The Staredown by Sidekick

Eleanor felt the blood rushing through her veins. Her heart was beating faster as she stood on her balcony in the mid-morning summer heat. She could hardly believe she was doing this.

How long it had been, she couldn’t say. It seemed like a very long time. The sweat began to run down her arms and chest. She was motionless, staring across the narrow alley separating the adjacent apartment buildings.

And on the balcony exactly opposite her was another woman in the same position. They had been staring at each other for quite a while; unsmiling, unapologetic, challenging. Eleanor could not explain her behavior nor bring herself to stop it.

The two began this installment of their staring contest right after breakfast on this Sunday morning. It actually began a couple of weekends ago when they stared only for a few seconds. But those seconds seemed tantalizingly long – longer than they should have been. And rather than smile as if to greet a new acquaintance, they glared as if to say, “go away”.

Neither knew the other. But they met at their balconies each morning that weekend. The second occasion lasted perhaps a full two and a half minutes; ending as they reluctantly turned away to begin the day’s routine. They had come out almost every morning since that first day, to face each other.

Eleanor found herself preoccupied with the affair. What in the world was she doing? Why was she acting this way? And most of all, why was it exciting her? Each morning they lasted a little longer before having to start their day. But then she could think of little else until they met the next morning.

“I must be losing it”, she admonished herself those first few days. But then, she had to admit she was addicted to whatever this was. It made her feel alive, empowered, strangely confident. What the hell was going on?

She remembered an incident years ago in school, when a two classmates engaged in a stare-down during classes one day. When the bell rang, ending classes, the two met in the back lot to fight until they were dirty, scratched and bruised. Eleanor had been strangely excited by the whole thing. A good portion of the class was there to witness it. But she hadn’t thought of this in years. All she knew was that she looked forward to the next morning to face her neighbor.

During these two weeks the contest had taken on a life of its own. One day the other woman mouthed an obscenity while they stared. Eleanor returned the favor. The next day the women cupped her breast in one hand while silently forming the words, “fuck you”.

Rather than shocking her, Eleanor found she was only too happy to grab her own breast and curse back. They were both dressed in business suits for work and could not linger without being late for work. The following Saturday morning, they met each other in their sleep shirts, long bare legs split apart as they stared in the building heat of early June.

This time crotches were grabbed and middle fingers exposed while they glared at each other. Eleanor had found her panties wet after their encounters for the several days leading up to that weekend. But that day her juices were running down the insides of her thighs before they finally left the balcony.

Forced to spread her legs and masturbate furiously after these sessions, she kept thinking of the two girls who fought back in school. And Eleanor satisfied herself for an hour or so, rubbing her wet and protruding clit and dreaming of meeting this women in an anonymous and nasty fight.

This was becoming an obsession. She could think of little else. She wanted to feel their bodies entwined with hands pulling hair and scratching and punching. But if her life depended on it, she couldn’t have said why. It made no sense. But it made her feel so alive.

So on this Sunday morning, they were once again standing on their balconies, staring hatefully at one another and sweating in the morning sun. Eleanor wore her night shirt totally open in the front. Most of her large bare breasts along with her skimpy silk panties were visible. She wondered if the bitch could see her pussy dripping. She was similarly (un)dressed with just a very small bra almost covering her large tits and an equally small black pair of panties.

They had mouthed curses, while fingering themselves and glaring hatefully. And now for the first time, they bitch raised a fist and shook it defiantly. Eleanor quickly returned the gesture. Soon the women were each glaring with two fists raised in the classic stance as if ready to step up and fight.

Only the 30 feet of space six floors up from the alley separated them. And this was finally too much for Eleanor. Standing their with their fists raised, ready to fistfight if not physically separated, she came hard. Juices spurted through her panties and ran down her legs.

“Uhhhhnoooooooaaaaaaawwwww, she moaned uncontrollably. She closed her eyes but kept her fists raised as the orgasm washed over her and settled out. When she finally glanced up, the bitch was rubbing her pussy hard and fast, also cumming on her balcony floor.

After a couple of minutes to compose themselves, the two were still staring. And Eleanor could not have explained her next action any more than she could have stopped it. She raised her hand and motioned for the bitch to come over. She fumbled over to find a newspaper and lipstick on the table by the corner. Quickly she marked Rm 622 in red and held it up.

Instantly the gesture was understood and accepted. The woman left the balcony and closed the door. Eleanor came inside on still wobbly legs. There was no doubting she had turned into a brazen, filthy slut of some kind. She hardly recognized herself, but definitely wanted nothing more than to finish what she and the other woman had started.

She plopped on and easy chair and waited only a few minutes for the knock at the door. “It’s open”, she moaned, loud enough to be heard in the hallway. What in the world she would have done if it was an unexpected guest, she would never know. But the door swung open and in stepped the woman she had been staring down for the past 2 ½ weeks. She pushed the door closed and locked it.

Turning around her gaze met Eleanor’s as she rose from the chair and they stared wordlessly at one another again. The bitch was in a very abbreviated pair of shorts and a tee shirt with sandals. Eleanor began to remove her night shirt and step out of her panties. The bitch shimmied out of her shorts and chucked her tee shirt aside. She wore no underwear and was now totally naked to match Eleanor.

The two could not suppress a slight grin as they raised their fists and slowly advanced on each other. They were so very glad to finally be fighting each other, naked as they had both dreamed of for many days. But although they had abandoned themselves emotionally to this fight, neither was experienced.

