Boarding School Queen: The French Exchange – Part 5 – 8 by Ragnar0k

Part 5

“You stubborn fuckin’ bitch! If you don’ submit now, I’m really going to ‘ave to hurt you.” Sophie St Cyr was in no mood to mince words as the two bruised and exhausted young women clung together in a sweaty clinch on the rumpled rug in front of their watching teachers.

Mhairi MacGregor was not the type of girl to back down easily to threats, however, and she pressed her wounded rack hard against her opponent’s as she responded. “You think I’m scared? Seems like your champion tits just can’t finish mine off, no matter how hard they try! And, from where I’m standing, they don’t look so pristine anymore either…”

Pressing their furrowed foreheads together the girls gazed down to survey the damage their battered jugs had taken in the fast and furious contest so far. It was clear that both girls’ breasts had swollen considerably and were now some 50 – 70% larger than at the start. However Mhairi’s boobs had undoubtedly absorbed more punishment than Sophie’s, and looked more bloated as a result. In addition to the extensive flushing and redness both racks were showing, raised networks of thin blue veins were more prominent on the surface of both girls’ titflesh, while purplish bruising was also becoming evident in places.

In all of her eighteen years, Mhairi MacGregor had not been in such acute pain before. Having barely withstood their battering by Sophie St Cyr’s formidable jugs in the opening round, her proud tits felt as if they had been run through a mangle then set on fire for good measure. She just prayed that the French tit fight champion was suffering as much from the ordeal as she was.

Certainly the blonde seemed to have lost much of her earlier cockiness, and Mhairi could hear the other girl stifle the odd snivel, struggling to regain her composure as they rested their aching racks against each other.

Sophie coughed a little before speaking again. “Sooooo – you were lucky to clinch when you did or my tits would have knocked yours out for sure!”
Mhairi snorted in reply. “Save the clever talk, bitch. Your tits aren’t going to knock mine out – period!”
‘Yeh right – but yours are much more bruised and swollen than mine. Admit my French teets are stronger than yours!”
“No they’re not and besides, my Scottish tits can take more punishment than yours!”
“Not for much longer,” and now the blonde’s pained expression broke into a confident smile: “Although I so enjoy boxing, I prefer taking my opponent down in the serre-fort round. You won’t last long once I get my best squeeze on you!”

Mhairi was happy to let the French bitch continue talking while she racked her brains for a match-winning plan. The Scot was experienced enough to realise that some of the swelling in both girls’ jugs had resulted from the increased blood flow to the breasts that accompanies intense sexual arousal. As she hung on in the intimate clinch, smelling the other girl’s sweat and unmistakable pussy odour, Mhairi felt her own juice trickling steadily down the inside of her thigh. Did the French girl get off on dominating other girls’ tits as much as the brunette derived sexual satisfaction from owning other girls’ cunts after a tough contest? Sophie’s erotically half-closed eyes supplied the answer immediately: of course!

“So, rest time over, but I promise I’ll finish this quickly so Mlle Martin will defeat your teacher when we are done.”

“In your dreams, bitch.”

Mhairi felt her rival’s arms clasp tightly behind her back and only had time to grunt a reply as her tits were already coming under pressure and she was forced to take the strain and push back.

Taking deep breaths before their lungs compressed too much, the girls used their strong biceps to squeeze, grunting as they pulled each other in tightly.

Mhairi had learned earlier that Rochebrune girls called this stage of the contest the serre-fort, literally ‘tight squeeze’. And now that they were both locked together the struggle could end only when one girl surrendered as her breasts yielded to their superior rivals. The question was: could the Scot’s plucky boobs hold out and turn the tables on their formidable French rivals. One thing was sure: Sophie’s tits no longer seemed any bigger than Mhairi’s, although this was largely due to the greater swelling that the brunette’s had endured.

“Nnnnngggghh!” “Mmmmmphhhhh!”

The girls grunted as their swollen chests started to compress and shift around each other. At this stage their titflesh felt equally dense with both sets of jugs yielding evenly, although Mhairi was acutely aware that one girl’s boobs would soften more rapidly than her rival’s once they started to lose their strength and cohesion.

The Scot had finally hit on a plan of sorts. Recalling how her tits once got the better of Helen Brodie’s, she started trying to work her erect nipples lower to allow them to rake the soft, fleshy undersides of Sophie’s jugs. The experienced French tit-fighter seemed alert to the danger however, and responded to her rival’s movements, gyrating the other way until their nipples finally met and became locked together, corralled by all their compressed and bloated titflesh.

Mhairi and Sophie’s nipples and areoles were remarkably similar in shape and size and both women’s arousal levels seemed to increase exponentially the moment they felt them pressing into each other. The fire that started in their conjoined thrusting nipples quickly went thermonuclear, coursing through their engorged tits and all the way down to their pussies as they felt their clits spasm, causing them to brace their bulging pubic mounds together almost involuntarily.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Mhairi moaned.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” Sophie moaned with her.

