The Duel Room: Battling Girlfriends 3 by Justlooking9000

Author’s Note:

Sections in BOLD refer to past events while the rest the unbolded parts refer to the present. Also, note that order of the stories is: Battling Girlfriends 1, Battling Girlfriends 2, Office Mayhem 5, Office Mayhem 14 and Battling Girlfriends 4.

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-“As if I’ll ever share my man with you!”-

That was the last thing the ravishing Sarai Tangtrongchit heard before a resounding slap jolted her. The startled black-haired Thai beauty shook her head, her gaze resting on her dismayed ex-boyfriend. Looking past her startled ex, Sarai couldn’t help but to see her reflexion in the mirror, sporting a raunchy semi-transparent black negligee with a cute floral motif that emphasised her massive melons. A provocative outfit designed to keep Li Song’s attention on her rather than the Malaysian Chinese whore who had just assaulted her. 

Could it be it? The moment she had long been waiting for? The culmination of a long-running campaign to win her man back from the Chinese cow? For eighteen torturous months she and her sexual competitor had waged a cold war over Li Song’s heart. Their sexual contest had mostly been restricted to bad-mouthing each other and trying to one-up each other in his bedroom. Yet deep down the lovely Thai belle had suspected they would end up settling their protracted tug of war in a violent showdown over his cock.

The captivating Sarai had long been ready for this eventuality. To solve with her nails what mere female charm could not. Yet even at this stage the young South East Asian vixen stayed her nails, waiting expectantly for Li Song’s reaction. So far he had clung to the dream of getting them to share him. Even today, he hadn’t called them to fight tooth and nail over his cock, but to broker an agreement that would allow him to keep them both in his bed. Would he finally relent and let them consummate their hatred? Would he once again advocate for peace? Would he command them to restrain their claws? Would he, as he had done several times now, stem the tide of war? 

Sarai soon heard his hesitant voice appealing for calm. Just as before, he put himself in between the two Asian tigresses to prevent them from escalating the situation. He recriminated his Chinese girlfriend for her unladylike behaviour, just as he had done when the Thai harpy had raised her hand in anger.

Yet, as she read into his body language, Sarai couldn’t but to note his lust-filled gaze upon her youthful body. It was a fresh look, a distinct vibe. It was then that the Thai goddess knew that despite of what he was saying, his will had broken for good. At long last, he was ready to accept losing one of them and stay with the winner. His exhortations for peace rang hollower by the second, just as his cock grew harder than ever. Despite his loud protestations to the contrary, she knew he would not interfere if a catfight broke out now. Now all she had to do was to destroy her love rival!

-“Glad we’re thinking the same thing, you Chinese tramp!”-raged Sarai as she tackled brunette Lily Chen on the floor. The Chinese skank grunted, the flimsy tie of her loosely fitting semitransparent black nightie coming undone in one sweep motion, revealing her hard rock nipples as she was tackled against the sofa. And yet, the flirty nightgown stayed in place as the angry Asian girls flailed furiously around the sofa.

This wasn’t the first time the innocent-looking Thai temptress had fought over Li Song, having fought Chinese wench Elodie Fan (Battling Girlfriends 1) over his cock back in her freshman years, then defending her hard-fought conquest against a cock-hungry Korean shrew called Nayoung Park (Battling Girlfriends 2). In both cases, the final resolution turned out to be a vicious duel to the bitter end where Sarai confronted the would-be man-stealing sluts once and for all. She prevailed both times, winning and keeping Li Song’s affections. The perky Thai nymph planned to repeat the deed, and on the way to win the coveted title of “wife” in the duel room. All that stood in her way was the intractable Chinese call girl…

-“Awww you Chinese bitch!”-squeaked the Thai bombshell as Lily bit her hand and pulled with her teeth. Getting on top of Lily’s struggling figure, the Thai belle buried her claws in Lily’s lush marron hair to fix her in place while she raised her free hand, downing her open palm in a swift motion. Sarai heard a loud noise as her hand slapped the Chinese skank’s reddening cheek. Trying to stay on top of her trashing opponent, Sarai’s magnificent tits bobbed violently as she ruthlessly slapped the rabid Chinese tart’s face until Lily pushed upwards, propelling the Thai seductress onto the cold wooden floor. Turning her nubile body around, Sarai opened her hands in the form of claws as the crazed Chinese girl pounced on her.

The frenzied back and forth reminded Sarai of her first duel. The frantic struggle as she and Elodie Fan rushed at each other like jousting knights, using their excited tits as lances against her rivals’ sizeable orbs. Their hardened nipples relentlessly stabbed the other’s soft tit flesh. The struggle to keep her balance on her heels, only to collapse and fall prey to Elodie’s vicious pumps. The frenetic pleas from Li Song to get up and fight for him to the bitter end. His pulsating cock as she heaved and tried to summon the strength to beat her sexual rival in this most feminine of trials. The elation of seeing the Chinese tramp fall like a house of cards under the might of her mammaries and marking her skin with her stilettos. Her jealousy as she saw Li Song penetrating the diseased Chinese slut with the cock she so desired for herself. The anxious feeling of seeing Elodie get up for round after round of punishing tit to tit combat. It had been a close-run affair until Sarai prevailed over the Chinese freshman once and for all, winning the Chinese boy for herself. 

