The Gymnasts by Rin753

Chapter 1

Stuffed Mushrooms!  This is the story of two women who’s lives were forever changed by a popular appetizer.

Tom’s boss was having a backyard picnic for friends and co-workers. He had been on the job for only a short time, so when he and his girlfriend Lori attended the party he knew just a few people there.  His boss’s wife gave them a warm greeting and asked Lori, “I hear that you were a champion gymnast in your school days, right?”

“Well I don’t know about champion but I was a gymnast since I was little.”  Truth be told, in her time, Lori was an accomplished gymnast.

“She’s being modest,” replied Tom.  “She was fourth at the NCAAs on the unevens.  In fact that’s were I first spotted her, at a meet at The University when we were juniors, and it was lust at first sight!” Everyone chuckled.  Lori just sighed. Tom was always the jokester at parties. Lori and Tom had been going together for 4 years, and she liked his off beat sense of humor. They had begun to talk about marriage.

“Well,” said the hostess, “you have to meet Bill and his girlfriend Piper, because as I understand it she was quite the gymnast back East. I think she may have been on the Olympic team.”

It wasn’t hard for Lori to pick out Piper in the crowd. She was the only one as short as Lori.  Tom and Lori  settled down with a group of people in some lawn chairs, and soon Bill and Piper came over to join them.  “I hear you were an Olympic gymnast, Piper.  As a former gymnast myself I’m very impressed!”

Piper laughed!  “I think you got some wrong information, Lori.  I went to the Olympic trials but never came close to making the team. I fell off the balance beam, and I was a long shot anyway.”

“Well just getting to the trials is amazing!  What an accomplishment.”

“It seems like a hundred years ago, now that I’m an ancient 23. Haven’t been on the beam in a long time.”

“Ugh!  Balance beam always scared the shit out of me. But I did love the unevens. Of course I’m much younger than you, I don’t turn 23 ’til next month.”  The women both laughed.

Piper asked,  “What about you?  You still train?”

“Oh God, no.  My gymnastic days are long over.  I do still try to get to the gym for some cardio when I can find the time.”

Then Tom, as usual trying to be funny, made a harmless comment with lasting repercussions, “Well if we can’t get you two on the apparatus, we’ll just have to have you wrestle!”

“Oh shut up you perv,” said Lori.  “Don’t mind Tom, he’s always trying to stir up trouble.”

“Don’t be too hard on the guy,” said Bill.  “I’d love to watch a little female wrestling myself.”

Piper jumped in, “Wrestling?  What do I know about wrestling? You guys are sick!”

Everyone laughed and the women looked at each other and shrugged.  “Men!”

“Now, to change the subject from male fantasies,” said Lori, “Have you tried these stuffed mushrooms?  They are to die for!”

“I brought those Lori!  I can’t cook worth a damn, but my mother can and it’s her recipe.  I bring them to every party because it’s all I can make.”

“Well I want the recipe!  Will you send it to me?”

“Sure,” said Piper, “just give me your email address and it’s on its way.”  Mission accomplished.  Without those stuffed mushrooms the women may have never seen one another again.  But with a recipe to share and an email address to use, the relationship of these two women had a future of some sort.

Both were around 5’1 and somewhere between 100 and 110 pounds. Perfect white teeth.  Lori the brunette, Piper a blonde.  Shoulder length for both, most often worn in a pony tail.  They were small of stature but not slender.  Thighs, calves, hamstrings, biceps and forearms were well developed- the result of years of gymnastic training.  They were not muscle bound but they were remarkably strong for their size.  Usually gymnasts don’t have much in the way of tits, but these two were just fine in that department too.  Not huge by any means, but above average, proportional, attractive and firm.  For guys that liked women on the smaller side, they were 10s.  And they never lacked for male attention and company.

Lori’s nickname since childhood was “Squeaks” because of her high pitched voice that many men found adorable and others found annoying. She didn’t like the nickname one bit, and only indulged Tom’s use of it. Piper’s voice was a bit lower, but she was no baritone either.  However, high voices aside, the thing that came across from the two women more than anything else was their self-assuredness.  They were comfortable in their bodies and confident of their talent.  Years of high level competition can do that for a woman.

As the party wound down and the couples headed home, one unanswered question lingered in the air.  How much did the mention of a wrestling match register with the women?  Had  they forgotten the offhand comment completely or did it pique the women’s interest?

On the drive home Tom and Lori discussed the party and all the people they met.  Tom, as usual, was his playful self.  Feigning seriousness he told his girlfriend, “You know Squeaks, I think you could take Piper.”

Lori sighed, but played along for a bit.  “You think so perv?  Well I don’t think you noticed how fit Piper was.  She looks really strong. Or maybe you didn’t notice because you were staring at her tits the whole time.”

“Oh, was it that obvious? Busted!  Shit.”

“Well she is a very attractive woman.”

“Not as pretty as you honey,” replied her boy friend, trying to do damage control.

Meanwhile Bill and Piper were having an almost identical conversation on their drive home.

As it turns out, Piper was intrigued about the prospect of wrestling Lori. Before she hit “send” on the recipe email, she considered, for quite a while, an appropriate P.S. to the woman she just met.  She finally came up with something innocuous, but on topic. “P.S.  Those boys sure are crazy trying to get us to wrestle, aren’t they?”

Lori took a very long time thinking about her response.  After the obligatory “Thank you for the recipe,” she added, “Yes the boys are crazy, but don’t you think some harmless wrestling might be fun?  I’m pretty sure I could make you submit!  LOL LOL LOL.”   She also added about six laughing emojis. But she also included her cell number.

A week passed without a response from Piper, and Lori practically forgot about the whole affair, hoping that Piper was not offended by her little “joke.”  And then while she was out shopping her cell phone buzzed.  It was Piper.

“Lori, it’s Piper, are you busy, can you talk?”

“Sure Piper, what’s up?”  She swallowed hard, not knowing if Piper was offended by her email or not.”

“Well I’ve been thinking about your email, and I really really do think it might be fun.”  She didn’t specifically mention the word “wrestling” but both knew exactly what she was talking about.

“I agree!  Should we get together some time and chat about it?”

“Absolutely.  But let’s keep this to ourselves.  If the guys find out what we are discussing they would go completely apeshit.  I wouldn’t want to do this for them.  I’d want do to it for us, and us alone.”

“Whew!  I’m glad you said that because I agree with you 100 percent.  Let’s keep this our little secret.”

And so with a covertness befitting the CIA the two former gymnasts met in a dark corner of the local Wal-Mart parking lot later that week.  Piper climbed into Lori’s little Mini-Cooper car and they greeted each other warmly.

Lori said, “Do you think we are wicked for thinking about doing this?”

“Absolutely,” laughed the blonde.  “But I’ve got so many leotards, I might as well use them on something!”

“Me too!  So we meet someplace private and wrestle each other?”

“That sounds like a plan. Are you sure you are OK with it?