As they pushed harder into each other, letting their erect nipples fence inside that most intimate and compact of fighting rings formed by their sucking areoles, Mhairi became acutely aware that her slick fighting cunt was hovering just a few tantalising centimetres away from Sophie’s. She could tell the French girl was also growing exceptionally wet from the constant drips landing on her bare feet. And both girls could hardly have failed to notice their rising sexual odour, which was rich, tangy and complex, laden with their competing pheromones.

However, when Mhairi tried to pivot slightly and lock fuck lips with Sophie, the blonde maddeningly pulled her pussy back just out of range so that the frustrated brunette was forced to continue fighting the tit battle on the French girl’s terms.

With Zoé and Amelia growing steadily wetter themselves as they followed every tortuous move in the seesaw contest, the rivals continued to grind harder against each other… until their nipples were pushed right back into their areolas… until both girls started to feel dizzy as the mix of pleasure and pain in their overstimulated breasts became unbearable.

Mhairi had rarely experienced a full breast orgasm before but she could feel one building unmistakably right now as Sophie pulled her in tight… forcing their trembling tits tightly together. Just before their straining nipples erupted, the girls open mouths fastened together, exchanging the briefest of intense, sucking kisses, then their heads flung back, saliva stringing off their chins as the flood gates opened and ecstasy overtook them.

“Nnnnnhhhh….ohhhhhhhhhh!! God!! uunnnnnnnnnnnnhhh.””

“Ahhh ….aaahhhh! Mon Dieu!! aaaaaaahhhhhhh!! ”

Stunned by the power of their shared orgasm, the two girls stumbled forward on the carpet, holding each other upright, bloated tits jerking together as thick gouts of warm nipple cum squirted upwards and outwards from their straining cleavage.

Just as Amelia started to wonder when the stalemate might be broken, Sophie suddenly uttered a shrill judo cry, hooking her right leg behind Mhairi’s as she twisted her opponent down to the ground. It all happened incredibly fast and suddenly the brunette was lying stretched out on her back, gasping in shock and pain as the blonde followed through heavily, smacking down on her rival tit to tit… spraying tit cum and milk everywhere.

Sophie’s awesome tits had come closer to delivering the knockout to their magnificent rivals she had been promising, but Mhairi was still not giving up without a fight and kept her legs flailing, denying the French girl the commanding grapevine pin she clearly sought.

The brunette’s last ditch display of defiance simply seemed to embolden the blonde however, as she raised her chest up high before slamming down repeatedly on top of Mhairi’s sagging jugs, each forceful impact causing more milk to leak from the moaning Scots girl’s increasingly flaccid looking teats.

“Christ, is that move allowed?” Amelia enquired of Zoé Martin, noting the smug, self-satisfied expression on her companion’s face now it was clear that victory was within her girl’s grasp.

“Well, why ever not Amelia?” the black woman arched her eyebrows quizzically. “What you think this is? One of those polite…ah… pique-niques that you English are so fond of?”

“I guess,” the redhead replied noncommittally, vowing to take down the overconfident French bitch in the most humiliating way possible when they fought after the girls.

“Actually, that’s Sophie’s signature move,” Zoé elaborated proudly. “The one she calls her ‘milk bomb’!”

It was clear that the fight between the two rival students was as good as over as the elated blonde delivered a few more of her trademark milk bombs, then dropped down… massaging her conquering tits rhythmically into their pinned rivals, which were losing cohesion and softening now… yielding most visibly to the French girl’s firmer rack.

Finally, the defeated brunette’s struggles began to subside and she gave a long, low moan, her head lolling to one side as saliva dribbled from the corner of her mouth… her once proud tits pancaking in abject surrender beneath the unyielding pressure of her French rival’s superior mammaries.

Fully translated, it was what Rochebrune girls call a TTKO – a total tit knock out, and Mhairi would require a minute or two to regain full consciousness before she could leave the field and the second match could begin.

“Oh Sophie! Bravo! C’est trop…trop formidable!” Zoé Martin almost shouted, breaking into rapturous applause at the Rochebrune student’s convincing final victory over the Cardugan girl. Seeing that her opponent was out for the count Sophie relaxed and straightened herself up, her wet, overstimulated cunt lips sucking greedily on Mhairi’s quivering abdominals as the French girl raised her arms in a classic victory pose.

Predictably, Amelia Turner was less happy about the outcome as she rounded on her rival. “When you’re quite done preening yourself bitch, take that robe off and meet me on the rug. As The Bride once said, ‘You and I have unfinished business’…”

Zoé’s eyes narrowed dangerously as her flame haired rival delivered the verbal slap.

“Perhaps you better watch your mouth Red, because what just happened to your pretty girl here is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you once I get a good enough hold on your saggy cunt lips.”

Part 6

Looking pained and disconsolate, Mhairi MacGregor lay in the corner of the chalet’s huge living room sofa watching the teachers limber up for the second match of the evening. In physical terms, the brunette knew her young body would recover quickly enough from the humiliating KO her breasts had suffered to Sophie St Cyr’s; the psychological and emotional healing processes were likely to take longer.

