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Alicia The Cheerleader by CCFight Story

A Note From AnubisX:

Following a request from CCfight to include his story “Alicia vs Chelsea” on Huge List (over on the Sexfight Forums), I looked in my files and discovered that Alicia participates in a dispersed trilogy of stories that had been appropriated by others.

The stories are: “The Cheerleader”, “Woman to Woman Sexfight” and “Chelsea vs Alicia” (a first fight between Chelsea and Alicia, a second duel between Alicia and Jennifer and finally a new sexfight between the first two beauties).

I have decided to combine all the stories in only one, and give them a correct format.

Alicia woke to the loud buzzing of her alarm clock on a clear crisp autumn morning. Slowly pulling herself out of a deep sleep, she sat up stretching her arms high above her head. Glancing over at the alarm clock on her dresser wishing she could just smash the annoying device to pieces and go back to sleep. Rising to her feet, she stumbled across the room smacking the top of the clock open handed. Taking a hold of it she fumbled around finally finding the off switch sending the room into silence. After being late for school on several occasions, Alicia finally got smart and placed the alarm clock across the room to keep from repeatedly hitting the snooze button.

Half asleep, making her way to her bathroom, she pulled off her thin lacy nightie before stepping into a hot shower. She proceeded to soap and lather up her golden tan body that was slowly losing its color due to the approaching winter months. Rich, dark thighs slowly fading back into their original smooth, light-creamy shade. Tan lines around her firm luscious 36C breasts and tight ass now blended together with the surrounding flesh. Alicia was well known for her young gorgeous body by the boys at school, as well as the girls. Her active lifestyle kept her in tip top shape, always involved in one school activity after another. She was very proud of her body and she knew she was one of the hottest girls in school, although she felt the competition. She would always mentally compare her body to the other girls. In the locker room showers and even in the sometimes silent class rooms while she studied.

After thoroughly washing her long thick dark hair she stepped out of the shower and toweled off her hard body. Today was the first game of the season, which meant Alicia would have to put on her cheerleading uniform and wear it throughout the day at school. She always looked forward to these days when she could walk up and down the hallways at school wearing her uniform. She actually made an effort to prance a little while walking in order to make her little skirt flap up and down around her hips.

After completing her daily hair and makeup routine behind the mirror, she proceeded to dress. Red sports bra, red panty briefs, red and purple pleated skirt with matching sweater that carried the large embroidered insignia of the mascot, and the schools initials “J.C.” Pulling on a pair of red cotton crew socks, she slipped into her Nike tennis shoes, and rushed out the door on her way to school.

Just another average day for Alicia as she sat through each one of her classes. Nothing really spectacular happening for her other than her looking forward to the football game tonight. Same old gossip and rumors going around, of which she had just about had enough. Who likes who, who did what to whom? Her popularity sometimes got her involved in matters that she wished she had nothing to do with.

After school she met up with several of her friends so they could all drive to the stadium together. Once the game started Alicia took her position in front of the crowd along with the other Cheerleaders and throughout the first half of the game the squad went through their routines trying to keep up the sprit of the crowd even though they were behind 14 points.

It was at half time now and the cheerleaders from the opposing team traveled across the field to show the “J.C” crowd their sprit and vise versa with the “J.C.” cheerleaders. When the two squads of cheerleaders where about to pass one another Alicia locked eyes with one of the opposing cheerleaders. From the look on this girls face it appeared she had quit an attitude, especially when she noticed Alicia looking at her.

Now, Alicia was the type of girl that would never let something like this get to her. In fact, she usually challenged situations like this. She decided to give this girl one of the best shit-eating looks she could give. Continuing to glare back at the blonde cheerleader the two passed one another as they walked to opposite sides of the field. Alicia couldn’t help but wonder what this bitch’s problem was? The thought passed as she went about performing her cheers in front of Wilson High school crowd.

Once their squad was finished with their routine cheers, they started on their way back across the field. The rival cheerleaders were already approaching from the opposite side of the field when Alicia picked out the same blonde bitch from the small group. It was like she had an instant disliking for her. One of those things where you first meet someone and you know right away there’s going to be a big personality conflict. But this might have been more than just a personality conflict, as Alicia and her blonde rival approached one another. Taking more notice this time, Alicia was somewhat stunned with a mad rush of jealousy as she took a better look at this girl. She was certainly in the same league as Alicia. Although Alicia would never agree to that.

Closer the two moved across the field until they were once again peering into one another’s eyes with their best bitch look on their faces.

“Just what the hell are you looking at?” Shouted the blonde cheerleader.

“I guess a slutty-assed cheerleader who thinks she’s hot shit!!!” Said Alicia, just as she passed by the girl.

As the two girls passed, the blonde reached out and latched onto the back of Alicia’s hair, practically pulling her to the ground. The was a little bit of a scuffle between the two cheerleading squads. Alicia tried to turn around but couldn’t break free from the tight grip that the blonde had on her hair from behind. The blonde’s team mates quickly grabbed her and pulled her away from Alicia before too many people noticed. A little bit of verbal squabble resulted between the two squads before they turned and walked apart.

After arriving in front of their home crowd, Alicia couldn’t help but be pissed off at this girl’s blatant actions. So angry was she that it was preventing her from performing. She couldn’t figure out what might have caused this girl to react the way she did? The only thing running through Alicia’s mind was that the bitch was jealous of her good looks. Being the best looking cheerleader on the squad had a lot of the girls flaring with jealousy. “If the bitch thinks she is so much better, then just let her prove it!” she thought.

Thoughts like this kept crossing Alicia’s mind until she was unable to think about anything else but kicking the shit out of the bitch. Through all her anger she noticed a moist warm convulsing urge growing between her legs. The more she thought of standing over this bitch in defeat the stronger the urge became. Continually glancing across the field, she would occasionally catch a glimpse of the blonde looking back over in her direction. The wetness grew between her legs every time she and the blonde caught one another looking.

During the rest of the game, Alicia tried to concentrate on her cheering but was finding it difficult. At the end of the game the “J.C.” football team lost 7 to 28. After the game Alicia decided to take up an offer from one of her old college boy friends who had been there watching the game. She figured it would cheer her up a little and take her mind off the blonde cheerleader bitch. So after the game the two headed off for a wild party up in the ritzy part of town.

When the two arrived at the party the first thing Alicia noticed was the enormous size of the house. They entered the front door and with so many people there, the two had to make their way through the crowd until they ran into a small group of their friends that invited them to have a seat. Not long after their arrival, Alicia’s ex-boyfriend joined up with a few of his buddies and went off into another part of the house, leaving Alicia sitting there with a few friends that she rarely conversed with.

As she tried to hold up casual conversation, her mind was still thinking about what the blonde cheerleader had done to her. She wanted revenge badly and she kept picturing herself smearing her foot into that bitch’s face. Her thoughts took her back to the few fights she had been in. One in particular kept crossing her mind. A few years back she and another cheerleader had a disagreement on one of the new cheers they were rehearsing. They met up in the girls locker room after practice and ended up with their hands buried deeply in each others hair until one of the teachers came in and broke them apart. Alicia could remember locking eyes with the other girls and the feel of her body as it pressed into her own. Alicia’s mind popped back to the party when she felt her panties dampening from remembering the fight. The force she was putting on the girl at the time gave her an unexplainable urge to control.

Just then Alicia caught a glimpse of a pair of bare legs wearing Reebok tennis shoes and blue socks through the crowded room. Her thoughts immediately went back to thinking about the blonde cheerleader. Peering from side to side through the crowd she swore she saw the flash of a blue and yellow skirt. Quickly standing up on her chair she looked and spotted a yellow sweater traveling through the large horde of people.

