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Just when you think everything is just perfect, life can change in an instant. Such was it with Susan Harper.

It was Friday, the evening before Halloween, mischief night, and mischief was in the air. Susan had just settled down with a glass of red wine, and was scrolling through Netflix. Her Girlfriend Cara, was away for the weekend, visiting her family. Susan, an attractive woman of 29. Her jet black hair cascaded just past her shoulders, framing a cute face, with a few freckles on the bridge of her nose. Her Bright Green eyes were mesmerizing, a mark of her English/Welsh heritage. Her frame was slim, yet with nicely rounded hips, and her 34D breasts looked all the bigger on her slim smallish 5’5” frame. By all accounts, Susan was a “head Turner”.

She wasn’t paying much attention to the new Netflix show she had on, it was simply background noise as she sipped her wine, and though about Cara. She also was debating going to a friends Halloween party, tomorrow. Susan had made a sexy witch costume, a tight black dress, that showed off her cleavage nicely, but now, with Cara out of town, she wasn’t sure she wanted to go. Six months early, Susan met Cara, her soul mate as she now thought. It started as a wild night of sex, after meeting at a downtown club and dancing the night away. Cara was a wisp of a thing, a free spirit. Her hair color changed weekly, wildly unencumbered, yet so sweet. As the spring moved into summer, the casual wild sex fling blossomed into a deeper passionate relationship. Susan spent as much time with Cara as she could. Cara is a photographer, and had strange work hours, and demands, which meant Susan only could see her a few times per week. But any time with Cara was so special, by fall Love was in the air, Susan had never been so happy. She suggested, right before Cara left to visit her family, that they move in together. Cara seemed surprised, caught off guard, and a bit nervous, strangely nervous, yet Susan was certain she was delighted. They kissed as Cara left, and said they would discuss when she got back. Just then her phone Buzzed. Ah, must be Cara she thought, but as she looked at it, no name appeared on her screen, just a number she didnt know. She put the phone down to pour a second glass of wine. Settling back onto the couch, she reached for her phone, and opened the text message. Her heart seemed to stop as she read the message.

“It is time you STOP F…ing my Girlfriend! I have become aware of your little fling, and let Cara sow some wild oats, but that now needs to end. We have been in love for a long time. I intend to move in with Cara, and properly start our lives together. You are no longer wanted! Cara is too nice to tell you, but I am not!
Do Not see her again…. Jenna “

Susan read the text message over and over again. First shocked, then heart broken, as tears swelled, and finally the third stage set in: ANGER. She knew of this Jenna, although never met. As she understood, Jenna was Cara’s ex Girlfriend, who only came up in conversation twice these past 7 months. Susan spent the next hour, a long hour, pacing her apartment, her mind racing what to do??? She wasn’t about to just give up the love of her life, she finally found the perfect partner. Yes Cara was perfect for her, and she had no indication Jenna was back in her life. Finally she sat and composed her response.

“What nerve you have, You are last years news, Cara and I are deeply in love, she broke up with you, move on. I will never give up Cara, you don’t frighten me. Don’t try and see her again. We intend to move in together, after her return. OH, and as for F..ing, you crude tramp, yes, we have the best sex either of us has Ever had. You never come to her mind. Now leave us be. Or else!”

After reading and re reading she felt she was clear and sufficiently assertive, to make this Jenna back off. She finally hits Send. Throws her phone across the room onto a chair, and feels satisfied how she answered, But mischief night wasn’t over yet. It didnt take long for Susan’s phone to buzz again, but this time, it wasn’t a text. The phone rang. She grabbed her phone and almost Gasped. The same number appeared, but this time it was a FaceTime call request. Her mind raced, but she knew she had only one option. Susan hit accept. Her screen popped open, and she simply stared. The face that appeared, in many respects could have been a mirror image of her own. A cute face, with a few freckles. The differences however were stark. Instead of jet black hair, this face was framed with shoulder length Auburn hair, and the bright blue eyes staring at her contrasted to her Dazeling Green. Susan could also see the surprise in this strangers eyes, as if she also recognized the similarities and contrasts. Not a word spoken for what seemed like forever, when finally.