-“This is the last time you disrespect my relationship”-grunted Lily, tearing a bunch of hair from Sarai’s scalp. Gritting her teeth, the Chinese wildcat went in for another helping of the Thai hussy’s locks. She too had noted the subtle change in Li Song’s demeanour and knew today was to be the beginning of the end of a saga that had started 18 months ago when she first laid her eyes on Li Song. Chinese Lily squealed, feeling her head swaying to the side as Sarai landed another thunderous slap. Feeling angrier by the second, the feisty Chinese minx trapped Sarai’s wrists with her hands. 

-“He’s my man”-declared Sarai, clenching her teeth, trying to push Lily back in this trial of strength. She moaned, feeling her nipples rubbing like sand against Lily’s titflesh as they trashed on the floor. 

-“No, he’s not, jianhuo! (bitch)”-replied an outraged Lily as she tried to reverse the pin, their pretty faces rubbing against each other as they traded insults. Gasping for air, the angry Chinese vixen was about to say something when she felt Sarai’s teeth invading her boobs.

For Lily, this was the culmination of a stalemate between her and the hated ex-girlfriend. Her elders had taught her to be wary of exes, especially the ones that had fought a duel over the guy she was now seeing, which Sarai was. She had seen how heartbroken Li Song was when he first came to Hong Kong. She bit her lip whenever he mentioned that Thai harlot, never feeling she could truly supplant her until she proved herself by battling for his cock against an impertinent Latina called Valentina Martinez (The Duel Room—Office Mayhem 5 and 14). She still remembered the day the insolent Latina told her she intended to take Li Song away from her. The way their minidresses rose and weaved as she got into a shouting match with the would-be usurper and the savage catfight they had at the office stairs. Lily bit, kicked, clawed, pulled, tugged, and fought like a hungry lioness, and yet in the end the fiery Latina landed a lucky hit that overwhelmed her. That might have been the end of her nascent relationship with Li Song had the East Asian goddess not doubled down and challenge the Latina shrew to a rematch in the duel room.

-“Let go my tits!”-wailed the Lily as a shock wave of pain ran throughout her whole body. Screaming in agony, the Chinese Malaysian eye-candy sank her talons in Sarai’s baby face. Blindly feeling her way, Lily’s fingers found Sarai’s eyeballs and sank her thumbs in, eliciting an agonizing shrill from her relentless aggressor. Finally free from Sarai’s vicious biting, a sobbing Lily rolled on the side, trying to assess the damage.

-“Come on Chinese whore,”-heaved Sarai as she got on her feet-“Let’s finish this so I can fuck my man’s brains out!”

-“You fucking tits-for-brain saohuo (loose woman)!”-roared the indignant Lily as she flung her feminine physique at her sexual rival.

Lily Chen was no afraid of fighting dirty against the Thai harpy. She had already been there: Losing the catfight against the sultry Latina, the jealous Lily upped the stakes in their feud at every turn. It was a brutal affair where a “pleito sin tregua” was declared, followed by a week of non-stop violence and sexual competition over his cum. What Li Song didn’t know back then was that the spectre of his Thai ex-girlfriend had fuelled the rivalry between Latina and Chinese goddesses to these extremes. Winning a duel wasn’t enough for them: The eventual winner had to show she could be as nasty, as vicious, as sleazy as the Thai ex. The duel was a heart wrenching, daunting experience, which saw Lily’s hair pulled, her tits bitten, her skin scratched, her honour as a woman tested. Outrage followed outrage as an incessant festival of low blows and dirty tricks encouraged the duellists to keep on biting until Lily eked out the faintest of victories over her beaten sexual rival. Yet even as she could hardly walk the next morning, the ravishing Malaysian Chinese siren knew the duel had done the trick. From then on, Li Song saw her as a worthy girlfriend. Yet, even as she pulled ahead in the cold war over his heart, it soon became apparent more would be needed to finally get rid of the Thai ex-girlfriend.

-“You’re not the first man-stealing whore who thinks can take Li Song from me!”-roared the infuriated Sarai as she lunged forward, showing little hesitation as her scratched physique crashed head-on with the incoming Chinese harpy. Feeling their orbs mashing together, the Thai fairy extended her arms, embracing Lily in a sensual bear hug. Shaping her hands in the form of claws, the ravishing Sarai raked her nails all throughout Lily’s delicate figure, eliciting a series of anguished moans from her victim.

-“He’s long forgotten about you and I intend to keep it that way!”-taunted Lily. Rather than trying to free herself from Sarai’s grasp, the territorial Chinese stunner wrapped her arms around her arrogant enemy, meshing their sensual bodies even closer. Even as involuntary howls of agony came out from her pretty lips, the proud Chinese Malaysian minx retaliated by scratching Sarai’s back with all the malice of a woman possessed.   

-“Brave words…”-grunted Sarai as the frantic contest of nails picked up in pace and savagery-“…for his soon to be EX-GIRLFRIEND!”

Sarai had never shied away from physically confronting a sexual rival, yet it chagrined her it had come to this. Such an outcome meant the man couldn’t feel one was better than the other. It meant her failure to best her adversary in the art of love-making and emotional warfare. It bothered her that in Li Song’s eyes Lily proved her sexual equal, and that motivated her to redouble her efforts to defile the Chinese woman so he would never see her in a sexual way ever again. Just like she had scarred the cute Korean teaching assistant who had pretended to replace her two years and a half ago. Sarai’s place in Li Song’s bed had been at stake back then and the fiery Thai tigress came roaring, engaging in a raunchy free for all with the 30-year-old Nayoung Park. Chests were scratched, hair was unceremoniously ripped, cruel nails roamed the other’s skin until the Korean wench was left broken and destroyed. This was to be Lily’s fate.