After the match she had tried to avoid all eye contact with her nemesis who was now slouched at the opposite end of the voluminous sofa, still basking in the intimate celebratory hugs and kisses her teacher had bestowed on her after notching up such a notable victory for Rochebrune over Cardugan.

While helping Mhairi to her feet as she regained consciousness, Amelia had put a consoling arm around her defeated student as if to say ‘better luck next time’. But the brunette was unable to look her mentor in the eye having let her down so badly. “I – I…she…”

“Now then, there’s nothing to discuss. Just relax, rest, and rehydrate yourself, and let me get on with fighting this other… er, bitch.”

“Yes miss.”

“Yes miss!” Sophie had parroted as they sat down.

“Stow it bitch, I’m not in the mood.”

But the French girl still couldn’t resist poking fun at her rival.“You do realise we were only tonight’s warm-up act? Now we take a ringside seat for the main event: watching my Zoé taking your Amelia apart…piece by piece. Quel excitant!”

“Hah! Dream on bitch – that ain’t gonna happen”, Mhairi said emphatically. “You’ve no idea how strong Amelia Turner really is.”

“Well, not as strong as Zoé certainement, just like you’re not as strong as me!”

“Fuck off!”

Mhairi’s troubled thoughts turned to the hockey tour which had been arranged to celebrate the twinning of the two schools. Essentially, it meant that Rochebrune’s hockey team comprising eleven fit, athletic, and no doubt oversexed French girls would be travelling all the way to Cardugan next month to compete in a series of ‘friendly’ matches. And, with the French team captained by none other than Sophie St Cyr, the brunette knew it was inevitable that the opposing teams would feel the need to settle their multiple rivalries both off as well as on the field.

The Scots girl’s spirits lifted a little as she weighed the prospect of a sexfight rematch with her rival. Surely the over-privileged French slut couldn’t be as proficient with her cunt as she was with her tits? Mhairi’s temporary revival prompted her to voice her optimism out loud as she rounded on her French rival sarcastically.

“Enjoy it while you can bitch: next time we fight it’ll be on my terms – and you won’t last five minutes when I get you under my pussy.”

Sophie stared back open mouthed at her erstwhile opponent for a moment before laughing incredulously.

“What? You think a French girl – a Rochebrune one at that – doesn’t know how to take care of herself in a pussy fight? Let me assure you, when the time comes, I will handle your weak little cunt just like I defeated your inferior tits today. Get my drift?”

Mhairi got her drift all right, but before she could reply, the teachers had lined up: it was time to sit back and watch the main event of the evening.

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If Amelia and Zoé heard their students bickering on the sofa they paid no attention, so intently were they focusing now on the challenge in front of them.

There was no doubt that both women had become significantly turned on while watching the progress of their student’s fight, and were now trying to slow down their arousal rates, even though their breasts and cunt lips were already swelling automatically in anticipation of the coming battle.

Amelia had tried to put her protégé’s demoralising defeat out of her mind for the simple reason that it was irrelevant to whether she could defeat the formidable black woman facing her across the patterned afghan rug that would become their sex-fight arena. Zoé for her part viewed her student’s comprehensive victory over Amelia’s as an excellent harbinger that tonight’s contest was now very much Rochebrune’s for the taking.

“Shall we agree some rules then?” The redhead asked coolly as she unwrapped her towelling robe.

Zoé was already loosening the belt of her own garment. “Well, given tomorrow’s ceremony we could probably do without going all through the night, so let’s propose a limit…”

The redhead thought for a moment as her robe slipped to the floor. “Then… how about, best of five forced orgasms?”

Casting her own robe aside Zoé nodded deliberately. “That should be enough to settle it. No rests, and no time limit?” Amelia nodded her agreement.

“Then en garde, and let’s begin.”

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Although each student had seen her own teacher naked before, this was their first opportunity to compare two such luscious, mature women in the flesh close up. Still in their mid-twenties, Amelia and Zoé were alpha bitches in the peak of their sexual prime and, with their long hair flowing freely over their broad shoulders, to their adoring students both had the unmistakable appearance of naked warriors, or possibly goddesses even.

Zoé Martin’s mid brown skin tone contrasted nicely with Amelia’s creamy complexion which was shaded in places by bursts of reddish-pink freckles. Amelia’s shock of flame red hair and Zoé’s long, shiny black hair were also strikingly different.

In terms of overall physique, the women were well-matched: tall, broad of shoulder with well-formed biceps; their flat, sculptured waists tapered beneath ample, shapely breasts before broadening out into full, curvaceous hips atop sturdy thighs. Each woman’s hairy mons protruded quite markedly and was covered in dense pubic hair that, as well as signifying peak feminine strength, posed a clear sexual challenge to her opponent.

