The Rivals by HankMcCoy02

Laura yawned and stretched stiffly as she clambered towards the edge of her bed. While she had never been a morning person, she couldn’t help smiling to herself. Her husband, Kevin, snored soundly in the bed, comatose to the world around him. They had been married for just a few months and were still very much in their ‘honeymoon’ stage. Their relationship was still energetic and full of life. While Kevin had always been more of an introvert, Laura’s flirty and confident nature seemed to be exactly what he needed in a partner. She prided herself in her ability to draw her shy, retiring husband out of his shell. Due to his adoration of Laura, he often relented, letting her push him towards new experiences and remove him from his comfort zone. 

As Laura wearily shuffled to the bathroom, rubbing sleep from her eyes, she smirked at the thought of last night’s proceedings. She strolled into the bathroom and began to make herself presentable. As she brushed her teeth with her left hand, she used her right to try and put some sort of style on her blonde mane. She preened, plucked, cleaned, exfoliated and went through all the other rituals that women endure for the sake of their appearance, often going unnoticed by their respective partners. As she had the day off and had no pressing engagements, she wondered down the stairs and into the kitchen, absent-mindedly flicking on the television. Some terrible, inane morning show was blaring in the background but failed to hold Laura’s interest for long. Her mind drifted back to last nights events and the unusual revelation that her boyfriend chose to share……….

The previous night, Kevin and Laura were in the midst of foreplay. While Kevin lusted after Laura since the first day he had seen her in college, several years previous, he was often reluctant to share his fantasies with her, even now. He struggled to overcome his cautious nature. However, Laura was undaunted by this and had become a master at making her husband forget his inhibitions. As they writhed under the duvet, exploring each other’s bodies, Laura moaned and emitted soft grunts, driving Kevin wild. His cock stiffened as he pushed his body against his wife’s panty-clad mound. Laura reached down, grasping her husband’s manhood through his boxers and slowly but firmly rubbed it. She whispered in her husband’s ear, ‘I love the way your cock feels in my hand.’ Kevin struggled to maintain his ‘control’, as his wife expertly massaged his member. He lowered his head to his wife’s buxom, bare breasts and roughly kissed them, his teeth gently scraping over each nipple, teasing them to full extension. Laura’s head arched as she felt herself overcome in the moment. Seized by lust for his wanton wife, Kevin pulled back for a second, rapidly discarding his boxers, his engorged penis poking out. He frantically reached down to remove Laura’s knickers, only to be stopped suddenly by his wife. ‘Not yet.’ she cooed, as she brushed her husband’s hands away from her panties. She sat up in the bed, using her left hand to push Kevin on to the flat of his back. She kissed his lips before gradually sliding downwards and running her tongue along the head of his penis. The sensation made him tense as he looked down at his sexy wife. She looked back at him with her bright blue eyes, her tits swaying as her head bobbed up and down on her man’s dick. As Kevin’s breathing became labored and his cock head slick with pre-cum, she slowed her pace dramatically. Her cherry red lips curled into a sly grin as she seductively whispered, ‘I’m not going to let you cum until you tell me your ultimate fantasy….I want to know what have you always dreamed about doing with me…… What really makes your cock hard?’ Needing release, Kevin allowed his frustration to over-rule his inhibitions and groaned the answer, ‘………cat fighting……ah……..I dream about you challenging a brunette to a fight……ooooohhhh baby please finish me off……’

Somewhat surprised by the response, Laura decided to prolong her sexual torture of her husband. ‘Tell me more about your fantasy. Give me all the details. I want to hear every filthy thought in your head. Tell me exactly how it should unfold, what about it makes you so horny?’ As she finished speaking, her hand closed around the base of her husband’s cock and her mouth engulfed it, stretching at least three quarters of the way down its shaft. Helpless against his wife’s flawless technique, Kevin let slip all his desires and the fantasy that had tormented him since he first met his beautiful wife. The sensations coursing through his erection, making him throw caution to the wind, and risk embarrassment or even upsetting his wife. His breathing was heavy as he laid out exactly how his wife could make him the happiest man in the world……

‘You are my dream women Laura, you have always been enough to make me happy…..more than enough……it’s just the thought of you taking on a sexy brunette, challenging her to prove that she is woman enough to face you, telling her that you could please a man better than her, that you are the better woman…..’ Laura stopped slurping on Kevin’s cock momentarily, surprised herself at how wet her husband’s fantasy was making her. ‘Go on…..’ she urged, before resuming her work. Kevin blundered on, ‘In my fantasy, we go to a posh, refined restaurant. We are dressed to the nines, with you usually wearing something trashy, figure hugging and seductive. Your curves are usually spilling out of your dress as every man in the restaurant struggles to keep his eyes off of you. I imagine you in a slinky black number, that barely covers your breasts and only stretches as far as your thighs. As we sit down at the table, the waiter timidly approaches, and asks if we would mind sharing a table, as they accidentally overbooked this evening. We reluctantly agree, as the waiter ushers over another similarly attired young couple.’

