The Measure by CCFight

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Only two months into her new job and Athena Anderson has already been voted in by her coworkers as the lead service associate. It wasn’t something she was actually pursuing, it just sort of happened.  More than likely it’s because the 5’9” blue-eyed blonde just seems to have exactly what it takes to influence and win people over like no other woman. It would be an understatement to say she lives up to the Greek god name given to her by her parents. Not only does she portray a great sense of inspiration, strength, and wisdom for such a young lady – she also has the drop-dead gorgeous looks of a very beautiful and attractive woman.

With a body that many men lust over and most women would die for, she packs some of the firmest lady curves one could imagine – measuring in at 36D-24-36. She likes to think of her legs as her best asset; long, lean, and muscular – yet still soft and feminine. For the most part Athena is an easy going, pleasant young woman. But get on her bad side and she’ll use those long legs of hers – as well as her other assets – to stand over an adversary and assert her dominance at the drop of a hat. She’ll be patient for quite some time but once that line is crossed her cute, adorable, yet very sexy features  can quickly change into a snarling, venomous face that would send most women heading for the door.

So with hardly any effort Athena manages to win the hearts and minds of everyone around her, even her manager – everyone that is except for the one person that deemed the blonde’s arrival as a humiliating knockdown.  Her name is Emma, the former lead service rep before Athena’s take over. A while back the manager thought it would be a good idea for her agents to vote from within their group and select a leader. Therefore giving the girls the feeling that they have control on how things are run in the department.

It wasn’t like Athena came in with the big idea of taking someone’s position away. Unbeknownst to the blonde, the girls in the department decided to take a vote. In an 11 to 1 cast Athena was put in place as the new lead representative. If one would have really dug in a little deeper they would have found some real animosity between Emma and another representative named Emily. In fact it was Emily that instigated the election for Athena.  Obviously there’s some history between Emma and Emily.

With Athena now taking the lead position, things suddenly start to run a bit smoother, something that just seems to happen whenever the blonde was in control. 

As the weeks pass Emily really starts to bond with Athena – the redheaded girl starts to develop a lot of respect and admiration for the blonde goddess. This however drives Emma’s resentment to hateful levels. Having to watch this newly bonding relationship unfold in front of her has the dark haired girl’s work ethic plummeting.  

One day a girl from Athena’s work group decides to move to another city. Now with a new position to fill, Athena (along with her manager) finds herself involved in the interview process. As candidate after candidate is interrogated and taken through the ringer, Athena quickly realizes the difficulty in finding a good qualified person with a great personality that would fit nicely into her group.

One contender in particular catches her attention, a cherry blonde girl by the name of Blossom. The girl just seems to have a bubbly attitude that fits well with Athena’s own personality traits. Her manager however isn’t at all impressed and seems to have a more serious and telling pick of her own – and that girl’s name is Katana Killsmore – a dark-haired raven every bit as tall and gorgeous as Athena and with academic credentials that easily rival the blondes.

 There’s something about the girl Athena just doesn’t like. Call it a gut feeling, a first impression, an intuition, maybe even jealousy. The outfit the girl had chosen to wear to the interview was borderline inappropriate and the blonde felt a bit of disregard and condescension hidden behind the girl’s emerald green eyes as they locked and held onto her own crystal blue ones. The raven girl has a wicked sexiness about her compared to the overall charming appearance of the blonde goddess.  And when they all stand to shake hands at the end of the interview, Athena could feel the brunette’s evident attempt to stand over her as she was pulled in for a tight, clasping handshake. It came as no surprise that Athena’s pick took a back seat and her manager ended up hiring Katana.

On the brunette’s first day of work, Athena finds herself immediately having to criticize the dark-haired girl’s choice in business wear. The blonde views Katana’s outfit more suitable for a nightclub than for the office.  “I think it looks cute!” a voice suddenly rings out from behind – a voice that’s rarely heard around the office lately. It was Emma speaking as she peeks out from around the corner. From here on it was a bumpy ride around the office and it only gets worse as the days pass. 

It doesn’t take long for Athena to realize she has fight on her hands when it comes to running things around the office. Every time Athena makes a suggestion, comes up with a new idea, or simply asks for clarification, Katana always seems to be one step ahead of her. Athena suddenly finds herself on the defense as Katana starts implementing her own ideas and strategies that soon has the other girls in the office looking towards her for direction.

Athena becomes more and more frustrated by the day. Katana’s personality is much more abrasive and controlling then she had originally thought.  ‘Is she really wining over the girls in the office or is she invoking fear into them as her control?’ The blonde asks herself as she studies Katana’s methods. Athena is finding the raven woman to be very stern and pushy – not willing to take no for an answer and not willing to listen to any other views unless they aligned with her own. Words like arrogant cunt and narcissistic bitch start floating around in Athena’s head.

Instead of the 3 inch heels Athena normally wears, Katana opts for the 4 inch version. It didn’t take long for Athena to figure out the dark-haired girl’s little scheme.  Katana would come in close whenever the two of them were trading paper work or when the two of them were conversing with the other girls in conversation. The raven would stand close to Athena, trying to exaggerate the height advantage she had over the blonde in front of her coworkers.

On more than one occasion Athena observed the dark-haired girl lifting her skirt to flash a random male coworker. Twice she just happened to be in a position where she could actually see the girl wasn’t wearing any panties.  Her thick dark bush and splayed out pussy could clearly be seen through the nude pantyhose she was wearing. “What a tramp!” Athena thinks to herself.

What’s more puzzling than anything is the way the girls in the office are responding to Katana. Always smiling and greeting her with excitement and admiration. Constantly complementing her on her hair and makeup, or the usual slutty outfit she’s wearing. All this even though they were practically being grabbed by the back of their necks and having their faces shoved into their work.  So why the reverence? Maybe it’s the the dark-haired girl’s crude and callous personality that people are drawn too.

One thing for certain, Katana is seriously challenging Athena’s knowledge and intellect and she had better start fighting back. Emily was even voicing her concern for the blonde and told her she had better do something or she was going to lose control of the group.

One night Athena sat home evaluating the situation and contemplating a strategy. She could just downright goad the raven-haired girl into having a catfight – the blonde goddess has had more than her fair share of hair-pulling, tangled girl fights that’s for sure. But Athena has never really encounter another girl that rivaled her is so many ways and maybe that worried her. The blonde goddess is always use to being the alpha female – the center of attention her whole life and now she finds herself in unfamiliar territory.

The risk of losing her job for fighting and not being able to pay her newly acquired bills does not at all seem appealing to her. “No!” She needs to take this bitch down slowly, one notch at a time, right in front of the other girls so she can regain some of the respect that she has been losing.  She needs to play the same game that the slut was playing against her. “What better way to fight a slut then to be a slut yourself.” Athena thinks to herself. 

The very next day Athena shows up for work playing the role. Dressed in one of the shortest skirts she has ever worn along with the tightest knit-top she could find in her closet.  A pair of 4 inch “fuck me pumps” rode on her sexy feet along with a pair of nude-tan pantyhose. The outfit easily rivals her nemesis’s daily attire. 

The girls just about fall out of her chairs when the blonde goddess comes strutting her stuff through the office.  Whistles and catcalls were shouted out,


“Hey baby!”

“Work it girl!” 

The only one not falling over for the blonde’s new look is Katana. In fact she stands right up and walks briskly in her 4 inch heels to intercept the blonde. Instead of the snide little smile she usually has on her face, it’s a look of pure hate and disgust. She comes right up face to face with Athena.

“I need the paperwork for the Mackenzie project you’ve been working on.”  The girl’s tone is snappy and venomous as she stares daggers into the blonde’s face.

Athena responds with a confused, yet fierce look of her own. “What? You’re the one that’s working on the Mackenzie job, not me!” She steps forward, hands on her hips, showing she’s displeased and not about to be intimidated.

The blonde’s confrontational pose has Katana’s face twisting with anger. “Are you fucking kidding me?  I told you I’m busy working on the T.P.I. reports!” The raven girl steps right into Athena; nose to nose, tit to tit, and presses in tight, really tight – the angry look of death gleaming in her wide open eyes.

The blonde’s is momentarily pushed back by Katana’s aggression. ‘Don’t back down, don’t back down!’ Athena screams inside her head. She pushes forward and now finds herself locked in a face to face body press with the raven. Hotness is suddenly pressing into hotness.

Athena can hear the girls in the office gasping and shuffling in their chairs as they watch on intently – the two sexiest women in the office confronting one another.

The blonde goddess stays focused and stares right back into the raven’s emerald green eyes with her own crystal-blue resentful gaze. This was exactly the type of bullying the dark-haired girl has been pulling on her ever since she was hired, and the blonde goddess isn’t going to put up with it anymore.
“What is your problem?” Athena hisses under her breathe.
“Be careful.” Was all Katana mumbled.

What seems like an eternity really only amounts to seconds. It doesn’t take long for the two women to show the level of exertion they are locked in as they push straight into each other in an attempt to show dominance.

Athena tries to block out everything around her and concentrates on not backing down, she pushes in and glares hatefully into the raven’s eyes.

“Holy crap, which one of these hotties would you rather fuck?” A service rep named Wendy suddenly shouts out.

“Oh my god, Katana for sure!” Emma hollers.

“Oh hell no! Athena’s got my vote!” Emily screams out.

“Maybe they should fuck each other!” Another rep shouts.

The moment those words “fuck each other” ring through Athena’s ears she feels an overwhelming blush flood her entire body and suddenly the blonde goddess’s hotness is being pushed back by the raven’s. Katana follows up with a chest bump that knocks Athena back, stumbling to keep from falling.

Emma’s cackling laugh echo’s over the startling intake of breath from most of the other girls. Athena’s just about to charge forward when their manager suddenly appears “Everything alright out here girls?”

It discouraged Athena, getting shown up in front of the girls like that. But she wasn’t going to let a little fluke on her part stop her mission, even if that meant turning the office into a war zone.

Over the next several days Athena starts to make some serious adjustments in her leadership and behavior. More and more she’s meeting the dark-haired girl head on when it comes to managing the department, no more of this “just let her have her way” thing going on.  

The office becomes a whirlwind as the two alpha women fight on an intellectual level as well as a physical one. Each one changing the others instructions on how to manage claims, resolving issues, or correct billing. The two of them constantly strutting around in the shortest of skirts and the tightest of blouses – both determined to show up each other up physically and intellectually. They are constantly bumping and slamming into each other as they pass by – getting right into each other’s face whenever they have a disagreement – sometimes getting a bit physical as they clutch hand to hand, nose to nose and tit to tit.

Each one of these little skirmishes eventually being broken up by the appearance of someone passing by from outside the group; it could possibly be a manager from another department.  The girls didn’t want to risk getting caught fighting and lose their jobs.

The girls inside the group however have a front row seat. They even get to witness an awkward pantyhose leg locking scuffle that happens in front of the copy machine as they argued over the settings. The sound of nylon rubbing against nylon has all the women chattering like little schoolgirls.

On more than one occasion Athena makes sure the dark-haired woman is in perfect position when she’d walks by and flashes one of the male coworkers, giving her and the man a clear view of her thick blonde bush and pussy splayed out in pantyhose.

Most of the girls are already making bets as to if and when a catfight is going to break out and who would win such a nasty brawl. There’s even talk of having a new election, pitting Katana directly against Athena for the lead position.

Weeks go by and even though she tries not to show it, her battle with Katana is really starting to wear on her. “Why won’t this bitch back the fuck down?” Athena shouts to herself inside her apartment. She starts to wonder if the dark-haired women actually has more drive and stamina than she does. “Is this slut really out playing me mentally and physically?” she keeps asking herself.  But once she finds herself questioning her ability, the fight snaps right back inside her. “I will not give in to this devilish little skank!” she tells herself.

It’s the middle of the day.  Athena’s making her way back from the copy machine when she’s suddenly confronted by Emma.

“Hey Athena! The girls and I have been wagering a little bet.”
The blonde looks over Emma’s shoulder and sees Jenny and Heidi standing there, behind them she see

Katana with a malicious little smile on her face.

Athena directs her attention back to Emma, “Well, what is it?”

“Well Jenny and I believe Katana has the longer legs between the two of you while Heidi thinks you have her beat.”

“Really!” Athena reacts with astonishment by placing one hand on her hip and cocking it off to the side.

“Yeah we were hoping you could settle this by doing a little back to back comparison with Katana!” Emma replies with a bit of giddiness.

By this time Katana has already started making her way forward, an obvious move to affirm she is more than ready for such a comparison. The rest of the girls in the group overhear and start shifting their chairs out from their cubicles, their attention now drawn to the challenge at hand.

You can hear a pin drop as the group waits on edge for a response from Athena.

“You know I really don’t have time for these silly little antics.” the blonde responds and she turns to walk away.

You can hear the sigh of disappoint from the girls. Follow by Katana shouting out, “See I told you she was afraid of a little competition!”  

The little hairs on Athena’s neck stand up when she hears the raven haired bitch’s remarks.

“I won’t give in to this fucking skank!” the blonde mumbles under her breath.

“On second thought maybe we do need to settle this.” Athena turns around, continuing to speak. “I’ll show you girls and then maybe we can get some work done around here.”  The blonde’s statement is an obvious suggestion that she was going to win this comparison, even though she’s seriously nervous about the outcome.

Katana has already taken up position, bending at the waist, legs spread, pushing her tight firm ass out in challenge. Athena walks up, spins around and matches the dark-haired girl’s stance with her own hard, tight ass pushing out.

Emma and Emily start jostling elbows pushing their way to center stage, each having it their minds that they are going to be the one directing this comparison.

“Hey watch it, bitch!” Emma pushes .

“No you watch it, slut!” Emily shoves back.

“Ok ladies, let’s move back!” Emma directs the bent over women.

“Ok Athena bring it on back!” Emily continues to tussle with Emma.

The two tall women move back until their tight curvy asses come together.

“Ok girls adjust yourselves.”

“Yes get yourselves perfectly aligned.”

Emily and Emma take hold of each woman by the waist and assist the positioning.

