The Diner By Rin753

Chapter 1

Carrie sat alone in a back booth in the Diner. She had picked it for privacy and and for its clear view of the front door where she could see people come in. She did not have to wait long, because 5 minutes after she sat down she spotted Tina entering the Diner. She had never met her before, but recognized her from the pictures her husband had shown her. She gave a quick wave, and Tina responded in kind.

Tina hung up her coat, made her way to the booth and sidled in across from Carrie. Both these 30 something women were attractive, but in different ways. Carrie was the more glamorous with straight long blonde hair, parted on the side. Tina was tom-boyish, and cute as a button, with short tousled dark hair.

Carrie was the first to speak. “Well this is awkward, isn’t it?”

“Tell me about it,” replied Tina.

Both women blushed. It would not be the first time. And then they laughed.

A waitress came over and coffee was ordered, Both women were too nervous to eat. Tina’s hand was actually shaking a bit, and she tried to keep it out of sight of Carrie.

Carrie cleared her throat and said, “Well you do understand why I called you and asked you to meet me, right? And why I didn’t want the boys to know about it.”

“Yes! I’m so glad you called, Carrie. If we are going to do this, and I haven’t really decided either way so far, we need to both be on the same page, and not let the men bum rush us into anything. This has got to be on our terms.”

“Exactly,” said Carrie. “I’m at sixes and sevens about it too. I figured we would have to meet and figure if the whole thing is a good idea or not. To be truthful, I’m sort of leaning towards ‘no’ but wanted to talk about it with you first. Damn, I wish I wasn’t so competitive,” she confessed. “If I wasn’t and didn’t love Bob so much I wouldn’t even be here.”

“You think you are competitive? I’m cursed by it,” replied Tina. “And I’m 100% sure Steve knows it and that’s why he and Bob have been plotting to put us together.”

The waitress arrived with the coffee, and all talking immediately ceased! The women had a secret that they wanted no one to hear. For the waitress or other casual observers they wanted to appear as two old friends catching up on the things going on in their lives. They wanted no one to suspect that they were meeting to discuss the prospect of fighting one another in front of their husbands.

Bob, Carrie’s husband, and Steve, who was married to Tina, had hatched a fantastical plan to try and get their wives to fight one another while they watched. They had been working on it for quite a long time. It was couched as a fun evening with a little wrestling by the girls thrown in, but in reality the men wanted to see a serious fight between the women, where the outcome would determine who was the better woman.

They weren’t fooling anyone. The women knew what they wanted, and that was another reason for their hesitancy.

As the waitress left, Tina whispered over to Carrie, “You know, when Steve and I go to a restaurant it’s required that after we order and I tell him how I would do if I fought the waitress. I’m always wishing for a waiter instead!

Carrie gave a knowing sigh. “Well Bob is a wonderful husband, and I love him dearly but if I have to tell him one more catfight story when we are fucking, I’m gonna scream.”

Both women laughed.

“They want us to fight topless, you know.” It was the first time in the conversation that they had used that word…..”fight.” They blushed again. But the comment had broken the ice and now they could finally openly discuss what they would consider and what they wouldn’t.

Carrie’s response startled Tina. “Funny thing, I don’t have a problem with that. If we are going to fight, wouldn’t it be sort of natural to fight bare chested? It looks like we are pretty even in that regard so it wouldn’t be where one of us is making fun of the other.”

Carrie was right. Both women had nice figures with slightly above average breasts. In fact, one of the reasons the men were trying to match the two women was that they were quite equal physically. Height and weight were similar and both women were fit from exercising on a regular basis. Any male catfight fan would have a very hard time picking a favorite in this match up. And men with the “catfight gene” do that sort of shit all the time.

“Oh, so you have been giving this some thought, bitch! Haven’t you?” Tina smiled and both women laughed.

“Well Bob keeps pestering me about it. Telling me all sorts of shit about how good I would be at it. Of course I’ve been thinking about it. Tell me you haven’t.”

“Guilty as charged,” replied Tina. “I guess I’d be open to topless as long as we ruled out scratching. You know, trimmed and buffed nails.”

“That makes sense,” said the blonde .

“OK, topless it is…if we do it. What else?”

“I do not want to do this in my home, and I don’t want to do this in your home either.”

“Agreed! Think the boys will spring for a Suite?”

“They are going to have to if they want their fucking fantasy fulfilled.”

The next few minutes were spent talking about the rules for a fight that both women would feel comfortable with….IF THERE WAS GOING TO BE A FIGHT that is.

Hair pulling? Of course, for god’s sake it was a catfight, even if the women didn’t much like the term. Biting and choking? Of course not. Slapping, yes. Face slapping? Yes, but both women didn’t sound that enthusiastic about it. Punching? NO! Kicking? Nope. But surprisingly both women agreed to kneeing. Maybe they each envisioned a quick win with a well placed knee to the solar plexus.

The planing went on, but yet neither one committed to doing it. However they both had to admit that the whole idea was somewhat titillating to talk about, even if it was all fantasy never to happen.

They left the hard part for last. Tina sighed. “OK, tits and pussy. What the hell are we going to do about that. I know what the guys want! Do we?”

They were both now blushing again. They looked away from each other. There was a prolonged silence as each women imagined the other digging at their vagina or trying to rip their tits off their chest. After some discussion it was agreed that both women considered the pussy a “no go” zone and any moves there would be illegal. The tits were a different story being right out there and easy to grab and inflict pain. They might have agreed to make them off limits if they were fighting in private, but as a favor to the men they agreed to be targets. Both women thought “I wouldn’t go for her tits unless she goes for mine first.”

“God, what are we getting ourselves into?” Both women laughed nervously.

Throughout the conversation both women spent time thinking about how they sized up against each other. They simply could not avoid that. Each woman considered “Can I take her? Could I beat her in a fight? Do I have the strength and courage to do that?” They probed each other in this regard, trying to make it sound like harmless chit chat but to really gauge the toughness of the other. Neither could answer those internal questions that they were asking.

The waitress appeared for refills and once again all talking ceased immediately. They both wondered if anyone at the Diner had overheard any of their conversation and were a bit paranoid about it. Carrie whispered to Tina, “The waitress. Think you could take her?” Both women laughed uncontrollably.

Carrie then made an interesting proposal. “You know we could just fake the whole thing. Roll around and do some screaming, rub our tits together. Think they would catch on?”

“Wait Carrie. Answer me a question honestly. This whole time we have been sitting here talking about fighting each other, haven’t you been asking yourself, “Could I beat her in a fight?’ I know I have!”

Carrie answered sheepishly, “Yeah, I have.”

Tina went on, “If I had met you today and thought there was no way I could win a fight against you, or the opposite, that you would be easy pickings, I would have paid for the coffee and left. The reason I’m still here is because I have no idea who would win, and frankly that idea intrigues me. Faking it just wouldn’t answer the question that we both have.”

“I guess I agree.” Carrie then posed a question. “Because of that do we now consider ourselves rivals?”

“Well we are not enemies Carrie,” said Tina. “That’s for sure. But we are both thinking the same things about each other now. And we are both curious about this damn thing that the boys want. And I think that if we fight it would be best for each of us to consider the other woman a rival.”

“But is that enough?”

“I guess we would have to be fighting for something. Some sort of prize.”

“Like what?”

“Well this may sound stupid, but I think it should be something verbal. If I fought you and had to say “You are a better woman than me” if I lost, I would fight pretty hard to avoid that. It’s a silly expression and really doesn’t mean anything other than you won the fight, but it would kill me to have to look at you and say it. And it would please me to no end to hear you say it to me, even if it really meant nothing.”

“You are right! No matter that it didn’t mean anything, it would still be pretty humiliating to have to say that. I don’t think I could come up with something better let’s do that! The loser has to say ‘I give up. You are the better woman.’ “

The blonde then said, “There is one more thing we need to talk about. You do know that if we did this, we would really have to try and hurt one another.”

That comment created a long pause as the idea of what they were discussing sunk in. Each woman considered if in fact that appealed to them. Even if they were competitive. Even if their husbands wanted to see it. They looked straight at one another. Their expressions were one of “what have we gotten ourselves into?”

“I guess so,” said Tina. “It is after all a fight. Two women pitting their wills physically against each other. I don’t say this lightly. If I go through with this I will hurt you enough to win.

Carrie nodded silently in agreement. Now it was her turn to hide her shaking hands.

“But here’s the funny thing,” Tina continued. I think I’m more scared of losing than getting hurt. Well I’m scared of getting hurt too, but that soreness will go away in a few days. How long will the humiliation of losing last?”

A very long pause. Both women lost in thoughts of a catfight. Carrie broke the silence. “Well I have to head out Tina. It was odd meeting you,” she said with a laugh. “But not because you are odd! We both have a lot to think about.”

They stood. They hugged. Not really for friendship, but more for compassion for the difficulty of the decision each would have to make. And to be truthful also to feel the strength of their potential opponent. Their bodies were womanly enough and neither thought that the task would be impossible. Daunting maybe, but not impossible.

They half broke their clinch. Still grasping each other around the waist they pulled their heads back looking directly at each other and Tina spoke. “Carrie, if we do this I promise you that I will do my absolute best to win.”

“I understand. I totally understand. And I promise you the same.”

The last thing they said before they left the Diner was “let’s think about it.” But in truth they both knew they would fight.

Chapter 2

Four months after they had first met at the Diner, Carrie and Tina were back again, sitting in the exact same booth as before.  It had been 3 months since Tina had defeated Carrie in their fight and Carrie had to say the words, “I give, you are better than me.” Tina had sent Carrie 3 emails after the fight, one each month, asking to meet her again to talk over things.  Twice Carrie had replied, “I’m not ready yet.”  When the 3rd email arrived she reluctantly agreed to face the woman who defeated her.

“Thanks so much for coming Carrie.  I know this must not be easy for you.  Are you OK?  Are you feeling any lasting effects?”

“Thanks for asking, Tina.  I’m fine physically.  It took about a week to completely recover.  Mentally I’m still dealing with it.  It was so hard to lose. But I’m still not sure why you wanted to meet here again.”

“Well don’t worry, I’m not here to gloat.  Not in the least.  I just wanted to hear from you how you are doing, how you and Bob are doing.  You left so quickly after it was over.  I did come to check on you, but you had already left. You see, I’m not mentally over it either.  And I have been dealing with how I behaved.  My fierceness in the fight troubles me some.  I just thought it might help us to talk about it some.”

After a long pause Carrie answered.  “You have nothing to be ashamed of.  We both knew what we were getting into.  If our roles were reversed I would have behaved the same as you. We fought, you won.  I said what we agreed the loser would have to say. Now I must live with it.”

Tina felt sympathy for Carrie.  The fight had been so close.  “Fighting you was so hard.”  Tina started to cry a little bit.

After a long silence Tina regained her composure and she decided to change the topic.

“Well the boys certainly picked a nice place for it, didn’t they?”

“Yes,” replied Carrie.  “I would have liked to stay the night, but I just wanted out of there as soon as possible. And thank god that Bob understood that.”

The husbands had picked a beautiful hotel for the fight.  It was just about perfect for the purpose.  A 3 room suite.  Separate bedroom entrances for each couple and a  connected common room between them where the fight was to be held.  It was a spacious living room/dining room/kitchenette which when some furniture was moved provided a large empty area for the women to fight and sofas for the men to sit and view it from.

As agreed to before hand, the women were not to meet face to face until the fight.  They checked into their rooms around 5, rested and prepared. The men got the common room ready and promptly at 7 Bob called Steve and asked if Tina was ready.  She was.  The couples then entered the common room for the fight. It was the first time the women had seen each other since their first meeting at The Diner.

“You can’t believe how nervous I was Carrie.  I thought I was going to throw up!”

“I don’t think I have ever been more nervous since my wedding day,” replied Carrie.  The women laughed.

When the women entered the common room they tried to avoid eye contact but of course, could not.  Tina was in a red bikini with matching red nails.  Carrie had chosen black.  Nails were short and buffed as had been agreed on.

Tina said, “You really did look gorgeous in black.  I need to know where you buy your bikinis.”

 “Oh, that old thing!   Carrie laughed. “Truth be told,  I actually spent a lot of time picking it out.  I wanted to look good for you, don’t ask me why.”

“Well if you were trying to intimidate me with your beauty you succeeded,”

“Don’t sell yourself short Miss Red.  I saw the way Bob looked at you.  I could have killed him.”

“Do you know how long we fought,” asked Carrie.  “I lost all track of time.  I felt like hours.”

“Steve said it was about a half hour from beginning to end.  With the 2 time outs we were at each other for about 20 minutes.”

The husbands had added a wrinkle to the rules which both women thought was a pretty good idea even if it did come from the men.  A woman could ask for a 5 minute time out, and one would be granted but only if the other woman agreed.

“Have you told anyone else about it?” asked Carrie. 