As Laura softly caresses his cock, Kevin pulls her ass towards him and rubs his hand against his wife’s panty-clad cunt. Even in his foggy state, he can’t help noticing how soaked Laura’s knickers are, and how much she seems to enjoy his story. Buoyed on by this, he continues. The brunette is in a similar dress to yours. Like you she is dressed to impress, her massive bosom just covered by her skintight red dress and it slides up to the crack of her ass as she sits down. At first, we try to placate the other couple and make small talk, but it is obvious that there is an edgy atmosphere. You and the brunette compete for attention at the table, each looking to establish yourselves as the most attractive. It starts with snide, subtle remarks exchanged between both of you. You start things off by taking subtle digs at her appearance and dress sense……….’

At this point, fully engrossed in her husband’s fantasy, Laura allows her knickers to be removed, crawls up beside her husband and they begin to manually stimulate each other. ‘More…… please…….’ she begs. Amused at the reversal of roles, Kevin continues with his mucky tale, unabated. As they pleasure each other, he whispers, you tell her, ‘That is a lovely dress that you are almost wearing. I can’t help thinking how good it would look on me. You really need to have the figure to pull it off…..ah well.’ Stung by this the brunette (in my fantasy, she is called Kerry) replies, ‘From where I am sitting, you don’t have the assets to pull it off, besides your husband seems to approve of it. He can’t seem to take his eyes off of me. Stung by this attack on her femininity, Laura shoots back, ‘Your husband seems to enjoy the view on this side of the table as well.’ With the catty atmosphere established, myself and Kerry’s husband stay quiet, not wishing to interfere in the posturing by these two proud lionesses.’

Seized by lust, Laura urges Kevin,’…..stick it in now, I want it.’ He lies on the flat of his back, and allows his wife to mount his raging rod. His cock slowly enters her and she lets out a sigh as it does. She rocks back and forth gently, her vagina slowly but teasingly slipping up and down the length of his penis. Obviously, she is in no mood to finish her man off before she can hear the rest of his tale. Concentrating hard not to cum, Kevin proceeds, as his wife slowly grinds along his cock, her body coated in a thin sheen of sweat, strands of her shoulder length, blonde hair, wet and clinging to her forehead and face.

As the meal progresses, you glare across the table, and your taunts and provocations become more transparent as you openly try and assert your dominance over the other, being careful not to be heard by other diners. ‘My husband knows who the best woman is. He knows that no-one could ever please him as well as me.’ Kerry declares. ‘When it comes to getting him off, no blonde bimbo could ever hope to compete with me…..if she knows what is good for her.’ As if to mark her territory, Kerry’s hand goes beneath the table as she grasps her husband’s (John) meat, gently kneading it. Not wanting to be out done, Laura matter of factly states, ‘When it comes down to it, a skank’s talk is cheap. I’m the sexiest woman at this table, the most womanly and I would relish the opportunity to prove it……in front of my husband and yours.’ As she said this, her hand slipped beneath the tablecloth and she grabbed her property, and started to reciprocate the brunettes reactions, both husbands trying desperately to remain composed, so as not to give the game away……..

Laura bounced up and down on her husband’s manhood, her breathing labored, her pink nipples standing to attention as she gazed down at her husband (at this stage, stricken with a severe case of blue balls). ‘What happens between the bitch and I next? Laura practically shrieks as she feels an orgasm approaching. ‘As we move on to desert, the competitive streak in you both emerges without any hint of restraint…….’ Kevin gasps desperately.

