The Girl Next Door by Catharsis

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One year apart was all it took. Just one year.

They’d been friends and neighbors for three years. Shared secrets and problems. Then, Heather had gone away to university, for one year. Laura heard she’d come home and walked over early one morning to catch up with her. The day, and their chat, had started so innocently.

Words had been exchanged. Trust shattered in an angry volley of mean retorts. They’d stood, face to face, foreheads nearly touching, in the center of Heather’s bedroom. Time froze. The world dropped away. Nothing moved but two chests heaving fast with adrenaline beneath thin, stylish blouses. Then, in a flurry of grabbing hands, they’d twisted together, spun once around and collapsed to the floor.

There the two girls melted into a pile of writhing violence. They flopped one over the other for several minutes, neither skilled enough to execute a proper pin. Finally wrestling into a ball, the two hated-filled females came to a halt. Laura was on top. Her legs straddled Heather’s bent right leg, which aimed Laura’s rear at the ceiling. Her skirt rode up high, exposing the white panties now wedged into the crack of her ass. She used her whole body to drive Heather down. Her right hand immobilized Heather’s left wrist into the carpet. Heather hooked her free arm around Laura’s neck and yanked sideways. Two buttons on her white blouse popped off, but she barely noticed. Although her right boob was mashed painfully into Laura’s cheek, she squeezed even harder.

Laura steadied herself with her left hand, preventing Heather from bridging her off or rolling them sideways. She slammed her hips down, but only succeeded in sliding Heather’s leg further between her thighs. Heather wrapped her left foot around Laura’s knee and pulled. Her sock kept her from getting a good grip. Laura shifted in response, and Heather felt a knee press into the crotch of her shorts.

They stayed locked together in that intimate knot for some time, neither able to gain an advantage. Laura moaned as she fought, straining to inhale in the hot space between the floor and Heather’s side. Heather groaned in agony from Laura’s shoulder stabbing into her midsection and the weight of her best friend trapping her. She tried to wrench her wrist from Laura’s grasp. Laura’s fingers tightened, and her palm pressed hard into Heather’s slender arm. Laura tried again to drag herself out of Heather’s headlock. Her long brown hair snagged on Heather’s charm bracelet, lancing pain into her scalp.

Minutes went by. Frustration built in the two young women. What was supposed to have been a nice reunion had erupted with a fury neither had predicted. Now that it was unleashed, Laura was determined to put Heather in her place, and Heather wasn’t going to stop until she had Laura begging for forgiveness. They threw themselves totally into the fight. Their bodies were slowly rubbing harshly against each other as they wriggled this way and that. Laura sought to cement her dominant position, and Heather rocked them back and forth attempting to throw her off.

Sweat dampened their clothes. Their hair became matted and tangled. Heather was having trouble drawing breath against Laura’s downward crush and grew desperate. She constricted her legs around Laura’s right leg, extending them out as straight as she could and locking her ankles. Laura, no longer propped up, dropped flat onto Heather. Body to body, they kept up their grinding battle. Laura turned her head to escape, but Heather secured her hold. Heather arched her pelvis, but Laura stymied her roll. Heather then tried to sneak her rear end out from under Laura. A furious struggle ensued. Heather’s thighs slithered against Laura’s, muscle fighting muscle for fractions of an inch. Laura, held at the neck and legs, rammed her stomach into Heather’s over and over in retaliation. The distance was short, and the impact not very strong, but both reacted to the blows with winded grunts.

The assault eventually slowed. The constant exertion had begun to take its toll on the pair. Still, Laura stubbornly refused to let Heather go until she’d beaten the other girl. Heather, for her part, wasn’t going to let anyone stand in her bedroom and treat her the way Laura had. Not without consequences.

“Fuck you” said Heather, finally catching her breath.

A muffled reply. “You shut up”.

“Can’t hear you”.

“Shut…” Laura raised her shoulder. Heather flinched. “…the FUCK…” Laura hit Heather with her shoulder right in the ribs. Heather gasped. “…UP!” Laura repeated the maneuver. This time, Heather had curled up defensively and Laura’s attack nailed her opponent in the left breast. Heather howled and released Laura’s head. Laura reared up and inhaled deeply. Her left hand scrambled to latch on to Heather’s right arm, but missed. Heather’s right hand shot out to keep Laura at bay. Without intending to, she grabbed Laura’s left tit.

Laura quickly attacked Heather’s hand. Unable to dislodge it after a few seconds of tugging, her left arm darted down onto Heather’s bra. Heather squealed as she felt fingers sink into one of her boobs, and redoubled her mauling of Laura’s tits. Laura leaned against Heather’s painful groping, trying to ramp up the pressure on Heather’s chest. Their eyes glared unblinking at each other. Their breathing hissed through clenched teeth. Heather bucked once, then twice, doing little more than rub her inner thighs against Laura’s. She whimpered and partially closed her eyes. Laura changed her position, trying to pin Heather’s hips down and to pull her aching boobs away from Heather’s grasp. The short haired blond maintained a solid hold on Laura’s white blouse, bra and the sensitive flesh it protected, however. Laura felt the hand close, and shut her eyes to block out the pain.

Heather drew her fingers together, and trapped Laura’s firm nipple between them. Laura opened her eyes wide, a let out a wild shout. She clamped down on Heather’s bosom, but was increasingly losing control. Heather mercilessly worked Laura’s nipple as if nothing covered it.

“Unh! Bitch!” Laura pulled her right arm free and slugged Heather repeatedly in the side. Unable to withstand the punches, Heather brought her arms in front of her to ward them off. Laura’s fist glanced against Heather’s elbow and she swung it back to re-aim. When it descended again, Heather’s own left fist flew faster. It plowed into Laura’s chin, rocking her head to the side. Laura’s left arm buckled and she toppled onto it. Heather squirmed onto her right side and away, and the two separated.

After gulping air for a few seconds, they both stood up, their legs wobbly, their hands clenched. Blouses were plastered to their skin with sweat. Faces were flush with heat. Their mouths hung open, and their chests rose and fell. Laura could scarcely believe that she’d just gone a fierce, exhausting round with the person who’d been like a same-aged cousin to her. The deadly serious look in Heather’s eyes told her this was far from over. She shook hair our of her vision. She was energized. Her body felt ready for another go. More than ready. Excited. She’d kept Heather pinned down last time until that unexpectedly dirty attack. Now she wanted to give Heather a taste of her own medicine. And show her she could get so much dirtier.

