The Duel Room: Wedding Proposal by JustLooking9000

-“Hello handsome”-purred the 27-year-old Alice Perrot as she greeted her sitting boyfriend and future husband with a warm hug, planting a wet kiss on his lips, leaving a hint of her intoxicating perfume on his person. The 171 cm tall French goddess scanned the room for any signs of her boyfriend’s mistress. Sure they were alone, the busty brunette beauty relaxed and sat at the lunch table.

-“Hello to you too”-said the Korean Cho Minho, focusing his eyes on Alice’s tight white dress hugging her amazingly smooth alabaster skin, his manhood already hardening due to a conditioned response to Alice’s feminine charms. Hiding behind those charming green eyes was a tigress in bed that had been with him for two years. A hurricane of passion who never looked kindly on any woman who tried to steal him from her, going as far as fighting -and winning- 2 vicious and drawn out duels over his cock.

-“It’s only lunch time and I can see you’ve already grown tired of that Dutch slut”-offered Alice, her exotic French accent adding a tinge of sensuality to her words.

-“Sophie’s changing and will come down soon”-replied Minho-“And I believe she won’t be happy to see you here”

Right on cue, the handsome Korean stud saw a blonde lady wrapped in a red summer dress slowly sauntering towards the lunch table. Minho was uncertain at first, but soon he recognized the 28 year old Sophie Jansen, the Dutch sex kitten who had shared his bed this morning, and for the last two years had given him many exciting nights, including -just like Alice- two brutal duels that ended in the total destruction of former lovers who had the temerity of trying to remove the fierce blue eyed stunner from his love life. They were exiled and forgotten, Sophie remained.

-“Hello lover”-said the tanned Sophie, ignoring her sexual rival as she planted a long and passionate kiss on Minho’s lips, her bountiful chest rubbing against his person. Almost instantly, Minho felt Sophie’s fragrance clashing against Alice’s, neither aroma managing to overpower the other, but staying in balance and resulting in a discordant combination.

-“Minho was telling me how bored he was of your awful lovemaking”-interrupted Alice acidly, refusing to be ignored.

-“Oh really?”-replied Sophie with a sharp edge on her voice as she trained her eyes on the last obstacle to marriage-“Minho was full of energy this morning, I don’t think his cock ever softened as we went…on…and on…it’s as if nothing exciting had happened yesterday”

-“I can assure you it’s more exciting that whatever you offered him this morning”-countered the French woman venomously, slightly chagrined Minho had found the strength to keep on fucking today: She was sure she had dried him of all his cum yesterday, out of spite to her sexual rival.

-“I wouldn’t know about that”-replied Sophie, her alluring Dutch accent adding a sexual undertone to everything she said-“He seemed very thrilled when I told him what I was going to do to you tonight”

-“Oh yes. I know all about the fantasy tales you tell him”-countered the brunette stunner as she leaned forward-“Too bad that’s not what is really going to happen tonight. What IS happening tonight is that you’ll see HIM proposing to ME.”

-“I’ve dealt with sluts like you before…they always think they can steal him away from me”-affirmed Sophie, almost whispering-“He forgot all about them. I remained. He’ll forget about you too”

-“I’ve fought for him two times already”-murmured Alice-“You’ll be nothing but the third footnote in my relationship with him”

-“Oh dear”-said Sophie, venom dripping out of her mouth as her nails menacingly transversed her amorous antagonist’s pretty face-“ I can’t wait to legally scratch this ugly face of yours”

-“You don’t have a monopoly on long nails my dear”-countered Alice acidly, making sure her opponent could feel her nails caressing her face-“But more than scratching you, I want you to see your pathetic sobs as you see me fuck him raw tonight”

Under duel law, a woman who won three consecutive duels over the same guy was considered his common law wife. Since under the law one of his warring lovers was destined to become his wife anyways, Minho decided to sweeten the pot by promising to formalize the arrangement: proposal, wedding ceremony, marriage certificate. The works.

They’d duel that night, woman to woman, for the right to become Minho’s fiancée. One woman would win the coveted title of wife, the other would watch the man she loved propose to her sexual rival, and then be exiled without much ceremony.

What was more, it wasn’t going to be a simple duel. Ever since one online article on duels claimed that girls that made the man in dispute cum before they had officially beaten their romantic opponent enjoyed longer and happier relationships afterwards, there had been a sizable demand for this kind of duel (See Duel Room explainer – Claiming Duels subsection for fuller explanation). Many articles had come calling the idea baloney, but the thought of having her sexual rival see her making love to the man they were both fighting over before she passed out was very popular with many a jealous woman. Only the added cost tempered its popularity.