Jumping off the chair she wedged herself through the crowd making her way to the other side of the room. Looking around from side to side, front to back, but with no avail. Alicia wasn’t sure what she saw but it was enough to make her heart beat a fast steady pace. Since she was up she decided to check the rest of the house. Not only to look for what she thought might be the blonde, but to take a nice tour of the house which could easily be called a mansion.

She moved through a long hallway and explored each and every room, admiring the size and the expense of such a large house with all the fine furnishings. Moving back to the main room where the party continued, she noticed a wide semi-spiral staircase leading up to the second floor. Venturing a little further she made her way up to the second floor which displayed several large beds. Opening a variety of doors and taking a peek into each and every room she came across what appeared to be the master bedroom. She entered the large room, taking notice of the oversized king size bed centered in the middle of the room. As she admired the rest of the furnishings, she was suddenly startled by a girls voice coming from behind her.

“Well, I guess that was you I spotted climbing up the stairs?” The voice said in a soft but firm tone.

Alicia quickly turned and at that instant her panties were filled with a flood of wetness as she came face to face with the blonde cheerleader. “So what the hell are you doing, trying to follow me or something?” Alicia said as she felt an enormous rush of excitement and anger.

“I was just about to ask you the same thing.” Replied the blonde walking in a little closer.

“So just what the hell is your problem?” asked Alicia. She gave the blonde’s body a close examination, checking out what she was up against.

“You’re my fucking problem. You and that bitch-look you gave me at the game!” The blonde shouted out.

“You’re the one with the cunt-eating-look you bitch!” Alicia shot back. She knew at this point she wanted to fight and was not about to back down.

Some comparisons were going on in her mind. They were both the same height and appeared to be about the same build and same measurements. Alicia even made a quick comparison of the cheerleading uniforms they were wearing. Hers, of course, red and purple. The blonde was wearing practically an identical uniform, but colored blue and yellow.

“I think someone needs to slap that bitch-look off your face.” Threatened the blonde as she stepped in closer to Alicia, putting them only a few feet apart. She had her hands on her hips and was thrusting her chest out through the tight sweater she wore. An angry piercing look on her face.

Alicia was in a similar stance as she glared back at the blonde. “I suppose you think that someone might be yourself?” Replied Alicia stepping forward and getting right into the blondes face.

There was a slight moment of silence as the two cheerleaders stood face to face, just waiting for one to make the first move. It was the blonde that quickly brought her hand across Alicia’s face. The sound of the slap filled the room and gave Alicia a stinging sensation across the side of her cheek. Retaliating, she swung both arms repeatedly at the blonde, striking her again and again. The blonde stood her ground and swung back several times. A wailing fury of arms, open hands, and fists swinging as the two girls rapidly traded slaps and punches across each other’s face and body.

Light, but painful, scratches appeared across each other’s face and the occasional fist into soft breast caused an unpleasant sensation.

The blonde pressed forward and grabbed the front of Alicia’s sweater with both hands. Stepping back she went to swing Alicia off to the side. Alicia reacted just in time and latched onto the front of the blonde’s sweater and, while trying to keep up the momentum, swung the blonde around. The two had such tight grips on each other’s sweater that every attempt to swing the other off, did nothing more than stretch out both sweaters, practically doubling their size.

With one hand still gripping the front of the sweater, Alicia reached up and buried her hand deep in the blonde’s hair. Not about to take the pain without inflicting some of her own, the blonde latched onto Alicia’s hair. Yanking and pulling the two stumbled across the room. Alicia released her grip on the sweater and reached around the blonde’s back grabbing a handful of her long thick hair from behind. While the two swung around, the blonde released her grip on the sweater and latched onto Alicia’s hair from behind. This brought them closer together with their heads being jerked back taut.

After few minutes of this hair pulling struggle, the blonde started using her arm behind Alicia to put the squeeze on her. Alicia now felt her body pressing against the blondes. Taking on a new strategy, the blonde released the grips on Alicia’s hair and wrapped both arms around her squeezing with all her strength. Alicia felt the air quickly escaping from her lungs. She knew she had to react fast and the only thing she was able to do was to wrap her arms around the blonde and force her body to fight the blonde’s.

Tightly squeezing one another in this dueling bear hug, they locked eyes with grimaces on their faces. Cheerleader to Cheerleader. Eye brows twisted inward as the two stumbled around grunting and groaning in each other’s arms. Alicia could feel the blonde’s firm breasts mashing against her own. It almost felt like the blonde’s breasts were winning by smashing hers flat. She started to worry as the tight, firm body she was up against, began to feel like it was crushing her own body.

“I’m winning bitch, give it up!” the blonde said in a windless voice.

“Bullshit, I’m going to crush you.” Replied Alicia, the words barely escaping her breathless lungs.

The two stumbled falling on the edge of the bed then bouncing off to the floor. Alicia landed on her back with the blonde on top of her. The impact practically knocked the wind out of her and surprised the blonde causing the two to fall apart. Quickly jumping to their feet they came together locking hands above their heads in a test of strength. Pushing against one another, their hands rose higher above their heads bringing them face to face once again. Nose to nose the two snarled and grunted in each other’s face with their eyes locked in an evil glare.

The blonde got her right leg around Alicia and pushed forward sending her falling to the floor, landing on her ass. The front of her skirt flew up exposing her soaking wet red panties. This immediately caught the blonde’s eye.

Standing above Alicia, she reached down and dug her claws into the wet panties, pulling and yanking in an attempt to rip them apart. Alicia had her legs between the blonde’s feet. She quickly reacted by spreading her legs out, knocking the blonde’s feet out from under her. She fell to her ass practically landing right in Alicia’s lap giving her a perfect view of the wet blue panties she was wearing. The blonde still had a firm grip on Alicia’s briefs when Alicia reached through her arms taking hold of her rival’s briefs. The two pulled and tugged in a tangle of arms and legs until the blonde finally ripped the red panties free from around Alicia’s waist.

Kicking and slapping herself away from Alicia, the blonde managed to pull away then quickly rose to her feet. Standing above Alicia with her panties down to her knees, she let them drop to the floor kicking them off to the side. Glaring down at Alicia, she proceeded to pull off her own stretched out cheerleading sweater to free herself up for more fighting. Seeing this, Alicia quickly jumped to her feet and removed her sweater. She was not about to have this loose article of clothing restricting her movements either.

Looking over, she saw the blonde wearing a blue sports bra that was comparable to her red bra.

The two circled one another and came together, immediately latching onto each other’s bra. While slinging one another back and forth the blonde’s bra was ripped from her body. Alicia was so excited over her first victory she threw her arms out and clawed into the blonde’s breasts. The blonde howled in pain and went wild, pulling and twisting at Alicia’s bra until it finally ripped apart. Retaliating, she drove her daggers into Alicia’s soft tit flesh inflicting an enormous amount of pain through her chest.

Wearing nothing but skirts and tennis shoes, the two wildly attacked each other’s breasts. Screaming and squealing the two had vice grips locked onto one another, as tit flesh grew to an angry red. Both girls started ramming their knees into each other’s crotch. They became tangled and fell to the floor briefly separating. Alicia went to react but the blonde was just a little bit faster. She quickly jumped on top of Alicia, pinning her on her back. Alicia was slapping and punching with both hands as the blonde struggled to keep her position. She latched onto Alicia’s hair with one hand while reaching down with the other. Taking a series of blows and slaps, she managed to take hold of both the hems of their skirts in one hand. While lifting the two skirts up she tangled her legs with Alicia’s, locking them together. Alicia started bucking in an attempt to throw the blonde off her.

