The Imperator by Halhow3

I was a young boy when the Imperator’s floating palace came to my village. I lived with my mother on the Eden world of Arcadia, a green and blue jewel where advanced technology allowed everyone to live a simple, pastoral life, free of labor, need, or want, but as I was soon to learn, not free of Desire.

The Imperator was the ruler of our world, a handsome and vigorous older man, who dressed in the same plain white tunics worn by most, if they bothered to dress at all. The important decisions were made by the Thinking Machines and his role as Leader was to give a human face to our rule and show love and compassion to his people.

I, like most of the village, was surprised when he came and stood looking up at the bright bauble of colored glass and chrome floating in the sky. Thinking back now, my mother did not seem surprised. In our people, empaths are not uncommon and mother had the Gift. Perhaps she sensed what drew him here or perhaps he sensed her Need. Perhaps that is why he came, because it is always the place of the Ruler to serve those whom he rules.

The Imperator came down to us from his home, on a floating silvery disk that glittered brightly as it descended from the sky. With him was his woman, a slim and attractive red-head in her middle years, with a face both serene and kind. When the disk alighted, they stepped off and were immediately greeted by our people with smiles and laughter, crowding close and reaching out to touch him. He walked among them for a while then came to my mother and myself. He gazed at us, his eyes filled with compassion and a hint of sadness, as he extended his hands to take our own.

Returning to the silvery disk we rode back up into the sky, higher and higher until soon we were inside his glorious, floating palace. I had lived always in a small, neat hut and to come to such a place of Wonder filled me with great awe. As we stepped off the disk, everyone removed their clothing as is the custom among our people when within a home. I was of course a boy and had the sparse figure normal for such an age, all wiry limbs and fumbling steps, bubbling over with excitement at this new adventure. How little I knew of what would come that day.

My mother was a tall, slim blonde of middle age, but filled great warmth and passion that made her appearance quite youthful. Her bosom was still full and firm, her eyes large and a shimmering liquid blue. Her hair fell in cascades of golden blonde curls over her pale shoulders and down to the small of her back.

The Imperator was then an older man with thick, wavy grey hair the color of bare steel. Heavily muscled, the cords of his flat stomach were a marvel for his age and his mouth always seemed curled in gentle if sometimes sad looking smiles, as if he saw what Must Be before others did.

The Imperator began to lead us on a tour of his palace. We wandered barefoot through one amazing chamber after the next. We journeyed up stairways of shimmering glass and down long hallways decorated with art from the Ancient Times. As we walked, the Imperator would talk, his voice low and gentle, pointing out one feature or another while below us, our green and blue world rolled by. So gentle was the motion of the great palace, I did not even realize we were moving and that I would never again return to the village that was my home.

As we walked together, I sensed a …tension… growing between my mother and the Imperator’s woman. Even now I marvel that I noticed this, for I was but a boy and filled with excitement to be in this new, strange place. Later in life, I would learn, I to have the Gift and perhaps it was this first stirring of my Empathy that allowed me to sense the currents of emotion building between the two women. As we moved from chamber to chamber they cast side-long glances at each other, their eyes seeming almost to feast on each other’s bodies. While their thoughts were hidden from me their emotions were raw and this surprised me as my mother was always such a loving and gentle soul.

It was then that it happened, that which I was not to understand for many years.

We were in an upper chamber of a tower made of glittering green glass. When the Imperator’s woman turned toward my mother and arched her back slightly. It was a small gesture, something I might have missed, but my mother caught it at once and turned toward her arching her own back as well, her pale bosom rising upwards. I glanced over and was surprised to see that my mother’s nipples were stiff even distended, in a way I had never seen them before. The nipples of the Imperator’s woman also were hard, jutting upward from her pebbled aureoles.

My mother’s blue eyes stared into the green eyes of the Imperator’s woman and then my mother shifted her weight slightly to her left, swinging her right leg a little out to one side. The Imperator’s women glanced down at my mother’s vagina and then back up into her blue eyes as her face flushed slightly. She moved her own legs apart then and thrust her hips forward in a subtle but distinctive motion. I remember my own eyes drawn to the bare and glistening lips of her labia, wondering what this silent dance could possibly mean.

While I did not know what this ritual portended the Imperator did. Stepping up quietly behind me, he rested his firm hands on my shoulders as we both turned to watch.

