The Cat Goddess by Hype

Meera was travelling through a dense and a dangerous forest. It was starting to get dark and she began to hear a lot of howling noises. She knew it was dangerous to travel anymore so she began to search for a place to stay for the night. As she travelled some more she found a small cave. She decided to stay there for the night. She entered the cave and lit a fire and sat down. She took out of a small parchment of paper which resembled a map and smiled looking at it.

 The map belonged to Meera’s grandfather who was a renowned archaeologist. When he was excavating some holy place he came across the map. The map showed the direction to the lair of the cat goddess Heera. Even before that there was the legend about the cat goddess’ lair that there was a fountain inside the lair which contains the water which if drank gives the drinker an eternal life. Many people have wasted their lives in a futile search to find the lair. But none of them ever found it.

   So when his grandfather showed the map to his colleagues none of them believed it and told him that its futile and dangerous. But he didn’t listen and made a deal with some greedy men. All of them followed the map and reached the lair. While entering into the lair his grandfather saw a holy inscription that said men aren’t allowed into the lair and those who try to enter will be reduced to dust. When he tries to warn the others they laugh it of and enter the lair only to get turned into ashes. He ran away from the site and doesn’t tell anyone about what he saw. 

On his deathbed he tells Meera about what he saw and dies. From then Meera took it upon herself to fulfil her grandfather’s last request.

Now at the age of 26 Meera was a beautiful archaeologist who was hell-bent on finding the lair. She knew that other’s won’t believe her at any cost. So she decided to search for the temple alone. She has been travelling for the past three days in the forest. 

Meera looked at the map and put it inside and went to sleep. Next morning she continued her search for the lair. By the afternoon she realised that she was getting closer to the destination, so she rested for sometime and had her food and began her journey.

After sometime she began to get a glimpse of some ancient building far afar. She looked at the map and realised that it was the temple she was looking for.

She approached the temple and saw an inscription outside which was written in an ancient language. She began to read it.

On the inscription it was written that :


Meera looked at the temple with a determined look and entered it. She climbed the stairs and opened the door and entered inside.

Suddenly the whole room was lit and in front of her a beautiful woman appeared. Her clothes couldn’t cover her tits and it was bulging outside. 

Meera looked at her with astonishment and surprise. In her mind she was feeling jealous at her beauty.

The woman looked at her in a commanding way and said “ I am the cat goddess Heera. Who are you?”

“ my name is Meera. I am an archaeologist and I travelled a long way to reach here” said Meera

“ didn’t you read the inscription outside?”  asked Heera

“ I read it and I accept your challenge for a duel” said Meera confidently. Saying that she began to remove her dress and stood only in her bra and panties. 

Heera began to feel jealous looking at Meera and realising how similar their bodies are.

Meera’s boobs too oozed out of its bra just like Heera’s and were of the same size

“ this is your last chance bitch. If you want to run now might be a good time” warned Heera

“ I am not afraid of you whore” said Meera

Both of them stared at each other with hands on their hips as the front door closed itself slowly.   

Both Heera and Meera looked at each other intensely as they examined each other. Both couldn’t believe how similar they were.

“ you really think that you can beat me slut?” asked Heera

Meera realised that Heera was getting catty with her to intimidate her, 

“ I am sure bitch” 

“ I am the cat goddess. You are nothing but an whore” 

“ I don’t see any goddess here. The only thing I see is a slut standing in front of me”

Both Heera and Meera began to circle each other as they traded insults back and forth

“ I have tamed a lot of bitches like you in my life who act all high and mighty” sneered Heera

“ I have also kicked asses of a lot of sluts like who act all rough and tough” Meera sneered back



Both of them began to get angry because of these insults. They both came forward and stood nose to nose

“my body is much more superior to your body whore” growled Heera

“in your dreams slut” Meera growled back

They both growled at each other. Suddenly Heera ripped off Meera’s top

“you bitch” screamed Meera and ripped off Heera’s

“ fuck you slut”

Both of them looked at each other’s tits and jealously admitted how similar they were. Heera was getting extremely angry of Meera. she hated how Meera was countering her every move and is not even feeling a bit intimidated

They both came forward and bashed their tits together and looked at each other angrily. Their rock hard nipples were poking into each other’s breasts

“ how dare you to rip my top off bitch” screamed Heera and bashed her tits into Meera’s

“ you did it first slut” Meera bashed back

“ skank”


They both continued to bash their tits as they insulted each other.

“ you fucking bitch. You are nothing” hissed Heera

“ you are no cat goddess slut. You are the whore goddess” Meera hissed back

“ what did you say you slut?” screamed Heera and pulled Meera’s hair

“you heard it bitch” Meera pulled back

They both began to dance around the room pulling each other’s hair and hissing and growling at each other. Both of them genuinely began to hate each other. 

Even though Heera had fought with a lot of women she never felt this much hatred as she is feeling now for Meera. She begrudgingly accepted the fact that she was feeling intimidated by someone after a long time. This made her totally angry

“ I hate you bitch” hissed Heera

“I hate you too slut” Meera hissed back

“ lets fight bitch”

“ yes bitch its time”

Even though Heera was totally angry at Meera, she was also happy. It has been decades since she had a found a worthy opponent who intimidated her. 

Both of them got to the centre of the room and stood opposite each other and stared at each other as they waited for the other to make their move.