Their eyes locked just before a downward thrust from the blonde was met by an upward thrust from Alicia. Two wet pussies smacked together. Alicia’s eyes widened in surprise when she felt the blonde’s hot, juicy sponge press into hers. An even more overwhelming feeling of hate for the blonde came over her as she buried her hands deep into her rivals hair.

“Oh, you bitch!” The words escaped Alicia as she glared deep into the blonde’s eyes.

With hands locked in each other’s hair, the two proceeded to pump into one another. The blonde holding her upper body up just high enough so their hard nipples could duel. Legs entwined tightly from ankle to thigh as they maneuvered their sticky cunts together, bringing two hot clits in contact with one another. Alicia could feel the blonde’s clit throbbing against her. Controlling her. Feeling the pulse from her own slick clit pounding back against the blonde. Through their pulsating clits and deeply locked eyes, Alicia could feel the blonde taking over. Taking them both to a simultaneous orgasm.

Hair was clutched tightly as the blonde took them both through an angry sexual release. Explosions erupted between Alicia’s legs with the blonde driving them both over the edge. Every bit of sexual hate was slowly released between the two cheerleaders. The blonde collapsed on top of Alicia.

“It’s over bitch! I guess we know now who’s best?” Said the blonde as she pulled her dripping cunt away from Alicia’s.

Being more spent than ever, Alicia could barely muster the words. “Fuck you, bitch!”

The blonde pulled off Alicia and stood putting on her loose fitting sweater. Looking around she found her blue ripped panties next to Alicia’s red ones.

“I’ll be taking these as my little trophy.” Said the blonde as she gathered both pairs.

Alicia just laid there in disbelief at what the girl had just done to her. Once the blonde had left it took Alicia several minutes to recover. Pulling her cheerleading sweater over her aching breasts, she made her way out of the party house with a long walk home ahead of her.

The days passed with Alicia having nothing on her mind but the fight she had with the blonde. The way it ended left Alicia with an angry, hostile feeling of wanting more from the bitch. She found out through some friends that the blonde’s name was Chelsea, and that she wasn’t very well liked by the girls at her school because of her attitude.

Over time she began to direct those raging thoughts of the blonde towards the other girls. Seeking out conflicts with certain girls that challenged her physically. She knew to stay away from the tall strong Amazon women. This became more of a mission to keep herself in a class of her own. Any girl that she thought threatened her territory she would challenge her by becoming bitchy and catty. A couple of girls in her school fell into this category, but when Alicia tried to start something with them, they quickly yielded to her threats.

Graduating from school, Alicia planned on attending her first year of college in the fall. She spent the hot summer before college working out her body by lifting weights and doing some aerobics. She also spent a lot of time hanging around the pool at home, with thoughts of fighting other girls not far from her mind.

During her summer break, the only time Alicia came close to having it out with another girl was at a convenience store while stopping for gas. She entered the store wearing a pair of cut-off shorts, high-top tennis shoes, and a half-shirt that made her breasts look very large. She spotted a brunette standing in the candy aisle and what bothered her was that the girl was dressed almost identical. Cut-off shorts, high-top tennis shoes, and half-shirt. While Alicia was standing in line at the counter, the girl came up from behind. Alicia glanced back and noticed this girl sizing her up. Suddenly, she felt something bump into her back. Looking back again, a very large set of breasts were thrust out close behind her. The two locked mad eyes before the man behind the counter interrupted.

Paying for her gas she asked the attendant for the key to the ladies room. Walking outside and around the corner of the store she fumbled with the key trying to open the door to the restroom. Once open she stepped inside and just as the door was about to close it was pushed open. The brunette that was in the store pushed her way in.

“Just what the hell do you think your doing?” Shouted out Alicia.

“Look, I’m late for an appointment that I can’t miss, so if you don’t mind.” Explained the brunette with a catty tone.

“I do mind bitch, so get the hell out of here.” Alicia shot out at her with threat.

“Just who the fuck are you calling bitch you slut?” Yelled the brunette and she lunged forward and latched onto Alicia’s hair with both hands. Before Alicia could react the brunette had her pushed against the stall in the small restroom. Alicia brought her hands up and retaliated by grabbing two handfuls of the brunettes hair.

Still pinned against the stall, Alicia tried pushing back but the only result was two sets of firm breasts merging together. Alicia could tell this girl’s breasts were not much larger than her own as she felt her breasts being smashed tightly against the brunette’s. Finally, she was able to get her right foot behind the girl’s left ankle and she pulled causing the brunette to lose her leverage. Pushing forward, she managed to free herself from this standing pin. The two then became locked together when the brunette wrapped her right ankle around Alicia’s left. Standing in the center of the small restroom the two pressed together and pulled hair.

Suddenly, there was a loud pounding on the door and an older woman’s voice yelling for the restroom. Somewhat startled, the two released their grips and separated.

“You got lucky bitch!!!” whispered out the brunette as she went for the door. Alicia was stunned at what had just happened. She watched the girl walk out not really knowing what her next move should be. As the old woman blabbed on about having her turn in the restroom, Alicia walked out only to see that the brunette had already gotten in her car and was driving away.

For several days Alicia walked around with wet panties just thinking about the bitch at the convenience store. She was learning more about the physical confrontations that can take place between two women. How a nice looking couple can walk into a room, the man will look at the woman, but a woman will almost ignore the man and look at the women with even more careful examination then any man. She studies her clothes , her shoes, hair, makeup, and especially her over-all physical appearance. Learning how two women can become bitchy and catty with one another when this physical appearance is close in comparison. When two equally beautiful women are in the same room the tension is high. The two will constantly be studying each other and even engage themselves in secret competition by flashing and thrusting their assets at one another. The more equal in comparison the more tension between the two.

Alicia realized she had these thoughts about battling other women more than most girls her age. She tried to tie these thoughts back to the earliest time she could. For her it seemed to all start around the time she and this other girl, named Kathy, got into a small argument about who was better at kissing. Alicia didn’t care to much for Kathy and when she started bragging about kissing with tongues, Alicia wanted nothing more then to show her up.

The two ended up meeting after school and having what they called a secret French-kiss fight with one another. It lasted for what seemed like hours before Kathy finally gave in. Alicia remembered her mouth was sore for days from being glued to Kathy’s for so long. Alicia tried to put these thoughts of battling other women behind her and start focusing more on attending college.

Within the first couple of weeks at college, Alicia had settled in quite quickly. Getting the daily routines down with attending her classes and making sure to keep in shape with her exercises. She enjoyed having her own room in the dormitory on campus. It gave her the peace and quiet she needed for studying and she didn’t have to worry about offending anybody strutting around the room naked if she pleased.

Some time went by before Alicia spotted the girl staying in the room across the hall from her. Several times she would only catch quick flashes of the blonde girl before finally coming face to face with her one day when leaving her room on the way to class. The two froze for a moment giving each other the once over before turning to walk separate ways. Quickly they glanced over their shoulders several times as they walked down the long hallway.

Alicia’s thoughts immediately turned on the familiar tensions within her. Trying to keep her mind on her studies was now becoming difficult for her. Especially running into this girl just about every day now for some reason.

The two knew there was rivalry between them when they started giving each other bitchy looks when they ran into one another in the hallway. Every time she heard the opening and closing of the door across the hall she would try to sneak a peek into the hallway trying to catch a glimpse of what she was up against. It wasn’t until the two ended up in the shower room together that things started to heat up.

Alicia was caught by surprise once again. She liked to take her showers alone when the shower room was empty and with no one around. She was shocked when she pulled her face out from the hot spray to see the blonde standing under the shower that was right next to hers. An evil glare of intrusion came over Alicia’s face.

“What the hell are you looking at?” Shot out the blonde with a look that matched Alicia’s.

“Nothing, as far as I can tell.” Said Alicia with a catty tone.