Jenna, took a breath, “ so you don’t understand Cara’s and my love is deep, you are not wanted anymore, and i have had it, no more sharing” Susan shot back, “ Cara is my partner now, and i wont just walk away, i will do whatever it takes to keep her” Jenna…. “whatever”. Susan… “whatever, if you are asking if i’ll Fight, i will fight for Cara!” Susan is not even sure why she said that Jenna… “so will i Slut, so will i”

The two then settled into a discussion, about there love for Cara, it became clear to Susan, that Jenna wasn’t an ‘ ex’ but was still seeing Cara, and clear to Jenna, that Susan wasn’t just some fling. Both knew that Cara was just too sweet to bring this to a head. Both also knew, that this very week, both had asked Cara to move in, and that this situation was intolerable. Perhaps this is why Cara fled to see her family, to avoid the conflict she knew was coming. Cara was always conflict adverse, and seemed brilliant in not dealing with decisions. Clearly not Susan’s or Jenna’s personality defect. They both came to realize they would have to deal with it themselves.

Jenna…” tomorrow is Halloween, perhaps we should have our own party” Susan… “ yes, i’ll Be happy to dress for it” Jenna…. “ good, shall we say meet at 8 at Cara’s house, the perfect place for such a meeting” Susan….” are you challenging me to fight for Cara, to be clear” Jenna….” to be very clear, its Halloween, perfect time for Cats to play. A simple fight will likely be unsatisfactory in resolving anything, a lucky punch or kick, and i suspect neither of us can afford to be all bruised in the face on Monday. I am challenging you to a Halloween CATBALL, for Cara. I don’t think there will be any question after we are done. One of us welcomes her home, one of us is gone.”

Susan hands began to shake. Coming out as a Lesbian in college, while she had never been in a catball, she was well aware of the concept. It was known to most lesbians as the most intimate and intense form of conflict between two women. She also knew she had only one option. Susan…. “ perfect, i accept, shall we say 8pm, at Cara’s then” Jenna….. “ yes, done” With that Susan hit end, and the screen went to blank.

HALLOWEEN: Susan had a restless night, and Halloween day seemed to drag on forever. She tired to relax, but that was impossible. She thought of calling Cara, but didnt think that was a good idea. She took some time to try on her witches dress, and even took it in a little to make it as sexy as possible. She intended to wear this to the meeting. The dress was amazing, it showed every curve, displayed her cleavage with amazing clarity. Her ass looked great, and the long slit up the side gave anyone a good view of her long shapely legs. She took her time to apply just the right makeup. Black lipstick and eyeliner. Did her hair perfectly. While she only saw Jenna’s face during there call, she thought she would win the first contest as they met. She would show this Jenna, she couldn’t compare to her, and why Cara had come to her. Her body and beauty. She also knew, that this was as much a psychological war as a physical and sexual one. Intimidation would be an advantage.

Finally, at a little after 7pm, Susan got in her car and began the drive. Cara had a lovely home on the outskirts of town. It served both as home and studio for her photography business. As she drove up the long driveway, she saw a strange car already there. No trick or treaters would be coming up this drive she thought. Parking next to the strange Toyota, she opened her door and her heels crunched in the gravel drive. She walked to the front door, didnt knock, it was HER girlfriends house, and she turned the doorknob and walked in. The house was dark, except for a few candles lit about the foyer, and two carved pumpkins. She recognized one Cara had carved for her, it was Susan’s face, Cara was so artistic. The second pumpkin, clearly Cara’s work as well, was the same face she had seen on the phone, Jenna! Both pumpkins sat on the table in the foyer, next to each other, lit. Susan walked into the little living room, again just lit by a few candles, and a small fire burning in the fireplace. But no Jenna. Susan walk over to the fireplace, and was about to call out, when she heard a “hissssssssss”. Turning towards the door that lead to Cara’s Studio, she saw her, her rival Jenna!

