The Indecent Heatwave by KingOfDaPirates1

The sun was hot and bright by 10 AM in the morning as it had been each day during this dreadful heatwave. The apartment of Coral Wilson was on the top floor of a collection of flats located right outside the city. During winter being on the top floor was a luxury, free heating from the rooms below and insulated by the thick white carpets installed in each room. But during summer, and especially this summer, the room, like all the others became an inferno. None of the accommodations in the building had air-conditioning and nights quickly became sticky and sweaty, the only salvation was the limited breeze of the open windows in each room. The rooms were all small, studios or one bedroom at most that could be rented for cheap in this part of the city, walking distance to where the college was located but slightly more isolated than the dorms. Still the building had its charm and convenience of location, so students always wanted to live there. One relief was the little backyard that was accessible by all tenants and gave them their own personal greenspace. All 25 people, college students of varying ages, all living their separate lives but forced to share a small garden led to an occasional clashing of schedules and plans. Never had anything escalated beyond a slight dispute and rolling of the eyes, because in the end you were going to run into the people again in the halls of the building or on campus itself. It was a tiny greenspace, a small grass area roughly 20 by 20 feet long that got overwatered every day especially during these heatwaves where even at night the temperature rarely dipped below 85 Fahrenheit.

For the 5th straight day of this heat wave, 19-year-old Coral Wilson was laying in the stripped yellow sheeted bed with the comforter and pillows thrown to the side, anything to reduce the heat. Her wavy dark brown hair was flown out behind her as she looked at her phone watching the time slowly pass. It was a beautiful, yet brutally hot Saturday, and she was waiting for 6PM when she and her boyfriend would set out into the city for a night of wine tasting and tapas. The boyfriend in question was sitting by the window on his computer but kept glancing down into the garden and Coral knew why. Since the heatwave had started a woman from the building had been sunbathing in the backyard every single day without fail. Now that alone, would be nothing to worry about, people sunbathed out there all the time. The issue Coral had with this came down to what the woman would wear and how long she would be out there. She got off the bed lightly dressed in tiny blue cotton shorts and a white tank top to minimize the heat. She moved over to her boyfriend, who quickly turned his eye’s back to his screen knowing he had been caught.

“Are the reservations still good for 7?” She asked eyeing him with an innocent look on her face.

He gave a little gulp but responded evenly, “Umm, yes. They are good, though I think I’m going to go home first and clean up. The place is nice, and I can’t go with this stubble on my chin.”

She looked at the chin and couldn’t help but agree. She moved around him so that her hands were on her shoulders while also giving herself a clear view of the backyard.

Coral’s eye’s narrowed, looking down at the greenspace of their building at the same sight she had seen the past 5 days. There laying in a small bikini thong was the woman from apartment 5. She was out there every day, getting an hour or two of sun sometimes more, never wearing the same bikini twice, but they were all equal in their lack of modesty.

Today’s was a G-string with a small sized white triangle on the back with a little x in the middle. The cloth disappeared on down what one could argue was the best ass in the city. The woman had a fantastic body highlighted by her booty; Coral couldn’t deny that even if she wanted too. She had caught her boyfriend staring at it 5 times this week and though she didn’t blame him, she found it overly annoying. Why stare at the blonde, when the best ass in the world was right in front of him?

“Again. Really? She is going to get skin cancer at the rate she is going.” Coral quipped as she watched the blonde pick up her phone, presumably pick a new song and put it back down.

“She puts on sunscreen every 15 minutes or so.” Her boyfriend said automatically without thinking. He knew he fucked up instantly and you wouldn’t know if the sweat on his neck was from the heat, or the glare from the bright green eyes of his girlfriend.

“You watch her that much? Really?” She asked huffing.

“No, she just happens to be out there all the time and I like to look out the window.” He said defensively.  Her glare didn’t lessen.

“I’m going to go talk to her.” Coral said eyeing the blonde woman from her window again. From her sight, she could tell why her boyfriend looked down every second he could. The blonde’s ass was something they write stories about, it looked like every bit of fat on her body was pushed into there, but then she was able to tone in almost smoothly. She couldn’t help comparing it to her own.

Coral herself had been called PAWG by friends and some guys she knew since she turned 18. When her boyfriend finally told her what it stood for (phat ass white girl), she understood why and even relished it. She worked out twice a day sometimes just on her legs, building them up with protein that seemed to know exactly where she wanted it to go on her body. Making her ass just as big, if not better than her unsuspecting rival. In truth she had seen the blonde a few times up close when they were in the halls, and once or twice doing laundry. Their body types were eerily similar, like they were shaped from the same mold and blessed with a behind to make men swoon and women jealous. Juicy asses toned at the gym for strength while still keeping their shape and size more so than the bottom would. They each had thin waists and, on the times, when the blonde tanned her front side Coral noticed they seemed to have similarly light muscle on their abs. In that position Coral also took notice that their chests seemed to be a perfect match too, perky B-cups that could just fill out a bikini top, if not slightly on the smaller size. Overall it was almost too much having to look at her every day while also having her boyfriend practically drooling out the window. Coral had initially wanted to talk to the blonde even before the suntanning though for a different purpose. She had just moved to the city for school and besides her boyfriend hadn’t made really any friends. The blonde didn’t seem to hang out with anyone else either and for a few days Coral thought maybe she should introduce herself to her and see what could happen. That idea was forgotten however when she saw the blonde’s choice of outfit for tanning. Coral didn’t want to hang out with someone with such low class.  

“Listen, nothing good can come from it.” Her boyfriend said closing his computer. “Use the fan and cool off, it’s just the heat.”

Coral rolled her eyes. Yes, the heat was not helping, but neither was the woman lying there.

“You’re right. I’ll just use the fan.” She said, and if her boyfriend had been paying slightly more attention to her and not the blonde’s ass, the tone might have given him pause.

He gave a satisfied nod thinking he had successfully defused a ticking time bomb.

“Good, well I’m going to go back to my house. I’ll be back around 5. I’m going to really freshen up for our fun night.” He said with a grin.

He looked at her hoping to get some reaction of excitement, but Coral was still looking out the window, at the buns that taunted her from afar. He gave a little defeated sigh. He walked back to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, the best he could hope for after his sun lotion comment. “Ok, see you tonight.” He said as he turned and made his way to the door.

 “See you tonight.” Coral repeated automatically still looking out the window at her despised shared tenant.

The minute the door closed; Coral went to change. She opened her small closet where every outfit she owned was hung up, color coordinated and ready to be used for any type of event. Even on a short trip to the backyard and back she would pick her outfit with care. She refused to go out in just shorts or a tank top that she slept in, that was not her style. Shuffling for a few seconds, she found the one she wanted. It was what she planned on wearing tonight, to both excite and showoff for her boyfriend and anyone else who was lucky to see her. She pulled off her white tank top and blue cotton shorts standing there in the nude admiring her body in the mirror. Her pear sized tits and brown nickel sized areola gave her upper body a good frame, while her lower body was in another league. A league she had believed she would occupy alone in the school until that blonde woman had shown up.

She pulled out her new sundress and held it up to her body looking in her full body mirror appreciatively again. She had purchased it just last week right before the heatwave kicked up a notch and it was perfect for this type of weather. It was a long flowy white dress with little pink flowers printed on it. It had thin little shoulder straps that hung it low enough to give her just a slight bit of cleavage and it was made of a thin material that under the right light, was just almost translucent. It went down to her knees and seemed to flow in the wind quite easily, showing off her figure when it pushed into her skin. She put on the dress deciding it would be a good test run for tonight’s date. She slipped on her flip flops and took a glance in the mirror from her side. Her boyfriend would be overly excited when he saw this dress, and when the wind blew just right, it hinted her form and the absolute amazing ass she possessed. Almost to risky for her, but she pushed the doubt out of her mind.  

At least she didn’t flaunt openly around like some other people in her building, again thinking of the blonde. The dress she chose was meant to tease, not put on a show, there was a difference.  She flicked off the lights and left her room, quickly moving down the stairs from the 3rd floor to the first, while playing the conversation she planned to have with the other woman in her head.

As she made her way down the steps, her floral sundress would flow lightly with each step just like she expected. Concealed under the thin material she also had donned a small fancy white bra with several hooks that pushed up her cute sized tits slightly. She could have gone braless, but that would be unseeingly for her, even for this little trip. Her tits were just slightly too big for that look. She was also wearing underneath a tiny lacy white thong, brand new that matched the bra and dress. The strings hung around her hips where they connected in the back with its own white triangle that could be seen as nearly translucent as the dress itself. The back white triangle was about an inch and half wide and connected to the front with a tiny string that ran down her amazing ass, across her neatly shaved pussy. She had a small patch of hair just above her lower lips. It was small enough for her to not worry about wearing such tiny underwear as the string ran to a slightly bigger triangle that hung way below her navel. It was a good combo when the dress pushed into her skin, ensuring she didn’t have any sort of pantie line and turned up the teasing tenfold that she may or may not be nude under it.

She went down the stairs and turned into the hallway, doors on each side.  Her green eyes viewing the farthest door. It was just a flimsy sheet that separated the hall from the outside that always let the heat roll in. In doing so she passed apartment number 5 in where she knew the woman was from. She spared a glance at the brown door with the gold number 5 on sent wondering how the other woman kept her room. Was it as neat as hers? Did they have more in common than their identical looking bodies? Leaving that thought behind she reached the end of the hall ready to talk to the bikini wearing woman.

She pushed open the door to the backyard easy, there was no latch and was simply on a hinge with a mesh covering that would even swing with the wind. She had to cover her eyes from the brightness as the Sun hit her like a wave and rolled over her white pale skin as she looked out into the small backyard. There was a small barbeque in the left corner with two lawn chairs that looked broken beyond repair. To the right, a small bundle of unkept bushes in front of the short wooden fence that separated it from the far nicer backyard of their neighboring building. Directly in front of her was the grass area that was under her window and she viewed every morning. A small blue kiddie pool with maybe 6 inches of water was in the center of the grass. Some of the college guys had bought it at the start of the heatwave and used it one day thinking it made them look cool. Now it sat alone in the center yet always seemed to have water in it.  

Laying slightly next to the pool was the woman, her lightly tanned skin seemingly glowing in the sun that she absorbed. She was laying on her front, her muscular large ass on full display, the small thong just barely visible from Corals point of view. She might as well have been nude. But Coral could see the strings and she confirmed the blonde was wearing a white thong with a black x on the back and what looked like a black bikini top. She had sunglasses on and what seemed to be knockoff air pods in her ears as she tanned away, not a care in the world. Her normally long straight yellow hair was in a slight bun on her head. Up close and now with a better view of the woman Coral rolled her eyes at the sight. She couldn’t help thinking that wearing something like that under proper clothes was one thing, but to show it off like this in the open, in the backyard where everyone could see was so pathetic, so un-classy, that Coral couldn’t help herself continue her mission for the blondes own sake.

Still in her flipflops she walked off the concrete door landing and onto the grass, taking 4 quick steps on the soft ground. As she got closer to the pool her feet seemed to sink and being only 5’4 she really couldn’t spare many inches.  Clearly prior to now, someone had been playing with the pool and hose, splashing water everywhere and soaking the ground. The grass and dirt were far too wet in sun like this. It might have been in addition to the overwatering that happened every night that made it so moist. She took a few more steps until she came up to the woman on the towel. The mud seemed to get more pronounced, though from what she could feel in her toes the blonde somehow a found dry spot where her red towel was placed. Her head was turned away from the door and for a second Coral got a close look at the ass that rivaled hers, noting it was as impressive as it looked from afar. If they stood side to side, it would be impossible to tell who’s was bigger or firmer. A microscope would be needed, and a measuring tape that went to nanometers. With the woman’s sunglasses and air pods in, she didn’t seem to notice the intense comparison her body was being subject too.

“Ugh hum”, Coral said clearing her throat to get the woman’s attention, but alas the yellow haired blonde was simply enjoying the sun and was used to people sometimes walking close by for a better look. Coral ticked her foot, unsure if the woman was ignoring her or couldn’t hear her, so she decided on the latter. “Excuse me!” She said with louder and with authority, but still the blonde didn’t notice, or maybe didn’t care as she laid there heating her skin. Coral slightly fumed as she stared at the incredible ass on the woman, again comparing it to her own in this position, taunting her, showing off like a slut. She needed to get the woman’s attention. She glanced up at the sun and realized there was a clear way to do so. Coral side stepped putting herself between the sun and the woman’s hot and lightly sweaty body. With not a cloud in the sky when she had come out, Amelia felt as though the heat had just been turned off. She turned off her music with a click on her phone and looked up at the wall that separated her from the glorious Sun. In front of her was a woman she recognized from the building, one that she had zero contact with expect the odd nod when they ended up at the staircase from the street to the front door together. Maybe a few times passing in the halls to the laundry and once in the laundry room itself. What she wanted, she had no idea, but the look on her face said she was annoyed.  

