The Intrusion by JB57


Ok, here is a strange short story that needs a bit of explanation. A while ago, someone on the board wrote a story called “Sheraton Rm 1342 ” by Sayre Pair.

I really enjoyed this story and, as I sometimes do, I ended up re-writing it to be something closer to what I wanted it to be. Not that I disliked the original – I thought it was very good – I just wanted more. I’ve decided to share my rewritten version of the story. I call my version “The Intrusion”. A lot of this, particularly the first part, comes directly from the original – I’ve kept much of the same language, just edited it a bit and added some details. The second half, until the very end, is pretty much mine. At the end, I use some of the same ideas from the original, but rewrite most of it.

I sincerely apologize to the original writer if I am overstepping my bounds in doing this. I can take the story down if there is a complaint.

Finally, in this story, the main characters are called “Pat” and “Marsha”. In the version on the board, their names are “Terri” and “Barbara”. However, I saw this story in two places and the “Pat””Marsha” names come from that other version. 

Hope that is all clear. 

– JB57

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Pat enjoyed accompanying her husband, Robert, to business functions, like the retirement dinner they been at tonight for the Senior VP in his office. These events allowed her to add to her wardrobe, and to spend her time and his money at the salon getting her hair and nails done. But she especially enjoyed these events because seeing her and the other women in plunging necklines, short skirts, nylons and heels got Robert so turned on that they had sex nearly every night for a week afterwards

So it was that they were upstairs on the king size bed of their hotel room, their clothes having been discarded between there and the door, with him wanting to plug and fire his cannon into her box, but with her still enjoying the heated passion and skin-to-skin contact, and adding fuel to his fire with verbal teases. 

“I saw you eyeing Cheryl’s open-to-her-navel dress…and when you saw Sherry’s legs in her five inch heels…and Marsha looked her usual sluttiest. Her skirt was so tight that it looked like it would rip, and her tits were pushed up so much that…and you won’t believe this, but she practically invited herself to spend some bed-time with us tonight. Can you believe her nerve?!”

Robert was fully locked and loaded and ready to fire when they heard a knock on their door and a woman’s voice hollered “Room Service”. 

“Is that Marsha?”, Robert asked, recognizing the voice.

“Marsha?”,Pat replied, puzzled. “What could she want?” 

“Open up!” cooed the voice again. “Special delivery!”

Nude and hot from arousal, and now annoyed at this intrusion, Pat hopped off the bed, scampered to the door and looked through the peep hole to confirm their suspicions. Then, foolishly, she opened the door just a little and poked her head around and said “We don’t want any”. 

But Marsha barreled into the door, knocking it into Pat and opening it enough for her to burst in. Marsha was wearing a short, white terrycloth hotel robe and black heels which showed off her long, bare, muscled legs to delicious effect. Her long dark hair hung loose.

Marsha stopped when she got inside and saw Robert in bed, trying to cover his nakedness and hide his erection. 

“Oohh my,” she purred, just before she saw Pat grabbing for her robe in an effort to pull her back out into the hall. 

With a quick spin, Marsha moved three feet further into the room, leaving Pat holding an empty robe. 

The only light was from a small desk lamp at the far end of the room, but it was not dark enough to keep this from being an awkward moment for all three people. Marsha was standing there in just a pair of pink bikini panties and her black heels; Pat wasn’t wearing anything; and while Robert had a sheet over him, it wasn’t enough to hide the biggest erection of his life. 

Pat moved towards Marsha. “Get out of our room”, she snarled, and threw the robe at the other woman. She then grabbed Marsha and started pushing her towards the door. Pat had the intruder most of the way there before Marsha dug in her heels and twisted around, facing Pat. Their bodies hit, and while Marsha shouted “Stop pushing me!” their full breasts mashed together. 

Marsha was slightly taller than Pat, at 5’6 1/2” to Pat’s 5’6”, and just as full-figured. Marsha’s tits were even an inch bigger than Pat’s 40DDs, so she stopped Pat’s momentum for a few seconds, until her heels slipped on the carpet and Pat resumed pushing her backwards into the door. 

