The Beach House by BCW8

Holly vs. Dana

The five of us met in college, first in the dorm; later we all rented a house together senior year. Marcy and I started dating. Nick and Dana did too, kind of on and off. Phil was the fifth wheel.

After school, Marcy and I got married. Her parents had a beach house in Florida, and for a long weekend every summer, we’d get it and invite the old crew. Nick and Dana would hook up for the weekend, but then go back to their lives.

The fifth summer, when we were all twenty-seven, Nick brought Holly for the weekend. He didn’t tell any of us in advance – he just drove up with a gorgeous blonde curled up in the bucket seat next to him. She was tanned, blue eyes, flashing smile. Dana was stunned. She turned on her heel and went into the house. I imagined that stunned turned to sulking, and sulking turned to seething. Dana had never taken disappointment well.

Marcy brought it up as we went to bed. “She’s pissed,” she said. “She thinks she owns him.” She didn’t sound unhappy. She and Dana were friends but with an edge and she disapproved of the way Dana treated Nick. “It’s about time that for once in her life she doesn’t just get whatever she wants.” I didn’t disagree, and I wasn’t unhappy either. I love Marcy but I’ve always been more than a little hard for Dana and seeing her connect with Nick each summer put a damper on that fantasy. So, good for Holly.

Good for Holly indeed. We heard them that first night, and Dana’s room was between us and them so she heard too. Holly was a moaner. And, by my count, she came five times. Best part, it turned Marcy on – after listening for awhile she pulled me onto her. She came three times herself, though more quietly.

When I came downstairs in the morning, Holly was making breakfast for Nick. I had coffee and watched her over the cup while Nick rattled on about his job. She was petite, maybe 5’3”, 110 pounds, but jesus what a body. It being the beach, she was wearing a royal blue bikini with a matching sari wrapped around her waist. Everytime she turned, her breasts jiggled in her top. They were perfect. 34Ds. Nick noticed me looking and scowled at me. I smiled back.

Dana came down late and drove off without a word to anyone. She came back in a half hour with a bag from the beach shop down the road and disappeared into her room still without even acknowledging us. We shrugged and went to the beach. The only thing hotter than Holly in her blue bikini and sari was Holly without the sari and wet from the surf, but Marcy was there so I was careful to keep my eyes mostly to myself.

And then Dana came down the steps from the house. Phil whistled softly. She was wearing a new bikini. A very, very tiny one, and she looked very, very good in it. It was red, which set off her olive skin and black hair. And did I mention it was small? The bottom was string and a triangle that barely covered her pussy. Her top did nothing to constrain the sway of her breasts – also 34Ds. It just covered her nipples, basically.

The sulking was gone. It was full-on charm now, but only for Nick. She smiled, she laughed, she flirted. Holly’s friendly smile became a bit strained. Marcy cut her eyes at me and shook her head. We spent several hours on the sand, playing, swimming, talking. Dana and Holly never wandered far from Nick, the lucky fuck. We finally gathered in the late afternoon, all sitting together on a big blanket.

“Nick, remember spring break junior year?” Dana said suddenly. “Remember Texas Barbie? That was crazy!” She turned to Holly and spoke to her directly for the first time. “There was this bitch there, from Texas, hence the nickname, all boobs and hair, and in a bar she bumps into me and spills her drink and then gets in my face like it was my fault!”

This is not a good story to tell. I tried to head it off but Dana glared at me and plowed ahead.

“She and I ended up in the parking lot, with this ring of boys around us. I was just so fucking mad, I didn’t care. She came at me.”

I looked at Holly. Her nipples were stiff and tenting the blue fabric of her top. That made me look at Dana’s chest. Jesus, her nipples were an half-inch bulge in red. Marcy’s fingers tightened on the back of my neck.

“She came at you?” Holly said. “You mean a fight?”

“Yes! I’d never been in one. Texas fucking Barbie punched me right in the mouth!”

“Then?” Holly’s eyes were bright.

“I beat the fuck out of her.” Dana’s voice was purr now. “I hit her in the face and I hit her in the belly and I hit her in the tits.” She laughed. “Nick and Ron pulled me off her. I guess I went crazy.” She reached over at Nick without really looking at him and her fingertips grazed his chest. “Nicky got his first blowjob that night.” So had I, but Marcy didn’t need to know that.

“From you,” Holly said.

“Good times,” Dana said. “I liked it, I have to admit. The fight, I mean!”

“Did you,” Holly’s voice was too flat for it to be a question.

“I’ve had several since then,” Dana said. This was news to us all. “Fighting other women . . . . excites me.” She wasn’t smiling now, not exactly. Holly didn’t look away. I was hard as stone, and I know Phil and Nick were too.

Marcy said, “Let’s go in.”