Heather studied the girl across the room from her. Laura was slightly taller and little thinner than she was. She’d thought that her strength would be more than enough to beat someone as non-athletic as Laura. No matter. She’d tackle Laura this time, and wrap her up so she couldn’t do anything but admit she was wrong. There was no way she’d get defeated in her own house. She was ready to go to whatever lengths it took to prove that.

The front door opened, then slammed shut. Heather’s mother’s voice floated up from the floor below. “Hey. I’m home!”

Laura didn’t initially know how to react. Every instinct kept her tense and alert for any sign of danger from the bitchy blond she thought she knew well. Her brain eventually overruled her instincts. Their fight wasn’t going to continue, not with someone nearby who’d come and break it up. She stared at Heather. The angry look on her face seared itself in her mind.

“Fuck.” said Heather, almost in a whisper, coming to the same conclusion. Her hands dropped an inch.

“You’re lucky”.

Wrath snarled Heather’s mouth into a grimace. “You… You think…” She stepped right up to Laura, shooting daggers into the brunette’s eyes. Laura stood tall and met her gaze. Nose to nose their desire to hurl themselves back into a fevered brawl boiled. Their tits bumped briefly, then in earnest as they rammed against one other, each seeking to push her rival backwards.

“You apologize right now.”

“You don’t want to start this again”

“Oh yeah? I had you-“

“Right. You weren’t doing shit”

“Bitch, you don’t even know-“

“I was all over your lame ass-“

“-couldn’t handle if I got serious-“

“-make you beg for mercy.”

“Stupid bitch”

“Dumb-assed cunt”

Laura’s whole body was on fire. Something had been aroused within her that she barely keep contained. The feeling coursing through her while she’d been locked in physical combat with Heather intoxicated her. Nothing had prepared her for what it felt like to entwine her body together with another similarly inclined female and use every fiber of your being to struggle against her. It took every ounce of will to breath out and say “This isn’t over”. Then, she turned and walked out. Down the stairs, tucking her blouse in as she went, and through the side door to cross the back fence.

Heather stood where Laura left her, panting hard. Everything felt hot. Goosebumps prickled her skin. Her chest was burning. She looked down and noticed her blouse was wide open. She tore it off and removed her bra, too. She smoothed her hands over her injured breasts and saw in the mirror red marks on her left one. Her nipples pointed straight out. It was strange, but fighting with Laura had done something to her. No, just fighting didn’t do it; that fight. The way they fought. Heather had used every inch of her body against Laura, and damned if that girl hadn’t been willing to answer with every bit of hers. The contest had made her head swim. The air conditioning cooled her exposed flesh, but there was an inferno deep inside that kept roaring.

She threw on a t-shirt as her mother climbed the stairs. Finger-combed her crazy hair back into place. Pulled open a dresser drawer. Her mom’s head poked in the doorway.

“I see you’re out of bed at least. What’cha up to?”

“Deciding what to wear.” Not a lie.

“Ah. I thought I heard some other noise up here, like you had a guest.”

“Was chatting with Laura”

“How’s she been doing? Still working at that doctor’s office?”

“Yeah.” Heather wished she could calm her breathing down some more. She crossed her arms under her boobs. Her nipples made themselves noticed.

Her mother frowned. “I hope you’re not planning on going out like that.”

“I’m looking for a bra right now.”

“There’s one right there. On your floor, where it doesn’t belong.”

Heather glanced over. “No, not that one,” she said, “Something plain,” and started rifling through the drawer in front of her. This was greeted with an exasperated sigh.

“Bras are in the top right-hand drawer. They haven’t moved since you left. I swear, I should stop putting your laundry away. Then maybe you’ll remember where everything goes.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

There was a pause, then she left. Heather exhaled.

She gripped the dresser with both hands, but not out of anger with her mother. She was simply trying to steady herself. Her brain was willing her body to stand still, but every other part of her wanted restless motion. She breathed in deep, then let it out as slowly as she could. Bending her knees, she sank to the floor. Her eyes closed. The sound of her heart pounding filled her ears.

She got up and plopped on the bed. In less than a minute, her back felt too hot for comfort. Heather slid to the floor, bringing her sky blue king-sized pillow down with her. She stared absently at a point on the wall. The sun shining through her window was high in the sky. The morning was gone. From downstairs, the sounds of The Price Is Right drifted like a faraway mirage. Her mother would be occupied for some time. Heather’s eyes came to rest on her torn blouse lying in a clump a few feet away. Memories flooded into her head.

Heather gripped the pillow to her chest and slid down onto her side. Her arms wrapped tighter around it. Soon, her legs joined in. Images of Laura filled her thoughts. She rocked back and forth, then rolled face down, mounting her pillow. “Fucking bitch”, she hissed quietly. Her hips began grinding with greater force. Heather wiggled her ass, seeking the best angle of friction. Caught in a whirlwind of arousal and desperate for release, she kept pumping again and again for over five minutes.

With the pillow firmly imprisoned between her thighs, Heather did a quick push up. Her tits bounced beneath her t-shirt. Pleasure shot through her body to her wet, steaming pussy. She hauled another pillow off her bed, and bear-hugged it. Falling face down into its soft embrace, her vision went dark. In her mind’s eye, Laura appeared. Laura, locked in a test of strength with her. Laura, arms around her, breasts mashed into hers, wrestling fiercely. Laura, glued tightly against her, spinning, tumbling, then pinned underneath her. Heather’s entire body jerked, humping violently as her dream reached its triumphant climax. In it, Laura groaned her surrender.

Heather came hard, harder than she had in months. Her head lifted, and her mouth opened, but she made no sound. She held her breath and her blue eyes displayed her ecstasy in silent intensity. Suddenly, she buried her face back in her pillow to muffle an orgasmic shout. A full minute went by before she calmed her rapid panting enough to turn to one side and breath the cool air of her room. ‘Sweet fuck, that was epic’ she thought.

As her pulse returned to normal, two sides of her mind raged in debate. One side argued that it had been nearly a year since she’d had sex, after that awful one night stand with the guy her friends had set her up with at that party. Her sexual desire had been pent up too long, and any crack in such a full dam was bound to let loose a flood. The other side reminded her that she’d masturbated often, and it had never been this powerful, this all-consuming. The heat of combat, the feel of smooth female skin in contact with her own, the thrill of conquering another woman physically… it was a fantasy she hadn’t imagined before. But it aroused her. Hell, it got her off. Better than any vibrator. More completely smashed than a row of tequila shots. She was thoroughly, gloriously inebriated in its afterglow.