‘If you were as tough as you pretend Kerry, you would come back to our hotel room and put me in my place, in front of our husbands……..that is if you weren’t afraid that I would maul your tits, pinch your nipples and scratch that dress to shreds.’ As Laura says this, she increases the rate at which she jacks off Kevin, pushing him closer to the edge. Flustered, Kerry rebukes, ‘I’ll meet you in your hotel room……..where I will push you to the ground, smother you with my tits and attack your pussy.’ Both women are discreetly ‘seeing’ to their husbands under the table as they issue threats and insult one another. Both women perspiring slightly, their knickers soaked and their erect nipples piercing through their slutty dresses. Laura’s blue eyes glaring across at Kerry’s brown eyes. Laura’s pale white skin contrasting with Kerry’s sallow tanned skin, Laura’s cherry red lips clashing with the darker texture of Kerry’s. Sensing their men on the edge, the rivals continue their trash talk with abandon, desperate to prove who is the more alluring. Looking Kerry dead in the eye, Laura announces ‘I am going to strip you naked, sit on your face, fingerfuck you …….while both our husbands shower my tits with cum…….What do you think of that, whore?’ ‘I think you are dreaming Barbie, I am going to pull out your pussy hair, make you submit and stuff my panties in your mouth…….then I am going to fuck both our husbands while you watch…..’ Kerry growled. As she did, both men came in their respective wives hands, desperately trying to stifle their grunts, so as not to alert other patrons. Each woman’s hand sticky with their man’s seed, they set off for the bathroom, each with a determined look………

Just as Kevin was about to continue with his story, his wife orgasmed, the shuddering of her body pushing Kevin over the edge as he spent his seed inside her. She collapsed on his chest, exhausted, but eager to hear the rest of his sordid plans for her……….. to be continued.

Laura sipped her coffee, reflecting on the previous night’s encounter. Kevin had always been an energetic lover, hungry for her body and attentive to her needs, but last night was different. Fueled by Kevin’s kinky fantasy, their lovemaking had been raw, unrestrained, animalistic almost. Opening up to her about ‘catfighting’ seemed to release Kevin, as he practically devoured her between the sheets, taking their already active sex-life to uncharted waters. While unfamiliar and new to her, it was obvious that Kevin had harbored a desire to broach the subject with her. If it means being fucked like that on a regular basis, I think ‘catfighting’ will be a regular component of our sex-lives from now on. Just as she mused this thought, she heard Kevin starting to move upstairs. His steps echoed above the ceiling, as he slowly but surely came to life, shaking off his sex-induced coma. Minutes later, she heard the stairs creak as he descended it and walked into the kitchen.

His eyes spotted the gorgeous creature that was his wife sitting in the corner, innocently draining the last of her morning coffee from the mug. The very sight of Laura made him smile warmly as he chirped, ‘Good morning hun.’ She smiled mischievously and responded, ‘Not nearly as good as last night.’ Her response made his face red and his cock stiff as his mind wandered back to last night’s antics; Laura’s teasing foreplay, her beautiful alabaster skin covered in a healthy coating of sweat, her shoulder length hair being tossed chaotically as she bounced on his cock, the sight of her perky pink nipples as he described the catty exchanges, the way her full red lips looked as she mouthed the word ‘Bitch’. Seeing the expanding bulge in his pants, Laura padded across the floor to his side, playfully grabbing his cock through his trousers and whispering in his ear, ‘You forgot to finish your story after you tucked me in last night. I expect to hear whatever conclusion your perverted mind can muster…..tonight.’ ‘You mean that wasn’t just a once-off? You want to hear more about my……hobby?’ ‘I can barely wait…..’ she replied.

As Kevin pulled out of the driveway, bound for work, Laura busied herself, determined to make the most of her day off. She had a hundred and one things to do, and a week’s worth of errands to run before her husband returned from work this evening. She began her day by tidying the kitchen, hovering the house and dusting the living room. Next, she drove to the supermarket, collecting groceries for the coming week and browsing in the more upmarket clothes shop before returning home. Weary from the day’s exertions, she allowed herself a brief rest on the couch. The idle moment was all it took for her to think about Kevin and his……revelation. She giggled as she remembered how lustful the whole scenario had been for him. However, truth be told, that wasn’t the full story. The dirty talk had been a potent aphrodisiac for her as well. She gave herself completely to her husband’s whims, and had thoroughly enjoyed herself. The thought of trying herself against another rival had been an immense turn-on. Just thinking about the explicit insults her and ‘Kerry’ exchanged made her moist, her nipples stiffening to two little nubs of arousal as they glared at each other. Her mouth was dry as she contemplated proving her womanhood against her imaginary rival. She wondered what she would do if the fantasy was to be made reality. Would she be a ruthless combatant? How far would she be willing to go to prove herself in her husband’s eyes? The mere thought of such an encounter made her hot and she could feel her competitive streak burst forth as her pulse quickened. She was sure……she would defend her turf against any whore who would trespass. The very notion of fighting for Kevin’s cock, of pushing her scratched and sweaty body against some bitch, of fighting desperately, like two common sluts, became an increasingly attractive prospect. As she thought of locking up with ‘Kerry’, pulling each other’s hair, kneeing the other woman’s cunt, pinching and pulling her tits, the urge to allow her hand to delve into her knickers became overpowering. However, she resisted this powerful urge, not wanting to spoil tonight’s ‘activities’. The rest of the day was spent watching the clock, as she waited impatiently for her husband to return from the office.