-“All you do is come every 3 months and beg for pity fucks!”-snarled Lily at Sarai’s insolent assertions. The incensed Chinese nymph reached once again at Sarai’s exposed back and sank her nails without mercy, leaving a nasty trail of red marks on Sarai’s pale skin. Getting a hold of what was left of Sarai’s tattered teddy, the fanatical Chinese piranha tugged from the transparent fabric, gradually yet steadily ripping more and more of it until it finally gave way, leaving Sarai just clad in a black thong. The momentum from the last tug sent Lily flying backwards, the remains of Sarai’s outfit in her hands.

Lily burned with indignation at the Thai woman who refused to stay out of Li Song’s life. The threat of Sarai getting her Hong Kong residence permit had always loomed over the horizon, a stubborn irritant in her relationship with Li Song, made all the more vexing by Sarai’s visits. For two weeks every three months, she had to eat up her resentment as she could hear Li Song fucking the Thai cocksucker in the bed that was now hers, and all Lily could do was to grit her teeth in impotence. It was common knowledge that trying to limit a man’s choice of sexual partners or insisting on exclusivity would likely send him in the arms of the other woman. All girlfriends understood the way to get rid of a sexual competitor was to get him bored of the upstart or “persuade” her to desist from her pretensions. Having exhausted all the nonviolent ways to get rid of the Thai bimbo, Lily was now chancing it all in a violent showdown.

-“You were nothing but a temporary fix until I could join him in Hong Kong”-barked Sarai, pouncing at the unrepentant Chinese wildcat with reckless abandon, caring little about putting her exquisite body on the line if it meant she could ravage her carnal rival. The zealous Asian spitfires clashed angrily, their hands seeking the other’s tangled hair to pull it apart and mar the other’s look-“It’s now time to give me my man back!”

Up to recently, the long stalemate between the girls had been characterized by sexual warfare and amorous ploys to win Li Song’s favour; the frantic need to prove herself better than the other woman; the exchange of jealous stares and nasty invective when Li Song wasn’t looking; the search for chances to create moments with him. At first blush Lily would seem better positioned to win this contest by virtue of proximity, but the mystique of a loving ex-girlfriend who had fought tooth and nail for him (twice!) was enough to keep Sarai in Li Song’s mind, if at a disadvantage. 

-“I not going anywhere and I’m not giving him up!”-bellowed Lily as their lithe bodies contorted with frightening violence. One woman against the other for the right to mount Li Song’s manhood tonight. The cocksure Chinese siren dug her teeth into Sarai’s neck, drawing an agonizing wail from her South East Asian prey. Yet the response was swift as it was spirited, for soon Lily felt cruel nails grazing her cheeks, looking to sully her looks in front of the man she claimed. Lily tightened her bite, knowing full well that once matters had reached this point, there was little point in playing defence. 

The initial hopes each woman had in besting the other in the sexual arena had long been dashed. They had proven too equal in his bed, too close to his heart, equally beguiling in their charms. They had suspected for some time that the only expedient they had to break this maddening stalemate was violence. The only reason stopping the jealous Asian girls from doing so was a matter of strategy. For Sarai, so long she could only manage temporary visits to Hong Kong, physically forcing the issue and winning at catfight wouldn’t change anything at all. Even assuming Lily was shamed into giving him up, that would only allow for another sexual rival to rise the moment she left Hong Kong. For Lily, there was little point in provoking a conflict, knowing full well the Thai whore was nothing a temporary nuisance. On the other hand, losing a catfight might encourage some of Li Song’s attractive female “friends” to try to replace her in his bed. So they stayed their talons…until now.

-“He won’t be able to look at you once I’m done with you!”-came Sarai’s rejoinder. Giving up on the face scratching, Sarai craned her neck and bit down Lily’s neck. An eye for an eye and a neck for a neck while the young oriental sex kittens frantically rolled around the floor, their flailing limbs tying them closer together as they fumbled for openings to exploit. Now that Sarai had her chance to get rid of the Chinese floozy, she would do everything in her power to ravage her. Wrapping around her arms around Lily’s tiny waist, Sarai could feel Lily’s tattered nightie still stubbornly clinging to her body. Sarai’s hands instinctively grabbed and tugged the alluring fabric and ripped apart what remained of the poor teddy until both girls were clad only in tiny thongs.

The current confrontation became inevitable the moment Sarai secured her residence permit in Hong Kong. Finally, all the pieces were in place to get rid of her romantic nemesis and win her ex back. The scheming Thai beauty initially pretended she was coming for one of her ritual 2 weeks stays, intending to keep the Chinese hussy in the dark for as long as possible. It wasn’t a simple matter of just ripping each other’s hair just for the sake of it. No, a spontaneous catfight would do nothing if Li Song believed Lily to be the victim, or if he still wanted to keep their current ménage à trois. He HAD to believe HE wanted to see them rolling on the ground like bitches in heat for his cock. That there was no other option but to let them settle it woman to woman until one prevailed over her antagonist. He had to be psychologically willing to cast aside the loser and accept the winner as his exclusive lover. The good news it’s that it wouldn’t be hard to do so…but the laying the groundwork would tip-off her amorous rival of her intentions.

Still rolling on the floor like wildcats, the jealous hotties trained their talons onto each other with wanton cruelty. Already experienced in the art of fighting over a man, the fiery amazons wasted no time in niceties, their nails quickly looking for and finding the other woman’s nipples, tit flesh, face and crotch area, intent in destroying each other physically and sexually. 

