The Nemesis: Chapter 1-6 by FyreCracka

Chapter 1: A Rivalry Is Born

Everyone knows that you get a soulmate in life, but not everyone knows that you also get a nemesis as well. I have been blessed …or cursed, depending how you look at it, to have met both.

From the time we were children, Kim and I have always been equals. Which you’d never guess at the first glance at us. Physically, we couldn’t look more different. I’m taller, thin, and blonde. Kim- short for Kimiko, on the other hand, is a short, curvy, Asian with jet black hair. Even though our appearances were completely different, we’ve always been about the same weight and we always participated in the same sports and at the same level.

Growing up, it never occurred to me that we should’ve been rivals. We grew up in the same town, we weren’t best friends but we were friendly- that is, until we got to college. Somewhere on our path of ‘sameness’ attending the same college, even joining the same sorority, we became rivals.

It was our sophomore year in college. The year that you’re feeling comfortable and finding your place, you’ve got college friends, and a new life- finally shedding the shadow of being a kid and putting your high school years behind you.

It was time for the sorority’s annual ‘Sadie Hawkins’ party where the girls ask the guys. As Kim and I were single, we were free to choose whoever we wanted and we just so happened to pick the same guy- Rich, a linebacker on the football team.

Through the grapevine, some of the sisters found out about our plans and, sorority girls loving drama, made sure we each knew the other was after him. After some prodding and needling, the other sisters had us both ready to settle it.

One night, I think it was a Tuesday, it happened. I don’t even remember what the spark was, but I remember Kim, with a couple sisters in tow, knocking on my door angrily.

“Hey bitch, I think we have a problem…and I’m going to settle it” she snapped at me.

For some reason, it was like I was just waiting for this invitation. “Oh…I think we do need to….I’ve been waiting years for this” I almost growl back as I get to my feet.

I meet Kim in in the doorway to my room, for a few seconds we just stand there, hands on hips, staring at each other. Neither of us saying a word, I don’t think the other sorority sisters were able to breathe through the tension in the doorway.

Since it was close to bedtime we were dressed in what we usually slept in. Kim was in a pink short cropped tank top with very short gray cotton gym shorts and her long black hair down. I was in a long white shirt that doubled as my nightgown and a pair of white cotton panties. My golden locks still damp from a shower and also down.

I remember not being scared, but nervous and excited, and from her large stiff nipples making their presence known through her tank top’s material, Kim felt the same. It was like time stood still during the stare down. We were both sizing each other up. I was taller at around 5’6” to her 5’2”, and we both weighed around 110 pounds. I was long and lean while she was stockier and more muscular.

Then it happened. ‘Smack!’ Kim slapped my face and I exploded with a scream, claws first, into her hair, spewing more expletives than a sailor. She responded in kind and we were slinging each other around by the hair, slamming into the doorframe. Before either of us could gain an advantage, there were hands ripping us apart and holding us back.

“Stop it!…stop it!” Stacy, one of the seniors, yelled. She got in between us with a hand on each of our chests, holding us apart. With a devilish smile, she continued “Kimiko….Kelli….you two know that you can’t do this here, right?….No, were going main hall and you two can settle it there…c’mon girls, let’s go” she commanded as her, Kim, me and about 10 or so sisters that had gathered during the initial fight, went downstairs to the sorority house’s large main hall.

As few of the girls moved the furniture to the walls, leaving just the large rug, with our Sorority’s letters embroidered on it, in the middle of the room. In the short time that the other sisters got the room ready, the crowd had doubled and there were 20 girls in various types of pajamas and sleepwear surrounding us.

There was no discussion of rules or anything, just Kim and I standing across from one another on the large rug. “Well, bitch…you wanna give up now..or do I need to embarrass you in front of the whole house?” I taunted.

“Fuck you, Kelli….Just stop talking, you know you don’t have a chance….truth is, I should have kicked your ass years ago….get ready to cry, blondie..” she snarls as we start moving towards each other.

The faces of our ‘sisters’ in the crowd are a mix of shock, excitement, and, yes, arousal. Some of them are picking a favorite to cheer for, some are silently watching and some are clearly trying to not to touch themselves, but all of them are wanting to see us go at it.

Kim and I, neither of us having any experience at this, just pick up where we left off and lunge at one another’s hair. I get the claws of one of my hands into her scalp and the other grabs a few inches further down, while both of hers get into my scalp. After a brief tugging war that sends us around the rug a few times, I begin to take control.

With my height advantage and better grip I am able to start slinging Kim around, almost getting her to the ground a few times. I guess she can sense herself losing control of the fight, she lets go with one hand and begins to slap at me. The resounding ‘smack’ sound from the first good impact on my back draws “ooohs” from the crowd.

I can almost feel a red handprint forming where Kim’s slap landed. I begin to see red and let go of her hair with one hand. It was the classic ‘bitch clench’ we dance around, slapping and pulling each other’s hair for all we are worth.

I can feel that I’m getting the better of her and begin gaining confidence. Kim knows it, as well and starts grabbing, scratching, and clawing anything she can grasp. I retaliate in kind and before long, the sounds of clothing being ripped join the cacophony of noise from our slaps and grunts.

I rip and tear at Kim’s top, trying to sling her around the room while I continue to slap the young Asian woman. She is fading, using my shirt to stay upright, her slaps coming fewer and slower. We break apart for a moment, glaring at one another.

“Had…. enough…. bitch?” I snap, breathing heavily. My t-shirt hanging half way off of me, one of my smaller breasts exposed through the stretched and torn collar.

“Fuck….you…Kelli….you…little….tittied…. cunt” Kim shrieks at me between her gasps for air. Her tank top shredded and hanging around her waist. We both stop for a moment and free ourselves from our awkwardly restrictive remnants of clothing. Leaving us both topless and many of the sisters’ jaws dropped, but at this point modesty and humility are out the window…only winning this fight matters.

We begin to wade in close to each other again, just a bit more cautiously than before. Pawing at our opponent’s now exposed torso with slaps. Again, I prove to be better at this and begin taking control again. I grab her hair again, wanting to press my advantage and punish her. As I try to pull her in, my dark haired rival sends a knee into my belly, knocking the breath out me and doubling me over.

I let go of her hair and immediately begin to hold my aching abdomen. Kim wastes no time, she wraps me up with her arms. Still obviously tired and knowing she can’t beat me standing up, she wraps one leg around mine and trips me.

I land on my back with thud, Kimiko on top of me. Both of us are stunned a bit and the action stops for a brief moment before we simultaneously get our bearings and we start fighting again.

Our hands go back to the other woman’s hair. Yanking and jerking her head around, trying to get control of her. I wrap my legs around Kim’s waist since I’m underneath her. Hearing her groan and feeling her back arch when I squeeze my thighs together bolsters my confidence and I try to capitalize on the moment.

I’m able to roll her to the side and get her off of me. Finally, I feel that I’m gaining control of this match again, but Kim won’t give up. She claws at my legs until she breaks my hold and our legs intertwine. We each bury our claws into each other’s scalps, each of us pushing the other’s head towards the sky or grind it into the ground as we roll back and forth across the rug and floor.

It feels like forever that we are stuck in the catball, the changes in position get further apart and the groans and moans from each of us get more desperate, almost drown out by our loud and ragged breathing. I can feel Kim starting to really fade. I begin to roll on top again and even though I’m between her legs, I’m able to slam her onto her back, pinning her hands next to her head. I can see the fatigue in her face, she knows it’s about over.

“Are… you… done… yet…. Kim?” I growl, glaring down at the young Asian girl beneath me.

“Go…..fuck….your….self…..Kelli!” She grunts back. Laying almost motionless but for her breathing.

My eyes narrow with anger at her refusal to give up. “You…bitch…now…your-“ I’m cut off as her legs clamp around my waist like a vise.

Kim arches her back, applying more pressure. I can no longer reach her wrists as she stretches her compact body. I claw at the only thing I can still reach- her breasts.

Kimiko lets out a little screech as I rip at her large fleshy globes. “Blonde slut!…you’re…going…to…pay…for…that” she barks right before she shifts her hips. Her strong thighs use our combined perspiration to slide around my belly to the side. With her in an even better position to crush me with her leg scissors, I know I’m in trouble.

Kim flexes her strong legs with brutal results. I can only grit my teeth in resistance as I the oxygen- and the fight, is mercilessly squeezed from my body.

Letting out a grunt, Kim twists again and wrenches me onto my back with a loud thump. The impact drive a whimper out of my lips, causing an evil smirk to form on my rival’s face. “Not…so…mouthy…now….are…you…bitch” She snarls, with contempt oozing from every syllable.

I feebly paw at her chest with the one hand that can still reach them out of pure instinct but to no effect. After a few more flexes of her legs, even that stops and I weakly press against her legs with my hands in futility as tears stream from the corners of my eyes. “Stop… it….. bitch… stop…please!” I cry out through my clenched teeth.

“Fucking.. cunt… you’re ….nothing….weak… and …. pathetic… do…you … give up… bitch?” She screams as her confidence peaks, knowing she has me beaten.

“Never…you….fuckin’ …slu-“ I try to answer before another flex of her viselike legs leave me whimpering.

With me basically helpless, Kim slides me on to my back and works her way into a schoolgirl pin on top of my chest, one hand pinning my wrist to the rug while the other grand my chin to force the side of my face to the ground.

“Oh God…this feels….so good… I’ve been…waiting years…. to take …your weak ass…down a peg.” She taunts, slowly getting her wind back.

Methodically, she traps my pinned arm underneath her shin. Next she focus on my other hand which had been trying, unsuccessfully, to wrench her hand from my chin. Without much ability to resist, I’m pinned beneath her, my head caught between the two thighs that had completely destroyed me moments ago as they now force me to look into the eyes of the woman who just conquered me.

“Get…off…of… me….Kim…… please….” I plead, lying still and submissive beneath the shorter girl. Only now am I becoming conscious again of the crowd of our sorority sisters watching and the embarrassment of being only in my panties begins to set in. From the look on Kim’s face, she is aware of the crowd again as well, but is now feeding off of it.

With her hands deep into my hair she shakes my head around tauntingly. “Ok, bitch…say you give….tell all of our sisters that I kicked your ass!”

I can feel my face reddening. I’ve never felt so humiliated. I swallow hard and manage not to cry as I speak. “Ok..ok…I give up…you win….he’s yours…”.

“That’s a good girl, Kelli… one more thing..” she says as she pulls my head deep into her crotch.

“No….…” my cries are muffled by Kim’s gym shorts covered womanhood as my legs helplessly flail.

“Kiss it…kiss my kitty…kiss my superior pussy” She says commandingly, her claws digging into my scalp and her thighs tightening their pressure, reminding me of her strength.

I can’t take any more and press my lips against her shorts, doing my best to make sure she can feel me through the thin cotton material.

“Was that so hard, Kelli?” She says proudly as she pulls my head back to the carpet. She stares down at me as I pant, fighting for air. Pushing off of my body, Kim stands above me, flexing her biceps as she places her foot on top of my chest.