It was madness, but Heather wanted another drink.

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The cell phone sat a few feet from Laura’s prone form, face up just like its owner. Laura knew what she wanted to do. She’d been thinking about it all day. All she had to do was pick up that black rectangle and make the call. She’d run the conversation a dozen times in her mind. If she was going to carry this through to the conclusion she’d imagined, now was the time.

It could all fall apart, of course. She could end up humiliated after making a fool of herself with her strange request. The safe thing to do was wait a few days. Let things cool off. Salvage what she could of the mess she’d made. But that had always been how she’d taken life. Letting someone else set the terms of her surrender when conflict arose.

Laura felt different now, after showing competence at her job and gaining confidence in her abilities. Heather probably hadn’t meant to rub Laura’s nose in her lack of ambition, but she had. Somehow, it hurt worse and was more infuriating coming from Heather than anyone else. Instead of crumbling like usual, though, Laura’s spine had stiffened. She had let loose a torrent of pent up emotion and hurt Heather right back.

The fight that had followed had been too short. Oh, it had been long enough for Laura to vent her anger about what they’d been arguing, and she was certain that Heather had expended all her initial ire, too. Once that spike of aggression had run through their bloodstreams, however, the battle had continued. It had become about more than just their opinions of each other’s life choices. Heather had made it clear that she wanted to show Laura she was better. Laura remembered fighting back, rolling together body against body with Heather. It had been rough, and physical, and made Laura feel more alive than she had in months. She still wanted to put Heather in her place, at least a little bit. But, more than that, she wanted it to happen in a specific way. She wanted…

“Hello?” Heather’s voice was cautious in Laura’s ear.

Laura didn’t remember picking up her phone, let alone dialing. “Um,” she swallowed, “Hi, Heather.”

“You got something to say to me?” Heather had been expecting a text, if anything at all.

“I meant what I said.” Laura had mentally practiced that line, but scarcely believed how cold she sounded delivering it.

Heather breathed heavily for a few seconds. “I can’t believe you of all people are acting like this.”

“If you’re still up for it, I’ve got the place.”

“…Are you serious? You still wanna fight?”

‘Shit,’ thought Laura, ‘it’s going wrong. She isn’t interested. What the hell, time to go all in.’ A shiver ran through her as she said as calmly as she could, “I want you and I to wrestle, Heather. Here, at my house.”

Two houses away, Heather’s heart had jumped into her throat. Butterflies churned in her stomach as she struggled to speak.

“Unless…” Laura continued.


Silence reigned for a moment. “Winner is the one to make the other submit.”

“Yes. I said yes, bitch. Oh. You have no idea how bad…” Heather’s voice trailed off.

“My parents are at bowling league. I acted sick. I’m alone all evening.”

“Your room is tiny.”

“No, in the basement, you dumb cow.”

“That’s even worse, you stupid slut. All those-“

“All the boxes are gone. We cleaned them out back in the Spring. It’s now an exercise room. With mats.”

“…That’s where you are right now?”

“Uh huh.”


“Not scared, are you, freckle-face?”

“Not the slightest, chicken limbs! You’re the one who should be. I’ll be over, and you’d better be ready.” Heather killed the call before she could hear Laura’s response.

Her skin prickling with excitement, Laura sat alone cross-legged in the center of a wide expanse of blue gym mats. “You have no fucking idea how ready I am.”

Twenty minutes later, Laura was still in that position when a door shut loudly upstairs. Footsteps thumped in the rec room above. She’d come in the back door like Laura had expected.


“Down here.”

Laura listened as the sound of creaking floorboards moved to the stairwell. Heather stomped down the stairs heavier than necessary. Laura suppressed a smirk, and stayed still. Only when her friend, her neighbor, and soon her opponent reached the bottom did she stand up to confront her.

Heather wore a tight white t-shirt from her university over blue spandex yoga pants and cross-trainers. She scanned the room, taking in the exercise equipment lined against the walls, and then fixed her gaze on Laura. A shudder of surprise started through her. She hoped Laura didn’t notice.

Laura had. The brunette had tied her long hair back in a ponytail and dressed in nothing but a black sports bra with orange trim and matching ultra-tight bike shorts for a purpose. She wanted Heather to have no illusions about what kind of fight Laura was challenging her to. Heather had always been the peppy blonde every guy ogled. Always had more curves than Laura, tits that were always fuller and rounder than hers. Always reminding Laura that Heather was the beauty and she was just the gangly, B-cupped girl next door.

Without a word, Heather kicked off her shoes and removed her socks. Then, she lifted the t-shirt up and over her head. The white sports bra underneath covered her chest well, but her boobs still found a way to display cleavage. She looked up at Laura. She was always looking up at Laura. Laura, the tall, quiet type that attracted guys without effort with her flawless skin and oval face with high cheekbones. Laura, with those long, toned legs and flat tummy that she never had to work at to maintain. It wasn’t until college that Heather had escaped from the shadow Laura cast, away from the elegant knock-out that made her feel like just an ordinary girl next door.

Heather took a step onto the mats. Laura moved to one side to give her space.


Laura kept her cool. “Well, what?”

“Ready to get your ass kicked?”

“No kicking. Or fists. This is wrestling, remember? We’re going for pins.”

“Whatever.” Laura knew Heather well, and saw through her bluster. Heather was definitely nervous, but she seemed energized, too. Something told her the other girl wanted this to happen. Laura quelled a quick burst of fear. This was no time for doubt. It was time to prove she wasn’t going to be put down any more.

Laura walked nonchalantly to her right as if to go behind Heather. Heather shifted her stance, and raised her arms. Laura’s arms remained at her side for another few moments, but she lifted them up defensively as Heather began to shuffle sideways. The two circled counterclockwise cautiously, never taking their eyes off each other. Heather feinted, pretending to reach for Laura’s hands. She didn’t take the bait, and she and Heather wove and dodged around the center of the mats for a full minute.

Heather lunged again when Laura strayed a bit close. Laura sidestepped, seeking to use Heather’s momentum to swing her past. She didn’t plan on Heather latching on to her right wrist and stopping short. In an instant, the blonde was in her face, throwing her arm around her neck, and trying for a headlock. Laura ducked under the attack, leaned backwards, and yanked the arm Heather was holding. Heather spun on one foot, then regained her balance facing away from Laura. Before she could do anything, Laura’s arms wrapped around her torso and trapped her tightly.