The two women …circled… each other for a moment, their eyes locked together as if staring deep into each other’s very souls, then the Imperator’s woman stepped closer, bringing her arms upward and stretching them out to either side. It appeared almost as if she invited my mother to hug, but the expression on her face seemed less than kind. My mother raised her arms as well and stepped closer, her breasts bouncing slightly as she did so. Both paused then …stepped… into each other, chest to chest and bosom on bosom as their arms folded gracefully down and around each other, clasping their bodies together. As they met I heard a faint …gasp… and felt the reassuring hands of the Imperator tighten on my shoulders.

The two women pressed very close, their arms clutching at each other’s bodies and reaching up into each other’s thick hair. Slowly they braced their legs apart and then began to …sway… their upper bodies rocking side to side ever so slightly at first, chest rubbing over chest. It looked very much like a clumsy dance and I was greatly confused. Then they began to …push… into each other, their legs beginning to strain and tremble as first one was forced a few steps back and then rallied to shove the other backwards in turn.

Sometimes they would turn slightly as they moved and I could see their faces were very close, nose brushing nose. I could see their lips moving but what they said to each to the other I could not tell, for never did their voices rise above a whisper. What was clear as their motion increased is that each was rubbing her breasts over the breasts of the other woman, nipples flicking over and grinding into nipples. In my innocent it was some time, before I realized that my mother and the Imperator’s woman were Fighting!

To people of the Out Worlds, this may sound very strange, but on Arcadia, violent was not known. Long ago the Thinking Machines had filtered the DNA of Hate, Anger, Jealousy and Greed from our genetic code. As a result, our world knew nothing of war, murder, or conflict. There were no laws for none were needed. While playful tussle remained, I had to that time, never seen one person deliberately hurt another. Not even a push or a slap. No one was trained in the arts of Harm. They existed only as old records in the database, long in disuse and ignored. So perhaps I can be forgiven if in my youthful ignorance I was slow to recognize battle!

As I was to eventually learn though, there were things even the Thinking Machines could not filter out of us without taking with them our Humanity completely. That deep within the heart of even the gentlest soul there lays a slumbering Beast, simply waiting for the moment to stir and awaken our Animal Nature.

My newly awakening empathy was shocked to feel the waves of Hate, Jealousy and Anger rolling off my loving mother and this beautiful and kind woman with whom she was now LOCKED in Passionate embrace. ‘How could this be’, I wondered, for they had met but moments before and had not spoken even a single word. I had no way of knowing then, that they had been quite aware of each other for some time. And this Knowledge of each other had worn on both deeply.

Chest to chest they struggled for some time, clutching each other and pulling each other around by body and hair, then the Imperator’s woman brought her hips close and …thrust them… into the hips of my mother. My mother’s body stiffened with Rage and quickly she …thrust… her hips back. The Imperator’s woman soon wrapped her bare right leg around the outside of my mother’s bare left leg, shapely thigh pressing to shapely thigh as calf encircled calf. My mother curled her left leg around that of the Imperator’s woman as well and soon they were …pressing… vagina into vagina as both quickly began to rub!

I and the Imperator watched as their hips rocked and shifted, and soon I could smell their musky wetness. This continued for some time and no one spoke at all, but I could sense the …Anger and Tension… building between them and felt an undercurrent of fear growing inside myself. Now their bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat. My mother rubbed her neck and shoulders each day with crushed flower petals a sweet and natural perfume. This combined now with the scent of her sweat and excitement, mixing in turn with the odors of the Imperator’s woman. Their conflicting essences rose up in the air in invisible waves of heat until they found their way into our nostrils.

Back and forth their hips battled, pushing and shoving at each other as between their thighs their womanly flowers rubbed and fought. No word was spoken but from time to time I would hear a low moan or gasp as some small victory was gained or struggle lost.

While sex among my people is quite open, both freely requested and freely given, this was something different, something Dark and frightening. This was not Love but Contest, not Adoration but Struggle. Twisted together in awkward embrace, they soon lost their balance and fell …TUMBLING… to the soft floor and immediately began rolling OVER and OVER in each other’s arms.

I would have stepped forward then to try and stop them but the Imperator pulled me back, one arm gently curled around my chest. He stroked my hair with his free hand to comfort me, sensing my distress but also the passions of the two struggling rivals and knew that we could not interfere in what was now between them.