According to the rules, to win, one woman had to make the mutual boyfriend orgasm while the other was not yet officially beaten. Only then, she could continue beating the other woman until she was officially defeated.

That’s what actually happened most of the time, but in a significant minority of cases, one combatant would make the man orgasm only for the other woman to turn things around and defeat her. In such cases, there was a mandatory rematch, then another, until one belligerent managed to fulfill both winning conditions.

Sophie and Alice wanted to fight this way. No. They had to fight this way.

-“Dear”-said Sophie, turning to her Korean lover -“I think it’s time for you to tell Frenchie to leave. Unless…you want me to remove her myself”

-“You should tell blondie to remove me herself”-replied Alice in defiant tone-“Let’s see if she can”

-“You’ll have plenty of time to get your nails on each other tonight Alice”-announced Minho amused-“In the meantime, I think I should humour Sophie, since it’s her day after all”

-“I’ll see you tonight”-said the brunette goddess, standing up and planting a goodbye kiss on Minho before turning to her romantic rival-“And I hope to see YOU tonight”

-“Don’t worry”-replied Sophie-“I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to show Minho who’s the better woman for anything in the world.”


Alice could feel the sea wind blowing against her pretty face as she resolutely walked the narrow bridge leading her towards the duel room. She could see it from a distance, a wooden platform standing a few meters above the sea and covered with metal mesh to prevent people from falling into the sea. As far as she could tell, the only source of lighting were the full moon and a few torches that provided minimal visibility, giving the stage a certain mystique.

Cho Minho was waiting for her in all his naked glory, on a bed inside the ring, from where he’d be watching the action and fucking the belligerents. The brunette goddess sashayed towards her man, letting him admire her young and attractive anatomy wrapped in a frilly white corset that showed a fair amount of cleavage and tied to the transparent stockings covering her long legs; white panties, and white heels. If the bridal motif was not obvious enough, the French enchantress had worn a wedding headdress to complete her look.

-“Ready to see me trash that Dutch whore?”-cooed Alice, half her face covered in darkness, insinuating herself into the bed where the man she loved would watch her rip the blonde’s tits off-“You like what you see?”

-“Is that what you’re going to wear for our wedding day?”-teased Minho, lustily devouring his French girlfriend with his eyes before his lips assaulted her mouth and his fingers teased her womanhood.

-“I WILL wear it…on our wedding day…just not in public”-whispered the brunette beauty, softly biting and kissing her boyfriend’s ear as she teased his hardened manhood with her moist pussy. She closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of Minho’s cock penetrating her, moaning softly when she felt him thrusting inside her. They made out for several minutes until she noticed a ring attached to a necklace on his neck. She purred, her hair covering half her face-“Is that my ring?”

-“That’s my wedding ring”-interrupted Sophie startling the brunette beauty. The Dutch female had seen the copulating couple as she walked towards the ring, but decided to sneak on the copulating couple. She took advantage of the confusion to hug Minho and let her pussy get a quick taste of his dick before the fight.

-“Someone really wants to get married”-said Minho as he admired Sophie’s sexy outfit, consisting of a wedding head dress, a bra/negligee garment, stockings attached to a semi-transparent panty and high heels. All in white; just like Alice’s sexy attire, the bridal motif was unmissable.

-“We both want you”-stated Alice, annoyed at being taken by surprised. She kissed Minho-“Only I’ll get my wish though”

-“Shall we?”-asked Sophie, getting off Minho’s manhood and glaring at her sexual rival. In reply, Alice moved her arms back, purposely making her abundant chest look even bigger for a second before crouching on her knees and eagerly licking Minho’s cock with her tongue. Sophie quickly imitated her.

The man in dispute moaned, shivering as he felt the two tongues travelling the length of his shaft and balls, each catty female trying to push the other away with their tongues and heads as they pleased him. They all had agreed to this little ritual before the fight to ensure an over stimulated Minho wouldn’t cum too soon. In a few minutes the handsome Korean man perspired as he felt himself inching closer and closer towards climax under the expert care of these magnificent specimens of the fairer sex. They sure could feel him cumming closer and closer, as they eagerly intensified the strength and speed of their tongue strokes, often lashing out at the other woman’s tongue in the process.

-“I’m coming”-exclaimed Minho just a second before he felt a surge of white liquid rushing through his manhood and exploding into the girls faces, who eagerly accepted his gift. Neither made any effort to get his semen off their faces.