There she stood, in a skin tight catwoman all leather tights. It is the first time either has truly seen the other, and both stood eyes scanning. Jenna’s outfit was even more skintight than Susan’s, like Susan’s, it was low cut, accentuating her impressive chest. Every bit a big as Susan’s 34D cup chest. Her auburn hair looked even redder in the candle light, and the fire seemed to sparkle in Jenna’s blue eyes. They appeared the exact same height and weight. Jenna was not immune to the same jealousy Susan felt as she looked over her rival. Finally the silence was broken, as Susan replied with a guttural hisssss of her own, and the two approached each other in the middle of the room, a sexy witch, and sexy cat, now almost nose to nose. The two were nose to nose, breasts to breasts, and if each had hoped to win the first comparison test, both failed. Susan did her best not to show her nerves or trepidation, but she thought she saw the same feelings in Jenna’s eyes. She kept her fingers clenched so as not to shake. Then Jenna broke the silence. Jenna…. “ one lover, one woman, one pumpkin to remain this Halloween.” Susan…. “ only one can have Cara, “ Jenna…. “ yes we agree, i suggest we do this in her studio”

Susan nods, as she continues to stare into Jenna’s eyes. Jenna’s red lipstick full lips so close to her own, full lips, painted black.Her mind goes to those lips, kissing Cara, those lips, that share Cara’s. Susan leans in and brings her lips hard into Jenna’s. It is less a kiss than a hard press. Jenna doesn’t back away, then as Susan leans back staring, she whips her hand around and a loud CRACK Fills the room, as she slaps Jenna. Susan…. “ just to let you know, Cara is mine, and I don’t intend to share anymore.” Jenna rocks from the hard slap, the left side of her face red with the imprint of Susan’s hand. She continues to stare her eyes growing colder. Then, CRACK, she whips her right hand up and around into Susan’s face, Susan’s head snaps, hair flying, but slowly Susan turns back, now her face red with her rivals handprint. Jenna… “ that is what we are here to determine, and yes no more sharing”

With that both back to nose to nose breasts to breasts, Jenna reaches her arms over her shoulder, and Zippppppppp, pulls down the zipper to her catsuit tight. Then pulling it off her shoulders, she slowly wiggles it down, first her breasts spill out, then down over her hips, until it pools at her feet. Where she steps out of her heels, and out of the tights. Standing there, completely naked, having worn nothing under her costume. Again a chance to one up her rival.

Susan takes in this beautiful rival across from her. Comparing her body completely and frustrated at again how similar they are.

Jenna’s breasts are full and firm, capped with wide areolas and two think nipples, already hard and out 3/4”. But so are Susan’s. Susan’s eyes wander down Jenna’s body, she is a natural redhead, as a neatly trimmed wisp of auburn protects her already aroused pussy, yes swollen moist labia lips. Susan’s eyes widen as she sees her rivals vagina for the first time, and it is intimidating as it is beautiful. Not to be out done, Susan unzips her dress, and slides it off her shoulders, and down her hips. She also wore no underwear tonight, and her big heavy breasts popped out, and her neatly trimmed dark haired mound seemed to glisten in the candlelight. Susan’s breasts might be just a tad bit heavier, fuller than her rivals, but her areolas and nipples not as big or long, more button size, but perfect to suck, as Cara always said. Susan can feel how wet and excited she is. So can Jenna, Susan is not sure it is excitement, or fear. A combination of both, as it is about to happen. Everything important in her life is now on the line.

How life turns, last night at this time, she was imagining her life with Cara, now she will fight for that Dream.