“Only my sister who’s like my closest friend” said the brunette.  “I tell her everything.  But don’t worry I gave her no information about you.  I just called you ‘another woman’.”

“Well how did your sister react?”

“She was simply puzzled by it all.  Couldn’t quite grasp it.  And to tell you the truth neither can I.  How bout you?  Have you told anyone?”

“Absolutely not!  No one,” replied Carrie.  “I think that might be the reason I came here today.  To finally have someone to talk to about it.  You are probably the only person in the world who understands what I went through because you came along with me.  But that doesn’t make it any easier to look at the woman who fought you and broke you.”

That remark made Tina sad, and she left it alone, deciding not to comment.

The women each began to stretch at opposite sides of the room. Each husband stayed close to their fighter, not saying much, but showing support.  After a few minutes the men asked if each was ready, and they were.

Steve hugged Tina and assured her that she could win.  Bob did exactly the same with Carrie.

The men left for the sofas and the women stood about 8 feet apart, facing each other and now looking directly at each other for the first time. In unison they reached behind their backs to unclip their bikini tops, toss them aside and face each other topless.  The men drew in deep breaths.  It was an awesome sight.  The evenness of the fighters was apparent.  Both around 5’4 and 120 pounds with well shaped breasts which matched in size.  The contrast was in hair color and skin tone.  Carrie fair skinned, Tina with a more olive complexion.  Carrie….pink aureoles. Tina… brown. Carrie had debated using a pony tail for her longer blonde hair but decided it would be too easy for Tina to use as a handle, and decide to leave her hair loose.  Short brown haired Tina had no such dilemma.

Tina said, “I never got a chance after the fight to talk to you, to tell you how courageous you were and how hard you fought.  I just wanted to tell you that.”

“Thank you for saying that Tina.  I tried.  I really did.  You were just better.” Actually reliving the fight a bit was good for Carrie because it showed how well she had fought.

“It was so close Carrie.  With a break or two you could have easily won.  I’m serious!”

The fight started as you would suspect.  Tentatively.  The women actually smiled at each other at the start, mostly out of nervousness, as they dodged and feinted, and had great difficulty locking up.  When they finally did, and grabbed each other by the hair and struggled a bit.  The evenness of their strength was apparent as neither could really gain an advantage and take the other woman down.  They danced like that for quite awhile before losing balance and toppling to the carpet in a heap. They wrestled on the ground, not really trying to hurt each other but more just to try to get on top and stay there.  They both failed miserably at that as each women would gain and advantage and then quickly lose it.  After about 10 minutes there came a point where they kicked themselves apart and regained their feet. 

Tina asked, “Time out?”

Carrie answered, “Yes.”

Both couples retreated to their respective bedrooms as the husbands both doted on their fighters. They provided water and toweled off their faces, chests and backs.  Both Steve and Bob told the women how well they were doing and that they were winning.  They also offered advice and tactics which the women mostly ignored.  This was their fight, they would know what to do best.

Carrie said, “We did do some horrible things to each other didn’t we?  I would have never guessed I could be that primal.”

“I’ve been trying to deal with that myself, Carrie.  It was like I was another person in that hotel room.  And it was a person I don’t like.  This thing obviously took a toll on both of us, mentally as well as physically.”

“Yes Tina, but I keep coming back to the fact that it was exactly what we wanted.”

Both women now stared off in the distance, knowing what Carrie had said was true and trying to make sense of it.

“Who called who “bitch” first?” asked Carrie.

“It wasn’t bitch, it was ‘fucking bitch,’ “ replied the brunette.  Both women chuckled.  “I’m sorry, I got mad.”

The second session was not quite as long but it was much more serious. Both women had come to the realization that it was not really a wrestling match but a fight, and they would have to hurt the other women to win.  Slapping, especially face slapping now started happening.  Some were quite stinging when they hit home.  Knees were now being used more often and landing too, especially to the thighs. That hurt.  Actually at one point Carrie launched a knee that was quite near to Tina’s pussy.  But that was the only time that happened and it was more of a glancing blow than a coup de grace.  But the fact that it did happen had major consequences later on. 

At one point, on the ground Carrie got behind Tina and reached her hands around her back to her front to control her.  Her hand found Tina’s left tit and she latched on. It was the first time that either fighter had targeted the tits, and it hurt Tina.  She squealed, broke away stood up and faced her foe.  “You fucking bitch,” said Tina. Tits were now in play and both women knew it.

This time Carrie asked for the time out.  Tina agreed. As the couples started to their bedrooms Tina shouted out to Carrie, “Watch your tits in the next round honey, I’m going after them.”

“Bring it on Tina,” said Carrie. “I’m not scared of you.”

Tina said, “You know after the second round, I thought I was losing. The slaps hurt.  The hair pulling hurt.  The breast attack hurt.  Steve gave me ice for my tit and told me I was doing fine.  I didn’t believe him.  I was thinking of quitting but I couldn’t bring myself to say it, so I figured I just had to try harder. I was mad.  I hated you.”

“Well I didn’t think I was winning.  Bob told me I was and I called him a bullshitter.  I hated you too.”

The women at the Diner sat in silence.  Deep in their own thoughts.

In their bedroom Steve attended to Tina.  “She’s hurting me Steve.  I think I’m hurting her, but I don’t know.”

“You are definitely hurting her.  You can win this fight honey, I’m sure of it.”

“Well listen Steve, I think she tried to knee me in the pussy.  I can pay her back but I don’t know if it’s in the rules we agreed to. Would you go to Bob and check before we start again?”

Steve crossed over and knocked on the other couple’s door, asking to speak to Bob.  He explained the confusion.  Bob went to speak to Carrie and shortly thereafter came out and told Steve, “Carrie says knees to the pussy are OK.”

Steve turned to leave and Bob called after him, “Hey Steve, this sure is something ain’t it?”

Steve said, “It sure is.”

Tina asked Carrie, “Were you OK with the knee rule thing?  I know we weren’t quite specific about that, which is why I had Steve come over and check it out with you.

The blonde answered, “Well off course now I wish I had said no, but in my mind I thought that one good shot there and I could win.”

“We were both so cruel,” said Tina.

Again, silence in that booth, in that Diner.

When the rest period was up both warriors strode into the fight room and immediately hooked up, pulling hair and now firing knees, left and right, each trying to hit home between the legs of their rival.  But with the constant dance they were doing they had a hard time hitting the target. However, significant damage was done to both women’s legs.  At one point Carrie did manage to hit home but not with full force, so Tina was shook and her legs buckled but she used Carrie to stay upright and yank hard on her hair to bend the blonde’s neck back. 

They wrestled to the floor and the blonde got some control. Tina was on her back and Carrie was to her right side with a scissors around the brunette’s waist.  Tina’s left arm was trapped under Carrie, and in a quick move the blonde snatched Tina’s other arm at the wrist, and held it tight and extended it up and around Tina’s head. Tina was now in deep trouble, her tits and face were completely exposed and she had no way to defend them.

The blonde wasted no time in taking advantage.  Hard slaps to the tits.  Hard slaps to the face. Wack!  Wack! Wack!  Tina desperately tried to loose the grip the blonde had on her right arm which was above her head. The wacking continued.  Tina’s face and breasts turned red, even with her olive complexion. Carrie did not let up.  After a tit slap, she’d grab the tit she just hit and squeeze it so that titflesh oozed from between her fingers.

It was awful.  Tina began to cry.  “You bitch,” she blubbered.

“No, you’re the bitch, bitch.”

Carrie began to ask Tina to give up.  “Quit Tina.  Say the magic words and I’ll let you go.”  Another slap. “I got you now bitch.  I’m beating you, fair and square, woman to woman. It must hurt. Give up.” Slap. Grab. Twist.

“Be honest with me, Tina.  How close were you to giving up?”

“Very.” Tina leaned over the table to get closer to Carrie and whispered to her, “I hesitate to tell you this, but I want you to know that Bob was the reason I beat you.”

“Bob?  My husband? What did he have to do with it?”

As the blonde continued the onslaught, the men sat transfixed, stunned by the brutality of Carrie’s attack.  This was surely the end.  Steve half considered jumping in to end it.  He knew Tina would not forgive him if he did.

Bob was ecstatic.  He had been mostly quiet during the fight, but now with his wife about to win he grew more vocal.  “That’s it baby. You got her now. Yes baby.  Make that fucking cunt give. Show the cunt what you can do. This is fucking great. Oh baby, you’re the best.”

Steve stood up. “Hey Bob, watch your mouth when talking about my wife.”

Bob stayed seated.  “I’m sorry.  I got carried away.  Won’t happen again.”

“Make certain of that,” said Steve.

Steve sat back down and their attention turned back to the fighters.  But Tina had heard what Bob said too.

“I hate that c-word.  Especially when a man directs it to a woman. It made me angry.  It gave me strength.”

Carrie tried to process this news.  She was so close to winning and a crass and crude remark by her husband caused her suffering in the end.  It was almost too much for her to take in.

“You know one of the things that Bob told me after, was that he was ashamed of himself.”

Well you can tell him, “Thanks for the motivation to fight back.”

Tina heard herself being called a cunt and the adrenaline began to flow. Still crying she found the strength to free her right arm and with a monumental show of strength she rose up, rotated both their bodies and assumed top position. Now Tina was above the blonde but trapped by Carrie’s scissors around her waist. The woman who was in such trouble just a few seconds ago simply took her two hands and clawed at all the titflesh that Carrie could offer her.  The pain for Carrie was intense and she wriggled, writhed and struggled slapping furiously at Tina’s face, but the short haired girl kept ducking her head to avoid the blows.  A few undried tears from her break down earlier dripped onto Carrie’s face.

And then came the exact moment which determined the outcome of the fight.  It’s not clear if it was Tina’s accomplishment or the extremely tired Carrie’s blunder, but somehow Carrie lost the scissor around Tina’s waist and Tina got one leg outside of it, leaving only her left leg trapped by Carrie’s scissor.  And that scissor was not enough to prevent what was to come.

Tina slowly lowered herself onto Carrie’s body. They were lying flat out tit to tit and faces so close they were cheek to cheek. Carrie was exhausted.  All she could do to try to prevent the brunette from mounting her was to hold on to the scissors she had around Tina’s left leg.  Tina now knew she would do anything to win, and she started pumping her left knee into her rival’s pussy.  Not very effective to start, because Carrie still had it wrapped up with her legs, but each pump gave her more and more freedom to hurt.

Tina now snaked her hands around Carrie’s back and tightened her scorpions grip on her rival.  The knee strikes were beginning to have an effect on her foe. There were 8, 10, a dozen of them, each more deadly than the last. Carrie had even lost her grip on Tina’s leg, giving Tina full reign to punish her. Tina now whispered into the ear of the blonde so quietly that even the husbands could not hear it. “Give up Carrie.” Thump from her knee into pussy.  “I got you now.” Thump! “C’mon honey, you fucking lost.”  Carrie was actually being propelled a few inches across the carpet each time the knee landed. Carrie thought she might vomit from the pain it was so intense.  Then Tina made a tactical decision. She stopped the knee strikes and snaked forward on Carrie and set herself into a school girl pin, Carrie’s arms trapped below the brunette’s legs. 

“You know I truly hated you when we fought.  Hated you with all my heart.  Thinking back it scares me that I could feel that way about another human being.”

“Don’t feel bad.  I felt the same way.  I wanted to beat you so bad.  We were both so cruel.”

Sweaty bodies, matted hair, faces full of hate. 

For all intents and purposes the fight was over now.  All that was left was the required ritual.  Carrie simply did not have enough strength or energy to dislodge Tina. Tina took her left hand and slapped Carrie lightly across the face. 

“Give up.”  Another light slap.

 “Give up.  Say it.”  A harder slap now and also Tina taking her right hand and reaching back under her butt grabbing onto Carrie’s left tit to do more damage there. A harder slap now.  And Carrie began to cry.

 A harder slap.  “Say it Carrie!  Say it!” Tina switched hands.  Right to slap left to claw a tit. 

“It’s over Cassie. Say it. How ‘bout it?  C’mon, say it girlfriend.”

Carrie was crying hard now.  Actually sobbing.  And you could hardly make it out, but she said, “I give.”

Tina, had become crueler then she ever imagined. “And what, Carrie? I give and what?”  Another hard slap.

Even Steve was starting to think things might be going a bit too far.  “Sweetheart you won!!!  You won! You can let her up now.”

Tina, never looked at Steve as she continued the rhythmic slaps and cruel twist of the tits.  “Stay out of it Steve!  You wanted to see us fight.  Well that’s what we are damn well doing.  It’s our fight. Say it Carrie!  Tell me I am better than you.”

Carrie was now in a full on crying jag crying almost uncontrollably. And then she said it.  And if you didn’t know the agreed upon declaration you might not have understood it.  But the 4 people in the room certainly knew.  “I give.  You are better than me.”

“How are things with Bob?” asked Tina.

