The Spa 2 by JB57

Louise Long stretched out her long, beautiful legs in front of her and smiled contentedly. She pointed her toes to stretch her feet, then wiggled her toes. Her torso was wrapped in a short white towel that left her magnificent, bulging tits practically popping out over the top and barely made it down to cover her flawless pussy. She was sitting inside the cedar-planked sauna of her spa, enjoying the heat. Her short, curly red hair was wet with the steam and her forehead glistened with perspiration. She had just finished a long swim and a relaxing massage and she was now luxuriating in the warmth as the steam opened up her pores. 

It was the late morning on a weekday, a time when Louise knew that the exclusive spa would be almost empty. She was a very sociable person, but she preferred that her spa time be private. It was usually an opportunity for her to let go of whatever might be bothering her in other parts of her life. 

Louise was inside the sauna for only a few minutes when she heard the door open. Her eyes were closed. She sighed to herself. Obviously, she was not the only client this morning. Oh well, she thought, not a big deal. She just hoped whoever was entering the steam room was not talkative. She opened her eyes to see who was joining her.

The gorgeous blonde woman standing inside the sauna door was looking at Louise with an expression of shock, followed by a look of intense anger and barely contained erotic hunger. That expression faded from her face almost immediately, to be replaced by a predatory grin. Louise barely suppressed a gasp of surprise, before her beautiful face lit up in a smile of animal lust and anticipation. 

The blonde beauty was Elise McCann, Louise’s rival in every way. Elise had a body that mirrored Louise’s incredible form and a voracious sexual appetite to match. Even more, Elise was a woman who loved sexually overpowering and humiliating any woman she considered a challenge. Louise and Elise had met at the spa two months ago. Within moments of their first meeting, they had joined their delicious bodies in vicious sexual combat, pitting their womanhood against each other in the most intimate ways possible, violating each other as deeply as they could. They had ended up going back to Elise’s nearby beach house and fucking mercilessly for hours, competing with all of their erotic powers. After an epic, close-fought battle, Louise had emerged victorious in their sexual struggle. 

Louise had not seen or heard from Elise since that day, something that had disappointed and surprised her. Their battle had been so close, the sexual combat had been so raw and ecstatic, that Louise was sure Elise would soon seek a rematch. But two months had passed without any word from her rival. Louise assumed that Elise’s sexual confidence had been broken and that the blonde woman would avoid her if they saw each other at the spa. She was torn about this. Nothing was more rewarding than forcing another beautiful woman to acknowledge and accept Louise’s sexual superiority, to submit to her sexual power. On the other hand, finding women as sexually challenging as Elise was difficult. Now that they were facing each other in the sauna, Louise was amused to find that she was a bit annoyed that Elise was not immediately submissive to her. Well, Louise decided, she would see to it that the blonde bitch remembered which of them had proven herself the better woman in their last battle. She would make sure that Elise never forgot. 

Louise’s smile grew wider. She felt the erogenous zones of her body light up with heat and a building tension. Her nipples grew so hard that they almost pierced the cloth of the tightly wrapped towel. Through the steam, she could see that Elise’s nips had also hardened into sharp, fleshy spears. 

The blonde strode deeper into the room, her hands on her wide, jutting hips, her incredible body swaying seductively, her beautiful face relaxed, but wearing a small grin. Her hair was up in a Marilyn Monroe-style haircut. Her green eyes were narrowed in a predatory gaze.

Without saying anything, Elise walked to the steaming rocks hidden under a grill on the far side of the room. She used the ladle to draw a bit of water out of a bucket beside the grill. She threw the water onto the heated stones. They hissed loudly and another layer of steam rippled into the room. Rather than returning the ladle to the bucket, Louise turned around, walked to the door, and thrust the implement through the door handle, overlapping the door jamb, effectively locking the two women into the hot room. Now, there was no chance of someone walking in on them unexpectedly. The blonde woman walked to the cedar seat opposite to Louise and sat down. She casually stretched out her arms along the back of the bench and crossed her shapely legs, revealing flesh all the way up to the curve of her delectable ass. Her massive breasts strained at the towel wrapped tightly around her chest. The two women regarded each other hungrily. 

“Hello, Louise,” Elise purred, her smile not enough to hide the hatred and sexual jealousy raging in her eyes. “Fancy meeting you here. “ 

“Hello, Elise,” Louise replied. The redheaded beauty arranged her body to assume a pose mirroring Elise. The women regarded each other, their hungry, hateful eyes sweeping over every voluptuous inch of the other woman. 

“I’m so happy to see you. I was hoping that you would call me after our last meeting. I was so very disappointed when you didn’t.” 

“I’ve been away in Europe,” Elise replied. “I just got back. But I had every intention of catching up with you the first chance I got.” 

“Really?” Louise smiled. “Well, why don’t we catch up now?” 

The redheaded beauty slowly, elegantly, uncrossed her long, muscular legs and rose to her feet. She brushed a red curl out of her eyes. Her blue eyes blazed with heat, her red lips curved in a lustful grin. Elise rose to meet her, the blonde’s rage and desire glowing in her face. 

The women moved to the center of the room. Their hands were on their hips, their powerful chests were thrust out, their bodies aligned, almost unconsciously, tit to tit, hip to hip. Their hungry pussies surged with heat and power. 

“I’d be delighted to catch up, Louise,” Elise murmured. 

The women stopped, their swollen nipples only an inch apart, their massive cleavages lined up. The women searched each other’s beautiful faces, Louise’s blue eyes locked to Elise’s green. They saw their mutual hatred and sexual hunger and raw desire to dominate and humiliate each other.

Elise licked her lips. Her heart pounded with excitement. Then, slowly, she reached up and undid her towel, which was tucked into a knot at her cleavage. Her massive, perfect tits exploded out of their bindings, her long, thick brown nipples as hard as rocks. She tied the towel low on her torso, hanging it from the widest points of her sexy hips. Her hard flat belly rippled as the thin, sexy slit of her navel was revealed. Her right hip cocked forward in brazen challenge. Her fantastic breasts swayed with weight. Elise’s massive tits were already covered in a fine sheen of liquid sweat. They practically glowed in the dim light of the steam room, their hard brown nipples pointing like knives right at Louise’s rival tits. 

Louise smiled, her lips trembling with desire. Slowly, she removed her towel, letting her magnificent tits bounce free. She arched her back slightly, pushing her massive boobs out towards Elise. The blonde looked down at Louise’s breasts, her eyes glassy with lust. She seemed almost mesmerized by the beautiful round orbs confronting her own.

Louise’s nipples dripped with sweat. They felt so hard they almost hurt. She shook her shoulders gently, and enjoyed the feeling of her heavy tits rocking. They felt thick and solid and were throbbing with arousal. Louise could not wait to mash her boobs into Elise’s equally dense globes. She remembered what it felt like to go tit to tit with the blonde, her dense titflesh pushing and pulsing into Elise’s resisting, throbbing flesh, their nipples jousting and twisting together, their areola grinding and grating and melting into one. Louise almost groaned in lust. 

“Do you like what you see, Elise?,” Louise murmured seductively, shaking her tits again, the magnificent glands jiggling deliciously on her chest. 

Elise looked at Louise with an expression of raw hate. She despised this redheaded cunt. She hated that Louise had won their last battle. She hated that the redhead’s tits were as stupendous as her own. She hated every inch of Louise’s body almost as much as she wanted to own and possess and dominate the redhead’s voluptuous flesh. She smiled ferociously, almost insane with desire. 

“I’m going to smash those bags flat,” Elise growled. “My tits are going to milk those sacks until they’re empty. Then, my cunt is going to suck your ugly little twat dry, you fucking whore.” 

Louise grinned. “You can try, you blonde fucker. But I think we both know which of us is going to end up on top and who will be on the bottom, screaming like the cheap slut you are, while I fuck your cunt off.”

