The Freak Convention by KingofDaPirates1

Amber Fielder walked back inside her girlfriend’s flat as the redhead left for her little meetup with Silvia. She took a deep breath to calm her weird nerves seeing Maggie drive away. At the same time, a shot of jealousy and fear of being left gave a little nip to her heart. She did well to hide it from Maggie, but when she was alone, it was a struggle. ‘She will come back. She will come back.’ She told herself over and over and remembered the looks and words that Maggie had said to her before she left. They calmed her. I mean, she couldn’t be mad, it had been her idea for the whole ‘half’ open relationship thing with their rivals and she kept up her brave face no matter what. She was scared it would backfire, but she wanted to do anything to make Maggie happy. Silvia was not even the biggest worry to Amber, not in that way of course. The bartender was just a sex addict and had a fixation on her girlfriend. Amber had figured that Silvia was going to force Maggie into another showdown whether they were together or not, and she also figured that her girlfriend would have accepted one way or another. Maggie still struggled to admit she might be just as addicted.

It was always the next new rival that scared her, a new woman appearing that Maggie would hate, and then love the way she did her. Her girlfriend’s co-worker, her own bandmate, that chef, Maggie had met at the Gala. The sexy once short-haired redhead had so many rivals and that didn’t include the weird relationship they had both built with Marissa and Isabella. Now that they were both seemingly becoming friends if not best friends with one-half of the roommates, who in turn were enemies. Though both she and Maggie always made each other priority, there were quite many people in the mess of their lives they had created over the last year and a half.

Tonight, did bring up questions however, she wasn’t sure what Silvia would demand if she won, or what Maggie would if she did. She guessed her girlfriend would make the slut promise never to contact her again, but Amber had a feeling they would seek each other out no matter what happened unless something went really wrong. An orgy, sounded hot, but seemed a lot more about the sex than the hate…maybe that was their thing.

As she started to pack, she relaxed a bit more because she told herself it didn’t matter. Maggie would not leave her for Silvia, or Bianca or any of the other old or new girls, and if she did, Amber would just hunt her down and force her back. She was confident that Maggie would do the same to her, that was kind of their thing.

It didn’t help that sometimes she still struggled to say the word ‘love’ out loud, but for all it was worth, she knew she loved Maggie with every bit of soul she had. She just wanted to show it easier and make sure the redhead knew…and that meant letting her girlfriend fuck fight anyone she wanted. It was harder than she expected because she made it hard. She hadn’t felt the desire to fuck fight as her girlfriend did, but she would deal with it because her life felt much better with Maggie Reynolds in it. Pushing it out of her mind, she focused on this weekend. It was all about having fun and getting to help Marissa with her cosplay. Meeting Isabella was a bonus but she wasn’t going to look for a fight unless the other roommate pushed her.

At least the weekend was offering a lot more than just her sitting around waiting for her girlfriend to come back. She was finally going to meet Isabella properly and that alone was worth the trip. She was very curious about the other woman fucking Maggie like she was, and in a less combative way than the others. Maggie spoke very highly of her, while Marissa did the opposite, so Amber assumed they were both being half truthful about who the Spanish beauty was.

Again Maggie came to her mind as she thought about what her girlfriend was doing. ‘An orgy…’, she thought, Maggie and Silvia would disgustingly go at each other, but that wasn’t her problem now, and she trusted her girlfriend. No matter what happened, she would be here when Maggie came back, she just wondered how far her girlfriend would go.

Anyway, if the worse happened, she would go fuck Silvia till the girl passed out. Amber would not deny the bartender was a fantastic ride and was a spicy sex fighter, but she could deal with her if needed. Right now, she was only a small thorn she and Maggie had to deal with but she hoped it wouldn’t turn into a bigger problem.

She finished packing and then left thirty minutes later to Marissa’s dorm at her old school. She was going to pick the other blonde and head to the weekend convention that Marissa was so excited about.

“I’m so happy you are here Amber! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming with me!” Marissa gushed, riding shotgun in the car as they drove into the city. It was a 30-minute drive from the school to the massive hotel downtown and the friends used the time to chat and laugh, something that came easier between them every time they hung out. The hotel itself was commonplace in the city for conventions and gatherings of the elite. It hosted parties, galas, and basically anything else where you had a lot of people wanting to gather. It was big enough for multiple events at once and this weekend, a small section had been rented out to the comic and anime convention they were now going to.

Amber smiled at the other blonde who was wearing her hair in one massive side ponytail. She had green lips today with her green eyeliner, continuing her common theme of wearing colorful mixes of makeup. Her hazel eyes were sparkling in excitement, and she was looking at Amber with a big smile every chance she got.

The cool-looking ex-student smiled back, “After all you have talked about this, I’m excited to see what it is going to be like, can’t lie though, I’m not really into this anime shit.”

“Yes, I know you are not, but you are still coming! That’s what real friends do, and obviously, it’s like my favorite thing ever. I’m a really popular cosplayer and streamer online, and it will even be more fun with a friend! The prize money is really big too and the sponsors! But don’t worry, the event is pretty small so we can go chill most of the time and just enjoy the hotel. I just need your help with a few things!”

“So, then why are you bringing Isabella if I’m coming now?” Amber questioned shooting a glance at the other blonde. It had been a question on her mind after she had found out that the roommates were planning a final match between them before the new year ended next week. In fact, it potentially would be at this very hotel after the Convention. As much as watching them in their sex contest would be very fun, Amber knew that they wanted it to be alone. They were going to be moving out after it and would never see each other again, per Marissa.

The student gave her a sheepish look, “Honestly, I didn’t think you and I would become such amazing friends this fast. I had planned for Maggie to come before I realized she sucked. Then, I panicked cause really wanted someone to go with, so I gave up a week of Isabella being my slave to have her come as a promise. It works better when you have a second and the chance of me winning the cosplay tournament is even higher when you have two people! Plus, who I’m cosplaying has this ‘friend’ that Isabella could pull off easier than you or I could cause of her complexion.” Marissa paused, realizing she was just speaking without getting to the point. “Sorry! I always do that! So, like I could have told her not to come, but after giving up my week. That wouldn’t be fair to me, and she needs to take her medicine. She dislikes this kind of stuff too…but I think only because I like it.” She trailed off, but then like a lightbulb she bounced in her seat. “Oh! And it’s perfect for us to find out which one is the winner. I can’t wait to beat her once and for all!”

Amber nodded, while still looking at the road. “Okay, so that makes sense, but can I ask you something, Marissa? Who are you going to live with now next year? Or are you moving off campus to your own place?”

Marissa didn’t say anything for a second, then sighed. “I’m still working on it…I don’t know yet. I can’t afford a place on my own, unless I win this and get a lot of sponsors. For on-campus, it’s way cheaper but you need to have a roommate, and no one I have asked has said yes. They think I’m…weird.”

“Those people are fucking stupid.” Amber quickly said again, and Marissa gave her a smile that meant a lot more. However, the older blonde didn’t say anything else. She would have offered Marissa to live with her, and maybe the other blonde was hoping for the same thing, but there was no way Maggie would be okay with that. So instead, she changed the subject again.

“Well, then I guess you are still annoyed with Maggie huh. You know stealing her favorite purple lingerie piece was rude. She was pretty upset.”

“Hey! She stole my blue, yellow neon bikini before that! I had told her I had just bought it before the Gala! She targeted that one on purpose!”

Amber rolled her eyes but couldn’t help snickering as well. “You two are so childish, I think you make Maggie act like a schoolgirl again, but I know you guys are going to make up eventually, so why not just bite the bullet.”

“Hmph.” Marissa huffed though she didn’t say anything else, and the topic was dropped. A few minutes later they were walking towards the massive hotel with their bags in hand. Marissa’s suitcase was huge, packed to the brim with makeup and several other costumes while Amber’s was a bit more travel-sized. There were plenty of people around, and nearly all of them stopped to catch a glimpse as the two blondes walked side by side towards the entrance. One, looking way too cool to be here, a silver nose ring in her left nostril and her purple highlights in long yellow highlighted hair. She had changed it up a bit more so that there was a darker brown complexation near the roots clearly made on purpose. She looked like a model; her natural beauty making her turn heads every step.

The other blonde was skipping alongside her. A big smile and waving at every person who was staring at her. She had a short blue skirt, her fully yellow ponytail bouncing on her left side. She was also a beauty but more of a playful type, with her friendly looking face. Some of the people might have mistaken them for sisters with their hot bodies, side by side but their different facial features and demeanors made them stand apart. They got to the entrance quickly but waited to check in for the final person in their group.

They chatted again in the lobby, as some people came up to talk to Marissa. It seemed she was not joking and was very popular online. It was mostly men wanting a photo with her, but a few women too came up to say hi. The time seemed to fly and after 20 minutes, the other person in the group still had not joined them. “Where is she?” Marissa huffed, tapping her foot impatiently. She looked at her phone again and then back to where the taxis and Ubers were dropping people off.

“Maybe she won’t come?” Amber said lazily as she took a long look around the main lobby of the hotel. There were two groups of people walking around, some in business suits and others in more casual clothes. It looked like there was more than one event happening, but Amber hadn’t seen any signs of anything other than the anime convention. Though the business groups of people were looking very annoyed at the kids and adults in their casual wear making a lot of noise.

Marissa continued checking her phone, “She will come. She promised when she was my slave, and even though we hate each other, we have been good at keeping our promises. And she wants to compete with me!” And then, right on cue, she got a text. Marissa glanced down then smiled, “Perfect! She is here!”

Amber looked over at the entrance as a taxi pulled up and the door opened a second later. Out stepped the other student and sexy roommate of Marissa. What a sight she was and both Marissa and Amber couldn’t help watching the Spanish girl leave the car with wide eyes. The darker girl took out her own bag and began to walk out towards the entrance, seeing the two blondes easily in the crowd. Marissa noted the way she walked was similar to how Amber had been; way too cool for school and with a cooler, less friendly air than herself. The blonde roommate was also surprised by what Isabella was wearing, because usually, her roommate would wear more modest clothes in public. But today she was in tight black short shorts that showed off nearly all of her sexy brown legs and ass to a far greater extent than the jeans she normally wore. That was combined with her small red t-shirt that even showed off some of her toned midriff.

Marissa gave a huff as she noticed all the guys who had wanted photos with her start to watch Isabella walk down the main entrance. “Wow. I hate how hot she is trying to be, she must be trying to show off to you.” Marissa hissed with a roll of her hazel eyes as Isabella came up towards them.

“Me? You two are the ones going to fight this weekend, right? She’s prob trying to scare you off with her body.” Amber countered; it was what she would have done if she was about to have a sexfight.

“Yes, we are, but she already knows that I find her hot, and I know she finds me hot, that’s not a secret between us. We see each other nude almost every day. But I can promise you, this is about you. She never wears stuff like that out in public, also she is fucking your girlfriend BTW in case you forgot.”

“Yeah, and I’m fucking you? Doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean I have to hate her right away. We talked about that, and besides Maggie’s already sex fighting some other bitch right now.” Amber said, though she did grit her teeth a bit as Isabella came closer.

“That Silvia woman, right? I met her at the Gala, I think she was really up to fuck.”

“Yep, that’s her,” Amber replied, but didn’t care, and she had no right to worry. She had been fucking Marissa just as much, but damn this Isabella looked hotter than she had ever expected. The girl didn’t have social media so this was the first time she had really been able to see her. Right now, she was sure her girlfriend was nude and locked up with Silvia anyway, potentially in the middle of a mob of people. God, she never would have guessed that Maggie would be the one pushing for more fights…maybe they would have to talk.

“I guess,” Marissa said snapping Amber out of it, but she gave her friend a worried look as Isabella came up to stand in front of them.

“Hey,” Isabella said, looking back and forth at the two blondes and feeling out of place very quickly. She really wished Maggie had been here, then at least she would have felt like she would have a friend and not be outnumbered like she was.

“Izzy! You are almost late! Common, we need to check in now.”

Now Isabella rolled her own brown eyes to that comment, and Amber noticed how similar the roommates reacted to things that bugged them. Maggie had told her they were more alike than they admitted but convincing them that was impossible. Before anything else could happen between the two students, Amber walked up and stood eye to eye with the new arrival. Their equal shade of brown eyes quickly looked at each other with a coolness as they measured each other up. They judged each other’s bodies and looked quickly, doing a full up and down and taking in every little detail that they could. Amber’s short plaid skirt and Izzy’s shorts showed a lot of leg for inspection, both had nicely toned muscles from their working out. On their upper bodies, Amber had more skin showing off her cleavage in the small red tank top she was wearing, but Izzy’s own red t-shirt was far tighter and made her breasts even more prominent. After a few seconds they seemed to come to the same conclusion, damn this is a fucking hot bitch.

Izzy broke the silence first and, in a more perky tone than her normal voice smiled, “Amber, it’s nice to officially meet you. I mean, outside that one Gala meeting way back then.”

Amber smiled at Isabella, not sensing any sort of anger or even competitiveness off the girl. She either was really good at hiding it or was actually being as pleasant as her tone came off, so she responded in kind, “Isabella, same. I have heard a lot about you.”

“Yeah? Good or bad?”

“Both, two different sides from Maggie and your roommate.”

Isabella couldn’t help but laugh, “That doesn’t surprise me. Both Maggie and Mari talk about you a lot too, but all I hear are the positives. I hear you are a really good dancer.”

“Dancing? And who told you that?” Amber said with curiosity, she and Marissa never really talked about dancing.

Isabella looked confused for a brief second, “Maggie did. Has she not shown you her new moves yet?”
“No, she hasn’t,” Amber said, with a bit too much suspicion than she meant.

“Oh, she must be wanting to surprise you!” Isabella responded quickly. There was a short awkward silence, and Izzy almost started panicking, she could not mess this first meeting up. “Umm, well. Sorry. I know that you are helping Mari, and that I guess we are supposed to hate each other because I’m sleeping with your…umm. Okay, sorry.”

Amber smiled and was about to respond kindly to a clearly nervous Isabella when another voice picked up. “Back off Izzy. She is my friend, not yours.” Marissa suddenly said, breaking up the little chat between the two women.

Isabella shot her roommate an annoyed look but didn’t say anything else and turned away from Amber to her roommate, the cold wall going back up slightly. The ex-student however watched the Spanish girl curiously. Maggie had said that Isabella was very cold, but so far, she didn’t see it. Or maybe she was trying to be as open as possible to Amber for a reason she didn’t know yet. Either way, so far, Maggie’s positives were outweighing Marissa’s negatives.

“Ok! You guys now know each other now, let’s move on!” Marissa continued with a tone of cheerful and excitement even though she was eyeing Isabella with disdain mixed with curiosity. Her roommate was being really friendly to Amber, and she wanted to know why. She would figure it out later however because for now there were plans to discuss. “Now before we check in, let’s run through the itinerary!”

Marissa pulled up her phone and Isabella and Amber turned to face her as she began sliding through the list.

“Okay, tonight is a free night for all of us! There is an awesome pool and bar I think we should check out; Amber will just have to buy us the drinks. Umm, there is also a world-class health club and spa if we want to work out or get a steam. The rooms also have really big baths if you want to do that. I know you really like a good bath Izzy, so I brought some bath bombs for you.”

Isabella blushed at the details her roommate was sharing, but Marissa didn’t notice and kept going.

Amber listened to her best friend running through the list with an interesting look now. Normally Marissa talked about how much she hated Isabella, and that she didn’t care about her at all. But either she was so excited about the weekend and wanted everyone to have a good time that she didn’t have time to hate Isabella, or subconsciously was helping Isabella out to not feel uncomfortable. She didn’t know and all the while Marissa kept speaking at a fast pace.

“Now tomorrow, the morning is whatever, but the convention begins at 11 and lasts till 6. That part is where we can go around, and do the cosplay thing, and then I have a streamer meet and greet. I’m pretty popular!”

“And we know why.” Isabella interrupted, and Marissa stopped and glared at her.

“What does that mean Izzy?” She turned to her roommate.

“Nothing.” The Spanish girl responded, and they shared another glare. Isabella thought that Marissa was one of those gamer girls who just used their bodies to get likes, while Marissa said it was her skill that got her there. In a way, they were both half right.

“Okay then, don’t interrupt anymore. Then, Sunday night, Amber you can stay or go home like we talked about, while Izzy and I have our match and settle it once and for all. Till then however, we have a truce, right Izzy?”

“Yes,” Isabella responded, and Amber felt the heat between the roommates’ return. It seemed to switch between hot and cold faster than any other rivalry she had ever seen. They would get their little shots in and then they dropped it like it was nothing.

Finishing the reading of the list, they quickly began to check into their room, and knock the first thing off the long list. They had been able to only book one bed and a couch single room for all three of them. For all the looking forward to it Marissa had been doing, she still didn’t end up booking the room till the last minute and that was all there was left. The sleeping arrangements would be tight, but it was fine and only for two nights. Marissa and Amber would share the bed, and Izzy would be on the couch. The Spanish girl looked even more annoyed but didn’t say anything. The second night, Amber planned to leave early or get another room if she wanted, which would give time for the roommates to settle it finally. After getting flirted with by the desk worker they finally got their three keys from the clerk when a voice from behind them hit their ears.

“Well, isn’t this a coincidence?” A haughty expression said behind them, and all three women; Marissa, Isabella, and Amber froze in place. ‘It couldn’t be,’ they thought in unison as they all turned around all at once. There standing behind them in line was none other than a very professionally dressed up Bianca Marshall. The convention goers stood there in stunned silence for a full second, all confused on why this person, the last person they expected to see would be at this hotel.

“What are you doing here!?” Marissa finally gasped loud enough for a lot of people around the lobby to glance towards the four women. Bianca didn’t answer right away and viewed the three women with a hidden aloofness behind her high value sunglasses. She was wearing a short business skirt, one she normally saved for meetings in which she used her sexuality to its full extent. Her long strong pale legs were out in the open for once and looking as formidable to the other woman. She also had a button up white blouse that was thin so that the you could almost see the black bra she was wearing underneath in the right light. Her black hair was in a messy bun, and her dark red lips looked freshly coated. It seemed this woman knew that in the professional business, her body was a weapon, and she was using it now more than ever. A small smirk came to her very red lips as the woman looked at Marissa first.

“Now don’t be rude Miss Keeling, I don’t believe you own this hotel?”

Marissa almost lost it at that second but closed her mouth and glared at her ex-mentor instead. She didn’t want to cause a scene. Isabella looked equally as shocked as well at Bianca’s appearance. The last time they had talked, this woman had ditched her and, in a way, abandoned her for no reason. The hidden blue eyes found her brown ones next, but if Isabella was looking for an apology or some form of regret, she wasn’t about to find it.

“Miss Sanz, I must say, when I told you that our partnership was over, I was slightly disappointed. You were a very efficient intern, but seeing who your present company is now, I believe it’s clear that I made the right choice ending contact with you. Very disappointing.”

Isabella’s face went red, the words hurting more than she would let on and she didn’t say anything. She again wished Maggie was here to defend her, it only made her feel more alone. But a new voice picked up directed towards Bianca.

“What the hell is your problem? Leave them alone.” Amber hissed and she took a step forward to get face to face with Bianca. The women immediately sized each other up and felt a spike of heat that was not from the temperature. Bianca was standing slightly higher due to her high heels compared to Amber’s flip flops, and she glared down at the challenger. The last time they had been face to face, they had been nude, and Amber had tribbed Bianca to orgasm in the middle of her duel with Jenny.

“Hello Amberrrr, it’s such a pleasure to see you again,” Bianca responded with a coldness that she did not give to many people.

“It’s not mutual.” Amber snapped back, “Now tell us, what are you doing here? Are you stalking us or something?”

Amber could see Bianca’s blue eyes narrow even behind her glasses, and a second wave of heat passed between the two young women, something that had been building in the back of their heads for months. A heat from their mutual desire, and an unspoken hatred that had been building since the Gala, and even before that for Amber. Marissa and Isabella watched the standoff from behind the ex-student, and both of them felt a level of tension that was even beyond theirs.

“I have much better things to do than that, Amber. But if you must know, there is a meeting for young professionals this weekend at this establishment and I was invited by two sponsors I met at the Gala. It just so happens to be the same weekend that young Miss Keeling talked about so often instead of working. Quite the coincidence if you ask me.”

This reason caught Bianca’s attention for a weird reason. Maggie had never said anything about an event like that, and she was sure her girlfriend would have been invited to everything that Bianca would have been. Why had the redhead not brought it up? She was sure she would have blown off Silvia if something like this for her job was on the line.

“What are you talking about? Maggie never mentioned a meeting like that.” She questioned, but the answer was already in her head before the professional responded.

A little smile came to Bianca’s lips, “Did she not? Oh, that is quite unfortunate, isn’t it? I wonder if Miss Reynolds ever received the invite? I think I remembered to forward it to her, but I guess I just can’t say for certain.”

Bianca lifted her glasses so that her blue eyes locked directly to Amber’s brown and a second chill went down the punk girl’s body that sent her loins pulsing. She felt herself almost shake in rage; this woman was still hurting Maggie and in a way that was not part of the sexual challenge like the other girls in their lives. If anything had changed since getting her first girlfriend, the biggest one is that Amber felt a fierce desire to protect Maggie. Not from girl’s who wanted to sexfight like Silvia or Isabella, she couldn’t stop that, and she knew deep down that Maggie didn’t want her to. But when it came to anyone who attacked Maggie in other ways, Amber wouldn’t stand for it. This was especially true when the redhead was not around to defend herself. In addition, Bianca was also attacking Marissa, her best friend right to her face and even Isabella, who Amber had been told about the email exchange of her getting dumped by the librarian.

Bianca’s eyes did not break contact with Amber’s, and she seemed to be relishing the tension between them. So far, Maggie had kept them apart since the Gala, but now, nothing was stopping her from getting at this bitch. She wanted to hurt Amber, both sexually and physically and take her, but that was her little secret.

The tension was broken as Marissa finally spoke up, “Well, sadly Bianca, we already have a very busy schedule. So, we won’t have time to see you. So, goodbye!” At the same time, Amber felt a hand wrap around her wrist to pull her back, she glanced back and saw it was actually Isabella. The look the three of them shared was simple, thank you, but this wasn’t the weekend, and they did not need to deal with her. Amber sighed, in understanding. There was nothing she could do now to help Maggie now even if she texted her. Fighting Bianca would gain her nothing, no matter how badly she wanted to slap the smirk off her face.

Bianca watched the little display of unionship with a huff, “I’m sure you all do, but I’m guessing the three of you sharing a room would be very tight. We could split it up, two and two? I don’t mind sharing.” Bianca asked with a fake innocence and Amber knew it was a direct invite for her and only her. For a second neither of the three other women said anything, even Isabella who felt more and more hurt every second Bianca was treating her like this.

“We are good.” Amber hissed and the two students nodded in agreement for once.

Bianca gave a little sigh, her first gambit not working but she had plenty of ammo, “Okay, well, if it does start to feel a little crowded, let me at least give you a key to my room.” She took a step forward and, not caring who saw, slide a thin hotel key from her hand right between Amber’s sweaty cleavage to the surprise of the guitarist. The blonde had frozen as Bianca attacked her in this not-so-subtle way. The card slid down between her massive breasts easily from the sweat and stuck out her tank top. Amber couldn’t help sucking in a breath as Bianca played her little game more out in the open than she ever had before. It was true, the librarian didn’t care, she was out of school and was going to do what she had to do to get Amber into the position she wanted.

Knowing some people must have been watching them, Amber glanced around and then down at the pale fingers that held the plastic card there for an extra second before releasing it, leaving it sticking out of her red top. Finally letting go, but not pulling her hand away, the librarian brushed the tips of her fingers on the punk girl’s smooth skin near her sternum and then leaned her face forward. “Room 509.” She whispered as the red lips lingered on Amber’s ear. The blonde didn’t react even as her body felt a pulse of extreme desire and hate from the seduction of her librarian. This bitch was basically begging for a night, but she wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of goading her into a showdown that had nothing on the line. This wasn’t her weekend to ruin, and she was going to hang out with Marissa and Isabella before running and competing against Bianca.

When the blonde didn’t respond, Bianca took a step back and then smiled at her once again, ignoring the other two women completely, “You know, I do have some free time tonight now that I think about it. Amber…why don’t you meet me down by the pool bar for a drink tonight? I would be happy to give you some details on the event Maggie will miss, and at the same time, you and I could catch up?”

Both Izzy and Mari shared a quick look, before looking at Amber. Marissa was wondering what her friend would say, hoping she would just ignore the bitch and not let it ruin the weekend. Amber was quiet for a second, tittering on letting her anger out, and trying to calm down. At the last second, she glanced back at her best friend, and they shared a look of understanding as the musician turned back to the librarian.

“I don’t think so. I don’t drink with bitches.” Amber said with sharpness as she turned away.

Bianca’s face didn’t react, and she simply tilted her head. “Manners Amber, I guess that is something I will have to teach you. It’s clear to me now why Miss Keeling likes you so much; delinquents have a way of finding each other.” Then her smile turned cruel, “I should have expected this type of attitude from a woman who is now dating that mousy little ginger slut.”

Amber froze and then turned her head back to the raven-haired woman as she felt a spike of rage she had never known. Insulting her, fine, but insulting Maggie, it made her feel a new level of rage coming towards this woman. When Marissa, Jenny, or Silvia said anything about Maggie, she normally laughed it off because it was always sexual, but not this. Not from this bitch, not from the woman that unknowingly caused her months of heartbreak.

“Don’t fucking talk about my girlfriend.” She said with heated breath turning her attention once again back to Bianca. She almost took a step forward but the grip on her wrist tightened as Isabella sensed something really bad was about to happen.

“Or what?” Bianca questioned, but the glare down ended quickly as a beep went off the professional’s phone and she smiled tauntingly at the ex-student, “Well, my first meeting is now, so I don’t have time to waste with you all anymore. Good day, Miss Sanz, Miss Keeling. And Amber, hopefully see you tonight, say 9 pm? We can continue this conversation by the pool.”

Not waiting for an answer, she turned around and walked towards the elevators with her rolling bag behind her. Her high heels clicking as her ass was flexed side to side in the mini skirt each step, she went. The professional did not look back even once, and a few steps later disappeared from view. The other three women stood there. No matter what happened now, this weekend had just gotten a lot messier.


“Why is she here!?” Marissa flopped onto the bed as they entered their small hotel room. She flipped onto her back and groaned, placing her hands in her hair. “She is going to try and ruin this weekend for us, I know it.”

Amber rubbed her temples as she sat down on the same bed next to her, her body trying to cool down after the heated moment downstairs against the bitchy professional. The card to Bianca’s room is now in her purse, though she didn’t say that to the other girls.

“It’s fine Marissa, that bitch is doing her own event. We don’t have to see her and I’m not going to go fight her for no fucking reason other than fighting.” Amber commented as she tossed her own bag down off the bed.

Izzy was quiet and sitting on the couch that was her own bed, she looked pained and confused after the short interaction.

“No, it’s not fine! She is up to something. Did you notice she kept calling you Amber! Why? Why not ‘Miss Fielder’? Like she does everyone else?” She added in a terrible mock impression of Bianca’s most haughty voice.

“I don’t know, but let’s not let her ruin our weekend,” Amber repeated as she tried to think of any reason not to go see this woman. A big piece of her wanted to make sure Bianca knew that Maggie was off-limits to her, but she hadn’t told her girlfriend about that train of thought yet. It would get messy if Maggie found out she was actually worried about stuff.

“You aren’t going to meet her for drinks then? What about the Maggie thing?” Isabella said from the couch. Amber looked over at the other woman and felt a pain that this intern seemed to think of her girlfriend more than she did on that level.

“What can I do? I can’t help Maggie now; she is busy for the rest of the weekend with Silvia. She wouldn’t answer her phone now or leave that fucking orgy even if I tried.”

“Orgy?” Marissa questioned, but both Amber and Isabella ignored the question.

The curly black-haired girl looked down again as Amber continued, “Besides, I bet she is just trying to get revenge for Mags and me jumping her at the Gala. Maggie told me she has been asking about me daily. My bandmate has been awfully quiet too, so I don’t know what happened the rest of the night between them. We got our five stars, but I thought Jenny would have bragged about it.” The singer’s face came to her mind, but that opened up another whole line of questions in her mind.

“Either way, this is our weekend, and I’m not going to deal with her bullshit just because she thinks she has the right to fight me. I’m not into that game, let’s just help Marissa get ready and have fun.”

“You are the best friend ever,” Marissa said with a smile. “Awesome! We will not let that bitch get to us this weekend! I’ll order some food. Amber, can you go grab ice, and Izzy can you help unload my costume?”

Amber left the room, bucket in hand. Her thoughts were much more confused than the confident speech she had just given to the students. If she could help Maggie in any way, she would do it, but something felt off about Bianca. Maggie had told her that the other librarian had become obsessed with her, and she got that feeling. Amber was used to people feeling that way about her, but this was different. Something about Bianca put her on edge, even if she did want to ensure the girl that Maggie wasn’t hers to play around with anymore.

‘But what if she hurts Maggie until you go see her.’ That thought filled her head the entire way to the ice machine and back. She would not let her girlfriend get caught in the crossfire because the bitch wanted to get at her even if that meant fighting her. By the time she was on her way back to the room, like 2 minutes later was definitely considering going to drink.

As soon as Amber had left, Marissa quickly turned-on Isabella with a questioning look. “Why are you being so nice to Amber, Izzy? What is into you?”

Isabella looked at her, “Nothing.” She said and then went back to unpacking.

Marissa looked at her for a long time, “Fine, don’t tell me…but I’m going to figure it out.” She paused, “She is not going to be your friend.” Mari added less intending to hurt and more like she was stating a fact. Though it came off far meaner than she even meant, and Isabella looked up from her bag with rage in her eyes.

“Fine, you want to know why? Did you hear Bianca? She doesn’t care about me at all! You don’t understand, you have Amber who doesn’t care if Maggie and you are fighting. She still wants to hang out with you! My only friend I have is Maggie and that still took me and her almost killing each other! If Amber hates me…then Maggie will stop hanging out with me…I know it. I don’t want to lose the only friend I have made all year.”

The outburst of honesty from Isabella was shocking and even she seemed to go red in the face as she let the emotions pour out. Marissa was speechless and the soon to be ex-roommates looked at each other, the truth that both of them were very unpopular hitting them like a ton of bricks. A whole year had gone by, and every girl their year hated them while the boys only wanted to fuck them. The anime freak and the loner stuck together hating each other as much as everyone seemed to hate them.

“Fuck this. I don’t know why I fucking came to this stupid event.” Isabella huffed a second later and grabbing what looked like workout gear and a bathing suit, stormed out of the room before Marissa had a chance to say anything else. The normally playful girl stood there alone in the room, more confused than anything about how this weekend was going to turn out.

When Amber came back still undecided, she and Marissa decided to just let the other girl cool off. Even though Amber wanted to go talk to her, but Marissa shook her head over and over.

“I don’t care about her. We aren’t living together in two weeks away! You can play her role in the competition; she just has to sit and waste a weekend.” Marissa declared, but Amber heard the slightest crack in her voice. Amber knew her friend was worried about her living conditions next year, and if she didn’t win this prize money or get new sponsors for her streams, even the always cheery Marissa would be in a bad place.

They explored the hotel together for a few hours until it was nearly 9 PM. Isabella was still not back, and Marissa huffed.

“I’m going to go look for her.” The roommate declared.

“Ok,” Amber said, looking at the clock. The time Bianca had told her to meet was quickly approaching. She knew she had to meet her, the idea of Maggie getting hurt overwhelming her sense of danger. Just talking didn’t mean she had to fuck fight…in fact, she didn’t care much for sexfighting Bianca. Attraction was one thing, but there was no other reason besides that and she was not Maggie.

It seemed Marissa was reading her mind, “Amber…go talk to Bianca. I know it’s bugging you and I know you really care about Maggie and want to help her. Trust me, as someone who knows Bianca, she will not stop fucking with Maggie until you do what she asks. Honestly, I don’t think she even cares about her rivalry with her co-worker anymore. Isabella mentioned their relationship was souring again, but between you and me, I don’t think it’s about the job. I think it’s only getting worse because Maggie knows she wants you and Bianca isn’t backing down.”

Amber looked at her best friend with doubt, but the always cheerful girl’s face was flat. She didn’t say anything but knew this is what she wanted to hear.

“I’m serious.” Marissa finished before standing up.

Amber sighed, “Are you sure you are okay with me going? After what I said.”

Marissa nodded overly enthusiastically. “Yes! You already came here with me; you did your half. I can at least help you in some way while I deal with Izzy and get her back. She has never shown me that much emotion before, even when she was my slave.”

“Do you know what’s the matter with her?”

“No, but I’m not going to worry about it. I’m going to out fuck her tomorrow night and then never have to speak to her again!” But for the second time, Marissa’s face looked less happy and excited than her voice would leave you to believe.

The decision was made; Amber got dressed to both show-off and make sure that if Bianca did want a piece of her, it would be a nasty piece. She pulled out one of the bikinis she had picked for this weekend. It was skimpy, only because Marissa had told her the pool allowed it…and she didn’t own many without revealing them, especially with her dating Maggie. They always teased each other when they would go tanning in her backyard and she liked the feeling of swimming in the near-nude.

She wrapped a towel around her lower body while her large chest was only hidden by the two pink triangles while her bottom half was a high waisted side tie pink thong. She looked in the mirror, the purple in her hair, the beautiful face.

She made her way down to the pool bar easily, passing by workers, guests, and others who stopped and stared at the purple highlighted beauty moving through the halls. This was normal for Amber, but she didn’t care. As she entered the pool courtyard, it was very easy to find Bianca. The pale beauty was sitting on a stool at the bar sipping a drink alone. Amber watched for a second as a man made his approach and was rebuffed instantly by the librarian with what looked like a cutting remark. Well, it seemed she was indeed waiting for her.

The woman turned after the rejection of the man, and stood up quickly as she noticed Amber approaching, looking as tasty as she had hoped. She herself was in a white one-piece swimsuit that covered her chest and stomach fully, but the backside was quite the sight. Her pale firm ass cheeks were fully out to view as the cloth went up into a thong style, far more risqué than was her normal beach attire. Amber could see that the other librarian’s pale ass, unable to not compare it to Maggie’s. It had the same size and shape but somehow even whiter. She swore that Bianca must have never seen a day in the sun. They got within talking range and Bianca couldn’t help but give her a sultry smile.

“Amber, I was very curious to see if you would show up.” Bianca cooed as she sat back down in the swirling seat. They looked at each other’s choice of outfit and felt the common wave of competitiveness, but there was something more now, something Amber felt but couldn’t describe.

“Shut up. I’m here for one reason and one reason only. Stop messing with Maggie to get to me.” Amber demanded, pointing her pink fingernails at Bianca. The sitting girl looked at her with a coolness.