“Strange, I can’t put my finger on it.  And it’s not because of the result of the fight.  I just think he’s feeling very guilty about putting me through it all. And I keep telling him it was my decision to do it.  We’ve sort of been living as brother and sister since the fight.  What about Steve?”

“Well he’s like the cock of the walk because I won.  After the fight he fucked me like forever .  Really an animal.  Luckily with all the adrenaline from the fight I could handle it ok.  But then I was so sore from the fight and then the sex that I wouldn’t let him touch me for two weeks.  And he wanted to!  He really wanted to! I told him to go watch one of his fight videos and jack off to that.

“Now he’s talking about finding another fight for me.  I have really been putting the damper on that. You hurt me Carrie.  It was no fun.”

“But weren’t you happy you won?”

“Well it’s better than losing, and I have to admit I was really elated when you gave up.  Like I had proven something to myself. But after the ‘thrill of victory’ wore off, I was asking myself, ‘What sort of woman would behave like I did?’”

“Me!” said the blonde.  “We really were depraved.  All I wanted to do was hurt you as much as I could.”

“Mission accomplished Carrie.  We went to a dark place.”

It was over.  The victor rolled off her victim, lay flat on her back and thrust her arms straight up into the air.  “Yes!” she exclaimed.

Carrie rolled over onto her side, took a fetal position and put her hands between her legs to comfort her damaged vagina.

Steve rushed to Tina, pulled her off the floor to a standing position, wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her completely off the floor.  “You did it pumpkin!  You fucking did it!”

Bob meanwhile was on all fours down low with the beaten blonde.  He whispered in her ear, “I love you Carrie.”

Tina, no longer the cruel sadist she was a minute earlier told Steve. “Go help Bob.”

The men got Carrie up and with her arms draped one over each man’s shoulder, moved toward their bedroom.  As they walked away Tina, the winner, standing quite still in the middle of the room said, “I hope you are OK Carrie.  I’m sorry.”  And she was.

The 2 attractive 30 something women, who looked like they were on a shopping trip got up from their booth in The Diner and embraced.  Not to check out the strength of the other woman this time, but to show appreciation for the journey they went together on.  They both started to cry. The few people in the Diner turned to stare.  Tina and Carrie did not care.

They walked out to their cars together.  Tina turned to Carrie and said, “Do you think you would ever do it again?”

Carrie thought for a moment and said, “I don’t think so.  But I will tell you one thing.  I never felt more alive than when I was fighting you.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Chapter 3

The Diner is eternal! It seems locked in amber. It had not changed one bit in the 15 years since the two women had last been there, except the waitress was 15 years older, and she was no spring chicken back then!

They met in the parking lot, with a quick perfunctory hug.

“Hello Carrie, how are you?”

“Doing better everyday Tina,” thanks for asking.

“Well my condolences to you and your daughter,” said Tina. “I was really shocked when I saw Bob’s obituary. Cancer?”

“Yeah, it was pretty tough there at the end. But it’s been 2 years now so the good memories have replaced a lot of the sadness.”

The women entered the Diner and went back to their old booth. But, they couldn’t agree on which booth was THE booth. They laughed. Memories were playing tricks on them.

When they were seated and the coffee had been ordered Carrie asked, “When did you and Steve split?”

“I’ve been single for about 4 years now. Dated a nice guy for a while but I’m really really single now. But I have Terry, who just turned 22, and she visits often so I’m not lonely…yet. What about you? Are you dating?”

“Haven’t dipped my toe into that water yet. An almost 50 year old widow is not the most sought after commodity these days. However Mandy is almost 24 and thinking about getting engaged. Look at me, mother of the bride to be.”

The women chuckled. Yes they were near 50 now and not 35, but they were still both startlingly attractive. Carrie, always the glamour girl, now had her long blonde hair cut into a bob that haloed her face quite stunningly. Tina’s hair, still cut boyishly short, now had some flecks of sliver peeking out. She was still the cutest girl around. But both had put on 10-15 pounds or so and were not quite as athletic looking as they were when they had fought.

Tina asked, “Did you ever fight again?”

“There was one fight. A gal who I had absolutely no trouble beating. I probably hurt her a bit more than I should have. It was stupid to do that. Should have eased up and let her quit but she was a bit stubborn about that so I had to convince her. I felt bad.”

“The victory didn’t make you happy?”

“Bob was ecstatic, but I could have cared less. Too easy. And then Bob got sick so that was my last fight.”

“What about you Tina, any fights after our’s.”

“Not really. Steve really went off the deep end with his catfight fetish. Part of the reason I divorced him. He set up another fight for me and I agreed to meet this other woman and she was like 5’9 170 pounds and some sort of amateur body builder. Our meeting lasted about 5 minutes before told her ‘I ain’t fighting you, Godzilla!. See ya!’ I suspect that Steve got truly twisted around mentally and wanted to see me lose. It was odd.”

“But I’ll tell you, I wrestled my sister a couple of times. Just fun, recreational workout stuff. Rolling around mostly. If you remember she was the only person I told about our fight. She even asked me if wrestling with her was like the fight against you. ‘Not even close!’ I told her. “

“A funny thing happened at work,” replied Carrie. “One of the young guys there asked me if I ever had a rival. I think he was a dude with the catfight gene. I lied and told him I had a rival but it was a long time ago and I don’t remember. He pushed me for more, but I cut him short. He would have loved the story about our fight but I wasn’t going to oblige.”

“OK Carrie, fess up! Let’s cut to the chase. After 15 years why are we back here? Not just to catch up, right?”

Carrie, reached for her purse and pulled out a white letter sized envelope, slightly crumpled. “Well about 3 weeks ago I finally got enough courage to start to gather some of Bob’s clothes to donate to The Salvation Army. In one drawer of his bureau there was this envelope hidden below a bunch of sweaters.”

Carrie handed the envelope to Tina. On the envelope was simply written “For Carrie.”

Tina opened the envelope. Inside was a picture and a note. The picture was of Tina and the note was from Bob to Carrie. It was written with a very shaky hand by someone with not long to live.

It read:

Go ahead. Make the call. Do it. I know you want to. I know you can win. I’ll be rooting for you from wherever I am.
Love, Bob

Tina looked up from the note with wide eyes. “Oh my,” she said.

“The big dope is still trying to get me to fight, even after he’s dead! Imagine that! And yet, he’s right. I want to. Hardly a month goes by where I don’t think about fighting you again. Not only do I want it, I need it. I need to feel your strength against mine. I need to feel the risk. And I hate to say this I need to feel the satisfaction of hurting you.”

There was silence for a while and then then the brunette spoke.

“As the winner of our fight it was never my place to call you and ask for another. That had to come from you. When and if you were ever ready for it. But deep down I sort of knew that some day you would be asking for the rematch. So when I got your email last week, although it didn’t say anything besides ‘getting together,’ I knew what it was about and got nervous as a school girl on her first date.”

“Yeah, right now sitting here in front of you my stomach is doing flips,” replied Carrie.

“I assume that you want another go,” said Tina.


“Well then, make it official.”

Carrie Laughed. “OK Tina I officially challenge to fight me, woman to woman, your strength and courage against mine to establish who is the better woman.”

Tina drew a deep breath. Her skin tingled at the challenge. “Accepted. May the better woman win.”

So unlike their very first meeting at The Diner where neither woman would definitely commit to a fight, now both woman had quickly agreed to renew their rivalry.

“Same rules?” asked Tina.

“Actually I’ve been giving that some thought, and I would like to up the ante,” replied Carrie.

“Really? What do you have in mind.”

“Well first off I think we should allow punches to the body. Still just slapping to the face, but fists now to the rest.”

Tina did not reply straight away. She spent some time thinking it over. Well, she surmised, Carrie was making the challenge and Tina did not want any alibis about the rules if she won again. She could probably punch just as hard as the blonde, so what difference did it make.

“Agreed,” said Tina. What else.

“I think we should fight nude.”

“Are you saying that pussies are now in play?”

“Yes,” said Carrie. “It’s a fight. I lost last time because of your knees. I want to pay you back for that. I want to be able to hurt your pussy anyway I can.”

Tina shuddered at the thought. But that’s what they both wanted. To hurt the other woman.

“Well I guess I’m going to have to make an appointment to get waxed. It’s jungle down there!”

Both woman laughed. “Tell me about it,” said Carrie.

And so the women had agreed that their second fight would include body punches and pussies as fair game.

Carrie then asked, “What about seconds? It would be too dangerous to fight alone. We really do need someone to assist like Bob and Steve did.”

Tina thought for a moment. “We could ask the girls. I would love to have my daughter in my corner.”

Neither woman had ever told their daughter about the first fight. It’s a secret that they had held close for 15 years.“That would mean that we would have to tell them about our first meeting. Are you ready to do that?”

“I think so. It’s a conversation that I’ve wanted to have with Terry for a long time. It might help her to understand why her father and I broke up.”

“Yeah, I don’t like keeping dark secrets from Mandy either. Let’s each talk to them and ask them to help.”

Carrie continued, “I suggest we wait 4 months until. Time to give us a chance to get back into shape. I’m at least 15 pounds overweight and stopped working out when Bob got sick. And I never started up again. This will motivate me to get back to it.” Obviously the blonde had given this some thought.

“I’m in no shape either, Carrie. Just got lazy. 4 months is a good idea.”

Things were now set. This trip to The Diner was about over. But Tina had just one more thing to talk about with her rival.

“Carrie, our first fight was cruel and depraved. And we both had a hard time rationalizing how fierce it did get. But the fact remains that I enjoyed hurting you. I relished it. But the fight made me feel so alive, even when I was on the receiving end. So I think we should stop beating ourselves up over it. It is going to be awful, again. It is going to be horrid, again. Guaranteed. But it is what we want. So, no regrets, OK?”

“Well put Tina. I agree. If we are going to do this again we have to get past the idea that we can fight and do it nicely. You have been the better woman in my mind for 15 years. I plan to rectify that. And I will give you 100%. No regrets.”

The two adversaries headed out to the parking lot. They did not hug this time. They simply shook hands. As Carrie was climbing into her car she turned to her rival and said, “Be ready Tina, because I know I will be.”

And as Carrie backed her car out and turned for the exit from the parking lot, Tina, who was still standing near her car did something that shocked even her. She caught Carrie’s eye and gave her the finger. Carrie quickly responded in kind.

“Fucking bitch. See you in 4 months for sure,” Carrie muttered to herself.

Chapter 4

Now it is two young women at The Diner. They are in a booth. Not THE booth that their mothers had occupied. How could they have possibly known that little tidbit? Their booth was on the other side of The Diner. Still plenty private for the nature of their upcoming discussion.

It had been 3 months since their mothers had met to plan their second fight, and exactly one month before the deed was to be done. After endless mother/daughter discussions in each home the daughters of the fighters had agreed to act as seconds for their duel. Neither was happy to do it, but each felt they had no choice.

The beauty of these 2 young women was unarguable. Amanda (“call me Mandy”), Carrie’s daughter, was the spitting image of her Mom at 24. In other words, a 10! Long blonde hair. Lean, lithe, great legs, ass and tits. Total package. 5’6 110 pounds, she had broken the heart of many a suitor.

Tina’s daughter, Teresa (“my friends call me Terry”) looked a bit more like her Dad than Tina, but she was a knockout anyway you look at it. 22, 5’5, 115 pounds, c-cup. She always thought that her best feature was her cute ass. Her Mom always wore her hair short, but Terry liked her brown hair longer and at the present time it was dyed jet black.

Like their mothers, Mandy’s skin was creamy white and Terry had a more olive complexion. Unlike their mothers, each gal had a couple of tasteful tats. They had almost opposite personalities. Mandy was the cool and cautious one, an ice queen; Terry, emotional and impulsive, a hot wire.

They had decided to meet to discuss the fight that their moms had agreed to. After a handshake, and cordial greetings they sat down in the booth and ordered ice tea, unsweetened, of course . As the waitress headed back to the kitchen Terry leaned over in the booth to get closer to Mandy and whispered “Our mothers are fucking crazy.”

“Well they certainly are driven. I’ll give you that.”

“Is there any we can stop them from this?”

“Well we can hope that one of them pulls a muscle before the fight and has to cancel. But if your Mom is anything like mine, their destiny is to fight. This has been simmering for 15 years. The best we can hope for is to be there for them, try to maintain control and make sure that no one is badly injured.”

“It’s absolutely medieval.”

“Well there is a resemblance to a duel, if you think about it.”

“What was wrong with our fathers? If they hadn’t started this thing back then we wouldn’t be here today.”

“Look Terry, almost everyone enjoys watching a catfight. I know I do. And men enjoy it even more, and for some men, women fighting has a profound sexual impact on them. Our fathers were in that group. As Mom has told me, catfights were fetish material for my father as long as he lived.”

“So two 50 year old women are going to strip nude and catfight until one gives up? Is that it? Do you understand it?”

“Not hardily. It sounds insane to me too. But I’ll tell you Terry, my mother and I, over the past 3 months, have devoted hours in discussion about this and the history behind it. Trust me, as long as your mother agrees to it, they are going to fight.”