“The two of you should reach back and clasp your hands together.” Emma directs.

“Yeah lace your fingers together nice and tight and hold yourselves firmly together.” Emily adds to the directions.  

After some shifting and pulling back and forth they are satisfied with the alignment. A gathering crowd of women close in –all of them hunching down to see the results. Not a word was spoken for the longest time. Only the short breaths of a few women can be heard as the measure seems to go on and on. Two of the most perfect sets of nude pantyhose covered legs travel up and down the length of each other like curvy lanes of a highway – one pair of nylons slightly darker than the other one. Their tight nylon covered asses pressing hotly together, competing directly against each other to see which one stood taller. Leg against leg, ass against ass, the measuring continues.

Athena’s about to lose her mind. “What the fuck is taking them so long!” she screams inside her head.

“Why don’t they just announce it for fuck sake!”

“I’d say Katana’s got her beat by a good half inch, maybe more!” Emma finally breaks the silence.

At that precise moment Athena feels the dark-haired girl pulling and pushing harder against her ass. She’s rocked forward briefly and quickly pushes back.

“No way, you are absolutely crazy; Athena’s the one that has her beat!” Emily shouts out.

Upon hearing Emily’s verdict Athena pushes harder into Katana, the two of them are now pulling and pressing particularly tight against each other.

More silence ensues.

“I think it’s a tie.” One women finally speaks up.

“I think you might be right.” Another one shouts out.

“Hey what about their shoes, they might be different.”

“Yeah that could be.”

The focus now was on their shoes, followed by more silence.“I think they look the same.”

“Have them take them off!”  Someone else shouted out.

“Yeah girls, shoes off!”

Without even having to separate the two women kicked off their high heel shoes. Emma reaches down picking up Katana’s right shoe and Athena’s left. She hooks the heels of the two shoes together and determines the heel height to be exactly the same. “Look, their heels are the same.” She holds them up so the group can see.

Emily had gathered the other two remaining shoes and after examining the label inside each one she holds the two high heel shoes together sole to sole. “And they even wear the exact same size!” The service rep giggles.

Now in their pantyhose feet the measure continues.  

After several more seconds of comparisons, a girl name Beverly finally speaks up. “This is a tie for sure!”

“Let’s take a vote!” Emma shouts out. “I vote Katana. “

“I vote Athena!” Emily was quick to respond.

“ A tie!”







Right down the line. There were a couple of women hesitating but they felt it was so close they needed to call it a tie.

While this little vote is going on Athena and Katana have increased the pressure between their asses and legs and were literally fighting it out unbeknownst to the group of women.

A sudden burst of power that seems to come out of nowhere has Katana ass walking Athena across the floor until she is slammed into the desk in front of her, the blonde stumbles and nearly falls.

A few of the girls see this happen, Emma included. “Ha Ha Ha, did you see that!” She busts out laughing – some of the other girls laughing along – others gasping. It was another humiliating knock down for the blonde as she stumbles to regain her balance.

“Oh, I guess I don’t know my own strength!” Katana snickers.

Anger and embarrassment overwhelm Athena, nearly to the point of tears. Part of her wants to turn around and rip that bitch to shreds. Part of her wants to run out of the office and never come back. Somehow she manages to get control of her emotions and tries to down play the whole thing; a stumble on her part, a pure stroke of luck for the dark-haired girl.

“Oops clumsy me!”  she stands up, straightening out her bunched up skirt. However the women in the group all knew better. They had all just seen their lead representative get her ass pushed out from under her.  “Well girls I think we should all get back to work.” Athena gives out the command, trying to hide her embarrassment and frustration.

The blonde retrieves her shoes and makes a bee-line for the ladies room. There behind the sink she chokes back the tears while touching up her hair and makeup. “What is this fucking bitch trying to prove?”She mumbles out loud while visibly shaking.

Just outside the bathroom door Katana and Emma are conversing. “Might as well keep the ball rolling while you’ve got the momentum.” Katana says to Emma with the wink of an eye.  The dark-haired girl instructs Emma to stand guard outside the restroom door as she enters.

As soon as Katana disappears into the lady room, Emily suddenly appears, marching towards the restroom door.

“Ah, I don’t think so” Emma steps in front of the redhead, arms folded under her tits. 

“I know what’s going on bitch!” Emily sneers and steps into Emma’s face.

Emma arms come down and hang at her sides. “Then you’ll know not to interfere, slut!” She pushes in nose to nose with Emily in a threatening manner.

“I’m here to make sure YOU don’t interfere, skank!” Emily pushes in harder, tits firmly pressing into each other.    

Meanwhile in the bathroom, “Do not let this bitch get to you! Do not give in to this slut! Do not let this cunt win!” Athena’s voice is ringing out, rising in volume. 

“Are you talking about yourself?” The blonde’s heart sinks when she hears Katana’s voice behind her.

“Because I certainly don’t believe you have it in you to say things like that about me, especially to my face!” The dark-haired girl comes around and stands at the sink next to Athena. The two of them lock eyes through the mirror.

“What do you want…., bitch?” The blonde sneers.

“Oh ho ho, maybe I’m wrong.” Katana replies surprisingly.

The dark-haired girl takes out a tube of crimson lipstick. “Well, I guess you’re just a bit of a distraction for me.” She starts to apply a generous coat on her thick, moist lips. “You see I have plan, and even though I don’t really consider you a threat to that plan, I do however consider you a distraction….. like I said.”

Athena puts the cap back on her own red lipstick tube and turns her head towards the other woman. “And what might that plan be?”

“The same as everyone else’s plan – success, victory. Call it what you want.” 

“And getting rid of me is part of your plan?’ Athena questions.

“Oh come on girl, I’m just having some fun with you. I’m simply trying to……. ah how can I put it politely?” Katana turns her head and locks eyes with the blonde. “Put you in your place.”

Athena quickly turns her body towards the dark-haired girl. “I think it’s you that needs to be put in your place, bitch!” the blonde’s anger now building.

“Oh come on Athena, we both know I’m the better woman. You could never complete with me on my level.”

“Listen bitch, there isn’t anything about you that’s better than me!”  The blonde snaps back.
Well we just tried to have a friendly little competition just a moment ago, and it seemed like you were afraid to compare.” 

“What are you talking about…. we compared.”

“Yes, but we really didn’t get to finish, or should I say, I didn’t get to finish humiliating you.” The dark-haired girl laughs and chuckles.

“Oh bullshit bitch, it seems to me the girls’ voted us equal – just before you performed that cheap little shot with your fat ass.”

“It’s not my problem you don’t have the strength to match up against me, and surely one of us has to have longer legs, even if it’s just a fraction of an inch.”  The dark-haired girl continues tauntingly.  “It seems I’ve already proven myself to be stronger so that just leaves us with the open question as to which one of us has the longer legs and the better body.  The suspense is just killing me! Isn’t it you?” Katana’s words really start digging in on Athena’s nerves.

“Listen, I am just as strong if not stronger. And if either one of us has it over the other in the leg department that would me be, bitch!”

“Then perhaps you’d like to have another go at it.”

“Sorry, but I don’t seem have a tape measure readily handy.”

“Oh there are other ways to measure – more precise ways.” That’s when Katana stepped back and turns her left leg out to the side. “This time I was thinking more along the lines of a little face to face comparison.

Surely one of us has an advantage over the other so I do believe a proper alignment is in order. That’s if you think you can handle being pressed up against me. This body of mine is pretty damn hot and it can be very intimidating!” Katana sneers through clinched teeth as her hands slide up and down her own body, stopping to squeeze her firm, solid tits through her tight knit top. 

The blonde’s eyes get big as she takes in Katana’s stance.  During her cheerleading days this was the starting position for a tandem exercise the girls would use quite often. They called it the “heel stretch.”

They would perform this exercise together whenever two girls wanted to stretch out or see who could kick the highest. Sometimes two rival cheerleaders would also use this as an excuse to feel or measure themselves against each other.  Needless to say the exercise could become quite competitive.  

So now the mere suggestion of a front to front comparison with the dark-haired girl is causing a little tingle between Athena’s legs and her nipples start to swell to painful levels, especially after looking over and seeing the tent pegs popping up in Katana’s ultra-tight shirt.

“Well, what? Are you afraid to compare with me?”  Katana is really pouring on the intimidation; flinging her hair back, jutting her jaw out, pushing out her tits, and swinging her leg open a bit further.

“I promise to keep the results just between you and me. “ The dark-haired girl chuckles, deceitfully.

Athena can’t help feeling intimidated by Katana’s overpowering, sexual emitting body and is wondering what kind of humiliating contest this slut was trying to goad her into. She knows one thing for certain, if she wants to keep the respect of her coworkers and remain in her leadership role she better take this girl on and come out on top.

“You’re the one that should be afraid.” The blonde steps up and cocks her right leg out sideways, “I‘ve been in some pretty tight comparisons.”

“Oh good, because I like it tight!” Katana sneers.

The dead serious look on both women’s faces hold for several seconds before they step into the comparison – hotness is once again pressing into hotness.  Athena’s right turned out leg now aligning with Katana’s left turned out leg. Their arms slowly reach out, taking hold each other’s elbows.  

“Let’s just see how well you really measure up.” Katana wrestles the blonde around while forcing their tits together. “Align with me, bitch!” She shouts out.

Athena pushes forward with her own tits and jostles the dark-haired girl back and forth.  “No, you align with me, cunt!”

The tussle continues. Their arms wrap around one another as they slowly force their bodies together in a tight grind.  They continue to stare daggers into each other‘s eyes, each one feeling the pressure and resistance of the other’s firm tits and piercing nipples through their tight tops.  \

The inner thighs of their pantyhose covered legs press hotly together as the two women pull deeper and tighter into the comparison.

“That’s it Blondie, measure yourself against a real woman.” Katana hisses out.

“Don’t you mean a real witch.” Athena sneers back.

The two of them merge together until nearly meeting their physical limitations. Nose to nose, tit to tit – each woman gauging the size, weight, and density of the others body as they press and crush together.  Emerald green eyes locking hatefully with crystal blue eyes. The two women hold this position.

“Oh yeah, can you feel that bitch?” Katana sneers into the blonde’s face. “Your body feels soft compared to mine.” With that the dark-haired girl gives Athena a tight squeeze that causes a gasp of air to escape the blonde’s lungs.

As Athena takes in the feel of Katana’s body she’s slightly taken back by the density and firmness. The blonde has never competed with another woman of this level and it was hard arguing the dark-haired girl’s statement.  But never in a million years would the blonde admit that and quickly decides to drive the attention back to their leg measure.

“Wasn’t this about our legs, bitch?” Athena yanks and pushes in tighter against the dark-haired girl, letting her know she wasn’t about to be intimidated.

“Ok slut, shoes off!” Katana quickly kicks the shoe off her left foot.

Athena responses in kind, kicking off her right shoe as their attention now turns down to their legs. Ankle to ankle the two women start to adjust their pantyhose covered legs against each other. Nylon swishing noises filled the room as they jostle back and forth, each one fighting to get their leg into a lengthier position.

Katana reaches down and pulls up the front of her short skirt. “Look you stupid bitch!” she shouts. “In order to do this right and we have to align our pubic bones!”

Athena looks down to see no panties under the dark-haired girl’s pantyhose – a dark patch of pubic hair showing through. She looks up and locks eyes with the other woman. “I know how the measure goes and don’t call me a stupid bitch, you dim-witted slut!”  Then blonde than reaches down and pulls up the front of her own skirt, exposing the fact that she too is pantie-less under her nylons. She presents  a thick patch of blonde pubic hair of her own.

Katana looks down and then with wide eyes looks back up. “Ok you dirty little nylon cunt. Connect your fucking pubic bone with mine!” she snaps out and thrusts her crotch into the blondes. 

“Don’t try to intimidate me with your pathetic little pantyhose pussy!” Athena quickly returns the thrust, causing the two women to gyrate against one another.

“Are we going to measure or not?”  Athena sneers into the dark-haired girls face as the two women joust and swivel together.

“Well stop moving around and align with me, bitch!” Katana shouts back.

“Fuck you slut, you’re the one that needs to stop and align with me!” Athena yells out.  

The struggle continues between the two women – nylon legs, feet, and pubic bones tightening but still slipping and sliding against each other aggressively.  The pressure between them gradually increases causing their movements to slow into a hot nylon on nylon grind. Both women pause at times to measure. They look down to see one set of polished toenails hanging down further than the other. This of course results in the lesser woman readjusting and it causes the two women to restart their alignment.

“We have got to come to an agreed position, bitch!” Katana growls

“Then stop moving, slut!” Athena snarls back.

“Just look me in the eye and let’s just feel the alignment!” Katana grumbles

“Then align with me, you fucking skank!”  Athena hisses back. body

The two women lower their gaze, connect their foreheads then stare deep and hard into each other’s eyes. They continue to shift and rotate their lower extremities against each other. The motion becomes tighter and tighter until finally there is pause.  They seem to have a silent agreement on the connection that joins them together. For the longest time the two women simply glare into each other’s hate filled eyes. Each one of them slowly taking measure of the hotness pressed against their own – gauging and judging the weight, density, and firmness of each other’s body.

Jealous rivalry has Athena apprehensive over the outcome. Even though in her mind she can’t believe how perfect the two women fit together. The feel of their nipples so precisely aligned, pushing back and forth directly into each other with equal strength and resistance. The very center of her pubic bone balancing with pin point accuracy against the very center of Katana’s nylon covered pubic bone.  The balls of their ankles reflecting that same pin point accuracy. She finds the alignment to be strangely unexpected yet still very concerning as she feels the tight firm body of the other woman pressing so tightly against her.
The two women slowly turn their head until their completely pressed-together pantyhose covered legs come into view – cheek to cheek now the two women take in the results.

“Equal” was the first thought that comes to Athena’s mind. Followed by “Can’t be!” Next comes the question in her head, “Identical? No fucking way!”