Marsha hit the door with a “thud”. The impact did not hurt, but it stung and embarrassed her, so when Pat had to ease off a little to grab the door handle, Marsha decided to get even. She placed her hands on Pat’s shoulders and shoved the other woman hard into the side wall.

“No one pushes me around like that, bitch”, she growled. 

Their arena was the small, four-foot by seven-foot rectangular entryway common to many hotel rooms, and as Pat twisted away from Marsha she got jabbed in the side by the door handle. That raised her anger level so she threw an elbow and kicked out at Marsha, making Marsha step back from her, but when Pat continued turning and had her back to the door Marsha rushed forward and slammed her body full onto Pat’s, whose body ‘thudded’ into the door this time. Marsha kicked off her high heels to give her a better grip on the floor and, with a mutual scream, the two enraged women turned on each other. The battle was joined.

Both women’s initial strategy was simply to push and shove the other woman away and into the door or one of the walls. They shouted and screamed at each other, slapping at the other’s body, grabbing wrists and arms, pushing shoulders. But the violent shoving match soon turned into a hair-pulling battle, Pat tearing at Marsha’s dark locks and Marsha sinking her fingers into Pat’s thick brunette curls. It was not long before both women found that, inevitably, their hands had seized the other’s majestic tits and the struggle turned into a tit-twisting, tit-squeezing brawl. 

If either woman was asked “Who grabbed tits first?” both would answer definitively “She did!”, and neither would be intentionally lying. But once one did the other quickly retaliated in kind, and the pace and intensity of their battle increased sharply. 

While each woman had had her tits groped before, and while each had been in a couple of minor ‘cat-spats’ in high school and her early twenties, neither woman had ever had her tits grabbed, and squeezed, and clawed, and twisted like this, and neither had ever imagined doing these things to another woman. But for three or four, or five, or even six minutes neither had any qualms about mangling the other’s two spectacular milk juggs. 

Only when their angry adrenaline rushes ran dry did they stop, their arms wrapped around the other’s waist, holding and leaning into each other because both women’s legs were wobbly with exhaustion. Their cursing and shrieks faded to deep breathing and softer moans. Their minds were sorting through all that had happened during the past several minutes, and neither woman fully realized that their four meaty tits were tightly mashed between their two overheated and sweaty bodies, nipples hard and pulsing into each other. Neither woman identified whose damp, soft cheek was resting against her own, or whose warm breath was blowing onto her ear, or whose hand was softly rubbing up and down her back, or whose thigh was trying to split her two. Neither fully realized the deep arousal that was now filling their sexy bodies, reverberating in their mashed tits and their aching pussies.

With a groaning sigh, Pat and Marsha both pulled their heads back, moving to face each other, even as they both ran their hot pink tongues over their dry lips. It was purely accidental when their lips rasped together, and their tongues, both extended in a moistening motion, touched. But the sudden contact of those two sensitive pink probes was like putting a match to a pile of gasoline soaked paper. 

Each woman’s head tilted to the right as her mouth opened and sealed with the other woman’s. Soft lips melted together and each woman’s tongue shot boldly into the other’s opening, hot spit exchanged as their thick tongues twisted and wrestled together. Electricity trickled through their bodies, warming their thighs, swelling their throbbing tits, setting fire to their pussies. Both powerfully aroused women pressed and pulled their bodies tightly together, running their hands over the other’s burning flesh. Pat was only doing what she had done with her husband an hour earlier when she dropped her hands to Marsha’s flaring hips and began to push the other woman’s pink panties down. Marsha was only doing what she had done many times before when she lowered her hands and assisted. In a moment, never breaking the kiss, Marsha’s panties dropped down her long legs to her bare feet and she stepped out of them.

The two women continued to kiss deeply, lustfully, as they sank to the floor together, with Marsha guiding Pat onto her back. Pat recognized that something was a little different than usual when Marsha positioned herself between Pat’s legs. Marsha squashed her pussy onto Pat’s hot, wet cunt, and rubbed it around and around. Their soft, thick pussy lips crushed wetly and slowly merged, their labia melted together and separated, and their cunts sucked hungrily at each other. Course pubic hair grated and twined. Marsha began to thrust into Pat’s eager cunt, driving hard and deep, her twat on fire, its heat matched by the furnace boiling from between Pat’s legs. In the face of this incredible pleasure, it took several seconds before the alarm bells began ringing in Pat’s brain. 

