The Professionals by Sidekick

“I swear if that bitch is at this regional meeting, I’ll punch her face in!”, spat Christie. Her eyes narrowed at the thought of that punch. “Oooh, I’d pay to see that”, offered Peter as he pulled her closer on the couch. Christie was venting now. “The last few times we’ve been at meetings together, it seems we’ve almost come to blows anyway. We can’t be together anywhere without arguing. We were face to face last Thursday in the conference room. I wanted to slug her soooo bad!”.

Ummmm, baby”, sighed Peter as he grabbed her ass and ran his fingers through her long hair. “You just want us to fight; don’t you, you sick bastard”, she smiled at him.

Christie ran her hand down his chest and felt his hard cock through his pants. “Ohhh my. I’d say you do!”, she whispered as she stroked him, “You just want to see us pull each other into the floor and scratch and punch and pull hair, don’t you? Go on, admit it, you dirty boy”. She unbuckled his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock.

“You know I do, babe,” he panted as she stroked him. He pulled off her blouse and bra and felt her warm breasts and hard nipples against his chest. “But baby, you don’t have to be tormented like this,” he offered as she hooked her legs around him. “You two are always arguing. Just pull her aside at the meeting. Tell her you want to fight. If things are as bad as you say between you, I’ll bet she’ll agree. Then the two of you can meet and go at it undisturbed just like you want to”.

Christie was panting now as Peter pumped her soaking pussy as hard and deep as he could. “Fuuuuccckkkk, yesssssss!”, she yelled as she came. The two moaned in pleasure as they held each other, savoring the moment.

Three days later, at the quarterly regional meetings in Kansas City, thirty-four year old Christie Fletcher walked through the hallway toward the conference room on the fifteenth floor of the corporate offices. Her heels clicked on the hard tiles. She felt good. She was dressed to impress with her formal but tight fitting blouse and her short-ish skirt. She was taking the dress code to the limit as her hemline was an good inch under the limit. It was not too blatant so as to cause a fuss. Her stockings and garters underneath made her feel sexy and powerful.

She strode into the room and noticed a couple of the male managers give her appraising looks as she took her seat toward the end of the long conference room. But she had focused her eyes on Stephanie McDonald, the object of her scorn and loathing all these many months. Stephanie was similarly dressed, but her skirt was not quite as short.

The two women were around the same height Christie didn’t know Stephanie’s age, but guessed it was near her own. Both were battling to stay thin; as women of advancing maturity always had to do. Each was full figured. Christie had received the gift of her mother’s voluptuous curves and ample breasts. She could never have been a model. But her men always seemed to love her full figure, giving it wonderfully constant attention.

While the participants were being seated, the two women began a stare down of sorts that left Christie feeling a little steamy. She wanted so badly to just jump across the table and launch herself at that redheaded bitch. She had dreamed of punching and scratching and wrestling with her for the last 10 days. Would the others mind so very much? She chuckled to herself as everyone quieted down. “I think we would be a much more interesting agenda”, she thought.

The meeting came to order and began an excruciatingly long and uninteresting review of the quarter’s activities and finances. Stephanie and Christie kept up their staring for several minutes until forced to pay attention the the official agenda and contribute along the very boring journey to the lunch break.

Mercifully, a midday break did arrive, and not a moment too soon. Christie quickly rose and began shuffling out with the others. She kept her eye on Stephanie who was up ahead. Making her way closer and closer, she was able to grab Stephanie’s arm and quickly pull her out of the hallway as the group continued to shuffle toward the elevators. In an instant the women found themselves face to face in a small staff kitchen. Stephanie, at first surprised at someone tugging at her, scowled as faced Christie. The two women glared at each other and said nothing for an uncomfortable minute.

Christie’s heart was pounding. She was angry and scared but also strangely excited. Stephanie’ face expressed shock at first. But as she listened to Christie ranting and challenging her, she realized they both wanted the same thing. And when Christie finished, Stephanie dove right in. She smiled and sneered lowly, “You dirty little whore; I’ll gladly fight you. I think I’ve wanted it for a long time. Where do you want to do it; right here?”

She was actually contemplating the idea seriously. “No, you ass!” hissed Christie. “That would get us both fired. I know you are staying at the Hilton too. I’ll meet you in your room at 9pm.” “It’s on, bitch”, answered Stephanie. “Oh it’s most definitely on, cunt”, answered Christie.