Mandy then asked, “How much has your mother told you?”

“Well she would start every conversation by asking me ‘Do you love me.’ ‘Of course I love you Mom.’ And then I would just ask a million questions and she would try to answer them. But the one question that she could never quite come up with an answer to is ‘Why do you need to do this?’”

“Oh yeah,” said Mandy. “When I asked my Mom why she needed to fight all she can say is ‘Because.’”

At this point in the conversation a young man strolled past the 2 girls and gave a “Hello ladies!” Mandy looked up at him and said “Get lost buddy, we’re busy.” It’s a line she has to use quite often. When the young fella disappeared, Terry protested, “Hey, he was sorta cute!” Both women laughed.

“Well, so what do we do now?” asked Terry.

“I guess we plan the fight. I hear you have a place.”

“Yeah, I house sit for a retired couple who travel for a few months each year. They like to call their place The Farm but it’s really just an estate on a large piece of land that was once a farm. They have a huge utility shed, maybe 80 by 100 with farm equipment in it they call The Barn. Once I clean it up a bit and move some of the equipment out it would be perfect for this. Huge, well lit, and private. I’m going to need to rent some mats. Does 15 by 15 sound right to you?

“I have no freakin idea. Let me check. Mandy whipped out her phone and googled the size of a regulation boxing ring. “16 to 20 feet square. So go 18 by 18 on the mats. You gonna need help setting up?”

“I don’t think so. I’ll just get those interlocking mats, they should be easy to piece together.”

“So we are going for Friday the 16th? 7PM.”

“Can you believe we are having this conversation?”

“Frankly, no.”

“Has your Mom told you the rules. It’s almost anything goes.”

“Well like you said, ‘they are fucking crazy!’”

And then both women in unison said out loud “But driven!” And they laughed.

Each girl had asked the other how their Mom was preparing for the fight. But interestingly enough neither would divulge much information. Had Terry come to the conclusion that Mandy was now officially a part of Team Carrie, and therefore the enemy? Had Mandy surmised that Terry was an infiltrator from Team Tina? Maybe the girls were not so non-partisan and aghast of their mother’s behavior after all because they were now keeping secrets from the opposition.

In fact both women were preparing quite seriously.

Tina did road work each morning, like a prize fighter. She followed a pleasant 3 mile trail through nearby woods. When she was certain that no one could see her she shadow boxed as she ran. At first, the 3 miles was just too long a distance for her and she would run then walk some then run some then walk some more. By about the 6 week mark of her training she could make the whole distance running. As weeks passed the run became less and less exhausting. She felt that she probably had gained enough stamina to last for the fight. In the afternoon she would do stretching, yoga and some resistance training using those elastic bands the women seem to favor.

Carrie was also out running. She could be seen jogging through her neighborhood each evening with her pet dog, a golden retriever who was in heaven getting to run with “Mom.” However Carrie’ training included one feature that Tina’s did not.

Carrie had found a “do it yourself” YouTube video which explained to how to cobble together a heavy bag from stuff you have around the house. She hung the contraption in her basement and pounded it with her fists each day. First for 5 minutes, then 10 and finally 15 minutes straight without a stop. Interestingly she decided to do this work with the heavy bag topless. She wanted to simulate the actual fight conditions and also see how difficult it was to punch with her tits out. She found out it was pretty hard. She gained an appreciation for the value of a good sports bra when it came to punching. Tits flying around robbed a woman of power.

However, she came upon a technique that would help restore some of the power lost by being topless. If she crossed her chest with one arm to hold her knockers tight to her chest a punch with the other arm would be much more lethal. It would be a risky tactic in a fight, leaving one side open for a counter slap, but she thought that the tactic might have a place in the fight. And she practiced it each and every session she had with her DIY heavy bag.

And back at The Diner the girls were saying goodbye.

“I guess I’ll see you on the 16th,” said Terry.

“Yeah, NOT looking forward to it, but get in touch if you need any help setting up,” replied Mandy.

And as she walked to her car a stray thought crossed Mandy’s mind. “I wonder how I would do in a fight against Terry?” And she stopped in her tracks and screamed at the sky, “Mother now you are doing it to me! You are making me insane!” Thankfully there was no one in the parking lot to hear her.

Chapter 5

Carrie sat in the booth alone, and wondered if Tina was going to show.  “She better show up.  When I lost I showed up,” she thought.

It had been two months since Carrie had beaten Tina in their rematch of a fight from 15 years earlier and now they were due back in The Diner to sort things out between them and talk about the fight.  Just then, Tina appeared and sliding into the booth saying “I’m sorry. Traffic.”

“I was worried you weren’t going to show.”

“Nah, you came when you lost. I’ll face the music and talk to you about it all if you want.”

“No prob Tina,” said Carrie. “Have you fully recovered?”

“The first few weeks were hard.  Felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I peed blood for couple of days.  That was scary, but pretty understandable given the beating you gave me.”

“My goodness!” said the blonde.  Carrie actually felt bad for Tina, but wouldn’t apologize for any of it.  She was pleased by how she fought and won and knew that Tina would have done the same to her if given the chance. “ Don’t sell yourself short. You may have lost, but you hurt me good. Sore neck, sore tits, sore all over.  Felt like my body had been in a blender.  No bra for 10 days.”

Terry, Tina’s 22 year old daughter had done a wonderful job in preparing The Barn for the fight.  It was sparkling clean and spacious with the 18 by 18 mats laid out in the center.  There were 5 banks of lights running the length of The Barn and Terry had only turned on the middle bank which shone down on the mats creating a bit of an arena effect.  The seconds  (Tina, and Carrie’s daughter Mandy) would be sitting just off the mats, but mostly in shadows.  The spotlight would be on the fighters and their struggle on the mat.

Tina had been with Terry all day at The Farm, resting and preparing for the fight.  At 6:30PM Carrie and Mandy arrived for the 7PM start and all four women greeted each other respectfully in The Barn.  Mandy complimented Terry on the set up she had arranged for the catfight.  The Barn had been kept just a bit warmer than normal at the request of the fighters to help keep 50 year old bodies loose, but guaranteed there would be significant sweating as the fight moved along.

With the daughters in the shadows the fighters in their sweatsuits began to limber up and stretch across from each other on the mats.  They glanced at each other occasionally but no words were spoken between them.

Mandy walked across the mat to inspect Tina’s trimmed and buffed nails.  Terry did the same with Carrie.

“She’s OK Mom,” said Mandy.

“She’s fine,” said Terry

Carrie spoke to the two seconds, “Girls, this is a matter that must be settled by Tina and I, woman to woman.  Please do not interfere until a winner is established.” Privately Carrie had told Mandy,  “You can root for me and encourage me but under no conditions do you ever say anything derogatory about Tina.  Your father did and it cost me last time.”

The seconds nodded in agreement.  At 7PM Tina said to Carrie, “Ready?” Carrie nodded and the women stripped off their sweats, socks and sneakers, now totally nude for the fight.  The women also had a bit to show off.  They had both been waxed and provided some interesting pubic art.  Carrie had 2 short lines of blonde hair, like railroad tracks above the hood of her vagina, and Tina had selected a heart shape of her dark hair encircling her’s. If either woman was impressed by the “vagina art” of their adversary, they did not show it.

To be honest, the women look spectacular.  They appeared in great shape, no longer overweight, and, yes their tits did hang just a bit lower on their chests but they were still full firm and desirable .  They looked great, even at 50.

With punching to the body now legal, both women took a boxer’s stance and began to circle.  Carrie said to Tina, “I have been waiting for this for a very long time.”  Tina remained silent.

“How is Terry,” asked Carrie.

“She’s pretty much back to normal, but the fight mortified her.  The things that we did to each other were beyond her sensibilities.  But she refused to be judgmental about it which I appreciate, and she was a godsend in helping me recover. I spent a week at The Farm before returning home. What about Mandy?”

“She had a similar reaction to the fight, but was completely giddy that I won.  She couldn’t stop talking about the fight on the ride home.”

The fight was somewhat shorter than the 20 minute bout that they had had back then.  This was probably about 12 minutes with only a single timeout.

They closed in on each other throwing punches to the body, slaps to the face.  Nothing landed particularly well. Then one hand from each fighter grab a handful of hair. Carrie, being right handed grabbed with her left, and Tina, a southpaw, did the opposite.  This allowed them to use their dominant hand to do damage.  It had taken them quite a while to go after tits in their first fight. Not so this time. Their dominant hands fought each other as they sought any opportunity to free them and slap faces, punch torsos and claw at tits. Soon they were wrestling and fighting on the floor.

Tina had her moments.  A few scissors, a good head lock, a painful pussy grab, and some tit work but it just seemed that Carrie was getting the better of all the exchanges. Her scissors were stronger, punches harder, tit grabs more painful. Carrie was always just a bit better.  And Tina was beginning to realize it.

At one point Carrie was on top with Tina wrapping a scissors around the blonde’s waist.  Carrie just kept picking the brunette off the mat and slamming her back down 4, 5 ,6 times.  Tina released the scissors.  And rolled out of reach as Carrie failed to latch onto her.  They stood apart on the mat.  Tina asked for a timeout and Carrie agreed.  They had been fighting for around 10  minutes and Carrie was definitely winning.

“I forgot to tell you at The Farm I’m really sorry about giving you the finger in the parking lot last time we were here.  That’s not like me,” said Tina.

“Well mostly we are normal everyday civilized women…and then there is…a dark uncivilized side,” responded Carrie.

“Well aren’t we both 2 people?  Normal middle aged women coupled with a dark she-devil who wants nothing more than to engage in hand to hand combat with a hated rival.”

“Guilty as charged.  It is perverse.”

“I think the girls are finally realizing that.”

“Yes,” said Tina.  “I’m no longer getting the question from Terry, ‘Why do you do this Mom?’”

Terry and Tina were in a bit of a panic.

“She’s so strong today.  I can’t seem to slow her down. She’s beating me Terry.  She’s hurting me a lot.  I don’t have any answers.”

On the other side of the mat the conversation was different.  “You are fucking her up good Mom.” 

“So far, so good, but it’s not over yet.  I thought I was going to win the first time. I’m not going to let up until she says it.”

Meanwhile Terry, who was toweling of her mother lied.  “You’re doing great mom.  Don’t give up.  Rush her at the start of the next round.  Maybe it will catch her off guard.”  Terry had little fighting knowledge but she wanted to say SOMETHING to her mom.  And Tina thought that rushing Carrie might work.

“When we fought the first time we were mostly doing for the men in our lives.  Now we do it for ourselves.”

“In the long run I think that’s better,” replied Tina.  “Women who want to fight should do it and be in control of the event, not servants to the men in their lives who urge them to fight.”

As she and her daughter had planned, Tina came off her chair and rushed at Carrie.  Maybe this would give her a chance to turn the tide. It was a mistake that would cost her dearly.  And the outcome of the fight was determined in one split second of violence.

As Tina charged across the mat, Carrie took one firm step forward with her left leg and planted it to accept the expected force of Tina’s rush.  The blonde then did what she practiced alone in her basement for many weeks.  She crossed her left arm across her chest, pinning  her tits solidly to her body providing maximum leverage for the hardest right hand punch she could deliver to the onrushing brunette. Aided by her rival’s own momentum Carrie’s punch landed with tremendous impact just below Tina’s rib cage, ripping into the space near the spleen and liver.

Tina cried out and went down like she had been shot. The blow knocked the wind out of her and her legs had turned to well cooked spaghetti as she landed on her right side. Any attempt to get up were foiled by the fact that she could not breathe and her legs were refusing to cooperate.  She could only manage to roll a bit so she was now face down on the mat.

“That’s it Mom.  You got her good. Get her now.  Finish her off,” shouted Mandy.

All Terry could say was, “Oh, Mommy.”

Carrie was on her rival’s back  in an instant.  She grabbed a handful of Tina’s hair and pulled it back.  Hard right hand slaps to Tina’s face followed, to the point that Tina had to take her two hands to cover her face to blunt the blows from above.

Terry was now screaming “Get up Mommy.  Please get up.”  That was not going to happen. Tina tried to squirm a bit but her body said “no.”  Carrie got her face close to the brunettes ear and whispered. “I’ve got you now bitch.”

Tina faced another problem,  She was prone on the mat but not completely flat. Her ass was still a bit up in the air, presenting a disturbing picture.  This made it all the easier for the blonde to take her free hand and search for her rival’s pussy underneath her. It was now catfight by braille as the blonde she searched for her rival’s pussy, the center of the heart.  There hadn’t been that much pussy action in the fight even though both women were nude. The blonde was now going to rectify that.