“I’ll be totally honest with you, Piper. I’ve been in competitions since I was 8 years old, and I miss it.  It excites me to think of matching my strength against your’s as long as we go about it as a competition with a winner and a loser.  How do you feel about it?”

“I understand exactly what you are saying, and I’m totally onboard.  Just the two of us struggling against each other would be a total thrill.”

“Do you think you can take me?” Lori said with a smile on her face.

“Who knows,” replied Piper, “but I’m ready to go and eager to find out.”

“OK then!  We are in agreement on a match.  I even have a private little place for it.  My folks own a second home, just a little ranch house near the ski areas.  They call it The Cabin. They hardly use it.  We would need to move some furniture but once we did that, it would give us plenty of room.”

Piper asked, “what sort of rules do you envision?”

“Just straight wrestling.  First of us to get 3 submissions wins.”

“Sounds awesome!  What does the winner get?  Just the satisfaction of winning, or something more?”

Lori thought for a minute and then said, “How about the winner gets the loser’s leotard?”

“Cool!  I’ll remember to wear one that I won’t feel bad about giving up.”

The two gals gave each other a high five and the next time they saw each other was at The Cabin around 3 weeks later.

As the date for the match grew closer the women were like nervous school girls before their first gymnastics meet.  They each spent a great deal of time choosing the perfect leotard.  Nice but not too nice.  Piper finally selected a powder blue number with darker blue swooshes.  Lori went for a yellow highlighted by green stars.

They greeted each other warmly, moved some furniture, spread some bedsheets on the carpet and then went to change.  Their hearts were beating a mile a minute.

After the obligatory stretching the women asked if each was ready, and they faced each other for the match.  Lori said, “Good luck Piper, may the best woman win.”

“Likewise, Lori.”

And with big nervous smiles on their face the two tiny women came together to compete as each wanted to do so desperately. After a tentative start, with the women not quite knowing what to do, the wrestling became quite spirited.  They did not hold back.  What became obvious to both almost immediately was that with the strength in their legs, they needed to avoid a scissor’s hold by the other.  Every single submission in the match came from a scissors.  Piper got the first and then Lori tied the score.  After each submission a compliment was paid, “You really got me good there.”

The match was everything they had hoped for.  Friendly but earnest.  Two competitors giving it their all.  They took their time, with long rests between falls, as if they really didn’t want it to end.   Piper took a 2-1 lead, and Lori, facing a loss gave it her all in the next round, but the blonde locked on a head scissors and she had to submit ending the match 3-1. 

The women rose and hugged each other, and offered congratulations on a great match.  To think that only a few months later these two women would be coupled together in a desperate catfight to the finish was unimaginable.

“Well you are the winner, said Lori, but it was great fun to go against you.”

“I was very lucky Lori.  You were tough!  But I like your leotard and I’ll add it to my collection.”

“This old thing? You can have it,” said Lori with a laugh.

The women changed, Lori presented Piper with her prize and they returned The Cabin to the state they found it.

As they headed to the car Lori said, “Rematch?”

“I’m so glad you asked that Lori, I would love to!”

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Chapter 2

About a month later the two tiny women were back at The Cabin for their second match.  Lori wore a brilliant tire-die leotard and in a bit of gamesmanship Piper wore the leotard that she won off Lori in the first match. Lori was startled. “Don’t worry, I washed it first,” said Piper.  They both laughed.

The second match was a bit different from the first in that the women wasted no time in coming to grips with one another.  No tentativeness on their part.  They had an idea what to expect and got right to it.  This one was a bit longer because the women both knew they had to avoid the deadly scissor holds that they both relied on and defend them fairly well.  But eventually one of them would lock on a scissors and they traded submissions back and forth until the score was tied 2-2.  The final submission was a bit different in that Lori got behind Piper on the mat and executed a full nelson.  She then rolled them both over and hooked her legs around the blonde’s waist.  The full nelson/scissors combo was impossible for Piper to break and even after struggling for a good deal of time she had to submit.  Lori won the match 3-2.

Piper was complimentary even in defeat. “You were too tough for me today Lori.  I guess I’ll have to get you next time.”  It was now understood that the women enjoyed the competition so much that they would have to have at least one more match. 

“I’ll take my leotard back Piper.” 

“I guess so.  You earned it.”

A month later they were back at The Cabin for a 3rd match.

New leotards for both women this time.  Lori went with a red and black number, cut high in the hips.  Piper wore a rainbow zebra stripe combination.  Lori was impressed.

“That’s gorgeous Piper.  I’d love to have one of those.”  She winked.

Piper joked, “Well you can come and take it off me if you are woman enough little girl.”

As they were stretching Lori made some polite conversation.  “How’s Bill these days?”

“Bill?  Oh jeez, I broke up with him weeks ago.  We were never that serious anyway. I’m on to new and better guys!  For some guys, Squeaks, a gymnast is the holy grail of sexiness.  I exploit that as much as possible.”

The comment stopped Lori in her tracks.  Not about Bill, or guys liking gymnasts, it was that Piper had called her “Squeaks.”  How did she know that was her hated nickname?  She had never mentioned it.  Or had she, back at their first meeting at the get together at Tom’s boss’s house?  She just couldn’t remember, and she let the comment pass.

This match wasn’t quite as close as the first two. Lori had begun to truly understand what moves worked best, and seemed have a better idea of how to defend against Piper.  She even added a new move, a camel clutch which looked quite remarkable by how far back she bent the flexible blonde before she gave up and lost the match, this time 3-1.

After they changed and Piper brought out her leotard to surrender it to the winner, Lori asked Piper to sit and talk seriously for a minute.

“Look Piper, even though this is fun for us, I know from our the first match that losing still takes an emotional toll.  I don’t want you to think you have to do it anymore.  You can keep your leotard, winning the match was enough reward for me, I don’t want to seem like I’m rubbing it in.”

Piper thought to herself, “Is she saying that she can win anytime and I should quit before I lose some more?  She’s got a lot of gaul to think that.”

The blonde fought to keep her composure and retain a friendly front.  “Oh no Lori, win or lose I look forward to our matches. And I want you to keep the leotard,  You won, you earned it.  I just hope you give me another chance to get even with you.”

“Of course Piper.  I just wanted you to understand that we can end this if you want.”

“No way,” said Piper.  “Let’s get together next month for another match. OK?”

And exactly one month later the women met at The Cabin for their 4th match.  On purpose Lori did not wear the rainbow leotard she had won in the 3rd match and instead wore the same red and black one, superstitiously thinking it brought her good luck.  Piper wore blue and silver this time.

