The Spa by JB57

Louise Long lay on the table at her spa, while her favorite masseuse finished preparing her special breast treatment. The treatment was expensive, but Louise credited it with helping to keep her huge, taut breasts firm, resilient, and beautiful. Her masseuse, Joanna, applied the clear cream liberally to Louise’s dense, heavy breasts. 

“Well, that should do,” Joanna said as she finished the application. She was the only person in the spa who could really manage Louise’s impressive mammaries. She knew of only one other woman at the spa who had a rack that could rival Louise’s truly incredible tits. In fact, that woman was going to be Joanna’s next client. 

After she finished applying the breast treatment to Louise, she covered the rest of the beautiful woman’s body in a warm oil balm. The balm had a fine vanilla smell. Louise relaxed completely as Joanna slathered it all over her body, from her neck down to her perfect toes. Her body glistened with the oil. Louise had already had a special facial treatment done. Once she was finished, the masseuse stepped back to look at her handiwork. 

“I’ve finished applying the balm, Ms. Long,” Joanna said. “Are you comfortable?” 

“I’m absolutely deliciously comfortable, darling,” the redheaded beauty smiled. 

Joanna smiled. She liked Ms. Long, despite the woman’s affectations. 

“Well, I’m setting the timer here. When it goes off, just go down the hall to the shower and wash off the oil. Don’t use soap, just apply a little pressure and let the water do the rest. If you need anything, just call. I will be right next door with the next client. After that, just press the button by the table if you need anything.” 

“Alright, dear. Thanks again. I’ll just listen to some music while I wait.” Louise pulled some ear buds off the small table next to her massage table, placed them in her ears, and selected some pop music to listen to while she relaxed.

Louise stretched out on the table, her eyes closed, and enjoyed the tropical warmth of the spa on her naked body. Her skin was tawny and flawless. Her five foot eight frame was voluptuous but beautifully muscled and flowing with extravagant womanly curves. Her chest was magnificent, large but perfect E cup breasts sitting dense and firm and round, topped by light brown areola and long, cylindrical brown nipples. Her torso curved to a flat, firmly muscled belly and a deep, narrow navel, flared to full, abundant hips and a round, taut ass. Her long legs were thick and powerfully muscled, thighs and calves wonderfully molded. Her legs tapered to slender ankles and shapely feet. Her thick, curly red hair was tucked into a shower cap, but her pubic hair formed a dense mat of well-maintained red bush, shaped into an oval. She was proud of her thick cunt fur and had resisted the current pubic hair fashions of shaving almost everything off. Her juicy, fleshy pussy lips were bare. From her beautiful, slightly arrogant face to her perfect, arched toes, Louise exuded pure, raw womanhood and unbridled sexuality. 

Elise McCann, a beautiful blonde and Joanna’s next client, was walking by Louise’s cubicle, clad only in a short robe and some spa slippers, when she happened to glance in the slightly open curtains. What she saw stopped her in her tracks. She paused, her heart starting to pound, her mouth suddenly dry, and stared through the slit in the curtains at Louise’s incredible body. Her eyes drank up every inch of the beautiful redhead, from the woman’s magnificent tits to her thick, gristly bush, to her long, smooth legs and dainty feet. Elise found her body burning with hate and jealousy, intense anger and a pure, raw, unquenchable lust. She trembled with the suddenness and power of her feelings.

The woman that Elise was staring at was absolutely gorgeous and, much worse, had a body that rivaled Elise’s incredible body in every single way. It was even possible that the redhead’s breasts were bigger than Elise’s pair, though the blonde was not willing to concede that. Besides, she was sure that the redhead’s tits could not be as firm and dense as her own. Elise felt all of her anger and insecurities boiling to her surface. She smoldered with cat hate and resolved in that instant to put this mysterious beauty in her place, to teach the redhead a lesson that she would never forget. 

Elise continued on to the table in the curtained cubicle next to Louise’s, where Joanna was waiting for her. The blonde beauty did not bother to greet Joanna. She simply removed her robe and handed it to the masseuse, stepped out of her slippers, then stretched her voluptuous, nude body out on the therapy table. Joanna went to work on her immediately, coating Elise’s heavy, dense tits in the same formula that the masseuse had earlier used on Louise’s pair. Elise appeared to relax as the masseuse massaged her magnificent tits, though her nipples hardened in moments. But the blonde woman’s mind was racing. Elise was terribly proud of her fantastic body. She rarely encountered women who could rival, let alone match, her physical and sexual assets. She was sure that no one could rival her erotic prowess. The redhead on the table next to her appeared to be her physical equal. Elise knew that she had to find out if that was true. Even more, she needed to see if the other woman could match her sexual power. And there was only one way to resolve that question.

Ordinarily, Elise did not bother conversing with the people who cared for her at the spa. She was not well liked, though everyone had to acknowledge her extraordinary beauty and voluptuousness. Today, however, she needed some information. 

“Joanna,” Elise said quietly, startling the masseuse. 

“Uh, yes, Ms. McCann?” 

“I was wondering – who is the woman in the cubicle next to this one?” She gestured in Louise’s direction. 

“Oh, that’s Ms. Long. She is a regular here. She usually comes around this time, so that’s probably why you may not have seen her before.” Elise usually came later in the afternoon. Joanna knew how much pride Elise took in her body, especially her breasts. The masseuse also guessed that feminine jealousy was behind Elise’s sudden and uncharacteristic interest in another client. What the masseuse said next solidified Elise’s course of action. “Ms. Long is the only other person at the spa who uses the same breast treatment that you do. You and she are the only women whose breasts are dense enough to require the special oils.” 

Elise frowned. “Really,” she said coldly. She was silent after that. The masseuse finished Elise’s breast treatment then lathered the rest of Elise’s body with the special cream, leaving the blonde beauty’s magnificent body glistening with slickness. 

“OK,” Joanna said when she was done. “I’ve set the timer. When it goes off, you just need to shower off the oils. Don’t use soap, just the water should do the trick. If you need me for anything while you wait, just press the button by the bed. We’re having a quiet time this morning so, other than you and Ms. Long, no one else has come in for treatment.” 

Elise made a show of putting on the ear plugs and choosing a music option to listen to on the in-spa entertainment system. But as soon as the masseuse was gone, she put down the ear plugs and lay still on the table for a few minutes, considering her next move. She was lying just a curtain away from the woman of her nightmares – a woman whose naked body seemed as absolutely beautiful and voluptuous as her own. A woman whose tits were, apparently, the only ones among the spa clientele that could rival her own (and, given the wealthy, beautiful clientele of this spa, that was saying a lot). Elise lay on the massage table, feeling her anger and jealousy build, feeling the heat of sexual rivalry pour into her erogenous zones. She knew that she needed to challenge the woman next to her. There was no way she could rest until she determined which of them was truly the better, more powerful woman. Elise loved fighting other women, she loved having rough and violent sexual encounters with beautiful and aggressive Amazonian warriors. She loved rubbing and grinding her voluptuous body into that of another voluptuous woman, but all the intense, wild, bucking sex in such encounters was only fulfilling if she forced the other woman to succumb, if she humiliated and mastered her opponent’s beautiful body with her own.

Elise rose quietly and silently pushed aside the curtain masking the corridor. She looked up and down the hallway. After being certain that no one was around, she closed the curtain leading to the corridor, opened the curtain separating her cubicle from Louise’s cubicle, and carefully entered the other woman’s space. She was immediately struck by a powerful wave of intense hatred and lust as she was confronted with the incredibly sensuous presence of the redheaded beauty. She looked down at Louise’s beautiful body, examining every inch of the other woman’s perfect flesh, and barely suppressed a groan of desire and outrage. Louise’s body was every bit as gorgeous as Elise had feared and hoped.

Louise’s eyes were closed, but she sensed the movement of the curtains around her space, she felt the slight displacement of air on her naked body. “What’s going on?” she asked, even as she opened her eyes and reached for the ear buds. She paused and her eyes widened as she saw Elise. She was confronted by an absolutely stunningly beautiful blonde creature, radiating sexual power, standing right next to her therapy table, looking down at her with a look of raw hunger and vicious hostility on her beautiful features. Louise was very familiar with that look and she knew, instantaneously, exactly what was happening. 

“Well, hello,” Louise grinned, as she put the ear buds on the small table and sat up. “What have we here?” 