At this point Alicia continued her shower, but now with a little conceited effort in an attempt to make the blonde envious. Rubbing her hands slowly and smoothly up and down her firm body, soaping every square inch thoroughly. Hoping the blonde was capturing and taking in her every move. Turning to look, Alicia was caught with the girl facing her and a fully soaped body that was glistening in the hot shower lights. She was not about to be taken by surprise again. She confronted her face to face and copied the blonde’s efforts. Both were rubbing their hands back and forth across their breasts while their eyes locked in a bitchy glare. Round and round their hands traveled across firm tits occasionally stopping to pinch the hard protruding nipples. Both shifting the weight of their bodies back and forth while thrusting their breasts from side to side in some kind of feminine comparison.

The blonde finally turned to rinse the soap from her body and then turned off the shower giving Alicia one last catty look before walking out to the dressing room. Alicia was now determined to pursue the blonde and find out just how hot this bitch thought she was and just how far she might take things to prove it. Stepping out of the shower she casually walked over to the bench where she had placed her towel and robe, which now lay right beside the blonde who was already dried off and slipping into a matching red bra and panty set. Alicia came up standing beside her and proceeded to dry off and brush her hair out before putting on a black lacy bra and panties. Immediately her panties became drenched with her juices as she felt the rivalry build between them. The two continued to give each other snide looks as each girl went through her short after shower routine. Both slipped into their thick cotton robe and just as they were about to exit the room, Alicia broke the silence.

“I take my shower every day at this time because I enjoy the privacy. So maybe next time you can pick a different time to take yours?” Said Alicia with a catty tone.

“It’s not my fault you have such a problem with your own body. Sounds to me like your just a little too prude.” The blonde remarked.

“No, it’s just that I don’t like anyone trying to compare her body to mine. Kind of like you were doing in the shower.” Stated Alicia.

“If you ask me there’s not much to compare with.” Said the blonde with more of a conceited tone now.

“How the fuck would you know? It sounds to me like you’re just a jealous bitch.” Shot out Alicia with threat.

That was all it took to fire up the blonde and she lunged forward ripping at Alicia’s hair. Once Alicia was able to get her hands up, the two engaged in a hair pulling frenzy. The front of their robes immediately flew open as the two stumbled around the room. Alicia released one hand and went straight for the blonde’s breast, ripping at her red bra. Retaliating, the blonde swooped down and drove her right hand forward latching onto the crotch of Alicia’s black panties. Within seconds Alicia had her right hand clawing into the crotch of the blonde. The two locked together gripping and pulling each other’s breasts and crotch. Even in the heat of the battle, Alicia was able to notice the wetness of the blonde’s crotch in her hand. Suddenly, the sound of voices and the opening of the shower room door startled both girls into releasing their tight hold on the other. The blonde gave Alicia a bitchy look before storming out the door.

Alicia knew this was far from being over as she walked back to her room, glancing at the door of her rival as she opened the door and entered her own room. Flopping down on her bed she couldn’t get the blonde out of her mind as she lay there with thoughts of going over to the bitch’s room and throwing herself at the damn slut. Alicia’s robe was wide open as she lay sprawled out across the bed. She slowly started to masturbate with catfight images crossing her mind as she rubbed herself wetly through her lacy panties. She continued to rub herself off until she had a full blown orgasm. Slowly catching her breath, she peeled the cum soaked panties from her body and had an immediate thirst overwhelming her. Tying her robe tightly around her waist, she peeked out the door and then proceeded to walk down the hallway and then down two flights of stairs to the soda machine on the first floor. Retrieving her favorite beverage she headed back to her room.

When Alicia walked into her room she was stunned to see a red lace pair of panties laying on edge of her bed with a little note attached to them. “Come over to my room right now so we can settle this, that is if you think you’re woman enough to go up against me, bitch!!!”

Alicia picked up the red panties and noticed that the crotch was thickly coated with the blonde’s womanly juices. Looking around the room she also noticed that her black panties were missing. Knowing damn well that the blonde had obviously exchanged them for her red panties, Alicia knew what the blonde had in mind and knew that this was an attempt to scare her off with this unusual feminine challenge. After all, this was not far from the type of thoughts Alicia had when images of catfighting came across her mind. In fact, this challenge only enticed her catfighting desires. She opened her robe and stepped into the blonde’s panties, pulling them up until the wet crotch covered her swollen pussy. She rubbed the panties into her crotch until the fabric clung wetly against her.

Now fully aroused with the idea of fighting this bitch she quickly tied the front of her robe and stormed across the hall, pounding on the blonde’s door. When the door opened the blonde stood in the doorway, also wearing her robe and a pissed off look on her face. She moved back to allow Alicia to enter the room then closed and locked the door behind her.

“O.K. bitch let’s finish what we started.” The blonde said as she turned to face Alicia, then removed her robe exposing her firm young body.

Alicia glared, examining the tight firm body of her rival wearing a red lace bra along with her wet black panties. Alicia followed by removing her robe showing the blonde her well developed body, wearing a black lace bra and the second half of their panty exchange.

“Lets do it.” Alicia said as she took a stance ready to fight.

The two came together and locked hands in a test of strength. Struggling back and forth equally for a brief moment until their arms raised up high and two hard bodies smacked together. Hands still locked together pushing hard against each other they glared madly into each other’s eyes. Each could feel the equal hardness of breast as they smashed together and they knew this was going to be a long lasting fight. Stumbling around slightly they brought their arms down to engage in a tight dueling bear hug. From thigh to breast they pressed together each taking in the feel of the body they were up against. When pubic bone met pubic bone through their wet exchanged panties the hot urge to squeeze even harder came over them.

“I’m going to crush the shit out of you bitch!!!” Shot out Alicia as a grimaced expression of pain came over her face.

“Not with your flabby body!!!” Heaved the blonde, her words barely able to escape her crushing chest.

The two grunted and struggled breast to breast, lowering one hand to her rival’s ass, pulling hard to force crotch into crotch. Legs wrapped together to increase their thrust. For several minutes the two stood this way at a stand still. Off balance the two finally fell, luckily landing on the bed. Rolling around the two attacked each other’s breasts, pulling and ripping apart their bras until completely freeing themselves from the lacy articles. Now bare breasted the two slammed their chests together smashing an equal amount of flesh against each other. Ripping into each other’s hair, rolling back and forth, cursing and cussing in a catfight frenzy. Out of control the two fell off the bed and onto the floor, separating. Back on their feet they faced one another. The blonde challengingly pulled the black panties off and stood completely nude before Alicia. Not even being intimidated by the blonde gesture, Alicia stripped off the red lace panties and threw them off to the side. Stepping into one another they locked eyes and stared evilly at each other.

There was a pausing moment as two naked bodies pressed together, both panting heavily from their physical exertion. Alicia could feel her dark pubic hair mingling with the blonde’s lighter colored hairs. Reaching around they gripped each other’s firm ass and pulled cunt against cunt. Wet swollen pussies rubbed together.

“You really think your womanhood can compete with mine you bitch?!!!” Snarled the blonde madly.

“I can feel your womanhood pressing against mine and it doesn’t feel like much to me.” Alicia said glaring into the blonde’s eyes.

“I’ve got something for you bitch!!!” Shouted the blonde and she pulled back away from Alicia. Walking over to her dresser, she opened the top drawer and pulled out a sixteen inch long double headed dildo.

“Think you can fight me with this stuffed in your cunt?” asked the blonde.

“Yeah, because I’ll shove the other end so far up your twat you’ll be screaming for mercy!!!” yelled Alicia.

“Then let’s get it on bitch!!” Challenged the blonde as she crawled onto one end of the bed, luring Alicia to the other.