Jenna takes in all of her rival, again time stands still. Finally Jenna turns and walks back through the French doors that lead to Cara’s studio. The studio is small, with a white screen on the far side of the room. Cara photo lights and camera in tripods, next to the screen. Like the house, Jenna lit a few candles, the only light in the room as she walks in and stands on the far side of a catskin round rug, that cara used for certain shoots. Susan followed closely behind and now stood opposite Jenna, across the rug. The two positioned themselves, no words needed to be spoken. Even as both Jenna and Susan had never been in a catball, they both, knew what to do. Susan stepped onto the rug and slowly sat down her legs spread wide, giving Jenna an even better view of where Cara had been spending many nights these past months. Jenna then stepped forward and matched her sitting down directly across. Slowly the two women inched forward on there bottoms, until there legs crossed, Susan’s right left under Jenna’s left and vis versa. A catball takes cooperating, and both women understood that, call it honor between rivals, but no violence ensued as they moved closer and closer. Thighs came into contact, legs circled behind each other and Susan felt Jenna’s lock behind her just as she locked her ankles around her rival. Now bodies were close. Susan could again feel Jenna’s breath on her face. They rocked a little as they positioned themselves closer and closer. Nose to nose again, now a jolt of electricity shot through Susan, as her breasts met Jenna’s and nipples flicked. Finally, arms tightened around each other, and the heat from each other’s Vagina got so intense until it exploded! Jenna contracted her pussy lips, flexing her Kegals and her pussy actually spit her feminine juice on the pussy of her rival, so close. Susan screamed as she felt the violation and her nails dug into Jenna’s back. It was ON. Both women tightened there legs. Nails made nasty trails down their foes back and Jenna bit Susans earlobe. As if by mutual agreement, the catball was underway.

Both clawed backs. Susan hands went down Jenna’s back, leaving deep scratches, and then dug into the tight soft ass of Jenna. Jenna went high, raking her nails up Susans back and neck, then grabbed to handfuls of hair and pulled for all she just worth. Rocking them both while Susan’s scape felt on fire. Susan effort to dig into Jenna’s ass had the effect of bringing the two women’s pussies Smacking together with a wet Splat. Through grunts and Moans, the swollen lips of each vagina rubbed together furiously. Rolling lip over lip, back and forth, up and down. Dark strains of hair were beginning to litter the rug, and Susan’s eyes were tearing up from the pain in her scalp. She needed to change tactics, and released her claws from Jenna’s now almost bloody streaked ass and went for her auburn hair. Now both were tugging Hair with wild abandon. Auburn tresses began to join there black counterparts on the carpet. Slowly the hair pulling eased as they both held their rivals head tight, and the battlefield was below.

Stepping back, it now looked like there was little movement, but if an observer looked closer. Hips were gyrating and tight tummies rolled as each woman humped and ground her Vagina into her foes. A combination of pain and pleasure oddly mixed, and the grunts were mixed with hot panting. Each girls head was on their opponents shoulder, cheek to cheek. Soft cursing, hissing, panting and groaning filled the studio. Then suddenly both let out little the cry’s together. There Clits had met! And began thier own sword fight. Susan closed her eyes and concentrated on grinding as hard as she could against her auburn foe. Then Susan felt it, even before she heard anything “ ohhh nooooo shittt”. Jenna’s grinding now became a spasm and then a gush of fluid sprayed over Susan’s mound. Jenna head slapped against Susan, as she was in the throws of a forced orgasm. Susan kept grinding, and Jenna sobbed as she was lost in her orgasm. Susan however didnt have time to either relish her little victory or take advantage. Jenna’s spasms and juice brought a powerful orgasm out in Susan. It seemed to start in her toes and run through her body as her juice flew, and her pussy open and contracted in wild orgasm. The two rocked together sobbing and cursing her rival as the orgasms rode their waves and crashed into each other. Jenna recovered first, and slapped her now more tender loins into Susans, as her head turned and began to bite and suck painfully on Susan neck. For the moment Susan was defenseless as her orgasm controlled her body.