-“No man will ever want you…after I’m done with you”-whispered Lily as she continued to maul Sarai already spoiled face.

-“At least my pussy will pleasure him…unlike yours!”-spat Sarai in a pained whimper before clawing at Lily’s crotch area looking for her vaginal opening.

Sarai wasted no time in priming Li Song for an eventual duel from the moment she came to Hong Kong. She started slowly, first talking about the sexual rivals she had faced for his sake. Sarai then baited him by asking who he thought would win if Lily and her “would ever” come to blows. At first, he hesitated to entertain the idea, having been taught that such loose talk had a tendency to sow the seeds of jealousy and discord between otherwise workable polyamory relationships. Yet the Thai temptress kept at it, mentioning several scenarios and conditions, all couched in an erotic language designed to make him overcome his hesitation. Could he imagine them going at it in the shower? In a foxy boxing match? In a claiming duel? Little by little the wily Sarai got more enthusiastic responses, which she used as the basis to ride him as hard as possible while she narrated how several duel scenarios would play out, only to collapse on top of her spent boyfriend and clarifying “that would never happen.”

-“Only Li Song can touch my pussy you…saobi (stinking cunt)!”-wailed Lily just as she swatted away Sarai’s dirty nails. Still hurting yet eager to repay the favour, the foxy Chinese eye candy mounted on top of the frantic Thai bronco, before grabbing her disheveled dark locks and using the leverage to smash Sarai’s head against the floor.

-“You…little…nasty…hag!”-heaved Lily, struggling to gulp enough air as she slammed Sarai’s ruined face against the wooden ground while trying to stay on top of the furious Thai siren. While superficially Sarai was on the receiving end of a savage beating, the Thai warrioress promptly put her arm between her head and the floor, softening the impact while blindly scratching at Lily’s bruised body. 

As Lily banged Sarai’s head against the floor, she faintly recalled the two weeks before this pivotal encounter. The Chinese bombshell had quickly recognised something was off the moment the Thai bimbo arrived in Hong Kong. She felt the implicit “rules” in their “gentlewomanly” contest had changed. Her girlfriend instincts, honed after subtly fending potential and real sexual rivals, told her that her hold over Seiji was in peril and the deceitful Thai slag was aiming to deprive her of her man’s cock this time. Gone was the lip service to the idea that Lily was the main girlfriend, nor the respect for the concept the two women could share Li Song over the long term. The Thai wench had become bolder, brasher, almost as if looking for an excuse to force a confrontation. The idea exhilarated and worried the Chinese girlfriend. The calculus of their uneasy stalemate had changed: Now a catfight, even a duel, would not be out of the question. Rather, it’d be a welcome development, a chance to end their long-simmering dispute over Li Song. 

-“Let go…my hair!”-roared Sarai as her free hand probed Lily’s bosom and sank her lethal nails deep into her tit-flesh, then abruptly twisting the delicate sexual organ. Sensing Lily’s hold on her tangled hair weaken, the crazed Thai succubus brought her other arm to bear, going right after Lily’s already spoiled face. The Chinese wench wailed as she felt Sarai’s nails sullying her facial features further. Lily pulled herself up, trying to free herself from the Thai harpy before she could do any more damage. A panting Sarai gnashed her teeth as Lily pulled up, contorting her body in order for her talons not to lose contact with Lily’s face, which ended with them sitting on their knees as they continued their struggle.

-“Hand off my face!”-demanded the perspiring Lily as she quickly pulled Sarai’s hair towards herself, smacking the insolent Thai cow with her open palm. Sarai squealed, the force of Lily’s slap turning her torso sideways, her nails losing contact with Lily’s ravaged face. Reacting quickly, Sarai turned her head back, intent on continuing her wicked work on Lily’s looks only to be met by another resounding slap.

-“You…*slap*…fucking…*slap…*cocksuc…argh”-howled Lily as the captivating Thai amazon tackled her. Trashing on the floor, the perspiring Asian seductresses traded insults as they resumed their grim free for all. 

The groundwork for this messy free-for-all was prepared the moment the romantic rivals realised this time was different. In the intimacy of Li Song’s bedroom, the women suddenly started bandying about arguments for him to get rid of the other woman. Having for so long enjoyed the attentions of two competitive lovers, the man in question naturally resisted the idea that he now had to settle for one. He could not choose between the Thai goddess who had put her body on the line for him twice and the Malaysian Chinese sex kitten who had dazzled him with a spectacular performance in the duel room. The girls knew he hoped they would get along, take turns in fucking him silly and engage in frequent threesomes for his benefit while competing over his cock in a passive-aggressive way, yet never taking matters to the duel room. Fat chance they would just carry on as they had now that the chance to get rid of the other presented itself.

Back to the present, high-pitched screams reverberated through the living room as the frantic spitfires mauled and scratched like wild cats, caring little about protecting themselves as they sought to foul each other’s beauty. 

-“You won’t get an inch of his cock jianren (cheap woman)!”-whispered the Malaysian Chinese siren as she recommitted her long nails to Sarai’s lacerated back.

-“Fuck you, bitch…I’ll ride him tonight!”-gasped the wavering Thai beauty, almost as if to remind herself what was at stake. Sarai’s hands roamed Lily’s mangled physique, searching for something…anything to fight back…until she found it. Blinding grasping the thin filament that was Lily’s thong, the feverish Thai tigress pulled up in one sweep motion, taking the relentless Chinese vixen by surprise.