Both women smiled at each other hungrily. Then, they lined up their swollen nipples and slowly, carefully pressed the tips of their hard brown cylinders head to head. Louise and Elise shuddered powerfully, sexual electricity pulsing from the tips of their throbbing nipples into the core of their meaty tits, filling the dense flesh with heat and tension, then flowing down into their aching cunts. They groaned as one, their fully aroused bodies burning with lust. Louise could feel her milk holes seeking and locking and forming a suction with the matching holes in Elise’s beautiful nipples. The women could feel the other beautiful bitch’s sexual power pouring into her body, violating her in a primal way. 

“Let’s see who’s got the stronger nipples, girl,” Louise snarled. 

“Bring it on, cunt,” Elise growled in reply. 

Carefully, their sweat slick nipples aching with tension, the women pushed tit to tit, each seeking to crush the other woman’s thick nips. They pushed hard. Slowly, with a tantalizing mix of pain and pleasure, their perfectly matched nipples crushed each other back, neither giving at all to the other. Quivering with tension, their nipples sank into their areola. Louise and Elise watched their breasts duel intensely, each woman desperate to hold out, hoping to see the other woman’s nipples bend or break. Instead, their areola came together, tingling with electric sensations. Snarling at each other, nose to nose and sweaty forehead to forehead, the women began rotating their massive golden orbs into each other, turning their tits in opposite directions, grating and grinding areola, struggling to drill their nipples into the core of the other woman’s boobs. Hands on their hips, the women pushed harder and harder; their breath came in gasping pants as the heat of the sauna fed their efforts. Their beautiful bodies dripped with sweat. Rivulets of perspiration coated their throbbing, struggling tits then flowed down to pool in their taut navels, to streak their straining abdomens, to soak into the thick bushes of their carefully shaped cunt fur. 

The battling women’s tits slipped free of their lock on each other as the pressure between their massive mammaries grew and as the sweat lubricated their slick flesh. Louise pulled back, then placed her hands on her hips again, tightened her chest to draw her massive tits even higher. Her nipples jutted out like knives. Elise copied the move. The women stepped up to each other again, and lined up their nipples once more. But instead of placing them head to head, they locked their throbbing nips side to side and began slowly rotating their shoulders in opposite directions, trying to see whose nipples would bend and yield. The knobs bent each other and held, then sprang apart as the sweat and tension proved more than the thick brown shafts could manage. They did this several times, using their nipples like sword shafts, trying to overpower and overwhelm the other woman’s beautiful brown cylinders. The women groaned as their nipples rubbed and scraped each other along their entire length, before springing apart. Louise and Elise pushed tighter, trying to keep their nipples from separating under the pressure. Their heavy tits crushed, their bumpy areola grinding and sending pulses of erotic electricity rippling through both women. Louise moaned in pleasure; Elise bit her lip, struggling to keep from crying out in ecstasy. The pressure between their battling nips grew until they sprang apart once more. The women’s massive tits quivered as the tension between their nipples released. 

Louise and Elise glared at each other hatefully. Their breath came in hard pants. Their eyes signaled each other. Hands still on their hips, they pressed their big breasts directly into each other again, leaning hard, feeling their dense titflesh crush and throb and pulse with pain and pleasure. The women groaned together, cries of absolute pleasure and raw pain as their massive mammaries tangled. The women pressed together, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, their beautiful eyes locked on each other. Their bare feet pushed into the cedar floor; they each struggled to crush the other one back. Sweat dripped from their chins directly into the giant cleavage formed between their mashed, meaty tits. Their boobs trembled with effort and tension as the women pushed and pulsed against each other.

The women slopped and slapped their massive tits against each other, their sweat-slick boobs sliding and slipping like snakes covered in oil. Their tits battled, fully compressing each other, their engorged nipples digging into the other’s sensitive breastflesh before tangling and twisting together. Their tits rubbed hard, mushrooming at the fullest extension of each hard thrust. Louise and Elise twisted from side to side, pounding their heavy, meaty tits, until the sound of dense flesh slapping and the grunts and groans of two bitches in heat and rage filled the tight, hot space. Their massive tits sometimes slid in between each other, each woman’s two tits encompassing the other woman’s intruding tit.

Elise reached out and grabbed Louise’s arms just above the elbows; Louise duplicated the move. Holding each other in place, their engorged tits trapped between their biceps, the women resumed their tit to tit battle with even greater ferocity. They lined up their nipples and began pushing and grinding hard. They pushed into each other with all their power, struggling to smash and grind and crush the other woman’s beautiful breasts flat. Their grunts and snarls of lust and anger grew louder and more intense as their mutual frustration grew, as each woman learned that the other’s tits were too strong to be conquered easily. Louise and Elise began to lose control, their growing anger and lust spiraling upward.

As they thrashed and struggled, their upper torsos jerking from side to side, their legs moving as they sought to maintain their balance, Louise felt the towel tied at her hip start to loosen. After a bit more thrashing from the battling women, it dropped from her rounded hips, falling to the floor at her feet. A moment later, Elise’s towel followed. The women froze. They now stood before each other completely naked, their thick, proud bushes only inches apart, their wet, juicy cunts hot and hungry. 

“You dirty fuck,” Louise growled at the beautiful bitch facing her. She ground her nipples slow and hard into the other woman’s wet chest. 

“Filthy, cocksucking cunt,” Elise breathed, grinding her molten-hot nipples back against Louise’s pair. 

Her hands still gripping Louise’s arms tightly, Elise thrust her pelvis forward, ramming her throbbing pussy and her thick pubic bush directly into Louise’s wet cunt. 

“Oh My Fucking God!!,” Louise cried as the thrill of pure pleasure and raw lust burned up from her assaulted cunt. She delighted in the incredible sensations as Elise’s cunt slapped into her waiting twat. Louise thrust back eagerly, with all of her strength. 

The women’s powerful round asses clenched and thrust rhythmically as they began to pound their pussies together. At the same time, they continued to grind and slither their battling tits back and forth across each other. The sensual sensations permeated their beautiful bodies, driving them crazy with raw lust. Their grunts and yells and cries of pleasure and pain grew more intense. The women released their bicep holds and slid their arms around each other’s backs, both women gripping the other’s pumping ass at the same time. Their massive tits were pushed tighter together between their biceps. Their tits crushed into each other even harder, the compression growing, their nipples fused into one mass of incredible sensation. They maintained the constant pressure between their thrusting, grinding, sliding pussies. Louise sank her claws into Elise’s golden ass, forcing a cry from her enemy. She leaned back further, arching her pelvis forward, driving her cunt even harder into Elise’s hot, wet mound. Elise reciprocated the move, leaning back and pushing forward. Both women worked their hips, concentrating on mashing their pussies labia to labia, focused on spreading and penetrating the other woman’s swollen pussy lips. They both desperately craved the delicious clit to clit contact that would decide this contest and that would also transport them to a new level of raw sexual pleasure. The rasping sound of thick pubic bushes meshing and twining added to the cacophony of lusty, animal sounds filing the sauna as Louise and Elise viciously fucked each other.

Louise felt her engorged clit swell within her cunt. She twisted and thrust her hips hard, desperate to bring her clit into contact with Elise’s pulsing sexhorn. Humping and thrusting, their tits rubbing nipple to engorged nipple, their hungry cunts sealed and sucking ravenously, the women’s angry, raging clits finally touched and stroked each other, exquisitely sensitive tip to tip. 

“Oh, JESUS FUCK!!!,” Elise screamed, throwing back her head to howl with pleasure. The pure sensation of the delicious clit to clit contact was every bit as excruciatingly pleasurable as she had dreamed. 

“Oh, God, YESSSS!!!,” Louise screamed. She threw her head back and howled at the ceiling, but she also smiled in absolute bliss, basking in the ecstasy racing through her voluptuous body. 

Gathering themselves, gritting their teeth to maintain control, each woman determined to fuck her foe into submission, Louise and Elise resumed their grinding, full body battle. Their tits struggled, nipples pulsing and stabbing; their wet, hot bellies rubbed and rippled, navels sucking at each other; they rocked and thrust with their hips, grinding their clits together in a constant, ecstatic war to inflict more ecstasy on the other woman than she could stand. Their hands gripped each other’s round, clenching ass and they fucked and fucked and fucked. They panted and growled and moaned and screamed as they fucked each other into sheer ecstasy. Their sweat-soaked bodies glistened with wet and slipped and slid sensuously, slick flesh to flesh. 

