The 14th Floor by KingOfDaPirates1


“God this is so frustrating.” Elise sighed as she picked up the trash left by the previous person in the study lab. Elise was working on a project for a new company that had selected her and one other person to take part in an internship program. She knew the person that had been in here before was the other person who was just hired. Once the area was clean enough to work she stretched her body before taking a seat.

Elise was hot and she knew it. She had no problem using her body to get what she needed. With D cups that amazingly stood nice and firm on her chest and a well-toned ass that she spent hours on end strengthing in the gym, and her toned stomach and even a light tan during these winter months made her a sexy babe. At 5’10 she held her frame nicely and at only 23 she believed her prime was ahead of her. Her shoulder length blond hair was straight with a few highlights that she changed every so often. Overall she was babe that wanted to get ahead in life and this corporation was the start. In her mind all that stood in the way was this other person who was also going for the internship and her boss.

‘Most likely some dumb guy that only got the chance for knowing people’, but her boss seemed easy enough to get too. Though she knew using her body to help her chances wasn’t the greatest thing and made her seem a bit slutty but honestly she didn’t care what others thought and it was her gift to use how she will. She worked for a few hours and finally decided to call it a night. She packed her things smoothed out her skirt and left the room. Right next to the small intern office was the giant Boss’s office. Luckily for Elise the boss was in and sitting at his desk. The wall was a giant window facing the outside with sheets that could be pulled down if needed for privacy. Elise’s wondered why this was the design but was assured by her coworkers that it was because the boss liked the casual life and welcome look of the window wall but Elise knew he used the sheets for other things. The boss was a young man in his early 30s and was sitting at his desk; he looked up and gave a big smile to Elise as she walked by. She returned the smile with a beautiful one of her own as she reached to down to the edge of her skirt and gave it a lift showing off more leg and blew a small kiss with her other hand. His smile widened his eyes looking her up and down. This game of cat and mouse had gone on for a few weeks now. She was confident that getting him to bed would be easy and a quick way to move up the corporate ladder and truth be told she thought he wasn’t a bad catch at all. He had done her interview and of course she had dressed to kill making sure to put an emphases all her assets. She had even given him a small taste after she was hired by sending dirty pictures through her phone in which he clearly enjoyed. She had heard around from the few people that she met on the job that he had a young hot wife but it mattered little to her. So what if he was a pig, with wealth comes power and she would use him without any wife’s permission. Waving goodbye she marched down the long hall to the elevator passing 3 doors each with a DO NOT ENTER.
‘This company is a bit strange’. What the hell are behind these doors’ she pondered for about a minute as she waited for the elevator but the thought left her.

‘God hurry the fuck up’ She was frustrated, tired and over this building. She really wished she turned around and just fucked the boss right now. She had been so busy she had only had time for quick sessions with herself. Her pussy felt like it had leaked when she thought of getting any action soon. DING. The elevator finally reached the top and doors slowly opened and much to Elise’s surprise a figure stood in the doorway. The person was in a full trench coat covered by a hood that was soaked meaning it was pouring rain outside. The figure abruptly moved forward and roughly knocked their shoulder against Elise.

“What the fuck is your problem!” Elise stated directly as the coat was moving down the hall toward the very room she had left. Elise’s ears picked up the sounds of heels like hers and judging by where their shoulders hit they were about the same height.

“Hey MORON watch where you are going next time!” Elise spun around and began to enter the eleavator when an answering voice caught her.

“Bitch don’t you know manners are to let people off first?” the figure stated as she finally took off her hood reveling a beautiful face with brown hair that was up in bun. Elise was stunned by the women down the hall. Even from this distance she could tell this woman was gorgeous. Her dark eyes locked and pierced Elise’s blue.

“What did you say to me whore?” Elise whispered to herself as she slowly began to move out of the elevator when the doors began to close. She decided against going to confront this woman, as she had never seen her in the building before. It might have left her mind but as the door’s finally just about closed the women lifted her middle finger and stuck out her tongue as she walked into the boss’s office. The door closed and as the elevator began to move down Elise could only think to herself ‘who is that slut?’

Chapter 1

Two days later Elise woke up early Saturday morning stretching her body on her large bed. The dark red sheets she laid on felt soft and warm on her skin. Wearing a small white tee and little pink thong she began to rub herself slowly around her lower lips to give herself some warm feelings before her day. Her nipples became erect and hard so she slipped her shirt off and took out some warming vanilla lotion to rub them.

‘God I need a good fuck’. The pleasure was growing in her body but she knew this itch could only be satisfied with another person. The rubbing on her thong wasn’t enough and began making her rethink about the day ahead. Knowing she had to go to work today Elise felt that maybe it was the day she and her boss got down to what they both clearly wanted. A small grin appeared on her beautiful face as decided a quick pic to the boss would get him ready to what was coming. She sent to the bathroom and snapped herself; one covering her tits and another of her wonderful ass in the pink thong.

‘That should wake anyone up’ she smiled as she laughed. She was still pretty tired but decided that she had to head in to the company to get a little bit more work done before he showed up and secretly she knew the boss would be alone a little later today as he always came in Saturdays alone. This was her chance to give him a good fuck and make sure he knew what he could get with her. She showered real quick cleaning herself up and putting on a light blue thong and matching bra. Finally she zipped up a black work dress that made her feel important and showed off her barley covered her ass. A fancy bra and thong made her feel powerful and sexy at the same time so it was common for her to wear them even on a normal day. Her dress showed off her ample cleavage and she decided put on a tad of makeup to bring out her feminine beauty as much as possible. Her favorite was a hot pink lipstick she wore that would leave her lip imprints on anything she chose.

She checked her phone as she was about to walk out but noticed she had a return message. She smiled opening it hoping to see a confirm message from the boss but stopped immediately when the picture that appeared was not of the boss, but of a perfectly rounded ass in a hot skimpy red thong.

‘Oh fuck’ Elise knew this must his wife’s ass and she had seen the messages. ‘Fuck that is a hot ass’ came to her head before she could stop it. She quickly removed that thought and she began to ponder how to proceed with the current situation. ‘I’m not letting this chick stop me from getting my job and fuck’, anyway she had already decided she was going to fuck this guy. She took another good look at the ass comparing it to hers. ‘Not bad but not as good as mine’, an evil smile appeared as a dirty idea came to her head. She hurried back into the bathroom and lifted her dress snapping a photo of her own well rounded ass in her new light blue thong and hit sent with the message “Bet your husband wished your ass looked this good” was the message with the picture. She wasn’t sure why she would do this, but in her mind this bitch had dared to send a photo of her own ass to her and this little contest was something she would not lose. After that she turned her phone off and left her room and building.

The walk to work was quick and brisk even in her heels but the thought of that ass wouldn’t leave her mind. This idea of competition was getting her a bit warm and she really didn’t know why. Her apartment was only 2 blocks down from the large building she entered removing her coat and walking to the elevator. She made her way up to the 14th floor already imagining her and the boss fucking, she began to get heated and even small pants began to escape from her suddenly dry mouth.


The elevator came to an abrupt stop. Exiting the elevator she walked down the hall but stopped in surprise when the boss’s office was empty. ‘Fuck maybe his wife stopped him’ she thought and this really annoyed her , being the other women was not something she really liked to do but hey it was all about her. She got to stop and look in the room for the first time while standing still she began to take it all in. It was pretty large with a huge rug in front of a desk and a chair. Lots of filers lined the walls and another door on the right side that must lead to the next room . The wall shared with her intern room had nothing but cabinets. She wondered what was behind that strange door, no one seemed to know who worked there but then again no one seemed to tell her what was behind the other doors with the signs.

‘Whatever I will ask him when I am sucking his dick and make sure he can’t refuse telling me’. A small smile on her lips she turned on her heel and entered her room. As she entered she stopped in surprise as two people were already there. The first she recognized as her boss but the other was a woman whose back was facing Elise. Her long brown hair went to around her mid-back and her dress was short; so short that if she leaned over her glutenous would be giving a show. The woman turned at the sound of the door closing and to Elise it quickly became apparent that the two people had been making out in her little room. It took a second but the face of the brunette was one she was not going to forget after their little yelling match outside the elevator and she now knew that that ass that she had just witnessed was the very same as the picture on her phone, and even in the dress she could tell it was toned and hot. She was dressed very similarly as Elise and had the face of true beauty. She wore a short light green work dress that reveled even a bit more of her tits as Elise’s did. Elise admitted grudgingly they looked pretty good and once again how big they were. With so much hanging out she was impressed how the woman’s dress and bra contained them. Her dress barely covered her ass and her lips were covered with thick red lipstick much like Elise’s pink and dark brown eyes made her a real hot slut. She gave Elise a smile that oozed with malice. Elise returned the look and they did a quick look up and down of each other silently comparing who looked better; both knowing they had already seen the toned butt of the other. Elise was used to dressing slutty but she still did not like other women who did the same.

“There she is! The new wonderful intern that is working so hard” Her boss Jack smiled welcoming her in to the room. Elise smiled back knowing that the other women was looking at her without the smile now.

“I was hoping you would come in and help me out with some special work today. I would like to introduce my wife Carrie she will be here helping today as well”. Carrie faced her completely and once again barred her teeth.