I’m beaten and exhausted, and don’t dare do anything but continue to lay there sprawled across the rug. I stare up at Kim, I can see how muscular her legs are as they glisten in the rooms lighting from light shining off the sheen of sweat covering them. Eventually, she steps off of me and one of her friends hands her a robe to cover up with. I lay there covering my face for several more minutes before a couple of my good friends come over offering me a robe and try to comfort me. They help me to my room, where I stay for the next few days, only coming out to go to class.

Fortunately for me, the other sisters and the sorority’s president enjoyed the fight enough that it became a common occurrence at the house, albeit in a more rules based format- although, making the loser ‘kiss the kitty’ did remain as the ultimate humiliation. Sisters settling differences or just competing against one another happened at least once a week. I was almost surprised that it wasn’t part of rush or initiation…but that might have got our charter revoked.

By the time I graduated, I had racked up a fairly impressive 14-2 record and Kimiko ended up at 12-3. I never got a chance to avenge my loss to Kim in college, though we were supposed to go at it one more time before graduation, but she sprained an ankle right before it was supposed to happen.

Little did I know that a few years later I’d get my chance…

Chapter 2: The Interview

After college I moved onto law school and kind of figured that my fighting days were over as well. I managed to make all three years of law school without getting into so much as a staring contest, I guess learning the fine art of debate and argument had civilized me. I still thought about it from time to time, but it was nothing more than a passing fantasy.

That all changed when I applied for my first job after passing the bar. After the initial interview, I was feeling pretty confident. When I got the call to come in for a second interview, I just knew I was going to get the job. When Stephanie, the partner who had done my initial interview, asked me come in at 8:00pm I really didn’t think too much about it. I just thought she must have been in court during the day.

She met me at the closed office building’s door and let me in. After a bit of small talk, she directed me to have a seat in the lobby. Stephanie looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place her. Something I pondered while she was gone for the next five or so minutes.

When Stephanie returned she was escorting another woman in a business suit. As my eyes met the other woman’s, both pairs went wide. Holy shit, it was Kimiko. I knew she had gone to a different law school, but I never thought we’d be up for the some job.

“I’d introduce you two…but…I know that you guys already have a bit of a…shall we say….history..” she says with a wry smile. Both Kim and I shift nervously, wondering what this is all about.

Stephanie continues “You two were my top choices from all of the applicants. When I was going over your resumes, I saw that you both were at a certain sorority during the same time as my sister, Stacy”. Well that explains why she looks familiar.

“Stacy told me all about your little….altercation. I wish that would have happened a few years earlier when I was there….I’d have loved to have seen it…. So, you’re both smart girls….there’s only room for one new associate and two of you….do you both still want the position?” She says, subconsciously loosening her blouse’s collar.

“I am….might as well give it to me now….I’ve already beaten her ass once…. no doubt I can do it again” Kim says confidently while glaring at me.

“That was a long time ago, Kim….I’ve been ready to put you in your place since then….this is my job.” I sneer back.

“Now THAT’S what I’m talking about….I was hoping you were both as catty as advertised. Here’s the deal…there are cameras all over this place…we need to be a little more discreet than having you two go at it here…there is a freight elevator in the back, where there aren’t any cameras connected to the building’s security….there is, however, a few cameras that I have connected to my office.”

Stephanie begins to walk, motioning us to follow. “I’m going to go to my office and you two are to strip down to your bras and panties- I wouldn’t want either of you to ruin those outfits…then get into the elevator….and I guess we will see who wants the job more…still game?”

“You bet!” I answer. I am feel a nervous excitement stirring inside me. Getting even with Kim has been one of my favorite daydreams since she beat me and the once familiar excitement of testing myself against another woman comes flooding back, making me realize how much I missed it.

“You sure about that, Kelli?….you do remember how the last time went, don’t you, bitch?” Kim says with contempt.

Stephanie takes us to the loading dock, shows us where the freight elevator is and then disappears, telling us we have about five minutes to get ready. She’ll send the elevator down and open the door.

Kim and I stare at each other as we strip, her in a white bra and thong, me in a black lacy bra and matching panties. We are both a little more ‘womanly’ at 25 than we were when fought at 19. My chest has grown some since our last bout, to a full B cup, but isn’t close to her double D’s and Kim has gotten curvier. If I had to guess, I was about 5’6” and 120 pounds, while she was 5’2” and around 125 pounds.

“Congratulations Kelli…you’ve graduated to flat chested….unless that’s a miracle bra…” Kimiko says mockingly.

“Well, your ass is even fatter than I remember it, skank..” I fire back.

“You’ll see how fat my ass is first hand when your face is beneath it- I’m sure you remember what happened last time, bitch..” she snaps back as we start moving towards each other.

“Girls…girls….as much as I like trash talk, you need to get into the elevator before you rip each other apart.” Stephanie’s voice crackled over the intercom.

Kimiko marches into the large elevator first with me right behind her. Our ‘arena’ was about 10 feet by 10 feet. The walls were covered by some kind of padded curtain things to protect the walls and the floor was gray painted diamond plate. The elevator is not climate controlled like the rest of the building and I’m surprised I can’t see our warm breath in the cool air.

Kim and I stood in opposing corners glaring at one another, ready to fight for revenge, pride, and a entry level associate job at a high powered law firm. Stephanie’s voice once again gave us directions over the intercom.

“As for the rules of this….interview, you two are free to fight in anyway that doesn’t hurt either of your pretty faces…too badly, anyway… until one of you gives up, then I’ll open the door and the winner can kick out the loser….on my desk I’ve got a job offer up here and pen for the one of you who wants it more…good luck!….fight!”

When we fought the first time, neither of us had any experience. Now, thanks to the sorority, we have been in more than our share of catfights. This time, we don’t charge each other, but cautiously circle one another, hands raised ready to inflict whatever pain is needed to land this dream job.

Using my height and reach advantage, I lash out first. The loud ‘smack’ of my slap landing on Kim’s cheek brings back memories. She swings for me a couple of times but I’m able to dance around and dodge most of her initial flurry while landing more slaps to her face, arms, and chest.

I’m frustration, Kim lets out a shriek and charges me. In the small confines of the elevator, I can’t dodge her and we clash. The shorter, more compact Asian woman wraps her arms around my body and drives me into a padded wall.

Immediately, I’m in her jet black hair. Pulling her head back, trying to get her off of me. I feel her retaliate as my head is yanked down and to the side by my blonde hair. It’s weird, but I think I kinda missed the initial adrenaline rush from the pain of another woman trying to pull my hair out.

We ‘dance’ around the elevator for a good while trying to slam the other woman’s head into the walls. The curses flow like water between the groans and heavy breathing.


“Dumb slut!”




Every time I slam that bitch’s head into the wall I hope she goes down because my legs are getting increasingly shaky every time I hit the wall and my knees are close to buckling. Kimiko slings me into the unpadded area where the elevator doors are. My head slams into the unprotected steel. For a second, I am dazed. The fierce Asian beauty capitalizes and slams it again into the door.

“Got…you…. now… bitch!” She screams.

No, not again. She can’t beat me again…I won’t let her, I think to myself. In my desperation, I cross a line that we never did before, it was one of the few ‘rules’ of the sorority fights, but this is my job and I’ll do whatever it takes. I ball up my fist and punch Kim in the stomach.

She lets out a groan and is caught completely by surprise. My second punch drives her back and gets my off of the steel door. “You…fucking…cunt..” she coughs out. She starts punching back. We are now in a fist fight.

Fortunately for both of us, we are are already pretty tired- too tired to do any real damage, but every punch still delivers pain. Now, nothing is off limits and we are swinging for each other’s faces and anything else with reckless abandon. We exchange small flurries of sloppy, untrained punches back and forth. I can almost feel the bruises and welts forming on my body but I can see she is getting the worst of it, even sporting a fat lip.

Even though the air is chilly outside, it feels hot and stuffy inside the elevator and we are both sweating profusely. If I can just keep this up, I will win. My lungs are burning as we get into a clench.
Kim’s nails dig into my skin as she tries to hold me in close where my punches are less effective. I respond by grabbing her hair with one hand and clawing at her back with the other.

We are whispering curses and insults in each other’s ears as the finely manicured nails of two aspiring lawyers rip the flesh of one another. I can feel the sweat sting the scratches and try to fight the urge to moan or whimper.

We continue to try to overpower the other woman, walking around the small area tying to push each other into a corner or against a wall. “Give up, Kelli….I’ve taken… your …best shots….and I’m ….still standing…. slut” Kim growls breathlessly into my ear.

“Bitch….I’m not … even …close …to …finished …. with …you… yet..” I hiss back.

“I’m… going … to … take… this… job… from ….. you… just… like… I …. took…. that …boy…. from … you …. in…. college!”
every word louder than the last building to a scream, as she summons her strength and drives me into the padded wall.

I slam back first into the wall, my head whipping into it next. Stunned and disoriented, I’m unable to stop the young Asian woman from taking the advantage. After a few slow body punches, my knees buckle and I’m only standing because Kim has me pinned to the wall. I’m moaning, as the fear of losing to Kim again begins to creep into my mind.

Kimiko grabs my chin and presses my head against the thinly padded wall with one and while her other slams into my chest, pinning my back to the wall while grabbing my bra to hold me there. Still trying to clear the cobwebs from my head I instinctively try to wrench her hands off of me.

“Let’s …see if …you … still…. have ….those…little …tits…” my nemesis grunts out as she yanks my bra off with a couple strong tugs.

“You…bitch!” I snarl. With a quick burst of energy, I try to even the score and rip at Kim’s bra. I only manage to pull it down enough to expose one nipple before a sharp body shot from the dark haired fighter connects with my ribs doubling me over.

Kimiko pulls me into a headlock. “You… dumb ….blonde… whore…you … will …. never … beat … me” she shrieks landing punch after punch with every word she says. She tightens the headlock, crushing my face into the side of her belly and hip. “Give up…Kelli…. you can’t…win!”

My body is racked with pain and even though Kim isn’t a very good puncher, the sheer overwhelming nature of her attack has me at my breaking point. In this desperate moment everything becomes clear. The job offer doesn’t matter in more, the only thing that matters to me now is not letting this bitch beat me again.

Losing the fight for oxygen, I open my mouth and clamp my teeth down on soft flesh just above her hip. Kim screams and recoils, completely forgetting about her attack as she tries to massage away the pain. “Fucking…psycho…bitch!”

Kim’s face contorts with rage and she lets out a blood curdling scream as she charges towards me. I’m still recovering against the wall, but manage react in time. This time Kim’s face contorts in pain and her eyes go wide as she impales herself on my knee. My opponent almost collapses but for leaning on me.

“What’s… that… whore?…. I … can’t …hear … you” I taunt even though I’m nearly out of breath still, but Kim is gasping. She is in trouble and I know it.

I push her back, and move to her side. Grabbing her hair and the back of her bra, I sling her across the elevator. Kim’s bra strap rips and she is sent topless face and breast first into the unpadded door. She hits with a loud smack and the impact shakes the whole elevator.

With a long slow moan the woman who has inflicted so much pain on me, slides down the aluminum door onto the dirty painted diamond plate floor. Kim’s legs and arms weakly flail as she tries to will her battered body to keep fighting.