Louise and Elise lost track of how long they stood in the center of the hot, steaming sauna, their beautiful flesh dripping with perspiration, their breath coming in ragged gasps of pleasure and effort, their powerful bodies moving against each other in a hard erotic grind. Louise concentrated on holding back the enormous orgasm building in her loins, burning in her gut. Elise was trembling too, her body overloaded with sensual delight. 

“God, oh God,” Elise thought, as her hips and ass thrust, as her clit seemed to swell to overflowing with incredible pleasure. “This is good, this is just so unbelievably good.” In her time in Europe, Elise had thought often about her humiliating defeat to Louise. She had come up with many scenarios in which she would avenge herself. This battle was a dream come true. But she struggled to maintain her focus, to keep her mind on the fact that she had to hold out, that she had to drive Louise to orgasm without coming herself. But it was so hard! Her body wanted nothing more than to just keep fucking and being fucked until it exploded with unbearable pleasure. 

For her part, Louise was lost in the sheer ecstasy of this incredible erotic encounter. Her determination to hold off her orgasm had as much to do with the simple desire to get all the pleasure that she could out of Elise’s magnificent body as her desire to subjugate the blonde bitch. 

As the pleasure built in her core, Elise knew that she needed to do something to increase her chances of winning this battle. Grounding herself, gathering all her will, she suddenly shoved hard, pushing Louise back towards the far wall of the sauna. Louise was caught totally by surprise and suddenly found her back shoved hard into the hot cedar wall, her body crushed into place. Elise pushed in tight, letting her tits bear the weight of her body, crushing down on Louise’s bulbous chest. At the same time, she thrust her cunt hard. 

Almost instinctively, Louise spread her legs to allow Elise in even closer and tighter, putting each of her bare feet on the benches on either side of the sauna, angling her hips forward. The women sighed in concert as Elise’s slick, wet pussy slid deliciously against the bare flesh of Louise’s cunt lips. Their thick pubic bushes continued to mat and tangle; their hard, throbbing clits slid out to meet again in combat. Elise drove her clit up into Louise’s pulsing cunt, stabbing the hard sexhorn up through Louise’s fucktrough, ending in a hard, excruciatingly pleasurable stroke of clit against clit. Louise shuddered and groaned with pleasure. She bucked her hips, trying to work her clit and match Elise’s powerful thrusts, but her awkward position meant that her body could no longer work as efficiently in matching Elise’s sexual attack. She was being long-clitted by Elise and there was little she could do but lean back and enjoy being clitfucked out of her mind. 

Louise kept her hands spread on Elise’s pumping golden ass, pulling the blonde in as tight as she could, even as she worked her hips to thrust back as best as she could. The women’s tits were fused into one, their hard nipples tangled and throbbing with such intense pleasure and pain that their massive breasts felt like pulsating orbs of erotic sensation. Louise and Elise rested nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Their faces dripped with sweat, their hard pants and animal groans mixed and combined. 

“Look at me, cuntlicker,” Elise gasped. Louise opened her blue eyes, which were almost glazed with pleasure, to gaze into the heat and lust of Elise’s green orbs. “I want to see you when I fuck your cunt off.” 

“You little slut,” Louise snarled, then slipped her tongue between Elise’s ruby red lips. The women locked into a tongue-twisting, spit-sharing kiss. They ate at each other hungrily. Their eager tongues licked in time to their stroking clits as their hungry cunts and hungry mouths sealed together in erotic French kisses of their own. Elise humped Louise powerfully, the women’s bellies slapping with each hard thrust, Louise spread and yielding before Elise’s driving cunt. 

They broke the kiss to gasp obscenities at each other. Louise decided she had to fight back. She could not surrender to pleasure so easily, she would not allow this blonde whore to beat her into submission. She released Elise’s beautiful, thrusting ass and seized the blonde beauty’s short locks. Louise pulled hard, jerking Elise’s head back. At the same time, she closed her thighs, looping her legs over Elise’s hips. Caught off guard, wrapped up in the raw pleasure of the fucking she was administering to Louise, Elise found herself off-balance. In a moment, the tables turned. Elise fell on her back on the cedar floor, Louise on top. Their throbbing tits pancaked, sending a shock of pure ecstasy through both women. Their powerful legs thrashed for a moment, then Elise found herself spread beneath Louise, her thighs open, her ankles on the benches on the opposite sides of the sauna. 

Louise smiled in pleasure at the change in fortune. “Now it’s your turn to get clit-fucked, baby,” she murmured in Elise’s ear. She pressed her face cheek to cheek with Elise, pushing down to keep the blonde’s head in place. Then, with absolute joy and wild abandon, Louise slid her slick, wet pussy onto Elise’s welcoming cunt, thrust hard, and began long-clitting the blonde bitch, just as she had been fucked up against the wall. 

Louise’s thick, throbbing clit dived into Elise’s fucktrough, slid up and licked the length of the blonde’s equally huge, pulsing clit. Elise shrieked in pleasure. 

“You whore, you fucking filthy cunt,” Elise gasped, whimpered at Louise. Her body was trembling with pleasure and the orgasm building in her crotch, tingling up into her stomach, throbbing in her tits, was almost here. 

“You blonde bitch, you’re mine, you’re always going to be mine,” Louise moaned back. The women turned their dripping faces to each other and locked into another desperate kiss, their tongues slicking and sliding as they fought. 

Elise’s hands were fixed to Louise’s ass as it thrust and ground into her pussy. She could not help but try to pull Louise into her cunt even harder. Now, even as Louise fucked her to the end, she could feel the pre-orgasmic tremors in Louise’s beautiful body as it writhed and rubbed against her own. Their chests were exploding with pleasure, their flesh slid and meshed as they fought in their own sweat and sexual secretions. Elise was more aroused than she could ever remember, but she had to fight back. She wrapped her arms around Louise’s naked body, twined her bare legs with Louise’s beautiful limbs, then struggled to roll their grinding bodies. 

Louise was caught by surprise for a second time. She had been sure that Elise had given up and had accepted that she was going to be fucked into submission. After a brief, intense battle, muscles straining against muscles, Louise found herself side by side with Elise. The women struggled. They bashed their bodies together, tit to tit, hip to hip. They wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed tight, each trying to gain the slight advantage to take the top position. 

The side by side struggle broke their clit to clit contact and gave Louise and Elise a momentary reprieve from the incredible pleasure they had been beating into each other. After a brief futile, hair-pulling battle to control the other woman, both women broke apart and rolled to the opposite ends of the sauna. They got into sitting positions. Elise sat heavily on her perfect ass, her back to the sauna door. Louise sat facing her at the other end of the sauna. They panted furiously. Their bodies were soaked with sweat. Their hair was wet, their heavng tits and torsos glistened in the dim light. Their bodies continued to pulse with nearly orgasmic pleasure. 

Both women sat with their legs spread wide. Their gazes soon moved to the hungry maws between the other’s legs and the stiff, hard clit that throbbed within their open cunts. Elise and Louise locked eyes and smiled. 

“Let’s finish this, cunt,” Elise murmured. She pushed herself down the room towards Louise, her legs spread wide, her cunt pulsing with heat.

“Bring that filthy twat here and let my beautiful pussy eat it alive,” Louise smirked. She moved to meet Elise in the center of the room. 

They pushed up to each other and scissored each other eagerly. Long, powerful legs slid over and under. The women pressed close, leaning back on their hands, their engorged tits rocking exuberantly as they lined up the swollen slits of their fully aroused pussies. The thick fur of their pussies was scattered with red and blonde hair that each woman’s bush had ripped from the snatch of the other when they separated. Now, even their cunt fur was ready to fight to the end.