“Hey.” Coral said standing in the sun’s path and covering the tanned girl’s body with a shadow, glad she finally got the woman’s attention. The blonde looked at the occupant of the shadow and then right back down to her phone.

“Excuse me, you’re in my Sun.” The woman bluntly said as she scrolled through what looked like some social media site dismissing further conversation. Whatever this woman wanted; she didn’t care. Coral didn’t move for a few seconds, long enough for the blonde to look back up and push her shades slightly down her nose for a better look. Her crystal blue eye’s shined bright, staring into Coral’s bright green ones. Coral gave the woman a fake smile, that dripped with hidden malice being so close to the woman who had been driving her crazy from afar.

“Listen, I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you should stop tanning out here while wearing such indecent clothing. It’s unseeingly and just so you know, a lot of people take photos of you.”

Amelia looked at the woman, with the most painstakingly look she could give. Had she heard her right? “What are you talking about?” Amelia asked with general confusion from the woman’s comment. Why did this woman care? She enjoyed tanning, and men were going to be creepers no matter where she did it. That was a small price she paid for having a body and ass that defined logic. In fact, the weirdest thing was this woman approaching her and telling her that.

“I just wanted to tell you, because if it was me, I would want someone to tell me.” Coral finished.

“Umm, well thank you for the advice, but I’m going to tan here and wear whatever I want. I live here and this is my space. I’m proud of my body and if people want to be creeps, I can’t stop them.” She reached back for her phone to turn the music up again thinking the conversation was over.

“Well I live here too, and I don’t like you doing it in my space.” Coral said before Amelia’s music could get to her ears. So that was the problem. The woman didn’t care about men taking photos of her. The brown-haired girl didn’t like that she was tanning in a small bikini due to her own, what Amelia guessed was insecurity. Now Amelia leaned up on her elbow’s and took off her shades looking up at the arrival. She got a good look at the woman who blocked her view. She had a very pretty face and was wearing a white thin sundress with a bunch of pink flowers on it.

“Well, I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t know you and I really don’t care of what you think. I’m confident enough in my body to not worry about everything you said.  If you have a problem with it don’t look down at the garden and I’ll do the same.”

Coral eyed the woman, the conversation not playing out at all how she had it in her head on the way down. It was equally hot out here as it was in her room, and she didn’t plan on walking away from this talk empty handed.

“Ok, well I’m asking you politely to stop doing it here. Please.” She added a second later, doing her best to sound sincere and honestly, she meant it. She really wanted this woman to stop, maybe because it would give her some sense of control of her new life.  

Piercing green eyes and blue eyes bore into each other as they said their piece but came to absolutely zero understanding. Amelia was not going to listen to this, even if the other woman was trying to sound genuine about her well-being, it was still intrusive. “Listen, I appreciate your concern, but I want to tan here and I’m going to do it wearing what I want including these types of bikinis. I’m sorry if that bothers you, but how about you mind your business and I’ll mind mine, ok?” She didn’t sound sorry at all and Coral detected the slight tiny amount of dismissal. The conversation was over and to continue it would only escalate the weirdly tense situation. Again, Coral was not planning on walking away just yet after having her sincerity thrown back in her face.

“Ok, well I’m sorry too, but it is my business as I live here too, and I will report you to the landlord for indecency. It’s in the rules of the lent agreement. You need to wear proper clothing and that is far and away from proper.” Coral said, trying to stop herself from using the word slutty instead of proper. She never would have reported the girl. She knew that, and it looked as though Amelia knew too, but she would say what she had to say.

“You aren’t going to do that, and if you do, I will counter report you.”

“And what reason would you give? Me asking politely for you to stop breaking a rule?”

“I would make it up. I can be very convincing.” The blonde threatened.

They continued to stare at each other, with Coral still standing in front of the Sun. The standoff lasted 10 long seconds until Amelia gave a little sigh not willing to deal with this. The heat made everyone on edge, and she was no exception.

“You’re lucky I have had my fill for today, but I will be back tomorrow and wearing something even skimpier than this and you are just going to have to deal with it.” The tanning woman taunted as she re-tied her bikini top and pushed herself up. Now at her full height they found they were nose to nose, both roughly 5’4. It also confirmed their breasts had the same shape and size. If not for the blonde’s tan skin, their bodies could be nearly swapped save for a few scars and marks here and there. Coral couldn’t help glancing down and notice the pair of perky well sized breasts that the blonde had on her chest, again something they had in common. She opened her mouth to rebuke when the blonde continued cutting her off, “Listen, again I live here. I will tan when and how I want, wearing what I want.”  They both looked to be about B-cups and fit nicely on their bodies. Of course, the real pride came from the rump they carried around and strong legs.

Amelia reached down and picked up her towel, wrapping it around her body loosely. Doing so hid the wonderfully soft cute breasts and perfect ass from the world. As she began to move back to the door, Coral found her voice, the volume raising just slightly. “No, this conversation is not over! I need you to say I’m not going to tan here wearing those, we can make a deal.” She demanded as the blonde walked past her, not even bothering with a reply. “Wait, don’t walk away from me, can we please talk about this more?!” Coral said as she reached and gripped the blonde’s towel to get her attention again. She had hoped to just prevent the blonde from leaving, but this simple tug was all that was needed with such a slick muddy ground. Amelia’s foot slipped out from under her as her upper body was pulled back in surprise. The towel dislodged and she fell down, right on the ass she had just been showing to the world. She felt her bottom cheeks hit the muddy ground with a little spurt and her expensive brand-new white bikini thong was surely covered in mud. She jumped up quickly and turned around confused and suddenly very angry. The sundress girl was standing there holding the red towel, looking almost surprised by her actions. “What the fuck is your problem?!” Amelia said.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean too. You were just walking away without answering! Can we please just talk about this, I’m sure we can agree to something.”

Amelia was not happy that her tanning session had been cut short and this woman turned her mood even lower. “Give me my towel!” Suddenly reaching for it.

“Wait! First we can talk!” Coral yelled back but the blonde’s nails gripped the cotton before she could pull it away.

“Stop! Let go!” Coral cried.

“You let go!” Amelia cried back.

They struggled for the towel like a mini tug of war; pulling it back and forth between their bodies. Amelia’s bare feet and Coral’s flipflops both were sinking slightly into the wet dirt around them. As Coral pulled harder, she unknowingly had pulled herself back to the edge of the kiddie pool. Amelia noticed this and with revenge in mind she let go of the towel as Coral did an extra strong tug. Coral slipped and fell back with a shriek. Though she didn’t hit the mud, the back of her foot hit the edge of the inflatable pool and with a second scream followed by a large splash; she landed in it. Her white flowerily sundress became instantly transparent and clung to her skin as it absorbed the water. She could feel her lacy thong soak as well, her perfect ass taking the brunt of the landing.  

Amelia looked at the drenched girl surprised by the action that she had wrought upon her. She had let go in a fit of rage, but the dress was cute, and she could tell the other woman cared about it the way she was looking down at her wet body.

“Woh, I’m sorry!” She said, as she offered her hand to the wet woman. Coral looked up and smiled reaching her hand up.

Hands met, but the peace offering was not received as Coral pulled the other woman down into the pool to side of her. “You let go on purpose!” She growled as she sat up looking down at her soaked dress. So much for wearing it tonight now, as the see-through material would easily reveal she was wearing a lacy string white thong and white bra and she would have to press dry it for any chance to save it.

Amelia had landed on her side in the pool with water splashing her face. Half her body suddenly was now soaking wet and she pushed herself up while wiping water from her blue eyes. It was true, she did let go on purpose, but her intention to help had been genuine now that they had been equal. HAD been equal, until the brown-haired woman had pulled her into the water. Coral had already stood up and was attempting to step out of the pool when a hand caught her foot. She gasped as she was tripped, falling to her knees and hands into the mud around the blue toy. The wet dress clung to her skin showing off her ass as the front part absorbed the splattering mud into it, discoloring it a light brown. Her hands balled into fists in the mud as she looked at her new dress, ruined before it ever made it out to show. She turned her vengeful eyes to the now standing blonde in the pool who was looking at her with an equal intensity. “My dress!” Coral wailed as she used the mud in her hands and flung a slap of brown goo right onto the blonde’s perky chest and bikini top. “Hey! Stop!” Amelia shouted looking down at the blotchy substance now on her chest. She looked back just in time to raise her arm as the second ball of mud came flying at her. It hit her arm and exploded more onto her chest and forearm, but a small amount, a few splatters hit the bun of her wet yellow hair. Amelia felt it, she knew her hair now had mud in it and that was not cool. Now she would have to wash it, and that meant taking an annoyingly warm shower because the buildings water always ran hot. As a glob fell down from the top of her head, she felt her rage increase. “My hair!” She cried feeling her bun and the brown goop that was mixing with it. The green-eyed girl watch as she prepared a third ball of mud, aiming for the woman’s face. “You!” the blonde yelled as she stepped out of the pool towards Coral in an attempt to stop her. “Get away!” Coral cried as she flung the mud hitting the blonde’s stomach as Amelia connected and gripped the brown-haired girl’s arm and tried to stop further throwing.

“Let go of me!”

“Stop throwing mud!”

“You ruined my dress!” Coral screamed back.

Right outside the pool in the little grassy patch the girls struggled against each other. Their right hands were locked together, while each of them attempted to grab more mud with their left palm to throw. Amelia got her own handful of the goop and pushed into the wet dress of Coral. The ponytail girl screamed in frustration as her dress got more and more ruined with each drop of dirt. She moved away from the blonde a few feet to stop her from rubbing more but the mud fight was just starting. Wet dirt went flying as globs were launched from three feet way like catapults. On and on the throwing continued with the girl’s less than 2 feet apart, as they covered each other with large brown spots. Coral’s dress lost all of its cleanness, mud dripping down the little line of cleavage from the dress. Amelia was equally as dirty, her bikini wearing body littered with mud and pieces of grass on her tanned skin.  They stopped after almost a minute of their mud throwing to catch their breath and assess the situation.

Coral stood up and flung mud away from her arms. She shot a glare at the blonde who was still on her knees. The pale girl kicked forward flinging mud from her foot onto the other woman, re-igniting the fight without saying another word. Amelia felt the mud hit her and yelled as she stood up. She had to big handfuls of mud that she planned to slap onto the top of the brunette head. She charged forward with her hands above her head, but Coral caught her approaching wrists noticing what the blonde had planned to do.

Their bodies bumped together for a brief second while they continued their standing struggle arm to arm. Focused only on each other, they had lost sense of how close they were to the pool. One small step to the left and Coral half slipped and half hit the blue. She started to fall back and with her fingers still wrapped around Amelia’s wrists, pulled the other woman with her.  

They tripped into the small baby pool, water flying everywhere from the splash created. The clear liquid suddenly turning a murky brown as the mud from the girl’s skin washed off. Their white clothing regained some of its purity as they each wiped their eyes clear while catching their breath. Amelia cleared her blue orbs first and noticed how close they were to each other in the pool literally laying side by side. She moved quickly and tried to get her leg over and on the sundress girl to pin her and stop this wild tussle.  Coral had the same idea having cleared her own eyes and their limps crashed together neither able to get on top struggling for position. They pushed each other’s shoulders desperate to take the top spot but unsuccessfully could get the other onto her back in the water. Eventually they got to their knees and were simply jumping at each other, falling down almost in a playful way if they weren’t actually angry and trying to semi-drown the each other. The pool wrestling went on for a few more seconds before Coral tried to reach off the side of the pool and arm herself with more mud.

“No, you don’t!” Amelia growled reaching for the brunette to stop the further flinging of goo. Her opponent was easy to grab or at least the wet dress she was wearing. A dress built to tease, and not at all for whatever the hell they were doing in this pool. The top straps popped with the lightest pull and it slid down Coral’s body like a peeled skin. “No! Let go of my dress!” Coral yelled as she rolled to her back to kick at her rival. Amelia kept at it until it got stuck at Coral’s hips, but she was not done pulling it off. She stood up for better leverage as the half-stripped girl yelled and jerked out with her legs trying to stop the blonde. The dress came off quicker than expected and with an extra tug it fully slipped down Coral’s legs. The blonde fell out of the pool with the dress in hand, landing on her back in the even more muddy arena than before. She looked at the dress noticing how nice the fabric was even now in its torn state. She looked up to see the green-eyed girl standing there in her wet underwear, her incredible body on full display. Her eye’s darted from the dress to the blue eyes of her new rival and with a little scream she jumped out of the pool and on top of Amelia.