“I’m so glad I finally get to meet you Jack has been telling me so many things about you.” The fake smile on her lips moved to more of a smirk out of sight from the boss as Carrie moved forward and pulled Elise into a hard hug. She felt their tits push together as their bras made for some padding. Elise had never considered herself a lesbian or even been with a another women but this challenge and open dislike to each other yet secret hostility made Elise feel warm like her early morning rubbing. As they broke apart Carrie’s hand gripped a small piece of her dress in the back and dug her finger nail and slowly clawed at Elise’s back. Elise wanted to yell out and push Carrie away but knew that would look strange especially if Carrie played dumb. So she looked at her boss over Carries shoulder as the hug continued for more than 5 seconds. He had a dumb look on his face and she realized he was off in his own world looking at the two women. The women slowly separated and both gave a loving smile to the boss and for some reason kept their bodies close.

“Well I think you guys will be the best of friends! Now I must be going I have to make a quick appointment so I should be back in an hour or so. Elise, Carrie will show you what I need done.” He grabbed a small bag walked up to Carrie and planted a quick kiss on her lips. Carrie had other plans though as she pulled him back and started a hot French kiss right in front of Elise. Elise snorted knowing this bitchy wife was making sure she knew who Jack belonged too. He was breathless by the end and his lips redder from the lipstick. He smiled seeming a bit dazed for a second but seemed to snap back into it quickly. He turned to Elise and extended his hand but Elise decided that if this wife was so scared of her why not make her pay for the earlier comments two days ago and make sure she knew this was personal. She took his hand pulled him close and planted a kiss right on his cheek even allowing her tongue to touch his skin. As she pulled away she admired the pink stain on his skin and the small intake of breath coming from Carrie. He looked over at his wife and gave her smile before walking to the door. He made his way out taking but not before taking one last look at the two women clearly comparing them and most likely imaging them in bed together with him. Right as the door closed and they heard the DING of the elevator both of them realized they were sealed in and the women very slowly separated.

“So I finally get to see what my husband has been so excited about the last couple of weeks and even today you happen to show up today dressed like a slut. What are you playing at?”. Carrie began as she began to walk around Elise running her eyes up and down her body, her heels clicking loudly.

“I am sure you are well aware this job makes you work close with Jack and I need to make sure no other woman is making any moves.” She continued moving as Elise stood still allowing herself to be stalked like prey. “I have seen all the photos and girl honestly if Jack needed anything I think we both know I could give it to him better than you and that my body(She ran her hands down her body stopping at every point) is hotter than yours”. Carrie stopped in front of Elise and crossed her arms in front of her. Elise stood there a bit stunned. This was moving very quickly. Just this morning she thought she would secure this job with a hot fuck with her boss and now she had to deal with his wife who seemed ready to throw her out.

‘I don’t have to take this’ Elise thought as she now began to move around Carrie even slower .

“Well Carrie you first seem to think you are dressed any less slutty than me? I am sure you had just plenty of reason to come make sure I didn’t get alone with your husband. You can tell he wants me can’t you? Well that is your first mistake coming to talk to me; nothing you say is going to stop me from getting my mouth on his dick. I can tell you aren’t satisfying him enough and now I get my shot at a real woman. And the pictures? We both know whose ass looked better in a thong this morning and that was me. Now what is the work Jack needs done? I want to finish quickly so I can go back to seducing my toy.” Elise now standing in front of Carrie gave her a smudge smile and made for the seat when Carrie placed her arm on Elise’ shoulder as she passed.

“I don’t think you understand what you said whore. You will not touch my husband and I won’t give you the chance. He loves sucking on my big tits and feeling my ass and pussy, I am all the woman he need.” Her cocky smile widened as her grip tightened on Elise’s shoulder. “So back off slut and quit this internship before I have to take care of you myself.”

Elise couldn’t help but wonder why this was turning so sexual with them both talking about who was the better fuck. She assumed it was due to their bodies being so close in appearance to each other and the nature of the pictures they sent each other. She couldn’t lie she was interested to see how the slut’s body would do against hers, she also couldn’t decide if this girl was bluffing. She had never really been in a full fight save a few scraps through college and she had a good feeling this whore wanted one.

“Well slut I guess I could just kick your ass and make sure you don’t get in the way of me fucking Jack”. Elise snarled. The gauntlet had been thrown down. A flicker of surprise crossed Carrie’s face as she now realized she would have to step up and actually fight this bitch. The thought of that kiss on her husband’s cheek pushed her forward though. Elise continued deciding that there was something more to this fight between them than just Jack. Something about having another woman with such a close body to hers made this all the more interesting to Elise.

“I bet your husband can’t wait to suck my large boobs and I bet they are a lot more firm than yours.” Elise gripped and squeezed her breasts together making a small pool in which she leaned forward to make sure Carrie could see it.

“This is where your husband’s dick is going to be. Well that and my pussy of course.” Carrie eyes widened and she quickly extended her hand to slap Elise right on the cheek. Elise was stunned but her eyes narrowed.

“You are going to pay for that one slut”. The two women began to move around each other in a tight circle. Each step made by the click of their heels and slowly getting closer together, each waiting for the other to start the hot fight that was about to take place. Finally with a shriek Elise yelled and lunged forward grabbing the long brown locks of Carrie and giving a hard tug toward her. Carrie screamed in pain and knowing she was immediately in a disadvantageous position had to find a way out. Elise gripped Carrie’s brown hair and pulled her around the room planning to slam her into the cabinets. Carrie groaned in frustration and pain as their heels clicked hard on the wooden floor. Quickly before Elise could throw her Carrie jumped back using her hands to break Elise’s hold using the momentum pulled Elise to her slamming their tits together. The impact made Elise fall back on the table with all the work on it Elise had been doing. Carrie jumped on top of her with a hard thud once again allowing their bodies to meet, her knees in between Elise’s thighs and her hands on her shoulders.

“Look who’s on top bitch” Carrie stated lowering her face to be only a few inches away from Elise.

“Not for long whore” Elise grimly stated back. Carries dress had pulled up enough revealing a perfect ass covered by a small light green thong while Elise’s legs spread open giving a view of her tiny light blue thong. Their thong covered cunts only a foot away from each other. Elise slapped Carrie’s hands away making her fall forward and mashing their tits together. Both groaned in a more sensual moan as the thrill of battle made them feel warm in their pussies. ‘Why the fuck does this feel good’, Elise thought as they squirmed on each other trying to roll Carrie onto her back. She had never been a lesbian but this women’s body was amazing and the thrill of fighting was giving her a rush she had never felt before. Carrie felt the same; she had known that this woman would be interesting to challenge the minute she finally found the photos on her husband’s phone and the sexual undertone was something that would build up. The way they were laying on each other brought a hot spike of pleasure to her loins as Carrie had now laid her full body down on Elise. This change of weight gave Elise the chance she wanted as she wrapped her legs around Carrie’s body and before they knew it they were rolling back and forth trying to hold the top position. Both dresses that had already barley covered their asses began to go up showing off two strong butts covered by their skimpy thongs and slowly warm pussies now were constantly getting rubbed on each other. Elise lifted a hand and gave a hard slap to the tanned ass of her enemy. A growl of rage came from Carrie and she rolled underneath Elise voluntary taking the bottom position making Elise’s ass wide open for a revenge slap. It rang like a bell as Carrie’s hand went up and down before clawing at Elise’s flexed ass.

“Fuck you slut don’t touch my ass” Elise snarled. They rolled again with Elise now on the bottom was able to get her legs up on Carries stomach and attempted to kick Carrie off but Carrie saw the threat of heels and jumped back and off the table. Elise sat up her chest rising and falling with her heavy breaths. No amount of the gym was able to get her ready for something like this. Carrie moved back a few steps and rested her back on the wall. Both women eyed each other making sure the momentary truce would last.

“Well you ready to give up yet bitch?” Carrie sighed as she moved her up hands and pushed her hair back. A light sheet of sweat lined her skin from the quick fight. Elise locked eyes with her

“It will take more than a little tussle to scare me away bitch” she stated boldly. Carrie took a quick look at the clock on the wall and noticed that they had about 30 minutes left. ‘Fuck not enough time for me to take care of her’ Carrie pondered her next move. She didn’t want Jack to come back in and find them fighting as that would bring up way to many questions.

‘I need her alone and for a while, Jack can come see the aftermath when she had already beaten the cunt’. Her mind raced through these thoughts while Elise shifted her bra and dress around and without losing eyesight of Carrie picked up some of the important papers that had fallen on the floor. Suddenly a light bulb went off in Carrie’s head and she gave a long look at Elise wondering if this woman would be up for the challenge who now stood up and was facing her from 10ft away.

“I have a proposition for you Elise. A way we could settle this little disagreement between us about Jack, about who is really sexier, and the biggest question, who is the better fuck?”. Elise gave her a hard stare but Carrie could tell the woman was considering this.

“What do you have in mind?” Elise had to ask, if there was a quick way to get this woman out of the way quickly she was all for it and a quiet voice in her head wanted to continue the rubbing in the fight.

“I say we settle this next Saturday just you and me. I can make sure no one else comes to this floor that day so it will be a private battle. “Secondly”, a small grin came to her features making Elise feel worried. This bitch must have something crazy planned she thought.

“Us beating each other to a pulp won’t really let us understand who is hotter or a better fuck. ‘That is certainly true’ Elise pondered in her head as Carrie continued. “So the only way to see who is hotter would have to be someone else. I think this should stay between us and Jack would be bias. So it comes down who has the better body and who is can fuck longer and harder. And since there is no one we could bring in I say we fuck each other”. Carrie finished by lifting her dress showing her thong covered pussy and giving it a quick rub. She enjoyed the sensation and it reminded her of just a few minutes ago when they were on the table together. Elise’s brain went into overload. She almost instantly yelled out against this idea but something stopped her. She had felt the sexual undertone from their pictures and the way they presented themselves to each other. She felt a small surge of heat as she watched Carrie rub herself.