In most catfights when women attack the pussy of their opponent they simply grab and pull at the tender tissue.  But Carrie instead inserted two of her fingers inside Tina and with the thumb squeezing the labia from the outside the pain was unbearable and Tina’s hideous blood curdling screams filled the barn.  Carrie released the hold for a second (she could go back to it any time she wanted) and asked Tina to give.  Tina did not reply. Carrie scrunched forward on Tina’s back and took the 2 fingers that had been inside her rival and waved them by Tina’s nose. 

“You know that smell Tina, right?”

And then in a depraved gesture as only a fighting woman who was certain of victory would do, she wiped off her two damp fingers off on Tina’s cheek.

“Oh Mommy, Mommy, c’mon fight back.”

Terry began to sob.  She looked pleadingly at Mandy who just shrugged her shoulders, “It’s their fight. They have to settle it.”

And then to her Mom, Mandy said, “You are doing great Mom. Finish her off.  Make her say it.”

Oddly enough Tina whispered “Time out?”  It was ludicrous to ask, but she tried anyway.

Carrie laughed. “Are you fucking kidding?  Fight or give, bitch.”

“I guess me agreeing to punching was a tactical error.  Your punching was just better than mine.”

“You have to admit it was pretty funny when I was beating the shit out of you asking for a time out.”

“Well yeah, but I was pretty much out of options at that point.  Figured it was worth a shot.”

“I understand.  Sorry I laughed at you.”

There was a pause in the discussion at The Diner.  Finally Tina broke the silence and asked Carrie a question.  “Carrie, I hesitate to ask this but after the fight Terry told me that she was pretty sure that you had an orgasm. I would like to know. Did you?”

The combination of her laying flat on Tina’s back and her vagina rubbing against Tina’s buttocks, coupled with the pleasure she was feeling from the pain she was causing her rival actually began to turn her on. It was an unmistakable feeling from deep within her. She thought to herself “Oh fuck, don’t let this happen.  I don’t need the distraction.  I need to win the fight.” But the intense sexual feelings that she was experiencing could not be snuffed out.  She needed to prepare.

As the first wave of sexual pleasure began to course through her body, Carrie, with one handed still yanking Tina’s hair and head back, took her other hand, made a fist and planted it firmly in the middle of her rival’s back, holding firm and steadying herself for the impending explosion. She pulled back hard on Tina’s hair, her back arched, her head fell back, her eyes closed, her mouth fell open, her pink nipples stiffened and pointed to the sky and she came.

“Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Yes.”

Carrie tried to explain. “Well you know it’s hard not to get turned on a little in a fight.  So much stimulation coming at you at all angles. The way we fight is so damn intimate.  It’s in close, it’s nude, we are sweating buckets and very little is out of bounds.

“I guess we both need it that way.”

“I did cum. But it wasn’t a lesbian thing.  It was a fight thing. I wasn’t turned on by you, I was turned on by fighting you. The struggle.”

If Carrie worried that the orgasm would keep her from victory, she was mistaken.  Leaving a trail of vaginal juices on Tina’s ass, she released Tina’s hair so she could now punch at the brunette’s kidneys with both hands.  Tina’s face slammed onto the mat.  She was done now.  Broken.

“It’s over.  I’ve beat you,” said the blonde.  “I’ll just hurt you more if you want. Best to just say it bitch.  But I want you to say it loud enough for your daughter to hear it. 

Tina whispered.  “I give, you’re the better woman.” 

“Not loud enough Tina.  I want your daughter to hear it.” 

Terry shouted,  “I heard it. I heard it.  She said you were the better woman. Now get off her.”

Carrie climbed off Tina. She presented an awesome sight standing above her beaten rival, sweat drenched, arms in the air.  She closed her eyes and thought of her dead husband. “Are you proud of me Bobby?” she thought. Mandy rushed to her with a towel and a huge hug.  “You were magnificent Mom.  Well done!  I’m so proud of you.  Dad would be proud.”

Meanwhile Terry was crouching down whispering to her mother.  “Mommy, are you OK?  Mommy. Mommy.”

As Carried toweled off she told Mandy to go see if Terry needed help with Tina.  Mandy said, “Terry, is there anything I can do?”

“No, there is nothing you can do. Get away, I can handle this. Just get the fuck away.”

Carrie was tired but elated.  She slowly put on her sweats, socks and sneakers while Mandy gathered up their belongings.  By the time Carrie was dressed Tina was up and sitting in her chair trying to regain her wits.  She was a mess. Her body looked completely deflated, naked except for a towel around her shoulders, slumped forward, tits hanging low.

Carrie and Mandy started to make a move to leave.  Carrie spoke to Tina.  “Good fight Tina. You gonna be OK if we leave?  Want us to stick around.?”

“No, you can go.  Congratulations.”

“OK, I’ll get in touch in a few weeks and we can talk at the Diner.”

Mandy said to Terry, “See ya Terry.”  Terry did not reply.

Terry and Tina heard muffled the shouts of victory from the mother and daughter now outside the barn headed to their car.

The two female warriors head for their cars but continues their discussion in the parking lot.

Carrie asked, “Do you think you will ever want to go again?”

“I’m not sure. 1-1 seems OK to me. I held the better woman title for 15 years.  Now you have taken it from me. Can’t do anything about that. But I would never say never.”

There were no tears this time.  They had both gotten past ever feeling guilty for the things they did to each other.  They both wanted it.  They both needed it.  And they both accepted the inevitable consequences of these desires. They gave each other a quick hug.  It seemed only right.

“Maybe we will never visit this old greasy spoon again.”

Maybe. Maybe not.

Chapter 6

There was no idle chitchat in the booth at The Diner. This was all business. The four women were there for two purposes- to find out if the two younger women wanted to fight each other and negotiate terms for the catfight.

The dark haired older women spoke. “You two can apologize to each other and call it a misunderstanding. Or you can get up right now, go around to the back of The Diner and fight like two High School sluts. Or, if you want, come to an agreement to fight and do it properly. That’s why Carrie and I are here. It’s up to the both of you.”

The reason that the 4 women were at The Diner was because of events that had happened one week earlier. It was a coincidence, but that was when the two daughters, Mandy and Terry found themselves out at a popular Club. Both women were pretty drunk, and Terry spotted Mandy near the crowded bar. She approached the other woman.

“Hello, Mandy.”

The startled blonde immediately recognized Terry and said, “Hi Terry, I’ve never seen you here before.”

“Well I come here every once in awhile. I’m sure you don’t remember because we hadn’t met ’til the fight.”

“Right,” said Mandy. “How is your Mom doing?”

“She’s recovered. But it took awhile. It was a hard fight.”

“Yeah,” said Mandy. “My Mom really fucked her up.”

A drunk Terry took offense at they remark. “It was one lucky punch from your skank mother.”

“Wait,” said Mandy. “Did you just call my mother a skank?”

“I don’t know. Did I?”

Mandy took her drink and tossed it into Terry’s face. Terry took a step back, wiped her face, and then launched herself at the blonde. They came together throwing slaps and grabbing hair. It was over almost as quickly as it started as several other folks at the bar jumped in to separate the fighters. Bouncers appeared and escorted the women out in a flash.

The last thing shouted by one of the drunk girls was, “This isn’t over, bitch.”

“It’s definitely not you fucking whore.”

And now the the two young women were sitting across from one another at The Diner, starring daggers at each other but penned in by their mothers sitting next to them.”

Carrie spoke. “When Tina and I got wind of the dustup you two had at The Club, we decided to meet here today to hash things out.”

“Yes,” said Tina. “We want to know if this was simply a case of two women who had too much to drink, or if it’s something more serious that needs to be resolved in a fair manner.”

“You started it, throwing that drink in my face, I had no choice, said Terry.”

“Well if you had kept your bitch mouth shut, you wouldn’t have gotten all wet,” replied Mandy.

“Girls, the question we have here today is not how your ‘tete-a-tete’ got started but how you both are going to finish it. Carrie and I would be quite happy if you both just apologize to each other and we can all go home.”

“I’m not apologizing!”

“Me neither.”

“Well” said Carrie, “we need to know if you both want to fight.”

Neither of the young women spoke. They simply glared at each other, daring the other to throw down the gauntlet and agree to the duel.

Tina tried to give the girls a sense of the momentous decision they were going to have to make. “You need to give this some serious thought. Carrie and I will make all of the needed preparations for the event and make sure it is a fair fight, but it is you two who must commit to it. I’m not going to sugar coat this girls. If you decide to go ahead this will be the hardest thing you have ever done. Hand to hand combat between two women is a horrible thing. You will be sore for weeks, even if you win. Defeat will be something that will nag at you for a long time. But victory will provide you with a satisfaction you have never experienced before. Trust me, I’ve been on both ends of it.”

There was silence in the booth.

Finally, Terry broke the silence and spoke with a measured tone looking directly at her rival. “Look, ever since our mothers fought at The Barn I have found myself thinking of nothing else but facing you and making things right. I hate your guts Mandy, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I want…no, I need, to fight you.”

Mandy replied. “Yes you are right Terry. I knew deep down at The Barn that you and I had a certain sort of destiny. That between the two of us we must find out who the better woman is. I think it is just inevitable that we get an answer to that question. I agree to fight you. Mother, you and Tina may go ahead and make the arrangements”

“Are you sure,” Carrie asked he daughter.

“As certain as I have ever been about anything.”

“How bout you Terry?” asked Tina.

“Nothing would make me happier than beating this bitch in front of you, Mom.”

Mandy’s hackles went up, “I’m going to rip your tits off and throw them in the ocean.”

Terry replied, “I’m going to fuck your pussy up so bad that your fiancé won’t want to come near you. But he’s gay anyway, right?”

That remark hit the blonde hard and she tried to get across the table and attack her rival. Her mother held her back, but not before an ice tea was spilled on the table. Luckily, The Diner was pretty much deserted, however waitresses behind the counter were alarmed by the ruckus and took notice.

“Hold on dear,” said Carrie as Tina grabbed some napkins to soak up the spilled drink. “This is not the place for it.”

A waitress came over, “Is everything OK here ladies? Anything I can get you?”

“Just the check,” said Tina. “We have an answer to the question we came her for.”

The waitress just looked puzzled by that remark.

The four women left The Diner and while Terry and Mandy sat, steaming, in their cars, the mothers had a brief conversation.”

“Are you OK with this Carrie?”

“We are probably the only two women on Earth that understand what the girls want. It’s our job to make sure they get the answers they are looking for.”

“Indeed,” said Tina. “I’ll be in touch.”

The mothers took their job as seconds very seriously. In the next few weeks they hashed over details. They found an excellent spot for the showdown. A remote rental log cabin in the wilderness. It came advertised as “rustic” but it was actually quite luxurious. Beautifully furnished, Wifi, satellite TV, fireplace, the works. and most importantly a very large main room for the adversaries to settle things. They rented it for a weekend and it was agreed that the winner and her mother would stay and the loser would vacate.

They went back and forth on the rules, checking with their daughters regularly on what they wanted. It was eventually agreed that the rules would be the same as the mother’s fight at The Barn with only one small exception. The girls wanted to start the fight in thongs. The mothers counseled against that reasoning that wedgies would be most painful. But the daughters seemed to both want to make some sort of fashion statement. The mothers couldn’t quite understand that, but it was the girl’s fight and if that’s what they wanted, so be it.

One month after their meeting at The Diner the four women arrived at the cabin on a Friday evening to so that Mandy and Terry could pit their strength and courage against one another until one woman admitted that the other was “the better woman.”

Chapter 7

The four women were back in their booth at The Diner, 6 weeks after Mandy and Terry had fought at the Log Cabin.  There was a great deal of tension in the air.  The two fighters still harbored much animosity towards each other.  It was left for the mothers to speak.

Tina started things off, almost as if she was giving a speech at a Ladies Club luncheon. “You both showed great bravery and determination.  Carrie and I know exactly how hard it is to fight another woman. You can both be proud. And I know you both were reluctant to come here today, but to us mothers the fight is not truly over until you share your thoughts and feelings about what transpired.  We all know how hard it is to come face to face with the woman you fought, but in the end we think that talking about the event will be helpful to both of you.”

Now it was Carrie’s turn. “Tina and I always thought it was wise to talk about our fights after they were over.  Of course we only hate one another when we are fighting. You two however, hated one another beforehand, so it might be more difficult for you to have an honest discussion about what transpired.  But we would like it if you gave it a shot. Trust me girls, it will be worthwhile.”

Tina added, “Carrie and I are going to leave now. You will need privacy to talk about it.  We would be of no help because it was your fight. Only you two know exactly the passion of your battle. However, nothing is making you stay here.  You can walk right out behind us, if you chose. But I urge you to stay and discuss it.  Let’s go Carrie.”

And with that, the two mothers gave their daughters a kiss on the cheek and left The Diner. Terry and Mandy had still not spoken a word to each other since they arrived at The Diner.  Their mothers leaving did nothing to change that.  They sat in stony silence, each silently challenging the other to get up and walk out or start a conversation.