Heather twisted left and right wildly in her neighbor’s enveloping embrace. Laura squeezed harder, mashing her breasts into Heather’s rocking shoulder blades. Heather bucked once, then twice, ramming her butt into Laura’s thighs. Laura grunted with exertion, but held on. Heather hurled herself to the right, seeking to throw her captor off balance. Laura planted her right foot and stood steady. Heather’s left arm lashed onto Laura’s left leg and lifted it off the floor. Laura tried to force it back down, but, with a groan Heather pulled it even higher. Out of control, Laura fell backwards, carrying Heather with her to the mat.

The impact knocked Laura’s grip loose, and Heather scrambled away. They were both on their feet in a flash. Neither wasted any time in closing. Arms extended, their hands battered in the air. They strode at one another until Heather managed to catch both of Laura’s forearms and dug in her heels. Laura pressed forward and leaned over Heather, but to no avail. Heather was breathing hard through her nose, using every ounce of muscle to contain Laura’s assault. Their motion came to a standstill. Laura growled and threw herself into this test of strength. The pair’s arms wobbled, then steadied again. Laura went all-out, slowly driving Heather’s hands further apart. Heather let out something between and whimper and a grunt. She did her best, fighting until she couldn’t keep Laura’s wrists at bay. Heather changed the direction of her pushing and splayed Laura’s arms out wide.

Laura rushed towards Heather suddenly, getting another step closer before the blonde reoriented her defense, bending her knees slightly and pushing from the balls of her feet. Laura continued working her way nearer, staring down Heather’s front as she went. The muscles in her legs rippled. She grimaced, feeling Heather stop her advance. Seconds passed, then over a minute went by. Still, the two pushed and strained without cease. Laura felt herself beginning to gasp for breath. She watched Heather do the same, her chest heaving inside her thin white bra. She could tell Heather’s hands were getting sweaty. She wouldn’t be able to hold on forever.

With a mutual moan, the battling females pitted their strength against one another once more. Fingers ached. Joints screamed in pain. Laura wondered how much more her arms could endure. Then, Heather’s back heels relaxed to the floor. Laura made her move quickly, catching Heather off guard. Their arms came up to their sides, hands pointed to the ceiling. Laura darted in closer. Heather squared her shoulders to meet Laura’s challenge.

Their stomachs collided with a smack of bare skin. Heather struggled fiercely, but Laura started working her backward bit by bit. Steadying herself when she could and fighting back, Heather made her earn every inch. Her breasts smashed firmly into Laura’s. Her cheek bumped against the side of Laura’s face. Then Heather’s back hit the wall. She stood helpless as Laura settled into a clinch with her. The girl’s smooth flesh was hot from the grueling battle against her own. She rested a moment, noticing how Laura’s body rose and fell in a sensual wave.

The brunette broke the silence. “Having fun?” Heather said nothing. “Don’t tell me you’re giving up all ready…”

Heather threw her shoulder into Laura’s. The girl had lightened up just a little during her taunting. ‘Sucker,’ Heather thought.

Laura snarled and crushed Heather’s chest with hers. A brutal grinding war erupted. Tit mashed against sensitive tit. Heather squirmed, but that only made the pain her boobs felt worse. Laura rotated her torso this way and that, rubbing her nipples, which had become involuntarily aroused, into Heather’s firm orbs. She was lost to the feelings racing through her. This is what she’d wanted: her body tight against Heather’s, feeling the other girl fight back energetically. Now she was so immersed in it, savoring the way Heather struggled against her, just as committed as she was. A thrilling shiver tickled her, running from her core to her brain. She shook her head clear, and focussed on the battle at hand.

They slid their bras against each other for minute after minute, until the agony Heather felt was joined by a more pleasurable sensation. The blonde thrust her tits out one after the other, bumping Laura back slightly. Side to side now they rubbed their breasts with complete abandon. The sound of fabric swishing in rough contact filled the room, punctuated by the grunts and moans of two women who were past any sort of restraint.

With a yell, Heather stuck her foot on the wall and launched off into Laura. The taller girl winced. The damage inflicted during their titfight had reached the point where she felt desperate to break it off. Laura closed her eyes, lowered her head, and bulldozed forward. Her left shoulder hit Heather’s chin, and then she swerved into the wall. Heather tore her right arm free of Laura’s grip and reached out to prevent her from getting her head up. She flung her arm over Laura and snagged her fingers on the bottom of Laura’s bra on her back. It was the only purchase she could find, and she used it to tug Laura out toward the center of the mats, aiming to throw her down.

Laura managed to stand up a little and charge again. Her chin bumped into Heather’s neck and her ponytail whipped into Heather’s face. Heather spit hair out of her mouth, then renewed her attempt to wrangle Laura to the ground. Rather than let Heather drag her bra up off her back, Laura moved in and enfolded her in a tight hug. Unable to haul her foe down, Heather duplicated Laura’s gesture. Face to face they fought each other in a contest of constricting torture. Arms like steel ropes compressed their midsections and stuck them together with sweat. The warring women clasped vigorously for some time, relaxing briefly to breathe in between bouts of intense squeezing. After four minutes of punishment, Laura felt as if her ribs were being crushed, and sucked air during every break they took. She tried lifting Heather off the mat once, but only succeeded in hurting them both more.

This way and that they staggered a drunken dance. They had glared at each other at the start of the bearhug, practically snorting in red-faced rage. Now, their heads lay on the opposite woman’s shoulders while they continued to compress their bodies into a single mass of fighting feminine flesh. Breast to breast, thigh to thigh, they fought on heedless of anything but their ferocious conflict. The heat from her rival’s skin warmed Heather’s neck and bare midriff. Her sweat mingled with the brunette’s, bringing a sensation that was at once slippery and sticky. She could smell a faint whiff of floral shampoo from the long brown hair battering her forehead. Damn it felt good to be locked together in combat with Laura like this!

Laura leaned forward, bending Heather backward. Heather took a step back and tried to topple Laura to one side. With twin animal growls they pulled in different directions. For a few seconds Laura and Heather posed like statues in eternal battle. Then, Heather’s wet hands slipped. She let go of Laura’s waist. Laura released her, too, stumbling a few steps away as Heather fell to the floor, rear end first. Laura gasped air for a short while, then slumped to her knees, extended her right hand, and leaned on it.