Kevin stumbled in the door at half-nine. He had the immense misfortune to be stuck late at work, and his commute home was complicated by fucking road works. Being an easygoing guy, this wouldn’t have bothered him under normal circumstances. Today, however, was far from normal. Thanks to his seductive wife and his anticipation of finishing his ‘story’, Kevin had spent the majority of the day attempting to conceal an erection that you could hang a door on. He was marooned all day in his cubicle, nursing a horn that, thanks to his wife’s enthusiastic response, showed no signs of disappearing. Tormented as he was during the day, he refused to ‘relieve’ himself, preferring to save his urges for his horny wife back home. Kevin wondered down the hall, peering into each room as he went past, searching for his wife, eager to finish the previous nights endeavor. As he approached the bottom of the stairs, he glanced a light coming from the master bedroom, Laura obviously having retired to bed earlier. Kevin prayed that Laura had not fallen asleep while waiting for him, as he approached, he gently pushed the door open and realized that he need not have worried.

He stood in the middle of the room as he surveyed his spectacular surroundings. The lighting in the room was dim, but he could still make out the sight of his beautiful wife, as she reclined on the bed. The fragrance of her perfume filled his nostrils as Laura swung her legs over the side of the bed, stood up, and sexily sauntered towards her flabbergasted husband, swaying her hips in an exaggerated manner as she did. Her choice of attire was striking……. to say the least. Her beautiful Blonde hair was loose and wild looking. She tossed her hair from her face as she approached, revealing dusky eye shadow which gave her face a dangerous, almost cat-like appearance. Her beautiful breasts bounced as she neared Kevin, every curve on her body jiggling as she went. Kevin couldn’t help noticing the only item of clothing Laura wore: a skintight, leopard-print knickers,  that hugged her vulva and struggled to contain her ample ass. As she stood before him, she feigned innocence. ‘What?’ she asked. ‘I can’t help it if your deviant fantasy has corrupted me……’ she breathed as she slowly undressed him, her hands tracing the outline of his body. ‘Do you like my knickers?’ Laura whispered as she sank to her knees, removing her man’s briefs as she did. His raging, red manhood sprang free and she smothered it with gentle, teasing kisses, tracing her tongue along the shaft of Kevin’s gorgeous cock. Kevin groaned in pleasure, struggling to answer his wife’s query. Regardless, she persisted with her line of questioning; ‘Do you know why I picked out these knickers Kevin? When I think of putting women like your imaginary slut in their place, I want to send a message. These panties show how wild and hard I am willing to fight. They also display the outline of my pussy, baring my womanhood to my challenger, daring her to match my aggression, to fight in a horny, no-holds barred catfight…..’ As she said this, Laura stopped pleasuring Kevin with her mouth, moving his warm rod between her pale white breasts, allowing Kevin’s cock to slide between her tits, making her cleavage slick and gooey with pre-cum. I believe the bitch and I had entered the bathroom, leaving our respective men at the table. You may continue hun……..’

Kevin cleared his throat, trying his best to delay the effects of his wife’s workings. ‘Kerry leads the way to the bathroom, concealing her husband’s spunk in her hand, her hips sashaying from side to side, Laura sauntering after her, both of you oozing arrogance and femininity. Laura enters the room to find Kerry standing between the stall and the mirrors, her wanking hand containing her husband’s seed. Seeing this, Laura refrains from washing her man’s sperm from her hand. Slowly, you both walk towards each other, coming close enough to feel your breath on each others’ face. Without warning, Kerry smears her man’s cum on your face and it drips into your cleavage and down the front of your dress. The odor is pungent but arousing, stimulating you like never before. As you taste John’s salty sperm on your lips, Kerry growls, ‘That is the closest you will come to my man tonight, you cock hungry slut.’ You feel insulted by this woman’s audacity and you yearn to show her who is boss. You retaliate, not willing to let the sultry brunette gain the upper hand. You roughly daub my cum in her hair, across her face and allow several drops to fall on her bronzed bosom, the sticky white liquid illuminated against her darker complexion. You finish this movement by uttering, ‘Enjoy my man’s cum while you can slut, you are not fit to take his cock from me.’ The physical contact with each other, the smell of sex in the air, the sight of your rival’s hair matted with my sperm serve to rile you up. Four sets of tits heave up and down, nipples hardening under red and black fabric, blue eyes staring intensely at brown. The tension is unbearable, you both want to humiliate each other now, not later, but just then…….you hear a commotion at the entrance to the toilets. It is obvious a large group of patrons are on the way. Out of panic, you both clamber into the same cubicle.