With a moan of pleasure, Louise and Elise slapped together, ravenous cunt to ravenous cunt. They pushed hard, bracing themselves with their arms as they shoved, as they ground the soft, thick flesh of their hungry cunts into one mass of hot, wet sexual ecstasy. Their erotic moaning grew louder and louder as they worked their hips, grinding into each other, spreading the other woman’s pussy, their labia melting into one. Hard, thick clits emerged once more to join in final combat. Their throbbing clits licked each other and both women screamed with joy. Their hot cunts sealed tight and their massive, burning clits were locked inside, trapped together. Louise and Elise sawed their clits back and forth against each other, they thrust and ground them head to head. Raw pleasure, unbearable sexual power, roared through their battling bodies. Their massive tits jerked and bounced in time to their pumping hips, their nipples grew so hard they hurt and throbbed with heat. Louise and Elise squeezed each other, cunt to cunt, as hard as they could. Their pussies struggled to devour each other, to defeat and subjugate the other.

“Give it to me, bitch,” Elise gasped. “Fuck me, you whore, FUCK ME!!!,” 

“Dirty slut, filthy fucking whore!!,” Louise gasped back. “I’ll, I’ll… OH GOD!!,” she screamed as another spasm of ecstasy wracked her oversexed body.

When they both had an unbreakable pussy to pussy hold on each other, when their clits were knotted into a throbbing nerve of ecstasy, Louise and Elise reached for each other. They pulled in closer, lined up their burning nipples, and crushed their tits tight. They brought their faces together and licked at each other, tongue to tongue, panting and sobbing and screaming at each other. 

Slow and hard, their legs spread wide, their hands on the other woman’s clenching ass, they fucked harder and harder, riding each other to a final conclusion. Their tits ground mercilessly, their hips and asses rocked, moving only slightly but with persistent rhythm as they worked their knotted clits into a lather of ecstasy. In their efforts to stimulate each other over the edge, the women licked and kissed, bit and sucked at each other. Louise spread Elise’s pumping buttocks and drove both of her index fingers up into the blonde’s anus. Elise sobbed with the intensity of the pleasure and returned the attack, penetrating Louise’s ass enthusiastically. The women kissed ferociously, tongues lapping viciously, saliva flowing between their mouths even as pussy juice flowed between their locked twats. 

Cheek to cheek, Louise and Elise sobbed and groaned. Their bodies trembled with erotic tension. Elise felt a terrible orgasm burning in her core and, through the haze of delirious pleasure, knew that she could not last much longer. 

Louise’s groans of erotic bliss suddenly became more urgent and desperate. The beautiful redhead’s eyes opened wide in sudden pleasure and disbelief. Elise saw this and realized what was happening. Louise was on the verge, she could not hold out more than an instant longer. Elise increased the force of her thrusting ass, she locked Louise into another probing, erotically overwhelming kiss. Louise cries turned to gasps and desperate groans. Louise suddenly released Elise’s ass and reached up to grab her own head, to run her fingers through her hair and arch her back in response to the overwhelming pleasure. 

“Oh God, Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck…,” Louise sobbed. She writhed in absolute ecstasy as the orgasm building in her core slowly, tortuously, unleashed its irresistible power in her burning body. 

Elise pulled hard on Louise’s wriggling ass and pushed the redhead over onto her back. Elise rode her enemy down, encountering little resistance. 

“Yes, yes, that’s right you whore, that’s right, come, come for me, Louise, come baby,” Elise chanted, her face a beautiful mask of fury and hope as she felt the possibility of victory within reach. 

Elise forced Louise to the floor. The redhead still had not given into her orgasm, but all her strength was devoted to keeping her monstrous climax at bay. Elise mounted Louise, spreading the redheaded beauty beneath her, forcing Louise’s thighs wide, dropping her massive tits down onto Louise’s matching pair, their nipples fusing together again in a flash of deep pleasure. Elise slapped and rubbed her bare belly to Louise’s taut abdomen. Their deep navels sucked and sealed. Slippery cunt to cunt, Elise began long-clitting Louise with desperate strength. Her aching, burning clit slid through Louise’s labia, licking and caressing at the redhead’s pulsing, throbbing sexhorn. Elise’s body was quivering, trembling with tension. She knew she could not last much longer. 

She did not need to. With a few more strokes of throbbing clit to clit, Louise exploded in orgasmic ecstasy. Throwing back her head, she howled in joy. Her hands gripped Elise’s pumping ass tight and pulled the blonde as deeply into her cunt as she could. Her legs spread wide, then locked around Elise’s hips. Louise arched her back, bucking and heaving, howling in sheer erotic joy as her convulsing cunt shot gushes of hot cum up into Elise’s conquering pussy. Louise heaved and moaned and screamed in multi-orgasmic ecstasy. 

Elise groaned tortuously, struggling to control Louise’s bucking body, struggling to hold back her own orgasmic explosion. But this proved impossible as Louise’s writhing, wriggling flesh finally pushed her pleasure threshold to its limits. Elise screamed and covered Louise’s mouth with her own. She spasmed in a terrible release as a raw, wild orgasm roared through her body. She screamed in relief and joy as she shot her own gusher of steaming hot cum , mixed now with Louise’s cum, deep into Louise’s welcoming cunt. Elise claimed her victory, pounding her cunt and grinding her tits into Louise’s wildly thrashing body. The women exchanged hot kisses and copious amounts of pussy juice as they rode each other through to the end. 

For a few minutes, after the final orgasms had finished wracking their voluptuous bodies, Elise remained lying on top of Louise. The women floated together in a cloud of orgasmic bliss, both of them having fucked each other out of their minds. Their knotted clits throbbed together, pulsing with pleasure. Their heavy tits crushed tight, nipples pulsing with electricity.

Finally, Elise stirred. She pulled her dripping wet body off of Louise, who remained sprawled beneath her. Elise smiled down at the redheaded beauty then suddenly moved her body forward until she was squatting over Louise’s face. Before the redhead knew what was happening, Elise sat on Louise’s chest, her ass pushing down on the other women’s magnificent rack. Elise wrapped her calves under Louise’s shoulders and she caught Louise’s face in between the vise of her thighs. 

“Now, you cuntlicker, lick my cunt,” Elise demanded, her eyes cold, but glowing with the heat of her rage and hatred. Finally, she was getting her revenge, finally she was humiliating Louise as she had been humiliated. 

“You whore,” Louise gasped, struggling to reach up, but her arms were constrained by Elise’s legs and the weight of the other woman on her chest. Louise tried to buck Elise off, shifting her weight to one side, but Elise easily caught herself on the cedar bench and held herself stable. 

“This is my right, fucker,” Elise snarled. “You went off first. I win. Now, I want you to lick my pussy. And do it like you mean it.” 

Eyes blazing with anger and humiliation, Louise began to lick the thick, juicy cunt lying on her face. She soon turned all of her attention to doing the best job she could to devour Elise’s cunt. She drove her tongue deep into the blonde’s vaginal canal, she sucked and licked exuberantly at Elise’s clit, she wrapped her lips around the blonde’s engorged sexhorn and feasted on it like a starving woman. Elise moaned and bucked her hips, running her hands through her hair, arching her back in pleasure until, finally, she came hard, gushing a hot stream of cum into Louise’s beautiful face. 

Slowly, Elise came down from her orgasmic high. Panting hard, she still managed to smile blissfully. Then she grabbed the back of Louise’s head. She rubbed her naked, wet pussy around and around into Louise’s face, smearing the pussy juice into Louise’s sweat. 

“That’s good, whore. Don’t forget this. This is what will happen to you the next time we meet.”

With that, Elise reached out to grab one of the towels that had fallen to the ground earlier in their battle. With a smug smile, she rose to her feet. She loomed over Louise, looking down on the beautiful nude body of her defeated enemy. Hands on her hips she regarded Louise’s perfect form. 

“You’re a good ride, slut. Anytime you want to try this again, just give me a call.”

Louise could only stare back at her with a dazed expression on her gorgeous, wet face.

Elise tied the towel around her torso, turned to the door, removed the ladle she had used to jam the sauna door, then walked out of the steaming room, her head held high in triumph.