“Interesting proposal Carrie, but I will decline. I have never been with a woman and don’t want to. I will just fuck Jack behind your back.” ‘That ends that ‘Elise thought but it seemed Carrie had other ideas.

“Yeah I bet you might get a few fucks in behind my back, but I have more influence in this company than you might think. I could spread lies and Jack would eventually crack to the pressure. You wouldn’t last long then would you? And don’t worry I have never been with a woman either and honestly rubbing my amazingly tight pussy and big tits against your loose cunt and saggy bags don’t sound that appealing.” Elise’s eyes narrowed at the barbs against her proud body.

“My tight, wet, and smooth pussy would destroy yours, and my babies( she filled her hands with her boobs) could smash yours flat. And if you have never done something like this before how did you think of it?” Elise didn’t know why she kept this conversation going but she felt like she had too. Carrie smiled and began a slow walk toward Elise swaying her hips.

“I have only heard of this that I can promise you. When I saw those pathetic photos I could tell you had an ok body that might be somewhat comparable to mine and don’t lie I can see it in your eyes you want to know whose body is truly better.” Carrie reached Elise and now their noses stood less than an inch apart. Their tits faced each other and already had touched lightly. Their bodies equal.

“What do you say cunt? Let’s fuckfight to see who is going to be top bitch here, and lets find out who really is the better fucker.” Carrie pushed her forehead forward as she finished the sentence now touching Elise. Elise knew this was the moment she had to decide. She could run away and not do anything with Carrie or Jack. She could just attempt to avoid Carrie but that option seemed not to possible. Or she could meet Carrie in this erotic battle she had suggested and make her path a lot smoother. ‘Fuck it’ Elise finally decided.

“Bring it on slut. Let’s go at it and see who can’t walk after going cunt to cunt and tit to tit.” She pushed harder into Carrie and an intense standoff occurred. When now it was Elise’s turn for an idea. She turned her head so slightly sliding her nose passed Carrie’s and pressed her pink lips right into Carrie’s red ones. The kiss sent a shot of pleasure in their bodies as both girls felt their nipples harden. They began to kiss sensually as their tongues slid past each other into the other women’s mouth. Groans and pants filled the air as they swapped hot spit between each other’s mouth. Carrie couldn’t believe how erotic this felt. This was a woman she was fighting and yet they were fighting with their weapons of love. She reached and put a finger underneath Elise’s dress and right on the center of Elise’s now damp blue thong. ‘OH FUCK’ Elise let out a hard pant and broke the kiss momentarily putting her own finger on Carrie’s green thong. ‘ Shit this bitch’ Carrie thought as they gave each other small rubs up and down. Both women panting their eyes shot open and they roughly pushed each other away. They locked eyes seeing the affect they had on each other. Carrie couldn’t help but smile.

“Well bitch this could get interesting between us”. Elise snorted in reply. Carrie continued “10:00 next Saturday I will be here waiting for you. We are going to fully settle this. “ Elise looked up to the clock and noticed it had been almost 50 minutes.

‘Fuck out of time’ she didn’t like leaving this but she knew she would lock up with this whore soon enough. “Sounds good to me bitch hope you liked the taste of my lips because they are going to devour you.” Elise grabbed her stuff and began to walk out the door as quickly as possible. Carrie had no interest in stopping her.

1 week from today cunt and you won’t be able to run away’ Carrie thought as she watch Elise’s ass sway down the hall. As Elise reached the elevator and after hitting the button down she turned to see Carrie down the long hall way, this time they both knew exactly who the other was. Both women waited to see what the other would do. This would be their last time physically seeing each other before their fight. Elise decided to reach down and feel her wet cunt, while Carrie seemed to duplicate the move. Both women used only their middle finger as they rubbed down there for a few seconds, before raising their finger and both women sucking it furiously. DING. The door opened snapping Elise and Carrie from their finger sucking taunt. Elise slowly backed into the elevator and as the door’s closed the last thing she saw was Carrie turning around and giving Elise one last look at the strong toned ass in the little green thong as the doors closed completely.

Chapter 2

“Stick your tongue in my pussy slut.” Carrie breathed hotly at Elise. “You can’t make me cum” she said defiantly even as she began to moan from Elise’s attack of long strokes. Elise broke off the attack with her tongue on Carrie’s cunt but kept her fingers in her as she began running her tongue up the gorgeous woman’s body to lock her into a wet kiss.


Elise woke up in a sweaty mess from her alarm; she felt her body and could tell she was incredibly horny.

‘O god why is that slut invading my dreams.’ She began to masturbate quickly trying to flush out the ideas of Carrie and her together. This technique worked for a few minutes, but the dream had been so real it came back quickly. ‘Fuck it’ she began to think of the dream and of Carrie as she played with herself.

“I like men but this slut is something else” it crossed her mind as she continued. This worked as she felt a tiny orgasm hit her ten minutes later. She crawled out of bed and looked at the calendar. Her eyes shot open immediately when she realized it was 8:00 Saturday morning. The last week had flown by for Elise. Immediately after her confrontation with Carrie she had returned home to look up anything she could on fuckfighting. She found many stories and a few videos giving her a small sense of what could happen between her and the other woman.

She had thought originally she would not hear from Carrie until they met the next week but that had been very wrong. 2 days after the tussle she opened her phone and came face to face with a huge set of tits covered by Carrie’s hands and the caption “Firmer and bigger”. ‘I am not going to sink to that whore’s level and play her game’ Elise had firmly thought even though she had really been the one to start. That lasted only 15 minutes when the next photo came in of Carrie sucking a dildo in a hot orange bra and matching thong with the caption “I can take it all. Can you?”. That had done it. Elise stripped right then in her room and began taking photos of herself in as many erotic poses as she could do returning pictures as fast as possible only to receive more from Carrie. This had gone on all week with each girl’s phones full of each other almost naked but never fully nude and now with all the anticipation and threats written; it was almost time to meet the woman in battle.

She took a look at her wardrobe when a final text came in. It was from Carrie but for once didn’t have any pictures of herself in them. “I want you in white”. The picture that was there was a tiny black thong with red silk on the edges. ‘Holy fuck is that was she is going to wear?’ Elise began tearing through her wardrobe looking for something when she found it. It was a tiny White thong she had gotten on her birthday just as skimpy as Carrie’s and gold outlining. She did her makeup, put on a short skirt and tank top and finally left her apartment wearing hot heels. The walk was quick and the office building was empty at the front desk. She walked to the elevator and stepped in hitting the 14 button once again. She felt nervous but strangely excited. She knew Carrie must be thinking the same.


Elise stepped out as the doors opened and was surprised to see all the lights off. She walked down the hall looking at the clock. It read 9:56. She looked around in the boss’s office but it was empty. She checked her office and it too was empty. ‘Where is she?’ Elise couldn’t help but wonder if maybe the girl had backed out. ‘HA what a pussy’ she thought as the clock hit 10:00.


Elise jumped at the sound and turned to look at the elevator. The doors opened to reveal Carrie and Elise couldn’t stop herself from gaping at the hot girl standing though the door. She also wore a short flimsy skirt and a white V-neck t-shirt and small jacket that did not do much to hide her obviously black bra. Her heels clicked as she stepped out of the elevator and she began to walk straight at Elise. Elise decided that she was here and it was time to settle this; she began to move toward Carrie as well. Both letting their jackets fall of their shoulders and finally stopped standing 5 feet from each other. The hall was narrow so there would not be much room for maneuvering.

“So you actually showed up I’m surprised”. Carrie started the conversation and was openly running her eyes up and down Elise’s body. “I hope you enjoyed my photos” Carrie smiled as Elise’s eyes narrowed. Carrie would have continued but Elise cut her off.

“Well of course I’m here. I really want to be the one who puts you in your place. And the photos? Mine were way hotter and most likely you couldn’t get me out of your head.” This time Carrie’s eyes narrowed and Elise savored her victory.

“Well bitch how bought we get this going.” Elise stated wanting to continue to push Carrie. “I hope you’re ready to eat out my pussy Carrie when I finish you.” Elise took another step forward. Carrie raised her hand placing them on Elise’s shoulders.

‘Fuck I want to grab her tits’ Carrie knew her hands were close to the prize but she didn’t want to start this fight in the hallway.

“Let us go to Jack’s office so we have a bit more room”. Carrie suggested and Elise nodded in agreement. She turned around and walked back to the office door her ass swaying a little extra for Carrie’s amusement and waited. Carrie came up taking a key off a small necklace that Elise hadn’t noticed. The door opened to the sound of a small click and both women entered the door leaving the key and necklace in the lock. Carrie closed the door leaving the key in the lock and turned around to face Elise again but Elise attacked slamming their bodies against the door. Elise placed a leg between Carrie’s and used her tits to hold Carrie in place.

“CHEATING WHORE” Carrie yelled as her hands also were grabbed by Elise their nipples getting hard and visible. “I’m going to fuck you up Carrie” Elise grinned as she felt she had already taken a small victory. Carrie growled and in a moment she broke her hands free latching on to Elise’s short blonde hair and gave a yank backward pulling her off the wall.

“Let go slut!” Elise screamed back at Carrie who did by throwing her a few feet away.

“Bitch we going to fight again? Or are we going to do what we promised each other?.” Carrie stated at Elise who stood up to her full height.