Amelia’s unshaven bush was spiked with russet, red and brown hues making it stand out, stark and aggressive, against her pale slightly freckled groin. All in all, she looked every inch the proud descendant of her Celtic forbears.

And even if Zoé’s skin no longer possessed the deep ebony tones of her ancestors, she still looked every inch an African warrior as she prepared for battle. Standing out from her deep brown crotch, her pubic bush was full, curly and dark, and every bit as imposing as Amelia’s.

While their students’ eyes excitedly devoured them, Amelia and Zoé were casting their practised gaze over each other’s naked bodies, scanning critically for any weaknesses they might be able to exploit in the coming battle. Each women recognised the telltale signs in the other that come with a state of high sexual arousal: the dilated pupils… the marked swelling of the breasts and around the pubis caused by the increase in blood flow to the sexual organs.

As they closed the gap on each other Amelia found she was still perturbed by the erotic dream she had experienced just weeks before, in which a red haired Amazonian Celtic warrior and an ebony-skinned Nubian had fought long and hard in front of their respective queens. For the Celt the contest had ended badly, pinned on her back ejaculating her cum deep into the Nubian warrior’s conquering cunt, and the redhead fervently hoped tonight’s contest would not go the same way for her.

Perhaps sensing Amelia’s hesitation Zoé attacked aggressively as they locked up, pulling her opponent in tight as the women’s swollen breasts mashed together, the black woman immediately pressing her strong bare thigh up against Amelia’s hairy cunt, forcing the redhead to spread her legs apart.

The redhead moaned slightly, feeling her engorged pussy sliding up and down her rival’s smooth-muscled leg, leaving a long, wet trail. Zoé was able to pump her rival’s cunt repeatedly as they struggled before Amelia managed to lift her own thigh between her opponent’s legs, welcoming the slippery contact the other woman’s hot, wet vagina made with her skin.

Pressing their foreheads together both combatants now leaned in, grunting as they rammed their toned thighs between each other’s legs even harder, feeling their pussies flattening and sealing on the taut muscle which they were forcibly rubbing and sliding against in a constant state of wet friction, sending pulses of erotic pleasure rippling through their bodies.

Looking up briefly as the rubbing, stimulating attack continued Amelia and Zoé gazed into each other’s eyes with expressions of lustful antagonism before inclining their heads to allow their lips to close in a deep, angry, sucking kiss. Jamming their breasts together even more tightly, they forced their tongues inside each other’s mouths, letting them swirl around in a pool of hot, sweet saliva, wrestling and probing for signs of weakness… without finding any…

Soon their mixed saliva drooled down their chins and, as the heat kept building between their voluptuous, rubbing bodies, sweat ran down between their heaving breasts, crossing their flat, toned bellies and soaking into their pubic mounds.

The two struggling women spent four or five minutes locked in this position until, when it became apparent that neither was going to gain any immediate advantage, Zoé was first to break the kiss, nostrils flaring and eyes blazing wildly. Gasping with relief, the women pulled their faces apart, chests heaving, their ragged breathing testifying to the intensity of the struggle.

Pulling her thigh back unexpectedly from Amelia’s crotch, the black woman reached down and inserted two fingers inside the redhead’s hot vagina. “Unnhhh,” Amelia moaned at the sudden intimate intrusion as Zoé spread her fingers apart…stretching her opponent’s fighting cunt as she expertly measured its elasticity as well as its strength. After twisting around inside Amelia for a moment Zoé retracted just as quickly and held her fingers up close for both to see the thick, honey-like pussy juice stringing between them, “See how wet you are already, bitch?”

Zoé sniffed her fingers approvingly before popping them in her mouth, sucking Amelia’s musky residue off with relish. “I like to know exactly what I’m dealing with,” she smirked archly, shivering as Amelia returned the favour, pushing two fingers up inside her rival’s wet vagina, stretching it in turn before slipping her fingers out and holding them up for closer examination.

“Huh – you’re even wetter than I am, bitch,” the redhead concluded, letting the thick, pearly strings of pussy juice play between her stretched fingers before holding them under her nose and licking her sticky digits clean. Zoé Martin’s pussy juice tasted so wonderfully tart and salty that Amelia started to worry mildly about the aphrodisiacal effect it would have on her once the other woman’s cunt was fully heated up in battle.

Deciding it was time to up the pace Amelia fixed her opponent with her best belligerent deadpan expression. “Well, do you still need more foreplay, or shall we get down to it?”

Zoé smiled acidly in response. “You’re right, that’s enough foreplay for now. Lets continue this on the floor.”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

Amelia Turner and Zoé Martin felt tense excitement mixed with slight trepidation as they squatted down facing each on the rug for their first pussy-to-pussy lock up. Having just explored inside each other with their fingers, they already knew that the battle would be a close one, as their vulvas were equally matched in length and girth and their clits were also identical in size.