He heard the entrance to the ring close and the timer starting its irreversible march towards zero.

-“Let’s watch the video of me beating this whore while we have sex tonight”-whispered the blonde seductress on Minho’s left ear, giving her boyfriend a final, sloppy kiss before going to one side of the ring.

-“If she isn’t bleeding too badly, let’s us have sex on top of her slutty body…just like we did with the last slut that wanted to come between us”-murmured Alice on Minho’s right ear, kissing his still hard cock before going to the opposite side of the ring.

-“You’re done sleeping with my man!”-shrieked the French sex kitten as she swung her arm to slap Sophie the moment the starting buzz sounded.

-“If anything, it’s you who’ll stop sleeping with my boyfriend!”-retorted the blonde goddess as she caught the slap mid-way and surprised her romantic antagonist with two quick punches in the midsection. Alice retaliated with a well-placed punch to the face and soon the two would be brides had a tight lock of the other’s long hair with one hand while the other hand was blasting furious slaps at a frenetic pace. The combatants wobbled and swayed, their obscene high heels making loud clicking noises as they danced on the wooden platform. Reaching the mesh, the girls rolled on the metal net, which they used as extra support to kick each other with their shapely legs.

BITCH WHORE HE’S MINE TRAMP SLUT NO, HE’S MINE were some of the lovely things they said to each other as they hammered each other with fists. Sophie raised her leg and sank her 5’ stiletto heel on the exposed part of the shorter girl’s feet. The French beauty howled, allowing the blonde temptress to pummel her on the midsection several times before pushing her aside.

-“I’ll be riding him tonight…and forever!”-asserted the older woman as she continued the onslaught of punches raining on Alice’s voluptuous frame.

-“That’s my cock you Dutch tramp!”-howled the brunette temptress, not shying away from the brutal fist fighting, sinking her clenched hands into the blonde’s bouncing tits and making her stagger backwards.

-“I’ll be his wife!”-exclaimed Sophie as she threw a haymaker into her antagonist’s face, sending her wobbling sideways.

-“In your dreams!”-retorted the determined younger woman as she hit back with two uppercuts to the midsection, rattling the blonde bombshell.

-“Sophie Cho never gives her man up!”-spat the Dutch warrioress, retaliating with an uppercut to the chin, sending her sexual rival reeling backwards.

-“Don’t dare to call yourself that!”-asserted the proud Alice as she snatched the taller girl’s long blonde hair and pulled her in, kneeing her just above the crotch area several times-“that’s MY surname!”

Minho was rock hard seeing the contours of his two attractive lovers dance on the wood floor. Due to the poor lighting, he was only able to distinguish between the two feminine figures fighting for his cock by the small difference in height, but even then, it was hard to tell who was whom. Right now, it seemed that Sophie was slamming Alice against the metal fence, but the violent movement of the brunette’s silhouette suggested Alice was fighting back ferociously. He was worried that the love rivals were getting so carried away in destroying each other that they’d forget about pleasing him.

He didn’t need to have been worried. He wasn’t sure what happened, but soon Sophie’s shadow was stumbling away from the mesh. He saw the shadow of Alice’s high heels mercilessly kicking the writhing blonde beauty until she fell on the wooden floor.

-“I’ll be wearing that ring tonight…and forever”-taunted Alice as she stomped her love rival’s massive tits with her heels. The tormented Sophie sobbed, howling in agony even as she tried to use her arms to protect her face and chest.

-“Little crying girls like you shouldn’t be fighting over a man”-remarked the savage French ‘lady’, kicking Sophie on the face to shut her up. In a normal duel, Alice would have no doubt taken the chance to finish Sophie for good, yet doing so in a claiming duel (before Minho had been claimed) would lead to a contested result.

The brunette goddess looked up, focusing then on the task of claiming her would be husband. Alice bit her lip when she saw the shadow of her soon to be husband’s erect cock waiting for her.

-“Now, to claim what is mine”-cooed Alice, her skin glistening with a light layer of perspiration as she insinuated herself into the single sized bed. She tucked her white panties slightly sideways and started riding Minho cowgirl style. He didn’t disappoint, bucking like a wild bronco for several minutes as his brunette girlfriend squealed in pleasure, sweat dropping on his toned body. He seemed to be pumping extra hard inside her.