Alicia climbed on the bed and the two got to their knees facing one another. The blonde leaned back on her hands and slowly inserted one end of the dildo into her soaking wet cunt. Alicia leaned back and straightened out her legs then slid in between the blonde’s legs like two pair of interlocking scissors. One leg over and one leg under the blonde’s legs. Taking hold of her end of the dildo, she inserted it into her own cunt. Leaning back on their hands the two girls raised their asses off the bed and pushed with their pelvis into each other. Swiveling hips forced the double headed dildo deeper and deeper into their pussies. Slowly the large object disappeared between the two rivals as both girls began to breathe heavily. A small moan escaped each of them when their pussies made contact and the dildo buried even deeper between them.

Pressing forward, gyrating hips increased their speed and pressure. Alicia let her ass fall to the bed as she swung both arms out from behind herself. Reaching forward she was barely able to latch onto the blonde’s hair. Then she pulled the blonde’s body against herself causing the blonde’s ass to hit the bed. The blonde retaliated by gripping Alicia’s hair and the two went at it tit against tit. Within minutes both had thrown their arms around each other squeezing together tightly. Glaring directly into each others eyes the two rocked back and forth on their buttocks, forcing the dildo to fuck their cunts. Each girl used her vaginal muscles to fight for control of the double dong. Alicia could feel the dildo slipping through her wet cunt, as several attempts to clamp down on it failed. The blonde was slowly taking control of her.

“Can you feel me bitch, can you feel that my cunt is stronger and that I’m the one fucking you?” Whispered the blonde as she glared conceitedly into Alicia’s eyes.

Alicia glaring back angrily tried desperately to clamp down and force more of the dildo into the blonde’s cunt. More and more she felt the blonde taking control, driving the object in and out of her at will, taking her over the edge as she fell back with the blonde mounting her forcefully. Slamming and grinding down, she pounded the shit out of Alicia’s cunt, tearing out every bit of fight left in her until all she could do was lay there and take the punishment. Orgasm after orgasm rushed through her as her body shook. On and on the blonde proceeded to dish out more and more until finally getting off herself.

Climbing off Alicia, she grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her feet. The dildo slipped out of her cunt and fell to the floor. Dragging her across the room, the blonde opened the door to her room and threw Alicia out into the hallway naked.

“Now we know who the better woman is bitch!!!” She yelled just before slamming the door closed.

Alicia stumbled into her room in disbelief and collapsed on her bed. “How could this have happened?” she kept asking herself. Before falling into a deep sleep she swore revenge on the blonde bitch that had defeated her.

As the days passed, Alicia still had it in her mind to get back at the blonde. Since this was the first time she had experienced this type of catfight, she at least knew now that rivalry between women could sometimes be sexual and that more than a few women experienced an urge to put their assets up against each other and fight to prove who’s are better. All these thoughts that Alicia had caused her to come up with the correct terms to label this rivalry between women. “SEXFIGHTING” and “FUCKFIGHTING”

Alicia was bound and determined not to be defeated again. She even acquired an eighteen inch long double headed dildo just like the one she and the blonde had fought with. She would lay in her bed and practice with it whenever possible, clamping her vagina muscles tightly around the dong as she shoved the object in and out of herself for hours at a time. The deep muscles of her twat were building stronger and stronger each day. She began to notice how tightly she could clamp down on the object while her hands held onto the other end of the dildo. She was strong enough to squeeze it right out of herself and could even pull it back in. She would imagine the blonde mounted on the other end of the dildo as the two would fight to shove the object deeper into one another.

Alicia would run into the blonde occasionally, but for the most part she tried to keep a low profile until she thought she could beat the blonde just as badly as she had beaten her. With the end of the school year closing in, Alicia knew she was ready to take on the blonde. To her disappointment, when she went searching for the blonde she had discovered that she had already moved out of her room, and being a senior would not be back next year.

With Alicia’s first real sexfight experience behind her she went on to finish college and before long she was back home renting a small apartment looking for work. The years went by with her thinking less and less of her past fights. Now, out on her own, she finally landed a job at a local newspaper as an assistant to a reporter. The first couple of days had her settling in and getting a hang of things. She especially enjoyed the excitement of getting out on assignments. She started to love her new career more and more with each passing day.

One day while Alicia was busily typing away on a hot new story, a hard bodied strawberry blonde walked past her desk, stopping at the two long rows of filing cabinets that stood across from her desk. She had never seen the woman before, but she immediately felt the old familiar feelings come tumbling down on her. This woman was young and beautiful, and had a body to die for. As the woman bent down to open the bottom drawer of one of the filing cabinets, she didn’t even bother to scrunch down lady like. Instead she leaned over with her legs straight and her ass up high in the air. As she searched through the files, Alicia couldn’t help but notice how short this woman’s skirt was. In fact, bending over caused her skirt to rise high enough for Alicia to see the lace tops of her black nylon stockings that encased her long muscular legs. Closing the drawer, the strawberry blonde stood, and as she walked away caught Alicia giving one of her catty looks.

When the strawberry blonde walked away, Alicia could tell the woman was purposely strutting her stuff, shaking her ass back and forth as she disappeared around the corner. This brought flames across Alicia’s face as she sat there and had to watch this bitch strut her shit. Now trying to concentrate on her work was nearly impossible. She was stuck with the image of this long legged bimbo bending over in front of her. Jealous emotions swept over Alicia as she thought about how long the redhead’s legs appeared. She convinced herself that it was the short skirt and nylon stockings that gave the illusion of being so long and firm. After an unproductive afternoon, Alicia left work and headed out to do some shopping. It was obvious that if she was going to compete with this strawberry blonde, she would have to match the attire.

That night after spending several hundred dollars, Alicia stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom admiring herself as she tried on each and every outfit. The short, tight fitting outfits she bought certainly made her legs appear long and her hard firm body was enough to attract anybody’s attention. This only came from years of working out at several health clubs.

The next day Alicia arrived at work wearing a white tight fitting top, short black skirt, black lace top nylon stockings, and black heels. As the early morning passed, Alicia finally found out that the reddish blonde woman was working as the publisher’s secretary, and that her name was Jennifer. It wasn’t till late morning when the woman came around the corner in front of Alicia’s desk, dressed in a red blouse, white skirt, red nylons, and red heels. As she walked by she gave Alicia a conceited look, then turned to the filing cabinets, once again bending over to open the bottom drawer.

Alicia could barely control herself. Seeing this bitch flaunt herself around her desk angered her, taking her into a comparison mode. Getting up from her desk she moved over to the second row of filing cabinets. With Jennifer behind her now she bent down in the same manner and opened a drawer to one of the cabinets. This practically brought her ass to ass with the strawberry blonde. Pretending as if she were searching for a file, she slowly scooted her way back towards the blonde. Now looking right between her legs, Alicia got a full blown view of the woman’s red panties. Seeing the red lace tops of the blonde’s stockings had her moving back a little further. After noticing that the black lace tops of her stockings matched up perfectly even with the red lace tops of the blondes, an uncontrollable urge caused her to bump her ass into the blonde’s ass. Immediately Alicia stood up and pretended to give an apology. The blonde turned, her a snide revengeful look, just before closing the drawer and walking away.

Throughout the rest of the day, Alicia saw no sight of Jennifer. That is, not until it was just about time to leave for the day. The strawberry blonde came walking around the corner with a very serious look on her face. Again, the blonde assumed the same position in front of the filing cabinets. Alicia obviously knew this was a challenge as she sat behind her desk, watching the red haired girl swivel her hips back and forth. Placing her things back on her desk, Alicia stood and walked to the filing cabinets. Standing right behind Jennifer, Alicia bent down to open the drawer. The two women were now ass to ass, rotating their hips just inches apart. Alicia looked between her legs to see Jennifer looking up at both their crotches. Jennifer looked down to see Alicia glaring back at her.

