The Duel Room: Battling Girlfriends 2 by Justlooking9000

The 20-year old Sarai Tangtrongchit closed her eyes, letting out a silent gasp as she felt herself being filled by her boyfriend’s engorged manhood. The young university student never felt womanlier than when she felt Li Song greedily feasting on her body, his twitching cock clamouring with desire for her. It was a feeling that even today she couldn’t get from dildos or vibrators: They could never beat the sensation of feeling his burning skin rubbing against hers, his rapid breathing as he wantonly worshipped her body, his raw passion as he made love to her. He was like a drug, making her feel like a real woman every time they fucked.  She was addicted to him, causing her to jealously undermine any perceived sexual rival, even if it meant putting herself in a brutal catfight over him.

And fight she had, managing to become his sole lover after 5 vicious catfights against an erstwhile rival in love, then exiling her after a drawn-out duel over his cock. The surprising thing was that the otherwise mild Thai goddess hadn’t initially intended to get into a duel for Li Song’s sake, but the thought of her romantic foe riding his cock, enjoying his bed, monopolizing his affections had worked the Asian beauty into an all-consuming rage. A rage that could only be sated by forcing the other woman out of Li Song’s life.

She had been warned of this phenomenon, where otherwise demure women became bloodthirsty hyenas when they realize they have a romantic competitor. The inexperienced Thai siren had thought the whole thing silly until she saw her budding relationship with Li Song threatened by a Chinese whore called Elodie Fan. It was then when she understood that all the logic of the world could not possibly triumph over a woman’s natural jealousy over her mate. No… the very moment she realized she had a rival for his affections, the reticent Thai coed had become a priestess of violence, a goddess of war!

She gave free reign to her carnal instincts as she fought tooth and nail over Li Song’s cock against the obstinate Chinese whore, not once…not twice…no… five times and one duel. It was an ugly affair, where womanly tenderness gave way to rapacious fervour and the sheer desire to destroy Elodie’s feminine charms, to diminish her in Li Song’s eyes. Yet the Chinese bitch proved an implacable enemy hell-bent in driving her out of Li Song’s bedroom. It was a painful, agonizing war of attrition, filled with many setbacks and solitary nights, yet in the end it had all been worth it. Sarai managed to exile her love rival after a wild tit jousting duel over him. The only thing she ever regretted about the whole affair was not being able to challenge that Chinese slut sooner because of some silly age restriction.

Sarai moaned again as Li Song’s cock brought her back to the present. The Thai seductress bit his neck, marking him as her exclusive property. As she was being raw-fucked by him, Sarai’s fuzzy vision roamed the room. Nine months since her duel against Elodie, Sarai was being asked once again to give an account of herself in the duel room. To prove herself the better lover. To stare down at a challenger intent on depriving her of what was rightfully hers, just like Elodie had intended to do before. 

Sarai’s ears perked up when she heard the distinct sound of a door opening, indicating the woman who was challenging over Li Song’s cock had made her entrance. The Thai sex kitten redoubled her efforts to make him cum, to drive home the point that Li Song was hers, as was his semen. She moaned loudly as she felt his throbbing dick inside her, indicating he had impregnated her with his cum. The Thai temptress allowed herself a faint smile as she caught her breath, then she righted her slightly glistening physique, staring daggers at the other woman.

Sarai’s gaze followed the beguiling 30-year old Korean siren who wanted to take what was hers: Nayoung Park. A name Sarai had learned to hate, just as she had learned to hate the name of Elodie Fan. Ten years Sarai’s senior, the Korean bimbo was a teaching assistant in one of Li Song classes. While not a widespread problem, romantic conflicts between the university staff and the female students weren’t unheard of.  It was known that certain older women specifically looked for work near universities to be around young guys. The fact that nowadays even 60-year old women looked like perky twenty somethings did erase the advantage youth gave the female students, sometimes leading to salacious gossip when two women, sometimes with 30 years gap between them fought over a young cock

Sarai didn’t blame the wayward Li Song. It was common knowledge that men were slaves of their hormones, their base desires directing them to mate and to plant their seed in as many women as they could.  In that sense they had little control over their emotions, and it was a woman’s duty to satisfy him to the best of her ability while jealously guarding access to his bedroom. If there was anyone to blame for this predicament it was the cock-hungry Korean whore intent in replacing her in his bed.