When their fists were almost touching, they began to circle around each other very slowly. Eleanor felt her pussy dripping and her pulse pounding. Finally she shoved her left fist into the bitch above her breast. She heard the slap of flesh and felt the firmness of her body. The bitch returned a single punch with her right hand. Eleanor felt the sting on her rib cage below her breast. But the discomfort was far outweighed by her excitement that they were finally punching each other. She wanted nothing else.

Two more punches were slowly exchanged. Then the next were faster. Soon they were throwing rights and lefts steadily pounding their bodies. At first nothing had much force.

Then quickly they began to slug with more harmful intent. Both their nipples were like steel and their pussies sopping wet at the thrill of fist fighting naked. Eleanor loved the feel of the punches that landed on her and the feel of her fists smacking into the bitch. OMG, why hadn’t she done this with someone, anyone, years ago?

As their confidence escalated the two stood toe to toe and punched it out without defenses. The bitch roughly grabbed Eleanor’s hair with one hand while still slugging with the other.

The two quickly pushed their bodies together with two fists full of hair, jerking their heads savagely. The staggered around the room, wrapped tightly together, mashing breasts and jerking hair while slashing their legs against each other.

Finally they fell into a tight ball on the floor. Their legs were grape-vined, their tits were crushed, their arms were hugging tightly with their heads pulled painfully back by the hair. They lay in this obscene position for a few minutes, pulling at their hair, and moaning in considerable discomfort but also rising sexual excitement.

Eleanor was loving the mix of sensations and emotions. She wanted to hurt this bitch. But she also loved the feel of her body as they struggled. It excited her to lay there naked on the floor feeling their sweat, their wet pussies, their straining muscles, their nails raking on soft skin. She didn’t know her name and they hadn’t spoken a word to each other.

Eleanor would never have imagined she would be involved in anything like this in her life. What was happening to her? Right now there was nothing in her life but this woman she was locked up with.

Eleanor pulled hard on the bitches hair and started raining down punches with the other hand anywhere she could reach. The bitch was doing the same. The two practically pulled their hair out, but their punches didn’t have a lot of power.

Regardless, Eleanor felt her second orgasm building. She loved the hair pulling and punching. As they lay there in the fighting embrace, punching each other she came and squirted her juices over their bodies. Eleanor moaned in lust. They clutched each other tightly throwing occasional punches and straining their legs together.

Ohhh god I love this!”, thought Eleanor. The two women hugged each other and lay on the floor with fists full of hair. They could feel their legs sliding and straining together. Their cum coated their stomachs and crotches.

Eleanor bucked her pussy against the bitch and pulled her hair hard. She reveled in the raw, emotional release. What would her friends say if they saw her now? She wanted to do anything and everything with this woman; right here on the floor, fighting and cuming all over each other. Time stood still as they bumped and ground their pussies on each other,

They were each so wet. Practically pulling their hair out, they clutched each other tightly and dug their nails in. The bitch jerked Eleanor’s head and they rolled over to their other sides, still straining in a tight embrace.

Eleanor could feel the warm breath on her neck as they lay virtually cheek to cheek. They each gasped for air as they strained, trying to hurt each other but also strangely feeling elated. She didn’t know why she was doing this. But she also wished she had started a long time ago. It excited her tremendously to be fighting this woman in a naked ball on the floor.

Back and forth they rolled slowly, never letting go of their hair and alternating the scratching and punching with their free hand. Eleanor was now cumming for the third time since they had first raised their fists on the balcony. She shuttered and strained as her warm juices ran all over and around them.

The bitch made no effort to get away. She clutched Eleanor tightly and punched her in the ribs. They could hear each other moan and groan, practically in each other’s ears. Eleanor’s nipples were so steel like and super sensitive. As they ground and mashed their upper bodies together, her tits conducted wonderful, electric, pleasurable sensations to her brain.

Rolling over one more time, they looked in their faces and launched their mouths together hungrily, impaling their tongues between open and eager lips. They drooled on each other and wrestled in their cum juices. As the two abandoned themselves more and more to their emotions, they began slugging each other fast and hard, still kissing and drooling feeling another orgasm building.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhgggggg!”, Eleanor came once again and continued to punch the bitch as the waves of ecstasy washed over her. The bitch came herself a few seconds later. And as their heart rates started to come down just a little, they finally felt the exhaustion and satisfaction and slumped apart on their backs on the floor.

Eleanor didn’t know how long she laid their resting. But when she pushed herself up on her elbows, she noticed the bitch was gone. She could see the door was closed but there was a small piece of paper taped there. When she found the strength to rise, Eleanor found this printed simply under the fold, “knock on my door anytime you want to go at it, you slut”.

Eleanor instantly stuck two fingers in her pussy and rubbed her clit as she thought of the next time they would come together and fight, dirty and naked. And as she rubbed herself to yet another orgasm, she wasn’t ashamed at all that she had turned in to dirty bitch slut, looking forward to her next fight.

The End

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  1. Paul Nash says:

    Great story! Are you into interracial catfights? I love fights between black women and white women. I also like one-sided beatdowns, usually with a black girl beating one or more whie women. Let me know if you’re interested in my ideas. One idea I have should you choose to write it inolves a black girl who works in an office who beats up and humiliates her overbearing Japanese office manager after hours.


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