Years later, when I too had grown to be a man, I would realize that the relationship between the Imperator and his woman is not as simple as that of a normal man to his Love. Their bond is deeper, an Empathic link that binds them to each other like two halves of the same soul. In time, by means mysterious and unknown, my mother had come to Need the Imperator and Desired most for him to be with her and inside her. He has sensed this and so had come to her, but his woman sensed this as well.

No woman who had been with the Imperator could every give him up of her own free Will and so there remained no choice but to allow the two women to fight and thus determine who would be his rightful Mate. Though he be the most powerful man in our world, he was wise enough to know he could not stop this struggle and so he remained to one side, attempting to comfort a small frightened boy, as his woman and her challenger fought each other in close and …deadly… Embrace.

Down on the floor now they rolled back and forth, pulling tuffs of each other’s hair out until it littered the floor around their sweating, struggling, entwined bodies. Long nails …RAKED… slowly down bare backs, leaving livid marks on each other’s flesh. Their hair fell often across each other’s faces as they struggled, concealing them both. It would only be later that I would discover they had begun …biting… at each other, using their teeth on each other’s faces, necks and shoulders. As they rolled on the floor, their arms and legs only clutched each other more tightly and soon they had curled around each other into a tight and fleshy BALL!

From time to time one would utter a moan of Pain or a faint hiss of Anger, but for the most part they fought in silence, only their desperate, panting breath, breaking the quiet around them. They clutched each other tightly, chest to chest, belly on belly and sex pressing sex as they rolled first one direction then back again, the wiry muscles standing out on their tensed and battling bodies. Neither had the least training in such struggle, but each allowed her female instincts free reign and even to my inexperienced eyes, it was clear that theirs was a fight which could only end in Death.

Just as the Imperator is an empath, so always is his woman, and thus even as he senses and is drawn to them, so they sense each other as well. If a man shouts, those near him hear him clearly and those far away hear him but faint or not at all. But for the emotional song of an empath, the range is greater than our world. Like waves beating on a distant shore their emotions pound on each other wearing and wearing away the sands, until finally the rivals MUST meet or be driven insane each by the other’s song of Desire. So my mother and this woman were linked, feeling each other’s Hungers and Urges. Sensing each other’s Need, week passing into week, and month following month until their patience and kind nature were simply …worn away. Until each could think of nothing but finding the other and engaging her in feminine battle until finally the maddening song of one was vanquished and her own Need fore filled.

Down on the floor now and locked together, neither made the least attempt to draw back. Indeed, each sought only to …wind herself… more TIGHTLY around her enemy, struggling body against body and soul against soul. By now each had so tightly entwined with the other, it was difficult to tell where one woman ended and the other began. Long, shapely legs, curled over hips and across backs and thighs. Arms wrapped over shoulders and around waists, gripping and clutching at each other with feral Hate. Their bodies rubbed into each other from breasts to mounds as each struggled to …control… the other. To entrap her rival in her web of legs, arms and flesh. To seize her. To pin her. To hold her helpless. To kill her!

Slowly they fought across the floor, twisting and curling, grunting and moaning as each fought for her Life and the manhood of the Imperator who stood so near. Clutching her rival, my mother curled her right leg higher around her enemy, her inner thigh pressing into the small of the red-headed woman’s back, her ankle hooked around the outside of the other’s right hip. Flexing her thigh muscles she …drew… her body inch by inch around the other’s side until her wet sex rubbed now against her rival’s hip. The Imperator’s woman pulled my mother’s head back slowly using a handful of her hair. Reaching across the back of my mother’s left shoulder with her right hand; she pushed her nails slowly into my mother’s face ….clawing… for her eyes.

My mother closed her eyes, turning her head to the right to try and avoid her rival’s cruel nails but there was no escape. The red-head only forced her hand higher continuing her desperate and vicious attack. Releasing the red-head’s hair, my mother slipped her right arm across the front of her rival’s throat, directly under her chin and …forced… her head backwards causing her to gag and choke. I could see the other’s woman chest rising and falling in desperate pants as sweat trickled off their locked and tightly clenched bodies. Bringing up her left hand, my mother reached up and grabbed her rivals right wrist, pulling her nails from my mother’s face, then dragging her enemy’s hand forward, she turned her head quickly and bit into the other woman’s arm.