Sensing her husband’s escalating excitement, Laura slowly stops her titfuck of Kevin, allowing him to prolong the moment so to speak. She stands up, wraps her arms around her husband’s neck, pulling him down on the bed behind her. She lets her husband’s rigid cock rub against her panty clad vulva, her husband groaning as she nuzzles his neck, her full breasts mushrooming against Kevin’s chest as she whispers in his ear, ‘What happens in the stall honey? Oooooooh……. I need to know.’ In better control of his surging libido, Kevin allows the tale to progress; ‘Trapped beside each other, confined and in close contact, you both get the opportunity to appraise your rival. You look at the dusky beauty in front of you. Her hair a mess, her figure-hugging red dress stained at the front, her nostrils flaring. You see nothing more than a common cunt. Kerry sizes up her rival. Her porcelain, white skin pock-marked with John’s cum, her blonde mop slick and sweaty, her black dress just about hiding her ugly udders. She sees little potential problems when she pins you to the floor and pounds your tits, pushing her perky, brown nipples into your red nubs. Unable to control yourselves, you both give in to your desires and grab each others’ hair, pulling backwards, straining each other’s neck. Your tits brush against each other as you strain against one another in the enclosed space. Changing tactics, Kerry allows her left hand to let go of your hair and it immediately snakes its way under your dress, roughly grabbing your cunt. Inflamed with rage, you immediately reciprocate, catching hold of Kerry’s lacy red knickers, under her cocktail dress. In pain, Kerry exclaims, ‘Your knickers are soaked bitch, does the thought of getting an ass-kicking make you wet….ugh… hair…….. If so, I’m more than happy to oblige……’ ‘Fuck up whore.’ you interrupt. I can feel your pussy juice all over my palm. Admit it, the thought of a better women making you her bitch really excites you……ooooh my cunt, you fucking trollop…..’ Changing tactics, you grab Kerry’s tits through her dress and roughly knead them, causing her to wince in pain. She returns fire by using both her hands to grab your blonde hair and pull you into her sticky cleavage, cutting off your oxygen supply. From between her breasts you hear Kerry gloat, ‘I can’t wait to fuck your husband Laura. The thought of him drilling me long into the night makes me light-headed…..’ As she finishes the sentence, you forcefully ram your knee into Kerry’s mound, eliciting a squeal and a pained expression. Tired and unbalanced, you both stumble against the cubicle door, only for it to give way and sent you both sprawling out onto the bathroom floor. Thankfully, the bathroom has emptied at this point, save for two figures……..John and I. We pull you apart, whisper in your respective ears that we should go to the hotel room and settle this discreetly, even if it takes all night to determine a winner. This brief skirmish is over, now the battle will begin in earnest……… to be continued.

Both couples hailed separate taxis and directed the respective drivers to drop them off at the entrance to the Maryborough Hotel, an up market place, at the center of Galway city. Neither Laura nor her dusky enemy Kerry wanted this, but they allowed their husbands to have their way, on this small detail at least. Both John and Kevin agreed it was incredibly unlikely that their warrior princesses would last a twenty minute journey in each others’ company…… least, not without friction. Kevin and Laura arrive first, going up to room 126 on the fifth floor. Kevin sat on the bed and watched as his wife stood in the center of the room, her bare feet pacing up and down the plush, soft carpet. Kevin turned the lighting down to set the mood for this sexy encounter and loosened his collar, the room being uncomfortably warm, stifling almost. His wife’s hair was disheveled, her trashy dress stained and torn, her once immaculate make-up and cherry red lip-stick smeared. Her gorgeous face was a mask of determination. A mere ten minutes later, Kerry and John made their entrance. Kerry’s racy, red number was badly stained also, one shoulder strap broken, her luxurious brown hair a tangled mess, dried cum crusting on her cleavage, her pretty face the definition of indignant fury. The obvious tension in the room led both John and Kevin to believe that hostilities were about to escalate to new, sordid heights. In a private setting, the mores of society were no longer a worry, only the drive to debase your rival and demonstrate superiority.