“What?”, Stephanie blurted rather loudly. “I’m hungry and you are in the way as usual”. Christie, swallowed hard. “Here we go”, she said to herself. “Well I’m sorry to come between you and stuffing your face”, she sneered. “But maybe I can bring new meaning to that phrase”, she said as she smiled pleasantly at Stephanie. “I don’t know what the hell you are talking about”, sighed Stephanie. “But I’m not interested”. She started to move around, but Christie stepped to block her way.

The two women were now very close; their ample breasts almost touching. Christie glared at her nemesis, leaned her head forward slightly and spoke in barely more than a whisper. “Stephanie, you’re such a bitch. I am sick and tired of having to put up with your moronic shit constantly. You seem to delight in trying to make me look bad. I’m tired of arguing with you constantly. We’re getting nowhere. I want to fight you. That’s right. You heard me. Let’s go somewhere that the two of us can go at it in a much more satisfying way. It will just be two women taking their argument to the next level, but in private. I don’t want to jeopardize my position and I assume you don’t either. It will be just you and me, cunt. What do you say?”

The two women stood and glared at each other. Both secretly wished they didn’t have to wait hours to get what they wanted. They each thought how nice it would be to reach out, dig their nails in, drag each other into the floor and catfight as violently as they could. The sound of voices approaching drove them to separate and hastily exit the building for lunch.

Christie Fletcher felt extremely relieved at lunch. She had executed her plan successfully. It seemed that Stephanie felt the same as she did. The rest of the lunch break was a blur. She could not focus her thoughts on anything that was said. And later, in the afternoon’s conferences, the two of them could not avoid staring at each other.

Now that they had finally agreed to fight, there were no pretenses of professionalism. They glared hatefully at each other. They sneered as they silently compared their bodies. Christie let her thoughts wander as the presentations droned on. She much preferred to imagine what it would finally be like to tangle with Stephanie to jerk her hair out and scratch and bruise her body.

Mercifully, the work day finally ended. Christie lost site of Stephanie as everyone went on their way. Christie turned down the dinner invitation from her colleagues; saying that she didn’t feel particularly well. She preferred to return to the hotel right away. She didn’t want to be caught out late and miss meeting Stephanie on time. Plus, she was just too nervous and worked up to concentrate on anything else.

Christie Fletcher was a successful and ambitious woman. All her life she had been able to get her desires fulfilled. She had plenty of men to satisfy her. Peter was the current one allowed to share her bed and her pleasures. He was great, but men were not her passion.

They were only a sweet diversion. As a successful sales manager in her mid thirties, she had to work hard to stay ahead of the curve. Most in her field were men. As a woman, she was not above using her mature good looks to her advantage. But she was also dedicated to being a legitimate success.

As she arrived at her room, she dropped her briefcase on the floor and started pulling off her clothes to get comfortable and cool. Shit, what was she going to wear tonight? She hadn’t thought of it before this minute. What does one wear to a catfight? She hadn’t been in a fight since junior high school. She remembered seeing many catfights during her school days. But this was not her style. She was much more worried about grades and college preparation. The girls who fought in school or after school were wearing school clothes, of course.

There was that one strange Fall when she was in the 9th grade. She and Penny Birch had argued and argued since the start of the term. They were competing for the affections of a boy they both liked. She couldn’t even remember his name now. They had finally agreed to fight in front of him on a Saturday evening behind the gymnasium.

They both wore their miniskirts and low-curt blouses. She smiled and shook her head as she thought back to how it was. They locked up in a vicious hair pulling contest before getting tangled in a little ball on the ground. They had rolled and thrashed around in a tangle of arms and legs. They ruined their clothes. Their skirts where up around their waists and the boy had enjoyed seeing their bare legs and panties.

The two of them scratched each other and threw awkward punches After about 15 minutes, they were both exhausted, with Christie getting the worst end of it. She lost the boy that day, but she had no intention of losing this contest this evening. Oh no. She was going to crush Stephanie McDonald. She was finally going to get her chance to fuck her up good.

Christie paced nervously back and forth. She finally flopped down in the corner chair and realized that her panties were wet. She had become quite excited thinking about the school fights and the coming catfight with her rival. “My god”, she thought. “I am turning into a dirty bitch for sure”. She chuckled softly and picked up the phone; dialing room 1219.

Stephanie answered with a curt and simple, “hello”.

“Well bitch”, answered Christie.

“You’re home early. No interest in whoring around with the team tonight?”.

“Fuck you”, returned Stephanie.

“What the hell do you want? Let me guess. You’re too scared to go through with it. You’ll be giving up before we start”.