For a few minutes, Louise lay on the sauna floor. Her mind had not quite wrapped itself around what had happened. Her body vibrated with the sexual ecstasy of the multiple orgasms she had experienced with Elise. But the shame of losing the fight and then having to lick and suck the other’s woman’s cunt as an acknowledgement of her defeat – this was too much. Louise had never been beaten before. Her shame soon turned to rage. She had lost the fight, but not by much. She may have lost a battle but, as far as she was concerned, the war was still going on.

Seething, the redheaded beauty got to her feet. She pulled on the remaining towel and stormed out of the sauna. The outer room was cool and her body was dripping with sweat and steam. She quickly found a water fountain and drank and drank, doing her best to replenish the enormous amount of body fluid she had lost during the last half-hour of sexual struggle. Then, she went looking for Elise. She quickly scanned the locker room. Elise was not there. Good. The bitch had not had enough time to tidy up and put on her street clothes. That meant she was still somewhere in the spa. 

Still wearing only her towel, Louise carefully looked out of the door to the pool to see if Elise was there. She was not. Louise quickly walked through the massage area but only one other patron was there and she was not Elise. If Elise had gone into the weight room, then Louise knew she would need to change into her gym clothes and find some way to entice Elise back to the locker room. She did not think that would be hard. But she had one other place to check. 

The spa had a series of mud rooms, where women could go to take revitalizing mud baths. The rooms were self-contained, with five-foot long tubs of rich, warm, liquid mud set into the floors and elegant stone tile showers to wash the liquid mud off after the client was finished. There were eight rooms. Louise carefully checked the first four, opening the wooden doors only enough to see if the lights were on and someone was inside. All were empty. The fifth room was occupied. Carefully, she peeked around the corner to see who was soaking in the luxurious mud. 

Elise was there, her head supported by the curved rim of the tub, her eyes closed, her beautiful face completely relaxed and glowing with the aftermath of her sexual triumph. Her white towel was hanging on the hook on the door. Louise barely suppressed a snarl of rage, but she also felt a thrill of excitement and lust course through her sex and pulse up into her tits. 

Louise carefully stepped into the room and closed the door gently. There was no lock, which was unfortunate, and she saw no way to jam the door, as Elise had done in the sauna. But that little inconvenience was not going to stop her from getting her revenge. 
Louise stood inside the door, looming over Elise. The blonde woman had felt the displacement of air as Louise opened then closed the room door. Elise half-opened her eyes, then smiled languidly up at the redhead. 

“Why Louise, what a surprise. Are you back for more?” the blonde said, a mocking tone in her voice.

“This isn’t over, cuntsucker,” Louise snapped. “You got lucky. Let’s see how well you do in round two.” 

Louise undid her towel, and put it on the hook, over Elise’s towel. She stood for a moment, her legs on either side of the tub, letting Elise’s eyes drink in her beautiful, naked body from below – her massive, thrusting tits, with the nipples rapidly hardening and lengthening, the taut muscled belly, the wide, curving hips, the dense red thatch of pubic hair, the thick, juicy pussy, the wet, glistening clit, the long, powerful legs, the dainty feet. Louise was the personification of raw sexual power and she knew it. And she was going to prove that fact to Elise again, no matter how long it took. 

“Are you ready to get clitfucked out of your mind, you fucking whore?” Louise smiled at Elise. But she could not keep the pant of lust out of her voice.

Elise grinned. Her sculpted arms and shoulders and her head, neck, and the bulge of her magnificent tits were visible above the mud. “You mean like I just did to you, cunt?” 

Without waiting for an answer, Elise reached over and touched an intercom button on the floor next to the tub. 

“Yes, Ms. McCann?” came a voice through the speaker. 

“Darla,” Elise said, “I’ve decided I’m going to take an extra-long mud bath. Could you please leave me for the next two hours? Call me when the time is up.” 

“Yes, Ms. McCann.”

Elise turned her attention back to Louise. “So, then, where were we?” she murmured seductively.

Elise’s feet and lower legs suddenly appeared over the rim of the tub as she spread her thighs in welcome to Louise. 

“Why don’t you join me, Louise?” Elise murmured. “There’s plenty of room in here.” 

Louise stepped into the hot, watery mud, shuddering with pleasure as the warmth enveloped her calves. She lowered herself carefully into the tub. She slid her ass into the hot liquid, and was soon immersed almost to her neck. Her massive tits floated in front of her like twin balloons. As she settled into the muck, she spread her legs and slid herself forward. Elise moved with her. The two women scissored each other eagerly. Deep under the mud, their hot hungry cunts came together with a solid thump, then squelched wetly as they sucked at each other, forcing aside the liquid muck. Louise crushed her twat into Elise’s matching fuckhole; she rubbed her pubes around and around, feeling her dense pubic hair tangling and matting and gluing to Elise blonde bush, sealing them together. Neither woman planned to separate for a long, long time. 

The women smiled at each other, hunger and hatred reflected in their eyes. 

“I’m glad you came looking for me, fucker,” Elise moaned at her foe, as she moved her pussy gently, rubbing the smooth skin of her twat against Louise’s equally slick cunt. Even under the mud, the women could feel the distinct outline of the other’s sex mound. As their twats pressed tight and sucked together, as their labia spread and their fuckholes opened to each other, the women felt their throbbing clits rise to the challenge. 

Louise and Elise wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed. Their massive tits pressed tight, mud flowing up between their cleavages and cascading over their golden orbs. Their hot, hard nipples fused. The women pulled each other in until they were nose to nose and eye to eye, sharing hot breath.

“We’re not going to stop fucking until this is decided,” Louise breathed to her enemy. She licked Elise’s delicious lips to punctuate her words. 

Elise licked back and rubbed her nose into Louise’s, and smiled. “I’m going to fuck you blind an inch at a time, you whore. And I’m going to enjoy every second.” 

Louise and Elise locked each other in place, wrapping their legs around the other woman’s hips, trapping their bodies together within the tight, hot confines of the tub. Louise slid her engorged clit along Elise’s equally enlarged sex organ. The women threw back their heads and shuddered and moaned in unison, deep cries of pulsating pleasure. Elise thrust back; Louise whimpered with ecstasy. Then carefully, deliciously, the women worked their hips, rubbing their throbbing clits until they seemed to melt into one mass of unbelievable pleasure, until erotic electricity seemed to charge the air, until they were panting and moaning and gasping with the incredible sensations that their bodies were inflicting on each other. Their eyelids grew heavy with sheer pleasure.

Louise locked her mouth to Elise’s hungry maw. Their tongues lapped and stroked, moving slowly and seductively in the same rhythm as their stroking clits. Elise reached down and grabbed Louise’s gently thrusting ass, rubbing and caressing the hard, rounded muscle. She worked her back, rubbing her tits around and around into the redhead’s magnificent rack. Louise replied in kind, seizing Elise’s ass tight, moving her torso against Elise’s torso in a delicious, exquisitely beautiful dance of pleasure. For long minutes, the room filled with the sound of the women’s bodies moving slowly in the wet muck, the sound of their massive tits rolling and slopping against each other. Their moans and groans of passion grew more intense as the battle raged on. 

Elise felt her whole body vibrating with erotic power. Her cunt was burning uncontrollably, aching with indescribable pleasure. Waves of ecstasy radiated through her body. The constant rubbing and sliding of body to body, tit to tit, clit to clit, within the slick, lubricating medium of the tub, was filling her to the brim with sexual need. She inserted two fingers up Louise’s beautiful, puckered anus and groaned with joy as Louise returned the violation. She squeezed at the invading digits with her tight ass and felt the answering pressure from Louise on her invading fingers. Elise felt her consciousness drifting off, her body’s sexual stimulation growing to such levels that her mind began to separate from her body. Both women broke their insistent kissing and panted in each other’s faces. They licked and rubbed their noses and cheeks and lips together, they gasped with passion. Louise and Elise were both crying as the sheer intensity of their sexual pleasure built. 