As they came together to start the match it was quickly apparent that Piper had changed strategy and intended to roughhouse and manhandle the brunette as much as the rules allowed. It was their most intense and rugged match, by far. Piper clubbed Lori with her arm as she wrapped her in a head lock. Piper wouldn’t try to take Lori down, she would try to throw her down and then pounce on her.   And if an elbow or knee landed inadvertently, well this was not a chess match. To Lori’s credit she did not complain about this new roughness, but instead responded in kind when she could. Eventually Piper got a hammerlock on the brunette and twisted her arm and unbelievable distance so that Lori’s hand touched the back of her head.  The pain was intense and Lori screamed out a submission.

“You are getting very rough Piper.”

“Sorry.  I’m just trying to win the match. Let me know if I’m breaking any rules.”  Was her apology sincere?  Maybe, maybe not.  Lori couldn’t decide.

Lori won the next two submissions with another full nelson, and then a neck scissors. Piper came back with what could be best described as a some sort of Boston Crab, folding Lori in half, the wrong way.

It was 2-2 and things weren’t quite as friendly as they were usually with these matches. Piper was still playing rough, using her forearm to press hard on Lori’s face and throat.  With the blonde on top she released her forearm and simply took her hand and covered Lori’s face with it and pushed her head hard into the floor.  She was pretty successfully wearing Lori down.  Piper then locked in a scissors around Lori’s waist and began to rhythmically squeeze.  Squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax.   Lori struggled against the hold, but it was hopeless.

“I give,” said Lori.

And then something happened that changed the course of history for these two women.

Piper did not release the hold.  Instead she grabbed Lori’s ponytail and yanked it roughly towards her, bending the brunette’s head at an odd angle.  “Had enough for today, Squeaks?  I’ll take that leotard.”

Lori screamed, “I told you I give.  Let me go! Let me go now!”

Piper released the hold and let go of Lori’s hair, and rose the winner, 3-2. 

“What the fuck was that, Piper?  I told you I quit, and you kept hurting me?  And where the fuck do you get off calling me ’Squeaks’.  Where did you hear that?”

“Oh God Lori. I’m sorry.  I just got carried away.  I meant no harm.  Are you OK?  My bad!  And you told me your nickname the first day we met.  Don’t you remember?”

“Why would I tell you a nickname I hate?  I only let Tom call me that.  And only when I’m in a very good mood.”

“Really?” replied Piper.  “I swear you mentioned it at the party.  But anyway, are you OK?”

“I’ll survive.” Lori was angry.  “And if you want hair pulling, just say the word.  I can pull with the best of them.”  And with that she stormed off to change.  Piper tried to smooth things over, but was mostly unsuccessful.  Lori tossed her leotard at Piper as she was leaving and didn’t say another word.

Common sense told Piper that her matches against Lori were now over, and it was her fault.  The next day she texted Lori, “I’m so sorry.  Please don’t be mad at me.  I’ll be good a good girl next time, promise.”  The text went unanswered.

Lori actually enjoyed the competition with Piper too much to give it up, but life dealt her a hard blow. A few days after the match with Piper, Tom broke up with her.  It was ugly.  Lori did not take it well.  She still loved Tom and thought they would someday be married.  Tom just simply told her that he didn’t love her anymore. It hit Lori like a ton of bricks. She had no inkling it was coming.   She cried, begged, pleaded and then accused Tom of seeing someone else.  Tom was firm in his denial of that.

Lori was a pretty pathetic mess for weeks.  She would usually meet Piper for a match once a month, but 3 months passed before she even considered it.  So much time had passed that Piper just assumed that her contests with Lori were over and they both could claim some satisfaction since both had won twice.

And then out of the blue Piper got a text.

“If you want another match, I’m game.  But we need to meet and talk first.”

A few days later they met each other, as before, in the Wal-Mart parking lot. 

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner,” said Lori.  “But I broke up with Tom and it’s taken some time to put that behind me.  He sort of blindsided me.”

“God Lori, I’m sad to hear that.  Break-ups are never easy.”

“Well a decent match against you might give me something else to think about.  So I’d like to do that, but I think we need to modify the rules a bit.”

“I’m all ears, Lori.  What do you propose?”

“Well I think that hair pulling should be in play now.  Of course if we go with bunheads instead of pony tails, that might be a challenge.”

“Sounds delicious!  I’m pretty good at fixing a bun.  Years of practice. We will see who’s better at bun making!  Let’s do that!”

“Cool!  But if I get to add one thing to add, it’s only fair if you get to ad something too.  Anything you would like to change?”

The blonde thought for a moment.  “Yes!  There is something that I wanted to try since we started our matches, but never had the courage to mention it.”

“What is that?” asked Lori.

“I think we should do it topless.”


Piper replied, “You don’t like the idea, do you?”

“I didn’t say that, Piper. I just want to know why you think it’s a good idea.”

These two women were very similar in so many ways, but it’s become clear that the blonde was the more adventurous of the two, and Lori the more restrained.

“It just seems more fitting and natural to go at it bare chested.  We are alone when we wrestle.  We really can do it anyway we want.  It’s just a suggestion.  What do you think”

Lori thought for a moment and then asked, “If we go topless does that mean tit grabbing is in play?”

“Only if it’s necessary,” said the blonde slyly.

“Piper, you do realize that if we allow hair pulling and tit grabbing, it’s not really wrestling any more.  It’s just a fight.”  In the months that these two women had been competing against one another this was the very first time that the word “fight” was ever used by either one.

“Well we are pretty much tied in wrestling.  Maybe we need a little bit of catfighting to break the stalemate. The primal nature of it intrigues me.  I’ve never been in an actual catfight.”

“Me neither.”

If Lori had not broken up with Tom she probably would have rejected the topless idea immediately, but she was reeling from Tom dumping her and really did need something special to bring her out of her funk.  Maybe this would be the thing.

“OK Piper, hair pulling and tit grabbing. May the best catfighter win. Boy shorts?

“Oh yes!  I love my boy shorts!”

The women both got goosebumps thinking of what they had agreed to.

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Chapter 3

For Lori and Piper the days leading up to their wrestling matches were forever filled with excitement and anticipation.  They were always nervous, but it was a fun sort of nervousness.  However, this, their fifth match, wasn’t really to be a match at all anymore and much more of a fight, and so their emotions had markedly changed. The nervousness was there as usual, but now it was coupled with a degree of fear.  Each wondered how they would do in an actual fight with another woman.  Could they take being hurt?  Could they actually attempt to hurt their opponent?  Was it really what they wanted?  The fourth match had been rough, for sure, but this was something completely different.  The goal now wasn’t so much to make the other woman just submit, it was to hurt them along the way. Both of these small, strong women were wondering what they had gotten into.

When they met at The Cabin, they were still cordial to one another, but less friendly and much more business like.  As they stretched facing one another from across the room there was one striking difference.  Piper, more comfortable about her body, had already stripped down to just her navy blue boy shorts, while the more modest Lori kept all her sweats on, delaying as long as possible revealing her body.  Only when the stretching was over, did Lori strip down, revealing the pretty maroon boy shorts she had selected for the fight, and her wonderful tits.