For several longs seconds the two women hold the comparison. Ankle to ankle with the big toe of Katana’s left foot side by side against the big toe of Athena’s right foot.  Neither toe resting higher nor lower than the other.  The only thing setting them apart was the black and red polish of their nails. Their eyes continue to measure up and down every inch of their perfectly pressed-together nylon legs. Never in a million years did the blonde think she would pit her most prideful assets against such an equal adversary.
The two women turn their heads back and re-lock their hatefilled eyes. “This makes no sense. How can both of us be exactly the same?” Athena questions.

“There is no fucking way in hell we are exactly the same you bitch. I am by far the better woman between us.” Katana’s frustration causes her to sneer and she starts to raise her left leg, the tight pressure taking

Athena’s right leg right along with it “We may measure out equally….., but as far as strength, agility,  and mentality is concerned bitch, I have you beat hands down!”  The dark-haired girl growls in Athena’s face.
Ankle to ankle their feet now passing shoulder level. “Ah, are you sure you what to do this, bitch?” Athena asks, as she watches their perfectly aligned legs and feet rising higher and higher. “You’re about go up against twelve years of cheerleading!”

“Ha Ha, I’ll put my fifteen years of gymnastics up against your twelve years of cheerleading any day, you fucking little cunt!” Katana shouts back into the blondes face as their ankle-connected feet continue to rise until they both reach their physical limitation. The two women look up to see their legs stretched out length to length, equally pillared against each other in a challenging display of nylon, muscle, and flesh. Their bodies sway and stagger back and forth against each other. The pantyhose women fight to balance against each other with ballerina like skills. 

Katana suddenly puts an ankle locking move on the blonde that binds the legs of the two women together. She starts to pry against the blonde using the strength in her long lethal legs to painfully spread Athena to even wider angles.   The blonde levers her legs back against the dark-haired girl, now pitting the strength of her leg directly against Katana’s. Their pantyhose cunts press hotly and wetly into one another as the two women glare nose to nose into each other’s angry faces.

“I will not let you come in here, push me around and think you can take whatever you want!” Athena shouts out with authority.

“What? You mean your stupid little insignificant lead rep position. Ha Ha…. “ Katana chuckles then pushes in nose to nose with the blonde. “Listen, I’ll be CEO of this company by the time I’m thirty five, probably even CEO of a company that’s even better than this piece of shit!” The dark-haired girl continues. “So your meaningless little lead cunt position has no value to me, I’m going straight for manager, director, and then V.P.”  Katana’s legs now apply more and more pressure as she speaks and pushes into the blondes face. “I’m only here to put you in your corner along with the rest of the little bitches around here.” 

Athena can’t believe what she was hearing. “Oh you arrogant bitch!” And before she can even think about it, the blonde’s hand rears back and comes forward with a stinging slap across Katana’s face.

A crazy look spreads across the dark-haired raven’s face, her lips curl back and her eyes widen with extreme hate and anger.  She pulls her right hand back and swings a closed fist into the side of Athena’s head. Now leaning in for the attack she wildly starts to throw punch after punch.

Athena quickly finds herself overwhelmed by Katana’s onslaught and nearly loses her balance. Knowing their locked together legs would surely bring the dark-haired girl down on top of her, she fights back with all her strength. She leverages against the other women, attempting to match the strength in Katana’s legs with her own. The blonde launches of volley of her own wild swings that has the two women slapping, punching, and clawing away at anything and everything they can get their hands into.  They start a dialogue of screaming and shouting with nasty name calling.

“Ouch you bitch!”

“Owweee you fucking Slut!”

“You piece of shit whore!”

Their screams can easily be heard outside the restroom as well as the slapping and smacking of hands and fists into flesh. Some of the office girls hear the commotion and start whispering amongst themselves.

“Athena and Katana are fighting….., listen .”  One of the girls says.

“It a catfight.” Jenny states with wide eyes.

“I hope Athena puts Katana in her place!” Another one speaks out.

“No way! Katana will kick Athena’s ass.” Heidi replies. 

Meanwhile Emily and Emma haven’t moved from their nose to nose, toe to toe, and tit-to-tit guard positions. The two of them are completely wide-eyed, staring into each other’s face as they listen to the catfight commotion, visualizing a tangled mass of arms, legs, and bodies.  Their imaginations have the two of them breathing heavily, causing their nipples to rub together through their tight shirts – their nubs swelling to painful levels as they continue to hold each other in check.

Inside the restroom Katana manages to rip open the front of Athena’s shirt and it doesn’t’ take long for the blonde to retaliate and do the same to the dark-haired girl’s shirt. The two women start tearing into each other’s bras, ripping them apart. They trade slaps, claws, and punches across each other’s bare tits.
Back and forth the battle continues, finger nails digging into tits, the yanking and pulling of long thick hair, punching and slapping each other’s faces and bodies. All while locked together by their highly raised pantyhose covered legs.

“You Bitch

“Oh you slut!”

The cursing continues to ring out.

As the fight progresses Katana appears to be gaining the upper hand, punching and slapping with more accuracy. Her hands and fists start to overwhelm the whaling attempts of the blonde to fight back.  Instead of punching and slapping, Athena finds herself trying to catch the dark-haired girl’s hands in order to impede the assault. Katana senses the blonde’s imminent surrender and finger-locks with her.

“Alright bitch, are you ready to give in?” Katana questions.

“You’re a fucking bitch coming in here thinking I’m just going to just step aside and fall under your skanky little rule.” Athena snarls and pushes her tits out, an obvious distraction to the fact that she was failing to keep up with the dark-haired girl’s catfighting assault.

Katana eases forward until their hard naked nipples touch, causing a gasping hiss to escape both women as their sensitive rods come together tip to tip. “Oh you fucking little cunt! We both know you cannot win this fight.” The dark-haired woman sneers and pushes her nose hard into the blondes until they are smashing together. 

The muscles in the bodies of both women start to tighten and coil against one another.  Their legs pry and squeeze, their equally sized tits press and crush, their faces smash, their arms bend and twist while their hands clasp and their fingers grip. The two women glare into each other’s hate filled eyes for long seconds.

At this point it’s hard for the women not to recognize that their swollen, very wet nylon-covered cunts are now the center position of this battle. It has become the gyrating point where their bodies bend and swivel against one another – causing their pantyhose pussies to become completely aroused, completely wet, and completely enraged with each other.

Katana rips her hands out of the finger-lock and slides her arms around the blonde’s back. “It’s become obvious that you cannot beat me with your claws and fists, so it looks like you have chosen to fight me woman to woman.”

“It’s you that has goaded me into this sick, twisted, little lesbian position.” Athena hisses back and slides her arms around Katana.

“Then I guess my attempt to humiliate you is working then.” The dark-haired girl implies, tightening her embrace

“It’s going to take more than this to humiliate me, bitch!” Athena comes back with an even tighter squeeze.
Katana reaches up and grabs the back of the blondes head. “Well then how about this, you fucking little cunt!” The dark haired woman snaps out and jams her long wet tongue deep and hard into Athena’s mouth.

The blonde was taken by surprise as her head is bent back and her mouth is suddenly overwhelmed by the Katana’s thick spit-coated tongue. This is not the first time Athena has had to fight it out mouth to mouth with another hot girl. Cheerleading taught her a lot more than just jumps and kicks.

The blonde reaches up, grabs the back of Katana’s head and jams her own wet tongue head on against her rival’s. But Katana’s sudden attack has the blonde at a disadvantage. It seems the dark-haired girl’s neck muscles are quite strong and she keeping Athena’s head bent and her mouth completely full of wet girl tongue.

That doesn’t stop the blonde from smashing forward with her mouth in an attempt to match the intensity. Athena’s efforts slowly start to show promise as she manages to pry and snake her tongue into Katana’s mouth and into the back of her throat. The raven haired girl’s gag reflexes allow the blonde to level out any advantage. 

The intensity of their efforts have their heads rotating in tight little circles as they corkscrew their tongues together in a building sea of their mixed spit, which is now leaking out from between their lipstick coated lips and is dripping down from their chins.  

The sloppy wet battle is being duplicated between their legs as soaking wet nylon covered cunts smash and grind into each other with unabated aggression. The idea that their pantyhose crotches hadn’t already melted together was largely due to a continuing amount of lubrication spilling from their warring pussies.   
The restroom now echoes with the smacking sounds of deep kissing mouths, wet suctioning cunts, and the hiss of nylon rubbing against nylon. The occasionally choke or gag rings out loud enough for the girls outside the door to hear.  It has Emily and Emma wondering what the hell is going on in there as the two of them glare hatefully into each other’s eyes – their imagination running wild.

Athena feels like her tits were going to explode from the tight crushing hold the two women have on one another. At times it feels like she is being penetrated by the dark-haired girl’s rock-hard, piercing nipples.

This is the blonde’s first nylon pussy fuck and the sensation is completely overwhelming her. Even more this is by far the deepest tongue kissing fight she has ever been in. In fact Katana is pushing her to limits she has never experience before.

As the seconds and then minutes tick by, Athena can feel Katana’s power starting to take control – like it’s feeding off of her, the blonde’s strength growing weaker while the dark-haired girl’s seems to be growing stronger. Katana is now attacking with an animal like frenzy. Her eyes freakishly wide open, her tongue twisting and flicking back and forth inside the blonde’s mouth, her hate filled face twisting around like a possessed demon.

Athena finds herself being pushed onto the edge of the sink, her body starting to shudder. With their legs still raised and locked, Katana pries the blonde’s legs back and mounts her. Katana then lets loose with a wild nylon fuck assault that literally has Athena coming unglued. The blonde’s attempts to fight back are trifling as nylon cunt crushes, grinds, and sucks into nylon cunt.

A shockwave hits the blonde goddess like an earthquake. She bucks and convulses against the tightening squeeze the dark-haired girl has on her body as a volcano of girl-cum blasts through two thin layers of nylon and into Kantana’s cunt. The overwhelming feeling of being completely overpowered for the first time in her life has Athena’s body rocking like it never has before.  Her small attempts to fight back are smothered by the pure strength of Katana’s pantyhose fuck.

The dark-haired girl continues her assault, totally capitalizing on the fact that she has just crushed the blonde mentally, physically, and sexually. The victory has the raven’s arousal on the verge of erupting as she works the taste of Athena’s sweet honey deep inside her cunt. The blonde’s flavor literally has Katana exploding like someone opening a shaken can of soda. The raven’s cum mixes with the blonde’s cum, shooting their blended orgasms deep inside the fallen goddess vagina canal and completely flooding and coating the intersection of their warring nylon cunts. 

The two women continue to hold one another as their orgasms subside. Bodies slowly gyrating, tongues still fully embedded in each other’s mouths. Both of them breathing so heavily you can hear the two of them slurping and gurgling each other’s mixed spit back and forth as they continue to smear and spread their blended cum across each other’s nylon covered cunts and thighs.

Katana finally pulls out of the kiss, thick strings of spit bridging across their lipstick smeared mouths.

“Listen you fucking cunt! There’s only one pantyhose cunt in this office. The next time I catch you flashing your nylon snatch……, or better yet , if I catch you not wearing any panties. I’m going to give you a face full of my sopping wet pussy.” She snarls into the blonde’s face. “I hope you and I now have an understanding, bitch! Because next time I won’t be so easy on you.”  Katana pulls herself up and slips on her one missing shoe. She then turns and walks toward the door. She doesn’t even bother trying to fix herself up.  Her hair is a mess, her lipstick and makeup smeared, spit dripping from her chin; the front of her shirt is ripped open, a few scratches and red welts here and there. The pantyhose covering the inside area of her thighs is five shades darker from being literally being soaked in girl-fuck.  

She doesn’t care, in fact quite the opposite from what most would think.  As Katana struts out of the restroom she wants all the women in the office to know the consequences of going up against her. Her appearance certainly confirms there was a fight. Two women enter the restroom, only one comes out. And she’s the one coming out, while the other one presumably lie in puddle of blood, cum, and tears.

The shocking look on Emily’s and Emma’s face is priceless as they step aside to let the dark-haired raven by. 

Murmurs and whispers filled the work area as Katana walks to her desk and attempts to button up the front of her shirt. 

“Looks like Katana really taught Athena a lesson in there.” The dark-haired woman heard someone say from across the room, and that statement made her grin.

A wildly shocked Emily rushes into the restroom and finds Athena lying back across the sink. Her red swollen tits scratched up and on full display, legs spread apart, a soaking wet pantyhose covered crotch splayed out, hair a mess, lipstick smeared all over her face. The girl was half dazed and still shuddering from the assault Katana had just laid on her.

“Oh my God!” Emily gasps as she pulls Athena up from the sink. The blondes thoughts were so jumbled it takes several minutes for what had happened to really set in. As the realization grows stronger so does Athena’s anger. She has just been completely humiliated, completely over powered and turned into mush by a better, stronger, and hotter woman.

“How in the fuck did this happen?” She asks herself out loud as she holds herself up and tries to make herself look more presentable, even though there would be no hiding what had just happened from the rest of the women in the office.

“You know sometimes you find yourself having to yield in life.” Emily states as she pulls down on Athena’s shirt and skirt, trying to straighten out the fabric

The blonde can’t believe her ears. ‘Did Emily just cross sides?’ She thinks to herself. Athena pushes the girl’s hands away. “I got it, I got it!” She snaps out at the other women. The blonde grits her teeth in anger and then turns to Emily.  “Look, that might be something you would do, but I don’t yield!” She slaps her hands down on the sink. “Fuck it!” The blonde turns toward the door. At this point she doesn’t care what the office hens think about her.

It seems all eyes in the office were glued to the restroom door – they have been since the two women entered.  Finally out walks a very frazzled blonde; hair a complete mess, makeup smeared, shirt held together by the few buttons that remain. As she makes her way to her desk her arms and hands are held out in a position that tells everyone watching she is having a hard time keeping her balance. Half way through her travel her ankle suddenly twists causing her to stumble. A few snickers and giggle could be heard as she continues to walk.  There was no hiding it. It was a humiliating walk for sure.