And, given how each hot, sexy woman would settle for nothing short of total victory over her rival, they knew that locking their powerful, predatory cunts in primal conflict over the best of five forced orgasms would be a severe strain and challenge for both of them…

Part 7

“Oh well, bitch I guess now we put our best cards on the table,” Zoé murmered in a seductively low voice as she opened her legs wider and parted her dark pubic hair, spreading her thick, juicy pussy lips with the fingers of one hand. At the same time she popped the fingers of the hand that had been inside Amelia back in her mouth, sucking them with lascivious intent.

Watched intently by Amelia, Zoé began teasing her stiff, purply-brown clit until it fully emerged from its protective hood, wet and glistening, to point aggressively in the redhead’s direction. Although her poker face was careful to betray no surprise or emotion, Amelia was forced to admit that Zoé’s burgeoning womanhood was a truly remarkable and unforgettable sight. She calculated it must be close to 3.5 cm long from its base to its tip, while its girth was equally impressive. As if to highlight her heightened sexual readiness the Frenchwoman moaned deeply as she continued to stimulate herself while sucking her musky fingers.

Concerned not to let herself be upstaged by her opponent’s bravura sexual display any longer, Amelia opened her own legs and teased her succulent, engorged labia apart letting her reddish-pink clit emerge. She knew that her own shaft was of a similar size to Zoé’s so that part did not concern her too much. And she also began to stimulate herself while mirroring the finger sucking action started by her rival.

“Well, I think we just settled who has the most impressive clit at least,” Amelia teased seductively, knowing full well that there was so little to choose between them.

“I’m not so sure,” Zoé replied. “Sophie, will you come over please and help to decide whose clit is bigger and better?”

“You’d better come too, Mhairi,” Amelia called over her shoulder to her own student.

As the two students got off the sofa and came closer, both women were stroking the bases of their clits rhythmically to ensure they remained fully erect. Amelia also started playing with her nipple now as this was personally one of her most key erogenous zones.

“Well girls, what do you say?” Zoé demanded abruptly, her face and chest becoming increasingly flushed with sexual excitement.

Each girl took turns to peer at both teacher’s sex closely, marvelling at the size and strength exuded by each fully erect clit sitting ready inside its pulsing, swollen pussy; inhaling the incomparably erotic feral scent of two mature women now fully in heat.

Sophie’s verdict was not long coming. “Why miss, your clit looks much bigger!”

“That’s utter shite!” retorted Mhairi outraged. “Miss Turner’s clit is definitely far larger.”

“Eh bien! Thank you girls, now please return to your seats,” Zoé sighed before turning back to Amelia with a confident smirk on her face. “I guess now there’s only one way for us truly to find out…”

“Good, then what are we waiting for?!”

By now each woman’s sexual libido was at its peak and they knew they must unleash the tension soon, or the drive to dominate would start to recede and weaken.

Two sets of lustful but wary eyes met again as Amelia and Zoé slid forward, scissoring their long, toned legs and immediately slammed their crotches together, feeling their opposing pubic mats crunch.

Hunkering down to fight pussy to pussy they leaned back on their hands and began slamming their crotches together repeatedly, in a series of loud meaty slaps, each powerful thrust clearly intended to test pelvic strength and resilience.

Finding no advantage emerging after an extended set of volleys the women changed position slightly, bracing on their hands while pressing together strongly, grinding through their pubic hair which became deeply entwined, tugging and knotting as they steadily forced their wet vulvas together.

Amelia and Zoé snarled aggressively as each endured the discomfort of coarse hair abrading her sensitive labia until their squishing lips pushed through, leaving abrasive strands trapped in their fleshy folds. Then, as their engorged vulvas made contact along their full length the forward pressure being exerted lifted both women’s rumps off the floor as their juicy cuntlips slid wetly together.

The watching girls could see the immense concentration on both teachers’ sweating faces as they began using all their strength, skill and experience as each in turn tried desperately to mount the other and gain the dominant position.

But as the minutes began to tick by, neither was showing signs of giving way as their hairy cunts went at it full force, their hot, swollen vulvas melding with lewd sucking sounds and spreading apart. Soon a steady stream of sex juices from their interlocked labia was running down their crotches and inner thighs as they humped furiously.

“Uuuuhhhhhh!” “Mmmnnnnaahhh!!”

Amelia and Zoé groaned together erotically as their hungry wet twats sealed and locked allowing their succulent opposing clits to mate along their considerable lengths.

Perched open mouthed on the edge of their seats Mhairi and Sophie could hardly contain their excitement as the struggle between their strong, sassy teachers moved closer to its first climax. To Mhairi the battle still looked too close to call but she hoped fervently that Amelia would emerge victorious: at least that way Cardugan could claim a draw from the set of matches. Without even looking over she could tell that bitch Sophie was rocking in her seat, probably masturbating herself as she watched the stunningly erotic spectacle unfold.

The clit to clit battle raged on as Amelia and Zoé used every subtle trib move and trick they knew in an all-out effort to force their opponent to climax first, their swollen clits wrestling violently in a frothy pool of lubricating sex juice, every tiny nerve ending feeling the strain as they ground together remorselessly.