We had a bottle of wine, then another. Across six people, that was just enough to start a buzz, lower inhibitions. Marcy had pulled a t-shirt on, but Dana and Holly were still in only their bikinis. We opened a third bottle after dinner and went to the living room. It was a big room, with a sunken center. Holly stepped right to the center, and did a little pirouette. “I liked your story,” she said to Dana. “Except for the part where you told me you sucked Nick’s cock.”

Dead silence.

“That was my favorite part,” Dana said. She stepped down into the sunken circle too.

“Nick’s cock is mine now,” Holly said. Nick opened his mouth but then shut it again.

“Is it?” Dana’s voice was a purr again. “Phil, would you and Ron move the furniture?”

For some reason, Phil and I both looked at Marcy. Her face was a little flushed. She nodded. It was wicker furniture – it only took a minute. The sunken circle was bare except for Holly and Dana.

Holly started to walk, moving to the edge and circling. Dana did too. As she walked, Holly’s fingers toyed with the clasp to her bikini top between her breasts. “I’m not Texas Barbie,” she said. “You think you’re some tough bitch, telling me about your fights. I’ve had fights too, Dana. I’ve never lost.”

“I think you aren’t any better than Texas Barbie,” Dana said. She reached behind her back and untied her top. “I think this ends the same way. You out of the way and his cock in my mouth.” When she said that, Marcy wrapped her fingers around my erection without taking her eyes off them.

Holly dropped her top on the floor. She was breathing heavily, her flat abs going in and out, her breasts rising and falling. She had paler triangles where her tan didn’t reach, but even her untanned skin was honey colored. Her nipples were dark pink and jutted out and slightly up. She squeezed them, unconsciously, I think. Her areolae were quarter-sized and with her nipples so engorged they bulged a bit from the curve of her breasts too.

Dana’s top was a second behind. She stretched her arms above her head, arching her back. No tan lines on her olive skin. Her nipples were almost black, her areolae as big as an espresso cup saucer, her nipples dark stones. “No rules, Holly,” she said. “No holds barred. No one interferes.” Marcy’s grip tightened, and she rubbed me slowly. I chanced a look at Nick. He was hypnotized. So was Phil.

Holly nodded. Her hands curled into fists.

Dana charged her. Holly swung, but her fist glanced off Dana’s head and went over her back as Dana’s shoulder rammed into her chest. They both hit the floor hard, hands in each other’s hair in a flash, pulling hard. They catballed, and then Holly was on top. Her elbow came up and she punched down hard into Dana’s stomach. I used to work out with Dana and she did hundreds of crunches then. Still today her abs were hard. But Holly hit her again, and again, and I saw in her face that it hurt. She screamed in rage and punched wildly at Holly’s face. Her knuckles caught the blonde square in the mouth and split her lower lip open like an overripe grape.

Holly pitched back and Dana lurched up and both on their knees they slammed together. The sound that their bare tits made, that hard slap, was incredibly erotic. Marcy gasped a little. They clinched and teetered, their bodies grinding, punching at each other’s ribs. Dana’s arms locked around Holly, one hand gripping the other wrist in the small of Holly’s back, and she poured on the bearhug, her breasts flattening her rival’s. Holly’s head snapped back, her mouth open in a moan of pain.

Dana braced her knees wide and squeezed harder, the muscles in her arms and shoulders tight. Holly’s eyes were closed and her teeth were clenched. I thought the pain was in her back and no doubt it was but then Dana spoke, forcing words out between gasps, her chin digging into Holly’s neck and her eyes finding Nick’s.

“My tits . . .are crushing hers . . . it’s hurting her . . . my nipples . . . are grinding hers – pushing them deep . . . into her tits.” She jerked her arms. Holly’s hair whipped and she cried out in pain. She dug her nails into Dana’s back. I noticed for the first time they were painted blue to match her bikini. She raked, tearing scratches in Dana’s skin that welled blood. Dana screamed and jerked tighter and Holly screamed. Her breasts were bulging out the sides of where Dana’s chest met hers. She had tears in her eyes.

Both girls were slick with sweat. Nick had openly taken his cock out, stroking a raging erection. Phil had a hand in his shorts on his own. Marcy suddenly peeled off her t-shirt, her perky 34C boobs arched into her bikini top, and unzipped my shorts. Holly dropped her hands to Dana’s ass, and dug her talons into the meat.

“Fucking cxnt,” Dana half-gasped half-snarled. Holly dug one hand in deeper but with the other she grabbed Dana’s red bikini bottom and jerked it deep into the crack of her ass. Now Dana’s head whipped back in pain and Holly snapped her hand up and under Dana’s chin. Dana’s neck corded but slowly Holly pushed her head back. The pressure on Holly’s tits eased a little, they almost seemed to inflate again. Dana’s chin was pointed straight up at the ceiling now and she was breathing in harsh gasps. Slowly, her grip gave. Her nipples emerged from Holly’s tits, from where they had driven Holly’s nipples inward. They broke apart. Holly rolled away, cradling her boobs.