Elise groaned in unbearable joy and felt a huge orgasm trembling in her core. She struggled to resist, to keep it in, but the incredible pleasure of Louise’s stiff, throbbing clit pulsing and grinding head to head with Elise’s burning sex was finally too much. With an agonized moan, Elise experienced a powerful orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes…,” Louise chanted as she felt Elise’s release. She pulled Elise in harder, deeper, as she tried to increase the pumping assault of her thrusting ass.

Elise pulled Louise closer too, she placed her chin on Louise’s shoulder and groaned tortuously as a gusher of hot cum flowed from her convulsing pussy and shot into Louise’s welcoming body even as some of it leaked out into the mud. Louise’s cunt squeezed tight, trying to eat Elise’s pussy in its moment of weakness. 

“Oh, oh, Fuuuuucccckkkk!!,” Elise moaned as the orgasm roared through her body. She threw back her head and her beautiful legs jerked out, her toes straining. Louise tried pushing the blonde back deeper into the tub, tried to take the dominant position. Elise resisted with what will she had left, clinging to Louise’s ass, as she felt another orgasm trembling for release deep in her core, pulsing in her swollen clit. She stabbed at Louise’s dominating clit with her own, one desperate effort to even the battle, to keep from being overpowered and fucked into submission.

“Oh, oh, oh NOOO!!,” Louise cried out as a powerful orgasm took her. Her body’s ability to resist suddenly crumbled. Elise smiled and groaned with pleasure as she felt Louise’s hot cum jetting up into her fuckhole. She squeezed Louise’s cunt with her pussy, and felt Louise’s answering pressure. 

Moaning, screaming with the incredible sensations, the two women shuddered and trembled as multiple orgasms chained through their struggling forms. They exchanged boiling cum and savage, licking kisses as they rode each other’s bodies, each trying to overpower and overwhelm the other. Their legs thrashed out, churning and splattering the mud, as their bodies convulsed in absolute ecstasy.

Louise and Elise finally released each other and fell back. Their thick pubic bushes were too intertwined for them to pull apart easily, but they leaned back to opposite ends of the tub and rested their heads on the tub rim. They panted, their heavy tits rising and falling furiously, as they struggled to regain their energy. They glared at each other, then smiled with pleasure and mutual hate. 

Finally, Louise stirred. “First blood to me, bitch,” she gasped, hoarsely. 

Elise smiled. “Oh, don’t worry, cunt. We have a long, long way to go.” 

Louise smiled again, then pushed herself forward, reaching for Elise. Elise moved to meet her. The women wrapped arms and legs around each other and lined up their cunt slits once again. They came together, pussy to pussy. Their mouths locked and their hands began stroking and caressing each other. Their heavy tits mated, thick nipples twisting together and fusing deep within their enflamed titflesh, and worked against each other as the women rotated their backs and ground their tits. Their rock-hard areola grated and burned with friction. Occasionally, they pulled apart far enough for one or both women to raise the other’s tit to her mouth and suck vigorously on a pulsating nipple. 

Elise and Louise exchanged orgasm after orgasm as their fuckfight raged on. Several times they shared mutual orgasms. They leaned back, braced their bodies on either end of the tub, and began grinding and thrusting and struggling cunt to cunt, swollen clits knotted together, bodies bucking and heaving and thrashing as each beautiful bitch tried to fuck her rival into oblivion. Their cries and groans and gasps of sexual ecstasy grew more urgent. As hard as they fucked each other, however, neither woman could gain the upper hand. 

Unbearable heat exploded in Louise’s core and she felt a terrible orgasm radiating up from her swollen cunt. She closed her eyes, threw back her head and groaned in sheer sexual agony. “Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!!!” she screamed. 

A moment later, Elise threw back her beautiful blonde head and cried out in erotic bliss. “Oh, Jesus Fucking CHRIST!!” she howled as her body rocked in orgasmic ecstasy.

The women held each other, riding out the pleasure together, gasping and moaning and sucking on each other’s tongues as their orgasms boiled through their bodies. When the ecstasy finally abated, Elise and Louise continued to cling together, resting their head on their enemy’s shoulder, panting with the intensity of their shared pleasure, exchanging curses and obscenities. 

“Fucking slut,” Louise murmured, her breath coming in hot pants. “We’re not done yet….” 

“Cunt licking sow,” Elise gasped into Louise’s cockle-shell ear. “I’ll break you, I swear…” 

The intercom beside the tub suddenly beeped. Groaning, Elise reached for the switch. 

“Ms. McCann?” the voice on the other end said. “Two hours is up.” 

“Thank you, Darla,” Elise replied, trying her best to sound normal, despite her sexual exhaustion. “I’ll just take a shower then go.” 

Elise clicked off the intercom, then smiled smugly into Louise’s face. 

“Well, looks like your time is up, cunt,” Elise grinned. “I’ve got things to do and places to be. We can continue this some other time.” 

Saying that, Elise began to push herself out of the tub, lifting her body with her arms, her hands on the side of the tub. Louise felt their meshed pubic hair begin to pull apart painfully. Both women groaned. Louise braced her hands on the tub and, leaning forward so that her swinging tits slapped against Elise’s massive breasts, she began to push. Elise and Louise cried out as their pubic bushes slowly, painfully ripped apart. With a gasp, Elise climbed out of the tub, her body slicked with the hot, liquid mud, and made her way towards the back of the stall and the open stone-tiled shower. She turned the tap and stood under the stream of hot water as it washed away the dark brown rejuvenating grime coating her body. She reached behind her head and squeezed out her thick blonde hair and enjoyed the sensation of hot water streaming down and around her massive tits as they rose high on her chest. 

Elise smiled as she heard Louise coming up behind her. She turned to face the redheaded goddess. Louise pushed her lush body full into Elise’ beautiful form, tit to tit, nipple to nipple.

“I said, we’re not finished yet, cocksucker,” Louise growled. 

Louise shoved Elise back against the shower wall. The women’s arms wrapped around each other. The hot water jetted down onto the two struggling Amazons, seeping into the intersections of their voluptuous bodies, coursing over their struggling tits and writhing bellies, sluicing down through their tangled pubic hair and between their legs. The water gradually washed the mud from Louise’s perfect flesh as she and Elise pushed and strained against each other. Elise eagerly ran her hands over the redhead’s taut, slick flesh, assisting the water in cleaning her enemy’s flawless skin. 

Louise drove her hungry mouth onto Elise’s lips. The women shared a sucking, ravenous kiss, their tongues sliding and slick, exploring the insides of the other woman’s cheeks. Elise shoved Louise back against the opposite shower wall. The water coursed over their heads, soaking their hair. Neither woman noticed; they were too lost in the delicious game of tongue-sucking they were playing, they were too conscious of the pulsing throbbing in their mashed tits, the slick feel of their bare flesh pushed tight. 

Louise reached down Elise back and grasped the blonde’s heart-shaped ass. The redhead thrust out with her hips. She was rewarded with the sound of her belly slapping wetly against Elise’s taut stomach, the sensation of her thick bush hair scraping against Elise’s blonde bush. Elise returned the grip, sinking her claws into Louise’s luscious ass. She leaned back and arched her hips forward, presenting her hungry cunt to her enemy. Louise replied eagerly and the women slapped their wet, thick cunts together once more. They moved in concert, spreading and working each other’s pussy lips apart, both women feeling their engorged clits filling out, preparing to resume their battle. 

Ever since the fight had started in the tub, Elise had grown more and more excited and stimulated by her sexual battle with Louise. Perhaps it was the thrill of winning the earlier encounter in the steam room, perhaps it was just the sexual desire and rage she had suppressed for the past two months, but the idea of mating and merging with Louise, of fuckfighting the redheaded bitch until one of them exhausted and overpowered the other – these thoughts filled her with an intense lust that refused to be satisfied. She was already planning to take Louise back to her beachfront home, where they could ravage each other for the rest of the day, if need be, without fear of interruption or discovery. 

Leaning back, hands locked to the other’s ass, arching their pelvises forward, Louise and Elise resumed their cunt to cunt fuckfight. The fronts of their heavy tits were crushed tight, their nipples throbbed and burned with sensitivity. Their hard bellies slapped as the women fucked each other. Their wet cunts slapped together, lubricated and softened by the hot, steaming water cascading around them. They pounded cunts, working their labia into each other, spreading each other apart, opening each other wide and deep. Their monstrous clits emerged from their fuckholes and slid against each other, sending nova-heat burning into both women, forcing them to gasp and sob with ecstasy. 