“Oh God, ohh god, oohh my god, please…” she shrieked before biting her lip to try and contain the orgasm shockingly building within her. Marsha was fucking her, penetrating and filling her in a way that felt unbearably, ecstatically good and she had to stop it.

“Oh, you don’t have to say please to me” Marsha whispered mockingly, her breath coming in hot pants of lust. “I’ve watched you strutting around like hot-stuff at so many of these shindigs, but now you’re going to get burnt.” 

“Fuck you!” Pat screamed as she reached up and sank her fingernails into Marsha’s dangling tits once more. Marsha retaliated, clamping her claws down into Pat’s massive, jiggling mammaries again and increasing the power and rate of her thrusting hips. Both women felt like their pussies were overflowing with heat and tension and Martha rejoiced in the feeling of her tight cunt open and spread and locked tight to Pat’s soft, yielding pussy. She felt like she was invading Pat’s hot, soft core with every thrust, even as she felt Pat’s thick clit rubbing and grinding her own, lodging inside of her. Hot juice flowed from their inosculated cunts like water and their wet, hard clits stroked each other with electric intensity.

Pat’s tit-squeezing move was for naught because Marsha kept driving her, riding her hard, until she exploded in the most intense orgasm of her life. Nova heat burned out of her pinned, open, aching cunt, filling her with raw ecstasy, blowing her mind with erotic power. With a shriek and three kicking jolts Pat passed out under Marsha who, groaning in pleasure, experienced two delicious, devastating orgasmic jolts of her own. 

Marsha sat atop Pat with her eyes closed, for a full minute, enjoying the hot, wet feel of their pussies sucked tight, their clits throbbing together. She panted in heat.She kept squeezing Pat’s delectable juggs. She enjoyed her feelings of release and victory, then looked down at the other woman barely stirring beneath her, then over at Robert, standing with the sheet around his ankles, and still with a good sized boner despite having fired two volleys during the past half-hour. 

When Marsha moved over to him on her knees and began to fondle, kiss, and lick Robert’s cock he warned “I’m afraid I’m all out of ammo”. 

But Marsha had waited for this moment for a long time. 

And she was so focused on helping him reload that she was unaware of Pat awakening behind her. 

Pat returned to consciousness, momentarily stunned, unable to figure out what had happened. Then she heard the slurping sounds and moans from the corner, and everything came back. 

She rolled onto her side, to see Marsha sucking hard at Robert’s cock. The other woman had the thick shaft deep into her throat, and was moving her head expertly back and forth. As Pat watched, rage building up inside of her, Marsha released the cock’s shaft, and began nibbling around the head of the man’s penis. 

Pat could not take anymore. In a rage, she sprang to her feet, crossed the room, and seized Marsha by her hair, pulling her off of Robert’s dick. Marsha screeched; Pat yanked her to her feet and, still holding onto her enemy’s hair, dragged the other woman across the room. 

“Let go of me, you cunt!” shrieked Marsha, pulling at Pat’s hand, trying to free her tortured head. Pat snarled, spun the other woman around, and then threw her into the far wall. She finally let go of Marsha’s hair as the other woman smashed into the wall, and slid, dazed, to the ground. 

“You tramp. You fucking cunt. You think you can come in here and fuck my husband right under my nose?” Pat was enraged beyond words. She had been humiliated by this whore twice already; she was not taking it anymore. 

Marsha got quickly to her feet, and placed her hands on her hips, thrusting out her massive chest, flaunting her aroused womanhood. “I fucked you, I thought it was only right to do your husband too,” she sneered. 

“You bitch!” shrieked Pat, advancing on her now-hated enemy. 

“Enough!,” Marsha snarled. “Your husband deserves a better cunt than yours. I’m better than you. I’ve already proved that, but let’s do it again. You against me, tit to tit, cunt to cunt. Let’s see if you last half a minute against my pussy, you weak bitch.” 