I’m still exhausted and my body wants to quit, but I see Kim in front of me, my chance to beat her is so close I can taste it. Empowered by my rival’s condition, I shuffle the few feet between us, grab her shoulder and slam the Asian woman onto her back.

Straddling my nearly helpless foe, I glare down at her. Her eyes are blinking, trying to get her bearing and focus back. I drop onto her belly. “Oomph………no…” Kim begs as she sees the anger in my face and my claws descending towards her exposed chest.

As my nails dig into her soft flesh, Kimiko cries out in pain. “You…. like… that … Bitch! …. I’m gonna….rip your… precious tits…off!” I scream into her face as I start kneading, pinching, and ripping at the other woman’s large bare breasts.

Out of instinct, Kim grabs my hands in an attempt to pry my claws from her prized assets. Still in a rage, I pin her hands next to her head before pinning them beneath my shins. I sit up, Kim is trapped underneath me just like I was under her six years ago.

“Give up….fucking whore…you’re done!” I say calmly, part of me hoping Kim won’t take the easy way out- I know I didn’t.

“Go. Fuck. Yourself. Blondie.” Kim defiantly grits out, even as her eyes betray her and fill with fear.

I slide up until my womanhood is almost to her chin and lock my fingers into her long jet black hair. With 6 years of pent up fury fueling my aggression, I yank and slam her head into the floor, screaming all manner of incoherent obscenities into Kim’s ears.

Finally my rage subsides some and I stop my assault. I pull the clearly dazed Asian fighter’s face deep into me, my sweat soaked panties the only thing separating my pussy from her mouth. “Do it, bitch….. do it…. kiss the kitty…. kiss it!” I scream at Kim.

Kim’s face is a mess as her mascara and makeup are smeared from her tears and sweat. She looks up at me with a mix of hatred and fear as she feebly says in almost a whisper “no…. no…. please no….please..”

“Just… fucking… give up…cunt! ….and kiss my fucking pussy!” I command as I slam her head into the floor one more time as I sit on my helpless rival’s chest.

Kimiko’s eyes are like faucets as she is sobbing now. “You win….Kelli…. you win… please stop….please…. don’t make…me…. please”

“Kiss it, bitch…kiss it …now!” I’m seething as I scream at her. Pulling her head into my womanhood. I feel her lips press against me. I fling her head back to the ground unceremoniously and sit on top of my freshly defeated foe.

After reveling in this moment that I have waited all of these years for, I rise to my feet placing my bare foot on Kim’s still heaving tits.

The doors of the elevator open and I hear a breathless voice crackle over intercom, it’s clear that my future boss thoroughly enjoyed herself to this fight. “Now kick her out and the job is yours, Kelli.” Stephanie says. Kim rolls over and starts trying to crawl out, clearly, she’s ready for this to end. As she crosses the threshold I place my foot on her ass and give it one last shove out of our battlefield.

My last vision of my Nemesis is her scampering away, trying to gather her clothes while glaring back at me with more hatred than I have ever seen on a human’s face as the elevator doors close to take me to sign the job offer in Stephanie’s office. Now that we each have a win, I know that if we ever meet again, we will have to fight at least once more. In a sick way, I hope we do…I know I’m the better woman, but another win will leave no doubt….

Chapter 3: The High Stakes Hotel

Since my last battle with Kimiko things have been great for me. The job I won that night in the freight elevator has been everything I had hoped. I’ve even got to keep my competitive side happy with ‘sorority’ matches against Stephanie and some of the other women in the firm.

As good as my professional life has been going, my personal life has been even better. I’m not sure if it was the confidence I gained after vanquishing my rival, but I began receiving attention from men like I had never experienced before. It was nice to have options and I was now confident enough to be myself on dates. I found, met, dated, and married my soulmate. He’s a big, strapping federal agent, named Jake, that is everything I ever wanted in a man.

It’s been 4 years since the fight and I haven’t seen Kim since that night- that is until tonight. Jake and I are out on a great date night, one where we have a hotel room in the Ritz downtown and are enjoying each other’s company in the hotel bar after a nice dinner at a top restaurant. Out of nowhere, I see a short, dark haired woman gives a big hug to Jake.

Jake turns to me “Hey babe, this Kim…she’s the prosecutor on one of my cases.

My jaw almost hits the floor, but I manage to keep my composure. “Hi Kim, it’s been a long time” I say in a monotone, trying with every fiber of my being to keep it together and not letting my husband know how I really feel.

“Yes it has..” Kim says with a wry smile, enjoying getting under my skin. “Your husband is a joy to work with..” she says with a feigned friendliness as she leans in to give me a hug. “And I’m going to take him from you, just like I did when we were in college, bitch” she whispers into my ear.

“You can try, you two bit whore, but you know I’ll beat your ass again” I whisper back, our smiles concealing the seething hatred between us that just immediately rekindled.

“No, you won’t…you got lucky last time, cunt.”

“Wanna bet? I’ll have you begging me for mercy again, slut.”

After some small talk, Kim and I make up some excuse to head to the bathroom. Fortunately, for us the hotel bar has several, private bathrooms and we get one. I lock the door as it shuts behind us.

Deep down, I always knew that Kim and I would fight again. There was no way either of us could leave it at one win apiece. I just wasn’t expecting it tonight, but I’m more than ready…hell, I even want it to happen tonight.

Kim and I are standing toe to toe, sizing each other up, yet again. Here we are at 29, a full 10 years since our first fight. You can tell both of us are still working out regularly, we each look stronger than we did in our last fight 4 years ago. I weigh 125 pounds now, my arms and legs are lean but muscular, my short red cocktail dress gives Kim a great view of both.

Kim is in hot pink cocktail dress that similarly shows of a physique of a woman who does more than just cardio. I’d guess that she weighs around 130, with her weight advantage all in her muscular legs and tits. Standing in our heels my usual 4 inch height advantage erased as she is sporting an expensive pair of ‘fuck me’ heels that accentuate just how strong her legs look.

Even though we both want to rip each other to shreds right here, right now, we know that it would be catastrophic to our careers. We are going to fight tonight, that much is apparent, it’s just a question of where.

“About that bet…same as the first time…I win, I get your man, maybe tonight…or not….but any time I want….I’m sure all those late night trial prep sessions could be fun…and you can’t say anything… it’s beyond me that he’s with a piece of trailer trash like you anyway, but he’s not really what I’m after…at least long term….I just want to take him from you because I can, you fucking twat.” She states arrogantly. The nerve of this woman. Does this bitch not remember that I kicked her ass last time?

“Ok, bitch, you’re on, but when I beat you…. again, you have to leave the U.S Attorneys Office and go to private practice…..I don’t want you fucking up his career because you’re bitter that I’m the better woman” I respond. She wants to take a man from me again, I’ll take a job from her again.

After some more planning, we leave the restroom and promptly get my husband drunk enough to go through with our scheme. We take him upstairs and pull a set of his handcuffs out of his bag and cuff him to the bed. He is very aware of my history of wrestling other women and I know he thinks he’s about to get to watch me and his coworker.

While I’m putting away the cuff key, I look back- that fucking bitch has stripped my husband’s pants off. “Now, now, Kelli…don’t get mad….I just wanted to see what my prize will be after I beat you…again” she says with a flirtatious giggle, before cutting her eyes back to me and silently mouthing the word ‘bitch’ to me. She saunters back out to the room’s door to wait for me.

“Sorry, baby, I didn’t want to trick you….but we have to settle this ….without you around…. I’ve beat her before and I will again….so don’t worry” I give him a quick kiss and rush to meet Kim by the door.

We walk in silence down the hall and to the elevator. I smile at her as we ride the elevator up a few floors to Kim’s room. “I bet you really hate being in an elevator with me again, don’t ya, bitch?”

“Fuck you, Kelli…. I’m going to break you physically in a few minutes then break you emotionally when I take your man later… you trailer trash twat.”

The elevator opens and we walk to her room. I feel confident that I can put Kim down again, but the butterflies are still there as she opens the door.

Neither of us say a word, we’ve been here before. The small pieces of furniture are moved into the bathroom along with anything that looks breakable, shoes are taken off, dresses removed, folded neatly then placed next to them. So again, Kim and I stand face to face in our bras and underwear, ready to prove who is the better woman.

Kim is looking more toned than she has in our past fights. Her golden skin looking flawless next to her black lace bra and matching thong. Her eyes linger for a bit when they catch my a glimpse of my six pack along with my lean body in a skimpy red bra and matching thong. It’s almost like both of us knew this day would come and have been preparing accordingly.

“You ready, bitch?” I growl.

“Ready to make you cry, and fuck your man…oh, hell yes” she snaps back.

We both start circling each other in the suite’s living room. Crouched and ready, eyes burning with a mutual hatred as we look for an opportunity to attack. Kim is in a bit more of a wrestling stance, while my hands are somewhat higher like a boxer’s.

Kim is the first to make a move as she shoots in to try and take me down. I catch her hair before she gets close enough though and start raining punches into her ribs and lower back. Kim starts trying to fight her way back, but, like always, she can’t hang with me when we are throwing punches. I have to give her credit for her toughness, I’m getting pretty winded by the time one of my body blows finally drops her to a knee.

“Ready to give up…now…bitch!” I growl in a low voice as I use her hair to make her look at me in the eyes.

“Eat shit…Kelli…” she snarls back as she reaches up and grabs the front of my bra to get back to her feet. The thinner straps of my skimpy bra snap almost instantly as she slings me towards the wall.

“Can’t you get ….your husband to ….buy you some tits….bitch” she mocks as she tosses what’s left of my bra onto the bed.

“Just wait, whore… this time… I’ll carve… my initials …on your ‘precious’ chest….. homewrecking cunt” I taunt back.

Again, we find ourselves across from each other. Kim’s body sporting a shiny, sheen of perspiration and the red marks from punches and scratches show brightly against the golden yellow of her skin. Her long dark hair is already wild from the fight and her mascara streaks her face.

Meanwhile, my exposed nipples are rock hard from contact with the room’s cool air and the excitement of the fight. My body has a few welts from where her punches landed, but her claws have left tracks all over as evidence of her only defense against my boxing onslaught.

Unlike our first fights, both of us are more composed and in shape. Neither of us appear winded, as cautiously close the distance between us to resume our battle.

Kim, not wanting to repeat her mistake from a few minutes ago, goes after my hands. I stifle a squeaky moan as I feel her nails dig into my wrists. We dance around the room. Me, trying to free my hands free as she tries to get in body to body, where she can use her strength.

The sounds of our breathing becomes heavier and mixes with grunts of exertion as we push and pull each other around the hotel suite. Kim’s strength proves to be too much for me and she is able to pull me in close. With a growl she releases my wrists and wraps her arms around me in a bear hug.

A pained moan escapes my lips as she squeezes my chest and lungs, trying to crush them against hers. My arms reach for anything they can grab in a panic. I yank at her hair and the back of her bra as hard as I can, with no leverage, trying to get her off of me, while she lifts me onto my toes.