Heather watched her friend recover. Strands of hair were plastered across her face. Sweat beaded on her neck, chest and stomach. Some had even soaked into her sports bra between her breasts. Her cheeks were flushed, but her eyes stared cold as iron from under her tired lids. Twenty solid minutes of testing her strength against Heather still hadn’t diminished the poise and bearing Laura displayed. Heather vowed that would change.

Laura could not take her gaze off of the blonde seated in front of her. She was propped up on her hands with her arms behind her, legs splayed out flat on the floor. Her pixie-cut hairdo was spikier than usual, framing a rosy-cheeked face. Her full, parted lips hung open as she regained her breath. Most prominently, Heather’s round boobs still jutted proudly on her chest, rising and falling in time with her fatigued panting, as if aimed at Laura to taunt her. Sweat glistened on Heather’s skin, giving it a sheen that accentuated the curves of her figure. Laura ached to reunite her body with Heather’s and feel that smoothness writhing against her once more.

“So,” Heather said when she had calmed a little, “you ready to get serious?”

“Anytime you are.”

Heather fanned herself with one hand as she sat up. “Sheesh, but it’s stifling.”

“The A/C’s on. It must be you.” Laura laughed that tittering laugh of hers that Heather could never really stand. “Shouldn’t have worn long pants in summer.”

“These? These are fine. I’m talking about the stench. Coming from you.”

“Dont you start this again.”

“‘Oh, what IS that? Aloof Superiority, by Chanel?'”

Laura wished something was within reach to throw at her infuriating neighbor. “Cut the crap, bitch.” she said, getting up to her knees, “Let’s go.”

A small smile broke across Heather’s mouth. “You’re really into this, huh?”

Laura paused, staring the other girl down as she tucked her feet underneath her butt and rose to her kness. “Aren’t you?”

Heather looked deep into Laura’s eyes. Her smirk dropped into a tight line. She took a deep breath. In a half-whisper, she said, “Laura, we should have started fighting each other like this long ago.”

The jolt that ran through Laura at that moment struck right to her heart, which began pounding an exultant beat in her chest. Laura wet her lips with her tongue. “Then come at me, slut.”

They lunged in unison, nearly reaching their feet when they collided in midair. Heather and Laura flung their arms about each other, hands and fingers searching for something to hold onto, and dropped to their knees. Twisting with a fury that rivaled the exertion they had begun their bout with, their upper bodies rocked side to side. Heather pushed to her feet, looming over Laura. Laura tried the match her stance, but her right foot slid on the mat. Heather now had the leverage to bowl Laura over onto her left side. She finished the maneuver, landing atop her brunette foe with arms beneath Laura’s back and hands under Laura’s head.

Laura immediately rolled to her right, dumping Heather off, but keeping her close by holding on to the small of the blonde’s back. Laura climbed on top of Heather’s prone form, her legs straddling one thigh, and grabbed for her arms. Before she could react, Heather’s feet trapped Laura’s left leg and, with a jerk of her hips, sent them rolling again. Laura’s back nearly hit the elliptical machine. While Heather was busy trying to free one of her hands, Laura bucked hard, rocking Heather back the way she came.

The brunette gained the dominant position, but only for a few seconds. Heather was determined not to be pinned again as she had that morning. She thrashed with her body and yanked with her hands, giving Laura no time to get settled. Acquiring a good grip on Laura’s neck, Heather hauled the battling woman off her once again. The two set to tumbling crazily across the mats. Legs became locked and unlocked. Fingers grasped and groped for purchase on sweaty skin. Laura lost her elastic hair tie, and her long mane whipped around like a tail attached to the somersaulting ball of female violence that plowed across the padded floor. They grappled without skill, leaving opportunities for escape from every attempted hold. Heather felt her body flopping time and again on the mat. She absorbed each impact, alert and ready to launch her next attack. All sense of direction was lost to her. Her senses were concentrated on one thing only: Laura. Her clawing fingers. Her flailing legs. Her barely clothed body.

Ten minutes went by, and still the onslaught each young lady hurled at her opponent went on. From one side of the mats to the other, they tossed and turned in a chaotic tangle of feminine flesh. Heather didn’t dare slow the frenzied pace, fearing the Laura would force her down as soon as she did. For her part, Laura couldn’t believe how strong Heather was, and how resiliently she kept fighting. If things didn’t change soon, Laura knew she’d have to take a break, even though that would let Heather regain her strength. And Heather looked tired, so close to being beaten. Laura couldn’t ignore the chance that this might be the turning point.

It wasn’t. The two continued their wild rolling struggle, at times with their hands fastened on each other’s arms, straining muscles to the limit, and at other times wrestling with legs grape-vined and breasts and pelvises glued together. The sound of bare skin slapping the plastic of the mats over and over filled the room, accompanied by regular, forceful grunts from the warring duo. From one end of the rectangular arena to the other, Heather and Laura tumbled, building more and more heat between them.

After another twelve minutes passed, the battle still raged, but at a much slower pace. The fight had devolved into the only one the two weary women could manage. Heather lifted herself up on hands and knees, rose up, and collapsed onto Laura. Laura exhaled in agony, and pushed her off. Then, Laura did the same thing, falling heavily across Heather’s torso. Their bodies were beaten down, their stamina sapped. And yet, taking turns, they willed themselves to get up and slam painfully into their opponent again and again.

During one such assault, Laura’s elbow jabbed into Heather’s side. Unable to muster the strength to counterattack, Heather instead grabbed the back of Laura’s bra to prevent her from repeating the maneuver. Laura resisted, pulling backwards in an effort to free herself. Heather’s fingers didn’t let go, and as Laura wriggled away, the bra got turned inside-out over top of her head. Heather shook it back and forth to keep Laura from escaping. Desperate to make sure her hair didn’t get tangled, Laura drew her arms out of the bra, pulled it off, and flung it into the weight rack.

Heather saw Laura sit back on her heels, toss her hair behind her and scowl. She had little time to watch Laura’s pear-shaped breasts, each tipped with a fully erect nipple, wobble on her chest, before Laura grabbed Heather’s left arm and tugged it sharply upward. Heather reacted, but too late. Laura rolled her onto her stomach and straddled her. She felt Laura’s bare bosom descend on her back as she tried to get to her hands and knees. She did, but was rewarded with both of Laura’s hands grasping her boobs through her bra. Fingers sinking in, Laura fondled Heather’s tits as she looked for a good hold. Heather yelped as the front of her bra got dragged up to her chin, sending her breasts dangling openly. Bucking suddenly, Heather tossed both Laura’s hands and Laura off of her.