“You could never compete with me bitch!!!” Jennifer yelled as she smashed her ass into Alicia’s and gyrated her hips back and forth.

“Fuck you bitch, I don’t think you know what your up against.” Shot back Alicia as she met the smashing of her ass with a force of her own.

The backs of their nylon stocking covered legs made a swishing sound as they rubbed together. The laughter of some co-workers startled them into separating. The two looked around, worried that someone had seen them.

“We’ll see who ends up on top bitch.!!!” Jennifer whispered out as she turned to walk away.

Not saying a word, Alicia watched Jennifer walk away, knowing that this bitch had something up her sleeve. That night at home Alicia took plenty of time preparing for the next day.

After waking early enough to engage herself in a three hour ritual, Alicia walked into the office on Friday morning looking hotter than she ever had. She certainly dressed with the idea that her rival would be looking her best, a white blouse, short black pleated skirt, and black high heels. But the one thing that surely made her stand out was a wild pair of lace stockings that attracted every bit of the attention while walking through the office.

The morning passed with no sign of Jennifer. After Alicia took her lunch break, she stopped off in the ladies room to freshen up a bit. When she opened the door she was faced with a white pair of wild laced stockings that tightly showed off the long legs of a hot looking Jennifer. Alicia was stunned about the fact that they were wearing the same kind of stockings. Turning instantly red with anger, Alicia managed to quickly catch on to the rest of her outfit, white blouse, red pleated skirt with red high heels. The two locked eyes with an unbelievable look on their faces.

“HOW DARE YOU BITCH!!! Yelled out Alicia. “What gives you the right to dress like that?” Alicia was fuming with the fact of such a coincidence.

“Bitch, you don’t have the legs to be wearing those stockings.” Shot back Jennifer as she moved inside.

“Ever tangle with a pair of legs like these?” Alicia questioned, lifting her leg slightly while rubbing the stocking with her hands.

“What is this? Some kind of a leg challenge?” Asked Jennifer.

“No. I wouldn’t want to hurt you now.” Bragged Alicia. The two women stood face to face, waiting for any signal to start fighting.

“So, you think your legs are pretty strong?” Said the blonde.

“Strong enough to break your legs bitch.” Shot out Alicia, getting right in Jennifer’s face.

“Then lock up with me and prove it!!!” snarled Jennifer, not backing down one bit, but actually pressing into Alicia, body to body.

The two stood their ground woman to woman. Lace stocking covered thighs pressed together while firm breasts smashed together. In silence the two wickedly stared into each others eyes. Their legs slowly started moving in for position. Alicia’s right leg moved around Jennifer’s left while Jennifer’s right made its way around Alicia’s left. Slowly their lace stockings embraced each other. Their bodies started to slither up and down against each other as their legs locked themselves into position. The sound of lace stockings snagging across lace stockings filled the room. Legs tightened together and the two latched onto each other’s forearms, still glaring evilly at one another. Leg muscles flexed so tightly together that their bodies started to shake uncontrollably.

Hearing the approaching footsteps outside the room, the two separated quickly. Neither wanted to take the risk of losing her job.

“This isn’t over yet bitch.” Whisper Jennifer as she walked out just before a co-worker appeared.

Alicia gave her a bitchy look, knowing they would meet up again soon.

When the late afternoon came around, Alicia had heard nothing from the blonde. Away from her desk for a moment, she returned to find a note.

“Meet me in the conference room after work. Garter belt catfight!!!!”

Alicia’s imagination quickly caught on to what her idea of a garter belt catfight was going to be. Once five o’clock came around the building was pretty much empty, being a Friday and all. Alicia arrived at the conference room shortly after five. Entering the doorway she was not at all surprised to see Jennifer standing at the other side of the room. The two slowly turned and faced each other with a bit of distance between them.

“Garter belt time bitch!!!” Shouted Jennifer.

Alicia reached under her short skirt and unfastened the front garter belt straps away from her stockings. The blonde did the same and the two slowly started to approach one another, walking proudly across the large room, almost seductively as they locked eyes. The two came together stopping just inches apart. They started unbuttoning the front of their blouses and soon had them removed along with their pleated skirts. Now facing each other, Alicia stood in a black lace bra, panty and garter belt set, Jennifer standing in her red bra, panty and garter set. Both moved forward and reached down to take a hold of her rival’s front garter straps. They pulled hard on the straps, forcing their bodies to smack together. Thigh to thigh the two women took her rival’s straps and fastened them to the tops of her own lace stockings. Now locked together their legs assumed a familiar position. Entwining tightly together with flexing muscles, the two latched onto each other’s hair and snarled directly into each other’s face. Strong legs covered in lace glided roughly together as the two women searched for the perfect vice grip hold. It almost appeared like these two women were trying to climb up and into each other’s body as the soaked crotches of their panties brushed against each other and clung wetly together.

Legs tightly wrapped together, it caused the two women to stumble around the room in their high heel shoes. Back and forth they pulled hair knowing now that neither one could escape the garter belt catfight that was locking them together, forcing them to fight. Jennifer released Alicia’s hair only to claw into her black bra, pulling and twisting hard. Howling in pain, Alicia managed to retaliate with her own sharp daggers. Within seconds, the two ripped apart each other’s bra exposing their large firm mounds. Immediately their arms flew around one another as each tried to flatten the other’s breasts with her own. Two soft feminine bodies mashed together as each struggled to use her body to overwhelm the other.

Reaching down, Alicia pulled and tugged away at Jennifer’s panties causing them to wedge between her tight ass checks. Jennifer quickly reached down doing the same to her.

“You think your woman enough to go pussy to pussy with me bitch?” Jennifer asked aggressively.

“I’ve got more woman between my legs than you’ll ever have slut!!!” Shouted Alicia as she pulled a little harder on Jennifer’s panties.

Each woman took hold of the small clasps that held together the waistbands of each other’s panties. Unfastening the small hook from behind, they let their wet clinging panties drop to the floor between their legs.

“You’re mine bitch” Jennifer spat out as she latched onto Alicia’s forearms.

“I wouldn’t count on it bitch.” Alicia shouted as she returned the hold on Jennifer’s forearms.

While gyrating and maneuvering their hips back and forth, their pussy’s made contact. With more and more force, they smashed their wet cunt lips together, glaring threateningly into each other’s eyes while their sex slowly sucked together. The lacy legged women appeared as if they were dancing as they staggered around the large conference room with their legs tightly entwined while grinding their crotches together.

Several minutes of this had Alicia was wishing she had her double headed dildo with her to finish off the bitch, although once their clits made contact, a pulsating throb sent them both into orgasm. Barely able to stand, the two fell hard to the floor, They remained in their tight death grip with Alicia landing on top, continuing to grind their cunts together for what seemed like hours, the two blew off orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm. Both women slowly weakened until Alicia’s upper body collapsed on top of Jennifer. For several more minutes they laid their in a slow grinding fuck as their cunts churned their sticky cum juices together.

Now the two laid there motionless until Alicia was finally able to gain the strength to pull herself from Jennifer. After several unsuccessful attempts to unfasten her garter straps from the blonde’s stockings, and the blondes straps from her stockings, she was able to free herself from the sweaty, sticky embrace that she was locked in for so long.

“See bitch. Who’s the one laid out and who’s the one walking away?” Alicia spit on the woman’s face. Then she scooped up her clothing making sure to take Jennifer’s red panties.

“If you want these back, you’ll have to fuckfight for them.” Alicia said as she waved them in Jennifer’s face.