Pat was in a fury, but the challenge also sent a thrill of pleasure and anticipation through her. She had not forgotten that Marsha had already inflicted upon her the three most intense orgasms of her life. “You’re on, you cunt,” she replied. “I’m going to fuck you raw.”

Growling at each other, the two naked women crossed the short distance separating them and came crashing together. Thick, meaty tits crushed into each other solidly. Their hard bellies slapped. Both women gasped as their thick pussy lips slapped wetly together. Wrapping their arms around the other woman’s back, the women began to pump at each other. Powerful asses rippled with effort as they fucked. Their thrusting cunts sucked and locked, working into each other. Both women waited for their aroused clits to meet in devastating contact. They clawed at each other’s backs and asses, raising welts, forcing small whimpers of pain and pleasure from each other. 

Marsha pushed her face into Pat’s and the two opened their mouths and drove their tongues together. All the while, their hips rocked and moved in a powerful, circular motion, grinding into each other as hard as they could. Pat felt like she was being cut in two by the raw pleasure; she had never been so aroused in her life. Marsha groaned with pleasure. Both women pulled each other as tightly together as they could, trying to get as deep into each other as possible, their hot wet labia melting into one. Finally, their electrified clits met head on. Marsha and Pat shrieked into each other’s mouths, their wrestling tongues thrashing, and tightened their grips on the other’s pumping ass. Both had to break the kiss, throwing back their heads to scream, then sob as their hips continued to jerk, pushing both women up to the pinnacles of pleasure. 

The slick wet heat and devastating pleasure was too much for both. They screamed in concert, then bucked hard into each other as they came. The skin around their joined pussies was suddenly doused with cunt juice. Their legs lost all strength and they collapsed to the ground, riding each other down to the floor. Pat landed on top, her body jerking and thrashing as chain orgasms tore through her cunt. Under her, Marsha held on and bucked hard, groaning and gasping, her legs kicking out with each orgasmic jolt, struggling to stay conscious. Their hard tits rubbed and rolled together, burning with arousal, grinding together as the two women fucked to the finish. Marsha and Pat both passed out simultaneously, the pleasure simply too much for them to take. 

The women lay on the floor, their bodies entwined, unconscious. Robert did not know what to do. Seeing what he had just watched, he was more aroused than ever before. He hoped that the two women would keep on fighting. 

Finally, after a few minutes, Pat began to stir. Her movements brought Marsha back to consciousness too. When Pat realized where she was and what had happened, she seized Marsha by the hair. Marsha quickly reciprocated the grip, and in moments the two women were struggling to control each other. 

“Dirty whore! I’m not done with you,” Pat snarled at her enemy. 

“Bitch! I’m not finished with you either!” Marsha spat back, her face contorted with anger and lust. 

Pat began thrusting down with her hot cunt; Marsha bucked back. In moments, they were sealed together again, their hot pink labia melting together in soft, wet squelches of pleasure. They worked their hips, using their vaginal lips to push into each other, moving aside the soft, hot flesh that prevented their clits from meeting in combat. Pat thrust down hard, using her superior position to her best advantage, spreading and penetrating Marsha’s cunt with her own, jerking her hips in a hard rhythm. Marsha drove herself up, thrusting her hips and tensing her powerful legs, grinding her hot, soaking cunt into its enemy counterpart. The women’s hot pussies fused together, and their thick, burning clits crushed into each other. 

“Oh, fuck!,” Pat gasped, shivering with the sudden, intense shock of pleasure. She began pumping harder, grinding her clit into Marsha’s equally hard sex, loving the burning joy that shot through her with every thrust. “God!” Marsha gasped, driving back against Pat’s engorged clit with all the strength of her own. Their bodies shook with tension, their hips and asses thrust and rocked. Pat and Marsha shoved their foreheads together and glared with hatred into each other’s eyes. Their teeth gritted in vicious snarls of anger and lust, the women panted furiously at each other even as their bodies worked to grind their cunts into one hot, wet sucking maw of pleasure. Marsha looped her thighs around Pat’s hips, locked her ankles in the cleft of Pat’s ass, and bucked up with all of her strength. Their massive tits crushed flat, sending pulses of ecstasy burning into their bodies, their hard nipples rubbed tight. Between their burning clits and their throbbing tits, the women gasped and groaned in joy, riding each other to higher and higher heights of pleasure. Their erotic moaning grew louder and louder until, suddenly, Pat stiffened. 