“Fucking hell, you horny slut.” Heather said, arms stuck pointed skyward, constricted by the material of the bra that had ridden onto her upper arms. Laura nursed her injured nose a short distance away. Heather shrugged out of her top and threw it at Laura. “Here, you want it? It doesn’t fit you.”

“I don’t need that.”

“Yeah, you want these,” Heather teased, cupping the underside of her tits and jiggling them. “And you’ll never afford ones like them.”

Laura regarded her coolly. “You done?”

“With what? This? Hah, look at yourself. You can barely move.”

Laura tilted onto her hands and knees and began crawling to where Heather sat. “I asked, ‘Are you done?’ Because if you are, I’m going to pin you one last time for good measure.”

Heather placed her palm on Laura’s forehead when the brunette got close enough. “You stop it.”

Laura sat back on her haunches. “Give up?”

Heather breathed heavily for a few heartbeats, then swallowed. “Not a chance.”

  • – – Updated – – –

They waded forward on their knees and met in the center of the mats. Arm-length apart, they halted, placing palms upon shoulders slick with sweat. Careful not to touch each other’s boobs, at least at first, they began shoving one another, as if to push each other over. Lightly and tentatively, then with greater and greater force, their open hands smacked into exposed skin. Laura was having trouble containing the emotions boiling inside her. The sight of her best friend, naked to the waist, the feel of Heather palms slapping her upper body and the sound of her own hands striking Heather on the arms and chest made her delirious. She thrust her arms out again and again, savoring the impact, overjoyed in noticing that Heather was just as into it, matching her blow for blow.

Heather caught Laura across one tit, somewhat by accident, and then hit her other one after her left arm glanced off Laura’s right. The brunette howled and crossed her arms in front of her breasts. Heather leaned forward, taking hold of Laura’s shoulders firmly. Before she could gather her strength and push Laura over, Laura lashed out with her hands, knocking Heather’s arms aside. A desperate growl rumbled in Laura’s throat as the taller girl lurched close, wrapping her left arm around Heather’s neck. Heather moaned uncontrollably as Laura’s tits jostled against hers. She fought back, sticking her right arm between her and Laura. Laura shifted, driving Heather down into a side headlock. Heather tugged Laura with her right hand, but soon found her left hand rooted to the mat. Laura straightened her legs, bulldozing Heather onto her left side. The blonde flopped onto her back in a defensive posture, but not before Laura looped one leg over Heather’s left leg.

Laura sat on Heather’s upper thigh, warming it with her crotch. Heather swung her hands wildly, aiming at Laura’s breasts to keep her tormentor at bay. Laura, unable to get any closer to Heather, soon grew frustrated and did little more than block Heather’s swings. Heather lifted her free leg up, as if to bash Laura with it. Laura caught it instead, wrapping her left arm around it and holding it steady against her left breast. Heather started furiously bridging with her hips, but couldn’t dislodge the woman who had her legs completely immobilized.

After yet another attempt from the girl beneath her, Laura adjusted her position, moving further up Heather’s thigh. When she sat back down, both she and Heather startled. In harmony, they let out noises of alarm mixed equally with unmistakably erotic chirps. Heather encountered rough pressure bearing down on her pussy, and realized that it was caused by the exact same location on Laura’s body. Only two thin pieces of spandex separated her most intimate region from Laura’s. There might as well have been nothing, for all the lack of padding. Heather felt the muscles around the other girl’s vagina tweak slightly. Heather wrenched her hips to roll away. Laura’s weight held her fast.

“I’ve got you,” Laura said, panting. She watched Heather squirm, and did her best to ignore the growing sensation emanating from her groin. She sat down again. Heard Heather whimper as she looked for a way out. “C’mon,” Laura said, bouncing on Heather’s leg once more. “Give up.” Heather shot her a hateful look.


Laura responded by gripping Heather’s right leg tighter between her tits and pressing down more forcefully. She watched Heather arch her head and groan. “You’re not going anywhere.”

“Get off me.”

“I will. You just have to give up.”


“You’re being stupid.”

“Fuck you, you skank.”

“I’ve won. You’ve lost. Give up already, you dumb cow!”

“A thousand times, No!”

Laura swallowed, then braced herself. “…I’ll make you.”

She raised her hips an inch and dropped them immediately. Her cunt impacted Heather’s with a clap. Heather grunted. Laura did it again. Then again. Heather glared back at her defiantly. That only spurred her on. She was going to pound this bitch into submission if she had to.

Thump. Thud. Thwack. Hnmph! Thud. Thud. Heather endured Laura’s merciless assault on her crotch. She couldn’t move, couldn’t escape. Her only hope was to outlast Laura, let the brunette wear herself out. Question was, how long could she continue to resist what was happening? Becoming enmeshed in that tumbling catball earlier had gotten her moist with the frequent gliding of Laura’s legs between her thighs. Now Laura was brazenly battering her pussy, abandoning all pretense of refinement in an effort to get her to surrender. The more her mind wandered to what was going on down there, the more worry clouded it. She could feel herself losing control as time went on and Laura’s supple pussy thrust against hers incessantly. Heather forced her nerves to be calm. But it was hard, so hard, with the sight of Laura’s glistening figure towering above her and penetrating so far between her thighs like that.

Laura’s head was swimming, too. Heather’s raised right leg, which she still held onto tightly, was pistoning between her tits like a well-oiled shaft. Not long into her lascivious attack, something arose within her groin. An itch, only satisfied when it brushed against Heather’s thigh each time her lifted her clenched ass up, or again when her cunt met the blonde’s through their shear clothing. She couldn’t give in to it. Not now. She had the upper hand. But she couldn’t prevent herself from whimpering each time her aching, erotically-charged body made powerful contact with the luscious one spread out in front of her. Heather was shuddering with every blow. It wouldn’t take long now. It couldn’t.

A warm feeling spread through Heather’s body, igniting tingles in her legs and arms and neck. ‘No,’ she thought. ‘I can’t give her the satisfaction.’ she swung her head to the side and held her breath. Seconds passed. Laura’s pussy slammed into hers three more times. Heather let out air in a rush. A loud gutteral moan resounded off the walls. It took Heather a moment to realize it hadn’t come from her. She glanced back at Laura in time to watch the girl’s eyes close and her head bob lower and lower toward her shaking tits. Heather let out a yell of her own, but with a purposeful intent.