The Log Cabin was off the beaten path, in dense woods on a twisting private road 4 miles in from the highway.  It was quite modern inside, with all the vacation amenities a tourist might want. It was perfect for the event.  Just 3 rooms, two small bed rooms and a huge Great room with a fireplace at one end. It would give the women ample space to fight.

The cabin was rented for the weekend and it was agreed that the winner and her mother would stay and the losers vacate.  On the Friday morning of the fight the two moms arrived to prepare the fighting ground for their daughters.  They worked diligently and mostly in silence. Furniture was moved and mats put down.  It wasn’t quite as large a space as The Barn, but a 15 by 15 square in the middle of the Great room would work just fine. Carrie and Tina agreed that although the fireplace would have been a nice touch for a catfight it would remain unlit due to safety concerns.

With their work done the women had a brief conversation on the way to their cars.

Carrie asked, “Have you given any thought to us meeting again?”

“I want to just get past this before I consider fighting you again Carrie.”

“Understood, Tina.  I’ll see you tonight.”


Finally Mandy broke the silence, “You know I think our Mothers think that we could fight like we did and then sit and talk about it and become fast friends.  They’re wrong.  I hate you now as much as I hated you before the fight.  That’s not going to change.”

“Yeah, they are living in some sort of catfight fantasy world. I think I’ll always hate you.  If you asked me right now to go outside and fight you again, I would do it in a second,” said Terry.

It was perplexing that they both did not get up and leave at that point, but for some reason they stayed glued to the booth.


The fighters and their mothers arrived promptly at 6PM for the fight scheduled for 7.  The pairs camped out in their respective bedrooms for most of the hour, dressing and preparing.  In the weeks before the duel, the mothers had both helped their daughters prepare.  Explaining what to expect, and how to deal with it.  They also sparred with their girls in training sessions trying to simulate the true nature of a catfight. Now they were just reminding the girls of their advice.  The talk mostly went in one ear and out the other because the girls were just too nervous to contemplate any of it.  About 6:45 everyone entered the Great room and the girls took positions on opposite sides of the mat to stretch.

“Didn’t think you were going to show, Blondie.”

“Why would I miss out on beating the shit out of you, bitch.”

“Bitch” was probably the most spoken word in that Cabin for the next hour.

As seconds, the mothers performed their duty and went to check the nails of their daughter’s opponent.  As Tina checked Mandy’s nails she noticed how badly Mandy’s hands were shaking.  She knew that feeling of nervousness.  She whispered compassionately “Don’t worry. I was the same way before I fought your mother. It will go away once you start.”   Everyone’s nails passed inspection.

In a bit of a humorous twist a grandfather clock which none of the women had noticed chimed 7 times, startling the 4 women but reminding them that the appointed hour had arrived.  The fighters removed, in order, sneakers, socks, sweatpants, sweatshirts and bras.  They stood on the mat facing each other, about 8 feet apart.  Mandy was 5’6 and 110. Terry,  stood one inch shorter and 5 pounds heavier. Both women had their long hair in ponytails, which never lasted long in the fight and were always reconfigured at the start of each round.

With Terry’s jet black hair featuring adorable bangs she was a throwback to the Betty Page 50s look. Even though Mandy was a stunning blonde it was not quite Betty Page vs Marilyn Monroe because Mandy did not have Marilyn’s voluptuousness.  It was really more Betty Page versus a young Michele Pfeiffer.

They had both insisted on thongs, and the thongs were what thongs are…….meaning, not much. But in a nod to their mothers from more than 15 years earlier, Mandy wore black and Terry wore red.  Both women sported two tattoos.  The blonde had a a small butterfly just above and to the right of her vagina, and the words “Dad, RIP” written in script on her left flank.  Terry had a small cobra on her ass, and a tasteful red rose at the top of her right tit.

A further word about tits.  They weren’t that large.  Both gals were just a large b-cup or maybe a small c, but the fact that they stood out on two women with such small and slender frames accentuated their prominence and gave the impression they were much larger.  In other words….perfect.  Just like their mothers, pink areola for Mandy, dark brown for Tina.

The sight of the near nude women standing and facing each other, about to fight was absolutely breathtaking. Nipples stiffened (even those of the mothers standing nearby); a sign of the nervousness and excitement the two fighters were feeling.  Tina actually swept both her hands up from the bottom to the top of her tits as if to prepare them for battle.

With all the rituals of the catfight completed one of the mothers said, “Begin.”


“Well you did fight hard bitch. I’ll give you that.”

“Hurting you gave me so much pleasure, bitch.  But I’ll have to admit, you hurt me back.”

It was the first time they had said anything halfway civil to each other at The Diner.


The women flew at one another, spinning about in a tornado of slaps, punches and hair pulling, They danced furiously around the mat, each failing to take the other down. What was clear from the start was that neither woman was powerful enough to score a decisive win.  Not one or the other could be called “strong” and this fight would end up being a war of attrition, with tiny gains made on both sides. Their overall stamina and willingness to continue the fight were paramount. Fatigue would play a large role.

The wedgies also came fast and hard in the first round.  That move probably caused the most discomfort for the fighters.  Fabric stretched but would not tear and the pussies ended up taking a beating. At one point Terry backed away from Mandy while the blonde still had hold of Terry’s thong, trying to reel her back in. The brunette landed a slap to Mandy’s face and the blonde let go of Terry’s thong.

Terry asked for a timeout.  Mandy agreed.  It was odd.  They had only been fighting a minute or two, they had not been to the ground and except for the requisite hair pulling the only real pain either woman suffered was the result of the wedgies they suffered. But both women wanted to be free of their thongs as quickly as possible. The women retreated to their separate bedrooms for the break.


“I guess our mothers were right about fighting in thongs. Not good in a catfight,”

“Oh God, one time I thought you were going to slice me in half.”

That exchange was almost friendly.


At the timeout the mother hens saw to the need of their baby chicks, offering advice and encouragement. Both fighters could not get their thongs off fast enough, the mothers were tempted to say “told you so,” but refrained.  Terry and Mandy came back to the mat each eager to continue the fight.  They were completely nude now and their pussies revealed their chosen waxing selections.  The blonde had the classic “landing strip,” while the brunette opted for the popular triangular “martini glass.”

When they came together to start the second session Mandy successfully got Terry in a head lock.  She still couldn’t quite take her down, but at least she was in control.  One thing that must be noted is that Terry was really adept at “pinching.”  It was not a common catfight technique but the brunette used it to maximum effect.  Mandy found it somewhat painful and plenty annoying.  So even though she was trapped in the headlock Terry would find any of the blonde’s flesh that was available and simply pinch.  A pinch to the blonde’s meaty inner thigh did hurt more than the other pinches and Mandy released the headlock. 

They came together again with hair pulling and slapping and for the first time in the fight they tumbled to the ground and struggled to get on top. It was mostly wrestling on the ground, with some body punches thrown in. Neither woman was that intent on hurting the other woman at this point, just trying to gain control and get on top.  So there was a great deal of hair pulling and a myriad of scissor holds. Countless times one woman would mount the other and apply a school girl pin, but due to the flexibility of the women the move would be quickly countered by the legs of the woman underneath raising her legs up to wrap around the shoulders and under the armpits of the other and topple her off.

They wrestled for a good deal of time, and to any neutral observer neither woman had the right to think they were winning the fight.  Someone got on top again, the other countered with the legs round the shoulders reversal, the girl on top fell over, they separated stood up and agreed on a second timeout.  They were a bit tired now.  They were exerting a lot of energy and accomplishing little.  They both knew that.  And for that reason the tenor of the fight would change in the next round.


“Our mothers were right.  Fighting you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

“Yeah you are right about that.  I never imagined that it would be that fierce.”

“And painful.”

“Yes….and painful.”

And now the ice had been broken and the women began to feel more at ease talking about the fight, if only tangentially.  They had both come to the realization that the only woman on Earth that could understand what they went through was sitting across from them.


Each mother’s message to their daughter during the time out was exactly the same, “You can’t win just be controlling her, you have to hurt her to get her to submit.”

And so when the girls returned to the mat for the 3rd session it was clear that both had changed their tactics.  They eschewed the hair pulling  and moved on to more punching and slapping, now using both hands.  Both girls rained punches and slaps wherever they could land them.  Mandy was targeting Terry’s tits mostly and the black haired girl was concentrating at getting the blonde’s pussy and thighs.

They clinched, and as Mandy grabbed for titflesh, Terry was sending numerous knees to the blonde’s groin area. It was at this point that Mandy almost won the fight.  She released Terry’s left tit and landed a solid punch to the midsection which momentarily doubled the brunette over.  Mandy then took hold of a handful of black hair, pulled down hard and bent Terry forward at the waist. Now the blonde was in control.  She was standing up straight and had her rival bent forward in front of her.  And she had a free hand.

The mothers immediately recognized the serious of the situation and the trouble Terry was in.

“That’s good Amanda,” shouted Carrie.  “Hit her now.  Hit her hard.  Make her fucking quit.”

And on the other side of the mat, a very concerned Tina urged her girl to “Stand up straight baby.  You’ve got to get your head up.”

Terry tried, but could not raise her head as the blonde pulled down on her hair. Mandy started hitting Terry with her free hand.  Punches to the flanks and especially hard slaps to Terry’s face.  Hard, stinging slaps that hurt.  6, 7, 8 times in rapid succession found Terry’s face and for all her efforts the brunette could not straighten up. And now Mandy added knees to the face to increase her advantage. This fight had become one sided and unless Terry could get out of it she was through.

“You got her now,” yelled  Carrie. “Keep it up sweetheart.”

Each slap, each knee, each punch to the brunette was punctuated by a comment from the blonde, “Here, you fucking bitch!  Like this one bitch? How bout some more, skank?  Am I hurting you skank? Crying yet, skank?” The use of the word “skank” was payback harkening back to their dust up at the Club when Terry used the word to describe Mandy’s mother.

Indeed Terry had actually started to cry but with her head down no one could see.  Mandy’s onslaught was so effective that at one point she actually switched hands because her right hand was getting tired from hitting Terry.  So the right hand went to the hair and the left started slapping.  Terry’s face was now quite red and stained with tears.

Terry, tried one last tactic to get out of it. Instead of trying to straighten up she sunk to her knees and wrapped her arms around the blonde’s legs.  She pushed forward and Mandy fell over backwards.  Terry scrambled to get on top.  Mandy still a handful of hair, but now her rival was above her.

“Good job Teresa,” said Tina, using Terry’s given name.

Terry found herself in something of a side mount of her rival.   She took her left forearm and found Mandy’s face and pushed down hard on the blonde’s jaw, twisting Mandy’s face to the side.  Terry tried punching Mandy’s midsection, but that proved ineffective so she switched to using her right elbow and began jack hammering the blonde with it.  This was definitely hurting Mandy and Terry was encouraged by the blonde’s moans after each elbow landed.

Now Terry was after Mandy’s pussy.  After each elbow strike  she would search for her rival’s vagina.  Mandy, squirming below knew what Terry was after and her constant leg movement and prevented Terry from reaching her preferred destination.  With Mandy’s face turned away by Terry’s forearm the blonde could only feel Terry’s body above her and felt for her rival’s breast flesh.  She got a very good hold on one of the dark haired girls tits and squeezed with all her might.  Terry screamed in pain, and rolled off Mandy. 

They were both quite tired now, and agreed to a timeout.


“The thing I’m curious about, was, before the fight did you ever think that you would lose?”

“Not until the moment I gave up.  Maybe overconfidence was my undoing.  What about you?”

“Losing was always in the back of my mind, but my mother spent everyday trying to convince me that I was the greatest catfighter in the world so when I finally faced you I was pretty confident that I would I would win.”

In the bedrooms, neither fighter was very optimistic about their chances.

“I’m tired Mommy,” said Terry.  “She’s hurting me.  My poor boobs are taking a beating.  I don’t know how much longer I can fight.”

Tina applying ice packs to Terry’s hurting tits reassured her,  “You can still win this Terry.  Just keep concentrating on softening up her legs.  Once they go the pussy will be open for you and if you get there, get inside and DO NOT let go.”

“God Mom, she’s tough,”  said Mandy.  I thought I had her there when I bent over but she got out of it and her elbows were killing me.  I’m exhausted.  I’m running out of gas.”

“You are doing fine sweetheart,” replied Carrie.  Keep getting at her tits and if you can bend her again hit hard I’m sure she’ll give up.  You had her crying there, you were hurting her so much.”

As the fighters returned to the mat for the last time the old grandfather clock chimed half past 7.


“Do you think our mothers will ever fight again?”

“That’s hard to tell.  I do know that my Mom isn’t that happy about it being 1-1.  Ties are like kissing your brother.”

“So maybe we will have to be seconds again.  In some ways that was harder than actually fighting, watching someone you love get hurt.”


The women came together again and with both pulling hair Terry began to use her knees to full effect. She couldn’t hit the blonde’s pussy straight on, but the blows to her quads were painful and paralyzing. Mandy tried to counter with slaps to the face and punches to the flanks, but with them in close together they lacked any power.  At this point both women, still with a hold of hair with one hand began to concentrate on doing damage to other’s tits.  The tit grabbing was fierce and painful. Terry was especially productive with her pinching of Mandy’s underboob.