The Imperator’s woman screamed and kicked then, a mistake as my mother pulled her left leg free, curling it up across her rival’s sweating belly and then crossing her ankles to …SQUEEZE. Shifting her right hand upward she again locked her fingers in her rival’s flaming hair and brought her left arm across and under her chin …twisting… as if to snap the red-head’s neck. The Imperator’s woman quickly curled her legs, planting both feet on the soft floor and arching her body upwards. Keeping her left hand clenched in my mother’s golden curls, she grabbed at my mother’s left wrist with her right hand now, pulling it away, before her neck could break.

Releasing the redhead’s hair my mother reached behind her now, her fingers first clutching at her rival’s sweating right shoulder and then reaching over and down to cup and squeeze her enemy’s dangling right breast. The Imperator’s woman …groaned… as my mother’s nails sank deep into her flesh and my mother grunted with effort as she tightened the grip of her legs around the other woman’s waist. Move was met by countermove, a slow, torturous struggle as woman fought woman.

The Imperator’s woman dropped her hips back to the floor and pushed up into a sitting position leaning back on her straight right arm, my mother’s thighs still locked around her waist. My mother shifted her body slipping more behind her rival now as they struggled in sweat soaked tangle. Reaching down with her left hand, the Imperator’s woman …DRUG… her nails slowly across the top of my mother’s left thigh, the nails biting deep, then reached even higher seizing my mother’s left breast, before clawing and stretching it out. My mother screamed in pain but dug her nails harder into her rival’s sore breast, neither woman relinquishing her grip on the other’s udder.

My mother clutched at her rival’s left wrist trying to pull it from her breast but only causing herself more pain. Releasing the redhead’s breast she curled her right arm upward, snaking it around her enemy’s throat. Feeling this the Imperator’s woman released my mother’s breast as well and threw her left arm backwards, slipping it behind my mother’s head and pulling it forward and down under her arm. As my mother’s arm …tightened… around her throat, the Imperator’s woman pushed with her legs …STRAINING… until she rolled my mother onto her back. Pressing down into my mother now with her left hip, even as my mother’s legs continue to trap and …squeeze… her. Coughing and moaning they fought onward as the red-headed woman brought her nails once more into my mother’s face and my mother did the same to her. For a moment their hair hid their clawing hands and then my mother lost the grip she had about the other woman with her legs. Placing her right foot on the floor she PUSHED rolling the red-head onto her belly.

The Imperator watched all of this with sad and gentle eyes. It was a spectacle he has seen many times and loathed, but was wise enough to know he could not stop.

My mother pushed up onto her left elbow, but the Imperator’s woman rolled onto her right side curling her legs up and wrapping them around my mother’s left thigh. My mother threw her right leg over her rival’s hips and they ROLLED once more across the floor, leaving a trail of blood, sweat, and hair in their wake.

The Imperator’s woman, straightened her legs up …squeezing… my mother’s trapped thigh as my mother rolled up onto her rival’s hip, half straddling her body. My mother’s head slipped from under her enemy’s arm but the red-headed woman leaned in …biting HARD… into my mother’s hanging left breast. My mother screamed and quickly leaned down biting at the red-head’s, face, cheek and ear. With a twist, my mother was rolled again onto her right side as her rival released her bite and slipped her left arm under my mother’s left arm, pinning her down as the red-head attempted to twist up onto her.

Releasing her tight grip on my mother’s thigh, she pushed my mother’s face down into the soft floor, as she sat up and turned in towards her. My mother’s left hand found and clutched her hair, but the red-head curled her right leg up, pressing her inner thigh tightly along my mother buttocks and back. Leaning forward her head quickly disappeared over the back of my mother’s right shoulder and their bodies CONVULSED and ROLLED as my mother threw herself backwards and the Imperator’s woman scrambled to secure a grip with her legs. She snared my mother’s hips but their frantic wiggling and sweat slick bodies, caused her thighs to slide down until they were locked around the outside of my own mother’s thighs. Their bodies ARCHED and TWISTED again as she pulled back my mother’s head by the hair using one hand, the other clutching across my mother’s chest, her nails DEEP in my mother’s right breast.