These women were quite simply spectacular, especially if you favored smaller women.  Gorgeous in all departments:  legs, ass, arms, torso, tits, faces, and of course perfect gleaming white teeth.  And with no makeup so to speak the beauty was quite natural.  A couple of legit tens. Legit tens, ready to fight.

And as promised both women had configured their hair in a traditional tightly spun gymnast’s bun at the top of their heads.  It was uncertain how long the buns would remain in place, now that hair pulling was in play, but it would certainly be harder to get a good hold of hair, at least at the start.

“Ready?” asked Piper.


They rushed at each other and, tits slapping together as they settled into a mutual bear hug.   They immediately squeezed each other as hard as they could and tested the other’s strength. They struggled for a take down.  At first they were looking straight at one another but as they danced around  the room they would often look down and observe the titfight going on just below their necks. What they saw was odd and unique.  Breasts mashed together bulging at the sides and top.  It was not painful or even uncomfortable, but it was the very first time either woman had experienced the strong sensations that such a hold produced.

The little “titfight” was a competition within a competition, and it was most definitely a tie.

Finally the blonde prevailed and brought Lori down hard with her on top.  From below, Lori reached up to grab the knob shaped bun of the blonde’s hair and pulled hard.  They rolled and now Piper was on the bottom and she also grabbed Lori’s bun.  They rolled to side by side and locked legs as each was intent on unravelling the bun of their rival.  Piper got the job done first, and while Lori was still trying to undo Piper’s bun, Piper had a full hard hold of the brunette’s hair and rolled completely on top. She twisted Lori’s head at an odd and painful angle and for the first time in all their fights Piper reached between the two of them and grabbed Lori’s tit.   Lori submitted.  Piper 1-0.

Lori was in much more pain from the hair pull than the tit grab, and that’s the main reason she gave up.  The assault on her breast shocked her more than hurt, as Piper didn’t quite get a complete hold of the tit.  As the women broke apart and regained their feet Lori said, “Well you didn’t waste any time going after my boobs, did you?”

Piper tried to make her reply sound sympathetic, but wasn’t sure if that is how it came across.  “It’s not wrestling anymore Lori.  We are fighting now.  You win by hurting.  That’s what we both agreed to, right?”

“I guess so. But you haven’t had your tit crushed yet, so I’ll see if your opinion changes after that happens.  Come on.  Let’s fight.”

As they came together to start the second fall Lori was intent on payback for the tit maul and went straight for Piper’s breasts.  It was a mistake.  Lori never got close enough and leaving herself wide open, Piper easily applied a head lock and takedown combination.  She trapped Lori’s free arm between her legs and then went to work abusing the brunette with her free hand.  Piper pulled hair, twisted Lori’s neck, and in a remarkably effective tactic, took the palm of her hand and pushed Lori’s nose back into her face.  Lori struggled and thrashed about wildly, with little effect.  Piper had an iron head lock on her and the palm to the nose was most uncomfortable.  Lori submitted. Piper 2-0.

Tears were running down Lori’s face.  Not because she was crying, because she wasn’t, but from the reaction of nose push. She got a towel to wipe her face.

“Did I miss something.  Did we agree to that?”

“To what Lori?”

“What you just did to my face.”

Piper looked straight at her rival.  “You are doing a lot of complaining today, Lori.  Are you not up for this?  Do you want to call it a day?  Or do you want to fight?  Your call.”

“You don’t have to be a bitch about it, Piper.  Again!”

Piper let the comment pass and just sat on the carpet cross legged waiting for Lori to make some sort of decision about the future of this fight.  After some tense minutes, Lori said, “OK, let’s go.  I’m ready.”

This fall lasted the longest but the outcome was the same as before. They struggled, wrestled and rolled frantically.  At one point, in frustration Lori swung an open handed slap at Piper that landed square on her cheek.  Piper was more shocked than hurt by the blow.  But it made her angry. She managed to claim the brunettes back with a strong scissors around her waist.

“That slap wasn’t in the rules Lori, but this is.” 

Piper took a strong grip on Lori’s hair and bent her neck back. Adding to the scissors and hair pull, Piper reached around front with her free hand and latched onto one of the brunette’s tits and crushed it with all her might.  Lori screamed in pain.

Piper told Lori, “It’s over Lori. I’ve got you now.  Save your tit and give up.”  Lori desperately tried to pry Piper’s hand from her breast, but the effort was futile.  She was now crying in frustration and pain.  It was actually the first time either woman was brought to tears during their fights.  It was an expected fall out from the escalation to catfighting from wrestling.

As Lori sobbed Piper said, “C’mon honey.  Time to quit.  Today, I’m the winner.”

Lori whispered, “I give.”  Piper 3-0.

As Lori collapsed on the carpet, gently crying and cradling her damaged tit, Piper tried to sound sincere when she said, “Good match Lori. Are you OK?  You fought hard   It just wasn’t your day, today. Let me know if you ever want to go again” She brought Lori a bottle of water which was refused.  The women did not say another word to each other, Piper quickly threw on her sweats and left.  It took Lori much longer to gather herself and stagger out to her car. On this day, she was a beaten woman.

Piper felt very pleased with herself.  She had won 3 of the 5 matches against Lori and had won the only catfight convincingly enough that she doubted Lori would ever want to fight again. She could consider herself the champ for the foreseeable future and always revel in the fact that she had proven to be the better competitor.  She would probably miss the fights but she was proud of her success.  Not as good as winning gold in the Olympics on the balance beam, but it would do.

On the other hand, her one sided defeat in the catfight put Lori back into the funk she was in after the break up with Tom.  When alone at home she would sometimes weep in unhappiness.  She tried to make sense of her loss and how it could happen so decisively .  She concluded that she was beaten for two reasons.  First, she concluded that she came back too soon after the psychological damage done to her by Tom dumping her.  She probably should have waited a few months more before agreeing to another fight. Secondly, she didn’t embrace the new rules and the fact that it was not wrestling but a catfight. She had never even got to the blonde’s tits.  Not once.  She sensed that Piper took great pleasure in hurting her, and possibly she was not of a mind to do the same.  She had not decided whether she would ever ask for another fight, but she vowed that if she did she would hurt the blonde as much as possible.

Several weeks after her defeat it did seem that Lori was coming out of it, and her depression began to clear.  She was almost back to her normal happy self and although she was a very nutrition conscious athlete, she decided to stop off at Burger King and treat herself to a Whopper, she did love those greasy things!  While waiting in line to order she turned away from the counter and saw something that would have a profound effect on all involved.

Sitting in a booth, not across from each other, but next to, and close, arms intertwined were Tom and Piper. Lori’s jaw dropped.  She just stared.  At first the couple did not notice her, but Piper turned her head away from Tom for a second and saw Lori standing there.  Piper jabbed a laughing Tom in the ribs. Uh-oh!

Lori stormed out of the Burger King with Piper close behind, calling to her on the sidewalk.

“Lori, wait, let me explain. Please!”