Over the next couple of days Athena really keeps to herself while Katana is practically taking control of everything. It came as no surprise that the blonde was suddenly looking for another job. She wanted so badly to just quite but needed to have that steady income. It wasn’t worth getting behind on her bills, damaging her credit, or getting kicked out of her apartment. 

As Athena sits at her desk searching through the jobs listings she overhears a couple of the girls talking about the annual company anniversary party coming up this weekend. She remembers learning about the party from Emily. Even though she has no intentions of attending, she remembers Emily describing it as a formal evening that later turns into a slut-fest, as all the wives of the men working in the office try to compete with and out do the secretaries in the office, especially on the dance floor. It’s kind of a suspicious payback for the wives having to let their husbands associate with what they refer to as “the office skanks”.  

“Payback!” Athena says to herself out loud. Her mind starts racing and suddenly she’s conjuring up a revengeful  plan. ‘Payback! What better way than to humiliate Katana than to do it in front of the whole office. I think I might just be attending this party after all. ’ The blonde goddess thinks to herself.

With only a couple of days to prepare the blonde realizes she had better get busy. That’s when Emily suddenly drops by with some frustrating news. Apparently the girls have all agreed to a new vote for lead service rep. It came as no surprise to the blonde. After a long conversation Athena had convinced Emily to get the girls to postpone their vote until after the party. 

Athena shows up at the party looking beyond the goddess level of sexiness. The outfit she is wearing causes several men and women to choke over their drinks and hors d’oeuvres. The dress was so short and skimpy it could easily be mistaken for a piece of lingerie. The sleeveless, shoulder less red little number is so tight it reveals every contours of her torso like a stocking. Speaking of stocking, she has on a smooth pair of white thigh highs with the lacy bands at the top. And there’s no mistaking them for pantyhose because her dress is so short that the garter straps holding up her stockings are clearly visible.

The shocking chatter along with a few whistles ring out as Athena makes her way across the room. A few of office girls come up to her gasping and wooing over her choice of slutty party wear, even though most of their outfits would be considered borderline attire for such an occasion. Athena orders a drink from the bar and settles in at one of the many dinner tables. More and more women and men start to gather and pretty soon there are more hanging around her table than it can seat.

Just as Athena orders her second drink there seems to be a lot of commotion and chatter going on across the room, a lot of whistles and catcalls start ringing out. Standing at the bar she tries looking over the crowd to see what’s going on. It didn’t take long for her suspicions to come true. The crowd starts to part and they create a pathway that leads right up to Athena. It’s as if they know a confrontation between the two women is necessary.

Athena’s jaw nearly hits the floor when she sees the dark-haired goddess part from the crowd and starts making a bee-line straight for her. She’s wearing a black dress that’s every bit as short and sexy as the blonde’s own red number – maybe even a little more so – her black high heel shoes pounding out across the marble floor, showing off a pair of black fishnet stockings, garter straps completely visible.  

Athena was sure everyone there had already heard about their leggy comparison, and the fight that ensued afterwards between them in the ladies room.  All eyes appeared to be on them as Katana as she marches right up to the bar and stands beside the blonde. “I’ll take a double bourbon, neat please.” The dark-haired girl shouts out to the bartender.

The two women’s eyes travel up and down each other’s bodies.  Athena starts to feel her level of anger quickly rising as she takes in Katana’s cuter, sexier dress. And the black fishnet stockings really piss her off. ‘This slut knows no boundaries!’ The blonde thinks to herself.

“I have to give you credit,” the dark-haired girls turns toward Athena, hands on hips, her tits pushing out.  “Showing up here looking like this after what happened in the ladies room the other day….., I’ll have to say I’m impressed.”  

The blonde turns to face Katana. “What, you really didn’t think it was over between us…, did you?” She steps right up and goes tit to tit with the other woman.

“Sounds like someone is looking to have another go at it.” Katana pushes in tight against the blonde, black dress against red dress.

Athena pushes back “Anytime you’re ready, slut!” A lot of the crowd now watching on as the two hot women press together. They continue to keep their voices low.

“Oh we could catfight right here and now, cunt.  Who knows, they may or may not break it up. Sure would hate to ruin the evening by getting thrown out of here, especially since the evening has just started and you’ve gotten yourself all dolled up and everything.” The dark-haired girl presses in tighter, nose smashing against nose. She opens her eyes wide trying to intimidate the blonde.  “Let’s do it this way, bitch. If you happen to make through tonight’s events without being completely humiliated, we can certainly fight after the party.”

The blonde pushes right back. “Sounds like you’re trying to set me up for another one of your little lesbian contests.”

“Well honey it’s not my problem you can’t keep up with a real woman.”  Katana responses

“Listen to me you pussy!” Athena snarls into the dark-haired girl’s face.  “You’re the one that’s going to be embarrassed tonight, not me.”

“Oh we’ll see about that!” Katana growls back.

The two women hold the hate filled glare for several long seconds.  The noise around them finally has them refocusing their attention on the party and the two women separate but not after giving each other one finally hateful snarl.

Katana’s presence seems to have lured a lot of the attention away from Athena, she finds herself begging Emily to sit with her, which she does so a bit unwillingly. The blonde convinces the girl she will somehow prevail over Katana before the night is over.

The two women now find themselves surrounded by the not so hip crowd of the party as several nerdy men and women seat themselves at their dinner table.

Meanwhile Katana’s table is surrounded by all the office rowdies, laughing, joking, and making a lot of noise.

As the night progresses Athena and Katana continue to eye each other from across the room. By the time dinner ends most people are starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. As the blondes plays with the remaining food on her plate, a pair of black panties suddenly swing in from behind and slap the goddess across her face. She’s now confronted with the wet sodden crotch of those same panties dangling from Katana’s index finger. The mucus like coating causing the blondes face to distort disgustingly. “What the…..?

“Are you woman enough to accept the challenge, skank?” The words are whispered into her ear. The black panties are suddenly dropped into her lap. And the dark-haired girl whisks away before anyone at the table notices – that is except for Emily. 

“Oh my god did she just slap you across the face with her panties?” Emily shrieks as Athena wipes the wetness off her cheek. She hooks the waistband of the black panties with one finger and raises them up.“Oh my god your guys’s beef must be getting pretty serious. Do you think she wants to swap panties with you?” Emily question excitedly. Hearing the redhead’s dirty little observation while examining the wet, creamy crotch of Katana’s panties causes Athena’s pussy to gush a little puddle of goo into her own panties.

“I’m not about to be intimidated by that slut! If she wants me to climb down into the gutter with her I have no fucking problem.” Athena claims with determination.

The blonde then sets Katana’s panties aside. Trying to be discrete she pulls down her own soiled knickers. Once she has them removed she reaches for Katana’s pair. Under the table she slips her legs into them and pulls them up, the wet gooey crotch of the dark-haired woman’s panties come into contact with her own very aroused, very wet vagina. The foreign goo immediately slides in between her juicy cunt lips, working its way in between her folds. The blondes head rears back. With her eyes closed she takes in feel of the other woman’s cold clammy sauce. She swears she can actually taste Katana through her pussy as a tangy sweet taste emerges from the back of her throat causing her mouth to salivate. “Oh that fucking bitch!” Athena snarls under her breath.

The whole scene has Emily flushed and heavily panting herself. “Oh my god how nasty.” She squirms in her chair, wetting her own silk little panties.

“Damn right! I’ll show that bitch nasty!” Athena replies while getting up from her chair. With panties in hand she makes her way around the outside edge of the room, coming up to Katana’s table from the back side.  She swats her red panties across the raven girl’s face and then dangles the wet gooey crotch in front of her. “Challenge accepted, cunt.” The blonde whispers into the raven’s ear and then drops the red soiled panties into her lap.

As the blonde arrives back to her table she imagines Katana has already slipped into her crotch soaked panties. Athena realizes the war between the two of them is getting quite personal.

After a short while the awards ceremony starts with the president of the company giving out engraved plaques and gift cards. Athena and Katana continuously eye each other from across the room. Both seem to be putting on a private little show for one another as each one squirms and shifts around in her seat, a natural occurrence from wearing each other’s soaking wet panties.

Suddenly Athena phone alerts her of a text message.

“I’m afraid my wet pussy has washed away any remnants of your stinky snatch from your panties, bitch!”  The message said.

Athena was seething with the idea of Katana’s nasty scent contaminating one of her favorite pairs of panties. She imagined the dark-haired girls scent mixed in with her own, possibly taking several wearings before completely erasing the other woman’s odor from her panties.

The blonde started pounding away on her phones keypad. “Oh yeah bitch, well my pussy has washed away the nasty smell of your cunt from your panties too, and I’d like to wash that filthy cunt of yours out along with them.” Athena hits send and looks over to see the dark-haired girl reacting to her text alert. 

A short minute or two goes by and Athena phone alerts her of another text. “Don’t talk to me about washing cunts, bitch! I’ve drowned more pussies in my juice then you have pubic hairs, which will be ripped out once mine knots into yours.”

“You tangle pubic hair with me slut and you’re the one that will end up bald.” The blonde replies with another text of her own.

The two women continue to exchange nasty little messages as the award ceremony carries on. Suddenly an award comes around for best in service. Athena felt like she was knocked to the ground when she heard Katana Killsmore’s name being called out.  

“How in the fuck could this happen when the bitch has only been around for a little more than a month.”

The blonde asks herself. The increasing level of anger and hostility now escalating her reason to fuel the alcohol buzz she has going on.

As the awards ceremony wraps up it doesn’t take long for the hired DJ to come out and fire up dance floor. Sure enough Katana’s one of the first ones out there, dragging a couple of guys from the office with her. Slowly but surely the dance floor starts to fill up. Athena finds herself sitting with a couple of nerdy guys trying to make sense of Katana prevailing over her in just about every aspect.  Never in her life has she had to deal with such hostile competition.  

“Fucking bitch.” She mumbles to herself as she watches the dark-haired girl bumping and grinding out on the dance floor. Even though Athena hated to admit, she can’t argue the fact the girl has a body that easily rivals her own, possibly even surpassing her own. As the blondes focuses in on Katana’s hot body she swears she can see a trail of wetness glistening across her inner thighs. The whole situation angers her deeply as she sits there soaking in the dark-haired girl’s panties. She finally jumps up from her seat and grabs a hold of the closest guy and drags him out onto the dance floor.

Unbeknownst to Katana, the blonde comes up behind her, turns around to face her partner and starts in on a fast paced thrust and grind to the beat of the music. It only takes one ass to ass collision for the dark-haired to turn around.  When she notices Athena dancing behind her she quickly maneuvers herself between the blonde and her dance partner.  She aggressively reaches out for Athena’s hands and forces the girl into a fingerlock. “Dance with me Athena!” She shouts out cheerfully over the music.

Somewhat surprised but not wanting to be intimidated, Athena plays along. The two women move back and forth, keeping their fingers locked together while swinging their arms around like best friends, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

At first the two of them hold each other at a distance. With fake little smiles on their faces the women really let one another one get a good look at each other’s hard, hot, curvy body.  They are thrusting and grinding to the loud thumping beat of the music – undulating, rotating, and twisting around less than an arm’s length away from one another.  Their long, sexy stocking covered legs are really putting on a show, which prompts the Katana to ask “You really think you can out-leg me on the dance floor?”

“Oh I know I can!”  Athena’s reply as she attempts to out step the dark-haired girl and just like Katana,

Athena finds a similarly wet fluid running down her thighs.The song ends and a new one starts up, this one with a lot stronger beat. The two women immediately feel the intensity of the music and it causes their finger-lock to tighten.

Their dance becomes more serious. The phony little smiles on their faces disappear. A little pushing and pulling ensues back and forth across the dance floor as the two women struggle for control. As the song plays out their tussle intensifies, bodies moving in on one another and it doesn’t take long for the two hotties to start pushing back and forth, nose to nose, tit to tit, and thigh to thigh. Black fishnets pushing against white stockings.

“That’s it Katana, show her how it’s done!” A shout comes out from the crowded dance floor.

Athena waits to hear a shout out of her own but it never comes. ‘Does this bitch really have that much power over everybody?’ She thinks to herself.

The dark-haired girl reinforces her commitment into the dance by wrapping her right arm around Athena and pulls her in tight. “My dress is winning the fight, bitch!” Katana snickers into the blonde’s face, her lips so close that black lipstick smears into red.

“Fuck you bitch!” Athena responds and throws her left arm around the dark-haired girl, putting the two women into a classic tango dance position.

“You really think you have what it takes to control this dance bitch?” Katana snarls back.

Their embrace tightens. Katana uses their rolling and rippling bodies to lift the front of hers and Athena’s short dresses just high enough to make panty to panty contact with each other. The contact goes mostly unobserved by the other dancers and party goers. The skilled move has the blonde trying to suppress any idea that Katana’s experience surpasses her own when it comes to this kind of woman to woman competition.    

It’s hard not to let the mixing of wetness between their thighs go unnoticed. It’s creating a slick and gooey lubrication as black fishnet and white stocking covered legs start to entwine, slipping and sliding in and out, up and down against one another until finally wrapping together in an unbreakable twisted knot.  The interlocking of body to body contact has the two women panting heavily into each other’s mouths, red and black lipstick sticking together; blue and green eyes ablaze and locked together with hateful intensity.

The song ends only to have an even more powerful dubstep song come on, and it just so happens to be one of Katana’s favorite jams.

The dark-haired girl immediately breaks the fingerlock from their extended hands and wraps her remaining arm around the back of Athena’s shoulders.

“You better hold on for this one, bitch!” Katana shouts out over the music.The blonde has no choice but to reciprocate, putting the two women into a tight clinching bear hug. Athena knows this song all too well; it is also one of her favorite jams.

“You’re the one that might want to hold on, slut!” The blonde shouts back.

The intensity and powerful jack-hammering beat of the song has the two women pulling and crushing against each other’s gyrating bodies. Every muscle is being tested directly against each other.  Nylon stocking legs entwining like mating snakes as they pry and leverage against one another, fighting to move each other around the dance floor. Pubic bones are crushing together in a rotating rhythmic grind, being well lubricated by their ever flowing juices that are mixing together between their legs. Full, firm tits are smashed completely flat against one another, rolling and rotating in a tight angry grind. Twisted looks of disgusted hate appear on their faces as they lock eyes and smash their faces together nose to nose. At this point black dress is literally fighting with red dress.