Sarai wasn’t sure when the affair had started, but she had noticed signs of a love rival as early as 3 months ago.  Just as her mother had counselled when she had confronted Elodie a year ago, Sarai avoided giving ultimatums or try to get Li Song to choose between “me or her”. These tactics were of little use in a world were there were many young girls eager to warm his bed at a moment’s notice. Getting rid of her sexual rival meant outfucking her in the bedroom, which Sarai did in spades as soon as she found out about Nayoung. Thus began the usual sexual conflict that breaks out when two women dispute ownership over a man, one vigorously defending her turf, the other relentlessly sabotaging the girlfriend.

Away from Li Song gaze however, the beguiling Thai seductress confronted the Korean temptress face to face in order to “convince” her to leave Li Song alone. Sarai made sure the Korean whore knew that she would defend every inch of Li Song’s cock vigorously, even if that meant a duel down the road. Such “pep talks” had done wonders in “persuading” other women who had fancied her boyfriend, especially when Sarai had made sure they were aware of what had happened to the insolent Elodie.

Her mother had warned that such an approach, while effective, wouldn’t work all the time. Eventually there was bound to be a woman who would dare to call her bluff.  Nayoung did, suddenly pulling Sarai’s lush brown mane in response to her “pep talk.” The two Asian beauties traded slaps at a furious pace, pulling hair as the fucking teaching assistant was telling Sarai “she was going to take him away from her” until security pried them apart. From that moment onwards Sarai knew a catfight was inevitable, with a strong chance of a duel over Li Song. The young Thai girlfriend didn’t relish the prospect of putting her body though another punishing duel, but even less willing to concede Li Song’s affections without a fight. 

Just as Elodie, first Sarai feigned ignorance when Li Song told her about Nayoung, but then quickly increased the sexual heat and the introduced the idea of competition. Men loved to be thought as prized between two women who competed for his cock, and Sarai sold him that fantasy. Now that he had come clean, their love making had a desperate edge, where the Thai beauty strived to best the Korean wench. Each day Sarai raised the stakes, hinting that a solution to the love triangle needed to be found, provoking her love rival into calling her bluff or get out of the way. Nayoung no doubt understood what was up and played along, taking the initiative at times and earning Sarai’s hatred in return.

When the two sex kittens finally came to blows in the intimacy of Li Song’s apartment, he thought that it had all been a spontaneous process, but the rivals in love knew better: They had guided him to the conclusion that HE wanted to see the two girls fight over his cock. Now with the guy in question eager to see them do just that, a duel became an inevitability.

Back to the present, the perspiring 20-year-old Thai succubus stood up, heaving as she caught a break from the recent sexual exertions. She was forceful on her step, to make her abundant chest jerkier. She wanted to emphasize the fact she had the obviously the bigger pair of tits, smirking when she saw an annoyed look from the 30-year-old teaching assistant. 

-“That’s a cute bra. Too bad it won’t help you as I rip your tits off”-said Nayoung, referencing the cute outfit Sarai ad chosen for the duel, a fancy pink lingerie set made of a slutty bra that could barely contain her well-developed breasts, a tiny thong and heels. The pale-skinned Sarai was hot and she knew it. 

-“I guess someone has to make the effort to look cute, since you won’t”-replied Sarai cattily. She eyed her rival in love, seeing a young-looking woman sporting flimsy white fabric wrapped around her neck, the sluttily outfit leaving Nayoung’s back completed exposed. The fabric barely covered her slim frame and was sewn into a tiny thong, which in turn had a semitransparent miniskirt-like garment stitched around it. The alluring Korean succubus wore no bra or another panty, her hardened nipples clearly protruding from the frilly fabric and her pussy barely covered by the sheer thong. Completing the raunchy look was a pair of white fishnets and a pair of sexy white heels. Despite Sarai’s contempt, the Thai beauty had to admit Nayoung had pulled it off. Nayoung’s tits, while not as abundant as Sarai’s, still were significant enough for them to delightfully jiggle as she stepped on her heels, her long brunette hair waving as she marched forward. At 30 years old, the Korean beauty no doubt looked more mature than the baby-faced Sarai yet could easily pass for a 20 something student. 