Lori turned and faced the blonde, “How long has this been going on, Piper?”

“Not long, really.  Only a few weeks.  Really.  We just met at a bar and sort of hit it off.  I was going to try to contact you and tell you, but I wasn’t sure when would be a good time for that.”

“I don’t believe you bitch.  Are you fucking him?”

Piper didn’t answer, providing Lori with the answer.  Suddenly now Tom was on the sidewalk.  “Hey Squeaks, can we talk?”

“Fuck you, Tom, and your blonde bitch. And don’t ever call me that name again.”

“Don’t call me a bitch, Lori. If you couldn’t keep your man, it’s not my fault.”

Lori’s mind was going a mile a minute.  How long was this really going on?  Was Piper the reason Tom had dumped her?  Did Piper tell Tom about the fights that had occurred?   She was beside herself. She couldn’t think straight. She turned and actually ran back to her car.

It took several weeks for Lori to process everything.  All her deliberations brought her to one conclusion and one conclusion only.  She needed to fight Piper again. The blonde had beaten her soundly in their catfight, and taken up with her ex-boyfriend. She desperately wanted to even the score. Even if she lost, she needed to face the woman who now had her man, or she could not live with herself.

She agonized over an email to Piper for several days before arriving at a version that satisfied her.

It read:

Dear Piper,

I want to apologize for my behavior at the Burger King.  I lost control, and I said some things I shouldn’t have. I am not angry anymore.  I have some other things I want to say to you, but I need to do it in person. Will you be kind enough to meet and talk?


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Chapter 4

The evolution of the relationship between Lori and Piper was something the women gave a great deal of thought.  They were never friends but at least they started out friendly.  However, as the number of fights between them increased even that friendliness was disappearing.  And the fact that Tom was now dating Piper only added to the conflict. They were rivals now, intent on hurting each other in their fights. They still maintained a level of respect for each other for no other reason than the fighting abilities each possessed. Their fights were not over, and they would only grow in intensity each time they fought.

No longer were they fighting for fun and the excitement of competition, but to hurt one another and prove who was the better woman.

When the adversaries met in the dead of night in the empty Wal-Mart parking lot, Piper refused to get into Lori’s car.  She beckoned Lori to talk on the pavement.  Maybe they would come to blows right there?  Piper didn’t want that, but was ready for it nonetheless.

“Well you asked for this meeting, Lori.  What’s on your mind?”  Piper’s hands were shaking with nervousness and she hid them by stuffing them into her pockets.

“First things first Piper.  I was hoping we can put the thing at The Burger King behind us and go from there.”

“OK.  It’s forgotten,” lied Piper.  “What else?”

“Have you told Tom about our ‘meetings’?”

“No.  We both agreed to keep the fights between us private and not tell the guys.  I’ve kept to that agreement.”

Lori paused before she continued. She wanted to chose her words carefully, because what she would say next would be important.  “When we first started meeting I never hated you, Piper.  But that has changed.  I don’t want to fight you again.  I need to. Will you agree to another fight?”

“Of course.  I beat you good last time and I can do it again if you want.  If you hate me, don’t worry. it’s mutual.  Wanna go right now, right here?”

“No.  This is not the time and place. When I kick your blonde ass I want it to happen somewhere we will not be disturbed.”

“Fine by me.  Since you are fond of slapping, we might as well include that.  And how ‘bout punching anywhere below the neck?”

“Sounds good to me, Piper.  And I’ve got something else to add.”

“What’s that,” asked Piper.

A one word answer.  “Knees.”

“It’s your funeral, Lori.  You want knees in play, I’ll be happy to hurt you that way too. I do so like making you cry. Text me the date and I’ll be there.”

Piper turned and headed for her car.  Lori did the same.  Both women were angry.

Ten days later the text to Piper arrived.  It was short.  “Friday at 7PM, at The Cabin.”

Piper’s response, “I’ll be there.”

The days leading up to the fight were hard on both women.  It was really all they could think about.  They were both in a perpetual bad mood.  Tom sensed something was up and quizzed Piper as to why she seemed so out of sorts.  Piper played dumb and she made some lame excuse to avoid further questioning.  After she beat Lori she would tell Tom all about it.  He would be so proud of her.

Friday could not come soon enough and when it did both women felt a sense of relief that they would finally get to release the pent up nervousness and fight their rival. They were both looking forward to it with fear and excitement.

When the fighters arrived at The Cabin they did not speak to each other.  They knew exactly how the furniture had to be moved from their previous matches and they worked together in tandem to do that, but never uttered a word to each other,

They went to opposite sides of the room and stripped.  No modesty on Lori’s part this time.  She was topless in quick order.  Yellow boy shorts for this fight.  Piper wore black.  Piper had done up her hair into a tight bun like last time, but Lori just had a pony tail so the blonde undid her bun and let her hair flow loose to her shoulders.  When Lori saw that, she removed the scrunchy from her pony tail and let her own dark hair tumble to her shoulders.  What’s fair is fair, after all.

Now the two topless women stretched.  And when gymnasts stretch it is a remarkable sight.  Both bent and contorted their bodies in amazing ways.  It was almost as if the stretching was a competition in itself.  And with both having the flexibility to literally bring their legs above and behind their head, this contest was ruled a draw.

They had still not spoken.

A catfight between two fit and athletic women intent on hurting one another is a horrible and wondrous thing.  Two women.  Alone.  Wanting to fight.  Wanting to win and break their opponent.  They tried to seem cool and detached about it, but they failed.  And the tension of the duel and what they were about to do to each other almost took their breath away.

The two tiny fighters finished their stretching and stood and faced each other; an awesome sight.  They did not speak, they only nodded and as they began to circle it was clear the fight was on.

Lori rushed forward and immediately grabbed both of Piper’s tits.  She had never touched the blonde’s tits in the last fight and wanted to rectify that as quickly as possible.  Piper simply walloped the brunette across the face with a slap breaking the hold, which hadn’t hurt her a bit.  Lori had expected that, but she wanted to show Piper early on that she was serious about this being a catfight. They immediately came to grips with one another, one hand each in the hair.

As they struggled and lurched around the room both were intent on using their free hand to slap the face of the other.  Sometimes the slaps landed.  Mostly they missed or were blocked. Piper wasn’t careful with her balance while trying to slap and Lori used her handful of the blonde’s hair to yank her back and down to the floor with her on top.  They wrestled frantically.

Lori crawled forward on Piper and momentarily had her in a school girl pin.  But school girl pins were almost totally ineffective when these women fought.  Because of their flexibility the pin was almost always quickly reversed by the women underneath, throwing her legs up and around the girl on top, immediately toppling her off.  And that’s what happened to Lori.

Still wrestling on the ground, Piper got Lori in a side head lock and put as much pressure as possible into the hold while deliberating what to do next.  Lori fought back but her face was practically engulfed by one of the blonde’s tits. She grabbed a handful of Piper’s hair and pulled her head back sharply, trying to break the hold.