“That’s it Katana take control!”  A shout from the crowded dance floor rings out

“Yeah get her!” Another one yells.

‘Why am I not hearing shouts of encouragement?’ Athena asks herself. The only reason Athena can come up with, is she believes her coworkers fear Katana. 

Out to of the corner of her eye Athena swears she can see Emma and Emily locked together in their own body to body dance struggle. After taking further notice she swears she can see a few other girl-girl confrontations going on around the dance floor, looking to be mostly made up of wives pairing up with their husband’s secretaries, but these little clashes that are surrounding them don’t seem to have near the intensity that Athena and Katana have going on.

As the song continues to ramp up, Katana appears to have more body to body control over the dance.

Certain parts of the song have the dark-haired girl gripping and shaking Athena like a rag doll, walking the blonde back and forth across the dance floor. Even though Athena is quite familiar with the song she is finding it hard to compete with the strength of the dark-haired girl when it comes to the jacking hammering beat.

To make matters even more intense, Katana suddenly attacks Athena’s mouth, jamming her wet tongue deep into the blonde’s mouth. Athena has no choice to fight back to keep from being suffocated.

Nose to nose the two women glare hate into each other’s eyes while their wet, sloppy, spit coated tongues corkscrew together in fight of their own. As the two women stumble around the dance floor pubic bone to pubic bone, their soaking wet panties are wedged in tight against their swollen wet cunts and it creates two perfect forming camel toes that are being completely pushed and smashed together while leaking and sucking juices back and forth through their swapped panties.  

More and more it appears the dark-haired girl is gaining control over the dance. As the song continues to ramp up to its peak, Katana mimics the beat, and like a jack hammer set on high speed shakes and shudders her body into the blonde like a 9.0 earthquake. Athena finds herself in a desperate struggle to keep up and even more so she’s fighting the overwhelming feeling of going over the edge.

With the song nearing its end, Athena is now being tossed around like a puppet. She’s getting crushed, jerked, and yanked back and forth across the dance floor by her ever seemingly more powerful rival.

“GET HER!” Someone shouts out, neither woman knowing if the shout was for her or her rival.
With that the dark-haired girl goes in for the kill, tilting her head and sealing her wide open mouth to the blonde’s. She then proceeds to drill her sloppy spit-coated tongue deep into Athena’s mouth. The blonde quickly fights back, jamming her own slick wet tongue back into the dark-haired girl’s mouth.

The two women stumble around locked in a deep, sloppy wet, corkscrewing tongue fight that has their mixed spit dripping off their chins. Katana’s kiss slowly but surely proves to be more powerful and her undulating, gyrating body seems to have taken control over the dance. One woman is slowly winning, the other woman gradually losing ground. One woman is gagging and suffocating while the other woman attacks. One hot woman is overpowering another hot woman by pushing, jerking, and yanking. Katana is now walking Athena back and forth across the dance floor. This is what fifteen years of gymnastics looks like being put directly up against twelve years of cheerleading.

The inevitable happens as Katana crushes and shakes the blonde into an overwhelming orgasm. Athena becomes a limp noodle in the dark-haired girl’s arms. The song end abruptly as Katana cruelly throws the blonde onto the floor on the very last hammering beat of the song. Perfectly timed as Athena lands on her ass, legs spread, body still twitching from her subsiding orgasm.  A few people in the small crowd around her start to laugh. A completely stunned and humiliated blonde lays their momentarily, red and black lipstick completely smeared across her lips and mouth, spit dripping off her chin – a soaking, wet panty-covered, cum dripping crotch on full display – still pulsating and oozing.

In a complete shame, Athena rolls over, stands up and runs off the dance floor. Out of the room she runs down a hallway and eventually finds an out of the way ladies room to hide in. There she tries her best to recover from being completely humiliated, this time worse than ever – suffering a complete beat down on the dance floor by a stronger, sexier woman. And to make matters worse, in front of the whole office.

For most of the evening and into the night Athena remains in the bathroom, sulking in disbelief. How could she allow herself to be beaten is such a degrading manner. She can’t help but relive the struggle over and over again in her mind. The strength of the dark-haired girl’s mouth and tongue, the power of her undulating body as it rocked and shock against her own in their crushing body to body embrace – the degrading feel of the Katana’s womanhood essentially overpowering and beating her own.

Her distress slowly turns to anger, and her anger slowly gives way to thoughts of revenge as she attempts to straighten out her appearance in front of the mirror. “What would the real Athena do?” she asks herself.

Back at the party Katana certainly had a full night of admiration and pleasure, from both the men and women. Her magnetic and luring personality along with her defying tactics seems to have secured her place as alpha female amongst her co-workers.

As the party winds down the dark-haired woman certainly finds herself having pick of the litter to take home for the night, and that would be the pick of men as well as the women.Eventually her flirtatious adventures narrow it down to one studly man. By now the banquet room has emptied out as Katana leads the man by the arm. She is completely taken back when she suddenly spots Athena lurking in the corner of the room. Katana demeanor towards the man quickly changes and after some back and forth fusing and pressing, she convinces him to go home and sleep it off.

After Katana pushes the man out the door she turns to see the blonde woman emerging from the dark corner. The two women approach the outer edges of the dance floor and start to circle.

“I have to admit I’m very well impressed by your determination. Haven’t you had enough bitch?” Katana continues her circular path around the dance floor.

“It’s my determination that will eventually lead to your ruin, bitch!” Athena snarls and continues to walk in a tightening circle.

“Ha Ha Ha….., Only in your dreams slut!” The dark-haired girl responds.

“Well dreams can come true, bitch!” Athena states with assertion.

“That’s only if you have the power to make them come true.”  Katana chuckles and then starts hiking up her dress. She inserts her thumbs into the waist band of her (Athena’s) panties and lowers them down her long sexy, fishnet stocking covered legs – the move doesn’t even interrupt her stride one bit as she steps out of them. She holds them up with the long index finger of her right hand as she continues to circle – the dance floor lights reflecting in the wet, mucus-coated crotch of the panties.    

“Oh I’ve got power all right!” The blonde now inserting her thumbs into the exchanged panties she’s wearing and lowers them down her smooth silk stockinged legs. Once they are removed she holds them up. The clear silvery strands of cum can be seen shining across the crotch of the black panties.

“We’ll just see if you have enough power to get out of the knot I tie your ass into once I’m finished with you, bitch.” Katana suddenly reaches out and swipes the dangling panties from Athena’s finger. “Just like the knot I’m about to tie our panties into.”

Within a matter of seconds she has two gooey wet crotches of their panties all twisted and tied together in an unbreakable knot. “I’ll just add these to my collection once I’m done permanently kicking your ass for good this time.” Katana shouts out and then tosses the knotted panties off to the side. She can be seen licking the goo from her fingers as she turns her attention back to the blonde.

“We’ll see who walks out of here first, you fucking cunt!” Athena charges forward, latching onto the Katana’s hair and she pushes the girl backward across the floor.

The dark-haired girl quickly retaliates, clutching two handfuls of Athena’s thick blonde hair. She manages to stop the blonde’s momentum. The double hair pull has the two women yanking each other’s heads back while stumbling around chin to chin and tit to tit. After several minutes of an intense back and forth struggle, Katana proves her superior strength by slowly driving the blonde back.

Out of frustration Athena releases her hair pull and starts violently clawing, punching, and tearing away at anything she can get her hands into. Katana strikes back with her own fists and claws and the two women proceed to tear into each other like a couple of fighting alley cats. Catfight! Catfight! Catfight!

The two women created a whirlwind around the dance floor, scratching, punching and ripping away at each other like crazy animals, leaving red welts and bloody scratches across each other’s bodies and faces. Their dresses are eventually yanked and pulled down exposing two sets of firm tits and rock hard nipples. They immediately attack each other’s breasts with their fingernails clawing and scratching away at each other’s meaty globes. The material has also hiked up around their hips causing them to look more like belts then dresses. Slowly but surely Katana overwhelms the blonde with her claws and fists, swinging them around like a cyclone as she tears and punches into Athena with rapid intensity.

The overwhelmed blonde struggles to tie up Katana’s arms and legs. Their stocking legs are once again tangled together as Athena fights to take hold of the dark-haired girl’s flailing arms. She finally manages to latch on to Katana’s elbows and digs her fingernails in deep. This momentarily eases the dark-haired girl’s attack. She chuckles and reacts by grabbing a hold of the blonde’s elbows in return.  

“See bitch! You can not win a catfight with me. I will fucking rip you apart!”  Katana growls, jerking on the blondes arms she starts to walk the other woman around the dance floor – their legs still tangled together as she emphasizes her strength.  

“Fuck you – you cunt!” Athena snarls while pushing and prying back against the dark-haired girl, pitting her strength directly against Katana’s.

“When are you going to learn, bitch?” Katana sneers into the blonde’s face “You can’t beat me. Not at Anything. Not dancing, not catfighting, not fucking. Not anything!  Hell I’d probably even make a better cheerleader than your sorry ass.”

The dark-haired girl’s words have Athena sizzling with anger and tears. “Fuck you – you fucking cunt!” The blonde throws all her strength into pushing against dark-haired woman.

“I have to hand it to you bitch, you certainly have determination. “ Katana snarls out between her clinching teeth and heavy breathing.

For some time Athena manages hold off the dark-haired girl.  As the blonde pushes with all her might her chest expands causing Katana to take notice of the blonde’s firm tits and stiff nipples.

“What? Are you seriously trying to push me around with those floppy bags and weak little nubs of yours?” Katana shouts out and pushes her chest forward.

“You’re the one that’s a floppy titted bitch, not me!”  The blonde grunts and continues to push with all her might.

“What? You really think you can go tit to tit with me bitch? Katana challenges the blonde aggressively.

“How about a nipple fight?” She challenges the blonde by waving her hardened nipples back and forth.  “Maybe your nipples can fight better than you can. I’m already winning this catfight, might as well have some fun with it.”The dark-haired girl goes on to say.

“Is this another one of your lesbian kinks?” Athena attempts to disregard the fact that the mere mention of a nipple fight has her rods painfully stiffing.

“I show you a kink once my nipples permanently bend yours in half.” Katana snarls. Thrusting out she strikes the blondes hardening nipples with her own. The strike causes Athena to gasp. Again the dark-haired girl thrusts forward and repeatedly slashes away at the blonde’s nipples.

Athena finds herself shuddering with arousal. She needs to fight back or she’s going to turn into jello within the dark-haired girl’s grip. The blonde attempts to get a grip and starts to fight back – slashing and stabbing her nipples against Katana’s rock hard shafts.

“Ok let’s cut the bullshit. I guess you’re just not going to be satisfied until I completely beat you woman to woman in every possible way, are you bitch?” The dark-haired girl pauses monetarily.  “Let’s see whose nipples are bigger, harder, and stronger.” Katana commands assertively. “Let’s fucking pry them against each other and make them!”\

“Ok slut fine, we’ll see who has the stronger nipples.” Athena shouts while pushing her stiff rods into position.

Katana lines her own hard nipples up side by side with the blonde’s. The two of them immediately compare and quickly learn the two of them are nearly identical, each nipple touching into each other’s areoles at the same time, and appearing to be about the same in thickness.

“Ok you stupid cunt, so what if we look to be the same size. I’m going to nipple bend the shit out of you anyway!” Katana snarls into the blonde’s face.

“In your fucking dreams bitch!” Athena shouts back.

With that the two women start to apply pressure, slowly each set of nipples starts to bend until they flick past each other.

“Ok cunt this time slower.” Katana barks out the command

The two women once again line up and apply pressure. Slowly each set of nipples start to bend equally. More and more pressure is added until they finally flick past each other.

“Again bitch!” Yells out Athena.

They line up and ever so slowly apply pressure. This time they stop just before their nipples flick past each other and hold this position. It doesn’t take long for Athena’s nipples to show signs of weakening  under Katana’s stiff angry rods and finally it happens, causing the blonde to quickly pull away.

Katana’s cherry red nipples had pinned Athena’s rosy pink nipples down. “See! You fucking bitch! I fucking had you pinned!”

“Bullshit slut they slipped!” Athena replies, trying to mislead what had just happened. 

“Alright cunt, do it again then!” Katana commanded.

With that the two women realigned their nipples and started to pry. Once again Katana’s nipples bent Athena nipples down, this time holding them there for both women to see. “You fucking cunt, now do you see that you have no chance!” Katana snarls into the blonde’s face.

“This means nothing!” Athena shouts out and pulls away.

“Oh my god you fucking bitch! Yield to me slut and just admit I’m the better fucking woman!” Katana angry voice rings out loudly as she grips and tugs the blonde around by her elbows.  

“I’ll never fucking yield to you…, you fucking skank!” Athena shouts and tugs back.

“I guess I’m just going to have to completely crush the fucking shit out of you then.  Is that what I going to have to do, cunt?”  Katana sneers while spits sprays out through her clinched teeth.  

“You’ll never crush me, bitch!” Athena spits back, getting right into the dark-haired girls face while attaching her nipples head to head with her rival’s.

Katana can’t believe the fight this girl has in her. To be bested time and time again only to keep coming back for more.  Her grip tightens and she pushes her nipples straight into the blondes. Amazingly enough Athena tightens her grip and pushes right back.

It’s time I show you what a real woman can do.” Katana growls and starts to grind the tips of her nipples into the blondes.

Within seconds the blonde starts to feel a strange pulsating suction at the tips of her nipples. The sensation causes her to pull back but when she does she finds the tips of her nipples stuck to Katana’s. Freaked out, she gives another harder pull that causes their nipples to suddenly pop apart. The astonished blonde looks down to see a clear, slightly milky fluid dripping off the tips of her nipples. Looking over at Katana she sees the same fluid dripping off her nipples.