“Fuck, oh Christ!!,” she howled. She jerked hard, every muscle going rigid, her ass driving down as her orgasm detonated deep inside her cunt and rolled out in waves of pleasure. 

“God, oh fuck, fuck…,” Marsha moaned. Locked to Pat, she felt the other woman’s jolting orgasm, felt her clit crushed even harder by Pat’s convulsing sexhorn, then exploded in pure pleasure. 

Pat and Marsha screamed together as they emptied their bodies into each other, the tension flowing from their muscles and their overtaxed sexes like the hot cum that jetted from their enflamed pussies. 

Gasping, the two battling women collapsed in each other’s arms, weak as kittens. The pleasure rippling through them slowly abated, but they were both drained. As Pat lay on Marsha, their breasts still flattened into one pulsing mass, her face buried in the other woman’s hair, feeling Marsha’s hot breath blowing on her neck and the heat of the other woman’s body crushed to hers, she realized that the fuckfights she had just endured were easily the most intense and pleasurable sexual experiences of her life. 

Exhausted, she rolled herself off of the sexual intruder, to lie beside Marsha on the thick hotel rug. Her tits heaved and sweat trickled down her body to the carpet. Groaning, she looked up and saw Robert. He had an expression of bewildered ecstasy on his face, as if his deepest fantasies had just come true before his eyes. And perhaps they had. His cock was still engorged and larger than Pat remembered seeing it before. She remembered what Marsha had been doing to him right after she had assaulted Pat, however, and that memory was enough to give the wronged wife her second wind. 

Pulling herself to her knees, Pat reached down and grabbed Marsha’s thick hair. The other woman protested weakly. “Let me go, you cunt,” she moaned, too tired to do much more. But Pat pulled Marsha to her feet and, hauling her by her hair, dragged her back to the king-size bed. Marsha batted at Pat’s hands, but let herself be pulled, hoping to buy the time to regain some of her energy. 

Pat threw Marsha onto the bed, so that the dark-haired woman landed on her stomach. Then, Pat threw herself onto Marsha’s back. She enjoyed the feeling of naked flesh to flesh, of her heavy tits pushing into Marsha’s shoulders, of their thrashing legs twining together and struggling for control. Her wet pussy pushed into the crack of Marsha’s ass and she rubbed hard, leaving a wet trail on the other woman’s firm buttocks. Her thick right thigh jammed up into Marsha’s pussy.

“Let me up, you bitch,” Marsha groaned. But Pat just pushed down harder into the beautiful, full body beneath her own, enjoying the sense of control. She reached under Marsha’s body and cupped and squeezed the woman’s massive right tit. She smiled as the hard nipple bore into her palm, as Marsha thrashed beneath her frantically. She pushed her cunt to Marsha’s ass and rode the other woman a little harder. 

Finally, Marsha stopped struggling. “Please, please, I give up…” she whimpered. 

Pat leaned forward and ran her tongue along Marsha’s right earlobe. “You can dish it out but you can’t take it, you slut?” she whispered in her enemy’s ear. She smiled as she felt Marsha’s anger and resistance flare again, then subside. 

“I’m sorry,” came the muffled reply. “Please, let me up.” 

Pat smiled again, and then rolled Marsha’s face towards hers. She drove her mouth down onto Marsha’s and thrilled as the other woman’s tongue lashed at hers. For long minutes, their tongues fought a brutal, luscious battle inside their locked mouths, the women’s groans and cries building, hot spit flowing, until, finally, Marsha had to surrender here too. The angle was just too difficult. She was finally tamed. 