With her dress torn off and now leaving her in her incredibly skimpy underwear, the similarities in their body types was more pronounced as she and Amelia rolled into the light muddy grass. Naturally their legs jostled for position, squeezing the other’s pythons and trying to outmaneuver the limbs. It was also clear that Coral’s lacy little white thong, which was now Tan in color from the mud, ironically might have been smaller than Amelia’s own newly mud tanned bikini. It was quite the sight, two white thongs, one bikini and one lacy, covering two perfect asses, tumbling, trading, and wrestling for the top spot in the little greenspace.

Coral attempted to push Amelia down into the ground to get her stuck. The blonde reached up and pulled the brown hair as they tumbled in the wet mud around and around. Their skin fully covered in brown dirt as they hissed in the near nude each time, they found themselves in a compromising position.





They said as they before finally they separated for a brief second from a slip in their grip. They laid in the mud taking in what they have done thus far. They were in a fight, each of theirs first fight in their entire life. A fight with a tenant in their place of living and one each wanted to win and get the much-desired apology. They got to their knees and moved a few feet away from each other clearly not done.

They began to slap harshly aiming for each other’s pretty face. Little defenses were put up as they both attacked when Coral made the first strike to Amelia’s left cheek. She hollered in pain but wildly lashed out landing one on the brunette’s temple. It stung but Coral didn’t let up, aiming more and more slaps as she moved an inch forward in the mud. The slap fight went on for another couple seconds with both women getting in stinging shots to each other’s shoulders. After another 5 seconds, Coral began to overpower the blonde winning with her slaps that landed in sequence on their targets. A direct one to the face sent Amelia to her side groaning in pain, splattering mud as the brunette reached down and took hold of the now messy bun of blonde hair. Her silver nails ripped into the strands and the bun came loose letting the surprisingly long yellow hair free. It draped down the blue eye’s girls her back and was only a few inches shorter than Coral’s own brown wavy locks. With half her body on top of Amelia’s, Coral’s hand went right back to the blonde’s temple and began to push her head down until yellow hair met brown dirt.

She gave a cry as her face was pushed into the mud, her ear filling with the goo and her hair losing its yellow shine. Another inch pushed down and the corner of her mouth felt the dirt which made Amelia panic, feeling the pressure still increase. She had one free hand that was above her head and she filled her black nails with some mud. She flung it up wildly with as much force as she could muster in her position and somehow it landed a direct hit into the green eyes of her attacker. A cry of agony left Coral’s mouth as she fell back to her own proud ass and releasing the blonde head. She was blinded for a second, and the stinging was too much to bear to continue her attack. She wiped her eye’s best she could, but before they were clear, her face was slapped with a brutal amount of force. She hissed and fell back rubbing her cheek from the impact sitting on her thong in the mud. She heard the blonde rise to her feet and Coral instinctively threw two globs of mud at the approaching woman. She also somehow hit the tanned girl in the face, but the blue eyes were closed, and Amelia was only stunned for half a second. The blonde went for the brown hair still in its ponytail as Coral threw more mud onto the blonde’s body. She was still half blinded and screamed as her hair was gripped and her face and upper body were pulled into the ground forward. Her chest hit the mud and her big, fat muscular ass was up in the air, still with her sexy white underwear. Amelia capitalized on the situation, still holding her rival’s hair, she moved around the other woman with one big step. She mounted her enemies back side so that her knees were on both sides of her rival’s obliques and her powerful ass pushed the woman’s lower back flat into the mud. Coral felt the danger of her situation and immediately tried to buck the other woman off, but it didn’t work. She then tried to turn so she could face and claw at her rival, but the blondes equally powerful ass kept her back down. This pose also brought two of most well-built asses in the city just a few inches from touching.

First Amelia broke the hair tie keeping the brown hair in its ponytail letting it fall out in waves. Then she gripped both hands full of the girl’s brown hair in this from an observer, a very sexy power pose. She began to pull up to the sky as both girl’s screamed. There they found themselves, muddy and fighting over something as small as indecency, wearing only minuscule clothing in this sexy hold. Amelia sat on Coral’s back pulling the wavy brown hair with both hands, each girl screaming in anger, one a little louder with pain. They both had a light sheen of brown mud on them, pieces of grass covering their sexy bodies as Amelia viscously pulled her rival’s hair to bend the woman in two. After a few seconds she let go and the bottom woman slight shot forward into the mud. Her still bra covered tits landing in the now very wet ground and goo.  

“Give up?” Amelia growled. She still had her hand in the brown hair, waiting for the reply.

“No.” The bottom woman said with her eye’s now clear as she attempted to turn again to get out of this pin. Amelia started pulling again for a few seconds lifting Coral’s chest and now ruined white bra to the sky. Coral groaned as the blonde released the pressure sending her upper body back into the mud. Amelia turned her head towards the ass of her rival. Her eyes were drawn to the small lacy thong. She had plenty like them and she could see why this woman wore underwear like that too. This woman’s ass looked incredible, even covered in a sheen of mud, she could tell it was near perfect, just like hers. Too much like hers. “You came up to me talking about indecency and yet your wearing even skimpier underwear than my bikini, you hypocrite!”

“I wasn’t laying around in it like a slut!” The bottom woman yelled back.

Amelia hissed at the insult and for some reason she spanked Coral’s perfect ass with a loud slap that sent some mud flying off everywhere. Coral hissed back at the spank knowing it was a challenge, an acknowledgement of sort that her ass challenged the blondes for best and yet she couldn’t do anything back. She also could feel the ass of her rival sitting on her back like two fat muscular pads. She struggled more, looking for any way out of the pin while blonde tightened her grip around her hair again and started to pull.

 “Say, ‘I’m sorry for interrupting your tanning. Say, I won’t bother you again.” SAY IT!” Amelia growled and delivered another hot spank to Coral’s sexy ass. It felt right slapping her rival’s ass. Their bodies felt and looked to similar for her liking. This woman needed not only pain, but humiliation to go along with it.

“Never!” Coral refused, thrashing in the mud like a wild animal, but Amelia held strong pulling the brown hair again and arching Coral’s back to lift her bra covered chest to the sky.

“Ughhh!” Coral groaned again as she was released, and her chest and face hit the soft mud for the third time, but she would not quit. The brown hair was still in Amelia’s hands as she looked at the sexy back of her opponent again wondering how long this would go on. The woman didn’t seem willing to quit from the pain or pin, so she would have to try a different method. Her attention was again brought to the little tiny white thong that her rival was wearing. She reached down again, but this time took grip of the sexy lace of underwear that Coral had chosen for her date night. She felt the pale girl tense at the sensation of her last little clothing get targeted. Coral never would get naked outside; she was already in just her underwear which alone was beyond embarrassing for someone of high class like her. But she NEVER wanted to be nude and have her bare pussy exposed to anyone that wasn’t her lover. “Give up or I tear this off your body! We will let the whole building see your nude ass when I call for them!” The blonde threatened, pulling the white lace thong up slightly Coral’s ass.

Coral froze, that was not part of the plan, she wouldn’t let just anyone see her body, not in this position, not under a bitch like this woman. It should be reversed, her ass on top of this rude woman, her in control. But right now, that wasn’t the case and a fear of having her fully nude body, her sex shown to the world was not worth it. “No!” Let go of it!” Coral cried, seeing she had no choice to stop the blonde in time. “Don’t strip me! I…I…give up.”

At those words, Amelia released Coral’s hair and pushed herself up. This was done by putting her hands on the green-eyed girl’s shoulders as she pushed her rival deeper into the mud while also separating their sexy dirty bodies. Amelia felt the sudden satisfaction looking down at the mud laying woman. She had won the first fight of her life, and it was a weird sensation. This seemingly random encounter that she realized she would probably remember for the rest of her life. She looked down at the defeated girl with a mix of pity and annoyance.

“Don’t bother me again.” Amelia said with her own authority as she pushed her foot off the ground lain woman’s rival ass for good measure. Then she turned away, picked up her towel and with her ass proudly in full display walked back towards the apartment building. For her, she left the battle how she had started it, still wearing her white tiny bikini bottom and black top. Physically she was tired and a bit overwhelmed from just being in her first fight. Clearly neither she or the other woman was a real fighter as they didn’t leave any permanent marks, but the pain and soreness was real.  Turns out fighting and wrestling in mud is a hell of a workout.  Her womanly body was completely covered in a light sheen of mud, water, and sweat. Little bits of grass seemed to be glued to her skin in multiple forms, but her head was held high. Her yellow hair torn out of its bun and was now flat and straight down her back also littered with mud and grass, but she had won and left her rival literally in the mud.

Coral lay there for an extra second, bitter and angry that she had just given up the fight, not because she was beaten physically, but because of a threat, a stupid little threat. The bitch had gotten her into a good pin, that she admitted. But only by threatening to force her nude did the blonde get her to give up. She had not lost because the other woman was better, stronger, or quicker. Only sluttier.  She was sore and a little winded but nowhere near exhausted and in fact; her drive to fight was burning hotter, and she was going too if possible.

She looked up but saw most of the blinds in the windows closed. It was still early for a Saturday. Maybe they had been lucky and not been seen, Coral didn’t know. She would have to worry about that later. She sat up on her knees and flung some mud away as she looked at her white sundress floating in the pool. Her new sexy lacy thong, her white bra, her pretty sundress, all ruined because the blonde woman couldn’t have a civilized conversation. This wasn’t over. She got up and pulled her ruined dress from the pool. Though it was soaking she successfully wrapped it around her hips, to hide her ass by the off chance someone else was walking in the halls. Her bra, she didn’t cover, it looked like a spotty tan bikini now anyway. She reentered the building and walked right passed the apartment 5 where she knew her rival had gone. She tried the door as softly as possible, but it was locked, as she expected.

Not to be stopped she made her way up to her room. Fast and quick she located the key to the side gate of the building. Every tenant had one, as it was the only other way to access the backyard besides the hallway door and usually used for guests. Hoping her plan would work, she went back down the steps to the front door of the building. She peeked out the door quickly and was relieved that the street was empty. She didn’t have to go far, stepping outside and taking a few steps to the right brought her to the entrance of the wooden side gate. The fence was tall with barbed wire on the top to stop intruders from getting into the side gate. They had put the wire there instead of installing bars on the bottom floor windows for the tenant’s safety that were on the ground floor and side yard much to Coral’s convenience. As she pulled open the fence gate she smiled at what she saw. Every window to each room was wide open to help with the heat, to try to pull in some form of air and that included the blondes which was the third down.

Amelia had just turned on the shower and untied her black bikini top. Her only slightly less tanned tits appeared with the small dime sized pink nipples like targets. She looked at the top held in her hand. It wasn’t new like the white bottoms, but it was still a shame to have it ruined and dirtied in such a way. She watched as the water struggled to cool down and seemed to settle at being lukewarm at best. Amelia sighed, replaying the fight in her head, the craziness. What a weird interaction she had just had with a shared tenant.

She needed music, something to listen too right now and let her focus on anything else. Take away the thoughts of having to pass the green-eyed girl in the hall for the rest of the semester. How would they act? Should she reach out and try to apologize before they ran into each other or just let it go. It didn’t really matter, she had won…or so she thought when she left the other woman in the mud. She walked out of the small bathroom looking for her phone, but as she swung open the door, she found she was not alone. There stood the green-eyed girl, still muddy from their tussle by the pool, standing right on the white carpets. Amelia howled in surprise seeing the woman in her room, the one place in the world that was hers, was now invaded. “What the fuck are you doing in here!?”

“We aren’t finished talking.” Coral said matter of fact as she undid her ruined dress by her hips. It would only be a nuisance for her movement on what she was planning to do to the other woman.

“Get out of my room!” Amelia screamed. Yet, she also removed her towel revealing her fantastic body as well to ensure she could move freely. She knew that they were well past discussion. Coral closed the window behind her, sealing them in and taking away the one source of cool air. She turned back to the blonde and they both immediately began to circle each other in the studio flat wearing their minimal clothing.

“I’m not leaving. Not until you apologize for my dress and say I’m not going to tan.”

“You are leaving. I already beat you. You quit and I will tan out there whenever I want!”

“Only because you threatened to strip me nude!” Coral screeched.  

“If you couldn’t handle it don’t start a fight!” Amelia hissed back.

“I can handle anything you can and I’m here to prove it to you right now. We are not done and I’m not leaving until you say you won’t tan out there.