Both women confidently strided to the center of the room, their breasts separated by mere inches, their men standing directly behind them. As if by telepathy, both men started to remove their wives dresses, allowing them to step out of the tattered remains of their garments. Kerry stands in front of you, clad only in a pair of lacy knickers, her pussy visible through her panties, the musky odor of her sex offending your nostrils. Her brown eyes betray the contempt that she feels for you, as she runs her hands through her cum stained mane. You stand in front of her wearing similar battle dress, lacy black undies failing to hide your beautiful, wet, blonde bush. However, before battle can be joined, it seems the mind games are not done quite yet. Kerry demands, ‘Before I humble you in front of our men, I want to see my prize…..’ Laura nods her agreement as both women warily circle one another, stopping in front of their rival’s husband, turning and looking him in the eyes with a ravenous look, and stripping them naked in a slow and teasing manner, each woman fixing their hated enemy with a jealous look as they go. John’s manhood pops free, erect and proud, obviously raring to go. You make a show of firmly gripping it and pulling, rubbing your thumb along its head as you whisper something in John’s ear. John’s mouth breaks into a sly grin. As this is occurring, Kerry has unleashed my manhood, firmly holding it with her left hand and rubbing it against the damp, lacy red panties covering her pussy lips, the sensation making my cock pulse with excitement. She whispers in my ear also. As if by mutual consent, both women return to stand in front of their own husband, each man transfixed by these beautiful vixens, in awe of their willingness to prove their femininity.

The moment was almost here, both women stood inches from their sexual rival, ready to give it all, their men directly behind them, grinding their horns into the soft fabric of their wives’ backsides, reaching around and gently pinching pink and brown nipples, neither woman showing any signs of apprehension. As she moans, Laura asks, ‘What did the skank whisper in your ear honey?’ I say the answer loud enough for everyone to hear; ‘She said she would pull your pretty, pink nipples, scratch your tits and spank your ass raw.’ As I say this my hand reaches under the waistband of her knickers, my thumb rubbing Laura’s clit as two fingers plunge in and out of her pussy. I continue, ‘She said she would smother you with her tits, sit on your stomach, and lean forwards looking you dead in the eye as I entered her pussy doggy style…..’ As I finished, both of her hands reach behind her as she aggressively wanks my cock, not making me cum, but allowing a little pre-ejaculation sperm to ooze out, onto her hands. Not to be outdone, Kerry groans, ‘I believe the whore said something to you John……’ John clears his throat and enlightens the rest of the room, ‘She called you a cum dumpster honey, she said you were cheap and unworthy of me. She said she would show no mercy in the fight, pinching your ass, pussy and tits, ripping your hair out by the roots, until she left you sobbing on the floor…..’ As John says this, his hands traverse his wife’s brown bush, and he stimulates her the same way Kevin ‘primed’ Laura. As he does this, passion seizes Kerry and she reaches backwards, tugging at John’s man meat, coating her palms in pre-cum. John elaborates further, ‘Laura said she would stuff her panties in your mouth and make you watch as Kevin and I spit-roast her…..’ Both men sensed that the trash talk was finished, as both their wives had been whipped into a sexual frenzy. They stepped away from their warriors, slowly jerking their members. As they retreated to opposite sides of the room, their wives used their hands to wipe their man’s sticky, smelly love seed over their bodies, through their hair, on their pointed nipples and even on their lacy under-garments. Neither could explain why, but some primal, catty urge had seized them. They wanted to fight with their man’s scent on them. They looked like tribal warriors applying war paint before battle. They stepped into each other, pink and brown nipples stabbing into each other, their bodies slick with sweat and seed, their vulvas pronounced in anticipation of what was to come. Both sets of hands found dark and fair hair as the bedroom filled with the sounds of womanly combat………to be continued.

Laura feels herself being swept up in her husband’s story. Her soft little moans coming much more rapidly and frequently. Taking note of this, Kevin slips her leopard print panties from his wife’s glorious cunt. He turns her over, so that her belly lies against the surface of the bed, her ass cocked up in the air. With the head of his cock, he traces the outline of his wife’s pussy. Laura bites her bottom lip and quivers, ‘oooooohhhh Kevin…….Don’t tease me honey…….I need to know how our fantasy ends…..’ Amused at the use of the word ‘our’, Kevin plunges his hard on deep into his wife. He starts to gently rock his pelvis, holding his wife firmly by the hips, increasing in momentum as he continues with events in the Maryborough……

