Tenants by Hype

Mamatha was surprised looking at the video in front of her. She was surfing through the internet when she got hold of the video. It was a video of two girls having a brutal naked catfight. The fight started normal at first but slowly turned fierce. Mamatha was surprised looking at the video. The girls were almost equal and were beating the shit out of each other. At the end of the fight they both got up and stood tit to tit with tears in their eyes. They both cursed and challenged each other for a rematch. Atlast they both came forward and deeply tongue kissed each other.

Mamatha was completely wet and turned on by the video. She didn’t know why she was so turned on by that. At 35 years old mamatha was a single mother with a 5 year old son. She used to work as a teacher. She lived along with her son in a 1bhk house a bit outside the town. There was another empty portion. She had awheatish complexion and a bit plump but had a good figure with a 34d.

 Something changed In her after watching the video. She really liked the way both the girls have fought. It was something new for her to watch girls fight like that.  One day before she was going to work she saw that somebody was moving into that room. As she was already late she left for the school. When she came in the evening she saw a lady standing at the other portion. She introduced herself as chitra.

Chitra was probably in her early thirties and was an inch taller than mamatha. She was a bit dark and a bit lean but both had almost equal sized breasts. Mamatha came to know that chitra worked as a clerk in a bank and was not married and lived alone. Mamatha after returning home got a feeling that chitra didn’t really liked her. She too felt the same and she didn’t know why. It was Maybe because they were similar. 

 Chitra really liked mamatha’s kid and got along with him really well. But her whole demeanour changed around mamatha. Mamatha too felt the same around her. Even though both of them used talk . they used to compete with their eyes. Sometimes they both used to stare at each other. Mamatha was feeling weird because of all this. She didn’t know why but she completely hated chitra and she know chitra hated her back, but she liked the hatred and rivalry between them.

 She used to watch the video of the catfight and began to think about herself and chitra in that place. She used to get wet thinking of chitra and herself beating the shit out of each other. Day by day her itch to fight chitra began to increase. She wanted to take it to the next level.

One day she and chitra were talking with each other. Mamatha decided to take matters to next level.

“ why didn’t you get married until now chitra?” asked mamatha nonchalantly. Chitra glared at mamatha and asked.

“ I didn’t have a reason too. I like it this way. Why didn’t you get married” Said chitra

“  I like the freedom and I have a son to look after. I could easily find a boyfriend if I want to even now”

“ dont you think you are a bit plump? It won’t be easy” asked chitra. Mamatha glared at chitra.

“ atleast I am better looking” said mamatha

Both of them glared at each other. Things were escalating between them.

Suddenly mamatha heard her son calling her and she left. Mamatha liked how things got escalated. But she wanted it to escalate even more. For the next two days both mamatha and chitra just glared at each other. Mamatha was waiting for a right opportunity to escalate things again. The next night mamatha woke up from her sleep because it was too hot. She began to go upstairs to get some air. She saw somebody was already standing there. On seeing closer It was chitra who standing in a bra and panty.  Mamatha went to her home and wore a bra and panty. She locked the door slowly to not wake her sleeping son. 

She slowly began to climb the stairs. She began to get Goosebumps. Is this it? She looked around and realised how calm it was. This was it. She wanted this. She approached chitra who looked back and was shocked. both of them stared at each other and realised how similar they were. Their boobs were oozing out of their bras. They could see each other’s erected nipples through the bra line.

“ trouble sleeping?” asked mamatha

“yes, what about you?”  asked chitra.

“ me too, looks like we have the same problem”

There was silence for sometime. Mamatha once again tried to escalate things.

“ I really didn’t like the tone you used that day” said mamatha calmly.

“ its you started it that day mamatha asking about why I am not married” said chitra with a raised tone.

“ it was a normal question chitra. You were the one who commented about my body” mamatha raised her tone too

“you commented about my color too”

As of now both of them were standing opposite each other inches apart. 

Mamatha knew this was it.

“ I hate you chitra”

“ I hate you too mamatha”

They both came and stood tit to tit and nose to nose. Both could feel the other’s erected nipples.

“ i hated you bitch from the moment I saw you. I don’t know why” sneered chitra

Mamatha was surprised at the same time elated

“ I hated you too slut” she sneered back

They both growled at each other.



“ I think we know what we should do” growled chitra

“ yes bitch the only thing that woman like us do to settle. Catfight” growled mamatha

“ lets fight bitch”

“ lets beat the shit out of each other”

They both growled at each other for sometime. But mamatha knew this was not a good place to fight.

“ wait bitch this not the right place”  said mamatha

“ so where do you suppose we fight” asked chitra

 She pointed at the store room.