-“Good thing I don’t care about your opinion”-replied Nayoung harshly, her hands caressing Li Song’s naked chest as she walked around him-“I only care about Li Song’s, and from how hard he’s right now, I see he approves”

-“Oh, he’s hard alright”-said Sarai, growing increasing angry as she saw the brazen Korean whore pawning her man. Sarai was vaguely aware of the Li Song’s thick white cum to flowing slowly from her cunt as the Asian vixens prowled each other Li Song’s seat like predators – “But that’s because I was telling him how I was going to fuck his brains out after I’m done with you”

-“That funny, you thinking you can beat me in a woman to woman duel”-said Nayoung, her tone becoming more and more poisonous as the girls exchanged catty remarks-“You’re just a little girl out of high school trying to play at being a real woman” 

-“I’m woman enough to teach you a  lesson about trying to seduce my man”-said Sarai, finding it increasingly hard to contain her seething anger. Their provocations went beyond the hostile verbal sparring, the two huntresses using a very belligerent body language and nasty looks to intimidate her sexual rival. 

-“I didn’t seduce him. He pursued me because he was bored to tears with your awful lovemaking. He said you can’t please him like I do”-countered Nayoung. This was the kind of invective usually bandied about between duellists  as they tried to undermine the other’s confidence. Even if patently false, these statements had a way to sow uncertainty in the other woman’s heart. Sarai squinted, restraining herself from outright slapping the impertinent bitch before it was time.

-“Really? He told me that your old dry cunt could hardly satisfy him like my young, tight, wet cunt. It’s like day and night. He cums so easily when he’s with me”-replied Sarai with a verbal low blow. Sarai smirked as she saw Nayoung trembling in anger, as if almost ready to leap over Li Song and rip her eyes out.   

-“I keep him plenty satisfied”-hissed Nayoung- “ And after I’m done with you I’ll go straight to his apartment to celebrate all night long”

-“You’ll sleep alone, in a hospital bed while I enjoy his cock!”-spat the young student, now feeling in heightened state of agitation. The seething anger, the burning jealousy made her cast away her fears, her aversion to fighting. What remained now was a warrior goddess, a fierce amazon ready to fight tooth and nail for her man!

A tense silence fell in the room as the sexy duellists waited with bated breath for the last pre duel seconds. As soon as the buzz rang, Sarai moaned as felt her nemesis petite hands latch onto her lush mane and pulled violently. Not to be outdone, the Thai siren quickly reciprocated the favour, twisting and pulling from her rival’s brunette locks with a viciousness only a wronged woman could muster as she defended her place in her boyfriend’s bed!

The ravishing girls staggered around the duel room as they tugged and ripped long tresses of hair for Li Song’s benefit, their delectable figures sensually rubbing against each other in a lurid display.

-“You’ll have to wear wigs after I’m done with you, little brat!”-grunted Nayoung as she claimed a handful of Sarai’s hair.

-“The last girl who said that to me isn’t in this city anymore!”-moaned Sarai, pulling even harder despite the pain.

-“Maybe you’ll join her after today!”

-“I don’t think so Korean slut!”-squealed Sarai ripping a strand of brunette hair-“I intend to stay here, by my man’s side!”

-“You don’t deserve him!”-grunted Nayoung. Sarai felt the wind being knocked out of her as a surprise kneecap targeted her side abs. Folding in pain, Sarai felt herself being tackled with painful violence, knocking her over, but not before the wily Thai beauty grabbed her opponent’s hair, dragging the Korean temptress down with her! Once on the floor, Sarai brought her claws to bear, ramming her sharp nails deep into Nayoung’s smooth back and raking them in a long, painful track that would no doubt leave a nasty mark after a few hours.

The pretty Korean girl shrieked in anguish, feeling her back on fire. She quickly retaliated as the Asian bombshells rolled back and forth the floor trading obscenities. It was a desperate struggle, both harpies gaining a momentary advantage here and there yet a dominant pin proved elusive. The sex kittens traded the top position several times, using the momentary advantage to rain slaps on the woman beneath before the tables were turned and the favour returned. 