Laura and Kerry begin their ‘dance’, twirling each other around the room, both fists full of their opponents’ hair. Laura’s fine ass jiggled with each step, the muscles in her creamy thighs rippling as she pushes her body against Kerry, pulling her brown hair backwards as hard as she can, attempting to make her crash to the ruby red carpet below. Feeling the strain, Kerry allows her left hand to release it’s grip, letting go of Laura’s sandy-colored strands and sets about sending stinging slaps towards her rival’s face and torso, frustration building due to the pain in her scalp. Kerry’s savage strikes find their target, leaving red welts on Laura’s shoulder and arm as the room echoes with the sound of skin impacting on skin. Anger bubbling to the surface, Laura changes tactics, the need to repay Kerry’s cruelty becoming of paramount importance. Her lovely white legs lash against the tanned pins of Kerry. Both women maintaining some form of grip on each other’s hair, spinning in a circle, their movements are a blur of contrasting skin tones. The pain becoming unbearable for both combatants, they relinquish their grip and spring apart. The whole episode had lasted minutes at most, but evidence of the clash was evident for anyone who cared to notice. The women circle each other slowly, delaying before closing the distance. Kerry drank in oxygen hungrily, her exertions causing beads of sweat to form on her face, dripping down into the valley of her cleavage. Her heart was racing, her chest heaving up and down and her pubic region was becoming a swamp of slick, chestnut hair. Laura massaged her arm where Kerry’s slaps had found their mark. As she slowly circled, both husbands could see the small of her back shine with perspiration, her hair jutting in a multitude of directions and her feet bruised where she had lashed at Kerry’s lower body. Each woman fixed their absolute attention on their opponent, oblivious to their husbands watching proceedings with glee as they idly toyed with their cocks, keeping them rock hard and ready for use.

Both women gaining a second wind, emboldened by the damage they had survived and dealt out, moving towards each other in ever-decreasing circles, waiting until they are within striking range. As soon as the distance is closed, Laura and Kerry exchange open handed slaps, aiming for any unguarded skin. This stage of the fight is more cautious than the previous, a game of cat and mouse developing between these buxom wenches. The role of prey and predator is swapped back and forth between Kerry and Laura as they probe for a weakness. Laura lands the first blow, lashing Kerry’s cheek with her right hand, wrenching her head sideways in the process. Hurt by the blow. Kerry lashes back with a wild left handed strike which thuds home against Laura’s right breast, causing her to shriek in anguish. Following up on this, Kerry feigns a right hander, withdraws, and strikes the meat of Laura’s right ass cheek with her left hand, having caught her pale-skinned rival unawares. Enraged, Laura charges blindly forward, erratically throwing wild slaps, several of them smacking both of Kerry’s erect brown nipples, sending her tits jiggling and leaving sore looking welts. Kerry responds in kind, making her presence felt on her rival’s breasts. The intensity of the attack proves too much for them both as they slap together in the middle of the room, their wounded tits meeting with a meaty whack. Quick as a flash, both women lock their arms around the back of the other. This clinch spares both their battered torsos from further punishment, so both maintain it for the time being. Both women alternate between squeezing with all their might and resting. They awkwardly shuffle around the room, bumping into walls, the edge of the bed and the bathroom door. John beams with pride as his loving wife refuses to quite. He can feel his cock twitch as he struggles to keep from shooting his wad. On the far side of the room, Kevin wonders how he ever became so fortunate as to marry a buxom, blonde warrior Queen. Laura’s determined grunts threatened to push him over the edge, if he was not more careful. Back in the fighting arena, the pace had slowed. Kerry attempted to lift Laura of the floor and slam her to the ground on at least three occasions but to no avail. Laura retaliated by trying to snake her leg behind Kerry’s heel in order to drive her to the floor with a well-timed push. It was obvious that Kerry and Laura wanted to continue their womanly combat on the floor, albeit each wanted to do it on their terms. As they shuffled around the room, their heads rested on each others’ shoulder. Their tits rubbed against each other roughly, pink nipples being raked across brown nipples. Amazingly, this both hurt Laura and Kerry as well as exacerbating their horniness. As the intimate struggle continued, John and Kevin could see that the women were using their close proximity to resume their threats and trash talk.