“ let’s go there bitch. Its empty and even soundproof too”

Chitra agreed and both of them started moving to the room. Mamatha was having butterflies in her stomach. Eventhough she has never been in a catfight before she didn’t cared.

Both of them entered and closed the room. The room was empty, both mamatha and chitra liked it. They came to the centre and started removing their bras and stood in their panties. 

“let’s do it bitch”

“come on”

They both came forward and locked hands in each other’s hairs and started punching each other. They both pulled each other side to side like ragdolls as they kept punching each other. Mamatha was surprised by the ferocity of the fight but at the same liked it. They both threw caution and decorum out of the window as they punched each other in the face, breasts etc.

Cunt… slut.. fuck you.. aaahhh… dyke….bitch….. ooohhh could be heard through out the room as they punched each other mercilessly.  They both fell to the ground and began to roll around the room occasionally slapping each other. Mamatha was completely wet as she enjoyed the fight immensely. She realised even chitra was wet.

Aaiiihhhhhh screamed chitra as mamatha squeezed her breast. She squeezed back, and for the next few minutes they squeezed and raked all over each other’s bodies. They both laid side by side and began to take a break as both looked at each other with hatred. Out of nowhere chitra slapped mamatha in the face fiercely and mamatha slapped back with equal power. And for the next few minutes both slapped each other.





They slapped each other for some time. 

“ bitch let’s get up and fistfight” said mamatha

With that they both kicked each other away and got up. There were bruises and scratches all over their bodies. But they didn’t cared. They still wanted to fight and were completely turned on.

Chitra removed her panties and mamatha followed. They both looked like the two girls she saw from that video. Both of their pussies were completely shaven. They both raised their fists and began to circle each other. Chitra looked at mamatha’s pussy and saw how wet it was

“looks like you are completely turned on bitch” said chitra with a smirk

“look who is talking. You are turned on too whore” mamatha smirked

“I wanted to fight you like this for a long time”

“Then what are you waiting for. Let’s fistfight”

They both slowly came together and swinged at each other multiple times connecting a few. Slowly they increased the rate and before they knew it they were wildly swinging at each other like there was no tomorrow. After sometime they both felt tired and came and hugged each other with their heads on their shoulders.. chitra pulled mamatha to the ground and both of them slowly rolled around the room ocassionally slapping or punching each other.

They both began to whimper  because of tiredness. Atlast they stopped at the wall laying side by side still pulling each other’s hair.

“you give?” asked mamatha

“no” said chitra and mamatha slapped her and chitra slapped back.

Both slapped each other for some time and then lay still.

“you give?” this time chitra asked

“No” mamatha answered followed by a slapfest .

This happened for some time, with each woman taking turns asking other to submit followed by slaps.

By the end of this tears were forming in each other’s eyes. But they didn’t submit.

“you cunt, just give up” sneered mamatha.

“you give up whore”  chitra sneered back.

Even though they both wanted to continue they didn’t had energy. So they slowly let go each other and got up.  

   They both looked at each other and see how bruised and scratched their body was. There was hair all over the room. Mamatha was totally satisfied by this. 

“Bitch looks like we did beat the shit out of each other” said chitra

“I agree slut and I enjoyed every minute of it” said mamatha

“me too whore”

Chitra looked at the time and it was almost 5.  Suddenly mamatha pulled and hugged chitra and looked deep into her eyes.

“I want a rematch bitch” hissed mamatha

“me too bitch lets plan one soon” chitra hissed back

“I hate you”

“I hate you more”



Mamatha bought out her tongue and chitra did the same. Both of them touched each other’s tip before having a tongue fight. They corkscrewed their mouths and fell to the ground and began tribbing.

They both moaned into each other’s mouth as they cummed at the same time.

They both got up and began to leave.

They both went down and stood tit to tit and taunted each other.

“next time you won’t be so lucky” said mamatha

“ its you who won’t be lucky” said chitra

Mamatha went to her room and saw her son still in deep sleep. She went and looked in the window and looked at her bruised body and messed up hair. But she was happy as she found an equal match.

She went to bed and slowly drifted to sleep thinking about the fight.

Next day mamatha woke up and looked herself in the mirror. Her body was filled with scratches and bruises. She went to take a shower and in the shower she began to recall everything that happened last night. She couldn’t believe how savage her and chitra’s catfight was. She was always a restrained woman in her life. But yesterday she just let herself go. There is something about that chitra that made her hate her so much.

Even now she began to get angry thinking about chitra. That bitch…. She thought. She could remember each and every moment of their scrap. At the same time she enjoyed it to the core. She wanted a rematch with chitra, she understood why both of the girls in the video wanted a rematch.