-“You’ll regret ever coming after my man”-heaved Sarai as she rained an onslaught of slaps on the struggling Korean seductress. Sarai slid up and down, trying not to be thrown from the top position as Nayoung bucked like a wild bronco.

-“He came onto me because you were such a lousy fuck!”-grunted Nayoung as she came once again on top; using one hand to slap the Thai whore silly while trying to rip Sarai’s whorish top off her. Sarai wailed, latching onto Nayoung’s feeble white top as she frenetically fought back, her young physique trashing as she tried to dismount the Korean skank until the scanty tops broke, sending Nayoung backwards. 

-“You fucking slut!”-cried Sarai, her jiggling breasts now exposed. The angry Thai college girl tossed the torn remains of Nayoung’s top, then tackled her rival in love, sending the Asian beauties crashing against the wall-“I’m gonna  leave you bald!”

-“Come and get it whore”-squealed Nayoung reciprocating the hairpull. A vestige of what once been her top still hung around her leg-“I’m not afraid of you”

The clashing harpies grinded together as they furiously slapped and pulled hair, rolling on the wall as their topless nipples rubbed against each other in a lurid display of eroticism. Nayoung, still holding Sarai’s scanty top soon abandoned the harsh hair pulling and in one smooth motion wrapped the thin fabric around her enemy’s neck.

Sarai groaned, feeling her air supply dwindling to the bare necessary to function as Nayoung tightened the improvised noose around her neck. The Thai goddess frantically hammered blow after blow on Nayoung’s side abs with one hand while the other tried to pry the fabric loose, yet the relentless Korean harpy persisted, trusting she was getting the better of the exchange.

Quickly running on oxygen, Sarai lunged forward, biting her enemy’s neck like a raged pitbull! In her desperate state the Sarai was pleased to feel the Korean whore writhing and shrieking like a wounded animal, finally letting go the thin fabric around her neck. The sexy Thai student coughed, her face quickly regaining its natural colour when the bloodthirsty Korean bloodhound lunged at her. Rolling on the wall once again, the lovely girls secured a handful of the other’s dishevelled hair and traded slaps at a furious pace, each looking to overwhelm her sexual rival. 

Receiving a vicious slap that shook her to her core, Sarai’s gaze laid onto Nayoung graceful mammaries, still relatively unscathed from the heinous fighting. The Thai siren lurched forward, lowering her head and getting a mouthful of tit flesh into her mouth before biting down like a piranha! Oh the sweet sound of Nayoung’s agonizing screams as Sarai tore her tits down! Her quivering body writhing in pain as Sarai attacked her feminine bits with zero remorse! A very effective attack, but one that was bound to escalate the duel to a new level of sleaziness…Sarai tried to withstand barrage after barrage of retaliatory attacks, holding onto the Korean whore’s tits like a crazed pit bull before a dirty knee on her humid cunt distracted her from ravaging Nayoung’s bouncing tits.

Sarai howled, her battered physique hitting a corner of the room. The jealous girlfriend raised her head, her crying face looking for her hated enemy! She saw her, heaving, tears rolling down her cheeks, with a look of intense loathing on her face. A look Sarai knew well, indicating a thirst for blood that could only be quenched when the other woman was beaten, never again in a position to challenge her for Li Song’s affections! Sarai, still feeling the soreness from the last round of vicious attacks, nevertheless charged forward, meeting her love rival tit to tit, body to body, woman to woman!

Blinded by rage, the younger girl led herself be guided by her womanly instincts, quickly finding her hands gripping Nayoung’s thong and pulling with all her might, taking special care to sink the slutty thong deep down Nayoung’s cunt. It pleased the bloodthirsty Sarai to see the old hag’s face contorting in agony, her mouth in a “O” shape as Sarai rubbed the harsh material against her intimate parts. 

-“If you wanna fight dirty…so be it”-gasped the Korean bitch and soon Sarai’s womanhood exploded in pain as Nayoung tugged onto her own thong. Sarai wailed, instinctly tip-toing in her heels to try to lessen the anguish yet to no avail. Rolling on the wall, the feuding girls pulled, twisted and tugged; stretching the delicate thongs to their limit in a raunchy display. 