‘Give up Kerry, you gutter slut, you can’t hope to win…..’ Laura stammered, out of breath. ‘Give up? No chance, you blonde hussy, I can feel you weakening in my grip.’ Kerry shot back. The resumption of verbals stirred catty feelings in both women. ‘When I make you give, I’m going to suck the cum out of John’s dick and spit it in your face bitch’ Laura hissed. ‘Oh yeah? I am going to 69 Kevin after my victory, wear his seed like a badge of honor and bury his face in my snatch!’ Kerry retorted. The thought of another woman showing her up in front of her husband pissed off both Laura and Kerry, signifying the end of their temporary truce. Both women mashed their tits together with a vengeance. Kerry was the first to escalate matters, bringing her thigh up to smash between Laura’s legs. Laura responded by reaching around Kerry’s waist and roughly yanking her dark, red panties upwards, wedging them high between Kerry’s ass cheeks. Not to be out done, Kerry meted out the same punishment to her nemesis as they traded thighs and knees to the cunt. Exhausted, both women stumbled, their grip on each other’s slick bodies lost and they pull apart. Before this war of attrition can be renewed, John and Kevin intervene. ‘You have been fighting for forty-five minutes ladies. I think you have more than proved yourselves…..’ John said, his cock pointing at the ceiling as he spoke. Kerry and Laura both shake their heads. ‘This fight ends when this whore admits I’m the better woman.’ Laura states matter of factly. ‘No, it ends when you submit and own up to being clueless when it comes to pleasing a man. ‘At least take a small break before finishing this, for your own sake…..’ Kevin pleads.

Kerry and Laura relent, as John takes his sexy wife to one side of the bed and Kevin accompanies his vixen to the other. Proud of his wife’s steadfast determination, John can’t help rubbing against his wife, telling her he loves her, worships her even, and that she has Laura on the ropes. Kevin feels similar emotions towards Laura. He kisses her passionately, tells her she is his Queen and that Kerry can’t handle her. Both women break off their embraces with their husbands, turn around and face each other from across the bed. Their hair is matted with a combination of bodily fluids, their contrasting skin tones coated with sweat and dry sperm. Kevin and John, their loyal husbands, stand at their side. Laura bends over, uses her thumbs to hook her panties, pulling them from her snatch and drops them to the floor. She picks them up and throws them in the face of her rival. ‘Are you woman enough to fight me with your women hood in the open? Come on you cowardly cunt, face me like a real woman?’ Kerry removes her own panties, wet with sweat and lubrication and throws them across the bed, hitting Laura’s chest with a wet slap. ‘We will see who is woman enough when I squeeze  the fight out of you in your own bed harlot.’ Kerry fumes. With that, both women kneel on the bed and crawl towards one another. They meet in the middle and throw themselves at one another, falling sideways, their hands grip tufts of hair and their legs snake together as they struggle to become mistress of the bed. They roll from side to side, each eager to gain the top position. They come to a stop with Kerry on top of Laura. In order to secure her position, Kerry wrenches Laura’s hands from her hair, acquires a firm grasp of her wrists and pins them to the mattress. She sits on Laura, her legs either side of her hips, her pussy in contact with Laura’s. In an attempt to reverse her fortunes, Laura attempts to buck her off with pelvic thrusts causing Kerry to counter-act with return thrusts. This brings their wet bushes together, as they inadvertently bang clits as well. These movements only serves to heighten their state of arousal as both women emit moans and groans.

‘Ooooooh…….you dyke…….you’re sopping wet!’ Kerry accuses. ‘Fuck you rug-muncher, I’m drowning in your juices down here!’ Laura replies. Kerry starts to inch upwards moving from Laura’s pubic bone to her belly. Kerry glares down at Laura, ‘I’m going to finish you with a face sit Laura, any last words before lights out?’ Laura looks up at Kerry and immediately realizes the peril that she is in. Her stomach is awash with Kerry’s slime and the musky aroma of her snatch fills Laura’s nostrils. She makes a sudden movement, breaking free from Kerry’s grasp, she leans forward catching Kerry by her hair and pulling her head first into her cum encrusted cleavage. Despite being on top, Kerry is weakened from the night’s events. She bites at Laura’s breast in an effort to break free, pulls hair, slaps Laura’s ass but cannot seem to break Laura’s pit-bull like tenacity. Losing oxygen, overcome with panic and unable to break free, she mumbles her submission several times, until everyone present has heard it. Laura releases her, grins a wicked smile and beckons John and Kevin to join her on the bed. The vanquished Kerry retreats from the victor’s domain and watches as Kevin enters his wife’s anus and John her vagina. She watches with tears in her eyes as they fuck like animals for the next forty minutes……

As the tale concludes, Laura has reached fever pitch. Kevin is fucking her like a jackhammer as she bellows; ‘Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!……Harder…….Fuck me, I’m your Catfighting Queen!!!!!!! Laura shouts her orgasm as Kevin pumps so much spunk into her pussy, it starts to dribble out and down her thighs. They collapse in a satisfied heap. An exhausted Laura whispers, ‘I think I would like to find a real life substitute for Kerry, what do you think lover?

The End. 

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    It is a very well written story ! The sexfight scenes are a little more detailed than other times.


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