“We have Elise,” the blonde woman chirped, posing and lifting her arms in mock presentation. Elise smiled a dazzling smile even as her tits jiggled enticingly, as her voluptuous body glistened in the light. 

“And what does Elise want with Louise?” the beautiful redhead asked in a girlish voice, even as she slid off the table to face Elise. The women stood eye to eye, both of them incredibly aware of the other woman’s magnificent body, both aware of the sexual rivalry that was already running between them as two beautiful, sexually voracious cats. Their massive tits rose and fell together as the women’s excited breaths began to get faster, as their mutual arousal grew. Both women watched as their nipples swelled, getting longer, harder and thicker. Elise and Louise returned their gazes to each other’s beautiful faces, Elise’s green eyes locking to Louise’s dark blue. 

“Elise could not help but notice you. And Elise can barely believe those boobs.” 

“Believe them, honey.” Louise shook her torso, her tits jiggling wantonly. “They’re real. And I think they might be bigger than yours.” Louise smirked. She could see the hate and jealousy and rage burning in Elise’s eyes. She wanted to antagonize this woman, to play to the woman’s insecurities. Louise already knew that this woman wanted her body, wanted to test her sex against Louise’s sex. And Louise wanted that too, wanted it with all of her heart. What had started as an ordinary day was suddenly turning into a day full of enormous sexual possibility and the promise of exquisite pleasure and erotic challenge. Elise’s body was fantastic and Louise’s imagination was already racing with the idea of spending hours locked up with this blonde bitch in the most intimate and exciting and dangerous ways possible. But she was willing to let the blonde move the situation along.

“Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t,” Elise said, barely able to keep the spite and rage out of her voice. “That’s quite a bush you have there,” the blonde continued. “It’s very impressive.” 

“I think so, too,” Louise smiled. “I like your bush. It’s nice to meet a woman who doesn’t shave off everything down there.”

Elise stepped just a little closer. “It looks like you have a nice cunt, as well.” The women’s eyes locked, fire burned between them. “Very juicy. A nice little pink gash. How do you think it would do against mine?” Elise asked Louise, her voice a low, seductive murmur. 

Louise looked down between Elise’s bulging tits at the blonde woman’s moist cunt and her thick bush. Louise slowly raked her eyes back up Elise’s beautiful torso and heavy tits all the way to the other woman’s beautiful green eyes. 

“Well, maybe we want to find out?” she purred, her voice thickening with need. Louise found herself panting with lust, her heart pounding with excitement.

Elise smiled. She knew that she had Louise. She knew that Louise also felt threatened and intrigued by her. She knew that Louise wanted to work things out between their incredible bodies as badly as she did. 

“Do you want to fuckfight with me, woman?” Elise breathed, her voice a guttural whisper. “Do you want to go all the way with me – tit to tit, cunt to cunt, clit to clit, until one of us can’t take it anymore?”

“I think my cunt wants to eat yours, baby,” Louise smiled, her grin not quite enough to hide her immense arousal. Her naked nipples were jutting like spears, her areola looked ridged like stones. Her tits seemed even harder. “I think my clit wants to tangle up with yours, too. I’m game for anything you want to do.”

“More like prey,” Elise murmured, with a hungry smile. 

“Let’s see which of us ends up as the prey, little girl,” Louise retorted. 

“Then come on and take a chance, bitch,” Elise challenged. The blonde’s body was boiling with heat. Her tits were so aroused they almost hurt. Her nipples were throbbing and seemed as hard and sensitive as her clit. The confrontation with Louise that Elise had been craving had come so quickly, and she could not be more delighted. She thrust out her pelvis, presenting her hot, naked cunt and her thick bush to Louise. She spread her bare feet, balancing herself. She reached for Louise’s slick body, placing her hands on the redhead’s shapely shoulders. 

Louise looked down into Elise’s wet, pink gash and almost orgasmed with desire. She smiled hungrily, reached out to place her hands on Elise’s hot shoulders, then stepped into the waiting blonde. The women leaned back, slanting their pelvises forward, presenting their thick, juicy twats to each other. With a powerful thrust of womanly hips, they mashed their hungry cunts together. Slick pussy lips, moistened with lubrication and engorged with blood, slapped together wetly. Bristling pubic bushes crushed and began to tangle and mat. Both women gasped with the incredible erotic shock and moaned joyfully, almost crazy with lust. 

“Yes, oh fuck, fuck, yes,” Elise breathed, throwing back her head for a moment to groan with the intense pleasure. Her mind exploded with the joy of this delicious sexual contact, with the anticipation of the erotic delights to come. 

“Mmmmmm, yes, yes, fuck, oh fuck,” Louise moaned, her eyes closed, a smile of erotic joy and pure lust lighting her beautiful face.

The women had just met and already they were sliding and mating their most erotic and pleasurable flesh against and into each other in the most intimate ways possible, meeting and challenging and struggling against each other with the very cores of their beings. They began to rub and grind twats, slowly and sensually. Louise released a shuddering gasp as erotic electricity rippled through her delectable body, as raw sensations began to build in her wet cunt. She lowered her hands, sliding them down Elise’s beautiful, oil-slicked body, until she grasped the blonde’s clenching, thrusting ass. Elise quickly reciprocated the hold, sinking her fingers into Louise’s taut, oiled ass. The position allowed both women to push their thick, massive tits together between their biceps, causing their powerful mammary glands to compress and push forward. Hard, throbbing nipples crushed directly into each other and sent out a blast of electricity that caused both women to cry out with short, tight screams. Elise stabbed her hard nipples into Louise’s nips; the redhead pushed back and both women moaned in exquisite pleasure as their struggling nipples fenced and locked against each other, then slowly crushed each other back into the women’s dense titflesh. Large, brown areola squashed tight, their knobby ridges fitting together and grinding delectably, sending constant pulses of erotic electricity racing through the women’s perfect, oversexed bodies. Elise stifled a groan of sheer joy; the tit to tit contact that she desired was finally joined, and Louise’s massive tits felt every bit as powerful and firm as she had dared hope. The redhead’s tits pulsed and throbbed against her own, and with each thrust, Elise was sure that her tits would explode with pleasure. She felt like her tits were fusing to Louise’s matching pair. Her nipples were so sensitive, so engorged with sexual power, that they felt like two small clits, feeding intense erotic electricity into her bulging breastflesh.

The women’s caressing cunts lubricated even harder in response to the intense sexual pleasure pouring out of their boobs and both women felt mixed cunt juice trickle down their inner thighs. Elise and Louise moved their hips and asses more frantically, sliding and rubbing their moist, slick cunt lips together, in and out and through each other, rotating their hips around their cunts, but moving in opposite directions, drilling into the other’s twat, struggling to join their bodies. They flexed their cunt muscles against each other, sucking hard. Intense sensations burned out of their stroking, caressing genitals. The women panted and gasped with unsuppressed hunger. Their eyes were locked together in fury and lust. Louise felt her throbbing clit growing, swelling out of her cunt. She leaned back a bit further and pushed harder with her ass, trying desperately to work her cunt into Elise’s pussy lips, to spread the other woman’s twat wider, to bring her burning clit into direct contact with the delicious sexnub lurking inside of Elise’s fiery sex maw. The blonde thrust back, panting hard, just as eager to work Louise’s cunt lips apart so that their aching, burning clits could come together in exquisite battle. Their hot tits bounced, jouncing and slapping against each other, to the women’s incredible delight. Their pussies slowly flattened against each other with an audible hiss of hot, wet flesh, and spread, opening and sucking to each other. Their cunts lubricated harder and harder as the panting, grinding women grew more and more excited, fucking each other to the ultimate, clit to clit contact. Their beautiful sensual bodies undulated powerfully, rubbing and grinding and challenging each other in the most sensual ways. 

The women glared at each other, their inner spite and cat hate surfacing in their beautiful eyes. They saw their desire to fuck each other, they both saw their shared desire to fight and hurt each other, to meet sex to sex and body to body, until one of them was crushed in total defeat. Panting, groaning, gasping, whimpering with erotic need, the two women pumped and fucked harder and harder, struggling to violate each other, craving each other’s flesh with an unbelievable mutual hunger. They groaned as one, lost in sheer animal lust, their bodies slowly devouring each other.