One thing was sure in both women’s mind is that it’s going to be one hell of a catfight.

Both Heera and Meera lunged at each other and started a hair pulling and slapping match. They slapped and punched each other fiercely and pulled each other’s hair in an uninhabited fashion. They cursed at each other using every swear word they know.  Bitch…aahhhh… slut…. Ohhhhh…whore….

They danced around the hall as they continued their duel. There was no stopping them and their screams could heard throughout the hall. Heera was not only surprised at the ferocity of the fight but also how close their combat was. None of the woman showed any signs of stopping as they continued their battle

“ you whore I am going to crush you” hissed Meera

“try me cunt” hissed Heera and slapped Meera and Meera slapped back

For a minute both of them started a slapping match. They both took turns and slapped the shit out of each other. 



After sometime they stood there staring at each other angrily rubbing their cheeks.

“ ready to give up bitch” asked Heera

“ never you whore” Meera retorted

They both came forward and started punching and kicking each other. They kicked each other a few times before settling in a bear hug. They both started a hair pulling match as both of them started pulling each other’s hair wildly.  Suddenly Heera changed her move and got Meera into a headlock.

“ how do you like that bitch” laughed Heera

“fuck you slut” said Meera trying get out of the head lock. She tried to get out but Heera’s grip was too strong.

She ripped off Heera’s panties and clawed at her pussy. Heera screamed and let go Meera’s head and repeated the same move. Both of them clawed and raked at each other’s pussy. Tears began to form in their eyes. both of them let go of each other and got back caressed their pussies.

They both looked at each other with teary eyes filled with rage. Both of them screamed and lunged at each other. They both punched each other in the face, breasts and the sides

“I will kill you bitchhh” screamed Meera

“ not before I rip you apart sluttt” Heera screamed back.

Heera was surprised at how angry each of them where with each other. This was the first Heera felt so angry at an opponent. They both continued their slugfest and fell to the floor. they both rolled around the ground punching and slugging each other the sides.

As if on a cue they both kicked away from each other and sat back. They both looked at each other angrily as they caressed their bruises. Slowly they got on all fours and started circling each other like two cats.

“ ready to give up whore” hissed Meera

“ never slut” Heera hissed back

Heera was surprised at the fight they had. it was an all out catfight. They both fought like two whores cursing and swearing at each other. Meera had awakened the sleeping slut in her, this was the first time in centuries that she found such an equal match.

Heera just couldn’t control anymore and lunged at Meera. Meera who was expecting her was ready for the impact and both of the woman fell on the ground.

Both of them were completely entwined from top to bottom. They rolled around the hall occasionally slapping and punching each other.

“ I am better than you bitch” growled Heera

“in your dreams slut” Meera growled back

Both of them stopped their rolling and stayed side by side still entwined and stared at each other angrily.

“ do you surrender bitch” asked Meera

“ screw you slut” said Heera and spit on Meera’s face

Meera spit back. They both started spitting into each other’s face as they insulted each other back and forth. Heera couldn’t control herself anymore and smashed her lips into Meera’s. Meera was surprised for a second but retorted back. 

They both kissed and bit each other. Both of them mashed their pussy lips together and started humping. They both moaned into each other’s mouths as they began to reach their orgasm. They both held their heads back and screamed as they came at the same time.

Both of them slowly drifted into sleep still holding each other. Next time Meera woke up she saw Heera sitting a bit far way. Both of them got up and stared at each other.

Both of them looked at each other’s bruised body and began remembering their fight, Heera was totally pleased as this was the best fight she had in centuries.

“ I have to agree Meera this was the best catfight I had in centuries” said Heera

“ this is the best catfight in my life too Heera. Now as I have pleased you take me to the fountain which gives the eternal life” asked Meera

“ follow me” 

Both of them began to travel to an underground lair. Meera saw a big door which had two sculptures which resembled two cats. Heera opened the door and let Meera in. Meera was astonished looking at the fountain infront her.

“ this is the fountain that gives you eternal life” said Heera

Meera drank the water from the fountain. She slowly began to feel a white ball of light around her and she saw all her bruises get vanished.

“ now you have gained eternal life” declared Heera

Both of them began to travel back to the hall occasionally staring at each other. Both of them returned to the hall.

“ you can find your way back I suppose” said Heera

“ I think I can”

Heera began to turn back when she suddenly felt someone pulling her back. Meera pulled Heera towards her and kissed deeply. Both of them stood there hungrily kissing each other.

“you bitch you think I came here only for the fountain?” asked Meera

Heera was surprised

“ it was my secondary goal. My primary goal was you. From the day my grandfather had told me about your temple. I began to do some research about you. The more I found out about you the more I was obsessed with cat fighting you” said Meera

Heera was totally surprised at this. 

“this is the best catfighti had in centuries slut” said Heera

“ I challenge you Heera for the title of cat goddess” said Meera firmly

Both of them pushed into each other as they stared at each other dangerously. The thought of fighting each other forever made them totally wet.

“you really think you have what it is to challenge me bitch” hissed Heera

“ try me slut” Meera hissed back

They both hissed and growled at each other. Next thing they fell to the ground and started a wild catfight rolling on the ground. A white ball of light surrounded them as they fought each other and took them into the other dimension.

The End

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  1. Raygart says:

    The thought of them catfighting forever make me so aroused. You’re really an amazing writer.


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