The Thai goddess felt her sweaty back against the wall, unable to control her tears. This was too savage, too brutal. Resting her tired head onto Nayoung’s perspiring neck, Sarai’s eyes focussed on her naked boyfriend, who was spellbound as he watched her fight tooth and nail for the right to ride his cock. Images of the long nights of passion, the feverish lovemaking, the playful dates flooded Sarai’s mind. She was about to lose it all if she lost this most womanly of trials. Getting a second wind, the Thai bombshell gritted her teeth and twisted her back with painful violence, pinning the Korean slut against the wall.

-“He’s mine!”-murmured Sarai, feeling her forehead touching against Nayoung’s, giving her what she hoped was a defiant stare.

-“You’ve lost him already”-whispered Nayoung venomously-“He doesn’t love you”

-“I’ll never let you have his cock”

-“Good thing that not for you to decide then”

-“You will never ride him again!”-heaved the Thai tigress before digging her sharp stiletto into Nayoung’s unprotected foot. The Korean bitch groaned, giving up the sordid panty pulling as she staggered about in her precarious heels. Using the wall as support, Sarai’s pasty white leg came up, her heel once again connecting against soft flesh and kicking her confused adversary with such force that Nayoung tumbled down, her upper body clashing against the chair Li Song was sitting on, her dazzled head just at the same height as Li Song’s hardened dick.

-“That fucking bitch…”-said Sarai to herself as she massaged her much abused womanhood. The Thai amazon shook her head, focusing her gaze on the writhing Korean tart. Still feeling the aftermath of the heinous wedging, the jealous girlfriend nevertheless willed her exhausted physique forward, knowing that this was a golden chance to finish the whore once and for all.

-“Come on cheap slut!”-exclaimed the vindictive Sarai as she stomped the powerless Nayoung, making the Korean beauty writhe in anguish between Li Song’s legs-“Didn’t you said you wanted to fight over his cock? Maybe now you realize I’m just too much woman for you old hag.”

Sarai leaned forward, resting her arms on Li Song’s shoulders, her giving her boyfriend a long, passionate kiss which was eagerly reciprocated. Breaking the lip locking for a moment, the jealous Thai angel trampled the Korean whore with such violence her tits jiggled violently with each stomp -“She’s nothing Li Song. A cheap slut. A worthless recipient for your cum. And soon she’ll be gon…Argh”

Sarai wailed, feeling her shapely legs on fire as Nayoung somehow found the wherewithal to get on her knees and bite deep into Sarai’s inner thigh. The Thai goddess collapsed, her knees buckling under the strain. Her bruised physique fell nicely between her her boyfriend’s legs, her head resting on his left inner thigh while her obstinate sexual rival glared her from the right side, Li Song’s protruding cock in between their faces. 

Sarai heaved, staring right at Li Song’s hard rock manhood. The Thai goddess was well-acquainted with such a view, for she had orally pleasured her man over and over from such a position. To service her man on her knees was a privilege she had earned, and seeing her rival in love on the other side of the gap between Li Song’s thighs awaked something animalistic inside Sarai. This was the woman who wanted to substitute her, to usurp this coveted spot for herself and worship his cock. To use her mouth to satisfy him, to drink his cum and gain his love. Sarai knew this space was too small for two girls wanting the same man! 

As if Nayoung was thinking the same thing, the Korean slut let out a furious war cry, her hand bypassing Li Song’s manhood and latching onto Sarai’s messed up hair, dragging Sarai’s brown hair towards the middle, where Li Song’s cock awaited them. Sarai was not to be outdone, returning the favour and upping the ante, using her free hand to search for Nayoung’s cunt. 

Soon the Korean slut was returning fire with fire! Sarai quivered, moaning as she felt her Nayoung’s malicious hands bypassing her scant thong and then violating her womanhood. Yet the Thai goddess did not budge, fully aware her boyfriend was looking at them from above, judging who was the worthier lover. Even as her cunt was ravaged -and she ravaged Nayoung’s cunt in return- Sarai spared no effort to run her tongue all over the length of Li Song’s cock and balls. Yet even such an act was bound to be met with stiff resistance, as her tongue clashed and battled it out with Nayoung’s, the two tongues desperately trying to gain every inch of Li Song’s cock!