Even as I hear the fabric of her bra give way, I can’t create any separation. I don’t know what she’s doing in the gym, but I’m amazed and intimidated by her strength. She’s like a python, squeezing me tighter with every breath I take. My arms feel like lead as I continue to fade. With some of my remaining I dig my nails into her neck and shoulder, earning a scream from my torturer.

“Face it…bitch….you’re done… weak….and pathetic….” she grunts as she tightens the bear hug. I’m only able to whimper in response. As my nails begin to draw blood, she shrieks again and drives me backwards continuing to smash my chest against her. I’m in no position to resist and am driven back until we trip over the arm of the couch.

I flop back first on to the couch when Kim finally drops me. My hips are still on the arm of the couch and up against her belly. I quickly wrap them around my rival and squeeze, earning a groan from her.

The fierce Asian woman retaliates by punching my exposed belly, landing two before I can react and try to grab her wrists to stop her. We struggle against each other like this for a while before Kim changes tactics and reaches down and grabs my panties pulling them into a painful reverse wedgie.

I wail as she violently yanks the material like sadistic saw. I try to control her hands with my grip on her wrists but she is stronger. Before long it’s all I can do to maintain my body scissors hold, but as the cruel look on Kim’s face replaces the determined one, I know it’s losing its effectiveness.

In an impressive show of strength, Kim picks me up using my thong, using the red fabric to inflict maximum damage to my womanhood. With a loud rip, the fabric tears away and I fall with a thud to the carpet. I’m flat on my back, dazed, staring up at Kim through tear blurred eyes as she stands over me with a confident look on her face that all but tells me that she thinks this over.

“How did a …weak slut …like you …beat me …. in that elevator?….. I knew …. it had to be… pure luck…. I’m better… than you….I always….have been… better … than you..” she growls out as I lay moaning, unable to vocalize any other resistance.

Kim bends over at the waist and uses one hand to grab me by around my cheeks, squeezing my lips together. She slaps me with her free hand. “How does it feel Kelli?… to be so completely beaten by a better woman?….. to know that when I finish humiliating you…. I’ll go back to your room and fuck your husband’s brains out….knowing I’ll be working with him… all those late nights… he’ll come home smelling of my perfume….. or my pussy… you’ll kiss his lips…. wondering where they’ve been on my body.” By this point, she is clearly aroused by the thought of it and has begun to rub herself.

A wicked grin comes over her face as she keeps her grip on my mouth, forcing me to look at her. I can feel the cobwebs starting to clear face on my head but I’m still at her mercy, thankful she is content to mock and humiliate me instead of punishing me physically. Kim stops touching herself for a moment and pulls her black thong off.

“I’ve got an idea, Kelli….how about I give you a taste…. just so you’re familiar with my essence when you taste it on your husband.” She says cruelly as she forces my mouth open and stuffs her now moist panties into it.

It’s all I can do not to gag, but all of the taunting has given me some time to get myself back together. Somewhat unexpectedly, the taste of her in my mouth combined with the thoughts of her with my husband unleashed a rage throughout my entire body.

As Kimiko stands over my naked body, looking as strong as I’ve ever seen her, something inside me snaps. I lash out with one leg in an awkward kick that finds its mark- the shaved womanhood of my opponent.

Kim’s knees buckle and she falls on top me. The powerful Asian woman is stunned for a few moments, giving me enough time to spit out her thong, and to wrap my arms and legs around her. I buck my hips and send her onto her side.

Kim recovers enough to fight back and we writhe against each other’s nude bodies like two snakes. We change positions more times than I count. Yanking each other’s hair with reckless abandon, our exerted groans filling the hotel suite. My scalp burns and I know, from the strands of dark hair that are sticking to my sweat covered body, that hers must be burning as well.

As the frantic pace of our catball slows, our tactics get more desperate. My nails dig into her large chest, clawing and torturing her nipples. She responds, first by going after mine, then Kim’s claws work their way down my body. Scratch marks trace their way to my inner thighs as she attacks my most private of parts.

A scream escapes my lips before I can stifle it. My right hand finds her already aroused clit and retaliates. It becomes a battle of attrition as we pinch, twist and claw each other’s pussies. The vile expletives flow from our mouths as do the tears from our eyes. I feel her weaken as I begin to take the advantage, guessing that her aroused state gave me a more vulnerable target.

As Kimiko fades, I’m able to get her onto her back. I sit on my opponent’s belly, pinning her hands beside her head. I glare down at her. “Fucking….. give up…. bitch!” I snarl.

Even though her eyes are pouring out tears, the hate in them is undeniable. “Go… to… hell… cunt…. never!”
I’m not sure how long our battle has raged, but now we are both thoroughly exhausted and our words that we want to scream at each other come out almost like breathy whispers.

Slowly and methodically, I use the weight of my body to drain Kim’s resolve, working my way from the schoolgirl pin into a grapevine hold, taunting her the entire time. From the anguished sounds and looks she is making, every moment of this is pure torture for her, after being so close to have beaten me.

Finally, Kim stops- or is no longer able to resist. Her body is limp beneath mine, but she refuses to utter her submission. I roll off of her and she continues to lay prone. I’ve beaten her but it’s not quite over yet.

I use the bed to climb back to my feet. Kim has managed to roll to her side but that’s all. I reach down and grab her hair, wrenching her to her feet as she whimpers. I fling her onto the corner of the bed.

Kim is moaning but clearly too exhausted to do anything but barely move her arms and legs in a futile attempt to get up. An almost inaudible “no….no….no…” comes from her lips as I mount her body to continue my onslaught.

“Yes… yes… yes.. bitch…. you should … have given up” I growl. As I start to slap her already red and swollen tits. “You thought …. you could … take my… fucking husband…. you… trashy… ass… tramp” I say, my voice building and my hands slapping her globes harder with every successive word.

Kim is clearly beaten, only weakly grabbing at my hands instinctively, but ineffectively. She grits her teeth as she tries to stifle her sobs and groans. I look around to see if I can find a pair of our panties, but they are lost somewhere on the floor. I do, however, see what’s left of my bra. I grab it, knowing I’m not concealing the rage filled look on my face. It’s time to finish this bitch. She glares back, still defiant, knowing she’s about to be job hunting as I cost her another dream job.

As I press down with my full body weight holding the remnants of my destroyed bra across Kimiko’s neck, I can feel her claws digging into my throat as she desperately tries to fight me off. As I hold on, I feel her grip loosen, then she grabs at my triceps weakly in one last attempt to free herself, but it’s too late. Our eyes lock, no surrender is uttered, nor would be accepted.

Kim’s eyes roll to the back of her head and her arms fall limply onto the bed before I finally pull the release the bra from her neck. I roll of my unconscious and now defeated rival. I collapse next to her, my chest heaving at almost twice the relaxed rate of my slumbering foe.

I watch her for a few moments, while I collect myself. Kim’s golden skin still glistening from the sweat of our battle, her muscular legs sprawled wide, one hanging off the corner of the bed. As I stare at her body, I can’t help but be overcome with pride. She exudes beauty and power, but I’ve beaten her again.

After I crawl off the bed, I gather what’s left of my bra and panties, stuffing them in my clutch. I quickly get my dress back on. I look back one last time at Kim and let out sigh of relief as my eyes take in the nude Asian prosecutor. I know my husband loves me and is faithful, but damn, even I have to admit that she has a body built for sin- at least I’ve nipped that in the bud. I won’t have to worry about Jake being seduced by her anymore.

I quietly shut the door and walk barefoot, carrying my heels down the hallway to the elevator. As I reach my room, the adrenaline is beginning to wear off and my whole body is sore and aching. I limp into the room and make my way into the suite’s bedroom. Jake is silent, still lying there naked and cuffed to the bed. I let out a tired smile and he returns it with a relieved one. “I knew you’d win, Kell…I knew it” he says, I can hear the pride in his voice.

I grab his keys from the table across the room and unlock the cuffs, but am in no condition to celebrate my win with him, settling instead for the longest most relaxing bubble bath of my life.

A week or two later, Jake tells me how Kim left the U.S. Attorney’s office for a lucrative position as a corporate lawyer. As much as I hate her, I do respect her for keeping her word.

Sometimes I wonder if Kim will come back into my life and our battle will continue. In my mind, I know that this fight was about as decisive as we could legally get….but I know if I was the one that lost, that wouldn’t be the end of it….

Chapter 4: There Goes The Neighborhood

The last time I saw Kim, she was stripped naked and sprawled out, laying unconscious on a bed in the Ritz. In time my hair grew back, most of the scratches healed- though I do have a few tiny scars from that night, but my life went back to normal. I got pregnant not long after and spent the next few years balancing being a mom, a career woman, and a wife- quite successfully, I might add.

We were living in an upper middle class suburban neighborhood, in a nice house, driving nice cars, we were living the American dream for the most part, with busy and fulfilling lives. I thought I had left Kim and that violent part of my life in the past.

Then, one day the house next door went on the market. A few days later, an ‘under contract’ sign replaced the for sale one.

I see an expensive car pull up as I’m returning from dropping the little one at daycare. The windows are tinted and all I can tell is that a woman is diving. Being naturally nosy…er, I mean curious, I linger in the driveway to see who my new neighbor is.

When the car door opens, I see an expensive high heeled shoe hit the driveway. The next sight my eyes observe is a well muscled calf, followed by a view of strong legs sticking out of a beige pair of shorts. As my eyes make their way up the woman exiting the car, I see strong arms coming out of the black tank top and long black hair hanging to the middle of an obvious Asian woman?s back.

My mind wanders back to the memories of my battles with Kim as I see the resemblance. Then the woman turns towards me and I see her face. “No…” I blurt out inside my car- it is Kimiko. This can?t be happening, surely it’s not her.

I get out of my Jeep and walk towards the woman. She looks around and sees me. The woman’s demeanor obviously changes when she sees me. That reaction tells me that it?s not just a similar looking woman but it is Kim.

She tosses her bag into her car and begins to walk in my direction. We meet right on the property line. Standing only a couple of feet apart. “You can?t be serious!?!….of all of the houses, I pick this one..unbelievable…” Kim says, in surprised and somewhat confused tone.

“Don?t pretend you you didn’t know, Kim …. I don?t know what your plan is, but just give it up….” I say back, my posture stiffening.

“Honestly, Kelli, I didn’t know….or I would have probably paid even more…” Kim says with sneer forming, telling me that the same animosity is still present in her five years after I conquered her last.

“You know that I can?t let you live there, right?” I say rhetorically.

“I don?t think it matters what you want….bitch” she answers back. Subconsciously, we have been edging closer to one another and are almost nose to nose. Fortunately, there is no one else out at this time to see this obvious confrontation.

“I guess we need to settle this, cunt….come inside.” I say commandingly.

“Lead the way, whore… I can?t wait to beat your ass.” Kim says angrily as she follows me to my side door.

I let out a mocking laugh “just like you did the last two times?” I taunt as we walk into my kitchen.

“Sure… you kicked my ass last time, I?ll give you that, but… look at you now Kelli…you?re not the same woman…. you?ve let yourself go a bit…. how old is the kid?” she says with contempt.

I gather that she?s noticed the pictures and other obvious signs I am a mom now. “She?s four now….you have any?” I say trying to get a better feel for what my opponent has been up to in the last five years.