Suddenly, Louise’s timer rang. The alarm shocked the naked, battling women, breaking their intense sexual fury. The timer was on the other side of Louise’s massage table, and the women were anxious to avoid being discovered locked in sexual combat. Their heaving, grinding bodies came to a sudden stop.

Very reluctantly, eyes glowing with lust, they pulled apart. Their cunts separated with a small “pop”. Thin strands of pussy juice linked the women’s throbbing twats as they moved away, before stretching and breaking. 

Louise reached over her massage table and turned off the timer. 

“Well, that’s me,” she said, panting. Her pussy was boiling with heat and her heavy tits felt like throbbing cannonballs on her chest. Her nipples and areola were pulsing with tension, burning with sensitivity. “What about you?” 

Elise smiled, then quickly reached over to her cubicle and turned off her timer.

“I’m staying with you,” Elise said. “I’m not letting you go until you lick me to an orgasm when this is all over.” 

“I’ll happily do that if you win,” Louise agreed. “But you have to do the same for me if I win. Do you agree?” 

“Of course,” Elise replied. “If you beat me, I’ll lick you out and suck on your clit until you come. “ But she did not expect to have to pay the debt. 

“Well, then, let’s shower and get out of here,” Louise said, quivering with anticipation. She felt the sex fever burning inside of her. She could almost scream in frustration at the interruption that had prevented her from fucking Elise to orgasm. She could not wait to test her body against Elise some more. She wanted to fuck this woman and be fucked in return, she wanted to match cunts and tits and clits with this blonde beauty for as long and hard and viciously as she possibly could, until the blonde was vanquished by the redhead’s superior sex.

Elise and Louise draped their arms over each other’s shoulders and walked down the hall together to the shower, their beautiful bodies nude and undulating in rhythm against each other. Elise’s left tit and Louise’s right tit crushed tight, side to side, and rolled and rubbed as they moved. Their wide, womanly hips pressed tight and rubbed constantly as they wiggled together down the corridor, their outer thighs pushed and flexed against each other. They turned their heads to each other and licked at each other’s tongues. They exchanged light lip to lip kisses, as they teased and played with each other, each intent on turning on the other as much as she could. Hot, wet juices trickled down their thighs from their burning cunts.

They entered the shower, Louise going first, Elise following and pulling the door closed. Elise turned on the shower and, as the warm water began to flow down on their naked bodies, she threw herself onto Louise, forcing the redheaded beauty up against the side of the shower stall, crushing their massive tits together. Louise shoved back with her chest, intent on squashing Elise’s massive tits with her own. The hot water coursed down their bodies, flowing around their quivering cleavages, slicking their struggling bodies. The women shoved tit to tit, their dense boobs shuddering and trembling with effort, before sliding apart in the slippery water. Elise found, to her relief, that Louise’s tits were probably not larger than her own. At the least, their boobs were so close in size that it was hard to tell. But the redhead’s tits were thick and remarkably dense and powerful and the blonde was not sure if her own massive mammaries could match the other woman’s in an all-out titfight. They would find out, she swore to herself.

Louise shoved Elise back with her tits, forcing the blonde back to the opposite side of the shower. The women locked together in a long, probing kiss. Their hands ran over their enemy’s wet body, running down muscular, curved backs, squeezing at wet, taut asses. They pushed each other back and forth in the shower, wrestling passionately even as they kissed viciously, powerfully, each woman seeking to dominate the other. Their tongues lashed at each other and their moans of pleasure and grunts of effort could be heard over the pouring water. The steam continued to build. 

With a gasp, they broke their kiss and clung together, their tits squashed and sliding against each other, their hands grasping at each other’s wet flesh. 

“Let’s finish here, so we can go somewhere more private and really get into this,” Louise gasped into Elise’s ear. 

Elise backed off, just slightly. The shower stall was too small for the women to completely separate. Their hard nipples continued to caress and stab and flick each other as the women set about washing each other. They ran their hands over every inch of the other woman, taking time to rub and caress and probe at each other’s bodies. Their intense sexual desire continued to build as they stroked each other’s silken flesh, helping the water to wash the oil off of their beautiful bodies, both women paying special attention to washing the balm off of their enemy’s heavy, dense round tits. Louise ran her hands over and under and around Elise’s boobs, feeling and squeezing and massaging every inch of the other woman’s massive rack, weighing the delicious fleshy orbs in her hands. Elise did the same for Louise, squeezing and running her open palms over the redhead’s deliciously, infuriatingly enormous tits. They mashed their meaty tits directly together and both women were delighted to find, again, that their massive orbs seemed perfectly equal in size and seemed to hold each other in quivering stalemates. They pushed harder, gasping at the intense pleasure, but both pairs of tits simply throbbed with deliriously pleasurable sensations. Louise wrapped her arms around Elise and pulled the other woman tighter in; Elise returned the hold and for several minutes the women rubbed and ground their massive tits together, their nipples struggling, their dense flesh throbbing with erotic sensations. For the moment, they forgot their desire to leave the shower and move to a better, more private sexual arena. For the moment, all that mattered was rubbing tits, evoking in each other delicious sexual sensations, driving each other crazy with lust. Panting and gasping, grinding and sliding, they smashed tits vigorously. 

After five minutes they stopped and reluctantly pulled apart. Neither women showed any sign of weakening, but the tit grinding had stirred them both to a frenzy of lust. It reminded them that they had to go at each other without limits or restraint, and they could not do that here in the spa. The women turned their attention to the rest of their bodies. They ran their hands over the other’s thighs and calves and hips and backs, smoothing away the oils. They washed each other’s asses by turning back to back and rubbing their buttocks together as hard as they could. They pushed together, tit to tit, and washed each other’s backs and arms. They pressed foreheads together and touched tongues, teasing and tantalizing each other, feeling the sexual tension build unbearably in their guts, in all of their sexual organs, and relishing the anticipation. 

After the shower they dried each other off, taking care to run the towels over every inch of the other woman, exploring and intruding in every crevasse on the other woman’s gorgeous body. They removed their shower caps. They brushed out their hair. Both women dressed quickly. Neither woman was wearing a bra, allowing their firm, massive tits to roll freely. Both women had arrived wearing thongs, but neither put them on. Rather, they tossed the scraps of cloth into their purses. They both wore tight, mid-thigh mini-skirts that clung to every curve. Louise slipped on a burgundy blouse and black, three-inch pumps; Elise pulled on a powder blue blouse and matching three-inch heels. Once outside, they determined their plan for the day. 

“I live in a beach house just two blocks away,“ Elise said. “We can go there. We won’t be disturbed and we’ll have all the time we’ll need.” 

“Great,” Louise replied. 

Arm over the other woman’s shoulder, hips swaying together in concert, the two beautiful woman strolled up the street together, their bodies pressed tight, joined in a continuous provocative dance of lust and anticipation. Their round asses undulated in rhythm. Their massive tits rolled and bounced, jolting into each other with every step, right and left tits pressed tight, side to side. Louise and Elise were conscious of each other in every way. Their bodies continued to touch and tease. The sexual tension boiled within them as their hips bumped and pushed with every step. The continuous contact aroused them until they could barely contain themselves. Louise and Elise both hoped they could get to Elise’s home without cunt juice trickling down their bare legs as their increasingly aroused pussies grew wetter and wetter. Their tits felt thicker and denser than ever, taut nipples aching with tension and desire. Elise turned her beautiful face to Louise and kissed the redhead on the cheek. The redhead turned her face to Elise and the women touched lips and flicked their tongues against each other, igniting a blast of pure desire in both of them as they walked. 

“God,” Louise breathed to Elise, her sweet breath washing over the blonde woman, “I’m going to fuck your brains out, girl. I’m going to ride your cunt until I suck it inside out with my pussy.” 

Elise smiled, panting back into the redhead’s mouth. “I’m going to suck those little tits of yours dry, Louise. I’m going to mash them into pancakes with my tits. And my cunt is going to squeeze your pussy dry like a juicy fruit.” 

Panting with need, the women walked a little faster, both of them incredibly anxious to get into Elise’s house and start the process of fucking each other senseless. 