As Susan began to regain her senses, she regripped Jenna’s hair with her right hand, and literally ripped her mouth away from her neck. Pulling Jenna’s head back in a twisted motion, then clamped her mouth on jenna’s Exposed neck. Now it was her turn to bite and suck on her rivals neck, leaving big bright bruises, hickies if you would, all over her neck. Little did she know they matched her own left by Jenna’s hungry mouth. Finally Jenna pulled Susan off her neck and the two girls mouths met. Teeth clanged together lips mashed mouths opened and tongues furiously invaded each other’s mouths. The CATBALL then slowed. And settled in for the long war of attrition. Nails raked down each other’s sides, thighs, and hips. Each leaving their vicious marks. Finally each settled into a tight embrace, trying to crush her Rival. Arms squeezed, legs tightened, and it went on! Susan felt every muscle in her body start to scream. She knew she couldn’t possible untangle, not as long as Jenna was awake and committed to this war, the only option was to wear her down. It was body vs body, every aspect of Susans body was fighting Jenna. Her arms and legs were screaming in pain. But that was not the worst of it. That was not where this battle was won or lost. Again it seemed each girl was now not moving. Just both sitting in a tight lovers embrace. If not for the welts and scratches weeping oozing blood, a stranger would think these two to be lovers. Mouths locked together. But inside those mouths tongues fought, and each tried to suck the air out of the other.

Yet, the real war as right between them. Four large breasts were plaster together in a space that could barely accommodate two big heavy breasts. Below, the two vaginas rubbed and grinded. Both orgasmed again for the second time almost in unison. As one spasmed the other orgasmed as well. By the third forced mutual orgasm, it was not at all pleasurable it was painful. While their pussies were covered in each other cum, there own fluid was drying. That’s when the battle below changed. Susan flexed and her kegals began to open. her lips still swollen, perhaps as big and puffy as she ever remembered. Jenna was very aware of this stage of the war. Her lips, she was certain were even bigger than Susan’s when they stood there comparing, what seemed like hours ago. In fact it was almost exactly two hours ago. Jenna flexed. Her vaginal lips opened wide then clamped shut, lightly brushing past Susan’s. That’s when Jenna thought she felt Susan shudder. Jenna moved her hips in ever so slightly, her lips groping for Susan’s. Susan also was rocking and moving in closer. That’s when it happened. The rivals vagina lips began to grope and squeeze each other’s and the war escalated.

Susan got the first good grip and squeezed with everything she had. The response was just what she hoped for, Jenna screamed into her mouth. Jenna pulled back but then thrust in and squeezed with a grip of her own. This time Susan screamed, but was able to pull away. Mouths broke apart, and each woman, tears filling their eyes stared, then both moved there arms and hands lower on her rival and pulled in. there would be no pulling back now. Gaping lips met and strained against each other. Each girl tried to spread her lips more and engulf her rival. There faces pressed together panting into each other. Each strained as much as they could. Stretching their lips, pushing their kegals to the limit. The fight was desperate, but that’s when Susan felt it. Jenna felt it as well. One set of thick puffy swollen lips were sliding over and around the other. The look in the women’s eyes told it all. One had a hateful spiteful look of delight, one had wide eye look of desperation.

She felt the big slick puffy lips of her rival slip over her’s and begin to engulf them. As much as she willed her vagina to spread to fight her rivals, they were at there limit. Susan’s eyes were wide, wide with FEAR. Jenna felt it as well, she felt her vagina spread and envelope her rival. Then she squeezed, she tightened her kegals, and her lips contracted on those lips she had now in her grasp. But more, as she tightened, her tight tummy rolled and her vagina began to suck. Susan’s wide eyes fluttered, and she then felt her worse fear, she felt the suction of Jenna’s pussy, it felt as if her womanhood, everything she IS was being sucked into into her RIVAL. In that instant, Susan’s breast collapesed! Least we forgot the intense battle of the four breasts. Susan felt as if her glands exploded, and in a instant they were flat against her chest. Completely mushroomed by the breasts of her rival. She felt Jenna’s firm hard breast against her chest, completely flattening hers, as if her womanly power had been sucked out of her. Jenna Gasped as if in relief and then hissed, and actually laughed, even in her own pain. Susan wonemhood as now being taken into Jenna’s. All she could see was Cara’s face. Smiling, then the look of extasy on her face, as if Cara was feeling or watching Jenna’s strong Vagina eat hers. Tears rolled down her cheeks, her entire body was crying in pain and humiliation. That’s when she heard the first treal comment spoken since the catball began Jenna…. “ now we know the better, the stronger Pussy, Breasts, and WOMAN”