Finally, both women felt their cunts starting to tremble and instinctively reached out to pull each other into a hot, sweaty clinch, lips sealing in a deep and chaotic kiss as their trembling bodies continued to struggle. Locked in a tight embrace, Amelia and Zoé now focused all their desire on the primal battle between their bloated sexhorns, knowing there was no turning back and any moment now one woman would force her opponent into a submissive orgasm.

Both women grew increasingly tremulous and unsteady as they felt their climaxes approaching rapidly, but it seemed to Amelia that her rival was starting to give way just a little bit more as she felt Zoé’s body shaking with pre-orgasmic tremors.

“Ahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Fuuuck!!”

“Unnngghhh! Y-yesss!”

Sensing the fall was hers for the taking, the fiery redhead redoubled her efforts, ruthlessly bludgeoning her opponent’s sexhorn as the Frenchwoman’s sharp, breathless pants quickened and her back arched in desperate sexual tension.

“Aaaahhhh! Fucking cunt! Nooohhhhhh!” Zoé gasped

“Uuunnnnnghhh! Yessss bitch!” Amelia was ecstatic as she toppled and rode Zoe’s writhing body down to the rug, fighting to keep her pussy clenched tightly to the Frenchwoman’s spasming cunt. “Feel my clit… fucking yours into submission…do you feel it?!”

“Nnnnnnhhh! …… aaaaahh!!….. aaaaaaahhhh!!!”

Zoé’s hot cum sprayed over both straining women as they landed heavily on the rug, eyes blazing wildly at each other and chests heaving breathlessly as Amelia pinned her rival to the floor while her orgasmic spasms subsided.

“I make that the first fall to me, bitch,” Amelia smiled as the two rival teachers stared deeply and knowingly into each other’s eyes, their soaking crotches still pressed tightly together, exuding the rich scents of battle.

“Lucky bitch,” Zoé spat back, clearly in no mood to elaborate on what she really thought about the outcome of her first climactic clit battle with Amelia Turner.

To underscore her victory, the redhead twisted her lips into a sneer as she raised her hips sufficiently to squirt Zoe’s pussy with a fine, misty spray of her powerfully aphrodisiacal sex juice. After this overt display of sexual dominance Amelia focused on holding the pin in place while she quickly considered her options. Her immediate inclination was to try to fuck a second orgasm out of the sexy French teacher immediately to build an almost unassailable lead in this ‘best of five’ series.

The risk was that Amelia’s own orgasm had not been far behind Zoé’s and unless she proceeded carefully, even a modest amount of extra stimulation could tip her over the edge entirely. The redhead still hoped to wrestle her opponent into a good enough position to ease the pressure on her pussy until the risk of her own orgasm receded enough for her to go on the offence again.

Lying pinned under Amelia, Zoé was also collecting her thoughts as she prepared to launch an immediate counterattack. Granted, the French woman had conceded the first orgasm but, in truth, she was much less incapacitated than her opponent imagined. Reverting to a tactic she had used successfully in the past, Zoé reckoned it was better to submit to a ‘sacrificial orgasm’ in the first clit battle as she knew from past experience she had the stamina to come back much stronger in the second round and subsequent rounds. And now, while Amelia’s clit still throbbed with pent-up sexual energy that demanded release, Zoé’s sexhorn was already starting to recover well from its ordeal, lying coiled and dangerous inside its hooded sheath.

And so it was that Amelia’s hopes of recovering while maintaining a loose pin on her rival were thwarted immediately as Zoé tensed her lithe muscles and with a scream that resembled a warrior’s battle cry twisted sideways with sufficient force to topple and roll her rival over.

Now they fell on each other again with a vengeance, rolling over and over in a frantic catball before finally coming to a rest with a thud against the sofa that Mhairi and Sophie were sitting on. As the girls raised their feet daintily on the seats to avoid disrupting the proceedings they had a ringside view as Zoé, who was now on top, plunged into her pinned rival, her back and gyrating buttocks wet with sweat as she went all out for the quickest of equalisers.

The sounds of fucking and smell of ripe sex in front of them were so intense that both watching girls soon became massively aroused again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! You fucking dirty bitch!” Amelia groaned, feeling Zoé’s rejuvenated sexhorn peeling her juicy labia apart like a zipper, opening her up for a deep clitting attack that she knew she would be almost powerless to resist.

“Unnnnnnnnnn fuck!”

“Your turn to cum for me I think, whore!” Zoé hissed.


Amelia’s head went back gasping for air as Zoé thrust into her, long-clitting the redhead’s open vagina repeatedly. Mhairi saw how the French woman was holding her teacher pinned against the sofa with one leg braced out on the rug to prevent her from rolling out and escaping. In short, Amelia Turner was trapped and there was nothing she could do about it as orgasm overtook her.


Mhairi’s heart sank as her teacher screamed in ecstasy and started to spasm beneath the French woman, who was still driving into her rival with long, hard strokes in a determined effort to finish her opponent off.