“I will never say that and if you don’t get out in 5 seconds, I will make you quit again and this time I’ll rip your thong off just like I said I would!”

“I don’t care now! And if you try, I will rip yours off first!” Coral rebuked and she meant it, eying the white bikini as if it was taunting her. They circled once more, watching each other’s bodies, looking for a chance as they took awkward fighting stances. Amelia, topless but still in her ruined white thong bikini bottoms. Coral, her ruined white bra still on, plus her lacy white thong still on her hips.

Somewhere in the world, a bell rang unrelated to Amelia and Coral, but with that ring the fight was renewed. The still muddy girls flung themselves together, bodies crushing, and the catfight was restarted, nothing settled between the apartment sharing woman. The intensity was tripled from the outside and the howls of rage would only be explained to the neighbors as a violent television program. Hands shot into the long brown wavy hair and yellow straight hair as they pulled each other back and forth trying to ripe the strands from the roots, leaning their bodies away with the hair lock.

They moved around the room, slamming muddy bodies on the clean white walls. Screaming and cursing as their nails and hands looked to bald the other.  Ass prints of where each girl was smacked on the wall was evidence of how many times they traded positions though it was impossible to tell whose prints were whose. Amelia released one hand out of the brown hair and went for the white bra, looking to make them dressed equally indecent and use it as leverage that her rival couldn’t match. Coral felt the black nails of her rival grip her top and knew that her bra would not be able to handle a good pull from her rival. She accepted it, they were alone now, she didn’t care about being topless, or even bottomless if it came to that which she knew it would. If the blonde was so desperate to have them dressed equally then she would let her and use the distraction of her bra to her advantage. Amelia put her hand right between her rival’s pear sized tits. She pulled down, felt the hook on the back of the green-eyed girl’s body snap. The bra came free, and Amelia pulled it down the pale woman’s lightly toned arms. Coral let go of her rival’s blonde straight hair, her hands being forced to go forward as the bra was removed from her body. Slip. It finally was off and both girls were now topless. Unlike Amelia, Coral’s tits were the exact same shade as the rest of her body, no tan lines broken on the pale skin.

For a millisecond Amelia held the stolen bra and brown hair and Coral held nothing, her arms out straight in front of her. But Coral saw her targets, and they were right in front of where her hands were now placed. She took a quick step forward and her silver claws connected to the blonde’s perky tits. For a half a second she had them in her palms almost tenderly, then she clawed them brutally, digging her nails into the soft flesh. Surprise and pain, those are the feelings that shot into Amelia’s head as her tits were raked by her enemy. She screamed as she dropped the white bra and released the brown hair from her other hand. She had to stop the pain. Her hands wrapped around the pale wrists of her rival even as her tit’s were twisted again and her pink nipples pressed in.

She flung a kick that caught the green-eyed girl’s muscular thigh in surprise. Coral’s grip lessened by a bit and with the mud on her hands and the blonde’s tits, Amelia slipped free. They separated a few feet, now both topless, their tits out for the other to inspect, to compare. God, they were so similar, their size, perkiness, if not for the shade of their skin and the color of their nipples, they could have switched pairs. With the bra’s gone, all that remained was the white thongs. Their most proud part of their bodies, each still having its armor, its clothing. That just wouldn’t do. They attacked again going for their hair, but this time instead of pulling away, they pulled each other closer. Breasts touched, nipples flicked, as the warring woman’s tits compressed into one mass of sexy fat. They could feel the other woman pressed on her, sweat already beginning to drip from their pores and mix with their rivals. The room’s temperature began to tick upwards as Coral and Amelia pushed each other around the room. 1 minute, 2 minutes of this struggle, their hearts pounding in their chest’s inches away from their rivals. Their sweaty breasts began to slick and slide on each other erotically, re-wetting the mud that had begun to harden. Smack, slam.

They pushed each other into the walls of the flat again and again, each impact more jarring than the last. Another slam into the white wall was given.  Amelia’s sweet ass took the brunt of the blow, but this time her head did not escape the impact. Her grip slackened for a second and Coral began to win the intense hair pulling contest they found themselves locked in. For once they did not trade positions and Amelia was pulled off the wall and slapped up into it again. She groaned as she felt their sweaty globes compress and their slick thighs rub up between each other as she was held up on the wall. She was pulled off the wall again and then smacked back with her head taking all of the impact. Amelia screamed in pain as she released the brown strands and tried to free herself from the body on body pin; swinging wild punches into her enemy’s obliques. She thrashed like an animal and Coral knew she couldn’t hold the blonde here for long. She already felt the jolt of the tanned girl’s black nails raking up and down her smooth back leaving red marks.

Coral used the advantage of having her right thigh thrust up between the blonde’s legs while still holding her rival’s hair. She pulled the tanned girl off the wall and off balance. The sudden shift along with still seeing small stars from the head impact caused Amelia to stumble and be led by the hair.  Coral got enough force and leverage to awkwardly throw Amelia by the hair, sending her into the small table in the corner of the room. The blonde’s stomach hit the table and she was bent by the hips, her legs straight and her chest resting on the wood. Instead of capitalizing on her opponents’ awkward position, Coral couldn’t help but glare at the ass that had taunted her from her window the last few weeks. She took her right hand and slapped the ass and thong of her rival as hard as she could. It was only fair; the blonde had spanked her outside first and she felt she needed to return the favor more than anything. Amelia felt the hand hit her ass, a pleasurable feeling she loved when done by a lover, but not a rival, not a woman who openly was challenging her body. She involuntarily gave a sexy little gasp before she kicked back with her powerful legs, but Coral guessed correctly that was coming. She jumped back giving Amelia a chance to turn around leaning her hands and booty on the table. Green and blue eyes were sending lightning bolts into each other that were sparking wildly as the animalistic challenge between their bodies and behinds was brought back to the forefront.

“You want to spank huh?!”

“You did it first!”

True, but Amelia wouldn’t admit that out loud, but she knew she would give back double what this pale woman had done to her ass. Why had Amelia spanked her rival during their outside fight? Why had Coral felt the need to spank back instead of capitalizing in the fight? Well, it was easy. Because, maybe they weren’t as truthful to themselves about how unfamiliar they were with each other.  Maybe they had noticed each other before Amelia had started tanning, and Coral had come to ask her to stop. Maybe over the last month of Coral moving here, they had started a rivalry without even knowing each other’s name. A who has the most, who has the best rivalry, from when they had passed each other in the building or seen each other across the laundry room. They had definitely noticed each other at the school gym, always taking up a squat rack for themselves, endless toning the fat and muscle on their behinds. The fact was they did notice each other, they REALLY noticed each other, or at least one big part of each other. Maybe this heatwave was just the spark they needed to meet and settle what had been silently building between them.

No other words were spoken. They dropped into a crouching position as they began another slow circle. The green and blue eyes watching each other, waiting for the other to move first. The circle got smaller, and smaller as they moved around and around. Coral lifted her hands up tentatively and Amelia did the same; lacing their fingers together. They didn’t start flexing hard and fast however, it was a slow buildup of pressure that deliberately increased towards and into the rival.

Little by little, muscle fibers began to fire as they increased the pressure between their palms. Grass and mud still covered their bodies, but their eyes shone bright, green and blue, contrasting orbs though each had a red fire burning behind them. Their arms and backs worked against each other for a long minute as their breathing increased.

As they pushed into each other, a stronger feeling filled their minds and bodies besides the strain of their muscles. Even. That’s what it felt like. Their arms and backs flexed against each other, gaining a foot, losing a foot. It was too equal, but their arms were never what mattered between them. They mutually released each other’s fingers now breathing heavy but didn’t take any sort of break. Amelia moved forward in a flash and wrapped her arms around the brunette who copied the hold. The physical contact was more direct than before, with their breasts tightly squished together between them. Did they want their tits on the other woman? No, but this hold was made for another reason. They began to push again, but now all the power came from their asses and legs. Their pride, their strength and what they wanted to use to break the other.

Now things got intense and sweat began to break out on their bodies like oil with the room heated up like an oven. Their white thongs moved side to side as they flexed their glutes in the pushing contest. They began to exhale with fast breaths interrupted with loud, draw out grunts of exertion. This wasn’t a wild contest like before, where hair and claws were all fair game. They didn’t even attempt to trip each other to the ground when their legs would slide erotically muscle on muscle. This type of contest was calculated, a challenge from a spanking they had given and received. Whose ass was top ass in this building and who could pin the other back with the power generated from it. That is what mattered and that is what they were going to figure out. So, they pushed forward against the best ass they had ever seen outside a mirror, desperate to win this sexy game.

After two minutes, somehow, to their despair, they found the same feeling as before. Equal, Even, Perfectly matched. Every inch they gained was taken back seconds later by her rival. Their asses flexed, the largest muscles on their body by a mile in full use, their thighs fired too, with their hamstrings and their calves flexed to their limit. Every squat, every hip thrust poured into this moment. Ass versus ass like it had to be between these two secret enemies. Their girlish grunts and gasps signaled their annoyance from the soul crushing tie they found themselves in for almost a third minute. Their sweaty chests began to slip on each other as each felt the weird sensation of another woman’s nipples on hers. The pressure decreased, the muscles started to quit on their owners, unable to conqueror their counterpart. They ended up standing there, leaning on each other while drawing in deep breaths of air to recover for another round.  

Amelia couldn’t stand the tie, the long draws, her ass meeting an equal in a power contest of all things. She wanted to win and get her apology, she wanted to hurt this woman, this body twin who confronted her. Using their mixed sweat, she slid her body down her rivals and placed herself in a lower center of gravity before the green-eyed girl could match.

She drove her shoulder into Coral’s lightly toned stomach who was off balance stumbling back. The ass pushing duel ended with Coral’s back roughly hitting the far wall, driven by her rival like a football sleigh. Amelia backed up slightly and then launched forward to dig her shoulder again into the toned stomach trying to knock the wind out of her rival. Coral grunted on the impact and began wailing slaps and scratches on her rival’s exposed back in retaliation. Another shoulder slam and Coral attempted to knee the woman in the face but could not get the force behind it to do any real damage. Amelia dug her shoulder into the tummy now, not willing to risk nearing the brunette’s powerful legs, but this allowed Coral to reach a new target. Her hands rubbed down the blondes’ sweaty back and gripped the white bikini thong triangle on her rival’s hips. She pulled it towards her, pulling it deeper into the owner’s already fat ass. Amelia gave a squeal of shock, as she felt her bikini in her rival’s hands. The string disappeared further up into her ass crack as Coral pulled harder to control her rival. She tried to stand up, but Coral put more pressure onto her body, putting her face and upper body on the blonde’s lower back in an awkward Supplex hold.  Amelia not to be trapped with her thong being pulled up into her ass launched her claws into the back of Coral’s knees which caused the brunette to involuntarily flex them. This broke her hold on her rival, and they collapsed together into a ball of sexy muddy flesh. Amelia shot up faster and got to her knees but was met by Coral who throughout the fall still held onto the back of Amelia’s thong. The blonde duplicated the hold and they both pulled up wedging each other to duel cries of pain face to face.

“LET GO!” Amelia cried already sorer between her cheeks from the constant pressure applied by Coral. “You wanted to strip me out there right!? Well two can play that game!” Coral gasped, but she wasn’t playing a game. She put both hands on Amelia’s clothing and pulled the white bikini thong up into Amelia’s fat ass again as the bikini began to tear. The blonde screamed in pain, but now she could counterattack. She found the lacy thong and gripped it as well with both hands, pulling it up as hard to Coral’s wail. Both girls wedged each other further trying to be the first to break the other in this contest. Coral hissed at the pain, but Amelia was beginning to weaken as it pushed into their asses for a long minute. Desperate, Amelia changed targets and gripped the front of the cloth instead and began to pull it forward stretching the lingerie out forward.

Coral felt the pressure lessen on her ass and got focused on her lower back. Thinking the blonde was quitting, she tried to double down on her upward pressure. She heard the rip and the white bikini could handle it no more. Amelia’s thong snapped, relieving her of the pain that had become so unbearable. Without that pressure, Amelia pulled harder as Coral fell back without the resistance. Coral’s lingerie was so thin that after just a few seconds of Amelia’s full body weight on it, the small string tore into two. Even through the grunts and hisses of pain, both women felt the tear as Amelia fell to her back as it too lost the resistance. She sat up quickly for the counterattack, but Coral was not moving. “No!” The woman cried and looked down at the cloth that now hung on her hips like a loin cloth, torn right down the middle and hanging onto each side. Her new white thong, a special gift, one she had planned to wear out with her boyfriend and surprise him. It was worthless now. Amelia had rolled away and took a second to look at the ruined bikini thong that was also laying torn at the sides of her hips. It had been very expensive and a personal gift for herself. Both girls were lamenting the loss of their new clothing, both spending quite a pretty penny for being able to wear it for less than an hour each in terms of using it. As if on cue they looked up from the ruined pieces of cloth another wave of anger hitting them.