It was then that the first words were spoken by either of the rivals.  Piper said, “A little hair pulling isn’t gonna bother me hun.”

Lori did not reply because her mouth was covered by Piper’s tit.  She released the hair and started slapping Piper’s back, but that too had little effect.  At last she managed to turn the tide a bit by using her remarkable strength to roll Piper over the top of her  So at least she was partially on top even though the blonde still had her in a head lock. She squirmed and struggled, Piper’s hold weakened and was finally broken. Lori now was totally on top with Piper face down.  The brunette straddled her adversary, and grabbed her hair again, bending her back so far that Piper’s tits literally came off the ground.  Lori started to rhythmically slap Piper’s face with her free hand and it was too much for the blonde.

“I give.”  Lori 1-0.

Lori released Piper’s hair and the blonde went thudding face down on the mat. 

“That was fun,” said Lori sarcastically.

Piper didn’t take a very long break between falls.  She was intent on revenge now.  The women attacked and went down, wrestling and grabbing at hair and flesh.  They mostly resembled a jar of eels, spinning, twisting and somersaulting around.  No position was held for very long because they both had the flexibility and strength to escape trouble.  At one point it appeared that both women had the other in a head scissor creating a  sort of “69” position. They rolled over several times, grasping at thighs and hamstrings trying to break the hold.  It did appear that Piper had her scissors better locked in and she eventually slipped out of the hold that Lori had on her.

Piper was now in control, and she quickly rotated up and on top of Lori so that she had the advantage of being in a reverse facesit position.  Lori’s head was turned to the side as her head was being crushed between the floor and Piper’s delicious ass.  Lori tried throwing her legs up, around and sideways trying to get out from under the blonde. But Piper was avoiding the legs flying around her and while also trapping Lori’s arms under her own legs. 

Piper had this reverse facesit locked in, and no amount of thrashing from Lori was dislodging her. She then calmly reached down and grabbed the two tits of her rival that were right in front of her and began to crush them with her bare hands.  The pain was incredible. Lori desperately tried to knee Piper in the face, but in her position she could see nothing and the blonde easily evaded the knees all the while strangling Lori’s breasts.

It was too much for Lori.  From down below a muffled cry was heard, “I give.”  1-1.  Piper got off and Lori rolled on to her side cradling her damaged tits.

They took a longer break between falls this time.  Things were getting quite serious.  They sat quietly, sipping water, lost in thoughts of how they wanted to fight the next fall.  Then apropos of absolutely nothing Lori said, “You are a bitch.”

Piper took the insult in stride, “Fuck you Lori, get up and fight.”

They came out punching!

It remained unclear why these two women wanted to up the level of violence each time they fought.  Was it the rivalry?  The distaste they had for each other?  Or was it some sort of fighting addiction that the two needed to increase the dosage to get high.  It was interesting that they both spurned face punching.  Why not include that and really beat the shit out of each other?  Was it because that was not the way women fought?  Or maybe they just were so proud of their million dollar smiles, that they did not want to risk it.

Neither was very adept at punching, but they gave it their all, and had no qualms about trying to land shots to the tits.  But they were more pushes than punches.  Lori did land one hard punch to Piper’s sternum, and it backed the blonde up a step or two.  Lori sensed it was her advantage and she pounced on Piper.  They wrestled to the floor and it was obvious that the brunette was getting the best of things.  Piper found herself face down again with a scissors wrapped hard around her waist. Lori coupled the scissors with a hard pull of blonde hair, bending Piper’s neck at an awkward angle. 

“I got you now bitch.  Better give up.”

Piper struggled, but it was futile.  “I give.”  2-1, Lori.

Lori thought that the fight was going her way, and she had a definite strategy for the next, and what she hoped would be the final round. 

As they came together once again, Lori passed on punching and instead grappled in close.  As they struggled standing up, Lori waited patiently for the opening she wanted.  Piper was intent on pulling hair and to maintain her balance she spread her legs out a bit.  Lori was ready.  A devastating knee to the pussy rocked the blonde.  Lori wasn’t happy with just one knee, she landed two more in quick succession.  The pain shot through the blonde from pelvis to the top of her head. Her knees buckled and she started to go down, but she only got as far as dropping to her knees, because Lori was keeping her upright with a hand full of blonde hair.

Standing above Piper, Lori now wound up with her free hand and landed a tremendous slap to the face of her rival who had her hands covering her damaged crotch.  And then another.  And another. It was simply the most brutal sequence their fights had yet seen.  Tears welled up in the blonde’s eyes.  She started to cry.

The brunette let go of Piper who crumpled to the floor, laying on her side. She was a beaten woman.

Lori straddled Piper and pulled her arm back, ready to strike again. “You want more?” She asked.  “Or are you done?”

The blonde sobbed, “I give.”  The fight was over.

Lori rose in triumph leaving the defeated woman crying on the floor.

As she pulled on her sweats she told Piper, “Make sure you lock up when you leave.”  And then she added, “Also make sure you tell Tom how your day went today.”

And she was gone.

As the jubilant brunette drove home she considered her future with Piper. She knew that this would not be her last fight with the bitch.  Piper was too much of an athlete, too much of a competitor to leave things at 3-3 with her having lost the last fight.  Lori knew she would get the call, she just didn’t know when.

It was not a call, but a short text from Piper that came about a month later.  It read:  “I want another.  Nude this time.  Pussies in play. How bout it, bitch?”

Lori wasted no time in responding: “If you want to get wrecked again, I’ll do the honors. Beating you gives me such pleasure.  But I want Tom there to see you get fucked up.  In fact, why don’t we have it at his place?”

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Chapter 5

A warm and gentle Spring breeze wafted through the bedroom where the two lovers lay in post-coital exhaustion. It was Piper and Tom finishing a marathon sex session.  And not their first.  Tom wasn’t sure if he loved Piper or not, but he certainly was infatuated with the blonde.  Lori was a good lover and never disappointed Tom sexually, but Piper was something extraordinary and adventurous when it came to sex.  While Lori shied away from anal, Piper embraced it. Yes, Lori gave wonderful blow jobs, but not with the voraciousness of The Golden Girl.  Both Lori and Piper were accomplished and flexible gymnasts, but it was only Piper who often said, “Hey let’s try this position!”  Sex with Piper resembled a game of drunk Twister on steroids.

But now, at this moment the sex was over and they were resting and holding their naked bodies close together.  “I need to talk to you about something, Tommy.  And it’s about Lori.  Please don’t be mad.”

“OK,” said Tom, somewhat cautiously.

And then Piper began to reveal to her boyfriend the whole incredible tale of herself and her rival.  How they had snuck off and secretly wrestled each other on 4 different occasions.  How their friendship began to sour and they discarded wrestling for catfighting, and did that twice. And finally how they have planned to fight one more time and they both wanted Tom to be there to witness it.