“Here.” The sitting woman said with a new coldness in her voice like back in the lobby as she lifted a drink off the bar. It was a old fashion, a strong drink of choice for the two women who could not handle their alcohol well. Amber didn’t move and Bianca’s right eye twitched.

“Sit and drink,” Bianca ordered with authority.


“I said sit.” Bianca breathed, a dangerous tone escaping her lips. Amber could tell this woman was one who normally got what she wanted. But she was the exact kind of bitch to tell her off.

“No, you fucking bitch. Say you won’t mess with Maggie, and then I’m leaving.” Amber growled back.

Bianca’s eyes flashed, but instead of getting angrier, a small smile came to her lips. She loved breaking women and Amber seemed to be the exact type of woman who needed it. She turned back to the bar and easily got the attention of the man working.

“Excuse me, could you please put these in two plastic cups, we will be going to the pool.”

“You got it.” He responded and a second later, Bianca had two plastic cups and was walking away from Amber who followed her needing to hear what she wanted.

“Bianca. I’m not playing around. Do not mess with Maggie or I will fucking deal with you right here.” She hissed as the two babes made their way around the pool, their flip flops slapping, Amber’s white towel flowing behind her as she followed behind one of the best assses in the city.

“See Amber,” Bianca replied, not really listening to Amber or caring what she had to say as she walked. “I’m a woman who knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. Recently however, I have had a little problem. See twice my professional career has been nearly ruined by your little girlfriend because she can’t accept her inferiority to me.”

“Good, and that is because you have nothing on Maggie.” Amber shot following the hot backside of the other librarian.

Bianca paused, and Amber knew she had gotten under her skin if not a little. At least it proved Bianca was not totally immune to taunts like she acted. She almost kept going but Bianca recovered her little speech, “But that doesn’t matter. I will beat her in the end with my new solution…though it does come with another problem like so many things in life.” She did a little pause, “Though solving this problem is something I will very much enjoy.”

“And what is this new problem?” Amber questioned, though she knew the answer before it left Bianca’s lips. The pale girl paused, her sexy ass giving a slight jiggle from the sudden freeze. She didn’t look behind at Amber who waited until she turned just enough for her blue eyes to meet the brown.

“You. You are both my new problem and solution. It’s perfect.”

Amber let our air from her nose. “Me? I knew you were fucking crazy. I don’t have anything to do with you after you promise to get off Maggie’s back.”

“Oh, how very wrong you are. See, I have a hobby or passion to take people who need order and discipline and shape them correctly as my…pets I guess you could call them.” Bianca said as she started walking again. Against her best judgment, Amber followed her though Bianca’s tone had again changed to something more sinister.

“What does that have to do with me? What the hell do you mean by pets?” She questioned.

“It has everything to do with you. The Gala proved that.” Bianca replied simply.

“Bianca, stop playing games. Last warning, because I’m not like Maggie, and I will fucking hurt you if you mess with her or me.”

Bianca laughed, still walking, they had almost done a full loop of the pool now. “How threatening you are. I’m sure you know Amber that most sexfighting women do it to hide their fighting. Keep the struggle we have hidden, much like how Miss Reynolds and I have settled things. It’s a fantastic way of settling disputes, which is, of course, something I understand and I’m sure you do too.”

Amber couldn’t disagree, though it was weird hearing someone other than Maggie explaining it in this way. Bianca kept going, however, and Amber knew she was building to something.

“But for my pets…humiliation and cumming first is not enough. Allowing there to be no sign of their punishment is not enough. I need to break them in more ways than one, so let me warn you…I can hurt you just as bad Amber if you prefer it.”

Amber froze as she sensed the real threat, she felt the warning that Bianca was implying. She knew from experience that this other woman’s body was as nice and could be as intimidating as hers; both sexually and physically. But she wouldn’t let that stop her, she would not be intimated.

“For someone Maggie said is smart, you sound fucking dumb. You don’t fucking scare me, Bianca. You can’t intimidate me like you must with all your stupid ‘pets’.” She said in a mocking voice that sounded a lot like the one Marissa had used to make fun of Bianca earlier.

Bianca’s walking had slowed, and her voice sounded more and more serious. The insults were building, and it only got her more excited. “Oh, but I will Amber, and tomorrow night, I will show you why you will be intimidated by me, but first a quick question if I may. You know that your girlfriend is fucking Miss Sanz, correct?”

Amber didn’t say anything.

“Ahh, your non-answer is enough. Doesn’t that hurt you? I guess you also know she is at an orgy with a woman named Silvia, right?”

Amber blinked at the back of Bianca’s head with malice in her eyes as the professional attacked her insecurities. How did she know all about this?

“I don’t care who my girlfriend fucks, she can sex fight anyone she wants,” Amber murmured, but a hint of insecurity slipped in that Bianca picked up on.

“You don’t? Hmm, I can tell you are lying. I will make sure you don’t do that to me once you are my pet.”

“Fuck you. You don’t know my relationship with her. Maggie likes to fuck fight and prove her body and sex is the best for no other reason than to do it, so what? She and Isabella have fun, and Silvia, well you don’t know her, but she is a fucking sex addict. She just wants Maggie’s body and someone to fight as much as possible. They can fucking touch and fight all they want, it won’t change anything.”

It was all half true, but Amber wasn’t done as something she had been holding onto for a long time threatened to sneak out. “But not you, you touch her again, and I’ll kill you.” Amber finished with a snarl. Bianca’s smile grew from that line, it was all she needed.

“Me? And what makes me so special? I assume it must be because Maggie talks about me quite a bit. Oh my, does she enjoy my sex more than yours? That must be hard for a lover to swallow.” She taunted with ease.

Amber felt her rage growing, the voice of Maggie that kept her calm drowned out. She couldn’t keep a long-held secret any longer, not to this bitch. “No, it’s because you are the reason, we…didn’t get together faster. You broke us up. You fought her in the library while we were just…figuring it out. It was our thing.” She finished, a look of annoyance on her own face that she had said it out loud.

Bianca stopped abruptly and turned to face Amber who came to a halt as they sized each other up at the edge of the pool. The distant waterfall sounds like a loud hum in the background.

“Your thing? She didn’t seem to mention that when she was hooked to my garters and spitting in my mouth. Are you sure you are not just pushing the blame onto me for something you clearly did?”

Amber didn’t respond staring into the blue eyes of the librarian. The memories of that horrible night flashing into her head, the hate and pain she had felt. She knew it was her fault, she had apologized to Maggie, and been forgiven but it still hurt. She lost out on a year with the love of her life because of her own hate, but she wouldn’t let this bitch off the hook fully. She had no problem pushing the blame off.

Bianca however wasn’t letting up. “No response? So that’s it isn’t it? You can’t stand the fact you hurt her emotionally, and then let it carry on for months. Wasting all those months? Well don’t worry, once I’m done with you, I’ll make sure you have a healthy way to show your emotions, when I demand it.”

“Shut up. Shut the fuck up! This whole thing is done, it’s clear you have nothing on me or Maggie. You are just insane, and I don’t have any reason to deal with you.”

“You think that Amber, but I do, and you will come to my room tomorrow night for us to discuss in more detail.” But her blue eyes flashed as she saw Amber was no longer paying attention to her.

The blonde had stopped walking and taken out her phone from her bag to text Marissa, but as she pulled it up to text, slap. Her hand was hit, and the phone went flying out of her grip and into the pool with a small splash. “What the fuck!?” Amber yelled, as Bianca simply walked away as if she didn’t care what she had done. Amber made a quick choice and jumped in after it, making a big splash as her towel came undone at the impact of the pool. This left her only now in her skimpy pink bikini bottoms and top as she waddled in the waist-deep water. Getting above the phone, she dunked her head scooping up the water-filled device. A second later she burst out the surface and swam to the far side as quickly as possible holding it above the water. Reaching the edge, she tried to turn it on, but no luck, the screen was dark, and the only other sound besides the waterfall was the laughing from Bianca.

Amber looked over at her in shock, but Bianca was simply standing on the other side of the pool. “It’s rude to look at your phone when someone is talking to you. I have a lot of lessons to teach you, it seems.” Bianca yelled, watching the blonde curiously.

“You fucking psycho!” Amber hissed as pushed her hot body out of the water. She was going to jump out and throw Bianca in, then she might drown the librarian if she had the chance. However, she didn’t have to jump out because Bianca had already walked to the steps on the far side of the pool and stepped into the shallow water. The revealing skimpy one-piece became skin tight as the pale girl began to perform clean strokes towards the waterfall cave about halfway in-between them.

Amber moved, swimming as well with aggressive strokes trying to get to Bianca before she got there, but the raven-haired beauty was able to disappear under the roar of the waterfall a few seconds faster.

Amber didn’t hesitate as she dove through and under the crashing water above her, the sound of the waterfall vibrating off the walls of the fake cave she was entering. She broke to the surface and her eyes tried to adjust to the dim light. The water was deeper here, and she couldn’t stand, having to tread water while she looked forward into the darkness. Unfazed, she took two strokes forward when a hand took her left ankle from behind. She let out a gasp as she was pulled back in the water, turning her head to see Bianca had been waiting just behind the waterfall for her.

“Come here bitch!” The librarian screamed and the next thing Amber felt was a claw sinking into her left tit as she was pushed under the water. Surprise was all Amber felt as she struggled suddenly in a bad spot. Bianca snarled as she kept Amber down by the tits and at the same time, sunk her black painted nails deep into Amber’s big chest. This wasn’t a playful clawing, and Amber knew that Bianca wasn’t messing around as the sharp points raked against her exposed skin. The nails went in far enough for Amber to scream in pain and lose the little bit of air she had pulled in before this attack. Desperate to get away and above water, she was able to bring her legs up between them and launched a powerful double kick into Bianca’s hips, pushing herself away in the water and sending Bianca back with a grunt. Amber used the distance to break above the surface with a gasp. She sucked in air but had no time to rest.

Bianca was coming at her as fast as she could in the water and Amber wasn’t going to wait. She started swimming at her rival and the two swimmers met a second later in the cave, the sound of the waterfall making it impossible to hear the other’s screams of fury.

Bianca shot her arms forward and they met Amber’s as they began to swim around in a small circle like a chicken fight without the other person. The fight was focused on their upper bodies, a mix of scratching and slapping while their legs kept them upright, powerfully moving the water under them. They both landed slaps on each other’s faces, and even scratched the other’s skin harder than either might have expected the other to do so. Pain shot into Amber’s arms and shoulders, but the adrenaline made her feel nothing as the fight began. The look of rage on both their faces did nothing to hide their plans of hurting the other.

“You freak!”
“You are dead!”
They both yelled just over the sound of the roaring water. Unfortunately, Amber took an extra slap from Bianca as the pale girl gained a foot forward in the water, bringing their womanly bodies closer. The blonde screeched as the second slap had its nails included and raked some of her skin near her lip. But her brown eyes only narrowed, and she began to tear out wildly trying to return the favor.

It didn’t even take two full rotations, for Bianca to try to break the stalemate. She was easily able to take hold of the pink bikini top and dislodge it, sending the blondes huge tits free on the next spin. It floated away, but Amber didn’t even notice, as they continued to spin, slap and claw. The marks on their arms became redder and deeper as they scratched and clawed like two deadly water nymphs. Not discouraged, Bianca suddenly splashed water into Amber’s beautiful face and brown eyes. The punk girl flinched back, and in the next second she was spun in the water by her rival. The librarian got behind her and she felt the woman’s huge bikini, covered tits press into her back. She attempted to kick back and slide down and away, but an arm was suddenly around her neck and then she was dunked.

Water filled her ears and nose as she submerged with Bianca on top of her. She quickly went wild as Bianca held her under the water, the blonde understanding that Bianca was not kidding. This is how dangerous she was willing to go, and this was not just a sexfight. She used all the power in her legs and was able to get ahead and got up above water for just a second before she was dunked again, water filling her mouth even more.

“BEG!” She heard Bianca yell, and Amber began to panic, as the grip on her neck tightened, but in her thrashing, she was able to slightly turn her body against Bianca’s. At this angle, she shot an elbow right into Bianca’s chin knocking the girl back and freeing her neck. The impact was jarring, and Bianca let out a painful yelp over the sound of the waterfall as she was forced off her rival. The blonde spun and tried to press her attack, but Bianca shot her lower body forward in the water and wrapped her legs strongly around Amber’s waist, suddenly putting both of their weights on Amber’s ability to keep their heads above water.

Just a few seconds of holding them both up above started to drain Amber’s energy quickly. She suddenly needed more oxygen and couldn’t keep them both up above the water as Bianca squeezed and attempted to claw at her body from this horizontal angle. The blonde half decided, half was forced to go under and the second she stopped trying, they both were submerged. Underwater, both tried their best to break the other’s hold, Bianca squeezing Amber’s stomach with her powerful legs while the blonde had reached up clawing Bianca’s covered tits and stomach so deeply that her nails could feel the flesh get marked under the swimsuit.

Their muscles demanded oxygen quickly and Amber knew the advantage was with Bianca. The pale legs squeezing her stomach and that in turn was forcing more air out. Desperate, Amber took her pink claws off the tits, unable to see if she was doing any real damage. Instead, she took hold near the front of the white swimsuit and ripped it up Bianca’s pussy, splitting the lips and making it as thong looking in the front as it did the back. She almost heard a wail even underwater from Bianca’s lips and a large amount of air escaped the red-lipped mouth of the librarian. The strong pale legs released, but before Amber moved away, Bianca kicked out, hitting Amber directly in the breasts with her feet as the pale beauty shot herself away.

They floated away from each other; the pain now being felt in all areas of their body. Amber looked up to see Bianca now floating a few feet away and thought about her next move. She looked around desperately looking for an advantage and noticed she had ended up close to the rock cave wall behind her. To the left was a small platform just two feet out of the water that in a normal time would be easy to climb up to if you could focus. Amber didn’t have time to focus, however, and she quickly tried to climb up and onto it. With the height, she could jump onto Bianca full force or kick the librarian’s face in from the platform. It took a long second, but she found a footing and stepped up half out of the water to execute her plan. That was as far as she got, however, because Bianca had seen and caught up faster than she expected.

“No, you don’t!” The librarian hissed, as she reached up caught the backside of the tight small pink bikini bottoms above Amber’s sexy buns.

“Bitch! Let go!” Amber hissed, feeling her bottoms taken hold off as she froze on the wall unable to get that final footing up. Bianca ripped the thong back, easily pulling Amber off the slick rocks with a shriek and causing a massive splash as the thong came undone as well. Free from the grip, Amber tried to backstroke away, now annoyingly fully nude, but her foot was quickly grabbed. She was pulled back towards Bianca half underwater for the second time, but Amber was ready. She came in swinging and shot her upper half out the water body up to hit Bianca squarely in the face while also taking a punch on her own. They grunted and gargled water as they exchanged the punches near the wall. Now, Amber’s thighs crushed Bianca’s tight obliques, and the black-haired girl couldn’t keep them both up. To break out though, she didn’t go under and used her position. She put her feet on the rock wall behind her and used it to launch herself forward Amber still attached back to the center of the deep cave. The blonde held on with her hands but lost her leg grip as they began to spin in the water like a whirlpool made of two sexy women. The sight of the long yellow highlighted blonde and raven black was incredible as they followed the spinning in a delayed manner. They continued this for ten full seconds, going faster and faster as they dunked their rival’s head into the water, again and again, swallowing more than their fair share.

They thrashed in the water wildly, limps going everywhere, the commotion causing large splashes all around in the cave. Their claws were out, and they started digging into each other’s skin hard enough to leave deep marks and long scratches on their buns. Each was trying to keep the other one under and hold her there for longer, more threatening lengths of time. But their legs were too strong, and they used that strength to just keep them both above water now conjoined at the hip.

After another second, Amber finally hooked her leg around Bianca’s, causing them to lose their function and stop the treading and spinning. Their bodies were so tight that they were already fully wrapped, their legs entangling beneath them. The clawing ended as their arms became the next thing trapped and with one last gasp of air, they began to sink. It was a long way to the bottom as the long blonde and black hair trailing behind them like mermaids.

They sank quickly, going deeper, and allowing the weight of the water to increase the pressure on their bodies, each refusing to let go of the other’s sexy form. The already dangerous situation was quickly turning into one that was deadly between the girls. A few seconds later, Bianca’s back hit the bottom of the pool with Amber on top of her. Their eyes shot open, and they locked showing fueling their hate and anger for a brief second before the orbs started burning and were forced to close them again.

As Amber struggled to last longer than her rival, Bianca’s mouth suddenly latched onto hers and then a tongue split open her pink lips. Amber’s own mouth muscle met its rival naturally and the sparks exploded down their bodies and sexes. The kiss this time wasn’t for desire and each quickly tried to suck the last bit of oxygen away from the other’s lungs and make herself last longer underwater, but it didn’t work. They were unable to create a perfect seal and water-filled their conjoined mouths as their tongues slashed erotically together. The water-filled kiss caused sudden panic for both women as their mouths were filled, and neither could hold on any longer. They broke apart in desperation, Bianca’s arms releasing first, but Amber’s legs pulling back at the same time.

They pushed off the bottom, desperate to reach the surface, unable to focus on the other’s destruction for a second longer as their minds went blurry. At the same time, they broke the surface gasping and coughing up water, Amber’s chest rising and falling in large breaths as struggled to the side of the cave. She held onto the rocks, not able to believe how far she and Bianca had gone in the last five minutes. That had been very dangerous, she thought, but she didn’t care. If Bianca went down with her, that is how far she was willing to go, she hated her that much. She whirled in the water ready to re-engage her rival, but Bianca wasn’t there. In fact, her rival was swimming away towards the waterfall and seemingly looking to escape the cave.

“Get back here!” Amber hissed as she made her way after the other woman, but her lungs stung and couldn’t recover the power she normally felt when swimming. It took her an extra second, but she finally got to the waterfall, intent on pulling Bianca back and drowning her. But as she appeared, it was too late, the other girl was too far ahead and Amber realized with a shock that she was fully nude. They were back in the main pool area where a few people could see them if she went out too far. She looked back into the cave, but didn’t see any sign of the skimpy pink top or bottom floating in the cave.

She went back to the other side of the waterfall and covered her nipples with her hands with annoyance as she watched Bianca make it to the steps. The pale girl’s white one-piece remained intact and as she carried the stolen pink bikini top and bottoms in her hand. A first little trophy for the librarian and now left Amber in a peculiar position. Instead of giving chase, the blonde went the other way and was luckily able to recover her still floating soaked towel from when she first jumped in. She wrapped around her body to hide her exposed bosom and cunt from the eyes of the crowd. To be forced nude without returning the favor pissed her off.

She then made her way to the side of the pool to exit it quickly, but the towel made her slow. Bianca had long left the water and was moving towards her place of exit. Just as Amber had placed her hands out on the side to push herself out, Bianca’s foot pressed down onto the blonde’s fingers with a lot of pressure.

“Sheeh.” Amber hissed; her fingers trapped by the feet of her rival. The brown-eyed girl looked up at her dripping wet rival, who was standing over her like some queen. Bianca’s womanly body was amplified from this view, her large tits sticking out, a few tears in the one-piece bikini from Amber’s claws. At this angle, Amber could look up at the thin line of white cloth that went around her rival’s sex and ass. The only other sign from their fight was the red cheeks on Bianca’s face, hinting how close they had been to drowning each other.

“Well Amber, that was a fun little spat, but I’m not looking to drown you,” Bianca said, still standing over Amber who could only glare up as her fingers were crushed painfully.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind drowning you, so how about you get back in here?” Amber hissed but knew the bitch wouldn’t dare with all the people around.

“I’m sure you would, but that’s enough for tonight.” Bianca then frog squatted down in front of Amber’s face. The brown eyes flicked to the white swimsuit that was still pulled up her rival’s sex. Bianca’s sexy pink pussy lips were right there in front of her, and Amber could tell it was flushed and excited…not unlike hers. Before she could react or make a comment, Bianca cupped her chin.

“Tomorrow come to my room and we will make sure this is all settled. If you don’t, I’ll ruin Maggie’s life, and then find you.”

With that, Bianca released Amber and stood to her full height. She released her rival’s fingers, flipped her long black hair back as she turned and walked away, her body dripping water off it. The all-white one-piece thong was pulled extra high into her fantastic ass cheeks as a final taunt to Amber who seethed in the pool.

One hour earlier.

Amber had just left and gotten into the elevator down to the pool. As the door closed, the one next to it opened and Isabella stepped out after her workout and sauna to relax. She made her way back to the shared room ready now to have the conversation with Marissa she had been planning for the last few hours. Right as she walked in Marissa looked up, her face lighting up before returning to a scowl.

“THERE YOU ARE, Izzy! Where have you been? Ok, it doesn’t matter because I need to make sure my costume is set. Let’s eat first.”

Isabella had a whole thing she planned to say, but seconds later she was eating next to her roommate in bed watching some random anime. She listened to Marissa go over the day again and again. Why her costume was the best, why she wanted to win, any competition she might face. There was nothing that could go wrong, she repeated over and over.

Another hour passed and finally, Marissa stopped talking long enough for Isabella to get a word in. Something she knew she had to do.

“Marissa…I need to ask you something.” Isabella said suddenly now that she was sure Amber was gone for the night dealing with Bianca. It had to be a private conversation. They had just finished their dinners in bed and Marissa was looking over her cosplay costume for tomorrow with extreme detail. She was normally very confident but felt a worry for a reason she couldn’t place…the prize money and sponsors were very important for her future.

“Izzy, if this is about our fight, then yes, it is still on. We can settle it Sunday night, and then we move out and never have to speak again. Like we agreed.” Marissa casually commented as if she wasn’t talking about having a sex competition with her roommate and was just talking about the weather.

Marissa looked over after a second when she got no response, but Isabella was looking down and not at her. The Spanish girl’s hands were gripped. “No, it’s not that, I need to ask you something else.”

“What? No, you can’t leave.” But Isabella didn’t say anything else and stood up. She reached into her bag and then handed Marissa a sheet and that made the eccentric girl’s eyes go wide. It was the last thing she ever expected to get from Izzy and at the strangest times. It was a next year roommate document, signing them up to live together for another year and Isabella had already signed her name.

“What?” Marissa said now with disbelief as she read the sheet. Isabella looked pained as Marissa was reading over the sheet.

“Listen, I’ll be as honest with you. I did the math, and I can’t afford to live on my own off campus, and after I talked to Maggie…at least…at least I know what I’m getting into with you. I know what we have said, but…I don’t want to leave school or move off campus alone. That’s why I still came here. Not the slave thing, but because I need a roommate, and no one else wants to room with me…our little shower yelling match I think got more rumors out…and the two boys talked.”

“You…want to live with me again?” Marissa gasped and was in total shock. How was this happening? Her whole plan suddenly fell off.

The long part of silence was not the answer that Isabella needed as she tried to be open. “Fine. Fuck you.” She hissed when Marissa still hadn’t responded after a full ten seconds. Before the colorful roommate could, however, the black-haired girl had angrily left the room with a slam for the second time that night.

“What…what is happening?!” Marissa groaned aloud as she flopped onto her bed, the weekend was already off the rails. Amber was gone, Bianca was here, and Isabella had just asked to be her roommate again. How could it get any worse?

Part 2

Marissa woke up early the next morning after falling asleep alone in the room. Neither Amber nor Isabella had returned the night before and after texting both several times, she gave up and went to bed. As she rubbed her eyes, it seemed that her being alone was no longer the case. The other two occupants had turned up at some point and were still fast asleep even though it was already almost 11. Isabella was on the couch with a small blanket as planned and Amber beside her in the bed.

Marissa looked at her sleeping roommate for a few extra seconds. She honestly didn’t know what to say to her after the outburst the night before. She had thought about living with Isabella all night, and what that would mean. Living with Isabella Sanz again…after everything they had been through; she had never even thought it was possible and yet the door was now open.

The whole reason she needed to win this cosplay competition was to earn the sponsors for her stream and prize money to fund living in her own apartment. Granted, it wouldn’t be great living off-campus alone in the city and travelling in for school would be rough daily, but it is what she had to do. No one else seemed willing or wanting to live with her because of who she was, but that was ok. When she thought about the offer of living with Izzy again, the list went on and on for the negatives; they had fought multiple times, their shouting matches in the dorms were well known throughout the whole school, the bitterness of her making Isabella her sex slave, and they had completely opposite personalities that just clashed. They were a match made in hell, but even after all of that…Izzy was willing to go again being roommates…and she just didn’t know why. Sure, she guessed it was out of desperation, but she was desperate too if not for this event. Her only friend in the entire city was Amber, and her little spat with Maggie put a strain even on that. Would it really be that bad if she lived with Izzy again? At least she knew her roommate and they had begrudgingly accepted each other. These thoughts only made her more confused about her future relationship with the stand-offish girl.

In the bed with her was Amber who was proving again she was not a graceful sleeper. Marissa had figured that out the few times she and her had slept over at each other’s places. However, as the sun peeked through the blinds, her hazel eyes left the drooling mouth, down to the light red marks on her friend’s hot body. It raised the question of how the talk with Bianca had gone…but Marissa decided she would have to wait for Amber to wake up to ask.

To giddy thinking about the cosplay contest to go back to bed, she jumped up quietly and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. As she entered, however, she stepped into a soaked pool towel discarded on the floor in a puddle of chlorine water.

“Ugh, gross!” She said as she jumped off it. She had no idea if it had been Isabella or Amber who decided to jump into the pool with their towel on but leaving it on the floor was unpleasant. She made a note to ask them again, once they were up. Forgetting about it, for now, she slipped off her pajamas and stepped into the tub. The hot shower helped Marissa calm some of her growing nerves, and with the other two women still sleeping when she got out; she decided to go down and get breakfast in the lobby alone.

The trip down was quick, and a few minutes later she was enjoying some fruit and yogurt at a lone table…she was used to eating alone unless Amber and she were hanging out…or Izzy and she had to order food together in rare circumstances. It wasn’t obvious she was alone, however, as the breakfast lobby was very busy. It seemed lots of people had already arrived for the anime convention and whatever else going on in the hotel. Not bothered, and only keeping a slight eye out for Amber…or Bianca, she zoned out to her K-pop music and didn’t notice a group that had taken notice of her from the table opposite.

A minute later, and Marissa felt like someone walk up to her, “Hey.” A voice carried through her headphones, but Marissa didn’t lookup.

“HEY!!?” The voice repeated and this time it got her attention. She looked up to find herself face to face with a girl she had never seen before because she was sure she would have remembered if she had. She looked about her age, with reddish-blonde hair that was long going all the way down to her ass. Her facial features could only be described as eastern European, sharp but very pretty. Her blue-eyed stare was intense, but overall, she gave off an air of aloofness like she really was just bored even though she initiated the conversation. Her body was what Marissa noticed next, unable to stop herself from looking down to see what this random girl was packing. The loose black pajama pants and tank top weren’t flattering, but she couldn’t deny…this girl was in her and Isabella’s league when it came to down to it.

Behind the woman were three more hot girls and some very good-looking guys. It looked like the groups that use to tease her when she was younger, Marissa thought, back when it used to bother her.

“You are Marissa, right? People are saying you are the favorite for the cosplay event?” The front girl said, the tone of her voice even if not slightly curious as Marissa felt the new arrival do a similar inspection of her own body at the same time. It wasn’t uncommon for her to get an extra glance from people who either were jealous or curious about her body. Most of the time she thought it was because people couldn’t stand how hard she worked on it with her other hobbies. To be this nerdy and have a body like this, she considered herself pretty special.

“Oh hi! Umm, I guess that’s me. Who are you?” Marissa questioned, as she got the weird feeling as if she was suddenly surrounded by a group of people. It made her feel nervous because it was weird that a lot of people like this group of good-looking people her age would want to talk to her…this didn’t happen…like ever.

“Oh, where are my manners.” The woman remarked, but there did not seem to be much remorse in the tone. “I’m Riley, I’m new on the scene of cosplay, but I have heard you are really good. I think we go to the same school; I have seen you around.”

“Oh! Really?” Marissa asked surprised, “That’s weird because I don’t think I have seen you… but I also don’t go out to parties, or socials, or events, or sports, or clubs, unless they are anime!” She listed absent mindedly then paused trying to think of more.

A few of the people behind Riley snickered as the blonde listed things, but she shot them a look and they went quiet. Marissa was still thinking, and Riley gave her a wave to snap her out of the thoughts. “Yeah, I normally just hang with my sorority sisters. So, you are like really into this stuff then huh?”

“Oh, a sorority? That’s cool…but yeah, these events are my favorite thing in the world! I’m going to win because my costume is super good!” She proclaimed, but then realized she was talking to a potential opponent in terms of the competition. “But I’m sure yours will be awesome and second is really good!”

Riley’s bored looked shifted as she lifted an eyebrow at the blonde, and Marissa panicked slightly knowing this conversation was starting to go a bit off. She decided to try and switch the chat back, because, besides herself, she didn’t know many girls who enjoyed these kinds of events.

“But this is really cool! I always want to know more cosplayers! We could totally do a team-up or maybe a co-stream! Do you play games?” Marissa said with a sudden big smile as the ideas filled her head. She knew a few other gamer girls, but they didn’t like her much…she had a feeling it was because they all thought she was a whore.

“Oh, this and that…” The redhead answered, her eyes flicking around Marissa as if she was searching for something. “I’m really just looking to get the prize money for my sorority, and this seemed like a great way. We need a lot of money for the big Greek games next month. You heard of them?”

“Oh, yeah, I have heard of those, not really my thing.” Marissa replied but trying her best to keep this potential friendship open, “Well, I really hope you do well and maybe we can talk about a team-up later!”

“Yeah, you too. But before we go, can me and my friends get photos with you? I want to say I met the winner, and we can get another in costume later.” Riley smiled; it was a bit too big, but Marissa didn’t notice or care.

“Oh, sure…I guess, but I’ll hold you to it!” Marissa responded, it wasn’t uncommon for people to want photos with her, but normally only once she was in costume…or in a bikini.

Riley gave her friends a little look and then there was a big rush of movement as they all squeezed in around the surprised blonde. For the next minute, Marissa was smiling and posing as they took photos with her which in a way, felt good. No matter how much she tried to tell herself she didn’t mind being alone…it wasn’t bad to feel like she had more than one friend. Afterwards, they all said goodbye and returned to their table huddled together speaking in low voices. Marissa sat back down, feeling a little better when her phone buzzed. She looked at it expecting to see Amber or Izzy but was surprised to see it was Maggie.

She hesitated, but then answered, more for Amber’s sake than Maggie’s. “Hello?” She answered, only to get a panicking Maggie asking about Amber. The student wanted to just hang up on her, but the tone in Maggie’s voice made her hesitate as she asked about her girlfriend. Finally, Marissa sighed, “She’s fine…but this weekend has not really gone as planned.”

“Really? Ok, well that makes me happy she’s fine. And are you having fun? I know you really were looking forward to this?” Maggie asked her over the line, genuine care in the voice. For a brief second, Marissa wanted to just tell her everything, thinking about the friendship they had built. But not yet, she couldn’t forgive Maggie and wanted a REAL apology before they took those steps. Without answering she hung up the phone a few seconds later.

The rest of the walk back to the room, her mind was now on Maggie. The call bugged her because maybe she should have said more…she could forgive Maggie one day, but for now, she had her own stuff to deal with and didn’t want her friend to rush off before the event. Besides the Amber and Isabella stuff, the event really wasn’t going that bad. The Riley girl seemed nice, and maybe if she was going to be on the scene of these cosplay events, they could eventually become friends.

As Marissa made her way back up to the room, the idea of finding a roommate who loved to game was growing on her. Sure, the Riley girl was in a sorority, and those groups hadn’t been very nice to her before but maybe that could change. The heads of the two big houses on campus, Hina and Lucy had both been welcoming when she and Isabella had met them, though that was almost a year ago. It was mostly the girls in her own year that joined the Greek life that seemed to dislike her and Isabella the most. She felt it was because they couldn’t stand the idea of two hot bodied girls like the roommates who didn’t want to be part of their cult. But if Riley came around to liking her, that could all change!

99% of the time, she didn’t care about being alone, but the roommate situation was changing her attitude towards her solo lifestyle. She liked having a best friend like Amber and wanted to keep that while creating more…but with her bestie dating Maggie…that was also at risk. She should have been nicer on the phone…because if Maggie told Amber to end their friendship…she was worried the punk girl would consider it. So far, she was grateful to the librarian for not making that demand…but it still was stressful thinking about.

After the long elevator ride with a lot of thinking, Marissa made it to the door of her room. She shook her head, trying to clear all the thoughts that had been running wild for the better part of the morning. There was no point worrying, because she could win this and figure the friend stuff out later. Feeling only a little less confident since seeing competition in Riley, she reached into her back pocket but weirdly found nothing.

‘Huh, where is my key?’ She thought, but just as she was about to try her other pocket the door opened. Marissa almost jumped as she came face to face with Isabella who looked just as surprised to see Marissa in front of her. They both recovered quickly and stood face to face, looking at each other with a lot of unanswered questions between them. The extra tension could be felt after what Isabella had asked the night before and Marissa’s nonresponse to it.

Instead of talking or even acknowledging the questions between them, Isabella simply sidestepped her roommate and walked down the hall the way without saying a word. “RUDE!” Marissa called out, but then let out a little sigh when she got no acknowledgment. This whole thing was not making the weekend easier, and she just hoped Izzy would still be up for the makeup and hair duty when it came to the contest.

Not up for worrying about it now, she walked into the room to see her best friend slowly sitting up from the bed. Marissa was about to tell her about Maggie’s call but stopped as the ex-student groaned loudly as she stretched.

Swallowing her words, Marissa smiled, “Morning Amber! Today’s the day of the show!” She cheerfully proclaimed as she walked fully into the room and towards her bag. She got a quick sight of Amber’s hot nude body as the other woman sat up and felt a shiver go up her spine. She imagined that most people did when they saw Amber like this.

“Hey, Marissa…” The ex-student replied, sounding already very annoyed which even in Marissa’s overly excited state, she picked up on. The cheerful girl looked at Amber for a long time not saying anything before Amber looked up feeling the intense stare. “What?”

Marissa bit her lip, trying too quickly to decide again whether to bring up Maggie’s call or not. “Umm, you sound…annoyed…and I’m guessing it is whatever happened with Bianca? How did the talk go?”

Amber sighed loudly and rubbed her temples, a motion she had started doing since dating Maggie, “Bad, but it’s fine. I’m just going to have to go see her again today. Need to get her off Maggie’s and my back for good.” She threw off the covers on the bed and stood up fully nude sending another sexy shiver down Marissa’s body. The purple highlights seemed to glow off the dyed yellow due to the sun peeking through the shades. It was hard not to be attracted to the absolute babe that was Amber Fielder. The feeling was mutual, however, as Amber was watching Marissa now and felt a similar sexual hunger as her best friend started stripping out of her pajamas.