To the watching girls Amelia’s orgasm seemed if anything more powerful than the one Zoe had succumbed to moments earlier, as the redheaded teacher’s juices continued flowing down her thighs and soaking into the rug beneath her wet, thrashing buttocks.

“I make that… the equalizing fall to me, bitch!” the Frenchwoman crooned as she smiled down into her rival’s flushed and disorientated face. “And nothing lucky about it either!”

Still pinned forcefully beneath her opponent, the redhead moaned weakly, too breathless even to form a reply. Besides, Amelia soon had much more to worry about as Zoé got her own back, spraying the Englishwoman’s pussy with a rich, intoxicating victory scent before picking up again immediately where she left off.

Her face set with steely determination, Zoé Martin began slapping her cunt aggressively into Amelia Turner’s, leaving her rival no time to recover before their vaginas were sucking together once more… making deep slurping sounds as the strong black woman began deep clitting the redhead again.

If Zoé’s past sexfighting experience was anything to go by, her opponents’ sexual power usually waned at this point as her dominant pussy began to take control, and she could she could easily drive the more submissive woman to two, possibly even three, successive orgasms once she had them on the run like this. But two further orgasm submissions would suffice tonight, she repeated to herself in satisfaction, as her powerful fucklips started to tighten inexorably around Amelia’s.

Part 8

Perched high on the sofa, looking down on the action taking place beneath, Mhairi MacGregor was fearful of how much trouble her teacher was in, now that Zoé Martin had locked a devastating sexual pin on Amelia Turner, who still struggled beneath her rival, trying desperately to break the hold before she succumbed to a second debilitating orgasm.

Despite herself, Mhairi couldn’t help admiring how sexy Zoé Martin looked now as she lunged against her own teacher, using the full weight of her womanly hips, her sweat-sheened, perfectly rounded buttocks shivering in time as she drove hard into Amelia’s yielding pussy; her powerful, hungry twat sucking and squeezing at the redhead’s quivering cuntmeat as she rammed herself in deep.


“Unngh! Yeoowwww! Fuuuuck! Nnnnhhhh! Aaahhh! Aaaaaahhhh!”

Combined with the incomparable scent of two in heat alpha pussies violating each other, the wet smacking noises emanating from the catball below her were so indescribably erotic that Mhairi couldn’t resist inserting her fingers and starting to play with herself heavily again. It seemed entirely possible that Sophie St Cyr sitting alongside her was already on her second, or third self-induced orgasm.

Amelia’s current predicament began when her strong French rival rolled her up against the useful barrier provided by the sofa, pinning her there long enough to equalise the redhead’s dramatic first round victory. In this best-of-five contest, Zoé now needed to force two more orgasms from her struggling opponent to win match outright, and, to both watching girls, the sexy, brown-skinned French Martiniquan now looked well on the way to achieving her goal.

“Noooooo!” Amelia cried, still struggling to break Zoé’s controlling pin so that she could roll out of danger. As her smothered pussy stretched and strained beneath its powerful rival the redhead felt violated at her deepest level, and her discomfort was only heightened as the two teacher’s beautiful eyes met, Zoé’s set expression flickering with mockery of her more supine opponent, as well as underlining her steely determination to win this match.

Resigning herself to the knowledge that she could not escape, Amelia sank her fingers into Zoé’s sweat-sheened buttocks as she counterattacked aggressively, bucking hard and answering all of the Frenchwoman’s thrusts with strong lunges of her own. It quickly became a fuck fight to the finish as both women ground together and bonded as tightly as they could, their raging twats seeming to merge into each other as the struggle grew more frenzied.

“Unnnnnnnnnn FUCK!” Amelia moaned.

“Cum you filthy whore!” Zoé screamed at her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…you come first, you fucking dirty bitch!” the Englishwoman screamed.

“Owww! You goddamn fucking…!” Zoé’s wail was cut short as she ducked her head and the two teachers locked their mouths together once more in a vicious, all-consuming kiss as they rode each other as deeply and hard as they possibly could.

Within moments the catball erupted in a series of drawn out spasms as both women writhed uncontrollably, bucking against each other as they came forcefully…and simultaneously; moaning ravenously inside their locked mouths as their muscular pussies contracted powerfully and ejected streams of hot cum deep inside each other.

The match which had previously been tied at one fall apiece still remained tied; however the score was now two – all with one final fall to decide!

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As Amelia and Zoé continued convulsing in shared ecstasy, the Frenchwoman’s pin abruptly collapsed and they rolled apart, coming to rest on their backs, side by side, several feet beyond the sofa.

While Amelia struggled to regain her breath after one the most powerful shared orgasms she had experienced in a long time, her agile brain immediately began calculating the odds to victory. Her pussy had taken quite a pounding before she had escaped from Zoé’s pin and still felt enormously tender and sensitised, so much so that she remained wary of going into another straight fucklip-to-fucklip lock-up with the sexy, powerful Frenchwoman.