Holly’s breasts were a mess. Her pink nipples were puffy and swollen, her skin purpled with a spreading bruise. The humiliation of Dana’s tits crushing hers was even worse than the obvious pain, I think. At the sight of them Marcy moaned softly and took me in her mouth. The two fighters didn’t even notice. Dana got to her feet. Holly forced herself up too.

“How’s your boobs, slut?” Dana asked. She cupped her own, pointing them at the blonde. “My nipples enjoyed making yours their bitches.” I think Phil came then. I know I was razor close. Marcy is good with her mouth. Holly put her fists up. Marcy raised her head to watch again.
They circled. Holly jabbed, her fist straight into Dana’s nose. It started to bleed. Holly had blood on her chin too, from her split lip. She jabbed again but Dana slipped it and uppercut a fist into her breast. Holly whimpered but didn’t scream. She hooked Dana in the ribs. Dana swung wildly and missed and Holly hit her in the belly, then in the face. Dana stumbled, nearly went down. Holly backhanded her and her head snapped around, her black hair in a fan, her nose spraying blood. She landed on her side and Holly landed on her a second later, driving a knee into her ribs. Holly mounted the brunette, her teardrop ass on her stomach, and hit her in the face. The sound was brutal. She hit her again, with her other fist.

I couldn’t believe Dana was still conscious but she was. Holly pulled her fist back again and Dana’s hands shot up into her breasts, eight red fingernails sinking like hot knives into her. Dana’s thumbs drove right into the center of her nipples. Holly howled. She grabbed Dana’s wrists but trying to pull her hands off just doubled her pain because Dana had a death grip. She jerked Holly sideways off of her by her tits. She rolled onto the blonde and smashed her knee into her pussy. She stood, lifting Holly’s torso with her. Holly’s head lolled, her face contorted with pain. Dana shook her, like a lioness might shake the prey in her jaws, and let her drop. Both of Holly’s nipples were torn open, weeping blood.

Dana’s nose streamed blood over her mouth and right cheekbone bore a nasty gash. “You made a big mistake fucking with me,” she said to Holly, and spat blood on her, then kicked her in the head and turned to Nick. She took the two steps up out of the pit and straddled Nick’s lap. He pulled her bikini panties aside and she lowered herself onto his cock. A shiver ran through her body as she put all her weight on it. “Your little blonde bitch was no match for me, Nick.” Her voice was low, almost guttural. “I wrecked her fat flabby tits. She couldn’t take it.”

Then Holly had her hair in her hands and dragged her off Nick, throwing her back into their sunken circle. Dana landed on her hands and knees and Holly kicked her in the same spot in her ribs, then kicked her in the chest. Dana groaned as she flopped into the steps right in front of Marcy and me, facing us. Holly stomped her back, smashing her tits into the edge of the stair riser. She did it again, her own bleeding tits bouncing wildly with the force of it. Not only Dana’s tits but her entire rib cage were taking incredible punishment. The pain in Dana’s face twisted her once-beautiful, bloodied features.

As Holly dragged Dana up to her feet by her hair, Marcy moved onto my lap, reverse cowgirl. She pulled her bottoms aside and my cock slid into her. She was dripping wet and her pussy instantly tightened on me. She leaned back against my chest, her head on my shoulder and pulled my hands up to her breasts. I squeezed and kneaded them as we both watched Holly’s fist sink into Dana’s belly right above her bikini bottoms, and Dana punched back, hitting Holly in the face. Marcy was moving her hips only a little but it was enough because her pussy was milking me. She turned her head so her lips were inches from my ears, her eyes never leaving the fighters.

“I could fight those bitches,” she whispered. Her voice was husky as she gasped as her words made my fingers dig into her tits. “Or some other bitch. Who do you want to watch me fight, Ronnie? Huh? There must be some cxnt you secretly want to fuck. But you’re mine. I’ll fight any slut for you.” Oh my god. The image of Marcy and Dana in a sweat-and-blood-soaked clinch took over my animal brain. Marcy – my Marcy – biting Dana’s tits. With a groan, I wrapped my arms around her and emptied deep in her. That throb in my cock triggered her into a violent orgasm too. Only Phil noticed. He was watching us now, his mouth open in stunned amazement.

Dana fell to her knees. Blood from her battered face streamed down her throat and fanned out in a delta on her upper chest. I realized with a start that Holly had bitten her tits. Both dark nipples were bleeding. Crimson trickled over the lower half of her breasts and over her heaving belly. Holly was barely standing. “Had enough, whore?” she gasped. Dana’s head was bowed, her hair mostly obscuring her face. She almost looked like she was praying. She shook her head. “Fight . . . to the finish,” she said, the words blurred from her battered mouth. With immense effort, she got to her feet.