“Mine is 4 as well…. I just divorced her father….” she snarls back. After our last encounter, I know this bitch won?t hesitate to steal a man. I have to make sure she never moves in.

“We?ll make this one easy….. you win you can move into that house, I win you sell it as fast as you can…. the market here is hot, it shouldn?t take long.” I say, staring into her eyes the whole time.

“You?ve got a deal, bitch” she snaps back. “How do you want to do this?”

“The kid is at daycare and Jake is at work for the next few hours….we can settle it right here, right now” I say icily.

“Ok then….we’ll do it here” Kim says, taking off her heels and sunglasses. I pull off my Uggs and begin to get ready. A few moments later, we are in the standing across from each other yet again. I?m in a light green sports bra, with my bare feet sticking out of black yoga pants. My blonde hair up in a ponytail. Kim is still her beige shorts with a black tank top, but is barefoot as well.

We try to stare each other down as we size the other woman up. Kim is right to a point, I’ve been slacking off hitting the gym and there is around 140 pounds on my 5’6″ frame. My six pack is gone, replaced by the beginning of a mombod “pooch”. My hips have gotten a little bit bigger after childbirth, giving me a more hourglass figure, complete with a slightly bigger chest. I still have about the same amount of muscle as in our last fight, just not quite as tightly packaged as it was in our last fight. I also know that she hasn?t beaten me in over a decade, I’m still better than her.

Kim, still looks like she has been working out, but age and motherhood have her weighing an equal 140 pounds. Her compact 5’2″ definitely has more muscle on it and she does have a slight muffin top forming, but her arms and legs look even stronger than last time. She has pulled her jet black hair into a ponytail as well. I can tell she has been tanning and keeping up her appearance since she is back in the singles scene. This just reinforces how much I need to beat this bitch today. She’s looked at my husband before and I don?t need her hanging around getting any ideas.

“Get ready to lose…again, bitch…. at least all your stuff is still boxed up” I taunt, still confident after my decade of dominance.

“Dumb cunt, I’m not going anywhere…. you?re so soft now….you don?t stand a chance” Kim snaps back. As we begin to circle one another in my large open kitchen.

Both of us move much more comfortably now, we?ve been here before. Knowing this is where my advantage is, I swing first. My jab narrowly misses a sidestepping Kimiko. Her hook to the body doesn’t miss, however, as the first sound of fist to skin contact reverberates off my kitchen’s walls. The pain is familiar, I almost smile, knowing that I?ve missed this part of my life for last several years.

We stand toe to toe and trade punches. This is usually where I take control, but right now we are fighting to a stalemate. Hair is pulled, punches smack bellies and ribs. The sounds of each impact only drowned out by the yelps, cries and curses that we shriek at each other.

With every punch that lands, I can feel myself fading. She feels so strong. Before this turns into a beat down, I try to grab and wrap my arms around Kim. We engage in a mutual bear hug. We struggle against each other for a few moments, driving each other a few steps back and forth as we try to impose our will on the other woman.

Kim still has the strength advantage and drives me into granite counter. I let out a loud groan as my back slams into the hard surface. My lungs are burning and it becomes clear for the first time in our rivalry, Kim has the stamina advantage as well.

As my rival realizes that she is winning, she begins to ramp up her attacks. “You… are … already…. washed…. up … at 34…Kelli?” Kim taunts as she begins to land punches at will. “Bitch…. you?re…. so… weak..”

Knowing I️ have no chance against her in a straight up fight, I️ go the more more desperate and dirty route. I slam my knee into her womanhood. Kim howls and her knees buckle. I?m in no condition to hold us both up and we tumble to the tile floor.

There’s a brief pause in the action as my Asian rival tries to recover from the impact of my knee and I try to get my breath back. The shorter woman is the first to lunge. I can see a rage in her eyes as her claws find my sports bra. She rips and pulls at it as well as my chest as she climbs on top.

I try to fight back by doing the same to her tank top. The thin cotton shirt offers no resistance and I shred it quickly as I try to destroy her large tits, but she is giving me a brutal mauling as well and it only gets worse when she hears her shirt rip.

“You….fucking…. bitch!” Kimiko shrieks, forgetting my chest and turning her attention to my hair. She sinks her talons into my scalp wrecking my ponytail before slamming my skull into the floor several times.

I can hear myself moaning and everything is hazy. My arms fall to the floor limply. Kim must have felt the fight leave my body because she shoved my head to the floor dismissively. “Fucking…. weak…ass… bitch….how… the … fuck … did… you … beat… me?” she snaps as she gets to her feet.

Desperately, I try to move. Knowing if I can just buy myself some time, I might be able to mount a comeback like in our last fight. Before, I can even think about rolling over and getting vertical, her heel slams down on my belly. With a loud “Oooomph!!” I curl into the fetal position and begin to whimper.

Kim kneels down, grabs the back of my hair and wrenches my face towards hers. “You dumb cunt, did you really think I?d make the same mistake again?” Next, she strips what’s left of my sports bra off and tosses it to the floor before burying her fist deep into my belly. As I lay gasping for breath on the floor of my own kitchen, my leggings are pulled off, leaving me completely nude.

“Get up, bitch….” she growls as she pulls me too my knees by my hair. All I can do is hold her hands, trying to minimize the pain- and not daring to fight back.

“Please….please…no more… win….please …. stop” I tearfully cry out as yanks my hair down forcing my eyes towards the ceiling.

“You?re not getting out of this…that easily” Kim sneers with contempt as she grabs and twists my bare breast.” I’ve waited far too long for this, Kelli… I?m going to get my moneys worth”.

My lip begins to quiver with fear, I’m terrified at this moment. I should have known that we’d eventually take it too far.

The large chested women continues her assault of my chest with a slap thrown to my face every now and then for good measure, but just as she seems to get started, our heads turn towards the counter and my ringing phone.

Kim’s face lights up and she drops me to the ground. “Well…well… who could be calling you?…. maybe….your husband… hmmmm… that gives me an idea.”

Fortunately, the phone stops ringing before she can answer it. Kim turns her attention back to me. Without saying a word, she gathers what’s left of my clothes. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just too beaten to resist or if Kimiko has conquered me to the point that I’m afraid to do anything, but I lay there as she hogties me, hoping this will just end.

She then disappeared from the kitchen and returns a moment later wearing one of Jake’s shirts, almost as she is claiming it like a trophy. “Well, I can’t wear mine anymore because of you, slut…so, I’ll just take this one….my, my, he is such a big man…” she taunts.

She grabs my phone from the counter and then sticks my thumb on it to unlock it. I feel completely humiliated as she walks around snapping pictures of me. “Let me just text these to myself…. besides, you’ll need my number, won’t you, neighbor?” She says laughing cruelly.

I next see her scrolling through my phone…let’s see…recent calls…there he is…? she say as she taps the screen.

“No… no…. please don’t…. ” I sob.

“Hi, Jake…it’s me, Kimiko……… yes, this is Kelli?s phone but she’s a little… ummm… tied up at the moment …… wow, you are a smart one….. yes, of course, I won…. yes… she’s ok….as soon as I hang up, I’ll send you a pic. But you might want to come home and untie your weak, little bride….I’ll see you around, Jake” she says in a calm, flirtatious way that completely contrasts with the violence and cruelty she subjected me to earlier.

Kim gathers her stuff and begins to leave. She looks back at me before she opens the door. “And don?t think this is over, bitch….the way I see it, it’s 2 to 2 now….. and I plan one making sure everyone one here knows who the top bitch is in the neighborhood…. you better be ready next time, Kelli….because I’m taking something from you next time and this whole thing here…. it’ll seem like pleasant memory after I destroy you next time..” and with that, she shut the door, leaving me to cry until my husband came home to free me.

Chapter 5: Breaking Point

After Kim humiliated me in my own house, she moved in next door and began to make good on her promise to make sure the neighborhood knew who the real alpha was between us. Whenever we were around our neighbors…. or Jake, she would treat me dismissively, make a passive aggressive dig, or even giving me a slight nudge to remind me of her strength. It was subtle at first, becoming more obvious as she realized that I wasn’t going to do anything about it.

I hated myself for letting it happen, but after what she did to me, I was too scared to stand up to her again. While we had split our four previous fights, the last one was so one sided that it crushed my confidence, making me feel inferior to her.

Between my new lack of confidence and Kim’s over abundance of it, I’m also starting to notice Jake paying less attention to me and catching him more and more stealing looks at her. They seemed to have too many lingering conversations over the fence, in the driveway, or when the kids were playing for me to be comfortable with. She had also gotten out of the dating scene, I was not so blind that I couldn’t see that she had decided on my husband. Looking back, the worst part was that I couldn’t really blame him, I wasn’t myself and she was acting like I used to. Slowly, my self hate turned towards hatred of Kimiko.

Eventually, my anger overcame my malaise and I decided that I wanted… no, I had to get my life back. I started going to the gym- religiously. It took several months, but I got myself into better shape than I had ever been in. My new obsession with the gym had not gone unnoticed by her as her obsession with my husband has not gone unnoticed by me, and by early summer, we both knew our fifth fight was about to happen.

It was early summer and we were each lounging by our pools the kids splashing about, when I see Kim prancing around in, a much too revealing for her age, white bikini. I catch Jake staring at her as she is bending over, intentionally giving him a full view of her chest. After a little over two years, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I hop out of the chair I was tanning in and marched to the fence in my, slightly more conservative, black bikini. I motion her over, my intentions clear to all three adults around.

As she meets me at the fence, I’m filled with nervousness and excitement. From the way her nipples are showing through the bikini top, so is Kim. I can see the same hate that I have for her being reflected back from Kim’s eyes. I can feel that there is only one thing in the world that can keep us from going at it, right here, right now- our daughters.

So we lean in, angrily whispering in each other’s ears. “Are you fucking him?” I growl accusingly.

“No, I am not….. not yet anyway” the Asian woman snarls back. “I can see the way he looks at me…. he is only staying with you out of obligation, I’m sure. A man like that needs a dominant woman- like me.”

“Bitch, I’ll rip you apart….. I let myself go and paid the price… I’m not the same woman…. I’m the one who beat your ass twice before” I whisper, the rage dripping from every syllable.

“Alright, cunt, put up or shut up….find someone to watch your kid, then me and you settle it….. I kick your ass again and- I think you know what I want….I get him and you have to watch” she proposes confidently.

The thought of watching her fuck my husband in front of me has me seething. I look back at Jake. He obviously senses the tension and his swim trunks can’t hide his excitement. I lock eyes with Kim again, before I answer “Ok, whore, you’re on. But when I win, you leave…I mean pack up and move.”

“I can agree to that, but since you upped the stakes, so will I. When I make you beg for mercy…. I don’t just get him for the night, I get him whenever I want. Deal?” She answers in a low growl.

“Deal…I’ll have the kid picked up in 10 minutes. Where do you want to do this?” I ask, every fiber of my body tingling with anticipation.

“Meet me in my den, I’ll leave the door unlocked….I want to make sure you see where your husband will be spending his free time…weak bitch” she snaps back, almost loud enough for others to hear.