Then Jenna gritted her teeth, and SQUEEZED, tightening her Kegals, closing her Vagina on Susan’s. A TOTAL PUSSY CLENCH! Susan eyes went from wide disbelief, to tightly shut. A screech left her mouth, that seemed fitting for a Halloween night, then darkness closed around Susan, perhaps a blessing, she was gone!


Susan’s eyes fluttered open, She had no idea where she was, as her sight slowly cleared and all she saw was a ceiling. Quickly she became aware her entire body ached like she had never felt before. She couldn’t move. She was keenly aware of the pain in her crotch. No a throbbing hurt in her womanhood, a pain she had never felt before. It almost made her sick. Slowly as her eyes began to focus, the memories of what had happened began to flood back. Yet she wasn’t really sure what had happened. But as she tired to move, the sharp pain in her stomach, and her vagina, reminded her of her last conscious thoughts. With great effort she rolled onto her side. Next to her she saw a pumpkin. The pumpkin was somewhat smashed, sitting opposite her head. She could still see then face on it, even distorted as it had been stepped on. The imaged carved on the pumpkin was HER!. Everything flooded back as tears rolled down her cheeks. Cara, Jenna, the challange, the Catball, everything came flooding back. With great effort she crawled over to where her dress lay, the beautiful witch dress she made for tonight. She could barely manage to slide it on her legs. As she sat up, her once proud firm breasts, seemed to simply flop about on her chest, hanging down low. She pulled the dress up and over her soft sore breasts, never gave her shoes a thought. She struggled but finally got to her feet. Bruises and scratches covered much of her body, and were sensitive as she pulled on her dress. But that was not the pain that really bothered her. Her breasts ached, but her pussy was a constant Throb. Half bent she scrambled out of the studio, thought the family room, fire now out. She thought she saw a shadow, someone, red hair, smiling for the corner. She stumbled towards the door. She had no idea how long They had fought, or how long she was unconscious. As she was opening the front door, she saw a pumpkin on the Foyer table, still intact, candle flickering bright. The image of Jenna smiling, looking perfect.

She staggered out the door to her car, got in a she sobbing. Before she turned on the car, she saw her phone, still sitting on the passenger seat Picking it up, she had a Text message, from That strange number… Jenna. She couldn’t help herself, even as she knew she shouldn’t look, not now, she opened the text. Susan gasp almost shook the car. She stared at 3 pictures. The first, her flat on her back, breasts flopped, to each side of her, legs spread and her pussy bright red, as if it had been chewed up. The second picture was her again, same position, yet next to her was her pumpkin, smashed, stepped on right next to her face. The third, the worse, was her again laying spread eagle. Her smashed pumpkin next to her face, and the pumpkin of Jenna sitting on her tummy, right above her wrecked vagina, and below her floppy breasts. But the worse was JENNA, standing naked over her head. Legs spread, her hands opening her Pussy, above Susan. Jenna’spussy looks amazing, lips wet and swollen, actually dripping on Susan. The Smirk on jenna’s Face, was unbearable. Then a short, to the point text Jenna… “ We know our agreement, and the better woman, who gets Cara. I don’t expect to see or hear about you ever again! I heard Cara orgasm as I texted her the pictures, and called her. We will have so much fun looking at these pictures, and trust me there are many more.” A annual Halloween treat!

Susan began crying almost uncontrollably, finally gathered herself to drive home, sobbing. Just when you think life is perfect.

The End

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