“O don’t worry cunt we are going to fuck hard and long but I’m going to rip those slutty cloths off you first!” Elise charged again and Carrie opened her arms as they wrapped each other up. They moved clumsily in heels making their way around the office no longer trying to hurt each other but get the other woman naked. Elise took first blood as she was able to cause a tear in Carrie’s t-shirt and ripped it away from her body. Carrie’s huge tits appeared in their glory just covered by her black bra. They were full and aroused and every bit firm as Elise had seen in the photos. Carrie screamed at the sight of her shirt in Elise’s hands and attacked back grapping Elise’s skirt. Elise would have lost balance and fallen but the skirt already so thin of material gave way easy. They fell back a few feet and Carrie grinned as she tore Elise’s skirt in front of her. Both women even more enraged now were about to throw themselves at each other when Elise had an idea.

“Hey whore if you destroy my shirt and I take out your skirt we both are leaving naked no matter who wins. Let’s strip these off and make them another prize to fight for.” Elise waited for a reply but Carrie’s grin said all she needed to know. Carrie turned around giving her hips a little sway and began to unzip her skirt. Elise watched unable to look away; a small wet stop was appearing on her thong. Carrie let the skirt fall to her ankles facing away from Elise as she leaned over keeping her long toned legs straight and giving Elise the best view of her ass yet in the very same black thong from the picture. She picked up the skirt and placed it on the big desk in the middle of the room. Carrie then stood with a look that said your turn.

Elise smiled a lovely smile at Carrie and slowly peeled her tank top over her head revealing her huge tits very slowly. They were firm, large and beside the white bra and black bra difference, their tits were perfect matches against each other. Her nipples pierced her bra and pointed directly at Carrie’s matching nips. She walked up to the other side of the desk and placed her shirt on top of Carrie’s skirt.

Both women now got to fully look at the body of the other and both admitted grudging to themselves they each were a hot piece of ass. Simultaneously they removed their heels and tossed them in the far corner but would not break eye contact from each other.

“Come here baby and bring those tits and that white thong covered pussy to my black thong”. Carrie got on the desk lying on her back clearly offering top position to Elise to start. ‘Well isn’t she cocky’. Elise couldn’t deny though this chance was not going to be let go by her, she was already wet and wanted to get on top of Carrie bad. She walked over to desk and crawled atop Carrie allowing their warm bare skin to meet. Their huge boobs only a few inches from each other as Elise finally laid down pancaking them together and giving Carrie’s pussy a small rub with her own. Both women spread their legs both waiting for the other to really get going.

‘Guess I will just fuck her like anyone else” Carrie thought as the warm feelings of having Elise’s boobs rub hers filled her body. She began to squirm causing small pants from Elise. “Cunt” Elise breathed right on to Carrie’s lips. Carrie grinned reaching her hand behind Elise’s head and bringing their lips less than a centimeter from each other. Elise snuck her tongue out and licked the ruby lips in front of her and followed the line of the mouth up Carrie’s cheek. Carrie had stuck her tongue out as well and was giving hard licks to whatever was in range. Elise began to back track as their tongues finally met. The wrapped their tongues around each other and attempted to corkscrew the pink muscle of the other; both women letting their wet tongues play outside their mouths. The battle had shifted to the mouths and they weren’t squirming anymore, yet Elise kept a pressure on Carrie’s cunt as Carrie had wrapped her legs around Elise pulling her closer.

There tits had started to overspill their undersized bras and Elise moaned breaking this kiss when Carrie’s left nipple came free and dug into her right tit flesh. They broke their kiss and looked downed between the valley created by the battling tits. As Elise looked down to taunt Carrie a sudden shift made her yelp. Carrie succeeded in rolling their bodies while Elise had been staring at the breasts. “Shit!” Elise knew this was not the spot to be. Carrie spread Elise’s legs and using her powerful ass and legs pinned them with hers. Unlike Elise, Carrie began giving hard pumps and rough rubs to the rival white thong of Elise; now spotting a clear wet spot. But Elise could feel the wetness of the black thong as well and inward relief knowing she was having just as much effect on Carrie

“Let’s fuck Bitch” Carrie didn’t give time for Elise to respond as she once again locked her into a deep French kiss. Elise was able to get her hands free from Carrie’s grip but instead of wrapping them around Carrie she placed them right on the toned ass she had been dying to feel. She ran a finger down the length of the black thong causing a deep groan from Carrie. Elise then began to feel, grip and claw at the overheated ass on top of her. Carrie was panting deeply ‘Fuck I can’t let her keep playing with my ass’.

She wanted to shift the battle to their tits where the advantage of being on top would help her girls crush Elise’s fat bags flat. She leaned up allowing their tits to separate giving her space to reach behind her and removed her bra keeping one arm in front of her nipples to keep them hidden. Elise had stopped torturing Carrie’s ass to watch. She wanted to use her boobs to fight Carrie’s so bad and knew she had to get this now annoying bra off. She used her hands and gave Carrie a light push in which Carrie allowed knowing she wouldn’t be able to get Elise’s bra off in that position.

Carrie fell back on her ass but quickly getting to her knees near the edge of the desk. Elise got to her knees as well reaching behind her and removing her own bra. Unlike Carrie she quickly tossed the bra to the corner and placed her hands on her hips challenging Carrie to do the same. Carrie couldn’t break her eyes away from the huge boobs confronting hers. She slowing removed her arm while also tossing her bra into the same corner.

“Wow your tits are smaller than I thought they were” Elise taunted. I was worried but now I am even more sure my tits will crush yours”, She filled her hands with them and gave them a good squeeze. Her hard nipples pointed directly at Carries.

“Ha very funny slut I can guarantee my tits will dominate yours. I can already see the sagging.” Carrie gave a small laugh as Elise looked ready to kill.

“FUCK YOU CUNT”. Elise didn’t know why but that last jab poked her the wrong way and now she was fully ready to bash her tits roughly against Carrie’s babies.

“LETS GO TWAT”, Carrie replied. They moved closer and roughly slammed their tits together letting their nipples touch for the first time. ‘uhhhhh’ Carrie had trouble thinking as her giants melons slapped and pushed against the rival pair, while Elise gave a small moan of the skin meeting. Their hands where behind their backs as this battle in silent agreement was for their tits only. They pushed tighter as their firm tits held strong, allowing their toned bellies to rub against each other.

“Bitch you feel my girls destroying yours”? , Elise said between clenched teeth finally breaking the hand rule and wrapping them around Carrie’s toned back. Carrie duplicated the move allowing them to enter into a hard bear hug. Their nipples dug into each other roughly scrapping the areola.

“Fuck your tits whore. They are nothing but sag”. Carrie whispered as she pushed her lips back on to Elise trying to once again bring the fight to the mouths. Elise kept her mouth closed however and broke the lip lock. Elise was unbelievably horny and knew this battle had only just begun but she needed an advantage and she saw a chance. “Kiss me slut” Carrie demanded as she moved in again determined to make Elise wrestle mouths. Elise dodged this second advancement and spit right on the mouth of Carrie. This surprised Carrie but didn’t stop her from taking revenge. She too spit on Elise once on the face and the other in the valley of their now red tits. The constant rubbing between their tits spread the spit that mixed with the small amount of sweat that had appeared on their bodies. They both felt incredibly horny and the erotic tactics they used against each other drove them crazy.

Finally Elise opened her mouth and stuck out tongue daring Carrie to suck it. Carrie took the bait and wrapped her lips around it. She had her eyes closed as she sucked the tongue like a dick, but the momentary distraction was all Elise needed to grab an advantage. She suddenly shifted her weight all into her left tit throwing Carrie off balance and making her lose the suction she had on Elise’s tongue. “FUCK” Carrie screamed as Elise pressed her advantage pushing her off the front desk.


Carrie landed on her back her legs in the air resting on the front of the desk. She felt a bit dazed and seeing Elise still on the desk looking down at her, her tits proudly standing firm on her chest gave her a nervous feeling. “You look good on the floor whore that must be your natural habitat”. Elise sneered; she was elated she had been able to throw Carrie off the desk. She needed to press her advantage though and make sure this woman knew who top cunt was. She hopped off the desk and stepped over Carrie who was still breathing heavily. She placed her feet right under Carrie’s arms and lowered her thong right on Carrie’s nose. “Uhhhh get off me” Carrie groaned as the thong though soft rubbed harshly on her face. It was soaking with sweat and something else.

“No way babe I’m just giving you a taste to what is to come”. Elise threw her head back clearly enjoying it but was unprepared for Carrie using her now functional legs to push Elise from behind and launch her forward.

“Uhhh Shit you cunt” Elise had fallen in doggy position barley catching herself with her hands. She tried to catch her breath but suddenly felt the weight of two giant tits on her back. The weight made her hands give way laying her face and tits on the rug in front of the desk. Carrie had reacted quicker in getting up and now had Elise at her mercy and a little pay back was coming for that cunt to the face. She put her arm through Elise’s legs and placed two fingers at the top of the little white thong. She ran them the length of the little string right over the wet pussy where she applied some hard pressure. “OOOhhhh” Elise groaned at the touch. Carrie continued the line passing her pussy and across her asshole.

“FUCK” That was too much for Elise who tried to kick her away but found her feet now trapped by Carrie whose shins where on her cafes. Carrie went back on the same line stopping at Elise’s pussy where she began to vibrate her arm right on the cunt.

“Enjoying it you slut?” Carrie enjoyed having Elise at her control. Elise whined in need. “GOD FUCK” She suddenly thrust her ass back into the stomach of Carrie knocking her off. Elise crawled away as Carrie tried to catch her breath from the sudden blow. They looked at each other from the opposite side of the rug each trying to figure out what the next move would be.