Pat pulled herself up to a kneeling position on Marsha, her knees to either side of the intruder’s hips, then let the other woman roll over onto her back below her. The two enemies exchanged hot, hungry looks and Pat knew that Marsha was not fully defeated yet. Good. She reached down and kneaded Marsha’s massive rack, her fingers sinking into the yielding titflesh, her thumbs and forefingers squeezing the hard brown nipples like knobs. She smiled as Marsha moaned and wriggled her body into the bed. Then, Pat lazily traced her right hand down Marsha’s belly to her still sodden, hot cunt, while keeping her left hand sunk into Marsha’s massive right tit. 

Pat was slow and cautious in her violation of Marsha’s cunt, until she saw that the other woman was clearly enjoying her gentle, teasing prodding. She then sank two fingers deep and hard into Marsha’s boiling pussy, and smiled as she watched the other woman writhe in pleasure beneath her. Marsha was enjoying this violation, but there was clearly part of her that did not want to succumb to Pat’s eager, questing fingers. Marsha’s face became a study in concentration, defiance mixed with ecstasy, the desire to resist the powerful orgasm building in her core versus the aching need to give in to the raw pleasure. Pat enjoyed the show, her hand pumping viciously. She inserted a third finger and diddled Marsha’s clit with her thumb, then smiled savagely as Marsha bucked and gasped beneath her, the intruder’s heavy tits rocking with her jerking motions. 

Pat was surprised and worried when she felt Marsha’s right hand spidering into her own hot cunt, but the dark-haired woman’s counterattack was too little and too late. Marsha began to sigh and thrash her head back and forth, her hips jerked and her breath came in panting gasps. Her hand worked hard inside Pat’s cunt, her fingers teased and tweaked Pat’s boiling clit mercilessly, but Marsha could not hold out. Thrusting her hips high, almost throwing Pat off her bucking body, she shrieked out in ecstasy. “FUCK!!, Oh God, oh fuck, fuck, fuck…” Her voice trailed off into crying moans as the orgasms roared through her. 

Pat smiled, her revenge complete. She wondered if she should feel a little guilty. After all, she had just sexually assaulted another woman. But this woman had violated her earlier, probably even better that Pat had gotten her. Pat felt satisfied, even proud, of the evening’s activities. And, as she kept reminding herself, she had never fucked or been fucked harder and better than what she had just done with Marsha. 

Panting, heaving in the aftermath of her multi-orgasmic climax, Marsha reached out and fondled Pat’s majestic breasts. She ran her hands on Pat’s taut, heavy tits and squeezed the aching nipples. Pat returned the favour. Marsha suddenly released Pat’s rack,, turned back over onto her stomach, and crawled out from under her tormenter. Pat let her go, waiting to see what the other woman would do. Marsha flipped her legs away from Pat, lay down on her back, then pushed herself back under the “v” of Pat’s legs. She planted her face in Pat’s crotch, looped her arms over Pat’s hips and thighs until she could grasp her rival’s round ass, and proceeded to lick and eat and devour every millimeter of Pat’s steamy twat. She sucked Pat’s clit until the brunette beauty, cupping and squeezing her own tits, shrieked in pure pleasure, then exploded in a series of convulsive orgasms that had her gushing pussy juice all over Marsha’s face. With a spent moan, Pat fell forward, her tits crushing to Marsha’s stomach, and buried her face in the intruder’s steaming cunt, driving her tongue and lips into the other woman’s labial folds, seeking her enemy’s clit. She found it, licked it and sucked hard, then rolled over onto her side, pulling Marsha with her. Their faces buried in the other’s cunt, their hands fixed to and clawing at the other’s round ass, their bodies trembling with pleasure, moans and cries muffled in their beautiful twats, Pat and Marsha ate each other relentlessly, pulling several aching orgasms from each other. Finally, exhausted from the ecstasy, they passed out together. 

Robert watched all this in silence. He did not want to interfere. Instead, he let the women sleep and pleasured himself in a chair by the bed, feverishly replaying in his mind all he had witnessed. He looked at the clock. The night was still young, and he was sure that the two beautiful women now sleeping in the bed, lips to cunts, could be coaxed into several more fuckfights before the night was through. He smiled, and settled back to wait. 

The End

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