She wanted to discuss about this with chitra. But she decided to do it later as she wanted her body to heal. Both mamatha and chitra didn’t meet each other for the next few days.  One day mamatha returned from the school and was opening the door. She felt somebody slap her hard on her butt. She looked back and saw chitra, both looked at each other angrily. 

Mamatha slapped chitra’s boobs and chitra slapped back

“ fuck you cunt”

“ screw you bitch”

They both were ready to jump on each other but heard mamatha’s son coming and both went to their respective portions. Mamatha couldn’t take it any longer. She wanted to discuss with chitra about their past catfight and the future rematch. She took a paper and wrote telling chitra to meet her in the store room tonight at 3:00 clock. She went to chitra’s door and slipped it under.

 It was 3 in the morning and mamatha was waiting impatiently for chitra in the store room. She was only in her panties. She heard the door open and saw chitra coming in. she was also topless. They both came and stood tit to tit.

“ I thought you wouldn’t show up slut” sneered mamatha

“ I am not scared of you bitch” chitra sneered back.

Chitra looked around and was surprised to see the setting. There was small sofa and also a table with laptop on it.

“ I called here to discuss with you about certain things”  said mamatha

“ I wanted to discuss things with you too” 

They both sat on the sofa and turned towards each other.

“ was that your first catfight?” asked mamatha

“yes what about you?” asked chitra

“ yes mine too. I cant believe we fought like that”

“ I enjoyed kicking your ass bitch” said chitra

“ hmph slut I was the one who kicked your ass” 

“ you were crying bitch” smirked chitra

“ you too were crying slut” 

Both pressed their foreheads together and stared at each other

“ I fucking hate you bitch” chitra spit on mamatha

“ the feeling’s mutual bitch” mamatha slapped chitra.

Both started a slapping match. 



Suddenly mamatha stopped herself and said “ stop it bitch this is not what I called you for”

Chitra stopped and both looked at each other angrily

Mamatha played something on the laptop. It was the video of the catfight between two girls. Chitra was getting wet looking at the video. The girls fought just like herself and mamatha.  Mamatha looked at chitra’s panties getting wet. She herself was wet. By the end video both girls challenged each other for a rematch.

Both chitra and mamatha looked at each other strangely. They just couldn’t take it anymore and launched at each other. They both fell to the ground and began to roll punching and slapping each other. They both realised how similar their fight was to that of the girls in the video. This made both of them even wetter. They both began to grind their pussies against each other. 

“ uhhhhhh bitchhhhhh”

“ohhhhhh sluttttttttttt”

They both cummed hard. Mamatha looked at chitra who was angrily looking at her and was getting ready to fight. But mamatha had other plans.

“ wait slut this is not where I wanted our rematch” mamatha pushed chitra aside.

“ I want our fight to be somewhere secluded. Where its only the two of us and no one else”

Both of them began to think and chitra got an idea

“ my grandparents live in a small village nearby. We have some lands there for farming. There is an abandoned farmhouse there which is ours. As this isn’t farming season, the fields will be abandoned and empty. Its just you and me. Let’s leave your son with my grandparents and go there and finish our fight” said chitra

Mamatha liked the idea. Both decided to travel to the village first thing in the morning.

“ lets decide who the better woman among us bitch” hissed mamatha

“ once and for all” hissed chitra

They both kissed each other fiercely for some time and left to prepare for their journey. 

Mamatha along with her son travelled with chitra to her village. Along the way they both kept whispering curses and threats to each other. Once they reached the village they travelled to chitra’s home and met her grandparents. Chitra introduced mamatha as her best friend. Chitra’s grandparents were very sweet people and they especially loved mamatha’s kid. The kid also got along with them really well.

Through their grandparents mamatha came to know that chitra’s parents died at a very young age. She was surprised  as her parents also died at an young age. They jokingly said mamatha and chitra looked like sisters. Both of them glared at each other and looked away with disgust.  Chitra told their grandparents that both mamatha and her had work in the nearby village and they will go after lunch and return by dinner.

Mamatha was looking around the house when she felt someone puling her in. it was chitra. Both of them bashed their tits together.

“ bitch “


“ I cant wait to kick your ass” said mamatha

“ its me who will be kicking your ass slut”

They both growled at each other. Then remembering where they were they both part their ways glaring at each other. Even during dinner they both kept glaring at each other. Both of them were controlling themselves. After dinner both mamatha and chitra began to leave. Mamatha told her kid to behave well and she will be back. She was relieved that the kid got along so well with the old people.