With what she could still muster, Heather pushed with her right leg. Her calf slipped in Laura’s grip, but caught in the crook of Laura’s left elbow. Laura pulled at Heather’s leg, taking her concentration off of the rest of her opponent. Heather swung her hips, twisting her left side upwards. Laura teetered. Heather gained ground, peeling her back off the sticky mat and rising up onto her elbows. Futilely, Laura tried to sit back down, but Heather made one more attempt, and succeeded in toppling the brunette onto her left side.

Laura’s left shoulder landed with a splat and she immediately rolled onto her back. Panting, she tried to get up. Heather’s leg still trapped her left arm. She made an effort to swivel, but found with alarm that Heather held her right leg firmly to her side. She watched, helpless, as the blonde scooted her smooth, covered ass up her bare left leg. Finally resting again pussy against pussy, Heather drew herself upright. What Laura saw made her inhale sharply. Heather’s blonde hair was matted, her torso glazed with a sheen of sweat. Her twin, full breasts bobbled freely, tipped by jutting pink nipples. Laura heard a growl rumble in the young woman’s throat, saw her right leg being raised into the air, and felt the first of Heather’s retaliatory thrusts against her defenseless groin.

Starting slowly, and relentlessly increasing in tempo, Heather gave Laura’s cunt a good working over. Gyrating her hips, she rode Laura’s prone form, smearing her crotch as tight as her yoga pants allowed. Faster and faster she went, her impacts getting more and more violent. Laura’s left hand was clawing at her right thigh, massaging it roughly in time with the feverish grinding. Heather threw her whole body into it, swaying side to side and bouncing hard enough to send her boobs up toward her chin. Her muscles complained suddenly, and her assault became more sluggish. She looked down at Laura’s body, mesmerized by the woman’s erect nipples moving in a quick circle. She saw Laura bite her lower lip, arch her back, and hold her breath. Heather, nearly out of energy, paused, then slid her crotch against Laura’s one more time, making sure to draw out the length and force of the intimate stroke.

“Oh, Fuck!” the brunette exclaimed. Heather pounded into Laura again. “Fuck!” she repeated. Her spirit reawakened, Heather slammed her cunt into Laura’s, again and again, enjoying every shout her rival emitted in response. Another few seconds, and Laura groaned out a long tune of sexual release. The heat burning from the girl’s pussy was incredible to Heather. She savored the feeling, maintaining a continuous humping to prolong Laura’s humiliating ecstacy. Without paying attention to what she was doing, Heather kept going even after Laura’s moans died away. Rubbing her pussy hard against her foe’s inner thigh for another full minute, her blood rushed hot through her entire body, until with a series of whimpering yells she cried out in a quivering orgasm. Cum gushed into her pants, soaking her thighs with sticky fluid.

Heather detached from Laura, falling back onto her rear end and coiling into a ball of pleasure on her side. Laura lay still for a moment, then shoved her hands between her thighs and brought her knees up towards her stomach.

Minutes passed.

When Heather finally regained her composure, she uncurled a bit and then moaned.

“Unnnhhh, shit.”

Laura observed her without moving, a blush on her cheeks and a look of disdain in her eyes. Heather collapsed onto her back and stuck her feet out wide. It took Laura a few seconds to muster the power to sit up. She blinked dizziness from her vision. Getting on all fours, she crawled languidly towards Heather. Unaware of what Laura was doing, Heather slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and began peeling them off, sliding the elastic fabric across her round ass. When her bottom was half exposed, she caught a glimpse of Laura and froze.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Heather asked.

“I could ask you the very same thing.”

“My pants feel disgusting now. Back off or get a foot in your face.”

“How about I help you?”

“What’re you, a lesbian?”

Laura pursed her lips. “No,” she said, “Are you?”


“Then, what’s your problem? It’s not like I didn’t see you naked in the showers at the pool all those times we went.”

“Then what do you care about me taking my pants off?”

“The sooner it’s over with, the sooner I can finish you off.”

“By fucking me?”

“Heather, you were the bitch in heat getting off on my leg back there.”

“So? I know that you came like a common whore, too.”


“Now that that’s taken care of, we can get back to business.”

“Fine, then.”


Heather dragged her pants down to her thighs, sat up and pulled them off each of her feet. She cast them aside, holding her legs together, then focussed her attention on Laura. Laura had waited for Heather to be done undressing. She took her time getting to her knees, and then smoothly tugged her bike shorts down. She unabashedly displayed her furry pubic mound to Heather, then plopped her naked ass onto the mat and removed her last bit of clothing completely. Heather acted unimpressed. She got to her knees, legs spread a bit apart, and put her hands on her hips. Laura assumed a similar position soon after.

Fully nude, the two young women studied each other’s bodies as if for the first time. There was no mistaking what each was up against. No ignorance of how exposed each was, how without protection their opponent was, and how defenseless both were to the sensations their flesh was about to encounter. The smell of sweat and sex and imminent hostilities permeated the air.

“You are going to wish you’d never challenged me, Laura.”

“You’re going to wish you’d never accepted.”

A shiver of trepidation drizzled down Heather’s spine. What she was doing with Laura felt beyond fantastic, but she knew she was at her limit. She honestly didn’t think she had enough in the tank to go much longer. All her limbs were tired and responding sluggishly. She saw only one way, one path to victory. She had to get in close, and keep Laura’s height and longer arms from giving her an advantage.

Laura brushed a droplet of sweat off her forehead absent-mindedly. She had a problem. A five foot six, well-built problem that was currently posed defiantly just out of reach. She’d tried her best, tried everything she could think of, but couldn’t seem to solve it. Tough broad that she was, Heather had to go down. Tonight. Laura could imagine the devastation to her pride that would occur if she lost this match. ‘Never,’ she thought, ‘Never happen.’ She only had one choice, one road forward. And one thing blocking it.

Laura moved in, and Heather reacted an instant later. They didn’t close fast, but the flurry of hands grabbing and batting away attempts at holds showed just how badly each wanted to win. Laura’s arms ended up one under Heather’s armpit and the other atop her opposite shoulder. Heather’s locked at the small of Laura’s back. Their tits mashed together, ballooning the four soft globes out to either side. With noises midway between a sigh and groan, they rested their heads on each other’s shoulders. They shoved body against body for several seconds, then relaxed into each other’s embrace.

Heather could tell exactly where Laura’s stuff nipples were from where they poked into her sensitive flesh. Her own pair sent tickles of arousal as they teased into Laura’s ribs right below the brunette’s breasts. Laura growled in frustration, forcing her head against Heather’s ear, mouth on her shoulder, and pushing again but getting nowhere. Heather rocked backward but stayed rigid. Her hands loosened, and she buried them in the meat of Laura’s ass.