She wasn’t imagining things. The drama and spectacle of seeing two women putting everything on the line in what pretty much amounted to a non-holds barred catfight for the right to sleep by his side never failed to turn him on, leaving him very horny and fucking extra hard to compensate the victress for the bitterly fought duels. If anything, seeing Alice’s wedding veil still loosely hanging on her hair and her excited tits bobbing up and down was turning him even more than usual. Right now Alice looked worthy of being called Mrs Cho.
-“YES YES YES YES! ARGH!!”-wailed the sensual brunette as a white stiletto abruptly hit her full on the face, taking her off Minho’s cock.

-“Don’t touch him ever AGAIN!”-howled the vengeful blonde as she ripped Alice’s head dress with zero regards to delicacy, tearing a handful of brunette hair in the process. The Dutch huntress then proceeded to pull the stunned Alice by the hair and acquainting her knee with the brunette’s face. It was a grotesque spectacle, the vulnerable brunette warrioress being hammered like a rag doll until she suddenly sneaked her arms around Sophie’s shapely leg and sank her teeth on her upper inner thigh leg like a piranha! The Dutch tormentor tried to get away, only for Alice to punch upwards, fist connecting solidly on her panty clad cunt.

The blonde’s mouth made a O shape as she let out a silent scream and her hands went down her aching pussy, taking a few tentative steps before losing her footing. The French temptress wiped off a single tear off her cheek, heaving heavily as she tried to catch a break from the vicious beating she had just endured.

-“I’ll be touching…my…husband…whenever I want!”-exclaimed Alice, pulling Sophie by her head gown and throwing the sultry blonde around until the precarious garment broke, or rather, a chunk of Sophie’s golden hair was ripped off her head, making the head piece come off and sending the Dutch combatant stumbling backwards.

-“Payback time wench!”-Now the aggressor, Alice was on her supine foe like a lioness pouncing on a wounded prey. Sophie welcomed her with a ten claws hug as they started rolling on the wooden ring in an fierce scratch fest, ripping the delicate lingerie apart. The flimsy threads holding together their sleazy tops were no made to stand that much abuse and it was no surprise when they broke, exposing their delicious tits to the world…and to her rival’s sharp nails.

The fight became vicious and noisy as the alley cats in heat twisted, pinched, clawed, squeezed and mangled the other’s precious melons in jealous rage. Minho watched entranced as the dim lighting magnified the sensual spectacle of shadows dancing on the wooden floor while the near darkness made it hard who was on top of whom unless a stray ray of light managed to dimly shine on a patch of blonde or brunette hair. Not that it mattered much, since the hypnotic silhouettes seem to be evenly matched…the blonde haired on top…then the brunette one…then he wasn’t sure who was on top of whom.

A loudly shriek snapped him from his thoughts.

It seemed one of the shadows had kicked the other one in the cunt, forcing the…blonde girl out of her dominant position. Alice pounced like a cat, forcing a high school pin on Sophie and brutally pummeling her head. The blonde seductress raised her legs trying to dismount her tormentor to no avail: After a short struggle, Sophie’s silhouette lied motionless on the floor. Alice allowed herself a few seconds to take as much air as her lungs could possibly absorb before groggily standing up and walking towards the bed.

-“Now”-purred the now topless Alice as she looked fascinated at Minho’s engorged cock waiting for her. She laid on the bed and used her arms to bring her Korean lover on top of her-“Where were we?”

-“You trying to convince me to propose I believe”-murmured Minho as his excited dick bypassed Alice’s wet panty again and resumed their interrupted coitus. The French sex kitten moaned loudly, wildly kissing and biting Minho’s neck to mark her ownership of him, her cheeks becoming more and more flushed as his cock stimulated her clit. After a few minutes she felt his sweat falling on her much abused body, his mouth alternating between nibbling and sucking her hurt breasts and kissing her neck.

-“Mark me!”-demanded the brunette nymph, feeling her man biting her softly around the neck. She could feel his hot breath and his excited quivering. He was getting close to climaxing and she knew it.

Alice howled as she felt a painful sensation on her scalp interrupting this most intimate of moments.

-“As if I’ll ever let you have his cum!”-screeched Sophie as she tugged Alice’s much abused hair and violently pulled her off the bed, sending her rolling across the wooden ring. The blonde tigress then rushed towards the fallen French stunner, trying to use her sharp high heels to trample on her brunette antagonist.

Alice kept rolling on the wooden, desperately trying to avoid Sophie’s pointy heels from stomping her battered body until she found herself trapped between the incoming blonde and the metal mesh.