-“Fuck!”-wailed a shocked Lily as she felt her cunt smoldering in anguish. Heaving as the initial shock wave of pain gave way, the trembling Chinese belle cried once again as Sarai’s hand relaxed her grip on her thong only to pull it up again.

The fact that Li Song had not stopped their violent fracas this time was a testament to their cunning in gradually changing his mind. The young Asian seductresses had been too smart to raise the issue of a catfight directly. Instead, they brought topics that would naturally take the conversation towards such a path, and once the prospect of a catfight had been raised, it would be impossible for him not to imagine it. Who was the better performer in bed? Who pleased him the best? Did the other woman give satisfactory blowjobs? Who had the better body?…. 

Who would prevail in this theoretical catfight to the bitter end? Whenever he objected, the scheming minxes reassured him that it was all a fantasy. The tempting vision of the two feistiest girls he’s ever known battling it out for his cock “would never happen”. Yet the deeper they dragged him into these increasingly realistic scenarios, the less believable the assurances of peaceful coexistence became. The increasingly horny stud cared less and less, being placidly being led towards a specific path, an emotional rollercoaster that would end in him thrilled to see the women fight over him in a brutal duel until one triumphed over the other.

-“Take this…you nasty harlot!”-heaved Lily as she mustered enough willpower to fight back by tugging Sarai’s thong in retaliation. Wailing in pain, the almost naked catball ground to a halt, the implacable banshees focussing their mental efforts in cruelly pulling and yanking the flimsy garments in devastating ways.

-“You cheap whore…you don’t deserve him!”-spat Sarai back with another painful tug that sank Lily’s thong all the way inside her ass and cunt, rubbing the fabric against her moist cunt to maximise the damage.

The territorial vixens did way more than just hint at a catfight for two weeks. No, the girls quickly looked for excuses to butt heads in skimpy attires and sexually charged displays of aggression in Li Song’s presence. They were soon spewing words full of invective as they railed against the other woman’s clothes, beauty, sexual prowess or ability to please Li Song. The animosity was genuine enough, but their verbal skirmishes had a healthy dose of pageantry designed to make the man fantasize about them fighting for his cock. It was a time-tested strategy to make the guy amenable to their desires: They couldn’t fail to notice his hard manhood as he watched them glaring at each other hatefully across his bed, his enthralled gaze as he witnessed the provocative stare downs; his perked up ears as they quibbled about who could please him best. He’d scold them for undermining what had been so far a successful romantic triangle, but how could he be truly angry when he knew them desirous to one-up each other in his bed? When their arguments were about who deserved him most? They made token shows of regret, but neither woman was truly sorry, eagerly looking for the next chance to push Li Song’s buttons.

Through sheer force of will, the exhausted Sarai overcame Lily’s determined efforts to deny her the top position. Feeling Lily’s hardened nipples poking her buttocks as she sat on top of the clawing Chinese hellcat, Sarai heaved before whacking Lily’s face with a resounding slap. Gasping frantically for air, the Thai bombshell then slapped the downed Chinese lioness one more time as she tried to fend off Lily’s desperate attempts to fight back. 

Feeling the harmful effects of Lily’s nails, the Thai stunner gritted her teeth as she endured the pain, slapping the insolent Chine wench once again. Afraid of the payback should she lose the top position, the faltering Sarai tried desperately tried to hang on as she kept continued slapping the Chinese tramp silly.

If there was one surprising fact about today’s raunchy display of depravity, it was that it had taken so long for the girls to finally come to blows. Not for lack of wanting, though. All hell had broken loose the moment Sarai finally announced she had every intention to of staying in Hong Kong and winning Li Song back from “that Chinese tart.” Girlfriend and ex-girlfriend soon issued duel challenges, neither willing to cede way. Sure Li Song would at least implicitly approve, the feisty vixens shaped their petite hands in the form of claws and rushed at each other, instinctively pulling hair as Li Song struggled to process all the information. For a moment the jealous ladies trashed around his living room like fighting cocks (hens?), intoxicated in the prospect of finally sinking their talons into each other, only for Li Song to regain his composure and separate the battling girls. 

Lily screeched, feeling her cheeks on fire under the unrelenting torrent of slaps raining on her. The flailing Chinese coquette gasped for air one more time before her head was once again whacked to the side. Fighting the dizziness, Lily frantically probed her romantic rival’s charming attributes to free herself. The Chinese hottie raked Sarai’s inner thighs, coming close to threatening Sarai’s cunt before she was repulsed once again. Lily frantically insisted, desperate to get out of her bind. She sank her hands into Sarai’s humid crotch only to feel the Thai aggressor’s moist thighs tighten around her assaulting hand. Lily roared in frustration as her hand was repelled again.

So far Li Song hasn’t interrupted them, unlike the first time they tangled. His intervention back then proved a disappointment for the keen girls. Yet, as his firm voice scolded them back then, the young ladies couldn’t help but notice the clear lust their lurid struggle had provoked in him. He might sprout some peace nonsense, but the battling girls were far more focussed on his throbbing cock staring at them in the face. Rational as he might be, he was still but a man, susceptible to agreeing to their demands if properly stimulated… They just had to free him of any feeling of guilt, to make the loss of one sexual partner not his fault, but an inevitable outcome of their mutual jealousy, a testament to his sexual prowess in making them unable to share his cum with another woman…

The raging Lily hissed, her arms coming up and going after Sarai’s hanging boobs. The battered Thai bitch shrieked, the natural fear of another punishing round of tit scratching making her lean backwards to avoid Lily’s claws. Sensing a chance, the desperate Chinese doll brought her right hand forward, finally digging her finger into Sarai’s vulnerable vaginal lips. She could feel a slight tremor as the distracted Thai strumpet realised what was about to happen. Wasting to time, the exhausted Lily curved her finger like a hook and pulled it up without mercy!