Elise happily let Louise into her townhouse and locked the door behind them. Immediately, their pent up desires exploded. They had worked themselves into a lather of lust and need over the past hour, after having started to cuntfuck each other without resolution, after showering together and caressing and exploring every crevasse of their fantastic bodies, after rubbing their massive tits together until their boobs throbbed with heat, and now after walking together and stimulating each other along the way – the women were overwhelmed with pure lust. The moment the door closed and locked, Elise threw her purse to the ground and reached for Louise; Louise was already reaching for her. With a mutual groan of joy and desire, their incredible bodies crashed together. The women moaned in pleasure as their massive, rival tits squashed and strained against each other, the dense flesh compacting and resisting compression, producing waves of throbbing pleasure. Their nipples attacked each other and crushed each other back through their thin blouses, before mashing and sinking into their compressing tits. The women kissed lustfully, hungrily. They pressed together from lips to bare thighs. They writhed their bodies crazily against each other, rubbing tits, twining legs, pressing with their torsos. Their lips met and mouths opened and their tongues plunged deep inside the other woman’s orifice. Their tongues slid together, pushing, thrashing, rubbing, twisting. For more than two minutes, the women stood together, arms wrapped around each other and squeezing tight, bodies rubbing, thighs pushed up between the other’s legs, and kissed ferociously. They moaned and gasped and groaned with passion and ever-building desire. They began to pull at each other’s blouses, both prepared to strip each other naked. They sank their fingers into each other’s thick manes of hair, pulling each other’s mouths in tighter as their passionate kiss grew ever more frantic and powerful. 

Finally, they broke the kiss to come up for air. 

“Let’s go upstairs,” Elise gasped breathlessly, her nipples throbbing with maddening intensity. “We won’t have to stop again.” 

“Yes,” Louise groaned, her eyes glowing with need, her tits heaving with her pants. “God, yes!” 

The two over-sexed women were squirming with desire, their thighs were wet with cunt juice. They climbed the stairs quickly, Elise leading the way, and entered the blonde beauty’s spacious bedroom. The room was warm and the drapes were pulled low, making the place cozy and secret. The room was an invitation to long, hot, brutal sex. The two women turned to each other. Their burning eyes locked and their pants of desire grew stronger and harder. Elise quickly unbuttoned her expensive blouse and tore it off. Her massive tits, engorged with sex and throbbing with pleasure, bounced free. Her thick nipples formed long, hard fleshy cylinders, jutting up from her bumpy areola. Louise unbuttoned her red shirt and threw it aside. Her equally huge, dense tits jiggled enthusiastically. Both women wiggled out of their miniskirts, letting them drop to the floor. They kicked off their shoes and faced each other absolutely nude once again. 

For a long moment, Louise and Elise stared at each other, their eyes raking over the other woman’s incredible body, taking in every inch of her enemy’s delectable flesh, basking in this final moment of delicious anticipation. Then, it was over. Neither woman could wait a moment more. They were both consumed with the absolute need to fuck each other to orgasm. 

They threw themselves into each other’s arms. Their naked bodies splatted together with the wet, delicious slap of flesh on flesh. They kissed again, their tongues urgently probing and fighting for supremacy within their locked mouths. Their heavy tits crushed tight and exploded with pleasure as the dense flesh struggled and resisted, as their swollen nipples fought and tangled and flicked against each other furiously. Within their locked, struggling mouths, Elise and Louise moaned in joy as their naked tits fought to grind and flatten each other down, as the titfight that they had both wanted was finally engaged. Their bellies clapped together and their thick pubic bushes rubbed and tangled into unbreakable, tearing knots. 

Elise and Louise’s hands dropped to the other’s ass and they pulled each other in tight. Then, they spread their legs. Breaking the kiss, they leaned back from each other, and cocked their pelvises forward. Their massive tits were pushed up and pushed forward between their biceps. Their swollen nipples and dense titflesh continued to crush hard. But the women were now most intent on coming together cunt to cunt. They offered each other their wet, hot, throbbing cunts, pussy lips slick with lubrication and sweat. They thrust together with the power of their hips. Their slippery pussy lips slid and rubbed, sending electrical pulses of erotic pleasure burning through both women. The women screamed together as the incredible pleasure surged. Louise felt her aching clit tighten and swell and force its way up out of her cunt. She gasped as she felt Elise’s clit reaching into her cunt to stroke her labia, to probe the inside of her pussy.

The women began to grind in earnest. They rotated their hips and asses in hard, tight circular motions, working in opposite directions, drilling their cunts into each other, working to spread and penetrate the other woman’s pussy. Their pussy lips pressed and melted into one, and slowly spread and flattened under the increasing pressure. Elise groaned with desire; Louise whimpered with need. Both women needed, wanted to come together clit to clit. Their bodies had to have this most intimate and delicious contact. 

Moaning with pleasure, the women felt their enflamed and growing clits penetrate each other and slide into their enemy’s fucktrough. The women moved their hips carefully, sliding their throbbing clits up inside each other’s pussies, the sensitive sexhorns gliding through slick, smooth labia, sliding through the flowing pussy juices. Suddenly, their swollen clits licked each other hard, then slid together and fused, mashing head to head. Sexual tension and unbearable pleasure blasted through Elise and Louise, a powerful erotic shockwave. Their clits hardened even more against each other at the sudden, delicious contact. Their aching cunts gushed with pussy juices. Elise and Louise threw back their heads and howled out shrieks of raw sexual joy. 

“Oh, FUCKING GOD!!,” Louise cried, her body shuddering with pleasure. 

“Jesus FUCKING CHRIST!!,” Elise screamed, almost convulsing with the sensations.

Gripping each other’s asses tighter, sinking their sharp fingernails into the yielding flesh, the two powerful women began fucking furiously, two crazed bitches in heat. They pulled back and slammed forward, their powerful asses clenching with effort, their wet, juicy cunts slapping together in a spray of pussy juice, then grinding mercilessly, rubbing their clits around and around each other, sawing them against each other, driving them together head to head, beating as much ecstasy out of each other as their beautiful, battling bodies could stand.

They slammed their wet cunts together in ecstasy again and again and again, pumping at each other, ramming deep into each other, grinding and grinding and penetrating each other to the core. Their nipples continued to war, flicking and pulsing, crushing and throbbing, feeding the arousal of their tits, helping their dense, massive mammaries grow ever harder and thicker. 

Thrusting hard, they felt their sopping wet cunts suck together and seal and flatten. They squeezed each other with all of the power of their cunt muscles, struggling to eat each other, each woman struggling to suck the other woman’s twat inside her own and devour it. They pulled each other in tight, dense tits squashing and burning nipples exploding with sensation. They locked in a tight, mutual embrace, their legs spread as wide as they could, their pelvises cocked forward so that the ravenous maws between their legs could lie as flat as possible against each other. They kissed viciously, exchanging spit, twisting tongues and sucking on each other hungrily. They moaned and grunted and gasped as they thrust and ground their cunts together, fucking wildly, violently, driven by the unendurable pleasure and the need to achieve a deliciously unbearable orgasm, to relieve some of the intense desire and sexual need that had built between them over the past hour.

They stopped pulling apart and kept their cunts plastered together. They carefully and insistently rubbed every millimeter of their clits together, stroking and sawing and ramming, their swelling clits fencing and wrestling like two erotic swords. 

Louise whimpered and sobbed with passion, her body trembling with pre-orgasmic bliss. She could not believe how good this felt, how unbelievably wonderful it was to fuck this woman’s body. Louise loved fucking other woman, she loved sexfighting, and she could already tell that she and Elise were going to have a wonderful time ravaging each other for as long as this contest lasted. Louise loved the feel of Elise’s massive tits throbbing and crushing and mashing her own, she loved the delicious sense of her cunt being sucked tight and linked in an unbreakable seal with Elise’s beautiful twat, she loved the unbearable pleasure of her most sensitive, deepest feminine organ struggling with the most sensitive, erotic feminine organ on Elise’s body. As she fucked the blonde mercilessly, Louise felt her womanhood challenged and enraged at the most fundamental levels. 

Elise felt exactly the same way. Her mind was reeling with the pleasure burning through her body. She wanted to break and conquer Louise’s fantastic sex with her own but, in that moment, she simply wanted to go on fucking and grinding and mating with the redheaded goddess forever. Elise was ecstatic, almost delirious with pleasure and lust. She was going to fuck this redhead into the ground, but she was hoping that would take a very long time and result in many, many incredible orgasms before this whole thing finished. 

“You bitch, you fucking bitch,” Louise sobbed, her body vibrating with erotic power. 

