulling at her nose, even raking her eyes before finally deciding it was time. A hand cupped over Taylor’s mouth as the other plugged her nose. Still Ari pulled, yanking on Taylor as hard as her toned, athletic form could muster. Almost trying to break the rookie in half while forcing her to pass out. The latter didn’t take very long as Taylor’s body soon went limp in Ariana’s camel clutch. Ari dropped the girl onto the mat and smiled before simply walking off to leave Taylor to wake alone, broken, and beaten.

——  ——  ——  ——  ——  ——  ——  

Back at her hotel, hours later, Taylor iced herself and sat in bed. This was the end of her career, right? Stopped before it ever started. Not quite. Taylor wasn’t defeated, and wasn’t even upset, instead she was giddy. On the phone with one of her friends she recounted the match in great detail, already feeling her aching nethers moisten at the memory. Ariana didn’t break her, far from it. Instead she lit a fire in Taylor that has never been seen before.

To Be Continued.

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