“Not in your fucking dreams. I was just wondering what I should wear to come over and kick your ass”, spat Christie.

“You can wear whatever you want. I’m not going to give you a chance to ruin my good clothes. I say we can fight in our underwear.”

“Oh, that would force you to actually put some on”, snickered Christie.

“You are the one that dresses slutty”, Stephanie retorted.

“There is a dress code you know. And your skirts don’t meet it”. “Jealous of my legs, huh? I always figured”.

“Cunt, I hate your legs and all the rest of you. I’m going to fuck you up tonight”.

Yeah well you’ve been a pain in my ass for way too long. So I plan on fucking you up”, growled Christie. There was a pause while both women imagined finally getting their hands on each other.

“God, I”ve wanted to fight you for a long time, bitch. I’m glad to finally get getting it done”, said Christie.

“You should have said something before”, Answered Stephanie. I would have been perfectly willing to fight you”. There was another minute of silence on the line which was eventually broken by Stephanie.

“You know, we dont‘ have to wait til 9 o’clock.” “You’re right, slut”, answered Christie. “I’m coming over now”.

“Come on bitch. We have hours all to ourselves to do what we want”, breathed Stephanie.

Christie slammed the phone down in excitement. Her heart was pounding. Her feet hardly touched the floor as she bolted out of her room. By the time she stepped inside the elevator and felt it moving upward, her panties were soaked.

“God, they were really going to do it,” she thought. She was relieved, excited but embarrassed all at the same time. She was absolutely committed to hooking up with Stephanie. But it seemed to her that everyone she came in contact with on the way to Stephanie’s room somehow knew what she was about to do. They couldn’t know that she was going to another woman’s room to lock the door and fight it out; could they?

People seemed to smile imperceptibly at her. It had to be her imagination. Her nipples were rock hard and poking through her soft bra and blouse. The elevator ride to the 12th floor seemed to take forever. But then she was around the corner and locating room 1219. The door was slightly open and Christie stopped just a moment to swallow and brush her hair back before throwing open the door and marching in.

She stepped confidently into the plush room and stopped with parted legs, hands on hips and her bust pushed out in defiance. Stephanie was sitting in a chair by the foot of the bed wearing just her low cut bra and sheer bikini panties.

“Well the slut has arrived”, crowed Stephanie.

“You fucking cunt!” spat Christie. “This slut is going to kick your ass”.

“Come on!”, motioned Stephanie as she stood and stepped forward.

“Let’s do it”. Christie hurriedly removed her blouse and skirt.

“Let’s fight you whore”, spat Christie as she kicked off her shoes and moved forward.

“I’m ready”, said Stephanie. Then the two women walked right into each other as if the other wasn’t there.

They slapped their bodies together and grabbed each other tightly with their arms. Then they began raining punches onto each other’s back and stumbling around the middle of the room.

Quickly they grabbed hair with one hand and for a good two minutes they jerked each other’s hair viciously and flung wild punches into each other anywhere and everywhere. They were twirling and stumbling around; brawling like two whores in a bar competing for the same John.

Presently their legs tangled and they fell to the floor with a thump. And never resting for second, they began thrashing and wrestling and rolling from one wall to the other and back. They knocked over an end table which brought a lamp crashing to the floor. But the two women never took notice. They were intent on hurting each other.

Hard nails dug into soft flesh. Christie yelled as Stephanie scratched her bare back and the cheeks of her ass. She sank her nails into Stephanie’s breast in retaliation. The soft bra was stretched and ripped away in seconds. The Christie began attacking her breasts, drawing blood and making Stephanie groan with pain.

In a minute Stephanie began her own breast attack. The two women sat on the floor facing each other with one leg over the other while punishing each other’s tits. Scratch marks and a little blood appeared as they grunted in pain.

Presently they took one hand and slapped and punched at each other’s faces; continuing to scratch tit with the other. Pushing and punching, they finally pushed each other back and they separated by rolling away and to their feet. They panted to catch their breath and each could see the damage inflicted on the other. C

hristie felt her pussy leaking down the insides of her thighs. She was glad to see the scratches and marks on Stephanie’s naked tits and face. This was what she wanted for so long. She lusted for more fighting. She wanted to feel their bodies twisting violently together. They slowly circled and raised their fists as their breasts bounced and swayed.

They they began to punch each other. And they punched and punched and punched; at first rapid and wild. Then they tired and began some well aimed slugging. They leaned their heads against each other and let go with upper cuts against their stomachs and tits.