“What’s the matter slut? Never been nipple locked with and another woman before?”  The dark-haired girl snickers.

Katana doesn’t even give the girl time to answer as she already lines their nipples back up and pushes in.

Athena gasps but manages to push back. Not vocally admitting it, Athena has never experienced the locking of nipples with another woman before – nothing needed to be said in order for Katana to have already figured that out.  So this time the two of them start grinding the tips of their nipples together with purpose,  Katana a little more so then Athena.

Within in seconds the blonde starts to feel the same pulsating suction, this time even stronger. She feels a wet connection being formed between her tits and Katana’s. It suddenly has her reeling with surrender as she takes in the feeling that can only be described as having her sexuality pulled from deep inside her womanly tits – the sensation causing the fight within her to ease.

A quick realization has Athena snapping out of her trance. Knowing now what the dark-haired bitch is doing she grasps tightly against Katana’s arms and stands up against her, pushing back firmly, nipples into nipples.

“I will not surrender to your sick little antics!” Athena shouts out as she fights back against the nipple lock. The blonde struggles with the urge of falling back and letting the dark-haired woman take control of her body as she feels her milk holes opening up – sucking and sealing against Katana’s.

“Alright you fucking cunt!” Katana snarls while reaching up with one hand to grab the back of Athena’s neck. “Time to crush the shit out of you once and for all!” The dark-haired woman pulls the blonde in tighter. Breast flesh starts to merge causing their nipples to stab fully into one another.

Athena reacts by taking hold of Katana neck and pulls back against the gymnast. The pressure between their warring nipples mounts as each woman struggles to invert the other. Their legs start to thrash out in an attempt to lock each other in place. Slowly and awkwardly they start to entwining, bringing their lower extremities together.

Tighter and tighter the two women coil themselves together.  The two women throw their remaining arm around one another, locking themselves into a full embrace. They eventually find themselves in the same crushing dance position they had been in earlier, stocking legs tightly entwined, bodies compressed and constricted, faces pressing forehead to forehead and nose to nose. The two interlocked women stumble around glaring and sneering hatefully into each other’s faces.

“I’m going to do you in once and for all you fucking cunt!” Katana curses and slams her pubic bone into the blonde’s.

“I will NEVER give in to a fucking skank like you!” Athena slams back with a pubic bone thrust of her own.
The two women proceed to grind their pubic bone into each other with crushing determination.  The abrasion is so hard that even over the girl’s gasps and moans the crunching sounds of their pubic hair grinding into each other can be heard. Light and dark hairs become all twisted and knotted together. 
The two women continue to wrench themselves tighter and tighter together, working their crotches deeper and deeper into one another. Both cunts now inflamed and dripping wet. They angle their grinding hips causing their wet inner cunt lips to rub together. Their hoods catch and fold back, exposing two equally aroused clitorises which they immediately stab straight into each other. The abrupt contact causes both women to gasp and moan heavily into each other’s faces. For several minutes the two hotly contested women continue to stumble as each struggles to entwine and tighten their crushing embrace.

“Give in you fucking bitch!” Katana shouts, her face now smashing straight into Athena’s as she hisses and snarls into the blonde’s mouth.

“I’ll never fucking give in, slut!” Athena growls and spits back, their curled back lips allowing their pearly white teeth to scrape and grind against each other.

The hand on the back of Athena’s neck comes up to the back of her head. “Then I will fucking suffocate you, cunt!” Katana suddenly pulls the blonde’s face tighter I into her own while thrusting her tongue out, prying it deep into the former cheerleader’s mouth, nearly gagging the blonde with her thick spit coated muscle.

Athena’s hand comes up to the back of the dark-haired girl’s head and she pulls hard, crushing her face back into the former gymnast’s face. She pushes her tongue back against the invader, struggling to force her own slick tongue into Katana’s mouth. It quickly becomes a very wet corkscrewing battle.

The fight continues across the dance floor. The two women squeeze and crush each other, neither one letting up. Fishnet and smooth stocking legs are completely twisted, knotted and grinding together. Hips are force together as the two women gyrate cunt into cunt. Thick dripping wet clits are jammed tightly together, each one fighting to crush and obliterate the other.  Their rock hard nipples remain sucked together. Their milk holes are sealed; exchanging tit fluids as each woman struggles to invert the other one with their stiffness.

The two women are literally crushing their sexy, snarling, hate-filled faces together – mixing their saliva as they twist and knot their tongues together and force them down each other’s throats, their mixed spit dripping off their chins.

This struggle continues back and forth across the dance floor until they finally trip over their tangled feet. Down to the floor they go side by side, the impact breaking the two women apart. Katana quickly rolls into a sitting position; legs spread open facing the blonde.  

“Cunt to cunt bitch!” the dark-haired girls quickly shouts out. She reaches down spreads apart her pussy lips. “Let’s seal ourselves together, and fight woman to woman.”

Athena sits up and swings her legs around, spreading apart her own cunt lips. “Bitch I will suck your cunt inside out!”

The two women scoot across the floor, scissoring their legs together, stopping just inches from making pussy to pussy contact.

“My cunt is going to fucking eat your cunt, slut!” Katana snarls and then spits into her own open gash, still holding it open with two fingers.

“My cunt is going to fucking swallow your cunt, skank!” Athena sneers and spits into her own open pussy. 

The two women close the distance and slam their wide open cunt holes together. Two soaking wet pussies slosh and suck together. They pull their hands away and lean back. They start gyrating their hips into each other, working their vaginas into a tight suction. Harder and harder, tighter and tighter they push and fuck into one another.

“Enough of this bullshit!” Katana suddenly drives her upper body forward, Catball with me bitch! So I can crush you once and for all!” The dark-haired girl shouts out with her swollen tits and hardened nipples thrusting out. “

Katana’s words instantly have Athena’s remembering all the catball fights that occurred between rival cheerleaders, especially one particular fight she had been locked in years ago. Athena figured with Katana’s severely abrasive personality, she must have had her fair share of girl fight catballs. The blonde wondered what the raven haired girl’s fights must have looked like, two flexible gymnasts locked together in a tightly entwined catball.  

“You’re right slut!” Athena snarls and pushes her upper body forward, bringing the tips of her nipples back into contact with Katana’s.  “Let’s put an end to this, fight me like a real fucking woman!” she shouts.

“It’s going to end alright.” Katana snarls and swings her right arm around the blonde, locking her hand around the back of her neck.  “It will end badly…. for you!”

“Badly for you cunt!” Athena swings her own arm around the dark-haired girl, taking hold of the neck. “I will fight you for as long as it takes.”

“I promise this won’t take long” the gymnast swings her other arm around the cheerleader’s back and starts to work her body straight on and into the blonde’s.

“We’ll see about that, cunt!” Athena wraps her other around arm the dark-haired woman and matches the force of body into body.

The two hot women stare deep into each other’s eyes with hate-filled lust as they grind their sweaty bodies into one another. Tighter and tighter they work themselves into a crushing hold. Legs start to slide up and around each other’s backs, curling their womanly forms into one another.

The sounds of wet suctioning cunts echo through the dance hall over their ever increasing panting and moaning. Their eyes are completely hate locked in an evil twisted glare. Noses are being push tighter and tighter into each other. Stiff nipples are perfectly aligned and stabbing while milk holes widen and seal tight.

“I’m going to put you out, bitch!” Katana snarls and thrusts her wet tongue into the blonde’s mouth with force and determination.

Athena babbles some unrecognizable words through a mouth full of tongue and spit and then jams her own thick tongue into the fight.

Tighter and tighter the women tangle themselves into a twisted knot – the catball now nearly reaching its limitation. Their bodies are perfectly aligned from cunt to forehead. Arms and legs are completely and totally wrapped around each other, pulling and squeezing their womanly bodies together. Faces are crushing together while hate filled eyes remain wide open and glaring. Tongues drilling deep into each other’s mouths, corkscrewing together while pushing girl-spit back and forth – mixing so much of it together it starts dripping off their chins.

Like a weeble wobble the two tightly conjoined women swivel around until they finally fall over onto their sides. Still joined together they fight for top position. With next to no leverage it becomes quite a struggle. The two of them rock back and forth until Katana manages to gain the top position, however Athena keeps the momentum going and they roll back onto their sides.

They keep this up in somewhat of a slow motion display of rolling tangled girl flesh; back and forth, back and forth. By now their heads are slightly tilted and their spit-filled mouths are completely sealed together. Their tongues twist and knot, completely raping each other’s mouths.

It appears as if Athena is the first one to go off as her body shakes and trembles. The suction sounds of their dripping wet cunts and spit filled mouths echo over the blondes babbling and slobbering groans and moans. Katana goes off shortly after with her own body rocking orgasm. 

Their muffled screams and struggling roll subsides into a nearly motionless whimper. They remain completely and hopelessly entwined, juicey mouths still sealed together while their tongues remain fighting in a spit mixing battle. Rock hard nipples stuck together, fighting to invert and suck the essence out of each other. Cunts are completely suctioned together, exchanging and mixing their cum back and forth between their bodies.

Slowly their struggle re-energizes and once again they are rolling around in a tight, binding catball. The fight continues as each woman tries to overwhelm her rival with strength, control, and sexuality.  Several more orgasms are traded back and forth as each woman shoots her girl cum deep into the cavern of the other woman’s cunt.  As ever building sea of their mixed juice is exchanged, it reaches deeper and deeper into the depths of each other’s bodies. The process of violating each other with spit and cum repeats itself over and over again.

With painstaking slowness one woman is proving to be more powerful,  the mouth and tongue of one women seeming to be more powerful than the other. Weaker nipples are being inverted into a pair of softer tits while at the same time being sucked of their essential fluids. Tangled clits are slowly being pushed and worked back into the body of the weaker woman. The womanhood of one woman is winning the fight against the womanhood of the other.

Finally one woman is rolled onto her back and is now at the mercy of the other. One mouth is being completely washed out by the other woman’s spit. One set of nipples being fully inverted and her tits being drained by a firmer stronger set of nipples and breasts. One cunt is acting like a fully sealed plunger, pushing and pulling an overwhelming amount of their mixed cum in and out of the other cunt. Literally being fucked and douched out by the blended juice of two women – how humiliating.  

Eventually the arms and legs of the woman on the bottom can be seen surrendering and she now is being rape mouth to mouth, tit to tit, and cunt to cunt by the other woman. The winner continues her onslaught with several more painful minutes of complete woman to woman conquer.

The winner’s muscles now easing into a relaxing state as she lays there for what seems like several minutes. Two gorgeous women’s bodies glued together with their combined sweat, cum. and spit, the rush of air into their lungs easing into a barely noticeable expansion of their lungs.

Katana finally pulls her head up from their mouth to mouth embrace- strings of spit linking them as she lifts herself.  Pulling further away their nipples stretch and come apart with a pop, another set of sticky strings linking their bodies nipple to nipple.

“We now know who the fucking Queen is, don’t we? You fucking skank!”  Katana spit into Athena’s mouth and rips their knotted pubic hair tied cunts apart, a thick rope of cum bridging between the holes of their swollen and chaffed pussies. She pulls herself the rest of the way up as gooey strings of sex break apart and she separates herself from the blonde.

Katana then grabs the hair at the top of Athena’s head and mounts the blonde’s face. Smearing hours worth of mixed girl fuck into the fallen goddess’s face. “We know now who the real fucking goddess is…., don’t we cunt?” 

The dark-haired girl then strips Athena of her stockings. She casually walks over and collects the knotted panties off the floor. “I guess I won’t be seeing you in the office anymore.” Katana laughs as she tosses their entwined panties up and down, pretending the twisted silk garments are the winning game ball of their fight.  She walks out leaving Athena lying on the floor, barely conscious.

Athena didn’t show up to work for two days. Ashamed to show her face in a place where she knows she will have to listen to all the catty remarks, snickers and gossip about the loss of her status amongst the girls. Her financial situation is quite binding and she cannot afford to be out of work. She decides to face the music. She knows she’ll have to make due until she can find employment elsewhere.  

The day Athena decided to show her face back at work she couldn’t have predicted the loss of her status any better. The girls on her team were absolutely giving her the cold shoulder. She would watch the girls’ converse and hear them giggle and whisper back and forth. “I hated pretty girls like you back in high school.” Emma peers over her cubicle wall. And then having to see Katana looking totally radiant and gleaming with confidence, strutting around the office with authority and control.

The blonde’s status in the workplace quickly becomes isolated and degrading. Katana has been voted in as the new team leader and is now running the show, leaving Athena sulking and hiding her face. The blonde’s participation and appearance spiraling down until she was practically going unnoticed by the other women in the office.

In fact nobody really notices her absence until days after she stopped coming into the office. Rumor had it she finally resigned not able to face the loss of her status to Katana. The goddess Katana – which is who our story is really all about.  Katana! 

The black-haired goddess Katana thrusts her sword into the blonde goddess Athena, slicing right through her.  

And now with Katana at the helm it doesn’t take long for management to take notice of the dark-haired girl’s exceptional performance and skills. In fact just like she had talked about, she made her way straight to management, bypassing the rank of supervisor altogether – an accomplishment made in under a year’s time. Although rumor has it Katana set the manager up in her department to fail, and then easily slid into that position. The black-haired goddess now in charge of four teams of women and running a tight ship, gaining more and more respect for her champion ideas and disciplines. The loyalty and love of the women under her continue to grow by the day – making true to the fact that people love winners.

It didn’t take long for Katana to set her eyes on advancement in the company – a rumored director’s position becoming available in the near future. Being the alpha woman that she is, the dark-haired girl does her due diligence – investigating the requirements and responsibilities of the position and most importantly, the competition.  Through the grapevine Katana learns of several candidates taking interest in the position. One in particular and probably the most threatening is a fiery redhead working within one of the companies west coast operation centers.  An investigative discovery gives Katana quite a bit of information. She learns of a fiery redhead name Scarlett and the woman seems to be very ambitious and accomplished in her career.