The was no logic in what the girls were doing and Sarai knew it well. The rules for this duel didn’t include claiming or servicing Li Song’s cock as a winning condition. The fierce tongue skirmish did nothing to help her or Nayoung, and most likely distracted from the business of desecrating the other’s cunt.  Yet both women persisted, neither beauty wanted to be upstaged in this intimate contest, Li Song moans urging them forward! Maybe it was a compulsion, or horniness, or desire, or a primal instinct telling them they couldn’t allow another woman to please the man they both claimed as her own. Or maybe all those reasons.

-“Get off his cock..”-grunted the Korean whore as she pulled Sarai’s head away from Li Song’s manhood.

-“I’m the one…who can service his cock”-replied Sarai defiantly, wincing as she felt her slit on fire! She persisted tonguing her man’s manhood, her womanly pride would not allow her to be outdone by the Korean slut! 

-“You’re not needed…”-moaned Nayoung in a trailing voice as Sarai pinched her cunt lips in a nasty way-“I’ll replace you!”

-“You’ll be nothing but…”-panted Sarai, stopping herself as she felt another sordid attack on her cunt-“…a passing memory!”

So the girls battled, desperately fighting for his cock with their experienced mouths while their fingers devastated the other sexual organs in a war of attrition with no end on sight! Sarai’s face was flowing with tears, her desire to wreck Nayoung’s womanhood clashing with the need to get her own reproductive organ out of harm’s way. The anguish of sustaining the heinous spectacle was taking a terrible toll on the jealous girlfriend. She pulled back for a second, but this was no retreat! The Thai beauty gargled, trying to spit on Nayoung’s eyes. Unfortunately, the Korean beauty turned her head ever so slightly, the spit mixing with her own tears as it rolled down her face.

-“You dirty slut!”-whispered the enraged Nayoung before spitting back at Sarai. The two lovers using their spit as bullets, aiming to cause a distraction big enough to overpower the other woman. Yet such attacks only work when they’re a surprise, leading to the warrioresses’ faces being slobbered with saliva. 

Sarai screeched once again, unsure how long her cunt could keep withstanding Nayoung’s lethal attacks. She quivered, finding strength in the fact the Korean slut was clearly hurting and on the verge of quitting. Yet Sarai wasn’t sure if she could win this destructive contest of wills.

Sarai let out a high pitched scream as Nayoung’s head suddenly moved past Li Song’s cock and kissed Sarai on the lips. Yet this was no loving, tender kiss…no…as soon as their lips touched Nayoung bit Sarai’s lower lip, causing the Thai goddess to stop the cunt attack. It was a natural reaction to such a vile attack, yet still a moment of weakness. The next thing Sarai knew was that Nayoung’s slaps came in rapid fashion, weakening the already worn-down girl even further.

The battered Sarai felt Nayoung tentatively getting on her heels before feeling two full knees smashing right into her scratched face, her head rebounding against Li Song’s soft inner thighs. Not fully aware of her surroundings, the struggling Thai student quickly felt a pair of womanly legs applying a tight hold around her upper torso. Soon the sound of cock thrusting into wet cunt make her realize that the Korean slut was sitting on Li Song’s lap, impaling herself into his eager manhood, while using her legs to prevent Sarai from fighting back. A resounding slap brought Sarai painfully back to her senses, finding herself slowly crushed between the Korean slut’s shapely legs, her arms trapped in the vice grip.

-“Let me go…Argh”-wailed Sarai as another slap shook her head sideways.

-“this is the end…slut”-gloated Nayoung, gleefully riding the man she had coveted for months-“He can see who’s the better woman”

-“Fuck you…”-panted the battered Thai seductress, struggling frantically to break free only for Nayoung to maliciously draw her face right at the junction where Li Song’s manhood thrusted into Nayoung’s vagina. Sarai could hear the faint sound of the two sexual organs coming into contact, her lover’s cock sliding in and out of Nayoung’s gushing womanhood. Soon Sarai was being slobbered with sex juices all over face, no doubt an act of meant to impress Li Song and at the same demean Sarai one last time.