“Oh…okay, but remember tonight we are going to hang out, right? Two besties plus Izzy, celebrating my win because we are going to enjoy this weekend as we promised!” Marissa assumed, trying to hide the desperation in her voice. She really needed a friend now, more than she cared to admit even to herself.

Amber was dressing in tight yoga pants and a sports bra, “Yeah, we will hang out. I just need to see Bianca first, then it’s back to a fun chill weekend.”

“Ok…sure,” Marissa responded, but she felt doubt in the back of her head. Lots of people had promised to hang out, but very few were able to back it up. With that Marissa decided to push it a bit further, “Umm, I also need to ask for your advice…” She trailed off, as she thought about what to say about Isabella and the roommate thing, and Maggie.

“About what?” Amber asked, now dressed, and looking at her phone, but Marissa could tell it was off or maybe broken.

“Umm…you know, forget it and don’t worry…I’ll just deal with it, and we can talk tonight. Right now, you should go get breakfast with Izzy and I’ll get my costume prep up and ready. We have a few hours to sign in, but I need every second to get ready!”

“Ok…thanks Marissa, and hey,” Amber said, and Marissa looked over at her friend. Suddenly Amber gave her a natural smile that she usually only saved for a very short list of people. “I’m really sorry about this whole Bianca thing. You are a real friend letting me take care of this, and I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

Marissa smiled back at her friend, and at least some part of the worry she felt went away. “Amber, just you saying that makes it all okay.” The two blondes shared another smile before Amber left and Marissa started prepping the room, by first moving the bed towards the wall.

Down in the breakfast hall, Amber found Isabella sitting alone, the room nearly empty except for the Spanish girl and a group of people who looked like students sitting at the table next to her.

“Hey, can I eat with you?” Amber inquired as she came up to the table, even though she was already sitting down before Isabella had a chance to respond.

“Oh, of course!” Isabella responded, with an unnatural amount of enthusiasm. For the first time, she and Amber were alone, and after the disaster with Marissa last night…she was really hoping for a win.

As both girls ate, Isabella finally spoke up, desperate to make a good impression without Mari here to interrupt. “Amber…I just want…”

“Shut up.” Amber interrupted and Isabella swallowed her words. The girl’s locked their brown eyes together, and Izzy wasn’t sure if she was about to get into a catfight with her best friends’ girlfriend. The tense moment passed however as Amber then let out a little snicker. “Isabella, I know what you were about to say, but please you don’t have to try so hard with me for fucks sake. Maggie likes hanging out with you and I want whatever makes her happy…as mushy as that sounds. She sees you like I see Marissa, a really good…if not a best friend.”

“Oh….ok. Well, thanks…I’m not good at making friends…it means a lot to hear you say that.” Isabella responded but didn’t want to end the conversation. Amber however didn’t continue, turning her focus back to her food and seemingly putting her mind elsewhere.

“Does it make you happy though? You are her sexfighting other people? Or are you both just chill with it? Must be kind of weird.” Isabella blurted out, and Amber looked up at her with an intense glare that would make most men and women shrink.

Isabella knew right away she had said too much, “Sorry, that was a stupid question, obviously you have been helping Marissa…and Maggie has me and that Silvia girl. Plus, Bianca, and I know that Jenny girl wants a piece of her.” Isabella stopped, and in a second of horror realized she had pulled a Marissa by not just shutting up.

Amber looked like she was going to lash out, as Isabella got a glimpse of how dangerous the guitarist could be in a fight. The intensity of the glare was so much that it made Isabella gulp. The blonde was both beautiful and intimidating, a perfect combination that was alluring but scary. Isabella’s brown eyes viewed the darker brown roots that turned into the straight yellow hair that flowed down strands, which covered some of Amber’s scowling face.

Then as if Amber ran out of steam, the blonde seemed to relax and let out a breath she had been holding in. “It’s okay, and to answer your question…I’m not sure how I feel.”

This time Isabella dropped the question but offered. “Well, if you ever need to talk, I can listen. I know Marissa would too, but she never stops talking most time.”

Amber let out a laugh, “Well thanks, Isabella. Yeah, she does like to talk but that’s what I like about her.” Then she smiled, “And thanks for the offer, but I’m sure Marissa would hate if you and I started hanging out, so maybe only if I’m desperate.” She finished and gave a small wink at the other woman who also relaxed. The conversation hadn’t started the way Izzy had hoped but it worked out well enough.

They smiled at each other, and Amber felt a small connection with Isabella. It helped slightly knowing the girl that Maggie was ‘teaching’ at least didn’t seem like a total bitch. She was also the first person to ask regarding how she really felt about everything. Now she just had to learn to be this honest with Maggie, or risk losing her…but that was way harder.

A few minutes later and a light bite, Amber gave a stretch, “I’m going back to the room…what’s our room number again?” She asked as she stood up. She noticed the group of kids next to her had gone quiet.


“Ok, cool. You better hurry up too before Marissa goes crazy at us.” Amber laughed thinking of her friend, “I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Ok, be up in a few.” Isabella stayed as she watched the other girl walk away, Amber’s ass in those tight leggings shorts insane. No wonder Maggie was dating her…if only just for her body…it might be worth it. The talk with the ex-student had gone well though, and she felt more confident in her friendship with Maggie, but also more confused on exactly who Amber was.

The blonde clearly had some issues with something they were doing, but from what Maggie had told her it Amber was even pushing her into fights. Maybe there was more to it, but it seemed that Amber was either lying to Maggie or lying to herself.

Some snickering next to her from the group of students her age caught her attention next to her now that Amber was gone. In the center of the group was a redhead blondish girl she recognized from school. She was one of the sorority girls from the top two houses, and one of the less friendly ones from what she understood. She had been pressured by them a lot into joining when she first got to college, as did Mari. But she had realized it wasn’t for her when it came to how social and fake it all seemed; the problem was they didn’t take rejection very well.

The girl looked up and locked eyes with Isabella for a brief second and sending a spark down her body, to somewhat near her loins. She wondered if it was because like her, and Marissa, this girl had a fucking amazing body and knew it. It seemed to be a thing now that she accepted; she liked to struggle against equally built women and there were plenty in at this school. The other woman gave her a little look that was half a taunt, half a what do you want before looking away. Isabella looked away as well and started to clean up the table. Something felt off about that group and that reddish blonde girl, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

On the other side of the hotel, Amber was walking through the lobby thinking about her conversation with Isabella when she noticed a very well done up Bianca near the front desk. She felt a flush of rage, and she quickly forgot all about the chat she would have to have with her girlfriend soon. From across the lobby, their eyes met, but Bianca didn’t even react. She simply looked away without a care in the world, acting as if they hadn’t tried to drown each other less than 12 hours before.

Annoyed from even just the eye contact she had made with Bianca; Amber made the rest of the way back to the room with a huff. Inside Marissa was waiting, already having all the prep work done for her costume and looking impatient. The room was reorganized, and with the bed moved, it opened a lot of space in the center. The hazel eyes flashed as Amber walked in, “Amber! Perfect, ok, now where is Izzy?”

Seconds later, Izzy walked in, happily not seeing Bianca, but again knowing she and Marissa would have to talk about what happened. Annoyingly she felt like she had laid all her cards out for no reason and Marissa hadn’t.

“Izzy! Ok, perfect, Amber and I will be right back after we sign in. It might take like…an hour so can you just stay and watch the costume?” Her roommate asked, but without waiting for an answer was already directing Amber back out the door. It seemed after their awkward first interaction this morning, Marissa was willing to just pretend it didn’t happen.

Isabella was grateful for that but knew that judging her roommate’s reaction last night, that she would have to find another way to stay at the school. It was true she had already exhausted every other option, but she could get by…she would just need to pick up a new job. She had interviewed at a few places a while back but never followed up once they offered her the job. She had gone to the library instead, half to just compete with Marissa she thought with a little grin. It still made her laugh thinking about Mari’s face when they both got accepted as interns.

Damn, maybe she liked annoying Marissa as much as Marissa liked annoying her…at least it kept life interesting. She huffed, the last thing she wanted to do was just sit here and do nothing but think about her future. Watching the costume seemed like a waste of time, because it was not like anyone could get in here anyway. Deciding she had at least 45 minutes, she picked up her workout gear to go do a quick lift at the gym, leaving the room a minute after the other girls.

When Isabella returned 45 minutes later, she noticed that one of Amber’s bags had shifted on the ground, but she assumed it was housekeeping and paid it no further thought. 10 minutes later, the other two returned and Amber and Isabella started helping Marissa put on her costume. It was a long process that included makeup, hair, and everything in-between which was their only big ‘work’ process of the weekend. Alone, it could take almost four hours to get ready, mainly because it included a large set of ‘fake’ robotic wings that were essential to the character Marissa was going to play.

The big busty steampunk angle girl was one of her favorite characters and this was her best cosplay. Only a few months ago, she did a streaming event wearing its prototype and gained 20 followers in an hour which was quite a lot. It took almost two hours to get her entire makeup right, including the erotic sexy underwear the character was famous for. Luckily it seemed Amber had pushed Bianca out of her mind to help with the details and even Isabella was into it as they treated her like a bride, making sure everything was perfect…even joking and laughing while doing it.

Almost 2 hours later, and after a lot of work, Marissa stood up with a big smile, “How do I look!?” She asked just as Isabella had finished doing the blondes hair with a lot of extra effort. Amber looked up the photo on her phone and even gaped at how similar her best friend and the anime character she was playing appeared.

“You…look just like her…which should be impossible cause her body is a joke some guy must have fantasized in a wet dream.”

Marissa beamed, “Yay! Thanks! I know! There is no way I can lose! I can’t wait to show everyone my gaming skills, my streams are going to be amaze-balls!”

Amber asked Izzy what time it was and brushed off questions on where her phone was when Marissa asked her. Izzy however groaned when she realized her phone was also dead.

“Mine is charged, oh and Maggie called Amber! I forgot to tell you.”, Marissa commented, hoping the blonde wouldn’t’ be mad.

Amber sighed but it seemed she was more annoyed at the situation and not Mari, “When? Did she say anything?”

“Not really, just checking in, I think. Do you want to call her?”

Amber gave a shake of her head, “Nah, I’ll do it after the show, and I don’t want to lie or worry her about Bianca. Let’s just get down there in time.”

With that, Marissa hurried all of them out of the room. It was a long walk down to the cosplay area even with Amber and Isabella helping Marissa maneuver with her wings. This time as they made their way through the lobby towards the big room, everyone, the businessmen, businesswomen, workers, and staff all stopped to look at the shocking blonde in her crazy but very sexy costume.

As they waited in line, the worst thing that could happen for the trio happened. Marissa saw her first, followed by Amber and Isabella who heard the clicking of her professional high heels to their right. Bianca was approaching the group and Amber knew the bitch had no good intentions judging by the cocky smirk on her face.

“Hello, Amber.” She said as she came up to them wearing a short navy-blue cocktail dress that was revealing to the point it teased you could see under it as the librarian moved. Her bright blue eyes found Amber’s brown and a wave of heat passed between them. The professional fully ignored the other two women as if they were simply flies on the wall and not worth her time much to both Izzy and Mari’s frustration.

“What do you want? I’m busy.” Amber hissed, as she turned to face her rival. She was not dressed as sexy, wearing only small tight jean shorts and a white t-shirt but right now she did not care.

Bianca smiled at her and wasting no time gave her demand, “15 minutes…be in my room or I’ll make do on my threat from the pool.”

“Fuck off.” Amber hissed.

“Tsk attitude Amber, and you should be grateful that I’m even giving you the chance.”

“I said, fuck off.”

Bianca’s smile only grew as if she liked Amber’s refusals, “So very disobedient. Well, you have my demand. Make sure you tell Maggie, that this business event has been fantastic, and it’s such a shame she missed it for a little orgy.”

Amber’s couldn’t help but recoil slightly, ‘How did she know about the orgy?’ she asked herself.

“15 minutes or I will go after Maggie again. You have my word about that.” Bianca finished, with a little grin.

Amber was quiet as the professional gave a pearly white smile that was almost scary with how hungry it seemed. “I guess if you want to help her, I will see you shortly. See you soon Amberrr.” She finished teasingly and turned on a heel towards the elevator at a brisk pace.

Amber decided right then and there that even if she didn’t want to, she was going to finish this bitch. She hated herself for giving into Bianca’s demands but also was aware this woman was not one for empty threats. Besides the documents, Amber just wanted Bianca to stop messing with Maggie, and the only way to do that seemed to be putting her in place herself.

“Marissa, Isabella, I’m going to go talk to her now.” She said following Bianca’s sexy ass moving away in the short dress. She wanted to rip it off and sink her claws into those muscled buns once again.

“Wait, Amber,” Marissa said taking her arm. “Just after my show, common.”
Amber turned around and felt regret having to do this now and hurting the only person besides Maggie that she generally liked.

“Marissa, I’m really sorry. I promise we will hang out after like we planned. Anyway, the way you look, there is no chance any of these sorry cosplayers have a step on you. You have already won, but as you said, this bitch is going to ruin our weekend unless I stop her here. I’m going to go put Bianca in her place, and if she wants to talk now, fine with me.” Amber said with confidence, as she pulled her arm free.

Marissa let out a sigh knowing the battle was lost, “Alrighty. Do what you have to do, and we will meet you back or the room or pool tonight to celebrate BOTH our wins!”

The two blondes smirked at each other, “Thanks bestie. I’ll see you both later.” Amber said using the nickname she rarely did, and Marissa beamed at her once again. A second later, and Amber left the line, heading towards the elevator that Bianca had entered just a minute or so ago.

Marissa watched her best friend go but had not time to think about it. The show began minutes later, and they were rushed to the back, Isabella being more helpful than Marissa had expected as she guided her costume alone.

The next moments were a flash, and suddenly she was backstage about to go out for her presentation. She was the second the last to go, so she knew she had to wipe out the minds of everyone they saw before. The large man who was dictating when they went out, gave her a cheery smile, “You are up, knock them dead.”

Marissa smiled back and took a deep breath. She was glad they all decided Izzy should not dress up too, because it may have distracted from her own look. All she had to do was go out, smile, do the classic wing pose from the show and there was no way she could lose. The gaming companies would sponsor her, and the prize money would be enough for a deposit to a solo flat. Her life would be on track…and even though last night she had given a lot of thought about living with Izzy again, she had to do this.

Though even now a tiny voice in her head kept telling her that…it was nice having a frenemy. That she and Izzy had become close even with them trying to hate each other. Was living with her that bad?

For the millionth time, she silenced the voice and was given the signal. Now was not the time to think about this. Walking confidently on her heels, she appeared from the left side of the stage and made her way to the middle. The huge crowd reacted exactly as she hoped, a loud cheer, whistles, and gasps at how authentic and well done the cosplay looked. The announcer gave out her name and then her twitch name as she gave a wave to the crowd. The costume was a silk pink sheet that went down her legs but was just see-through enough in the right light that you could see her white thong underneath. The top was bandages wrapped around her tits, and a harness for the mechanical wings she created that she could move with her arms. Her bright yellow hair was down and flowing topped off with a light-up halo above her head.

Isabella watched from the back of the stage and felt a little proud. Seeing her makeup and hair work get this kind of applause was great, and she couldn’t help even credit Marissa for how much work she put into this. Then she noticed that woman from breakfast was the final person to go to the event.

Isabella looked at the eastern European looking woman with a sharp eye, because the girl was looking at Marissa with an intense stare. Something about this blondish redhead put Isabella on edge, and then it was confirmed when the other woman started to snicker behind her hand for a reason that was unclear to the student.

Suddenly, as Marissa went for her big pose on stage, one of her wings snapped off from the back of her harness. A loud gasp came from the shocked crowd and seconds later, the other wing fell to the ground as well. Marissa’s entire outfit seemed to be falling at the worst possible time as if it had not been tested for the exact pose Marissa was trying to do. The heaviness of the material caused a boom like sound throughout the entire conference room sending people jumping to their feet.

Offstage, Isabella jumped back from the sound, and then froze unsure of what to do. There was a long silence and then came the laughing as the people seemed to enjoy seeing the failed costume. Marissa meanwhile was in a panic as she tried to save her outfit the best, she could. But thanks to her silk long dress getting caught by the falling wings, she tripped and felt it rip half off, only making the laugher increase. The announcer commented on how much a shame it was, and that the judge’s number one rule was costume integrity.

On stage, Marissa was panicking fully now, still trying to get her costume back together on the ground. “No, no, no, I checked this! It’s…” Marissa yelled over the laughter, but her hands ran over a small cut on the back piece that she had never seen before. It looked like it had been done with scissors and done in a place they wouldn’t have noticed when putting the costume on. “How…” She whispered to herself; how did this happen?

Isabella was still stunned, but her eyes were drawn to the breakfast woman who seemed to be laughing louder than the rest of the people. The snickering had started before Marissa’s wings fell, Izzy thought to herself, she then looked back at Marissa who had just given up trying to salvage the show. Isabella moved forward to now help clean up, but a man from the convention got there first. The laughter had died, and now It just looked sad with Marissa still on her knees with her face down.

Isabella didn’t know what to do or say when Marissa finally looked back at her from the middle. The pain on her roommate’s face was worse than she had ever seen, even after losing their first fight almost a year ago. Leaving the clean-up to the man, Marissa suddenly bolted, jumping off stage and running out of the convention room, her head in her hands. Some people jeered and again laughed as she went while Isabella was left to pick up the pieces. She was about to go after Mari, but a judge held her up.

“Sorry miss, you will need to stay and collect the stuff after the contest.” He said, a huge man at least 300 pounds but had a kindly face when addressing the younger woman.

“No, I need to go check on my friend,” Isabella responded, though the word friend came out naturally, it felt weird a second later considering she was talking about Marissa.

He let out a sigh, “Miss, there is only one more person, and then you go back for the stuff and leave. I’m sorry for what happened, I’m sure your friend will be okay.” He added kindly and smiled at her.

Isabella sighed, it seemed she had no choice. “I hope you are right.” She responded, and then made her way back to the watching area. Once everyone finally stopped their chatter, the final contestant went out to perform.

Isabella stood there, not focusing on the men and women checking out her body backstage. She was sure a lot of these guys hadn’t seen a woman like her before at an event like this. Her thoughts were on Marissa’s costume, the one she had worked with Marissa multiple times during her slave period. She knew it almost as good as her roommate did, and she had personally checked the wing connections in the morning. It didn’t make sense…they had tested it so many times. But as she looked at it as the man brought her the pieces, it was clear some several cuts and bends had not been there last night. There was no way Amber did this, and she didn’t do it…so who?

The redhead girl, who was announced as Riley walked out next. The sorority girl was cosplaying some sexy street girl, from another anime Isabella had seen Marissa watching. Honestly, the girl’s costume had nothing on Marissa’s outfit, but with the red bra, tiny jean shorts and pink thong pulled up high on the sides she wasn’t sure it would matter.

A picture of the character came up behind her, and Izzy admitted that she did look slightly like the character. At least the reddish-blonde hair was a perfect match, and the costume had some resemblance. It might not have been the most elaborate even out of the other challengers, but it was clear the crowd had no problem picking her now that the only other girl in the contest who could compete with Riley’s body had fallen out.

3 minutes later, Riley walked back onto the stage and accepted her reward. Isabella gapped at the 2,000-dollar prize which was way more than she expected. The sponsors who provided the check were all big-name brands…something Izzy knew Marissa had desperately wanted for her gaming channel and now would be for the sorority. She always talked on and on about them every night she signed onto her computer to play endless games for random people’s entertainment. ‘No wonder she wanted to win this.’ She thought as the awards ended way faster than the show had run.

Now allowed, Izzy ran to the back and picked up her and Marissa’s stuff, unsure of what she was going to say to her roommate after the disaster. Not looking, she almost ran right into the Riley woman near the exit.

The blonde redhead looked surprised, but then smiled sneakily at Isabella, as she did an up and down of the sexy girl.

“Oh, you are Marissa’s roommate, right?” She said, and Izzy quickly narrowed her eyes. Who the hell was this bitch? “That was so sad, about her costume!” The girl continued with a tone that was dripping in sarcasm.

“Yeah, it sucked…” Isabella responded, not really looking to have this conversation even in the best of her moods. But Riley didn’t step out of the way of the exit and was looking at her with a curious stare.

“You still live with her right? And it was you two who had the shower thing that the whole school was talking about, and now everyone calls you both ‘the freak pair’.”

Isabella didn’t say anything but had to stop herself from slapping the woman right in the face. She knew about the nickname, she, and Marissa both did…but they never talked about it. It wasn’t one of their proudest moments that happened right after the slave period had ended.

The event had ended the already low chance of other people wanting to hang out with either of them. The boys all did, but only cause they all expected to watch her and Mari lez out in front of them. It was one of the few things they both didn’t think Maggie or Amber would understand.

Amber was so pretty, and she doubted anyone ever tried to exclude her. Her coldness wasn’t shyness like herself. The blonde was bitchy yes, but seemed very relaxed with Mari, and Maggie.

The redheaded librarian might understand the situation a bit more, but being a nerd was far off where she and Marissa found themselves in the loner social circle. Isabella had gathered that there was never had a point where her redhead friend had no one else to hang out with, or at least someone to talk to. I mean, Maggie and her old college roommate were still close, something the redhead reminded her of every time they hung out.

Isabella guessed this Riley girl was either ditzy or just had no problem speaking her mind. Her tone was a mix of being talked down to while also distracted; a tone Isabella found only the rudest or dizziest of girls could master. The woman wasn’t done, however, “If I remember, my sorority and I tried to recruit both of you a while back, but you BOTH turned us down. Guess it was for the best though, you have the bodies, but she is weird, and your personality is…average.”

“Excuse me?” Isabella questioned with a bit of hiss in her voice as she turned to face the girl. Their bodies were on par, and which was a unique feeling for both of them. The sexy sorority girl surely turned many men and women to mush with a glance, but for Isabella, it was just adding her to the growing list of hot but bitchy women she had met in college.

“Oh, sorry. I’m just being honest, don’t take it personally.” She said while looking at Isabella with little remorse. She did an extra up and down of the girl and a little grin came to her lips, “You know, you don’t seem as bad as the Marissa chick, and if you smiled more, maybe people would like you. Why don’t you come to our open house next week and I can show you the robes? It’s right before the sorority games kick off too so we could see what you are really made of.”

“I’ll pass, thanks.” Isabella quipped, not even giving it a second of thought.

“Really? Well, ok then.” Riley answered taken a bit aback, but not without a flash of annoyance passing her face. “You two hate each other, right? I bet that was so fun for you to watch her costume breaking at the last second. I mean, I would have won anyway, everyone knows those nerds always vote for the best body.”

Isabella was looking at this woman with disbelief, she had never met someone so rude…besides Bianca. “You’re joking, right? You really think you would have won?” Isabella doubted at the other girl.

“Umm, duh? Have you seen my body and my costume? I mean, the freak is good looking, but guys don’t like when they got all that color in their hair…oh and I mean normally, not just with her costume today.”

Isabella usually wouldn’t continue, but she felt a flush of pride in all the work Marissa and herself. The attack on her roommate made her angry in a way she didn’t expect. “You would not have won, my roommate put a hell of a lot more effort in and her body is better than yours.”

Riley’s eye twitched, but she kept up the guise of coolness. “Well, maybe cause some people have lives and can’t spend all day making a costume? I guess freaks do have to stick up for each other huh? Think you want, but I guess that what she gets for being careless.”

“What does that mean?” Isabella questioned with suspicion.

Riley didn’t answer and gave her a sarcastic little wave, “I’m bored of this conversation…Isabella, right?” She didn’t wait for an answer, “Tell Marissa, no hard feelings yeah?” With that, the long blondish redhead moved out of the way and towards her group. She loudly pronounced that she felt like sunbathing the rest of the day to cheers from the women and men. Isabella watched her go, her feelings confused more so than ever after her standing up for Marissa so much.

She made her way back to the room a few minutes later. She was going to try and call Amber, after making sure Marissa was okay. She felt worried for her roommate, mainly because of how much she had talked about this weekend. She had never seen her roommate look so hurt than on stage. Besides that, Riley’s comment also bothered her a great deal…what had she meant by careless. Marissa had mentioned leaving her key at breakfast…could someone have gone into the room when she was at the gym?

Reaching their room, she pulled out her key and walked in seeing Marissa’s backside as she sat on the bed. The blonde’s head was in her hands, and she seemed fully unaware that someone had just entered the room. Izzy glanced around, noticing the torn-up costume pieces and used makeup wipes everywhere. As soon as the door closed with a loud click, Marissa’s head shot up and turned, her face red with absolute fury.

“YOU! ISABELLA! You…you…ruined it! You did something to my costume! You made me lose my chance to live alone, to have sponsors!” She screamed, pointing a finger at the arrival.
Isabella stepped back shocked, she opened her mouth to speak, not understanding what the eccentric girl was saying but Marissa wasn’t done.

“I know you did it just so I would be forced to be your roommate again!” She said, her voice shaking with anger. “EVEN FOR YOU, HOW COULD YOU!?” Marissa screamed, her voice reaching a pitch that even Isabella had never heard her use.

“What are you talking about!?” Isabella gasped back, holding up both hands in front of her body.

“Don’t pretend Isabella! You knew I needed this sponsor money for my streaming because I…can’t afford to live alone either! To think…just last night I was actually thinking of living with you AGAIN, but…but…YOU ARE A BAD PERSON!”

Isabella’s eyes widened at the admission from Marissa about them living together, but also the accusation. She shook her head violently, “It wasn’t me! I promise!” The darker girl pleaded. Marissa had stood up and was standing in front of her now, costume gone and just in cotton shorts and a tank top. Her face was fully clear of makeup or color and for the rare moment was just her natural self.

“DENYING IT? The least you could do is admit it because I’m sure you are fucking proud of finally ruining my life!”

“I CAN’T ADMIT it Mari because I DID NOT DO IT.”

“DON’T CALL ME MARI!” Marissa screamed, her voice literally hissing in rage as she pointed a finger right at her rival. “You don’t get to do that now! Not anymore!”

Isabella paused and took a breath. She had long thought that calling each other Mari and Izzy had been insulting, a weak pet name. But…had Marissa been doing it because she actually liked it? Or had it changed from when they started? More and more questions filled her head, but she had to first deal with the situation in front of her. She knew it would be easy for her to lose her own temper, but she needed to keep a calm head, she had to get through to Mari somehow. “Marissa…I didn’t do it and I also didn’t know about the sponsor thing; I swear on my life.”

“LIAR!” Marissa screamed, the calm voice of Isabella having zero effect. “Who was it then Isabella? I checked the costume right before I left to sign up with Amber! You were the only one in the room! No one else could have done it!” Marissa accused, and logically…it made sense and Isabella went quiet. She had left…but that still didn’t’ answer the questions when a lightbulb went off in her mind.

“No, Marissa, please listen, I left to go to the gym after you guys went to sign up! I wasn’t in here…” She said feebly, knowing that it wouldn’t make her roommate calm at all knowing she had left. The Spanish girl racked her brain quickly, thinking back, there had to be some explanation. Could it have been Bianca? No, that didn’t make sense, she didn’t know their room. Someone else must have had a way in…and then she remembered the look on that Riley girl’s face. The snicker when Marissa‘s costume had broken on stage…it hadn’t been like those in the crowd. In fact, she had been smiling before it broke, like it had been calculated, like she had known something was going to happen. More questions came to her head, why had she acted so friendly to Marissa in the morning? Why had she and her little posse been standing so close to her and Amber when they were eating?

It had to be her, and then a passing comment from her roommate this morning made even more sense. “Marissa, you said you lost your key this morning right!? What if someone came in and ruined it while I was gone? What about that Riley girl?! She was laughing…”

“EVERYONE WAS LAUGHING AT ME! And that’s impossible, no one else knew our room number!” Marissa interrupted with a snarl.

But someone did know their room number, and Isabella knew it. Amber had said it…when that group with Riley was eating next to them. And the redhead had known she was Marissa’s roommate, so naturally, they would be rooming together in the hotel. In her mind it all made sense, but…how could she prove it. Marissa had looked down at her as a single tear escaped her hazel eyes and Isabella could see her roommate’s arms shaking. Then Marissa looked up, her face twisted, her voice low and dangerous, “I hate you Isabella and I’m going to make you feel as bad as I do right now.”

“Mari! Calm down! You aren’t making sense! I know it was the Riley girl! We can talk about this, let’s go find Amber!” Isabella cried, trying to get her roommate to see any sort of reason at a final chance but it all fell on deaf ears. The wild blonde girl only saw red as she glared at her roommate with fire. The intensity of the look gave Isabella a wave of worry that she hadn’t felt in a long time. Something about seeing a more natural Marissa was eerie. No colorful makeup, all wiped clean, no wild hairstyle and even plain clothes with a simple shirt and shorts, it really seemed like Marissa was off and not just mentally.

“No. I won’t calm down. I hate you and now I’m going to ruin your face like you ruined my life.” Marissa said in an unnervingly calm voice as she began walking towards Isabella. The darker girl backed away avoiding her roommate reach.

“Wait! Marissa! Stop!” Isabella yelled, but she knew it was a lost cause as her roommates’ eyes seemed almost blurry with rage.

“Isabella. Come here!” Marissa suddenly screamed, sounding quite off in her mental state. Isabella jumped away and onto the bed as Marissa dove for her, but the blonde caught Isabella’s t-shirt mid-way. She tried to pull her roommate down but didn’t have a very good grip as Izzy bounced to the other side and into the small space between the wall and bed.

“Marissa! STOP!” Isabella hissed pulling herself free and trying to again create some distance between them in the small hotel room.

“Never! I’m going to win at something this weekend!” Marissa hissed, crawling on the bed and trying to again lunge at Isabella again.

She missed, as Isabella moved in time to get to the front of the bed and open space of the room. Marissa turned on her knees and let out of huff as her roommate avoided her punishment.

“You can’t keep running Isabella, and I’m not going to let you ruin another outfit of mine.” Marissa laughed as she began to crawl again at her roommate while also pulling off her shirt and letting her braless tits out for view. They were looking firmer, and more perfect than ever. Maybe it was rooming with Isabella, but Marissa had taken extra care of her body the last year. Lotions, workouts, and oils, anything to keep her skin and body in the best condition it could be, and it was paying off.

In that second, Isabella made her mind up. It was clear that if she was ever going to salvage this situation, she had to fight back. She wasn’t sure how it would end, but letting Marissa just attack without consequence was not going to work. But with the stripping, Isabella thought maybe there was a chance she could switch this potential catfight into a more sexual showdown like they normally played.

“Ok, Mari! If you won’t listen, then it is on!” She growled back, as she reached down and peeled off her shirt over her head and let her huge black bra covered tits out. In a single motion, she unclipped the clasp in front, and with a small bounce her own rack came out for display. The nickel sized areola were like targets with the pinpoints being her brown nipples. The size, shape and form were just like her roommates and one of the things they taunted each other most about.

“You are dead.” Marissa growled back as she continued to strip taking off her shorts from both legs. She was smooth and her pink pussy looked inviting, though Isabella knew even with her roommate stripping, the girl wasn’t looking for a sexfight. They hadn’t had a real catfight between them before because things always turned sexual between them…but it looked like that trend was going to end if the blonde had her way.

As Isabella pulled down her own jean shorts and black thong, leaving her equally as nude, they stopped moving to eye each other’s bodies with scrutiny. The pairs of fats on their chests had been the first thing they had noticed when they moved in together. How even their sizes seemed, and how for the first time in their lives, they could swap clothes with another girl. For most, that would be a fun way to get close, but for their clashing personalities, it only made their rivalry worse.

Isabella’s cunt was smooth as well, slightly darker than her roommate as was her entire body. She still remembered the first time they had gone at it pussy to pussy in that four-way match with the two librarians. It had been intense, dirty, and a long time coming…now it seemed like the usual way they settled their arguments.

The truth was, they could have helped each other out many times the entire year, even if had just been for selecting makeup and clothes. For Isabella, who for an entire year had hated Marissa because of how they met…this thought made her sad. Maybe things would have been different if they could have been just a little nicer to each other, maybe the trust would have been there if they had tried a little harder. But it was too late now.

Marissa’s eyes shot back up into Izzy’s brown once the body inspection was complete, and she gave her a twisted smile. “I should have done this to you back when you were my slave, Isabella…I should have hurt you more then. But now I’m going to make up for it now. I would never live with you again, even if it means…dropping out…if it means having no friends.” Marissa threatened, though her voice sounded very weak for the first time.

“Well, I did want to live with you again Marissa…and yeah, maybe I asked because I was desperate, but honestly…every time I think about it…we work as roommates. You know me better than anyone else in college and I weirdly know you, even though I ‘hate’ you. I mean, for fucks sake, we are still sharing a hotel room after everything we have done!”

“I…wanted to live with you again too…but not anymore,” Marissa said quietly, but that last second of weakness was pushed away seconds later.

“Just know I don’t want to fight you, Mari. I know we can talk about this, but if not, I will make you understand.” Isabella hissed, using her roommate’s pet name again. “I won’t hold back, and I’ll hurt you worse than you hurt me, I promise.”

“All your words are lies, Isabella. You hated me, you hated me! You are only saying all this now that because you have nowhere to go! Just stop lying! We hate each other, that’s who we are!”

“I’m not lying but, fuck you anyway. You won’t listen to me, so let’s settle this then so I can out fuck you!”

I will NEVER lose to you again!” Marissa screamed as she jumped off the bed and came again. Isabella flipped her long curly black hair back and with a growl moved forward to meet her.

They met in the middle of the room, slapping wildly at each other’s nude forms, in the most cliché catfight either had ever been in. Hands moved quickly hit their exposed arms as they swung down, up and to the sides, landing hits over and over on the other’s fingers. The sounds of slaps filled the room as they screamed in rage with the sound of their strikes. Each wanted to get close enough to strike their rival’s pretty face but were unable to without the risk of getting hit themselves.

They began to move around the hotel room with quick steps, as Isabella began pushing Marissa back with her slaps towards the bed. Hissing Mari threw a foot out in a powerful kick that just missed Isabella’s stomach by an inch as she jumped back with a yelp. The blonde didn’t taunt or say anything else as she charged forward again, her face of rage masking the amount of pain she was in. She began throwing out slaps and kicks wildly trying to hit her roommate as Isabella blocked and dodged everything she could leaping back.

“Kicking Mari!?” Isabella hissed as she tried to catch the blonde’s foot but missed and was hit in the hand hard sending pain shooting up her fingers.

The blonde’s aggression worked out, however, as Isabella lost the ground she had won and even was backed up to the far wall from the bed next to the door. She had not yet thrown a kick but was quickly realizing she would need to match her roommate’s aggression if she had any chance to keep her at bay, but it was too late. Marissa got close enough and slammed a foot right into Isabella’s abdomen making the Spanish girl almost kneel over at the impact. Isabella gasped, the pain in her hand almost numb after the shot to her stomach replaced it.