When Katana brings up the woman’s social media she reveals a gorgeous fiery red-haired goddess named Scarlett; brilliant golden brown eyes, red pouty lips, lightly freckled – perfect nose, long thick radiant red hair that would surely rivals Katana’s own black mane.  It had the raven goddess wondering what their black and red hair would look like all tangled up and knotted together, both upstairs and downstairs.

As she continues to search through Scarlett’s pages she comes across several gut punching pictures that has Katana’s lips curling back with a snarl. She decides to reach out to the redhead, attempting to get a feel for the other woman’s disposition. The black-haired woman decides the best way for contact would be through company email, versus any kind of strange personal outreach. She just needed to come up with a legitimate reason to get the dialog rolling.

Katana writes up a quick email inquiring about a miss delivery she received.  A response quickly comes back “Fuck you bitch!”  It has the dark-haired women quickly realizing this fiery red-hair woman knows all about her.

At this point Katana realizes the best thing to do is to take this battle off company resources, so she attacks the redhead by sending her a message on social media.                                    

“Fuck you slut!” Katana types out and sends.

It doesn’t take long for a response. “I know who you are and what you’re up to, skank! You have no idea who you’re fucking with!” Scarlett had attached a picture of herself. A full body pic from head to toe decked out in an ultra tight lacey red bra, matching panties, red garter belt, white thigh high stockings, and red four inch heels. 

Katana shot back a response with an attached pic of her own in a very similar pose, only wearing a purple bra and matching panties, purple garter belt,  black thigh high stockings, and purple four inch heels. “Bitch you are no threat to me, as you can see!” she writes back.  

Scarlett: Then why the fuck are you stalking me?

Katana: I’m merely researching the next victim that stands between me and my success.

Scarlett: Victim? Honey you’ve got to be kidding me! I’ve left a trail of victims behind me and you’ll be added to that trail if you don’t back the fuck away from that director’s position.

Katana: I see you’ve done your research! So have I, and I will not back down, you redheaded cunt! I will rip you to fucking pieces. Nobody threatens me!

Scarlett: Listen you goth looking skank! I’ve ripped apart more cunts then you can imagine so if you value that fuck me face of yours you’ll back the fuck off.

Katana: How about I back my ass right into that slutty looking face of yours, cunt!

Scarlett: I guess it looks like you and I are going to have to settle this like real women. Do you have plans to attend the annual manager’s retreat in Las Vegas this year?

Katana: I’m already reserved. It seems like the perfect place for the two of us to settle this.

Scarlett: And if you don’t show up I’ll take that as your surrender.

Katana: I never surrender. Trust me, you and I are going to catfight!

Scarlett: Looking forward to it!

The two smoking hot women continue to trade insults and suggestive pics back and forth almost daily.   
A year had already passed since her battle with Athena at the company’s annual party. It once again approaching and was scheduled to take place two weeks before the managers retreat. Katana wasn’t about to miss the event, especially with all the attention she knew she would be getting now that she had made manager is such a short period of time. She even heard rumors that Scarlett might be recruiting spies, maybe even making an appearance herself.

Once again the black-haired goddess was decked out in a very short sexy black dress, black fishnet stockings and black high heels, looking sexy as ever.

Katana felt like a queen as she mingled through the crowd at the beginning of the party. Men and women alike were praising her accomplishments and her absolute sexy appearance.

After spending some time socializing, the crowd eventually starts taking their seats, filling the dinner tables that are arranged throughout the banquet hall. 

The V.P. of the local market announces a small awards ceremony to begin shortly. Katana is seated with what she likes to consider her alpha squad, only the most talented girls from each of her teams. Many men continue hanging around trying to work their way into the group.  As Katana turns to Emma to talk cattily about an unfamiliar scantily clad group of girls that she sees across the room, she is suddenly struck in the face by a white pair of cum coated panties. She quickly focuses in on the sodden crotch of the silk garment as it dangles in front of her face.

“Are you woman enough to accept the challenge?” A familiar voice rings in her ear.

Katana turns to see Athena’s face hovering next to her over her shoulder. There is something very different in Athena’s appearance and demeanor and it sends a chill down the raven girl’s spine. For the first time in her life the overwhelming feel of being dominated by the mere presence of another woman in the room surges through Katana’s body.\

The panties are dropped into the black-haired woman’s lap. The blonde turns and walks away, swinging her hips provocatively, decked out all in white, wearing one the tightest, shortest, sexiest, club dresses ever possible. This time the opting for white fishnet stockings and a pair of white patent leather cum fuck me pumps.

Katana fights the shudder in her body caused by sheer presence this past rival. She watches as the blonde and the scantily clad group of girls she had spotted earlier, arranging themselves at a dinner table across the room.

“Someone tell me what the fuck is going on over there!”  Katana grabs the attention of her girls as she points across the room.

“Ah, I’m not sure but I think I recognize one of those girls. Her name is Kelsey and she works in our administration office downtown.”  A girl named Lexi answers Katana’s question.  

Katana’s mind is suddenly reeling. “This can’t be possibly. Right under my nose?” The black-haired woman shouts out. ‘Had Athena never really left the company? Had she been promoted without her even knowing?’ These questions keep running through Katana’s head.

“That sneaky fucking little bitch!” Katana shouts out. “Am I really going to have to punish that cunt again?”

The girls sitting around Katana’s table watch as the black-haired girl reaches down and suddenly starts toying with herself.  As she rubs her black panties into her pussy she sneers and hisses. “I’m going to put that fucking slut in her place once and for all!” The four women, one from each of Katana’s teams, start encouraging her.

“Oh my god! Is there going to be a Catfight?”

“You can take her!”

“Yeah take that bitch down!”

“Fuck that slut up!”

Katana really pours on the masturbation. Within minutes her body shakes as she floods the crotch of her panties with a thick and gooey ejaculation. She pulls the panties down and steps out of them. She holds them up revealing the cum soaked crotch

“Oh yeah how nasty!” One of the girls sitting around the table chimes in. The raven goddess then steps into Athena’s white lacey panties and pulls them all the way up, smearing the blonde’s sticky cum into the folds of her wet pussy.

Her head rears back, “Oh Shit!” The words escape her mouth. She can literally taste the blonde’s sweet nectar in the back of her throat.

“Oh my god it is going to get really nasty!”  One of the girls weighs in.

“Oh fuck yeah! Another girl shouts out.Seeing this panty swap unfold in front of them has a couple of the women toying with themselves through their own panties.  

“Ok girls, I want someone to find out what the fuck has been going on for the last year. Ask around!” Katana instructs her girls.

The black-haired woman stands up from the table and makes a be-line across the room.

She sneaks up behind Athena and slaps the blonde in the face with her wet panties, leaving the black cum soaked underwear dangling in front of the former cheerleader’s face.  

“Challenge accepted bitch!”  Katana drops the panties into the blonde’s lap, turns and walks away.
Once the girls had gathered back at Katana’s table some new information was presented to Katana. Apparently the blonde had never left the company. She was actually promoted to HR Administration manager in the downtown office. That would mean Athena had been promoted into a manager’s position before Katana was named manager of Marketing and Service, and that made the black-haired goddess fuming with anger. “How could this fucking be?” She spits and hisses.

All through dinner the two goddesses couldn’t keep their eyes off each other Both of them giving each other some of the nastiest “Fuck you bitch” looks from across the room while they squirm and writhe inside each other’s cum soaked panties.  Even as the awards ceremony got underway the two women continued this evil exchange

Suddenly Athena’s name was announced for outstanding rookie manager. Katana heart dropped and then 2 seconds later she felt like jumping out of her chair, tackling the blonde bitch to the floor and pounding her face in.  

It didn’t help that Athena gave the most snobbish, eat shit looking grin ever while never taking her eyes off Katana as she made her way up to accept the award.

Just like the years prior the music eventually starts up with the D.J. announcing the dance party. At the drop of a hat both Katana and Athena jump up from their chairs and rush the dance floor. From opposite ends the two women make a bee-line straight for one another. They charge forward with their chests thrust out and their claws extended. Within 3 or 4 feet of each other you hear the raven suddenly sing out the blonde’s name, “Athena!” Immediately you hear the blonde’s voice sing out with the same affable ring, “Katana!”  Their phony act hiding the real hostility pent up inside these two fired-up beauties.

As they approach their fingers lace and the two women come together with a smack of flesh against flesh, tit to tit, and face to face.

“Dance with me, bitch!”

The two women say simultaneously.

They don’t waste any time as their bodies become completely plastered together from head to toe and they start to push and shove each other back and forth across the dance floor.

“This time there’ll be no mercy, bitch!” Katana snarls into the blonde’s mouth.

“Good, slut! Give me all you’ve got.” Athena spits her words back.

Their bodies gyrate together to the beat of the music like a couple of interlocking gyroscopes, arms and legs swinging around wildly as their bodies roll, ripple and surge – never coming apart from each other – they remain glued together from head to toe. 

Emily and Emma had come up from behind Katana and were dancing together in a loose embrace as well as two other girls from the her team named Kelly and Wendy, also dancing together behind the raven haired manager.

Four girls from Athena’s team make their way up behind the blonde – Jennifer, Heather, Amy and Amanda – also paired up. It didn’t take long for the girls surrounding them to start shouting out words of encouragement, telling the two women to “Get into their dance” and “Control that bitch”.
Quite a few other people, men and women alike, started to fill the dance floor as Katana and Athena continued their tango – both of them struggling back and forth for control. Unlike last year Athena wasn’t at all being pushed around. The blonde was proving herself by matching Katana moves, thrust for thrust and stride for stride.

As song after song continues to play out the two women show no signs of slowing down. If anything their movements seem too escalated into a strange, almost choreographed looking dance. They remained finger-locked with their ankles practically welded together as their arms and legs wailed about wildly. Their pelvises and tits rotated into each other like their trying to erase each other’s bodies. Nose to nose they glared into each other’s eyes with anger and determination as they moved back and forth across the dance floor.

At times the two women themselves couldn’t believe their performance. The way their bodies move together in almost impossible positions – their arms and legs flinging back and forth in a whirlwind of motion. Their long fishnet stocking covered legs (black vs white) remaining glued together as they performed high kicks and spins.

It was a war of two goddesses. Two gorgeous, powerful women being pitted directly against each other in a battle of strength, agility, balance, and coordination. Like a war between good vs evil, chaos vs control.   
The two women continued to move across the dance floor with an almost acrobatic performance and by now the four girls on Kantana’s team and the four girls on Athena’s team have started to mingle. After some bickering back and forth with each other four new pairs of dance partners are created. Emily pairs up with Jennifer, Emma locks onto Heather, Kelly latches onto Amy, and Wendy connects with Amanda.  The girls all end up in a tight embrace moving across the dance floors with their own nylon stocking legs locked tightly together.“You wouldn’t be rooting for Athena if you really knew what happened to her last time they got into it.” Emily says as she pushes her face into Jennifer’s.

“I know all about it. You and your boss are about to feel the power of a woman’s revenge.” Jennifer snaps out and pushes her own face into confrontation with Emily’s.

Heated arguments stir up between all the paired up women, all of them bickering back and forth in each other’s faces as to what Katana and Athena are capable of doing to each other.

Meanwhile Katana and Athena’s are still at it when the DJ suddenly starts to spin their favorite song. It was the same song that was playing back when Katana had abruptly thrown Athena to the floor, and as soon as that song hits their ears the two women go into overdrive.

They break their finger lock and their arms quickly wrap around each other’s bodies, pulling themselves into a body crushing embrace. Fishnet stocking covered legs slip and slide against each other until they find the perfect locking position. Their bodies undulate into one another as they work their panty swapped cunts underneath each other’s short sexy dresses and into wet smashing contact.
Body to body the two women dance around crushing one another tit to tit while glaring hatefully nose to nose.

“ You remember what happened last time, slut?” Katana snarls into the blonde’s face.

“This time it’s going to be you laid out on the floor, bitch!” Athena growls back.\

“Then let’s really fucking get into it, skank!” Katana spits and then jams her wet long thick tongue into the blonde’s mouth.

Athena comes right back driving her own spit coated tongue into the brunette’s mouth with force. 

“Get her Athena, choke that bitch out!”  Amy shouts out.

“Come on Katana, suffocate that cunt!” Emma yells out.

All the girls around them, stumbling in their own paired up tussles, continued to shout out directions and encouragement.

As the song continues its jack hammering beat the two goddesses go at it like crazy animals. White and Black fishnet stocking covered legs tightly entwine, snagging against each other as they pry back and forth, fighting for control and direction.

This time Athena is totally keeping pace with the dark-haired woman. Even putting some moves on the dark-haired woman that has her stumbling to keep up.

The extreme exertion the two women are putting into this fight is causing them to gasp and breathe heavily, which is causing them to blow and suck large amounts of their mixed spit and saliva back and forth between their mouths until it’s dripping off their chins. Even over the music the girls can hear themselves slurping as they trade and mix their slobber through their excessive panting.

The action between their legs is just as wet and sloppy as their panty covered cunts mash and gush against one another. The sopping wet mess has their inner thighs coated with their mixed juices as it streams down their fishnet stocking covered legs.

Their torsos are wrenched together so tight it looks as if the two women are trying to interlock their rib cages. Their voluptuous tits are completely pan-caked together making them fight for air through this extreme crushing exertion.

The two women are pushing each other to new levels. It would be hard for anyone judging this battle to determine a winner. Athena has certainly stepped up her game and is matching Katana move for move, even having her moments of control over dark-haired woman, but anyone siding with Katana would point out her moments of control. If by any chance someone was actually keeping score there might possibly be a winner, and it would be by a very narrow margin.

As the song begins to peak the two women are literally jerking and shaking their locked bodies at jack hammering speeds. For the first time the two women break their hate filled eye contact and tilt their heads, allowing their white and black lipstick coated mouths to seal together. Their tongues corkscrewing together in a bath of their mixed spit.  Deeper and deeper they thrust into each other.

As the song ramps up to its explosive ending and in one last desperate burst of strength, the two women throw everything they’ve got into the fight. They thrust and spin around in a wild twisted knot looking completely out of control. Every ounce of strength and energy being pitted directly against each other and as the very last beat of the song explodes.