“Yes, yes, yes, oh God, YESSS!!,” Louise chanted, her head thrown back, a look of rapturous pleasure on her beautiful face. 

Elise just moaned and growled with pleasure. She was lost in the intense sensations, loving the feel of flesh to flesh, tit to tit, her cunt sealed with that of her enemy, her clit aching with unbearably delicious pleasure as it rubbed and jousted with that of her beautiful foe. Elise watched Louise through half-open eyes and dreamed of conquering and dominating the redheaded bitch, of using her enemy as her sex-toy for as long as she wanted. The things she would do to Louise’s body, the things she would make Louise do…! Her excitement continued to build, even as her hips thrust harder and harder. Louise matched her thrust for thrust, seemingly just as excited and lustful as Elise. 

As her passion built, Elise began to desire better and more direct access to Louise’s cunt. She began sliding down the wall of the shower, pulling Louise with her. Louise immediately realized what Elise wanted. The women disengaged twats, just for a moment, and dropped to sitting positions on the wet stone floor of the shower stall. Elise braced her back against the wall; Louise reached behind her and gripped the protruding lip of the stall, anchoring herself. The women quickly scissored each other, left legs over rights, and slid together, crotch to crotch, both anxious to resume their fuckfight.

They began to pound vigorously into each other. Their juicy cunts slapped together, splatting loudly and splattering water as the women rammed their genitals together in wild abandon. After a few hard thrusts, Louise and Elise stopped pulling apart and just kept grinding, working their fleshy cuntlips together, driving hard to penetrate and spread each other. Their engorged clits came together and licked each other hard. Their clits fought viciously, trapped within their hot, throbbing cunts. 

Through her half-closed eyes, Elise watched Louise intently. She admired and coveted the redhead’s massive, bouncing tits, which moved in concert with her own. She admired Louise’s beautiful face, which was now wearing an expression of pure hunger and lust. Elise thrust harder and harder at Louise’s boiling twat, determined to join her body to Louise’s body in the most intimate way possible. She squeezed with her pussy, intent on milking Louise’s cunt dry. 

“I’m going to fuck that cunt off, whore,” Elise growled at her foe. 

“Give me everything you’ve got, bitch,” Louise gasped back. 

Bracing themselves firmly, the two combatants resumed their grinding, thrusting battle, working their hips and asses as hard as they could to wear the other woman down, to inflict so much pain and pleasure on the other woman’s cunt that she would not be able to go on. They ground into each other mercilessly, their hips jerking in a slow, steady movement. Their massive tits rocked and jerked in rhythm with their thrusting hips. Louise and Elise glared intently into the other’s beautiful face, both looking for weakness, but more to see the exact moment that the winner broke her rival. 

Louise reached out and anchored herself more firmly by grabbing Elise’s left thigh; Elise quickly seized Louise’s left thigh in reply. The women began grinding together with even greater ferocity, penetrating and violating each other ever deeper and more intimately. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…,” Elise chanted as the sheer, raw pleasure grew to unbearable levels. 

“Uh, uh, uh….” Louise grunted with each delicious thrust. Her cunt was trembling, burning with pleasure.

Both women reached for the other’s right tit and squeezed hard. They whimpered in unison, but neither woman was yet willing to give up. They glared into each other’s eyes, their mutual hate and intense female jealousy and rivalry driving them on.

As the women’s pussies sank into each other, soft labia mashing and merging, they sealed more tightly. Both women squeezed harder and harder. Their clits crushed head to head, trembling in tension and swollen to their fullest size, equally fat and thick and unbelievably sensitive. 

Elise bucked hard with her hips in a final effort to drive Louise over the edge. Louise’s eyes grew wide, her teeth clenched in horrible effort, then she exploded in ecstasy. 

“OH, GOD, GOD, FUUCCCK!!!,” the redhead squealed. Her jerking hips and grinding clit were enough to send Elise off the edge with her. 

The blonde and redhead bucked furiously as they drove at each other, as they shared one deliciously excruciating orgasm after another, each more pleasurable than the one before. They braced their bodies and shoved together as hard as they could, trying to drive each other out of their minds with pleasure, trying to exhaust each other sexually. Their cunts closed against each other, struggling powerfully, like two wild animals fighting to the death, trying to devour each other alive. Finally, the pleasure became too much. With desperate cries, Louise and Elise fell onto their backs, sprawling on the stone floor, writhing and grinding into each other. After awhile, Louise felt the pleasure abate. Slowly, she pulled her body away from Elise. 

Louise’s body was humming with pleasure, but she was overwhelmed with exhaustion. So far, she and Elise had fucked each other viciously. And there was no sign, she thought, that either of them was close to defeat. She gathered herself, prepared for the next round. She pushed herself up on her elbows, expecting to see Elise preparing to resume the battle. 

Elise was lying flat on her back on the shower room floor. At first, Louise thought the blonde was unconscious, and she felt a thrill of victory as she considered the possibility that she had fucked her enemy into submission. She soon realized, however, that Elise was fully awake, but her body was still caught in the throes of passion.

To her horror, Elise found that her last battle with Louise had succeeded in breaking some kind of sexual dam deep inside her body. Her body shuddered with orgasmic release, over and over again. 

It took Louise a moment to realize what was happening. With the water pouring down over their voluptuous forms, the redhead could not see the hot juices flowing from Elise’s pussy. But she could read the glazed look of ecstasy on Elise’s beautiful face and she understood the situation. She had heard of such things happening before. The important thing for her was that she had fucked Elise to the point that the blonde had lost control of her own sex. 
Louise smiled like a predator and began to crawl towards Elise’s prone body. Elise kicked out with a foot, but was unable to resist. Louise grabbed Elise’s ankles and pulled the blonde beauty, who was caught in another intense orgasm, out of the shower stall and into the larger room. 

Louise stood over Elise, her hands on her hips, smiling down at the blonde beauty, who continued to writhe in ecstasy. 

“Y-y—you cunt,” Elise gasped, struggling to bring her body under control, refusing to be beaten this way. 

Louise smiled wider. “Yes, I think my cunt is responsible for this, you cocksucker. I think my cunt just fucked you blind.” 

Louise reached down and grabbed Elise’s ankles. The blonde did not resist. Louise spread Elise wider, pulling her legs apart. She smiled as she watched another gusher of cum trickle up from Elise’s snatch. Louise rolled Elise so that the blonde’s shoulders, neck and head supported her weight. Her pussy pointed up at the ceiling. Her legs formed a v over her head, her toes almost touching the floor on either side of her head. Louise looked down into the raw, gushing cunt beneath her, then stepped over Elise body so that she formed a scissors with Elise, so that her twat pointed straight down into Elise’s hot, hungry maw. With a smile, she lowered her cunt onto Elise’s cunt. 

“Oh god, NOOO!!,” Elise groaned as she felt her body bisected by Louise’s cunt. Louise’s thick, questing clit slid directly down into Elise’s fuckhole. Louise lowered her whole weight, so that she sat on and in Elise’s cunt like it was a saddle. She smiled blissfully as her clit slid the length of Elise’s vibrating clit. She rubbed herself around and around, probing and penetrating Elise’s twat, feeling her juices mix with the cum still surging out of Elise’s fleshy cavern. 

“You bitch, you bitch…,” Elise sobbed, her humiliation complete. She could not control her cunt and now her enemy was subjecting her to a piledriver. But it felt so good! 

“Shut up and enjoy it, cuntlicker,” Louise growled. “You’re mine now and I’m going to do whatever I want to do to you!” 

Elise groaned as Louise plunged deeper and harder into her pussy. Louise rode Elise like this for a few more minutes, fucking Elise just hard enough to keep her orgasmic dam bursting, keeping her from regaining control. When she was deep into Elise’s thick, juicy twat, Louise squeezed the blonde’s cunt with all of her strength, eliciting a screech and a powerful squeeze as a response from Elise.