She didn’t have time to fall however as Marissa got hold of her roommate’s shoulders and aggressively pushed her into the wall. Their hot young bodies crushed together a second later as Marissa used her full body for the pin, the giant lightly tanned breasts leading the way, followed by their stomachs and then their hips as they got nice and tight.

Isabella grunted and felt her body react both from the pain and now the pleasure of having her roommates body touching her so tightly. She wanted nothing more than to lock her sex to Marissa’s and find out which one of them could last longer in a sex grind but looking into the hazel eyes of her roommate signalled a far more dangerous intention.

“I have you Isabella, and I’m going to hurt you for all the times you made me feel like I was worthless.” Marissa hissed, but her voice seemed distant, like she really wasn’t aware of what she was saying or doing. “I’m going to…” but she didn’t finish as Isabella forced her red lips onto the other’s girl’s pink in a wet kiss, the trapped girl’s tongue splitting the lips and running it on Marissa’s gums. The blonde seemed to stager but right as she began to kiss back, Isabella’s bit down on her rival’s bottom lip with quite a bit of force.

“OW!” Marissa yelped in discomfort as she pulled her mouth away but had her lip was dragged an extra inch after. She released the body on body hold that her roommate was trapped with as their big tits getting separated with a slight jiggle.

Isabella pushed off the wall with a hiss. “Fuck off with the kicking Mari. We both know we could rib each other to shreds, but that isn’t how we play. So, fight me in a sex contest because if you don’t, I’ll know it was because you were too scared.” She mocked at her rival. This taunt was done for a simple reason. Marissa was fighting on another level of aggression and if Isabella did match it, one of them would get hurt.

Marissa started laughing, a creepy laugh that even Isabella felt a chill from the longer it went. “Scared? You think I’m scared? Fuck you, Isabella Sanz, we aren’t friends, so we aren’t going to play nice anymore! You wouldn’t leave the room on my night, and I made a mistake just fingering you then. I would be letting you off easy if we just had a sexfight, so this time I AM going to rip you to shreds!”

“Oh, you want to talk about that night, Marissa Keeling!? How about you making Maggie hate me? How about you not listening to me now after all we have been through!? You want a real fight, Mari!? Bring it on!”

As she finished the sentence, Isabella suddenly sprinted at her rival and hit Marissa with a full-on body tackle with her shoulder into the blonde’s soft breasts. Marissa screamed as she slapped at her rival’s sexy back, before wrapping her arms around her Izzy just as they fell onto the bed with twin screams of snarls.

On the bed, there was a flurry of movement of legs and arms jostling for position. The girls turned into wild scratching cats, hissing, and scratching each other’s bodies as they got entangled on the white sheets. Isabella was on top first, trying to hold Marissa down, but this let the blonde wrap her legs around Isabella’s hips and smack their hips together. At the same time, Marissa used her nails to run down Isabella’s back and slap the darker ass.

“BITCH!” Isabella screamed knowing the scratch had left a mark. She leaned up before another clawing could occur and slapped Marissa right in the face connecting fully with the red cheeks. It rang around the room as Marissa screamed both in pain and fury as Izzy felt the claw leave her ass. For a second, Isabella almost got another slap in, but Marissa’s hand didn’t remain separated from her rival’s body for long.

The blonde threw a punch into Isabella’s oblique bending Izzy to the left and allowing Marissa to roll on top. Isabella tried to return the favor with a similar shot, but Marissa’s body was flexed, and the impact didn’t have the same reaction. The blonde’s hands meanwhile had new targets and that was the pair of tits she had to see each morning. Her pink nails sunk right into Isabella’s breasts, and she twisted them with a cry of frustration.

Isabella screamed and tried to free her attacked tits for a second, before realizing it was futile as Marissa squeezed them roughly. She slapped Marissa’s face again trying to get her off, but Marissa took the impact and refused to let go. The nails dug in deeper, and the pitch of Isabella’s wail got higher as she felt her skin burn. This time, she closed her fist and swung again hitting Marissa in the jaw, and time sending the blonde off her with a thump to the mattress.

The once eccentric girl fell off to the side, and Isabella quickly checked her breasts, seeing a few red marks but nothing that looked as bad compared to how they felt when she was attacked. She looked over at Marissa on the other side of the bed rubbing her jaw from the shock.

Their eyes met, “So you are going to fight back. Good! This way I can beat you fair and square!” Marissa hissed as she got to her knees on the bed. Isabella didn’t say anything in response but got to her knees to match her. They approached slowly but were more hesitant to bring out their claws and fists again. This time they had a new target as they both reached forward and took hold of the other’s long flowing hair.


They screamed their personal insults as their hair was tugged back and forth on their knees. They tugged each other’s head to the left and right for a few seconds, before Marissa screamed going down to her side on the soft bed. Isabella went with her, and they rolled again, but this time away from each other while still holding the other’s long locks. They screamed as pain shot down their roots as their heads were whipped back from the sudden jerking feeling. They rocked back and forth winning and losing the feet they earned and lost. On the fifth roll, Marissa took advantage as she was able to get half her body off the front of the bed and then used the angle to rip Isabella’s whole body.

“FUCK!” Isabella cried as she released the blonde hair and was dragged off the bed by her curly black locks. She landed on her back, her legs in the air as Marissa stood up over her. For a second, Isabella thought Marissa was going to stomp on her face, and maybe the idea did pass through Marissa’s head, but the still small sane piece of her stopped herself before she performed such a dangerous act. Instead, she dropped to her knees landing them on each side of Isabella’s head. The Spanish girl reached up, but Marissa spit on Isabella’s face and eyes causing her to flinch and blink. Then the pink claws went right back onto Izzy’s tits this time upside down with a snarl. The bottom girl cried out but was able to flip off the bed and with a little aim was able to knee Marissa in both tits.

Isabella felt the sensation as if her knees sunk into two pillows that happened to two sharp points sticking out. The blonde screamed out as her chest was pressed in slammed and she fell back, releasing Isabella’s tits once again from her grasp.

The Spanish girl rolled up to her front still between Marissa’s legs and jumped on top of her roommate by the hips in a successful mount. Marissa had been distracted for a second, rubbing her smashed tits tenderly but the relief didn’t last long as Isabella pressed her advantage. The top girl decided to return the favor from seconds ago in this new missionary position, and she reached down to sink her black nails into Marissa’s big breasts while giving them a cruel twist.

Surprisingly, Marissa snarled but almost in a thrill of the fight, and that her roommate was starting to match her savagery. She grabbed Isabella’s wrists and tore them off her own breasts after just a second of the piercing. Holding Isabela’s arms out to the side, Marissa tried to roll them, but Isabella instead brought her hot body down onto Marissa’s sexy form in a full-body missionary pin. The top girl used her dark legs to spread Marissa’s limbs and forced the blonde into a squat position. This both increased Isabella’s ability to hold Marissa down while also allowing their smooth pussies to dance an inch apart.

Marissa snarled as she was pinned, trying to bite at her roommates’ cheeks or do anything to get out. Isabella avoided the teeth and instead ground her hips down, able to lightly touch her wet sex to Marissa’s. Even in her rage, the blonde groaned from the sexual touch and tried to buck her roommate off, but the move only slammed their wet labia together harder and synced their moans.

“You still want to catfight after feeling this?” Isabela growled as Marissa finished her sexual howl. Their conjoined breasts continued to expand deeper every breath as the position they found themselves in was one they had used many times to settle their roommate’s issues the last few months.

“Bitch…fuck you.” Marissa hissed and started struggling again to get out of the missionary pin, though the wiggling sent their bodies further down the path of a sexual conflict. Isabella huffed trying to hold her roommate down with her body, their legs straining in the contest as they been spread wide. Holding down Marissa in this pin was rough and quickly felt her muscles strain in the new effort.

“You could have stomped my face in, but you didn’t, I thought you wanted to kill me?” Isabella gasped at an extra surge as Marissa’s right leg went free and wrapped around Isabella’s body and ending their sexual touch.

Marissa snarled but didn’t respond with any sort of words.

“How about I remind you how it started between us…and how I’m going to finish you like this because I’m hotter, and I’m sexier than you.” Isabella breathed as she leaned her face forward and pressed her mouth onto Marissa’s sensually. At the same time, she pressed her now wet sex down drawing out a moan and granting her deeper access into Marissa’s mouth. Marissa began kissing back for a second, their tongues slashing, less playful than other kisses they had shared. After just a few seconds of the wet tongue action, Marissa freed her mouth and separated their pussies at the same time.

“If making you cum is how I get out of your little pin, fine, but then I’m going to ruin your body…and next time I will stomp on your pretty little face,” Marissa whispered, and Isabella felt the shiver of fear.

“You don’t mean that,” Isabella whispered back, then she felt her own surge of anger. “How many times could we have hurt each other beyond reason? That’s NOT how we play.”

“You fucking loner whore. This is HOW we are playing now.” Marissa growled, but she let up an extra gasp as they had their bodies pressed together tighter on the carpet floor in this sex position. The last time they had been locked this tight was in the shower of the dorms, soaking wet, body on body, trying to force the other to cum. A small disagreement escalating much like it had today, but at least then they only wanted to out sex each other like usual. Of course, they had accidentally fallen out of the shower snarling like animals and landed right in front of the dorm rooms. More than 20 people had seen them laying on each other ‘fighting’ and in one afternoon, they had earned the nickname lesbo freaks. They lost any chance at other groups wanting to hang out with them, and boys only begging to watch them get it on.

With a desperate groan, Marissa freed her spread legs and quickly intertwined them again now straightened with their feet at the bed. Strong thighs were pressed up in-between the other’s limbs and hotly onto the wet sexes as they rocked back and forth on the ground, Isabella holding the top spot by the skin of her teeth. The motions caused a light grinding which sent pleasure spikes from their groins to the rest of their bodies.

Marissa was still snarling and looking to bite her roommates face, while Izzy dodged and licked back all the while trying to tease her into a more pleasurable showdown. After Marissa landed a light nip on her chin, Isabella hissed and pressed her leg harder into Marissa’s pussy leaked who gasped from the growing sensations as they cat fought.

To stop the biting, Isabella locked her mouth onto Marissa’s dangerous maw, forcing her roommate into a kiss. Tongue met tongue for a brief second before the blonde shot it deep as if to choke Isabella and cut off her air. The pink snake was damn near at her rival’s tonsils before Isabella nearly gagged from the invasion. She coughed slightly and punched Marissa in the stomach with as much power as she could force this tight together. The kiss broke as Marissa huffed from the hit and released her roommate’s mouth.

“Give up Mari!” Isabella growled, her hold on Marissa becoming easier as they shifted back and forth from the catfight and the sexfight.

“STOP CALLING ME THAT.” Marissa shrieked and then sunk her teeth into Isabella’s shoulder in a threatening bite.

“OW! BITING BITCH?!” Isabella squealed and sunk her own teeth into the opposite shoulder of her roommate. At the same time, they rolled as they chewed, leaving several teeth marks up and down the other girl’s necks as Marissa took the top spot. This went on for a few seconds, before Isabella realized that her roommate was starting to lock down harder near her neck.

“Off!” The Spanish girl hissed, and started thrashing with hands and feet, hitting Marissa all over, until she felt her roommate’s jaw unclench and jump away.

The break was brief, as Marissa got another good hold of Isabella’s black hair in a tight grip, the curly sweaty locks filling her hands. She began to spin her roommate while Isabella screamed, until she was half tossed onto the bed when Marissa finally let go.

Marissa jumped on after her and got on top of her roommate’s nude hips. They wrestled until Isabella’s crown touched the wall, her hands dug into Marissa’s big chest. Unable to back up further, she saw a flare in her roommates’ eyes and switched her hands from her rival’s tits to her wrists, holding them as Marissa’s claws aimed for her face.

Isabella’s eyes went wide as she noticed her predicament, as Marissa was trying to claw her eyes. “MARI! STOP!”

“NO! I TOLD YOU I WOULD HURT YOU! I have too!” Marissa cried, but her arms seemed to lessen slightly as if she woke up from Isabella’s fearful tone just enough to realize how dangerous she was being. She didn’t back off fully however and kept them close as she struggled both with Isabella’s arms and her own decisions.

The struggling pair had gotten closer to the headboard than Marissa seemed to have noticed, and Isabella could tell the girl had no awareness of her surroundings. Her hazel eyes still had the same level of rage from the beginning and now that the fight was dragging, it seemed Marissa was getting more desperate. Though she lessened her attack, their claws were still hovering just above Izzy’s brown eyes. Desperate herself, she bucked up with her bare hips in a sudden jerk and the top of Marissa’s head slammed into the wall with a loud crack. The pink claws lost all momentum and Marissa groaned falling backwards holding her head.

She only made it back a few feet on her own when Isabella kicked her in the shoulder and sent her off the front of the bed in a tumble, her head and shoulder aching from the impacts.

After Isabella kicked Marissa away, they both collapsed again separating from their aggressive fight. Now on the bed and carpet, they sucked in a desperate breath, neither given up nor cummed yet regardless of how often they switched tactics between sex and catfighting.

While Marissa’s mind was set still on hurting Isabella, the other roommate was thinking quickly of how to finish Marissa without hurting her further. This short fight had been far too dangerous, and the looks in her roommate’s eyes gave the indication that she would be willing to resort to darker tactics soon if it dragged on. The only thing Isabella knew for sure was that her roommate’s mental state was still fragile, and she seemed to react extremely to both good and bad feelings. At this point, Isabella wasn’t even sure an orgasm would stop Marissa from trying to kill her, but she wouldn’t resort back to aggressive tactics again for both their sakes.

As she tried to think about strategies from her fights with Maggie, she remembered how often she, and the librarian would attempt to put each other in a precarious position without her opponent being aware. No doubt that was her best chance in this fight, because Marissa wasn’t on her best form, and Isabella could sense it. Her roommate was too angry and was not trying to control her rage. She hadn’t tried to defend or stop any sort of pleasure or pain and seemed to be using them both to fuel her will to fight…and that meant without them, she would collapse. She had noticed during their bed wrestling that several times the blonde seemed fully unaware of her surroundings and was just trying to claw at Isabella regardless of what happened to her which is why she had been able to knee her roommate in the tits. Isabella just had to find some way, as she looked at the bed, and then the side where she almost fell, and an idea came to her.

As Marissa pushed herself up with a huff to her hands and knees, Isabella stood on the bed in front of her. The dark brown eyes looked down at Marissa’s sweaty ragged breathing form and the heart-shaped ass sticking in the air begging to be fucked. She watched as the blonde hit the ground in anger and let out a snarl. Marissa’s thoughts were hazy, but she was mostly furious she hadn’t been able to beat Isabella down yet. It seemed she would have to be more brutal…she would have to hurt her roommate more…no more hesitations. She glanced up at Isabella standing on the bed, her big deeply tanned tits hanging on her roommate’s chest looking as good as ever, her rightly thick body in her hips and chest, and her long curly black hair flown back…she had a look of confidence and it pissed her off even more.

“What’s the matter, Mari? Was all that time with Amber wasted? You haven’t gotten better at fighting or fucking the entire year I have known you! Looks like you are the loner because even your ‘best’ friend ditched you when you needed her!” Isabella taunted, choosing her words for the maximum effect.

The hazel eyes shot up, and the fire in them burned like an inferno. The eccentric girl’s whole body was now shaking in rage as she pushed herself up to shaky feet, her cunt dripping from the short but intense duel. “Isabella! PLEASE STOP IT!” Marissa shrieked and tried tackling the naked Isabella by the legs on the bed.

She was too slow however, and Izzy jumped back just in time towards the head of the bed and avoiding her roommate’s claws. Marissa pushed herself up with a huff and then climbed to stand on the bed like her roommate. Here the two women faced each other off in this almost childish position, feet seeking into the soft mattress as they glared at each other. Isabella took sight of her roommate as the sex duel continued, for a brief second wondering how the hell they ended up here, naked, on a bed, fighting with their sexes and claws over a misunderstanding. But that was their life, and all she could do to save any sort of thing with Marissa was to win. She knew she would only have one chance for this trap and if it failed, she doubted she could continue to match Marissa’s aggression and anger.

Isabella’s eyes glanced down and to the left as she eyed her plan. They had moved the bed to the wall when they had been helping set up Marissa’s costume, and that created a small space, a little gap that was near perfect for a body to be thrown into. Her brown eyes flickered up just in time as Marissa screamed as she jumped forward at Isabella. The Spanish girl stood her soft, shaky ground as Marissa jumped far forward and their sweaty bodies met for what felt like the hundredth time today.

But Isabella went low as Marissa jumped on her, the Spanish girl half catching her roommate as the blonde wrapped her strong legs around her Izzy’s ass to bring them down into a ball of sexy flesh on the bed. Isabella gasped as she held their combined weight standing on the sinking bed for half a second, her shoulders pressing into the bottom of Marissa’s soft tits as the blonde attempted to collapse them throwing her weight to the left and right wildly.

“GET DOWN!’ Marissa snarled, and Isabella had to agree with her for once as her hands sunk into Marissa’s toned buns. As she fell through she angled their conjoined bodies the best she could, trying to land in a specific spot. She collapsed down onto the bed with Marissa on top of her, sinking into the mattress and feeling the blonde’s hands leave her back and dive surprisingly roughly into her cunt.

The Spanish girl moaned and rolled their conjoined bodies to take the top once again, even as her pussy was fingered coarsely. The pressure was starting to build once again as the joints danced in and out. They were now right near the edge of the bed, and Isabella was trying to free their entangled legs but kept their bodies tight kept. “Looks like I’m on top again!” She growled as Marissa found her g-spot and was working it tenderly. The black-haired girl spit on her roommate’s face who winced and snarled, pumping her roommate harder to get her off. “You could never beat me without Maggie bitch! You needed me to be your slave just to have a chance!” Isabella screamed back and Marissa let out a shriek of anger.

The blonde’s muscles were shot with adrenaline, and she forced her body to roll, desperate to get back on top. At the last second, Isabelle’s fingers slipped out of Marissa’s sex, and for a millisecond Marissa was unsure of why. But the plan of the darker girl worked as she used the momentum of her rival to allow the blonde to roll as the bed ran out. Instead of landing on the softness, she had before, Marissa’s body hit nothing but air and her hand exited Isabella’s sex as she went down between the wall and bed with a sudden lunge in her stomach.

“AHH!’ Marissa yipped as she slid roughly down between the wall and the bed, taking some of the disgruntled sheets with her as she went. Her upper back hit the carpet first while her legs were able to stay slightly on the bed. She quickly tried to turn in the tight space and was successfully able to get on her front in a second, but Isabella was already moving. With a cry, the dark-skinned girl threw herself into the gap and landed with her tits first onto Marissa’ back with a thump, trapping her in the small space, their bodies in alignment.

“OW! LET ME OUT!” The bottom girl cried as she tried to push up, but the weight of Isabella’s tits on her back alone was enough to keep her down. Isabella’s trap had worked and now she was on top and behind the struggling Marissa. The blonde screamed in frustration as she began to tussle, her arms now trapped at her sides. Isabella ignored the cries and moved her hand between Marissa’s legs and the warm sex between them.

“Now I have you Mari, and you are going to cum like the bitch you are.” Isabella hissed unable to hide her own anger at her roommate and the fight they had. She ran her tongue over the back of Marissa’s ear who shivered under from the feeling and let out a whimper.

“No! This isn’t fair! Me cumming doesn’t mean you win!” Marissa cried as Isabella began to tenderly rub her rival’s-soaked sex, splitting the cunt lips with her middle and pointy finger, then rubbing the exposed pink flesh within. It was tougher with Marissa’s legs unable to be spread, but Isabella knew this pussy only second to hers, and she knew exactly how to make Marissa cum hard even with the limited space.

She started pumping her roommate’s wet cunt faster, curling the two fingers each time as Mari moaned as the blonde started leaking cum into the digits. It didn’t take long, their sexual touching and rubbing had already gotten them heated. It seemed Marissa’s high emotional mindset was coming back to haunt her as she struggled to control both her sex and feelings.

“URHHHH, no, no, no, no, not again, not by you!!” Marissa screamed a few seconds later as she attempted to roll with all her power, but it was to no avail. Izzy was able to keep her big tits on Marissa’s back, and her free hand sunk into the blonde’s toned buns. The bottom girl’s sex was reacting to her roommate’s touch like it always did, now squeezing her rival’s fingers, and the hazel-eyed girl was panting in both heat and desperation. If you were to walk into the room, you would have thought it was empty except for the low grunts and girlish coming from behind the bed.

Another 10 seconds went by with no change to their position, and Marissa was biting her lip in desperation to hold off what was coming. “No!” She screamed and Izzy heard the hint that the sexfight was nearing its end. Marissa was no longer fighting physically against her rival’s body now and had switched focus to keep her sex under control, but that was an equally tough battle. Then, in surprise, Marissa bumped up with her hips and launched Isabella a foot forward so that her tits bounced into Marissa’s head. The Spanish girl caught herself just in time with her free hand, but this placed her arm right next to Marissa’s mouth.

The blonde turned her head and latched her mouth onto Isabella’s arm with a painful force, in a last-ditch attempt to free herself. Izzy let out a cry of pain, but she kept her arm there, and her other hand still moving in and out her sloppy cunt.

Determined, she lowered her face and put her own teeth on the back of Marissa’s neck in a light clinch. For a breath, the girl’s had another chance to enter a dangerous fight, but it passed as Marissa whimpered with the teeth on her neck and let go. Isabella then released, thankful, and ran her tongue up Marissa’s neck to the base of her blonde hair. Marissa groaned again and licked Isabella’s fingers-on, trying to do anything and everything to get out, but it was too late.

“No Izzy!!! You! UGH!” Marissa cried out as the Spanish girl pumped her harder than before, her limit approaching and under the powerful fingers of her rival. The sensation of having her roommate laying on top of her was already intense, her strong ass she could press into Isabella’s sexy cunt a bit, but not with nearly enough force to a draw. She didn’t want to cum yet, she had to get Izzy off first, she had to hurt Izzy and win the catfight…get her to apologize, prove she could do it. “This isn’t over! I can beat you! I have too!” She cried, trying to get her arms back to do anything, something to get Izzy off, but there was no chance.

Under Isabella, her body pressed to the carpet, Mari couldn’t handle it. The rage, the anger, all built up into one orgasm that exploded from her clit to the edges of her fingers. She had less warning than she could prepare for, and it all came at once making her dizzy as she began to rock with the fingers involuntary. Her entire clit seemed to peak with overwhelming pressure, and she let out an extended wail as she began to cum. “IZZY!” She screamed as a frustrating and emotional orgasm passed in her body, every cell replacing the anger and pain as pleasure overwhelmed her young body. Izzy synced their breathing so that she thrust in time with the pants of Marissa, the girl’s body shaking.

“You….” Marissa breathed as Isabella kept it up, going harder at the peak of the pleasure mountain breaking the last bit of energy her roommate was holding on to. It took almost 30 seconds, but finally, Marissa’s body began to relax, her orgasm seemingly draining her of more than just her cum.

She pulled her now wet fingers out of her roommate with a light pop and an extra gasp from Marissa’s mouth. Isabella wanted to keep her rival down but decided against it as she felt the struggle in Marissa’s breathing. She slowly pushed herself up from the trap space, using Marissa’s bubble butt to put her hands on for a brief second, unable to stop herself from clawing the prized muscle. Once Izzy was standing, she waited, but the trapped girl didn’t move. Marissa stayed in the small, enclosed space, her breathing still ragged in a way Isabella hadn’t heard before. It looked like she was no longer struggling to escape, and Isabella wasn’t sure why…to the point, it worried her. After a whole minute, she reached down and pulled Marissa’s hair only to get some reaction. For a second nothing, but then her roommate slowly pushed herself up and out of the trapped space slowly. Getting to her knees, Isabella could only look at her roommate’s toned back, but the roommate did not turn and kept her head down. Izzy backed up, ready for more conflict while getting into a low stance and feeling out her body for more.

But then Marissa let out a loud wail that was unlike the others she had given during the fight. She only turned halfway and flopped down to the mattress, her head in her arms and went silent. Isabella was cautious at the display, she knew from plenty of experience that her roommate could go a lot longer than one orgasm, but she had never seen Mari act like this. A few more seconds passed when Isabella was to hear Marissa speak.

“I…just wanted to win…I just wanted to get her off first…prove I could do it. I can’t win…”
Isabella heard from the muffled sounds of her roommate and didn’t know what to say.
It seemed the emotion and rage that had fueled Mari was now empty and with her future in doubt, the always positive thinking Marissa broke. There was a long silence except for their mixed heavy breathing; when before Isabella could move forward, a wail filled the room. Marissa had begun to cry, on the bed, the fight clearly over. She only reached up and pulled a pillow to her face and started sobbing into it. It was loud and horrible as Isabella could only be made out the one sentence, “This is the worst weekend ever! I hate this, I hate all of this! I’M NOT A LOSER, I’m NOT A FREAK!” It sounded like she was trying to convince herself more than anyone else.

The winning girl looked at her crying soon to be ex-roommate and felt an emotion she did not expect. Seeing Marissa in this level of pain had long been one of her fantasy’s since they had moved in together but now that it was here…it didn’t feel…right. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go…their final fight was supposed to be personal and long, not some reaction to their futures being on the line.

“Mari.” She said with a last-ditch attempt to get through to the now post-orgasm roommate. She reached out and placed a soft hand on Marissa’s back, but the blonde flinched away.

“GET AWAY AND GET OUT! YOU WIN ISABELLA, I DON’T WANT TO PLAY THIS STUPID GAME ANYMORE…I…can’t win at anything…I’m a loser with no friends and now I’m going to have to leave school!” Marissa screamed, which turned back into more crying as she dug her face deeper into the pillow.

“No…it wasn’t you…we can talk about this.” Isabella said softly, but Mari wasn’t listening, and she doubted the blonde heard her over the wails coming from her mouth.

‘None of this should have happened’ Isabella thought as the outpour of emotion from her roommate filled her ears. Even winning the fight itself felt dirty because she knew it had been unfair. The only reason she beat Marissa so easily was only due to the other girl’s total loss of self-control…in a fair fight, it would have gone on much longer and been much more intense…and fun.

It was frustrating that Mari hadn’t been willing to listen to her…but not surprising from their history. She could admit to herself that if they were in the reverse position, she would most likely not have trusted Marissa. But that could change Isabella thought…and sitting there, next to her sexual beaten roommate, a realization hit her. She didn’t mind if Mari was crying, but it had to be her doing it…not some other bitch or ruining each other’s life.

In fact, she liked living with Marissa, even though the blonde was the most annoying person ever. They at least had something that she could rely on, and though she didn’t want to use the word ‘friendship’, the roommate ship was something. If she and Marissa went their separate ways after all this…she would only have one friend in the entire city and that was Maggie. That wasn’t good enough, and even if she and Marissa would never be real friends…they at least understood each other. That was more than any other person she had met in college. She didn’t want to move home and she needed a roommate. Marissa may have been her only choice, but she was also would have been her first choice.

She wasn’t sure if there was anything she could really do to fix this situation, but she could try. One thing was for certain, she KNEW that girl Riley was part of this, and now she had to somehow prove it. Without another word to her crying roommate, she grabbed a skimpy bikini out of her bag and changed, all while listening to the sobs from the main room. All year she had imagined making Marissa cry, but not like this, not because of some costume contest. With one last look of pity at Marissa, she left the room and made her way down to the pool area where she was sure the Riley girl would be.

She was right, and in fact, it took less than 5 minutes to find the other student sunbathing poolside. Even now, there was a small crowd of admirers around the sorority girl as she applied smooth tanning oil on her insanely hot body. From here, it seemed she was wearing a very tiny gold bikini that would not be allowed at most pools due to how much skin was exposed. It was even skimpier than Isabella’s silver one by an inch or so, which was the smallest one the Spanish girl owned.

Isabella huffed thinking of how she was going to approach this. Her body was sore, and she still felt quite turned on after wrestling her roommate down the last half hour. If this Riley girl attempted to fight…it could be a problem. Regardless, her first move was to separate the main girl from the group. Alone, she assumed it would be easier to get her to admit to the sabotage…somehow. Still unsure of the exact plan, but thinking she would have to just wing it, she walked up to the group. The closer she got, the more worried she became, a gnawing suspicion that Riley played the game she and Marissa did and wouldn’t go down easy.

The group saw Isabella approaching and made a gap quickly for the serious sexy looking girl in the tight silver bikini.

“Hey.” She said as she broke the line and looked down at the gold bikini-wearing tanned woman. The small group of men and women were now gawking at the new arrival of the group with equally as big eyes. Isabella expected it, as she stood there wearing a skimpy silver thong bikini, an interesting contrast between this Riley girl’s gold.

It was a smaller low waisted cloth that showed the top of her navel and plenty of her ass. It was the smallest one she owned and bought it for the specific reason of intimidating Marissa. Now she was wearing it for her roommate. For some reason, she knew it would be important to scare Riley and her little followers with her body, it just made sense. Plus, the look they shared at breakfast made her think a fight with Riley could only go one way.

Riley looked up and a confused grin came to her lips, “Oh, it’s the freaks roommate again…listen, like I said, no hard feelings to her, things happen.” She snipped, drawing laughs from all the people around. She then pushed her glasses down her eyes to take a better look at this challenger and wasn’t disappointed with the view. The loner had a body…a very good body. Ever since she had gotten to college, and joined her sorority, she had been given a lesson on how things could be handled especially with women that looked like this freak. She wondered if this loner had any idea who she was messing with. When Isabella didn’t respond, the redhead slowly pushed herself up, her big tits and hot body giving a nice glow of the sun from the oil as her skimpy bikini shinned just as brightly.

Isabella gave her a little fake smile back at the laying girl. “Yeah, no she is pretty upset. I was wondering if I could ask you about something real quick? Privately.” She added looking at all the other people whose eyes were shooting back and for between the women. Separating the queen bitch from the hive was the first step Isabella thought. Luckily, she could tell that this Riley chick could sense the hidden challenge from her tone and wouldn’t be one to back down to someone she found inferior.

Riley looked up at the girl’s body, and then with a little nod of her head, all the people in the group dispersed, leaving the two babes alone by the side of the pool. Before Isabella could ask again, however, Riley stood up and started walking towards the pool showers with a sway in her hips. They were small little full stalls that were fully enclosed beside the top and far more spacious than you would expect being roughly 5 by 5 feet with a waterfall head. Not hesitating, Isabella followed her and that sexy looking oiled up ass as Riley walked into the furthest one and left the door open. A daring invitation to such an enclosed and private space. Izzy walked in, feeling tense, whenever she was alone with another girl like her, the college had taught her, she had been right to expect this.

Izzy pulled the door closed after her and clicked the lock shut as Riley turned, the silver and gold bikini girls’ bodies looking even sexier standing a few feet apart. With a little cocky grin, Riley turned on the hot water making it pour loudly and draining out any sound that could be heard unless you were standing right outside the door.

“So, what do you want?” She asked, looking at Isabella with a curious glare on the other side of the water. It wasn’t often she was confronted by a bitch with a body like this outside the sorority world. The loner girl’s breasts were more impressive than she had originally thought, and her body looked like she worked out 24/7 but somehow kept those feminine curves. The smooth stomach and ass certainty spoke to the loser’s drive to be hot and desired in a way a lot of her friends dreamed of. “If you want me to put in a good word with my sorority, I guess I can do it. I know some of them to call you a loner freak too, but if you really beg and put on a big smile, I’m sure we can find a way.” She curiously said, unsure if maybe that was the reason they were now here.

“You broke Marissa’s costume. You cheated to get her out of the cosplay contest, and I want you to admit it now.” Isabella accused not even willing to bother responding to Riley’s little comment about the sorority. Now that they were alone in the tile showers, she could say what she wanted, and in a flash, she saw Riley’s eyes go a little wider like she had been caught. It was the only sign she needed because Izzy now knew she was right.

Riley recovered quickly, the surprise disappearing from her face as she flicked her still dry long red hair, “Oh my god, is that why you wanted to talk?” She laughed, then when she noticed Isabella’s intense glare, her smile left her face. “Umm, you have to be able to prove it.” She snarked, as she watched Isabella grit her teeth. “And so, what if I did anyway? She wasn’t playing fair.”

“Fair? What the hell do you mean.”

“Nothing. It’s just that she clearly had more time on her hands because she has no life. I mean, with the rumors about you two, she is definitely the one people laugh at the most…wait till the video of her little collapse on stage gets out!”


Riley fell back shocked as the impact of Isabella’s hand landed on her face. Her butt hit the wall as blue eyes looked up with rage. “UMM OW?” She exclaimed, acting surprised she had just been hit for no reason in her mind.

“Don’t fucking talk about my roommate like that.” Isabella hissed; she felt a wave of strange anger after what had happened between her and Marissa. The shower between them drowned out both the impact, but it seemed to ring around the small room.

Riley rubbed her cheek as her left hand caught herself on the tile sidewall. She hadn’t been slapped like that in a while, and not by a loser like this, “That was uncalled for! I guess you are a freak too, but that is not surprising.” The slapped girl hissed, and then, she jumped up and returned the favor to Isabella with a surprising amount of speed who fell back, her face stinging to the far side of the room.

“Get out of here or you are going to get hurt, my sorority knows how to handle a want to be like you.” She growled, as Isabella stood back up, a look of rage on her features. The slaps were rough, but it was distracting how aggressive they were, compared to how skimpy they were dressed, the silver and gold bikinis only covering maybe 5% of their total skin.

“You aren’t leaving with that ribbon in your bag. I’m taking it and giving it to my roommate, and you are going to admit to fucking her over.” Isabella shot at her sudden enemy, as Riley too stood to her full height, the long light red hair wet and down her back.

“And how are you gonna do that?” Riley questioned, her head-turning, her blue eyes still playful.

“By kicking your ass right here in this stall.” Isabella hissed as they began to circle each other in the small shower, the rainfall water creating a wall between them.

“You think you can? Well sadly, I’m not about to ruin my face or get hurt in some nasty catfight, but I’m feeling sporty and you do have the body for it. So how about a little game?”

Isabella watched her rival near-nude body, the look from the breakfast confirming another thought. It was almost like she knew what Riley was going to offer even before she said it. “I don’t care what game we play, because you aren’t leaving with that ribbon.”

“I think I will be, but I’m glad you are willing to play because I need practice for my sorority.” Riley openly admitted with a twisted smile on her sharp facial features, “The name of the game is a titfight and it’s one of the ways I and the girls in my sorority settle little disputes.”

Before Isabella could ask, Riley kept going. “It’s very simple, it’s like a pushing contest but only using our breasts, first to pin the other and force a submission from their opponent’s mouth ONLY using her tits, wins.” She pointed with two fingers at Isabella’s melons and then her own.

“A titfight?” Isabella questioned, though she knew what it was. She and Maggie had done a few of these, and not to mention her times with Marissa, they always ended up chest to chest in their fights. Though admittingly they never finished a fight like that…and eventually they always went far more sexual. To finish it only using her girl’s…she imagined the amount of beating it would take.