Jennifer had spent every bit of strength and sexual energy on Alicia as she laid there exhausted for several minutes, sulking in her defeat. Although a close contest, Alicia quickly renewed her energy with the idea of defeating the strawberry blonde as she sat around her apartment that night.

With the beginning of a new week, Alicia decided to toy a little bit with Jennifer. After searching through the large business office, she finally came across Jennifer sitting behind her desk. As Alicia walked by she pretended to drop something. Her short skirt came up high enough for Jennifer to spot her red panties being worn by Alicia. Standing back up she locked eyes with Jennifer.

Alicia leaned over her desk, “The crotch of your panties is still coated with your sex while I’m wearing them right now. How does that make you feel bitch?” Whispered Alicia with a smirk on her face.

Jennifer’s hips shifted back and forth in her seat upon hearing this, wishing she was grinding her wet crotch into Alicia’s panties. Alicia knew Jennifer would soon be up to challenging her again, but for now she would rub her victory into the bitch’s face whenever possible.

By the end of the week, Alicia was feeling quite lively and full of energy. Friday night she decided to head out to a hot hopping bar that was just down the street from her apartment. After spending hours preparing herself, she walked into the bar dressed in a short black velvet dress, black nylons and heels. A lot of heads turned as she ordered a drink and sat at a table off to the side of a large dancing crowd. It didn’t take long for Alicia to get asked to dance. Out on the dance floor she really shook her stuff to the beat of the loud music. Several more approaching men had her out on the dance floor with just about each and every song the band played. She definitely wasn’t lacking any male attention.

As she was bopping around on the crowded dance floor, she felt somebody bump into her ass. Turning to look she saw the ass of this blonde shaking wildly behind her. Enough to attract her attention. Alicia couldn’t help but repeatedly turn to keep her eyes on the blonde, taking in the short, black silk dress she was wearing that hugged her upper body tightly before flowing smoothly over her hips. After several looks she caught the blonde glancing back to give her a bitchy look. The two locked eyes and it only took a fraction of a second for Alicia to recognize that bitchy glare. There was no doubt in her mind that this was Chelsea dancing behind her. She and Chelsea once fought years ago.

Alicia could not believe the coincidence of running into this bitch. Revengeful feelings rushed over her, although she managed to stay calm. She wondered if the blonde recognized her? Another quick bump into her ass answered that question. As Alicia dances she backed into the blonde and gave her a quick bump and grind, ass to ass. She felt the smooth material of their dresses cling and the firm flesh of Chelsea’s ass press into her own. As the music blared loudly the two exchanged several more ass to ass collisions.

When the song ended, Alicia turned to see the blonde giving her the eye as she walked from the dance floor. Once Alicia took her seat back at her small table, she looked across the room to find she had a perfect view of Chelsea, who was also sitting alone at her table. She had her legs crossed, swinging her foot back and forth rapidly, while glaring over in Alicia’s direction. Alicia mimicked her posture and the two locked eyes.

With several men approaching both women with invitations to dance, the two just brushed them off, never taking their eyes off each other. Like some kind of show down the two sat like this through several songs. It wasn’t until the band started to play this hot new song that Chelsea got to her feet and began walking towards Alicia from across the room. Once she arrived she gave Alicia a malicious look.

“How about a dance, bitch? Or are you even up for the challenge?” Chelsea leaned over to shout the words into Alicia ear.

“I think you’ll be sorry this time slut!!!” Alicia shouted back over the loud music.

“We’ll see!!” Said the blonde with confidence.

Alicia got up and followed the blonde through the crowd to the center of a very packed dance floor. Facing one another, the two started to dance. Immediately they locked glaring eyes as each one tried to out move the other while they shook their thing. The serious look on their faces proved these two had it out for one another.

While Alicia danced, she took a hold of her short dress and gave the blonde a quick flash of the lace tops of her stockings while thrusting her pelvis out in challenge.

Then the blonde repeated this action, but also stepped forward giving Alicia a challenging frontal body press. Alicia pressed back and the two rhythmically rubbed the front of their bodies together to the beat of the music. The two didn’t attract too much attention at this point. It wasn’t until their nylon clad legs got caught in a tangle that caught the attention of several people looking on. For a brief moment their nylon stockings rubbed together in a dance-battle of their own. This was when Alicia leaned into Chelsea’s ear.

“How about we settle this back at my place? That is, if you’re not too afraid?” Suggested Alicia.

“Don’t make me laugh! Just show me the way bitch!!!” Yelled Chelsea.

The two women turned and walked off the dance floor, heading right out the door of the night club and into the parking lot.

“You can take your car and follow me. Make sure you keep up and don’t get lost.” Said Alicia.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be right on your ass!” Remarked Chelsea.

Once behind the wheel of their cars, they sped off quickly to Alicia’s apartment. Arriving in record time, Alicia climbed out of her car to see Chelsea pull in behind her. The two met on the stairway. Unlocking the door, Alicia allowed Chelsea to enter first, then turned to close and lock the door behind her. Making their way into the front room, the two turned and faced each other.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this!” Said Alicia.

“So what makes you think you even stand a chance now?” Asked Chelsea angrily as she stepped towards Alicia.

“I’m not the same little Cheerleader that you remember.” Remarked Alicia, also stepping forward in threat. Their breasts heaved with each breath as they stood just inches apart.

“If I remember correctly, I was also a little Cheerleader at the time I kicked your ass?” Commented Chelsea.

“It won’t be that way this time. I won’t be surprised by anything you do, bitch!” Alicia moved forward until their tits made contact.

“You sound pretty sure of that. I think you’re about to experience a fight like you’ve never experienced before.” Chelsea said. The two women stood with their tits lightly touching, glaring deep into each others eyes. Their nipples grew rock hard as the silky smooth material of their dresses rubbed lightly together. This little stare down continued for a few minutes, hands on hips, eyes locked. Slowly they started to press into one another, body to body. Harder and harder they pushed together trying to force the other back. Hands flew into hair as they held each other, snarling face to snarling face.

Stumbling around they tripped and fell to the floor separating. Quickly jumping to their feet they charged at one another, slamming their bodies hard together, wrapping their arms around each other in a tight death squeeze.

“Is this how you want to fight me bitch? Body against body?” Chelsea’s lips were so close to Alicia’s that she practically spit the words into her mouth.

“What’s the matter, are you surprised?” Hot breath moistened their red lipstick covered lips.

“If you think your body can match mine then lets see it!” Yelled out Chelsea and she took the back of Alicia’s dress and ripped it open, breaking the zipper apart.
“You Bitch!!” Shouted Alicia, and she retaliated by breaking Chelsea’s zipper apart. The two stepped out of their dresses, quickly freeing themselves from the garments. Now both stood in black lace bra’s, panties, garter belts, stockings and heels.

Examining each other’s body thoroughly before stepping together tit to tit, brushing their lacy bras back and forth across one another in comparison, both knew this was just a little sexfight foreplay.

“So, let me feel what you’ve got bitch!” Chelsea said, as she started to press her body firmly against Alicia’s.

“Believe me, slut, you’re going to feel it! I’m going to leave an imprint of my body across the front of yours!” Alicia came back pressing against Chelsea. The hot, firm bodies pressed together, thigh to thigh, belly to belly, breast to breast. Each one taking in the feel of her rival’s body as they pushed harder and harder together. Two perfectly matched bodies that have spent hundreds of hours working out were now being forced to compete against one another.

Arms wrapped around each other tight in an attempt to crush their opponent, each could feel the other’s rock hard nipples drilling directly into their own. Black nylon stockings rubbed roughly together as their legs wrestled for position, finally locking together in a tight entwining pretzel. When their pubic bones met in a hard press through their wet lace panties, the squeezing and crushing increased.