Occasionally they threw round house hooks at each other’s heads. Stephanie had never been in a fistfight with another woman. But she lusted for each punch. She had never been on a high like this with any drug or experience. On and on they slugged each other. Moving more slowly they put everything they could into each, well aimed punch.

Finally the two backed away slightly. They wanted to go on punching but their arms demanded a rest. The women regarded each other warily but backed into chairs on opposite sides of the small room. They were both winded and tired from the furious exchange of violence and release of emotion. They struggled to catch their breath and said nothing for a couple of minutes.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long”, panted Christie while she rubbed her sore and scratched breast.

“Me too, I think”, answered Stephanie.

“But so far, I don’t think we’ve settled anything. I still want to hurt you”. Christie was surprised to feel a little pang of excitement at Stephanie’s words. It wasn’t logical, but she wasn’t ready to come off the “high” yet.

“Come on bitch. We aren’t through fighting yet”, answered Christie. She rose to her feet and stepped forward. “Let’s catfight”. Stephanie smiled and came to meet her. “Let’s go for it you dirty slag”.

The two jumped to meet each other and clamped their hands around each other’s hair. As they jerked hair their bodies slapped together and bounced away in rhythmic violence. They bent each other over at the waist and fell into a tangled up ball on the floor.

For long minutes, it appeared they were laying in a resting embrace. But the grunting gave them away as they clawed and scratched each other. Slowly they rolled over and over in the floor; their legs grape-vined together. Both women’s panties were stretched and sliding off. The were sweating heavily now. But they clutched each other tightly and strained their muscles to overpower each other.

Christie brought up her knee hard into Stephanie’s pussy.

“Uhhhggg!, you dirty bitch!”, grunted Stephanie.

“Oh I’ll show you dirty”, growled Christie. As if agreed to in advance, the two reached between each other’s legs and began to scratch at their pussies as panties were pushed aside.

awwwwwwwwwg!”, “fffuucccckckkkk!”, “iiiiiieeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa!”, they cried out in pain. Finally kicking each other aside, they rolled away to their knees.

Walking slowly on their knees, they moved together and grabbed hair. Their ample breasts slapped together as they jerked their heads back in pain. They eventually pulled each other to their feet again and leaned against each other, breasts smashed together. They moved their upper bodies to rub their breasts roughly over each other back and forth, again and again.

Christie was certainly already aroused with lust for this fight. But now the breast rubbing was arousing her in a different way. She pushed away from Stephanie and the two looked at each other for a split second. As if on cure, they pulled off their stretched panties and threw them aside.

Now completely naked, the two woman moved forward, roughly embraced and threw each other to the floor. Overcome with lust from all the fighting, they tangled their legs and began grinding their pussies together while still pulling hair. They bumped and grinded for long minutes, becoming more and more slippery from their pussy fight.

The pace of grinding became faster and faster. And both clutched the other tightly as they came within seconds of each other. They pulled their hair hard as the orgasm wave swept over them and slowly subsided. And finally they slumped on their backs on the floor, totally spent.

It was quite a while before Christie could pick herself up and look for her clothes. The underwear was ruined and she readily abandoned it. She slid into the blouse and skirt, preparing for the walk back to her room. Looking at the clock, she realized they must have been fighting for about 45 minutes. It seems like many hours to her. She was sore and scratched and tired. But she also was very, very satisfied. Stephanie was stirring now as well.

As Christie looked at the naked woman sitting on the bed that she had just fought, she smirked and said, “thanks bitch. I needed that. And I wanted to do that for a long time.” Stephanie glared back at Christie, gave her the finger and answered, “You’re lucky. If I wasn’t so tired we’d still be fighting”. Christie faced her foe directly and sneered, “When the next quarter’s business meetings come around cunt, it will be you and me. If we can manage not to get into it before then.”

And with that, she turned and made it back to her room. She winced as she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. There was no way to hide the fact that she had been in a fight.

“Well, I’ll be calling out sick for the rest of the conference and returning early”, she thought. By Monday the start of work the following week, she would be good as new. But first, there was time to lay on the bed, in the cool air conditioning and reflect on this exciting evening where she finally let her inhibitions go and gave in to her desires. She didn’t know she had this in her. She felt as if she had discovered a new person inside her.

As she lay on the cool bed, she drew up her knees a bit, put her fingers between her legs and rubbed herself to orgasm after orgasm while thinking of fighting with Stephanie.

The End

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