“Yeah, ever heard of it?” Riley questioned, then she smiled, “Unless, THAT is what you were doing with your roommate in the dorm showers? Everyone said you too were rubbing on each other like horny sluts when you fell out, the two loners. A match made in heaven.”

“Maybe we were,” Isabella said confidently, and for a second Riley seemed to flinch back. She had never met a girl outside of the sororities who played this game and had fully expected the loner to back off. The sexy Spanish girl smiled, “Titfight or whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’m taking that ribbon for Mari.” Isabella hissed, steeling her resolve.

Riley seemed almost more excited that Isabella wasn’t backing down, she looked very confident. “Perfect, but of course, I get something when I win too, or it really isn’t worth it for me.”

“Fine. Name it.”

“When you lose, you are going to come to my sorority house next week and be our little maid. We even have a costume for you to wear for a whole month.”

Isabella couldn’t help pausing, her confidence wavering for a millisecond. This was the second time she was risking her freedom, and compared to just being Marissa’s slave, this had the potential to be a lot worse.

But she had to do this. For Marissa’s sake, and for her own living conditions, she had to fight. “Fine. I agree, if I lose, I’ll be your maid.”

“Perfect. Then it’s a match! Now, remember, there is nothing really stopping us from using our hands except our pride, but if they touch anything other than each other’s palms or ass, that girl loses.” The sorority girl continued, looking away from Isabella and at the ceiling having her indifferent tone return.

“I get it, you need these rules to make sure I don’t fuck you up, but it’s fine.”

Riley giggled, “You are brave for a loner freak, maybe you would have made it in my sorority. But I know you are just going to regret matching your body against mine, the sororities at our school are just different.”

“Keep dreaming, sorority freak.”

Riley’s green eyes narrowed, and a snarl escaped her lips at the word freak…like it hit Riley far worse than a simple name should. Isabella hadn’t expected that, but it seemed that this bitch could pretended to give it but couldn’t take it.

The ex-intern smirked as she reached back and undid the knot that held up the silver bikini top. It fell off and her big proud girls came out from behind the small triangles. She glanced down at her tits, knowing she would need every pound of them to keep up in this fight. The downside being, she could already see marks and hits already done by her feisty roommate less than 15 minutes ago.

“Not bad.” Riley grinned, surprised how big this loner girl was, and how firm the large tits seemed. It looked like the water shot off her nipples horizontally with their sharpness.

It made it clear that this bitch and her roommate could easily fit in with the girls of her sorority if only they had the personalities to do it. She then undid her gold top, and felt Isabella’s brown eyes flicker down to compare, finding another large set of tits of the redhead’s chest. She gave her tanned girl’s a big squeeze and even bounced them in a sexy display. But with both tops discarded, Riley reached up, offering her hand in the middle of the warm water. Isabella reached out and interlaced and then offered her second hand that Riley accepted.

“First girl, to submit right?” Isabella hissed over the waterfall.

“Wins,” Riley responded. “On three. One, Two…” But three never came and Riley rushed forward with a snarl. The four nude breasts squished as the unique sensation as an equally stacked girl pressed together, and Isabella screamed as she was pushed back to the wall.

“CHEATING BITCH!” She hissed but a second later was pinned onto the side of the shower stall. Their tits were crushed harder now, as Riley took advantage of her head start meshing their forms. Isabella’s back and thong covered ass was forced back and for the second time in 30 minutes, the Spanish girl found herself pinned to a wall by a big titted slut. It was impossible to ignore that Riley’s body felt good, but in a way, she could not deal with right now if she hoped to win. It was regrettable that she had gotten so horny during her fight with Marissa and didn’t get any release from her roommate. Her dark nipples had already hardened to spikes, but surprisingly Riley’s reddish spikes were impaling her in the same way.

“Already pinned loner?” Riley giggled, as she rotated her babies on Isabella’s, squishing and softening the other pair for more brutal strikes to come. “You should have left me alone and just accepted that I won my anime convention.”

Isabella hissed, as she tried to push off the wall, but Riley’s fat chest had her perfectly matched to the point when the sorority girl stopped moving, their nipples were inverting each other.
“Fucking cheater, I’m going to ruin your pathetic tits.” She gasped, missing the word my in the sorority girl’s words.

“No, you’re not. And no one is going to save you.” Riley taunted aggressively, then brought her mouth tantalizingly close to Izzy’s. “You see, in my sorority, there is a small group of us that have a different way to settle our disagreements and will be the queens of our school. Maybe that’s what we will use you for, a little practice slut…you can invite the other freak too.”

Isabella hissed at the implied threat and bumped her hips forward into her rivals with a wet slap. The impact knocked Riley off balance and gave the trapped girl the chance to slide her big ones to the left and away, freeing herself from the wall. Their fingers next broke off, as Riley turned with Isabella, and they slammed together again with their shoulders next to the wall now even as their breasts matched again and again.

“You are going on the wall next!” Isabella growled, and Riley hissed in response, their mushroomed balls sticking out at the sides. They had wrapped their arms around each other, and Riley reached down to take hold of Isabella’s strong dark buns and felt a returned grip a second later. The firm ass muscles keeping their pose and hold as they felt each other up erotically, but not on purpose. In this new pose, they stepped to the left and went back under the down power of the shower, the water dripping and running down their smooth skin. They seemed to stop there and continued to breast fight in the center of the stall, their vision blurry as the water cascaded off their bodies. The pool created by their fat crushing chests emptied and refilled again and again as they bashed back and forth, continuing to make each other tender.

Isabella’s muscles strained on Riley’s pale skin as the flesh blended everywhere they touched. It became more difficult to breathe with the increased muscular exertion and bear hug while water poured above them like a waterfall. Their legs moved quickly as if they had begun to dance, stepping around on quick feet with wet slaps on the tile all while keeping their boobs connected. To keep balance while being so tightly wound together, showed their practiced balance, until they forced their wet bare thighs up into the gold and silver bikini bottoms, doing a slight sexual grind that made Isabella gasp. She was still very turned on from her fight with Marissa, and now this breast fight with Riley was sending her body into a deep sexual heat.

20 seconds passed in this stalemate, only grinding on each other with their womanly breasts and thighs as the leg game switched into hooking, trying to break the other’s stance. The movements of their lower bodies allowed their impressive yet sore bosoms to mushroom each other deeper. Riley was strong, and several times Izzy thought she would be thrown down, but her quickness on her dancing feet kept her up. She struggled against the growing sensation of her nipples being bent on Riley’s soft skin while her silver thong was dislodged slightly. The sexual pull only made it harder to concentrate on the breast fight and getting the eventual pin Isabella knew she would need to force any sort of submission out of her opponent’s mouth.

Sensing an extra slight shake as they ground sex zones, Riley looked to target another part of the loner’s body that had given the girl the reaction. She pressed her strong thigh hard into Isabella’s silver covered sex harder, and the Spanish girl let out a desperate moan that came deep from her core. The pitch drove Riley further as she suspected this bitch was feeling something other than the pain of grinding their tits, something that hinted towards what they could really do to each other if they had set those conditions. She wanted to pull the silver thong to the side, get her leg directly on her rival’s cunt, but Isabella’s own strength was dangerous to shift against. In fact, every time she tried to do so, her own cunt was pressed by the tanned thigh of the longer girl, sending secret shivers down the sorority girl’s wet body.

Trying to focus on finding an advantage proved tough as the sound of their gasps and groans filled the small stall. Their chests had proven even thus far, as their arms went to their sides, granting them closer connection down to their belly’s. It was true that having their tits so thoroughly touched by another equal pair was sending stronger spikes of pleasure even as they looked to make the rival woman flat. They had given each other a good tendering, both girls feeling their chest fat moved by the other pair up and down, jiggling all the while.

The real battle would be on the ground when one on top would use gravity to swing her babies down into the pair, pressing them together until one was like sand. They began to take the steps to topple the other sexy girl to begin that special type of treatment. Ducking slightly, Isabell was able to get her breasts under Riley’s bosom slightly as she pushed them up. The sorority girl gasped as her boobs got shifted as if she was wearing a push-up bra before they slid back into place into their symmetrical docking before Izzy could use it.

“You are being so uncool right now.” The aloof girl laughed with a grimace, “But I bet that’s normal for you.”

“You don’t deserve that ribbon.” Isabella hissed back, her hidden temper flaring hotter and hotter.

A look passed the redhead’s face, a look that seemed to give more away than she expected. “Yes, I did. My costume was perfect! I looked just like my character.” Riley gasped unexpectedly, with an extra push of bodies. For a second Isabella looked openly confused as she sexually struggled against his woman. Then, Riley’s face twisted, and their breasts loosed backing off enough so only their brown nipples flicked.

“Wait, do you actually care about this award?” She questioned with a confused look.

“Umm, no I don’t!” Riley responded, but it was so obviously a lie that it almost surprised Isabella more how causal it came mid titfight. Their tits crushed again, and their chins touched on the side of the wall. As they spoke this close, the spit from their mouths spat onto the other’s face.

“You call Marissa a freak? But you joined this cosplay thing because you wanted to, didn’t you?!

“No!” Riley lied again, but she seemed to freeze as if she was trying to cover her tracks.

Isabella hooked her left leg on Riley’s behind the right knee and drew it back. The pressure broke Riley’s stance and she let out a gasp as she lost all power to hold her form against the equally built woman. Isabella spun them, and using her own thigh stuck between Riley’s pythons for power, took them down to the hard wet floor with her on top.

Slap! Riley’s back hit the hard tile with Isabella on top of her, their firm tits not separating for even half a second. The impact hurt, and Riley for the first time let out a wail of pain as her chest was pressed nearly flat by the top pair. She wrapped her legs around Isabella’s back to try and keep the girl motionless as they struggled now on the floor.

Legs entangled, they rolled, and Riley took the tops spot a bit out of the water downpour. She pushed their interlaced fingers out and began slamming her upper body up and down in quick succession over and over to Isabella’s agony. Their full chests squished flat and reset each time, neither surrendering even as the pain grew starting at their nipples. Isabella’s strong dark legs writhed, and she pushed herself back, sliding slowly on the tile with Riley’s body still on top of her. The secret anime loving girl tried to follow the movement, but her foot slipped, and she ended up sliding down Izzy’s body so that her face rubbed against the silver thong for a brief second.

For the first time in minutes their breasts had a moment to rest, but not wasting a breath, Riley pushed up to her knees and off her rival’s legs. The sudden exertion was wearying her out faster than then she expected in this heat and before she could take an advantage, Isabella had matched her pose.

They sized each other up again, and Isabella let out a huff and a little grin. “So, now I get it. You fucking love anime don’t you? But you don’t want your little sorority to find out, and yet you call Marissa a freak? That’s fucking pathetic.”

Riley’s eyes narrowed behind the water, then she laughed with her continued aloofness. “Oops, guess I said too much huh? Whatever, so I do like anime, but I won’t give up my sorority for it. I’m finally in the popular group. Even if I have to give up my favorite thing, I’m not about to be some loner in college like I was in high school. I remember when we talked to your roomie about joining. The reactions she got when she admitted to loving anime was exactly what I expected. They would never let her join, and I won’t be like that again!”

Isabella almost laughed; this girl really didn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. “Wow, you know, I almost would feel bad for you. Was the reason you broke Marissa’s costume because you really wanted the money…or were you jealous hers was better? And that she gets to do what she likes not caring what people think of her.”

The aloof girl’s features hardened, and she was unable to push her emotions down again. “I’m not jealous of that freak! Look how much good being herself has done her? No friends, and a roommate who fucking hates her. I’m not going to be that person again!” She snarled as Riley’s always bored face was now one of fury.

Isabella steeled herself, it was shocking seeing this new side of this sorority girl, but she couldn’t worry about it now. Riley was already sliding forward on her knees, and Isabella matched; ready to crush tit on tit and settle the score. The nipples met first, tip to tip for a long breath, before they were engulfed by the rest of the meat. Their foreheads bumped and they again almost kissed as they looked to hold this deep pose, grimacing as the soreness of the previous rounds were quick to return.

“That seemed to piss you off huh? Maybe you are a freak like us.” Isabella taunted through heated breath as their stalemate again turned into light grinding breast on breast. Their bumpy areola seemed to be the pinpoints of grinding on their skin. Riley’s eyes flared, but the focus of the fight still took priority.

“Still, you needed to cheat to win…how fucking pathetic is that?” Izzy continued, looking to draw out more emotion, using the same tactic she had applied to Marissa. She needed some advantage to make up for the pre soreness of her body.

“Fuck you. I’m a better cosplayer than her anyway! I just don’t have the time because I’m building a social life! I would NEVER lose one of these, these are my favorite things ever!” The sorority girl admitted, suddenly spanking Izzy hard, but giving up an inch on her tits.

On their knees, they slapped at each other’s hot asses but ignored their enemies bouncing tits to keep to the rules. The slaps were loud, and the muscled behinds enjoyably took the beating. With a really good spank that froze Isabella, Riley this time got under her rival’s chest and boob uppercut her, bending the dark-skinned girl back just for a millisecond. For a flash, Riley wanted to push her mouth down and begin to suck the brown nipples sticking up, but she resisted the sexual urge. It would open a dangerous game with how sore her own nipples were being connected to this sexy loser, and she doubted this bitch knew the next level of fighting. The delay allowed Isabella to shoot back up and their girls met again as the first signs of real pain began to get felt as they bashed their already sore tits boob to boob multiple times. The impacts starting to create red spots, that were sure to become bruised skin with how hard and fast they were fighting.

After a hot long stalemate where their nipples inverted each other, Izzy was able to push Riley back a foot in the water, and then when she bent the sorority girl down, she was able to force her onto her side then ass.

“Ugh.” Riley huffed, landing, their hands connected as she fell and gave the other woman the chance to get her body on top of her as they had been before.

Isabella took the top spot on Riley’s hips, their fingers still interlaced and waging a war of their own as the main force of their battle compressed. With a desperate cry, Isabella slammed her upper body down crushing the bottom pair with her sore tender breasts. The wet slap was only drowned out by Riley’s scream of pain as they flattened into each other. The Russian looking girl losing the advantage she had taken just a few seconds before and is now on the defensive.

The cold tile floor was hard on the sorority girl’s back, while her breasts were squished down by the soft but unyielding balls on Isabella’s chest. Her girls had never been matched by a pair like this loner, and it was fucking frustrating. She snarled at Izzy’s close mouth and was snarled back by the red lips of Izzy almost kissing but keeping the soft flesh a centime apart. Their eyes bore into each other, blinking only to stop the water from blurring their vision more. Their flat smooth stomachs were touching just enough to show how tightly they kept each other.

“You quit you little anime slut?” Isabella hissed, a slight bit of desperation in her voice.
“Fuck you,” Riley growled back, but her voice quivered just enough for Isabella to hear it.

Knowing this was her chance to finish the fight, Isabella leaned back and up and shot down with a force tit first. It was a loud slap as the four balls of womanly meant met but this time Riley had puffed her chest up and even with gravity on Isabella’s side, she was pressed back slightly more letting out a hiss of pain.

They pressed on for an extra second and this crash ended up a stalemate, as they both let out little whimpers while rolling their boobs on each other over and over, almost tenderizing each other before they slapped again. Up and down the fats moved, their still hard nipples dragging on each other’s skin like knives on tender meat. It was undeniably erotic, and if they weren’t hell-bent on the destruction of the other’s chest, they might have fallen trap to the sexual pulses in their covered cunts that were no longer willing to be ignored.

They ended up resting in this position, Riley’s long red hair spread out behind her head, her face turned as she breathed feeling the water rushing between her back and the tile. This big titted, sexy bitch on top of her, pressing down on her with not just her breasts but her stomach and hips drove her crazy. They were touching each other in the shower as if they were going to collapse from their fight and begin to fuck without any hesitation.

Their hot bodies had been connected for an extended time to the point it felt weirdly natural to touch the other everywhere. The erogenous zones around their brown and red nipples had goosebumps as they fought the intense hotness between their legs. They rested for a second under the water, Isabella’s brown nipples bent and lost in the fat on Riley’s chest. She felt like they were going to fall off if she touched them, but they still had a job to do. She just wondered how much longer she could go because this fight was already far more intense than she had anticipated.

She knew her girls had been bruised a bit and were now almost broken in this nasty shower fight. She had no other action than try to finish this match here and now, because if she was forced back down to the bottom…it would be over. She felt the hot water pour on her neck and move down her curves before dripping onto Riley. The pain in her breasts did help distract from the desire of her sex begging to be touched, both from this fight and the previous one with Marissa.

Honestly, she wasn’t’ sure she had another breast slap in her and could only hope Riley didn’t either. Her brown girls were screaming for a break, for an end, being a maid for a bunch of sorority sluts wouldn’t be so bad, she thought for a second. Not just her tits, but her pussy was tight, holding onto an orgasm that would both drain her last bit of energy and give the sorority girl the full advantage if she exploded.

She decided one more, and then she would quit because no matter how bad she wanted it for Mari, her tits could not take anymore. She pulled her wet upper body of Riley’s once again, letting their tits to shift back into their usual perfect form, though both pairs looked a bit more swollen and red. Their brown nipples were still sharp, but all four shafts looked as if they had been bent slightly from the jarring impacts in the last 10 minutes. Izzy took a breath, pushing her darker still firm tits and ready to risk it all. Time froze with water pouring down every inch of her body, her long black soaked, her normally passive face one of rage. She felt her tight silver bikini pressed down on her rival’s hips and was aware of how close the two still protected cunts were from each other.

She began to lower her worn down torso, but at the last second right before the impact, Riley’s eyes went wide. “OH GOD, I QUIT! STOP! YOU WIN!”.

The words hit Isabella’s ear halfway down and she froze just before the crushing blow. Half of her wanted to do the final crush, while the other half demanded she save her own girls from more damage. The second half won out and she backed off flipping her soaked black hair back with a slap. She let out her held breath and pushed her body down on Riley’s hips in a dominating manner.

“Say it again,” Isabella demanded over the sound of the shower water. She felt as if a massive weight was lifted off her chest and the thrill of victory dulled the ache. She glared down at Riley, whose face looked pained from the fight, yet still angry…as if she was surprised the surrender had escaped her lips.

“You win…take the ribbon,” Riley growled again, though not as passive as a woman who had just lost should seem in Isabella’s eyes. The hot water was still pouring atop them and causing a cover of steam in the heated arena. For a second, Izzy forgot about the prize or her roommate and was just basking in the glory of her tits lasting longer than this new incredible rival. This sorority and secret anime-loving bitch thought she could play the game she and Marissa perfected…well, at least she had been taught her lesson.

Riley looked pained and furious as she felt her proud chest hurt worse now that the fight was over. The loss of both the fight and the ribbon stung…because she did want it. The piece of her that she hid, the loser she had been in high school was desperate to prove she had earned it. She might not have been able to show it off to her sisters, but it would have meant a lot.

Annoyingly it felt as though practice bouts she had been in with her sister’s had not prepared her for a real fight against another woman built like her. She knew her friends would give her so much shit for losing a titfight…and especially to one of the freaks who turned joining her sorority down. At least the weekend wasn’t fully ruined because she had gotten the money for the sorority games, so she could hide it. But her pride was far more important to her. The only thing that mattered now was to beat this loner freak. She would do the next cosplay event that came up and was sure she could find a way to corner her…or Marissa.

Isabella slowly stood up over her beaten rival as Riley pushed herself up to her elbows looking up but still on her back. Unable to stop herself, the sorority girl hissed, “Bitch…this isn’t over. I will beat your roommate in any cosplay event she does, and you and your freak of a roommate are going to fucking cry when I and my sisters get our hands on you.”

Isabella raised an eyebrow at the threat, both of them. So, she really does care? It was hilarious this bitch really thought she could talk shit to her after crying out her surrender seconds prior, “Whatever you say Riley, but you know how you said this is how you and your sister’s settle disputes?”

Riley went quiet and shot a nasty glare at Isabella not really understanding what she was going at. The normally quiet girl’s face twisted into a cruel but sexy smile, as she stood in just her silver thong bikini over her near-nude rival.

“Well, let me show you how freaks like Mari and I settle our disputes.” She breathed, and before Riley could react, she had dropped back to her knees and taken one of the bent nipples of her rival into her warm mouth. The sorority girl screamed in pain, shooting her hands to pull Isabella off by the curly long black hair, but Izzy had latched on hard and was sucking with a force.

“BITCH!” Riley wailed knowing her secret was out to this freak. She couldn’t focus for long, however, as the satisfaction from Isabella’s soft tongue sent shocks of gratification from the abused boobs. That was just the beginning as Isabella attacked her breast rival on multiple fronts. While the sorority girl had been trying to dislodge her, Izzy slipped her hand down her rival’s wet sexy body and right into the tight gold thong. Riley seemed to freeze as Izzy’s hand found her smooth wet pussy that was sending off heat hotter than the pouring water. After one touch, it was clear that water wasn’t the only thing that had soaked it over the last 10 minutes. Even while sucking, Isabella’s lips curled into a smile, it seemed their hard nipples had been a bit more of a sign than they let on about how turned on they had become. It only made it easier as Isabella began to finger the bottom girl’s sex whose attempt to escape faltered.

“This is a sexfight slut!” Isabella growled as she switched tits with her mouth and curled her finger right into Riley’s g-spot at the same time. This is what she liked, and it was clear as Riley’s screams turned into moans of desire that she liked it too.

“You bitch! I know how to fucking sexfight…ahhh!”, Riley groaned as she tried to control her pulsing cunt, but her tits were in no condition to press against the other pair and she was hornier than she realized after rubbing up so much against this hot freak. Their bodies strained under the water, as the two gorgeous co-eds wrestled for half a second, but was clear Isabella was in control.

“Good, I’m glad!” Isabella hissed back, as her thumb found Riley’s now fully revealed love nub. She pressed it into the hood, and only a second later Riley began to cum, basking in the mixed pain and pleasure forced onto her by the loner freak.

“UGH!” The sorority girl cried, her pussy convulsing in her gold thong, tightening on the invader’s digits as Isabella finger fucked her, the second woman to orgasm in less than an hour from those fingers. It was weird how similar Riley and Marissa felt as they came, their pussies seemed to tighten in the same manner while the bottom’s girl’s back curved and she let out a deep moan. Her eyes almost went cross like some real anime slut, as she humped into the finger’s accepting her fate as her indulgence filled her body. Isabella felt every second, she knew what Riley was feeling and was almost jealous of how intense it must feel.

There under the pool shower, the spicy loner girl drew the orgasm out as she switched tits a few more times with her mouth and even found Riley’s still erect clit in which she gave a soft pinch with her cum covered fingers. On her exposed clit getting pressed, Riley humped up into her rival’s hands and wailed as she seemingly exploded a second time in a matter of seconds. It wasn’t the strongest orgasm Isabella had given during a sexfight, but it was enough. She withdrew her messy hand as soon as Riley’s cunt relaxed on her fingers and pushed herself off the heavy breathing sorority girl.

Isabella looked down at her defeated rival and couldn’t help but smirk. “That’s so funny that you secretly love anime. Too bad you aren’t as confident as Marissa and own it, maybe it would help you fight or fuck better. I’m sure your sorority sisters would understand.” She finished sarcastically.

Riley didn’t answer, but Izzy noticed that her eyes closed a little bit tighter as if the words hurt her more than she would ever say.

Isabella said nothing else as Riley’s sex and mind danced on cloud hell laying on the shower floor now with her sex drained and tits broken by the other pair. Bruised, sore, but victorious, Isabella stood up, her own tits starting to swell from the impacts of the drawn-out fight. Even though she had won, it had been too close to comfort. This Riley woman’s body was dangerous, and she had a bad feeling that this was not the end of their war.

But she won the battle and to the victor go the spoils. She leaned down and peeled the gold thong bottoms off Riley, leaving her nude in the small shower stall. The secret loving anime girl didn’t resist, but she knew what was happening. This Isabella girl…had gotten her to say things she had hidden deep, and she knew her reputation could be at stake if word got out of her anime love or her defeat.

Isabella wasn’t even thinking about that now though, as she picked up both their bikini tops and the ribbon from the girl’s bag as she left the stall leaving the still dazed satisfied girl on the cold wet tile floor. It wasn’t the money or the sponsors, but at least she could prove to Marissa that she wasn’t the one to destroy her costume, then they could go their separate ways if Mari still wanted.

She put on Riley’s gold top that matched well with her silver bottoms. She quickly found a towel at the station to wrap around her body, not wanting to give away any sign of what had just happened in the small stall. With the new bikini bottoms in hand and the cosplay ribbon in her other, she left the pool area and made her way back inside unable to wipe the small grin on her red lips.

A few minutes later, and Isabella walked into the shared hotel room. Marissa was in the same position when she had left almost an hour ago, though the pillow she was crying in had been swapped out. The blonde was quiet except for her ragged breaths and this time didn’t react when the door closed. Isabella assumed her roommate had cried herself out, but she still wasn’t sure how willing she would be to listen. Still wearing her new mismatched bikini, she crawled onto the bed on her back next to Marissa. The blonde, sensing it was not Amber finally moved, but only to roll to her side facing away from Izzy and towards the window.

It was now or ever, and with a deep breath, Isabella started, “Mari…you don’t have to talk, just listen.” She waited, to give her roommate a chance, but as expected Marissa remained quiet.

“Listen, I know we both have made a lot of mistakes since meeting each other but…, and I’m going, to be honest with you so don’t laugh…you know how hard this is for me.”

No response and Isabella took a calming breath, she had just had a vicious titfight for her roommate’s happiness, if that didn’t say I don’t hate you and I want to be friends; she had no idea what would. “The truth is Mari, I don’t hate living with you.” She said, looking up at the ceiling. “I mean, I still want to like…beat you at everything…especially sex, but like, it is more fun having a roommate that can kinda match me. I could find a way to live alone I’m sure, and I bet you could do too even after what happened down at the contest. But I want to live with you.” She finished and let out a gasp of air like she had been holding in her breath and finally had said it. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this open with someone.

She paused, unsure of what to say next, but noticed Marissa wasn’t breathing as heavy, meaning she was at least listening. Going with the only thing she had, she reached off the bed and grabbed the ribbon. “Here, I got this for you.”

She held up the prize in the air, and Marissa’s hazel eyes cracked open to turn around and look at whatever it was. Then at the sight of her bikini wearing roommate holding the first-place trophy of the cosplay contest, the hazel eyes shot fully open.

“What?” Marissa gasped through a little sob as she pushed herself up slightly for the first time in an hour and half-turned to face Isabella. The blonde quickly took in the sight of her still slightly wet roommate and was surprised to see a small smile on Isabella’s lips. The black-haired woman didn’t say anything but handed her the ribbon. Marissa looked at it for a long second before reaching out and taking it like it was a trick. She ran her fingers over before looking back at Isabella.

“You don’t own a gold bikini top…” Marissa said firstly, and Isabella couldn’t help but laugh out of all things her roommate would notice first.

“I do now…but forget that. You deserve this because you should have won it. I got it off Riley after we…talked. She admitted to messing up your costume, but I couldn’t get her to record it, so I guess I don’t really have proof except for this ribbon…and her bikini as you noticed.”

Marissa was now fully looking at her with a stare that was half wondering and half confused. “You…you are telling the truth…aren’t you Izzy?” She whispered, and Isabella smiled at her roommate using her nickname.

“Yeah…I think she stole your key at breakfast and when you went to sign up with Amber…she sent her friends to ruin your costume. She must have overheard me and Amber at breakfast which is how they found out our room number. And to be honest…I…went to the gym and didn’t stay in here like you asked…and I’m sorry, that’s my bad.” Isabella explained, looking a bit sheepish near the end.

Marissa meanwhile seemed to be thinking hard, but after an hour of crying, she was struggling to take in all this information at once. “It…wasn’t you.” She breathed, letting out a slightly less sob this time. Isabella gave her a small smile and nodded. She then took one more deep breath, “Mari…I need to ask you again, and I understand that the situation might even be worse than before when I asked you. If you don’t want to live with me, I get you and we will figure it out…but will you be my roommate next year?”

Marissa sat up slowly, and wiped her red puffy eyes, “You…you…still want to live with me again after…after all, I said to you during our fight?” She fully turned in bed and looked at her roommate for the first time, the hazel eyes red and puffy. It was a bit weird lying in bed with her nude roommate and not trying to pin her, but Isabella figured she and Marissa had long passed anything that normal roommates would do.

“Yeah, and I mean…we have both said a lot of things all year that I don’t think we meant. I know…this is weird, but I think that’s why I want to live with you. You are an annoying bitch, but you are an annoying bitch that I know and understand. We are kinda a team…two freaks in a pod.” Then she gave Marissa a sly look. “Plus, I also won’t be happy until I have you as a slave as you had me for at least a month.

Marissa looked and let out one last sob that was a laugh. “Yeah…I guess we are.” She wiped her eyes and then nodded, “Well, I really would like to be your roommate again too…Izzy. But we can still hate each other’s bodies though, right?” She asked, with what sounded like genuine worry as blinked away the last few tears.

Isabella let out a rare laugh from her very serious look the last few minutes, “Oh, of course, we are going to keep ‘hating’ each other! We are NOT Maggie and Amber and never will be. Honestly, I think we will always be rivals, but rivals who accept that the other isn’t the worse roommate that she can find.” She finished, and they locked eyes for a long time as a little desire slipped into their conversation.

It was broken a few seconds later by Marissa who was slowly nodding. “Ok…cool.” There was a second long silence until Marissa just couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Can I hug you? Just once I promise.”

Isabella looked at her roommate, who could only be described as a sad kitten. “Fine.” She huffed and had zero time to react, as the fully nude Marissa jumped up and hugged her much tighter than expected. Izzy gasped as her tender boobs pressed into Marissa’s hot form, and she let out a wail of pain. Marissa instantly let go and cried out an apology and then demanded to know every little detail of what happened. Isabella began to explain, and Marissa gasped at the aggressive details, Riley’s secret love of anime, and the implications of the sorority games for the two roommates. After a long talk, they simply relaxed and ended up ordering a large bottle of wine under Amber’s name and very fatty food to the room to make up for some lost time…as they laughed endlessly about the year they had.

Two hours later when Marissa was finally feeling a lot better, she looked over at her roommate who resting with her eyes closed.

“Hey, can we go look for Amber? I want to make sure she is okay?”

Izzy’s brown eyes opened, and she sat up. She nodded, “Should we go check by the pool? They might have ended up by there by now.”

Marissa agreed and went to grab a bikini when Izzy grabbed her arm with a mischievous grin. “Hey, do you want to try on my new gold bikini? I think if we see Riley, it will be even better if you are wearing it.”

Marissa grinned back at her, “Oh! That’s a fun idea, I think that it will fit me perfectly.”

A few minutes later, the girls had dawned their skimpy attire and headed out to the pool. They may have looked a bit more ragged than usual, but for once, they had smiles on their faces walking side by side.

Part 3

Amber stood at the door of room 509 with a look of pure disdain on her beautiful face. This weekend was supposed to be just fun times with her and Marissa, eyeliner for her to really think about what she needed to say to Maggie about how she wanted to move forward in their relationship. Now that was all out of the window because inside the room was one of the most intense sluts she had ever met in her life. Her girlfriend’s co-worker, and an indirect reason for the extra heartbreak and pain she and Maggie had gone through in the last year. Bianca was only a bitch in her eyes, and after their pool spat, she knew equally as dangerous as she was when it came down to it. It was ironic to Amber because Bianca’s real personality was how she had imagined Maggie when they first met. But it was clear that this woman didn’t have Maggie’s kindness and willingness that had somehow made the ex-student fall in love with the redheaded librarian. No, this raven-haired bitch had a temper and much nastier vicious streak in her. Not unlike herself, Amber thought with a grimace.

She knew Maggie had been trying to keep her and Bianca separated since the Gala, but it seemed that had failed. Bianca had cornered her, and Amber was very much ok with that. This other librarian was hurting her girlfriend indirectly, and she wouldn’t have it. She would deal with Bianca herself and get the bitch off their back for good.

She knocked twice and on the third, the door opened to reveal the pale goddess standing there in a short midnight black robe as dark as the hair on her head. Amber had gone back to her room before coming, and it seemed in the time Bianca had already changed. Her silky straight black locks were in a tight bun as if she was at work while her lips were now a deep blood red making them look fuller than normal. Her dark black eyeliner highlighted the crystal blue eyes that were behind a pair of small square black glasses bridged on her nose. She looked like a hawk with how intensely she was observing her new arrival; then, the librarian smiled.

“Oh, Amber, what a surprise.” She teased with a hidden snark. “You took longer than I expected…did you go and change for me?” She finished with a lick of the very dark red lips. She took in the blonde’s style and had a small shudder go down her spine. Skintight black jeans and a tiny red tank top. The blonde’s model-like face had a bit of eyeliner as well above the hard brown orbs, yet Bianca’s eyes were drawn to the small nose ring, a silver dot on the unblemished skin of the guitarist. Amber did look delicious as she was, but for this night to be perfect and go her way, Bianca knew she needed full control.

“Well, I do love the look, but not exactly what I had in mind for you and me tonight. Luckily, I found your outfit at Miss Keeling’s little convention and placed it in the bathroom for you. Please go change and then we can discuss the terms of our engagement.”

Amber’s face, which was already scowling, twisted into a forced smile. “Bianca, I’m here to talk about Maggie and about you leaving us alone. I’m already tired of your bullshit, and equally, I’m not going to get dressed up for you for whatever sick idea you have.” She hissed and walked forward but Bianca stepped in front of her so that they almost bumped chest to chest behind their clothes.

“You may come in, only if you adhere to my dress code…or you may leave, and I’ll be forced to take more drastic steps.” The librarian breathed with sudden hardness, then her voice softened. “Pick.”

The standoff in the hotel hallway was brief between the two beauties, but Amber hissed a few seconds later between gritted teeth. “Fine.”

Bianca licked her lips once again now standing much closer to the other woman. “Good choice.” She whispered, as she stood aside and allowed Amber into her room without touching. The blonde moved past her and then took a quick left into the bathroom off the hall.

The blonde couldn’t help rolling her eyes as she was presented what looked like an anime schoolgirl outfit hanging in the shower. “What the hell?” She said loud enough that Bianca would have heard it from outside the door but got no answer. She had seen these types of outfits before, mostly because Marissa owned several of them. It was very basic, consisting of a very short red and black plaid skirt and a tight button-up white collard top. Long thigh-high white socks were there to complete the look, though the three-inch white sandal heels were a bit out of place. She looked under the clothes and confirmed there were no thong or bra, but Amber hadn’t really expected there to be. Wanting this conversation over with…but also knowing the chances of getting out of this room with her clothes intact were low, Amber changed into the little sexy outfit. She fully got dressed and even decided to leave her own black thong off and go commando in the tiny skirt. After the pool fight, she wasn’t about to lose two of her favourite skimpy thongs to this bitch in one weekend.