“I’ll be there…. I can’t wait for Jake to watch me beat your fat ass in front of him…hell, I’ll fuck him in your bed just so you know what you’re missing, you wannabe homewrecking skank” I hiss.

I don’t know if it’s the 7 year itch or if he really is into Kimiko, but Jake doesn’t even feign an objection to the arrangement when I explain it to him. My parents arrive within a few minutes and pick up our daughter. As Jake and I walk to Kim’s, I see her mother pulling away with her kid. I glance at my phone, it’s been 8 minutes since we agreed to this and we are only moments away from what feels like will be our most intense fight yet. I haven’t had time for my anger to subside any, it feels like, if anything, it’s burning even hotter now as I march through her front door.

Jake shuts the door behind us and we walk into her large open den. Kim is standing in the middle of the room in her white bikini, her long jet black hair hangs halfway down her back. Her golden skin, shiny with tanning lotion. At 36, she looks virtually the same as the last time we fought 2 years ago. Standing 5’2” and weighing 140 pounds, she still has a much more muscular physique than me, but she also is much softer than I am. Her large breasts heave with each breath as stand across from each other.

My gym regimen has transformed my body since the last time we fought. My 5’6” frame has trimmed down to just under 130 pounds. I don’t have the six pack that I had in my 20’s, but I’m much stronger. I can see myself in a large mirror in the room, I’m not quite as tan as I’d like, but the definition in my muscles is still easy to see. Like her, my skin is glistening from the sweat and tanning lotion.

We each take Jake by a hand and walk him to the couch. I grab a couple sets of his handcuffs from a bag he brought over with him. We strip him naked. I’m shocked at how Kim shows no hesitation in getting my man undressed. Her brazenness is just feeding the fire inside me that I’m ready to unleash on her soon.

Not surprisingly, he is as hard as steel right now and Kim’s eyes linger over him for far too long before she looks at him says “soon….soon, baby…” in a seductive voice. As the cuffs click shut.

“Soon, you’ll be moving, bitch…” I snap back. We glare at each other and for a moment I think we are going to start fighting on top of my husband. Somehow, we compose ourselves and walk to the middle of the room. I toss the bag with Jake’s handcuffs and keys to the foot of the stairs.

Kimiko pulls off her top. “Nothing you haven’t seen before and nothing you’re husband won’t be seeing soon enough- besides, I don’t need you using any weapons again” she barks, as she then pulls off her bikini bottoms.

I almost smile as I remember choking her unconscious with a bra in the hotel room that night. I pull my bottoms off first “fine..” I grumble before I pull off my top. I, then, upstage my rival by walking over to my husband and draping the bottoms over his erect member. Then I whisper into his ear “I’ll make you forget all about her……soon”. Earning myself a nasty glance from her as I walk back to the center of the carpet in the room and prepare to lock talons with her again.

“You ready, bitch?”

“Ready to make you cry, slut”

“You’ll be the one crying when I’m fucking your husband”

“Fuck you, whore!”


We rush together, like so many times before. This time it’s like we are two rookies again as our emotions overtake any strategy either of us might have had going in to this fight. All I want to do is to hurt her, make her pay for the last couple of years and as I look into her I eyes, I can see a burning passion as well. Though, I’m thinking hers is more about taking out a woman who has stood in her way professionally and romantically…she wants to crush me, take what is most important to me, I can see it in her eyes.

We meet in the center of the room, our hands immediately going for each other’s hair. I try to yank Kim’s head off, slinging her skull back and forth. She does the same. We shriek obscenities in low growls between screams and cries from the pain.

Our initial frenzy is intense, years of hate and frustration boiling over. We dance all over the large room in a stalemate. My hate-filled haze subsides enough for me to remember how to fight. I release a hand from her dark hair and bury it into her belly…only a fraction of a second before her fist crashes into my ribs.

My focus returning, I return to my brawling roots- left hand yanking Kimiko’s hair, while my right fist finds her belly, tits and jaw. My Asian opponent does her best to trade punches in this “bitch clench” with me, but I won’t be stopped…not today…I have to win.

We continue to go at it like two wildcats, but like in my earlier wins, Kim can’t keep up when it comes to fisticuffs. She begins punching less and clawing more, trying to wrap me up and stop my assault before I really start hurting her.

Even when she gets us into a clench, I keep pounding her ribs. I can feel her fading. After all of this build up, could this be over faster than our last fight? With her arms around my ribs I feel Kim start to sink. Then I feel her squeeze and and lift me off the ground.

As soon as I feel my toes come off the floor, I wrap my legs around Kim. No sooner do lock my ankles behind her then she lets out a grunt and slams me back first onto the tile floor. I let out a groan as I hit the ground. The pain from the impact is intense but I manage to keep my legs wrapped around my nemesis, keeping her from getting on top of me.

“You’re still a weak bitch..” Kimiko growls as she attacks my chest with her claws, clearly frustrated that she wasn’t able to crawl on top of me. A scream escapes my lips as I feel her fingernails dig into the flesh around my nipples.

My legs flex and constrict around the Asian woman’s waist and my back arches as I try to inflict some pain in a counterattack. Kim grunts as her core tries to resist my leg scissors and even though she is squeezing my tits even harder, I am emboldened by the sight of sweat beginning to trickle down her temple. I know I’m hurting her.

“I’m gonna … break you…. in half… you ….homewrecking… whore!” I grunt out as I pulse my legs, working the scissor hold.

With her face reddening, Kim abandons the attack of my breasts and begins to try to escape my vice like legs. Her hands pressing and scratching against my thighs, trying to pry them apart. She plants on foot on the ground as she tries to get back to her feet. I’m not sure if she is trying to escape or slam me back to the ground, but I don’t intend to allow her to do either. As she begins to stand, I take advantage of her being off balance and twist my body, sending her tumbling sideways. I quickly roll on top of her, straddling her belly.

Kim and I exchange slaps and punches, but mine are more effective from the top. She bucks and writhes, trying to escape. “Stay put…bitch!” I snarl, clamping my left hand around her throat, pinning her to the expensive floor.

Immediately her hands focus on wrenching her neck from my grip. I mercilessly punish her ribs and chest with my right hand. I feel the sting of the deep scratches on my chest as sweat begins to pour into them.

Infuriated, I shift my attacks to her prized possessions for some retribution. Slapping her larger tits until they are red before my finely manicured talons begin to rip at her golden skin.

Tears are beginning to flow from Kimiko’s dark brown eyes and she wails in pain from my attack, her arms flail at my left arm as she desperately tries to free herself. “Give it up….slut…. I am better…. give up… before I … rip your tits off!” I shriek.

“Never…. cunt!” she moans back. I can feel her fading as her attempts to free herself get weaker. I continue the assault on the prized chest, mauling them until they are tracked with deep red scratches. I ask her half a dozen more times if she submits. Answered each time by increasingly feeble defiance.

At this point, I am basically trying to torture my foe into submission, she has almost stopped fighting, only focusing on not giving up. It becomes clear to me that I’m going to have to hurt more than her massive mammories to make this bitch break.

I release Kim’s neck and slap her face until she tries to roll onto her belly. I immediately, begin to work my way into a half nelson and roll onto my back. I have her stretched out and on full display as begin to resume attack on her tits with my free hand.

I maul her prized assets shrieking obscenities and demanding Kim’s submission. “No!….no….. no..” she sobs.

While reaching across her body to torture the breast farthest from me, I feel my desperate rival’s teeth sink into my arm. I shriek in pain and release my hold, recoiling away from Kim. I roll a few feet away from her and look back. My nemesis is laying in her belly, struggling to get up.

“You weak ass bitch!…. You ….. will …. pay ….for …. that.” I scream, the rage overtaking me. I get to my feet and rush in to finish Kim, who is still clearly in trouble. I rip the Asian woman to her knees by her black hair. As I prepare to further punish this insolent homewrecking bitch, a wave of pain flashes throughout my body when her fist collided with my womanhood.

I’m stunned for a moment and catch another punch to the same spot. I take a couple of steps backwards. Trying to regain the advantage, I charge Kim, who has made it back to her feet. I draw back a fist to hit my unsteady opponent, but my punch never connects as Kimiko’s foot plants itself firmly into my stomach.

I am doubled over, the wind driven from my lungs. Before I can recover, Kim grabs my hair and I’m struck with a knee to the side of my head. I fall to my knees, gasping for air and clinging to consciousness. My rival isn’t finished yet. The next attack is a soccer style kick that catches me in the ribs, sending me on to my back.

Writhing in pain, I see Kim standing above me massaging her mauled chest. Before I can move, she drops onto my belly. “I’ll rip…. those … pathetic… excuses …for … tits…off” she snarls as she sinks her talons into my breasts.

I wail as Kim begins to repay me for the damage I did to her precious chest. My nails dig into her wrists trying desperately to end the suffering of my tits, but she is possessed- clawing, twisting and ripping my breasts and nipples until tears flow from eyes.

I know I’m in trouble after the kicks and mauling. I can barely focus on anything other than the pain racking my body. After a few moments of Kim’s attacks, she starts screaming at me to give up. While hurting, I’m nowhere near ready to give up and remain defiant.

For some reason, frustration maybe, Kimiko gets off of me. My relief is short lived, as I am pulled to my feet by my blonde hair. “Alright…. bitch…. I’ll…. just… knock … your …. dumb … ass … out” Kim growls through her heavy breathing.

By this point, both of of us are in pretty bad shape having endured quite a bit of punishment. We are each covered in sweat, our makeup smeared, scratches mark our bodies- especially our breasts. Our hair is damp and lies limp, and bruises are becoming visible on our skin.

Holding me up by my hair, Kimiko measures me for a knockout punch. Summoning everything I have left, I block the big punch with my forearm. With a grunt, I throw my own retaliatory punch to her belly. I hear Kim groan when my fist sinks into her toned tummy and feel rejuvenated somewhat.

Kim and I begin trading slow, sloppy punches. Neither of us are even trying to put up any defense. Both of us just digging deep to answer every punch with one of our own. The strikes hit our flanks, breasts, bellies and faces. If they had anything on them neither of us would be standing, but as it is now, it is more a show of sheer willpower.

Finally, we wrap each other in a clinch. I’m sure the only thing keeping us vertical is the other woman. As we cling to the other woman we try to squeeze, punch, pull hair, or whatever we can do to hurt the other woman, but neither of us have any strength left.

“He… is … mine..” I whisper into her ear as I strain to find some way to hurt her.

“Not… for … much … longer… ” she whispers back, her grip on my hair tightening.

“I ….fucking … hate… you…” I growl.

“Fuck…. you…. whore…” she grunts back.

“I … will… break …you…”

“I’m… going… to … take… everything…. from …you…”

“Over… my … dead … body….slut”

“You’ll … wish … you …were … dead …. cunt”

We collapse in a heap onto the floor and begin rolling in the world’s slowest catball. Every fiber of muscle in body is on fire, as try to hold Kim down. Time after time I power her on to her back only for her to muscle her way into a reversal, but every time she has me planted on my back, I am able to struggle my way back and flip position.