‘Wow this fight is fucking hot’ Carrie couldn’t let the idea leave her head as she realized she was fully attracted to Elise and yet no other women had this power. Elise was having similar thoughts ‘so much for never being a lesbian’. Weirdly enough the thought of other women did not really appeal to her but Carrie did. This woman was special. The way their bodies were so close to each other, the way they both wanted to fight. Ironically the thought of fucking Jack had not really come into play although she knew she could bring it up to turn up the pressure. This had turned into something much more between them and though Jack was still one of the prizes; Elise was sure they would have found a way to fight like this even without him. They began to crawl on their knees around each other; both cats looking for an opening. Their huge tits red and covered with spit hung off them like melons.

Finally after a minute of stalking Carrie turned to face Elise who did the same. They moved together letting their noses pass and with blue and brown eyes wide-open, they began to make out. Still on their hands and knees Elise pulled Carrie up with her and without breaking the tongue twisting kiss their breasts met again. Carrie ended the kiss and backed up just to get her hands on Elise’s boobs. She kneaded and played with the balls relishing in the warmth of them. The spit made them even smoother made Carrie smile wider. Elise allowed the playing of her tits for a while just enjoying how masterful Carrie was. She let her nipples be pinched and breast jiggled.

‘Fuck this feels so good, but I can’t get distracted’. Elise thought as she gripped Carrie’s over sized tits in response. They used similar tactics in the way they played with each other, the only experience from playing with themselves. They both continued to spit on each other making their tits slippery.

“O God” Carrie moaned. “Fuck me” Elise sighed in response. They released each other’s tits and once again brought them together. Their nipples dug into each other and their tits pushed together. They rested their heads on each other’s shoulders. They smelled the other women’s hair when Carrie took her right hand and touched Elise’s white thong covered cunt and began to rub roughly. “

“You dicksucker” Elise growled as a deep groan escaped her mouth. She wanted to slap away Carrie’s hand but knew this was the next stage of the fight. She finally put her hand on Carrie’s black thong and began to finger her with the thong still on entering her with the silk. “My god this feels so good!”, Carrie screamed. She couldn’t help it, she didn’t want Elise to know but it no longer mattered. Elise took the next step and finally she reached her hand into Carrie’s damp thong. “GOD”! Carrie yelled. She stopped rubbing and felt the pleasure build as Elise’s finger was running up and down her slit. Carrie decided it was too much and using her tits she slammed them into Elise’s pair making her fall back and her hand slip from out of Carrie’s thong.

“You like rubbing my cunt huh?” Carrie asked as Elise got back to her knees after the hit. Carrie looked down at her body, seeing her huge full tits wet from sweat and red from the rubbing. Her cunt felt like it was soaking through and the little rub they had administered to each other was like touching an itch but not scratching. She looked over at Elise who was rubbing her own nipples tenderly. This fight had already been more than she could hope for. Elise seemed like the perfect girl to enter this dirty gutter and even better she seemed more than willing to go the distance. Both women began to feel that they still had a bit too much clothes on; even though all that remained was the underwear. Elise wanted to see Carrie naked as both had kept the their pussies and asses covered (if you can call thongs covered) in the photos and thus far every meeting between them. It was the last mystery between their bodies.

“Take your thong off”, Elise panted at Carrie. “I want to see you naked you fucking slut. If we are going to do this let’s do it right” she continued as Carrie watched her intensely from a few yards away.

“You want me naked huh?” Carrie purred at Elise. She was about to tell Elise the get naked but took it as a mental victory that Elise cracked first. “How bought this whore? I get 3 minutes to remove yours and you get whole 3 minutes to get mine off. During the time the woman getting stripped can’t fight back or do anything against the wish of the other”. She finished by snapping her thong in the back and waited for Elise’s response. Elise stretched her back with her hands in her blonde hair; her tits jiggled lightly as she did this.

“Alright slut I’m game. Who goes first?”. Carrie licked her lips and she two gave a little downward dog stretch before reversing it arching her back the other way and pushing her tits out at Elise. “You’re not going to volunteer?” Carrie giggled as she continued stretching her body now spreading her legs while sitting on her ass to reach for each one. Elise stood up and she too spread her legs reaching for her toes. “I wasn’t planning on being the first naked” Elise replied as there little stretch game was turning them both on watching the sexy muscles of the other prepare for what was to come. The light of the sun had entered the office and it began to warm up slightly. The light also showed the sweat on both women’s bodies making them look wild and sexy.

“Well let’s decided quickly; I want to rub pussies with you” Carrie openly admitted at Elise who no longer showed any surprise to what Carrie said. “Yeah our cunts have some talking to do” Elise grinned at how open sexually they were being. She had never been this open before with anyone and it was very empowering to talk like this. “You know slut no man has ever fully satisfied me before, what makes you think you can?” Elise stated as she finished stretching sat down and began to masturbate in front of Carrie.

“You think I have ever fully been satisfied? Not even Jack could ever truly tire me out.” Carrie too began to masturbate keeping her body at the high level of arousal through the small talk. Small breaths escaped their mouths from the show of each other rubbing themselves. ‘Fuck it I need to feel this woman’ Elise thought as she watched Carrie rub her pussy and tits.

“Come here and strip me whore” Elise groaned. Both woman stopped masturbating and stood up. Carrie walked until she stood behind Elise pressing her tits into her opponents back. They looked up at the clock as Carrie whispered “Your torture begins now you fucking whore”. She roughly grabbed Elise’s short blonde hair and pushed her down on the desk. Her tits hit the desk first as her hands laid flat. Carrie gripped each side of Elise’s white thong and pulled it slowly off her ass and down her legs. It reached her ankles as Elise stepped out of the thong and Carrie picked it up in her left. She ran her right hand up Elise’s long legs and gave a light slap on the hot ass cheeks of Elise “Ow, you bitch” was the response to the slap from Elise. ‘No tan line huh’ Carrie thought not seeing any line on Elise’s back. ‘She must tan naked O god that would be amazing’.

Carrie realized she was getting distracted and glanced at the clock noticing only a minute was left. Elise had been trying to hold everything in now that she was naked. Carrie once again gripped Elise’s hair and pulled her up standing behind her once again. Carrie moaned with Elise as she inserted two fingers into Elise and began pumping her from behind. “HOLY FUCK” Elise cried as the pleasure began to build instantly. Carrie stuck her tongue into Elise’s ear and gave it a good lick and her fingers became soaked pumping Elise’s dripping pussy in and out.

“TIME” Elise groaned as she wanted this to continue and stop at the same time. Carrie sighed knowing her fun was over but that didn’t stop her from feeling all around Elise’s cunt making sure she was completely smooth. ‘Just like me’ Carrie was happy wanting her smooth twat on Elise’s smooth twat. “My turn’’ Elise said between hot breaths, she had been close to losing control and thanked her self-control she hadn’t given in. “I guess it is” Carrie couldn’t help but look down at the nude Elise and admire her body. Elise turned coming face to face with Carrie; she smiled slightly as Carrie took the fingers that had just been in her covered in Elise’s warm cum and began to suck them.

‘So hot’ Elise enjoyed the sexual thrill of Carrie sucking her cum of her own fingers. Elise lightly gripped Carrie’s wrist and pulled her fingers out of Carrie’s mouth and put them into hers. Carrie’s cunt burst a small dam as her fingers got sucked hard and licked by Elise’s skillful mouth.

“Time starts now” Carrie told Elise who immediately stopped sucking. Elise grinned and quickly grasped the black thong of Carrie and pulled it down. Carrie stepped out quickly not wanting to trip. Elise pushed Carrie until she hit the cabinets on the side of the wall away from the door. “Spread them” Elise commanded. Carrie did as she was told widening her legs as Elise became to pump her furiously with her fingers making her pay for the earlier action. “O god more more more” Carrie couldn’t help moaning loudly as this went on for a whole minute. Finally with less than thirty seconds left Elise removed her hand. She held it up to Carrie and with one word “SUCK!” forced her fingers into the mouth of Carrie. Carrie growled as she tasted and sucked her own cum from the fingers of her enemy.

“Time” Carrie growled as she removed Elise’s fingers harshly from her mouth. The cum in her mouth felt warm. Elise stepped back and admired the nude Carrie for the first time. Both women’s giant breasts looked amazing taunt and high on her chest, their cunts wear pink and open and seemed to be dripping for each other. They also both felt how strong and tight the women’s pussies were and now had become more excited to cuntfight.

Chapter 3

“Alright bitch enough foreplay I want to fuck” Elise wanted this now and she was going to get it.

“I agree whore we have been playing to long it’s time to see who has top cunt. Carrie dropped to her ass and spread her legs. Elise followed and the scooted on the rug until their legs slid past each other; their cunts less than 6 inches away.

“First to orgasm losses?” Elise whispered.

“No way slut. We go until one of us surrenders 100% or can’t physically go on. This will settle everything. Jack, your job, and who here can please better.” Carrie whispered back moving forward another two inches. “I agree” Elise whispered even quieter before moving forward allowing their tits to meet and began to push into each other. Both pairs of lips so close they could feel the heat of the other coming off.

“Lets fuck” Elise finally pushed the last inch and touching their warm wet pussies together. Their slits matched up perfectly and the first touch of them made both women scream loudly in pleasure. “FUCK” Carrie screamed throwing her head back as the pleasure spiked in her body hitting all of her erogenous zones. “OH MY GOD” Elise yelled loudly as she felt some cum get spread over her cunt from Carrie. Her nipples burned even hotter and her clit was already beginning to appear out of its hood.