Amber marched out of the bathroom looking even more annoyed in this new get up, only to see Bianca resting on her side atop the bed. In this position, the black robe was nearly as high as Amber’s skirt, which didn’t even fully cover the blonde’s toned ass when she stood still.

“Happy bitch? Ready to talk?” She hissed unable to keep the frustration out of her voice. Why she had followed the request she wasn’t sure, but maybe there was a tiny part of her that wanted to look sexy in front of Bianca. There was no question that this stupid outfit did have a flair to it, and made her body look fantastic. Hell, there was a chance she could win the cosplay contest in this.

“Oh my, that looks even better than I expected.” Bianca cooed while biting the tip of her red nails while Amber stood there in the sexy getup. The blonde had only done up two of the shirt’s buttons, so her massive tits were nearly popping out. Amber cocked her hip at the comment, and the skirt flowed up to show off even more leg and ass when viewed from behind.

The pale girl flipped around and put her long legs off the bed. For a second, the black robe got caught behind the librarian and Amber’s eye’s flashed down for a peak. For just a second, Amber glimpsed Bianca’s tight pink slit between the strong pale thighs of her rival before the sex was hidden again by the robe. Amber took a deep breath, it seemed Bianca was wearing nothing underneath as well.

The librarian stood up on her black heels but moved away from Amber as she began to speak, “Never would have imagined that this weird convention thing would have so many outfits that would pique my interest. I’m honestly surprised you were so willing to change, but I do like you in it.”

“I did the one thing you asked, now we are going to talk about you, Maggie, and the papers you said,” Amber demanded pointing a finger and her own red nails at the other woman.

“Hmm, soon.” Bianca said as she turned around at the far seat and again let out a small laugh seeing Amber dressed up like a little schoolgirl, “You pull it off well, much like Miss Keeling, she did look quite fuckable when she dressed like that back during her internship.”

“Ahh, so it’s some kink of yours?” Amber snickered. “The snooty librarian has a freaky side to her. Maybe you should go check out the rest of the cosplayers? You will fit right in.”

“No thank you, but I’ll admit maybe it’s a little bit of a kink, but mostly the reason I made you change was just to get you used to taking my orders,” Bianca said with a light purr. Amber paused her walk forward towards the other chair but brushed off the comment. She was sure Bianca would play these mind games, so she might as well get used to them. Amber’s eyes now drifted and took in the much bigger and nicer room than she, Mari and Izzy were staying in. It was the kind of room Amber was used to staying in when she wanted to spoil herself by spending a little extra money and it bugged her that Bianca seemed willing to do the same. It had a massive bed to her left on the wall, a huge desk in the far-right corner, and a large TV up on the wall. In the far-left corner, there were two big puffy chairs with a small table between them. On the short table were a half-empty bottle next to two large completely full glasses of red wine and some papers.

She finished her scanning and looked back to see Bianca was standing in front of the wine and table. Before sitting, the pale woman reached up and released her bun of hair letting the long black strands fall to the mid of her back. She ran her hands through the silk, her pale tits sticking out in challenge to Amber’s girls, stretching the black silk, desperate to be free from their bond much like the blonde’s own jugs.

Satisfied with her hair, she motioned to the seat across from her, “Take a seat Amber, and let’s chat.”

Amber took a few steps forward still with a scowl on her face but did not sit. “No more games Bianca. First, you are going to give me anything you got this weekend to fuck over Maggie, and second; I want you to say right now, you will leave Maggie and myself alone for good.”

Bianca looked at her with a raised eyebrow but didn’t respond. Instead, she sat down in the far chair and crossed her long legs giving Amber another flash of her bare pussy and hips. Then, grinning as she had seen Amber’s eyes flicker down to her sex, she took a short sip of the wine.

Amber watched the display and suddenly felt thirsty while the other woman took a long sip. Bianca finished with an ahh and gave Amber an equally intense glare that she was receiving from the ex-student. “You want me to leave you both alone? Hmm, I will consider it, but first I want you to admit how very attracted you are to me.”

Amber gave a short loud laugh ignoring the request, “Bianca, unless you give me what I want, I’m going to fucking kill you. I didn’t want to fight you this weekend, but you messed with me, and worse; you threatened Maggie…I won’t forgive that.” Then, unable to stop herself, she leaned forward, her giant breasts hanging down and picked up her glass. She brought it to her mouth and in aggressive display drank a big gulp of the smooth liquid.

Bianca watched for a second, then took a huge gulp of her own, both girl’s finishing half of their glasses in a second. The librarian then twirled the drinking glass in her hand as she eyed the other woman. “Please Amber, at least be honest with me. You do want to fight me, just as bad as I want to fight you and don’t forget, you were the one who jumped me at the Gala. You made me cum on your hot sweaty body when I was in the middle of fighting your bandmate. And before I could return the favor, you ran away with the little redhead like a coward. Now it’s time for my revenge because I want more, so much more of that hot sensation, and I’m going to take it.”

“Really that is what this is all about? Not even your job? Are you that desperate? Can’t get me out of your head? You’re pathetic.” Amber shot in quick succession before finishing the rest of the wine. She put down the finished glass as the warmth in her stomach spread down her body. This conversation was already so different from what she imagined, and something told her that she had misread this situation.

Bianca stood up to match Amber and placed her own now empty wine glass on the table. Then she leaned down slightly, her robe was loose enough so that plenty of deep pale cleavage could be viewed by the brown eyes. “Well, if you aren’t going to sit like a mature adult, we can stand and talk terms. Do you want me to stop messing with Maggie? I’ll consider it, but only if you agree to my demands.”

“Tell me right now what you got this weekend or I’m leaving.” Amber threatened as she crossed her arms under her big jugs.

“You aren’t going anywhere.” Bianca swiftly responded with a threatening tone. “Not until you start taking my orders.” The red lips curled up as the professional woman who held such a haughty attitude most times slowly disappeared. Her real self, the self she only showed to lucky and obedient people was coming out to play.

“What the fuck do you want with me?” Amber hissed as she tried to make sense of it all, “Is this really all about the Gala? Or your job? Are you that desperate to beat Maggie that you want to fight?”

“This isn’t about Maggie, in fact, I have nothing on her here. These papers won’t help her or myself get the desired promotion, the hosts emailed her everything, so she and I will have to meet with them personally to figure that out. But…you…I just knew you would come running to help your little orgy slut if I just mentioned her name.”

“Then why? What…if you are just going to meet Maggie…what do you…” But Amber was cut off quickly.

“What do I want? Well, I think that is abundantly clear…I want you.” Bianca breathed with a sensuality that would send men and women to their knees. Amber didn’t react visibly, however, but the words and tone sent a shiver down her spine that was fear and desire.

Bianca stood up to her full height causing her robe to become looser and show off more of her bare skin. Her large firm breasts were threatening to come free from their silk bonds challenging Amber’s equally sized jugs. A big white smile was on her normally scowling face as she viewed the punk girl in front of her. “After your little stunt at the Gala, I have been thinking about you every single day. I have gathered information about you, studied your body, your attitude, and have concluded that you are everything I want. You are going to be mine.” Bianca breathed and it felt like the air was sucked out of the room.

Amber fully froze looking at this sexy librarian, “What the fuck does that mean? Be yours?” Amber questioned at the other woman while the hair on her neck began brisling. The way Bianca was talking and looking at her was unlike anyone ever had. It was a mix of possessiveness, dangerousness, and a sense of hunting that she usually gave and did not receive.

“Oh, I think you understand Amberrr. You’re going to be my little girlfriend. My sexy little sub. My pet.” Bianca explained, her blue eyes looking hungrier than Amber had seen in a person’s stare.

“I have a girlfriend,” Amber responded quickly, the only thought coming into her head. She took a step backwards, moving the chair and while glancing at the door behind her. She was not normally one to run in the face of whatever challenge this was, but she felt a flash of fear at the words. A challenge to her relationship was not something she wanted to deal with, not with her own insecurities already digging at her.

Bianca however, wasn’t done and took a small step to the side of the table. “Yes, you have mentioned your relationship status several times. I’m so happy that you and the redheaded slut admitted your feelings, but it’s of no matter to me. Relations can change quite easily when the right type of pressure is applied.”

“You want to be in a relationship with me? I hardly know you!” Amber shot back trying to make some reason out of what Bianca was saying.

“You will get to know me, so that is not a problem. It will be fast as well because our new relationship will be built on dominance, as women like us must have.” Bianca replied as if it was of absolutely no concern that she demanding someone who was taken.

Amber’s mind was turning, out of every way this conversation could have gone, this was so far out of left field that she couldn’t think straight. “But why me? Why not Maggie? Why not Marissa, or Isabella? Or Jenny? Fuck there are so many other women who you know!”

Bianca paused as she considered each name and then shrugged, “Personally, I don’t like redheads for my pets, and Miss Reynolds would bore me. Granted, she has more spunk than I realized when I first met her. She even got me once because I…”

“Twice. She got you twice.” Amber hissed, defending her girlfriend and feeling a flush of pride in the redhead’s sexual abilities.

Bianca’s mouth clicked and her calm face twisted into one of rage. “Do NOT interrupt me, Amber, I’m already going to have to punish you quite a bit so it’s best for you to be quiet.”

“Fuck you.”

Bianca almost launched herself at the sexy dressed schoolgirl for the talk-back but stopped herself. There was plenty of time for that if required, so instead, she grinned, “There is that bad girl attitude I love, I hope you keep it up all night.” She waited for Amber to speak again, but the blonde stayed quiet, so Bianca continued, “She even got me ONCE because I underestimated her, and the second time, I had her down until the little interns joined us. Each time she gets lucky, but she won’t be next time and that time is going to be very soon. I and my new friends are going to ensure it to put her in a position…that well…hmm you know that is for later.”

A million questions flew through Amber’s head, but in her current predicament she couldn’t really think about what Bianca was implying or the threat she was applying.

The professional seemed lost in thought for a second as she thought about the other women she had met over the last year, “As for Miss Sanz I admit, I do still like her though our partnership is no longer required, but she is too cold, and I like a little more emotion in my pets. Miss Keeling was a very interesting prospect I won’t deny…but I found her too annoying. I could train her, but it’s preferable when a pet is already more my style. And Jenny? Well, we started off on the wrong foot, but now…I think soon we will be the of best friends, we get along. And before you ask, Silvia is a bit too wild for my taste…just look at what she and Miss Reynolds are getting up to. I have a friend named Natalie just like her. Did I hit everyone you could think? Or do you want to know about the other prospects you beat out my soon to be pet?”

“Who the fuck is Natalie?” Amber asked, her mind too full of questions to inquire about anything else. Other names ran through her head, Teagan the chef, that Paige woman, and the group of sorority girls that Marissa talked about, but this Natalie had been paired with Silvia and Jenny, yet she had never heard the name before.

“Oh, I’m sure you will meet her soon. She is an old friend of mine and funnily enough, she and Silvia are quite good friends too. Such a small little sex contest world we live in. I bet she can’t wait to meet you or really Miss Reynolds. She loves slutty nerds.”

Amber didn’t respond but felt more chills. The number of women like this only made her life harder, and the tension and worry she felt for her relationship was building in her core. Bianca however didn’t notice and simply kept grinning at her soon to be prey.

“But enough about them, because you won Amber, you are figuratively perfect. Exactly what I want to ride and crush every night as my perfect pet. To follow my orders and beg for sex like a whore. You will be my final project, and I will break you down for my own satisfaction piece by piece until you beg to be my pet.

Bianca suddenly kicked the small table to the side, sending the glasses, papers, and still full wine bottle down the floor spilling out. It was a loud crash, but nothing broke on the soft carpet as Amber jumped back with a small leap.

“Are you insane?!” Amber hissed, as she took one more step back in her white heel sandals.

“I think we both are,” Bianca whispered, as she took a big step forward in her own tie-up black heels. The only items she seemed to be wearing besides her robe.

“If you wanted me to be your little slut, why the fuck did you try to drown me last night?” Amber hissed and stopped moving backwards as her temper began to flare as she remembered their previous encounter. She would not back down to this bitch and this sick game she was trying to play. If this psycho wanted to try her, she would give this pale bitch a ride or fight she would never forget. It also annoyingly didn’t help that seeing Bianca’s body was sending another type of thrill down Amber’s body straight to her clit.

Bianca let out a giggle, “I just wanted to make sure you were ready to go all the way in the pool with me. I need that fire in my pet, and a girl willing to struggle with me in any environment. All I need to do is whip you into submission, and then we will have ourselves a wonderful time as girlfriends.”

Amber now took a step forward as her anger took over all other her other emotions including worry and fear. “You fucking freak. You picked the wrong bitch to mess with. I won’t be your little pet, AND I would never be submissive to you.” She stuck out her own chest, happily willing to make sure Bianca knew that her body was still inferior.

“Oh, I’m the freak? You know Amber, the first thing I need to teach you is about lipping off to your new girlfriend.” Bianca hissed as she slowly approached her prey of the evening. That the blonde was challenging her body was great, because that was just another thing that Bianca would never accept. She was inspecting Amber’s body and undressing the girl’s skimpy outfit with her eyes. The pool fight had shown her a lot, but it was better now, far clearer than the water, and far more her taste in the bedroom.

Amber’s brown eyes followed the approaching robe-wearing girl, her own muscles tense, her attraction to Bianca like an annoying buzz in her body.

“I can tell you haven’t had a proper girlfriend before, have you?” Bianca breathed, “You still have quite a bit of attitude. It’s very clear Miss Reynold’s has done quite a poor job getting you in line, I won’t make that mistake.”

“Maggie and I are a team; one of us isn’t above the other.” Amber hissed, but her voice didn’t have the conviction and Bianca could tell. Wasn’t that everything they were? Isn’t that why Maggie was going out to fuck other rivals, just to prove she is better? Is that the outlet they chose and did it still apply to them?

Bianca laughed wildly, “Now, that is quite hilarious. Please, Amber, you and your fake girlfriend built your relationship on this type of power dynamic, didn’t you? Sexfighting to make the other feel inferior. I have a lot of new friends…I know so many of your secrets. Do you and Maggie really think both of you can last without one taking control? Don’t pretend you are equals. One of you is better, one of you will have more options than the other. That is how a relationship built on sexfighting works, and why they first don’t work, and secondly can be so easily broken when trying to find balance and real love…these truths hurt don’t they?”

Amber took in the words, letter by letter, and she licked her own dry pink lips. The bitch was attacking her insecurities, hitting her in a place that she had tried to protect, but it was hurting. Yet, her beautiful face hardened, and she stuck up her nose at the other woman unwilling to show weakness to anyone. “You don’t know me or my relationship Bianca, and we won’t be broken like that. And if you really think you would have any chance to make me submit in a fight or in sex, you are more delusional than you act.” She said in what might have been the punkiest voice she had ever used. She didn’t care, she would do this now not just for Maggie but for herself. Bianca was right about that…if her girlfriend was fighting some slut to prove she was better, she could do the same…and give Bianca a good taste of her own medicine.

Bianca licked her own lips, only a few feet from Amber now as the two beauties inched closer together. “Ok, Amberrrr, then let’s find out which of us is more delusional. If you beat me in a sexfight right here, right now, I will leave you and Maggie alone for good. If you can take me, ravage my incredible body on the bed until I quit, I will back off. But if you can’t, and I’m the one ravaging your sweaty cum covered body in the end. Well, then you will become mine…for one week to start. Those are the terms; do we have a deal?” She waited, and then did a full up and down of Amber’s legs, torso, and face, and feeling her clit spike in desire.

“And don’t you pretend you don’t want to fuck me.” Bianca hissed quickly with a deadly tone. Then she relaxed just as fast, two very different personalities clashing, “We can be honest and admit that we are so so attracted to each other, just like Maggie and Silvia, or Maggie and Jenny, or even Maggie and Isabella or Marissa…Oh my, she has plenty of options besides you, doesn’t she?”

Amber finally smiled back while she flipped her yellow, purple hair back showing off the darker brown roots and tilted her head. “Oh, I’m not afraid to say I’m very attracted to you Bianca. It’s a problem with me. And besides Maggie and Marissa, I usually find myself only attracted to absolute fucking bitches nowadays.”

Bianca laughed, “Same, it is frustrating, isn’t it? I wonder after Maggie fought me the first time, who gave her more pleasure? You were her first fight, right? And I was her second. Is that the reason you two spent so many months apart, thanks to me and Maggie’s little spat? Was she so desperate to hook up with me again that she forgot about you? Or did you know…I was better than you?

Amber didn’t respond but took a step forward just as Bianca did the same, their hot young bodies nearly touching, the room was a smelting degree after the exchange. The pale beauty came to the stand in front of Amber, their open outfits an inch away, their clits already screaming in desire. “Answer me pet, admit I’m better now and be my slut, or I’m going to make you scream it. That’s an order.” Bianca whispered, her tantalizing lips begging to be kissed and chewed.

“An order?” Amber questioned, and then without warning, she brought her hand up and slapped Bianca with a perfect shot right on her left cheek. Bianca screamed in pain and fell back on her heels a few feet till her ass knocked on the door. The sexy punk girl stood there with a snarl on her lips, “And I bet you haven’t had another owner who is willing to hit you back? Guess what bitch, I’m going to fuck you up till never go after or look at Maggie or me again, and I’m going to make sure of it tonight.”

Bianca looked up, her cheek stinging, and then she laughed, “Oh my god, yes. This is fucking perfect. I’m going to hurt you, Amber, in a way that I haven’t been able to in a long time. All my subs cry and want out eventually, and sexfights give me just enough fun to last. But breaking you will be my final product, I’ll use your fucking body like a toy, and trust me…in the end, I’ll teach you to love it.”

Amber wasn’t going to listen anymore and moved forward to smack the bitch again, but as she swung it Bianca sidestepped easily. Then not only did the robed girl swing a closed fist punch at Amber, but she also lifted a knee and hit the blonde right in the stomach with a loud thump.

“Ugh!” Amber yelped as she fell back on her heels, the punch only glancing her chin, but the knee impact landing on her abs. She didn’t even have time to recover as Bianca quickly moved in her heels, the black robe tie coming free as their bodies slammed together for the first time. They could feel their big tits meet under the two thin materials covering, and their muscles quickly reacted to the battle.

Amber twisted to throw her off, but the momentum caused her to fall on the bed behind her instead. She ended up half on the mattress, her legs bent hanging off the side with her heels still dug in the carpet, Bianca’s sexy form hovering above her. The professional was still standing, her black heels on the floor and her pale legs spread and straight as she bent at the hips showing off her nude ass that the robe could not cover. Her hands were holding Amber’s shoulders to the mattress tightly, and the wild librarian was looking down at the punk girl with a dangerous smile as their eye’s met.

“I don’t like getting slapped bitch.” The professional growled with conviction and then she smacked Amber on the face with a lot of power and an open palm. It stung painfully and got Amber’s full attention as she yelped in shock turning her face. A second slap came down next, but Amber caught her rival’s wrist in time and freed her other shoulder. Instead of risking letting the blonde escape, Bianca lowered her sexy body onto Amber’s for the first time still half on the bed.

“Fucking bitch.” Amber hissed, but that is all she got out as Bianca slammed her red lips into Amber’s pink pair. They groaned at the sudden erotic kiss while their tongues shot forward instinctively to wetly tangle, the intensity of their hate fueling their desperate attraction, their desire to out fuck the other’s body into nothing. Only Amber’s thin white shirt, which was barely keeping the blonde’s breasts contained in this position, separated their large overflowing tits. The real submission would come from the woman’s body unable to handle the pleasure and the pain. Amber rolled them still half on the bed, taking the top spot with her own naked ass in the air with her plaid skirt pulled up. She had a chance to jump off and separate herself from Bianca, but she didn’t and began to kiss the pale woman with more enthusiasm, unable and unwilling to stop herself.

She was dangerously attracted to Bianca, and this danger was something she missed. Maybe, she wondered, this was the reason Maggie went after Silvia, why her girlfriend wanted to fight Jenny and Teagan…this intensity of finding out who comes out on top, was this what Maggie couldn’t resist? Now she and Bianca would settle this like the sexy women they were. Find out who gave Maggie more pleasure in their fights…and who would really dominate the hypothetical Dom Sub relationship between them.

A pale leg went around Amber’s ass and pulled her down closer with a force. They didn’t break the sloppy kiss as the red nails of the professional began to explore the blonde’s backside, quickly slipping into the plaid skirt. The fingers travelled over the hump of muscle and Amber felt the pale woman shiver when she found no thong on the blonde’s sexy body. Even more excited, the professional she squeezed the bubble ass to Amber’s growing desire until the ex-student forced another roll to get back on the bottom. Looking for payback, the blonde’s right hand went right under the disheveled robe, finding no panties as she had expected on Bianca’s body and only a strong sexy ass that felt like her own. Playfully, she ran her finger down the crack and then squeezed the left cheek, earning a moan from deep in the raven-haired girl’s throat while their pink tongues pushed back and forth, the spit building up under their lips.

Bianca felt the hand leave her tense pale buns for a second, then she was given a spank that made her hump forward into Amber. The sensation was incredible for both, as the skirt and robe had been pulled up enough so that their smooth wet pussies danced apart. With the thrust, their wet pussies missed by an inch, but they could feel the heat radiating off her rival’s sex.

It was hot enough that their spit covered lips separated, but only by a centime so they were touching each breath. Their foreheads were still pressed as the hot air washed over each other’s cheeks. Their chests were still mushrooming, and they could feel their nipples harden into the other’s pair, still unable to meet thanks to the white top.

Bianca licked Amber’s lips in a little taunt, “This is the problem when two women meet who both think their dominant because there is always one submissive and they just need to find out which. So, let’s find out Amber which one of us is it. It’s going to be so fun tying you down and fucking you senseless…and only when you whisper in my ear that you love me will I know you are now broken.”

Amber glared at Bianca, then licked her red lips back, “Maybe I will, or maybe it will be me out fucking your body silly until you realize you aren’t worthy of having me. Only Maggie is.” Amber provoked and Bianca’s blue eyes seemed to glow with a fire of hate. She moved forward and sealed Amber into another wet kiss, their lips spreading the red and pink gloss as they oozed enough spit to fill a small cup between their maws. Their big tits were already molded into the other hungry to meet bare, while their bare slick cunts began to lubricate the other’s strong thigh.

Bianca rolled them again, the bottom position safer for her hot ass now that Amber was exploring with zero inhibition. It was true the bottom spot allowed that woman to claw and rub her rival’s strong glute meats without consequence and each was feeling out the competition. Looking to make the easy access even easier as they continued the steamy make out, Bianca’s claws took hold of Amber’s bottom garment lightly. Then as Amber adjusted her hips, Bianca’s grip tightened on the cloth and without warning, she pulled it hard to the left. The skirt was not made for even the slightest tearing and in a flash, the zipper snapped as the skirt was easily ripped off Amber’s body.

The feeling of her ass now fully free made Amber’s brown eyes shoot open as Bianca’s hand gave her a sharp spank. She broke the spity kiss and pushed up in surprise as she suddenly found herself bottomless, her ass free for business. But Bianca wasn’t done, and Amber still was overdressed in her eyes. Using her other hand, she reached up between the space of their tits and tore the buttons off the front of the white top. They popped easily off, freeing Amber’s perfect puppies and letting them hang down just above the big pale pair though the small shirt remained on her torso.

Amber didn’t really react having her firm tits fully released but did notice that the pale breasts of her rival were still slightly covered by the black robe, held on by the now pointy pink nipples. Both girl’s eyes were looking on the other’s tits with a hint of jealously, a reaction to finding a rival who could easily be considered as stacked as herself. It only fueled their desire to beat the other, every part of their body would need to be matched.

“You want me to flatten you bitch?!” Amber growled, swinging her firm tits at her rival left and right, the white cloth swaying with her. Her brown nipples were desperate to crush into the rival chest, she had a feeling it would be a good start to getting more into each other’s hot bodies if one of them could crush the other to start.

“If you think you can, but let’s do it slowly.” Bianca groaned sexually, their attraction holding back their desire to really fuck each other up for now. She gave her sexy figure a shake so that her tits jiggled back and forth several times allowing the robe to fall off her nipples. Now they were both fully exposed, and for the first time since the pool fight, there was nothing in between their desperate bodies.

“Slow it is.” Amber breathed, and indeed slowly moved down, letting her rubbery nipples flick the other woman’s first earning a hiss from Bianca. The twin pair of rods were the same length, and they both touched soft areola at the same time. Then Amber began to press in as the duelling nipples inverted and their areola matched like two equally sized coins, the pleasure quickly spreading from their nipples to their cunts. Deliberately they crushed bodies, bringing their faces closer as their fat tits between them moulded and wrestled for the limited space. They groaned in unison as they mushroomed each other less aggressively than they expected as the womanly fat squished out as the pressure increased bit by bit, waiting for one to crack. Amber used gravity, but Bianca, not to be outdone, pulled Amber in harder to return the compression.

Their lips touched, again, but they weren’t kissing, just letting their breasts flatten each other as hard as possible. Bianca’s tongue gave the other pink pair the lightest of licks, “I feel you bitch…this is just the beginning, and then you will beg for my girls to crush yours.”

Amber licked back, even rubbing her tongue on Bianca’s gums for a hot second, “I feel you too whore, every piece of our bodies will match up, you are going to regret wanting to try and own me.” But so far, they had remained even in their compression.

“Oh, I doubt that.” The professional tongued Amber’s mouth back for a brief second until they moaned as they continued pressing, unable to break or collapse the other’s perfect tits between them. Keeping this intense hold, Bianca rolled them, her own tits now having the assistance of being on top but gaining no inches as Amber’s girls kept up easily. Neither girl had given or taken an inch, their mushroomed tits starting to slicken up from the sweat of exertion.

Amber’s tongue snaked into Bianca’s mouth again, meeting its counterpart as she began to grind from the bottom, her brown nipples doing a small rotation with the drips of sweat to assist. It didn’t take long for Bianca to counter as the meats began to swivel around, starting to lose their hot pressing but forcing the women closer. Their hard nipples started getting bent by the other’s firm breasts, and the pain of the pressure was quickly turning into the pleasure of having such a bit pair of hot breasts rubbing on her own.

Their breathing was turning into panting, but as Bianca felt Amber’s fingers began to trace down her sides towards her cunt, she bit down on the bottom pink lip. Amber hissed as her soft mouth flesh was trapped between the pearly whites for a second and Amber began to pull away. Bianca let her go, the make-out far too soft for what she needed to do and wanted a more aggressive approach once they began to finger fuck the wet sloppy cunts.

Amber pushed away from Bianca’s body, stepping back on her heeled sandals a few feet from the bed. Bianca sat up after catching her breath on her back, her face also pink from the heat of their tongue men ship. Her silk robe was fully open as she brushed her equally smooth hair back, her tits moving with her. She had her legs slightly open giving Amber one hell of a view of the clearly aroused pink cunt. Then looking forward at her rival, she slowly stood up off the bed and let the black robe fall off her shoulders to the floor, leaving her nude except for her black heels.

Amber followed the silk robe falling onto the floor, then slowly peeled off her now broken white shirt, letting her own torsos free, and leaving her sexual organs on full display. The blonde was standing their nearly nude, her own pink pussy open, unable to hide her desire for her sex rival.

The two now nearly nude women faced off after a hot ten minutes of sucking tongues and breast pressing on the bed. It had been far calmer thus far than their pool fight, but Amber guessed they were just testing and feeling each other out…looking for weaknesses to exploit. The pale professional looked incredible in only her heels, but Amber wearing her thigh white socks and white heels was a perfect match. They stared eye to eye, waiting for the other to move, but then Bianca smirked, “That was some really hot kissing Amber, and I plan to get plenty of more of that once you are my pet. But I’m not here to just fuck you, I’m here to make you submissive with my lips and my claws. Until you beg for me to take you.”

Amber let a little air out of her nose as she huffed, “Whatever Bianca, you have never fucked around with a woman like me, I can promise you. And last chance to back off, because fighting while I fuck is what I do best.” She boasted, then spread her legs wider giving a little pose. She brushed her yellow and purple hair back and giving her body a shake, her big firm tits moving with her, her ass looking big and strong behind her as she twisted her hips to the left and right.

“Let’s play Amber…” Bianca breathed excitedly, ready to fight, her pink pussy already dripping some cum on the robe under her. She spread her own legs wide, her ass and limps looking strong and firm in the black heels. They both held the pose in some animalistic display that instead of intimating was only turning them both on. Another few seconds later, and Bianca began to walk forward like a model. Amber did the same, neither rushing as they watched the woman in front of them approach step by step. Neither stopped till they slapped together again, breasts meeting first, then stomachs, with their legs going one in between the other until they finally stopped, face to face, and touching their fronts.

Their glares didn’t end, even as Amber brought her red claws up and took two holds of the black silky locks. Her face remained passive, her brown eyes baring into the blue as she felt her own smooth blonde strands taken hold of a second later. Neither showed any sort of reaction as they again slowly increased the intensity of their hair pulling.

10 seconds, 20 seconds, almost half a minute, till they were biting their lips in discomfort, only re-adjusting to get stronger grips to tear at the roots in this body-on-body standoff. Eye’s twitched as their scalps took more and more pain, both full heads of hairs having some single strands ripped out. It was hard to focus with the other woman’s bountiful tits starting to sweat on her own. This hairpulling contest looked to go on for another whole minute until Amber suddenly spit right onto Bianca’s face to the surprise of the grimacing librarian. The professional flinched as the goo hit her left eyebrow and dripped in front of her blue eye and she broke the standoff unintentionally. That loss of focus gave the punk girl all she needed to take advantage and she screamed as she stepped back in her heels. With a strong pull, she ripped at Bianca’s hair harder now with a new passion to win. The professional lost her hold and her balance as she wailed, pulled forward on her heels a few feet, until Amber tossed her forward by the hair into the two plush chairs.

The fall looked more dramatic as the raven-haired girl landed in the seat she had been sitting in before and it flipped back with a crash. Amber followed her fallen rival, fury on her features, but as she stepped forward planning to take hold of Bianca’s hair again, the collapsed chair moved. Bianca had kicked it into Amber’s shins, and the blonde almost fell forward as it connected, but caught herself in the last second with her hands on the chair. Unfortunately for her, Bianca was already standing, and now got hold of the blonde strands hanging down around Amber’s shoulders. The punk girl gasped as she was pulled roughly over the fallen chair and then thrown back onto the bed a second later. She landed on her stomach and tits but was able to roll over just in time as Bianca jumped. The professional landed on Amber’s hot body in a similar position they had been in just a minute ago on the same bed. This time though, they didn’t kiss.

The impact crushed their tits again, but Amber was successful in pushing Bianca off her to the side. The ex-student rolled herself away and got to her knees quickly still in her white heels and watched Bianca get into the same position from across the king-sized bed. The librarian was looking at Amber with a hunger unmatched, the blonde goddess was so attractive, and just rubbing up on her body was getting the professional hornier by the second. She didn’t mind though, because she knew this was not a stupid little one-off and this time no one was going to interrupt them. She would just win this sexual war of attrition or get fucked into the pure satisfaction trying.

Without speaking they launched themselves at each other, meeting in the center of the bed, and quickly going into a hot bear hug that many men and women could only dream of. They grunted and groaned as they tried to push each other back, their heels digging and ripping the mattress behind them as they worked to gain some leverage. Their tits both worked to gain the top spot on the other pair, but it was their asses that were providing the force and contest now. The glutes were flexed showing off both their size and power. Snarling with their mouths when they weren’t grunting, they again found this battle even, until Bianca released one of her hands and with no warning pressed her palm into Amber’s already wet smooth sex.

“Fuck!” Amber cried as the desire from the big tit rubbing exploded down her body, but before she could release the other woman, the palming became more as Bianca slipped her pointy finger into Amber’s sex. The ex-student moaned as she felt the warmth spread from her clit and the tightness of her pussy seemed to very much welcome the insertion. She cried in pleasure again, her ass relaxing, and she was pushed down to her back, losing the short contest. Bianca half tackled have rolled Amber down and got herself into a better position to begin to finger her pet harder.

“Yes! Guess my ass is stronger than yours!” Bianca screamed as she inserted two fingers into Amber’s cunt who struggled to return the favor in this bottom position. The librarian’s face had also ended up on top of the lightly tanned boobs and the professional got a good licking of big left tit, spreading some spit on Amber’s fat. The punk girl moaned again, spanking and clawing at the firm pale buns of Bianca unable to reach the other woman’s pussy or tits and return the sexual favors at the moment.

The hot fingering went on, and the sound of Amber’s pussy getting pleasured filled the hotel room. A soft squishing caused Amber to gasp with how wet she was being made even as she began to thrash looking to escape. Bianca tried to keep the punk girl down, but the blonde’s legs were flailing both in resistance and pleasure. Due to the pale woman’s body being lower on the tanned girl’s body, the threat of having her feet stabbed by one of the white heels was increasing as the blonde struggled. It didn’t help that she had found Amber’s g-spot and was rubbing with extra pressure. At the same time, the white heels caught into one of the soft white pillows near the head of the bed and ripped it open easily. The next kick allowed even more of an outpour of feathers than from the mattress under them as they flew into the air.

Then the left white heel accidentally touched a barefoot and Bianca froze in both her fingering and her licking. She immediately tried to re-adjust but Amber used the moment of her cunt not being pumped to roll them and get on top of her rival. She quickly pressed her big tits hard into Bianca’s face and cut off her rival’s air before she was able to take a breath. Bianca panicked for a short second, covered by the sexy balls of fat as Amber motorboated her with a snarl. She almost froze though as the black-haired woman was already trying to suck her nipples into her hungry maw. Instead of letting that happen, Amber forced their legs to untangle, and being on top, she threw her lower half-forward in a reverse crunch. In one fluid motion, Amber was able to sit her bubble ass on Bianca’s big chest with some force while the raven-haired girl gasped free from the suffocating boobs. Right as the pale woman began to struggle and claw at the tanned thighs of Amber, she felt the guitarist’s fingers enter easily.

“UGH!” Bianca moaned as she felt her pussy split for the first time, her body enjoying the sensation even if she knew that her attraction to Amber made every second like this dangerous.
The beautiful punk smiled looking down at Bianca’s moaning mouth, the blonde’s own open pussy dripping small drips of cum onto the librarian’s torso as she played with her rival, “Your pussy feels so good and wet! You must really love this!” Amber laughed as she increased the rhythm of pumping into the equally tight sex while rocking her own body at the same time.

Amber played with her rival’s sex, loving the feeling of Bianca’s pussy in her hands. The sex was warm and tight, and she couldn’t help moaning herself as Bianca groaned underneath her, sunk into the mattress. Every thrust, Bianca’s screams get louder, and every time the pale woman wiggled, trying to dislodge the blonde, inadvertently gave herself more pleasure.