Back and forth we go, slipping and sliding over each other, neither able to hold the advantage for long. Then it happens, Kim is on top when I feel her knee smash into my crotch. The pain is intense and my scream is virtually silent. Instinctively I reach to soothe the pain, only to feel the Asian woman’s fist connect with my jaw.

For a moment it feels like I’m having an out of body experience. I can see and feel Kim moving further on top of me, but my body won’t respond and I am powerless to stop her.

I feel her fingers clamp around my jaw. Kim forces me to look at her. “Last… fucking…. chance… bitch…. SUBMIT! … give… me… what ….. I … WANT!” Kim shrieks only mere inches from my face.

I fight to snap out of it and glare back defiantly. Rage flashes across her dark almond shaped eyes. Without a word, she tightens the grip on my jaw and covers my face with her tits.

I struggle underneath Kimiko, twisting and bucking to create any space for me to breathe. Despite my efforts, she has my face pulled in tightly against her tits and every time I think I can steal a breath, her flesh denies it to me. In desperation, I try to bite Kim, but her grip on my jaw won’t let my mouth open. I pull her hair and claw her arms in a panic, as I try to get free. I’m completely spent and everything begins to go dark. The last thing I hear is the backs of my hands slapping against the floor as they slide off her arms and I slip into unconsciousness.

My eyes flicker open and start to focus. Kim is sitting on my chest, pinning my hands above my head, her naked pussy resting against my chin. She is still covered in sweat and breathing heavily, so I know I was only out for a few seconds at most.

“No…… Kelli….. it’s not ….. going…. to…. be …. that ….easy…… you … have … to …give … up” Kim snarls as uses her pussy to push my chin up until it feels like my neck is about to break. “Say!… It! ” she shrieks. “Give… him… to…. me!!”

“No….no…. No! He… is ….mine!!” I scream back, focusing on Jake for every bit of inspiration I can find as I try to buck Kimiko off.

With a primal scream, she grabs my hair with both hands and slams my head onto the hard floor. I’m barely aware of what is going on, but I see Kim draw her fist back.

I can’t move, but I can’t make myself give up. “Kelli… give … up. I don’t … want … to hurt.. you … anymore …. just … give… me … what.. is … mine! Say it!” Kim says, almost pleading.

I can feel the tears streaming down the sides of my face, but I manage lock eyes with her as I whisper “no”. Her fist immediately slams into my cheek, sending my eyes rolling as I barely cling to consciousness.

“Say… Jake …. is …mine… please…I really don’t …. want … to …keep… hurting…you” the Asian woman says, drawing her hand back again.

Again, I whisper “no”. I can hear the smack of the slap echo off the walls

“Give him to me”


A backhand slap whips my head the other direction.

“Say it, Kelli!”


I taste her hand again.

“He’s mine…tell me!”

“Fuck yo-” another backhand cuts me off.
My face is stinging but I still can’t bring myself to utter the words that Kim needs to hear. Kimiko continues to answer every one of my refusals with another slap to my face. All of the adrenaline from the fight is gone as this torture wears on and my entire body aches like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

The slaps get progressively harder as the my rival frustratedly tries to break me after every defiant “no”. Finally, she draws back and lands another punch to my face, I taste the familiar coppery flavor of my own blood in my mouth and I can feel my eyes swelling from the beating. As she draws back again, I weakly gasp “Stop!….he’s yours…..I give up…. no more….” I sob as the words leave my lips, but she has broken me, I can take no more.

As the cobwebs clear and I become aware of where I am, And the reality that Kim has won set in. Through my tear blurred eyes I can see Kim’s face. The pride in it is unmistakable. I understand that, we just fought for well over an hour and now she will claim a prize that she has been dreaming of for years. What I don’t understand is the look of concern and compassion she has as she stares down at me. Her looks says that she understands what she has just done to me, something more painful than all of physical torture that we have endured during our five fights.

It seems like an eternity that we just stay in this position looking at one another. Finally, she begins to speak with almost a hint of sorrow “Kelli….he’s still yours…. I’m going to take what I’ve won- what I’ve earned … but we both know that none of us will break our word… so he’ll stay with you… and I’ll take what I can get…..whenever I want”. For the first time, it dawns on me, Kim didn’t fight me to hurt me this time. She fought me because she is in love with my husband.

The Asian woman crawls off of me. I don’t even move, I just lie on my back. I’m afraid to look towards the couch where Jake is cuffed, I don’t know how I’ll react to seeing him. Is he excited that he is about make love to the new alpha woman- one that has now beaten his wife in front of him?…. Is worried about me and our marriage? Before I can think too much about it, I feel the cold steel of a handcuff slap around my wrist, then I hear the other side lock onto one of the iron posts connected to the bannister.

I watch Kim’s naked form, now exuding the power of a woman who just conquered her rival, saunter over to my naked husband. Jake’s face seems to be a confused mix of concern over me and our future, and a raw primal lust towards Kim.

I can’t look away as she mounts him, teasing his lips with the massive tits that smothered his wife unconscious. She begins to kiss him and starts releasing his restraints. I’m fully aware of what I’m about to witness and I lie there in stunned silence or shock, numb to the whole ordeal. Then, just as she is about take him inside her, she stops. She whispers something to him and they disappear into her bedroom.

I don’t know if she decided that I had suffered enough or that she was afraid Jake might not perform if I was there- or if she had decided that she owed me that after all of our fights but I was thankful for Kim’s act of mercy even if she did make sure that I could hear every moan, groan, and sound as they made love and fucked for the next hour or so.

When they finally take a break, Kim staggers out, still smelling of my husband and sex. Standing over me, she tosses me the key to the handcuffs. “Go on…get out of here….it’s going to be a long night…. besides, I think you’ve suffered enough tonight…..there’s beach towels hanging near the door for you to cover up with” she says with a confidence that I once possessed.

Part of me wants to lash out and start another fight, but we had an agreement and we’ve always honored those, no matter how much we’ve hated each other. I manage to say “thanks” with as much dignity as I can as I make my way to the door.

Walking- or more accurately, limping home, I reflect on what has just happened. In some strange way, I’m at peace with it. The two people with whom I’ve had my most emotional moments are now completely interwoven into my life. Kim and I now have our ultimate prize, I know this arrangement will work for a while, but it isn’t settled just yet.

Chapter 6: Be The Storm

It’s been three years since the fateful battle at Kim’s house… the one where she won the right to take my husband whenever she wanted. Things have settled in to a kind of ‘Cold War’ between my old rival and I. Both of us have gotten brazen with our insults. Bickering openly in the neighborhood in front of everyone.

There is no way to mask the tension between us and most of the women in the neighborhood have chosen sides… Team Kimiko or Team Kelli. It’s kind of the neighborhood drama that suburban women need to keep their minds entertained. Of course, they don’t know about the ‘arrangement’ Kim and I have regarding Jake, but I would be willing to bet that a few might have their suspicions. Regardless, it has come to a point, whether through the general boredom of domestic life or the constant, catty build up, they all want to watch her and I to fight it out.

For his part, Jake has been balancing the whole ordeal better than I could have imagined. Kim and him rarely have any of their escapades when I am around even though they sleep together at least once a week…though on occasion, she does prod me with blatant requests or veiled comments in front of our friends just to get a rise out of me.

I can tell by his facial expressions and other hints that he’s confused. He’s not sure what he is supposed to do, he is caught up in the middle of this war just as much Kim and I. All of this has been cumulative to me and I can feel it all building to a head. I don’t know what the final straw will be, but I know it is coming.

I am at home doing some spring cleaning while Jake is at work and our daughter is at school. I am not a huge fan of cleaning in the first place so my mood isn’t the greatest and when I look out the window I see Kim getting into her car. “Bitch…I can’t wait to kick your ass..” I think to myself as I watch her. She exudes a confidence that I used to have and it just pisses me off further.

With my already deteriorating mood, I go back to my task. After storing some stuff in the attic, I see some of our old photo albums and begin to flip through them. I look at the smiles that we both wore and remember how happy we were. I hate Kimiko for torturing me like this, but I hate myself even more for letting her continue. At this moment I know what I have to do… I either need to get my life back or start over. This needs to end- one way or another.

I’m not sure when I will get the opportunity but I decide that it has to happen soon. I’ve had enough of this purgatory. I never quit going to the gym so my body is ready and I know that Kim has been doing the same. After all, we are still both competing for Jake- it’s just for his eyes and attention now. I put the albums away, decide I need some fresh air and someone to talk to. I head outside to take a walk and hopefully find a friend or two to get my mind off my current situation.

I see one of my friends, Dana, and begin talking with her in my yard. It doesn’t take long for the subject to turn to ‘that bitch, Kimiko’. Soon after, Kim pulls up in her Lexus with Shannon, one of her friends. From her glare, I’m pretty sure they’ve been discussing the same topic. I pull off my sunglasses and glare right back. She parks abruptly and hops out, slamming her door.

My heart begins to race… I can feel it, we are about to settle it, right here, right now- in front of several of the neighborhood’s most upstanding housewives. It feels almost like there is some natural force, like gravity, pulling us together. Making us finish this. We meet at our property line and a brief stare down ensues as thunder cracks on the muggy, spring afternoon.

“What’s gotten into you, Kelli? … you want your next ass kicking to be public?” Kimiko taunts arrogantly and loud enough for the other women to hear.

“Enough of the talking….I’ve had enough of your mouth, Kim….let’s not waste any more time, we know what is about to happen…so, let’s just do this…..settle it once and for all…..” I snap back, seething, as the inquisitive ladies of the neighborhood begin to form a circle around us.

“Fine, bitch….. I think you know what I want, don’t you?” She snarls her brown eyes drilling into me as they fill with rage.

“I do….. you win, I divorce him…. I win, you don’t ever so much as talk to him without my permission” I bark back. I can hear the gasps and murmurs of the women around us as they hear the stakes of this fight.

“Deal.” Kim nods as she kicks off her shoes and begins to tie her hair up. I do the same.

The whole scene must look surreal. Two almost forty year old accomplished lawyers….successful career women…mothers…. neighbors, circling each other, about to do battle like two trailer park skanks in front of several pillars of the community, gossipy housewives, friends…all of which are almost drunk with a sort of bloodlust to watch Kim and I rip each other to shreds over my husband.

As Kim and I start circling each other, a light rain starts falling. Combined with the already humid air, we are all instantly drenched. Kim is in a tight white tank top, through the wet material I can see a black sports bra underneath. Her small black, gym shorts show off her powerful leg muscles.

I am in an oversized black tank top with my teal sports bra clearly visible, my toned and tanned legs are sticking out of a short pair of tight teal gym shorts with black accents. I can feel my blonde hair is damp enough that it is already hanging limply from my hastily tied ponytail.

I gather she still has about 10 pounds on me and the strength advantage. While I, most likely, am faster and in slightly better shape. Of course, after this many fights against Kim, I know physical advantages don’t mean much. We each know what the other woman is capable of.

We start moving closer to each other, getting within range of a punch or slap. Our hands up ready to fight. She lunges with a jab that glances off my arm. I fire a return punch and her head snaps back as my fist connects with her mouth. She staggers backwards a couple of steps. “There’s more where that came from, bitch” I snap at my rival as we go back to circling each other on the wet grass.