They began grinding into each other making opening each other up and trying to feel the other woman as much as possible. Elise reached out and grasped Carrie’s long brown hair and pulled her to her forcing her tongue into Carrie’s wet mouth. Carrie responded well to the kiss and they began licking each other all over their faces. Meanwhile their tits bounced against each other and their pussies were locked into a French kiss as well. They broke their kiss and began to whisper threats to each other.

“I will break you Elise”, Carrie said right into Elise’s ear as she plunged her tongue into and around it.

“You feel my pussy eating yours alive don’t you Carrie” she emphized this with an extra hard grind. The focused their fight in the furnace between their legs. Beginning to separate their wet cunts with small pops before slapping them back together. Carrie’s hands suddenly slipped from underneath her and she fell back onto her back. Elise pressed the fuck by mounting her and locking their pussies together again. Elise used gravity to bring more pressure on Carrie’s twat.

“On the bottom again huh slut?” Elise jeered as they fucked thrust for thrust their powerful asses using all their power to push the cunts together. Carrie tried to reply as Elise assaulted her mouth with her tongue and began mouth fucking her. Once again their tits came crashing together and three battles; the mouths, tits, and pussies were fighting for dominance. Carrie felt the spit of Elise in her mouth and her body began to feel like an orgasm was coming. She was humping Elise hard as well as she could from the position but it didn’t seem like enough. Their clits had both become unfurled and were dangerously close to touching. Carrie knew she had to avoid that conflict until she had a better point in which to attack but it seemed Elise had other plans. She had felt Carrie’s clit with her pussy and knew what a good hit on it might give her a decisive first victory. She ground Carrie hard trying to make sure Carrie couldn’t hump back.

“UHHH you hot fucking bitch” Carrie groaned from the floor. “Fuck you fuck you fuck you” Elise chanted back lost in the daze of lust. Finally Elise couldn’t hold back anymore she lined up her clit and pushed it directly to its counterpart. “FUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK” Carrie had been unprepared and the huge wave of pleasure began to send her over the edge. “JESUS CHRIST!!!!’ Elise cried in pleasure. She didn’t realize how much pleasure would come from the contact but nothing could prepare her for the amount of heat and cum that was released from her and Carrie’s cunts.

Carrie began to orgasm underneath Elise screaming out in pleasure and holding Elise’s cunt to hers as she began to pump her cum in the other woman’s cunt. “OH MY GOD” Carrie cried out as the powerful orgasm hit all her body. “YES CUM BITCH” Elise felt amazing. She was riding Carrie down still mounted by the beautiful Elise. Carrie moaned and almost collapsed but in the wave of her orgasm she saw her chance when Elise tried to separate their cunts. She gripped Elise’s ass and in one last pump Elise’s clit came down hard on Carrie’s nub.

“NOOOOOOO” Elise screamed at the top of her lungs as the first orgasm of the encounter began to wreak her body. Carrie pushed herself up latching her mouth onto Elise’s tit who couldn’t stop the mix of her and Carrie’s cum dripping onto Carrie’s already soaked pussy. “UHHHH STOP” Elise was in a mix of heaven and hell. She had a huge victory for getting Carrie off first but it was being taken away as she was pushed down onto her back with Carrie taking the top position in the middle of her ecstasy. Elise started to come down off her high as she wrapped her legs around Carrie allowing their soaking cunts to rest on each other. They felt cum on the side of their legs as they rested cheek to cheek Carrie’s long hair covering their faces from the view. Both beauties were breathing heavily and they prepared for another round of woman on woman action.

“Not bad Carrie” Elise stated during breaths. “We both know who came first though”, Elise had turned her head so she and Carrie were face to face again. “Fuck you girl you got me off less than two seconds after and couldn’t stop yourself from cumming either.” Carrie mouthed back. Elise leaned forward and began to kiss Carrie who kissed back passionately, their bodies already getting hornier as Carrie began to once again rub Elise’s twat with hers. Elise’s huge melons crushed against Carrie’s matching pair and Elise began to try and roll their bodies in which Carrie strongly resisted. They used their cunts gridding the slits the full length of each other, their cunt lips swollen from arousal Elise succeeded after a long rub that caused Carrie to growl. The roll continued though as they began to make their way around the office as Carrie and Elise claws grasped the strong toned asses that had haunted their dreams. Slaps echoed in the office as both girls were determined to leave a long handprint on the behind of the enemy. Once again their clits began to grow to meet. They had stopped rolling and Carrie had won top position as sweat began to appear . Elise watched a drip of sweat go down Carrie’s neck to her cleavage and fall on to herself.

“Come on whore” Carrie had begun humping harder and faster than before determined to bring Elise to a devastating defeat. “FUCK” Elise moaned, she was physically tired after the roll and she felt her body began to shake as pre-orgasmic tensions began to build. “Yeah babe you like this don’t you”. Carrie leaned up and dug her hands into Elise’s bouncing boobs gripping them harshly and pinching her nipples. This sent a spike of pleasure directly to the cunt of Elise that was still getting pounded by Carrie. “GOOODDDD NOOOO!!!!”” Elise began to scream as a deep orgasm racked her body. She moaned deeply and couldn’t do much to Carrie who was riding her expertly trying to finish her off with this huge blast of pleasure. Cum began to drip and Carrie reached her hand down between the wetness and covered her left hand in Elise’s warm cum. She slowly began to spread it on her tits watching as Elise moaned clearly even more turned on by this act.

Finally Elise fully collapsed her eyes seemed to flutter close and her muscles relaxed. Carrie laughed. She stood up and examined her body. She couldn’t lie it looked great and felt better. She looked down at Elise’s body and smirked. “Guess I was wrong, she couldn’t last that long”. Carrie needed her phone to call Jack to pick her up. ‘I must have left it in my jacket’. She walked out the door and found her and Elise’s jackets wear they left them. She removed her phone and was about to call when a thought entered her head. ‘The slut like pictures huh’ remembering all the photos they had sent. She decided it was only fair she got a few pics of the loser. She turned around and walked back into the office still looking at her phone.

“Hey slut guee—-uuuuhhhh”. Elise had awoken while Carrie had been outside. ‘That was so good’ she thought as she saw Carrie with her phone outside. ‘This bitch thinks she won huh, I will show her the true meaning of pleasure’. She crawled right next the door and waited. Right as Carrie had walked in Elise jumped up sinking her hands into Elise’s brown locks and harshly pulled her in throwing her on the desk. “OW FUCK” Carrie moaned as her hair had been ripped out from the rough pull Elise had done. She was facing down on the desk her body resting on her tits.

‘O god’ was the only thought she had as Elise came and laid her amazing body flat onto Carrie’s from behind. Elise stuck her fingers into her own cunt getting a bit of cum on them before driving them deep into Carrie. “JESUS FUCK”, Carrie sopped as she felt Elise’s huge tits laying on her back nipples digging into her tanned skin and Elise hand pumping hard and fast into her. She was completely trapped and all she could do was try to hold in the pleasure as Elise spread her cunt and began using three fingers. Carrie’s twat was leaking cum onto Elise’s fingers until they were completely covered. Carrie growled “DAMN IT YOU WHORE!” the pleasure was too much and just when she thought she couldn’t go on Elise pinched her open clit.

“YYYYEEESSSS NNNOOOO” it was a strike that there was no coming back from. Her cunt opened fully as cum poured out and as Carrie screamed in pleasure while Elise laughed in victory. “That is it little girl keep cumming, I will drain you” Elise stated right into the ear of Carrie as Carrie kept feeling the last waves of the orgasm leave her body but Elise kept her hand in Carrie’s cunt and continued to play with it, raising Carrie’s arousal levels again.

“No more stop” Carrie whimpered but Elise only taunted. “I won’t stop till you are done, this goes on till I know you are broken”. Carrie knew if this kept up she would be stuck in this position until she physically couldn’t go on; she had to find a way out. Elise had reached around and dug her hands underneath Carries boobs. Unknowably trapping her hands but increasing the pleasure that road through Carrie’s tits down to her cunt. Carrie felt the hands on her tits and knew this was her moment. She locked her ankles with Elise and ground her ass cheeks as harshly on Elise’s smooth cunt.

“SHIT” Elise was amazed how wonderful it felt having Carrie’s ass touch her pussy. With their ankles locked and Elise momentarily distracted by the Carrie’ butt, she threw all her weight to one side sending them both off the side of the desk, their hair mixed as they hit Jacks expensive roll away chair before they hit the hard ground separating them at last. Carrie crawled away as fast as possible needing time to recover.

‘God I can’t let her get me in a position like that again’ she thought as she crawled away to the front of the desk, her phone sat in the middle of the room she grasped it quickly sending a fast text before sliding it in the corner. Elise was still on the other side of the desk angered that she had let herself get distracted and let Carrie escape from the pleasure hold she had. She stood up turning around to see Carrie had done the same. She got a look at Carrie running her blue eyes up and down the sexy woman. Her brown hair was wild, her face perfect, her tits huge and powerful covered with a sheen of Elise’s cum now dry, her pussy still wet ready for more, and her legs long and powerful. Elise smiled as she held up her hand still covered in Carrie’s cum and began to rub them on herself. Her short blond hair was damp with sweat and she knew she looked just as good as Carrie judging by the way Carrie was staring at her. Carrie who didn’t want to give Elise the pleasure of small victories knew she had to get back at the slut.