“You ruined it!” Amelia cried looking up seeing her rival sitting a few feet away. She untied the cloth and threw the torn white bikini at her rival in a ball that landed softly on Coral’s pale skin. The green eyes narrowed as she slipped her own off and balled it up. “You ruined mine! And mine was way more expensive than your slutty bikini!” As she threw her own back bouncing off the blonde’s shoulders.

“Slutty!?” Look at your panties! Wearing that nearly see-through dress with that! That is way sluttier than what I was wearing!”

“At least I don’t show off my nearly nude body in the open, like I’m practically begging men to come up and fuck me! Have some class!”

“That’s it!” Amelia screamed, unable to handle listening to more of the woman’s words. The blonde jumped at and on top of the brunette and they began an ass-tastic rolling around the carpeted floor, leaving a trail of mud on the way as they went. Their legs intertwined and their arms went around each other’s backs to not allow the woman on top to sit up and mount her. For the first time they were nude in their bodily contact, no thongs to protect them, the ripped ruined pieces of cloth lying forgotten in the increasingly muddy battlefield. The humps almost seemed to jiggle every revolution, they stuck out so equally, in size and apparent strength.   Arms around each other’s necks as they vied for the top position. Over and over they tumbled with no clear objective except to get on top of her rival. Each thong-less ass presenting itself on top before being pushed down again and replaced by its muddy copy. Suddenly, slapping sounds filled the room as Coral and Amelia began to spank each other each time one or the other was forced onto her back. This wasn’t playful spanking; they slapped welts and left marks that drew out gasps of pain.  However, with a trained ear, you could slightly pull out the tiniest gasps of pleasure that escaped their lips when a really good spank was given. The mud hid a new key difference in their now nude bodies, blonde had light tan lines from the tiny bikini she wore, the brunette, unbroken and pale throughout gave them a slight contrast to their asses and tits. Their sweaty chests compressed again; slightly sharper nipples than before flicked as the soft pears mushed into each other. Their thighs enclosed on each other and they could feel each other’s labia rub up and down their thighs.  

The wild spinning ended when the girl’s hit the wall, with Amelia’s back slapping the plastor. Coral tried to adjust her body higher to keep Amelia trapped in the awkward position, but the blonde got her legs up between them and kicked her off. They separated; taking a second apart and resting with deep heavy breaths. Amelia looked around her once clean room. Mud was everywhere and the pristine white walls and carpet were blotched with the substance. They pushed themselves up at the same time, not wanting to be caught on her back. They pushed their sweaty hair back as they physically and mentally prepared for the next phase of the fight. Coral scanned the room, looking for an advantage and the blonde noticed her rival’s green eye’s glance at the door.

“If you think you are leaving until you apologize bitch, you have another thing coming.” Amelia taunted as she gave a light stretch to her sexy nude body.

“I’m not going anywhere slut.” Coral replied as their claws became unsheathed and they approached each other on their knees. Their exposed cunts were now in full view though they kept their eyes locked together. They were slower now, eyeing each other with care and looking for weaknesses or a mistake. Hands met, then bodies as they began to erotically wrestle once again. Their muddy bodies crushing and molding to the sounds of girlish grunts while attempting to get behind their opponent and push her rival down into the carpet. After a minute of the nude tumbling neither had succeeded. They had wrapped their arms around each other’s necks to pull each other close. Amelia stood up and Coral went with her trying to fling their nude rival around. They did not release each other, and their legs quickly entangled below. Their arms gripped each other harder, and they wrapped up like nude snakes. They screamed in anger as the sweat dripped off their bodies making it harder to hold on to their rival. A few seconds later, Amelia slipped her head free from Coral’s grasp and she attempted to half tackle half jump on the other woman to bring them back to the ground.

They stumbled a few feet before Coral collapsed with their combined weight, landing half on the small wooden chair with the blonde on top of her. The chair, which was already not a well-built chair, collapsed under the weight of the two women and continued their already dramatic fall. Coral landed roughly and had the wind knocked out of her lungs. Amelia’s fall was painful, but the brunette’s womanly body lessened the impact and she quickly pushed herself off and away from her rival.  She looked at the ruined chair and Amelia knew her deposit just went flying out the window. She then looked back at her wavy-haired nude rival on the floor. She was slower to move, still trying to refill her lungs and Amelia saw her chance. She wasn’t going to let this woman ruin her apartment any further and planned to end this fight at the same time.

She gripped the still muddy hair of her collapsed rival. “Come on bitch, we are going to get washed up, and then you are going to clean my apartment till it’s spotless.” By the hair she dragged Coral into the bathroom and next to the small stall shower. Coral screamed in agony as her hair was torn by the roots and lashed out with her claws scratching Amelia’s oblique and leaving red claw marks.

The blue-eyed girl gasped at the pain, tempted to scratch back, but she had reached her destination. The lukewarm water was still running, a forgotten background noise the girls had ignored during their violent struggle. She pulled Coral to her feet and just dodged a violent right hook to her chin that had come flying from the brunette’s right hand.

Coral had thrown all her weight into the punch and was off balance allowing Amelia to turn her. She shoved the green-eyed girl into the running shower as the luke water began running down the pale girl’s perfect body. Coral’s body hit the far tile with a slap where she was able to catch herself. The mud began to wash off her body, revealing her pale flushed pink skin, cleaning her of impurities as she turned around to face the entrance. She watched the blonde enter the shower stall; arms raised clearly intending to pin her rival to the wall of the cubical while also incidentally washing off her own skin in the process. Coral noticed her surroundings and reached to the wall basket next to her. Her fingers latched on to one of the many soap bottles and pulled a blue sweet-smelling body wash from the shower rack; she swung it at the blonde’s head. Amelia didn’t dodge in time, the bottle hitting her temple and almost sending her back out of the stall in pain.

Coral pressed her attack swinging again for the head, but Amelia caught her wrist holding it back from impacting her. The blondes on the other hand found the same brand of shampoo bottle from the rack and she swung back at her rival’s face, but Coral caught her rival’s wrist as well. There in the shower their arms flexed above their heads each connecting and in doing so popped the lids off the bottles. The soap and shampoo goo went flying in squirts as they squeezed aiming for each other’s eyes but mostly hitting tits, stomachs, and shoulders. The blue soap quickly replaced the brown mud that was washing off their sexy bodies. Slap. A palm connecting with Amelia’s face and getting some soap in her eye. She screamed in pain but launched herself at the pale girl, crushing soapy bodies together as they continued to fight in the shower, their asses clearing the steam as they moved around the glass. Mud was replaced with soap as it dropped down their bodies as they pulled each other close trying to avoid the other’s vicious punches and slaps. Their area of battle was dangerous, and the shampoo made everything very slippery now oozing out of the fallen bottles. They traded position under the water several times and after a minute of this awkward tussle both girls were clean and even sweet smelling. Amelia’s body was slammed into the tile, her tits pushed into the wall and her ass suddenly clawed with the sharp white nails of her rival.

Less than 20 seconds later they had reversed positions and Coral was on the same wall as Amelia pushed her body into her. “Give up?” She hissed into the green-eyed girl’s ear.

“No.” The pale girl responded as she bumped Amelia away with her ass and turned so they were again face to face. They moved forward and clashed under the pouring water nude trying to force the other girl to her knees in the shower.

Amelia finally succeeded in hooking her calf around Coral’s leg and with the soap covering the ground, she successfully tripped the other woman in the shower. Coral gasped as she fell to her ass sliding on the tile slightly as the girl’s lost their grip on each other’s slippery form. Amelia took a step back from the sitting girl separating their bodies and giving them a chance to catch their breath. Though Amelia had taken them into the shower, Coral had given to the blonde just as good as she had taken over the last minute. Coral was breathing heavily, and Amelia was doing the same, her blue eyes burning from the soap they had rubbed on each other’s faces. She blinked fast to clear the pain while staring down at the wet brown-haired woman who she was now aggressively showering with. Boy’s always asked to shower with her, a chance to wash and press their dick onto the ass that they worshiped. She had never showered with another woman, let alone showering with a rival of the very ass she was so proud of. One who did not worship, but actively challenged her as a woman and a person, ideals and bodies equally meeting in challenge. She wanted to attack other woman in a way that not only would get her to quit the physical fight but humiliate her emotionally. She needed to emphasize the point until the bitch accepted that her ass was inferior.

“This is for ripping my bikini!” Amelia screamed as she remembered why this fight had happened. That the brunette had come to her talking about indecency of showing off her body, she would show her real indecency now.

She wasn’t sure why she did it, but it felt right. Their spanking had confirmed their animalistic rivalry stemmed from their asses and this brown-haired girl had to be not only defeated but humiliated in a way that only they could do to each other. Amelia turned around, her ass already level with the sitting woman’s face while being able to use the door as leverage with her hands. She took her own deep breath, knowing this was a new line she was going to cross.

She pushed back and felt her juicy fat ass shove into the green-eyed girl’s face in hopes suffocate her in this wall face sit. She knew this feeling of having a face in-between her cheeks. The few men she had hooked up with begged to get under it, but like showering, she had never done this type of sexual act with another woman. This wasn’t a lover either, not a girl she decided to experiment with; something her friends had teased her would happen in college. It was a rival and with that though in mind she began to push harder, and finally felt the sensation of the wavy-haired girl scream as she really understood what was happening to her in the shower.

Amelia’s perfect ass grinded on Coral’s face as if it was a pole at the local strip joint. The pretty face of the green-eyed girl was fully covered by the glorious behind. A small waterfall was created by the showerhead that ran down Amelia’s back washing away the last bits of dry mud that still coated their lower bodies. Coral felt suffocated behind the hot ass muscle that grinded her cheeks, and feeling the puckered asshole touch her nose as water caressed down the smooth skin. She clawed Amelia’s back and legs, leaving deeper and deeper scratch marks on the lightly tanned skin in an attempt to force the woman off her. It was to no avail, as the blonde seemed determined to break this brown-haired woman’s will in the shower using her ass. Amelia would take the pain needed to get the brunette to tap out and be fully submissive this time.

The plan was good and may have worked if not for her opponent’s willingness to do anything to win. Coral wouldn’t lose here, not under her rival’s juicy behind, when her own ass should be doing this to the blue-eyed woman. She felt the animalistic rivalry swell in her from this move and knew deep down why this blonde slut was using her ass to try to finish her. She first tried to move, but the ground was to slippery to get traction. Her one attempt to push herself up failed as the juicy buns on her face followed her. Scratching and clawing didn’t have much effect as she applied more and more marks to her rival’s tan legs to only earning a few hisses of pain from the blonde. Coral began to feel faint as the juicy ass pushed her back with more force and water cascaded down her back to the crack. Coral needed to do something, and like a lightbulb turning on in her head, that something came to her. It was disgusting, she wasn’t a lesbian, but when she felt the blonde’s asshole pass near her mouth, she couldn’t stop herself.

Better to do this than lose to this slut. Her tongue shot out and with true aim plus a lot of spit, it slid easily into the puckered flesh of the blonde’s puckered hole. Amelia’s blue eyes went wide from the new sensation and sudden pleasure, but she wasn’t ready for it. She gasped as the tongue slithered in and out. She tried to retreat, leaning back up to relieve some of the pleasure that was building from the playful tongue in her ass. But Coral’s hands shot up like snakes to Amelia’s front thighs and in a turn of events pulled her enemy’s creamy ass back to her face, reversing who was in control.

She felt Amelia’s panic and freeze because this was affecting her, and Coral would do it as long as she needed to get out of this pin. She began to eat Amelia’s ass with more enthusiasm and the blonde groaned in desire and surprise as she fully washed off the soap in the warm shower. The blonde was confused, unsure of herself how to keep this pin but avoiding the tongue. She first tried to push her ass harder into Coral’s face, letting the brown-haired woman’s pink muscle sink deeper into her. The plan was for the increased pressure to bitch to stop. But after 10 seconds of the continued tongue fucking of her magnificent booty; Amelia realized that she was going to cum this long before Coral quit. Her own hands slipped on the side of the tile and she felt trapped in her own web, getting tongue fucked over and over.  