Mandy hissed, “Oh you fucking bitch.”

“Shut up and fight whore,” came the reply.

In fact, both women cried out in pain at numerous times and both were crying some from the pain and exertion.  And yet Terry never deterred from landing knees to the thighs of her opponent.

They lost balance and tumbled to the mat in a tangle of arms and legs and elbows and knees and hair. And then the blonde almost locked in a neck scissors.  Terry knew the danger of that and frantically squirmed tried to squirm free.  It seems that Terry concentrating on Mandy’s thighs had a benefit, because the blonde had little strength left in her legs to apply the head scissors and Terry escaped rather easily.

They were standing again now, even though Mandy’s legs gave her some problems standing up.  She needed a time out.

“Time out?”

“No way bitch,” said Terry.  “Come and fight.”


“You know it took me quite awhile to get over the thing, and I won.”

“Yeah, I was so depressed that I just went to bed for 3 days.”

“And then what?”

“I got up and got on with my life.  What else was I going to do?  Mom was a big help.  She knew what it was to lose and she kept telling me how she was proud of the way I fought.”


They clashed for the last time. Terry used what was left of her strength to flip the blonde over her hip and Mandy landed hard on the mat with the dark haired girl between her legs.  Terry had a scissor around Mandy’s waist but surprisingly found herself facing away from the blonde’s head, towards her legs and pussy. How fortuitous! The constant kneeing had weakened Mandy’s legs and she was having trouble moving them. And she was completely exhausted. 

Terry locked in her scissors for all she was worth, not for pain but for control of her rival, propped her self on one elbow and with her free hand finally struck gold by finding the pussy of her rival.

Just as Carrie had done to her mother, Terry was able to insert two of her fingers into Mandy’s vagina and with thumb outside she locked onto Mandy’s pussy like a vice with all she was worth.  “How do you like this, bitch?”

“Remember this Mandy?” taunted Terry. She yanked, pulled, twisted, and scraped at the tender flesh. Now she had 3 fingers in!

“I told you I would wreck your pussy, and now I’m keeping my promise.” Every ounce of her strength was now intent on ruining Mandy’s pussy. 

For the blonde the pain was incredible.  Her only defense was to try and loosen the scissors that had her trapped by punching and slapping at Terry’s legs.  It bothered the brunette not at all.  Terry sensed victory and only applied more pressure to the death grip that she had on the blonde’s pussy.

“I got you now bitch. Time to give up.”

Mandy was also trying to thrash legs her around to break the hold, but that too was weak and ineffectual. Screaming and crying Mandy knew that she had been beaten.

“Go ahead, bitch, say it.  You know exactly what I want to hear,”  said Terry looking back over her shoulder so she could see her rival’s face.  Mandy’s cries were quite pathetic.

Tina shouted, “Don’t let go honey.”  “You are wrecking her now. Good girl.  Squeeze”

Sobbing from the pain, all Mandy could say was, “Mommy, Mommy!”

Carrie was now crying too, watching her daughter being tortured by the girl with the black hair.

“It’s OK dear,” was all she could say.  “It’s OK.”

“Say it Mandy and it will all be over.  Just say it,” demanded Terry.

Quietly, Mandy whispered, “I give, you are better than me.”

Terry released the hold on Mandy and kicked her off from between her legs.  She rose in victory. An awesome sight, standing above the beaten blonde who was now curled into a fetal position sobbing.  “I won!  I won! I beat her Mom.  I did it!”

Tina rushed to embrace her victorious daughter.  “Yes you did sweetheart.  You surely did!”

As Tina toweled off Terry, checking her for any damage, Carrie rushed to the aid of her beaten fighter.  She cradled her in her arms and with both mother and daughter weeping all she could say was “It’s OK Mandy, I’m here now. It’s over.  I’m here.”


They had said about all they were going to say at The Diner.  Mandy would never talk directly about the fight with Terry, and Terry knew it.  They still hated one another and probably always would.

“I’ll pay Mandy. It’s only right seeing as how the fight turned out.” Terry said sarcastically.

Mandy turned quickly away from her rival, embarrassed and humiliated.

And when they got to the parking lot, Terry said, “There is just one more thing I wanted to tell you Mandy. We hated each other and we agreed to a fight, woman to woman. And I beat you fair and square and that gives me a warm feeling inside.  And what makes it even better is I know you tried your best.  Just not good enough. And I’ll always remember that you had to admit I was better than you.  It’s something I can’t wait to share with my grand daughters one day.”

“Fuck you, Terry.”  Mandy turned and got in her car, and when she was certain that Terry had left the parking lot she broke down and cried.

Chapter 8

It had been about 3 months since Carie and Tina had last seen each other at The Diner, leaving their daughters in the booth to talk about their fight at the Log Cabin. And now the women were back, a meeting brought about by two short emails sent between the two.

Tina’s email came first, “It’s time. I’m ready. Agreed?”

Carrie’s reply was just as brief, “I’m good to go. See you at The Diner.”

It had been 10 months since their last fight. As they settled into their favorite booth and ordered coffee Carrie spoke first, “Well I have a pretty good guess why you sent your email. And I’m sure it wasn’t to exchange recipes. But why don’t you go ahead and spell it out.”

The brunette cleared her throat, “Funny thing, I was standing on line at the supermarket the other day, waiting to check out and all I could think about was fighting you again. For months I thought my fighting days were over, but when our daughters fought it reignited that catfight passion in me. I want to fight you one last time. As perverse as it is I’m resigned to the fact that this is our destiny.”

Carrie replied, “Well, being tied 1 to 1 really always annoyed me. We need to settle that. I’ve been ready for a 3rd fight for longer than you, but I knew it was not my place to issue the challenge, That had to come from you. So I accept your proposal that we meet again, woman to woman .”

“The thing I want you to understand Carrie, is that this is it. No matter the outcome. Whether I win or lose, the book is going to close on fighting for me. I’m planning on beating you and then getting on with my life.”

Carrie let that little bit of trash talk pass by without comment. All she said was, “I feel the same way.”

“Well then,” said Tina, “we should discuss format. Is there anything we want to change from last time? Thongs maybe?” The women laughed at that inside joke. They had warned their daughters against thongs and were right in that regard. They would fight as expected, nude.

They tossed around a few ideas which were rejected pretty easily. They had no appetite for face punching, scratching or kicking. They did talk some about making the fight best two out of three but ultimately rejected the idea based on the fact that the fight was not some sort of sporting event, it was a duel to do harm and make the other woman give up. As always the fight would end when one woman admitted the other was better.

And just as it seemed that the way the fight would be conducted would be identical to their last go round, Carrie offered a unique and dangerous suggestion. She took a pen from her handbag and wrote something on a napkin. She then turned the napkin over and slid it across the table to Tina. Tina turned it over and shivers went through her body. The napkin read “No Seconds.” Tina had just assumed that the daughters would attend the fight to assist the fighters and now Carrie was proposing that they fight in private, totally alone.

Tina looked up at Carrie and the blonde said “Just you and me.”

Tina let the idea of “no seconds” sink in. The implications were profound. It would be dangerous. Everything about the fight would be decided by the two women. And no one else.. And no seconds meant that the winner would be the sole individual to control when the event would be over. Would a submission from one woman completely satisfy the other? It was quite a frightening notion. If they wanted to increase the risk, fighting alone in private would do it. And in fact, that was what they were after. Violence and danger. Pain and uncertainty.

“I have a question,” said Tina, “do we trust each other enough to do it that way?”

“Good question. In the end it will be the absolute best way if we really want to settle things. Personally, I wouldn’t have suggested it if I didn’t think it was what we both want and need. This time we don’t have to worry about our poor daughters and what they had to witness last time. It would give us the freedom to fight, and find out who really is the better woman.”

After a long silence Tina nodded. “Agreed. No seconds,” she whispered.

In a candid moment Carrie remarked to Tina, “Boy wouldn’t Bob and Steve want to be part of all this? I don’t think they could ever have imagined what they set in motion when they pitted us against each other that first time.”

“Well I’m sure that their cocks would be hard as stone, but I’m glad they aren’t involved. They were once part of this, but now it is just you and me, and that’s the way it should be.”

Having agreed on the particulars of the fight, Tina had only one question left. “Where should we have it? It has be someplace very private.”

“I think I have that problem solved, but I need to see to a few things. I will email you details.”

As they left The Diner the women noticed a handwritten sign taped to the door. “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS IN TWO WEEKS! THANK YOU TO OUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS FOR 50 YEARS OF PATRONAGE ”

Tina took out a pen, and looking around to make sure no one would see, wrote “(and catfighters)” right under the word “customers.” “That will give them something to think about, eh?”

Carrie laughed at Tina’s antics. “Too bad the old greasy spoon is closing, but we wouldn’t be coming back anyway. We will say everything that needs to be said when we fight.”

One week later…..

Tina followed the instructions of her GPS and found herself at the address which Carrie had given her. It was an empty factory building in a bad part of town. Typical three story structure. Some windows broken, trash laying about. Carrie was there leaning against her car and waved to Tina that she was in the right place.

Tina parked, and got out and greeted her rival. Carrie gave some background. “Bob owned this building. It was an auto parts factory until 2 years ago when they went belly up. No tenants since then. We put it up for sale but the market is slow. There’s only one employee left. A building manager who looks after it, sort of. I do think this will be a good place for us to have our meeting.”

The blonde led Tina through steel doors and down a flight of stairs. It was dark. And then another flight down. “This is the sub basement.” There were several doors.

“It’s like a dungeon,” said Tina.

“Well we are going to be medieval, right? Here’s the room.” It had a small sign on the door, SB-04.

“I told John, the building manager, to meet us here. I told him that I was going to have a few friends here for an aerobics class, and he needed to get the room ready.”

They entered SB-04. It was a large dark room. There was only one working light. The room was full of the flotsam and jetsam of a bankrupt company. Shelving, pallets, boxes, catalogs, spare parts, etc. But it was quite large. “Once the room is cleared, we fight here.”

“Hello ma’am.” The women literally jumped out of their skin. It was John, the building manager.

“You scared the shit out of us John!”

“Sorry ma’am, I thought you knew I was here.”

“John, I want you to meet Tina, she’s the aerobic instructor we have hired.”

“There are so many better rooms upstairs for your exercise class than this one. Wouldn’t you want to use one of them?”

“Well my girlfriends are all a bit out of shape and privacy for them is paramount. This will be perfect once you’ve cleaned it out and put down mats. 18 by 18. Can you do that John?”

“Oh sure ma’am. I’ll have it all cleaned out and ready for your class in a day or two and rent the mats.” John then turned to Tina and asked, “Is it OK for your class?”

“Yes John, this will be perfect for what we want to accomplish.” The women gave each other a wink.

John left, leaving the two women alone in the dungeon. Tina said, “What’s that line from ALIEN? ‘In space no one can hear you scream’. Well down here in SB-04 I guess no one can hear us scream either.”

Carrie chuckled, “That’s why I thought this would be perfect. OK then! We meet back here a week from today. Arrive around 6:30 and we will fight at 7. This is all about us settling things once and for all. Just you and me until it’s decided.”

“I guess I should say ‘Be ready’ but I’m sure that will be the case,” replied Tina.

Three days before the fight…..

Tina received an email from her rival. It had a message and a picture. The picture was a selfie Carrie took, topless, staring straight into her bathroom mirror. Even at 51 she looked quite fit. But it was not her biceps, abs or tits that Tina focused on, it was the blonde’s hair. It could now be best described as a crew cut you might see on a middle school boy. No, she was not bald, she still had hair, just not enough to hold onto. Actually, although it was quite a severe look, her beauty still shone through.

Her message to Tina was as follows: “Just wanted you to see my new hairdo! It will be a wonderful day when I break you with my bare hands.”

“That fucking bitch,” Tina said to herself. “If she thinks she’s going to get an advantage with no hair to pull, she’s got another thing coming.”

Tina quickly found her electric clippers and went to work on her own brown hair. In no time her hair was just as short and ungrabbable as her adversary. She also took a topless selfie, but a profile accentuating her proud breasts. And she was still cute as a button!

The selfie was immediately sent to her rival. It said, “Two can play the hair game, bitch. It will be a fantastic day when I fuck you up.”

Chapter 9

You may call it irony, but symmetry may be the better word. On the very day that The Diner would close its doors for good, the two women who spent so much time there would meet and also bring their relationship to a close. All accounts would be settled as they would test their strength and courage against one another, until one woman broke the other and walked away victorious. The momentous nature of their meeting was not lost on the participants. They were nervous with fear and anticipation. And each did their best to hide their fear from the other. Unsuccessfully, of course.