They remained in that clinch for some time, with Laura bearing down on Heather’s shoulder and Heather digging her nails deeper into Laura’s glutes. Cries of pain erupted from the two of them, prompting Laura to lift her head.

“No scratching”, she demanded, somewhat hoarsely.

“No biting, either.”

Laura swallowed an apology. “No hair pulling.”

“Aw,” Heather mocked. “You’re no fun.”

“I mean it. Legal wrestling holds only.”

“What’s legal? Is this legal?” Laura yelped as Heather’s palm grasped right between her legs and her fingers flicked against her labia.

“You dirty bitch!” Laura twisted her hips from side to side, but couldn’t dislodge Heather’s grip. She let go with one of her arms and used her free hand to try to pry Heather’s away from her crotch. Her efforts to do so ended in repeated failure.

“Give up and I’ll stop.”

“No.” She shut her legs as closed as she could.

“Come o-on…” Heather worked a fingertip just inside the folds of Laura’s vagina.

“You freaky dyke! Cut it out!”

“Give up. Just give up. You’ll never beat me.”

Laura’s fury overflowed. “You piece of shit!” She drove one foot then the other into the mats, alternating like she was running in place. Heather bent backwards a little, then a lot more. The blonde cried out in pain and toppled sideways.

“No, no, no.” she moaned as she fell solidly on the mat with Laura clasped tightly above her. She latched onto Laura and bridged her off. The naked women hugged each other as they lay head to head, tit against tit, pussy to pussy, legs grapevined together and began a rolling fight from one wall to the other, and back again. Breasts jostled. Nipples stabbed. Moistened cunts smacked and sucked as they traded top position back and forth.

At one wall, Laura found her head trapped between Heather’s and the baseboard, both painful and uncomfortable. When she next pushed off, rolling Heather the other direction, she shifted her neck to face the other girl eye to eye. Her lips accidentally smeared across Heather’s. The added sexual pleasure shocked Laura, but it had an even greater effect on Heather. The blonde let out a pouting whimper. She stayed still instead of rotating her hips to throw Laura’s lower half off again.

Seeing an opportunity, Laura secured her position atop Heather’s nude body. She pressed her forehead into Heather’s, forcing the woman’s head onto the mat and keeping it there. All she could see were those sapphire blue eyes, so close to hers. She heard and felt Heather’s hot breath against her lips. Her skin told her every twitch and ripple of Heather’s muscles as their sore bodies entwined like lovers.

Heather could barely withstand Laura’s weight on top of her, and she couldn’t free herself from it. Her arms were pinned above her head and her legs were spread-eagled by Laura’s straining pair. Heather’s panting became increasingly labored.

After a few more moments, Laura felt the other girl go slack.

“Say it,” Laura whispered.

“Nnnn.” Heather moaned.

“Say. It.” Laura bounced her hips against Heather’s.

“Hnnn. Nnn.”

“Heather.” Laura pumped her crotch into Heather’s bush a few more times.


“Heather.” Laura kept rubbing her pussy between her neighbor’s legs until she felt her nether lips glide across its opposing set.

“Ungh. Guh.”


“Fuhhhck.” The word set Laura off. Again and again her hot cunt met its rival and wrestled against it.



Heather’s legs were now up in the air. They squeezed around Laura’s waist with their ankles locked. The new angle gave Laura the perfect line of attack. Her clit, long aroused and hungry for stimulation, roughly slid in and around Heather’s wet pussy.

“Heather! Damn you, surrender.”

“Nnnh. Laura! Oh, fuck. MAKE ME!”

For the next minute and a half, the only sound was moist smacking punctuated by grunting that built up higher and higher in pitch. Laura teetered on the edge, feeling Heather’s cunt grinding against her own. Heather felt her clit duel in a desperate, last-ditch stand. If she could just make Laura cum, maybe she’d have a chance. Maybe she could turn the tables. Nothing else existed but Laura, naked and thrusting against her, and their fight — a test of wills and bodies and sex to dominate and vanquish her foe. She humped in time with Laura, seeking to overwhelm her to force her to break off. She was close, she was so close…

Laura felt Heather buck suddenly. Once, then twice more, shaking those beautiful, heavy tits on her chest. Then Heather was shouting, a full-throated message of ecstacy. Laura didn’t stop banging her pussy into Heather’s. She was making this fuck count. Several seconds in, and Heather was still going, curving her body, shutting her eyes tight and leaving her mouth in a wide open O. Her shouts rose even stronger, as a second, more powerful orgasm sent stars and planets swirling through her vision. Heather constricted her legs, and hugged Laura fiercely to her soft, cushioning breasts.

Laura was exultant. To conquer another woman like this. To feel her shudder against her even though she had fought hard, so hard, but wasn’t as tough as Laura was. It was beyond words. Heather’s body still in the throes of uncontrollable sensations, wiggled her cunt side to side against Laura’s. The raking touch on Laura’s clitoris triggered her own climax. Laura’s moan resonated into Heather’s chest, triumphant in sexual release. Her juices ran down onto her exhausted, defeated rival, where they mingled with Heather’s.

After almost an hour of heated, violent motion, the heap of glistening, nude female flesh that was Heather and Laura joined in a tight knot, and at last became still.

“i…” Heather croaked, when she eventually let up on her empassioned embrace enough to speak.

Laura put her hands down on the mat to either side of Heather’s boobs and eased up off her.

“I… can’t take any more.” Heather finally managed. “I gi-“. Laura cut her off with a sweet kiss, a slow, sucking massage of her friend’s lips that seemed to them to go on forever.

When she was done, Laura disengaged, her face gleaming with a wistful smile.

“I thought you said you weren’t a lesbian.” Heather said, half chuckling.

“I’m not. I really am not.”

“Then, why are you…”

“To the victor goes the spoils.”

Heather’s fingers combed through Laura’s hair, then met behind her head and tugged it downwards. Kissing her friend back, Heather offered her unconditional surrender.

Catharsis Divider

Years later, when Fate sent them in different directions, Heather and Laura both willingly took on each new responsibility that their lives threw at them. They endured every new difficulty with confidence, partially thanks to the experiences they had shared together.

And no matter where they went, or how much time passed, or who they encountered, or what new challenges they battled, each always would fondly look back on that time with the girl next door.

The End

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