“Cunt, filthy fucking cunt,” Elise groaned in reply, her teeth clenched in the agony of sexual bliss.

The women fucked and fucked and fucked, riding each other up the pleasure curve, their clits seeming to grow harder and bigger and more sensitive with each delicious thrust. Their bodies churned with heat and lust, their muscles trembled with erotic tension. Their asses pumped in delicious rhythm, their hips rotated in small, powerful circles. Their erotic moaning grew louder and louder, harmonizing and joining in symphony, spiraling up with the building, cresting pleasure in their cores. 

After almost 20 minutes of furious, ecstatic, clit to clit fencing and grinding, they were finally rewarded with a mutual orgasm of unbearable intensity. The unbelievable heat and tension within their locked, steaming cunts, emanating from their jousting, struggling clits, suddenly went nova. Louise went off maybe a moment before Elise, but her final desperate thrusts triggered the blonde’s cunt at almost the same moment as her own. The women’s hard clits fused into a single flesh and a shockwave of raw ecstasy blasted through their straining bodies. Louise and Elise had been locked in a biting, licking kiss. They broke it and threw back their heads to shriek in joy. Their sweat-damp hair thrashed about as they howled in mutual ecstasy. Their bodies shuddered and quivered as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through them. They kept bucking and humping, driving their clits together just a little harder, forcing out just a little more exquisite pleasure. They managed to grind a few more delicious orgasms out of the depths of their cunts. They writhed in each other’s arms, rubbing tits furiously. Their backs arched and they shuddered as multiple orgasms pulsed and throbbed through their joined bodies. The pungent sex juices that had gushed from their locked cunts to lubricate their battle mixed and oozed between their legs down to the carpet, trickling down their inner thighs. Their bodies dripped with the sweat of their incredible erotic exertion.

For several more minutes, the two naked beauties could not stop grinding, prolonging the orgasmic sensations radiating through their bodies. Finally, the deliciously intense orgasms faded and the two beauties went limp in each other’s arms. Slowly, their legs weakened and their cunts released each other. Hot pussy juice flowed from their freed cunts in a gush, splattering down on the carpet. The beautiful women leaned into each other, pressed their cheeks together and rested their chins on each other’s shoulders as they gasped for breath. Their big, meaty breasts, swollen from sex, mashed tight, fleshy and lush, pulsing with heat. 

“Oh god,” Elise finally moaned. “Oh god. That was so good, SO fucking good. God, you can fuck, Louise.” 

“So can you, Elise,” Louise moaned in her enemy’s ear. “So can you. God, I haven’t been fucked that good and hard in a long time.” 

“Mmmm, and there is so much more to come,” Elise murmured, turning her head to Louise and locking the redhead into a deep, tongue-probing kiss. They kissed and rubbed their tits hard for a few moments, letting the heat and lust rebuild, enjoying the skin to skin, sweat to sweat, tongue to tongue, nipple to nipple contact. Panting, they pulled apart and looked deep into each other’s eyes. 

“Let’s go to bed,” Elise urged. Louise smiled her assent.

Gasping, the eager, willing women disentangled their lush bodies and made their way to Elise’s bed. They pulled back the duvet and the covers. The room was warm and they did not need any covers, just a soft and comfortable arena in which to fuck and fuck and fuck. 

Elise and Louise climbed up on opposite sides of the bed. Their heavy breasts hung down, swinging firmly as they moved. Eagerly, with gleaming eyes and lustful smiles, they came together in the center of the bed. They wrapped arms around each other, crushed tits hard, and kissed passionately. They struggled briefly, then fell over on to their sides. They melted together. Their silky thighs slid between each other, their tight bellies pressed, their heavy, thick breasts squashed each other hard. Taut, huge nipples mashed and throbbed with erotic delight. The women kissed and tongued and quivered, their bodies trembling in anticipation of the ecstasy to come. Despite the incredible orgasms they had just inflicted on each other, neither woman felt satisfied. Instead, the pleasure they had already forced on each other just fed their mutual need for more.

As their arousal grew, as their kisses became more passionate and violent, their movements more aggressive, the women began to push and press, each beauty seeking to mount the other and take the dominant position. They struggled for a few moments. Then Louise allowed Elise to roll on top of her. Their perfect bodies aligned, heavy tits mating, huge nipples fusing, spearing each other. Their bellies clapped together, their deep navels sucking into each other, forming a gentle bond. Louise opened her legs, allowing Elise to position herself between the redhead’s succulent thighs. 

“Are you giving up on me so quickly, Louise?” Elise breathed. She did not believe this for a moment, but she was puzzled as to why Louise had allowed herself to be mounted, to be pushed into the submissive position. 

“Hardly, darling,” Louise replied with a smile. “But I’m not here to wrestle you, at least not like that. I am here to fuck.” So saying, she spread her long, muscled, incredibly beautiful legs even wider. She tilted her pelvis upwards, fully presenting her dripping fuck gash to her enemy. She smiled viciously. “Come and get it, you slut. You fuck me from on top, then I’ll fuck you. We’ll take turns. In the end, it’s really about who can last longer anyway.” 

Elise smiled like a predator. 

“That sounds good to me, Louise,” she murmured. “I’m going to enjoy fucking your cunt off. I’m going to mash your little clit into paste. I’m going to make you beg me to stop.” 

Louise smiled. “No, that’s what I’m going to do to you, cuntlicker. You’re going to be sucking my clit and drinking my cum by the time I’m done with you.” 

The women’s bodies aligned and came together. Thick, heavy breasts strained against each other, each pair struggling to crush the other flat. Taut bellies pressed tight, wet, hungry pussies kissed, course, dense pubic bushes rasped together and tangled into one. Thick, wet, delectable cunts splatted together, then sank into each other, soft labia merging and melting into one, vaginal holes forming a sensual suction, cunt juice flowing from the women’s aroused pussies like a faucet had been turned on deep in the core of each battling beauty. 

Louise kept her legs spread wide and grabbed Elise’s powerful round ass, pulling the blonde even harder and deeper into her hungry cunt. Elise leaned forward, putting all of her weight on her throbbing tits. She delighted in the feel of Louise’s massive boobs crushing and pulsing under her own, she reveled in the sensation of their hard nipples crushing and grating. She seized Louise’s ass and, with a hard thrust and an animal grunt, drove her boiling cunt as hard and deep into Louise’s welcoming twat as she could, seeking to cut the redhead in two with her cunt-splicing hunch. Both women moaned together in absolute bliss. Their mouths locked tight and their tongues went to war with each other, lapping and sucking, pushing and twisting. Their hard bodies writhed in each other’s arms as they worked their hips and asses in a concerted rhythm, grinding each other open, forcing their bodies into ever deeper and more intimate violations. The room filled with the sound of taut flesh slapping, erotic moaning, the gentle popping sound as Louise and Elise’s navels sucked together then apart as their bellies flattened against each other. The thick, sucking sound of hungry cunts sealing and flattening each other, forming a tight, fleshy bond, emanated into the hot room. 

Elise and Louise screamed as one, breaking their kissfight to howl in pleasure, as their engorged clits met again within the arena of their sealed, hungry cuntflesh. Their clits stroked and fenced with each other, as hard as marble and exquisitely sensitive. The women locked mouths and tongues once again, but their whimpers of erotic delight grew ever stronger and more desperate. Elise was determined to fuck Louise into submission, to ride the redheaded whore until she exploded in a sexual surrender. But Louise’s body was so incredible, the delicious heat and pressure burning up from the redhead’s ravenous cunt, the unbearable erotic electricity filling the blonde’s body with tension as their clits wrestled, the fantastic pleasure from their struggling tits – all of this sensual stimulation was overwhelming Elise’s sexual self-control. She could feel Louise’s body trembling as the redhead fought to control the incredible orgasm building in her core. But Elise could feel her own body quivering with erotic power, and she knew that she was not far from orgasm herself.

As the women fought, they were both absolutely aware of every inch of their delicious flesh rubbing and grinding and straining against the other woman. Their minds and senses were filled with the incredible sensations of two perfect bodies locked in erotic warfare. Their minds overflowed with the sensual electricity as their burning flesh grew ever hotter and more enflamed by the sexual friction of their combat. Louise and Elise struggled to master and overwhelm the other woman with pure sexual bliss, even as they fought to keep a small sliver of self-control over their own sexual release. The smells, the sounds, the raw, pure sensations of their fuckfight flowed into a miasma of sensual overload that drove both women crazy with lust.