And as they met at the appointed time in the empty parking lot of the old factory building, they both were committed to truly fight. They did not speak. In fact they would not speak at all to one another until the start of the duel. They both slung their gym bags over their shoulders and headed down to the dungeon called SB-04. They would not emerge until the thing had been settled. One woman admitting that the other was just simply better.

Building manager John had done a very nice job on SB-04. It was almost completely empty now, and the 18 by 18 mats were placed carefully in the center under the bare 100 watt bulb overhead. There were a few folding chairs stored in the hallway and the women brought two in to be placed on opposite sides of the fighting ground.

The room was set quite warm as Carrie had instructed John. It would be comfortable for the 2 naked woman at the start but they would feel the heat more as they fought. John had the foresight to leave a case of bottled water for the aerobics class that did not exist, and even at room temperature the water would come in handy for the fighters.

Catfighting and hair pulling go hand in hand. In fact the defining characteristic of a catfight is the hair pulling. So can a fight between two women with no hair to pull be called a catfight? Maybe. However, although they sometimes used the term “catfight,” Carrie and Tina never really accepted it, thinking it to be somewhat demeaning to women who fight one another. They always simply preferred the word “fight”. Suffice it to say that if you eliminate hair from the equation you have a fight quite different, and in many ways more violent.

The ritual preparations began with the two women across from one another on the mat. They spent much of the time while stretching staring at each other. Instead of being shy about eye contact before a fight, they sought it. It was probably to show each other that they were not fearful, although, of course they were. Each held up their arms and turned the back of their hands outward to show the other that their nails were trimmed.

The women began to disrobe. Tina took off her sweat shirt and bra. She would not be wearing the bra home. Neither woman would. Now topless the brunette sat in her chair to remove her sneakers. She spoke. It was the first words uttered since they had arrived. “Carrie, before we start there is something I want to say to you. From the first moment I met you at The Diner those many years ago, I have hated your guts. I’ve always tried to remain civil to you because that is the way I was raised. But make no mistake, I hate you. The opportunity to hurt you today gives me great pleasure. I will show you no mercy.”

The blonde also had something to say. “You know Tina, Bob was right. You are a cunt, and you can’t possibly hate me anymore than I hate you. Defeating you today, and hurting you worse than you have ever been hurt before will be glorious for me. I’m going to make you regret that you ever showed up here. I can’t wait any longer. Come and fight me.”

Now totally nude the women stood and faced each other. They presented an awesome sight. Yes they were middle aged with a few extra pounds in the midriff and tits slightly drooping, but otherwise they appeared fit, athletic and formidable. Unlike their lean daughters, they were both more meaty. Extra strength in the arms and thighs and calves. Neither was a push over, and from the experience of fighting each other twice before, respected the fighting abilities of the other.

The fight was the longest of the three they had. Four rounds. Almost 45 minutes all told, including the three timeouts. And if a fight could be described as a kitchen appliance it was not the whirling blender of their daughter’s fight, it was more of a crockpot. Slow and simmering. But do not let a lack of movement have you think that they were not constantly trying to hurt each other, because they most certainly were. It was both horrible and epic.

They came at each other with fists up, and with no hair to grab both unleashed punches with both hands, aiming at any available flesh below the neck. The thuds, smacks and grunts echoed throughout the dungeon. At least half a dozen times they would come together in a flurry of hits and then back up and then quickly reengage. Arms, tits, stomachs and thighs were all fair game. At one point Tina landed an especially hard shot to one of Carrie’s tits, and the blonde winced in pain and turned her back on her rival. Tina was on her in a second and brought her down to the mat controlling the blonde’s back. “How’s that, bitch?” she asked. With her arm around Carrie’s neck she went after any soft flesh to attack. She felt for Carrie’s pussy but could not get to it, so she resorted to hard punches to the kidneys.

Carrie squirmed below the brunette and kept Tina from locking her legs around her, turning to face her rival and rolling both of them over so now the blonde was on top. She sought Tina’s tits and found them. Tina responded with hard slaps to Carrie’s face, and succeeded in pushing the blonde off her. They regained their feet and agreed to a time out. Tina probably had a little better of the round, but it was close and both had done damage.

Now they began to feel the heat of the room.

The second session started the same as the first with a flurry of punches and slaps, but that did not last long, and they tied up in a clinch. With no hair to grab they were forced to wrap arms around each other and try for a takedown. They tested each other’s core strength and the equality on that front frustrated each as they tried to dominate. They were reduced to a macabre dance around the mat, straining and struggling, often repositioning their arms for better leverage. It was at this point that knees came into play as each tried to damage that way. Thighs were repeatedly hit, and a moan from the opposition told a fighter that they had scored a good hit. Carrie twisted Tina trying for a takedown and the brunette was forced to spread her legs apart to maintain her balance. The blonde struck gold….or actually pussy, with a direct knee to Tina’s vagina.

Tina cried out, slumped and went down with Carrie on top of her. Tina played defense as she waited for the pain between her legs to subside, covering up from the predictable onslaught from the blonde. She had one of Carrie’s legs trapped in a scissor which prevented her from mounting her. But even so Carrie did some hard hitting to Tina’s flanks and tits, and attempted some face slaps that the brunette successfully blocked.

They were now drenched in sweat and were becoming more slippery by the minute. Carrie, intent on pounding Tina, lost track of holding the brunette down and Tina effected a roll, and now she was on top. Tina aimed more for control of the blonde than trying to hurt her, and after some feverish wrestling the two fighters broke apart and a second time out was agreed upon. In general the blonde had the better of the round, but once again it was quite close.

They were getting tired and were hot from the heat of the room. Both took water and not only drinking it they poured it over their heads. They were now wet with sweat and water from head to toe. After a few minutes they stood and faced one another for the 3rd round.

It is unclear why they passed on punching at the start of the round, but instead they immediately came to grips with one another. Shuffling around the mat they both lost their balance and toppled over and found themselves side by side on the mat. This turned out to be the longest round of the fight, but also had the least amount of action. The fight became quite static. Two women on the ground, legs interlocked both using their hands and arms to do the most damage possible to the other. Tits were an especially favorite target for slapping, punching and grabbing. Cries of pain from both women rang out. They did more talking in this round also. “Bitch!” “Cunt!” “Whore!” were offered up in abundance.

At one point towards the end of the session they found themselves in the oddest position you might ever see in a catfight. They were both in a sitting position, legs stretched out in front of them, side by side and facing one one another. They latched on to their rival’s tits with both hands and squeezed with all their might. The agony was incredible. They looked straight at one another faces contorted in pain.

And then Tina spit on Carrie’s face. It shocked the blonde and she responded with “You fucking bitch,” and did not hesitate to spit back at Tina. Both women had spittle dripping off their faces, but neither wanted to relinquish the hold on their rival’s tits and wipe their faces clean. Finally Tina could take the pain no longer and she released one of the blonde’s tits and slapped her hard across the face breaking the stalemate.

Carrie rolled and then rose to her knees and closed the distance on Tina who waited for her also on her knees. And then by some bizarre mutual agreement they each grabbed a tit and the pussy of the woman in front of them. No pretense of defense by either. Just pain against pain. And there was plenty of that. This time it was the blonde that could not stand the suffering any longer. She released her own holds and then broke the clutches of her rival.

And in another unusual move both women simply sat back on their haunches and starred at one another. The attacks by the women to the other’s breasts and vaginas truly defined this fight. It was almost as if they wanted to destroy the very femaleness of their adversary. Not happy with simply hurting each other they sought to obliterate their identity as a woman. It was uncivilized and appalling. Carrie asked for a time out. Tina agreed.

They slowly got up and walked back to their chairs. Once seated, they both began to cry. They tried to hide it with towels over their faces but they were not fooling anyone. They wept into their towels. This struggle was taking an emotional toll on the women. They had both been beaten up badly. They were exhausted and tired and hot and frustrated. The serious nature of their conflict was worse than could ever be imagined. Any other pair in a similar situation might offer a draw and end the punishment, and that would be a fitting end to this fight, but these two would have none of that. And each still thought they would win.

Carrie was the first to stand and move back onto the mat. Then the brunette stood, took the last of the water in her bottle, poured it over her head, and moved to face her rival for what was to be the last round. The single motif that defined the fight was the in close struggle between two women with equal strength. And the final round had that in spades.

They slowly moved together, and with breasts mashed against each other, came to grips with holds around each other’s torso. They would not be apart for the rest of the fight. In fact, the closeness of their bodies for the rest of the fight produced what seemed to be a single individual, only with four legs, four arms and two heads.

This had become woman against woman as if they were the last two women on Earth. They toppled to the mat, still in the mutual bearhug, and now with legs fixed and intertwined. They rolled, each on top for a bit of time. They had little strength left to hurt the other, they simply wanted control, thinking staying on top would bring victory. Each considered quitting but fought the urge to surrender. This fight was just too important to each of them.

The end was not very spectacular. But it was definitive.

Carrie rolled on top and managed to stay there. She took her left forearm and pressed it hard against the Tina’s jaw, turning the brunette’s head to an odd angle. With her right hand she reach between their bodies and found Tina’s left tit and crushed it with all the strength she had left. Tina knew she was in deep trouble. She searched between for Carrie’s pussy but once again could not reach it. With her face twisted to the side she could not see her rival and could only try and feel for Carrie’s face to try and push her off or maybe grab on to an ear. Carrie dodged that attempt and kept hurting the rival below her.

The blonde sensed victory and it gave her a bit of new found strength. She continued to put immense pressure on Tina’s jaw and breast. “It’s over bitch. I’ve got you now. I’m breaking you. How’s it feel bitch? I’m better than you. C’mon, say it bitch and I’ll let you go. Go ahead cunt. Say it.”

Tina held out for awhile, but it was useless. She had no strength left to fight back. She began to sob. “I can’t. I can’t. I can’t anymore.” Carrie felt no sympathy when she heard the cries below her.

“Just say it, bitch.”

Finally, between the sobs came the surrender. “Please stop. I quit. You are the better woman.”

Carrie rose from her beaten rival and screamed out her victory. “I won! I won! I won! I did it! I beat you! I did it! You thought you could beat me, but I showed you! With my bare hands! I broke you!” She retrieved a full water bottle and poured it over her head right in the middle of the mat with the loser on her back below her. She dropped to her knees right next to Tina and simply stared at the supine figure of her beaten foe. Tina had not moved since the end of the fight, and she was still crying.

What came next was somewhat unusual, but understandable given the circumstances. Carrie laid herself flat on top of Tina. From head to toe they were mirror images of each other. And Carrie just laid there, for the longest time, not doing anything more than reminding the woman below her who had won the fight. The blonde went cheek to cheek with Tina occasionally whispering how she had defeated her. “I’m on top of you right now because I beat you. Do you understand that, bitch?”

After establishing her dominance for a few minutes by simply lying on top of her, Carrie brought her head up so she could look Tina straight in the eye. Nose to nose the winner said the following, “You lost. I want you to eat me now. Will you do that?”

It was an odd thing to request when she might have simply demanded it, and we will never know what would have happened if Tina had said no. But instead the brunette replied weakly, “OK.” To the victor goes the spoils.

Carrie rose up and moved her body forward, straddling Tina’s face as she lowered her vagina on to her rival’s mouth. Tina, who probably had never had sex with another woman, was tentative at first, but soon she was fully sucking on Carrie’s pussy. The blonde was soon rhythmically rocking above her. The pussy Tina had been trying to destroy just minutes earlier was now on her mouth as she used her tongue to caress it. Tina took her hands and cupped Carrie’s ass cheeks to steady the target on her mouth. The blonde felt the pleasure course through her body. “Oh, that’s good, bitch. That’s good. Fuck me, bitch, fuck me.”

As Tina continued to eat the pussy of her rival, the blonde above her told her, “Stick your finger in my asshole. Do it.” Tina moved her hand from butt cheek to asshole and with her index finger she ringed the anus, and then inserted it. The combination of mouth and finger, vagina and rectum, was too much for Carrie to resist. Her body rose up, her back arched, her head fell back, her eyes closed and her mouth dropped open. She came like a clap of thunder. “Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh God! I’m coming! Fuck! Yes!”

She rolled off Tina, now the complete victor. Tina, still on her back, brought her arms up and crossed them over her face, as if trying to hide. Carrie dressed and left her there. Her last words to Tina were, “Nice fight Tina. Don’t ever forget who won. And thanks for the orgasm too! You know the way out, right?” And with that Carrie left and the two women never saw each other again.

Tragically, 3 or 4 years after the fight in The Dungeon, Carrie was killed by a drunk driver in an auto accident. At the wake there was one person there that no one seemed to recognize except for Carrie’s daughter Amanda. It was Tina.

“Tina, it’s so nice to see you here. Mom would have appreciated it. I know she would.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss, Mandy. Your Mom and I experienced things together that few women will ever know. I just wanted to come and pay my respect to the better woman.”

And as she drove home from the wake Tina looked out her window and spotted the closed and shuttered remains of THE DINER.

The End

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