On another rocking motion a second later, one of the professional’s hands escaped its pin and reached up to claw Amber’s big bouncing tits. The lightly tanned girl screamed but ripped the handoff a second later while continuing her fingering, but that distraction, with the swaying, gave Bianca the chance to bump up so that Amber’s body was launched forward a few inches. This brought her sweet dripping cunt next to Bianca’s sexy mouth, and exactly what the pale girl wanted. The librarian’s tongue shot out and licked Amber’s cunt as hard as possible, running up the wet open slit to the delicious clit near its hood. The blonde was so turned on already that the sensation of her clit getting touched by the pink muscle, then sucked without warning, shocked her beyond reason. She wanted to pull away but didn’t even have a chance. It wasn’t even a race between tongue and fingers as she tried to press Bianca’s clit down with her thumb, because the sucking was too sudden and powerful. Just like that Amber began to cum on top.

“Fuckkkkk!” The blonde cried, her fingers leaving Bianca and taking two handfuls of the black hair, mixing the strands with the librarian’s own cum. A little grin came to the librarian’s sucking lips as the punk girl’s resistance lessened, the sensation moving down her hot body in a short but hot little orgasm that allowed Bianca to spank her and bring her already convulsing pussy closer. The punk girl couldn’t stop her rival’s tongue from going deeper into her folds as she seemed to thrust in times with the spiking of pleasure. Amber was unable to deny how well Bianca was giving her this treatment, letting the intense pressure roll down her body as she unleashed one final big moan with some cum, until finally, she was able to control herself and roll off her rival.

She lay there catching her breath, as Bianca sat up and licked her dripping lips clean with her tongue, then wiped the sides of her mouth with her finger before sucking that as well.

“Incredible…you taste even better than I imagined” She breathed, without a hint of irony. “God, I can’t wait till you’re mine, I will make it so you can’t live without me, and you will end up begging to be with me. Just imagine me having you like this every single night as my submissive little girlfriend.”

Amber listened to the taunting and felt a spike of annoyance that the bitch was enjoying her cum so much. It just seemed there was no denying the attraction and satisfaction that Bianca gave her after going off like that. It was like back at the Gala, a fulfilling sensation that seemed so random after they had pressed their pussies together and felt the fire. She guessed her body reacted this way because of how long she had wanted to fight Bianca, to prove herself better than her girlfriend’s co-worker, and tame this bitch once and for all. She let out a huff trying to forget the intensely pleasurable feelings of a minute ago and pushed herself up on her hands and knees. For a girl like her, one orgasm wouldn’t do much to tire her out, but Bianca was dangerous….and she knew she hadn’t cum that fast against a new opponent in a long time.

“Oh, that was a fast recovery…good, I need a girl with some stamina.” Bianca teased and got onto her own hands and knees in the bed, as they faced each other like cats, their heart-shaped asses in the air ready to move. And indeed, there was no more foreplay as Amber hissed and launched before Bianca could react. Their strong feline bodies met as they slapped and scratched with wild abandon for a few seconds until Bianca took hold of the yellow and purple hair and pulled them to the bed. They hissed and rolled, again their heels clicking as they locked. As Amber got on top of Bianca, she locked her sex rival into another intense tongue swallowing make out, struggling body on body while they deeply explored each other’s mouths.

All while Amber began to dominate the kiss, Bianca was desperately trying to keep her pussy free from any contact. It was extremely difficult focusing on both battlegrounds, as Amber’s wet taster thrashed in her mouth, running all around her teeth, gums, and roof freely. The professional was hoping to build up Amber’s sex drive again before she herself went off under the punk’s hold. There was little point in resisting too much because Amber was far too attractive for her to hope to beat the punk without cumming herself most likely several times. But to win, she needed to keep her advantage after making the guitarist slut cum first. On the third roll, however, she didn’t realize how close they had gotten towards the end of the bed, but Amber did. The ex-student suddenly separated herself from Bianca and went off the bed, but with grace to easily catch herself. Her heels landed and she moved her flexible leg around to get into a standing position as Bianca had tried to stay on. The professional quickly shot her hands up to Amber’s tits, but she was slapped twice on her own pale tits and then her face sending her back down.

“Bitch!” Bianca screamed as she flopped back down on the bed when her ankles were gripped right above where her heels were on. Amber huffed as she did a hard pull, taking Bianca half off the mattresses with the covers and then placed her sexy leg between the woman’s open limps. Bianca shot up again to stop this, feeling weirdly exposed in this position, but she was too slow as Amber pressed her thigh, right above where the tight white socks in between Bianca’s parted limps and open pussy with a laugh.

The reaction was instant as Bianca wailed and Amber did a hot grind of sweaty muscle to open cunt, this standing position allowing her to provide an extreme amount of pressure with her flexed ass. Bianca’s clit was still erect and open to be ground in full even as her whole vulva seemed to move with Amber’s thrusting. Still held by her ankles, the professional lost their ability to function as the stress in her own twitching cunt became unbearable. Her blue eyes looked wide, and she screamed from only three thrusts of the punk’s hot body on the edge of the bed. Bianca began to cum on Amber’s sexy leg, the cum starting to drip out and into Amber’s thigh socks. The pale girl’s stare bore into the brown orbs as electricity sparked between them as their rivalry deepened by the second. Then, the blue eyes closed, “Ughh, bitch…fuck me!” She cried as Amber felt her rival’s hot body shake on the entire frame of the bed with her body. Bianca moved with the motions as she came, her mouth in an o shape, and her clit pressed to the strong leg even harder. Amber moaned as well, syncing her flexing with the sounds of Bianca, watching the pale girl’s huge tits bounce up and down in rhythm. There was a nice long line of sex juice oozing down Amber’s thigh as the tightening of Bianca’s cunt was strong enough to make her dizzy. After almost 20 seconds, the professional began to relax, and her legs went limp back to the floor with a light thud as Amber let them go.

Amber backed off a few steps and wiped all the professional’s cum off her leg that hadn’t been absorbed by her socks. She then took the goo from her hand to her mouth for a hot second of sucking that was just for her. She filled her mouth and annoying admitted to herself that it tasted wonderful, a pungent taste that seemingly was unique…she remembered tasting it when she had kissed Maggie so long ago on that horrible night. The memory filled her with rage and instead of swallowing the substance, she spit the goo right onto Bianca’s chest who only flinched slightly as it hit her soft thing stomach and filled her belly button.

But she wasn’t about to stop knowing that if Bianca was as ravenous as Marissa and Maggie had said she was, there would need to give a lot more pleasure to overwhelm the professional’s body. Amber quickly got back onto the bed and put her knees on each side of Bianca’s face as she sat on her heels and pushed her big, toned ass out behind her.

“You have a lot more of that coming bitch.” Amber hissed looking down at her heavy breathing sex rival.

“Good!” Bianca hissed, her eyes easily regaining focus and she shot her hands up into Amber’s hair. The blonde gasped, surprised at how fast Bianca was ready to fight. Her upper body was pulled forward, but she used the new position to reach forward and rub the still sensitive cunt of her rival. Bianca screamed as she felt her sex start up again, but she shot her pales legs up from off the floor towards Amber’s head. Amber tried to pull back, but calves wrapped around her neck unable to move with her hair pulled as tight as it was.

“Fuck!” Amber hissed but couldn’t stop her rival, as Bianca used her own strong ass to roll her sex rival forward. In a fluid motion, she sent Amber’s whole body off the bed with a scream. The blonde doing a fast somersault that landed her hard on her back after the shortfall off the bed. She tried to sit up, but Bianca had stood and dropped to her own knees, but a little more forward so she was able to press her naked bare ass right onto the blonde’s face.

“Like my ass baby?” Bianca laughed as she shifted back and forth, spreading her pale cheeks all over Amber’s face who screamed into the hot muscle. Amber struggled to breathe but had no problem using every tactic. She shot her own legs up and got around Bianca’s neck who hit the bed trying to move back. The blonde then stuck her tongue into Bianca’s asshole and gave the puckered flesh a wet lick. The professional gasped, surprised her rival was willing to go to that length so quickly. Instead of getting rolled forward this time, she fell to her side, freeing Amber’s face, but also allowing her to trap the blonde with her own thighs. They ended up in a dual head scissors that quickly turned into an intense wrestling match as they both slipped free thanks to the sweat and energy. They rolled wildly, and Bianca shot her fingers back into the blonde’s open cunt pumping twice. Snarling, they rolled again, both girl’s exchanging fingering until they pulled apart, their fingers soaked with cum and spit.

Bianca jumped up and pulled the rising Amber with her by the hair moving around the room. They slammed into the tall desk and the impact sent the items on it crashing to the floor, cups, a coffee maker, and plates. The room was already starting to look more like a hurricane as Bianca and Amber pushed each other into the walls of the room with thuds, even causing a painting to fall off the wall away from the bed a second later.

On the next pushing contest, the raven-haired beauty tripped backwards thanks to the fallen chairs. Amber’s eyes flashed seeing Bianca fall, but the professional kicked out with her heels to shoot the chair at Amber’s feet making the blonde jump. And two things happened. First, Bianca’s heel sunk into the softness and quickly got stuck. “Shit!” The professional hissed as her foot was trapped. The second, as Amber landed from her quick jump, one of her heels snapped a second later and she screamed falling with a yelp.

The pause allowed them to remove the final pieces of their outfits mainly because Amber was not willing to let an advantage like she could have had slip away again, reached for her shoes. She looked up to see Bianca was already taking her own heels off and both sets of shoes went flying into the corner a second later. Then with a cruel smile, fully nude, and sweaty they leapt and met again, but this time, Amber was able to slap and twist her body around Bianca. The girls struggled in front of the bed like snakes wrapping and squeezing. They clawed the smooth backs to less success through Bianca earned some cries of pain from Amber’s mouth.

Finally, after a good kick to the pale stomach, Amber got on Bianca from behind, their nude bubble asses pressing as the blonde took a seat on her rival. The punk girl then reached around her rival’s sexy torso before Bianca could roll or struggle her way out of it. She let out a deep hiss as the red claws filled with the soft moonlight pale tits once again, but this time Amber twisted her fingers trying to indent the woman’s body and causing Bianca to howl in pain. “OWWW BITCH!” Her proud breasts were mauled and her back bent in this pose.

“You like it don’t you?!” Amber screamed back in this half wrestling half catfight hold. “Or do you like this?” Amber then jeered, switching it up as she released her claws and began to softly rub the fat girls, teasing the pink nipples with a softness. Bianca let out a deep moan at the shift of tactics unable to control herself as her hot nipples were played with and made her pussy pulse.

Amber huffed at the sudden shift of her rival’s tone, and she moved, fully laying down on Bianca’s body with her own, feeling their hot sweat mix. She brought her pink lips to Bianca’s ear “You sadist bitch. You really love both the pain and the pleasure, don’t you?”

“You sexfight, so I know you do too, even if you haven’t fully embraced it like I have…but you will when you are with me.” Bianca purred with a sudden coyness and got a low growl from Amber in response. The blonde increased the pressure, pressing her body into Bianca’s so that the pale girl’s toned back could really feel the two pillows of Amber’s big tits. At the same time, the pale tits were released, with one of Amber’s arms looped around Bianca’s throat, while the other went between the pale strong legs and palmed the wet pink sex.

Amber pressed her lips to Bianca’s ear again and used her tongue to lightly lick the lope. “You keep thinking I’ll be with you…but you aren’t anything special…and I will show you that you aren’t good enough to have my body like a toy.”

Bianca let out a low growl, “I have gotten you once…and honestly, I have already won the first part of our fight. You are already fucking me in this sex game, and you can’t deny your attraction…you can’t deny how much you wanted to taste me…even when you are dating the little redhead slut.” She as her taunting toned seemed to drop and became a bit more playful.

Amber brought her mouth to Bianca’s ear and blew just a little bit of hot air while she began to finger the professional once again. The pale woman was already so wet that in an instant she almost came from the playful digits. “Oh, Bianca, won’t you come for me baby?” Amber teased, and incredibly the tone and sound of the punk girl’s voice worked on the horny librarian. The blonde worked the pussy harder, the finger’s dancing in and out as she moved her palm to her rival’s clit.

“Ugh…” Bianca hissed but knew the chance of getting out of this hold without cumming was starting to waver. Amber’s hands felt so good, and the blonde had even curled to her g-spot. She began to break, but at the last second, Amber seemingly freed her. She tried to relax her nearly cumming sex, but Amber had only backed off to flip her rival’s body so that Bianca was now facing the ceiling. “What the fuck!?” The pale girl moaned, but the rest was swallowed as Amber’s hot body crashed down on Bianca bare tit to tit and sealed them into a kiss.

“You bitchhhhh.” Was the last word the librarian got out before her mouth was worked against Amber’s oral cavity. Their wet tongues twisting wasn’t enough of a distraction as the professional’s clit was pressed up and she began to cum, letting her body shake as she took hold of Amber’s firm buns. It was by far the best ass she had held in a long time as she screamed into Amber’s mouth. Chest to chest, Bianca seemed to cum for a long time under Amber’s body, partly because the punk did not let her rival’s pleasure spike until almost 10 seconds into the heated passion. Only when the blonde inverted the soft clit between her fingers did the professional shriek in pleasure and began to descend. Bianca kissed back hard but as her breasts were squished by such a perfect pair, she felt her body dominated for a brief moment, and the pleasure shot up longer than she expected or wanted.

As they kissed near the end, Bianca’s hands let go of Amber’s ass and moved to her shoulder’s to push her punk girl desire away. Amber allowed herself to be rolled off as Bianca caught her breath. The orgasm had been intense but felt fantastic to Bianca’s sex. She had been in the mindset for a long fight and going down early wasn’t a problem at all. This would only be settled by the one who could out last the other in sex and fighting, and she had the stamina for either. “Not bad my pet.” She breathed, watching the ceiling.

“Yeah, you ready to quit?” Amber asked a few feet away, knowing the answer.

“Quit? Please, babe, I wouldn’t be in this game if this little spat tired me out. I know you can go for a nice long time, and so can I. We have a lot more fun in front of us until we settle it. And in the end, you will be my little girlfriend for a hot week. But I’m sure by the end you will beg for more.” The librarian giggled with a smile, as she turned to her side to look at Amber’s womanly form on the bed near her.

Amber shifted to face her in a similar stance, their tits looking even bigger on their sides. “Well, I’m glad you aren’t tired. I don’t like women who talk a big game and can’t back it up.” The punk girl huffed, feeling out her own tits in the process. It was impossible to deny anymore and for the first time this night, Amber felt a hidden bit of excitement. The same one that Maggie described to her about fighting other women with their sexes, yet one she had not felt for a long time. But now she would no longer deny herself because she wanted to fight Bianca, not just for Maggie but for herself. To prove she was better, and by settling this real dispute with a showing and control of their sexual impulses…against each other…against another woman who thought she was her equal.

“So that’s our deal then Bianca. If I win by making you sexually submit, you back off Maggie at work and leave me alone for good. If you win…you get me as a slave.” She finished bitterly, knowing if she lost…how could she face Maggie.

It seemed Bianca was seeing through the blondes’ words, and a little smile came to her beautiful face. “No, not a slave Amber. I mean, yes, you will follow my ordinances as I require, but only as a girlfriend would act. As a lover for a full week…I want to make sure you understand that, and that Maggie does too when you tell her.”

“I will not break up with Maggie,” Amber replied with force. She wouldn’t back down from that.

“Hmm, we will see how you feel after my week. But I’m not worried, because I think she will end up breaking up with you. Already you are risking your relationship in a fight with me…and from what I understand she might be doing the same in that slutty little orgy.”

Amber was quiet, again confused…how was Bianca so in the know…and why did she herself get so trapped like this.

The librarian continued, using her snake-like tongue to see what else she could do. “You can be honest with me Amber, you don’t like Maggie fighting other people. Or maybe you do, but you are scared she will leave you. I can promise you when we are together for our week, I won’t fuck fight other women as Maggie does. It will just be me and you…I’m sure you will like that.”

Amber didn’t reply and seemed to freeze a little as if Bianca had just read her secret thoughts, but she didn’t have time to react any further. Instead of continuing their talk, Bianca jumped at Amber and with a shriek, the blonde was suddenly on her back with the nude sexy professional on top of her. Her hands shot into the black strands, but Bianca went savage and sent her mouth down to Amber’s neck in a hard bite as they struggled body on body. The punk girl screamed and latched onto Bianca’s exposed neck in relation, her mouth suddenly filled with the salty sweaty skin of her rival. They both screamed from their throats onto each other’s necks but did not break apart, chewing and sucking hard to lightly bruise and leave some long-lasting hickies on the other’s soft skin.

They remained chewing the same side of their rivals’ collars the whole time while wrapping into a catball and bringing their wet sexes together once again. They rolled up and down the bed until the pain began to become unbearable and the sounds of muffled whimpering filled the room. They released their teeth hold at the same time with cries of pain, but instead of separating they shifted their heads and started kissing with wide mouths. Tongues lapped, and they could taste the salt from their own skin filling their conjoined mouths. They moved forward as tightly as possible, to the point their teeth clicked lightly which was jarring even for the sexfighters.

This went on for a second before Amber felt herself starting to demand more. She spanked Bianca hard on the next roll, earning a hiss in their enclosed mouths. Then, the punk girl clawed into the muscle to bring their lightly touching sexes to graze a bit harder. But Bianca denied Amber, ending their hot kiss and rolling away to the other side of the bed before a full fuck could begin.

The librarian sat up and rubbed her neck, dark red marks already starting to become purple. “Not bad again my pet, I can’t wait to eat your sex again and mix this sweat with your cum.” She hissed as she got to her knees and stretched out her arms. Bianca’s neck was indeed red, and she now had teeth marks to match the claw marks up and down her womanly body.

“Yeah, you aren’t bad yourself.” Amber begrudgingly admitted as she stretched a bit as well. There was no doubt she had cum harder than Bianca had. She would have to be more careful getting into a position like this where she could be sucked and fucked so easily. Her own neck was also marked deeply, and she knew it would be impossible to hide it from Maggie.

Bianca seemed to be pinching her sharp nipples with a huff, “It’s clear that several orgasms will be required before one of us starts to waver…but who knows, maybe one of us will have such an intense orgasm it puts her down.”

“I was thinking the same thing, but I know just the way to give a psycho bitch like you just that.” Amber laughed, and spread her strong legs, offering her sexy wet sex that was already dripping cum and some leftover spit. She licked her pink lips and smiled fully at her rival. “How about it Bianca? Are you going to deny me again like you just did? It’s time I show you that I don’t need you already close to cumming on my bandmate to get you off.”

The blue eyes flashed, and she was openly panting in desire as she took in the sight, “Oh, yes it’s been long overdue for me to return the favor and give you a little pleasure bitch!” Bianca hissed as she opened her legs wide in response, her sexy trickling pussy open and smooth. Amber hissed at the sight, knowing that pussy was one she had forced to cum, but had also made her girlfriend cum several times.

“You won’t last with me,” Amber replied with her most punk-like tone, as she moved forward on the bed dripping as she went.

“Let’s find out who won’t last this time,” Bianca whispered, but her tone was no longer playful. She wanted and needed this…this is what she had been waiting for against the woman and rival of her dreams. Their wet slick cunts touched, and they let out extra pants in pleasure, the buildup of their fight so far was everything they needed to make this explosive. After all the pain, the feeling was euphoric and the pussy of their rival seemed to relax their war-torn bodies. Their sex lips seemed to ooze together, blending into a soft pink ball of smoothness. Besides her hookups with Marissa, Amber had only fucked Maggie’s hairy sex the last month. She didn’t mind at all with her girlfriend, but it was an extra spike of desire taking on such an intense rival that had a smooth pussy like her own.

She wasn’t the only one having to hold in her sudden desire as Bianca let out a deep moan while they pushed in closer until their foreheads touched, and their breasts lined up. “Just like two puzzle pieces bitch…we just fit together,” Bianca whispered lip to lip as she began to move her hips slightly up and down.

“Yeah, we do,” Amber whispered back, unable to deny the fact that it just felt natural. She moved her own hips back and forth as they synced their slow fucking. Their labia lips seemed to rejoice in the contact as they were spread on the other, the slickness from the already released cum and Bianca’s spit letting the vulva move with nearly no friction. Their clits were already becoming more active as they picked up the pace just 15 seconds in.

“Oh, yes…baby more.” Bianca moaned and Amber panted back. Looking for more pressure the blonde leaned back on her hands, letting her tits back but giving her more leverage to hump into her rival as her ass really began to work. Bianca moaned at the increased force and matched the pose a second later as they had begun to grind each other into a wild frenzy.

The sound of hot sex filled the already thrashed hotel room as Bianca looked up locking brown to blue. “This is the pussy of your soon to be lover Amber, and in time you will learn to worship it!” Bianca gasped mid fuck as she fought pussy to pussy with her rival, their tactics switching to see who will last as their clits began to dance.

“Please bitch! You…fuck… you will only be allowed to dream of mine after tonight.” Amber puffed back as she felt her love nub touch Bianca’s as their hoods disappeared and the nerves looked for more.

“Just like back at the Gala, but this time…god fuck!” Bianca screamed as her clit was touched a bit harder into Ambers. The pleasure shocked her core, but she pushed it down. This time…we are starting even, and you will be cumming into me.”

“I don’t need a head start to show you how much better I am at sex than you!” Amber growled back and then they focused on the trib and their wet sex organs grinding. The clits were easy to locate now, and the bundles were the focus to be engulfed and covered by their rival’s sex. It was close, and droplets of sweat were flying off their bouncing breasts as they tried to push the other over first when Bianca felt Amber move. She thought for a second, she had gotten the blonde off first, but she was wrong. Amber had leaned forward in their trib and locked her mouth onto the librarian’s big right tit, sucking it fully into her mouth as best she could. The dual attack was too much and too sudden. Bianca tried to pull her nipple free but couldn’t as she began to cum a second later, worried she would explode not just from her pussy but also from her nipple.

Bianca screamed as she came on Amber’s cunt for the second time in her life as she was fucked on her bed. She took hold of the blonde hair and tried to find Amber’s clit with her own, but it was not to be. Bianca fell to her back, freeing her nipple with a trail of spit on it, but only to wreath on the sheets as Amber mounted her taking her left pale leg to her shoulder.

“Looks like you are cumming again slut! You are my little bitch!” Amber screamed as she held in her own desperate pleasure, continuing to grind Bianca’s pussy until the pink slit seemed to tighten to the point that if Bianca had a man in her, she might have cut off the blood to his dick completely.

Her blue glare was intense, as she stared at the punk girl’s beautiful face…the face she had stalked through social media the last month. “Amber…you SLUT! GOD FUCK NOOO…YES.” She cried, not enjoying this orgasm as much as she wanted…she hated going off first. She felt Amber hold on, and only her body release more of the cum between their even slicker sexes now knowing the blonde was showing such control.

She pushed herself off the bed in a controlled motion, but Amber followed her, keeping their sexes touching Bianca’s butt hit the carpet. The blacked haired beatify kept moving back on the floor now, trying not to explode, when her back hit the small footrest that held her suitcase. She reached behind herself trying to brace but her hand ended up pushing the package off its platform and it came crashing down. Instead of only clothes falling out, all its contents came rolling out of the open bag. A mix of sex toys and even some domination objects came exposed from its compartment, but Amber didn’t notice, too lost in their slick trib, both taking turns running their slit up the other’s girl’s gash.

Bianca however was more aware and knowing what was in her suitcase gave her a sudden advantage. She reached back into the fallen objects was able to find what she was looking for just a second later. She suddenly slapped Amber in the face and broke off their wet trib as the blonde recovered. Amber shook off the slap and not wanting to be mounted, quickly did the same, frustrated that she hadn’t been able to finish Bianca in that position.

Amber hadn’t noticed Bianca had slipped a small device on her pointy finger as they came together tit on tit and began to kiss while rubbing up and down their rival’s body.

“Running away? You must have been close.” Amber said between their heated make out.

“Oh, don’t worry about me,” Bianca replied with some sarcasm.

Amber seemed to sense something was up, but not before Bianca pressed her pointy finger and the small vibrator she had placed on it right onto her rival’s pink wet open cunt. Before the blonde could move or even moan, Bianca pressed the button from the clicker on her other hand to start the device. The reaction was instant, and as the ring began its incredible speed of pulsations, Amber wailed, her clit seemed to be moving in a thousand rotations a second. Her mind went blank, and she didn’t know what had just happened. It didn’t matter because Amber began to cum on her knees.

“What the fuck!?” The punk girl cried with half a wail as she fell to her back trying to get away from whatever was making her pussy shake, but the vibrator was gone and had already been replaced by Bianca’s warm cunt. Their sexes crushed and like a pinpoint, their clits connected. Amber couldn’t push the sensations back down as her sex mingled with its counterpart, and for the first time in her life, the blonde began to cum on the professional’s sex, returning the pleasure just from a few seconds before.

“YES!” Bianca cried as she felt Amber’s clit soften, and some cum from Amber get released between their legs. She bounced on Amber, even after just cumming, it felt so good to ride the punk girl back in such fast revenge.

“BITCH! This…fuck.” Amber cried, still not knowing what had sent her over at such speed. She reached up to her own hair, laying on her back, and humping into Bianca as her clit was pressed. Bianca gasped as well as Amber fought back slightly, not yet recovered from her own orgasm but willing to take whatever sensations she was given to just drive Amber up a wall with her bare sex. It was a long orgasm, as Amber finished and only once the peak had passed, did Bianca move back and fell to her own back. There the girl’s rested, Amber, going off now, and in a way that made her feel ready for even more sex. The two women lay there in satisfaction, the duel of their sexes, their rival’s breathing the only other sound in the room.

Bianca pushed up, the vibrator still on her finger and the clicker in her other hand. She was going to use her toys to weaken Amber, and in the meantime find out which one the blonde preferred for later. But Amber had caught sight of the ring, and all the other toys that had fallen around the fighters. She pushed up and launched herself at the professional who didn’t realize Amber had quickly put two and two together. They crashed back to the floor with Amber on top, while their hands fought for the toys. The blonde took control to the point she was sitting on Bianca’s hips.

“So that’s what is!” Amber hissed as she tried to pin and keep Bianca’s wild hands away from her cunt. “Fucking using toys bitch?!”

“You really liked it didn’t you!?” Bianca snarled, the button getting pushed on and off sending vibrations down their palms from their other hands.

“I’ll show you who likes it!” Amber gasped back, as she fell of Bianca, and they continued fighting on their sides, for now, the ring and the on-off button.

They lost focus on the sex and turned their full attention to winning both the vibrator and the clicker that turned it on. It went wild and due to Amber’s cum, the ring slipped off Bianca’s coated finger as she pulled it away quickly.

“Fuck!” Bianca hissed as the ring rolled towards the pile of sex toys and clothes; away from the girls who watched it go with wide eyes. In a flurry, Amber rolled off Bianca and then jumped at the retreating toy on the floor. She got her hand around it, but Bianca was there working to free it a second later. She tried to pry open Amber’s sweaty, cummy fingers, but this time the blonde won the ring as they rolled on each other in the toys.

Their skin slapped as they spun, legs tangled in the mess on the side of the bed. Amber’s freehand without the ring closed on Bianca’s other which was still holding the presser to turn on the toy. On their sides, they wrestled, bumbling big tits and trying to force the other’s girl’s legs wide and exposed for the toys.

It ended up not being as difficult as she thought it would be, because seconds later, Amber was able to press the button with Bianca’s own finger, and she felt the vibrator ignite in her other palm. On the next roll from the bottom, she pulled her hand away and brought it down on Bianca’s exposed clit and spread legs. The sound of the small buzz was the only thing in the room before Bianca moaned loudly. The vibrations from the toy sent a wave from her clit to her head and made her start cumming instantly on top of Amber’s body.

“OH FUCK my RING!” She cried, but she wasn’t fully lost in the orgasm yet. Instead of trying to back off as Amber had, Bianca used a different method. Being on top, she thrust down with all the power in her ass, and squished Amber’s hand right in-between their wet sexes. The toy trapped between the open drooling pussies. The small metal ring was between their cunts, and Amber unable to pull her hand away screamed at the sensation. The small metal on her clit, her hand the only thing stopping them from the ultimate contact. The toy did its work and both of them started to cum in this position, Amber somehow already going again thanks to the toy and fast vibrations on her clit.

Bianca and Amber came as they rolled over toys, clothes and destroyed objects around the room. The toy seemed to have slipped off Amber’s finger during the fuck and let their pussies merge as they came with their legs wide, and their bodies molded as one. Finally stopping, Bianca took hold of Amber’s hair and ripped it to the side to free herself, but the blonde didn’t fall off her rival, and only got turned so they ended up in a cross position, both starting to finger each other again quickly, with Amber’s ass facing the ceiling.

The punk girl on top tried to rotate on her rival’s sweaty stomach to get a turn and sit her rival’s hips, but Bianca twisted the other way faster. Suddenly, the librarian’s sexy thighs were in the position to trap her rival’s head which they did a second later, flexing, and clinching around the blonde.

Amber screamed as she was trapped between limps, facing the floor, her head now locked between two sweaty but strong legs. She the contact with Bianca’s pussy and struggled against the strong thighs with her hands while Bianca tried to control her with this hold flipping her wet black hair back in concentration. Amber gasped from the strength of her rival’s muscles but with a burst was able to almost throw her whole body in the air and land on a screaming Bianca, the blonde’s knees landing on each side of the professional’s cheeks. Then she flattened and clinched her own legs around Bianca’s head. They were suddenly locked in a duel head scissors that was crushing and both girl’s groaned loudly.

As they tried to crush each other with their legs, the pungent smell of sex filled their nostrils from the wet, sex just above them. They might have passed out if they kept going, losing consciousness in this powerful hold as their faces started going slightly red. They held on, however, starting to sink their nails into the other’s ass, clawing as desperation took hold. It was so intense, and almost went quiet when their legs seemed to falter and luckily for both of them, they released simultaneously, gasping for air on their sides for the second time. The loosening of their limbs showed off their own wet open sex for their rival, and Bianca, still slightly coughing, slid forward and brought her red face into her rival’s pussy. Amber felt the tongue enter her, and she took a full engulf of hair and did the same.

They began to eat, feasting on the sweet already cumming sex as the sounds of slurping filled the room, their pussies already dripping after the toy had sent them in a ditzy. They both took only a second to almost clean each other up, sucking up the dripping cum and replacing it with their clear spit. Bianca widened Amber’s ass, running her tongue up the sex to the asshole that she had felt on her own buns prior. She took her time and teased it with a few licks and then back down. Amber clinched and came again, a short but hot little orgasm as she unleashed some cum and pleasure into Bianca’s mouth that had been started by the toy. She rolled them and stuck her tongue right into puckered ass and was rewarded as Bianca came a second later, in a quick exchange of sex fluids from their cunts into their mouths in a hungry display of pussy eating skill. But when Bianca began to cum into Amber’s mouth, the punk girl reached forward and grasped a huge the discarded dildo that they had been fighting with. Bianca was just starting to really cum when the tongue left her, and she moaned in displeasure. The feeling didn’t last long as she was impaled by one half of the rubber cock, Amber’s cum going deep as the punk girl’s tongue flicked the librarian’s clit.

“GOD! AMBER!! YESSSS!” Bianca moaned as her orgasm started again, the release shaking her entire body like a way it hadn’t before while her pussy was filled with the rubber dick.
The blonde didn’t respond and kept working, trying to make up the lost ground, and even finish Bianca if she could. But the professional only held her tight, and then kicked the punk girl away. Amber fell off with a cry, but Bianca was already sitting up before Amber could keep her down.

Damn, she thought, but then smiled. Bianca was again proving to be an incredible opponent. Looking to make sure Bianca knew how far she was willing to go, took the double cum soaked dildo and making sure Bianca was watching, began licking it clean. She took long strokes, leaving her spit as the cum seemed to fill her mouth. She moaned loudly, not even on purpose, it was so good.

“You taste wonderful Bianca, sad that you are a total bitch.” The blonde hissed.
Bianca didn’t reply, as she caught her breath, glaring at Amber with a. new ferocity.
“I could feel you faltering now…is this a bit too much sex?” Amber continued to taunt in her punky voice; a small snarl on her lips.

Bianca huffed, she did feel a wall, but she could go as long as she needed. “You slut. I’m going to fucking kill you before I make you my slutty girlfriend.” Bianca growled as she slowly stood.

“Oh, we are going to kill each other alright,” Amber growled back as she got to her feet.

They screamed as they charged, both dripping spit off their legs and Bianca charged Amber as a second catfight broke out. It wasn’t as fast as before, because the girls were far more tired and drained, but their desire for a sexual and physical submission drove them forward.

They began to spin each other by the arms in front of the bed wildly cursing each other and looking to throw the other girl off balance. On the second spin, the librarian reached for anything to slow them down and ended up gripping the curtains. Amber released her rival, but Bianca held on as half the curtains came down with a long tear. She only half fell as Amber moved forward but Bianca held onto the curtain, and it ripped away the rest of the way covering both under the white sheet.

The two goddesses who disappeared under the cloak, the sounds of cat cries and screaming coming from under it as moved wildly. Amber appeared first crawling away as Bianca threw it off herself a second later. She crawled after Amber and caught her foot with her left hand, and in her right the half-empty wine bottle. Amber kicked back at her and got a shot onto Bianca’s shoulder that freed her. The punk girl then got to her knees as Bianca lifted the bottle but was unable to swing it as Amber got into her first. The blonde caught it above her rival’s head and both girls struggled with it above them. The bottle was already upside down and began to pour the sticky strong-smelling liquid down onto the struggling women’s tits for a few seconds. The focus shifted again as Bianca forced her mouth onto Amber’s who kissed back roughly, even as they continued to fight for control of the wine bottle turned weapon.

The red liquid splashed around on the walls, floor, and each other for the entire 10 second struggle. Bianca pale skin turned purple in spots as more than a cupful landed on her tits, and then was shared onto Amber’s skin as the bodies jiggled and bounced into each other. The bottle went further over Bianca’s head as she leaned back looking to free it, but this allowed Amber to bend forward and begin to suck Bianca’s sticky wine covered tits, tastier than ever. The sensation was enough for Bianca to shiver but she gained control of where the bottle was pouring. She opened her mouth as it dripped from above and caught some into her hungry jaw. Then she spit the wine from her mouth onto Amber’s hair and face who screamed as the sticky stuff filled her vision around her rival’s tits. She tried to wipe it free, but Bianca was already moving. She moved behind the blonde and pressed her rival’s face to the carpet, with her ass in the air. Amber moaned in the downward dog position as Bianca began to finger her sloppily.

“You liked the wine on my tits? How about you try some from the floor?! LICK IT BITCH!”, Bianca screamed as Amber felt the wet carpet squish onto the side of her face and cover her cheek. Her pussy was pumped twice, and she moaned, but she was able to swing up one of her arms and kick out to escape. She crawled away and stood up, but Bianca had already leapt at her, and their sticky breasts crushed. They pushed each other around the room by hair, hands, and tits, leaving marks as they thumped into the walls. Amber swung a punch that connected to Bianca’s right swinging breast after an aggressive exchange and the impact turned the professional around with a groan. Amber pressed forward using her body to push Bianca into the far wall and then hold the woman on it. Her sharp brown nipples pressed into the pale toned back and Amber brought her spit covered left hand teasing between the big strong buns of her trapped rival.