-“Be grateful…I’ll just showed you…how a real woman…fucks *her* man…”-panted Nayoung, clearly struggling to focus in keeping the Thai bimbo in a leg lock as she was being railed by Li Song-“…let this be…your last memory of him…”

As soon as Sarai heard those insolent words she felt Nayoung’s petite hands cruelly clawing her face, trying to sink her thumbs in Sarai’s eye sockets. The Thai nymph shrieked, closing her eyes and turning her face away to avoid Nayoung’s murderous nails. 

Nothing less could have been expected. This was a duel over a man and mercy was not to be shown. Only the most depraved violence would win the man. It was clear Nayoung was taking no chances, still relentlessly wrecking the woman who had dared to get in the way between herself and Li Song! The older woman had every intention of searing this loss deep in Sarai’s memory. 

Sarai struggled tenaciously, aware that defeat meant not only losing her boyfriend but exile. In a desperate hail mary the Thai bombshell buried her head deep in Nayoung’s crotch, biting deep where the inner thigh met her enemy’s cunt, being so close in fact that her cheeks could feel the smooth motion of Li Song’s dick pounding Nayoung. The Thai goddess was almost fighting blind, yet Nayoung’s wounded wail and trembling physique let her know her dirty assault had succeeded. Sarai felt a pair of petite hands sinking their nails into her face, trying frantically to dissuade Sarai from the dangerous manoeuvre.

Yet the Thai student persisted with berserker rage! When two women fight over a man in a duel, savagery is expected. No quarter is given, nor asked for. You focus on the destruction of your sexual rival, the devastation of her reproductive organs, the defiling of her beauty. Only the most vicious women, the ones who dared to fight dirtier would win his love. Even as of last night the sensual Sarai was having doubts about the duel, but now the Thai beauty fought like a woman possessed. Nothing but the obliteration of the Korean skank would satisfy her!

Faintly aware the once vice grip had considerably loosened, a reinvigorated Sarai sprung up, burying her tits in Nayoung’s face as she bear hugged the copulating couple -that was to say, Nayoung was sandwiched between Sarai and Li Song. A feverish Sarai brought her knee up, targeting Nayoung’s womanhood with malice. The fact that she could feel Li Song’s cock buried deep into Nayoung’s vagina did little to dissuade her.  While he might suffer a little collateral damage, that’s a risk all men accepted when they entered the duel room. Sarai intended to apologize for her brutality later, but for now it was frantic war of attrition.

A flagging Sarai prepared to knee Nayoung again when her abundant bosom exploded in agony. The Thai student cried on top her lungs, fighting like a wounded lioness as Nayoung cut deep into her right tit. Yet the Sarai steeled herself, gritting her teeth before scoring another devastating cunt attack that sent shockwaves of pain in Nayoung’s faltering physique. 

Thus commenced the final act. Sarai could feel it, there was no way she could withstand this savage exchange for long. It was Nayoung or her! Sarai tried, yet failed, to muffle a high-pitched scream as she felt the Korean piranha pulling her nipples with her teeth. A second later, the Korean bitch brought her sharp nails to bear, causing havoc in Sarai’s much abused skin. A favour which Sarai returned to the best of her abilities. There was no much thought in this, just pure instinct, the frantic need to annihilate her sexual rival before she destroyed her. Woman vs woman until one emerged victorious and claimed Li Song’s bed for herself!

Tit biting or cunt busting? Which would end in the end? Sarai had had several conversations on this very same topic with her friends, and there had always been a healthy split between the women present, with evidence supporting one or the other side depending on the circumstances. Now the college girl was living up this very same argument, feeling her sexual rival being ground to dust with every powerful blow against her womanhood. Yet would that be enough to finish Nayoung off before Sarai herself succumbed to the nasty tit biting?

The long awaited denouement came when a barely functioning Sarai was vaguely away of Nayoung’s womanly physique sliding down Li Song’s body and crashing on the floor. The victory bell toiled, signalling a welcome end to this barbaric duel once and for all. There was no instant happiness for Sarai, just relief she had seen this most feminine of trials through. She felt herself falling in Li Song’s arms, unable to control the tears streaming down her face as he massaged her much abused tits.