-“I’ve got you now!”-exclaimed the Dutch beauty as she cruelly sank her heels on Alice’s stomach’s twice, the French floozy’s agonizing howls music to her ears. Sophie sank her heel again, but this time Alice caught the falling shoe with her hands and pushed her tormentor back, tripping the ruthless blonde and making her fall.

-“Fucking…tramp…”-muttered Alice amidst labored breaths as she used one hand to massage her belly and the other grabbed the metal mesh to lift herself up. The brunette goddess shook her head to clear the cobwebs and charged at her recovering adversary-“You’ll pay for interrupting our love making!”

-“A Frenchie skank like you is never going to take him away from me!”-roared Sophie as she met her enemy half way, the two bruised physiques clashing with painful violence as their bodies merged in a wild slugfest.

-“That’s Mrs. Cho for you Dutch tramp!”-exclaimed Alice as she threw two haymakers into Sophie’s engorged tits.

-“You’ll have his cock over my dead body!”-replied Sophie as she retaliated by drilling her fists into the brunette’s hanging knockers.

The stunning beauties fighting for Minho slugged away at each other fanatically, wanting nothing but to destroy her sexual rival in this war of attrition, their exposed tits jiggling and bobbing like crazy as they evaded or initiated attacks into each other’s delicate anatomy, but focusing on each other’s faces and chest.

The man they were struggling over had to fight the supreme urge to stroke his enlarged manhood begging for release. No, that would not be fair to the women fighting tooth and nail for the wedding ring on his neck. He bit his lips as he watched enthralled the savage yet supremely erotic spectacle unfolding in front of him.

In a last-ditch attempt to break the relentless stalemate, the tired Sophie lunged towards her brunette enemy like a sumo wrestler and pushed her against the metal fence. Feeling the French goddess painfully raining fists on her back, Sophie heaved as she gathered all her strength to lift a surprised Alice off the ground by a few centimeters and then turned around, slamming the brunette beauty against the ground!

Alice let out a loud shriek as her back crashed against the wooden floor, pain reverberating all over her sensual body as she rolled in agony on the floor. Sophie put her hands on her stocking covered knees and took a few seconds to recover her breath before kicking the vulnerable brunette with her heels.

-“STAY DOWN”-said Sophie as she twisted her heel on Alice’s meaty breasts.

-“AND LET ME”-then proceeded to kick her abs

-“FUCK MY FIANCEE!”-and added a final kick to the head that left Alice barely conscious. Sure her tenacious adversary was out of commission for
the moment, the exhausted blonde bombshell limped towards the man she coveted.

-“Time to get earn my ring”-cooed the Dutch nymph as she hopped on the bed, facing the fence and wiggling her fine ass in front of her soon to be fiancé. Minho took the hint, his shaft quickly finding the Dutch woman’s wet cunt and his hands grabbing her tiny waist as he pumped her doggy style.

After several minutes of wild fucking, Sophie was looking down as she heaved irregularly, tightening her grip on the metal mesh, her moans becoming increasingly loud: She was feeling the incipient signs of an orgasm building inside her. Even better, she could feel her man was close to cumming too. She recognized the signs.

-“YES YES YES FUCK ME HARDER! FASTER!”-squealed Minho’s blonde girlfriend as she tried not to bump her head against the fence. He was close…so close…Sophie heard her boyfriend let a satisfied groan as he slowed down, and a ringing buzz confirming what she already knew: His cum was inside her.

She shrieked as she felt a sudden pain on her much-abused tits. A second later she registered a kick to her side abs rudely taking her off the bed.

-“A tiny pussy like yours isn’t worthy of his cum!”-screamed an enraged Alice as she wrapped the remains of her torn corset around the cum stealer’s neck. Sophie put her hand under the thin fabric of the garment, giving her breathing space but not much else. She tried to find her balance but Alice kept using the corset to swing her around like a rag doll. The French aggressor decided that if she could not win, she would certainly force a rematch.

Sophie saw her chance when she fell on her knees just in front of Alice’s bruised thighs. She hugged her enemy’s shapely leg and dug her nails into the brunette’s cunt.

The French temptress immediately dropped the corset and tried to get Sophie’s hand off her pussy when she lost her balance on her heels and fell down, accidentally kicking her Dutch opponent in the chin on the process.

The sweaty belligerents heaved as they glared at each other with undiminished hatred. They were spent, having fought such a draw out catfight while simultaneously fucking their mutual lover. If, as if to remind them what was a stake here, they could see the shadow of Minho’s throbbing cock in the space between them.

-“I’ll claw Minho’s cum…out of your cunt…with my own nails!”-threatened Alice as she stood up, rushing up to Sophie and sinking her fingers into Sophie’s cunt.