“How about you try some from the wall?” Amber hissed as Bianca felt her asshole teased, then a single finger was inserted from behind making her groan. Amber grinned as she spit into Bianca’s hair, doing anything to cover her rival in more spit and cum. The librarian screamed a few seconds later thrashing on the wall, her tits leaving two big spots of where she was pushed. Her ass getting pumped caused her to scream again and she was able to step on Amber’s toes to the blonde’s shock as she fell back letting Bianca off the wall. She flipped around, their wine covered hair nice and wet. They faced each other, trying to catch their breath and clean their eyes, when Bianca smiled. Instead of attacking, she circled Amber who moved with her around the room. But when Bianca got around to the fallen toys, she picked up something new, something Amber hadn’t seen…but should have expected.

A hot double-sided dildo, one she and Maggie played with once or twice but rarely. Bianca’s smile widened as she spun it in her hands, showing off its firmness, “How about ass to ass Amber? We can pussy fight with this in-between us.”

“If that’s how you like it, Bianca. I can play that game.” Amber replied, as Bianca stepped back and onto the bed, waiting for Amber to approach her.

“Oh, I will teach you what I like once you are nice and submissive.” Bianca laughed as she turned around and shook her toned buns at Amber who climbed onto the bed with her. The pale back was toned, and the ass dimples defined as Bianca let her black hair flowing down her back. Amber could have lashed out or pulled Bianca’s hair, but she was far more interested in seeing which of their buns could take the heat and grinding glutes was a very real pleasure for her.

“Let’s play nice for a minute and get set up properly.” Bianca hissed, not looking at Amber but again somehow reading her thoughts.

“Fine.” Amber hissed back, knowing that they had the same idea and plan for their booty’s. She turned her own equally built body around and continued moving back until their legs passed and they felt their butts graze on the first soft contact. Light gasps escaped their lips at the raw sensation. It was unique not looking at your sexual rival while also getting more intimate. It was a light touch at first, but quickly that was not enough, and they backed up letting the two pads begin to gain more sweaty contact. Slowly, on purpose, they pushed in all the way until each of the strong buns split the other girl’s thick meat to the point, they could almost feel their rival’s heartbeat. Their straight hair mingled on their backs, blending, and their ass dimples faced off.
“You must work out a lot.” Bianca moaned, “I like my lovers to be my workout partners too.”

“Yeah, feels like you do too,” Amber grunted back, wanting to insult her…but unable to do it yet. She was admiring her rival’s muscles as they rotated and worked the other’s tush like a stripper pole. The sweat made it easy, and they began to grind, their asses being massaged by the other behind, rubbed onto the puckered flesh of their assholes.

Amber reached her arms back and hooked their elbows as they began to breathe heavier. She began to lean forward and felt her body begin to win, her ass, pressing Bianca’s back. The ass play was good, but after using the other’s body for a while, the delay was almost boring. They stopped moving at the same time, and Amber growled. To bring down a bitch like this, she would just need one more big push. The toy had helped, and even sped up their fight, so why not use more the blonde considered.

“Let’s stay like this and get that big rubber toy between our bodies, you really seem like the bitch who needs a dick to shut her up.” Amber huffed, shaking her ass once more into Bianca’s and getting a little shake and spank in return.

“A little pussy tug of war?” Bianca giggled, then leaned her head back on Amber’s shoulder like she was resting it. “You are on, you absolute slut…this sounds like the perfect way to settle this. Toy’s really can speed up the process huh?”

“Yeah, but Maggie and I are so good, we don’t really need them often.” Amber taunted and heard a little hiss escape the professional’s red lips.

“You and Maggie won’t be fucking at all during my week with you as my pet bitch…and that week will turn into forever once you accept.”

“You still think you can tame me? Do you feel my ass, Bianca?”

“Do you feel mine?” Bianca shot back, the always professionalism dropping further as she

“Yeah, it feels incredible. I bet Maggie enjoyed spanking it with your own clipboard.” Amber snarked back, and she felt Bianca freeze, and she knew she had finally gotten a good shot into the professional.

“Let me just go get the dildo…stay right here,” Bianca said, her tone quiet and deadly.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Amber repeated back in the same tone.

Bianca regrettably separated their bouncing asses away but did a little bump back before she had moved away fully to Amber’s surprise that made her give a cute yelp. Then, the professional was off and, on the bed, again in a flash, this time holding two things. A big black double-headed dildo, and a small bottle of what seemed like heated oil if the red label gave anything away. She didn’t say anything, and neither did Amber as she dripped and covered the two-headed toy with a light sheen, just to ensure that they would have to really show control to force the other girl down for good. Then, Bianca got back into the same position, rubbing her ass on Amber’s and letting their black and blonde hair blend fully.

“Doggy style? I think that would work best so our ass’s don’t separate.” Bianca asked,

“If that’s how you like it.”

They both went to their knees with their asses in the air and slowly helped each other move the dildo between them, a rare moment of cooperation between the sex enemies. Amber felt the dildo slide in once again, splitting her walls and filling her insides as she took 6 inches and felt Bianca take the other half. Their butts met again a second later and they moaned as their cunt took control of the full 7 inches on their side. It felt like their cores became connected and Amber could feel every shake of Bianca’s inner body. It was a unique sensation that she had not even done with Maggie.

“Bitch….” Amber moaned trying not to think about doing this with her enemy, her ass moving as she rocked as she started moving back and forth.

“You…slut….” Bianca gasped back, and moved in sequence with Amber, the slaps of gym-built ass on ass filled the room getting louder by the crush. When they found a sensitive spot, the other girl would arch her back and let out an extra moan as she gripped the sheets tighter in frustration and indulgence.

At the same time a few seconds later, they brought their faces and tits lower to the disgruntled bed as they worked their asses into each other, no longer slapping and trying to just control the dildo by pushing it deeper into her rival. Then they started aiming it into their rival’s g-spot best they could which caused their backs to arch further, Amber especially was bending as she felt her own body shiver. She tried to think of tricks she and Maggie had used but thinking of her girlfriend only got her angry and horny as she found herself in this ass-to-ass fight with the redhead’s obsessive co-worker.

Over the next minute, it was a slow draw. Their tits hung down like melons and Amber groaned feeling Bianca’s pale bubble ass flex on hers. When they went deep enough, she felt like it was filling her, and those damn sweaty buns rub her slippery.

Bianca was biting her red lips, and though their asses and legs were the only ones touching, it felt far more personal. She wanted Amber, this girl’s ass was perfect, a sexy little slut doll that could give as good as she could take. The double-headed dildo was now gone except for a sliver that they couldn’t disappear even as they got as close as possible. Their pussy grips were tight somehow as the assfight reached its peak. The worse thing for Amber was how much she was enjoying it. She wanted to win, she wanted to beat Bianca, but it felt fucking amazing having this whore dildo ass fight her with so much enthusiasm. Even now, she wasn’t sure which of theirs’s loose grip was lessening, which ass pad and sweat were starting to bruise and break.

They froze, the duel being decided by millimetres as they rotated their asses. This time, Amber’s ass lost an inch and she moved back and her dildo tensing falter. “Fuck!” She gasped as their piston ass fuck began again, but this time Amber was on the defensive, though she didn’t back down, or move forward, not willing to show even the slightest bit of defeat. Her head turned to the left, and Bianca’s had gone to the right so their eyes could glare. Then, they reached for each other, with their opposite hands, locking finger’s ensuring that they would ride one another to end in this doggy slut fuck.

Bianca’s ass began to use the dildo without any resistance, but the blonde held on as long as possible. She only screamed as she took the dildo fuck, cum dripping out of her in fast drops as she arched forward, her tits facing the wall and she flipped her blonde hair back with an extra loud groan. There was no stopping it, as they reached the five-minute mark of grinding ass on ass, their g-spots now devastated by the soft oily rubber. Amber was still humping back, but in a flush of pressure, she began to cum in this doggy style. “UGH!” She hissed, as her pussy tightened and she widened her legs and knees to allow easier access, her body going against her mind. Besides the loud squishing of her sex organ being split, the only other sound was Bianca moaning in victory sensing the blonde’s orgasm.

For the first time, Amber began to feel her limit and the peak came faster than ever as Bianca began to twerk slightly, shaking her booty in a way Amber never expected the librarian to be able to do. She tried to twerk back but doing so only caused it to start to go off even harder and she let out a wail as the dildo finally slipped out of her and she screamed into the sheets.

Bianca flipped and took a more advantageous pose on her knees while Amber was forced to her side. The professional took the dildo in her hand and used it like a cock into the still exhausted Amber, the blonde’s pussy offering no resistance to the hot pumping and taking far more than she was giving. Amber screamed in pleasure as Bianca drove her dildo into her, powerful thrusts that made her clinch and groan in desire, this was one hell of a dildo fuck. It might have only been a piece of plastic, but this librarian knew how to thrust it into her better than any guy she had been with. After a few more hot pumps and a spanking that shook her ass meat, Amber nearly came again holding on by a thread and hoping her minimal thrusts back would force Bianca off. Her hands gripped the white sheets and she focused as best she could. She tried to kick out a few times, and Bianca suddenly stopped. Amber gasped as the dildo was pulled from her cunt with a pop. She was both thankful she had been spared the next orgasm but frustrated because it felt incredible.

On the bed, she laid there, breathing heavily after the sex war had gone up another level. Cumming while being slapped, spanked, and dildo fucked was a lot to take in. Yet, she was still horny and holding on. At least giving this all back to Bianca felt even better, she just needed to last a bit longer. Though as she felt out her body, she knew she was down in the fight, and didn’t know why Bianca had stopped. She assumed; her rival had been too close to being kicked from that position, but then she felt Bianca get off the bed.

The professional quickly found what she was looking for and crawled back on the torn battleground, while Amber kicked out at her feebly again. The black-haired girl dodged it and was able to swing her legs onto Amber’s hips and mounted her forcing the ex-student onto her back. The blonde looked up, knowing that she had to keep going even as the sex drained her. But then, her eyes caught what Bianca was holding, and all of her muscles woke up at once.

“Let’s see how you look bald!” Bianca screamed as she turned on the electric razor and shot it down towards Amber’s skull. The ex-student screamed and caught the wrist of her rival holding the buzzing razor just above her head. “BITCH! What the fuck are you doing!?” She wailed, her burning muscles struggling to hold back Bianca who was looking at her with a crazy view.

“MAKING MY PET EVEN MORE MY TYPE!” Bianca screamed again and with a surge and gravity, forced Amber’s arms back to her shock. The brown eyes closed in fear, but she didn’t have to see it. She heard it, and then she felt it, the razor make contact with the side of her head as she was able to push it slightly to the right and the buzzing sound of her hair being shaved. It was a long movement, and Bianca successful ran a motion from the front to across the right side. The long strings of blonde hair falling to the pillow, now unconnected to her head.

“FUCK!” Amber screamed in horror, and she threw a punch into Bianca’s face connecting with her chin. Fury took over Amber as the razor was dropped as Bianca fell back stunned on the mattress. Amber jumped up and took the still running razor, “I’ll make you bald bitch!” She shot it down for Bianca’s forehead but partly missed as the pale woman rolled. It caught only the end of the black stands, but Amber successfully did take off a decent massive chunk of Bianca’s long black hair far closer to her shoulder. As Bianca rolled, she left a small trail of black hair in her wake that the blonde had caught with the electric razor.

Amber jumped after her, but Bianca had gotten off the side of the bed and moved towards her fallen luggage going for another weapon, but Amber leapt off the bed in chase. “Come here!” She yelled but Bianca shifted plans and lunged at Amber who missed trying to shave her enemy bald. Their big tits met as they slammed each other body to body, the razor falling to the ground as Bianca pulled it free from Amber’s grasp. It landed, still buzzing wildly while they fell back on the bed in their removed hair. They landed on the side of the mattress, then to the floor with the top comforter coming with them and covering the fighting wild cats.

There was a flurry of arms and legs under the covers and for a second it was impossible to tell which sex queen was winning with just the screams and howls coming from under it. Bianca appeared first, throwing it off her and seemed to be retreating towards the front of the bed, several new scratch marks on her back. Amber threw the cover off second, several feathers going flying that had come with them from the tears on the pillow and mattress. Then Bianca turned and got to her knees, allowing Amber to crawl up to her, where they met on their knees. With snarls, they began to finger while also pulling hair and clawing with their free hands.

“I’ll never lose!!” Bianca screamed in Amber’s face, as their finger’s danced, trying to break.

“You will be my BITCH!” Amber screamed, back, but after the dildo, her hot body still was aching and somehow, the dildo fuck hadn’t gotten Bianca as it had gotten her. For a devastating second, Amber felt her clit began to spasm and her tits shoot shots of adrenaline to the love nub. Only a few seconds of her declaration, Amber began to wail just after cumming on the bed…her sex well overflowing.

“Fuckkkk.” Amber screamed, and though Bianca had started cumming too, Amber’s faltering form, caused her to not be able to give the professional anywhere near the intensity needed, her finger’s leaving Bianca’s clit.

Bianca’s focus intensified, and she even ignored her own mild orgasm as she finger fucked Amber with every bit of strength left in her arm. She had never been this close in a one-on-one duel, she had never allowed anyone to take her to this aggressive fighting and sexual limit like Amber had. Her body was clawed and torn at, her pale skin easily showing the dark red marks from her rival’s claws…but Amber looked no better. And now the blonde screamed as she fell back to her back against this rival sex queen, letting Bianca break her body and mind with her fingers. The student cried out in pleasure, her hot body shaking, as Bianca watched Amber’s big tits bounce with her thrusts, and Amber’s legs seemed to widen involuntarily as Bianca was on her knees next to her before getting on top and kissing the ex-student.

It was a long hot kiss, as Amber’s final screams were swallowed by Bianca, and the pale girl forced her rival’s clit into her folds with her thumb and Amber moaned at a deeper tone than she had had ever released this night. The domination seeking professional gasped as she screamed in pleasure back into Amber’s mouth as the blonde’s ass finally relaxed and she seemed to be drained fully.

Amber lay there on the floor, her legs spread out on each side, defeated, and drained beyond anything she ever had been. Bianca lay on her for a long time, her own sexy figure ravaged both sexually and physically on a new level. The teeth and claw marks they left on the other’s skin could be seen in the dim light, but now it was over. “Not bad bitch…but I win…my pet” The professional breathed, as she licked the smooth neck of her rival, and received no response.

She knew she had to get Amber tied down or marked before the student got back up. It took a long minute, but the professional successfully stood up and walking back towards the toys. She glanced around the carnage, looking for either marker or tie up silk robe. She found them under the mattress a minute later, but right as she stood up, she felt it. In the last second, she tried to turn but her whole body was tackled as a savage Amber slammed her tits and body into Bianca’s back.

Feathers went everywhere as they landed on the bed, and Amber shrieked in fury as she successfully flipped Bianca over to her back. The punk girl widened her legs, granting her wild sex enemy full and continued access to her pleasure point. The librarian took the offer without hesitation as they screamed in unison, words failing them as they took one last second to adjust before they continued down the path of sexual destruction. Amber was giving it her all, she had been so close, but forced her body and mind up. Now she would risk it in a pussy fuck with her rival, as their sore clits and cunts forged into one entity.

Sloppy cunts squished harshly as they began to trib all in the destroyed room. The pleasure returned in a second, and both girls screamed as their tender clits locked for what felt like the millionth time in this intense night, the sexual pleasure starting to send them over the edge.

“Oh god! Yes!” Bianca moaned, and Amber screamed in desire but with a level of desperation that she had not used in a long time, “You bitch! Fuck yes! Let’s settle this!” She cried out over the sound of their slapping cunts and bouncing tits. The women seemed to sync once again, as if they were on the same wavelength, both taking more pleasure than they needed, only to push more onto her rival. In between the sexy flesh, the two clits continued to grind and flick, the center points in what was a pleasurable zone. Now, however, their entire labia had the sensitivity of their clits, every nerve starting to explode one by one. Their tits bounced, and they spit while slapping the fat jugs all they could. The two beauties no longer talked, just humping and doing a final comparison of their muscles and their sex.

For a long minute, it went on. They exchanged leaning forward to suck each other’s tits and spit on each other’s faces even more so. All the while Bianca felt the blonde start to hump faster, but for once maybe not on purpose. Amber’s gasps were getting higher pitched and the ex-student herself couldn’t believe what she was feeling this again. She began to go down to her back, trying to shift to hold her pleasure back, but it was too much. ‘Bianca…this bitch,’ Amber thought before she screamed one last time as her clit was suddenly bent back by Bianca’s nub just a bit more than she could get her rival’s. “OH god!” Amber screamed again as she had on the floor a minute ago and Bianca felt it, just holding in her pleasure knowing she needed to make Amber unable to continue from the amount of pleasure. It seemed having that small orgasm had helped Bianca keep her sex in check, and Amber had not nearly recovered from her own. A hot pussy fuck was far too different than their fingers.

“YES! CUM AMBER BE MINE!” Bianca screamed as she pressed her just standing clit into Amber’s form, their labia fused and the blondes tensing first.

“NO! NEVER! FUCKK, OH GOD, fuck yes.” Amber wailed, as Bianca moved forward and took the top position. Amber didn’t resist and even pressed her tits forward as if begging them to be sucked. The professional rode the punk girl down like two true sluts, both moaning, screaming, and scratching each other until the blonde’s body finished her pleasure and her limps went slack. Her perfect clit was pushed down, and though Bianca’s was the same, she held on a little longer. The blonde’s screams went louder than ever as she released her orgasm that was one too many for the blonde girl. She tried to think of anything other, but by the time, the pleasure was already overwhelming her senses and mind as she looked up at Bianca and couldn’t stop looking at her hot body. She came, exploding, more cum being released as Bianca squeezed Amber’s nipples and spit on her, sending the blonde into a peak for almost 30 full seconds. She groaned, “Bianca…fuck.” As the final peaks and Amber’s whole back arched as it finally passed through her and she collapsed down, her mouth open in shock as her girlfriend’s co-worker pushed her past the limit.

The brown eyes were distant as Amber Fielder surrendered to the pleasure. She knew the cum she had just released was from her last orgasm and the last thought she had was how hot Bianca looked. “Fuck…” She breathed lightly before closing her eyes and simply resting outfucked by the professional, the sexfight over as her orgasm passed.

Bianca felt Amber relax but didn’t break apart until the blonde fully stopped thrusting her perfect defeated pussy back into her form. The professional couldn’t’ believe it but it seemed her rival’s hot body had finally quit in this draining sexfight. She had beaten Amber and given the punk goddesses more pleasure than she could handle. Letting Amber’s leg fall off her, the pale beauty moaned loudly in victory filling the hotel room with the sound of her pleasure. She had claimed her pet, and now she had to mark her prize. Not wasting a second with her own body teetering on the edge of pleasurable consciousness. She found her bag and pulled out a marker, clicking the top off, she marked Amber with a black B, right on sexy punk girl’s perfect chest. Then, she reached between her legs and covered her fingers with her own cum. She spread some of the goo onto Amber’s body and face for a few seconds admiring her new toy until she rolled off the blonde and passed out next to her.

Bianca woke up with a start and noticed that Amber was still half passed out next to her just about ten minutes later. It seemed they had both been out a few hours, and the professional grinned as she pushed herself up. She had won, and she had somehow conquered the perfect body of her co-worker’s girlfriend and now a pet. Their sexes had exploded in a way that made her shiver in just the memory. They had destroyed the room with their catfight, but it was all worth it.

“You are mine,” Bianca whispered into Amber’s ear who groaned in response, slowly coming too. The thought that she now belonged to Bianca, even for a week…a week she would no longer belong to Maggie. It as might has well been a lifetime… there was no way Maggie would still be with her because of this.

She felt Bianca crawl away but was in no position to follow her, the annoyance of defeat mixing with the satisfaction of the sex. A knocking sound a few seconds later made Amber sit up. It seemed Bianca had gone to the door and opened it slightly, “Oh, of course. I will just finish getting ready. Please give me just a minute.” She heard the professional say to someone.

Then the door shut it and the fully nude wine covered beauty came around to stand in front of Amber before sitting on her hips with a thud. The blonde glared up, but the new dynamic was apparent about who had just out fucked who. Bianca smiled, as she reached down and used her finger to trace the B on Amber’s chest. The punk girl looked down and her eyes went slightly wide at the mark, there was no denying it now.

Bianca’s grin grew as could tell Amber understood who had outclassed who when it came to sex. “Excellent, you are finally awake. As you can see, I out fucked and marked you before you could get up, Amber. As per our deal, you now belong to me for one week. Lucky for you, I’m away this upcoming one so it will have to be after…try not to look so disappointed my pet.” She cooed, as Amber’s glare intensified, but she remained quiet, her pussy unable to feel anything else but satisfied. “I will message you the details as I need to get back to the convention now…my you were tougher than even I could have imagined. I will leave you to tell Maggie.” She added, her voice switching back to a very professional tone. But then a sparkle came to her blue eyes, and she leaned down and brought their faces and lips to touch as the two beauties stared eye to eye.

Bianca breathed lightly and placed a light kiss on her pet’s lips before she pulled away. Amber’s whole body was shaking, the rage…no one was allowed to say that to her besides Maggie. “Fuck you bitch.” She hissed, and Bianca only smiled wider, the thrill all she wanted. Saying nothing else, she stood up and began to get dressed all the while Amber watched her nude in the destroyed room, unsure what to say or do.

She watched Bianca slowly turned back into the perfect professional from the wild sex demon she was in secret. It would be nearly impossible to hide every mark on her body, but for once the pale woman didn’t really care; this convention was made for people in her departments to fuck. She was sure, she and Maggie would have had a picking if they both arrived. But she would worry about the redhead later…though the look on Maggie’s face was something she was desperate to see, she would let Amber tell her. It would hurt more. Finally ready, she moved towards the door, but stopped to get one last hot look at the wine covered, the sexy blonde sitting wide-legged on the floor.

“I’ll see you soon my love.” Bianca breathed as she moved away, and a shiver crawled up Amber’s spine. The door opened and closed, and Amber was left with nothing but satisfaction, rage, and confusion of what to do now.

The blonde left a few minutes later, her anger even more now, but her body satisfied in a way it hadn’t been in a long time…not since Maggie and hers second, fight. How could she risk so much? How could she do this…this was nothing less than a disaster. Only getting few halls down, and she ran right into Isabella and Marissa who almost bumped into Amber rounding the corner. The two interns both screamed in shock and surprise seeing the ex-student and her state.

“AMBER! What happened!?” They yelled in unison.

“Bianca…” Amber hissed, not wanting to explain any further in the middle of the hotel hall, “Can we go back to the room? I need to lay down…and try to fix my hair somehow.”

Surprisingly to Amber, the interns helped her together and seemed to be on far better terms than when she had left them a few hours prior. Marissa did all her best work to fix Amber’s hair, but doing so, she had to shave a bit more of Amber’s blonde locks, but at least now it looked on purpose to the point it REALLY made her look punky with a bit of a shaved head. Then, after hearing what happened with Riley and the two roommates, Amber explained her story to the girls to their shock.

“Maggie will understand,” Isabella said as Amber finished…the confident girl feeling small naked on the conch. But Marissa nodded in agreement with her roommate, seeing her best friend emotional to the point tears were threatening to drop.

“She will Amber…you fought Bianca for her and so it didn’t go great but that happens…maybe Maggie risked something at the orgy too, I wouldn’t put it past her,” Marissa commented then she was smacked by Isabella. “Ow, sorry ok. Well, what I mean is you don’t know what happened with her…Bianca might have been messing with you with this whole obsession thing. Are you sure she even knows that Silvia girl?” Marissa added and Amber gave a small nod, but a light sob escaped her lips.

“I hope you are right…but I…just have a bad feeling. I was so dumb…I should have ignored that stupid bitch and…I should have talked to Maggie first. I enjoy fighting other people too…but I’m still worried she won’t come back. I just don’t know how to explain it…I don’t know what I want…besides her.”

Isabella smiled, “She will forgive you. She loves you like crazy like she talks about you so much…and yeah she might be mad…but yeah…she loves you.”

“And I mean, you fuck me, and we don’t have feelings, I mean, I love you but like as a friend! And Maggie fucks Izzy here. It can work, and you guys can do it. I think you just have to trust her…and she has to trust you! As long as you both always pick each other over the other stuff, and other people who care. You’re both priority to each other unless it’s me or Izzy, we get a say.” Marissa added after her overly long speech, and Amber nodded at her best friend with a laugh.

“Thanks, Marissa and you too Isabella, I’m glad you guys are here. Now we just need to get you and Maggie to make up.” She said, her normal voice returning, and Isabella nodded as Marissa rolled her eyes. “No,” Mari said, and the other too sighed. The rest of the night they talked and chilled, Marissa and Isabella getting along better than ever, and Amber being a great mix.

The next day, Amber walked into her girlfriend’s flat, finding Maggie almost in tears and apologizing for something that Amber had no idea about. Like always, her redhead was overthinking everything, but when Maggie looked at Amber in shock, her mouth dropped. “Amber! What the hell happened to you!?”

Her girlfriend’s hair was changed, some of it missing, and all the purple strands gone. Her body looked ravaged as if the sexfight she had been in was far more aggressive than she expected.

“Umm hey Mags, I can explain,” Amber replied, unable to look her girlfriend in the eye, her mind having a panic attack. She had practiced the convo a million times with the interns and on the way home, but when Maggie ran at her and hugged her, she freaked. All the while the redhead was holding her tightly while asking a flurry of quick questions, ‘Are you alright?’ ‘Tell me everything? Why didn’t you call me?’

Amber pushed her girlfriend back slightly and looked at Maggie’s green eyes, desperate to tell her everything…but equally as desperate to keep the illusion. In the last second of holding her girlfriend and scared beyond reason, she would lose the redhead…Amber lied. “Nothing happened…I just tried a new due with Marissa…and we got a bit rough with Izzy. I should have called, but my phone fell in the pool…then I just didn’t have time.”

“Oh so, you had a weekend too, ugh, I was freaking out…I’m sorry. I just am amazed how much better you are than me in trusting; I’m always scared you are going to leave.” Maggie responded wiping away the tears. “Ok, but all is good!” She said, though a smile and sob. “I like your hair.” The nerd smiled and Amber smiled back.

“How did your weekend go?” Amber asked, knowing the answer…if Bianca had been telling the truth.

Maggie sighed, “I guess let me get this out of the way.”

She pulled Amber to the couch and sat down, looking suddenly solemn. “The orgy fight was insane…I didn’t win, but it was so close. And I promised to fight Silvia once a month for a year instead of being her slave…just to find out which one of us can bring the other down. She already texted me, she wants us to fight next weekend, and she wants you there.”

“Umm, Mags I think I want to talk about something,” Amber responded, her lie already having repercussions. She could still fix it.

“Umm ok, what is it? Oh, and by the way, I would really like you to come. I know I can win, and having you watch me…is something I would really like. You were right, I think I do like a bit of a show, and I want nothing more than my girlfriend to be audience” Maggie continued, as she jumped up and started dinner, blushing from what she sure would be Amber teasing her. It also was to try and hide her own puffy face from the previous hours of what she thought unneeded tears.

Amber was quiet, three voices fighting in her head. The honest one that wanted to tell Maggie. about what happened with Bianca, that she had stupidly risked so much against the other librarian and had lost. That Bianca was going to try and collect her prize at some point. A second part, to keep face, keep the smile and let Maggie continue like she had been, wanting her girlfriend to be as happy as ever. Maybe there was a way she could find a way to deal with Bianca before the bitch got her week or do it without Maggie knowing. Or she could just ignore it, and if Bianca tried to use it against her…just lie again.”

She looked back at the kitchen to see Maggie standing there in her pajamas, her hot body hidden by her loose pajamas, but Amber still was so attracted to her. Then the blush, the smile, how could she not do what she wanted “Of course, I’ll go idiot. If you want me there, I’ll go wherever you want.”

“You are the best, and I love you so much.” Maggie smiled and seemed to turn to hide a tear of happiness that leaked out. Then, putting down the pot, she turned with a different type of hungry look in her eyes, and the nerdy girl licked her red lips. “Before we eat…you want to shower with me?” The redhead teased, “I still feel really filthy and want you to clean me…every inch of me” She groaned and took off her shirt right there in the kitchen letting her huge tits and pink nipples come out. Amber could see the marks from Silvia, and weirdly that still turned her on more than anything.

Amber paused though glanced at her favorite tits in the world. She wanted to say yes, she wanted to sleep with Maggie more than anything, but right now the black mark B on her chest felt like it was on fire.

“Umm, you go first, I think I need to lay down…and shower alone as I need to do my hair. we can have some fun in the morning and shower then.”

“Oh, okay babe. I’ll be in bed in a few.” Maggie responded, disappointment in her voice, and a bit of fear entered her own soul that had been gone just seconds ago. Amber never turned her down…and she wondered if her blonde lover did care about her fights with Silvia and the other woman…but Amber would tell her…she hoped.

Amber smiled at Maggie, but it didn’t reach her eyes and Maggie noticed but didn’t say anything. A few minutes later, and Amber was in the shower rubbing away the black B…wondering what to do…how could she be happy and keep Maggie happy when those two things clashed. She wanted to fight other women but knowing Maggie did it…scared her. Maybe watching her girlfriend fight Silvia or Isabella would help…maybe. Now she just needed to find a way to get out of her deal with Bianca. The bitch was out of work this week, so she had till next Monday before Maggie would see Bianca. That should be enough time.

That night Amber laid in bed next to her girlfriend, the redhead cuddling her body tightly. The ex-student was unsure of what to do, but sleep took her before she made any real decision…the lie about Bianca already hurting. And the knowledge that the other woman and rivals…wanted them both…how the hell would she protect Maggie.

Meanwhile, a half-day earlier back at the hotel.

Riley was sitting out by the pool, her fingers moving fast on her phone. She was breathing heavy, her short search around the hotel coming up empty…the freaks and the hot blonde must have left. Leaving that shower stall after getting out titfucked then, actually fucked was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. Losing hurt her pride, but her secret, her own freaky hobbies being out in the world worried her more…that Isabella girl knew more than anyone else…and that meant the Marissa girl would too. Those sluts would pay…and she would fight each of them and shut them up personally.

The money from the cosplay contest was good, and her sorority was happy, but this was a moot point to her now. Suddenly she looked up to see a woman of incredible looks walking by her, though her moonlight pale body hidden behind a sexy white one-piece bikini. She had several red marks on her skin and was talking on the phone to someone when some words hit the sorority girl’s ears.

“Yes…well, my little thing with Amber went well, but I can wait to claim her if Jenny thinks that is best. I’m glad to hear you were just able to beat Maggie…though it sounds quite close which is what Jenny said you wanted, but doesn’t really help us…with what you offered her”

She went quiet and Riley was now listening fully, something told her, this was something she needed to hear. “Well, next time, beat her fully as I did to Amber. Yes, I agree, your agreement works with the circumstance, and then we can really have some fun with them. I’ll get what I want, you and Natalie yours, and Jenny can as well. No, Miss Keeling and Miss Sanz…sorry, Marissa and Isabella, the two interns won’t be in the way. You, Jenny, and Natalie can have your fun, and I’ll get my job and my beautiful punk prize…though I will share her as promised. Of course, Jenny will get her band stuff. My…we do have so much to do, don’t we?”

Riley shot up hearing enough and approached the woman who was sitting down and already had waved away a few suitors. Bianca eyed this girl’s approach. “Let me call you back.” She said into the phone, and then laid back. If this young girl wanted to challenge her, Bianca figured there must be a good reason.

“Hey, did you just say Marissa and Isabella?” Riley asked the woman, who quickly looked surprised, then giving Riley a hot up and down. Satisfied, she motioned to the sun lounge next to her.

Up close, Riley recognized the woman slightly. She was one of the two hot librarians at the school…every guy on campus wanted to bang them. She took a seat on the cushions and waited as Bianca ordered two drinks.

“I might have, and who you might be?”

“I’m Riley, I go to the college where you work, and I think we have something in common…”

“Do we? And what do you think that is?”

Riley took a breath and took the risk. “Well, I’m looking for some help to pay back those two little sluts.” The sorority girl hissed. “And I can’t ask my friends, but I if you want to go after them and that hot blonde chick, they were with…I want to help.”

Bianca looked at the girl, and then her body again…she certainly had the assets and if she had been messing with Isabella and Marissa…maybe this girl could be of some use.

“It’s funny, I was curious that you were looking to fight me…but this is even better. I assume you know the game?”

“Yeah, and I’m good at it…I was just stupid.”

“Oh, I have been there, and you know, I think we can help each other…I too have an issue with the two girls you are mentioning and my coworker. Some friends and I are going to have some fun with them.

“The redhead librarian, right? The one with her tits out all the time? I mean you both do…and I would too. All the sorority girls like me think you guys have such hot bodies, but they get annoyed that guys want to fuck you both.

“Well, thank you, I take that as a very high compliment. What was your name again?”

“Riley Carter.”

“Well, hello, Miss Carter I’m Miss Marshall, but you can call me Bianca for now. Tell me a bit about yourself and I’m sure I can figure out something for you to help with the two sluts and that blonde and redhead.”

The End

Thank you for reading! For more of KingOfDaPirate1’s Stories: Click Here!

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  1. coolkris says:

    Wow… never ceases to amaze us KingofDapirates…!!! Few possible match up if possible please
    1. Bianca vs Jennifer at Library Gala (what happened just before and after Amber/Maggie interrupted their sexfight) Readers deserve to know.
    2. Another rough /angry with little catfight -sexfight between Amber and Maggie – all these developments has dented their relationship. Only way the to repair the damage is to speak heart out which our heroines aren’t good they end up in hard way… a vicious catfight (no blood please) results in nasty sexfight which finally let their body do the talking , relieve/vent their angry/fury and mend their relationship
    3. (My fav expectations may be before pt 2) a rocky relationship pair Amber and Maggie face off in ultimate sex fight challenge against equally uneasy alliance of Bianca and Jennifer inside oil filled ring in Silvia’s arena with audiences.. However soon 2 vs 2 tag team descends into furious and Lust filled four way sexfight (each gal for herself)with no one outside ring allowed to interrupt until clear victor emerges.
    4. 4 vs 4 sexfight — Good vs Bad (surely no one is evil here). Maggie, Amber, Marissa and Isabella face off against Jennifer, Bianca, Silvia, Riley or Library vs Band – Maggie, Bianca, Marissa and Isabella vs Amber, Jennifer, Silvia, Daphne (Including Riley would heat up competition though)…. What do you guyz think (King or Readers)


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