Making a split-second decision to revert to a strategy that had served her well enough in the past, the redhead pivoted off the floor and fell across her rival who was now turning herself and presenting her menacingly swollen pussy towards Amelia, clearly intending to trib fight the concluding fall.

But Amelia already had the gaping maw of the other woman’s hot cunt firmly in her sights as she pounced, slamming her body down on Zoé’s in the classic ‘69’ position, her face wedged between the other woman’s legs as she began licking all around the Frenchwoman’s labia, her long tongue sluicing the combined sexual residue of their all-out pussy battle until it ran down her chin.

“Ohhhhhhhh…merde! Fucking cunt!!” Zoé exclaimed, but the Frenchwoman was hardly an ingénue when it came to ‘69’ and she quickly locked her hands around Amelia’s wet thighs, pulling the Englishwoman’s hot, dripping quim down on her face as she extended her own tongue.

“Uuuuuuhhhh…fuck!” Now it was Amelia’s turn to quiver and moan as her rival began to pleasure her expertly, using long, dexterous tongue strokes as she licked up, down and around the redhead’s full, juicy cuntlips.

Knowing that there was no longer any turning back, the rival teachers buried their faces in each other’s bucking mounds as their well-practised lips and tongues bent to the vital task of delivering their opponent’s orgasm surrender first.

Seemingly oblivious in their haste and concentration, the urgently coupling women slowly began to roll across the floor again as each took her turn on top for a few moments before ending up displaced and under her opponent again. All the while they continued sucking and lapping at each other with quick incisiveness and deft accuracy while the watching students marvelled at the virtuoso and magnificently erotic sexual display.

Amelia moaned deeply as Zoé licked harder and faster… stroking the redhead’s clit with her long tongue but she redoubled her own efforts, sucking the Frenchwoman’s massively engorged sexhorn into her mouth while teasing the end with the tip of her astonishingly agile tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Zoé gasped as a slight tremor pulsed through her body which Amelia experienced too, given how closely entwined they were.

The fight grew more aggressive from that point on, as they engaged in a desperate struggle to win the top position and with it the privilege of being the woman pressing down on her opponent: the one dictating the course of the fight to the more supine one.

Mhairi could see both teachers were now quivering, their engorged breasts crushed against their straining bellies as they clung together sideways in the ‘69’ clinch, the liquid slurping sounds increasing as their oral attacks intensified. The outcome still seemed too close to call as, for the first time during the contest, the girls began shouting encouragement to their respective teachers.

“Come on Miss Turner…Amelia… now to finish her off!”

“Oui, Mamselle. Finissez-le! Maintenant!”

Even after the contest, Amelia couldn’t be sure if it had been down to sheer luck, or her superior fighting prowess, but, as her lips latched tightly on Zoé’s clit again, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked hard, she felt the big nub starting to jerk uncontrollably, while at the same time she was able to roll over and pin her struggling rival to the floor for the first time.

Even so, the redhead could barely stay focused with successive tremors wracking her body as her opponent carried on licking her clit hard, still trying to force Amelia over the edge first. But, having finally secured the coveted top position, the Englishwoman was slowly able to work her crotch higher, until her dripping pussy lips were suspended out of danger above her rival’s anguished face.

Mhairi Macgregor began jumping up and down on the sofa whooping in triumph as soon as she saw Mlle Martin’s head fall back, her beautiful dark eyes starting to glaze over, as the final orgasm of the hard fought contest neared.

“Fuuuucccckkkk! Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhhhh! Nooooohhhhhhh!”

As her French rival’s hips began to buck against her strongly, Amelia opened her mouth to capture the tart juices that were gushing from Zoé’s spasming cunt. Trying not to swallow too much Amelia quickly reared up and, turning round dived on her rival, sealing their hot lips together as she drooled the defeated Frenchwoman’s salty cum back into her gasping mouth.

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Their impeccably polite French hosts accompanied Amelia and Mhairi back to the airport to see them off at the end of what many agreed had been a most successful and stimulating exchange visit.

A closer look at the two couples standing at the departure gate, however, would have made it clear to astute observers of feminine psychology that two of the parties present were still smarting after recent heavy reverses.

“Well, congratulations Amelia,” Zoé said evenly while shaking the Englishwoman’s hand firmly and fixing her rival with a penetrating gaze. “It does now seem that the best woman won on the day. However, I am looking forward to renewing our acquaintance when we bring our world class hockey team to Scotland on tour in under three weeks’ time.”

“Indeed,” smiled Amelia. “And I’m sure that Mhairi and I can extend to you both the same warm welcome you have provided to us here in France!”

Finally, Sophie stepped forward and kissed a surprised Mhairi on both cheeks in the French style. “And I too look forward to our next encounter, Mhairi. I hope you will put in some practice before we meet up again!”

“Oh, you can certainly count on that,” Mhairi replied with an underlying tone of menace in her voice. And she truly meant it!

The End

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