-“You want his cum…come and get it!”-squealed Sophie as she followed suit.

WORTHLESS cunt…SKANK…BITCH…COCKSUCKER…UGLY PIG…and similar insults were hurled around among cries of agony and howls of pain as each battered beauty did her best to damage her sexual rival’s reproductive organs to make her worthless for sex. Sensing the end was near, neither proud female was willing to give up the heinous cunt mauling despite every instinct telling her to get away.

Tears were streaming down Alice’s face as she willed her body to continue this unrelenting contest of mutually assured sexual destruction. She could feel Sophie was about to give up too, the only thing preventing them from giving up was womanly pride and an animalistic need to show their mate that they were worthy of his seed.

The hurt brunette gave up the grim cunt attack, her hands trying to massage her hurt womanhood.

-“GIVE UP!”-shrieked the blonde bombshell, not letting up even as her shaky legs struggled to walk and feeling her arms weighing a hundred pounds. The older girl punched Alice’s bruised face, rattling the French goddess. She gathered her strength again, landing an uppercut into the brunette’s damaged melons that went unanswered. She then followed with an uppercut to the chin, finally managing to topple stubborn French combatant.

-“Fucking…tramp!”-heaved Sophie as she ignored her falling panties and kicked her downed foe without mercy

-“Couldn’t get Minho” kick

-“to cum inside you” kick

-“when you fought against” kick

-“a real woman!” kick

-“WORTHLESS SKANK!”-shrieked the Dutch bombshell, stopping her merciless onslaught only when the victory buzz sounded. Yet this was a different buzz. She knew the French floozy wasn’t unconscious yet. The sensitivity of the nanobots had been increased, so that the computer would declare victory just as at the point before the loser would lose consciousness. That had been on purpose, in order to allow the defeated woman to witness the wedding proposal.

Victory thus declared, Sophie grabbed the torn remains of her own negligee and tied the beaten brunette up. Then, with minimal concern for Alice’s comfort, she latched her fingers onto what remained of Alice’s once luscious brown mane and limped towards the bed, stopping every now and then to catch her breath.
-“Here’s the slut that thought she would be your wife”-gloated Sophie as she unceremoniously dumped the beaten woman on the bed and sat on her-“Defeated and broken…like the others. Do you now know who’s the better woman? Who deserves to sleep in your bed and wake by your side every morning?”

-“Yes, you’ve proven yourself the better woman. The only one worthy of sharing my bed”-said Minho, taking the engagement ring on his neck and getting on his knees despite Alice’s crying pleas and affirmations that she was not yet beaten.

“Please…no…Minho…I’ll fight for you…again…another chance…”-whined Alice, not believing this end.

All in vain.

-“Sophie, will you marry me?”

-“YES! Of course yes!”-said an enthusiastic Sophie, letting her now fiancée put the coveted ring in her finger.

-“You were instrumental to our marriage”-taunted the victorious blonde as she tied the sobbing Alice to metal mesh-“It’s only fair that you should witness our first night as fiancées”

-“No…please…you’re the better woman…he’s your man…”-pleaded the broken brunette beauty as she uselessly tried to free herself-“please..I beg you…don’t make me watch…”

Alice’s pleas went answered by the victress.

Sophie’s usually smooth skin was covered with lacerations and red marks. She had lost a good chunk of hair leaving bald spots that would take time to heal. She limped, feeling pain and exhaustion all over her body. She forgot all of that when her hard-won man kissed her, massaging her breasts with his tongue and her hurt cunt was comforted by his wet cock.

They made love in the open, the stars as their roof and the crying Alice as their witness.


There are very high stakes involved when a woman decides enter a ring and duel her sexual rival over a man. Despite this, many women in modern society feel this is the only option they have if they want to remove a love rival from her man’s life. The psychological effects on the loser can be devastating, especially if the decision over who will marry him is at stake. Sophie could not help but to smirk as she saw her sexual rival had a mental break down when she realized she was no going to become Mrs Cho…ever.

Sophie had finally achieved what she had wanted for so long. No doubt many would congratulate her when she went back home with her new fiancé in arms. In the current world wives were a bit of a rarity, since few men wanted tie the knot in a world where beautiful and young women were plentiful and at their disposal. Becoming a legal wife would give her certain legal rights and security with her relationship with Minho, but she was realistic: there would always be young girls thinking they could kick her out of Minho’s bedroom, married or not. And if they tried…they’d meet the same fate as Alice.

The End

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