“You think you’re woman enough to bare yourself against me in a garterbelt catfight bitch?” Challenged Chelsea in their tight embrace.

“You’ll be sorry when you feel my nakedness against you, bitch!” Their lips were so close that they lightly rubbed together with their words. Untangling their bodies, Alicia led the blonde into her bedroom where the two removed their bras and panties.

Facing one another they unfastened the front straps of their garter belt from the top of their own stockings. The two came together once again, hooking the straps of her rival’s garter belt to the tops of their own stockings. They tightened the straps so tight that it locked them together, thigh against thigh. Their nipples met head on. After several minutes unsuccessfully trying to bend the others nipples back, the two smashed breasts in a fit of anger.

Once again arms and legs wrapped around each other with great force. Soft pubic hair mingled before a hard forceful collision of pubic bone against pubic bone. Thrusting up and into each other their swollen vagina’s merged. Shifting…, maneuvering…, to a position that allowed their cunts to suck together in a wide-open vaginal kiss!

They moved in subtle motions back and forth, circle left and circle right. for the first time their female juices mixed as both began to moisten and flow heavily! The insides of their powerful womanly thighs grew slick and shiny. Clit bumped against clit as both women continued to pump their growing moisture into each other’s holes! The sucking sound turned into a slurping sound as throbbing wet cunt mashed and squirmed against throbbing wet cunt! At this moment Alicia hated Chelsea more then she had ever hated another woman! Yet, she was so attracted to this slut bitch that she wished she could stay connected forever!

Chelsea was totally engrossed in the same confusing feelings. She concentrated on the battle taking place between their legs. She was so wet she could feel the liquid ooze across her tight asshole! Looking down she could see her pussy lips, once pink and delicate, now angry red and ready-to-burst swollen! Alicia’s pussy lips looked the same and, by now, their liquid had started to thicken and now their pussy lips were clinging and pulling. Both women used their vaginal muscles to clamp and squeeze each other’s sticky cunts!

“You dirty bitch!” said Alicia, mashing her swollen pussy into Chelsea.

“Fuck you! Fucking whore!” Answered Chelsea as she, too, pressed harder.

“Slut!” Spat Alicia. She lifted her ass off the bed, balanced on hands and heels, she gritted her teeth and slammed her wet snatch into Chelsea as hard as she could! The pain was so delicious!

“Cunt!” Cried Chelsea as she tried to bear the pain just inflicted!

“Its time I showed you what a real woman can do!” Threatened Alicia, as she reached over to open the top drawer of her dresser. The drawer was full of sexy lingerie and laying right on top was her 16 inch double-headed dildo.

Chelsea’s eyes grew wide, but not from surprise. “I suppose you think you can out fuck me with that thing?” Said Chelsea daringly.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!” Alicia said as she picked up the large, imposing object and turned away, positioning herself on hands and knees, like doggie-style.

“Then lets connect you bitch!!” Chelsea moved into doggie-style position and was already reaching behind herself, holding her hand between her legs waiting to receive one end of the dildo. SWlowly they backed into each other being careful to position their gaping and waiting cunt holes less tha an inch from the other.

Alicia brought the dildo in between their legs and handed one end of the object to Chelsea. Both gripped the end and bent the flexible object up, inserting it slowly into their own pussy. It slid easily into their dripping wet holes!

With most of the dildo buried in their cunts the two quickly resumed their assault on each other’s pussy! Alicia decided to toy a little bit with Chelsea. She clamped her vagina muscles tightly around the dong and gave a quick tug, pulling an inch or so of the long dildo out of Chelsea’s pussy. Then, using the same muscles she clamped down hard and smashed and flattened her ass into Chelsea’s ass, forcing the dildo deeper into Chelsea’s dark, damp hole!

Caught by surprise, Chelsea blinked and gasped, the pain causing her face to flush and the sweat to drip from her forehead! As she let out a painful moan she heard Alicia laugh in triumph at her devastating maneuver! She tried to regroup and clamped down hard with her cunt muscles and leaned forward, the dildo slipping from Alicia’s tight grip. The two looked back over their shoulders and locked eyes. Each gave the other a competitive glare and then the look of concentration came across their faces.

Both women tightened their grips to the fullest and engaged in a tug of war with the dildo. This test of strength lasted longer than they expected. both women nearly equal in vaginal strength. The constant flexing of their love muscles was beginning to have an effect. The first rumblings of orgasm started to fire deep within their tensing loins! It wasn’t until the two women became so aroused that both stopped tugging and began thrusting backward burying the dildo deep into their pussies! Their cunts sealed together as each tried desperately to control the dildo and her enemy.

The two cursed and yelled at each other, telling one another how much they hated the other, their pussylips mashed together as they spat the words into the mattress. The two women remained tightly sealed, their pussylips entwined, black nylon stockinged legs spread wide open, only the smallest glimpse of the dildo could be seen peaking out from between their struggling vaginas! They shook their hips and wiggled their asses from side to side, each pelvis shuddering from the pain and the pleasure. The dildo twisted and burrowed even deeper as their two cunts remained locked together. They took turns forcing the weapon in and out of each other’s tightly fused cunts!

On and on the sexfight continued. An hour must have passed with several mutual orgasms, yet neither woman was willing to release her rival and each desperately gripped the dildo in her tight vaginal clutches. Both were rapidly becoming weak in the knees. Both women wanted to end it. They fell over sideways and quickly repositioned. Alicia was victorious when she managed to gain the top position. Both cunts still gripped the dildo tightly, still linked together as both pelvises continued to spasm. They opened their mouths and sealed together as they rammed their tongues down each other’s throats.

Alicia started to feel Chelsea’s grip slipping. The dildo was beginning to slide freely within her pussy. Alicia increased her effort and it didn’t take long for Chelsea to give in. Now knowing of her victory, Alicia pulled her spit coated mouth from Chelsea’s and looked down at her. Weak from their fuckfight battle, Alicia pulled her body from the blonde. After taking a few minutes to unfasten her garter straps, she lifted herself off the cum-coated dildo. Chelsea lay there silent, the dildo still in her pussy.

Alicia reached down with two fingers and pulled the dildo out of Chelsea. “I’m not finished with you, bitch, until I deeply penetrate your cunt with my sex!” Alicia trembled as she turned the dildo around and inserted the half that had just been in her cunt into Chelsea’s cunt. The blonde moaned and gasped as it slid freely into her. With a two finger hold on the dildo Alicia looked down at Chelsea’s cum coated end of the dildo. She decided the only way to fully drive the dildo deep into her rival’s cunt was to mount the other end. Her cunt quickly swallowed Chelsea’s sticky end. She collapsed fully on top of Chelsea. Once again, she fucked the blonde hard, forcing the greater part of the dildo deep into Chelsea’s innards! Chelsea stopped resisting and lay there immobile. After several more orgasms of her own, Alicia finally passed out on top of her!

The End.

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7 thoughts on “Alicia The Trilogy by CCFight

  1. Giannis says:

    Very hot ! I liked it. But it ended while i expected to be continued. I hope for acontinuation. Chelsea, the brunette, the blond… maybe other sexfight rivals…
    Alicia loves to settle things that way, do not disapoint her ! LOL

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      Giannis, Anubis sent me a version of this tale with two sequels added to it. Or a prequel and a sequel? So take a second look at this one if you were wanting more!

  2. Anubisx says:

    This story is by Ccfight. I have the whole trilogy, if you’re interested.

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      Is CCfight still around? Do you know where they can be contacted?

      Regardless, yes send me the next two chapters! Thanks so much!

  3. rustyford says:

    Another series that would be awesome to see continued. I wish more stories would include ends being swapped when dildos are used.


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