They THRASHED and SQUIRMED, and she slipped around further as my mother pushed at her rival’s thighs with both hands and CLAWED at her flesh. The Imperator’s woman reached up then, slipping both arms over my mother’s shoulders then down around her arms, pulling them back behind her. With her body completely ensnared by her rival, my mother rolled on to her stomach, her relentless enemy riding her back and hips to lie pressed and panting on top of her. For a moment they lay there WRITHING, the head of the Imperator’s woman hidden by my mother’s own blonde curls.

Suddenly my mother’s body JERKED and when they ROLLED again, both ended up on their right sides. The Imperator’s woman was firmly behind my mother now, her legs trapped by the red-head’s thighs, her arms pulled behind her back and to my …HORROR… the Imperator’s woman had her teeth …BURIED… in my mother’s throat.

The left side of her face was tucked under my mother’s chin, her mouth clearly CLAMPED across the front of my mother’s neck. My mother’s head was thrown back, her eyes huge, mouth hanging open and lips moving but neither breath nor word would come out. It was then I …sobbed… and the Imperator brought one hand up over my eyes, but nothing he could do could shield my mind as his woman killed my mother slowly on the floor in their fatal grip.

As is the custom with our people my mother’s body was turned to ash and scattered that evening over the waters of the Emerald Sea. I stayed with the Imperator for many years traveling with him and his woman as it floated over the surface of our world, doing his work. In time, I learned to forgive her, finding her to be both gentle and loving, as much a victim in her own way as my mother was in hers. I came to accept that Fate was the instrument of their Clash and that Love is an emotion too strong to control or deny.

In time she too was slain in woman fight and another took her place and later that woman also died and was replaced as well.

One day, the Imperator summoned me and as I went to him, I was surprised for in the years that had passed; he had become an old man. Guessing my thoughts he smiled and beckoned me closer, then taking the Ring from his finger he slipped it on mine. He smiled then and walked away as I …SHOOK… for by his simple gesture, the awful responsibly of Imperator was now mine.

That evening he died and the next night his woman and I scattered his ashes over the Emerald Sea. Part of me could not help but wonder, if he and my mother were now together at last. Later that night, his woman came to me and our bodies and souls became one as I spurted my hot seed deep into her womb. For many years we sailed the skies of Arcadia doing that which the Imperator must, going always place to place so that the people could see their Ruler and know that they were loved. In time I began to feel the Need of her, a faceless voice of Longing calling from across the sea.

One night as I lay in bed with my woman, our bodies still damp with the dew of our Lovemaking, she ran one finger slowly down my chest and said, “You know we must go to her.” I closed my eyes, but knew she spoke truth, that the voice I heard rang in her mind as well and it would only grow stronger and could not be stilled.

And so the day came when I looked down on a village much like the one I knew as a boy. We took the silvery disk downward and the people came to us. The One was a woman of middle years, her hair chestnut brown, and her face open and freckled. With her was a young boy, his eyes beaming with joy and innocence. A great sadness came upon me then, but one who Rules must do what is Right and I extended my hands to them and together we took the silvery disk back up into the sky.

As we walked through chamber after chamber, I spoke of this place, the boy looking around with awestruck eyes, while the two women took the measure of each other up with side long glances. Their mental songs were strong in the other’s mind, a taunting, luring, mocking call of Love, Hunger and Desire. When we reached a room of shimmering blue light I sensed they were ready. Reaching out, I pulled the boy to me softly, as behind us the …two females… closed on each other with a barely audible …Hisssssssss.

The End

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2 thoughts on “The Imperator by Halhow3

  1. SexfightEnthusiast says:

    You left me speechless. Once again I let my imagination go. I can’t say I wish this is possible for we have yet live in this Imperitor style of world. But imagine that, out of the entire world, only a handful of women knew their destination ,n knew their way of fight to gain love from him. Powerful idea.

  2. SexfightEnthusiast says:

    After reading so many blood filled deathfight, I have to say I loved the Imperator slow women fighting style. As women r the gentler sex, then this story allow them the gentler way of fighting n killing in order to settle something that talks can never satisfy the issue of the heart n desire vs jealousy n hate. I like it, no I love it. Wish you can come up with more similar plots. Ancient Egyptian women or Polynesian maidens perhaps.


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