Leading to this day, Sarai had huffed for two weeks in a hotel room, her only consolation being that Li Song spent half his nights with her. She could see his internal struggle, his animalistic desire to give in and bear witness to the spectacle of two women fighting tooth and nail over his manhood against his rational desire to avoid losing one of them. The crafty Thai goddess knew he was at a breaking point…he just needed that little push to give in. When Li Song came with Lily’s proposal to “talk” about their current situation, Sarai saw that for what it was: it was a last push to get Li Song to agree to a duel. She readily agreed to “talk terms”

Lily heaved, feeling Sarai’s collapsing figure falling sideways, liberating from her constraining thighs. The alluring Chinese vixen shook her head, trying to regain her senses.

-“Fuck…”-was all Lily said as her lungs tried to gulp as much oxygen as possible. Besides her, the Thai cocksucker quivered, her sweat-drenched body rolling sideways in a fetal position while she massaged her burning vagina. For the first time in a while, the slap-drunk Lily glanced at her boyfriend, seeing him sitting on the couch, his hand firmly wrapped around his engorged dick and his eyes fixated on this most wanton of spectacles. Lily allowed herself a weak smile, knowing he would now be amenable to seeing one of them go. All she had to do was to ensure that the Thai adventuress would be the one leaving…

The Chinese charmtress howled, feeling her scalp explode in pain as she was tackled from behind by the intractable Thai floozy!

While today the beguiling Chinese nymph proved determined to ruin her sexual rival, just a few days ago Lily’s pulse raced as Li Song told her Sarai was willing to “solve” their current controversy. While the man still had naïve hopes to “solve the issue” (or he might just be deluding himself), the Chinese eye-candy was under no such illusions. Hair would be frantically pulled, teeth would break cruelly into soft skin, relentless nails would scratch without mercy as the two nubile girls trashed all over Li Song’s apartment. Yet even then it’d not be the moment of truth she was looking for. It was now clear that the catfight would just be the opening act, the trigger that would finally push Li Song over the edge and lead the way to a final confrontation in the duel room. While she’d do her damnest to beat the hated Thai whore senseless for Li Song’s benefit, deep down Lily knew the outcome of the catfight was meaningless: it was just a means to an end.

-“YOU FUCKING TRAMP!”-shrieked an outraged Sarai before jerking Lily’s tangled hair from behind and slamming her head against the carpet. The Chinese belle moaned, her hands desperately trying to undo the vice grip on her scalp as the crazed Thai banshee banged her head onto the floor.

-“Let go you Thai bitch”-bawled Lily as she felt Sarai’s hardened nipples grinding against her back. The struggling Chinese vixen elbowed her Thai tormentor twice before feeling her once lush brown mane being painfully pulled upwards and then used to slam her against the carpet once again. 

Li Song watched stupefied, watching as Sarai sank her teeth into Lily’s neck while his crying Chinese girlfriend screeched. It was as if watching a feline predator landing the killing bite on a struggling deer. 

Just a few hours ago today Sarai had woken between Li Song’s comforting arms, which wrapped her naked figure after a vigorous round of sex. Just for today, she had laid off the ominous hints of irreconcilables differences between herself and Lily. Back then when he was still clueless about what was about to happen, or pretended to be so. She knew deep down he wanted to believe that whatever happened, it was to be a “surprise” and “not his fault.” But for the Thai charmtress, the next meeting between herself and Chinese hussy could only end in carnage. A savage catfight that regrettably would solve nothing, but pave the way to a duel that would.

Back to the present, Sarai grunted, feeling the insolent Chinese harlot elbowing on her bouncing boobs one more time before she slammed Lily’s head one more time on the floor. Seemingly impervious to pain, the raging South East Asian ex-girlfriend continued hammering Lily’s head until she realised the Chinese slut was no longer fighting back.

-“Fucking skank…”-heaved the exhausted Thai siren as she let go of Lily’s hair, letting her spent body fall onto the carpet. Sarai winced, feeling a piercing pain coming from her once unspoiled melons, which boobed in and out as she caught her breath. Gingerly sitting up, Sarai allowed herself a wry smile when she caught a glance of the enthralled Li Song rubbing his hardened cock. Long gone was prudishness, replaced by a hungry look and a desire to be fought like a prize between his two lovers.

Hours before their meeting, Lily was looking at her reflexion in the mirror. Many words could describe her choice of wear this afternoon: flimsy, scanty, tight, impractical. It was an outfit designed to showcase her feminine charms to their fullest and impress the man she regarded as hers, yet wholly inadequate for the explosion of violence that was to come. Should the woman who wanted to displace her in Li Song’s bed wear something more practical, Lily might find herself at a disadvantage. Yet that thought never crossed her mind, for she was sure Sarai would wear something similar in an effort to upstage her in front of the man they both coveted. At first glance, it would seem that scanty dresses that barely covered any skin were an illogical choice for a catfight. But these affairs were much more than simply trashing on the floor like cheap whores: They were pageantry, a chance for the man to compare their physical attributes, a silent plea for him to finally realize that she was better than her sexual competitor. 