“Oh god.” Amelia cried as the ass eating continued, her body shaking as she did round motions with her proud booty. She had a weakness for anal pleasure, mainly a tongue and this woman seemed to know how to it better than anyone.  She pulled off, she had too, there was no other option as he felt a much to close sense of an impending orgasm. Her blonde hair had already returned to its prefight glow as it wetly clung to her back side as she threw her weight forward and freed her ass from Coral’s face to now escape her own pin. She fell to her knees in the shower, her head outside where the glass door would be if she had closed it. Coral took in a full breath of air, her tongue still tasting of her rival’s ass. She stood, water running down her nose slightly as she looked down, frustrated beyond hell on what had just been done to her. The blonde was still on her knees with her legs shaking from the pleasure.

She didn’t feel the brown-haired girl attack her yet and took it as a good sign that maybe the other woman would be too out of it to continue. She took a deep breath and turned around, expecting the other woman to simply look defeated, sitting in the shower. She was wrong. She gave a light gasp seeing the other woman already standing over her. She tried to jump up, but Coral stomped down on her lower back slamming her down into the tile. The blonde screamed in pain as she fell to her stomach and awkwardly rolled half out of shower. Coral moved forward as Amelia lay there stunned slightly trying to cover her stomach from more stomps.

Coral got slightly on top, sitting on Amelia’s hips as they both began to throw punches and slaps at each other. The wet girl’s brawled, with Amelia feeling her tits pulse from a rough slam into the floor a few seconds before.  She tried to concentrate on the fight even with her legs shaking from pleasure. She had attempted to use the ultimate form of humiliation, but the brunette used it so she could get back into the fight. Coral began to land harder punches and slaps on Amelia’s body. She forced the blue-eyed girl down onto her back fully. Her wet back hit the tile then her head as she was now fully on the defensive. She was trapped, trying to just stop the pain from the nails. Then her blonde hair was pulled up by Coral and flung down as Amelia felt her head smack against the tile putting her in a daze.

She went slightly limp in the shower, the pain pulsing on her skull while water was still plunging down her body. Her hair was gripped, and she was pulled from the shower while unable to see clearly where she was being led. Like a wounded animal she lashed out with her own claws, one finding it’s mark into Coral’s marble thigh. She heard a howl of annoyance escape the red lips of the brunette and immediately tried again to rake the same spot. Another slap to her face stopped her clawing and she went slightly limp as she was dragged out of the bathroom and onto the carpet. She was pulled up, her head still spinning from the impact of the tile as she was pushed roughly forward. She didn’t hit the floor, instead landing on the soft white bed that had miraculously stayed clean during the mud fight. She was laying on her front trying to push the pain from her head down when she was spanked again for good measure.

She groaned as she was rolled to her back, still dizzy. Coral had climbed onto the bed and Amelia felt the shift in weight of the mattress. Amelia’s mind told her to get up and off her back, but it was too late as Coral crawled on top of her and schoolgirl pinned Amelia, arms trapped, and the perfect ass of the green-eyed girl sat upon the b-cups of her rivals. There the two nude rivals caught their breath as blue and green glared at each other. Coral took a deep breath and then brought her hand down. Slap, Slap, Coral rain down on the trapped Amelia, the blue eye’s closed as she wailed in pain taking the slaps to the face.

She struggled trying to dislodge Coral and had to take the attack full on. She bucked kicked her legs up but couldn’t reach the other woman’s body to return any pain. More slaps and a punch to the stomach as Amelia began to whimper unable to find a way out. Coral’s eye’s flashed in anger as she attacked more, bringing more pain as she recalled the humiliation she had endured in the shower.

Amelia’s body began to quit on her, the flight and fight mentality switching to flight as she failed to stop several more slaps in sequence. Coral felt the change as Amelia stopped struggling and just gave out one more slap before asking the fully trapped blonde.

“Say I quit, and I won’t sunbathe like a slut anymore!” Coral growled feeling in control as she pushed her ass harder into her rival’s nicely sized tits.

Amelia’s blue eyes flashed in anger, but as she watched Coral’s hand raise again, she knew she couldn’t continue in this position. “Stop! Ok! I give up! I give up!” Amelia cried, and Coral gasped in her victory lowering her hand and taking in the moment, but it wasn’t enough, not anymore after what had happened in the shower. It should have been, she could have gotten up right then and there, walked out of the room as the winner. Left the defeated blonde, nude, and wet on the bed and happily moved on with her life, but she couldn’t.  She needed to feel not only the elation of victory, but the even sweeter sensation of humiliation of her rival. The bitch had ground her ass into her face to suffocate her, but they both had big juicy asses for that type of play, and it was now time for payback. Amelia felt the other body release hers, then felt the shame of her loss building as Coral got off the bed. She wanted the bitch to leave, leave her in the shame of defeat. After a few seconds of not hearing the door open should have been her first sign that the duel was not done.

The next thing she felt was not shame, but pain, pain from the roots of her sore scalp, where her hair had been torn and ripped over the last 25 minutes. Coral latched onto the yellow strands and pulled Amelia closer to the edge of the bed where the blonde had no chance of using the wall to kick off.

“You quit. Good, but now you have to say you won’t sunbath any more outside like a slut or I’m going to give you a bit more to cry about!”

Amelia’s pride soared after admitting her defeat just moments ago, and she felt just enough of a spark return. Her blue eyes opened again to glare at the green. It seemed the other woman couldn’t just walk away, that’s all she had to do. They were more similar than either would ever like to admit. Amelia had just said she was giving up but on the demand of giving up sunbathing in what she wanted to wear, her blue eyes ignited once more.


Coral glared at her rival, wondering where the renewed passion came from, how it had returned so quickly when seconds ago she thought she had diminished it. Now she felt the animalistic rivalry, the same that had entrapped the blonde just minutes before in the waterfall. The same that led them down this fight. Then she cruelly smiled. “So, you don’t quit?

“You heard me bitch.” Amelia hissed. “I’m going to tan out there wearing whatever I want.”

“Fine. Scream when you change your mind.” With her knees on each side of the blonde’s face, she lowered her body in a reverse schoolgirl pin. Her toned juicy ass pressed down onto her enemy’s pretty rosy face. Amelia felt the meat, felt how strong her rival’s ass was, and knew the roles had now been reversed. She had to find a way out but would not do what that dyke did to her. The bed made it harder to roll as she too clawed but after a few seconds she screamed.

Coral lifted her ass slightly off her rival, hearing the sweet sound of the blonde struggling and gasping.

“Say it.”

“No! Never!”   

She wouldn’t quit on this bitch, not under her ass. A half second after she finished saying the word never, Coral lowered her ass once again.  Amelia hissed as she struggled to get air and again screamed in frustration, in denial that this was happening to her. Getting face sat by a rival ass, one that challenged her own just by existing in the same stratosphere. Her ass was made for face sitting and it was pinned down, unable to perform its task like it had been.

Coral ground her ass more and more into Amelia’s pretty face as the blonde clawed her thighs. The pain was worth it. Her own perfect ass now the weapon of the minute and she felt the attacks weaken little by little. She wondered, would the blonde slip down into the gutter like she did. Maybe that’s why she did it, to see, would they both go to disgusting lengths to beat the other. Then like an answer to a prayer, she felt Amelia’s strong wet pink tongue slide up and down her ass cheeks until they entered the cooper tasting hole like a snake. Coral was shocked, not at the attack, she expected that. She knew in her soul the blonde would match her and each now had proven they would do anything to keep fighting and win. No, she was shocked at the enthusiasm the blonde had, not just tongue licking but actively eating her ass, up and down in and out of her body that sent a new sensation to the brunette. Amelia was disgusted with herself at first, she didn’t want to do it, but she didn’t have a choice and once she committed, she felt how devastating this was to the brunette as it had been for her.  There was surrender or this and she would tongue this woman to an orgasm a thousand times over if it meant getting out of this hold and continuing their fight. The black nailed hands stopped clawing and went to the top of the brown-haired girl’s ass. She spread the cheeks, rubbed them sensually while Coral hissed at the intrusion. She put more pressure onto Amelia’s face trying to break her, sexual will against sexual will.

Coral and Amelia had learned that anything is fair in a fight. They could be as dirty as they wanted to be and both girls’ felt dirty was the way forward. Amelia had used her ass first, but Coral had brought out her tongue and had turned the fight in her favor. Now Amelia was doing the same but not just as a means of escape. She was going to drain the energy from this bitch, and this was how. As her face was squished between the two strong cheeks, her tongue snaked out and slid into Coral’s ass again and again; spitting generously to increase the lube effect. The top woman gave a groan that was defined by involuntarily squeezing of said tongue.

Coral was panting and knew that she had to break the blonde’s concentration. She took two fingers and stuck them into Amelia’s pussy tongue stopped for a half a second at the sensation. The blonde groaned, as she was sexually attacked but doubled her efforts sliding her tongue down further and slipping into the brunette’s warm pussy in retaliation.

This lasted a few seconds, two women again locked together in a second dirty sexual embrace but reversed so they each had tasted the other’s ass. Once trying to force the other to fully submit by ass suffocation, the other using any means necessary to escape and drain her rival. Both giving out plenty of sexual pleasure. The top woman groaned as her ass was licked, the woman’s tongue like a snake slithering in and out of her. She gasped, it was too much in the heat and ass play, she needed to match the tongue, not just with her fingers. She leaned down and her own tongue slide into Amelia’s own cunt not letting the blonde try to scare her out of this. The blonde stopped for a gasp at the new sensation then carried on in her own eating. If they had both known how much they loved this feeling it may have turned out different. As they felt the building sensation of an orgasm, their eyes widened, and they removed their tongues.

Coral released and Amelia let her go as they ended in another draw, both girl’s escaping each other’s dirtiest attacks. On opposite sides of the bed the woman caught their breath, taking in the sensations pulsating from their clits. They weren’t lesbian’s but having their clit sucked and asshole played with did give them spikes of pleasure.

Amelia crawled onto the bed; her ass was bright red from the spanking. Claw and teeth marks covered her body from their violent struggle, but she was also panting in sexual heat.

Coral seemed spent, the bed wrestling taking a toll, her body still annoyingly turned on by their rival’s tongue in her body. The mattress shifting was a sign the fight was continuing as they came to their knees on the dismantled sheets and pillows.  Coral and Amelia’s eyes met from across the bed, this time no words were spoken as they moved forward on their knees till they came face to face and stomach on stomach pressed in tightly.

Their tits met as they embraced into another bear hug, wrapping each other up. A plan to squeeze each other down chest to chest and let their asses rest after the tongue fucking they had endured. The soft pears compressed with a grunt, and it was impossible to ignore the biggest change from their last tit meeting 15 minutes prior. Erect, both pair of nipples were sharper and rubbery digging into the other tits, the first physical sign to how the fight had started turning them on from their dirty techniques. The tonguing of asses for girl’s who loved the sensation was enough to get them hot and bothered. Now their nipples were getting bent \ by other girls own nipples. The fight now was more animalistic than ever as they fell back onto the bed trying to get behind her rival as the bear hug ended. Coral leaned down and bit on the erect nipple of Amelia.

The blonde screamed and clawed Coral’s ass with her black nails sinking into the already sore skin. Unable to keep her mouth on the pink nipple, Coral sent her own white painted fingernails into the other woman’s rump as they came face to face again.

They clawed each other’s asses trying to unperfect the perfect behind and finish this fight somehow. They fell back to the bed, then back to their knees changing positions to give that limb or muscle a rest and lock again with another. They grunted and whimpered, and their muscles burned as the fight slowed and their gasps and grunts hinted at the disgusting arousal each had lingering in them.  

The blonde brought their heads up and felt the other woman’s hands lock around her own temples. Green and blue eyes glowered into each other with a fire that burned and held nothing back.

They moved their heads back and like the twins they went for the finishing headbutt at the same time. A much more brutal tactic for a fight that had entered a new dangerous phase.

Their heads met with a crack and both girls went down, collapsing like rag dolls to the bed. Neither girl even groaned, just a silent collapse that left the room eerily quiet after the screams and growls that had rang off the walls for the previous 20 minutes.  The silence went on and for almost five minutes the girl’s recovered in peace laying there unable to will themselves up. If they could read each other’s mind they would see the amazement that they felt for each other. For how far they each would be willing to go, and how far they had already gone. More time passed until Amelia sat up, her body sore in many places, but her forehead was pulsating. That had been too much, their heads meeting, the sound of the crack still ringing in her ears.

She wouldn’t try that again, and seeing the brunette lying there, was confident her rival wouldn’t either. The other woman was also starting to move again and Amelia’s bright blue eye’s glared her rival, her mind running in what she could do to end this fight. They could continue wrestling in the room clawing each other’s ass until they were raw, and one quit from pain, that was one way. But she had no idea how long that would take, or if she could win. Because she, herself would never have given up that way and she felt her enemy wouldn’t either. Their asses and bodies would have to be destroyed before either submitted or surrendered. She knew one thing though, the one thing that made them different and she could use it. The last time the brown-haired girl had given up was when Amelia threatened to strip her nude outside. Perhaps that was the secret to her victory, the secret to break her rival mentally was to place her in a similar situation.