The two women swing and hurl each other apart in an attempt to throw one another to the floor, but they end up flying apart and landing on their feet like they had just ended some kind of gymnastics routine.

The two women stand their ground, heaving and panting heavily – glaring hatefully at each other as their mixed spit drips off their chins. Their combined pussy juice coating and soaking their inner thighs, streams of it running down their fishnet stocking covered legs. The two of them looking like at any second they might resume their fight. The girls around them all cheer their performance and gather around.
“Yeah! Yeah! Way to give it to her!” Kelly cheers for Katana

“Oh my god that was Awesome!” Heather shouts out.

Their girls continue to praise and congratulate the two managers as they pull their heroines back towards their tables. 

Katana and Athena continue to eye each other from across the room as both groups of women continued to fuel themselves with alcohol. As the DJ continues to play jam after jam the women randomly hit the dance floor, coming and going, dancing with a lot of the guys who come up asking nervously – as well as dancing with each other.

It doesn’t take long for Katana and Athena to find themselves back out on the dance floor, the two of them coming together, lacing fingers and dancing body to body. This time with a lot less aggression, only the occasional jerking back and forth as they narrow their eyes and stare hatefully into each other’s souls. They participate in some dirty name calling and then start to discuss their rivalry.



“My dress is winning the fight!” Athena hisses into the raven girls face.

“I guess I didn’t make it painful enough for you the last time we fought.” Katana pulls out of the finger lock, reaches around the blonde and pulls down on her hair, jutting her jaw out and striking it against the blonde’s.

“The past is in the past. This time it will be different.” Athena reciprocates the move pulling down on the dark-haired woman’s hair and pushing out her chin.

“History repeats itself quite often. You might want to rethink your statement.” Katana sneers as the two women pull hair while glaring down their noses into each other’s hate filled eyes.

“It will be different this time. You can feel it, bitch. I know you can.” Athena pulls in tighter against the raven, and starts undulating her body into the other women. The blonde suddenly snakes out her long wet tongue and starts slashing it back and forth across the gymnasts clinched teeth. 

Katana’s thrusts her tongue out in response and starts twisting it around the blonde’s red probe with an unyielding assault.

For several long seconds the two women take each other on chin to chin, wet tongues dripping with saliva continue to screw and knot together outside their mouths as the glare down their noses at one another.

Katana pulls her tongue back. “You really want to get a good feel of what you up against, slut.” Katana releases the hair pull and starts to pull the blonde in tighter.  “Maybe this will refresh your memory.” The woman starts to press and squeeze every inch of her body against the blonde as fishnet stocking covered legs start to entwine. This time it’s more of a calculated grind as Katana slowly starts to ripple and surge her body into the cheerleader’s.

Athena senses the dark-haired girl’s motive and response with a tight rippling body to body alignment of her own. “You really love to measure, don’t you bitch? Well I’ll measure with you, every inch of me against every inch of you.”

The two women’s foreheads come together, eyes glaring into one another with wicked thoughts and intentions.

A bridge of spit continues to unite their mouths as they speak, drooping between their thickly coated lips.

“That’s it bitch get a good feel of what you’re up against.” Katana pushes her forehead in tight and undulates her body into the blonde’s like a ripping wave.

“From what I can tell is it feels like you might have a problem on your hands this time, and I know you can feel it too, bitch.” Athena works her body back into the dark-haired girl’s  with a swell and a flow that matches the gymnast.

“You know I’ll fucking rip you apart in a catfight, just like last time.”  Katana snarls.

“That’s what I’m here for cunt. I want us to catfight.” Athena sneers into the brunette’s face. “And this time I’ll be the one ripping you apart!” The blonde lashes out with her thick wet tongue, slashing it across Katana’s snarling mouth until it is quickly joined by the brunette’s slick red probe.

For several long second the two women corkscrew their wet tongues together while glaring hate into each other’s eyes, salvia dripping down from their battling mouths as they continue to gyrate back and forth across the dance floor.

Katana pulls out of the tongue tangle, several strands of spit bridging their mouths. “When this party dies down bitch I will teach you your finally lesson.” The raven girl states with menace, and then re-engages the tongue fight.

A few seconds later Athena pulls out of the tongue twist. “Catfight me!” She snarls and slides her tongue back into the raven’s mouth.

Seconds later Katana pulls back. “Catfight me!” she sneers and then falls back into the tongue kiss.

“Catfight me!” Athena repeats.
More tongue kissing and hateful glaring.

“Catfight me!” Katana responds. The two women chant back and forth between deep tongue twisting encounters. Each time more and more saliva is being swapped and traded back and forth while thick gooey strings of spit connect and hang between their mouths – dripping off their chins.

They continue to glare hatefully into each other’s eyes. They might as well be fucking through their wet traded panties and their skin tight dresses as they stagger back and forth across the dance floor.

The two women continue to trade provoking insults as this contest of dance and measure plays out song after song. They make threats as to what they are going to do to each other once everyone has left and they are alone.

At one point their threats get them so aroused they experience a simultaneous orgasm, spilling and mixing even more juice between their legs as they dance.  

It seems the two women are destined to dance all night long, occasionally going back to their table to slam down an alcoholic beverage only to return to the dance floor minutes later. This was definitely a party girl showdown.

Eventually the crowded dance floor starts to thin out. Most of the other girl-girl confrontations around them had either settled or they disappeared into more private locations. Jennifer and Heather were seen pulling hair with Emily and Emma as the four of them walked out the door together.

Finally they separate but continue to lurk on the edges of the dance floor. Watching as the last of the diehard partiers goers start to exit.

“You come in here challenging me to another whore fight!” Katana shouts out, already lowering Athena’s panties down her legs as she circles the dance floor. “This time I’m going to make sure there’s permanent damage, you fucking skank!”

“I’ve waited a whole year for this, you fucking cunt, and you’re about to find out just how hard I’ve prepared for this moment.” Athena walks around the edges on the opposite side, slowly stepping out of Kantana’s panties.

The two women dangle their traded panties off one finger and approach one another. Athena strikes out early and snatched the panties off Katana’s finger.

She aligns the two pairs of panties crotch to crotch and starts to twist them together until their juice is literally dripping from the entwined garments. She then ties the panties into a tight, lacey knot. “I guess I add these to my collection once I’m done kicking your ass!” The blonde states and then tosses the twisted garments to the floor.

Athena turns to face her enemy. “I guess there’s no use in prolonging this then, let’s fucking catfight!”
“Let’s fucking fight, cunt!” Katana screams out.

The two women charge each other, hands up and claws out. They come together in a whirlwind of arms, legs, fists, feet and fingernails, repeatedly punching, kicking, and clawing away at anything they can connect with. They become wildly out of control as they fight to overwhelm each other with a fury of strikes and slashes. No part of the two women’s bodies is left off limits as they tear into each other with a vengeance. The sound of fists and feet connecting with flesh along with the grunts, gasp, and cries echo through the dance hall.

“Ouch you fucking bitch!”

“Oh you skanky slut!”

Claws dig and scratch flesh – they pull and rip hair. The two women look like a couple of wild animals tearing each other apart. Within minutes their dresses are shredded and torn from their bodies; leaving them naked, save for their garter belts, fishnet stockings, and heels.   

This time Athena’s was taking on the dark-haired women strike for strike, claw for claw, proving she could collide with the gymnast and hold her ground – even advancing on the brunette on occasion.
But the true power of Katana’s assault pushes back hard. Leaving the two women to rip, tear, and beat each other into oblivion, and all through the pain of being beaten and clawed, the two women fight on – a real alpha woman to alpha woman catfight!

After several minutes of hard fighting their wailing attack starts to slow – their scratching and punching becoming weak and sluggish, causing them to tangle in close.

“You think a few little workout sessions are going to help you defeat me?” Katana pulls and yanks the blonde’s hair, bringing the two of them face to face.

“They already have slut, and I know you can feel it!” Athena tugs back and pulls the brunette’s face in tighter.  

“All the training in the world is not going to do you any good.”  Katana snarls. “I’m still going to fucking eat you alive, bitch!”

“Oh yeah, well eat this, skank!” Athena jams her tongue into the brunette’s mouth and viciously starts to lick and screw the inside of the gymnast’s oral cavity.

There’s no hesitation in Katana’s response as she quickly thrusts her own thick wet tongue into the blonde’s mouth, mirroring the vicious assault.

It now becomes a hair pulling, rip, and scratch fight as they shove their wet tongues deep inside each other’s mouths – their hate filled faces crushing together. 

Naked bodies are now pressing and crushing together tit to tit. Fishnet stocking covered legs locking together as each woman tries to control the other’s movement.

The two women continue to rip hair and claw away at each other’s bodies, looking like they’re eating each other’s angry faces. They push and pivot around the dance floor pubic bone to pubic bone, the wetness glistening between their legs as their embrace becomes tighter and tighter.

They stagger around for several minutes – two hot women fighting to completely devour one another. Their tightly compressed bodies are perfectly aligned, jerking and twisting this way and that way while their fishnet stocking covered legs look like they have been braided together. The two of them have now danced out of their high heel shoes – their stocking toes stepping and smashing together as they stumble about.

The women’s mouths are now sealed together, smearing their white and black lipstick into 50 shades of grey as their spit coated tongues are jammed down each other’s throats, attempting to choke each other out.

An evenly balanced struggle continues to play out. Maybe the eyes of an expert catfight judge would be able to detect one woman having an advantage over the other. Maybe an experienced judge might be able to see a stronger, more obsessive desire in Katana’s performance, a desire to crush and merge with the blonde at any cost. And maybe even a more moderately skilled observer might take into account the two of them finally falling over with Athena landing on her back – the brunette landing on top in a body to body slam.   

However a seemly unscathed Athena vigorously rolls into brunette. Her arms and legs come up and around the gymnast, pulling her in like a sticky Venus fly trap.  Katana welcomes this maneuver and quickly ensnarls the blonde into her own hot and steamy entrapment.

Arms and legs work their bodies into a tight little fuck knot, rolling around the dance floor like a lopsided ball. Their mouths are wide open, sealed together with their spit coated tongues twisting together so tight, they would literally rip each other out of their oral cavities if the two women were suddenly pulled apart.
The fight has become a total body to body, woman against woman war. Tits are pan caked flat against each other as their nipples become suck locked together. They exchange painful spurts of venomous milk back and forth between them. A suction has also developed between their warring pussies. The back and forth trading of cunt fluid has them rinsing out the deep inner core of each other’s womanhood. Literally pulling out the deep crucial elements that make them who they are, mixing those molecules together, and then sucking them back and forth between each others vagina canals. The process has the two women shuddering in one continuous orgasm.   

The urge to pull the other woman’s womb into her own so she might crush it and consume it. One woman inside another woman, fighting to take away the ability to birth a child.  

They continued to roll back and forth for several minutes, rolling themselves into a tighter ball with each rotation. Compacting themselves into a tightly constricted, tightly condensed, knot of girl flesh that would have someone walking in asking, “Is that one woman or two?”  

Exhaustion is slowly starting to show through. The motionless catball now lies in the middle of the dance floor for minutes, if not hours. The occasional suction fart would ring throughout the dancehall as their pussies and mouths continue eating each other alive.

Just when it seemed the two goddesses might end up crushing themselves to death, the catball rolls over. This time with the blonde goddess in the top position. Katana’s arms and legs suddenly go limp.

Athena slowly starts to disentangle herself from the dark-haired woman, peeling herself away with sticky threads of goo and saliva linking their bodies.

The blonde grabs the hair of the fallen goddess and pulls the raven’s face into her cunt, making her drink the mixed juice of their war. “I am Athena, the real goddess of this story!” She stumbles to her feet. The blonde reaches down and pulls the black fishnet stockings from raven’s legs. She looks down and spits on the black-haired woman’s face. “Bitch, whore, cunt!” She shouts. It’s a wonder she has any saliva left at all.

The blonde goddess Athena thrusts her sword into the fallen raven goddess Katana, slicing right through her. As she turns to walk away she reaches down and retrieves the knotted panties and repeatedly tossing them into the air with one hand. “I’ll just add these to my collection!” The blonde goddess boasts as she walks out of the dancehall.
The End


Athena certainly proves herself to be the goddess she was born to be. Even after the repeated humiliating beat down she experienced a year ago at the hands of Katana, she wasn’t about to give in. So she sets herself on a path to revenge. It takes weeks if not months for her to map out a plan that would give her the element of surprise.

Not only did she advance within the company, she mentally and physically advanced her entire being. If she wasn’t working at the office, she was exercising and conditioning her body. She even created several catfight exercise routines of her own, even going as far as to strengthen her kegel with a 16 inch double headed dildo.

She would practice griping and tugging on the cock, fantasizing Katana was on the other end, battling it out cunt to cut, fighting for control. She would image driving and pulling the dildo in and out of Katana’s weaker pussy while snaking her spit coated tongue down the bitch’s throat.

Hundreds of hours were also spent on mental clarity and practicing her confrontation skills. Whenever she spotted another attractive woman her size in the department or grocery store she would purposely bump into them, attempting to goad them into a fight. Several times the women would get face to face with Athena, but once the two of them were press in really tight, the other woman could see and feel the intensity in the blonde goddess’s eyes and would “back the fuck off.”  

So this leads to question the legitimacy of Athena’s win. All that preparation to put herself in top fighting condition raises questions on whether or not Katana is also in top fighting condition. If she isn’t, then this puts a serious cloud over the blonde cheerleaders win. But maybe the raven goddess is in top fighting condition. Maybe she has a serious workout regimen, one that might include some vicious catfight exercises of her own. We all know she’s ready to “get into it” at it at the drop of a dime. So who’s to say?
So now what happens at the manager’s retreat? Will Athena have to deal with the red- haired goddess Scarlett, or will Katana be seeking revenge by that time. And what’s going to happen if all three of them attend?  

The End

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  1. gmenn says:

    Wonderful story, as always you write for us legs, feet and nylons catfight fetishist.


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