On and on the fuckfight raged. In the end, the two beauties exploded together, riding each other to another bucking, humping, screaming climax. The women tore at each other’s curly, thick hair and screamed in an agony of sexual ecstasy as they came as one. Elise felt her hot cum gush down, streaming out of her cunt like it was shot from a firehose, injecting deep into Louise’s open, sucking twat. Louise’s cum came gushing up to mix with Elise’s, their bodies thrashing as they pumped hot juices into each other, sharing the ultimate intimacy and violating each other at the same time. Their thighs and bellies were drenched with hot cum, their navels filled with cum and sweat, their writhing, rubbing bellies churning the cunt juice until it spread over their torsos all the way to their tits. Their bodies went stiff, their muscles trembling with energy as they held tight and rode each other to the end, deliciously intense orgasms rippling through their locked bodies. They twined their beautiful legs, sank their fingers into the other’s round, hard ass, and strained to hold on as the pleasure ran its unbearable course. 

Elise finally collapsed on top of Louise. The women rested that way for a few minutes, their clits locked and pulsing together, their breath coming in hot pants, their bodies limp and drenched with sweat and sexual secretions. Then, Elise rolled off of Louise, disengaging from the redhead and giving up her dominant position only reluctantly. She rolled onto her back and spread her voluptuous thighs. Louise rolled onto Elise, sliding her wet, slimy cunt onto place on Elise’s matching twat, lining up her thick nipples to Elise’s matching nips and pressing her throbbing tits down onto Elise’s magnificent rack. Their solid bellies slapped. Louise bent her knees slightly to give herself more leverage, more power with which to thrust and ride Elise’s body. Elise twined her ankles through Louise’s knees, hooking herself to get the leverage necessary to thrust back. 

Louise smiled down at Elise, her curly red hair wet with sweat and falling in a curtain over both women’s beautiful faces. 

“I’m going to love fucking you raw, you blonde cunt,” Louise breathed at her enemy. “I’m going to ride you so hard, you won’t be able to sit for a week.” 

“Give it to me, you redheaded whore,” Elise whispered back. “Cunt to cunt, tit to tit, as long as it takes. Only one of us is walking out of here, and it’s not going to be you.”

Louse smiled savagely at Elise, who grinned back with equal ardor. The women locked mouths, their tongues invading each other and twisting together. They thrust hard with their hips and their hungry, enraged cunts sank together once more, eating hungrily at each other. Their hard clits clashed, two swollen sexswords, aching with erotic power and sensual desire. Louise worked her hips powerfully, going around and around, trying to drill her cunt and clit deep into Elise’s raging twat. Elise thrust back, working her hips in the opposite direction, drilling her twat and clit into Louise’s pussy. Their cunts locked together like two rabid, ravenous beasts and struggled to eat each other alive. The women’s writhing, grinding bodies were soon lost again in the symphony of sexual bliss as their flesh merged and melted, as their most intimate body parts struggled and fused into one, as they inflicted greater and greater pleasure on each other, struggling to prove which of them was the more powerful woman, the one most able to give and take sexual ecstasy, the one whose body was more capable of inflicting and receiving erotic bliss. Louise and Elise broke their savage kiss, then lay cheek to cheek, gasping and moaning, groaning and screaming, cursing each other and occasionally locking tongues and exchanging spit as they fucked and fucked and fucked. They hugged and stroked each other, they drove eager fingers up into each other’s asses, seeking new and delicious ways to stimulate their enemy just a little bit more. 

The women fucked to another devastating mutual orgasm. They screamed with pleasure and bit at each other in ecstasy as their bodies emptied their passion into their contracting wombs and onto their steaming flesh once more. Gasping, the women lay quietly for some time, cheek to cheek, their wet hair intermeshed, their eyes closed as they panted in unison. Louise finally rolled off of Elise and the naked beauties lay side by side for a time, their bodies slick with sexual secretions and hot sweat, panting with the fury of their encounter. 

“It’s my turn on top, you fucking cunt,” Elise finally breathed.

“Filthy twat,” Louise murmured in her ear. The redheaded beauty spread her legs wide beside the blonde. Elise mounted Louise again, drove her cunt into the redhead’s eager twat, and resumed their all-out fuckwar in earnest. 

Over the next hour, the two women rode each other to three more delicious, thrashing orgasms, each woman taking her turn on top. With each orgasmic release, the women grew more brutal with each other, fucking harder and more violently, pounding their cunts together with wild abandon, each beauty trying to overwhelm and exhaust her powerful foe. Another hour of orgasmic combat passed, however, before Louise and Elise collapsed beside each other, gasping with exhaustion, needing to rest. They kept their bodies pressed tight, Louise on her side and leaning on to Elise, who was on her back. Neither woman wished to separate. Two hours of vicious, delicious, incredibly pleasurable sex had created in both women an absolute need to consume the other woman, to fuck and ride the other beautiful cunt until the winner could claim the loser as her personal bitch. Neither woman wanted to stop. Both were determined to fuck each other to the limits of physical and sexual endurance. 

After resting for a time, Elise pulled her tired body out of the bed. 

“Where are you going?” Louise asked huskily. 

“I have to pee and get some water,” Elise replied. 

“So do I,” Louise stated, crawling out of the bed to follow Elise toward the en suite bathroom. 

“There’s only one toilet,” Elise said, a bit puzzled by Louise’s actions. 

“That will do fine,” Louise responded, her eyes lit with fire. 

Elise sat on the toilet; Louise joined her, resting her right leg on Elise’s left, pushing in tight. Elise knew that Louise was trying to intimidate her in some way, to violate her space with this new kind of unwanted intimacy. But Elise did not care. She wanted this too and was determined to show the redhead that anything she did Elise could do better. The women sat face to face, tit to tit, hard nipples crushed tight and crossed. Louise pushed nose to nose with Elise and the women gazed hungrily into each other’s eyes as they peed together, long and hard. Louise licked Elise’s lips; Elise sucked on Louise’s tongue and, in a moment, they were caressing and exploring the insides of each other’s mouths, tongues wrestling in wild abandon. They finally broke the kiss, panting, and rested forehead to forehead. 

Elise slipped her hand down Louise’s back and then traced around the redhead’s thigh, before slipping it between their bodies. She cupped Louise’s hot, wet cunt. 

“Do you think this little thing is any match for mine?” Elise murmured, licking at Louise’s face. “I told you that I’m going to suck it dry with my cunt.” She thrust a probing finger up into Louise’s willing twat, poking at the ring of thick muscle inside her enemy’s vagina.

Louise slipped her hand down between their bodies, mirroring Elise’s grip. She cupped Elise’s drenched cunt in turn and shoved two eager fingers into the blonde’s soft, yielding labia. 

“I don’t feel anything that I can’t beat,” the redhead whispered to her blonde foe. She rubbed Elise twat hard, her hand getting damp with the slick juices. “I don’t feel anything that my twat can’t eat alive.” 

“Let’s go find out,” Elise smiled. 

The women cleaned up, drank plenty of water to replenish what they had lost during their epic battle so far, then returned to the sex-soaked bed to begin again. 

They climbed up on the bed, their bodies renewed, their mutual hunger aroused once again to its fullest. Their heavy tits rocked deliciously as they crawled onto the mattress. Elise and Louise smiled at each other, eager to begin again, to lock up and devour each other, woman to woman. 

Elise sat back and spread her legs, offering her hungry cunt to Louise. 

“Let’s try this,” Elise smiled. 

Louise looked down into Elise’s thick, pink gash, which was dripping with juices. Elise’s throbbing clit peeked enticingly out of the crown of her slick fucktrough. Louise felt her blood boiling with desire. She licked her suddenly dry lips, she felt the heat building in her loins. She sat back and spread her own voluptuous thighs, and enjoyed the raw lust that lit Elise’s beautiful face as the blonde stared, mesmerized, into Louise’s cunt. 

“Yes, let’s do it like that,” Louise agreed, her voice a husky growl. 