It was almost too much information for Tom to process.  “Wait!  Wait! Wait!  You and Lori have fought 6 times?”


“I can’t fucking believe it.  Who won?”

“Well so far we are tied.  I think that’s a reason we keep fighting.  Hopefully this last one will settle things and put an end to it. We have agreed to some pretty nasty rules.

“Like what?”

“Almost anything you can imagine, except fists to the face.  We’ve already had two like that, and I’ll tell you it isn’t pretty, win or lose. And in this one we are going to fight nude, so just let that sink in.”

“I can’t let you do this Piper,”  said Tom’s brain.  His cock was saying just the opposite.  He shifted position in the bed to try and hide his unwanted erection. Thankfully, Piper didn’t notice…yet.

“Oh, I’m gonna do it, Tommy.  And you can’t stop me. I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m going to fight that bitch and fuck her up good.”

“Do you hate her?”

“Pretty much.  It wasn’t always that way, but it is now.  And the feeling is mutual.”

“Aren’t you scared?”

“Terrified!  But so is she, I’m sure.  It just adds to the rush.  I feel so alive when I fight her. When I beat her, it’s like the thrill of hitting the landing on a dismount from the beam.  I’ve missed total focus you have in competition.  Fighting your ex gives me a chance to feel that way again.”

“But what if you lose?”

“I’m not planning on that. And now I see you are hard again!  My goodness, what could have caused that?  Wanna go again?  I’m horny.”

“Just promise me that you’ll beat her, and I’ll fuck you silly!”


Tom then fucked Piper, but he was also fucked, and not in a good way.  How could he possibly let this fight take place?  It was wrong on so many levels.  He was probably in love with Piper, and although he didn’t love Lori anymore, he still had warm feelings towards her and fond memories of their times together.  And now he was going to allow them to beat the shit out of one another while he stood and watched?  What sort of low life bastard was he?  Didn’t he have any sense of right and wrong? Not when it came to beautiful women catfighting, obviously.

Yes, Tom would let them fight.  And he would watch. Intently.  He managed to rationalize the whole thing.  First, as Piper told him, they were going to fight anyway.  They would find a time and a place without Tom knowing. Shit, they had done it 6 times already.  And, second, Tom convinced himself that if he was there he could keep things from getting out of hand.  The reasons were weak, but it gave Tom justification not to consider himself a total asshole.

Tom took his job as “fight host” very seriously.  He lived in a large rented home.  He used to have a roommate but that guy left, and Tom was looking for a smaller place.  Good thing her hadn’t found it yet, because the house had several unused bedrooms that would work perfectly as the “fighting ground.”  He picked a 12 by 10 windowless room on the second floor for the fight.  He spent a few days cleaning it out and preparing it for the fight.  All the furniture was moved out and pictures taken off the wall.  He borrowed some mats to put down.  He even removed the door to the room so as to keep the gals from colliding with the door knob.  He would stand and watch in the empty doorway and give the women the entire room for the fight.

Piper approved of the accommodations and chuckled how dedicated Tom was to setting up things “just right” for the fight. One night they fucked each other right on the mats where the women would battle.

On the night of the fight Lori was the first to arrive which set up an awkward meeting between her and her ex.  She had a gym bag slung over her shoulder and her hair arranged in a tight bun for the fight.  This was some serious shit about to go down.

“Hello Tom,  Where is your girlfriend?”

“She just left her apartment.  She’ll be here in five.”

“Where are we fighting?”

“I set up the back room upstairs.”  Of course with all the time Lori had spent at the house, she knew exactly which room it was.

“Did you clean it out?”

“Sure thing.  It’s all ready.  Lori, are you sure you want to go through with this?  It sounds pretty horrible.”

Lori paused for a minute before answering.  She was a level headed woman and she had no allusions that beating Piper would win Tom back.  That ship had sailed.  Her real hope was to beat Piper good and give Tom second thoughts about his decision to dump her.

“If you had asked me that question 6 months ago I would have said there was no way I would ever do anything like this.  But this rivalry between me and Piper has taken on a life of its own.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it is really our destiny to do it, and there is no fucking way I’m backing out.  I’m actually looking forward to it.”

“That’s interesting Lori, because Piper says almost the same thing.  I guess I’m just going to have to let you two settle things.”

At that moment Piper arrived.  The two women eyed one another and said nothing.

Lori said, “Well it looks like everyone is here.  Let’s get to it.”

The threesome went upstairs.  Lori went into a bathroom to prepare while Tom and Piper went to his bedroom.  Piper, of course noticed the bun head on Lori and with help from Tom she arranged her hair similarly.  She shooed Tom out of the bedroom so she could strip and take a moment to collect her thoughts and focus on the challenge at hand.

Tom waited in the hallway as the two naked fighters passed by him to enter the fighting room and start to stretch. When Piper passed him he whispered, “Go get em killer!”

As they were stretching Tom stood in the doorway where he would remain until the fight was over.  Piper, continuing to stretch, spoke directly to him.  “Tom you are here to watch.  That’s all.  You may say nothing and you may not interfere.  This is between me and Lori, and we intend to settle things.  Stay out of it please.”  Tom nodded and took a deep breath.  He would not have a hard on for the entire fight, but he had one now. The tension was palpable.

At this point Lori threw a curve ball at the proceedings, but said something that made a great deal of sense.  “No more best 3 out of 5 bullshit Piper.  It’s not a High School volleyball game. It’s personal.  It’s a catfight.  One of us is going to win and I plan on it being me.  We simply fight until it’s over.”

Piper could not argue with that logic.  “Fine by me. Don’t worry, I won’t be too hard on you.”

It had evolved from friendly recreational wrestling to a bitter final desperate catfight. The women could probably not quite explain how it got that way, but that’s what it had become and neither woman was willing to back down from doing it one last time.  Tiny woman against tiny woman until one destroys the other. They knew the landscape and contours of each other’s  bodies so well by now. The strength of the thighs, the firmness of the abdomens, the power of the biceps, the sensitivity of the scalps, the tenderness of the underboobs. They both knew what they were in for.

And with that the women rose, nodded to each other and began to circle.

Tom was still trying to figure out if what he was seeing was in fact not some wet dream he often had.  Two gorgeous women, two women he had fucked, were about to fight one another in a cruel and unflinching way.  And he was going to witness it.  He rubbed his eyes to make sure it was all real.

Unexpectedly the fighters were cautious to start.  Maybe the magnitude and import of the duel had affected them.  In any case they were somewhat reluctant to go after each other.  Lots of reaching and slapping hands away without further contact.

Lori was just as guilty as Piper for the hesitancy, so her taunt of the blonde made little sense.  “You afraid to fight Piper?”

“Fuck you, bitch.”

And Piper hurled herself at Lori and the women grappled. Tom could not believe what he was seeing.  Two gorgeous little spitfires completely naked straining and struggling against one another, faces contorted in hate, tits pressed hard together, making those little sounds that women do, when they are fighting or fucking.  He was immediately struck by the evenness of the battle.  His hard on returned.