After a few minutes, Louise changed her tactics. She was exhausted herself, but her body demanded its final satisfaction. She lifted her cunt out of Elise’s fuckhole, the two pussies sucking apart with a thick, wet exclamation, and climbed out of her scissor around Elise. She let the blonde’s body drop to the floor. Elise was looking up at her, her beautiful face still etched with the expression of bliss caused by the sexual sensations radiating in her erogenous zones. Louise drank in Elise’s magnificent form, which was writhing in ecstasy on the tile floor. Louise decided it was time for her victory fuck. 

With a smile, she dropped to her knees and pulled Elise’s legs apart once more. She leaned down and drove her face into Elise’s wet snatch, then licked hungrily at the blonde’s pussy lips, before slipping her tongue around Elise’s clit and sucking hard. Elise bucked and moaned. Smiling smugly, Louise pulled herself up until she was looming over Elise, their bodies aligned. She locked her hands to Elise’s hands and pinned Elise’s arms to the floor on either side of her head. The redhead dropped onto the blonde. Their tits squashed, their hot bellies slapped. Elise, almost involuntarily, spread her legs wide. Louise chuckled as she mashed her boiling cunt down onto Elise’s twat. She rotated her hips and ass as she ground her pussy around and around into Elise’s cunt, penetrating the blonde once more. Their thick bushes scratched and tangled. The women’s mated tits burned with erotic sensations. 

“You fucking whore,” Elise whispered, even as she shuddered with another orgasmic release. 

Louise smiled, but she did not reply. Instead, she drove her mouth down onto Elise’s mouth, locking the blonde into a savage kiss. She began moving her hips, slowly and gently, sliding her engorged clit into and up Elise’s fucktrough, gliding her throbbing clit along Elise’s pulsing sexhorn. The women shuddered together, and Elise thrust up to meet the attack. Louise’s fuck attack picked up speed. Her hips and ass moved just a bit faster, the gentle clap of two hard bellies slapping together rhythmically began to echo in the room. Louise kept Elise locked in a kiss, but their tongues thrashed desperately within their mouths, their mutual groans of lust and rage merged. Elise struggled to free her hands. Louise kept their hands locked, fingers intertwined, palms flat to each other, both squeezing and squeezing, but she could tell it would not be long Elise managed to free herself. 

As the intensity of their fucking increased, Louise broke the kiss. Cheek to cheek, the women sobbed and gasped, their thrusting hips and slapping bellies and grating pubic hair masking the sound of two hot cunts slowly sucking and sealing into one. Louise and Elise thrust deeply into each other, their swollen clits sawing furiously at each other. Elise could not get her bearings. Intense orgasms continued to ripple through her body, weakening her resolve, preventing her from successfully resisting the ravaging Louise was administering to her body. Elise managed to slip her hands free from Louise’s grip. Both women immediately grabbed the other’s pumping ass and began pulling each other in as hard and deep as they could. Their massive tits were perfectly aligned and their nipples stabbed and dueled relentlessly with each hard thrust. Even as they fucked, Louise felt Elise weakening, her body finally exhausting itself as wave after wave of pleasure bore through her. Louise clamped her cunt onto Elise’s twat as hard she could, squeezing with all the pussy strength she could muster, determined to eat Elise’s cunt alive, to suck the other woman’s sex dry. 

Cunts driving together, bodies writhing and grinding furiously, breasts flattening each other, nipples dueling, Louise and Elise fucked each other senseless. Elise held on as hard as she could, but she was too weakened by her body’s sexual sensitivity. As wave after wave of orgasms rippled through her body, her strength slowly gave way to Louise’s pounding cunt and driving clit. 

Sucking and squeezing Elise’s cunt with her own, Louise glared hatefully into the blonde’s beautiful face. She watched Elise suffer through another incredibly intense orgasm; she felt the convulsions in Elise’s cunt and she could feel the blonde’s hot cum injecting up into her body. Elise moaned in final surrender and her eyes began to roll back into her head as she started to pass out. 

“That’s it, feel my cunt eat yours, you whore, feel it!,” Louise growled at Elise as she watched the other woman slowly fade. “I’m your mistress, I’ve got the better cunt! Never forget that again!”

Elise’s eyes flashed at Louise’s words, but the blonde could do little to resist. Louise felt an orgasm trembling in her core and, finally, could not restrain it any longer. With a low groan of sheer bliss, her body convulsed, her snatch contracted powerfully, and she shot a long, hard stream of cum into Elise’s fuckhole, adding to the pussy juice smeared over their lower bodies. Louise sank her claws deeper into Elise’s ass and pulled the blonde even closer. Louise came intensely, her beautiful body shuddering with release

For some time, the redhead lay sprawled over the blonde. She basked in the delicious sensual sensations – the warmth of Elise’s body under hers, the intense pleasure of her dense tits mashed into Elise’s equally massive rack, the pressure of their hard bellies pressed so tight that their navels were sucked together. Most of all, she enjoyed the feeling of her pussy sucked and throbbing in time with Elise’s magnificent twat. Their massive clits remained plastered together, even though they were slowly softening and shrinking. 

Finally, Louise pulled herself off of Elise, and looked down at the blonde beauty. Elise was unconscious, though her face wore a blissful expression of complete sexual satisfaction. Louise smiled and leaned over to suck and lick at Elise right tit. She bit into the titflesh just hard enough to leave a mark – her calling card. 

Louise staggered to her feet. She pulled her towel off the door and wrapped it around her sore, battered body. She opened the mud room door carefully, made sure no one was there, then made her way back to the locker room. She changed as quickly as she could and left. She would tidy up when she got home. Right now, she just wanted to be gone. She had enjoyed her battle with Elise. She could think of few more pleasurable ways to spend an afternoon. But she did not want to risk Elise waking up and coming after her for a rematch. Right now, Louise was the victor in their ongoing war. She had won two of their three battles and she wanted to maintain the advantage for as long as she could. 

Louise left the spa. As she walked, she felt the ache in her cunt, the soreness of her tits. But she also felt the thrumming aftermath of the unbearable pleasure she and Elise had inflicted on each other. Already, she was looking forward to the next battle with Elise. She was sure it would come soon, and she would be ready. 


Louise did not see Elise the next week, when she went to the spa for her regular treatments. She decided that if she did not hear from Elise soon, she would pay the blonde woman a visit at home. But if she had scared Elise off, then the woman would not be very interesting. Just fucking her beautiful body would be satisfying, of course, but Louise did not like fucking other women if there was not an element of sexual competition, of womanly humiliation, involved. 

She was amused to find out from her masseuse that the mud rooms had been closed since the spa had an accident the week before. One of the clients had been found unconscious in the mud room, apparently after having slipped in the stone shower stall. The spa was now re-examining its construction for safety. 

“Oh,” her masseuse said to Louise as she started to leave. She had just administered the breast oil treatment that Louise and Elise both liked so much. It was during that treatment that the rivals had first met. “I have something to tell you about your treatment. The only other person at the spa who uses the treatment just cancelled her membership last week. That means that the price of the ointment may have to go up a little.” 

“I’m …very sorry to hear that, “Louise replied, though her mind was reeling with a combination of disappointment and triumph. She had humiliated Elise to such a point that the woman had left the spa rather than risk seeing Louise again! But she was disappointed that she would not have other opportunities to encounter Elise at different places in the spa. “Well, I still want the treatments, so don’t worry about the extra price.” She paused. “Do you know why the other woman left?” she asked.

The masseuse looked a bit uncomfortable. “Well, I probably shouldn’t say this, but she was the same person who had the accident in the mud room. I guess the two events are connected. She may have felt unsafe staying here.” The masseuse realized what she said. “But it really is safe!” she hastened to add. “What happened to that lady was a real fluke!” 

“Oh, I’m sure,” Louise replied with a languid smile. “But don’t worry – I feel really safe here. In fact, it feels just like my own little castle.” Now, there was no question as to who was the Alpha Bitch.

The End

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