Take her back outside, this time naked and pin her there. She would threaten to call as many people as she could to ensure the other woman would be too embarrassed to continue. It was her only chance, if not they would keep fighting, keep clawing until the pain was too much and one of them got seriously hurt or they passed out. No, she had to stop it, she had to win and that meant going back to the beginning. She sat up and crawled over to the still recovering woman. She couldn’t help it, she spanked the pale girl’s ass for good measure, and then filled her palms with the wet brown locks. She moved off the bed and the brown-haired girl went with her, still recovering, allowing herself to be dragged. The room was trashed, muddy and gross, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered now was winning to Amelia and she would deal with the consequences after.

“Time to go back outside nude!” Amelia panted as she dragged Coral towards the door, both their bodies nearing the level of complete exhaustion. Over 30 minutes of catfighting, a long time, more draining than all the HITT and Ass Blast classes they attended at the gyms. Coral didn’t resist, she was physically spent, and the pain in her head was numbing. Amelia pulled open the door and made her way right down the hallway to the very backyard where this whole thing had started. She gripped Coral’s hair tightly as she pulled open the back door, but Coral resisted in a last desperate attempt to free herself. She had stood up and slapped at Amelia before attacking the blonde’s hair in retaliation. They struggled again in the hall, nude in another round of aggressive hair pulling.

A knee to the stomach ended the struggle as Amelia leaned over in pain, collapsing on the hallway floor. Her blonde hair covered her face as she too reached the nearing end of her energy. Coral stood there breathing, her own head aching, her knee removed from the blonde’s stomach. She reached down and gripped the blonde hair, standing there for a half a breath, she planned on dragging her back to the room, back to their private arena where they could finish it secretly and do the worse.

But as she looked at the blonde, she felt the rage that had been unleashed. This woman had planned to take her nude outside to humiliate her. She wanted, no needed to prove to herself and to this woman that she was willing to match her in EVERYTHING. In fact, she wanted to humiliate the blonde just as much and she knew that only outside was that fully possible. This fight had begun outside in the sun, about a territory, and Coral didn’t care now about being seen. The thought was like a wave of relief and gave her even more drive to go outside. This change in her was brought out by her rival. They were both fully nude, and had done the unspeakable to each other all in the name of their fight. The other woman was right, they were going back outside, but Coral was going to be the one taking them there. She grabbed the blonde hair and continued down the hall in which they started. The flimsy door shot open as the warring females returned to the place it all began and where they would settle it.

They entered the backyard once again. Coral leading Amelia by the hair, as the hot sun hit them like a wave. Their fully glorious nude bodies shined in the sun as Coral’s eyes adjusted to the light. Her body was sore as she looked at the grass as the place to make the other woman submit, to make her promise not to return. Amelia got her second wind and charged forward wildly looking to tackle her rival to the ground. Every muscle fiber in her ass fired as she pushed hard with her shoulder into Coral’s oblique. Coral tumbled forward from weight pushing her from the side and they landed into the slightly drier grass.

Coral thrashed and Amelia let go and rolled away. She pushed up to her knees, her arms shaking from exhaustion. She watched as the other woman slowly pushed up too, as if her muscles were quitting. Their eyes met, and they didn’t hesitate to renew their catfight. They crushed their bodies together, their pear sized breasts and nipples dug into each other in the test of strength with nothing left in the tank, each woman near collapse. The rubbings of their bodies sent more sparks into their cunt. The fresh air and body on body contact gave both girls a second wind and hands sunk into the muscle into each other’s asses where all their strength was found. They fell to their sides, fully wrestling once again in the grass. They rolled once, limbs twisting and being bent as they tried to get their legs over each other.

The wrestling had brought them back further into the grass and near the pool. Amelia, feeling the mud again, stuck to her back but was able to roll them one more time.

She pushed Coral back into the muddy arena and her ass landed down into still slightly wet gunk. She sat her own victorious ass onto her rival’s hips and sat there. The sounds of the rivals were much louder this time and windows and blinds opened to the commotion as people looked down to see the two hottest chicks in the building fighting nude in the mud. Locked in a ball of feminine flesh. Amelia began to win out again and pushed Coral down into the as she slapped the bottom viciously. But Coral slapped back even on the ground, dishing out as much pain as she could from the bottom, hurting the blonde as much as she was hurt.

A slight pause as they caught each other’s wrists. They breathed heavily staring eye to eye though they spared a glance from the now several open windows and phones videoing, now knowing it was no longer private. As their eye’s connected again, Amelia put her hand down onto Coral’s cunt.  “Give up or I finger fuck you in front of everyone.” She screamed, desperate for the other woman to surrender as they sat back in the mud launching her trap. She wanted and needed this fight to be over, for the pain and dirty pleasure to stop. She knew how easy it would be for this pin to be reversed, their catfight had been so equal, so much trading of top position, so many movements she had feared it would be over for her and others she was sure she would win. Coral’s green eyes flashed in anger, but the fight had diminished the rage in both of them to the point it was nonexistent. This was now just the ritual, what had to be said between them for this to end.

“Fucking do it then!” Coral growled, the fire in her eyes returning then as she began to struggle again. She reached deep down into her source of pride to match against this perfect rival.

Amelia sat stunned for a second, she had made the ultimate threat, one she was sure her enemy would have given up on. 30 minutes ago, the brown-haired woman had ‘surrendered’ with just the threat of losing her bra and panties and be nude in front of just her, now this woman was willing to be finger fucked in front of 25 people on video just so they would keep fighting. They had changed, the fight had changed, it was beyond personal now, but it was also their world. The people watching didn’t matter anymore, the worry of being photo’d, videoed, that didn’t exist. The only thing was her rival throwing her body against her in a clash of wills, and until a will was fully broken, the fight would go on.

She knew in her heart if the role was reversed, she would have demanded the same. Her fingers pushed into Coral’s labia and the bottom girl groaned and continued to struggle on the pin as some men and women moved towards them. Amelia masturbated the ground trapped girl, the green eye’s showed panic, she was still turned on, turned on from when they had tongued each other. But the blonde lost focus for a second glancing at the people and Coral got both hands free. She launched them and clawed the blonde’s tits with her left hand.  Amelia screamed in pain as her fingers continued to stay in Coral pumping in and out. Coral’s right hand had a different target diving into Amelia’s wet pussy. The blonde cried out in surprise as her own pussy was finger fucked by the rival. She leaned down freeing her tits and their foreheads came together as their legs intertwined, giving each other no escape as both girls’ pumped each other’s cunts hard. Physically they were too even, but this would end one of them.

As some hollers and cat calls came from above and in the windows from the incredible sex show but it didn’t matter, Amelia and Coral were lost in their own world, a world for two that demanded one winner, and one loser. They didn’t want each other, they had no interest in sex with each other but still they got wet, wet from the bodily contact and rubbing, from their clits starting to show. From their ass being spanked and squeezed and everything in-between.

Some woman had run down the stairs to break up the fight, while the men wanting to get closer didn’t want to miss a second of the action. As the woman approached, blue and green eyes turned to them. And simultaneously yelled, “DON’T TOUCH US.”

“THIS IS BETWEEN US!” Coral growled.

“BACK OFF!” Amelia screamed as well at the want to be intruders of their duel.

The spectators did, moving away from the ferocious felines, as Amelia and Coral’s blue and green eyes met again, and a single thought was shared. ‘You and me, to the end.’

A good buck from the bottom girl and Amelia fell off, their hand leaving their turned-on cunts. Coral went to get on top, but Amelia did as well, and they met body to body again on the grass.

Hip met hip and the final push came while on their sides with one of their legs in the air. The two best asses flexing deep and pushing against one another on the grass in a final battle of wills. An inch gained by Coral, lost a second later, Amelia took 3 inches, but the green-eyed girl willed herself back to the stalemate. An incredible minute of this muscle ass duel, and though the spectators had some idea, they couldn’t understand the pressure and muscle that was being used and the determination driving them. A whole minute passed, like holding a squat of weight for the entire time. Their bottom leg was slightly wrapped, thighs working as well. Their other leg was in the air, showing off their flexibility and wrapping up as well. Sweat had exploded on their skin, erotically rubbing up and down their slick bodies from their stomachs to their chests.

The sun beat on them, the heat of the day reaching its peak and Coral lost and a few inches and only gained one back. Another 3 lost and her left cheek grazed the grass. Her green eyes widened in fear, and she launched her biggest push drawing her ass forward. Like two bull’s their proud horns clashed, she almost brought them back to equal, Amelia’s eye’s also wide in shock and fear, but she kept it up and gave it her all with a final push, flexing her glutes to their absolute peak.

The sexy pale white ass of Coral was pushed down into the grass as Amelia’s glorious ass took the top position and she mounted her rival. Both girls screamed as this happened, and the fight continued but one had an advantage. Hand’s returned to each other’s cunts where they fingered each other relentlessly, but now the bottom position was draining, and Coral’s pumps got slower and slower at a faster pace than Amelia’s. They dripped cum into each other’s hands and became closer to finishing each other. Each was exhausted, their limits long since passed but they continued to fuck each other in hopes to weaken her rival into defeat.

In their hearts they knew the ass duel had been what mattered.

Finally, Coral’s fingers’ left her rival with a groan and she was fully laid on the ground, getting finger fucked for 10 more seconds until her peak was hit and she began to cum. Her arms filled with Amelia’s ass as the best thing to grab and she kneaded the hot meat through the waves.  She screamed in anger and frustration as Amelia screamed too feeling the woman under her beginning to cum. Frustration at each other, at the circumstance they had forced each other in. The end came as Coral came, right there on the lawn, men hollering as Amelia and Coral stared eye to eye while Coral bit her lip as the pleasure spread down her legs. She felt her pussy tighten on Amelia’s fingers and then release. She still tried to force Amelia off, still fighting till the end, but finally she stopped and came to rest. But did she surrender? Did she say the words ‘I quit’? No, not this time. Her body quit before her mind did as she was forced to orgasm. The pleasure completed and slowly Amelia took her hand out of her rival covered in sticky cum. She sat up on her rival’s hips again and began to lightly slap her rival with her own cum. She had to destroy her rival’s will down to nothing. They were soft hits, just to get the other woman’s attention. She lightly squeezed at her tits but received little reaction. Coral lightly slapped at the blonde’s hands for a few seconds before fully retreating. She went somewhat limp and Amelia let go leaning down, so they were face to face again, sweaty bodies pushed tightly together as none of the audience was making a sound.

“Do you give up?” Amelia whispered, unable to hide the desperation in her voice. She had changed too, just a few minutes ago she would have screamed out to the world, made the other woman yell out her surrender. Now she didn’t want that at all. She wanted it personal, she wanted the woman to surrender but only to her.

A few seconds, and Coral didn’t respond. She wouldn’t cry, not here, and not now. She felt weak, dirty from an orgasm brought on by her dirty fight against the sexual blonde. Now the fire was fully out. The fight had been so brutal and sexual, she couldn’t imagine fighting on after being so dirtily subjected on the ground. She finally whispered back. “Yes…”.

“Ok.” Amelia breathed back into her rival’s ear. They brought their faces tighter again forehead to forehead, and while eye’s glared at each other, it was different now, the fight was over and hierarchy set. For a second, they stared until Amelia collapsed on top of Coral and they laid there in the mud bodies touching intimately. No movement except for the light breathing, a sign that each girl was still conscious and had not passed out from heat stroke.

Blue eyes fluttered open only a few seconds later and she pushed herself up off of her defeated rival, her perfect opponent. She didn’t gloat, didn’t celebrate, her body and mind had passed the point of being able to enjoy what she had accomplished. Amelia stood up, her body again lightly covered in mud, her ass still divine, but sore and violated. She again looked down at Coral, the green eyes were open, but not looking at her, they seemed unfocused and distant. Amelia started to limp back towards the door, her knees weak and her thighs burned. People stood aside and even the videos had been lowered as the spectators watched. Each step made her groan, and it felt like a mile to walk the 20 feet as she reached the door. From her peripheral vision she saw Coral rise from the mud shakily. She too wiped her body for a second then began to move towards Amelia and the door.