Neither woman could affect a take down so they jostled each other around the room. Lori wrapped the blonde in headlock and brought her down with a thud.  They wrestled on the mat with the brunette still in control. Piper countered by bringing her legs up to wrap around Lori’s head so both fighters now had a headlock on their rival.  In this position the contorted bodies roll over the mat- something only women with the flexibility of a gymnast could possibly do.

They snapped apart, got to their knees and attacked again.  Arms wrapped around each other, one hand reaching for the knob like bun they bent each other’s head back so they could each only see the ceiling of the room.  Piper out muscled the brunette and twisted the two of them to the mat, with the blonde on top. She still had a hold of Lori’s bun, but the brunette released her’s and began slapping Piper’s face.  The slaps weren’t powerful because she was on her back and had little leverage, but they were annoying and in her attempt to evade them allowed Lori to roll so that they were now side by side with legs intertwined.

Piper gave up the hold on Lori’s hair and instead took her hand and placed it flat on Lori’s face and pushed. Lori mirrored that move so now the two fighters were side by side, glued to each other, bending each other’s head back. Once again the blonde seemed a bit stronger and Lori was being bent back badly.  Her legs were locked in with Piper, so there was no escape that way.  So she shifted tactics, released Piper’s face and went searching for titflesh.  Even not being able to see much with Piper’s hand on her face, she still managed to capture one of the blonde’s breasts and start to crush it.  Piper yelped in pain, got her legs free, and rolled away from her rival.

The fighters regained their feet, and Piper checked her tit for damage.  And then they were back at it.

They crashed together and wrestled with ferocity.  Tom, transfixed by what he was witnessing, would often think that his Golden Girl was winning the fight, only to have the tables almost immediately turned with the brunette taking control.  Their bodies often appeared as a box of pretzels. An intense catfight was something he had often fantasized about, but never dreamed he would actually witness.  This one had it all:  twisting, straining, sweating bodies, women locked in hand to hand combat, neither hesitant about hurting the other. They were sweating profusely and it made it harder for the fighters to lock on any hold they were after. And now it appeared that both women had started to cry a bit, not so much from pain, but from exertion and the frustration of the evenness of the battle.

Exhausted, they separated and stood, glaring at one another.   They were not quick to reengage, instead taking a moment to catch their breath and wipe away their tears. 

“Had enough, Piper?”

“Don’t be stupid, bitch.”

At this point the fight took an unusual turn. As if by mutual agreement they came together somewhat slowly and each woman grabbed the other’s tits.  Four hands crunching four tits.  A war of attrition that would only have one winner.  Either woman could have broken the hold easily with a simple push or slap by they were intent on competing this way and this way only.  Strength and courage against strength and courage.  Tears running down their cheeks, moaning in pain neither would give up their grip.  They didn’t even look at each other, they simply looked down at the massacre taking place on their chests.

Tom was aghast at the level of violence and what these two women were doing to each other. This was less of a fight and more of a test.  A challenge answered by both women. Who could dish out more pain and better handle the tit assault from the other?  All offense, no defense.  It didn’t last that long, but that didn’t mean it was a wasn’t a depraved brutal one on one affair.

Only one woman could win this duel, and it was Piper.  Lori, delirious with pain, hauled off and slapped Piper to break the hold.

Piper stepped back, wiped some tears from her face and turned to look at Tom.  She gave him a wink, knowing she was now winning the fight.

“Can’t take it Lor?”

“Fuck you, cunt.”

Yes Lori had lost the battle but she was not giving up the war, yet.  She came at Piper with her fists.  Maybe it was overconfidence on the blondes part but she was not ready for the grit and determination of the brunette.  Yes the brunette’s tits were on fire and she was exhausted but she was not giving up.  She surprised the blonde with fists anywhere to the torso.  Neither woman was much of a puncher but Lori pounded away as best she could and it was taking a toll on Piper who was valiantly trying to fight back. It appeared that Lori had gotten her second wind.

Lori pinned Piper to the wall.  She took her forearm and forced the blonde’s face to the side and then went to town on her.  Punches to the torso, knees to the thighs, tit mauls and finally the brunette went after her rival’s pussy. There was not a single catfight tactic that was going unused in this fight. Piper tried to fight back, grabbing what hair was available to pull Lori off her but the brunette was just too strong.  She started to mangle Piper’s pussy and the blonde screamed. The torture continued.

And then when Piper least expected it Lori stopped pushing the blonde and instead pulled her off the wall and threw her face first to the mat. The brunette followed her down and with all her 100 or so pounds was directly on the blonde’s back, ready to do more damage.  She grabbed the blonde’s hair as the bun was a thing of the past and yanked her head back, using her other arm to find soft titflesh to crush.

“Wanna call me ‘Squeaks’ now?” she squeaked. She felt that Piper was done now, and she released her hair so she could hurt her with both hands.  Piper struggled below her, but with little effect. Lori reached under and found the blonde’s pussy one more time and hit pay dirt just below the blonde’s “landing strip”. The blonde thrashed violently tryin to dislodge the hold on her pussy, but Lori was not letting go.“I’m inside you now bitch. Time to give up.” Piper began to cry.  Tom was besides himself, actually covering his eyes at one point, forbidden from interfering.

Lori then did something unexpected.  She rolled the blonde over.

“I want to see your ugly face when you quit, bitch.”

She grapevined Piper’s legs, spreading them far apart and laid her tits on top of the blonde’s.  Now flat on top and nose to nose sweat dripping off Lori’s face mixing with the tears of her rival below her Lori said, “Time to give up, Piper. Don’t fight it.  Just give up, or I’ll keep hurting you.”

“Tommy,  I’ve got nothing left.  She’s beating me.  I just can’t anymore.”

“I’m kicking your ass bitch.  How’s it feel?”

Piper whispered her surrender, “You won,  I’m done.”

Piper was done but brunette wasn’t.

“Come here Tom,” said Lori.   “You want this over?  Jack off onto her face, and it’ll be over.  Go ahead.  She’s a fox.  She’ll love it.  Wack off onto her!  I’m sure you’ve done it to her, because you did it to me, many times.”

“It’s not gonna happen. Lori.”  He took out his cock and it was completely limp.  “You won.  It’s over. You’re not a cruel person. Let her up.”

Yes he was right.  She had never been a cruel person, until she met Piper, and Tom had reminded her of that. Regaining some sense of humanity, Lori rose, all five feet of her, from her defeated foe, and stood above her. She had won!

“You’re pathetic Tom. You two losers deserve each other. Clean up this mess.”

And the triumphant brunette went to leave, but stopped at the doorway and turned to the sobbing Piper, still on the ground, now being consoled by her boyfriend. 

“Oh, one more thing Piper before I forget.  Your stuffed mushrooms sucked.”

The End

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