The women pushed up to each other, their legs scissoring, their arms behind and supporting their bodies, their massive tits wobbling and ripe with sexual energy, their nipples hard and electric. Both women reached between their legs and used their fingers to spread their vaginal lips a little wider, to stroke their own labia, to tease their throbbing clits out to face their counterparts in battle. Their clits were rock-solid, swollen to full size and topped by marble-sized, nerve-rich heads. Louise and Elise leaned back, supported their bodies with their powerful arms, and pushed their cunts together. 

The women panted furiously as they slowly, sensuously, rubbed their vaginas together, slick cunt lips sliding back and forth, heat pouring out of their cunts like furnaces, their wet labia sticking as they lapped at each other, their swollen clits coming tantalizingly close, but pulling apart at the last moment. The women teased each other for just a few moments more. Then, signaling with their eyes, they raised their bodies up slightly, pulled back their hips, and drove their hot hungry cunts directly into each other. Their twats slapped and melted into one; their engorged clits crushed head to head, fusing together, unbearable sexual electricity roaring through the women’s sex-enflamed bodies. 

“Oh my FUCKING GOD!! YESSSS!!,” Louise shrieked, her body alive with lust and pleasure as her clit crushed with Elise’s clit, as her cunt merged and locked with the blonde’s burning twat. 

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, YESSSS!!!,” Elise howled at the same time. Her body was almost exploding with ecstasy.

Leaning back, supporting and bracing their bodies with their arms, Louise and Elise glared at each other, their breath coming in hard pants. They began to pump their asses in earnest, their hips thrusting hard and in rhythm, their powerful bellies rippling with muscle and effort as both women fucked each other with all of their strength. Their massive tits bounced and flopped exuberantly, slapping their chests as they bucked and thrust at each other. Their cries of lust and pleasure harmonized. “Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhh,” they grunted in unison, punctuating each hard thrust as Louise and Elise sought to penetrate and devour the other woman’s cunt with her own. They struggled to split each other in two with their cunts. Their jousting, pounding clits twisted around each other and sealed into an unbreakable, exquisitely pleasurable knot. Both women began to sob with pleasure as they bucked and heaved, inflicting incredible, unbearable sensations on each other. But neither would stop. Both were determined to take as much pleasure from the other as they could, both were determined to ride the other to the end. 

Elise and Louise locked their legs behind the other’s ass, holding each other in place and anchoring one another. They reached for each other and wrapped their arms around the other’s back, before seizing the other’s pumping ass and pulling each other in. They groaned in joy as their jolting tits met and crushed each other taut once more, as their engorged nipples caught and tangled in painful pleasure. Their mouths locked and eager tongues lapped and licked and pushed at each other. They sealed up in a deep, probing kiss. Their tongues struggled in their locked mouths, just as their nova-hot clits quivered within the locked lips and trembling muscles of their battling cunts. Their twats struggled furiously, like two wild animals forced together into a tiny cage, sucking and eating at each other. The women sank their fingers into the hard, round flesh of the other’s ass and pulled each other in tight, their bodies fully and completely at war in the most intimate and erotic ways, their desire to consume and possess each other at a fever pitch. 

Louise and Elise finally broke their kiss. Gasping, nose to nose and forehead to forehead, they moaned and sobbed into the other’s face as they carefully, sensuously, worked their hips and asses, rubbed and worked their clits until the tension and pleasure in their sex-saturated bodies were beyond endurance. Their tits were mated, nipples fused and pulsing, feeding the incredible sensations wracking their bodies. 

“Look at me, you cunt, look at me,” Elise whispered to Louise, who had her eyes closed as she struggled to control the terrible sensations torturing her body. Louise opened her blue eyes and glared defiantly into Elise’s green orbs. “I want to see your eyes when my pussy makes you gush, when your cunt surrenders to mine,” the blonde snarled. Her voice trembled as she fought to keep from exploding. 

“I’m going to have you screaming like the fucking whore you are,”Louise groaned in reply. Her ass and hips were moving in slow, concentrated circles, grinding and mating with Elise’s cunt. Elise was grinding back against her in the same slow, concerted rhythm. Their cunts were one, their clits were enflamed nerves, shooting torrents of erotic electricity through their straining bodies. The tension and pleasure permeating every inch of their flesh was too much to take. Both women were shuddering and quaking with sexual bliss, both feeling that they were only moments away from orgasmic surrender. Louise felt the unbearable heat in her clit suddenly growing to nova-hot proportions, she felt the tension in her loins that meant the point of no return, a tension she had been fighting for so long.

“No,” Louise thought to herself, “I can’t lose, I can’t, I can’t…” She bucked harder, more furiously, determined to take Elise with her when she went. She stared into Elise’s beautiful eyes and saw the blonde’s concentration, her desperate efforts to hold back the ecstasy threatening to break through the dam of her self-control. 

“Give you whore, give you fucking cunt…,” Louise snarled, her hips working faster, desperately, as she felt the last of her control slip. 

“Oh, FUCK, NO!!,” Elise suddenly shrieked. Her cunt exploded. At the same instant, Louise’s hungry twat erupted in a gusher of come as the redhead’s orgasm seized her and rampaged through her beautiful body. 

The women seized each other by the hair and pulled viciously, painfully, yanking their heads back and forcing their faces to stare at the ceiling as they shrieked in absolute sexual bliss, howling in ecstasy. Their pussies contracted and squeezed each other like vises, sucking at each other, eagerly accepting the hot cum flowing and mixing inside each woman. Their legs lashed out and their bodies bucked and heaved as they suffered through yet another orgasm together. They held each other taut as their bodies convulsed in pleasure. The hot cum drenched their lower bodies and soaked the bed, leaving the beautiful women sitting in an expanding wet spot as they rode out their delicious orgasms together. Their tits crushed and squeezed and threatened to explode from pleasure. 

When the multiple orgasms finally abated, Louise and Elise remained holding each other in the center of the bed, resting their heads on each other’s shoulders, enjoying the tension between their crossed nipples, the heat between their pressed cunts. They finally shifted their heads, to rest nose to nose. They glared into each other’s exhausted eyes. Their hair was wet with sweat and fell in bedraggled curls down their beautiful faces. They stared at each other. Both could see how tired the other was. But locking eye to eye, they felt the mutual hate and jealousy that had driven them to this point. Neither could give up now and both slowly regained their second winds. 

“Are you ready to give up, to admit that your cunt can’t match mine?” Louise asked, her voice a low growl. 

“Hardly, you sow,” Elise replied. “My pussy is more than ready for yours. We keep on going until only one of us can take it. I’m ready for you right now.” 

The women smiled at each other and rearranged their bodies, pulling apart only to fit themselves back together again. Tits pressed tight, legs looped around hips and asses to lock each other in place. They pressed their swollen, aching cunts together again and slowly, carefully, began to slide their pussy lips against each other. In no time, their pussies began to lubricate again, their cunts started to trickle then gush hot juices as their arousal grew. Louise and Elise did not kiss. They pressed face to face and panted and cursed each other under their breath. Their eyes were half-open, their gazes locked in deep intimacy as they watched each other for weakness, for the signs that one woman’s sex was finally conquering the other. 

As they rubbed, the lubrication grew hotter and wetter, their cunts sank into each other, soft, thick labia yielding and merging. Their exhausted clits began to pulse and throb with heat and lust and, in moments, were emerging from their hoods, hard and strong and desperate for further battle. The women slid their clits into each other, sawed the thick nerve-rich nubs against each other. Louise and Elise screamed in pleasure as their clits mated. They exchanged savage smiles, then began fencing with their clits, riding each other like horses. Their engorged nipples stabbed deep into the other woman’s breastflesh, before finding each other and tangling and knotting up again. 

“You’re mine, cuntfucker,” Elise groaned at her enemy, her lips touching Louise’s lips. 

“No, you will belong to me, whore,” Louise murmured in reply. 

Louise and Elise were soon lost in the sensual joy of what they were doing to each other. Their bodies moved in a hard rhythm, their clits struggled and stroked each other in a persistent wave of pleasure, squashed together within the prison of their locked cunts. Their tits crushed and merged. Their bodies sealed together and they fucked each other mercilessly. 

In her mind, Louise knew that she could not keep this up forever. She and Elise had proven to be equals so far, and she was sure that they could keep fucking each other like this for many hours to come. But, eventually, they would wear each other down, then the victor in the battle would be decided by whichever woman was able to endure more. Louise was sure that she could win such a contest, but she could not be positive, and she would rather not have to get to that point to find out. Through the haze of delirious pleasure wracking her body, she formulated a plan that, she hoped, would give her victory. 