We wade in close again. We each throw some jabs, trying to gauge distance and feel each other out. Suddenly, my head whips around as I feel Kim’s right fist connect violently with my left cheek. I slip and stagger backwards, lucky to keep my footing on the slippery ground. “Open that big mouth again, cunt!” Kimiko growls with a smirk.

I steady myself and we resume our circular dance. The group of women watching has grown to around 10. I’m barely aware of them, but can hear them encouraging us- these ladies want to this almost as much as Kim and I. We lock eyes and all I can see is hate and determination. I am sure that I am reflecting it right back at her.

It’s almost like we just can’t stand to even look at one another anymore, and we hurl ourselves towards each other with a growl. Our wet bodies collide. With the increasingly muddy earth beneath us, we slip and slide. Fingernails ripping at clothing and hair, simultaneously trying to inflict pain as well as keep our balance.

I yank her jet black hair while flailing away at anything I can hit. Kim does the same. I hear myself moaning as Kim rips at my blonde mane and feel her nails dig into my flesh. The crowd of women are almost silent as they watch. I can practically feel the intensity with which they take in this forbidden spectacle.

Slipping on the wet grass while trying to hurt each other is considerably harder than either of us initially thought and before long it becomes about trying to toss the other woman to the ground as much as it is trying to inflict pain. The sound of fabric stretching and seams ripping is added to the cacophony of grunts, groans and knuckles smacking flesh.

Kimiko almost gets me to the ground when my tank top can’t take anymore and rips nearly in half, sending both of us staggering for balance. We stand across from each other again, glaring at the other woman. Kim’s shirt is stretched to the point it is clearly ruined and mine is ripped and barely hanging in one piece.

“Fucking homewrecking whore!” I growl as I rip what’s left of the soaking wet oversized black tank top off and flinging her face. She nearly dodges it but it catches her in the left cheek and face.

“Bitch!” Kim shrieks back as my shirt drops to the wet grass below. She pulls off her mangled shirt and tosses it to the ground before screaming “I’ll kill you, cunt!”

We rush together again. This time into a clench, yanking hair and raking our nails across each other’s skin. I attack furiously trying to destroy the woman that plans on taking my world away from me. There is no way I am going to let that happen. I know I am hurting, both from the fast pace of the fight and Kim’s punches and claws. Fortunately, I can feel her slowing down as well and we settle into a much slower and deliberate pace, choosing our shots as we cling to each other to stay upright, both of us breathing heavily.

With the action slowing, the women watching begin to encourage us. As much as they are getting into it, I half expect them to start fighting each other like in our sorority. Not even the light rain turning into a steady shower can dissuade them from wanting to see if Kim or I will be victorious.

We struggle to a stalemate. Neither of us giving the other an inch of breathing room to exploit, even as we each begin to reach a point of exhaustion. With a flash of lightening and another earth shaking clap of thunder, the rain turns into a downpour, I can see the women surrounding us as we fight, but everything beyond that is completely obscured.

Locked together we finally tumble to the wet ground with a splash. We begin to roll around on the grass between our houses trying to gain control. The turf is holding together almost like a mat of sorts, I am surprised how little mud there is. Every time that I think I have her, she is able to turn the tables and I am the one fighting for my life. Both of us are gasping for air and my muscles are burning from fatigue. As I power Kim onto her back once again, I am guessing hers are, too.

Again I fight to pin my nemesis to the earth and try to finish her. Slowly, cautiously working my way up her body, my fists finding targets of opportunity along the way until I am sitting on her chest. A few quick moves later her head is trapped between my thighs. I can see the hatred in her eyes as she feels my taking control. “Say…. it….. you….. fucking……. whore…… say…. it!” I scream as I pin the backs of her hands to the soggy ground.

“Never….. you…. will …..never…. beat…. me…. cunt…… he….. is….. mine!” Kimiko shrieks back before she bites my inner thigh. I scream in pain and roll away purely out of instinct. I get to my knees just in time to catch a knee to the ribs from a lunging Kim.

I collapse onto my belly with the wind knocked out of my lungs and my rival on my back. I cry out in pain as she yanks my head backwards by the hair. I flail about as she tries to get a hand under my chin for camel clutch. Her fingers end up just in front of my mouth and I am able to clamp down on one. Kim howls in pain. I buck wildly and fling her from her perch.

Again, we lunge at one another but neither of us has much left so we end up in a slow catball. During I become aware of the other women once more. They are shouting advice for their chosen champion. Not only because they want to see their friend win, but they want the pace to pick up. At this point, an exhausted draw would not be acceptable. Their bloodlust won’t be sated until either Kim or I is beaten and broken.

Spurred on, Kim and I begin to fight harder and faster. Every punch, scratch or hairpull earns an increasingly desperate sounding whimper as neither of us can take much more.

As I feel Kim’s nails digging into my chest as she mounts me and realize that my top has ripped off and I am topless in front of my neighbors. I scream in pain, as my mind becomes cognizant of losing what little armor I had. Even though neither of us has the luxury of having enough air in our lungs to talk trash, I can almost see her taunting me. Like her eyes are saying “Now the whole neighborhood can see your pathetic excuses for tits….no wonder your husband is fucking me!” Imagined or not, I lose it. Something inside me snaps and I rally enraged.

I buck like a woman possessed and the pain intensifies as Kim’s grip on my chest tightens while she tries to maintain her position on top. Finally, I am able to get her to fall forward and escape. Still in a rage, I scramble towards her. She is able to turn and face me before our bodies collide one again just as another crack of thunder shakes the neighborhood. My momentum carries us over and I land on top of her with her legs wrapped around my waist as the heavy downpour continues.

Instantly, she applies vice like pressure. I groan but all I can see is my world hanging in the balance and continue my assault. I pummel her belly and rip at her bra. She tries to slap and claw at my face and tits, but she is overwhelmed. With every punch I land, I feel her leg’s grip loosening. I hear her bra rip and I immediately try to rip it all the way off. I’ve strangled this bitch before with her ruined bra and I’ll do it again.

Kim must remember our earlier fight and a struggle ensues as we each try to gain control of her bra. Both of us have one hand on it while the other wails away with punches. Each of her shots to my flanks feels like a hammer but her focus on our battle for the bra has caused her legs to relax. I sense this is my opportunity and use the extra space to ram my knee into her pussy. Kim gasps. I land another and she screams. The third causes her to forget about fighting for the bra. The fourth takes the fight out of her. I lose count after that, I just keep landing knee after knee to her womanhood until she is a moaning, whimpering wreck.

I am shaking with anger as I get back to my feet, but Kim can’t rise to meet me. I latch on to her jet black hair and rip her to her knees. “You’re…. done… bitch!” I scream inches from her face. Holding her hair, I unload a massive punch with all of my might that connects with her jaw. I can tell that I’m the only thing keeping her upright. I send a soccer style kick into her already destroyed crotch before unceremoniously allowing Kim to fall face first to the wet grass.

I slowly make my way down to my knees, placing one in the middle of her back. I sink my fingers into her hair and pull her face off the turf. “Have… you… had…. enough…. Kim…” I ask, venom dripping from every syllable. Even through her hazy eyes I can still see the hate she has for me as she glares back. “Say…. it….. Cunt! Admit … it … everyone!!!” I shriek.

Kim takes a deep, ragged breath, before opening her mouth, her eyes overflowing with tears now “I ….. I …… ” she starts to shake her head “no… Fuck you!!” She screams out.

Again I lose it, I ram her face into the soft soaked grass over and over, before holding her down in the newly created mud puddle. I don’t even know if I’m speaking English, just screaming out in pure emotion.

I roll the half drowned Asian woman onto her back, I am completely in control now and every woman watching knows it. Kimiko has stopped resisting at this point. I keep my assault on her tits and pussy up. I am out of my head, simply taking out years of pent up frustration and rage on my nearly helpless foe.

The rain begins to let up, but I do not. It is almost as if my assault specifically targets any part of her that might have enjoyed my husband’s touch. With Kim’s chest laid bare I attack her tits mercilessly. The Asian woman screams out. Next, I relentlessly slam knee after knee into her already brutalized pussy. Each time they land with a sickening thud. Kim is now unable to vocalize anything. It is like she is screaming silently.

I feel several hands latch on to my arms and shoulders as I am pulled off of Kimiko. “Stop, Kelli!….it’s over, she gave up!….you’re going to kill her!” I hear several of the women shout as I am dragged to my feet. Maybe she did give up, I’ve been in such a rage that I have no idea. As the women pull me away from my vanquished foe, I am still kicking at her.

With rain ending, I become aware that I am crying….. and shuddering. It is like every negative bit of emotion that has been pent up for these last few years is rushing out my body all at once, as it sinks in that I have won- completely and definitively- in front of most of women of the neighborhood.

Dana and a couple other members of ‘Team Kelli’ help get me inside my house. I look back and see Shannon and ‘Team Kimiko’ trying to cover my defeated rival up and almost carrying Kim towards her house. It feels so satisfying….. and so liberating.

With the women’s assistance, I get out of what’s left of my ripped and nearly shredded clothes. I get into the shower to rinse off while everyone but Dana leaves. The warm water stings and burns every scratch as it makes it’s way down my body. Eventually, feels so soothing on my muscles and I linger longer than I should until there is no more hot water left.

After drying off, I stare at myself in the mirror. My left eye is swollen and turning purple. My breasts are aching and are already a deep shade of red from the abuse they received. There are red welts all over my ribs that I am sure will be bruises by tomorrow. I’m not nearly as covered in scratches and cuts as some of the previous fights have left me and fortunately, the nasty bite mark on my thigh is easily hidden by clothing. I can’t help but smile as I slip my big comfy robe on, confident that their won’t be much smiling going on next door for a good while.

I walk out to find Dana making a couple cups of warm tea. At first, she is simply making sure that I’m ok, but once I start telling her about my lifelong rivalry with Kimiko, she becomes mesmerized. She almost seems sad once I am finished describing every one of the fights. I manage to get her out of the house before Jake makes it home.

I am still sitting at the table in the kitchen when he walks in. I can see the concern in his face as he sees my swollen, blackening eye, but before he can say a word he sees my smile. He lets out a relaxed breath. I can tell by his demeanor that he knows I bested her again. “Is it over….for good?” He asks.

“I’m pretty sure it is…..Dana…. Shannon….. most of the women in the neighborhood saw it.” I say proudly. Part of me wants to claim my prize before our daughter gets home, but after struggling to get to my feet for a kiss, I feel just how sore my body has become. Not to mention I catch a glimpse in the window of my reflection…..I am definitely not at my sexiest right now. Dammit, I have earned this, I think to myself. “Do you think ‘grandma’ can pick her up today….?” I ask trying my best to give him ‘that look’.

Jake smiles coyly “Do you think you’re up to it…. I mean, you look like you’re in pain…. sexy as hell, but in pain..”

“After taking Kim down ….you’ll be a pushover….get over here!” I say my voice playful but dripping with all of the sexy confidence of a woman who feels she has world on a string. I feel free again… I feel like “me” again.

The End

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