But it was over, the brown-haired girl was not about to fight again, not with the way she stood there or the way she was walking. She was simply leaving, wanting to return to her own lair, to lick her wounds and suffer in her defeat. Amelia turned back and entered the hall towards her room. It felt like another mile until pushed open her door which made her cum covered fingers ache. Her room was thrashed, mud everywhere, the bed disheveled, the table contents littered around the floor. Two little white thongs ripped side by side discarded. She entered the room but didn’t close the door knowing there was one final piece of their duel. She moved in and sat on her bed, her ass relaxing into the softness of the mattress.

She crossed her legs and raised her head looking at the door and waiting for the other woman to pass by. She hadn’t screamed out in victory or began to humiliate the girl like she could have, so she would take this, a private acknowledgment of full conquest. Make the brown-haired beauty walk past her open door, giving her an option of coming in or walk away. This would ensure the pale woman’s surrender was full and complete unlike last time. It took longer than she expected as the other woman finally appeared looking as ragged as Amelia. Still beautiful but now rougher beauty, wild after the ordeal they had endured. Coral stopped at the open door, her green eye’s widening in shock and Amelia knew that the brunette understood the meaning of the invitation. The green eyes looked in at her rival sitting there on the bed, a rival who had beaten her, physically and then sexually and now wanted to make sure she knew it.

Coral knew she couldn’t fight anymore, her body and will were broken and would need longer than 30 seconds to heal from this ordeal. Amelia’s blue eyes stared back, looking for the submission, looking for the proof that this woman was done, a moment became frozen in time as they looked at each other not saying a thing. Seconds passed as unsaid emotions were laid bare for both of them. As the time ticked on, Amelia silently prayed the other woman would leave; she would accept her defeat and didn’t want to fight. She didn’t want to fight any longer.

She watched as the nude pale woman took a breath in and wiped her eyes as though she was just holding back the tears. Without saying anything she stepped into Amelia’s room and lightly closed the door behind her. Amelia’s heart sank and a fear she had never known entered her soul. How could it not be over…would they kill each other before one quit.

If Amelia thought the walk to her room was long, it was nothing as she watched the woman slowly approach her. She eyed the other her woman’s red and swollen in spots knowing they matched each other’s wounds nearly spot for spot. Amelia stood up, a small tear coming to her own eye as she prepared to renew the fight, knowing that this time it would be at the least unconsciousness for one of them to win. But as her most hated enemy came up to her, the wavy-haired girl said in a whisper, “I’m not here to fight anymore.” It was said with a softness that made Amelia hesitate to claw out. Coral’s hands moved up and touched the blonde’s body with incredible care and slowly guided her down to the bed till they were lying next to each other. Amelia was too unsure what to do, was it a trick, a plan, all thoughts left her was Coral began to rub Amelia’s labia, running it up and down and teasing the folds gently.

“What are you doing?” Amelia whispered but she didn’t stop the brunette as the sensations from outside returned. She too had been close to cumming in the grass in front of everyone and it would not take much to send her over the edge.  

“I need this.” Coral whispered back, and she did need it. Not for her satisfaction, not because she wanted to have sex with the woman who had just beat her, but because she had to know how close the fight had been. They had proven so equal, but she had lost when she had cum. But she had to know how close, how close was the other woman from orgasming from their fight and she was going to get her answer.

She got on the bed with the blonde as the blue eyes watched her for an attack, a sign if this was a trick. But the softness eased Amelia’s nerves and as Coral began to tease Amelia’s folds, her walls went down completely. The blonde had her black claws on Coral’s arm, she wanted to resist but she also didn’t. Then Coral’s fingers slipped into her pussy and began to pump up and down. Amelia hadn’t wanted to fuck, or at least she didn’t think she wanted to fuck.  But the feelings in her body was more than she could take and now she felt like she needed it too. She also felt like this was still part of their duel, like it had to happen. It was because their fight had not been a physical duel only. Even before they fingered each other on the grass and bed, even before they tongued each other’s asses to break each other’s holds. Even before they had fought in the grass and pool, this whole thing started about their sexes. If you counted the wounds on their bodies, one place would stand out on each other. Their prized asses had been scratched, slapped and abused the most, their tits a close a second, both their sexual organs. The fight had been about what they could wear, about showing off their bodies in a sexual manner. It was all about sex and had to finish with sex.

Her black nailed claw’s relaxed as the pleasure from the outside fight returned quickly and Amelia moaned and began to hump towards the hand. Coral’s tender fingers moved so softly, rubbing her in the exact spot she needed, palm pushing in on her clit, a difference from the rough almost painful fingering they had done outside. The fingers of who in the last hour had given her so much pain, brought her to orgasm after just a few seconds of tender masturbation. Amelia gave a light gasp and pulled the pale woman closer to her so that she could just feel her skin on hers as she came shaking. Coral got her answer that indeed the sexual part of their fight had been close, just as close as they had been physically. The green eyes watched the blonde intensely as Amelia gave a shiver as the pleasure moved down her limbs, her pussy tightening on Coral’s fingers.

The blue eyes closed as she breathed through the pleasure. Coral made sure they were face to face as she drew out the orgasm a few seconds. As it finally ended, she removed her fingers from her rival with a small wet pop. They laid there next to each other, no longer glaring but just looking at the other’s eyes. In this position their red lips almost touched as each seemed to move a few centimeters closer. They looked down at the other’s lips, tantalizing the other woman forward to break this one last act in their fight, who would kiss who first. At this point they almost touched lips, and maybe they should have. Maybe they both secretly wanted to do it, forget everything and take away all the pain through their passion, but each pulled back not crossing that seemingly forbidden act keeping that last bit of will and secret to themselves. They could fight, finger, and tongue as part of their duel, but kissing was too soft, showing too much of something they didn’t think they wanted. Their faces moved slightly away from each other by an inch silently understanding that they had tied again in the game.

They laid there for a few seconds side by side on the bed, holding each other softly in a place they had fought just 15 minutes ago. Now the bed had become a place of peace and rest where the exhausted warriors laid. After a few minutes Coral sat up on the bed. Amelia watched as she wiped her hands of the discharged cum on the sheets before looking back at the blonde. She didn’t look disgusted like Amelia thought she would be. In fact, she didn’t really show any emotion other than weariness, drained of fire.  Her blue eyes were already fluttering closed as she watched the brown hired girl get off the bed. Without another word moved towards the door, limping slightly as she went.  That perfect reddened pale ass, the last thing the blue eye’s saw as Coral left the room closing the door behind her. Leaving Amelia victorious, nude, and to her disbelief, sexually satisfied as she drifted into a dreamless state, her body unable to stay conscious for even a second longer.

2 Weeks Later

The heat wave broke the next day after Amelia and Coral’s erotic fight in the backyard of the dorm like building. It quickly became the talk of the school and videos surfaced of the two beauty’s wrestling much to the displeasure and despair of both the combatants. People looked at both of them at the gym, or in the dorms with wide eyes. Many made snickering comments as Coral and Amelia settled into their life post fight.

They had passed each other once about a week after the fight. Alone, in the hall as Coral came in from the front door as Amelia was leaving. They froze for a second as they made eye contact. Amelia wanted to look dominant, showing she knew she had won, but it failed. They both acted like puppies who had gotten way too rough with each other and now had to share the play pin. Coral held the door open and they passed with their heads down, ensuring they didn’t’ touch or say anything. It was almost as unbearable as their fight, the awkwardness and tension. No other of the tenants would make eye contact with either of them. Amelia’s lease was for another 7 months, and she didn’t want to live that way for 7 months.

A hot day was forecasted roughly 2 weeks after the fight and Amelia decided she had to live her life. She decided to go lay in the sun right where she had been two weeks prior. She was wearing her new tiny G-string, the smallest one she ever purchased because she had to get back to normal, even if people took photos or videos of her now. This was her first-time back sunbathing since the incident with the other woman of her dorm. She honestly was scared, but she had to do this. She had to live her life and she knew the other woman had to be just as scared, if not more so after losing their interaction. Five minutes in, just as she was getting to relax and let her eyes close, Coral entered the garden.

A shadow blocked her sun and she looked up and felt a spike of fear seeing the brown-haired woman from her house staring down at her with those green eyes. She looked as beautiful as the day in which she had dueled that ass with her hands. But the green eyes looked soft and didn’t have the anger, the smug look that wore when they first talked was gone. Now she had what would be described as a small friendly smile.

“Hey, you mind if I tan next to you?” She asked Amelia which could almost be considered awkward if she wasn’t so pretty. Taken aback by this sudden change, Amelia simply nodded her head and Coral gave her another friendly smile. Coral laid down her green towel next to Amelia’s about a foot away and stripped out of her sundress. She was wearing an identical G-string thong bikini, the same make and color as Amelia’s. Coral gave Amelia a sheepish look and a small shrug.

“Honestly, I promise I didn’t mean to buy the same color as you…it was the only one they had on sale.”

Amelia had bought it for the exact same reason but didn’t reply as her mind was in ‘does compute mode’. A silence came over as each woman laid there tanning their perfect backsides, their asses large enough for their own orbit.

“Do you need sunscreen?” Amelia asked, still trying to figure out what the other woman was doing and wanting to understand.

“No thank you, I’m all lathered up. Have to be careful when you’re as pale as I am.”

“Makes sense.” Amelia said, wondering if she was supposed to bring up the fight.

Another silence as Amelia tried to think about what to say. She thought about not seeing the girl with the guy as she had before.

“Your boyfriend is going to drool seeing us laying side by side.”

“Ex-Boyfriend.” Coral corrected her. Not even looking back at Amelia as she looked at her phone.

“Oh, um sorry.”

“Thanks, it’s fine. Just going to be single for a while. I’m going to try to meet more people.”

Another silence passed, not uncomfortable as the last one, but there was still an unsaid conversation. Finally, Coral talked, saying what she had been thinking for 1 week and 6 days and 23 hours.

“Listen, I also wanted to come out to say…I’m sorry for…well getting in your face about suntanning and everything.”

When Amelia didn’t respond Coral continued. “I just felt jealous that I wasn’t so bold to do it. I know the heat is not a good excuse, but it was driving me crazy.” She trailed off again now looking at the blonde and hoping she would talk or say anything back.  

Amelia couldn’t believe this conversation was really happening. She was talking to her greatest enemy that two weeks ago had fought brutally.

Taking a deep breath, and finally talking to someone for the first time in two weeks made her want to answer. “It’s fine, honestly I don’t know why you would be jealous. Your body is literally so perfect.” Amelia said, looking up and down Coral’s body.

Coral smiled wider. “Well thanks, I think your body is perfect too.”

“Thanks.” Amelia said and she weirdly smiled back. Another few seconds of silence passed.

“So, can you forgive me?” Coral asked, desperately turning her green eyes to see the other woman.

Amelia turned as blue and green met again and knew that this answer would change everything.

“Yeah. I forgive you, I’m sorry too for escalating it. I was a little overheated as well, no pun intended”

“I think we both escalated it beyond what was…called for.” Coral breathed.

Amelia gave a small laugh, “Yeah, we did.” as they beat around the bush of what had been done.  After a few seconds of silence, she continued. “That was a pretty intense fight though.”

“Yeah, I have literally thought about it every second for the last two weeks. The toughest workout I have ever done.” Coral exclaimed with a laugh.

“Me too. God, there were moments that could have gone either way…I couldn’t believe how strong you were.” Amelia said getting more into the conversation.

“Me? You are so strong! I thought I was pushing a brick wall instead of you.” Coral said gesturing to the blonde’s perky ass.   

They both suddenly realized they were smiling at each other and they looked away letting the silence build again. Amelia was the one who broke it this time. “Listen, I really don’t know anyone in this city…and I really don’t want to have an enemy as the only person I know….”

“I don’t either, I’m just as new here and all the tenants here have been…distant now.”

“Yeah.” Amelia agreed knowing that this woman was the only person in the world who understood and that she could talk to about it.

Another silence passed between, but they didn’t look away from each other. Then Coral decided to go for it.

“Listen, I know this is crazy after everything we did to each other…but would you like to work out with me? I’m honestly desperate for a workout partner and I’ve…seen you at the gym…”

She rambled a bit much.

Amelia looked surprised, but then a small smile came to her lips. “I would really like that. Do you mind doing morning sessions?”  

“I prefer them.”

“Ok, great!” Amelia said, weirdly feeling excited that she and this woman were talking about working out together. “Then I’ll see you at 6AM outside the building? We can walk over together, if you want.

Ok, yeah that’s perfect.”

“Amelia” The blue eyes said as she reached her hand out.

“Coral.” The green eye’s responded as they shook hands

With that Amelia and Coral smiled at each other again at the blooming signs of friendship from the most unlikely start, though the little competitive fire hidden between their eyes was still sparking brightly as they sunbathed in their little thongs.

The End

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