Sarai allowed herself to rise, carrying herself in an arrogant strut as she reached the sofa from where his now naked ex-beau admired her. Sitting on his lap, the battered Thai belle allowed herself to savour his clamouring lips with gusto. Toying with his eager tongue as she felt his dick poking her thigh felt godly. The lovemaking right after would no doubt be even better…

-“Did you like it? How we fought for your cock?”-cooed Sarai into his ear, making sure her much-abused tits rested on his chest to press for the reply she was looking for. She wanted him to spell out what she suspected.

-“Yes. You were marvelous”-came the hoarse yet enthusiastic rejoinder. Sarai was thrilled: Finally, Li Song had discarded the idea of trying to balance his competing lovers. The wily Thai girl knew that from now on he’d not only accept losing one of them but eagerly watch from the sidelines as he watched her destroy his Chinese lover.

-“Tonight I stay and we fuck all night long”-whispered the Thai seductress as she wrapped her arms around his neck, rubbing her mauled physique against his naked form-“She’s out, and if she wants to argue the point later, I’m all hers”

Sarai watched with delight as he let out a pleased moan when he imagined the possibility of his feuding lovers going at it again. He would soon get his wish, for she knew a duel was on the cards already. Yet that was in the future. Tonight she would celebrate her victory in Li Song’s bed. Only one task remained.

A few hours ago Sarai couldn’t help but to feel trepidation as the hour of reckoning approached. Li Song was going to bring her to “talk” with the arrogant Chinese floozy. She was certain the night could end in nothing but one woman riding his hard manhood tonight while the other sulked out in the cold, plotting her revenge in the duel room. Their mutual lover would see them fight woman to woman for his cock until one triumphed. At this point, the only thing that could make the duel unnecessary was if one woman shamed the other so completely that the loser could not reasonably hope to come on top in a rematch. Yet even then, that was a foolish hope: Both women had invested a lot in their relationship with Li Song to just let go. Sarai stood to become his wife should she win more duel; Lily would not give him up after a one-year relationship. Only the definitive nature of a duel would solve the conflict. 

-“Wait for me”-murmured Sarai, leaving Li Song’s side-“ I’ll take the trash out”

-“Yes. Hurry…I want to cum inside you”-came in his eager reply as he watched Sarai’s undulating hips from his watch point. 

Lily Chen moaned, rolling on the floor, writhing in agony until a nasty kick on her belly awakened her from her stupor.

-“Come on Chinese slut! Time to leave MY MAN’S apartment”-gloated the cocky Thai goddess as she grabbed a bunch of what remained of Lily’s abused scalp. Heaving, Sarai lunged forward, dragging the squirming Lily behind her in abrupt, powerful thrusts.-“God damn you’re a heavy fat cow”

A spent Lily howled and shrieked in impotence, weakly twisting and kicking as she tried to relieve herself of the painful tugs. A stream of conflicting thoughts crossed her mind at a rapid rate, only interrupted by the tortuous hair pulling. The battered Chinese girl was at her limit. Having given her all, she has found herself on the losing end and about to be expelled from her man’s apartment. 

Yet the thought this was only a temporary state of affairs gave the exhausted Asian woman comfort: This confrontation was never meant to be the end-all and be-all of their long-running war over Li Song’s cock, just the means to make him horny enough to accept a duel. Even if she was unhappy about her current situation, what really counted was the upcoming duel. Trying to fight back now wouldn’t matter in the long term. A failed attempt to turn the tables on the Thai ex-girlfriend would make her plight worse.

Yet, even in her beaten state, the Chinese stunner reproached herself for thinking this way. Would she really allow the Thai whore to occupy her bed and ride her man’s cock all night long? As Lily’s cheeks clashed against Sarai’s butt, her womanly pride fustigated her for giving up on her man so easily. Lily squealed as her hair was once again maliciously tugged, bringing her tired physique crashing against her oppressors’ ass. Wasn’t her duty as his girlfriend to be the one who pleased him at all times? Could it be that she was…afraid of the Thai saohuo?

The beleaguered Chinese temptress made her decision: She sank her teeth hard into Sarai’s buttocks, taking her relentless tormentor by surprise. Paying little heed to Sarai’s agonizing shrieks, the weakened yet determined Chinese girl lifted her arm, hitting right into her solar plexus. The semi-conscious Lily felt her hair being painfully torn off her scalp as the haughty Sarai’s collapsed, her hands nursing her cunt. 

The depleted Asian ladies writhed on the floor as they tried to process the harrowing punishment their bodies had gone through. Yet even as each wanted nothing but to stop, they both knew that wasn’t an option until the other woman was beaten into submission…or at least kicked out of the apartment. The heaving girls locked eyes for a second, and the sight of her enemy spurred them to get on their knees and plow into each other one more time.

-“As if I’ll EVER let you ride my man”-said a perspiring Lily, her voice trailing as she finished the sentence. The Chinese vixen wrapped her arm around Sarai’s head and pulled the Thai tramp’s hair while the other looked to violate her vagina. She sensed this was going to be her last chance to turn the tables on her romantic rival. 

-“Should have stayed down you cheap whore”-came Sarai’s breathless rejoinder, quickly imitating Chinese bimbo. She squealed, feeling Lily’s fingers violating her womanhood. Growing ever more desperate, the weary Thai siren quickly found her enemy’s vaginal labia and pulled hard as retaliation.