Mamatha and chitra began to go to the farmhouse. Mamatha was surprised, the fields were totally empty and there was not even a single soul. Both of them reached the farmhouse and entered inside and closed it. Both of them stood opposite each other and slowly started removing their clothes staring at each other. 

They both became completely nude and started circling each other.

“lets do it bitch. No one is there to disturb us or stop us, just you and me settling things” hissed chitra

“ enough talk, lets go” mamatha hissed back.

They both came forward and started wildly swinging at each other. They both held each other’s hair with one hand and hit each other with the other. Bitch, cunt, slut, whore, they hurled abuses at  each other as they danced around the place wildly hitting each other.

They both kneed each other in the pussy a few times. After sometime they both fell to the ground. They both slapped and punched each other as they rolled around the place. They just couldn’t get enough of the others.

“ I will kill you ,you slut” screamed mamatha

“ I will rip you apart, you  whore” screamed chitra

They both lay side by side slapping and pulling hair fiercely. They both were cursing each other like two drunken sailors. Mamatha kicked chitra in the pussy 

“ you whore” screamed chitra and kicked back

“Fuck you” mamatha screamed. They both kicked each other for sometime. Once again they started rolling around the ground. They both punched and scratched each other’s boobs as they rolled slowly.

The punching and slapping began to slowdown as they began to get tired. The both stopped still hands in each other’s hair, to take a breath. Their legs were completely entwined like two snakes. One of the girl would throw a punch or a slap occasionally. 

As if on a cue both of them kicked away from each other. They both sat back and looked at each other angrily. Mamatha realised her pussy was completely wet and also chitra’s. they both slowly got to their knees and  came and stood tit to tit. Both of them still wanted to fight

“ you ready to give up whore” hissed chitra

“ never to a cunt like you” mamatha hissed and slapped chitra.

They both slapped and pulled each other’s hair wildly as they fell to the ground. They both clasped their legs together like together like two entwined snakes and started rolling around. They punched, slapped, scratched and raked each other everywhere.  Their screams could be heard throughout the farmhouse.

“ bitchhhh”


“ I fucking hate you chitraaaa”

“  the feelings’ mutual mamathaaaaa”

They both stopped and looked at each other. There was wild look of hate in each other’s eyes. eventhough mamatha enjoyed the fight. She hated chitra like anything. They both were complete equals. Nowhere in their fights had any of the woman gained an upper favour, it was always a stalemate.

Mamatha pulled chitra up and they sat on their butts with their legs clasped around each other. Their tits were completely mashed together. They both looked like a ball of flesh. Both of them  pressed forehead to forehead and growled at each other.

As if on a cue they both attacked each other’s lips. They tongues fought a battle of their own. Spit was overflowing from their mouth. They both began to trib at a  fast rate. They both moaned into each other as they cummed at the same time.

They both tried to catch breath. Slowly they both looked at each other. Both mamatha and chitra looked at each other angrily.

“ I am better than you bitch” hissed mamatha

“ in your dreams slut” hissed chitra

Slowly they started pulling each other’s hair.

“you cunt”

“you whore”

They started tribbing each other again even more roughly than the last time. Suddenly they started to slap each other. Their slapping matched their tribbing. They both growled and even tried to bite each other.  At last both of them cummed for the second time.

“ohhhh bitchhhhh”

“ahhhhh slutttttttt”

They both fell to side trying to catch breath. The only thing that could be heard through out the room was their breathing.  Slowly chitra got up and mamatha looked at her shapely ass from behind. There was claw marks on it. Mamatha began to remember everything from their first encounter to now. there was something about chitra. It was like they both were like two pieces of the same puzzle at the same time they were like oil and water. They hated each other’s guts.

They both were equals in every aspect, their last two encounters have sealed the fact. This made mamatha angry at the same time exited. Mamatha’s pussy once again began to get wet looking at chitra.

 She followed chitra and slapped on her ass. Chitra turned back and slapped on mamatha’s boobs. They both pulled each other together and bashed together. They both looked at each other and growled.

“ I fucking hate you slut” sneered chitra

“ the feelings’ mutual you whore” mamatha sneered back“ I want us to fight as long as we prove who the best woman among us is”

“ I agree bitch” 

But both mamatha and chitra knew it was just a bluff. They just wanted to fight and beat each other up. They both clearly enjoyed this rivalry between them.

They both stared and growled at each other for sometime preparing to fight again. Out of nowhere mamatha spit on chitra and chitra spit back.

Once again they fell to the ground punching, slapping and beating each other up as they continued their rivalry which won’t end anytime soon .

The End

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