“Come here bitch” Carrie demanded jiggling her boobs in a challenging threat to their rivals. Elise began bouncing her own boobs in response as she made her way around the desk and walked directly at Carrie. Before she could reach her Carrie extended her hands and Elise duplicated it pushing their palms together and interlacing their fingers trying to push one another back. They groaned as the test of strength awoke more of the muscles in their body as their hands went out to their sides crushing the tits again; their nipples meeting directly and bending them back.

“UUHHHH” both women moaned at the strong feelings as they fought for every inch. Elise was able to push Carrie back toward the wall with the door leading to the unknown room. Carrie sensed the wall but couldn’t stop the push as her ass began to press against it. “Weak slut” Elise panted clearly exerting her full strength, “Fuck you whore” Carrie replied putting more pressure in her left hand forcing Elise back. Elise felt the momentum shift and desperately attempted to pin Carrie’s right hand to the wall, while losing inch by inch. Elise slipped her left hand free just before she lost her strength to push and dug it into Carrie’s left tit. “BITCH” Carrie groaned losing her focus on the hand as Elise slammed their bodies together on the wall. Carrie groaned breaking away Elise’s grip on her right hand. Her body still held in place now by Elise’s cum covered tits. Carrie slid her arm down the wall finding the door handle with her hand. She pushed it down causing the door that Carrie was against to open up away from the battling beauties and making Carrie fall back while Elise fell forward into the room.

They fell in a heap of flesh Carrie kicking Elise off her body. The shock of the cold tile underneath made her arch her back pushing her tits in the air. She stood up quickly knowing that this was Jack’s private bathroom and turned on the light. Elise was sitting on the cold tile looking around taking in her surroundings. There was a sink and toilet on one right side and a big shower on the other side. Carrie grinned at the sight of the room. She had blown Jack in here many times.

“So this is where you fuck Jack huh?” Elise asked standing and looking around. ‘Smart girl’ Carrie thought.

“Yes we have fucked here before.” Carrie replied and looked harshly at Elise when she smiled at this comment.

“Well I can’t wait to do it here with him as well”. Elise smiled at the look on Carrie’s face but it left her quickly as the shock faded.

“Well slut I honestly don’t give a fuck about you blowing him anymore.” Carrie stated making Elise wonder for a second. She continued “we would be fighting anyway Jack just helped us get started but I know how badly you want to get in his pants to get the fast track up the company.” Elise stood and began to pace back in forth while saying “Your right you cuntlicker we would still be fighting, but I still want you to imagine yourself beaten by me while I take your husband’s cock and swallow everything he has. Make him forget about you”. Elise was annoyed her comments seemed to have little effect on Carrie. “Oh Elise don’t worry your comments annoy me, but not as much as you would like. I know you are attracted to him just like me. Just another thing we have in common. But I have a pretty good feeling you are even more attracted to me.”

Carrie shot a grin of malice toward the other girl as Elise growled back “Yeah I find you fucking hot, but there can only be one top slut on this floor and it will be me and once I dominate you and fuck Jack I will have everything I need”. Carrie walked straight up to Elise pushing her tits into the other pair. “That is where you are wrong whore; I will be the top woman here and I won’t give up being Jacks main girl. I will send you to the gutter when my cunt eats yours.” Now Elise was also pressing her tits against hard against Carrie. “There is enough room in the gutter for both of us. Let’s get dirty girl”.

That was the last words said as they grabbed each other’s hair in screams of rage and tried to pull each other toward the toilet. “CUNTSUCKER” Carrie yelled. “TWAT LOVER” Elise screamed back trying to bend the other woman back. Neither girl was going to allow the other to get her head near the toilet so they begin to move away from it heading for the shower. Elise pushed Carrie away turned and entered the glass shower looking to catch her breath. Carrie to entered and dropped to her knee’s; Elise followed suit.

“Lets 69 girl and see can be faster learner sucking twat” Carrie told Elise. “O god yes I want to taste that cunt” she replied while dropping to her back and landed softly due to the mat on the shower ground to help keep balance. Carrie walked on her knees around the Carrie until she was looking down at Elise. She leaned down and began to kiss Elise upside down. Their tongues licked others teeth and explored deep into their mouths. They also began taking turns sucking the pink love organs like popsicles. Carrie broke the kiss leaned up and spit directly into Elise’s mouth. Elise opened wide her accepting all the spit that had left Carrie’s mouth. She held it all on her tongue as Carrie came back down to continue the kiss and suck it all back fought to swallow it. After their make out on the floor Carrie began moving down Elise’s body; her tongue running down Elise’s neck and beginning to go through the valley of her tits. She felt Elise’s tongue making way the same path as their tits were open to be sucked and neither woman was going to let this chance get by. They began to lick and suck the giant tits of the enemy, both concentrating on the nipples. The dry cum offered a different taste as she rewetted the globes. They continually switched going from left to right and back. ‘God I never have had my breast touched like this’ Elise couldn’t let the thought leave her head as Carrie hit a sensitive spot. The fun finally stopped as Carrie moved farther down Elise’s toned stomach toward her naval. Every inch brought them closer to the pussy that they had both dreamed of getting their tongues in. Moving pass the naval which got a bit of fucking of its own Carrie came face to cunt with Elise’s hot pussy.

“Just enjoy it slut I will have you begging for more”. Carrie gave a hard lick down the whole slit causing a cry of pleasure from Elise.

“You fucking dyke I will make you cry of pleasure from my tongue and I will end this sexfight.” Elise growled as she dug her tongue into the folds of Carrie’s labia. Carrie would have responded if not for her mouth was preoccupied eating Elise out. The feast had begun as they licked, fingered, and sucked the pussy of their rival. Their thighs held the head of the others in place as they both began to get rewarded with small trickles of cum on their mouths. Carrie loved the feel when Elise plunged her tongue as deep as she could and by the sounds Elise made Carrie knew that was something she like as well. Elise rolled them onto their sides to make the battle a bit more equal as the pleasure build in both women. Their nipples stabbed into the hot flesh of the other and the girls both found the clit of the other and attacked it with greed. Their hands keep pumping the cunts while their tongues and lips had now focused on the clits. ‘Please let keep going’ Elise wanted to cum so bad wanting to feel the power of release, but would not give Carrie the pleasure of winning the suck off. She gave her hardest suck yet feeling Carrie shake next to her and roughly ran her tongue over it. ‘YES YES YES’ Carrie could barely think. She returned every pump with hers and sucked just as hard. Carrie moved her pinky near the asshole of Elise and just teased the outside. Elise did it right back to her and as both girls gave one last hard suck to each other’s clit sent them over the edge on the floor. Cum began to pump out of the cunts splashing both women in the face who attempted to get as much in their mouth as possible while still covering their lips and faces.

The orgasm left them exhausted but they quickly rose and began to kiss tasting themselves while swapping both cum and spit. They licked each’s faces and took turns sucking the tits of each other before finally backing off and separating. Carrie licked her lips tasting the cum and wondering how much longer she could go. She felt exhausted and her sexual well was running low. She had never been pushed to a point like this. Elise watched Carrie carefully. Her pussy was sore but had just had the best suck she had ever had. She didn’t think she could have much more. It was going to come down to the next few orgasms between them to determine who wins. The only sound coming was the deep breath of the women. Carrie slowly looked away and reaching up pulled the lever bringing warm water down in the shower. Elise only than noticed the shower had two separate heads that could be moved. Carrie had stood up and had stepped into the water rubbing her tits gently as the water streamlined down every creases of her body.

“Don’t be shy Elise, come wash up before we continue” Carrie said not even looking at her but facing away giving Elise the only thing to see was Carrie’s ass. Elise stood and walked under the other stream of water, her body instantly relaxed as she began to rub all the dry cum off her body and sooth her aching muscles. Both girls were well aware of the other hot body less than three feet washing away but they continued to ignore each other tending to their own body.

“You’re a pretty good fuck Carrie. Too bad I have to fuck you up. I need to move up this corporate ladder and Jack is my ticket, we might have been able to be best of friends if we didn’t have so much to compete for.” Elise stated.

“No Elise we could never really be friends. We are too similar; we were built to be rivals. I can’t have some slut threating my marriage and fucking my man threating my security. I will admit you are a good fuck and I enjoy dominating you and once I get you kicked out of this place it will be even better.” The washing had stopped and Carrie turned off the water leaving two soaking babes facing each other the water running down every curve. Their hair smooth as silk and their stances screamed fuck me.

“Let’s dry off with some towels go back into the office and lets end this. We go there till one of is done and the winner takes her prizes.” Carrie lazily stated as she exited the shower heading to the sink drawer underneath that held several towels, she picked up one for herself and tossed the other to Elise who had just left the shower. They dried off and headed back to the office. The shower had made them look fresh and renewed hiding their exhausted sex organs and muscles. Their hair was still damp but it no longer mattered. Elise walked right up to Carrie and began to kiss her in the middle of the room quickly sinking to their knees to the floor where the final fuck would take place. The girls began to push with their tits both knowing the top spot would help whoever was able take it. Their muscles were tired from the fucking they had administrated to each other over the course of the last two hours but still they pushed with all they had both desperate to finish this phase so their twats could meet again.

“Get on your back whore” Elise groaned at as Carrie and she put their foreheads together mixing the blonde and brunette hair. They began to touch their lips leaving small trails of spit connecting their mouths. Finally after a few minutes of this Carrie attempted a new tactic she ducked her massive tits underneath Elise’s huge pair and in a powerful slam did an uppercut boob slam knocking Elise back and on her back. “Fuck you!” Elise growled trying to regain her ground but Carrie had already mounted her and gave Elise a slow long rub of their cunts.