They’d fought for maybe ten minutes, but it had been an ultra-violent,all-out battle. Let’s take stock.

First Holly. Her D-cup breasts were swollen to DDs now, just two big bruises. She still bled from the puncture wounds from Dana’s nails. Her nipples were the worst: thick, distended, and torn. Her face was next. Her mouth was a bloody slash. Her left eye was swollen almost shut.

Then Dana. She was losing. Her face was just a mask of blood. Her nose wasn’t really where it was supposed to be. Her belly and ribs were a mass of bruises starkly visible even with her olive skin. She carried her left arm awkwardly cradled against her side to cover them. Her back and ass were covered with bloody scratches. Her tits were only slightly better than her enemy’s, beaten and bitten.

The very moment that I thought “she’s losing,” Dana kicked Holly in the pussy. Holly fell to her knees, unable to even breathe as pain seared her pelvis. Dana wrapped a left fist full of sweaty blonde hair and holding Holly’s head she drove her right fist into her face. Five times, six times? I didn’t really count. Holly was barely conscious. If Dana hadn’t held her hair she’d have collapsed. Then, screaming in rage, Dana smashed her knee into Holly’s chest. She alternated. Right boob, left boob. We all gasped when Holly’s left tit ruptured. I was still semi-hard in Marcy’s pussy and she clamped down on me again as my blood roared back into my cock.

It was mostly the sound, a slaughterhouse sound of impact. Then the inhuman shriek of pain that burst from Holly’s throat. Her breast instantly swelled even bigger as it filled with blood, her skin pulled obscenely tight. A thin stream of pinkish, bloody lymph burst from her torn nipple, pulsing with her heartbeat. Dana let her drop.

The brunette threw her head back and screamed in triumph as her blonde foe writhed at her feet. She strutted in a circle around Holly, her hair wild in her face, her body tensed and incredibly sexy with sweat and blood. She looked at Phil, and at Nick, both furiously stroking their cocks like worshippers of the goddess, and she laughed. She turned to us and her grin faded as she saw me fucking Marcy. Something passed between the two women. I couldn’t see Marcy’s face but Dana bared her teeth savagely. Marcy hadn’t bowed to her and she didn’t like it. Marcy’s pussy squeezed me like a vise and I shuddered and came a second time.

Dana took one step toward us and Holly rose up behind her with Dana’s discarded bikini top in her hands. With a primitive, animal scream, she garotted the brunette with it, the thin fabric nearly disappearing into the flesh of Dana’s throat as Holly twisted it as tight as she could. Still looking at us, Dana’s eyes bulged and she sank to her knees. Her fingers scrabbled at her throat but couldn’t get under the band of red. Her tits and belly heaved as she fought for air but got none.

Holly dragged her across the pit toward Nick that way. She loosened her hold enough to let Dana draw a single shuddering rasping breath and then jerked it tight again. Dana’s fists beat against Holly’s arms helplessly. Holly pushed her darkening face to inches from Nick’s cock.

“Cum on her face, Nick,” Holly was spitting her words. “Humiliate her. Or I’ll kill her. I swear to God I will.” Dana’s mouth was open as she tried to breathe. Her struggles weakened. Her body jerked spasmodically. Nick roared, the veins in his neck bulging, as he came. He shot an immense load into Dana’s mouth but she was past swallowing so it dripped out and fell in globs on her battered tits. Holly screamed and flung Dana back into the pit. She was unconscious but thank god drew a deep gasping lungful of air as she lay there sprawled on her back. Holly came down after her and I thought wildly she was going to kill her after all but instead she took the red bikini top and stripped Dana’s bottoms too. Trophies.

The last thing I saw as I carried Marcy to our bedroom was Holly licking Nick’s cock clean and Phil kneeling by Dana. I fucked Marcy all night long. We didn’t sleep until maybe four a.m. That fight had triggered something in my wife. She couldn’t get enough. When the sun came up I watched her as she slept, her tight little cat-body naked and twisted in the sheets. The other four were gone. I learned later that the men each took one to a different emergency room where they had to answer a lot of very uncomfortable questions about the brutal injuries the girls had.

Nick and Holly are a committed couple now, and I’ve heard Dana and Phil are together. I heard that from Dana because I visited her a month later while on a business trip to her city. I visited her and fucked her, like I have for the last five years everytime my job takes me there. I told her what Marcy had said to me during the fight, about what cxnt did secretly want to fuck. Dana dug her nails into my ass and came hard as I said Marcy would fight any slut for me.

Next year, at the beach house?

The End

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