The haggard Asian succubuses recommitted to this last struggle, doing little to protect their battle-worn physiques or to dissuade the other woman. Slumping sideways, their drained bodies fell on the wall as each gnawed into the other’s broken skin with their teeth. 

Tears rolling down her cheeks, the Thai amazon tried to ignore the increasingly unbearable pain down her nether regions as she re-engaged her fangs for another assault on Lily’s face only to feel her head being pulled sideways by a nasty hair pull at the very last second. It was a brief opening, which the foxy Chinese coquet used to great effect by lowering her head and once again sinking her teeth on Sarai’s neck. 

The struggling Thai hottie had endured such savage bites at several points throughout of this nonstop slugfest and each time she had rallied back with an equally devastating riposte. But now, as the impact of every bite, scratch, kick, slap weighed down her wretched anatomy, the once-eager Sarai felt herself unable to command her body to continue the struggle. She let out a heart-wrenching shriek that reverberated through the apartment as she felt her body go limp.

Running on pure instinct now, Malaysian Lily pounced on her weakened prey, dropping her elbows on top of Sarai’s massive boobs. The cruel Chinese seductress was rewarded by another guttural cry as the Thai whore’s spent physique recoiled from the impact of her weight.

With Lily’s weight on top of a barely conscious Sarai, the Chinese girlfriend heaved as tears streamed out of her eyes, feeling her sweaty left cheek stick to Sarai’s equally moist right cheek. The Chinese minx lifted herself up on all four with difficulty only to drop her entire weight once again on now the defenceless Thai upstart. Then she did it again…and again…each time taking less time between her drops as her sexual rival weakened even further until she stopped struggling.

Tumbling to the side, Lily’s boobs rose and fell as she tried to gather her breath as quickly as she could. The Chinese seductress was wary that the wretched Thai minx would rise again to challenge her for Li Song’s cock. As tired as she was, Lily turned her focus to one thing: taking this pretender out of HER apartment.

An explosion of pain on her scalp quickly brought the tired Thai adventuress to her senses. Moaning and squirming, the lithe Sarai tried to grab onto anything she could find as she heard her Chinese rival opening the door; only to feel the brunt of Lily’s knee on her already ruined face, followed by a series of kicks. Even in her weakened state, Sarai tried to protect her body from the merciless assault until her skin suddenly hit cold stone of the hallway.

-“Don’t…EVER…come…here…AGAIN!”-heaved Lily, punctuating every word with kicks that were probably too weak to do any damage, but still made her point. The victress finally allowed herself to close the door and let herself lean on the wall as she recovered from the aftermath of this epic clash.

Outside the apartment, a small throng of women started congregating around the beaten Sarai. Such scenes occurred at least every other month in the building and never failed to excite the women living there. Two women had fought tooth and nail over a mutual lover and one had triumphed, throwing out her clothless rival out of the apartment. It was the harsh law of the jungle, where only the nastiest, most vicious women got the man while the losers faced the prospect of sleeping alone, no longer enjoying their man’s cock inside her cunt or his warm embrace in their sleep. 

The question of making the round was whether this is how this would end, or would the naked woman in front of them try her luck once again, this time in the duel room.


Lily winced as Li Song’s engorged cock entered her. Though victorious the Chinese girl knew the Thai skank had done a nasty number on her. Just coming out of a drawn-out catfight an hour ago, she was keen to claim her man no matter what. He initially resisted on account of her recent injuries, but the horny Chinese victress insisted, intent on having him cum inside her tonight. She needed this. She needed to prove to him and herself that she was woman enough to defend her place in her bed and please him anytime, anywhere.

Lily moaned, the pain gradually making way to more pleasing sensations thanks to copious amounts of lube. Yet even as the exhausted Malaysian succubus enjoyed the spoils of her victory, she knew the matter was far from settled. There was no way that the Thai call girl would just accept her loss. Not after 18 months trying to sabotage her relationship, not after securing a residence permit in Hong Kong, and especially not if winning a formal duel meant replacing Chinese Lily and becoming Li Song’s wife.

Lily yelped as Li Song suddenly turned her around and gently placed himself on top of her and continued pounding her in missionary position. He praised her, how she had conducted herself in her recent dust up against his ex, the way she had turned the tables, her eagerness to fight for his cock. This was the first he had expressed himself in these terms, and it was further proof he would not resist the upcoming duel.

Amidst the constant buildup to orgasm and the beads of perspiration falling off her much-abused physique, the East Asian goddess thought about the future. She shuddered at the thought of having to fight the Thai harpy for his cock again, at the expense and modality of their final showdown in the duel room, at the excruciating trial she was about to put her body through, at the uncertainty of the outcome. Should she win, marriage would be one duel away. Should she lose, she’d be banished and become nothing but a fleeting memory in Li Song’s mind.

The copulating couple squealed and squirmed in their mutual orgasm, a wave of pleasure reverberating all over Lily, washing away her doubts about what was to come and leaving only her determination to do whatever it took to keep her boyfriend. If the Thai slut came looking for trouble, Lily would wait for her with claws wide open…

The End


-Could I have written a more coherent narrative without swapping between the past and the present? Sure. Could it have been more interesting for me to write? No. I know I could have easily written a story in a format I already gone familiar with, but I think that’d just be more of the same. Whether the constant back and forth between the past and the present adds or subtracts from the narrative that’s for the reader to decide, but every single time I write a story, I hope to add a little twist from the normal catfight narrative, and this is my twist this time. 

Thank you for reading! For more of JustLooking9000’s Stories: Click Here!

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