The exhausted Sarai heaved, her lungs desperately gasping for air as her much abused body processed the pain. The toll on her womanly charms had been enormous, and she suspected she’d spend at least two weeks recuperating. Yet there was much to celebrate as Li Song’s eager hands roamed her battered body, his cock demanding he be satisfied. Satisfaction the spent Sarai was more than willing to provide despite her wounds. She was after all, his girlfriend, it was her duty…no her right to claim his cum. 

Sarai brusquely tugged the barely conscious Nayoung by the hair. There was to be no pity, not mercy for the defeated, for this was a fight over a man, and the defeated woman had to suffer the consequences! There was some feeble attempts at resistance but Sarai had little problem in applying a leg scissors around Nayoung’s bosom, trapping her arms in the process. 

-“We are your threats to take my man huh?”-panted Sarai as she prepared to mount Li Song-“You want his cock so badly, so watch him as I claim him old hag!”

Sarai winced as Li Song entered her: her cunt hadn’t come entirely unscathed from the vicious cunt mauling, yet she persisted, gritting her teeth as she strove to take the fullness of his manhood inside her. She rode him, slowly at first, then at a faster face as the pain lessened. Nayoung tried to resist, trying avoid the degradation to come, yet she was too weak to resist. 

-“Taste his cock in my pussy bitch”-said Sarai as she forced Nayoung’s head into her crotch, smearing her cunt juices on her face just as Nayoung had done. The victorious Sarai squealed, still feeling some discomfort as Li Song penetrated him, yet it didn’t matter. The satisfaction of seeing her rival destroyed and humiliated in front of him what as all the lubricant she needed. 


While duels were supposed to be private, it was inevitable that news of the bitter clash between student and teaching student propagated through the university grapevine, winning Sarai a healthy amount of admiration from her fellow students. Usually, but not always, it was the female student who ended up humiliated and deprived of her man after a run in with a woman of the university staff. The older women usually had more sexual experience, relationships, duels, catfights etc etc. Sarai basked in the jealous glances from her classmates, many who imagined themselves tearing a romantic rival apart in the duel room and winning the exclusive affections of the men they coveted.

Yet for all the fantasizing, the numbers belied a different reality. Most students preferred to keep their sexual conflicts at the level of non-violent sexual rivalry. Nevertheless, most college girls had some sort of experience in catfights by the end of their studies. Duels, because of their official nature, were a different matter. For every 100 female students, only 30 ever fought in a duel throughout the duration of their studies. Of those 30, only 10 had a second duel and of the 10, only one woman would go and fight a third duel.

The fact that there had been a second duel fought over Li Song caught the attention of many attractive young coeds who were curious about the man who had managed to inspire such passions. Many came away with a good impression of the man’s sexual skills, a few managing to score a casual fling when they felt that they wouldn’t be discovered by the jealous Thai girlfriend. No one wanted to end up like Elodie Fan or Nayoung Park. Sarai would remain as Li Song’s undisputed girlfriend for what remained of his studies.

Li Song graduated 8 months later, scoring a job in a company in Hong Kong. Sarai would have loved to go with him but she was still 15 months from graduating. She tried to transfer to a university in Hong Kong but her applications were unsuccessful. It was a bitter pill to swallow. While they might manage a meetings when one of them was on holidays, the Thai beauty knew that the young Chinese student would be quickly snapped off by some Hong Kong girl, who would then eventually become his girlfriend. 

Yet she didn’t press the matter, nor tried to gauge what Li Song was thinking. Under her cunning mother’s advice, Sarai didn’t even try to officially break up with him. Even as he was boarding the plane, Sarai acted as if they’d reunite soon. It was best to leave things in a rather ambiguous note. An ambiguity Sarai could later use to justify meeting with the Chinese boy, or barging into his new relationship and claiming him back.

The End


-If you once read the original story and could swear the model for “Nayoung” was different, you’re right. I swapped the photo for “Nayoung”

-So about this series. The sequel for “Battling Girlfriends 2” is already written and under the name “Office Mayhem: Chapter 5” and then “Office Mayhem: Chapter 14.” The girls are different, but the male protagonist is the same. Obviously the original plan was to continue with “Battling Girlfriends 4” but writer’s block and timing issues got in the way. However, at the of time of writing this, I have a pretty complete draft of BG4, featuring the winner of BG2 and OM14.

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

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