“Look who is in their natural habitat now, back on the ground and legs up in the air” Carrie whispered as she began to grind Elise cunt to cunt. “Yeah I like it here as much as you do now let’s fuck and see who can last!” Elise whispered back as she grabbed Carrie’s hot toned ass and pulled her twat into hers causing both women to whimper with pleasure. The pussies became soaked again as they rubbed there smooth labia over each other and let their tits huge tits squirm all over. Elise felt a pleasure she had never experienced; an orgasm that was building so deep in her core she wasn’t sure she could hold it in. Carrie’s sex was on fire and every thrust drove her higher and higher to a point she had never been with anyone. Their clits had met and began to fence together. Both women were prepared for the pleasure so they were able to hold it in and let it build even more. “GOD DAMN IT SLUT”. Elise cried as she felt their cunts locked; their folds interconnected and their clits pushed together harder than ever both felt as they were going to burst. “Give slut GIVE!” Carrie moaned as some of the strongest pre- orgasmic waves began to enter her body and spread to her tits, ass, and soaking wet cunt. They went on for 10 minutes as the waves seemed to go from her into Elise as she also was starting to shake. The top position wasn’t helping Carrie as much as she hoped as with their cheeks resting on each other she felt Elise matching her blow for blow and one of the strongest blast yet hit as their nipples had bent each other’s back. Once again their clits rubbed and both girls felt the others cum begin to enter her own pussy. “FUCK!!!!” They yelled in unison as it built up so close to exploding. Sweat had broken out on their bodies as they began to scream in pleasure.

Finally Elise sexual wall broke first as she began the most intense and powerful orgasm she had experienced. All the rage she had built up and tension with her amazing duel with Carrie began to release. She screamed louder in a shriek grasping Carrie’s ass with her claws bringing her down harder. She attempted to scream more but Carrie had her rubbing tongues making the screams muffled. The intense shaking started a chain reaction into Carrie’s boy. Carrie began to explode as well while trying to ride Elise to the end and drain her before she couldn’t go on. Cum poured between them as their pussies convulsed and tits bounced; their nipples on fire. They would kiss and then break it screaming louder licking everything they could. Their clits began to recede and their folds separate as their cunts finally stopped oozing the warm liquid. Finally what felt like an eternity of orgasmic pleasure and the best orgasm of her life Elise lay out of breath, her strength leaving her underneath Carrie. Carrie who was still cumming tried to stop, but nothing could hold her pleasure back. The waves finished as the last drops of cum put a small puddle on the rug beneath the woman. Carrie slowly rolled off Elise.

She had technically won the great battle but needed something to prove it and punish Elise more. ‘The camera’ Carrie thought as she dragged her body toward her phone in the corner. She picked up and turned back to Elise whose eyes were watching her but did not seem entirely focused as waves of tiredness after their battle were setting in on both girls.

“How does it feel cunt?” Carrie laughed across the room. “What the hell do you mean whore? We tied”. Elise lowly growled as her eyes began to close her body too tired to make any advances on Carrie. “You came first and we both know neither of us can go on”. Carrie replied as she gingerly made her way back to Elise who hadn’t moved. “You came just as hard and just like me you can’t go on so we tie.” Elise stated definitely as the sun had left the room now past twelve making it covered in shadows and cool. “Fuck you slut I’m top cunt now” she crawled onto Elise who didn’t have the strength to fight her off and opened the camera on her phone but not before rubbing her cunt into Elise’s beautiful face smearing the mixture.

“Get off me slut, I won’t be your bitch if I had top position this would be different” Elise groaned as she gave a hard lick on Carrie’s cunt making Carrie back off due to her being to tender to take a suck at the time. “To bad you didn’t you fucking whore” Carrie replied now concentrating on the photo shoot. Elise was angry her body had given just seconds before Carries but even now she wouldn’t bow down to Carrie. Elise stared directly into the lens as Carrie began to take photos of her naked tits, face and cunt. She still looked so unbelievably sexy with the cum over her and after the sexual duel. She looked at them and smiled while sending them to her email.

“You won’t be getting very far in the corporation with these in my possession.” She tried to rise but Elise caught her arm and brought her down next to her giving her a soft kiss draining their last bits of energy as they shared the cum on Elise’s face. They laid there whispering dirty things they would do to each other as sleep finally overcame them.

Carrie woke with a shock 4 hours later. She stretched her body out and groaned on how sore she was from her muscles to her cunt. She turned to where Elise had been when she had fallen asleep but was confused when she wasn’t there. She also saw her phone had moved back to atop the desk and a now newly wet towel was right outside the door. ‘Fuck she must have done something’. She stood up feeling tender and grabbed her phone heading right towards messages; she cursed under her breath. Elise had taken several photos of her nude; legs open, tits and even her ass, but they didn’t stop there. The final two were of their cunts pressed together and their asses side by side with note “mine are still better”.

‘Not in your dreams’ she thought annoyed that Elise had been able to get her nude photos even after her victory meaning any threat she made against Elise with her photos, Elise could do the same ruining both reputations in the process. She was just happy she had emailed herself Elise’s nude shots or she feared Elise would have deleted the copies. She decided to take a shower rinsing herself off of cum. She walked out feeling clean as she began to gather her clothing finding her skirt still there but not the shirt, she used her jacket to cover her proud tits. She decided to text Jack to come to the office immediately to pick her up so she had to be quick in getting her stuff together. She walked to the corner and an even bigger frown entered her face as the only thong and bra left was Elise’s skimpy white ones. The frown quickly flipped as she picked up and smelt the familiar smell of Elise’s cunt and was suddenly very happy everything had happened the way it had. She dressed up and sat down to relax and think about her current situation.


She heard the elevator open and the heavy footsteps of Jack coming to the office. He opened the door and smiled at his wife, she noticed he looked a bit red in the face.

“Hey babe how was your day?” He asked looking around the room noticing no papers out. Carrie sighed happily, “Very interesting actually, now come here and let me give you a treat.” She dropped to her knees as Jack suddenly looked very nervous. “Right now? Uhh let me jump in the shower first”. He made a quick move but Carrie stopped him. “Babe I want you as you are. She once again got down dropping his pants undoing the belt and pulling his boxers down. She was stunned to see his dick wet with spit as his face became reddened more.

“I’m so sorry honey Elise called just an hour ago and told me it was an emergency. I ran over to help her out but she had lied and began blowing me; I was weak. She was even wearing a skimpy black thong and bra that looked just like yours that you wear when you are super horny.” Carrie thought for a second ‘that bitch had been busy’. It looked like Elise had not accepted her defeat and openly avoided the agreements they had set. Once again she looked up at Jack and gave a big smile beginning to remove the clothes she had just placed on to revel the white thong.

“Jack dear I want you to accept all of her advances and do anything she wants. Don’t ask why but I promise it will be worth it”. He looked confused and stuttered “wait are you serious, or is this some crazy trap and where did you get that underwear? I have never seen it?” he bumbled looking for answers. She suddenly looked very serious slowly rubbing the smooth dick allowing her hand to get wet with Elise’s spit. “I’m very serious and no you won’t get in trouble also make sure she gets hired at this company placing her in my department. And this little thing?” She rubbed her cunt into the white material “I just got it actually and I plan getting more just like it.”

She gave a hard lick tasting both her husband and Elise causing him and her to moan. ‘Have to keep her nice and close’ she thought as she went to work taking all of him in giving hard sucks and rubbing his shaft. He came minutes later on her face as she took most in her mouth and collapsed on to his chair. “Wow babe what has you all frisky? And if you’re sure I’ll do what you ask about Elise , butyou have never asked for anyone in your department clearly there is something between the two of you. Will you tell me?”. She avoided the question and smiled at him asking innocently.

“How good was Elise at blowjobs?”. His eyes grew wide but he answered truthfully “Uhhh honestly amazing. You and her have similar techniques and both of you seemed determined when doing it today like a competition was going on. Now will you tell me what the hell you and her did together?.” Carrie came behind him wrapping him in her arms.

“All in due time love, but here is a hint. That threesome you have dreamed about might be possible with her if you do what I ask.” His mouth opened slightly but he closed it quickly and just nodded. She wouldn’t tell him about the sexual rivalry or fight yet, he would most likely find that one out for himeslf. Jack went to take a shower leaving Carrie in the office; her mind only on Elise. She was about to wipe the cum off herself when a text message came in from Elise. She was dressed in Carrie’s thong and bra, her face covered with Carrie’s husband cum with the message

“Next Saturday I want to take you on again at my apartment. This time I will be on top making you eat me. Bring Jack too unless you are scared he will be only begging me for sex afterword. ” A small happy face finished the text. Carrie smirked as she took a photo of herself still with the cum all over her face sending the photo and replying.

“We will be there you whore and I will fuck you harder than before with Jack there to watch”. She hit send smiling at her work. She cleaned up and dressed before Jack got out of the shower. He came out dressed and they left the office. They walked down the hall; Carrie remembering only a few hours ago she had been just starting her fight that led to the greatest sex and struggle of her life (so far).


The elevator opened as they stepped in Carrie looking back at the office thinking she couldn’t wait for next Saturday. Elise and she would meet again soon in another erotic confrontation. The next time they would again compete to prove once and for all who the better fuck on the 14th floor was.

The End

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  1. hankmccoy02 says:

    This was excellent stuff. The mutual attraction shared by the protagonists, coupled with the budding rivalry over Jack, made this an exceptionally steamy read. You managed to capture that perfect balance between animosity and lust, that makes for a superior sexfight story. I’d love to see a sequel featuring Elise and Carrie sexfighting again. Great work!


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