The women’s bodies were locked and twined around each other, a sensual knot of perfect female flesh, their erogenous zones aligned and merging with each other. Their faces were forehead to forehead and nose to nose as they panted and groaned, occasionally licking at each other, or exchanging hard kisses. 

Louise shifted her weight, then reached up from Elise’s ass to grab the blonde’s long thick hair. At the same time, she pushed her body forward, struggling to force Elise off-balance. Elise immediately fought back, her green eyes going wide as she realized that Louise was trying to push her into a submissive position. 

“No, no you little fuck,” Elise gasped. 

“Get over on your back, spread yourself like the whore you are,” Louise growled and panted at Elise. 

The struggle was brief but intense. Elise found herself rolling over onto her back, Louise still knotted into her body. Elise spread her legs wide, prepared to take Louise as she had before. But as they fell back, Louise suddenly shifted. She raised herself up, unexpectedly pushing against Elise’s grip, then quickly lowered her face to Elise’s right tit. At the same time, she filled her right hand with Elise’s left tit and squeezed hard. She wrapped her lips, teeth and tongue around Elise’s right nipple and areola and sucked as hard as she could.

The effect was instantaneous. For both women, their nipples were almost as sensitive and aroused as their clits. Louise was now attacking all three of Elise’s most intense erogenous zones at once while disengaging her own tits from those of her blonde enemy. 

Elise shrieked. “No, no, you FILTHY FUCKING SLUT!!” But there was little she could do to resist as her body was suddenly overwhelmed with a building wave of raw ecstasy. “No, No, OH GOD!!,” she howled as a sudden, powerful orgasm detonated deep in her cunt. 

Louise continued sucking hard at Elise’s tits, shifting her head from nipple to nipple, squeezing and fondling whichever breast she was not sucking. At the same time, she continued to apply pressure to Elise’s clit, ramming her thick, smooth thigh up into the other woman’s convulsing cunt. Elise’s pussy lips sucked hard to Louise’s smooth flesh, the electrical intensity sending shockwaves through her body. 

“God, oh God!!”Elise sobbed, her intense pleasure offset by her knowledge that, somehow, unexpectedly, she had lost this sexual contest. Her body thrashed and writhed and Louise struggled to control her enemy. 

Louise groaned with passion. Her own body was burning up with need and, when she was certain that Elise was beaten, that the blonde’s body was lost in a series of irresistible orgasms, Louise pulled her head away from Elise’s tits. She lined up her tits with Elise’s rack, she splatted her hungry cunt down onto Elise’s gushing fuckhole. Louise grabbed Elise’s hands, twining their fingers together, and pushed the blonde’s arms over her head. Then, with a cry and an animal snarl, the redhead drove her cunt as deep and hard into Elise’s splayed gash as she could. The blonde howled in pleasure and the two women locked together again. Lips and tongues tied and tangled, hard bellies clapped in a persistent rhythm, hungry cunts sucked, sealed and ate each other. Louise pounded herself mercilessly into Elise’s welcoming twat. Elise bucked up to meet her, matching her stroke for stroke. 

Grunting like animals, writhing and grinding together in final ecstasy, the women fucked mercilessly, tying their throbbing clits into an unbelievable knot of pleasure.

Louise finally broke their savage kiss. 

“Beg me, you bitch, beg me, SLUT!!,” she screamed, her body on the verge of orgasmic release. She writhed and rubbed her fantastic flesh into every inch of Elise’s equally delicious body, struggling to merge with Elise and conquer the blonde bitch at the same time. 

“Never, never, you cocksucking cunt!!,” Elise sobbed. But it was clear to both beautiful women which of them was in control of this battle. 

Elise’s body continued to be wracked by exhausting orgasms. Louise’s clit continued to pin the blonde’s clit and grind at it, beating unbearable pleasure out of her sexnub. Elise felt her nipples burning as they locked with Louise’s nips, she felt her massive tits throbbing with unbearable pleasure. Orgasms continued to ripple out of her core, each more devastating than the last. 

“Fuck, fuck, stop, oh God, stop!!,” Elise finally shrieked, her body ravaged beyond her ability to withstand. 

“Yes, yes, Fuck, YESSS!!,” Louise bellowed. Her face was a mask of sexual agony and concentration. Rearing back, she rammed her pussy deep, deep into Elise’s twat in a final cunt-splitting hunch. Elise sobbed and screamed in ecstasy. Louise felt herself release in an incredible orgasm, her cum gushing and jetting out of her core into Elise’s defeated twat. A moment later, she felt the answering surge of pussy juice erupting from Elise’s core, mixing with her own secretions . 

Louise collapsed on top of Elise, her breath coming in heaving pants, her body totally exhausted, the physical exertion and the incredible sexual release leaving her drained. Elise lay beneath her, sobbing quietly, her cries a mix of rage and frustration. 

Louise finally raised her head and looked down at Elise with a smug smile. Elise glared up at her in hatred. 

“It’s time to pay your debt, whore,” Louise grinned. 

Elise said nothing for a moment. Then she snapped. “This is not over, you pussy-licker. You outsmarted me this time, but next time you won’t be so lucky. Next time, it will come down to which of us has the stronger cunt.” 

Louise smiled and rolled off of Elise. “Maybe,” she replied. “But, for now, you owe me a good suck. I want you to eat my pussy and drink my cum and I want it right now.” 

Elise pulled herself up, then crawled down to position herself between Louise’s wide-spread legs. She stuck her ass into the air, and Louise looked down to admire her enemy’s smooth, heart-shaped buttocks. Elise threw herself into her task eagerly. She licked out Louise’s pussy, sucking and swallowing all the come she could find. She rubbed her face in the victor’s thick red bush, she wrapped her soft lips around Louise’s enflamed clit and sucked at it viciously, just as she would a nipple. She reached up Louise’s voluptuous body and filled her hands with Louise’s tits, which she squeezed mercilessly, her fingers playing with Louise’ hard nipples. Louise buried her hands in Elise’s blonde hair, pushing the other woman deeper into her cunt. She wrapped her thighs around Elise’s head, holding her in place. Louise moaned and writhed and groaned in ecstasy, gratefully accepting her reward, the token of her victory. 

Louise came hard, arching her back and shrieking in joy. Her hot pussy blasted a stream of hot, thick cum right into Elise’s face. The blonde beauty drank what she could and licked up as much of the sexual discharge as she could off Louise’s thighs and belly. When she finished, she crawled up Louise’s body, covering the redhead’s body with her own, pressing their tits together, aligning their bellies and their thighs. She paused over Louise beautiful face. Louise saw what Elise wanted. She opened her mouth and received the mix of cum and spit that Elise released to her. The blonde followed the mix down, locking Louise into another deliriously sensual kiss. For a few moments, the women’s tongues fought and played within their inosculated mouths. Then Louise pushed hard and rolled Elise onto her back, the redhead taking the dominant position again. 

They finally broke the kiss. Louise rolled to Elise’s side, keeping her breasts pushed into Elise’s tits, throwing her left thigh across Elise’s body. Louise slipped her left hand down Elise’s torso, through the thick thatch of her pubic hair, and cupped the blonde’s cunt. 

“You’re good, baby,” the redhead breathed. “But I’m better.” 

“We’ll see about that,” Elise promised Louise. “This is not over between us. Not by a long shot.” 

Louise smiled. “But today it is. And we both know which of us is the better cunt.” 

Smiling, Louise pulled her tired, sore body out of the bed and dressed as quickly as she could. She decided she would stop by the spa and clean up. For now, she just wanted to take her victory and leave, before Elise decided to attack her again. 

Elise remained lying on the bed, watching Louise shrug into her clothing. 

“We will do this again, Louise,” the blonde snarled. “And the next time is going to be payback.” 

Louise pulled a card out of her purse. “Here is my number, you bitch.” She placed the card on the dresser. “Call me anytime you like. I’ll be waiting.” 

With that, and a final smug smile, Louise sashayed out of the bedroom , down the stairs and out the door. She was elated, even though her body (especially her breasts and pussy) were so sore and tired. She had won. She had fought the toughest, most beautiful bitch she had ever seen, and she had won. She knew that Elise would be coming for her. 

But, for now, she planned to savor her victory. 

The End

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